Chapter 519 Brother Mark

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Although Er Zhurong didn't know how many people Xue Rengui brought for the night attack this time, judging from his many years of experience, the number of enemy troops who came to attack tonight must be limited.

After all, it is easy to be discovered when there are many people involved in a night raid.

Er Zhurong guessed that Xue Rengui could lead at most two to three thousand people this time. Therefore, even if the camp was in chaos and there were wailings everywhere, Er Zhurong was not worried because they did not need to organize too many troops.

Only part of the troops need to be organized to form an effective resistance. As long as it lasts until daybreak, it will be enough to make this night attack army return without success, and it is even possible to destroy it.

"Nuo." After receiving Er Zhurong's order, the Qiang general left quickly and headed in the direction where Maxim and the two were.

"General Tie, General Wanyan, it's time for us to take action. Xue Rengui's real back-up man may be dispatched now." Er Zhurong looked at the little fires igniting in the army and said such meaningful words.

Wanyan Wu Qimai and Tie Shiwen were both very old foxes. Naturally they understood what Er Zhurong said, and there was a hint of solemnity in their eyes.

This night raiding force is probably just an appetizer. The real big fish is yet to come. If they cannot survive this disaster this time, they may be in danger in the future.

It can only be said that it is Xue Rengui. If the three of them were placed in the position of the other party, Er Zhurong and the others believed that even if they knew the location of the enemy's camp, they would not dare to take the initiative like Xue Rengui.

Launching a surprise attack on the enemy's camp.

Like Temujin, they would directly declare war on Xue Rengui. Perhaps for the first time, they would still conduct a test to see the true strength of the Bingzhou Army.

In this way, they will have a general understanding of the specific strength of the Bingzhou Army, so that they can make the next plan and maximize their chances of winning.


And the other side.

After receiving Er Zhurong's order, Maxim and Maxim did not dare to neglect at all, so they quickly gathered a force and went out.

However, they didn't know that just as they were gathering their troops, Xue Rengui had already led his cavalry to shuttle freely among the grassland coalition forces, and the speed was getting faster and faster, like the wind and lightning.

Maxim and Mark are two talented people cultivated by Changshengtian. At the same time, they also have an identity, that is, they are from the same school as Master Er Zhuyu.

With the strength of the two brothers, they were actually reluctant to join Er Zhurong. After all, the Qiang people were no longer what they used to be after Duan Xi's brutal killing.

It's just that the two of them are simple warriors. How can they be the opponents of the cunning Er Zhurong? With less than a few words of persuasion, they took several people with good connections in their lineage to defect to Er Zhurong.

After Er Zhurong's persuasion, they also realized that the Qiang people had certain advantages over the two brothers.

After all, with the strength of their brothers' junior war gods, if they defected to other forces, such as Xianbei, the largest force in the grasslands, they would still need to settle down a bit.

You must know that the Xianbei tribe is the supreme elder Helka of Changshengtian, who personally protects the ethnic group. It is really complicated inside, and it is not easy to get ahead.

The Qiang people are different. Once they join, they are the most powerful beings. Moreover, because Er Zhu Yujian is their fellow disciple, they know each other well.

This is exactly how you would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail.

As the two strongest war gods among Er Zhurong's generals, Er Zhurong naturally valued them very much. Not only did he give each of them a personal troop, but he also gave them some special rights to express his respect.

Just like the Maxim brothers, their private troops have their own special stables because of their privileges, and they are not the same as ordinary soldiers.

Of course, they are not the only ones. As long as they reach a certain status among the Qiang people, they will have soldiers. Moreover, their horses are not placed in the same stable as those of ordinary soldiers.

This is also done to deal with some emergencies, such as the current situation, and to give the grassland army time to react.

Therefore, the two brothers Maxim and Makdo hurriedly organized the personal troops of various generals. Naturally, there were Xianbei and Jurchen generals among them, and they also had personal troops under their command.

If you talk about a single branch, the number of people is really small, but if you gather together in one place, the number of people is very impressive.

However, even if they gathered thousands of personal troops, they found in the end that it seemed to be of little use. After all, Xue Rengui's cavalry could launch attacks unscrupulously in the grassland army, but the cavalry under Maxim and Mark Duo could not.


After all, this is their territory. The entire camp is basically composed of people from the grassland coalition. They must consider their own soldiers. Otherwise, if they do this, they may not kill Xue Rengui, but their own side will collapse first.


After all, it is night now, and the surroundings are completely dark, making it impossible to see the enemy or ourselves clearly. At this time, the rampage of war horses will undoubtedly increase the chaos in the army.

Once this happens, they are likely to open the way for the Han army. By then, the Han army may not have killed many, and they themselves may kill each other.

The people present were basically generals who were good at commanding cavalry, so they naturally knew these things very well.

The soldiers in the camp were from more than one army, including Qiang people, Xianbei people and Jurchens.

There is no doubt that they are all knights who have been trained with great effort from the Xianbei and other major tribes. Once they go on such a rampage, it will be unclear.

Marko believed that even if he gave the order to charge at this time, not many generals would obey, because no one knew whose knight they were trampling on!

You must know that the energy and money required to train a qualified cavalry is comparable to that of ordinary infantry. After all, without the assistance of physical strengthening spirit liquid, no matter how powerful the prairie people are, it will be difficult to grow into a

of a warrior.

How does the spiritual liquid come from? It is naturally prepared from medicinal materials. In the final analysis, it still needs money to buy it, or to sneak into the big man and dig it secretly.

It is precisely because of the protection of Changshengtian that the lives of these people will be better. They can use such luxurious methods to train soldiers and improve training efficiency.

Therefore, Maxim was a little at a loss at this time. It was definitely impossible to charge, but if he did not charge, he would have to watch the enemy troops wreak havoc in the camp.

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