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The Invincible World Summoned by the Late Han Dynasty

The Invincible World Summoned by the Late Han Dynasty


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Latest chapter:Chapter 534 Hundreds of Cavalry intercept the camp, Xue Rengui’s ‘breakthrough’

[System + fictional history + reincarnation invincible!] Wang Yu, the master of feather dragons from the secret army of the later generations, an invincible strongman who is unique in the world, half a step into the realm of heaven and man, came to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty because of an accident, the beginning He is the young patriarch of the Wang family in Taiyuan. In this era, there are as many innate masters as dogs, and master masters are everywhere. Even the realm of heaven and man, where the dragon has always seen its head but not its tail, is no longer a legend. Moreover, Wang Yu is most proud of It’s because he started with an awesome father. I am invincible under heaven and man, and I am invincible above heaven and man. I wake up to control the world, and I am drunk and lying on the knees of beautiful women. Let’s see how Wang Yu masters the invincible summoning system and leads Bai Qi and Xue Rengui.

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《The Invincible World Summoned by the Late Han Dynasty》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 534 Hundreds of Cavalry intercept the camp, Xue Rengui’s ‘breakthrough’
Chapter 533 Fearless, invincible
Chapter 532 Famous Jurchen General, Wanyan Loushi
Chapter 531 Er Zhurong’s anger
Chapter 530 Tie Shiwen’s Nine-Leaf Flying Dagger
Chapter 529 Wanyan Golden Bullets
Chapter 528 Rengui bends his bow and shoots Erzhu
Chapter 527 Ran Min VS Mark Brothers (Part 2)
Chapter 526: Use the other person's way to repay the other person's kindness
《The Invincible World Summoned by the Late Han Dynasty》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Rebirth in the Late Han Dynasty
Chapter 2 The Five Realms of Warriors
Chapter 3 Gai Xun
Chapter 4 Reincarnation Summoning System
Chapter 5 System Rules
Chapter 6 Wanyan Aguda
Chapter 7 Qin Yi
Chapter 8 Aiming for the King of Chuzhuang in the Central Plains
Chapter 9 Hell-level Beginning
Chapter 10 The No. 1 General of the Sixteen Kingdoms
Chapter 11 System Level 1
Chapter 12 Anyone who openly offends a strong man will be punished no matter how far away he is.
Chapter 13 Iron Arm Zhou Tong
Chapter 14 Zhang Tiankuo after Nie Yi
Chapter 15 Recruitment
Chapter 16 ‘Unreasonable’ Ghost Valley
Chapter 17 Zhou Tong
Chapter 18 Governor Zhang Yi
Chapter 19 Lin Chong and Zhou Yunqing
Chapter 20 The choice of weapons
Chapter 21 Martial Arts Master Zhou Tong
Chapter 22 Wang Yu vs Zhou Yunqing
Chapter 23 Crisis in Northern Xinjiang
Chapter 24 The Invincible General Liu Tianxiao
Chapter 25 The most powerful general of the Spring and Autumn Period, Du Hui
Chapter 26 The pressure from Du Hui
Chapter 27 Disappear easily
Chapter 28 Ning Luchen’s plan
Chapter 29 Divine Arm Yang Youji
Chapter 30 Brute Force, Sky Arrow
Chapter 31 Du Hui VS Liu Tianxiao (Part 1)
Chapter 32 Du Hui vs Liu Tianxiao (Part 2)
Chapter 33 Winning over
Chapter 34 Wang Yu’s request
Chapter 35 Dongfang Liancheng
Chapter 36 Wuding Hou Guo Ying
Chapter 37 Water Margin Special
Chapter 38 Wang Yin, Zhang Gongjin
Chapter 39 Featherless Arrow, Zhang Qing
Chapter 40 Famous Generals of Sui and Tang Dynasties
Chapter 41 Three Arrows Fix Tianshan, Xue Rengui
Chapter 42 Lottery (Part 1)
Chapter 43 Lottery (Part 2)
Chapter 44 The whereabouts of the ten famous swords
Chapter 45 Fan Zhongyan
Chapter 46 The truth about the fall of the Qin Dynasty
Chapter 47 Xue Rengui arrives
Chapter 48 Something happened
Chapter 49 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 50 Contest
Chapter 51 Dongfang Chengyu goes to battle
Chapter 52 Qi Wu
Chapter 53 Door God
Chapter 54 Meng Bi and Luo Shixin in this life
Chapter 55 Luo Shixin’s plan
Chapter 56 Luo Shixin’s Skills
Chapter 57 Fierce Battle
Chapter 58 Master Shang and Qin Qiong
Chapter 59 Cheng Yaojin’s Three Axes
Chapter 60 White Tiger Xue Rengui
Chapter 61 Divine Power
Chapter 62 The white tiger whip first establishes its power
Chapter 63 Yanmen Pass
Chapter 64 Murong Huang
Chapter 65 Yuan Xi
Chapter 66 Temporarily repelled
Chapter 67 Tragic
Chapter 68 United as one
Chapter 69 The Immortal Angel
Chapter 70 Life experience
Chapter 71 Murong Han
Chapter 72 War King Tan Shihuai
Chapter 73 Iron Wall
Chapter 74 Killing the Emperor
Chapter 75 Lu Chao, Lu Bu
Chapter 76 At stake
Chapter 77 Gun God
Chapter 78 Abnormal Skills
Chapter 79 Transformation
Chapter 80 Timely reinforcements arrived
Chapter 81 The strong man from heaven appears
Chapter 82 Wu Xinghai, the fierce general of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 83 Brothers working together can break gold!
