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king of all forms

king of all forms

author:Cecilia potatoes

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 22:55

Latest chapter:Chapter 1,320: Passing by ghosts without entering

There are ten thousand aspects in heaven and earth. And I, Li Luo, will eventually become the king of all ten thousand aspects. Following 'Fights to Break the Sphere', 'Martial Arts', 'The Great Master' and 'Yuan Zun', Tiancan Tudou is another fantasy masterpiece.

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《king of all forms》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,320: Passing by ghosts without entering
Chapter 1,319 Hidden danger?
Chapter 1,318 Treasure Hunting Attributes
Chapter 1317 Zhang Jicheng
Chapter 1316 Treasure Girl
Chapter 1315 Detachment
Chapter 1,314 Many Ghosts
Chapter 1,313 Li Lingjing’s situation
Chapter 1,312 Guiyihui’s plan
《king of all forms》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 I Have Three Phase Palaces
Chapter 2 The fiancee who does not want to break off the marriage
Chapter 3 Li Luo who wants to break off the marriage
Chapter 4 Golden Dragon Treasures
Chapter 5 Pei Hao
Chapter 6 The Phase of the Day After Tomorrow
Chapter 7 Choice
Chapter 8 A New Beginning
Chapter IX Discussions in the House
Chapter 10 White Eyed Wolf
Chapter 11 Energy Channeling
Chapter Twelve Phase Force Cultivation
Chapter Thirteen Li Luo of the Bottomless Pit
Chapter 14 The Angry Cai Wei
Chapter 15 Back to the school again
Chapter 16 Phase Force Tree
Chapter 17 Competition for Gold Leaf
Chapter 18 The first appearance
Chapter Nineteen Li Luo's Picture
Chapter 20 One wear three
Chapter 21 Preliminary Exam
Chapter 22: The Price of Ranking Sixth Grade
Chapter 23 Xiyang House
Chapter 24 Yan Lingqing
Chapter 25 The Tempering Master
Chapter 26 The ordinary preliminaries
Chapter 27 First-grade refining room
Chapter 28 Li Luo's First Bottle of Spiritual Water Qiguang
Chapter 29 Children
Chapter 30 Yu Lang
Chapter 31: Encountering a Strong Enemy
Chapter Thirty-Two
Chapter 33 Egg Hits Stone
Chapter 34 Li Luo's Water Mirror Technique
Chapter 35: A draw
Chapter 36 The Market of Yipin
Chapter 37 The President's Dispute
Chapter 38 The Secret Source Water
Chapter 39 Enhanced version of Qingbi Lingshui
Chapter 40: Sniper at Matsukoya
Chapter 41 The position of the president
Chapter 42 The Governor's Palace
Chapter 43 Sixth Grade Water Light Phase
Chapter 44 The big exam is coming
Chapter 45: Bailing Garden
Chapter 46 The Young Mansion Master of Ye Luzi
Chapter 47: The ancestry of being punished
Chapter 48: I met Shi Kong
Chapter 49 Opening of the Big Exam
Chapter 50 Exams require brains
Chapter 51: Three Zeros
Chapter 52 The Ghost-faced Devil's Vine Tree
Chapter 53: Lian Zhong
Chapter 54 The fishing trio
Chapter 55: The Mist
Chapter 56 Seduction
Chapter fifty-seven water awn technique
Chapter fifty-eight
Chapter 59: Bailing Market
Chapter 60 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 61: Hunting Lu Qinger
Chapter 62 Ice Jade Hand
Chapter 63 The old-fashioned hero to save the beauty appeared
Chapter 64 Hostages
Chapter 65 I'm Alright
Chapter 66 Li Luo is very angry
Chapter 67 Li Luo is about to start pretending
Chapter 68 Li Luo wants to pretend to be big
Chapter 69 The Great War Master Kong
Chapter 70 Li Luo's Arrow
Chapter 71 Don't dare to jump
Chapter 72 Why are you forcing me?
Chapter 73 The big exam is over
Chapter 74 Song Qiuyu
Chapter 75 Are you going to assassinate me?
Chapter 76 The Song Family's Foreign Aid
Chapter 77: The third section of the teacher
Chapter 78 The Revenge of the Old Dean
Chapter 79 Vacation
Chapter 80 Start to prepare for the second phase of the day after tomorrow
Chapter 81 The Great Festival
Chapter 82: Meeting Mo Ling Again
Chapter 83 Entanglement
Chapter 84 Five Grades
Chapter 85 Joint Refinement
Chapter 86 Reversal
Chapter 87 The upgrade of Xiyang House again
Chapter 88 Prepare to leave
Chapter 89 The situation in Luolan Mansion
Chapter 90 Si Qiuying
Chapter 91 Goodbye Jiang Qing'e
Chapter 92 The special relationship between the two
Chapter 93: Si Tianming
Chapter 94 Ceremony
Chapter 95 The Mutiny President
Chapter 96 Xiyangwu Headquarters
Chapter 97 Li Luo wants to be the president
Chapter 98: Li Luo's Wrist
Chapter 99 Want to resign
Chapter 100 Baoxing Headquarters
Chapter 101 Du Ze Bei Xuan
Chapter 102 Bear Child
Chapter 103 The Prodigal
Chapter 104 Yu Hongxi, Gong Luan Yu
Chapter 105 Jiang Qing'e's warning
Chapter 106: Forging Wood and Soil Phases
Chapter 107: The Teacher Realm
Chapter 108 Something went wrong
Chapter 109 The Emperor's Slurry
Chapter 110 will divide heaven and earth, and also divide dragon and tiger
Chapter 111: Freshmen Strength List
Chapter 112: The first appearance
Chapter 113 The day of school
Chapter 114 Sister Flower and Duze Red Lotus
Chapter 115: Be Small or Big
Chapter 116 Do you want to provoke me?
Chapter 117 Deputy Dean Su Xin
Chapter 118 Shen Jinxiao
Chapter 119 Shen Jinxiao's Means
Chapter 120 Was Encircled and Suppressed
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One
Chapter 122 containment and interception
Chapter 123 Fishing Forest
Chapter 124 confrontation
Chapter 125 Battle Capital Zebeixuan
Chapter 126 Continue to fight
Chapter 127 Iron-Blooded Yu Lang
Chapter 128 Bipolar Revealed
Chapter 129: The Binding of Ten Thousand Trees and the Heavy Water Technique
Chapter 130 Choosing a Teacher
Chapter 131 Everyones encounters
Chapter 132 The selection of teachers is over
Chapter 133 Gong Shenjun
Chapter 134 The second step
Chapter 135 Instructor Xi Chan
Chapter 136 Aliens
Chapter 137 Captain
Chapter 138 Various groups
Chapter 139 My teammates
Chapter 140 The first lecture
Chapter 141: Calculation
Chapter 142 Xiang Xi
Chapter 143 Under the Xiangli Tree
Chapter 144 Li Luos suggestion
Chapter 145: Climbing a tree for the first time
Chapter 146 Li Luos Endurance
Chapter 147 Flower Seeds
Chapter 148 The pestering Wang Hejiu
Chapter 149 Personality Charm
Chapter 150 School Points
Chapter 151 Training
Chapter 152 The positioning of the squad
Chapter 153 Impeachment
Chapter 154 Super Little Rich Woman
Chapter 155: Incense at the Tomb
Chapter 156 Accidental Residues
Chapter 157 Bai Mengmeng's request
Chapter 158: Difficult life
Chapter 159 Training of the two teams
Chapter 160 The two women face off
Chapter 161 The first battle of the team
Chapter 162 Wind Arrow Iron Cavalry
Chapter 163: Gathering Style
Chapter 164 Governor Team
Chapter 165 Team Name
Chapter 166 Ranking battle starts
Chapter 167 was besieged
Chapter 168 Counterattack
Chapter 169 encounter
Chapter 170 Convergence
Chapter 171 Setting up a bureau
Chapter 172 Breaking the game
Chapter 173 I like it too
Chapter 174 Are you comfortable?
