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Qin Shi: Under One Man

Qin Shi: Under One Man

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Latest chapter:Chapter 357 Don't know anything

Qin Chang'an Jun Chengqiao, the younger brother of the first emperor Yingzheng is also the same, but he played a good hand of cards so badly that he fell to the point where his relatives bitterly hurt his enemies. Now his body is still the same, his soul has changed, and he possesses the unique skill of the Tianshifu Zhenpai Wulei Fa-rectification, the thunderbolt, the order of the sky, this life is bound to walk out a road to the sky without regrets! Nobility, power, status, fame, wealth, beauty, and freedom are what children choose. Of course adults want them all!

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《Qin Shi: Under One Man》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 357 Don't know anything
Chapter 356: The Snow Maiden
Chapter 355 Chinese Food - Da Siming
Chapter 354: The Charm of Power
Chapter 353 Red Lotus Gets Married
Three hundred and fiftieth second, this Han is not that Han
Chapter 351 Unloading the mill and killing the donkey
Chapter 350: King or King, Minister or Minister
Two hundred and fortieth IX collective performance
《Qin Shi: Under One Man》Chapter Contents
first palm hunter and prey
Chapter 2 Five Thunder Control Heart Seal
Chapter 3 Boiled Eagle (Part 1)
Chapter 4 Boiled Eagle (Part 2)
Chapter 5 Boiled Eagle (Part 2)
Chapter 6 The Lord of Chang'an
Chapter 7 Ying Zheng
Chapter Eight Empress Dowager Xia, Mrs. Han
Chapter 9 Lu Buwei
Chapter 10 Zhao Ji
Chapter 11 The Dark Net
Chapter Twelve The curtain rises
Chapter 13 Showdown
Chapter 14 Get it
Chapter 15 Your Majesty has surrendered
Chapter 16 Ying Zheng's Sincerity
Chapter 17 The wind is rising
Chapter 18 Handover
Chapter 19: Arrangements Clearly
Chapter XX
Chapter 21 Strange temper can't get used to it
Chapter 22 Attack
Chapter 23: No Tears Without Coffins
Chapter 24 The tree fell and the hozen scattered
Chapter 25 The cause of premature death
Chapter 26 Planting the Seeds
Chapter 27: Xinling Jun Wei Wuji
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Chapter twenty-ninth attack
Chapter 30
Chapter 31 Stud
Chapter 32 Little White Long Insect
Chapter Thirty-Three The First Appearance
Chapter 34: Willing to Die
Chapter Thirty-Five
Chapter 36 Timely Rain
Chapter 37: Living in the Dead
Chapter 38 Not a big problem
Chapter 39 Who do you look down on
Chapter 40: The Dust Settles
Chapter 41 Buying people's hearts
Chapter 42 Follow-up
Chapter 43 Operation
Chapter 44 Recommendations
Chapter 45 Implementation
Chapter 46: Inevitable
Chapter 47: The Six-Finged Black Man (1)
Chapter 48: The Six-Fingered Black Man (Part 2)
Chapter 49: Combining Longitudinal Attacks on Qin
Chapter 50 Victory or Loss
Chapter 51 Exactly one
Chapter 52 Trust
Chapter 53 Gold and Rehabilitation
Chapter 54 Alternate Script
Chapter 55 It's Up (Two in One)
Chapter 56: The Wave Begins
Chapter 57 Five Universities (Schools) Schools
Chapter 58 Taoist Tianzong
Chapter 59 Everyone is happy
Chapter 60: handsome wake up
Chapter 61: Xiaoyaozi
Chapter 62 God has eyes
Chapter 63 Nobles
Chapter 64 The Three Musketeers of Korea
Chapter sixty-fifth of the same people
Chapter 66: I know it well
Chapter 67 Prince Han
Chapter 68 Sao Operation
Chapter 69 But Xie
Chapter 70 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 71 The Dialogue Between Swordsmen
Chapter 72 Exclusive Sabre
Chapter 73 The Unique Yin-Yang Family
Chapter 74 East Emperor Taiyi
Chapter 75 Curiosity is easy to lose
Chapter 76 Arrogance
Chapter 77 Absolutely profound
Chapter 78 Surprise
Chapter 79 Zheng Guo
Chapter 80 A ray of tenderness under harshness
Chapter 81 Baiyue
Chapter 82: Playing the fart piano
Chapter 83 The Heavy Weapon of the Country
Application for listing
Chapter eighty-four
Chapter 85: The Great Difficulty Returning
Chapter 86 Poke the waist
Chapter 87 Political Animals
Chapter 88 The first meeting of the two women (1)
Chapter 89: The First Meeting of the Two Women (Part 2)
Chapter 90 Suddenly
Chapter 91: A New Era of Late Arrivals
Chapter ninety-two
Chapter 93 Breaking the Defense
Chapter 94: Mourning Hall to Discuss Politics
Chapter 95 Zhang Wang Waiting (2 in 1)
Chapter 96 The conscience is greatly damaged
Chapter 97 Tragic? Sad?
