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A different Japanese Warring States Period

A different Japanese Warring States Period

author:five four four five five

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Last Update:04-23 01:45

Latest chapter:Chapter 1982 Asking for wisdom in front of Jindo Palace

What? Is this the Japanese war between the heroines? Lan Yan Fushui Tianbiao and his dog-licking retainers are on the road. Book group: 464978742

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《A different Japanese Warring States Period》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1982 Asking for wisdom in front of Jindo Palace
Chapter 1981 Who wouldn’t pity the girl in her spring?
Chapter 1980 I will never forget you
Chapter 1979: Giving medicine with bare hands to persuade a stubborn deer
Chapter 1978 Intensifying Conflicts
Chapter 1977 The Lady’s Kind Man
Chapter 1976 The undercurrent of the Qingzhou Conference
Chapter 1975 The beginning of civil strife in Oda
Chapter 1974 A good old man with long sleeves and good dancing
《A different Japanese Warring States Period》Chapter Contents
Yiyin Property Table (3)
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T-shirt and free money, a melancholy birthday gift for the famous detective
Yiyin Attribute Table (8)
Chapter 1 asking for help
Chapter 2 Meet and Greet
Chapter 3 Rescue
Chapter 4 System
Chapter 5 Summons
Chapter 6 Repayment of Accounts
Chapter 7 Oath
Chapter 8 Fear After
Chapter IX Research
Chapter 10 Yuanfu
Chapter 11 Harvest Grain
Chapter 12 Seeking a Teacher
Chapter 13 Rejection
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter 15 Winter Hunt
Chapter 16 Night Attack
Chapter 17 Summons
Chapter 18 Win-win
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter 20 One Night
Chapter 21 Accompanying
Chapter 22 Induced Rebellion
Chapter 23 Preparing for War
Chapter 24 Planning
Chapter 25 Persuasion
Chapter 26 Sending troops
Chapter 27 Showdown
Chapter 28 The War
Chapter 29 Counterattack
Chapter 30 Non-refundable
Chapter 31 Fight Again
Chapter 32 Destruction
Chapter 33 Victory
Chapter 34 Wake Up
Chapter 35 Senate
Chapter 36 Opening
Chapter 37 Subduing
Chapter 38 Sealing
Chapter 39 Rewards
Chapter 40 Allegiance
Chapter 41 Stubbornness
Chapter 42 Reform
Chapter 43 Meeting
Chapter 44 After Drinking
Chapter 45 An accident
Chapter 46 Murder
Chapter 47 Difficulty
Chapter 48 Intercession
Chapter 49 Resolved
Chapter 50 Union
Chapter 51 Determination
Chapter 52 Bewitched
Chapter 53 Shangjing
Chapter 54 Swordsmanship
Chapter 55 Detour
Chapter 56 Fruit Heart
Chapter 57 Challenge
Chapter 58 Profits
Chapter fifty-ninth chaos
Chapter 60 Mountain City
Chapter 61 Interview
Chapter 62 Anger
Chapter 63 Persuasion
Chapter 64 The White Flag
Chapter 65 Everyone
Chapter 66 Intention
Chapter 67 What is
Chapter 68 Daegu
Chapter 69 Departure
Chapter 70 Confluence
Chapter 71: Conspiracy
Chapter 72 Flags
Chapter 73 Decision Making
Chapter 74 Anti-Squatting
Chapter 75 Northbound
Chapter 76 Ten times
Chapter 77 Borrowing Soldiers
Chapter seventy-eighth
Chapter seventy-ninth righteousness
Chapter 80 Deadlock
Chapter 81 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 82 Xian Loyalty
Chapter 83 Conspiracy
Chapter 84 Planning
Chapter 85 Arguments
Chapter 86: Both
Chapter 87 Take Over
Chapter 88 Contact
Chapter 89 Opportunity
Chapter 90 The Battle
Chapter 91 Military Conference
Chapter 92 Arbitrary
Chapter Ninety-Three Battle
Chapter 94 Defeat
Chapter 95 Anxiety
Chapter 96 Raid
Chapter 97 The fierce battle
Chapter 98 Touted
Chapter 99 Transformation
Chapter 100 Intimidation
Chapter 101 sent in
Chapter 102 Names
Chapter 103 Dark Tide
Chapter 104 Dead Game
Chapter one hundred and five fear
Chapter 106 Candidates
Chapter 107 Proud
Chapter 108: Aggrieved
Chapter 109 Arrived in Beijing
Chapter 10 Rejection
Chapter 111 Advice
Chapter 112 Subduing
Chapter 113 Goodbye
Chapter 114 win over
Chapter 115: Hard
Chapter 116 Changes
Chapter 117 Unbearable
Chapter 118 Invitation
Chapter 119 Welcome
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty
Chapter 121 is more than enough
Chapter 122: Self-Binding
Chapter 123 Coincidence
Chapter 124 Two Disgusts
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Sixth Amazement
Chapter 127 Entering the Urn
Chapter 128 Pleading
Chapter 129 Apologize
Chapter 130 Warning
Chapter 131 admit counsel
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Second
Chapter 133 Iga
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Fourth
Chapter 135 Calculation
Chapter 136: Confused
Chapter 137 Guardian
Chapter 138 The situation
Chapter 139 Twin Girls
Chapter One Hundred and Fortieth Shock
Chapter 141 Disrespect
Chapter 142 Poison Oath
Chapter 143 Go to
Chapter 144 Rebuttal
Chapter 145: Cut Noodles
Chapter 146 Subduing
Chapter 147 Safe
Chapter 148 is also stable
Chapter 149 hidden dangers
Chapter 150 Helpless
Chapter 151 Elimination of Suffering
Chapter 152 mind
Chapter 153 General
Chapter 154 Fire Pit
Chapter 155: Wiping
Chapter 156: Sharing Worries
Chapter 157 Sending troops
Chapter 158: Change Moves
Chapter 159 Weakness
Chapter 160 Advice
Chapter 161 Rescue
Chapter 162 Desperate
Chapter one hundred and sixty third
Chapter 164 Change
Chapter 165 Liu Sheng
Chapter 166 Controversy
Chapter 167 Negotiations
Chapter 168 Suzuki
Chapter 169 Heartbeat
Chapter 170 Shrinkage
Chapter 171 Entering the Temple
Chapter 172 Chaos Porridge
Chapter 173: Convergence
Chapter 174 Change of Owners
Chapter 175 High Gamble
Chapter 176: Mandate of Heaven
Chapter 177 After the break
Chapter one hundred and seventy-eight
Chapter 179 Plan
Chapter 180 Timing
Chapter 181 Recovery
Chapter 182 Goodbye
Chapter 183: Entry
Chapter 184 Undefeated
Chapter one hundred and eighty-fifth mother murder
Chapter 186 Deception
Chapter 187: Out of Food
Chapter 188 Crazy
Chapter 189 Fair
Chapter 190 Intention
Chapter 191 Decisive
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two
Chapter 193 After the War
Chapter 194 Rewards
Chapter 195 Despair
Chapter 196 Buddha Enemy
Chapter 197 Forbearance
Chapter 198 Stubbornness
Chapter 199 Brewing
Chapter 200 Feint
Chapter 201 Timing
Chapter 202 Raid
Chapter 203 exposed
Chapter 204 Evil Thoughts
Chapter 205 The Price
Chapter 206 Allegiance
Chapter 207 Money and Food
Chapter 208 Fill in the gap
Chapter 209 Conspiracy
Chapter 210 Planning
Chapter two hundred and eleven coveted
Chapter 212 to be married
Chapter 213 Concentric
Chapter 214 Capture the City
Chapter 215 Struggle
Chapter 216 Seeking
Chapter 217 Slap
Chapter 218 Active
Chapter 219 Matchmaking
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Repayment
Chapter 221 Autumn Harvest
Chapter 222 softening
Chapter 223 Loyalty
Chapter 224 Push
Chapter 225 Execution
Chapter 226 Ambush
Chapter 227 South
Chapter 228 flip the table
Chapter 229 outbreak
Chapter 230 To Die
Chapter two hundred and thirty first unparalleled
Chapter 232 Burning Mountain
Chapter 233 Incarnation
Chapter 234 Night Attack
Chapter 235 Mind
Chapter 236 Anger
Chapter 237 Bright Sword
Chapter 238 The pros and cons
Chapter 239 Powerless
Chapter 240 Open
Chapter 241 Justice
Chapter 242 Scale
Chapter 243 Confused
Chapter 244 New Bureau
Chapter 245 Waiting
Chapter 246 Profits
Chapter 247 Achieved
Chapter 248 Worry
Chapter two hundred and forty ninth chapter witch
Chapter 250 Sacrifice
Chapter 251 Suppression
Chapter two hundred and fifty second attack
Chapter 253 Revenge
Chapter 254 United
Chapter 255 Commentary
Chapter 256 Foundation Laying
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh
Chapter 258 Dove Magpie
Chapter 259 Life
Chapter two hundred and sixty beat
Chapter two hundred and sixty first concubine
Chapter 262 Building
Chapter 263 Satisfaction
Chapter 264 Anzi
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five checks and balances
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six leading
Chapter 267 Four Ji
Chapter 268 Sowing
Chapter 269 United
Chapter two hundred and seventieth competition
Chapter 271 Dark Fight
Chapter 272 Instigation
Chapter 273 Flattery
Chapter two hundred and seventy fourth play off
Chapter 275 Xianzhong
Chapter 276 Insurance
Chapter 277 Raise the price
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eighth
Chapter two hundred and seventy nine accomplices
Chapter 280 Jealousy
Chapter 281 Split
Chapter two hundred and eighty second matchmaking
Chapter two hundred and eighty third cut the seat
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth protect the short
Chapter 285 Six Ji
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth hesitation
Chapter 287 Father's Love
Chapter 288 Coercion
Chapter 289 Shangluo
Chapter two hundred and ninety start
Chapter two hundred and ninety first fear
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two standing team
Chapter 293 Setting the tone
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth sigh
Chapter 295 Decisive
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six encounter
Chapter 297 Intention
Chapter 298 strike up a conversation
Chapter two hundred and ninety-ninth is miserable
Chapter 300 Beautiful Explosion
Chapter 301 Help
Chapter 302 Occupied
Chapter 303 Disjointed
Chapter 304 Selection
Chapter 305 Avoiding Marriage
Chapter 306 Night Talk
Chapter 307 is amazing
Chapter 308 Doubt
Chapter 309 Lick No
Chapter 310 Contradiction
Chapter 311 licking the calf
Chapter 312 Countermeasures
Chapter 313 Interpretation
Chapter three hundred and fourteenth
Chapter 315 Sad
Chapter 316 Slap
Chapter three hundred and seventeen yearning
Chapter 318 Transformation
Chapter three hundred and nineteenth interview
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty
Chapter three hundred and twenty first slip of the tongue
Chapter 322 Royal Flag
Chapter 323 Disputes
Chapter 324 Misunderstanding
Chapter 325 Conjecture
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Six Routines
Chapter 327 Ambition
Chapter 328 Common interests
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Nine
Chapter three hundred and thirty pick up
Chapter 331 Blending
Chapter 332 Exposure
Chapter 333 Borrowing Wine
Chapter three hundred and thirty fourth chaos
Chapter 335 Secrets
Chapter 336 Crazy
Chapter 337 Chaos
Chapter 338 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 339 Pressure
Chapter 340 Strategy
Chapter 341 Calculation
Chapter 342 Digging a Pit
The three hundred and fortieth chapter will be the alliance
Chapter 344 The Great Competition
Chapter 345 Killing
Chapter 346 Takeda
Chapter 347 Wangyuan
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight intensification
Chapter 349 Punishment
Chapter 350 Do not give up
Chapter 351 The Big Picture
Chapter three hundred and fifty second attack
Chapter 353 Action
Chapter 354 Yaowu
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five enemies
Chapter 356 Nacai
Chapter 357 Tenderness
Chapter 358 Rewards
Chapter 359 Commentary
Chapter 360 Rejection
Chapter 361 Choice
Three hundred and sixty-two chapters township
Chapter three hundred and sixty third move closer
Chapter 364 Feelings