Chapter 84 Eight Major Leaders
Chapter 85 Flying General Lu Bu
Chapter 86 Lu Fengxian’s magical arrow shows off his power
Chapter 87 Xianbei retreats
Chapter 88 Too late
Chapter 89 The frightened monarchs and ministers of Luoyang
Chapter 90 A great harvest
Chapter 91 To pursue or not
Chapter 92: Forging iron requires hard work
Chapter 93 The Wang family is in action
Chapter 94 The frustrated Liu Hong
Chapter 95 Persecution from aristocratic families
Chapter 96 Alien Strengthening
Chapter 97 Strengthening of all parties
Chapter 98 Er Zhurong and Li Zicheng
Chapter 99 System level 2, function enabled
Chapter 100 Liu Laozhi, the famous general of Beifu
Chapter 101 The Commander-in-Chief of the Golden Sword Palace and the Layman of Xiangshan
Chapter 102 Qin Xu, the governor of Yanmen, and Wang Bo, the governor of Bingzhou
Chapter 103 Behind the Yellow Turban Uprising
Chapter 104 Lu Bu’s allegiance
Chapter 105 Qilian Mountain, Guan Shanyue
Chapter 106 Wang Yu and the two who accidentally entered Hu Di
Chapter 107 Shooting the tiger horns to show off the power
Chapter 108 Lu Shuihu, Juqu Tribe
Chapter 109 The famous general comes to an end and the streets are deserted
Chapter 110 Imperial General Huangfu Song, Liangzhou Sanming Zhang Huan
Chapter 111 Han Sui appears on the Nine Bends of the Yellow River
Chapter 112 The first meeting between Wang Yu and Duan Xi
Chapter 113 The Two Heroes of the Ma Family
Chapter 114 System Lottery
Chapter 115 Invitation from Yan Zhong
Chapter 116 The Theory of Qiang Rebellion
Chapter 117 The downtrodden boy
Chapter 118 Reason
Chapter 119 Rescue
Chapter 120 Zhang Lan talks about Xu Zheng
Chapter 121 Tie Shiwen attacks Liaoxi
Chapter 122 On the Importance of Intelligence Organizations
Chapter 123 Poison Master Li Yishan
Chapter 124 Alien Summoning Card
Chapter 125 General and Prime Minister Shi Tianze
Chapter 126 The Secret Nature of Intelligence Organizations
Chapter 127 Building a Water Flow Room
Chapter 128 Only when a scholar has the will to die can he be fearless
Chapter 129 A fight to the death, fight to the death
Chapter 130 Monk Huiguang
Chapter 131 The strange old and young duo
Chapter 132 The big man’s fig leaf
Chapter 133 Murong Kai retreats
Chapter 134 Wei Kang Xia Yu
Chapter 135: Decisive killing, endless battles
Chapter 136 Golden Sword Tie Shiwen
Chapter 137 The Battle of Green Dragon and White Tiger, Xue Rengui vs. Tie Shiwen
Chapter 138 Generals gather together
Chapter 139: Strong generals come out together
Chapter 140 Brothers sacrifice to heaven, boundless magic power
Chapter 141 Dongfang Chengyu attacks
Chapter 142 One vs. Five
Chapter 143 The Great Victory in the Battle of Monan
Chapter 144 The First Call of Golden Force
Chapter 145 Ran Min and Gao Chong
Chapter 146 Killing Hu and Checks and Balances
Chapter 147 An angry Liu Hong
Chapter 148 Ran Min joins and defeats all the invincible opponents in Bingzhou
Chapter 149 Ran Min, the master of both swords and halberds
Chapter 150 Ran’s Wu Mourning, the Unrivaled King of Heaven
Chapter 151 Born to fight until death
Chapter 152 Luo Shixin’s hidden skills
Chapter 153 Tang Bohu lights up the fragrance of autumn
Chapter 154 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 155 The anger from the Han people
Chapter 156 The Beggar Army is Born
Chapter 157 The city fell and Yelvshulu appeared
Chapter 158: Unify the states and start plundering the city