Chapter 175 Lost money
Chapter 176: A good show begins
Chapter 177 The opening of the war
Chapter 178: The Cooperation of Physiognomy
Chapter 179 Jiang Qing'e and the eldest princess
Chapter 180: The Power of Two Phases
Chapter 181 Emerald Wood Arrow
Chapter 182 The Invitation of the Princess
Chapter 183 Sunset
Chapter 184 points first
Chapter 185 Jinxiao Plan
Chapter 186: Hei Pao Feng Hou
Chapter 187: Exchange Emperor Slurry
Chapter 188 Birthday
Chapter 189 No worries
Chapter 190 One hundred thousand points
Chapter 191: Underground Palace
Chapter 192 Secrets
Chapter 193 The goal is to strengthen Luolan Mansion
Chapter 194 Promotion Planning
Chapter 195: In front of the headquarters
Chapter 196: Eat It All
Chapter 197: Destroyed
Chapter 198 Assessment
Chapter 199 Invitation
Chapter 200 Strong Body
Chapter 201 Destruction
Chapter 202: Golden Dragon Secret Key
Chapter 203: Celebration
Chapter 204: A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 205 Zhu Xuan
Chapter 206: Secret Key Competition
Chapter 207 Qinggang Wind
Chapter 208 Taking advantage of the trend
Chapter 209: Zhu Xuan's Request
Chapter 210 Tool Man
Chapter 211: Attempt to treat
Chapter 212 Treatment Results
Chapter 213 A Further Relationship
Chapter 214: No more
Chapter 215: A Helping Hand
Chapter 216 The third assessment
Chapter 217 Hongni Lingshui
Chapter 218: The gift bag is poisonous
Chapter 219 Countermeasures
Chapter 220: Buying Herbs
Chapter 221: Vice President Ning Yu
Chapter 222: Yuhongxi's Proposal
Chapter 223 Antidote
Chapter 224 Semi-finished products
Chapter 225 Li Luo made a move
Chapter 226 Detoxification
Chapter 227 Concern from all parties
Chapter 228: Waves End
Chapter 229: Pei Hao's Trace
Chapter 230: Night Attack
Chapter 231 Enshrining the Elders
Chapter 232: The Pressure After Half a Year
Chapter 233: The So-Called Dark Cave
Chapter 234: Heterogeneous Intelligence
Chapter 236 Four Star Formula
Chapter 237: Ye Chengying
Chapter 238: Opening of the Dark Cave
Chapter 239: Choice
Chapter 240: Looking for Cooperation
Chapter 241 My heart is fearless
Chapter 242: No. 13 Purification Base
Chapter 243: Disagreement
Chapter 244 Confusion
Chapter 245: The Hand Spider and the Route
Chapter 246: Dark Spirit Pond
Chapter 247 The Team's Independent Task
Chapter 248: Strange Eyes
Chapter 249 Cannibalism
Chapter 250: Activating the Purification Tower
Chapter 251 Stripping
Chapter 252 Perfect Performance
Chapter 253 Outside the restricted area
Chapter 254: Dark Spirit Leaf
Chapter 255 Competition
Chapter 256: Dazzling Husband and Mad Demon
Chapter 257 Thirty-eight Ladders
Chapter 258 Shock Limit
Chapter 259: Crossing Two Levels
Chapter 260: Squeeze
Chapter 261: Li Luo's Business Acumen
Chapter 262 Li Luo's Thoughts
Chapter 263 Changes in the restricted area
Chapter 264 Alien Aliens
Chapter 265: The Disappearing Alien
Chapter 266: The Smiling Face on the Wall
Chapter 267: Seeds of Evil Thought
Chapter 268: Choice
Chapter 269 Stronghold Transmission Tower
Chapter 270 Controversy
Chapter 271 Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 272 Rescue
Chapter 273: Deep Pollution
Chapter 274: Red Lotus Squad Returns
Chapter 275: Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 276 The natural disaster is coming
Chapter 277 Alien Siege
Chapter 278: Backlash from Evil Thoughts
Chapter 279: The Smiley Demon’s Method
Chapter 280 Opportunity
Chapter 281: Beheading
Chapter 282: Desperation
Chapter 283 Li Luo's Plan
Chapter 284: Closing the town
Chapter 285: Dean Pang Qianyuan
Chapter 286: Leading the Beast Out of the Mountain
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh: The fox pretends to be the tiger
Chapter two hundred and eighty eighth race against time
Chapter 289 Rescue arrives
Chapter 290: The Lonely Forward Knight
Chapter 291: Hero
Chapter 292 Two Tigers Fighting
Chapter 293: Qing Luan
Chapter 294: The Eldest Princess Arrives
Chapter 295: Sealing the Three-tailed Giant Beast
Chapter 296 Dark Red Bracelet
Chapter 297: Sealed Noble Phantasm
Chapter 298: Dean's Request
Chapter 299: Heavenly Curse
Chapter 300: Black River of Evil Thoughts
Chapter 301: Teleportation Formation Opens
Chapter 302 The Second Division Arrives
Chapter 203: Ceremony
Chapter 304 Arch Fire
Chapter 305 Li Bi
Chapter 306: Appearance Requirements
Chapter 307 Li Luo's Haikou
Chapter 308: Through the Back Door
Chapter 309: Big Baby Bai Mengmeng
Chapter 310: Butterfly Spiritual Water
Chapter 311: An Embarrassing Moment
Chapter 312: The Spirituality of Competence
Three hundred and thirteenth chapter seven grades of water and light
Chapter 314 Invitation
Chapter 315: Han Zhi
Chapter 316: Ling Zhaoying
Chapter 317 Hacking You
Chapter 318 Competing with the fifth-grade tempering master
Chapter 319 Successful refining
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty
Chapter 321 Shocked me
Three hundred and twenty second chapter sixty-six
Chapter 323: Enough
Chapter 324: The Xiyang House of the Fragrant Pastry
Three hundred and twentieth chapters siblings
Three hundred and twentieth chapters celebration party
Chapter 327: Hooligans
Chapter 328 Riding with the Eldest Princess
Chapter 329: Ambition
Chapter 330: Heartfelt Words
Chapter 331 Reward
Chapter 332 Lin Suo
Chapter 333 Space Ball
Chapter 334 Daojin and Duobaochi
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters secret phase preservation
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters phase bubble technique