Chapter 98 Open House
Chapter 100 The opening of the drama
Chapter 101 Assassination (1)
Chapter 102 Assassination (2 in 1)
Chapter 103 The other leg of the snare
Chapter 104: The family has a virtuous wife, and there is no misfortune
Chapter 105 Taking advantage of the fire
Chapter 106: Foresight
Chapter 107 The Hillbilly
Chapter 108: The brain circuit is unusual
Chapter 109 Art is Explosion
Chapter 110 Meat Grinder
Chapter 111 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 112: The army is defeated like a mountain
Chapter 113 Who dares to cross the sword immediately, only I, General Wei
Chapter 114: The Change of National Fortune
Chapter 115: The Best Wife Candidates
Chapter 116 The Biggest Twenty-five Boys
Chapter 117 with a smile on his face
Chapter 118 Eye drops
Chapter 119 Harvest the Six Nations
Chapter 120 Differential Treatment
Chapter 121: Farmhouse Drama
Chapter 122: Resurrection of old love?
Chapter 123 Zhao Gao
Chapter 124 Shanzhai Swordsmanship
Chapter 125 To stay away from the female fairy
Chapter 126: Lu Buwei, a Kidney Deficiency
Chapter 127 Calling Wang Jianguo
Chapter 128 No accident
Chapter 129 Fake it and turn it into reality
Chapter 130 Feng Hou?
Chapter 131 Can this be crooked?
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Second
Chapter 133 Li Ji
Chapter 134 The backhand
Chapter 135: Basic Exercise
Chapter 136: Brother Wang, do you want a wife or not
Chapter 137 Family Banquet
Chapter 138: The Foundation of New Qin
Chapter 139: The Last Chance
Chapter 140 Lots of comments!
Chapter 141: The Talent of Han Fei
Chapter 142: Three Prosperous Times
Chapter 143 Showdown!
Chapter 144: An iron rod in the head
Chapter 145 Pull and torture
Chapter 146 Double Happiness
One hundred and forty-seven chapters became famous all over the world
One hundred and forty-eight chapters Chehou's most
Chapter 149 Dare to speak out
Chapter 150: Born humble, died great
Chapter 151: Both Metamorphoses
Chapter 152: Universal Academy (Three in One)
Chapter 153 is a group of younger brothers
Chapter 154: Gai Nie enters Qin
Chapter 155
Chapter 156
Chapter 157 Love and Kill (Three in One)
Chapter 158 Almost Can't Go
Chapter 159 Tian Mi
Chapter 160 Tian Mi's Ambition
Chapter 161: Arranging the Noodles (Part 1)
Chapter 162 Row of Noodles (Part 2)
Chapter one hundred and sixty third vote
Chapter 164 Mrs. Pearl
Chapter 165 Little Red Flower
Chapter 166 Hu Meiren
Chapter 168 Mrs. Hu
Chapter 167
Chapter 179 Black Crow and White Phoenix
Chapter 180: Shocking Vision
Chapter 171 The doomed ending
Chapter 172 Strategy Policy
Chapter 173: Flame Spirit Ji (1)
Chapter 174: Flame Spirit Princess (Part 2)
Chapter 175: Flame Spirit Ji (End)
Chapter 176: Flame Spirit Princess (End)
Chapter 177: The Blessing of Qi People
Chapter 178 The invitation of Mrs. Pearl
Chapter 179 Strange Attributes
Chapter 180
Chapter 181 I can play better than my mother
Chapter 182
Chapter 183
Chapter 184 Is this reliable?
Chapter 185 Fighting wits with the air
Chapter 186: Nine Songs of the Sky
Chapter 187 Li Si
Chapter 188: The Sword Points to the Jagged Alliance
Chapter 189: Details
Chapter 190 Not a big problem
Chapter 191: The whole army strikes
Chapter 192 The misunderstanding is a bit big
Chapter 193 Large-scale face-changing scene
Chapter 194: Arrive before you
Chapter 195 Intercept?
Chapter 196 It's not easy to stink forever
Chapter 197 Who is happy and sad?
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Eight Murder
Chapter 199 Exceeding the task
Chapter 200 The defense is broken
Chapter 201 Little Fusu
Chapter 202
Chapter 203
Chapter 204 Goodbye Yanling Ji (1)
Chapter 205 Goodbye Yanling Ji (Part 2)
Chapter 206: Xuan Jian, the brainless
Chapter 207 Save each one
Chapter 208 How many Laozi come to accept all the orders
Chapter 209 Putting aside the facts
Chapter 210 You waste materials
Chapter 211 Relying on Yanchun Jun to order Yandan
Chapter 212 Strength is the foundation of everything
Chapter 213 Cloth
Chapter 214: The State of Chu
Chapter 215 Black Crow's Consciousness
Chapter 216 That's it?
Chapter 217 Another form of meeting
Chapter 218
Chapter 219 Can only say exactly the same
Chapter 220 Are you teaching me to do things?
Chapter 223 No King Law
Chapter 224 The poisonous fire of revenge
Chapter 225: Abrupt Show of Love
Chapter 226 Life is like a play
Chapter 227 Han Fei's Choice
Chapter 228 The real opponent
Chapter 229 New members
Chapter 230 Bad water flows straight out
Chapter 231 Quicksand, well done
Chapter 232 Are you too daring too fat?