Chapter 159 The mysterious mall exchange system
Chapter 160 The power elixir appears and the force breaks through
Chapter 161 I’m afraid the lottery will have a bumper harvest
Chapter 162 If you learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well, you will not be afraid of traveling around the world
Chapter 163 Wang Yu’s cousin Li Xiang
Chapter 164 Wang Yu’s Sugar Production Plan
Chapter 165 Dahan Baitang is born, business talents are in urgent need
Chapter 166 The founder of business...Wang Hai
Chapter 167 The Seven Heroes and Five Righteousnesses Appear
Chapter 168 The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Late Han Dynasty
Chapter 169: Sugar is selling well in Bingzhou, and the Han Emperor’s palace changes color
Chapter 170: Guanneihou, Tongzilang
Chapter 171 Planning Liangshan, the call begins
Chapter 172 Guo Wei and Chai Rong
Chapter 173: Everyone is a hero, but it is Ziying
Chapter 174 A plan against alien races
Chapter 175 The shock caused by the falling geese on the flat sand
Chapter 176 Traces of Guo Wei
Chapter 177 Dongshijie Village, the Three Heroes of the Ruan Family
Chapter 178: Mooring under Liangshan Mountain, the dry land suddenly becomes lawless
Chapter 179 The Three Heroes of the Ruan Family Seize the Water Village at Night, Guo Wei and Chen Bing in front of Liangshan Mountain
Chapter 180 Illness and Desperate Saburo
Chapter 181 Liu Guang cannot be ignored
Chapter 182 Guo Wei’s future plans
Chapter 183 The fierce ghost Yuan Shu on the road?
Chapter 184 The first meeting with Yuan Shu
Chapter 185 The mysterious little girl and the Xiping Stone Scripture
Chapter 186 Cai Wenji, a talented woman from Han Dynasty, and Yuan Benchu, a Ninja Turtle
Chapter 187 Two Disasters of Party Confinement in the Han Dynasty
Chapter 188 Yuan Benchu, a model in the world, and Zang Ziyuan, a heroic and upright person
Chapter 189 Just a small scene
Chapter 190 Jiangdong Erzhang Zhang Hong, Beggar Clan Leader Qiao Feng
Chapter 191 The Three Famous Generals of the Late Han Dynasty, Lu Zhi and Lu Ziqian
Chapter 192 Wang Zuozhi’s Talent Xun Wenruo
Chapter 193 The intimidation from Qin Qiong, a queen from a famous family
Chapter 194 The skyrocketing pleasure point
Chapter 195 The classical girl who appears in the Analects of Confucius
Chapter 196 The Cai Mansion in the School of Learning and the Sea of ??Learning
Chapter 197 Cai Wan is as sick as Xizi
Chapter 198 Liangzhou Fellowship Gathering of Talents
Chapter 199 Duan Jiongzhi is helpless
Chapter 200 Thrust and Sky Sword
Chapter 201 Main Mission 4 ‘Growth’
Chapter 202 The terrifying rewards of growth
Chapter 203 ‘I have never seen such a shameless person’.
Chapter 204: I remember the time when I was a fierce warrior and could swallow up thousands of miles like a tiger!
Chapter 205 Little people can also have great energy
Chapter 206 The influence of various schools of thought
Chapter 207 Doing Business
Chapter 208 System tasks with generous rewards
Chapter 209 Shang Zu Bai Gui
Chapter 210 Comments on Chen Yi and Yuedan
Chapter 211: Fifty avenues, forty-nine of them, one of them escapes
Chapter 212 The Wang family’s great talent and bravery
Chapter 213 The fierce general Hu Cheer comes to surrender
Chapter 214 Heartbeat
Chapter 215 Wenhui, the ‘conspiracy’ from Xun Yu
Chapter 216 Literary meeting, amazing skills
Chapter 217 Wenhui, Mo Shang is like jade, and the young master is unparalleled in the world!