Chapter 337 Enter
Chapter 338: Golden Dragon Dojo
Chapter 339: Such a Situation
Chapter 340: The most poisonous beating
Chapter 341: Ji Falcon with Complicated Emotions
Chapter 342: Siege
Chapter 343 Golden Dragon Qi
Chapter 344: Luck
Three hundred and fortieth chapters intercepted
Three hundred and fortieth chapters surrounded by wolves
Chapter 347: Negotiation
Chapter 348: Pack of Wolves Fighting
Three hundred and fortieth IX role change
Chapter 350 Meeting Again
Chapter 351 Good Show
Chapter 352: A Chaotic Night
Chapter 353 Pulling away
Chapter 354: The Hidden Lin Suo
Chapter 355 Lin Suo escapes
Chapter 356 Chopped and fed to the dog
Chapter 357: Plan
Chapter 358 Initial contact
Chapter 359: Treasure Pond
Chapter 360: Treasure Selection
Chapter 361 Hidden Welfare
Chapter 362 Shotgun Change
Chapter 363 Mountaineering
Chapter 364: Golden Eagle Bee Belt
Chapter 365 Fighting Linsuo Again
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters tacit cooperation
Chapter 367: Octagonal Golden Shield
Chapter 368 The style of that arrow
Three hundred and sixtieth IX distribution of spoils
Chapter 370: Dojo ends
Chapter 371: Fifth Pattern
Chapter 372 Inside Story
Chapter 373 Leisure
Chapter 374: The Story of the Previous Generation
Chapter 375: A Gift for Bai Mengmeng
Chapter 376 Ticket Competition
Chapter 377: Holy Wood Cave
Chapter 378: The Beaten Yu Lang
Chapter 379 Qingling Energy
Chapter 380 Special Training Begins
Chapter 381 Difficulty of the twentieth floor
Chapter 382: Thousand Flowing Water Knife Technique
Chapter 383 Li Luo’s Bottleneck
Chapter 384 Cooperation
Chapter 385: The Choice of Wang Hejiu
Chapter 386 The last special training
Chapter 387: The Fortieth Floor Controversy
Chapter 388 Fierce Battle
Chapter 389 Long face
Chapter 390 Wood and Earth Evolution
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters end of special training
Chapter 392: Information
Chapter 393: Lu Cang and Lu Zang
Chapter 394: Zhao Huiyin
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters scheming
Chapter 396 Reward
Chapter 397: Big Brothers Gather
Chapter 398 Ticket Competition Opens
Chapter 399: Princess Chang VS Zhongnan
Chapter 400 Seven Star Dzi Bead
Chapter 401 Green Fire Burns the Tortoise
Chapter 402: The Second Scene
Chapter 403 Reggae Spear
Chapter 404: The Battle of the Samsung Academy
Chapter 405: Jiang Qing'e vs. Zhao Huiyin
Chapter 406 Light and Gold
Chapter 407 Golden Rakshasa
Chapter 408: I Am Extremely Shameful
Chapter 409: Invincible Sister Jiang
Chapter 410 Transformation
Chapter 411: Decisive Game
Chapter 412: Treatment of the Protagonist
Chapter 413: Li Luo Appears
Chapter 414 Grafting
Chapter 415: The Peak Battle of One Star Academy
Chapter 416: Li Luo's Purpose
Chapter 417: Evolution of Water-Light Phase
Chapter 418 Reversal
Chapter 419: The End
Chapter 420: Aftertaste
Chapter 421: Awards from the Academy
Chapter 422 Selection
Chapter 423: Golden Jade Xuanxiang Knife
Chapter 424: The Sword Comes
Chapter 425: Here Comes the Knife
Chapter 426: Princely Marks
Chapter 427: Gong Shenjun’s Conditions
Chapter 428: Palace
Chapter 429: Yuan Qing
Chapter 430: The Real Goal
Chapter 431: Double Poison
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters for their own use
Chapter 433 Almost Playing Off
Chapter 434 Heartache Pei Hao
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters fetch
Chapter 436: The Third Divine Forging Technique
Chapter 437: Wang Sui and the Black Card
Chapter 438 Finalize the helper
Chapter 439: The Three Most Popular Candidates for the Championship
Chapter 440: Xu Jiu, Marquis Marquis Technique, Biphasic Person
Chapter 441: Penance in the Cauldron
Chapter 442: Li Luo's Trouble
Chapter 443: The Bottom
Chapter 444: Whoring a Dharma Protector for Free
Chapter 445: Her Heart
Chapter 446: Yuhongxi's Appearance
Chapter 447 Sudden Change
Chapter 448: Blackfish
Chapter 449 Fish Curse
Chapter 450: The King of Fish Pit
Chapter 451: Before Departure
Chapter 452: A heavy send-off
Chapter 453: Departure
Chapter 454 Small Space
Chapter 455 The Sternest Warning
Chapter 456: Divine Tree Golden Emblem
Chapter 457: The Ambition of King Shengming’s Academy
Chapter 458: Flyers
Chapter 459 The Violent Jing Taixu
Chapter 460: Liang Zi
Chapter four hundred and sixty first official start
Chapter 462: Gathering Spirit Altar
Chapter 463 Qin Zhulu vs Sun Dasheng
Chapter 464: Temptation
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters two sticks
Chapter 466: Ace Squad
Chapter four hundred and sixty seventh double-phase Yu Lang
Chapter 468 Who is the Liar
Four hundred and sixtieth IX two biphasic
Chapter 470 Medium-sized Spirit Gathering Altar
Chapter 471 Guard Battle
Chapter 472 Battle Deployment
Four hundred and seventieth chapters melee
Chapter 474 Two ways
Four hundred and seventieth chapters close the door to release poison
Chapter 476: A Knife
Chapter 477 Domineering
Chapter 478: Night Chat
Chapter 479: Gathering Altars
Chapter 480: The Ladder
Chapter 481 Goodwill?
Chapter 482: Li Luo's Ambition
Chapter 483: Activate the Fourth Seat
Chapter 484: Li Luo's Explosion
Chapter 485 Don't show signs
Chapter 486 Ringing the Juling Bell
Chapter 487: Who's Scarier
Chapter 488: Jing Taixu's Plan
Four hundred and eightieth IX six places
Chapter 490 Entering the Dragon Blood Fire Domain
Chapter 491: Phantom Formation
Chapter 492 Danger
Chapter 493 Who is the Hunter?
