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It started with a golden breeze and drizzle, the poster shocked the world with one strike

It started with a golden breeze and drizzle, the poster shocked the world with one strike

author:pipe smoker

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-18 23:07

Latest chapter:Chapter 677: Inciting secret hands to attack and kill Lu Xun

Su Chen traveled through time and was forced to become the owner, puppet, and scapegoat of the Golden Wind and Dry Rain Building. This was his first feeling. [Becoming the owner of the Golden Wind and Dry Rain Building, he obtained the characters Bai Bai Yu and Ice Qilin, the Invincible Magic Sword. Arm, 3 white lottery cards.] Ever since seeing this, Su Chen has become determined. His determination means that others cannot be determined...

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《It started with a golden breeze and drizzle, the poster shocked the world with one strike》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 677: Inciting secret hands to attack and kill Lu Xun
Chapter 676 The last immortal, Lu Xun, appears
Chapter 675: Gathering at Tianluba Mountain, the second deputy tower master and others take action
Chapter 674 Under the flying knife, Guo Wu died and Lan Shen lost his soul
Chapter 673 The Heart of Nothingness, Illusory Space, and Terror Li Xunhuan
Chapter 672 Someone is paying for their lives, so we are here
Chapter 671 Unborn Buddha, Tianjing Chanyuan
Chapter 670: The Palace of the Most Swords, the Origin of Divine Dynasty State Master Li Xuanyi
Chapter 669 The Northern Dog’s best time, the Great Perfection of the False God
《It started with a golden breeze and drizzle, the poster shocked the world with one strike》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The opening chapter: The owner of Jinfeng Xiaoyu Building, the invincible magic sword Bai Baiyu
Chapter 2 Ice Qilin Arm, one step into innateness
Chapter 3 In this life, the reward is Vajra Hunyuan Strength
Chapter 4 Someone can't sit still, Su Chen wants to take action
Chapter 5 Black Market Rumors, Five-Rank Lotus Platform
Chapter 6 A murderous night on a rainy night, a head-on attack
Chapter 7 20 years of Yun Dao skills, analysis, and horror
Chapter 8 Juxian Hall, Fog, Doubt
Chapter 9: Make a decision, pre-showdown
Chapter 10 Violent Suppression, Lei Tang Lei Ao
Chapter 11 Practice and go out
Chapter 12 Rosewood Palace, Mu Qingxue
Chapter 13 Slavery Talisman, Divine Cloak, Diamond Splitting Demon
Chapter 14 Lei Ao appears and enslaves Ling Tianhe
Chapter 15 Kong Ming Stone, first clues revealed
Chapter 16 Blood Demon Flower, Drizzle Knife
Chapter 17 Enlightenment of the Way of the Sword, Seeing the Blood Sacrifice Sword
Chapter 18 Hanyue Sect, Zi Hanyue
Chapter 19 If you seek death, no one can save you.
Chapter 20 Beheading with one knife
Chapter 21 The storm arose, primary beast mastering
Chapter 22 Analysis of techniques to kill Ling Tianhe
Chapter 23 Palace of Everlasting Sorrow, Invitation
Chapter 24 Picture of the blood-eating dragon, Bai Tianyu appears head-on
Chapter 25: Strong wind and rain, split in half with one knife
Chapter 26 Going to the appointment, Liu Wumei
Chapter 27 Contact, show strength
Chapter 28 Kidnapping Su Chen, Qin Hao’s plan
Chapter 29 Night visit to Qin’s house, blood pool
Chapter 30 Confrontation, Breakthrough
Chapter 31 Fierce confrontation, invincible magic sword
Chapter 32 Blood God Pill, open threats
Chapter 33 Poison-avoiding pill, water-avoiding pill, blood-penetrating nail
Chapter 34: It’s clear, events intensify
Chapter 35 Lingnan Town Fusi Yan Shu
Chapter 36 Outsiders are attacked
Chapter 37 Bloodshed and evil spirit
Chapter 38: The drizzle of the knife at dusk, leaving traces when the knife passes
Chapter 39: Fierce, win over
Chapter 40 Plan, Bai Tianyu Ming's appearance, one sword to suppress Qingcheng
Chapter 41: Suppressing thousands of households in Fusi and counterattacking
Chapter 42 Total Annihilation in One Battle
Chapter 43 The background, analysis, and connection of the Palace of Everlasting Sorrow
Chapter 44 Bai Tianyu enters Lei Tang and destroys Lei Tang with one sword
Chapter 45: Deadly puzzled, Jinfeng Xiaoyu Building changes owner
Chapter 46 Meeting, showdown, planning
Chapter 47 The Secret Scroll of the Demon Gate: The Heavenly Demon Zen Seal
Chapter 48 Five Secret Places, Nine Nether Cold Veins
Chapter 49 Zihanyue’s true purpose
Chapter 50 A dead Taoist friend is not dead but a poor Taoist
Chapter 51: Murderous intent, killing people in the dining hall
Chapter 52: Killing overnight, splitting in half with one knife
Chapter 53: Weapon-level weapons, perfect body skills,
Chapter 54 [Burning Hand] Lie Xin, Mu Qingxue Ice Silkworm Gu
Chapter 55 Ice Silkworm Gu, Primary Slave Talisman
Chapter 56 Control, Counter-Control
Chapter 57: Capture, North Town Fusi people appear
Chapter 58 Cooperation, stormy weather
Chapter 59: The Three Swords of Abi Dao, Hanyue Sect Dharma King, Game within Game
Chapter 60 Destruction, intensification
Chapter 61 Contact, go alone
Chapter 62 Target Liexin, Liexin dies first
Chapter 63: Encounter on the road, surprise, attack and kill
Chapter 64 Physical duel, sword flash appears
Chapter 65 Gathering, Yun Dao, and Sword Power
Chapter 66 Winning over, confronting, and the mature blood demon flower
Chapter 67: Draw the knife, break the knife, and fight
Chapter 68 Blood Demon Flower, Belong to My Golden Wind and Dry Rain Tower
Chapter 69 Touching the corpse, killing the devil
Chapter 70 Blue Lottery, Character [Bai Chou Fei]
Chapter 71 Yan Yu, Lingnan County, the influence of the Jianghu situation
Chapter 72 The unity of spirit and soul, nine difficulties between heaven and man
Chapter 73 Peeping, Yang Family
Chapter 74 Problem, Dilemma
Chapter 75 Calculation, Suspicion
Chapter 76 Bai Chou Fei, penetrated with one finger
Chapter 77 Cooperation, County Figures
Chapter 78 Hero, unwilling to be lonely
Chapter 79 Detection and interception
Chapter 80: Three fingers in the sky, fierce fight
Chapter 81 Fat people are cute
Chapter 82 Tianxueyuan, second-class disciple
Chapter 84 Three points of return to vitality, Tiance Hall, Nalan Rongyan
Chapter 85 Threats, Speculations, Cooperation
Chapter 86 Three families gather together and suspect the target
Chapter 87 Plot against Bai Choufei, showdown
Chapter 88 Dharma Killer vs. Bai Baiyu
Chapter 89 Tantric Buddha, Selfless Monk
Chapter 90 The violent Abidao three swords
Chapter 91 Characters, Invincible Sect Leader, Dugu Invincible
Chapter 92: Indoctrination, cutting heaven and earth with one sword
Chapter 93 [Integration of Man and Sword] Yagyu Ichijian, [Immortal Dragon] Leng Huishan
Chapter 94 Join forces to cause trouble, Zi Hanyue, Nalan Rongyan
Chapter 95 Tianxueyuan Arsenal, Shanhe Zhenwujin
Chapter 96 Secret Treasure [Golden Plum Vase], the First Dharma King Demon Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 97 Yan Yu’s Plan, White Bone Mountain Man
Chapter 98 Liu Wumei appears and cleans up the house
Chapter 99 Palace of Everlasting Sorrow, woolen wool
Chapter 100 Jinfeng Xiaoyu Tower, does not accept threats
Chapter 101: The Immovable Demon God, Changes His Shape and Bones
Chapter 102 The First Dharma King Demon Wanjie Appears
Chapter 103 Open the building and a storm arises
Chapter 104 Kill three people first to establish authority
Chapter 105 [Tianya Pavilion] Envoys of the Ten Directions, Immortal Dragon VS Living Dead
Chapter 106 The strong must die with dignity
Chapter 107 The demon disintegrates and the spirit and soul merge into one
Chapter 108: Son’s life and death, helpless
Chapter 109 The storm rises again, Lingnan County will be in chaos
Chapter 110 Return from the Dead [Golden Plum Vase]
Chapter 111 Bai Tianyu Saber-Blood Knife
Chapter 112 Gold Mine, Money Gang, Killing the Lou without Regret
Chapter 113 Wu Hua, slash in the wind
Chapter 114 Fighting, no one can leave
Chapter 115 On the Importance of Weapons
Chapter 116 Treasure House, Windfall
Chapter 117 [Unity of Spirit and Spirit] Xiao Qiushui and Liu Wumei are in danger
Chapter 118 Night attack and confrontation
Chapter 119 Liu Wumei dies, the special envoy of the Palace of Everlasting Sorrow
Chapter 120 Zi Hanyue, Yan Yu, Analysis
Chapter 121 Conspiracy to kill Helian Chunshui
Chapter 122 Killer organization, establishment of [Blue Dragon Society]
Chapter 123: Lock the target and take action
Chapter 124 Take action directly, visit Ni Kun at night
Chapter 125 Jing Wuming, A Fei
Chapter 126 Shangguan Xue’s Plot, Xishan Mine
Chapter 127 [Qinglong Club] Zhengyue Hall, sub-rudder
Chapter 128 [Qinglong Club] expands, kill if you don’t accept it
Chapter 129 Deputy Sect Master Shanhe, Personal Disciple
Chapter 130 Xue Yiren experience card, phantom card
Chapter 131 Dugu Wudi’s Ambition, Ghost Realm, Tenth Stage
Chapter 132 Helian Chunshui, A Fei, Jing Wuming
Chapter 133 It’s Helian Chunshui, but it’s not Helian Chunshui either
Chapter 134 Qinglonghui, Yagyu Ichijian
Chapter 135 Kill with one sword, Yan Yu dies
Chapter 136 [Qinglong Club] becomes famous, Lingnan County changes
Chapter 137 [Golden Plum Vase] Guess, sudden changes
Chapter 138 Hijacking, Secret
Chapter 139 One sword kills one person, two sword swords send two people away
Chapter 140 Qian Mu, wants to ask [Qinglong Club] to kill someone
Chapter 141 Jing Wuming went to Shanhe Gate in person
Chapter 142 Tantric trends, changes in county government
Chapter 143 Right-hand sword, left-hand sword, death if defeated
Chapter 144: County Governor Wen Yifeng, Nine Kings Rule
Chapter 145 Xiaopang discovers Hantan and Gan Mu is poisoned to death
Chapter 146 Red Sandalwood Palace Reappears, Jiuyou Xuanyin Stone
Chapter 147 Tantric Relics, [Tripitaka of Life and Death], Mahamati Dharma King
Chapter 148 The fierce headmaster of Shanhe Sect
Chapter 149 Helian Xiaoyao, one of the four demons in the Palace of Everlasting Sorrow, the Qin Demon
Chapter 150 Those who plot against others will be killed, and those who disobey will be killed.
Chapter 151 Orange lottery appears, the royal family [Wuji Pill]
Chapter 152 Heroic momentum, Li Tianxing invites a battle
Chapter 153: Discussion, Suppression, Shanhe Sect Headmaster comes out of seclusion
Chapter 154: Taking sides, unexpected
Chapter 155: Frame-up, self-inflicted crime
Chapter 156 Helian Xiaoyao, Bai Choufei
Chapter 157 Rejection, Analysis
Chapter 158 Meeting, Xiao Qiushui takes action personally
Chapter 159 Xiao Qiushui’s swordsmanship is extremely domineering
Chapter 160 God and soul are united, the sword pressure is everywhere
Chapter 161 Kill with one sword and leave in a daze
Chapter 162 Dynamics of all parties, killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 163 The battle for the master of Shanhe Sect
Chapter 164 The third elder Nangong Wu and the little demon Helian meet Xiao Qiushui
Chapter 165 Secret Gathering, Nine Nether God Lord
Chapter 166 Shangguan Jinhong [Unity of Spirit and Spirit], Guan Qi [The Third Difficulty in the Realm of Heaven and Humanity]
Chapter 167: Seal the throat with one sword, murderous swordsman
Chapter 168: One attack failed, falling into a disadvantage
Chapter 169: Join forces to kill, Monk Kukai dies
Chapter 170 Just deal with those who have different intentions
Chapter 171 The social expert Xiaopang discovered the clues
Chapter 172 Shangguan Jinhong uses his power to suppress others
Chapter 173: Strength crushed, secret exposed
Chapter 174: Taking down the Blood Flag Gate, the momentum increased greatly
Chapter 175 Li Tianxing’s murderous nature, strengthening the Wuji Pill
Chapter 176 Stepping into Soul Refining and Surrounding and Killing Nangong Wu
Chapter 177 Unexpected, cut throat with a knife
Chapter 178 The scapegoat, Lin Tiancheng’s murderous intention
Chapter 179 You can’t control the position of head teacher
Chapter 180 Brutal killing, no one would object.
Chapter 181 Bloody suppression, no chance to counterattack
Chapter 182 Lingnan County, Number One in Intelligence, Jinfeng Xiaoyu Tower
Chapter 183 Guisha Mansion, Jile Tower, Cooperation
Chapter 184 Murong Qingchen leaves, Tianhe Sect
Chapter 185 [Qinglong Temple] One of the five eminent monks, Master Xuanzhen
Chapter 186 Nine Nether God Lord, Diamond Dragon Subduing Palm
Chapter 187 Qinglong Sandu, kill this monk Xuanzhen?
Chapter 188 Shangguan Jinhong wants to break through
Chapter 189: Heavenly Realm, Monk Xuanzhen dies
Chapter 190 Qinglong falls three times and the storm rises
Chapter 191 A stunning shot, Zhuge corrects me
Chapter 192 [Piano Demon] Mei Xuanshuang, Bai Choufei’s guess
Chapter 193: Occupying territory, numbers are advantage
Chapter 194 Nie Fenghan of Ghost Mansion and Xiao Farewell of Jile Mansion
Chapter 195: Kill the Tianhe Sect, kill with every move
Chapter 196 Live along the way, die against the odds
Chapter 197 Killing for the sake of killing, Jing Wuming
Chapter 198 Duan Qingya, rebellion, Xiao Qiushui, realm of heaven and man
Chapter 199: A natural disaster, a malicious visitor
Chapter 200: Slash into the wind and use the momentum to overwhelm others
Chapter 201 Beauty Trap, The Third Beauty, Yan Wushuang
Chapter 202 Self-maintained identity, one of the dominant forces
Chapter 203 Leng Huishan, Hefeng Hall
Chapter 204: Crushing Killing, Misidentified
Chapter 205 It’s normal for people to die at this time
Chapter 206 Yunhu Villa, Jianghu Guests Gather
Chapter 207: Be arrogant and ready to explode
Chapter 208 Zhuge corrects me, penetrates with one shot, Duan Qingya’s sneak attack
Chapter 209 Ghost Slave, a stunning shot, piercing the chest
Chapter 210 Take action to kill Nie Kunlun and Xiao Qiushui with a shocking sword
Chapter 211 Ghost Mansion, Bliss Tower, Target
Chapter 212 Xue Xiaoren, a dilemma between man and nature
Chapter 213 [Qinglong Temple] People show up, Li Wei invites
Chapter 214 The three killer monks surrounded and killed Jiuyou God Lord
Chapter 215 Fishing and being fished, the golden plum bottle appears
Chapter 216 The situation escalates and you spend money to buy your life
Chapter 217 Backstab, stormy weather
Chapter 218 Conspiracy to deal with Zhai Tianyun
Chapter 219: Dugu is invincible and everything is in trouble
Chapter 220 Secret, Sword Slave, and Killing Monk Reappear
Chapter 221 Gather, seize the opportunity, attack and kill Zhai Tianyun
Chapter 222 Shangguan Jinhong’s spirit, dragon and phoenix golden ring
Chapter 223 The Power of the Golden Ring, Golden Plum Vase, Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 224 Guan Qi, body-breaking invisible sword energy, invincible in one battle
Chapter 225 Golden Plum Vase, Demonic Qi, Heavenly Demon Zen Seal
Chapter 226 Two Strange Swordsmen, as long as you believe
Chapter 227 Five Poison Boys, [Lianhua Baojian]
Chapter 228 The Helian little demon reappears and threatens
Chapter 229 Bank, gold mine, laundering
Chapter 230 Nie Fenghan was seriously injured and killed with one sword
Chapter 231 If it continues to develop, no one will be afraid of it
Chapter 232 The storm is rising, Mr. Bat, Yuan Suiyun
Chapter 233 Division of labor, killing
Chapter 234 Horror, Silent Poison
Chapter 235 Xuanyin Tower, Li Muying
Chapter 236 Who takes advantage of whom, Dao Sect, Master Taixu
Chapter 238 Threats, poisoning, and frustration
Chapter 239 Tianxia Alliance, Puhui Temple
Chapter 240 Provoking trouble, the Tianquan sect appears
Chapter 241 Furnace of Qi and Blood, Five Poison Boy
Chapter 242 Yan Nantian, Nine Difficulties Between Heaven and Man
Chapter 243 A Fei takes action, Zhuge Zhengwo moves
Chapter 244 A stunning shot, the first kill
Chapter 245 Twelve zodiac signs, stepping out of the secret of the Nine Difficulties between Heaven and Man
Chapter 246: Kill with one sword, sit down continuously, cleanse
Chapter 247 Xuanyin Tower is about to take over Lingnan County
Chapter 248 Tian Fist Sect, Bai Jizhen
Chapter 249 Worshiping the mountain at Zhouxuan Mountain, Yuan followed the clouds
Chapter 250: Suppress with action, money helps
Chapter 251: Cruel, Xuanyin Tower, Li Shirong
Chapter 252 Not favored, opponents, increase
Chapter 253 Poison, attracting firepower
Chapter 254 The domineering man in black suppresses Xue Xiaoren
Chapter 255 Qinglonghui Five Dragon Heads, Nantian Divine Fist, Tiangang Earthly Evil Fist
Chapter 256 Those who play poison will be poisoned
Chapter 257 Suppression everywhere, miserable Li Shirong
Chapter 258 Meeting, Alliance, Expansion
Chapter 259 The character Xiang Yingtian plots to seize Xuanyin Tower
Chapter 260 The Money Gang appears, Bai Tianyu breaks through
Chapter 261 Whereabouts Discovered, Secret Place in the Outer Cave
Chapter 262 Fighting, Broken Arm, Escape
Chapter 263 Blood Dropped Stone Tablet, Heavenly Demon Nine Yin Jue
Chapter 264: Secret Outer Cave, Money Gang, Jin Yuling
Chapter 265: Defeat them one by one, focus on encirclement and killing?