Chapter 218 Wenhui, Manjianghong
Chapter 219 Cai Wan’s illness
Chapter 220 The most feared Holy Light Technique, the combination of the five tiger generals
Chapter 221 The famous legend begins in all directions
Chapter 222 Gai Yue’s Skills
Chapter 223 The Yuan Brothers, Brothers and Brothers
Chapter 224 Yuan Benchu, the world’s model
Chapter 225 A short meeting of the three filial sons
Chapter 226 Earn Thousands of Gold
Chapter 227 The three friends He Yong, Xu You, Wu Qiong, and Yuan Shao
Chapter 228 Yuan Shu, King of Chuzhuang
Chapter 229 Yuan Shu’s powerful team is so terrifying
Chapter 230 The heroes of the late Han Dynasty appear one after another
Chapter 231 The tragedy of Taixue
Chapter 232 The Wang family’s future development plan
Chapter 233 Something happened to Cai Yong, Wang Yu went to the palace
Chapter 234 The first meeting between Han Ling Emperor and Wang Yu
Chapter 235: Prince Ying sees each other off thousands of miles away, Yang Qiu secretly causes trouble
Chapter 236 Murder from the Yang Ball
Chapter 237 Gai Shetiger’s Divine Arrow Shows His Power
Chapter 238 Arriving safely at Shuofang
Chapter 239 Silver Random Summoning
Chapter 240 The heroine Qin Liangyu and the murderer Wang Litian
Chapter 241 The Han Dynasty strengthens and the Heavenly Man is born
Chapter 242 The Fall of a Famous General
Chapter 243: People leave for tea, the theory of Beimang Mountain
Chapter 244 The White Horse General Gongsun Zan is born
Chapter 245 Yuan Shao’s true face
Chapter 246 People from Taiping Road
Chapter 247 Discussing the Tao of the World, Zhang Jiao’s Ambition
Chapter 248 Dong Zhuo and Yuan Wei
Chapter 249 The longing of the girl from far away
Chapter 250 Business Talent Li Shan
Chapter 251 The hero Wang Ziying saves the beauty
Chapter 252 The Five Realms of Heaven and Humanity, the Golden Summoning Begins
Chapter 253 Fang Xuanling was born and all forces strengthened
Chapter 254 Tubo appears at the end of Han Dynasty, missions from the system
Chapter 255 The terrifying system cheating device
Chapter 256 The heavenly being of the Yuan family fell, and Wang Yu entered the palace as a man.
Chapter 257 The traitor Cao Cao returns to Beijing
Chapter 258 Cao Cao is good at hiding his clumsiness
Chapter 259 Cao Cao surrenders, amazing reward
Chapter 260 Guan Yu arrives
Chapter 261 Wang Yu gifts horses to win over Guan Yu
Chapter 262 Wang Yu presents another sword, Guan Yu’s three swords
Chapter 263 Guan Yu’s skills, Xun Yu’s visit
Chapter 264 The mastermind Xun You, a neglected talent
Chapter 265: Long History of the Northland, Brothers Farewell
Chapter 266 The dishonest Liu Hong and the furious Wang Yu
Chapter 267 Yicheng County Magistrate, Wang Yun Juxian
Chapter 268 The Hundred Calls of Water Margin Begins
Chapter 269 Luan Zhou, Li Pang and Bian Chen, all the famous generals are in their arms
Chapter 270 System Level 3
Chapter 271 A favor from a meal, Chu Xuan came to seek refuge
Chapter 272 At the foot of Langtou Mountain, Tianwan’s famous general Zhao Pusheng
Chapter 273 Qingtian Chuxuan VS Double Sword Zhao Pusheng
Chapter 274: Conquering Zhao Pusheng and other generals, blocking the way for young Xiang Yun
Chapter 275 Yicheng Xiangjia, Young Talent Xiang Yun
Chapter 276 Wang Yu’s test against Xiang Yun
Chapter 277 Capture Zhu Can alive and persuade him to surrender
Chapter 278 Arriving at Yicheng, the two heroes of the Kuai family
Chapter 279 The current situation of Yicheng, there are many aristocratic families
Chapter 280 Knocking on the Mountain and Shocking the Tiger
Chapter 281 Invitation from Cai Mao
Chapter 282 Frost Flower Sword is born, Wang Yu summons again
Chapter 283 The famous general Wang Ba, checks and balances are activated
Chapter 284 Unprecedented system checks and balances, all forces appear on the scene