Chapter 365 licking the dog
Chapter 336 Support
Chapter 367 Appointment
Chapter 368 confidant
Chapter three hundred and sixty nine peers
Chapter 370 Commercial Road
Chapter 371 Control
Chapter 372 Conspiracy
Chapter three hundred and seventy third proud
Chapter 374 Contradiction
Chapter 375 Disputes
Chapter 376 Choice
Chapter three hundred and seventy seventh struggle
Chapter 378 Differences
Chapter 379 Utility
Chapter 380 Fortification
Chapter 381 conveyed
Chapter 382 leaked
Chapter 383 takes effect
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth offering tea
Chapter 385 Reason
Chapter 386 Asakura
Chapter three hundred and eighty seventh meeting
Chapter 388 Goodwill
Chapter 389 Cooperation
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters rely on
Chapter 391 Succession
Chapter 392 Murder
Chapter three hundred and ninety third trouble
Chapter 394 Chaos
Chapter 395 Contradiction
Chapter 396 Reconciliation
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh for help
Chapter 398 Dilemma
Chapter 399 Differences
Chapter 400 Love
Chapter Four Hundred and One Crazy
Chapter 402 Internal trouble
Chapter 403 Anger
Chapter 404 Countermeasures
Chapter 405 Incompetence
Chapter 406 Heartbeat
Chapter four hundred and seventh deep meaning
Chapter 408 Seduction
Chapter 409 Compromise
Chapter 410 Persuasion
Chapter four hundred and eleventh wind
Chapter 412 Shock
Chapter four hundred and thirteenth decisively
Chapter 414 Crazy
Chapter 415 Encountering the enemy
Chapter 416 Proclamation
Chapter 417 Crossing the River
Chapter 418 Breakthrough
The four hundred and nineteenth chapters are all against
Chapter 420 Helpless
Chapter four hundred and twenty first escape
Chapter four hundred and twenty second on the road
Chapter 423 Reminder
Chapter 424 Incitement
Chapter 425 Blood Oath
Chapter 426 Dilemma
Chapter four hundred and twenty seventh dark fight
Chapter 428 hands-on
Chapter 429 Breakthrough
Chapter 430 Looking Back
Chapter 431 Transformation
Chapter 432 Negotiations
Chapter 433 Desperate
Chapter four hundred and thirty fourth affectionate
Chapter four hundred and thirty fifth confrontation
Chapter 436 Compromise
Chapter four hundred and thirty seventh rogue
Chapter 438 Love and Hate
Chapter four hundred and thirty-ninth win over
Chapter four hundred and fortieth mind
Chapter 441 Making Money
Chapter 442: Sincerity
Chapter four hundred and forty third reached
Chapter four hundred and forty fourth heart tired
Chapter 445 Methods
Chapter 446 In-depth
Chapter four hundred and forty seventh military discussion
Chapter 448 Iron Cannon
Chapter 449 Negotiation
Chapter 450 Black Hand
Chapter four hundred and fifty first battle
Chapter 452 Chaos
Chapter four hundred and fifty-three civil unrest
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth chapters to come
Chapter 455 dawdling
Chapter 456 Helpless
Chapter 457 Arrival
Chapter 458: Clan Punishment
Chapter 459 Cooperation
Chapter 460 Attack
Chapter 461 Decision
Chapter four hundred and sixty-two against
Chapter 463 heads-up
Chapter four hundred and sixty-four win over
Chapter 465 Secret
Chapter 466 Conflict
Chapter 467 Breakthrough
Chapter four hundred and sixty eight trouble
Chapter 469 Decision
Chapter four hundred and seventieth scruples
Chapter 471 Obedience
Chapter four hundred and seventy-two war
Chapter four hundred and seventy third shake
Four hundred and seventieth chapters a ride
Chapter 475 Transformation
Chapter 476 Disputes
Chapter 477 Planning
Chapter 478 Recommendations
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth profit distribution
Chapter four hundred and eighty struggle for power
Chapter four hundred and eighty first sophistry
Chapter 482 The New Deal
Chapter four hundred and eighty third promise
Chapter four hundred and eighty fourth killing
Chapter four hundred and eighty fifth emotional chaos
Chapter four hundred and eighty sixth bad news
Chapter 487 Countermeasures
Chapter four hundred and eighty eighth death
Chapter 489 Decisive
Chapter four hundred and ninetieth civil unrest
Chapter four hundred and ninety first fire pit
Chapter 492 Retreat
Chapter 493 Search
Chapter 494 Waiting for an opportunity
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters foolish
Chapter four hundred and ninety sixth fate
Chapter four hundred and ninety seventh plot
Chapter 498 Rescue
Chapter 499 Confluence
Chapter 500 Sanada only appeared
Chapter 501 Dragon and Tiger first meet
Chapter 502: Chaos Dragon scare off the enemy
Chapter 503: Money and Silk Touching the Heart
Chapter 504: People from the Imperial Palace of Guandong
Chapter 505 Rice Radish Fish
Chapter five hundred and six
Chapter five hundred and seventh hearts separated from the belly
Five hundred and eighth chapter Takeda is not peaceful
Chapter 509 No War in Shinano
Chapter five hundred and tenth Minong civil strife
Chapter 511: The Three Rivers Storm
The five hundred and twelfth chapter of the besieged mother clothes crowd
Chapter five hundred and thirteen
Chapter 514 Nobunaga is like a defeated dog
Chapter five hundred and fifteen
Chapter five hundred and sixteen Shibata helps the family
Chapter five hundred and seventeenth add incense just for the king
Chapter five hundred and eighteenth ingenious plan to determine the three rivers
Chapter Five Hundred and Nineteenth Little Lotus Dew Pointy
Chapter five hundred and twentieth Kinoshita change feather firewood
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-One The General Hopes You Return
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Two Tsundere And Black Belly
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three Interests
Chapter 524 Blasphemy is not my will
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Five The Collision of Righteousness
Chapter 526 The Price of True Love
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven Golden House Tibetan Routines
Five hundred and twentieth eight chapters Huihu taming technique
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine
Chapter 530: Jing Yi begs to be taken in
Chapter 531: The Transaction of a Lifetime
Chapter five hundred and thirty-two flattering to Shen
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Three Palace Fighting
Chapter five hundred and thirty fourth sisters disagree
Chapter 535: Adversity Sees the Truth
Chapter five hundred and thirty sixth long tail trouble
Chapter five hundred and thirty seventh befriending the tiger
Chapter five hundred and thirty-eight marriage seems to force the palace
Chapter five hundred and thirty-ninth the alarm sounded to kill
Chapter five hundred and fortieth true love can not keep
Chapter five hundred and forty-one Baojia Gan is the male branch
Chapter five hundred and forty-two throwing money to kill
Chapter 543 The Price of Life
The five hundred and fortieth chapters of redemption
The five hundred and fortieth chapters of the general's sisters
Chapter five hundred and forty-six ecstatic light show
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven, showing his wish to admit counsel
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight Fuji Takaya suspicious
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth now is not the past
Chapter 550: More advice for the rest of my life
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty-One The Dark Tide From Meinong
Chapter 552 Nobunaga's Legion
The five hundred and fiftieth chapters of the military system of Yiyin
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters Echigo Spo led
Chapter 555: The Autumn Harvest Comes
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapter Yiyin careful thinking
Chapter five hundred and fifty-seven the righteousness of papa
Chapter 558: Alternative Loyalty
Chapter 559: Doubts buried in the bottom of my heart
Chapter 560: Changes in Kawanaka Island
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one soldiers sent to Chuan Nakajima
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two boiling war intent
The five hundred and sixtieth chapters advance into the wife and daughter mountain
Chapter 564 You and I both miscalculated
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five woodpecker tactics
Chapter five hundred and sixty-six changed tactics
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh sisters have true feelings
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight smoke leads to intuition
Chapter five hundred and sixty-ninth sword refers to Hachimanhara
Chapter five hundred and seventieth war with the fog
Chapter five hundred and seventy-first hidden dangers revealed clues
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two against Kawanakajima
Chapter five hundred and seventy-third bloody battle in Kawanakajima
Chapter five hundred and seventy-four stalemate on Kawanaka Island
Chapter five hundred and seventy-fifth rush into disagreements
Chapter five hundred and seventy-six rushing into the formation and dividing the troops
Five hundred and seventieth chapters long tail to red preparation
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight prove with victory
Chapter 579: Both wings are variable
Chapter 580 Qian Ji avoids white clothes
Chapter 581 Yiyin Breaks the Array
Chapter five hundred and eighty second Xiaoshengsi advance and retreat
Chapter five hundred and eighty third retreat accident
Chapter five hundred and eighty fourth lies a storm
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth fortunately discuss the argument
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth death remonstrance realistic picture
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh turn met resistance
Five hundred and eighty-eighth chapter Uesugi unbalanced
Chapter five hundred and eighty-ninth was hunted by fallen samurai
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth Benmaru debut
Chapter five hundred and ninety-first struggle at the bottom
Chapter five hundred and ninety-two the first meeting of gold and jade
The five hundred and ninetieth chapters of love has begun to open
Chapter five hundred and ninety fourth happy to be robbed
Chapter five hundred and ninety-fifth Qingxin decadent drunk
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters hit this disaster
Chapter five hundred and ninety seventh Yiyin can not kill
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight the request of a lifetime
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth, there are also opportunities in crisis
Chapter 600 Turned out to be a mourning
Chapter 601 Everyone is uncomfortable
Chapter 602: Enduring humiliation for the family business
Chapter six hundred and third vented anger
Chapter 604 Shameless humiliation
Chapter 605 Letter Fan Shi Spo
Chapter 606 Harunobu's Appeal
Chapter 607 Dao Sheng came to the rescue
Chapter 608 Sheng Meng is unreasonable
Chapter 609 Intimidate Yang Beizhong
Chapter six hundred and ten: surrender and willing to send troops
Chapter 611 Carte blanche and
At the request of book friends, the main characters in the first 600 chapters are listed.