Chapter 266 Testing, fighting, and a palm
Chapter 267 Tianren Dan, Sifanghui, Ouyang Baixuan
Chapter 268 The four parties will join the game, the goal of Jinfeng Xiaoyu Tower
Chapter 269 Bai Tianyu, Elder of the Money Gang, Confrontation
Chapter 270: Unsuccessful at the beginning, he died first
Chapter 271 The situation is simple and confusing
Chapter 272 Shangguan Jinhong, Taihe Gang, Ouyang Baixuan
Chapter 273 Dragon and Phoenix Golden Ring, Superb
Chapter 274 Ouyang Baixuan died, Jinfeng Xiaoyu Building was re-established in a separate building
Chapter 275 Meeting, Master Taixu
Chapter 276 Jin Yuling’s plan and trap
Chapter 277 In the realm of heaven and man, you will die just like a sneak attack
Chapter 278: World Alliance, Master of Heavenly Fire Hall
Chapter 279 Crushing battle, total annihilation
Chapter 280 Guan Qi, Taixu Zhenren
Chapter 281 Master Taixu cannot leave alive
Chapter 282 Sadness, no bones left
Chapter 283 Jinfeng Xiaoyu Building Expansion, Pay Attention
Chapter 284 The world alliance, knocking on the mountain and shaking the tiger
Chapter 285 Magic Sword Ding Peng, Gusu Liancheng Bi
Chapter 286 Murong Qingchen’s letter, Shanhe Sect will grow stronger
Chapter 287 Xuanyin Tower, the eldest princess, Zhai Siyan
Chapter 288 Condensing Demonic Blood, Uniting Soul and Spirit
Chapter 289 The interception outside Fengcheng
Chapter 290 Late Night Fight, Sword, Quick Sword
Chapter 291 Fighting, strange killing
Chapter 292 Master Taixu disappeared, and the situation in the capital changed
Chapter 293: Zhai Siyan wants to take action against the Sifang Society
Chapter 294 Thirty-six Alien Races, the First Master
Chapter 295 Meeting, verbal threats
Chapter 296 Departure, Four Directions Meeting
Chapter 297 Banquet, killing begins
Chapter 298 Those who come are not good, and those who are good will not come
Chapter 299 The punch is powerful and unexpected
Chapter 300 Four Parties Meeting, Heavy Punch, Arrow Fury
Chapter 301 Ouyang Feiying, Guan Tianchou
Chapter 302 Domineering Ouyang Feiying, seeking death for Zhai Siyan
Chapter 303 You must die today, Young Dragon Head
Chapter 304 Strong, crushing the throat
Chapter 304 Strong, crushing the throat
Chapter 305 The magic sword Ding Peng, one sword determines the outcome.
Chapter 305 The magic sword Ding Peng, one sword determines the outcome.
Chapter 306 Breakthrough in practice, a dilemma between man and nature
Chapter 307: North Korea ordered the party, mountain rain hit
Chapter 308: Planning Xuanyin Tower, Liancheng Bi moves
Chapter 309 It’s impossible to retreat. Kill as many as you come.
Chapter 310: Sneak attack on the general manager, poisoning, Xuanyin building owner
Chapter 311: Killing, Xuanyin Tower changes owner
Chapter 312 Su Chen and Ding Peng leave for Yanshan Mansion
Chapter 313 The Night Emperor will be respected in the world in the future
Chapter 314 Eunuch Ling Cheng, Seventh Prince of Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 315 Ding Peng becomes possessed and kills with two swords
Chapter 316: Fear, stop
Chapter 317 Troubles, Princess Danyang
Chapter 318 Plot, ruthless, head brought back
Chapter 319 Beyond the Great Wall, Changes, Tianshan Sect
Chapter 320 Tianshan Snow Lotus, Dugu Invincible
Chapter 321: Jie Bi Qingtian, the female killer arrives
Chapter 322 The sword is like moonlight, the energy and blood are like Gang
Chapter 323 Tianshan Sect, Kunlun Sect
Chapter 324: Want to take action, the big stall and the second stall in Ghost Domain
Chapter 325: City defenders, no return
Chapter 326 Taishang Induction Sutra, Induction Heaven Gate
Chapter 327: Tianxia Alliance, Shen Guiyu, and the Third Prince’s Recruitment
Chapter 328 Bai Choufei’s ambition [Bliss Palace] Autumn Colorful Butterfly
Chapter 329 Mei Xuanshuang secretly left the capital, Guan Qi, and Dugu Xianweng went to the outside of the Great Wall in person
Chapter 330 Qi and blood dragon, blood purification
Chapter 331: Trading injuries for lives, being able to kill the opponent
Chapter 332 The sword rises, the wind and sand stop, and the sword energy is like cold waves
Chapter 333 Crazy devil, I’ll kill you too, Sanyuan Palace, Yuan Zhenxue
Chapter 334: Fighting with one’s life, Heavenly Evil Shura
Chapter 335 Murong Fu, use his methods to repay others
Chapter 336 Princess Danyang deserves to die, Rosewood Palace, blackmail letter
Chapter 337 Bai Chou Fei, Furnace Cauldron, Autumn Colorful Butterfly
Chapter 338 Yuan Suiyun, martial arts changeable, Murong Fu, went to the capital
Chapter 339 The arrival of Mei Xuan Shuang, information about the return of people from the underworld
Chapter 340 The storm in the capital, the four princes are in trouble
Chapter 341: The Leader of the Underworld Rejectors, the Commission to Kill the Fourth Prince
Chapter 342: One body was used as bait, and the silver was robbed
Chapter 343 [Ye Di] [Later] Move
Chapter 344 Change of mentality, God will kill God if he blocks it, Buddha will kill Buddha if he blocks it
Chapter 345: Tianxia Alliance, the army presses into Lingnan County
Chapter 346 Take action, draw out, kill
Chapter 347 Once an order is given, no one dares to disobey it
Chapter 348 Nine Northern Counties, Leader of the Martial Arts Alliance
Chapter 349 Target, the overlord of the world
Chapter 350 The Fourth Prince moves and Murong Fu makes plans
Chapter 351 Those who know the current affairs, the time for assassination
Chapter 352 Princess Danyang dies and is blamed
Chapter 353 The fourth prince’s ambush was successful
Chapter 354 The storm in the capital, Xue Xiaoren’s death
Chapter 355 Tantric Relics, Tripitaka of Life and Death, Quoted from [Qinglong Temple]
Chapter 356: Condensing the Millstone of Life and Death, Xue Yiren, Yagyu Ichijian
Chapter 357 Twelve Princes, [Shadow Gate]
Chapter 358 Baichou flew into the capital and went straight to the Zhenfu Division
Chapter 359 Zhenfusi, Mu Zhongtang, Black Bird Pavilion
Chapter 360 Night Emperor, in a breath, repels the enemy
Chapter 361 Zhenfusi, Ouyang Xiong, and the Sky Hammer Tribe
Chapter 362 Defeat the Sky Hammer with one palm, defeat Ouyang Xiong [in the future]
Chapter 363 The Tang Family of Sichuan and Sichuan and the Five Giants of the Zhenfu Division
Chapter 364: Dragon Blood Pill, Blood Condensation to Dragon, Invoke [Qinglong Temple]
Chapter 365 Tie Zhongtang Experience Card, Ye Di’s Intention
Chapter 366 The evil alliance appears and cooperation is proposed
Chapter 367 Ouyang Xiong, why am I the only one who died?
Chapter 368 Cai Jing, the Left Prime Minister of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the Heavenly Silkworm Blood Transformation Skill
Chapter 369 Cui Wuhu’s Luck, [King of the World] Li Chenzhou
Chapter 370 [Grudge Sect] Deputy Sect Master Liu Liqing
Chapter 371 Ghost Realm, Lei Jiudong’s methods
Chapter 372 Tianshan sent to the door, the invincible door is in danger
Chapter 373 Yagyu kills him with one sword, no chance of regret
Chapter 374 Fierce takeover, violent killing
Chapter 375: Lead out and kill you
Chapter 376 Lei Jiudong dies and the ghost domain changes ownership
Chapter 377: Speculation, Imperial Power, Breakthrough of Nine Difficulties Between Heaven and Man
Chapter 378 Murong Qingchen is not dead, the great general king, Dugu is for me
Chapter 379: Yagyu Yijian, Xue Yiren, wants to visit [Qinglong Temple] in person
Chapter 380 I don’t know if my sword can still drink blood today
Chapter 381: Coercion [Qinglong Temple], two Dharma Kings appear
Chapter 382: Careful and won’t give you a chance to break through
Chapter 383 Appearing frontally, the thoughts of the abbot of [Qinglong Temple]
Chapter 384 Kendo Will, Spiritual Attack
Chapter 385 Comprehensive Suppression, Leaving Kong to Fight
Chapter 386 Su Chen takes action and a war breaks out
Chapter 387 Reason, Xi Mufeng pays a visit
Chapter 388: Conquer, layout between the DPRK and China
Chapter 389 Qiao Feng, the beggar gang, all the gangs
Chapter 390 Fengjiazhuang, Murong Qingchen appears
Chapter 391 Top-level weapon, Anqinghou
Chapter 392: Several parties gather together, Cai Jing’s conspiracy
Chapter 393 The struggle between the great avenues and the dispute between Cai Jing
Chapter 394 Gathering, the Heavenly Supervisor Appears
Chapter 395 Dantian Qi turns into the sea, concentrates in the sea, and shatters the void
Chapter 396 Hanyue Sect, Tianshan Sect, Seven Swords Under Tianshan
Chapter 397: Grant the sword, go down the mountain, don’t ask for the sword in the red sandalwood palace, one blow will fly to the head
Chapter 398 Winning over, probing, speculating
Chapter 399: The Ancient Three Links, the Four Ghosts of Western Hunan, and the Blood of the Demonic Ape
Chapter 400 [Eternal Life Society] [Bu Laotang] [Zhenwu Garden]
Chapter 401 Ghost Realm, Surrounded by Seven Swords
Chapter 402: Fighting, suppression, fierce fighting
Chapter 403 Under the Palm, the Golden Head
Chapter 404: Even if you stand, you can’t hit me, it’s a great way to absorb power
Chapter 405: Spread, break into [Tianshan Sect] alone
Chapter 406: Huo Mufeng goes down the mountain, [Tianya Pavilion] and [Qinglong Club] are stationed,
Chapter 407: Splitting King Wu’s Third Son and Poisoning the Five Poison Boys
Chapter 408 Weird use of poison, killing half of the people
Chapter 409: Face, more ominous than good
Chapter 410 Danger is approaching, a land of five feet
Chapter 411 Venomous suppression, violent crushing
Chapter 412 Murong Fu, Mengcheng [Iron Palm Gang]
Chapter 413 Cai Jing disguises himself and meets with the Marquis of Anqing
Chapter 414 Mrs. Anqinghou and Qiao Feng appear in Luocheng, Jiangnan
Chapter 415 [Evil Alliance] Creates plague and riots
Chapter 416 [Qinglong Club] moves, [Tianshan Sect] moves
Chapter 417 Huo Mufeng goes down the mountain again, unwilling to be a vassal
Chapter 418 Fishing, planning, Mu Fengyun is going to die tonight
Chapter 419 Confrontation, fierce battle, who wins
Chapter 420: The Transformation of the Heavenly Tiger [Tianshan Sect] Return of the Ape at Dusk.
Chapter 421 Soaring Fist Intent, Killing with Thirty Moves
Chapter 422 Crazy Level Seven, Threat from the Blood Lord, Yin and Yang Gu Insects
Chapter 423 The Capital, Tianjiansi vs. Evil Alliance
Chapter 424 Fierce confrontation, the outcome is unpredictable
Chapter 425: A palm splits the throat, a sword pierces the heart, and the fortress gathers together
Chapter 426 Emperor Zhou of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the one who stirred up the storm
Chapter 427: Tianshan sent to lure
Chapter 428: Fierce fight without saying a word
Chapter 429 [Hanyue Sect] Blood Lord, the violent Jin Duyi
Chapter 430 The Angry Blood Lord, Li Chenzhou’s violent punch
Chapter 431: Surrounded and Killed, Tie Zhongtang Experience Card
Chapter 432 Battle with Huo Mufeng, Shenqi
Chapter 433 Iron-Blooded Divine Style, Joint Kill, Yang Gu
Chapter 434 Huo Mufeng’s death, Hanyue Sect’s reaction
Chapter 435 Zhu Wuwu, Four Secret Agents, Yan Kuangzu Experience Card
Chapter 436 Tianya Pavilion, Southeast and Northwest Pavilions
Chapter 437 Shangguan Jinhong, Murong Fu, conspiracy to help the money gang
Chapter 438 [Shadow Gate] Sect Master, South China Sea Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 439: Golden Wind and Dry Rain Tower, Beggar Gang, Night Emperor’s Evil Alliance
Chapter 440 The Taibao is getting close to his age, Murong Qingchen expects Su Chen to come to Beijing
Chapter 441 Changes outside the Great Wall, leading to changes in the capital
Chapter 442 [Zhenwu Taoist Temple], the eldest prince’s thoughts, unite with [Qinglong Club]
Chapter 443 [Tianjian Division] Situ Sheng, the remnant of the Blood Demon Sect
Chapter 444 Cai Jing’s insidiousness and Situ Sheng’s death
Chapter 445 Murong Qingchen’s Dilemma, Murong Family of Jiangnan Qixing Hall
Chapter 446 Who are you, kid? Why are you here?
Chapter 447 The extremely arrogant Su Chen kills two people with two swords
Chapter 448 Continue to kill, Mu Qingxue takes charge of the Rosewood Palace
Chapter 449 Beggars, we are from Beggars
Chapter 450 Changhe County, Liejia Lieao, County Governor Liu Qingyao
Chapter 451 Everyone is gathered together, ready to take action
Chapter 452: Yama Village, Three Yamas, Ten Yamas
Chapter 453 Qiao Feng takes action and destroys everything
Chapter 454: The fierce Liu Qingyao, a dead Taoist friend but not a poor Taoist
Chapter 455 King of Hell’s Village, Evil Alliance, Bai Wuji
Chapter 456: Decisive killing, Qiao Feng takes action again
Chapter 457 Pretending to be the King of Silver Hell, Obtaining the Dao Scroll
Chapter 458 Tiangang Breathing Technique, Paradise Palace, Passionate Fairy
Chapter 459: The Immortal List, the third most beautiful woman in the world, Zhuang Xuanji
Chapter 460 Anyone in heaven and on earth can be killed
Chapter 461 Thirty Banks, Xiao Bieyi’s Purpose
Chapter 462: World Alliance, Tyrant Sword, Xue Yiren
Chapter 463 My sword is faster than yours, the twelve zodiac signs and the rat sign
Chapter 464 Ruthless Extermination Slash, Storm and Rain Sword Technique
Chapter 465 Tian Nian Stone, Bliss Powder, and Scheme Su Chen
Chapter 466: Yagyu's sword, gray spear, famous sword, one fight, two kills
Chapter 467: Wine tyrant Nangong Jiu died in battle, Xiao Bieyi was desperate
Chapter 468: Updates from all parties, Night Emperor, will return in the future
Chapter 469 The Lonely Swordsman, Fu Hongxue, as thin as silk, golden silkworm clothing
Chapter 470 Fu Hongxue left for Jiangbei and returned to the sea to enter the pass with a sword
Chapter 471 The three masters send Xiao Bieyi off on his way
Chapter 472 Xiao Farewell’s aim, Yagyu’s sword
Chapter 473 The sword is broken, the chess piece is one move away, Li Chenzhou, I really want to see whose punch is stronger
Chapter 474 Under the power of fist, invincible
Chapter 475: People from the World Alliance want to kill Su Chen
Chapter 476 Sadness Sword, Sadness and Goodness
Chapter 477 The Haisha Gang, Hai Wuya, surrounded and killed Bu Yunxiao, the leader of the world alliance
Chapter 478 General Wang Dugu is my ambition
Chapter 479 Castle in the Sky, Netherworld Ghost Spear, Liu Heiyi
Chapter 480 The four guardians of the Power Gang, Bai Choufei’s ten subordinates, and the three hundred gang members
Chapter 481 Nalan Rongyan left Beijing, someone wants to take action
Chapter 482 [Chu Tiantang] Qin Zhong, cut off his arm with one knife and kill with one punch
Chapter 483 Murong Qingchen’s cooperation, the official department is stronger than the Zhenfu Division
Chapter 484 Bai Chou Fei’s collaboration, [Chu Tiantian] Chu Tianba
Chapter 485: Murong Fu’s Eight Dilemmas, Shangguan Jinhong, and Madam Qiandu
Chapter 486 Shangguan Jinhong’s ambition, the money gang plan will be accelerated
Chapter 487: Linkage, impersonation, secret bank action
Chapter 488 Murder, seize treasure, frame the blame
Chapter 489 Killing the real murderer, taking the position of deputy leader of the Money Gang
Chapter 490: The Phoenix Dance Fairy Liu Yu, the Mad Man Sima Kuang in Troubled Times
Chapter 491 Chu Tianba’s anger, Shangguan Jinhong breaks through
Chapter 492 Continue to kill and provoke a fight
Chapter 493: Died by one's own sword.