Chapter 285 The son of the plane, the great mage is born
Chapter 286 Temujin and the time traveler Wang Mang
Chapter 287 The shocking war god Wang Teng, the powerful star king Wu Wenhua
Chapter 288 Hao Yongzhong, Xiao Hui, Chai Cun
Chapter 289 Wang Teng’s past and present life, heaven and man
Chapter 289 Past and present life, eventually becoming a heavenly being
Chapter 291 Prestige mission with generous rewards
Chapter 292 A value-for-money shopping mall exchange system
Chapter 293 Random political summons opens
Chapter 294 The missed Yelu Chucai, the famous prime minister Wang Dan is born
Chapter 295 Wang Anshi appears, father and son meet
Chapter 296 Traveling around the world and growing continuously
Chapter 297 Wang Yu and Dongfang Snow Song
Chapter 298 The fifth dimension breaks 90, and the summoning starts again
Chapter 299 Zhang Renyuan and Zhang Yide
Chapter 230 Zhang Xun and Liu Quan
Chapter 301 Wang Yu’s plan to establish the Zhuojun base
Chapter 302 All parties are planning, the Liaodong cavalry is coming
Chapter 303 Xu Feng and Wang Chen
Chapter 304 Fierce Killing, Tiger Crazy
Chapter 305 Dian Wei’s flying halberd captures Dian Nan
Chapter 306 Water can carry a boat, but it can also capsize it!
Chapter 307 Famous General Zhongli, Chang Yizhi
Chapter 308 The Way to Peace that Starts a Prairie Fire (Part 1)
Chapter 309: The Way of Peace that Starts a Prairie Fire (Part 2)
Chapter 310 Xu Wu comes and Zhang Renyuan waits for work
Chapter 311 Valley War, Dian Wei Xianwei
Chapter 312 The battle is over, the Liu and Song families are destroyed
Chapter 313 News about Liu Bei
Chapter 314 Zhuojun establishes his power and kills him instantly with one move
Chapter 315 Li Yang surrenders, Wang Yu visits Liu Xuande
Chapter 316 The real Liu Bei
Chapter 317 Zhang Fei VS Du Sheng, crazy battle awakening
Chapter 318 The battle of wits and courage with Liu Bei, Liu Haitian appears
Chapter 319 Zhang Xun, the governor of Zhuojun, and Wang Yu return to Bingzhou
Chapter 320 The Eighth Lieutenant of Yanmen
Chapter 321 Zhang Liao and Gao Shun, the Yanmen Army surrenders
Chapter 322 Skyrocketing Summoning Points and Pleasure Points
Chapter 323 Miracle Doctor An Daoquan and Zhuyan Dan
Chapter 324 Tianchen Sacred Heart Pill and Wild Python Formation
Chapter 325: Expanding the Army by 150,000
Chapter 326 Cai Yong returns to Luoyang, Cao family’s talents
Chapter 327 The two Xiahous, the divine generals, and the troublemaker Wei Zhongdao
Chapter 328 Wang Yu beats Wei Zhongdao
Chapter 329 Blackmailing Wei Zhongdao, Wang Yu’s real plan
Chapter 330 Huaxia Chamber of Commerce Auction House, Po Zong Dan
Chapter 331 The hot auction house, competing for bids
Chapter 332 Zhuyan Dan appears, everyone goes crazy
Chapter 333 Xuanyin Sect Saint Xianyin’er
Chapter 334 Golden Force Summons, Gao Chong and Jiang Song
Chapter 335 Jiang Song and Yan Yun’s Eighteen Cavalry
Chapter 336 Full Value Business Boss Shen Wansan
Chapter 337 The Yellow Turbans and the Strengthening of Xianbei
Chapter 338: Han Wu Xiongfeng, Emperor Wu was born
Chapter 339 Everyone is divided into different families, and everyone has something to gain
Chapter 340 Wu Song and Li Ling
Chapter 341 Huangfu Song vs. Er Zhurong (Part 1)
Chapter 342 Tianzhu General Er Zhurong
Chapter 343 The traitor Yao Chang VS Qiwu Dongfang
Chapter 344 Huangfu Song vs. Er Zhurong (Part 2)
Chapter 345 Huangfu Song vs. Er Zhurong (Part 2)
Chapter 346 Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang Appears
Chapter 347 Yellow Turban Uprising, a prairie fire
Chapter 348: The court is frightened and everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 349 People feel refreshed during happy events
Chapter 350 Overt and covert struggles between aristocratic families