Two hundred and thirty third sword dance Tianze
Chapter 234 Want to give it a try?
Three hundred and thirty-fifth, which one is stronger in South Korea?
Chapter 336: Hundred Birds and Six Heavenly Kings
Chapter 237 Smart Gold Finger
Chapter 238
Chapter 239 Flick, then flick
Chapter 240 The counterattack brewing under the night
Chapter 241: Doomed Failure
Chapter 242 Purple Girl's Waist, Bone Scraping Knife
Chapter 243 He has boundless merit!
Chapter 244 Knowing a Man's Heart Best - Mrs. Pearl
Chapter 255
Chapter 256 Earth Fire
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh shame
Chapter two hundred and fifty eight brothers reunion
Chapter 259 A far-reaching conversation
Chapter 260 Bring me a stack of such a king
Chapter 261 Different Meetings
Chapter 262: Use punishment to stop punishment, kill punishment to stop punishment
Chapter 263 The mantis catches the cicada, the oriole is behind
Chapter 264 The other side of Wei Zhuang
Chapter 265 Purple Girl retreats again and again
Chapter 266 This is the first time
Chapter 267: Inverse Scales vs Bai Yefei
Chapter 268 Weights in Libra
The 269th chapter is just, don't be afraid
Chapter two hundred and seventieth embarrassed escape
Chapter 271: The futile struggle
Chapter 272 The real Han Wangan?
Chapter 273 Surrounding the point to help
Chapter 274 Fall
Chapter 275: The show is over
Chapter two hundred and seventy six bad
Chapter 277: A tooth for a tooth, blood for blood
Two hundred and seventieth eight chapters have to add money
Chapter 279 I should be under the car
Chapter 280: Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 281 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 282 The mother of Bai Yifei
Chapter two hundred and eighty third Qingben beauty
Chapter 284 The Weakness of Quicksand
Chapter 285 The joys and sorrows of people are not connected
Chapter 286: Arrange Fate
Chapter 287 The air is full of joy
Chapter 288: Three Women Enter Qin
Chapter 289: Each has his own plan
Two hundred and ninetieth red lotus marriage
Chapter 291 Stepfather and Uncle
Chapter 292 The Eve of the Showdown
Chapter 293 Showdown
Chapter 294: Complete Showdown
Chapter 295 Arrangements
Chapter two hundred and ninety sixth battle of wits and courage
Chapter 297 Hou Ye to Hou Ye
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight of Han's sorrow
Chapter 299 How hard is it to change your life against the sky
Chapter 300 Choice
Chapter 301 Yan Lingji enters the door
Chapter 302 There is no woman in my heart
Chapter 303 Fusu's Change
Chapter 304
Chapter three hundred and fifth caged bird
Chapter 306 Purple Girl Getting Started
Chapter 307: Tell a Jill Li
Chapter 308: After all, we must bow to reality
Chapter 309 Goodbye Gongsun Li
Chapter three hundred and ten painstaking efforts
Chapter 311 The Moon God is like the Moon
Chapter 312 wedding
Chapter three hundred and thirteenth wedding follow-up
Chapter 314 See all Xianyang flowers in one day
Chapter 315 The Three Great Threats of the Empire
Three hundred and sixteenth chapter farm trip
Chapter 317 The tacit understanding of the conspirators
The three hundred and eighteenth chapter is a crooked hit
Chapter 319: Making trouble for the farmhouse
Chapter three hundred and twentieth unexpected joy
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty One The Attitude Of The Mohist
Chapter three hundred and twenty second righteous path
Chapter 323 The title is too hard to think
Two hundred and thirty-fourth self-casting net
Chapter 325: The desire to survive is very strong, but it is useless
Chapter 326: Death is Good for Everyone
Chapter 327: The World Knows After Death
Chapter 328: The Neck of Destiny
Chapter 329
Chapter 330: Lick until the end with nothing left
Chapter 331 Kneeling Too Late
Chapter 332 Kneeling So Fast
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters doomed
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters show no mercy
Chapter 335 ACE
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters eat honey
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters whole job, showdown
Chapter 338: Stimulation of Teachers and Sisters
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters succeed
Three hundred and fortieth chapters the situation is very good
Chapter 341: Han Fei's Fate
Chapter 342: Shock: Unexpectedly
Three hundred and fortieth chapters spring dream traces
Chapter 344: Very Easy to Beat
Chapter 345 Three Dog Ropes
Three hundred and fortieth chapters no suspense
Chapter 347: Wolf Sister Flower
Chapter 348: Heirs
Two hundred and fortieth IX collective performance
Chapter 350: King or King, Minister or Minister
Chapter 351 Unloading the mill and killing the donkey
Three hundred and fiftieth second, this Han is not that Han
Chapter 353 Red Lotus Gets Married
Chapter 354: The Charm of Power
Chapter 355 Chinese Food - Da Siming
Chapter 356: The Snow Maiden
Chapter 357 Don't know anything