Chapter 612 Take the opportunity to press luck
Chapter six hundred and thirteenth Takeda negotiates peace
Chapter six hundred and fourteenth strategic turn
Chapter 615: Harunobu's Transformation
Chapter six hundred and sixteen want you
Chapter 617 Excessive Proposal
Chapter 618: Sending Salt for the City
Chapter six hundred and nineteenth private compromise
Chapter six hundred and twentieth the child's name
Chapter 621: Helplessness and Mud
Chapter 622 May this moment be eternal
Chapter 623 Sanada Three Friends
Chapter 624 You are waiting for a spicy chicken
Chapter 625: Misfortunes lead to the south
Chapter 626 There are joys and sorrows
Chapter six hundred and twentieth seven return to serve
Chapter 628: Takeda Fox Spirit
Chapter six hundred and twenty-ninth generous reward has deep meaning
Chapter 630 Qianjin buys horse bones
Chapter six hundred and thirty-one fighting for the Shiye clan
Chapter 632 Confused Xinfan
Chapter 633: The Big Bear's Way
Chapter 634 Qingxin hurts parting
Chapter 635 Return is also troublesome
Chapter 636 Punishing those who back the master
Chapter 637: After the Autumn Settlement
Chapter six hundred and thirty eight tenderness and chaos
Chapter six hundred and thirty-ninth let Lee touch people's hearts
The six hundred and fortieth chapter is rewarded for meritorious deeds
Chapter six hundred and forty first bow and kneel
Chapter 642 Reorganization of Yutai people
Chapter six hundred and forty-three reset positions
Chapter six hundred and fortieth chapter Yiyin back the black pot
Chapter 645 Huihu comes to grab the pot
Chapter six hundred and fortieth chapter Yangbei attack
Chapter six hundred and forty-seven dead bite refused to retreat
Chapter six hundred and forty-eight the feeling of blood
Chapter 649 Settling the Uesugi
Chapter 650: Kawanakajima is done
Chapter 651 The end of the Saito family
Chapter 652: Lijia attracts talents
Chapter 653: Simino Raises the Army
Chapter 654: The Ecstatic Nobunaga
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth chapters have their own plans
Chapter 656 Infighting intensifies
Chapter 657 Yang Nai wants to borrow money
Chapter 658 Borrowing money into the general trend
Chapter 659: The Angry General
Chapter 660 Chaos in Spo
Chapter 661 Concentric Selection
Chapter six hundred and sixty-two new officials difficult to take office
Chapter 623 Huihu Comes to Discuss
Chapter 664: The Placement of Beixin
Chapter six hundred and sixty-fifth benevolent coup and evil government
Chapter 666: The chaotic political dignitaries clean up
Chapter six hundred and sixty seventh the storm is rising
Chapter 668: The Rebellion in Xinfatian
Chapter six hundred and sixty-ninth linen pressing Uesugi
Chapter six hundred and seventieth there are more changes
Chapter 671: Naojiangjin is in an emergency
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two solutions
Chapter six hundred and seventy-third loyal warrior
Chapter six hundred and seventy fourth lie flat and let others beat
Six hundred and seventieth chapters Yiyin scalp hemp
Chapter 676 Yiyin also throws the pot
Chapter 677 Frequent crises
Chapter 678 Yiyin Play Lolita
Chapter six hundred and seventy-ninth affectionate and frightening
Chapter 680: Take the opportunity to get rid of stubborn diseases
Chapter six hundred and eighty first sprouted seeds
Chapter 682: Ben Zhuang talks about the rebellion
Chapter 683 The Redemption of the Traitor
Chapter six hundred and eighty fourth
Chapter 685 Nobunaga Housekeeping
Chapter six hundred and eighty sixth Guanyin Temple disturbance
Chapter six hundred and eighty seventh three good Changqing death
Chapter 688 Sakai Port Business
Chapter six hundred and eighty-ninth Uesugi family review
Chapter 690 Selfish Uesugi
Chapter 691: The Future of Change
Chapter six hundred and ninety-two unwilling acceptance
Chapter 693: Yiyin Comes to Punish the Heart
The six hundred and ninetieth chapters of the young Zhuang faction return to the heart
Chapter 995: Treasure Court abandons martial arts
Chapter 696 Three Bad Things
Chapter six hundred and ninety seventh Song Yong's dilemma
Chapter six hundred and ninety-eight of the great loyal minister Matsunaga
Chapter six hundred and ninety-ninth heavy money smashing waste
Chapter 700: Northland Business Difficulty
Chapter 701 Restless Tokaido
Chapter 702 Grinding his teeth for evil
Chapter 703 The collapse of Imagawa
Chapter 704 Echigo On Water Conservancy
Chapter 705: God Bao asks to send troops
Chapter 706: The Chaos of Noto
Chapter 707 Confirmation of Rebellion
Chapter 708 The strategy of this village
Chapter 709 The backhand of prevention
Chapter seven hundred and tenth pretending to be stupid
Chapter 711 Unification of the Three Rivers
Chapter 712 Song Ping'an Family Business
Chapter seven hundred and thirteenth clean up East Meinong
Chapter seven hundred and fourteenth Inaba is not a good name
Chapter 715 Gifu Castle Aspiration
Chapter 716 Nobunaga's Centralization
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen the temptation of interests
Chapter 718: The Road to Change
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen another force
Chapter 720 The New Situation of Sakai Port
Chapter 721 The Proud General
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth chapter Fuji Takaya no blind date
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth chapter Fuji Takaya difficult choice
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-four Nobunaga asked to change
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-fifth Lee's prediction
Chapter seven hundred and twenty sixth locked rebels
Chapter seven hundred and twenty seventh God help me
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth eight Oyu no threat
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-ninth island Hime into the room
Chapter seven hundred and thirty
Chapter seven hundred and thirty one exposed something
Chapter seven hundred and thirty second confrontation of the two princesses
Chapter seven hundred and thirty
Chapter seven hundred and thirty fourth another battlefield
Chapter 735: Hexagon Family Harmony
Chapter 736 Complex Sakai Port
Chapter 737 Nanman also divides people
Chapter 738 The Harem is a Deep Pit
Chapter seven hundred and thirty ninth involuntarily
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth letter fan marriage
Chapter 741: Come to each other's heart
Chapter seven hundred and forty second stupid obsession
Chapter 743: The Contradictions of Suppressing the Rebellion
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters of the whine of the land
Chapter seven hundred and forty-five inflated desire for power
Chapter seven hundred and forty sixth Yiyin's helplessness
Chapter seven hundred and forty seventh Ou's intelligence
Chapter seven hundred and forty eighth
Chapter 749 Of course I forgive you
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth pie dizzy
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-one separation of families is afraid of fire
Chapter 752: Lei Yi's Suggestions
Chapter 753 Sanada Flattery
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-four water conservancy projects
Chapter seven hundred and fifty fifth Yiyin's revenge
Chapter 756 The fun of being scolded
Chapter seven hundred and fifty seventh Danbo has changed
Chapter 758: The General's New Moves
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth IX
Chapter 760 Centrifugal clues
Chapter seven hundred and sixty first Hosokawa Yuan Chang return
Chapter 762: Useless Daughter
Chapter seven hundred and sixty third twin girl rumors
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-four ways to deal with it
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five the ape musician martial artist
Chapter seven hundred and sixty sixth talent is difficult to appoint
Chapter seven hundred and sixty seventh be sensible
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-eight troubles have always been
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-ninth rule is to take the blame
Chapter seven hundred and seventieth true love meets falsehood
Chapter 771 will take advantage
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two Zhao Haoshan Yoshigang
The seven hundred and seventieth chapter of Yi Gang's statement
Chapter 774 The goal of the battle
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-fifth unabated human nature
Chapter 776: Harunobu's Dilemma
Chapter seven hundred and seventy seventh Takeda family gambling
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-eight to create chips
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-ninth missionary right struggle
Chapter seven hundred and eighty prepare both hands
Chapter 781: The Dilemma of the Hojo Family
Chapter 782: The Situation of Chaos
Chapter seven hundred and eighty third chaos has always been sect
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fourth battle in Vietnam
Chapter 785: Meeting with Toyama Castle
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-six leveraging the ability to enter the country
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh the grace of the ancestors
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-eighth Jinshan moving
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-ninth Kaga army comes
Chapter 790 Each has its own calculations
Chapter seven hundred and ninety first Wen Jing's sophistry
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-two a small transaction
Chapter 793: The Fall of the Japanese Palace
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fourth imminent crisis
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fifth mediating a scene
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-six disrupted strategy
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh had to hold on
Chapter 798: Husong Jin's Confessions
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-ninth straight administration of the Jingyi family
Chapter 800 Comprehension of Righteousness
Chapter eight hundred and first tangled situation
Chapter 802 It is not easy to send troops
Chapter 803 Is It Worth Following?
Chapter 804: The Cavalry Attacks the River Bank
Chapter 805: The Iron Cannon Sniper
Chapter 806: Cotton Armor Blocks Iron Cannons
Chapter 807: People from Wufu Mountain
Chapter 808: Military Discussion After the War
Chapter eight hundred and ninth forced to reveal the details
Eight hundred and tenth chapter Yixiangzong inside story
Chapter 811 Iikawa has countermeasures
Chapter 1812 seems to be united
Chapter eight hundred and thirteenth true unity
Chapter 814: Thinking of peace before the war
Chapter eight hundred and fifteenth Danbo rebellion
The eight hundred and sixteenth chapter is deeper and deeper
Chapter eight hundred and seventeenth wise to protect the law
Chapter eight hundred and eighteen chain reaction
Chapter 819: General Ise Tan
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth final determination
Eight hundred and twenty-first chapter Xuenai on Kendo
Chapter 822: The Wrath of Appearance
Chapter 823: Expansion and Conservation
Chapter eight hundred and twenty-four a compromise
Chapter eight hundred and twenty-fifth broken retreat
Chapter eight hundred and twenty-six Nanto wave changes
Eight hundred and twentieth seven chapters sweep the snow before the door
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth eighth chapter of the wonderful idea of ??the outbreak
Chapter 829 Uesugi has come to help
The first eight hundred and forty chapters main characters list
Chapter 830 Anger and Remorse
Chapter 831 Rescue and Breakthrough
Chapter eight hundred and thirty-two downsizing to break through
Chapter eight hundred and thirty-third
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters Shiri Tezaka encounters the ambush
Chapter 835: Willows and Flowers
Chapter 836 The Battle of Shiri Tezaka
Chapter eight hundred and thirty seventh one to seek peace
Chapter 838: Rewards and Compassion
Chapter eight hundred and thirty-ninth Japanese Miyagi military meeting
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth Uesugi against the gods
Chapter 841 Xianru also has a share
Chapter eight hundred and forty-two persuade the guardian of the gods
Chapter 843: The Will of Harmony
Chapter 844: Takeda invades Suruga
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters Yiyin's sorrow
Chapter eight hundred and forty-six absolutely uncompromising
Chapter eight hundred and forty seventh
About Yiyin's Psychological Changes
Eight hundred and forty-eighth chapter Chang'an on the law
Eight hundred and forty-nine chapters Gil's usage
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth true husband's benevolence
Chapter eight hundred and fifty first wormwood for conscience
Chapter 852 Echigo Only You
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth chapter inconvenient to sleep again
Chapter 854 Don't care about her
Chapter 855: Observing the Sanada Congregation
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters Shi Ye wise man
Chapter eight hundred and fifty seventh give me a reason
Chapter 858: The people here are more ruthless
Chapter 859: Sword and Gun Addition
Chapter 860: Analysis of the Self
Chapter 861 Afraid to fall in love with him
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-two crazy love
Chapter 863 The truth of rejection
How can the eight hundred and sixtieth chapter prove
Chapter eight hundred and sixty fifth urgent time
Chapter 866 The Best Reason
Chapter eight hundred and sixty seventh Ishida fights out
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-eight of the plan to buy food
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-ninth Changan's restructuring
Chapter eight hundred and seventieth land inspection for relief
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-first new architecture of the office
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Xiaoshi Lonzo died
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-third the difficulty of buying food
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters food security money
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters kill two birds with one arrow
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-six plots to the south of the river
Chapter eight hundred and seventy seventh bad situation
Eight hundred and seventieth eight chapters the most expensive widow
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-ninth three good invasion again
Chapter eight hundred and eighty runaway future
Chapter 881: The Dilemma of the Takeda Family
Chapter eight hundred and eighty second Yiyin also curses
Chapter 883: Buying Grain Finally Made a Trip
Eight hundred and eighty-fourth chapter Yanxin new flag
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fifth forced to become a prostitute
Chapter eight hundred and eighty sixth Guandong as a dowry
Chapter eight hundred and eighty seventh you will regret it
Eight hundred and eighty-eighth chapter his first time
Eight hundred and eighty-ninth chapter finally that day
Chapter eight hundred and ninetieth Ueno mother-in-law party
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-first plotting the rock cabinet city
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-two panic
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-third the premonition of rupture
Chapter 894: Pray for no chaos
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-fifth Guandong martial arts
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-six the beginning of the confrontation
Chapter 897 The Hojo family retreats
Eight hundred and ninetieth eight chapters north two lines
Chapter 899 The only choice
Chapter 900 Kamakura Ashikaga Family
Brother Nine Hundred and One Chapter West Ueno Dilemma
Chapter 902 The Nagano family is coming to an end
Chapter 903 Good words are hard to persuade
Chapter 904 She is about to give birth
A little rant.