Chapter 494 Bloodline Physiognomy
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters token change
Chapter 496 Dragon Blood Pearl
Chapter 497 Straight into the finals
Chapter 498: Meeting Lu Ming Again
Chapter 499: Battle Between Biphasic Persons
Chapter 500: Luming's Illusionary Formation
Chapter 501: The Siege of Samsung Academy
Chapter 502: Li Luo's Defense
Chapter 503: Li Luo's Breakthrough
Chapter 504: Luming Elimination
Chapter 505: Each exhibition card
Chapter 506 Ninth Grade Spirit Envoy
Chapter five hundred and seventh decisive combat method
Chapter 508: The Envoy of Light
Chapter 509: The Overbearing Jiang Qing'e
Chapter 510: The Victory of the Samsung Academy
Chapter 511: Jing Taixu's Dragon General Technique
Chapter 512: Embarrassed Exit
Chapter 513: The most beautiful boy in Yixingyuan
Chapter 514 Forging a Legend
Chapter 515: Two Golden Emblems of the Divine Tree
Chapter 516: The Decisive Battle at the Four Star Academy
Chapter 517: King Ming Pays Three Worships
Chapter 518: Gong Shenjun’s Choice
Chapter 519: Celebration
Chapter 521: Gong Shenjun's Invitation
Chapter 522: Fragrant Rewards
Chapter 523 Test the Eldest Princess
Chapter 524 Contents of Mixed Level Competition
Chapter 525: Choice
Chapter 526
Chapter 527 Elder Lingyu
Chapter 528: The Mixed Level Competition Becomes Serious
Chapter 529 Red Sand County
Chapter 530 Small town
Chapter 531 Strong Suppression
Chapter 532 Four-Armed Demon-eyed Snake
Chapter 533 Zhenjiang City
Chapter 534
Chapter 535 Plan
Chapter 536 Black Armored Man
Chapter 537: So Strong
Chapter 538 Two Women Join Forces
Chapter 539: Shuangjiao Slays Demons
Chapter 540 First in Points
Chapter 541 Temporary Mission
Chapter 542 Qin Yue, Zhao Beili
Chapter 543 Thunder Fruit
Chapter 544 Attack of the Thundering Tree
Chapter 545 Special Signal
Chapter 546: Seducing Lu Ming
Chapter 547 Silver Tree Heart
Chapter 548 Detoxification
Chapter 549: The Heijia Man Reappears
Chapter 550 Identity
Chapter 551 Yellow House
Chapter 552: The Broken Li Luo
Chapter 553 Thunder King Pond
Chapter 554 Thunder Furnace
Chapter 555 Complete Mission
Chapter 556 Separate
Chapter 557 Red Armored General
Chapter 558 Collision with Lanlan
Chapter 559: Peak Confrontation
Chapter 560: The Second Fight With Jing Taixu
Chapter 561 Faster than anyone else
Chapter 562
Chapter 563 Empty City
Chapter 564 Cooperation
Chapter 565: Illusion
Chapter 566 The Dangerous Street
Chapter 567 Candied haws
Chapter 568 Weird Confused Alien
Chapter 569 The True Body
Chapter 570 Killing
Chapter 571 The first purification spirit bead
Chapter 572: Natural Disaster Appears
Chapter 573: The Decisive Battle in the Mixed Level Competition
Chapter 574: Transfer of Discourse Power
Chapter 575: Change
Chapter 576
Chapter 577: Weaknesses
Chapter 578 Improved Physiognomy
Chapter 579 Teaming Up to Defeat the Enemy
Chapter 580: Counterattack Time
Chapter 581 Captain's Offensive
Chapter 582 Teaming up to Slay Demons
Chapter 583 Red Armor Appears
Chapter 584 Jiang Qing'e's attack
Chapter 585: Gong Shenjun's Intention
Chapter 586 The Plan of the Red Armored General
Chapter 587
Chapter 588 Communication with the Three-tailed Sirius
Chapter 589: One Knife
Chapter 590 Cutting the Red Armor with the Knife Wheel
Chapter 591 The Final Point
Chapter 592: The Mixed Level Match Comes to an End
Chapter 593 Champion
Chapter 594: Purple Emblem of the Divine Tree
Chapter 595 Exit
Chapter 596 Holy Tree Spirit Crystal
Chapter 597 Secret
Chapter 598: Heaven Sacrifice Curse Part 2
Chapter 599
Chapter 600 Psychic Descent God, Unparalleled Destiny
Chapter 601 Prestige
Chapter 602 Activating the princely brand
Chapter 603 Treasure Bai Mengmeng
Chapter 604 Sensitive Eldest Princess
Chapter 605 The Eldest Princess' Investment
Chapter 606: Niu Biaobiao Exits
Chapter 607 Jiang Qing'e's narrow-mindedness
Chapter 608 The Third Aspect: The Dragon and Thunder Aspect!
Chapter 609 Plan
Chapter 610 Angry Yu Hongxi
Chapter 611: Yunling Pill
Chapter 612 Two-Phase Advancement
Chapter 613 Shocking the Earth Shaking General Rank
Chapter 614 Earth Sha Energy
Chapter 615 Mysterious Power
Chapter 616 Evil Palace Realm!
Chapter 617 Three-Phase Consummation
Chapter 618 Imbuing Spirits
Chapter 619: Sha Refining Technique
Chapter 620 Goodbye Pei Hao
Chapter 621: Pei Hao's Intent
Chapter 622 Xu Tianling
Chapter 623 Shocking
Chapter 624 Thunderbolt
Chapter 625: Records Are Made To Be Breaked
Chapter 625 Jiang Qing'e's Challenge
Chapter 627 Challenge Zhong Taiqiu
Chapter 628: Void Orb
Chapter 629: Peak Showdown
Chapter 630: The New Seven-Star Pillar, the Birth of a Legend
Chapter 631 Application
Chapter 632: Two Legends
Chapter 632 Black Dragon Underworld Flag
Chapter 634 Instructor, shock me.