Chapter 494 Crazy swordsman Yan Shisan, Lord of Baiyun City Ye Gucheng
Chapter 495 Concentration in the two seas, a sneak attack of sadness and kindness
Chapter 496 Yan Shisan, one of the top ten masters of swordsmanship, pierces the throat with one sword
Chapter 497 Hainan Chamber of Commerce, Sanxian Island, Nanhai Dusou
Chapter 498: Rob this batch of goods, Haisha City, Haisha Gang
Chapter 499 Hai Wuya’s loan, killing with one sword
Chapter 500: Return to the sea with a knife, and those who take possession of things will die
Chapter 501: Attack quickly, cut in half with one knife
Chapter 502: The Sea Shark Gang, the General’s Palace, and the South China Sea Chamber of Commerce, plans are ahead of schedule
Chapter 503 Huojiazhuang, Jiangbei, Fu Hongxue arrives
Chapter 504: Kill the Huo family father and son for a breakthrough
Chapter 504 Su Chen came to Haisha City in person to conquer Zhuang Xuanji
Chapter 505 She is mine. Without a reasonable explanation, it is difficult to be kind.
Chapter 506 Anyone who provokes the [Blue Dragon Society] should be punished
Chapter 507 Jiangnan Ferry, Lu Huayuan, Fu Hongxue
Chapter 508: Coercion, surrender without a fight, Jiangnan Seven Star Palace
Chapter 509: Give me a blow and you can leave if you don’t die.
Chapter 510 A stunning sword that cannot be resisted
Chapter 511 Hua Liyue appears in Haisha City, General Wang’s eldest son, Dugu Beidou
Chapter 512: A thing that breaks open the gate of heaven, the plan to surround and kill Bu Yunxiao
Chapter 513 Sky-high bounty, one of the four war lords, Emperor Wuhou
Chapter 514 Bu Yunxiao Arrives, Kirin Blood Bodhi
Chapter 515 [Infernal Affairs Gate] The Demon King of Troubled Times, Fenglangju
Chapter 516 Bu Yunxiao’s tyranny, the swordsman’s induction,
Chapter 517: Breaking the skin, killing decisively and stepping on Yunxiao
Chapter 518 Nirvana Pill, Nangong Jue’s full blow, Hai Tianba was seriously injured
Chapter 519: Silence, Du Da appears, Mu Qinghong’s ruthlessness
Chapter 520 The brutal Dugu Beidou and the death of Hai Tianba
Chapter 521 Fierce confrontation, Liu Heiyi’s arm breaks
Chapter 522 Poison, Suppression, Nie Qianlou, Ye Gucheng Dong
Chapter 523 Bu Yunxiao dies, the hero ends, the world alliance is divided, and the Sea Shark Gang
Chapter 524: Calculation by both sides, detoxification, and the chaotic Lingjiang area
Chapter 525: Yu Tian, ??the leader of the Supreme Alliance, killed Du Da with one sword and provoked him face to face
Chapter 526 Qian Junmo in white, Lan Yuehou in gold, Tianxiongmen, and the Heavenly Blood Jade Cicada
Chapter 527 Tianxiong Gate, Master Zhu Gate, Jiangnan Zhenfu Division, Li Muhan
Chapter 528: Everyone meets, the twelve adopted sons want to move [Wugou Villa]
Chapter 529 Tianya Pavilion, Chief Envoy of the Ten Directions, Guan Yutian
Chapter 530: Change of interests, Dugu Beidou’s scheming
Chapter 531 If you don’t move, others will, [Qinglong Club] is an opportunity to enter the capital.
Chapter 532 Locking down the main move of Zhu Damen in [Wugou Villa]
Chapter 533 Liu Mansion, Liu Mu Sheng, God-given Yin Blood, Qi Jue Mie Sheng Cao
Chapter 534 Liancheng Bi takes action and kills one person with one sword
Chapter 535 One sword, one knife, kill two more people
Chapter 536 Kill him and add another three million taels
Chapter 537 Qinglonghui, the fourth dragon head, Fu Hongxue
Chapter 538 [Qinglong Club] Famous in the south of the Yangtze River, the leader of the eighteenth-point altar, the seventh dragon head, Wei Zhuang
Chapter 539: Solving the killer, something happened to [Tianxia Alliance]
Chapter 540 [Under quicksand] Leader, Yan Yinjue
Chapter 541 Officials, Qin Qingyi, Li Chenzhou, every word is a threat
Chapter 542 The death of Wen Yifan, cruel Qin Qingyi
Chapter 543: Beiyue Army, give me two thousand elites who can kill Ningshen
Chapter 544: Surrounding and killing Li Chenzhou, Li Chenzhou’s fists
Chapter 545 The iron-blooded tiger evil, the roar of fists and knives, the killer appears, Qin Qingyi dies
Chapter 546 No one survived, shocking everyone
Chapter 547 The evil dragon raises its head, the true evil dragon body, the Great Zhou Emperor
Chapter 548 [Bu Lao Tang] Miracle Medicine of No Age, [Immortal Society] Secret Code of Immortality, Sword Saint Lake
Chapter 549 Dugu Beidou plots, Hua Liyue thinks about it, and wants to take action
Chapter 550 [Under quicksand] Leader, Guan Yutian meets, [Innate Qi]
Chapter 551: Fighting alone, overpowering everyone, subduing Yan Yinjue, the remnants of the Tianxia Alliance
Chapter 552 The Messenger of the Ten Directions, Helianba, as clear as a god
Chapter 553: After today, [Tian Xia Alliance] will return to my official position to rule the sky.
Chapter 554 If you can’t leave today, I’ll send you away first.
Chapter 555 Condensing the Divine Power with the God-Gathering Bead, sealing the wolf abode for a battle
Chapter 556 Killing and sealing the wolf residence, occupying the world alliance
Chapter 557: Officials, Duke Tianding, one of the three great dukes
Chapter 558 Tens of millions of gold, a storm in the capital, and a sky-high black market reward
Chapter 559 Dugu appears for me, Emperor Wuhou wants to try [Zhenwuyuan]
Chapter 560: Invite [Qinglong Club], Yan Shisan appears in the capital
Chapter 561 Yan Shisan takes action, loses Ziyan’s trump card, and dies
Chapter 562 Jin Feihong breaks through, Chu Tianba is anxious, Shangguan Jinhong’s confidence
Chapter 563 The money gang gathers, Jin Feihong’s ruthlessness
Chapter 564: Assassination at Emperor Wuhou Mansion, Siege of the Hou Mansion [Zhenwu Garden]
Chapter 565 [Zhenwuyuan] is strong, the leader of Emperor Wuhou is defeated
Chapter 566 Jing Wuming’s assassination was successful, the situation changed, and Jin Feihong’s mentality changed
Chapter 567 Yan Shisan takes action again, Chu Tianba dies, Shangguan Jinhong also takes action, chaos
Chapter 568 [Zhenwuyuan] Shi Hanzhou, I believe in my sword
Chapter 569 Killing people, [Qinglong Club] wants to become famous in the capital
Chapter 570 [Palace of Paradise] Harem, puppets, Su Chen’s thoughts
Chapter 571 Yagyu Tajima Mamoru, Yagyu Piaoxu
Chapter 572 Use [Zhenwuyuan] to establish the reputation of [Qinglong Club]
Chapter 573 Yan Shisan [Evil Alliance], Full Moon, [Tianque Villa]
Chapter 574: Luring Butler Yang to kill Jin Feihong’s disciples
Chapter 575 [Zhenwuyuan] General Manager, Qin Juyuan, and Yan Shisan must die
Chapter 576 Qin Juyuan’s back-up man, Jin Feihong’s two disciples
Chapter 577: Shangguan Jinhong breaks through, all are solved, no one is left
Chapter 578 Murong Qingchen requested the life of Deputy Supervisor Lan Jiaocheng
Chapter 579 [Zhenwuyuan] Qian Junmo, Pang Tong, the eldest son of Master Pang
Chapter 580 The opportunity to kill Jin Feihong, the gathering of killers, the two demons of Yinshan
Chapter 581 The mysterious second leader of the evil alliance, Su Chen steps into the eight difficulties of heaven and man
Chapter 582 Ximen Chuixue, Monk Wuhua
Chapter 583 Baichou Fei’s exclusive weapon, the strength of the four ghosts in western Hunan increases
Chapter 584: The assassins surrounded and killed Emperor Wuhou's mansion, and Emperor Wuhou killed him with one palm
Chapter 585 Strong energy and powerful body
Chapter 586 The whereabouts of Yan Shisan, the plan to siege Jin Feihong,
Chapter 587 [The Way of Reincarnation] There is death and no life, Song Reincarnation
Chapter 588 I have a sword that I have never used
Chapter 589 Sneak attack, the hands of the judge of life and death tear flesh and blood
Chapter 590 After tonight, take charge of the Money Gang
Chapter 591 Break into the Money Gang and surround and kill Jin Feihong
Chapter 592 Unrivaled Characters Yao Yue Lian Xing
Chapter 593 [Bliss Palace] Jade Bone Enchantress, [Blue Dragon Society] Seven Dragon Heads Wei Zhuang
Chapter 594: My vision went dark and my head flew up
Chapter 595 Paradise Palace, Dugu is for me, Murong Qingchen’s matter can be taken care of!
Chapter 596 [Tianjian Division] Lan Jiaocheng [Zhenwuyuan] Sima Yun is attacked
Chapter 597 Sima Yun was severely injured and disappeared, Huang Tianxing raised an army to investigate the crime
Chapter 598 Shangguan Jinhong’s tyranny, taking the body back
Chapter 599: Various dynamics, [Zhenwuyuan] Rain is coming
Chapter 600: Killing God with one strike, snow falls on the world
Chapter 601 Three Steps to Eliminate Gong San, Lan Jiaocheng Dies
Chapter 602 Question, remember your identity
Chapter 603 The killers reunite, Emperor Wuhou and Zhenwuyuan are moved
Chapter 604 Zhenwuyuan, Money Gang, head-on confrontation, Bai Choufei takes the first shot
Chapter 605: The times are changing, use the other person's way to return the favor to the other person
Chapter 606 My seat is [Tianya Pavilion] South Pavilion, Shangguan Jinhong
Chapter 607 Yao Yue appears, an arm of Qin Juyuan
Chapter 608 The Five Concentrated Spirits Surrounded and Killed Emperor Wuhou
Chapter 609: Violent battle, Emperor Wuhou is lonely
Chapter 610 Three great battles are about to appear, and the nameless students are following them
Chapter 611 Fu Hongxue uses his sword, Yagyu Tajima defends, and Yagyu Piaoxu kills continuously
Chapter 612: Evil Alliance, Falling God Bead, Tie Zhongtang, Iron Blood Banner
Chapter 613 One person, one flag, setting foot on the capital
Chapter 614: Mutual plotting, [Bliss Palace] The disabled old man
Chapter 615: The ferocious Wei Zhuang, cutting his throat with one blade, flying sword with a hundred steps
Chapter 616: One punch breaks the divine power, one flag kills the concentrated spirit,
Chapter 617: Immortal List, Nangong Qiushui, Quicksand, and the Four Heavenly Kings
Chapter 618 [Qinglong Club] The Ten Great Sword Masters, Song Samsara is Horrified
Chapter 619 Ximen Chuixue, the strong man of concentration, sacrificing the sword
Chapter 620 [Death of Heaven and Earth Ghosts] Miao Wanli, [Killing without Taboo] Lu Wuji
Chapter 621 The Hero of the World, Tie Zhongtang
Chapter 622 Encirclement, beheading, iron-blooded incomparable
Chapter 623 Tie Zhongtang, holding the power to suppress [Zhenwuyuan]
Chapter 624: Qin Juyuan was unwilling to give in, Zhenwu ordered, and Duke Tianding left the capital.
Chapter 625 Ximen Chuixue kills people in front of others, three battles
Chapter 626 The master is always the master, and those who have second thoughts will die.
Chapter 627 Divine power: The trump card of the evil tiger, breaking the sky with one sword
Chapter 628: Qingwu Hou is defeated, Ximen Chuixue becomes famous in the capital
Chapter 629: Descendants of the Immortal Society, Holy Sword Lake, Tie Zhongtang, and the Great Leader of the Evil Alliance
Chapter 630 Alliance [Tianya Pavilion] replaces [Zhenwuyuan]
Chapter 631 Black and White Xuanjian, Black Market Bank [Ghost Tomb]
Chapter 632: The Head of the Fake Emperor Wuhou, the Confidence of Lady Bliss
Chapter 633 Nangong Family, Nangong Wentian
Chapter 634 The wind and thunder stir, and the black and white mysterious jian emerges
Chapter 635: Crushing execution, no one survived
Chapter 636: Bat essence and blood, bone shaping and muscle strengthening pill
Chapter 637 Nangong Yiren, Yuan Suiyun takes action
Chapter 638: Lord Tianding appears, Kunlun recovers, [Qinglong Club] and [Tianya Pavilion] are in danger
Chapter 639 The Kunlun faction moves, Zhuge Zheng and I are under pressure
Chapter 640 [Tianya Pavilion] East Pavilion, encountering siege
Chapter 641 Send you on your way, return to the sea with one sword, Guan Qi, innate invisible sword energy
Chapter 642 Divine power invisible, Guan Qi’s ferocity
Chapter 643 Divine Power, Blood Sword Naruto, Divine Power, Vajra Indestructible
Chapter 644: One against four, seven shadows and seven injuries
Chapter 645 Using the arm as a sword, terrifying sword intent
Chapter 646: Sacrifice the spirit and spirit, make the final blow, and take over Kunlun
Chapter 647 Darkness, Sneak Attack, Ancient Three Links
Chapter 648: The character Ban Tianyue, A Fei’s cultivation is stuck in the second half of his life
Chapter 649: Killing people with bloody hands, trying to take action against [Shanhe Gate]
Chapter 650: Interception, interception before stepping in
Chapter 651 [Qinglong Order], attack, fight
Chapter 652 A Fei’s quick sword and Yagyu’s ruthless sword
Chapter 653 Monk Wuhua wants to take action, [Shanhe Gate] is attacked
Chapter 654 Xiao Qiushui, a shocking sword, a sword that kills Ningshen
Chapter 655 Wuhua takes action and lends your life
Chapter 656 Bad News, Crisis at Qinglong Temple
Chapter 657: The three elders of Qinglong Temple strike first to destroy Qinglong Temple
Chapter 658 Send you on your way to gather stronger fist power
Chapter 659: Domineering punch, stronger punch, white-browed old monk dies
Chapter 660 Officials, Twenty-Four Swordsmen
Chapter 661 Poisoning, Assassination, Violent and Furious Extermination
Chapter 662: Capture [Qinglong Temple] and wait for Lord Tianding
Chapter 663 The silence is strange. I, Li Chenzhou, welcome you.
Chapter 664: Kill them all, only one person remains
Chapter 665: Unparalleled fist power, Tian Dinggong was defeated
Chapter 666 Mei Xuanshuang arrives, the killer organization [Wu Shang]
Chapter 667 Alertness, weak murderous intention,
Chapter 668: Kill you instantly with one knife when you are not prepared
Chapter 669: Instead, [Wu Shang]’s ambition,
Chapter 670: Ding Peng’s insights in the next ten years, Xiao Li Feidao Li Xunhuan
Chapter 671: On the fifteenth day of the full moon, Kowloon seizes the legitimate son
Chapter 672 The banker’s sudden change, [Comb of the Dead]
Chapter 673: [Wu Shang] strikes again, crushing like a beast
Chapter 674: Following, guessing, Zhuang Xuanji’s ruthlessness
Chapter 675 [Wu Shang] Leader [Seven Destroying Gods] Brahma is destroyed
Chapter 676 Erlongshou, a person that no one is afraid of
Chapter 677 [Wu Shang] Stronghold, blocking the door and killing people
Chapter 678: Devastating and overwhelming
Chapter 679: Yuan Suiyun’s strength, the number one killer of the thirty-six, died the same way
Chapter 680 [Wu Shang] Three ghosts, Wei Zhuang appears, Xuan Jian strikes
Chapter 681 Three Ghosts Fall, [Wu Shang] Third, Shadow
Chapter 682 [Wu Shang] Brahma is destroyed, the famous arrow
Chapter 683 Fengyun cuts the throat with one cut
Chapter 684 Pure murderous intent, the different dragon heads of the Blue Dragon Society
Chapter 685 [Wu Shang] ends, the blue dragon ascends
Chapter 686 Zhuang Mingsheng, where is the courage and threat?