Chapter 351 Conflict between aristocratic families and imperial power
Chapter 352 Emperor Han calls Huangfu Song back to Beijing
Chapter 353 Nangong Xue (Part 1)
Chapter 354 Nangong Xue (Part 2)
Chapter 355 Nangong Xue (Part 2)
Chapter 356 Po Jun goes to battle, life and death
Chapter 357 The battle with Nangong ends, regrettably defeated
Chapter 358 The emperor was so angry that he laid down millions of corpses
Chapter 359 The Wrath of the Emperor, Luoshui flowing with blood
Chapter 360 As soon as an expert takes action, he will know if there is any
Chapter 361 Pointing out a clear path for the Yellow Turban Army
Chapter 362 The Yellow Turban Army is getting stronger and stronger
Chapter 363 Abandoning history and starting animal husbandry, Liu Hong’s madness
Chapter 364 Liu Che’s ambition, Zhao Yun appears
Chapter 365 Changping Relics, Gentian Bright Silver Spear
Chapter 366 Zhao Zilong goes to Wang Yu in the north, and Zhang Ranming appears in Bingzhou
Chapter 367: Wang Ziying merges with the state to prepare for war, and Emperor Ling of Han lifts the party imprisonment
Chapter 368 Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty divided his forces into three groups to fight against the Yellow Turbans. Cao Mengde took up the post of Changshuiying
Chapter 369 Outside the West Garden Gate, a warning from the Han Emperor
Chapter 370 Li Jin and Zhao Yun
Chapter 371 Invitation from Wang Yu, Zhao Yun joins the Bingzhou Army
Chapter 372 The call before the Hetao War
Chapter 373 Famous General of the Northern Song Dynasty, Di Qing
Chapter 374 War rages in the Central Plains, and the main force of the Han army goes into battle
Chapter 375 Huangfu Song won the first battle, and hundreds of thousands of people watched from outside Wei County
Chapter 376 The Han army lost in three major battlefields, and the Battle of Hetao began
Chapter 377 Murong Yuangong is stationed in Bingzhou, and the forces of all parties are changing.
Chapter 378 Aliens gather in Hanshan Mountain, Duan Ying rides her horse into the river
Chapter 379 Liu Hu’s final decision, the attack from Di Qing
Chapter 380 Northern Huns Divine General Sadhua
Chapter 381 Wang Ya joins forces to fight against General Hu, attack from Shi Xiang
Chapter 382 Wang Zhenqiang challenges Sadhua, and Shi Xiang wins the reputation of the whole army
Chapter 383 Duan Jiong’s plan, martial arts and blood gun
Chapter 384 Duan Jiong kills the general, and the blood gun shows its power
Chapter 385 Veteran Orchid Tea Ceremony
Chapter 386 Duan Jiong VS Three Generations Under One roof (Part 1)
Chapter 387 The Orchid Tea Ceremony is extremely brilliant, and Duan Jiao is full of firepower
Chapter 388 Duan Qiao VS Three Generations Under One roof (Part 2)
Chapter 389 Duan Jiong vs Three Generations Under One roof (Part 2)
Chapter 390 The Lannuo Heavenly Halberd is strengthened and Wang Feng’s Golden Hammer appears.
Chapter 391 Wang Feng’s golden hammer shows off his power, while Zhi Xiong is defeated and flees
Chapter 392 The great victory at Chifeng Pass, Tan Shihuai’s response
Chapter 393 Liu Hai’s Heavenly Soldiers Divided into Two Groups, Chang Yi’s Battle with the Yellow Turbans
Chapter 394 Xu Jinlong’s Hundreds of Riders rob the Yellow Turban, Chu Qingtian goes north to rescue Yuancheng
Chapter 395 Commentary Edition Huang Zhong, Bronze Wall Zhao Pusheng
Chapter 396 Yun Xiaohu vs Zhao Pusheng (Part 1)
Chapter 397 Fan Yuming dies at the hands of his opponent, Zhao Pusheng’s critical attack begins
Chapter 398 Overlord (pseudo), burst
Chapter 399 Yun Xiaohu VS Zhao Pusheng (Part 2)
Chapter 400: Plans from all sides, assault from Huang Zhong
Chapter 401: Huang Han rises to become a powerful archer, but Yun Zilan has no choice but to retreat.