Chapter 905 Being a mother has to be in charge
Chapter 906: Mother and Daughter of the Takeda Family
Chapter 907 Ii Family Revival
Chapter 908 Change Tokugawa Ieyasu
Chapter nine hundred and ninth on the cliff
Chapter nine hundred and tenth debt is light
Chapter 911: Celestial Trade Network
Chapter 912: The Age of Navigation
Responses to critics in book circles.
Chapter 913 There is no pure land in the world
Chapter 914: Sanada's Expansion
Chapter 915 The Numata Family Changes
Chapter 916 Beijo wins the hearts of the people
Chapter 917 is ready to lift the table
Chapter nine hundred and eighteenth feather tail wants to succeed
Chapter nine hundred and nineteen
Chapter nine hundred and twentieth the man who grabbed the grain
The ninth and twenty-first chapter vows to the mountains
Chapter nine hundred and twenty second crazy strategy
Chapter 923 The Two Sisters of Sanada
Chapter 924 Sanada Warriors
Chapter 925 What the hell is going on?
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters eternal wanderer
Chapter 927 Big Bear and Naojiang
Chapter 928 Who will make a good start
Chapter 929 The best candidate
Chapter 930 Azuma County Changes Hands
Chapter 931 Huihu was slapped in the face
Chapter 932: Emerging differences
Chapter nine hundred and thirty
The ninth and thirtieth chapters feel disadvantaged
Chapter 935: Hojo Tea and Rice
Chapter nine hundred and thirty sixth conservative hidden dangers
Chapter nine hundred and thirty seventh dispatching troops to shock Zhu Ji
Chapter 938: The Leaders of the Misty Nation
Chapter 939 The Omi faction admits counsel
Chapter 940: The Destined Result
Chapter 941 People will eventually grow up
The ninth and forty-second chapters kill the Yuwei family
Chapter 943 Where to seek peace
Chapter nine hundred and forty-four: Xichuan Sanyuan Discussion
Chapter 945 She is doomed
about the finale
Brother Nine Hundred and Forty-Six Chapters Continue New Marriage
Chapter nine hundred and forty seventh invincible
Chapter 948: Yutai's advice
Chapter nine hundred and forty-nine opportunities for revival
Chapter nine hundred and fifty
Chapter 951: Yoshiki and Xuenai
Chapter 952: The annexation of Numata
Chapter 953 Don't scare children
Chapter 954: Children can't be killed
Chapter 955: Adopt a Daughter
Chapter nine hundred and fiftieth chapter later called Jinghu
Chapter 957 Surprise becomes fright
Chapter 958 Super White Fumei
Chapter 959 may be useful
Chapter 960 The matter of two people
Chapter nine hundred and sixty first I cry for you
Chapter 962 He even coaxes and deceives
Chapter 963: Takeda's Daughter
Chapter nine hundred and sixty fourth hate you and love you
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-five there is always someone to pick on
Chapter 966 can only do this
Chapter nine hundred and sixty seventh looting for relief food
The ninth and sixty-eighth chapter finally comes to the south
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-ninth is not beneficial
Chapter nine hundred and seventieth chain reaction
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-first find a face to face
Chapter 972 Huihu's Selfishness
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-third fight for the initiative
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-fourth target Keilun City
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-fifth waiting for the opportunity to start
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-six pretending to be a man misses
Chapter 977: Dialogue of the Deaf
Chapter 978: Desperate Japan
Chapter 979: The Broken System
Chapter 980: Beware of that boy
Chapter nine hundred and eighty first weak clan government
Chapter 982 The decision of the governor
Chapter 983 The future of Hojo
Chapter nine hundred and eighty fourth fake drama to be real
Chapter 985 The difference between the ninjas
Chapter nine hundred and eighty-sixth God-given opportunity
Chapter nine hundred and eighty seventh suitable battlefield
Chapter nine hundred and eighty-eight when the war is approaching
Chapter nine hundred and eighty-ninth are looking forward to the war
Chapter nine hundred and ninetieth small battlefield
Chapter 991 I arranged it all
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-two exposed affection
Chapter 993 Please don't fight
Chapter 994: The Strongest My Name
Chapter 995 Ashikaga Housekeeping
The nine hundred and ninetieth chapters form a deadly battle
Chapter nine hundred and ninety seventh pre-war enemy formation
Chapter nine hundred and ninety eight countdown to battle
Chapter 999: Liquidation after the war
Chapter 1000 of each mind is heavy
Chapter 1001: Because of loyalty or because of sleep
Chapter 1002 Just Like Dogs and Men and Women
Chapter 1003: The Furious Clan Administration
Chapter 1004: Fierce Offensive
Chapter 1005: Get Fame Immediately
Chapter 1006 Echigo Great Hero
Chapter one thousand and seven die with me
Chapter 1008: The Iron Armored Army Charges
Chapter 1009 The Perfect Killer
Chapter 1010: Uesugi to rush
Chapter 1011 Attack of the Huihu
Chapter 1012 Public and selfish
Chapter 1013: Righteousness in the Western Army
The first thousand and fourteenth chapter of the death will
Chapter 1015 Shameless Pig Teammates
Chapter 1016 is approaching a dead end
Chapter 1017: The Charge of Death
The first thousand and eighteen chapters cut the heart of the army with a knife
Chapter 1019 The First Soldier of the Warring States Period
Chapter 1020: Dihuang Hachiman Banner
Chapter 1021: Dark arrows come to hurt people
The first thousand and twenty-two chapters turn forward like a wind
Chapter 1023: Do your best to chase the poor
Chapter 1024: Dihuang Hachiman Dies
Chapter 1025 Ota has a different heart
The first thousand and twenty-six chapters retreat without a fight
Chapter 1027 Compliment and compliment me
Chapter 1028: Grab a Taoyuan
The first thousand and twenty-ninth chapters are rewarded to become famous
Chapter 1030: Yisan solves puzzles
Chapter 1031: The Centennial Dream of Life
Chapter 1032 The wall falls and everyone pushes
Chapter 1033 Powers and Obligations
Chapter 1034: The rise of Kyoto
The first thousand and thirty-fifth chapters do not know
Chapter 1036: The Black Hand Behind the Scenes
Chapter 1037 Ashikaga must die
Chapter 1038 The Burning Palace
Chapter 1039: Huijun's house is miserable
Chapter 1040: The Great Fear
Chapter 1041: The Conspiracy to Kill the King
Chapter 1042 is another round?
Chapter 1043 Conspiracy leads to misjudgment
The first thousand and forty-four chapters of the three good things
Chapter 1045 The Seal of the King of Japan
The first thousand and forty-six chapters fierce battle in Nijo City
Chapter 1047: True Swordsman General
Chapter 1048 Ashikaga finally ended
Postscript: A Different Tokyo Tea Saint
The first thousand and forty-nine chapters escape from the forbearance of Fuji Lin Xing
Chapter 1050: The layout of the competition
The first thousand and fifty-one chapters feel happy birthday
The first thousand and fifty-two chapters are simple and good people
The first thousand and fifty-three chapters cover up dirty things
The first thousand and fifty-four chapters are all lunatics
Chapter 1055: Heroes from the Dragon
Chapter 1056: Sakamoto Castle's plan
The first thousand and fifty-seven chapters are all in search of Luo
Chapter 1058 Sanada old fox
Chapter 1059 The hidden danger of the Sanada family
Chapter 1060: Oily Kanto
The first thousand and sixty-one chapters plan to set the southeast
Chapter 1062 The illusion of love
One thousand and sixty-three chapters political immorality
The first thousand and sixty-four chapters absolute advantage
The first thousand and sixty-five chapters were shocked to hear about the Kyoto incident
The first thousand and sixty-six chapters are born in desperation
The first thousand and sixty-seven chapters dismantle the men and women
Chapter 1068 The desperation of green tea
List of main characters in the first thousand and seventy chapters
About the new book
The first thousand and sixty-ninth chapters do not lick the dog
Chapter 1070 The routine of wormwood
Chapter 1071: Purity and Dirty
Chapter 1072: Maintainer of Order
Chapter 1073 Central and Local
Chapter 1074: Xing Sheng's plan
The first thousand and seventy-fifth chapters have their own plans
The first thousand and seventy-six chapters of different roads
The first thousand and seventy-seventh chapter when the ritual collapses and music is broken
Chapter 1078 Another task
Chapter 1079 Decline of Kamakura
Chapter 1080: The Narita family is humiliated
Chapter 1081: Hojo finally succeeded
About readers' incomprehension of the latest plot
Chapter 1082: Soldiers and horses scattered overnight
The first thousand and eighty-three chapters of Hojo's character
Chapter 1084 The beginning of negotiations
The first thousand and eighty-fifth chapters split the two Guandong
The first thousand and eighty-six chapters complex mood
Chapter 1087: Supreme Treasure Royal White Flag
The first thousand and eighty-eighth chapters of the imperial family
Chapter 1089 I forbid you to die
The first thousand and ninety chapters of the shrine
Chapter 1091 Miracles Shine in Guandong
The first thousand and ninety-two chapters are intentional but powerless
Chapter 1093: Things are not going well in Shangluo
Chapter 1094 Oda Family Loyalty
The first thousand and ninety-five chapters lead Oda into the room
Chapter 1096 Differences in position
Chapter 1097: The Hidden Murder
Chapter 1098 Noble and lowly
The first thousand and ninety-nine chapters of Hideyoshi
Chapter 1010 Hideyoshi and Toshiba
Unemployment for half a year
Chapter 1011: Network and Circles
Chapter 1102 The strategy of Kongming today
Chapter 1103 Miracles Shine in Guandong
Chapter 1104 Journey to Wild Hot Springs
Chapter 1106 Someone comes to see you
Chapter 1106 Here comes another one
Chapter 1107 Xing Jins Favorite
Chapter 1108 Accidentally exposed
Chapter 1109: Gain Long and Look to Shu
Chapter 1110 The oath is like letting go
Chapter 1111 The big crisis emerges
Chapter 1112 Benevolent Government vs. Benevolent Government
Chapter 1113 Kanto Restoration Plan
Chapter 1114 Sanada is in trouble
Chapter 1115: Killed with a stick
Chapter 1116: Survive the danger
Chapter 1117: Reorganization of the Adherence Office
Chapter 1118 Jinghu and Jingsheng
Chapter 1119 The bloody atrium
Chapter 1120 The Li familys urgent report
Chapter 1121 Change to the Tokaido Road
Chapter 1124 The Loyalty of the Li Family
Chapter 1123 Takeda calls Shingen
Chapter 1124 The Loyalty of the Li Family
Chapter 1125 Daughterly love everywhere
Chapter 1126 Crossing the East China Sea Strongly
Chapter 1127 Good Sister Sanhe
Chapter 1128: Each family has its own thoughts
Chapter 1129 Yoshihiro confronts Nobunaga
Chapter 1130: Fight but not break
Chapter 1131 The Li family comes to visit
Chapter 1132 Too handsome
Chapter 1133 See you from all over the world
Chapter 1134 Yiyins Fear
Chapter 1135: Be wary of recent leaders
Chapter 1136: Being dealt with one by one
Chapter 1137 Maedas mother-daughter love
Chapter 1138 Huge influence
Chapter 1139 Who doesnt know you?