Chapter 687 If you want to do it, catch them all in one go
Chapter 688: Cripple, Exploration, [Comb of the Dead], Master of Bones
Chapter 689: Gaining both people and wealth, the capital, Xue Ping is vivid
Chapter 690 Song Lun Samsara was attacked and injured with one blow
Chapter 691 The one who strikes will die, two lives with one sword
Chapter 692 Song Reincarnation, the leader of [Qinglong Club]
Chapter 693 Qin Juyuan oppresses [Evil Alliance] He Yishang
Chapter 694 [Nine-turn Demon] Ninth Level, Swallow [Seven-Turn Broken Heart Pill]
Chapter 695: On the fifteenth day of the full moon, the prince makes strange movements
Chapter 696: In the capital, a storm is coming, everyone has their own plans
Chapter 697: Jing Wuming’s twenty-year realization, Shangguan Jinhong’s realization of divine power, I want to kill the young dragon head of the [Blue Dragon Society]
Chapter 698 Jiangbei Huo Family, Chiri Palace [Other Shore] Nangong Family
Chapter 699: Beautiful enough, cruel enough
Chapter 700: On the fifteenth day of the full moon, people gathered in the valley to take advantage of luck to reach the Heavenly Gate.
Chapter 701 Night attack on the Imperial Master's Mansion, melee breaks out
Chapter 702 Mutation, traitor in [Zhenwuyuan]
Chapter 703 The Imperial Master, the Second Leader of the Evil Alliance [Qinglong Club] The Imperial Master must be killed
Chapter 704 Fierce confrontation, Qin Juyuan, Tie Zhongtang
Chapter 705 Emperor Zhou is watching and making plans, and his head is left in [Golden Wind Drizzle Tower]
Chapter 706 Duan Tianya takes action and kills with one knife
Chapter 707 Liu Sheng Piaoxu, Duan Tianya joins forces with a knife, Bai Chou flies to the sky with three fingers
Chapter 708 The iron-blooded flag and the human flag merge into one, killing with one blow
Chapter 709 The three swordsmen, the swordsmanship, [Zhenwu Garden] Yang Xu, the master of the garden
Chapter 710 Ximen Chuixue’s sword, the angry Emperor Wuhou
Chapter 711 Yan Shisan killed fifteen swords and killed the emperor's master with one sword
Chapter 712 The Emperor’s Master falls, [Zhenwuyuan] continues, Jing Wuming draws his sword
Chapter 713 Conflict of qi and energy, the seriously injured Emperor Zhou
Chapter 714: Siege [Zhenwuyuan], kill three people with one flag, go straight to the library
Chapter 715: Guarding the Old Man, Yaoyue Divine Power
Chapter 716: The loser of Tiantianmen is exhausted of energy and blood
Chapter 717: Yao Yue’s exclusive weapon [Blue blood illuminates the picture], Fu Hongxue’s insights ten years later
Chapter 718: A ruthless plan to kill Su Chen
Chapter 719 [Bliss Palace] The new palace master, Wei Zhuang’s suspicion
Chapter 720 The more beautiful the person, the more poisonous the person is, the enemy attacks the banker’s manor
Chapter 721 [Remnant Dream] A thread of remnant flowers, Liu Yunzong appears
Chapter 722 The momentum of Kuangzu Yan suppressed the entire audience and killed one person with one punch
Chapter 723 Kill everyone in the audience, kill whoever you see
Chapter 724: Lure out Nangong Wentian and blast the opponent
Chapter 725 [Qinglong Club] Attacks and Kills the Nangong Family
Chapter 726: Suppress and Kill, Suppress and Kill, Suppress and Kill Again
Chapter 727 Broken, Heavenly Gate, Terrifying Power
Chapter 728 Massacre of the Nangong family, [Remnants of the Dream] [Other Shore]
Chapter 729 Black Market Nangong Wangshan, the character Chu Xiangyu, Murong Bo’s lifelong skills
Chapter 730 Li Xunhuan intimidates Bei Xuanming, Nangong Wangshan’s cruelty
Chapter 731: Lord Sword, Lord of Sword City, and messengers from all directions gather together
Chapter 732 Dugu For me, Guan Yutian meets for the first time
Chapter 733: Confrontation, Ambition, Distribution of Interests
Chapter 734: Sophora japonica, Murong Fu gathers his power, and the Big Dipper
Chapter 735 Turtle in the jar, capture them all
Chapter 736 The sword is faster than your hand, so you die
Chapter 737: Collect [Remnant Dream], [Other Shore], [Dead Man's Tomb] The Master of Bones Appears
Chapter 738: Kill the old devil with one sword and shatter the Tianmen with one sword
Chapter 739 Holy Sword Lake, Sword Heart Clear Grass
Chapter 740 Emperor Wuhou withdraws from [Evil Alliance], [Evil God Palace] Xiao Wei
Chapter 741 Xue Pingsheng wants Emperor Wuhou to die
Chapter 742 [The Tomb of the Dead] The third of the four dead men
Chapter 743: Changes in Xuanjian’s power, characters Ren Qianxing
Chapter 744 Lie Family Lie Fengmian, Lie Yin Heavy, Beggar Clan Incident
Chapter 745: Lie Yin's heavy ambition, plotting against Liu Qingyao
Chapter 746 Qiao Feng appears, the Eighteen Shadows of the Sky Dragon
Chapter 747 I’ll take action first before he comes. It’s not difficult to kill him.
Chapter 748: Block the road and kill you
Chapter 749 Hero Post, Siege and Kill the King of Hell Village
Chapter 750 When the news comes out, all directions gather together
Chapter 751 The King of Jin is dead and the village of King of Hell is destroyed
Chapter 752 Blood Demon Seed, Five Beggars’ Gang Leaders, and the Rise of Beggars’ Gangs
Chapter 753 The man in white in the East China Sea, Luoyang Escort Agency, Holy Sword Lake, Sword Box
Chapter 754 [Blood Fills the West Tower] Xiao Leixue, [Son of the Sword Master] Lu Kunlun
Chapter 755 The mastermind behind the scenes, the ambition of Tianchen Palace
Chapter 756 The night begins and the killing begins
Chapter 757 Yama Palace, Blood Rakshasa, Black Swordsman
Chapter 758 Lu Kunlun dies, Xiao Lei’s plan is calculated with blood
Chapter 759 Madman, ruthless person, calculating fate
Chapter 760 Ren Qianxing, one sword cuts across the world
Chapter 761 The storm in Luoyang, the Four Symbols of God’s will, and the wrath of the wind god
Chapter 762 Secret plan, Sima Changhen’s ruthless Tianyin Jiu Poison Water
Chapter 763 Holy Sword Lake, left and right swordsmen, [Tianluo pulling]
Chapter 764: Wei Dongjun, the master of Yama Palace, killed with swords on his left and right
Chapter 765 Su Chen, Lan Yuehou, Qian Junmo
Chapter 766 [Holy Sword Lake] Sword Master Lu Wujian, [Sword Taichi] [Fanghua]
Chapter 767 [Tianchen Palace] Battle, Sword Rises the Storm
Chapter 768: In an instant, beauty kills everything, and [Tianchen Palace] is destroyed
Chapter 769: Subsequent fermentation, Qian Jun appears again silently
Chapter 770 [Demon Blood] One drop, Dragon Roan Shield
Chapter 771: The mission to kill Huo Tianyin, Yagyu takes action with a sword
Chapter 772: Demonic Blood Induces, Huo Tian Leads to Death
Chapter 773 Fang Huaiyuan, the successor of the Immortal Society, Sima Changhen is obsessed with Jian Taichi
Chapter 774: I will use the power of Tianmen to kill you. Unfortunately, Jian Tai is crazy to death.
Chapter 775 How to call a killer a killer if he doesn’t kill, [Fenghua Xueyue Tower] Liu Qingchou
Chapter 776: Shengjian Lake wants to explain, Sima Changhen invites him
Chapter 777 The Four Treasures, Lulling the Wool of Sima Changhen
Chapter 778: Pang Ban Experience Card, Emperor of the Sword Xie Xiaofeng, Emperor Overlord Awakening Card
Chapter 779 Fierce fight, ransom, 5 Holy Sword Fruits
Chapter 780 [Holy Sword Lake] Compromise, Lu Chimu, one of the Five Elders
Chapter 781 The powerful Wei Dongjun and Su Chen broke Lie Guhong’s neck
Chapter 782 [Tian Sheng Sword Code], [Yun Haimen] Yun Haisheng, [Zhenwu Dao Temple] disciple
Chapter 783 Guan Yutian leaves and attacks Shifang Mansion at night
Chapter 784: Take off the head and send it back to Yunhaimen
Chapter 785 Twelve Zodiac Cards, Twelve Heavenly Palace
Chapter 786 The most beautiful man in the world, the two main hall masters of [Qinglong Club]
Chapter 787 Above the Tianmen [Yin Yang Sect] Saint, the opponent in the East Pavilion appears
Chapter 788 Neglect, Spirit Level Weapon, Lie Family Situation
Chapter 789 Xiao Qiushui, the sword is indestructible, kill with one sword
Chapter 790 A stunning shot, a sure shot to kill Lord Tianding
Chapter 791 Domineering officials control the sky, and those who disobey will be killed
Chapter 792 Thirty-Six Alien Races [Heavenly Extinction Sword] Liu Junxiong
Chapter 793 [Holy Sword Lake] Temporarily escape, the new sword master will appear
Chapter 794 Xiang Yingtian, the phantom human and demon are intact
Chapter 795: The orphan of the Luo family, the Taishang Wuji Sect, and the bloodline of the Xuanyin Sky Python
Chapter 796: Killing on a rainy night, thirty-six alien races appear, Ling Luo Shi, Zhengyue Hall
Chapter 797 The fierce and powerful Ling Luoshi, Yuan Shisan will lend you to step on the concentration
Chapter 798: Sad little arrow, one arrow piercing the body, man wearing a mask
Chapter 799 One-sided, Liu Junxiong takes action
Chapter 800 Fierce confrontation, divine power surges
Chapter 801: Cut it with the sword and return to the original swordsmanship
Chapter 802 Love at first sight, love at first sight, the power of a handsome man
Chapter 803: The Xie Family Divine Sword, the Seven Helmsmen, the Sky Umbrella Clan
Chapter 804 The seventh in the world, extremely cruel, Wen Xu'an
Chapter 805 Entering the Tianshan Clan and killing brutally
Chapter 806 One hundred and eight heads hanging
Chapter 807 Qian Junmo’s rejection, Holy Sword Lake opens
Chapter 808 Ren Qianxing appears and challenges the sword master
Chapter 808 Ren Qianxing appears and challenges the sword master
Chapter 809 Domineering Ren Qianxing, Sword Master, please enlighten me
Chapter 810 Sword Master Lu Wujian and Fang Huaiyuan join forces
Chapter 811 One man fight, four swords, one sword to separate the world
Chapter 813 My goal is always your sword master
Chapter 812: Terrifying ability, simulating sword moves, imitating a sword to separate the world
Chapter 813 My goal is always your sword master
Chapter 814 Ten thousand swords unite, one sword cuts across the world, breaks through the Heavenly Gate, and enters the Heavenly Gate
Chapter 815 Sword Heart Transparent Grass, Lan Yuehou, Qian Junmo
Chapter 816: Heavenly Dragon Cutting Pulse, Eight Heavenly Dragon Bloodline, Character Valley Divine Power
Chapter 817: Sadness urges Jian Taixin, the sword guard cuts the sword with his life,
Chapter 818 The God of Gu appears, Sima Chang hates being defeated without a fight
Chapter 819: Ancient Three Links Breakthrough, [Fenghua Xueyue Tower] changes ownership
Chapter 820 Tianlong intercepts the pulse and intercepts the fortune of [Holy Sword Lake]
Chapter 821: Flying knives Xiao Siwu, thousands of families continue to live together
Chapter 822 The Lingluoshi Alliance is windy and cold, and thirty-six alien races will gather together
Chapter 823: The fierce Ling Luoshi, thirty-six alien races will be wiped out
Chapter 824 The six-fingered piano demon, be strict but evil, should be watched, a big explosion
Chapter 825 Group attack, killing, heading to the ancestral land of the thirty-six alien races
Chapter 826 Huangfu Family, Huangfu Tiance, Blood Dragon Pillar
Chapter 827 Seventh Prince Liu Yus worries and Lie Zhenbeis plan
Chapter 828 Tian Mo Qin, April Hall Master, Wang Xuemei
Chapter 829: The murderous intent is overwhelming, one person and one piano kill through the city gate
Chapter 832 I’m here to lend you your head.
Chapter 830 Useless people can only die
Chapter 831: The Little Marquis with the Divine Spear and the Blood Sword, Feng Hanlies unwilling death
Chapter 832 Im here to lend you your head.
Chapter 833 The head is delivered, and the provocation comes
Chapter 834 The battle begins, blade storm, killing three people instantly
Chapter 835 The battlefield intensifies and characters continue to appear
Chapter 836 The divine power of Chu Jiangnan is condensed, and everything is dense. The nine layers of life press down on the stone, and the thirteenth limit of the Yuan Dynasty is reached.
Chapter 837 Fierce confrontation, the ancestor of the Lie family, the power of heaven and man
Chapter 838: Violent Palm Collision, Yuan Thirteenth Limit, Ling Luoshis Cooperation
Chapter 839 Yagyus sword inspires the demonic blood, and he kills with one sword and shocks the north.
Chapter 840 The evil god Li Wuxie dominates the audience, and the ancestor of the Lie family appears.
Chapter 844 Tianyin Sect, one of the four evil sects, conspiracy
Chapter 841: Killing with one palm and shaking the heaven with one's body
Chapter 842 Above the Tianmen, the Twelve States of the Human Race
Chapter 843 Yan Nanfei, Sword Master Gai Nie, and registered disciples of the Immortal Society appear
Chapter 844 Tianyin Sect, one of the four evil sects, conspiracy
Chapter 845: National Master Tianmi Master, Second Elder of the Immortality Society
Chapter 846 Li Hanqiu poached, and Emperor Zhou became suspicious
Chapter 847 Sword versus sword duel, one sword determines life or death
Chapter 848 The Huo family in the north of the Yangtze River was destroyed, the Chiri Palace was in panic, and the Murong family in the south of the Yangtze River
Chapter 849 The Eight Fierce True Body Skills, Above the Heavenly Gate, the Gate of Life and Death, Tianjiu Jue Appears
Chapter 850 Tian Jiu Jue comes to the door and fights to the death
Chapter 851 Mu Yuanping plotted to kill Yu Peiyu, a Taoist from Changchun
Chapter 852 Im upset and want to beat someone to death
Chapter 853 The body is still there, you can collect it
Chapter 854 I want to watch Tian Jiujue be beaten to death
Chapter 855 The domineering official controls the sky, the Four Symbols of Gods will, and the wrath of the wind god
Chapter 856 The sky is like the Milky Way, nine swords come out, Hunyuan is one, and the innate Qi
Chapter 857 Unscrupulous, the God of Thunder takes over the Tianmen, and the God of Thunder becomes angry again
Chapter 858 Heavenly Saint Sword Body, Dragon Elephant True Meaning, Heavenly Dragon True Blood, Heavenly Devouring Vajra Finger
Chapter 859 Revenge, killing Lian Chengbi and Li Yimei
Chapter 860: There is a road to heaven but you dont take it. It is formless and has a sword in your sleeve.
Chapter 861 Murong Xingchen, eaten up and wiped clean, was plotted against
Chapter 862 Scarlet Sun Palace, Blood Sword Hall, Twelve Swordsmen, enter [Wugou Villa]
Chapter 863 Su Cheng gathers and heads to [Red Sun Palace]
Chapter 864 The Murong family was horrified, Lian Chengbi rushed into the Red Sun Palace
Chapter 865: The crazy Liancheng Bi, Li Yimeis sudden change, and Tianmen reappears
Chapter 866 Blood Rain Red Sun Palace, Gathering, Stepping on the Heaven Gate
Chapter 867 Devouring like crazy, touching that layer, we want to step on the Heavenly Gate together
Chapter 868: With the power of Pang Ban, I wish lovers will finally get married.
Chapter 869: Supreme Tyrant Blood, Guan Qi, Disaster Poison Blood, Five Poison Boy
Chapter 870 The Secret Map of the Secret Dragon Cave, the Demon Gate Appears, One of the Four General Envoys [Heaven]
Chapter 871 The Four Great Evils of the Demon Sect, Tianfei, and Yan Ruxue
Chapter 872: Ruining Murong Xingchens future, undercurrents surging
Chapter 873 Concubine Tians plan puts Murong Villa in danger
Chapter 874 The plan is in progress, Murong Tiannan wants to take action
Chapter 875 The Three Great Heavenly Evils Fallen, Murong Tiannanzhongs Heart-Eating Powder
Chapter 876 Dragon Soul Sword, Iron-Blooded Dragon Soul, a Drop of Immortal Golden Body Blood
Chapter 877: Invitation from the Concubine, murderous desire comes
Chapter 878 Yin Yang Sect Zuo Wudao Appears
Chapter 879: A trace of power from the domain, Guan Qis ferocious nature explodes, and he steps on the Tianmen
Chapter 880 One of the Four Envoys, Lei Buhui, Ye Luo, takes action
Chapter 881 Tian Fei appears, Murong Tiannans true strength
Chapter 882 The storm is gathering, the powerful demon god has no regrets about Lei
Chapter 883 Illusion, violent confrontation, and the magical skill of the Blood-weeping Demon
Chapter 884 The masters of the Demon Sect appear and surround and kill Murong Tiannan
Chapter 885 Murong Tiannan dies, Dugu is my purpose
Chapter 886 Dantian Yun Dao Technique, Summoning Character Trading Mall
Chapter 887 There is a change, Emperor Zhou wants to take action
Chapter 888 The purpose of the second elder of the Immortal Society, a trace of imperial blood
Chapter 889 The Three Ghosts and the Second Elder of the Tianjian Division Appear
Chapter 890 Bai Choufei swallows the essence and blood to gather his divine power
Chapter 891 Mind attack, iron-blooded dragon soul
Chapter 892 Invisible Soul Chasing Powder, Yao Yue Lian Xing Ice Phoenix Bloodline
Chapter 893 The spirit in the heart condenses into force, Xiao Siwus sword
Chapter 894: Killing with one sword, Wan Fu, Di Fei
Chapter 895 South China Sea, Dugu is for me, as clear as a god appears
Chapter 896: Sword Lord takes action, sword shadow, stick shadow clash
Chapter 897 The ambition of the concubine, changes in the Huangfu family
Chapter 898 Character Shen Lang, half-step into the realm, bloodline of Qinglong
Chapter 899 Li Chenzhou is unparalleled in domineering power and the conquest begins
Chapter 900 Emperor Zhou is angry and Xue Ping is vivid
Chapter 901 Xue Pingshengs pursuit, the twin demons of the sun and moon
Chapter 902 Huangfu family, the concubine appears
Chapter 903: To induce, Yan Ruyus purpose
Chapter 904 The powerful Huangfu Flying Eagle, Huangfu Tiance was suppressed
Chapter 905: Poison, slander, Xie Xiaofeng takes action
Chapter 906: Sword kills Huangfu Feiying, the crazy ancestor of the Huangfu family
Chapter 907 The Invincible Sword, King Wus Plan
Chapter 908 The concubine returns, controls Huangfu Tiance, and plots against Xie Xiaofeng
Chapter 909 Negotiation, I want the entire Dafeng Temple
Chapter 910: Escape by drawing a screen, intercepted by Yao Yue
Chapter 911 Frozen, shattered, and the iron-blooded banner came out
Chapter 912 The banner shakes the soul and suppresses the invincible
Chapter 913 Trump Card, Secret Technique, Blood Sacrifice, Demonic Array
Chapter 914: Opening the Sword, Killing the Demon, and Killing the Sky
Chapter 915 Yan Nanfeis strength and the temptation of others
Chapter 916: Heaven and earth destroy the great Ziyang hand and devour the opponent's skill
Chapter 917: Kill with force, Dugu is planning for me
Chapter 918: Fortune surges, strength increases, Huangfu Yunsheng suddenly appears
Chapter 919: Pursue and plan for the target
Chapter 920 To kill you, I only need one sword
Chapter 921 You are plotting against me, why am I plotting against you?