Chapter 635: Daigo Golden Lotus
Chapter 636 Black Hand
Chapter 636: Completion
Chapter 637 Intelligence
Chapter 638 Lanling House
Chapter 639 Li Luo's thoughts
Chapter 640 Li Luo's Purpose
Chapter six hundred and forty-first seducing the three tails
Chapter 642 The Eve of the House Festival
Chapter 643: Underestimated Parents
Chapter six hundred and forty-four
Chapter 645: All parties start
Chapter six hundred and fortieth unexpected confrontation
Chapter 647: Open directly
Chapter 648 Cloud Movement
Chapter 649: The Battle of the Golden Temple
Chapter 650 Pei Hao's Backhand
Chapter 651: Li Luo vs. Pei Hao
Chapter 652 Heavenly Sword Array
Chapter 653: The Power of the Black Dragon Underwater Banner
Chapter 654: Uprising
Chapter 655: Zhu Qinghuo's Means
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth chapters play
Chapter 657: The Battle of Fenghou
Chapter 658 Mutation
Chapter 659 Pei Hao Returning Again
Chapter 660 Heavenly Insect Transformation
Chapter 661: Fenghou Technique
Chapter six hundred and sixty-two husband and wife doubles
Chapter 663 Pei Hao's Death
Chapter six hundred and sixty fourth wave after wave
Chapter six hundred and sixty fifth behind the scenes
Chapter 666 Tantai Lan's Shot
Chapter 667 The House Festival ends
Chapter six hundred and sixty-eight family first gathering
Chapter six hundred and sixty-ninth great forging technique
Chapter 670 The end of the war
Chapter 671 The frustrated regent
Chapter 672 Different choices
Six hundred and seventieth chapters are everywhere
Chapter six hundred and seventy fourth honored guest
Chapter 675 Charisma
Chapter 676 Five Elements Dragon Elephant Array
Chapter six hundred and seventy seventh accident
Chapter six hundred and seventy-eight on the eve of the ceremony
Chapter 679 Grand Ceremony
Chapter 681: The Prologue Begins
Chapter 682: The Ceremony of Protecting the Country
Chapter 682 Upheaval
Chapter 683 Gong Yuan's ambition
Chapter 684 Qin Zhenjiang's shot
Chapter 685 A piece of purple incense
Chapter 686 Dean Pang's backhand
Chapter 688 Cut You
Chapter 688 King-level experience card
Chapter 689 Deep Experience
Chapter 690 Exposure of the Three Phases
Chapter 692 Changes in the Academy
Chapter 693 The Source of Pollution in the Academy
Chapter 694 Suppressing the Fish Curse
Chapter 695
Chapter 696
Chapter 696: Marquis Domain
Chapter 697: Changes in the depths of the dark cave
Chapter 698: Corpse King
Six hundred and ninetieth IX: The Burning Phase Tree
Chapter 701 Seal
Chapter 702 Black Token
Chapter 702 Great Xia Upheaval
Chapter 703 Give up
Chapter 704: Xuan Chen
Chapter 705: The Royal Court’s Split
Chapter 706 All parties stand in line
Chapter 707 An Answer
Chapter 709 Conditions
Chapter 710
Chapter 711: The Heart Taker
Chapter 711: Demonic Aspect
Chapter 712: Battle to the South
Chapter 713 Shen Jinxiao's Strength
Chapter 714: The Battle of the Four Marquis
Chapter 715: Demonic Aspect
Chapter 716: Last resort
Chapter 717: Slaying Your Three Marquis Towers
Chapter 718 Sacrificial Burning Light Heart
Chapter 719: The Mysterious Man
Chapter 720: Li Rouyun
Chapter 721 Sea Mind Orb
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters task
Chapter 724
Chapter 724: That Fascinating Moonlight
Chapter 725: Holy Light Ancient Academy
Chapter 726: Choice
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters divorce
Chapter 728: Separation
Chapter 729 Returning to the South Wind
Chapter 730: Farewell to the Eldest Princess
Chapter 731: Before Parting
Chapter 732: Leaving Daxia
Chapter 733: The Five Meridians of the Heavenly Dragon
Chapter 734: The Terrifying Vein of the Heavenly King
Seven hundred and thirtieth chapters past events of parents
Chapter 736: Li Luo's Goal
Chapter 737: Dragon Tooth Domain
Chapter 738: Dragon Tooth Mountain Range
Chapter 739 Big Brother and Second Sister
Chapter 740: Li Jingzhe
Chapter 741: Zhao Xuanming
Chapter 742: Dragon Bell
Chapter 743: Five Guards and Twenty Banners
Chapter 744 Entering the flag
Chapter 746 Merit
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters protect the father
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters talk of grandparents
Chapter 748 Monthly Salary
Chapter 750
Chapter 751 Qingming Campus
Chapter 752 Flag Head
Chapter 752: Black Dragon Shocks the School Field
Chapter 753: Surrender
Chapter 754 Returning to the Dragon
Chapter 756 Zhao Yanzhi's Ambition
Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters seventy-two layers of demon hole
Chapter 757: Dragon Monument
Chapter 758 Thunder Dragon Breath
Chapter 759 Nine Revolving Dragon's Breath
Chapter 760 Nine-turn Dragon’s Breath Alchemy
Chapter 761: The Flags Vibrate
Chapter seven hundred and sixty second: All the banners return to their hearts
Seven hundred and sixtieth chapters target
Seven hundred and sixtieth chapters Aiki
Chapter 765: Shamo Peak
Seven hundred and sixtieth chapters status dispute
Chapter 767: The First Shamo Cave Experience
Seven hundred and sixtieth eight chapters flag momentum
Chapter 769: Sha Demon Leader
Chapter 771 Experience the Power of Aiki
Chapter 772 First Pass
Chapter 773 Price
Chapter 774 The battle between the banners
Chapter 774 Qingfeng Li, Hongli Li
Seven hundred and seventieth chapters against
Chapter 776: Fighting Li Tong
Chapter 777 Revealing the mighty
Chapter 778 Surprise the flags
Chapter 779 Tianyuan Record, Fenghua List
Chapter 780 Dragon Tooth Thunder Flow
Chapter 781 Five Thousand Consummation
Chapter 783 Resource Allocation
Chapter 784: Niu Biaobiao's Campaign
Chapter 784: The Third Dean
Chapter 785: Li Luo's Plan
Chapter 786: Lu Qingmei
Chapter 787 Nine Turns Technique, Sea Splitting Xuanguang
Chapter 788: The Third Realm
Chapter 790: A Draw
Chapter 791 Spirit Mark
Chapter 792
Chapter 793 Li Luo's Physiognomy
Chapter 794
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fourth
Chapter 796 Aftermath
Chapter 797
Chapter 798 Xuanhuang Dragon Qi Pool
Chapter 799: A new official takes office
Chapter 800 Li Luo's Counterattack
Chapter 801: Zhong Ling Appears
Chapter 802: Eight Thousand Auras
Chapter 802: The Power of the Heavenly Dragon Appearance
Chapter 803 Energy out of control
Chapter 804: The Accountability of the Headmaster’s Pavilion
Chapter 805 Dragon Tooth Marquis Marquis Technique
Chapter 806: The News Comes Out
Chapter 807 Eight Grades of Water and Light
Chapter 808: Five Tails
Chapter 809: Fortieth Floor
Chapter 810: Dragon Tooth Cave
Chapter 811: Puppet Python
Chapter 812 Cheating
Chapter 813 Dragon Tooth Essence
Chapter 814: A Glitter of Sword Intent
Chapter 816 Banquet
Chapter 816: Gathering Twenty Flags
Chapter 817: Default Seats
Chapter 818 Banquet Protagonist
Chapter 820 Qin Yi
Chapter 821: Fighting Lotus
Chapter 822
Chapter 823: The Beginning and the End
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters ending
Chapter 824: Qin Lian
Chapter 825: The Head of the Five Meridians
Chapter 826: Qin Zhiming
Chapter 827: Battle
Chapter 828: Opening the Dragon Pond
Chapter 829 Shadow Dragon
Chapter eight hundred and thirtieth isolation zone
Chapter 831: Spirit Mirror Water Hall
Chapter 832 Re-enactment
Chapter 833: Fighting Qin Yi
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters water jade flawless body
Chapter 835: Twelve Composite Bubbles
Chapter 836 Wind and Thunder Plantain Fan
Chapter 837 Narrow Victory
Chapter 838: The Most Fragrant Golden Dragon Pillar
Chapter 839 Seize the Golden Dragon Pillar
Chapter 840 Different Choices
Chapter 841 The Strongest Defense
Chapter 842: The Dragon Pillar Has a Lord
Chapter 843: The Biggest Winner
Chapter 844 Xuanhuang Dragon Qi
Chapter 845: Li Luo's Bait
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth six methods
Chapter 847: Rich Harvest
Chapter 848: The Undefeated Venerable
Chapter 849: Unhappy Li Fengyi
Chapter 850: Sanguang Liuli
Chapter 851 Fighting for the Dragon Head
Chapter 852: Dark Field
Chapter 853 Leapfrog breakthrough
Chapter 854 Semi-finished products
Chapter 855 Four Flags Gather
Chapter 856: Xiling Realm
Chapter 857: Information
Chapter 858: Li Lingjing
Chapter 859: Gathering of Black Clouds
Chapter 860: Zhao Jingyu
Chapter 861 Encounter
Chapter 863 The first confrontation
Chapter 864 Who is unlucky?