Chapter 1140 Takada Sisters
Chapter 1141: Whats this little debt?
Chapter 1142 Spozhong Fund
Chapter 1143 Yangnos opportunity
Chapter 1144 Valuable Trust
Chapter 1145 True Friend Otani
Chapter 1146 No coincidence
Chapter 1147 Dont forget to remember Yihui
Chapter 1148 Kyotos Response
Chapter 1149 Hexagonal Heart Dispersed
Chapter 1150: Off-season battle
Chapter 1151 Ichijuns Outbreak
Chapter 1152 Awkward meeting
Chapter 1153 The whirlpool of scandal
Chapter 1154 The present predicts the future
Chapter 1155: The Kamao family turns
Chapter 1156 Declined to the Pu Sheng Family
Chapter 1157 Sweeping across Minami Omi
Chapter 1158: Loyalty Overacts
Chapter 1159 The Chosen One Yiyin
Chapter 1160 Panic Miyoshi
Chapter 1161 Beat up the drowned dog
Chapter 1162 Fight again after spring plowing
Chapter 1163: Asking for forgiveness
Chapter 1164: Kill the heart without killing people
Chapter 1165 A self-defeating mistake
Chapter 1166 Whipping Akechi Mitsuhide
Chapter 1167 The coincidence of delivering medicine
Chapter 1168 Radical and Conservative
Chapter 1169 Nizi comes to see you
Chapter 1170 Making money is easy
Chapter 1171 Two Embarrassing Things
Chapter 1172 The Only Curator
Chapter 1173 Hanoi Crusade Army
Chapter 1174 Battle table position
Chapter 1175 Trying to eat alone
Chapter 1176
Chapter 1177 The plan is all in vain
Chapter 1178 Xue Nai and Zhizheng
Chapter 1179
Chapter 1180
Chapter 1181 On the way to the capital
Chapter 1182 The struggle of faith
Chapter 1183 The Last Chance
Chapter 1184 The Beginning of Jingdou
Chapter 1185 The Imperial Palace Remarried
Chapter 1186 Want the beauty of an adult
Chapter 1187 Conquer him again
Chapter 1188 Win the Asai Family
Chapter 1189 Distribution of benefits
Chapter 1190
Chapter 1191 An episode
Chapter 1192 Yiyin Loves Yihui
Chapter 1193 Remembrance is getting perfect
Chapter 1194 Nobunaga's Mind
Chapter 1195 Tokugawa wants to ride the wall
Chapter 1196 Nobunaga sees Nanman
Chapter 1197 New breakthrough
Chapter 1198 Don't look forward to giving grace
Chapter 1199 The benefits cannot be less
Chapter 1200 Ninagawa came to seek refuge
Chapter 1201 A group of dragging oil bottles
Chapter 1202 Talent Petri dish
Chapter 1203 He is the sun
Chapter 1204 Desperate Fujitaka
Chapter 1205 Three shameless
Chapter 1206 Attractive Conditions
Chapter 1207 Ceremony of Succession
Chapter 1208 The impending conspiracy
Chapter 1209 Suzuki's help
Chapter 1210 Standing in line is inevitable
Chapter 1211 Rumors and Discredit Festival
Chapter 1212 Oda is in action
Chapter 1213 Peasant Woman and Viper
Chapter 1214
Chapter 1215 Bloody Case in the Castle Town
Chapter 1216 Xue Nai runs away
Chapter 1217 Xuena's request for help
Chapter 1218 Misheng Wolf Shangluo
Chapter 1219 Oda's Invitation
Chapter 1220 Tough Break
Chapter 1221 The situation is not very good
Chapter 1222
Chapter 1223 The council forces the palace
Chapter 1224 Yiyin's Counterattack
Chapter 1225 The smashed conspiracy
Chapter 1226 Bloody Case at Sakurada Gate
Chapter 1227 Angry Nobunaga
Chapter 1228 Really poor public
Chapter 1229 Lifting the edge of the table
Chapter 1230 Weird situation
Chapter 1231 She Must Die
Chapter 1232 May this moment be eternal
Chapter 1233 Ambush under the Moon
Chapter 1234 Crazy Yiyin
Chapter 1235 Misheng Wolf Attacks
Chapter 1236 Slap Warning
Chapter 1237 The hope of waking up
Chapter 1238 Guangxiu came to see
Chapter 1239 The heart knot of the ruler and the minister
Chapter 1240 Guangxiu's Plan
Chapter 1241 The key lies in Oda
Chapter 1242 As long as it's cheap enough
Chapter 1243 The Hesitant Oda
Chapter 1244 Light a bigger fire
Chapter 1245 Retrieve some chips
Chapter 1246 Night Talks Protracted War
Chapter 1247 The distant future
Chapter 1248 Yuchai is determined to biography
Chapter 1249 Seeing the General Wisely
Chapter 1250 Retreat for Heaven and Punishment
Chapter 1251 Blocking the road and asking for annuity
Chapter 1252 regained confidence
Chapter 1253 Murder at night
Chapter 1254 Troubled waters are easy to fish
Chapter 1255 Death of the Southern Barbarians
Chapter 1256 Survival of the raid
Chapter 1257 One stab at cause and effect
Chapter 1258 Different roads
Chapter 1259 Oda Map Sakai Port
Chapter 1260 Spozindo Hall
Chapter 1261 Free Green Tea
Chapter 1262 The Heart of Two Five Boys
Chapter 1263 The scandal of the year
Chapter 1264 Raiders of West Ueno
Chapter 1265 The North Treaty and Peace
Chapter 1266 Infatuation and empty hatred
Chapter 1667 Victor Takeda
Chapter 1268 Alienation and closeness
Chapter 1269 Cooperation to Seek Sejin
Chapter 1270 Help Fujitaka
Chapter 1271 Unity plus kidnapping
Chapter 1272 Long Sleeve Good Dancer
Chapter 1273 Rewards and Punishments
Chapter 1274 It's All For Children
Chapter 1275: Qun Ji's Opposition
Chapter 1276 Spo's Soft Power
Chapter 1277 Selection of the Spo family
Chapter 1278 The real local tyrant
Chapter 1279
Chapter 1280 A Powder Keg
Chapter 1281 Place Three Insurances
Chapter 1282 Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 1283 Exotic style
Chapter 1284 Holding a Sword in Business
Chapter 1285 Take responsibility
Chapter 1286 Angry into rage
Chapter 1287 There is a Dispatch in Kanto
Chapter 1288 Tsuruga Good Day
Chapter 1289 Grandmother and Granddaughter
Chapter 1290
Chapter 1291 Change the way of playing
Chapter 1292 Ideological Penetration
Chapter 1293 The Revival of the New Wu Family
Chapter 1294 Food stamps for welfare
Chapter 1295 Concentric Secretariat
Chapter 1296 A reassurance
Chapter 1297 Regal Prestige is Unpredictable
Chapter 1298 Lovely Child
Chapter 1299 I can only go to her
Chapter 1300 Sweet Sanfeng Mountain
Chapter 1301 The imposed death penalty
Chapter 1302 Control the sense of rhythm
Chapter 1303 Recommend and support
Chapter 1304 Dao Ji Ai serves
Chapter 1305 Offer good advice on the couch
Chapter 1306 Trip to the Brotherhood
Chapter 1307 Use children to talk about things
Chapter 1308 The saint of men
Chapter 1309 Who knows the daughter's heart
Chapter 1310 Lone Cat and Loyal Dog
Chapter 1311 The Three Guardians of Settsu
Chapter 1312 Omen of a Break
Chapter 1313 The Husband's Couplet
Chapter 1314 Borrowing to Repair Water Conservancy
Chapter 1315 There is no war in Kanto
Chapter 1316 A Silly White Sweet
Chapter 1317 It is not easy to stand in line
Chapter 1318 The Shogunate Like ZTE
Chapter 1319 Envisioning the Encirclement Net
Chapter 1320 Xiaoxi seeks the truth
Chapter 1321 Three bitter daughters-in-law
Chapter 1322 Checking the Loyalty Fund
Chapter 1323 The Aggrieved Ishida
Chapter 1324 Murderer for the King
Chapter 1325 Maeda's Mother-Daughter Love
Chapter 1326 stab yourself
Chapter 1327 Backing the pot chivalrous silver
Chapter 1328 Seeing the clues of the palace fight
Chapter 1329 Good days are coming
Chapter 1330 Hideyoshi as a catfish
Chapter 1331 The Melancholy of Niwa Nagashow
Chapter 1332 The decision of the teacher of Beibei
Chapter 1333 The feeling of deja vu
Chapter 1334 Pure Love
Chapter 1335 Expanding Influence
Chapter 1336 Towards the End of Blood
Chapter 1337 Sinful Bad Man
Chapter 1338 Who will inherit the Oda family
Chapter 1339 Stupid Sanbuchi Tohide
Chapter 1340 Dang Teng Taka's Carrot
Chapter 1341 The troublesome food stamp problem
Chapter 1342 Positioning of the Guandong Office
Chapter 1343 New Wu Family Negotiation Mechanism
Chapter 1344 The Grass Stage Team Sanada Congregation
Chapter 1345 Ching Hai's Official Service to the Sanada Family
Chapter 1346 The righteous silver of father's love overflowing
Chapter 1347 Who knows the heart of a man and a daughter
Chapter 1348 Commentary
Chapter 1349 The main war faction and the main peace faction
Chapter 1350 The interests of the aggrieved Maeda
Chapter 1351 Food stamps and a grain of rice
Chapter 1352 Murder, Punishment and Wealthy
Chapter 1353 Oda Nobunaga goes to Luo again
Chapter 1354 The Nine Clauses of the Imperial Palace in the Palace
Chapter 1355 Troubled world troubles
Chapter 1356 Family affairs, state affairs and world affairs
Chapter 1357 Either a monster or a god
The main character list in the first 1357 chapters
Chapter 1358 Xia You Jinshan Writers Banquet
Chapter 1359 Move with love and understand reason
Chapter 1360 The crisis of Hosokawa Sanyuan
Chapter 1361 Confidant, rivals and sisters
Chapter 1362 Oda Nobunaga surrounded the net
Chapter 1363 The Awe-inspiring Betrayal of Righteousness
Chapter 1364 Husband and wife are birds of the same forest
Chapter 1365 Destined Ending
Chapter 1366 Sudden Small Bean Bag
Chapter 1367 Guangxiu's Heartfelt Words
Chapter 1368 A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Chapter 1369 It will be useful one day
Chapter 1370 The two loyal ministers cherish each other
Chapter 1371 If the sky is in love, the sky is also old
Chapter 1372 The Best Era of the Wu Family
Chapter 1373 Party Dispute Within the Pursuit Institute
Chapter 1374 It's not unreasonable to talk about it
Chapter 1375 Watching a good show in Kanto