Chapter 402 Chu Xuan’s acting skills
Chapter 403 Late night planning, Chu Gong’s ambition
Chapter 404 Zhang Mancheng comes, Yun Kuang’s plan
Chapter 405 Jiang Li goes to battle and kills the general in the first battle
Chapter 406 Jiang Li suffered a huge defeat in front of the formation, Xu Feng fought against Hou Yuzai
Chapter 407 Xu Feng fights Pang Wan, Guan Ying (Part 1)
Chapter 408 Xu Feng fights Pang Wan, Guan Ying (Part 2)
Chapter 409 Changyi’s Iron Wall Fortified City, Zhang Renyuan’s Wisdom to Respond to the Enemy
Chapter 410 Renyuan suspected his troops and retreated from the Yellow Turbans, while Haitian had no choice but to retreat from the army.
Chapter 411 Zhuojun Butcher, dare to fight
Chapter 412 Zhang Fei’s decision, a breakthrough on the battlefield?
Chapter 413 Zhang Fei was stabbed and in danger
Chapter 414 Flame Dragon Armor, Fusion
Chapter 415: Fighting General in Front of the Formation, Chang Yoshi's Assault
Chapter 416 Collision between Cavalry
Chapter 417 Inherited by Heaven, Liu Haitian’s Skills
Chapter 418 The Battle of Yangzhou, Jiangdong Tiger Sun Jian Appears
Chapter 419 Xu Da’s plan, Zhu Muying suddenly appears in Wuyang
Chapter 420 The Golden Hammer will take action and Wuyang City falls
Chapter 421 Yunji’s plan, the crisis of Changshe
Chapter 422 Zhu Jun’s strategy to defeat the enemy
Chapter 423 Yuan Gongli took the initiative to ask for help, while Sun Shuao waited for work.
Chapter 424 Yunji plotted against Zhu Jun, and Zhu Jun’s plan showed his power
Chapter 425 Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 426 Hero VS Wu Jing
Chapter 427 Li Wenzhong’s life and death crisis, Zhong Moli flies to the rescue
Chapter 428 Sun Shuao came to help in time, Zhu Gongwei advanced in defeat
Chapter 429 Nothing but morale
Chapter 430 Fighting Generals Under the City (Part 1)
Chapter 431 Hun 100,000 vs. Thunder General Jin Chengying
Chapter 432 Thunder will kill Dou Hao
Chapter 433 Fighting Generals Under the City (Part 2)
Chapter 434: All parties ask for a fight, and the melee begins (Part 1)
Chapter 435 Thunder will destroy the devil
Chapter 436 Zhu’s Three Heroes
Chapter 437: All parties ask for a fight, and the melee begins (Part 2)
Chapter 438 A tiger passes by
Chapter 439: All parties ask for a fight, and the melee begins (Part 2)
Chapter 440 Kill Tang Meng and punish him for ten thousand years
Chapter 441 Fighting Generals Under the City (Part 2)
Chapter 442 The King of Breakthrough Li Zicheng
Chapter 443 Under the heavy reward, there must be a brave man
Chapter 444 Liu Guang’s Skills, Han Loyalty
Chapter 445: Capturing the enemy general’s head from an army of ten thousand horses
Chapter 446 Qin Qiong strengthens his martial strength, Qin Xu VS Huang Chao
Chapter 447 Qin and Yi merged with the state to come to help, Shicheng spied on Jiujiang
Chapter 448 As long as I want to run away, you can’t catch me
Chapter 449 Iron Wall
Chapter 150 Yellow Turbans attack, Guang’an shows its power
Chapter 451 Zhang Fei VS Shentu Town, a breakthrough in battle
Chapter 452: Flying arrows from the south of the palace rescue Zhang Fei, while Wang Le is trapped in Ji County
Chapter 453 Xu Kun fell into the trap and all the former army was lost
Chapter 454 Jiang Xian won first and then lost, Wang Yin withdrew safely
Chapter 455 Wang Le’s military skills
Chapter 456 The War at Huguan, Wu Wenhua Appears (Part 1)
Chapter 458 The War at Huguan, Wu Wenhua Appears (Part 2)
Chapter 459 The War at Huguan, Wu Wenhua Appears (Part 2)
Chapter 460: Everyone asks for a fight, Murong Ke’s strategy (Part 1)
Chapter 461: Everyone asks for a fight, Murong Ke’s strategy (Part 2)
Chapter 462: Continuous explosion of skills, group of generals fight against Wu Wenhua