Chapter 922: The outer gate token of the Heavenly Sword Saint Sect, the unconscious sword soul
Chapter 923 Li Chenzhou single-handedly suppresses twelve sects, with strong and domineering attitude and invincible heart
Chapter 924 Emperor Zhou moves and the prince wants to leave the capital
Chapter 925 Jiangnan Zhenfu Division, [Qinglong Club] Cooperation
Chapter 926 The Evil God Palace reappears, the two people targeted
Chapter 927 Its complicated and confusing, someone has planned it
Chapter 928: Bringing Yan Nanfeis head to see Li Chenzhou
Chapter 929: The Lord of the Evil God Palace, Bulaotang, Divine Blood, Ambition
Chapter 930: If you dare to reach out, it will be broken, Grotto Tianfo Temple, a piece of Huanglongs hand bone
Chapter 931 The body of nothingness, escaping into the void, coming, strange body
Chapter 932: Divine Blood, Blood of Ferocious Beasts, Sword Cutting, Heads Flying
Chapter 933: Viciousness breaks out, blood spontaneously ignites, identity is not simple
Chapter 934: Yan Kuangtu, Jellyfish Yinji, Liu Boyuans deceased?
Chapter 935 Bu Laotangs plan and beautys scheme
Chapter 936: Shunting the tiger away from the mountain, Li Xunhuan comes out of Jinling
Chapter 937 King Wus Jianghu gathers together, and there are objections when you open your mouth
Chapter 938: They are all mine, unpredictable and poisonous
Chapter 939 Give you a chance to poison me
Chapter 940 Five poisonous things are in the pocket, and the backhand appears
Chapter 941 King Wus trump card, the soldiers of war, the blood demon puppet
Chapter 942 Wanting to leave through Tianmen, Yan Shisan transformed into a sword
Chapter 943 Wu Ming [Shangguan Jinhong], Shadow Demonic Inner Pill
Chapter 944 Qiao Feng comes into contact with the realm of transformation, the three realms of the realm, and the realm system above Tianmen
Chapter 945 The four evil sects gathered together and the divine blood tempted them
Chapter 946 Tan collapses, takes action, Fu Hongxue appears
Chapter 947: The ferocious nature of divine blood, severe damage with one blow
Chapter 948 No need for half a stick of incense, just take off your head
Chapter 949 Blood appears, Fu Hongxues bloody knife
Chapter 950: Kill the sky thunder, kill the opponent, Gai Nie, Wei Zhuang appears
Chapter 951: Gai Nie, Wei Zhuang, one strike combined vertically and horizontally
Chapter 952: Strong Suppression, [Qinglonghui] Big Dragon Head?
Chapter 953 I havent seen him yet, but he has the power. Wuxie is causing thunder from the sky.
Chapter 954 There are experts in the black market, and the unification of the black market is underway
Chapter 955 The sword demon Dugu seeks defeat, the sword master is the strongest
Chapter 956: Provoke him at his door and force him to show up
Chapter 957: Killing the incoming person with the sword, shocking everyone
Chapter 958 Du Tianye appears, the Black Devil Tiansha Sword
Chapter 959 Fighting, Du Tianye is not affected by Tianmen
Chapter 960 Tianmen appears, thunder rages, Shen Lang appears
Chapter 961 [Blue Dragon Club], the master figure
Chapter 962 The power of the domain, invincible, powerful killing
Chapter 963 Kill everything and take down the black market
Chapter 964 A hand bone of the Thunder Emperor, Li Wuxie
Chapter 965: Kill Jiang Yuyan through the script, Zhao Shirong, the three giants of the power gang
Chapter 966 Leng Huishan, Bloodline of the Immortal Dragon, Four Chief Envoys, Ji Chunchou
Chapter 967: Acting talent, sealing the throat with a knife
Chapter 968 Showing up to fight, blasting one person with one punch
Chapter 969: Nominated, Yuan Tianhuan, Ji Chunchous Appreciation
Chapter 970 Twin brothers, their powers can be fused, and the sword demon appears
Chapter 971 Swallowing the extreme spring sorrow, Dugu Qiu defeated the imperial city and left
Chapter 972 Everyone is horrified, where to go?
Chapter 973 Shura Sword Intention, the True Intent of Tyrannical Sword
Chapter 974 Kuangtu Yan comes to the Generals Palace in person
Chapter 975: Coercing Dugu for me, a cruel warning
Chapter 976 Yuan Tianhuan, Jiang Yuyan appears
Chapter 977 Nine evil demons, nine gods united into one, swallowing Yuan Tianhuan
Chapter 978 The opening of the Secret Dragon Cave and the conspiracy of Bulaotang
Chapter 979 Jiang Yuyan, controlling the heart of the Demon Sect
Chapter 980 Ling Cheng dies, Xue Pingsheng, who are you?
Chapter 981 Before the sword demon arrives, interest must be paid first
Chapter 982 Shangguan Jinhong, killing people is like mowing grass
Chapter 983 Kill the Venerable and Destroy the Station
Chapter 984 Xue Pingsheng, the devils head and his thoughts
Chapter 985 A lifetime of loyalty, intelligence exceeding that of a demon, Xue Pingsheng
Chapter 986 Palace of All Spirits, Heart of Blood Shadow
Chapter 987 The Secret Dragon Cave Begins, the Cauldron of the Thunder Emperor
Chapter 988 Follow, Fu Laotang appears
Chapter 989 Li Xunhuan, the Great Elder of Bulao Hall
Chapter 990 A Feis sword, an unimaginable sword
Chapter 991: Ethereal, a knife to the eyebrow, heart shattering
Chapter 992: Entering the stone gate, the method of puppet control
Chapter 993 Thunder beads, other peoples wedding clothes
Chapter 994 Incident in the Tianjian Division Dungeon
Chapter 995 Xie Kuang, unite with [Qinglong Club] to deal with Xue Pingsheng
Chapter 996 A military giant will die in his life, and so will everyone else.
Chapter 997: In the center of the Secret Dragon Cave, the eldest prince appears, eating blood
Chapter 998 The old man is incompetent and vulnerable
Chapter 999 Completely transformed into a beast, with Emperor Zhou as his divine power
Chapter 1000 The Emperors Dragon Control Fist, the Death of the First Prince
Chapter 1001: Flying knife, piercing everything, Tianfei, losing her virginity
Chapter 1002 The sword demon arrives in Beijing, Xue Ping's life feels like death, and the world is in chaos
Chapter 1003 Before killing Xue Pingsheng, destroy the Thirty-Six Villages first
Chapter 1004: Strong, enter the village, one person holding a sword
Chapter 1005 The iron sword flies across the sky, killing one person with one sword
Chapter 1006 Xue Pingsheng, Demon Head, Double Divine Power
Chapter 1007: Kill you who is the strongest, kill him with one sword
Chapter 1008 Leaving the Imperial City, no one can stop it
Chapter 1009 Emperor Zhou, take my sword, Thunder Emperor Armor
Chapter 1010 Above Tianmen, Crossing Immortal Mountain, Cangqiong Immortal Palace
Chapter 1011 Ren Qianxing, meeting the demon for the first time, the demon blood clan
Chapter 1012 Terrifying Sword Intent, Killing Demons with Sword
Chapter 1013 Seven Swords Unite, One Sword Separates the World, Young and Strong
Chapter 1014 Characters Leng Yifu, Ou Jinghao, Wan Guizang
Chapter 1015: Demon head demon, Bulaotang ferocious beast, Emperor Zhou wants to cooperate
Chapter 1016 Lord Black Sky, I, Kuang Yan, are here to take your life.
Chapter 1017: Beast Transformation, Space Confinement, Natural Madness, Head Removal
Chapter 1018 The secret of Bu Laotang, the blood of ferocious beasts in the Soul Realm
Chapter 1019 Lingshuang Sword, Jin Shiyi, Ancient Sword Soul, are about to enter the capital
Chapter 1020 Dugu is my back-up, the deputy master of the Bulao Hall appears
Chapter 1021: Conspiracy against Zhenwu Dao Temple, the devils back-up force appears temporarily
Chapter 1026: Violent crushing and beating to death the deputy leader of the Immortal Hall
Chapter 1022 The Three Great Protectors of the Demon Sect, Ou Jinghao and Tian Canjiao
Chapter 1023: A sword from the heart, Jiang Yuyan is furious
Chapter 1024: Dugu swallowed the evil eye for me, Yan Kuangzi, the substitute is not worthy of talking to me
Chapter 1025: If the deputy hall master is beaten to death, will the hall master come?
Chapter 1026: Violent crushing and beating to death the deputy leader of the Immortal Hall
Chapter 1027 Su Chen visits the capital in person, the banquet is tense
Chapter 1028 Provocation, a palm of ice, piercing the eyebrows
Chapter 1029 Emperor Zhou appears, the devils plan is deep
Chapter 1030 [Tianya Pavilion] and [Qinglong Club] will all be mine from now on.
Chapter 1031 The ultimate goal of the Demon Head, the Thunder Emperors inherited core.
Chapter 1032 Thousand-faced Demon, Mo Beichen
Chapter 1033 Discussion, sudden action
Chapter 1034 Unexpected Bai Wubing, Zuo Tianchan moved
Chapter 1035 Su Chen took action and slapped him away
Chapter 1036 The last person, the demon appears
Chapter 1037: Heavenly Remnant, Heavenly Buddha, Crush the Demonic Body
Chapter 1038 Taishi Pang, a giant in the official department, Bulaotang
Chapter 1039: Look down, unexpectedly, Bu Jingwus outbreak
Chapter 1040 The ferocious beast appears, the Taishi Mansion goes into riot, and the capital is aroused
Chapter 1041 Emperor Zhou is about to move, Grand Master Pang unleashes all his strength
Chapter 1042: Trapped in a cocoon, wiped out in ashes, the devil moves
Chapter 1043: Heavenly Concubine, Demon Head Cauldron, Special Things
Chapter 1044 Dugu was seduced for me, Jellyfish Yinji saw the black quicksand
Chapter 1045 Yin Ji in the water, unparalleled domineering
Chapter 1046: The Zhenwu Taoist Temple is attacked, the immortal hall master appears, and the Shanhe Sun-Moon Sword
Chapter 1047: Seeing the True Self with One Sword, Extreme Demon, Hell Knife
Chapter 1048 I have always been strong, but you dont know
Chapter 1049 The strong man from Tianmen came and struck down with a palm
Chapter 1050: Demon Head, Dugu meets for me
Chapter 1051 Kuangzu Yan, who wins and kills whom?
Chapter 1052 The devil takes Dugu as my body, he is going to die today
Chapter 1053 Kuangzu Yan, the first confrontation between the demon leader
Chapter 1054: Demon head and demon body, Yan Kuangtu is born with a mad body, tearing the demon apart with his hands
Chapter 1055 A showdown in the South China Sea, the power of my true god
Chapter 1056: Crossing the Immortal Mountain, the old sword-forging site, and Ren Qianxings ambition
Chapter 1057 Proving the Tao with Blood, Traces of Sword Dao, and Heavenly Casting Technique
Chapter 1058: Punch like a diamond, kill with one punch
Chapter 1059: Kill the enemy like grass, pierce the heart with one sword
Chapter 1060 Emperor Zhou is determined to go to heaven, Murong Qingchen wants to ascend the throne
Chapter 1061 Emperor Zhous first spear, Hai Wufeng, destroys everything
Chapter 1062 Mo Beichen appears, the thousand-faced man-demon is vulnerable
Chapter 1063 The devils capitals back-up plan and ultimate goal
Chapter 1064: The Demon Leader, Kuangzu Yan, and the Master of the Elderless Hall, the three parties gather together
Chapter 1065: Everyone has their own plans, the capital gathers, and a war is about to begin
Chapter 1066 Sikong Bulaos anger, kill Li Chenzhou first
Chapter 1067 Ren Qianxing, kills Huayu with one sword and becomes famous
Chapter 1068 The magician Pang Ban appears, the Supreme Demonic Palace, and the inheritance of the deputy palace master
Chapter 1069 Emperor Zhou, Yuzhou Celestial Dynasty, Lingjiang Battle, and the Present
Chapter 1070 Ambition, Sikong Bu Lao, the General Office of the Ten Directions
Chapter 1071 The two sides collided and blew their heads off with one move
Chapter 1072 Massacre, one-sided, vicious beast toad body
Chapter 1073 Sword God Ximen Chuixue, kills the murderer with one sword
Chapter 1074 Ou Jinghao, Guan Yutian, putting on a show, stepping into Tianmen together
Chapter 1075 Sikong Bu Lao, the last trump card, the magic knife, and the possessed Ding Peng
Chapter 1076 Terrifying and barbaric power, Li Chenzhou versus Sikong Bulao
Chapter 1077: Burning, God, Qi, Intention, destroyed with one punch
Chapter 1078 If you want to kill my son, why do you want to die?
Chapter 1079 All parties gather in the capital, Guan Qi is unlucky
Chapter 1080: The True Chakra Sutra of the Sea of Bitterness, the empress ascends the throne, and the devil appears
Chapter 1081 Emperor Zhou takes action, divine power: the body of the emperor
Chapter 1082 Emperor Zhou, Demon Head, Capital Demon Cave
Chapter 1083 Emperor Zhou was forced to step on the Tianmen, and the true form of the demon leader human race
Chapter 1084: Violent Ancient Three Tong, kill one person, leave
Chapter 1085 The devil, let me use you to transform the realm and step on the Tianmen
Chapter 1086: A sword penetrates the human body of the demon head, and the full suppression of Kuangyan Yan
Chapter 1087: Tearing the demon body apart with both hands, Hanyue Sect appears
Chapter 1088 The four half-step realms, the heart of the Thunder Emperor, cruel and ruthless
Chapter 1089 All wedding clothes are for Su Chen
Chapter 1 Guan Qis ambition, I want to dominate
Chapter 2: Being more cruel to yourself, whoever seeks death will be killed
Chapter 3 Guanqi riot, anyone who bullies me will die
Chapter 4 The Order of the Twelve Holy Sons, the Twelve Heavenly Nerves
Chapter 5: Ta Tianmen, Yuzhou, and the Great Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 6 Imperial City, Lieyang Marquis, I will beat you to death
Chapter 7 Qian Junmo, I bet that Marquis Lieyang will die
Chapter 8: No match at all, kill Lieyang Marquis
Chapter 9 The useless housekeeper killed, poisoned, and everyone paid attention
Chapter 10 Su Chen will die tonight
Chapter 11 The Beast God Cult reappears and puts the blame on others
Chapter 12 The fight for the throne, Su Chens identity, the Supreme Demonic Palace
Chapter 13 The loyal and trustworthy marquis of the Great Zhou Dynasty, maximizing interests
Chapter 14 Characters Martial Lord Bi Xuan and An Shigeng, strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 15: Thousands of miles away, the mountains and rivers are illuminated, the red sun melts all things, transforming into beasts
Chapter 16 The extremely flaming demon dog, brutally killing, leaving no one behind
Chapter 17 Tianwai Immortal Tower, Nine Pavilions on the First Floor, Li Chenzhou, Tianlu Ba Mountain
Chapter 18: Transfer orders, King Wu of Zhou leaves, the ferocious beast Old Turtle
Chapter 19 The Supreme Demonic Palace, the supreme one, who am I afraid of?