Chapter 1376 Takeda Takasaka Dialect Shinano
Chapter 1377 The Takeda Family Is Enemy On All Sides
Chapter 1378 Takeda's Conquest Sees Clues
Chapter 1379 The selection of Spo is newly released
Chapter 1380 Can't Forget That Boy
Chapter 1381 Nizi enters Beijing to persuade wisdom
Chapter 1382: Smart Tongue, Wise Ji Ji
Chapter 1283 All things come to me in Kanto
Chapter 1284 The Council Has Seven Elders
Chapter 1385 The true meaning of convincing people with virtue
Chapter 1386 Spo Gongyi Shows Its Prototype
Chapter 1387 Join Hands to Advance All Minds
Chapter 1388 Helpless to meet pig teammates
Chapter 1389 Five years of youth for a dream
Chapter 1390 Eliminate Useless Garbage
Chapter 1391 Bloody Suppression of Nanjinjiang
Chapter 1392 Fighting for aid in Hengshan
Chapter 1393 Pregnancy solves all worries
Chapter 1394 The evil seed must be eliminated
Chapter 1395 The lucky man favors
Chapter 1396 It's My Business
Chapter 1397 A woman who empathizes
Chapter 1398 The Encircling Net in Diffusion
Chapter 1399 Opportunity for Yuchai Hideyoshi
Chapter 1401 The greedy kid gets into trouble
Chapter 1402 Green plums make tea and talk about heroes and heroines
Chapter 1403 Love is hard to express in my heart
Chapter 1404 Two villains who worry about the country and the people
Chapter 1405 Fanning the flames and hoping for more chaos
Chapter 1406 Dragging everyone down
Chapter 1407 Honda Masanobu goes to the selection
Chapter 1408 The anticipated break
Chapter 1409 Return to the recent past with peace of mind
Chapter 1410 A new chapter in the Kanto Palace
Chapter 1411 Nishi Ueno of the Sanada Family
Chapter 1412: Turn around and see chaos in recent times
Chapter 1413 A soft-hearted man and a sinister woman
Chapter 1414 It’s me who licks the dog
Chapter 1415 Nobunaga Yoshigage discusses the Buddha
Chapter 1416 The strongest couple in the world
Chapter 1417 The consequences of offending Spoelstra
Chapter 1418 Shinsengumi and Tachibana Sou
Chapter 1419 Become a benevolent king with me
Chapter 1420 The Unspeakable Transaction
Chapter 1421 The already destined ending
Chapter 1422: Enryaku Temple, a thousand-year-old temple
Chapter 1423: Tathagata is measured before his throne
Chapter 1424 It’s really shameless
Chapter 1425 Master Jueshu offers light
Chapter 1426 Adding a Buddhist patron saint
Chapter 1427 It’s not easy to be a villain
Chapter 1428 The three good siege is in progress
Chapter 1429 Rookies pecking each other’s teammates
Chapter 1430 Stand on the side of justice
Chapter 1431 The Nine Divine Generals in Jindo Hall
Chapter 1432 The king is accompanied by his ministers
Chapter 1433 Prepare for new developments ahead of time
Chapter 1434 Monetization of Spo Food Stamps
Chapter 1435 Spo’s New Economic Plan
Chapter 1436 Life is about making choices
Chapter 1437 Yiyin and the female students
Chapter 1438 Wu Family Revival Student Union
Chapter 1439 Shiba no silver private deed
Chapter 1440 If you come out to hang out, you will have to pay back sooner or later.
Chapter 1441 A night of inner suffering
Chapter 1442 The long and short night
Chapter 1443 Miyoshi Yasucho made a mistake
Chapter 1444 Whose family is not a mess?
Chapter 1445 A young girl’s ambition defies God’s will
Chapter 1446: Become a human again after you get what you want
Chapter 1447: Feeling aggrieved and ready to go to war
Chapter 1448: Die for the revival of the Wu family
Chapter 1449 Good news comes and rewards are discussed
Chapter 1450 The Dark Fox Fire Lord
Chapter 1451 Ghosts and gods swear an oath as witness
Chapter 1452 God-given bloodline emerges
Chapter 1453 People who uphold justice
Chapter 1454 Takeda Nobutora comes to ask for help
Chapter 1455 Takeda’s life-saving straw
Chapter 1456 Reina Takeda Maka Ai
Chapter 1457 Takeda Shingen is going to Luo
Chapter 1458 A good swimmer dies from drowning
Chapter 1459 A direct look at the past of Yantian City
Chapter 1460 The Intolerable Truth
Chapter 1461 Doubts accidentally exposed
Chapter 1462 If you are short of money, you need to beg more
Chapter 1463 After the oriole, there is an oriole
Chapter 1464 Shocked to hear that Mount Hiei was burned
Chapter 1465 A dispute arises between Mingzhipu
Chapter 1466 Life is like a play
Chapter 1467: Heartless is better than brainless
Chapter 1468 Danizheng and the Great Demon King
Chapter 1469 Political battles have to be fought
Chapter 1470 Tokugawa is full of luck
Chapter 1471 This hatred lasts forever
Chapter 1472 The Two Elders of the Genji and Taira Clan
Chapter 1473 If life were just like the first time we met
Chapter 1474: Falling out and ruthlessly raising the butcher's knife
Chapter 1475 The mother who paved the way for her daughter
Chapter 1476 Only the last step is left
Chapter 1477 Please meet your daughter
Chapter 1478 The scared and angry dad
Chapter 1479 Shut up and you are not allowed to speak
Chapter 1480 The father who fought back
Chapter 1481 Kaede Takeda Rena Noriji
Chapter 1482 Embarrassed Akechi Mitsuhide
Chapter 1483 Uesugi Miyuki comes to the world
Chapter 1484 Internal strife in the Standing Council
Chapter 1485 Warring States Version of The Tale of Genji
Chapter 1486 An Unimagined Road
Chapter 1487
Chapter 1488 Doing whatever it takes to achieve merit
Chapter 1489 Sibo Yiyin will not lose
Chapter 1490 My daughter’s letter in Yuanfu’s name
Chapter 1491 It will no longer be popular
Chapter 1492 To become a god
Chapter 1493 Becoming a god requires an advocate
Chapter 1494 The Principle of the Divine King and the Gift of Gratitude
Chapter 1495: Kidney-Paining Military Expenditures
Chapter 1496 Holding the sickle high to cut leeks
Chapter 1497: Useless sister can’t sleep
Chapter 1498 The powerful sister sleeps instead
Chapter 1499 This is all for Yukino
Chapter 1500 If it doesn’t work once, it needs to be done twice
Chapter 1501: If you make a mistake, you must atone for it
Chapter 1502: The village that was deceived
Chapter 1503 Marriage is not easy
Chapter 1504 You should wait and see more when wearing shoes
Chapter 1505 How to solve the road closure due to heavy snow
Chapter 1506: Together, vertically and horizontally, preparations are made
Chapter 1507 The greatest pursuit in life
Chapter 1508 Yukino, you are so good
Chapter 1509 The trend of excessive issuance of food stamps
Chapter 1510 Chapter 1509 The hemp pole beats the wolf and is afraid of both ends
Chapter 1511 Just offend him to the end
Chapter 1512 Everything is for the sake of the children
Chapter 1513: Taking the lead by accident
Chapter 1514 The first snow in early winter
Chapter 1515 Ashikaga Yoshiaki’s Fear
Chapter 1516 Hosokawa’s great opportunity
Chapter 1517: Trapped in Gentle Countryside, Fujitaka
Chapter 1518 Maeda’s interests must be shown
Chapter 1519 He doesn’t have you in his heart
Chapter 1520 Oda Nobunaga’s arrangement
Chapter 1521 Whoever loses will benefit himself
Chapter 1522 Forcing Isano Yuanmao to rebel
Chapter 1523: Sooner or later, the waist is going to crack
Chapter 1524 Takeda Shingen comes to exert force
Chapter 1525 The slut who foresees the future
Chapter 1526 Marching out of a sense of awe
Chapter 1527 Deyu Yingjie comes to serve
Chapter 1528 Everyone has their own pros and cons, but everyone hesitates
Chapter 1529 Three lines of defense lock Kanto
Chapter 1530 You can go around by boat
Chapter 1531 The Kwantung Allied Forces are divided into three groups
Chapter 1532 Fighting for Prince Snow White
Chapter 1533 The great war is about to begin
Chapter 1534 Take the mountain is Iwasaki Mountain
Chapter 1535 No matter what choice you make, it’s always wrong
Chapter 1536 Of course I forgive her
Chapter 1537 Rewards must be calculated before fighting
Chapter 1538 Both sides of Jiyue have their own thoughts
Chapter 1539 Drunk on the eve of the war
Chapter 1540 An unintentional plan
Chapter 1541 A surprise for Tsudoden
Chapter 1542 The curtain gradually opens
Chapter 1543 Layer after layer of calculations
Chapter 1544 Unexpected Onslaught
Chapter 1545 A powerful attack
Chapter 1546 Tozawa Mori’an’s Blessing
Chapter 1547 Waiting for the best opportunity
Chapter 1548 A last-ditch battle at Jianyue
Chapter 1549 The moment the trump card is revealed
Chapter 1550 The jade hook on the rolled-up bead curtain
Chapter 1551 There is no way out
Chapter 1552 Do your words count?
Chapter 1553 Not a mortal but a god
Chapter 1554 Mortals can’t compete with destiny
Chapter 1555 The main battle lord and the main divergence again
Chapter 1556: Grasp the scale and seek to win over
Chapter 1557: Can’t scold or beat
Chapter 1558 Nobunaga knows his mistakes and can correct them
Chapter 1559 A divine general in Jindo Palace
Chapter 1560 The upcoming negotiations
Chapter 1561 Gods and mortals can’t figure it out
Chapter 1562 Shiba Oda wants to join forces
Chapter 1563 The Temptation of God’s Bloodline
Chapter 1564 The inevitable tragedy
Chapter 1564 The alienated Yixiang Zong
Chapter 1565 Ashikaga Yoshiaki wants to go west.