Chapter 865 The kind-hearted Zhao brothers
Chapter 866 The Purpose of the Real Demon
Chapter 867 Collegial Discussion
Chapter 868 Clearance Plan
Chapter 869 Red Flame Mountains
Chapter 870 Golden Armor Spirit Sword
Chapter 871 Strange Formation Interference
Chapter 872 Kick
Chapter 873 The real devil reappears
Chapter 874 Successive Incidents
Chapter 875 The True Demon Li Lingjing
Chapter 876 Black Bug Smoke
Chapter 877 Fight back with all your might
Chapter 878 Li Lingjings desperate survival
Chapter 879 Strange Pool of Water and Fire
Chapter 880 Opportunity for compensation
Chapter 881 Sanguang Glaze
Chapter 882 Mission accomplished
Chapter 883 Returning to Sanity
Chapter 884 Alien Species
Chapter 885 Return
Chapter 886 Refining the Secret Technique
Chapter 887 Conversation with Uncle Biao
Chapter 888 Jiang Qinges promotion battle
Chapter 889 The ultimate power of purification
Chapter 890 Its all nonsense
Chapter 891 Tianlongs Pure Eyes
Chapter 892 The terrible reunion meeting
Chapter 893 Li Lingjings potential
Chapter 894 Dual Swords Confrontation
Chapter 895 Obtaining the Spiritual Essence
Chapter 896 Tianbao Lotus Seat
Chapter 897 The Heart of Dago
Chapter 898 Water Dragon Tooth Sword
Chapter 899 Choice of Two Methods
Chapter 900 The First of the Four Banners of Longya Vein
Chapter 901 Little Marquis Art
Chapter 902 Black Jade Tree Dragon
Chapter 903 Li Luo takes over
Chapter 904 Tianlong Battle Body
Chapter 905 The great battle begins
Chapter 906 Stone Dragon Three Thousand Feet
Chapter 907 Dragon Flame Burns the Body
Chapter 908 The unexpected Li Jingtao
Chapter 909 Two thousand nine hundred and seventy feet
Chapter 910: The Dragon Appearance
Chapter 911 Li Luos sprint
Chapter 912 Killing the Dragon
Chapter 913 Another record
Chapter 914 The Prototype of the Nine-Scale Heavenly Dragon Battle Body
Chapter 915 Battle with Lu Qingmei
Chapter 916 Finally meeting Qingfeng Li
Chapter 917 Dragon Blood Scale
Chapter 918 Bloodline Ratio
Chapter 919 The dragon head is obtained
Chapter 920 Game 9
Chapter 921 Father and Son Bureau
Chapter 922 Dacheng Realm
Chapter 923 The Power of the Water Dragon Tooth Sword
Chapter 924 Nine-scaled Heavenly Dragon Battle Body
Chapter 925 Reward
Chapter 926 Tianlong Sun Chaser Bow
Chapter 927 Spiritual Aspect Cave
Chapter 928: Top Rank Marquis
Chapter 929 High-Level Discussion
Chapter 930 New Dean Niu Biaobiao
Chapter 931 Prodigies from all sides
Chapter 932 Secret
Chapter 933 Li Fuling
Chapter 934 Sixty-third Floor
Chapter 935 Beating
Chapter 936 Qingming Banner ranked first
Chapter 937 Li Wuyuan
Chapter 938 Targeting
Chapter 939 Prototype Sword Shadow
Chapter 940 Departure
Chapter 941 Prodigies from all sides
Chapter 942 The five meridians converge
Chapter 943 Leader
Chapter 944 Cousin Lingjings Performance
Chapter 945 Tower
Chapter 946 Six Apertures Refining Gang Dan
Chapter 947 Nine Apertures
Chapter 948: Bloody Poison Technique
Chapter 949 Golden Terrace
Chapter 950 Accident
Chapter 951 The stronghold of cultivation
Chapter 952 The Son of Destiny in the Spiritual Cave
Chapter 953 The birth of Jinlu
Chapter 954 The function of small phaseless fire
Chapter 955 Burial Pit
Chapter 956 Hidden Iriya
Chapter 957: Smooth sailing, teammates surrender
Chapter 958 Forced to Retreat
Chapter 959 Full of hatred
Chapter 960 Li Luos prestige has increased
Chapter 961 Duo
Chapter 962 Purifying Spiritual Golden Dew
Chapter 963 Meeting Qin Yi
Chapter 964 Cooperation
Chapter 965 Li Luo’s discovery
Chapter 966 Lying corpse
Chapter 967 Zhu Dayu
Chapter 968 Shizhan
Chapter 969 The Lamp Holder
Chapter 970 Fight Qin Yi again
Chapter 971 Sun-Chasing Arrow
Chapter 972 Weird People
Chapter 973: Attracting Monsters
Chapter 974 Li Lingjing’s situation
Chapter 975 The spread of magic mist
Chapter 976 Everyone gathers together
Chapter 977 Grabbing the treasure
Chapter 978 Green Bamboo and Green Snake Staff
Chapter 979 Gift of the Staff
Chapter 980 Heroes Fight Demons
Chapter 981 Li Luo’s plan
Chapter 982 Activate the Lamp Holder
Chapter 983 Rescue
Chapter 984: Kill the Demon with One Arrow
Chapter 985 Don’t like light
Chapter 986 A signal for help
Chapter 987 Jiang Wanyu
Chapter 988 Getting acquainted
Chapter 989 Golden Terrace
Chapter 990 Battle for Seats
Chapter 991 Battle with General Zhao
Chapter 992 The Demonic Beast Body
Chapter 993 The cruel cousin
Chapter 994 Three Seats
Chapter 995 Gift of Golden Smoke
Chapter 996 Strength Improvement
Chapter 997 The Difficulty of Nine Stars
Chapter 998 Mysterious Golden Wheel
Chapter 999 Three-Star Dzi Bead
Chapter 1000 Perfection
Chapter 1001 Corroding Charm
Chapter 1002 Spirit Palace
Chapter 1003 Tiangang Bead Condensation Technique
Chapter 1004 Three Palaces and Six Aspects
Chapter 1005 Cave Mansion
Chapter 1006 Ice God Lotus
Chapter 1007 Treasure House
Chapter 1008 Disagreement
Chapter 1009 Meeting old friends in a foreign land
Chapter 1010 Performance
Chapter 1011 Defeating the Prime Minister with One Arrow
Chapter 1012 Changes in Daxia
Chapter 1013 Tianlian Cold Qi
Chapter 1014 Dispute
Chapter 1015 Treasure Garden Opens
Chapter 1016 Corpse Beast
Chapter 1017 Showing Power Again
Chapter 1018 Ice and Water
Chapter 1019 Killing the Fire Demon with Two Swords
Chapter 1020 Bronze Golden Clawed Eagle
Chapter 1021 Killing Zhao Yan
Chapter 1022 The sound of pounding medicine
Chapter 1023 Thatched Cottage, White Ape
Chapter 1024 Entering the Cottage
Chapter 1025 Li Luo’s Credentials
Chapter 1026 Miracle Medicine
Chapter 1027: Pojixuan Tianlu
Chapter 1028 The Divine Serum of Creation
Chapter 1029 The sky is full of blood mist
Chapter 1030 Alien 'Li Lingjing'
Chapter 1031 Kill the owl with one knife
Chapter 1032 Blood Coffin Seal
Chapter 1033 The Last Four
Chapter 1034 Escape
Chapter 1035 Ice Miracle
Chapter 1036 Self-explosion Dzi Bead
Chapter 1037 The Great Void Returns to Oblivion
Chapter 1038 Another incident
Chapter 1039 Spirit Eye Pluto
Chapter 1040 Golden Knife and Bloody Eyes
Chapter 1041 Li Lingjing’s choice
Chapter 1042 The End
Chapter 1043 Distribution
Chapter 1044 The majestic Li Luo
Chapter 1045 Eighth Grade Marquis, Zhao Jinwu
Chapter 1046 Interrogation
Chapter 1047 Doubt
Chapter 1048 The king does not move lightly, but moves like a god
Chapter 1049 Divine Tiger King, Zhao Zong
Chapter 1050 Three Crown Realm
Chapter 1051 Double Champion Li Jingzhe
Chapter 1052 Return
Chapter 1053 Recasting
Chapter 1054 Primitive Species
Chapter 1055 Golden Talisman Seal
Chapter 1056 Setting a new record
Chapter 1057 Great improvement in strength
Chapter 1058 Five Golden Seals
Chapter 1059 Seventy-two level blockers
Chapter 1060 Ancestor Li Jun
Chapter 1061 Dragon Elephant Knife
Chapter 1062: Heavenly Dragon’s Rain Distribution Technique
Chapter 1063 Generous Rewards
Chapter 1064 Dragon Seed True Pill
Chapter 1065 Sensation and Departure
Chapter 1066 The List of Glory
Chapter 1067 Tianyuan Ancient Academy
Chapter 1068 Meeting old friends in a foreign land
Chapter 1069 I can fight four against one, isn’t that okay?