Chapter 20: Kill with one punch, no one in the world doesnt recognize you
Chapter 21 Fiery Sword Sect, I will go to the imperial city to kill Su Chen
Chapter 22: Boundless power, an order, not a consultation
Chapter 23 A king-level demon wants to control Su Chen
Chapter 24 The ambition of Marquis Zhongxin, I want to be the emperor
Chapter 25 Banquet, Demon Attack, Blood Talisman
Chapter 26 The Heart of War, Eight Heavenly Dragons
Chapter 27 The true form of the demon, the powerful man of the Great Zhou Dynasty appears
Chapter 28 The Great Demon Emperor, the Supreme Demonic Palace, the human races forces cannot be humiliated
Chapter 29 The lid of the sky-swallowing magic jar, the crazy Taishang Demon Palace
Chapter 30 Tao-level treasures, the rhythm of distribution
Chapter 31: Du Xilou, Tai Shang Demon Palace, Du Xi Lou, Du Shang Demon Blood Tribe
Chapter 32: Extremely domineering, Blood Emperor, you will die today
Chapter 33 Human Race, Supreme Emperor, Divine Martial Emperor
Chapter 34: Fighting with ones life, the Blood Emperor falls, and Arrow Yin appears
Chapter 35: The Sun-shooting Divine Bow, the power of one-time imperial soldiers, the Beast God Cult, and the appearance of Yan Zun
Chapter 36 The true identity of Marquis Zhongxin, the prince of Great Shang Dynasty
Chapter 37 If you are attacked, let me beat you to death
Chapter 38 Violence, smashing heads, poison in a thousand miles, destroying the foundation
Chapter 39 A useless person, shadow assassin Yang Xuyan
Chapter 40 Qingzhou, Heavenly Sword Saint Sect, Ye Gucheng
Chapter 41: Flying Immortal from Beyond the Sky, Defeating the Void Realm with One Sword
Chapter 42: Marquis Zhongxins temptation, provocation, Su Chens murderous intent
Chapter 43 Jian Yin takes action, Tianwai Immortal Tower
Chapter 44: Kill the Supreme Being with an arrow, and die with eyes open, the Immortal Tower outside the sky?
Chapter 45 Devoured by Yang Xuyan, demonic means?
Chapter 46: Sacrificing Taoist soldiers, tribulation thunder appears, and people test the sword
Chapter 47: The power of Taoist soldiers, take it if you want
Chapter 48 The innate map of gods and demons, greed, and the hiding of Lord Zhongxin
Chapter 49 The lid of the magic jar has unparalleled power and discovers the monster
Chapter 50: Grotto Tianfo Temple, Buddhas order fights for it
Chapter 51 There is a demon in the Buddha, swallowing the bloody demon shadow
Chapter 52 The Human Race, the Supreme Emperor, and the Zhenwu Emperor are attacked
Chapter 53 The death of the Zhenwu Emperor, the crisis of the human race, and the corpse of the cold phoenix
Chapter 54 The ultimate imperial weapon, the exclusive props of the Blue Dragon Club, and the Blue Dragon Tower
Chapter 55: Changes in the camp, Lu Yu is looking for death
Chapter 61 The giant among the emperors, Tianfozi, and Kuangtu Yan challenge the heart of the emperor
Chapter 56 A vulnerable character
Chapter 57 The projection of Qinglong Tower, the owner of Tianwaixian Tower, the human race is shocked
Chapter 58 Yan Kuangtus ambition to fight the world with madness
Chapter 59 The meaning of Qinglong Tower, the area where humans, demons and beasts coexist
Chapter 60: Kuangtu Yan takes action, suppressing and beating, but the human race also has a backup plan
Chapter 61 The giant among the emperors, Tianfozi, and Kuangtu Yan challenge the heart of the emperor
Chapter 62 An Shigengs mind control skills, four generals besieging the royal city
Chapter 63: Dark clouds are pressing down on the city, threatening to destroy it. Please let the king die.
Chapter 64: Black thunder rushes into the sky, Taoist soldiers are left with bloody swords
Chapter 65: One corpse of Pang Bans later emperor, and one body of the puppet of the Supreme Emperor
Chapter 66 Golden Horned Beast Essence and Blood, Moon-dark Killing Night, I Can Send You to See Him
Chapter 67 Fierce fighting, King Nie was the first to become possessed
Chapter 68 Crazy killing, absolute suppression, cruelty and indifference
Chapter 69 Ive seen your face, will you let me go?
Chapter 70 Fierce beasts and demons rush into Kyushu, order in chaos
Chapter 71 The supreme emperors of the three clans join forces to discover the master of the Immortal Tower outside the sky
Chapter 72 The supreme puppet emperor appears and all races coexist
Chapter 73 Great Shang Dynasty, Yunhai Chamber of Commerce, Luo Hongyi
Chapter 74 The Immortal Tower outside the sky appears in the human world
Chapter 75 The real body of the Eight Fierce Ling Luoshi, Luo Hongyis win over
Chapter 76: Shang Yihen of Taixu Mausoleum, Liu Qingshuang of Taiqing Taoist Palace, Tang Ren needs to die
Chapter 77: The Cave of the Strong, get off your horse and kneel down to spare your life
Chapter 78 The sword is brilliant, the fist is extremely evil, the evil demon is concentrated and I am
Chapter 79: The First Evil Emperor, the Plan for the Human World
Chapter 80 Controlling Zixiao Ke, the Great Zhou Dynasty changed again
Chapter 81: Strong, anyone who attacks me will die first
Chapter 82 Constantly exposing the world, teaching Shang Yihen a lesson
Chapter 83 Terrified, Blood-eating Zerg Larvae
Chapter 84 The Qinglong Society is an ancient force
Chapter 85 At the slightest move, the Tang family wants to operate on Su Chen
Chapter 86 The First Evil Emperor, in this world, destroy the Tang family first
Chapter 87 Innate Demonic Gu, I want the treasure, no one will keep it
Chapter 88 Pushing all the way, violent dismantling, defeating ten groups with one force
Chapter 89 Blood-eating Zerg Crystal, Larvae Direction
Chapter 90 Controlling blood-eating larvae, purple lottery card
Chapter 91 The hidden arrow consumes essence and blood, triggers the imperial soldiers, and delivers a shocking blow
Chapter 92 The first evil emperor appears in the Tang family, the end of the Tang family
Chapter 93 The number one evil emperor in the world, Ill lend you your head
Chapter 94 Kill the head of the family first, then destroy the Tang family
Chapter 95 China, Zhenwu Temple, Fierce God Palace
Chapter 96 The true meaning of the Sword Saint Yuanshen, the character Duanlang, can transform into a dragon
Chapter 97 The Tang familys counterattack, the First Evil Emperor takes action again
Chapter 98 Taking peoples money to eliminate disasters for them
Chapter 99 Three parties collude, the emperors soldiers plot the world
Chapter 100 Duan Lang takes action, takes action and kills, one person scares the crowd
Chapter 101 Blood Sacrifice to the Tang Family, Imperial Soldiers Rising, and the Power of Dragon Claws
Chapter 102: Breaking the waves and transforming into a dragon, boundless terror and coercion in all directions
Chapter 103 Yan Zuns horror, the head coach of the Beast God Sect Cang Qiong
Chapter 104 Seven forces want to plot the Supreme Demonic Palace
Chapter 105: The Kung Fu Demonic Heart Crossing, the Ancient Underworld Wind, the Domineering Kung Fu
Chapter 106: Besieging the Supreme Demonic Palace, cutting the grass to root out the roots
Chapter 107 Kill Liu Qingshuang and let Taiqing Taoist Palace be the executioner
Chapter 108 Things are fermenting, storm is coming, go to Taishang Demon Palace
Chapter 109: Intercepting and Killing the Disciples of the Supreme Demon Palace
Chapter 110 You dont want your junior sister to become a teacher, right?
Chapter 111 Traitor, chopsticks pierced throat, head removed with bare hands
Chapter 112 Revealing identity, Yuan Suiyuns sword
Chapter 113 Wait, let me beat you to death and tear the giant python apart with my hands
Chapter 114 Terrifying body, powerful hunting
Chapter 115: The Heavenly Killing Sword, the ninth level of Yin, shattering the body
Chapter 116: Tai Shang Demon Palace, Sword Tai Demon appears, killing and counter-killing, moving forward inexorably
Chapter 117 The powerful Supreme Demon Palace, take the first step
Chapter 118 Character Witch Hanwan, Jiang Yuyan, one of the chief assistants of the Dajing Dynasty
Chapter 119 The Great Jing Dynasty, Tiannuhou, Yang Lin
Chapter 120 Empress Dajing, Zhu Qingdi, and the Green Dragon Society reappear
Chapter 121 Guan Yutian leaves for Dajing, and the Nine Pythons attack
Chapter 122 The war begins, Tai Mo Abyss, attack Pang Ban
Chapter 123: Virtual Divine Mirror, virtual reality conversion, interception begins
Chapter 124 Guanhai Tingchao Sword, Black and White Xuanzun
Chapter 125 The Supreme Ninth Level, destroying the soul with one hand
Chapter 126 Demon Gods Curse Bead, Ten Thousand Bats Old Demon
Chapter 127 Six major forces besieged the Taishang Demon Palace, and a war broke out
Chapter 128 The Supreme Demonic Palace is dispatched and a war breaks out
Chapter 129 Big explosion of lottery cards, Pang Ban takes action
Chapter 130 Extracting the soul, absorbing the true essence, Pang Ban steps into the quasi-emperor
Chapter 131 Li Chenzhous corpse and the legend of later emperors
Chapter 132 The Legend of the Eagle Sealed State, Mu Zifei of the Supreme Demon Palace
Chapter 133: Demonic Charm, Devouring, Beast God Cult Head Coach Cang Qiong
Chapter 134 The top emperor of Taishang Demon Palace, Demon Lord Qingtian, and the starry sky on the other side
Chapter 135: Death in battle, one emperor, two quasi-emperors die, and the brutal battle begins
Chapter 136 The Magic Pot of Ten Thousand Thoughts exploded, and Emperor Tianyi of Taishang Demon Palace, Taiqing Taoist Palace, and the gate of Taixu Mausoleum were destroyed.
Chapter 137 The abandoned Taishang Demon Palace, things suddenly changed
Chapter 138 Pang Ban breaks out, and Intermittent Wave appears in the world
Chapter 139 Chuan Ying appears, breaks out fighting power, and fights against the ancestor of Taixu Ling Mansion
Chapter 140 Chuanyings sword kills the ancestor of Taixu Lingfu
Chapter 141 Di Tianyi, the brilliant final battle
Chapter 142 Golden Lion, Lion Emperor, an extremely sublime battle
Chapter 143 Fighting, the death of the Lion Emperor, the death of the Emperor and the Emperor, the war ends
Some character information and introduction to character power
Chapter 144 Pang Ban, Deputy Palace Master of the Supreme Demonic Palace, commands the Supreme Demonic Palace
Chapter 145 Emperor Dashang will die in three days, Ling Luoshis plan
Chapter 146: Ning Tianhou and Ling Luoshi meet in the Great Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 147 Accident, Zhongzhou, Tianlei Buddhist Temple
Chapter 148 Ning Tianhou is defeated and controlled by Gu insects
Chapter 149 Tiandu Yunshan, Peak Master of [Longhu Peak]
Chapter 150 Strong swordsmen join forces to attack
Chapter 151 Draw again, four imperial weapons in the human world
Chapter 152 Li Wuxie, Lei Emperor inheritance, Supreme Ninth Level
Chapter 153 The number one person in Taishang Demon Palace, Cang Taigu
Chapter 154 The situation changes, Taishang Demon Palace must be strong
Chapter 155 Jiang Yuyan, murderous intention, how many people have been killed
Chapter 156 Twelve Heavenly Palace, Divine Source Fragments
Chapter 157 Great Shang Dynasty, Imperial Scepter
Chapter 158 Luo Shen Clan, Talented Luo Shen Technique
Chapter 159 The layout of the Great Shang Emperor, Duan Lang enters the game
Chapter 160 Cooperation is impossible, you have no choice but to die
Chapter 161 My head fell off, why didnt I die?
Chapter 162 Arrival at Great Shang Dynasty
Chapter 163 The shadow behind the Great Shang Dynasty
Chapter 164: Eighteen Palaces of Tianyin, Snowy Land, Jiuhan Palace
Chapter 165 Fragments of the Emperor's Seal, the Origin of the Divine Dynasty Site
Chapter 166 The power of the fragments of the emperor's seal swallows other emperor's will
Chapter 167 Jue Xin uses all his skills to invite Yue to appear
Chapter 168 Shenwu Palace, Shenwu Army, Prisoner Tianlong
Chapter 169 Suppression, Imperial Power, Feng Ming, Yao Yue
Chapter 170: Forcefully inviting Yue, Qi Tianlong takes action
Chapter 171 Fierce battle, Ice World
Chapter 172 Yaoyue, Tianya Pavilion, and the Rise of the Green Dragon Society
Chapter 173 The first generation master of Taixu Mausoleum, Imperial Soldier Taixu Stone Tablet
Chapter 174 The empress summons Li Wuxie and Zhu Dis third son
Chapter 175 Reincarnated Empress, Attacked on the Road
Chapter 176 Heavenly Sword Song Que, Killing Gods Corpse
Chapter 177 Thunder shines in all directions, Li Wuxie takes action with all his strength
Chapter 178 Brutal Jiang Yuyan, Devouring Madly
Chapter 179 Chong Heihu of Shenwu Palace came in person and invited Yue to come out of the city to intercept.
Chapter 180: Confrontation with the Chong Hei Tiger, Ice and Ice Freeze Everything
Chapter 181 The invitation card, the inheritance of the Snowy Ice Emperor
Chapter 182 Ask the old emperor to die
Chapter 183 [Qinglong Society] appears in this world and controls the Great Shang Dynasty
Chapter 184 Tomb of Ten Thousand Devils, Yan Shisan, kill whoever you see
Chapter 185: Head-on confrontation, I can severely damage your soul, Sword Intent Stone Tablet
Chapter 186 The remains of Yan Shisans sword body and a drop of Fuxis blood
Chapter 187 Wanling Palace, Wanhan Zhenren, Thousand Spirits Body
Chapter 188 Plot, Su Chen, Scapegoat
Chapter 189: Xuyang Witch Lord, Qinglong Clan
Chapter 190 Murderous Intent, Suppression, Control
Chapter 191 The essence and blood of the ancient ferocious beast Fei, the two deputy leaders of the Beast God Sect
Chapter 192: The number of members in the human world will increase, the entrance to the secret realm of the Great Shang Dynasty
Chapter 193 The strange sarcophagus, passing through the vitality, strike first
Chapter 194 The manifestation of the Emperor's Pearl, the pressure of the aura of the top emperor
Chapter 195 Inside the sarcophagus, the Great Shang Dynasty and Shang Huan reappeared
Chapter 196: The Earth Master of the Beast God Cult, the Young Master of Tianwai Fairy Tower
Chapter 197 Shock, Fight
Chapter 198 Devouring the blood and essence of ancient ferocious beasts, colorless worms, control
Chapter 199 The Secret Technique of Emperors Shadow and the Secret Technique of Three Dreams without Traces
Chapter 200 The Origin of the Divine Dynasty, the Phantom of the Imperial Palace Appears
Chapter 201 Tianliu Sword Sect, Emperors Shadow,
Chapter 202: The sword is fierce, Yu Peiyu tries her best to explode
Chapter 203: The knife enters the void and kills powerful enemies
Chapter 204 The Lord of Origin, Zi Tiandu, the Immortal God Body
Chapter 205 Yu Peiyus strength increases and crisis arises
Chapter 206 Temporary character Wu Wudi and the sword demon Dugu Qiubai appear
Chapter 207 Banning the Sword Domain Card and intimidating the Empress of the Great Jing Dynasty
Chapter 208 Official Road, Netherworld Inn
Chapter 215 Iron sword across the sky, ancient Nether Blood City
Chapter 209: Ruthless attack, the man in Tsing Yi dies
Chapter 210 The Thirteenth Aristocratic Family in Qingzhou, the person in charge of Netherworld Inn
Chapter 211 Anyone who threatens me must die
Chapter 212: Cruel, poisonous, devouring
Chapter 213 The Empress takes action, the descendant of the ancient god
Chapter 214 The Tomb of the Supreme Emperor, the Sword Demon Appears
Chapter 215 Iron sword across the sky, ancient Nether Blood City
Chapter 216 One of the four realms of the Sword Demons kendo, the sharp sword
Chapter 217 Swordsmanship, epee, sneak attack, Empress Dajings severe injury
Chapter 218 Turn your body into a sword and kill everything
Chapter 219 [Heavenly Sin] Organization, forces in modern times
Chapter 220: Charming Fox Clan, Greedy Wolf Clan, Auction Items, Moonlight Body
Chapter 221 Huanwan is an auction item, Su Chens anger
Chapter 222 Flying away from the inn, auction venue
Chapter 223 The Supreme Emperors Possession Card, the Top-Grade Imperial Weapon, and the Qinglong Heaven-Suppressing Sword
Chapter 224 Situ Shen, one of the five chief masters of Netherworld Inn
Chapter 225 The Nine Blood Moon Demons want everything
Chapter 226: Confronted by public outrage, Huanwan appears, and Su Chen becomes furious
Chapter 227 The Supreme Emperor is in charge, and he has to pay the price today
Chapter 228 Yan Shisan, Dugu Qiubai, Young Master Su Chen
Chapter 229 Sword battle with the top emperor, the stars are shining brightly, and the sky is like the sky
Chapter 230 The giant among the emperors, Heavenly Sword Song Que kills one person with one sword
Chapter 231 Dugu Qiubai, Song Que, Yan Shisan, the giant among the fighting emperors
Chapter 232: Recruiting the Emperors Soldiers Youcheng, another giant among the emperors
Chapter 233 Wu Wudi appears and sends you on your way with one punch
Chapter 234 Wu Wudi fights against the Supreme Emperor
Chapter 235 The power of the supreme emperor, you will meet again
Chapter 236 The Immortal, the Dead and the Living, the Supreme Emperor Escapes
Chapter 237 The number one person in charge, Luan Tiansheng, erases his memory
Chapter 238 The magical power sank in the sea of blood, and the empress died at the hands of the living and the dead
Chapter 239 The long river of time, the source of darkness
Chapter 240 Murasaki Yuanchen and Sun He appear in the country of origin
Chapter 241 The ruins of the origin of the divine dynasty are revealed
Chapter 242 A vicious plan to sacrifice the entire country of origin
Chapter 243: Enslaving Jiang Luoli, Li Wuxie appears
Chapter 244 Violent Thunder and Fierce Sword Light
Chapter 245: Putting the Blame on the Fierce Palace and Zhenwu Palace Fang Tianzong
Chapter 246 Dark Blade Body, False Divine Eye, Sky Moon Clan, Sky Moon Divine Stone
Chapter 247 The sword demon, the magician, the giant body of the later emperor, the purpose of chaos in the Netherworld Inn
Chapter 248: You are seeking death. No one can stop you. Something will happen to the Zhenwu Temple again.