Chapter 1566 (Part 1)
Chapter 1567 Part 2
Chapter 1568 To be a noble god
Chapter 1569 The wave of rejection of rewards.
Chapter 1570: Once external troubles are gone, internal troubles arise
Chapter 1571 Soft control without blind spots
Chapter 1572 The war is suspended and negotiations are underway
Chapter 1572 All mothers of divine descendants are single
Chapter 1573: A child under Zhu Zi’s family
Chapter 1574 The Japanese King of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 1575 The general’s ambition is to go west
Chapter 1575: List of main characters
Chapter 1578 Food stamps reverse repurchase and interest rate hike
Chapter 1579 Extremely Dangerous Speculation
Chapter 1580 The bankrupt Spo Bank
Chapter 1581 A year of silence in exchange for favors
Chapter 1582 Stupid sister and perverted sister
Chapter 1583 Unexpected third child
Chapter 1584: Self-inflicted righteousness
Chapter 1585 Wandering General Ashikaga Yoshiaki
Chapter 1586 The truth about Nanman trade
Chapter 1585 The woman holding Wang Zha
Chapter 1586: Weak Ji Warrior Mom
Chapter 1587 Jane has a future in the king’s heart
Chapter 1588 Nobunaga kneels down and embraces the saint
Chapter 1591 The need for male gods to dominate
Chapter 1592 The Divine Family is Different
Chapter 1593 Cunning Mother and Silly Father
Chapter 1594 Two Maedas join forces
Chapter 1595 Li Jia with super high emotional intelligence
Chapter 1596 The powerful good old man of the Wu family
Chapter 1597 Jill can’t handle it
Chapter 1598 A new chapter is about to begin
Chapter 1599 Again eight years later
Chapter 1600 Return that humiliation to you
Chapter 1601 Win-win between Yiyin and Nobunaga
Chapter 1602: Each takes what he needs from the union
Chapter 1603 Return to Kanto to avoid embarrassment
Chapter 1604 The reason why I must return to Kanto
Chapter 1605 The Ashikaga Family’s Mess
Chapter 1606: Si Bo’s righteous man wins people’s hearts
Chapter 1607 Preventing the Wu family from becoming untouchable
Chapter 1608 Akechi Mitsuhide has a father
Chapter 1609 The full-fledged Fujitaka
Chapter 1610 It’s hard for Fujitaka and her daughter to bear
Chapter 1611 A generous elder is a righteous man
Chapter 1612: There are other choices for intimacy
Chapter 1613 Honor, Money and Hope
Chapter 1614: A heavy blow to calm people's hearts
Chapter 1615 Don’t forget loyalty and glory
Chapter 1616 The trouble becomes more and more difficult to deal with
Chapter 1617 Even honest people can get angry
Chapter 1618 Kyoto Ochiiri Shibate
Chapter 1619 A cold stove cooks well
Chapter 1620 The pursuit of a higher dimension
Chapter 1621 Double circulation of internal and external trade
Chapter 1622 The fatherly spirit
Chapter 1623 Warning before departure
Chapter 1624 The temptation of Sun God to change species
Chapter 1625 The lighthouse effect is emerging
Chapter 1626 Tokugawa Ieyasu is too anxious
Chapter 1627 Tokugawa Ieyasu’s good calculation
Chapter 1628 Tokugawa Ieyasu’s conspiracy
Chapter 1629: Serve him for life after life
Chapter 1630 Thank you for the saint who entertained me
Chapter 1631 The Real Political Iron Alliance
Chapter 1632 The Story of Soft-Hearted Daddy
Chapter 1633 The Hojo family is furious
Chapter 1634: Spending money on a bed ticket
Chapter 1635 Banze hates evil as much as he hates hatred
Chapter 1636 The rise and fall of Hojo depends on this one move
Chapter 1637 The ignorant Hojo clan politics
Chapter 1638: Dead Taoist Friends Don’t Die Poor Taoists
Chapter 1639 For the cause of justice
Chapter 1640 Ujimasa Imagawa, an expert
Chapter 1641 The Conquered Hojo Clan
Chapter 1642 Proposal to Station in Edo Castle
Chapter 1643 Thinking about candidates
Chapter 1644 The acquaintance of life and death is having too much fun
Chapter 1645 Goddess is really cool
Chapter 1646 Yuliang’s marriage plan
Chapter 1647 Be honest and sincere
Chapter 1648: False reporting of projects becomes a silverfish
Chapter 1649 Big Trouble Two Years Later
Chapter 1650 Complicity
Chapter 1651 The loyal general will be ruthless
Chapter 1652 Begging the family governor to stop messing around
Chapter 1653 A mother’s awakening
Chapter 1654 Seizing the Saint’s Vital Point
Chapter 1655 The necessity of shocking Ou Yu
Chapter 1656 The Enlightenment of a Foolish King
Chapter 1657 The sick beauty of Ida’s family
Chapter 1658 The little thoughts of the sick beauty
Chapter 1659 Kawata Choshin Loyal Subject
Chapter 1660 Sanada prepared with both hands
Chapter 1661 Sanada Nobushige feels guilty
Chapter 1662 General Guandong came to invite
Chapter 1663 Mother and daughter are united and the saint cannot be stopped
Chapter 1664 Thirty-six strategies are the best
Chapter 1665 Satake survives from death
Chapter 1666 Sudden rebellion
Chapter 1667 Helpless and tearful, forced to pretend to be B
Chapter 1668 Great opportunity in crisis
Chapter 1669: Gathering rebel soldiers to suppress the weak persimmon
Chapter 1670 A big review that is full of nonsense
Chapter 1671: Working together to save the driver and kill the thief
Chapter 1672 The men’s army goes out to save the saint
Chapter 1673 Justice is in the hearts of the people
Chapter 1674 The people in blue are in action
Chapter 1675 Enemy troops doing their own thing
Chapter 1676 Miaoyin Monk’s Fear and Self-Rescue
Chapter 1677 The victim named Saint
Chapter 1678 The young Hojo is going to cause trouble
Chapter 1679 The situation took a turn for the worse
Chapter 1680 The only chance to turn defeat into victory
Chapter 1681 Three hundred versus twelve thousand
Chapter 1682 There is a traitor in the Fangzong coalition
Chapter 1683 The initiative of the people in blue
Chapter 1684 Crossing the River Side by Side to Win People’s Hearts
Chapter 1685 The approaching Dead by Daylight
Chapter 1686 Raid at dawn
Chapter 1687 Yoshihiro Satomi jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 1688 The power of the saint
Chapter 1689 The soldiers were defeated before the saint arrived
Chapter 1690 One last attack
Chapter 1691 Toqi Lai, who respects saints and eliminates traitors
Chapter 1692: The allied forces of the homeowners each ran away
Chapter 1693 Selfishness is everywhere
Chapter 1694: Zhuili meets the hunting boss
Chapter 1695: Ginger is still spicier when old
Chapter 1696 The determination to commit suicide
Chapter 1697 Martyrdom and Desire for Demigods
Chapter 1698 Kai-kun defeats the enemy with one arrow
Chapter 1699 The dog father and tiger son are in dire straits
Chapter 1700 The Unparalleled Man from Guandong
Chapter 1701 There are always unscrupulous people who want to harm my daughter
Chapter 1702 The Takeda Family’s Baby
Chapter 1703 For Reina’s future
Chapter 1704 Hojo Ushimasa is pregnant
Chapter 1705: Poor hearts of parents in the world
Chapter 1706 Dao Shengmeng is also pregnant
Chapter 1707 Satake Yi returns to plead guilty
Chapter 1708 Dao Shengmeng is really fierce
Chapter 1709 Satake Yoshige’s Awakening
Chapter 1710 Even if you win, you also have the trouble of winning.
Chapter 1711: Serve the Saint but not the Servant
Chapter 1712 The three powerful vassals help each other
Chapter 1713 Counterpart assistance to unify
Chapter 1714 Four Hundred Thousand Stone Painted Cake
Chapter 1715 Toward a unified Kanto
Chapter 1716 Yiyin is a bit angry
Chapter 1717 The Hojo family is no longer what it used to be
Chapter 1718: The Hojo family who expresses disdain for their integrity
Chapter 1719 It’s not too late to reward people based on their merits
Chapter 1720: Entrusting the adopted son to stay in Guan
Chapter 1721 The adoptive father paves the way for the adopted son
Chapter 1722: Two Pregnant Silly Saints
Chapter 1723 Dao Shengmeng who doesn’t want anything
Chapter 1724 Only dad is good in the world
Chapter 1725 I don’t want anything but my children
Chapter 1726 Without the Saint, there would be no New Guandong
Chapter 1727 Foresight is a saint
Chapter 1728 The wind blows in Dali County
Chapter 1729 Collusion to bully and profit
Chapter 1730: Destroy one thing to make up for the other and make a big dream
Chapter 1731 Uesugi Takeda Marriage Stone
Chapter 1732: Love rivals are extremely hypocritical when they meet
Chapter 1733 It’s all for the children
Chapter 1734 You light a fire to blow the wind
Chapter 1735: Love rivals cheat one by one
Chapter 1736 Yangno who manipulates the market
Chapter 1737: Crossing the river and burning the bridge to become ruthless
Chapter 1738 The self-defeating Maori family
Chapter 1739 Nizi Shengjiu was cheated
Chapter 1740 Only saints can be relied on
Chapter 1741 Refusal to prevent Maori from being trapped in Stone Mountain
Chapter 1742 I must kill her with my own hands
Chapter 1743 Introducing the Oda family to the Western Kingdom
Chapter 1744 Oda wants to practice wisdom
Chapter 1745 Sakuma Nobumori is finished
Chapter 1746 Takenaka advises the strong man to cut off his wrists
Chapter 1747 Hideyoshi Hashiba chooses Saikoku
Chapter 1748: Opportunity to establish your authority comes to your doorstep
Chapter 1749 The unbearable Uesugi Kenshin
Chapter 1750 The violent Echigo Dragon
Chapter 1751 Too many women are really troublesome
Chapter 1752 The released scourge
Chapter 1753 Shibata and Hashiba have a dispute
Chapter 1754 Wajikari Maeda Toshiie
Chapter 1755 A transaction and a scene
Chapter 1756: United as one to fight against Kaga
Chapter 1757 Hideyoshi Hashiba wants to save himself
Chapter 1758: A eloquent man who plays both sides
Chapter 1759 Nobunaga is anxious and she is anxious
Chapter 1760 Good old people also have anxiety about having a baby
Chapter 1761 The love rival is extremely jealous at first sight
Chapter 1762: Debating skills under the cauldron
Chapter 1763 The biggest scapegoat in the world
Chapter 1764 The Saint Worried About Money
Chapter 1765 The Dream of Ashio Copper Mountain
Chapter 1766 A sudden rise arouses jealousy
Chapter 1767 Naomasa Ii is not innocent
Chapter 1768 The saint running around
Chapter 1769 The Rare and Inhabitable Goddess of Spo
Chapter 1770 Family from the constraint system
Chapter 1771 A beautiful woman like a fox and a tiger
Chapter 1772 The Pretty Widow’s Little Thoughts
Chapter 1773 Traveler Uesugi Miyuki
Chapter 1774 A system with unique taste