Chapter 1070 Greetings
Chapter 1071 Yu Lang’s Incident
Chapter 1072 Teacher Xi Chan’s shock
Chapter 1073 Those former opponents
Chapter 1074 Wu Yu, Qing Man
Chapter 1075 Turmoil
Chapter 1076 Red Lot and Black Lot
Chapter 1077 Attention
Chapter 1078 Single Courtyard
Chapter 1079 The First Game
Chapter 1080 Kill it with one sword
Chapter 1081 Three consecutive victories
Chapter 1082 Multiple Hospitals
Chapter 1083 The Power of Dragon and Elephant
Chapter 1083 Chen Xuan’s breakthrough
Chapter 1084 Defeat Chen Xuan
Chapter 1085 Seven-Star Record
Chapter 1087 Finals
Chapter 1088 Prepare to open up
Chapter 1089 Transform into a dragon! Three dragon teeth!
Chapter 1090 I refuse
Chapter 1091 Amazing skills
Chapter 1092 Lan Lingzi, the Demon King of All Living Beings
Chapter 1092 Recruitment Order
Chapter 1093 Got the news
Chapter 1094 Advance Rewards
Chapter 1095 Defection
Chapter 1096 Wu Changkong
Chapter 1097 Rejection
Chapter 1098 Feng Lingyuan
Chapter 1099 The hatred value is full
Chapter 1100 Silver Dragon Sky Thunder Flag
Chapter 1101 Spiritual Tide Ladder
Chapter 1,102 The Spiritual Tide surges
Chapter 1,103 Blocked
Chapter 1,104 Six and a half stars?
Chapter 1,105 Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger
Chapter 1,106 Ancient Spirit Leaf
Chapter 1,107 Ning Meng
Chapter 1,108 News about Li Luo
Chapter 1109: All parties enter
Chapter 1110 Alien Street
Chapter 1111 Evil Mandrill
Chapter 1112 Something is wrong
Chapter 1,113 White Mist
Chapter 1,114 The Demon King’s Feast
Chapter 1115 Tian Chi Dan
Chapter 1,116 An unexpected olive branch
Chapter 1,117 The Story of Li Hongyou
Chapter 1,118 Strong reinforcements join in
Chapter 1,119 Duanmu
Chapter 1,120 An unexpected conflict
Chapter 1,121 The Ghosts of the Gods
Chapter 1,122 Jiang Qing’e, Wu Changkong
Chapter 1,123 Confrontation between Two Kings
Chapter 1,124 Human Skin Lantern
Chapter 1,125 Crossing the River
Chapter 1,126 The Movement of the Golden Wheel
Chapter 1,127 The lantern exploded
Chapter 1128: Illusion on the Bridge
Chapter 1,129 Curse
Chapter 1,130 Ten Thousand Curses Array
Chapter 1131 Harvester
Chapter 1,132 Gift Fan
Chapter 1,133 Big Melee
Chapter 1,134 Nine Star Dzi Bead
Chapter 1,135 Double Strange Poison and Great Blood Poison Technique
Chapter 1,136 Breaking the situation
Chapter 1,137 Merit List Seventeen
Chapter 1,138 Wu Linghe
Chapter 1,139 The Formation Breaks, Seven Stars
Chapter One Thousand One Hundred and Forty White Pillars and Blood Pools
Chapter 1,141 Strange Egg
Chapter 1,142 The Ultimate Dzi Bead
Chapter 1,143 Awareness
Chapter 1,144 Chaotic battlefield
Chapter 1146 The Power of Two Dragons
Chapter 1147 Do you think it’s a fluke?
Chapter 1148 The power of gathering people
Chapter 1149: An arrow coming from the west to kill the demon
Chapter 1150 Top Ten Achievements
Chapter 1151 Blood Egg Mutation
Chapter 1152 The invasion of evil thoughts
Chapter 1153 Treasure Cave
Chapter 1154 Panlong Golden Bone Pill
Chapter 1155 Holy Thorn
Chapter 1156 Palace of All Living Beings
Chapter 1157 The Blood Coffin Attacks
Chapter 1158 The Change of Green Snake
Chapter 1159 Meeting Li Lingjing Again
Chapter 1160 Light is coming
Chapter 1161 Light and Darkness
Chapter 1162 I miss you forever
Chapter 1163 Who?