Chapter 249 The Four Dark Kings of the Fierce God Palace, the Corpse King Killing the Lord Ye
Chapter 250 Leng Qingqiu, the body of Drought Demon, the Charming Fox King
Chapter 251 The Emperors Shadow in the Divine Soul of Zi Yuanchen
Chapter 252 The battle between the soul seas, Dugu Qiu defeated one against two
Chapter 253: One sword, no one is an enemy
Chapter 254 Tianlu Ba Mountain, Li Chenzhous crisis
Chapter 255 Blood Sacrifice, Origin of Divine Dynasty Ruins Revealed
Chapter 256 Golden Lottery Card, Character Ling Donglai, Character Yan Fei
Chapter 257 The evil city Gong Liang, Xiao Lis flying knife reappears
Chapter 258 The Heavenly Mu Emperor of Wanling Palace, the head of the Jiang family, and the mysterious woman
Chapter 259 Inside the palace, Bagua graphics, Kan Palace
Chapter 260 The Origin of the Divine Dynasty The Eight Great Generals, Hua Mantuo
Chapter 261 The Heavenly Compass of Life and Death, God Lord, the One Between the Dead and the Living
Chapter 262 Six lives disappeared, Yan Fei took action, surrounded and killed
Chapter 263: Beheading, Gods Seed Black Jade Mandala, Imperial Weapon Black Water Plate
Chapter 264 The coffin under the palace originated from the ruins of the Imperial Palace of the Divine Dynasty
Chapter 265: The site is fissured again, a lonely man, a huge bronze palace
Chapter 266 God Burial Palace, Burying Gods
Chapter 267 Lao Liu, plotting against an old guy
Chapter 268 Three mutilated dead and alive
Chapter 269 The scary old woman and the dark coffin
Chapter 270 The Supreme Emperors Elimination Card
Chapter 271 The ambition of the leader of the divine dynasty, decisive killing Su Chen
Chapter 272 Gods Skull, Nine-headed Lions Birth Bone
Chapter 273 Deep in the palace, ancient vines, and the character [Kun] appear in the palace
Chapter 274 The main hall of the underground palace, one of the eight generals, General Tianjun
Chapter 275 Dragon Skeletons, Four-clawed Ancient Dragon
Chapter 276 Weird statues, murals, Long Yunshan, the legitimate daughter of the Long family
Chapter 277: Changes in the palace, vicious ape appears, surrounded by beasts
Chapter 278 Fierce fighting, Li Chenzhou was provoked
Chapter 279 Suddenly, the ancient dragon bones melted into Li Chenzhous body
Chapter 280: Run away after fishing, the desperate old man Tianjin
Chapter 281 Divine Blood Contaminated with Demonic Nature
Chapter 282 New Characters: Immortal God, Chi Yous Bloodline, Eighteen Tianyin Palaces, Zun Huang
Chapter 283 Immortals and Immortal Blood in Modern Times
Chapter 284 Anyone who takes advantage of my daughter will die
Chapter 285: Liancheng Bis plan, immortal blood, worry,
Chapter 286 Zun Huangs hidden strength, Liancheng Bis test
Chapter 287 Qin Mings allegiance, the Saint of Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 288 Tianwai Fairy Tower reappears and the deception begins
Chapter 289 Origin of the Imperial Palace of the Divine Dynasty, Purple Shadow Emerges
Chapter 290 Pang Ban, the Master of the Supreme Demonic Palace, the remaining doubts about the war
Chapter 291 Ferocious beasts, demons, evil eyes
Chapter 292 The human territory is the center, the origin of the divine dynasty Ziyunze
Chapter 293 The powerful Ziyunze kills one person with one shot
Chapter 294: Someone elses wedding dress, the Tomb of the Sky Fox King
Chapter 295 The Beautiful Sky Fox King, the Origin Emperor of the Divine Dynasty Purple Emperor Fate
Chapter 296 The ruins change again, four ancient places appear
Chapter 297 Emperor-level enslavement talisman, enslaving the emperors giants
Chapter 298 Fairy-level treasure, golden lottery card
Chapter 299 Imprisoned by an evil spirit, Hanhan obtains the Heavenly Fox King Pill and inheritance
Chapter 300 The hunted Hanhan
Chapter 301 Hanhan can become an immortal and transform the Yuan into a virtual state
Chapter 302 I also want to thank you, Dugu Qiubai shows up
Chapter 303: The Demonic Pill of the Sky Fox King, the Green Dragon Society, and Dugu Qiubai
Chapter 304 Surrender, become a god and become an immortal, Ziyunze dies
Chapter 305: An Arrow in the Void, Fusion, Dragon Veins
Chapter 306 I want an eight-tailed fox coat!
Chapter 307 Ling Donglai, crush him casually
Chapter 308 The Lord of Manta Rays, a member of the Heavenly Sword Saint Sect
Chapter 309 Space folds, the emperor-level strongman disappears, and the Nine Heart Lotus
Chapter 310 Killing, killing, I want something
Chapter 311 The cruel Hanhan, Yue Yue Xinlian
Chapter 312 The figure in chains, the heart of the immortal
Chapter 313 The chain that cannot be broken, how to break it
Chapter 314 The feared Ling Donglai
Chapter 315 Heart of the True Immortal, Golden Lottery Card
Chapter 316: Evil escapes from trouble and kills everyone
Chapter 317 Ling Donglai, one step, the supreme emperor
Chapter 318 We [Qinglong Club] want the sealed immortal body
Chapter 319 Its [Blue Dragon Society] again, the tyranny of the immortal god
Chapter 320 Chi Youshen, defeated, the location of the immortal body
Chapter 321 The fate of the Purple Emperor reappears, Shen Luoyan, one of the eight generals
Chapter 322 The Death-like Woman
Chapter 323 Im going to be hit in the face
Chapter 324 Its too weird, such a contrast
Chapter 325: Defeated Prisoners, the Fall of Taikoo Tiancheng
Chapter 326: Immortal Corpse, Jindan Yanfei
Chapter 327 Tianling Fairy Valley, Tianling Holy Mother
Chapter 328 Borrowing power, supremacy, killing by the emperor
Chapter 329 Everything is invincible, [Blue Dragon Name] shows up again
Chapter 330 Li Xunhuan enters the Origin Imperial City
Chapter 331 Nine flames return to the cave, Lu Dao
Chapter 332 The Ancient Heavenly City, the Human World
Chapter 333 Cooperation, Immortal Spirit Tree
Chapter 334 [Human World] The Branch Hall of the Ancient Heavenly City, the Temptation of the Beast God Cult
Chapter 335 Breaking the waves without following the rules, the sword of the first evil emperor
Chapter 336: The real incarnation of the ferocious beast, the demonic shadow, suppressing and beating
Chapter 337: Kill, devour, and the first army of the Origin God Dynasty moves
Chapter 338 Leaving the city, sudden changes
Chapter 339: Nangong Ba of Shenwu Palace, Wen Jiuyuan, one of the eight generals of the Shenwu Palace
Chapter 340 Afei Sword, Li Xunhuans phantom sword
Chapter 341 The supreme emperor, proud of the world, the ruler of the ancient heavenly city can only be me in this world
Chapter 342 Kuangtu Yan, the place of spiritual origin, dragon veins
Chapter 343 The body is the sky, just suppress it with one punch
Chapter 344: Kuang Yans followers massacred him, and he became the quasi-emperor in one step
Chapter 345 Wen Jiuyuans Four Symbols Transformation, Four Giants Among the Emperors
Chapter 346 The Origin Emperor reappears, suppressing everyone, [Qinglong Club] does its work without failure
Chapter 347 Li Xunhuan, Dugu Qiubai, the Immortal God
Chapter 348 The Immortal God, the Opportunity of the Supreme Emperor
Chapter 349 Killing, Breakthrough, Cooperation
Chapter 350 The owner of Heavenly Sin, 'Huai Kong', a dragon's yuan 'Pojun'
Chapter 351 Netherworld Inn, Human World, Cooperation
Chapter 352 Eight Generals Yan Lingtian and Pei Haori of the Pei Family
Chapter 353: Blood Qi turns into an ape, Duan Lang takes a strong shot
Chapter 354: Violent Killing, Leader of North District, Changsheng Taoist Temple
Chapter 355 If you disagree, kill him
Chapter 356: In exchange for death, kill one person first
Chapter 357 Talk collapses, three families surround each other [in the human world]
Chapter 358: Horror in the sky, breaking the waves and transforming into a dragon
Chapter 359 The Origin of Heavenly Buddha, Happy Heavenly Buddha Sect
Chapter 360 The Supreme Emperor, the person who calls the Lord
Chapter 361 The origin of the ancient Tiancheng, the giant among the emperors of Kuangyan Yan
Chapter 362 Top Emperor, good blood food
Chapter 363 The situation in the deserted state, Yunxiao Taoist Sect
Chapter 364 In Tianya Pavilion, demons also appear,
Chapter 365 Tianya Pavilion, two more giants among emperors are added
Chapter 366: Heart of Buddha in Heaven and Earth, Body of Golden Buddha
Chapter 367: Infighting in Grotto Tianfo Temple, Wuhuas plan
Chapter 368 The Cold Moon Shines on the World, the Golden Crow Sun
Chapter 369 There are six voids flowing around, and there are endless hidden things in the sky
Chapter 370 Yan Kuangtuo tramples a person to death
Chapter 371 Born a madman, huge golden Buddha
Chapter 372 Unrest in the Barren State, Demon Council
Chapter 373 Wen Zixin, Huanxi Tianfo Sect reappears
Chapter 374 Demon Blood, Buddha and Demon Fight
Chapter 375 Buddha Slave, Flesh Bodhisattva, Happy Heaven Buddha Seal
Chapter 376: Blood-devouring Insect Nest, Lord Xuanwu, Zhu Wuli, the Giant among the Emperors
Chapter 377 Break the runes and get generous rewards
Chapter 378: Fengyun Holy King, the giant among the Seven Emperors of Guan
Chapter 379: Crush and kill, Huanwan is going to Hanhai
Chapter 380 The Buddhist Glazed Heart, the Mighty Heavenly Dragon, Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the Tiger
Chapter 381 Split into four and five, holding the head in hand, swallowing the Cihui old monk
Chapter 382 The First Evil Emperor breaks through and the Immortal Source Spirit Tree is obtained
Chapter 383: Huangzhou, Guan Qi breaks out, and the turmoil begins
Chapter 384 Xiaoyao Sword Immortal, Wang Yixian, Sword Immortal Cave Token
Chapter 385 Robbery, Spread, Swordsmens Confrontation
Chapter 386 The Ancient Demon Lord, the Sealed Demon Spear of Destruction
Chapter 387 Quasi-Emperors Body, God-Severing and Soul-Severing Sword
Chapter 388: Inviting the Giants among the Moon Emperor, Map of the Ancient Demon Kings Cemetery
Chapter 389 Demonic Black Spider, Dark Thunder Bird
Chapter 390 Huai Kong calculated every step and killed two people in a row
Chapter 391 Mutation, loss of contact with Huai Kong
Chapter 392 Nine-Eyed Demon, Born with Nine-Eyed Demon for Nine Lives
Chapter 393 Supreme power, just one punch
Chapter 394 The plan was perfect, but it didnt hide it from me
Chapter 395 Immortal Spirit Tree, Golden Lottery Card
Chapter 396 Guan Qi, in times of crisis, seeing true love
Chapter 397 Yunxiao Daozong Nangong is ascending to the ancient Yuanzong
Chapter 398 Blood refining formation, a desperate fight
Chapter 399 Guan Qi appears, punches the sword, and breaks a person
Chapter 400 Invisible, the sword curtain swallows the evil dragon
Chapter 401 Ancient Yuan City, Demon Giant
Chapter 402 The demon joins the sect and his identity cannot be concealed
Chapter 403: Strike first to gain the upper hand, preview the Yunxiao Taoist Sect
Chapter 404, Buddhas light first appears, Buddha moves mountains and rivers, golden-domed Buddha lantern
Chapter 405 The corpse of evil, a piece of fairy stone
Chapter 406 Guan Qi appears alone, Yunxiao Taoist Sect
Chapter 407: Guan Qi for me, fighting alone
Chapter 408: One person is invincible, the supreme Dao Sect of Yunxiao appears
Chapter 409: Hands like stars, Yan Kuangs disciples fight for supremacy
Chapter 410 Irreversible, the war breaks out completely
Chapter 411 The flames shook the sky, and the Buddhas light shone in the world
Chapter 412 Wandao Senluo, Consciousness-only Sword Intent, Devouring Ziyunxiao
Chapter 413 Yunxiao Dao Sect is destroyed, Emperor Shadow inherits, and Wu Wudi appears
Chapter 414 Zhu Wuli appears, the blood god clan
Chapter 415: Scheming Wuhua, Senior Monk of Grotto Tianfo Temple
Chapter 416 The purpose of the Sui and Tang emperors, the scapegoat Zhu ignored
Chapter 417 Didnt take them seriously at all
Chapter 418 The anger of the Sui and Tang emperors, the Blood God Clan, Xue Wuming
Chapter 419 Gui Hai continued to kill with one sword, driving the Sui and Tang emperors crazy
Chapter 420 Bullying someone too much, killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 421 Zhu Wuwu takes action and kills Jinghai to gain trust
Chapter 422 Your Majesty, commit suicide!
Chapter 423 Grotto Tianfo Temple, Blood God Clan
Chapter 424: Vulnerable, huge gap
Chapter 425: The Death of Old Monk Yuan Cheng, Immortal Buddhist Texts in Modern Times, and the Mutation of Monk Jingchan
Chapter 426 The consciousness of ancient Buddha, the ancestor of the Blood God Clan
Chapter 427: Both sides suffer, no happy ending
Chapter 428 Emperor Pill, Nine Tribulations Divine Slash, Stepping into the Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 429 Killing the King at Night, Zhenwu Immortal Palace
Chapter 430 Rainy Night Attack, Zhenwu Temple
Chapter 431 The Fragments of the Innate God and Demon Vulcan
Chapter 432 The ferocious sword, the five elements of life and death
Chapter 433 The battle breaks out in full force and the melee begins
Chapter 434 Immortality Taoist Temple, Immortality Heavenly Forbidden Formation
Chapter 435 The origin of the emperor, the real purpose? The first generation master of the Zhenwu Temple
Chapter 436: A clan of ferocious beasts appears, Dugu Qiubai turns around and kills him
Chapter 437 Dugu Sword Demon, fighting alone, the Blood Snake King kills him with one sword
Chapter 438: The Supreme Emperor of Zhenwu, Fengyun's sword, the world is filled with sorrow
Chapter 439: Flying knife, kill with one blow, Zhenwu Enshrinement Hall
Chapter 440 Zi Mingsheng, I want to take away that statue
Chapter 441 Origin Monument, Suppression
Chapter 442 Fighting life and death, the fisherman will benefit
Chapter 443 Six Paths Appearance, True Martial Heavenly Sword
Chapter 444 Origin Emperor, Demonic Abyss
Chapter 445 The Eruption of the Immortal God
Chapter 446 Su Chen also enters the Ye Zhen Divine Pond of Killing the Lord
Chapter 447: Ascending Immortal Sword Technique, One Sword Ascending to Heaven
Chapter 448: Ascension Sword Technique, Blood God Forbidden, Slaughter King Ye’s Plan
Chapter 449 Zhenwu Immortal Palace, the corpse of the tenth generation palace master
Chapter 450 Su Chen shows up, everything here belongs to me
Chapter 451 The Stone Stele of the Four Gods in Modern Times and the Suzaku God Stele
Chapter 452: Desperate Killing King Ye, the enemy is too powerful, and he will not die with his eyes open.
Chapter 453 The evil in Zhenwu Immortal Palace, Dugu Qiubai suppresses Zhenwu Tianjian
Chapter 454 Fake low-grade immortal weapon, Li Xunhuan’s trump card
Chapter 455: Kill the shadow with one sword, kill with one sword
Chapter 456: Changes in Taishang Demon Palace, Yuanshi Demon Sect, Yuan Tianyi
Chapter 456 You are not qualified for the assessment, Pang Ban’s ambition
Chapter 457 Fierce confrontation, killing Yuan Tianyi
Chapter 458 The original demon sect, the deputy sect leader is buried in the sky
Chapter 459 Mention the Twelve Heavenly Palace Again
Chapter 460: The Immortal Demonic Body, the Black Hole Sky Eye, and the World-Destroying Sword
Chapter 461 Zhenwu Temple, Immortals Gather
Chapter 462 The cold air in the left hand, the sword in the right hand, and the demons are also crushed
Chapter 463 Beaten to death, soul is scattered, Full Moon Canyon
Chapter 464 Kanyu Heavenly Map, Emperor-level flying boat, the living and the dead
Chapter 465: The Secret Realm of the Immortal Dynasty of Truth, Tu Laogui’s plan
Chapter 466 There is no asking for advice, only killing. Either you die or I die.