Chapter 463 Luo Shixin vs. Wu Wenhua (Part 1)
Chapter 464 Luo Shixin vs. Wu Wenhua (Part 2)
Chapter 465 The shackles of martial arts are loosened
Chapter 466 Qiao Daoqing’s strategy
Chapter 467: Not sealing the sword for three days
Chapter 468 The siege begins
Chapter 469 The benevolent general Murong Ke
Chapter 470 The Battle of Hetao Begins
Chapter 471 Temujin’s attack
Chapter 472 The grudges between the Wang family and the Han family
Chapter 473: Zongheng broke out, and the war of words broke out
Chapter 474 The Contest between Tianjiao and Shehu
Chapter 475 The Four Treasures General Shang Master and Disciple
Chapter 476 Gun King Zhou Yunqing VS Orleans
Chapter 477 Zhan Xiao VS Hero
Chapter 478 Peak Divine General Zhou Yunqing
Chapter 479 The entanglement between An Dianbao and Dongfang Chengyu
Chapter 480 The Three Gods of War take action, An Dianbao’s martial arts skills
Chapter 481 Mongolian horses and Mangu’s evil tactics appear
Chapter 482 Luo Yi and Yàn Yun’s bloody murder
Chapter 483 Yàn Yun’s Eighteen Cavalry Attacks
Chapter 484 Jingbian
Chapter 485 Eastern Galaxy
Chapter 486 The Five Tigers of Nanchen will show their power
Chapter 487 Eastern Galaxy VS Orleans (Part 1)
Chapter 488 The dragon fights in the wild, its blood is black and yellow, the blood dragon king dust
Chapter 489 Lu Mixiu and Lu Fa
Chapter 490 Lu Mixiu in rage
Chapter 491: The East rushes into battle and beheads generals, the Kuhl brothers sacrifice to heaven
Chapter 492 Raging Dragon
Chapter 493 The fierce, brave and resourceful Captain Qiao
Chapter 494 The blood dragon takes action and the whole army increases again
Chapter 495: Shojiro rides his horse into battle and kills the enemy with his precious spear.
Chapter 496 Riding God Temujin
Chapter 497: Dragon and Elephant’s Power, Turning Mountains and Seas
Chapter 498 Brave Luo Rong
Chapter 499 Blood Blade Sha Bin
Chapter 500 Qiao Shefei arrives
Chapter 501 Qiao Shefei kills the general, the anger from Luo Rong
Chapter 502 Yan Jue’s God-killing Slash
Chapter 503 Two Tigers and One Side VS Tuoba (Part 1)
Chapter 504 Three Tigers and One Party VS Tuoba (Part 2)
Chapter 505 The Sky Guards go to battle
Chapter 506 The defeat of Temujin’s army
Chapter 507 Wang Yu bends his bow and shoots Lao Tie
Chapter 508 Cut off the beard and robe
Chapter 509 Temujin’s Blood Oath, Unstoppable Until Death Begins
Chapter 510 A cool song
Chapter 511 The grassland mission begins, Wang Yu’s ambition
Chapter 512 Population Summoning
Chapter 513: Misfortunes are where blessings depend
Chapter 514 Xue Rengui finally appears
Chapter 515 Eight hundred people who dare to die?
Chapter 516 Pre-battle speech
Chapter 517 Xue Rengui’s transformation and growth
Chapter 518: On a dark and windy night, killing people and setting fires
Chapter 518: On a dark and windy night, killing people and setting fires
Chapter 519 Brother Mark
Chapter 520: Overturning the river, shaking the sky and imprisoning the dragon
Chapter 521 Ran Min VS Mark Brothers (Part 1)
Chapter 522 Ran Min VS Mark Brothers (Part 2)
Chapter 523: Prisoning the Dragon and Trapping the Tiger
Chapter 524 The Three Realms of Power, Ran Mins Dark Power
Chapter 525 Markos brute force skills
Chapter 526: Use the other person's way to repay the other person's kindness
Chapter 527 Ran Min VS Mark Brothers (Part 2)
Chapter 528 Rengui bends his bow and shoots Erzhu
Chapter 529 Wanyan Golden Bullets
Chapter 530 Tie Shiwen’s Nine-Leaf Flying Dagger
Chapter 531 Er Zhurong’s anger
Chapter 532 Famous Jurchen General, Wanyan Loushi
Chapter 533 Fearless, invincible
Chapter 534 Hundreds of Cavalry intercept the camp, Xue Rengui’s ‘breakthrough’