Chapter 1164 Mutual Gift
Chapter 1165 Everyone gathers
Chapter 1166 Fusion
Chapter 1167 The True Demon of Xuhou
Chapter 1168 Evolution, White-Eyed True Demon
Chapter 1169 Ancient Patterns
Chapter 1170 The three prides slay the demons
Chapter 1171 Another accident
Chapter 1172 Swallowing the Spiritual Purity, Evolution of the True Demon
Chapter 1173 Desperate Disadvantage
Chapter 1174 The Heavenly Appearance Map
Chapter 1175 Shocking the Five-Tails
Chapter 1176 Game
Chapter 1177 Li Luo fights the real demon
Chapter 1178 The melting pot of all beings, the ninth grade dragon phase
Chapter 1179 Two Flags Unite
Chapter 1180 Demon King Pupil
Chapter 1181 Husband and wife are of the same mind
Chapter 1182 The Returning Dragon
Chapter 1183 The White-Eyed Demon’s Death Counterattack
Chapter 1184 Kill you with a crown
Chapter 1185 Reward
Chapter 1186 Ten Pillar Golden Platform
Chapter 1187 The Unparalleled Road
Chapter 1188 Three Nine, Five Thousand Zhang Heavenly Phase Map
Chapter 1189 Road
Chapter 1190 Name
Chapter 1191 Creatures in the Black Pool
Chapter 1192 Sound transmission thousands of miles away
Chapter 1193 A Different Nanfeng Academy
Chapter 1,193 Go into seclusion
Chapter 1,194 Return
Chapter 1,195 Show off your wife
Chapter 1,196 Meeting the King
Chapter 1,197 The Friendly Li Jingzhe
Chapter 1,198 Boundary River Region
Chapter 1,199 Wei Zun
Chapter 1,200 Complementing the Divine Serum of Creation
Chapter 1,201 Ninth Grade Water and Light Appearance
Chapter 1,202 Holy Dragon Seed
Chapter 1,203 Holy Crown of Thorns
Chapter 1,204 The storm is coming
Chapter 1,205 Boundary River
Chapter 1207 Interception
Chapter 1,207 Join forces to defend against the enemy
Chapter 1,208 Dragon Tooth Guard
Chapter 1,209: Retreating from the Enemy
Chapter 1,210 Classic Introduction
Chapter 1,211 Li Zhiqiu
Chapter 1,212 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1,213 Dispute
Chapter 1,214 Tianlong Ridge
Chapter 1,215 Tianlong Five Treasures
Chapter 1,216 Trap?
Chapter 1,217 Four Commanders Li Luo
Chapter 1,218 Jiang Qing’e’s Challenge
Chapter 1,219 Jiang Qing'e fights against Li Changfeng
Chapter 1,220 The Light Holy Flame Sky Light Wheel
Chapter 1,221 Congratulations to the New Envoy
Chapter 1,222 Plot
Chapter 1,223 Tianlong Treasure House
Chapter 1,224 The Marquis Art of Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 1,225: Dragon Blood Retracing Ancient Techniques
Chapter 1,226 Wen Xuan
Chapter 1,227 Bet
Chapter 1,228 Raising the stakes
Chapter 1,229 Boundary River Falling Star Platform
Chapter 1,230 A lively scene
Chapter 1,231 The Five Guards Gather at the Golden Stage
Chapter 1,232 Reaching for the Stars
Chapter 1,233 Star Transformation
Chapter 1,234 The 'boundary river' refined to the extreme
Chapter 1,235 Thirteen thousand five hundred pieces
Chapter 1,236: Forced Li Fuluo to fight to the death
Chapter 1,237 Terrifying Harvest
Chapter 1,238 Red Pomelo Blessing, Seven Rounds of Meteors
Chapter 1,239 Distribution of Star Beads
Chapter 1240: Refining Star Beads and Improving Strength
Chapter 1,241 No evidence required
Chapter 1,242 The domineering old man who came to kill
Chapter 1,243 Black Water Transformation Formation
Chapter 1,244 Confrontation between Two Kings
Chapter 1,245 Wang Zhan
Chapter 1,246 The Three Virtual Crowns
Chapter 1,247 The gathering of kings
Chapter 1,248 Sitting in Tianlong Ridge
Chapter 1,249 The Secret of the Primitive Species
Chapter 1,250 Am I a primitive species?
Chapter 1,251 A glimpse of the Holy Seed
Chapter 1,252 Shocking Guess
Chapter 1,253 Two-player battle
Chapter 1,254 The Day of Ascension
Chapter 1,255 Li Luo’s real first battle with the title of feudal lord
Chapter 1,256 The Battle of Leadership
Chapter 1,257 Three Dragons and Heavenly Flag Code
Chapter 1,258 Three Dragons Suppressing Demon God’s Light
Chapter 1,259 Mother-child blood-melting lamp
Chapter 1,260 Nightmare Technique Killing Platform
Chapter 1,261 Husband and wife team wins
Chapter 1,262 Boundary River Treasure Area
Chapter 1,263 Qin Lian’s Wrath
Chapter 1,264 The Secret of Tianlong Bloodline
Chapter 1266: The method of boiling elixirs, refining blood, and transforming into physical forms
Chapter 1267 Grandpa’s Love
Chapter 1268 Jiang Qing’e’s Charm
Chapter 1,268 The Abyss of Gold and Stone
Chapter 1,269 Confrontation
Chapter 1,270 Information about Jinlong Mountain
Chapter 1,271 Golden Stone Alliance, Guan Hu
Chapter 1,272 Lu Shuanglu
Chapter 1274 News about Lu Qinger
Chapter 1,274 The tide breaks out
Chapter 1,275 Li Hongyou is full of wonderful things
Chapter 1,276 King Ling Clam
Chapter 1,277 Wang Zhu
Chapter 1,278 Eighth Grade True Demon
Chapter 1,279 Entering the Clam to Get the Pearl
Chapter 1,280: Grab the Pearl and Escape
Chapter 1,281 The Road Back
Chapter 1,282 Divide the Troops
Chapter 1,283 Giving a Helping Hand
Chapter 1,284 Two Thousand Guards, Fourth Grade!
Chapter 1,285 Battle with Zhao Zhuoyan
Chapter 1,286 This Arrow
Chapter 1,287 Chu Qing’s Attack
Chapter 1,288 Blackwater Guards, Sky-Swallowing Guards
Chapter 1,289 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 1,290 Return with success
Chapter 1,291 Sensation, Distribution
Chapter 1,292 Reward
Chapter 1,293 Secret
Chapter 1,294 Preparations for Evolving the Heavenly Dragon Phase
Chapter 1,295 Evolution into the Cauldron
Chapter 1,296 Shen Yunge
Chapter 1,297 The Birth of the Heavenly Dragon Phase
Chapter 1,298 Virtual Ninth Grade
Chapter 1,299 The Lingbao is put into storage
Chapter 1,300 Jade Lotus True Spirit Liquid
Chapter 1,301 The means of earning dragon essence
Chapter 1,302: Obtaining the Lingbao
Chapter 1,303 The Heavenly Dragon Appears on the Falling Star Stage
Chapter 1,304 This is the big daddy who brought everyone flying
Chapter 1,305 The Demonic Tide
Chapter 1,306 Faceless Hades
Chapter 1307 Nine thousand nine hundred and twenty feet
Chapter 1308 Medicine Master Jade Dragon Appearance
Chapter 1,309 The ghost mist flows back, and all water returns to the river
Chapter 1,310 Boundary River and Sea
Chapter 1311 The strong ones gather together
Chapter 1,312 Guiyihui’s plan
Chapter 1,313 Li Lingjing’s situation
Chapter 1,314 Many Ghosts
Chapter 1315 Detachment
Chapter 1316 Treasure Girl
Chapter 1317 Zhang Jicheng
Chapter 1,318 Treasure Hunting Attributes
Chapter 1,319 Hidden danger?
Chapter 1,320: Passing by ghosts without entering