Chapter 467: Violent Killing, Seduction
Chapter 468 Infinitely arrogant and unscrupulous
Chapter 469 Beware of the [Blue Dragon Society], the battle between the immortals and the living and the dead
Chapter 470 Chuanying, Yàn Thirteen, and Fu Hongxue gather in Tianyin Eighteenth Hall
Chapter 471: Chief Master of the Eighteenth Temple of Tianyin, kill him first, then kill the Southern Emperor
Chapter 472: Exploring the bottom, Liancheng Bi appears and fights
Chapter 473 I brought everything that was due, Yàn Thirteen, Fu Hongxue appeared
Chapter 474 Fu Hongxue’s sword, Yàn Shisan’s sword
Chapter 475 Character Mu Yingxiong, Jianchen Kung Fu Xie Xiaofeng, Magic Weapon Demonic Blood Flag
Chapter 476 Half-step to transcendence, Mu Yingxiong’s bond, the twin souls of Fairy Yunxue
Chapter 477 During the battle, the plan gradually emerged
Chapter 478 The Taoist Temple of Immortality reappears, the Four Directions Thunder Dragon Formation
Chapter 479: The power of the Heavenly Map, one sword and eight points, Situ Wuque
Chapter 480 Sword masters rush to the Full Moon Canyon and the battle begins
Chapter 481 Immortal Dynasty, Imperial Seal, Royal Bloodline
Chapter 482: Surrounded by fairy mist, the Immortal Dynasty of Truth is born
Chapter 483 Buddha’s Golden Talisman, Origin Emperor Appears
Chapter 484: The blood-devouring monk from the origin of Heavenly Buddha, Yuan Suiyun calls for help
Chapter 485 Great Emperor Realm Dragon, Kirin Phantom
Chapter 486 Immortals are divided into five levels, Dark Thunder Gate
Chapter 487 The symbol of the imperial power of the Immortal Dynasty, one of the Nine Cauldrons, the golden lottery card
Chapter 488 Nine dragons cast the tripod body, the giant among the fleshly emperors
Chapter 489 Happy Buddha Sect, Jiuhan Palace
Chapter 490 The Supreme Emperor Han Qingcheng, Dongsheng Immortal Dynasty, Moon God Palace
Chapter 491: Fighting for the Nine Cold Palace, Jellyfish Yinji appears
Chapter 492 Sneak attack, swallowing, Yuan Suiyun steps into the Supreme Emperor
Chapter 493 The blood-eating insects appear again, and the jade seal of the Immortal Dynasty is obtained.
Chapter 494 Unnamed Character, Emperor Shakti’s Power, Boundary Monument
Chapter 495 The two deputy masters of Tianchi Lake, Tianwai Immortal Tower, and Sword Pavilion
Chapter 496 Immortal Qi, Li Yifan’s trump card, hidden puppet
Chapter 497: Crushing trump card, Zhenwu Temple, the lineage of evil, one of the four families
Chapter 498 The birth of the boundary monument, grabbing the boundary monument, cooperation
Chapter 499 The power of the boundary monument, the gathering of supreme emperors
Chapter 500 The evil spirit is soaring into the sky. Be evil. The supreme master orders Donglai.
Chapter 501 Crazy Li Wuxie, one against three
Chapter 502 The blood flag covers the sky, Tie Zhongtang, extremely domineering, Wu invincible
Chapter 503: Young Master’s Personal Guard Commander, Blood Bat Devouring Blood Buddha, Immortal Taoist Temple, Yan Wuyue
Chapter 504: Hidden and fully revealed, under the boundary monument, the Immortal Dragon Fruit
Chapter 505: Ferocious beast, pure-blooded princess, traded with Qinglonghui people
Chapter 506: The Heavenly Sword is nameless, the sword is full of blood, shaking all directions
Chapter 507: The Nameless Sword Pavilion, the Supreme Killer with One Sword, the Boundary Monument of Truth, and the Immortal Dragon Fruit
Chapter 508 Wu Wudi is so angry that even women will die, and he will be chased
Chapter 509 The Immortal Body, the Great Sun Sect Fruit, Nie Feng’s Skill, and the Rise of the Origin Emperor
Chapter 510 The Golden Tiger Emperor escapes with half a step and kills him with one sword
Chapter 511: The Sacrifice Temple, the Five Giants, Make Donglai’s Spirit Visible
Chapter 512 The Secret of the Supreme Emperor and the Past of the Origin Emperor
Chapter 513 The war ends, the final winner
Chapter 514 The Origin Emperor wants to cooperate and kill the evil in the Zhenwu Temple
Chapter 515 Human Ambition, Road to the Starry Sky
Chapter 516 Storm in the Snowy Land, Want to Go to the Snowy Land
Chapter 517 Entering the realm of the Great Emperor and meeting with the Origin Emperor
Chapter 518: The power of the magician, controlling the Supreme Demonic Palace, refusing to accept suppression
Chapter 519 Pang Ban’s plan, those who dissatisfied will be treated as suppressed
Chapter 520 Meeting the Origin Emperor and exploring information
Chapter 521 Chaos Thunder Prison Tribulation, Hearing Again about Emperor Zhenwu, and the siege plan
Chapter 522 Half a step beyond Huangfu Ji, banned character Ji Wuxia
Chapter 523 WānWān, [Yingui Sect] Queen of Yin
Chapter 524 Extremely domineering, happy Buddha Sect
Chapter 525: Duan Lang appears, the blasphemer dies
Chapter 526: Devastated, no match at all
Chapter 527: Killing like a crusher, Monk Guan Kong appears
Chapter 528 The broken waves in the human world are the source of the enemy of heaven and Buddha
Chapter 529 Duan Lang transforms into a blue dragon and watches the ferocious beast Netherworld Blood Wolf in the sky
Chapter 530 Meeting in Taishang Demon Palace, who will be in charge from now on?
Chapter 531 Spiritual Power, Original Demon Sect, Nangong Jue
Chapter 532: Those who disobey will die, the Lord of Pangban Yuzhou
Chapter 533: Incomplete low-grade artifact, incomplete inferior artifact
Chapter 534 Appearing in the snowy land, the one who is about to die is coming.
Chapter 535 Jellyfish Yin Ji takes a strong move and crushes it with one palm
Chapter 536 Jiuhan Palace Ren Xuening, the female Bodhisattva of Buddhism
Chapter 537 Combat Power, Borrowing Strength, Heavenly Buddha and Sanskrit Sound
Chapter 538 The water force condenses and kills with force
Chapter 539: The abbot of the Happy Buddha Sect, the first of the three
Chapter 540 The holders of the mark of Zhenwu Emperor gather together
Chapter 541 Killing each other, devouring the emperor's seal
Chapter 542 Yu Peiyu, crushing attack, Bai Ruochen, Zhenwu Emperor
Chapter 543 The power of the dragon elephant, the body of the dragon elephant
Chapter 543 The power of the dragon elephant, the body of the dragon elephant
Chapter 544 Mu Yingxiong takes action to help Yu Peiyu
Chapter 545 A supreme step, Su Chen wants to meet Han Qingcheng
Chapter 546 Zhenwu Temple, the Tenth Hall Master Zhong Wuchen
Chapter 547: Surround and kill evil, use all your strength
Chapter 548 Fierce collision, Su Chen goes to Jiuhan Palace
Chapter 549 Moon God Stone, Moon God Seal, and a Demonic Corpse
Chapter 550: Under detachment, one sword, the corpse of the detachment demon, and the changes in the vast sea
Chapter 551 Three days later, Hanhai was born in the human world
Chapter 552 First Hearing of the Ancient Star Territory
Chapter 553 Yao Yue, Lord of Jiuhan Palace
Chapter 554 Yao Yue shows her strength and takes action with all her strength
Chapter 555 Cooperation, one of the centers of the ancient star field
Chapter 556 The Huanxi Sect appears and invites Yue to go to Kwai Shui City
Chapter 557: Happy Buddha Sect, Enlightenment Appears and Invites People from [Blue Dragon Society]
Chapter 558 Terrifying Power, Buddhist Vajra Body
Chapter 559 The Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, Yingyue Appears
Chapter 560: Counterattack before death, self-destruction, reincarnation of desire, invitation to lust in the moon
Chapter 561 The terrifying Yejia presides over and starts the Buddha War
Chapter 562: Nine Cold Heavenly Fire, Second Soul, Nine Desire Heavenly Buddha Seed,
Chapter 563 The Empress of the Tianxue Empire, the Origin of the Heavenly Buddha and the Land of the Four Buddhas
Chapter 564 Snow Moon Divine Armor, Sky Snow Devouring Divine Bow, Immortal Taoist Temple Immortal Heaven
Chapter 565: Lian Xing is born, Tianxue Empire strikes first
Chapter 566: Evil Dragon Body, Buddha Soul Sect, Soul Yuan Monk
Chapter 567 Take the lead and attack and kill the evil one
Chapter 568 Absolute advantage, Zhu Yanshous method
Chapter 569: Yao Yue takes another body, but Duan Lang still doesnt show up
Chapter 570: Vajra Arhats body, the supreme power, the evil dragon appears
Chapter 571: Sky-holding Sword, one sword kills the supreme, the blue blood illuminates the picture and revives
Chapter 572 Tianxue Empire, Tianjing Zen Monastery
Chapter 573 In the Bingxuan Mountains, blocking and fighting broke out,
Chapter 574 When both parties meet, take action when they meet
Chapter 575 In the human world, one emperor, three emperors, and five kings
Chapter 576 The real Han Qingcheng, powerful and domineering
Chapter 577 Huangfu Ji, one of the Five Kings, the Heavenly Evil King
Chapter 578 Huangfu Ji fights one against two and uses his strength to break the formation
Chapter 579 The first generation host of Huanxi Buddha Sect, Great Huanxi Buddha
Chapter 580 The shocking Empress Tianxue, Xue Qingmeng
Chapter 581 Sword energy attack, using spear as arrow
Chapter 582 Only those who are not killed by one blow are qualified, Tianxue Empress, Snow Moon Goddess
Chapter 583 Yuan world, four transcendent forces
Chapter 584 The fusion of immortal power, the remnant soul of Hou Yi, and the character Long Ers strength surges
Chapter 585 Shen Lang leaves Ten Thousand Immortals Island, human immortal level
Chapter 586 Momituo appears and attacks wildly
Chapter 587: Kill with one finger, who is she?
Chapter 588 Snow Emperor Ji Wuxia, Void God Thunder Tower
Chapter 589 Han Qingcheng appears with a strong attitude
Chapter 590: People have to accept their fate. This is the fate, so dont struggle.
Chapter 591 The Immortal Demon God Yin Zhong, the arrow is hidden, the person has not appeared, the arrow kills people
Chapter 592 Han Qingchengs outbreak, Ji Wuxia takes action
Chapter 593: Fairy sword, Han Qingcheng fell
Chapter 594 Moon Gods Heavenly Wheel, Moon Gods True Body Remains
Chapter 595 Twelve Heavenly Temple, Luo Zhongzhou
Chapter 596: Conspiracy against the Yin Queen, Yao Yue, and the Imperial Master of the Origin Dynasty
Chapter 597 Pang Ban breaks out, the shadow of the immortal demon god, the black hole in the sky, and the elder returns to his heart
Chapter 598: Heavenly Desire Xuan Monk dies, Huangfuji self-destructs
Chapter 599: The people from Tianyuan Holy Palace and the head of Tianchanyuan appear
Chapter 600 Yin Zhong appears, the emperor of the world and the devil
Chapter 601: Xuantian Evil Emperor, the First Emperor Appears
Chapter 602 Another wave, four great figures, three great feats
Chapter 603 One Emperor, Three Emperors, Five Kings, Complete
Chapter 604 Yin Zhong worships the mountain and rejoices in the Buddhist sect
Chapter 605: One person suppresses one sect, Yin Zhongwei comes to rejoice the Buddha sect
Chapter 606 You will die without a doubt, you will die without a doubt
Chapter 607 Dragon God Fist, Dragon God Power, crush with one punch
Chapter 608: Happy Buddha Sect is destroyed, blood flows like a river
Chapter 609 Great Joy Buddha, Black Buddha
Chapter 610: Putting the blame on Yin Zhong, the Demonic Sword of Heaven and Earth, and the Demonic Armor
Chapter 611 Fu Hongxue worships the mountain at Wanling Palace
Chapter 612: Kill with one sword, the original demon sect Wen Xian
Chapter 613: Dao Heart Seed Demon, Demon Seed Plan
Chapter 614 Spiritual illusion, invisible and invisible
Chapter 615 [Qinglong Club] President, challenges Yin Zhong
Chapter 616 The siege of the city, the three emperors and the five kings all appeared
Chapter 617 The world is just like this, will the Emperor show up?
Chapter 618 Xuantian Evil Emperor, frozen with one sword
Chapter 619 Arrows hidden, three arrows shot out, shooting the ape monk
Chapter 620 Yin Zhong breaks the curse and forces the Great Joyful Buddha to appear
Chapter 621: Hidden Fanhui Dance, Great Joyful Buddha Confronts Demon Emperor Yin Zhong
Chapter 622: Blood gathering, early stage of virtual god, dragon magic, dragon deification
Chapter 623: The three emperors surrounded and killed the Buddha, and the joyful Buddha died
Chapter 624 Yin Zhong came back from the dead
Chapter 625 Xuantian's shadow, kills Hei Mi with one sword, and forces Wu Sheng to die with one sword
Chapter 626 Zhongzhou, Tianfrei Pagoda, Monk Kuwu
Chapter 627: A Fire Demon Suppressed
Chapter 628 Leifer’s Mark, the Sacrifice
Chapter 629 The demons set out to attack Tianya Pavilion
Chapter 630 Guan Qi’s Invisible Sword Qi, Ancient Sword Soul, Tathagata Divine Palm
Chapter 631 The giants of Tianya Pavilion gather together
Chapter 632: Tie Zhongtang stands in the void, Tianya Pavilion is not simple
Chapter 633 Yàn Crazy and Ren Qianxing join forces
Chapter 634 Guan Yutian takes action and Yàn’s madman’s killing spree
Chapter 635: Kill the Heavenly Heart Demon with one sword, and the virtual god of the Demon Council appears
Chapter 636 Long Er, kills the virtual god with the sword, steps into the virtual god
Chapter 637 Liancheng Zhi, Smile Three Smiles appears
Chapter 638 The Grotto Tianfo Temple is to be evacuated, but the things must be left behind
Chapter 639: Five Poison Boy Poison Body, Five Alliance People Arrive
Chapter 640 The fifth level of immortals, the blood sacrifice begins
Chapter 641 The ancient giant bat swallowed two monks
Chapter 642 Su Chen’s attack, killing everything with one shot
Chapter 643 Giant bat monsters? Devouring each other
Chapter 644 Kill with one shot, blood sacrifice, and the Balrog appears
Chapter 645 Nine Phoenix Essence and Blood, Special Skill One-Armed Pluto Three Kowtows
Chapter 646: The Ten Most Powerful Paths, the Immortal Balrog,
Chapter 647 The last human immortal, Tianlu, the master of the mountain
Chapter 648: The Origin of Heavenly Buddha, the Second Deputy Tower Master of Heavenly Buddha Pagoda, and the True Divine Furnace of Heavenly Buddha
Chapter 649 Secondary True Artifact, Demon Council Gathers
Chapter 650 The undead vampire clan wants to destroy the Balrog clan
Chapter 651 Transcendence Gu Crystal, Ancient Immortal Sect Fragments
Chapter 652 Arrival at the Land of the Flame Demon Clan
Chapter 653: War breaks out, the Fire Demon clan is about to be destroyed
Chapter 654 Flame Flag, Flame God Tower, Suppression of Treasure Weapons
Chapter 655 Combat suppression, asking for help, killing with one palm
Chapter 656 Refining the crystal core, entering the late stage of False God, the terrifying Tianya Pavilion
Chapter 657 Twelve Heavens Palace, behind, the Ancient God of War Palace
Chapter 658 Ice Phoenix Spiritual Bone, Yin Zhong’s limited time unlock card
Chapter 659 Domineering Qin Muyang, the emperor and demon clan are worried about the night, and the eroded ancient bronze spear
Chapter 660: Send you on your way, Pluto kowtows, and his body self-destructs
Chapter 661 Tianyuan Holy Palace, Tianfrei Pagoda
Chapter 662 The three major royal families appear at Netherworld Inn, Ye Tianyou, and the Order of the Twelve Holy Sons
Chapter 663 Demons, ferocious beasts, Huizhongzhou
Chapter 664: Twelve Sacrifice of Heavenly Blood, Emperor Shenwu, Reincarnation of Medieval Demons
Chapter 665: Tianlu Bashan, personally passed down by the great master
Chapter 666 Suppression, provocation, Li Chenzhou’s power
Chapter 667: Turn against guests and attack with all strength
Chapter 668: Peak of boxing power, transcendence, traitor, father and son, second boss
Chapter 669 The Northern Dog’s best time, the Great Perfection of the False God
Chapter 670: The Palace of the Most Swords, the Origin of Divine Dynasty State Master Li Xuanyi
Chapter 671 Unborn Buddha, Tianjing Chanyuan
Chapter 672 Someone is paying for their lives, so we are here
Chapter 673 The Heart of Nothingness, Illusory Space, and Terror Li Xunhuan
Chapter 674 Under the flying knife, Guo Wu died and Lan Shen lost his soul
Chapter 675: Gathering at Tianluba Mountain, the second deputy tower master and others take action
Chapter 676 The last immortal, Lu Xun, appears
Chapter 677: Inciting secret hands to attack and kill Lu Xun