Chapter 1775 Maeda’s interests are unwilling to be left alone
Chapter 1776 Determined to obtain divine grace
Chapter 1777 Mogami Yoshimitsu is so good at it
Chapter 1778 Date Masamune Seeing is Believing
Chapter 1779 The Mogami Family and the Date Family
Chapter 1780 The out-of-control Kamao Clan Township
Chapter 1781 A slut who fits the martial arts aesthetics
Chapter 1782 A cute deer and two hungry wolves
Chapter 1783 The favored Yamanaka Yukimori
Chapter 1784 Follow the thought to move the fetus
Chapter 1785 The Female Fairy of the Takeda Family
Chapter 1786: Bullying with a full belly
Chapter 1787 Brothers-in-law cannot be sold
Chapter 1788 The best man and father
Chapter 1789 It’s all for the children
Chapter 1790 Hideyoshi the Bald Rat’s Joke
Chapter 1791 Extremely unjust and disrespectful
Chapter 1792 The Master Xianru wants to negotiate peace
Chapter 1793: Anxious and irritated
Chapter 1794 A serious problem lies in the Western Kingdom
Chapter 1795 There is a difference between Shanyang and Shanyin
Chapter 1796 Two women from Kanto are about to give birth
Chapter 1797 Ashio Copper Mountain Money Printing Press
Chapter 1798 Everything is for the children
Chapter 1799: Sweet words cut off talents
Chapter 1800 Don’t forget to ask for capable ministers when giving birth to a baby
Chapter 1801 A cry fell to the ground
Chapter 1802: Using a woman’s self-respect to force her into the palace
Chapter 1803 Shunming starts with copper coins
Chapter 1804 Striving for greater value
Chapter 1805 The incomprehensible Spo
Chapter 1806 I hate separation, please give it a try
Chapter 1807: Too many babies are trouble
Chapter 1808 Bringing your son to seek parenting advice
Chapter 1809 The journey of the second generation begins with young shota
Chapter 1810 It’s too difficult to be a conscientious person
Chapter 1811 The lively winter in Kinki
Chapter 1812 Preparing for the Western Kingdom Strategy
Chapter 1813 Winning over the concubines to seek the Western Kingdom
Chapter 1814 The Honganji Temple has descended
Chapter 1815 The financial crisis that must be detonated
Chapter 1816 Rich Yuigahama Yui
Chapter 1817 Xiaotuanzi’s backstory
Chapter 1818 Naoyoshi Hanzawa’s death-free gold medal
Chapter 1819 Self-cleaning movement of output
Chapter 1820 Owari reunites with Maeda Toshiya
Chapter 1821 The two front Tian families are both exposed to rain and dew
Chapter 1822 Returning the principles of justice to their origins
Chapter 1823 Confucian Improvement of Ji Bushido
Chapter 1824 Thousands of private schools respect the saints and reject the barbarians
Chapter 1825 In the final analysis, it is finance
Chapter 1826 Advantages of Maeda’s interests
Chapter 1827 Return to Kofukuji Temple for a Break
Chapter 1828 Sibo Yiyin’s kindness
Chapter 1829 The rapid changes brought about by land income
Chapter 1830 Return to the city and see Xiaotuanzi first
Chapter 1831 Spo Selection Pilot Restructuring
Chapter 1832 Nizi Shengjiu comes to see you
Chapter 1833 Fulfilling the Promise
Chapter 1834 The warm-hearted Akechi Mitsuhide
Chapter 1835 Looking at the beloved him in the abyss
Chapter 1836 The overflow self-purification movement
Chapter 1837 Satomi Yiyao’s decisive blow
Chapter 1838 The Kinki envoy goes to Kanto
Chapter 1839 I want to try to love my child
Chapter 1840 There is no good thing in Guandong
Chapter 1841 The ropes that tie the three female beasts
Chapter 1842 The harmony between husband and wife is shown to the saints
Chapter 1843 The total outbreak will come sooner or later
Chapter 1844 Since ancient times, innovation has been bloody.
Chapter 1845 Knowledge changes destiny
Chapter 1846 Expanded Southern Barbarian Trade
Chapter 1847 Yukino who forcibly cuts in line
Chapter 1848 Father, Mother and Godmother
Chapter 1849 The Four Kingdoms Strategy comes to your door
Chapter 1850 Please give up the saint
Chapter 1851: Two generations of military advisors come to offer advice
Chapter 1852 The wind blows and flags move peoples hearts.
Chapter 1853 Nizis return is unstoppable
Chapter 1854 A dirty deal
Chapter 1855 This situation is sad and deplorable
Chapter 1856 The situation takes a turn for the worse
Chapter 1857 Hosokawa is pregnant
Chapter 1858 The Unsolvable Golden Sword Ploy
Chapter 1859 She was killed by a saint
Chapter 1860 The missed lover
Chapter 1861 Oda Nobunaga is pregnant
Chapter 1862 The confusing truth
Chapter 1863 Feeling guilty and innocent
Chapter 1864 Sudden turmoil in Kanto
Chapter 1865 Who knows the girl’s thoughts?
Chapter 1866 Ii Naomasa's statement
Chapter 1867 Sisters are like rivals in love
Chapter 1868 The pathologically persistent Shanzhong
Chapter 1869 The dispute over the inheritance of Nizi
Chapter 1870 The unchanging general trend of Kanto
Chapter 1871 The conspiracy is underway
Chapter 1872 Ii Naomasa's investigation
Chapter 1873: Advising women not to be stupid
Chapter 1874 Tokugawa Ieyasu visits Sakai Port
Chapter 1875: Loyal and willing to die to remonstrate
Chapter 1876 Kanto adjusts Sanada
Chapter 1877: Provoke border provocations and support the bandits to respect themselves
Chapter 1878 A final piece of advice that invites deep thought
Chapter 1879 The variables brought about by the three letters
Chapter 1880 Yoshihiro is the name I chose
Chapter 1881 The Saint Who Sacrifice Too Much
Chapter 1882 The audacious Sanada Nobushige
Chapter 1883 Mother and daughter are in harmony
Chapter 1884 Sanada Rin is pregnant
Chapter 1885 Good sisters who live and die together
Chapter 1886 Umino Riichi fights corruption
Chapter 1887 Hideyoshi’s Triple Dilemma
Chapter 1888 The decisive battle with Maori determines the outcome
Chapter 1889 Contest with God to Win Half the World
Chapter 1890 A good way to deal with the Spo family
Chapter 1891 Strategic Determination against the Saint
Chapter 1892 Sakai Port Stock Disaster Chaos
Chapter 1893 Akechi Mitsuhide’s weirdness
Chapter 1894 Unexpected Smash
Chapter 1895 Floyce’s Great Adventure
Chapter 1896 Determined Frois
Chapter 1897 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind
Chapter 1898 Honnoji temple in Kyoto
Chapter 1899: Setting a trap for the Third Taifu of Baidi
Chapter 1900 From now on, you owe me
Chapter 1901 Tokugawa Ieyasu also placed a bet
Chapter 1902 Let the Tokugawa territory become Hong Kong
Chapter 1903 Ishikawa Shumasa’s fear
Chapter 1904 The spoon with bare hands is Ida
Chapter 1905 The rising fire in my heart will finally be released
Chapter 1906 Date Masamune got what he wanted
Chapter 1907 Dazang Changan sadly resigned
Chapter 1908 Jumping from one pit to another
Chapter 1909 Changing the economic background of the island country
Chapter 1910 The core issue of the food stamp crisis
Chapter 1911 Slowness has its advantages
Chapter 1912 Where does the new capital come from?
Chapter 1913: Associations about the Spurs Fed
Chapter 1914 The Spo Consortium Imagining the Future
Chapter 1915 Raising funds to form the Spatio Fed
Chapter 1916 The enemy is at Honnoji Temple
Chapter 1917: Possessing murderous intention in Liujia
Chapter 1918 Cutting off Oda Nobunaga’s retreat
Chapter 1919 Sects with their own agendas
Chapter 1920 The stubborn Honganji Temple
Chapter 1921 The embarrassment of being unable to attack
Chapter 1922: A brief thought before the battle
Chapter 1923 This is the last resort
Chapter 1924 It ends like a dream
Chapter 1925 Accelerating the situation out of control
Chapter 1926 Yushiba Ikeda’s lips are dead and his teeth are cold
Chapter 1927 The wisdom of being alone
Chapter 1928: A land without a owner, where the able ones live
Chapter 1929 The Wonderful Pill That Cannot Die
Chapter 1930: The wisdom of being tough on the outside and soft on the inside
Chapter 1931 Akechi Mitsuhide’s response
Chapter 1932 Tokugawa Ieyasu is going home
Chapter 1933 That idiot who is holding you back
Chapter 1934 The city king hates the vixen thoroughly
Chapter 1935 The city king with rare things to live in
Chapter 1936 The interests behind loyalty
Chapter 1937 Changing the Economic Background of the Island Country
Chapter 1938 Yiyin’s final choice
Chapter 1939 Shiba Shinobu Re-Equilibrium
Chapter 1940 The anti-corruption operation ends
Chapter 1941 Replacement Appointment
Chapter 1942 Solve the dilemma of reforming and saving at the same time
Chapter 1943 Honda Masanobu looking for a way out
Chapter 1944 The rise of followers
Chapter 1945 Yuigahama Yui’s visit
Chapter 1946 The tied up Hanzawa Naoyoshi
Chapter 1947 It’s easier to find fault than to do things
Chapter 1948 What you don’t have is life
Chapter 1949 It’s better to make money than to make faith
Chapter 1950 Take a step back and the sky will be brighter
Chapter 1951 A friendship that cannot be abandoned
Chapter 1952 Unraveling Akechi Mitsuhide’s death
Chapter 1953 Kuroda Takaka offers advice
Chapter 1954: Respecting the King and Fighting the Barbarians is Yu Chai
Chapter 1955
Chapter 1956 Sanada Nobushige who was forced to raise a fetus
Chapter 1957
Chapter 1958 Three powerful vassals and two important ministers
Chapter 1959 The Reunion of the Shiye Tribe
Chapter 1960 Burying the truth in history
Chapter 1961 Chiyo, the Maeda Toshibas puppy
Chapter 1962 Killing Knife and Living Sword
Chapter 1963 A cultural person engaged in education
Chapter 1964 The Rise of Cheng-Zhu Neo-Confucianism
Chapter 1965 Let Kijimaru inherit the Akechi family
Chapter 1966 The absurd best of both worlds
Chapter 1967 The British King and the American Emperor in One
Chapter 1968 The confidence of the Iga Maeda family
Chapter 1969: He Zonglian crosses Oda
Chapter 1970 The Oda family on the edge of civil war
Chapter 1971 The idea of Qingzhou Conference
Chapter 1972 Akechi Mitsuhide’s child
Chapter 1973 My Wonderful Pill
Chapter 1974 A good old man with long sleeves and good dancing
Chapter 1975 The beginning of civil strife in Oda
Chapter 1976 The undercurrent of the Qingzhou Conference
Chapter 1977 The Lady’s Kind Man
Chapter 1978 Intensifying Conflicts
Chapter 1979: Giving medicine with bare hands to persuade a stubborn deer
Chapter 1980 I will never forget you
Chapter 1981 Who wouldn’t pity the girl in her spring?
Chapter 1982 Asking for wisdom in front of Jindo Palace