I'm really a villain
author:Love history turns into regretI'm really a villain
Xu Zimo found that he was reborn, with all his shocking cultivation and all the memories from his previous life. But what was wrong with the script was, isn’t rebirth all about the protagonist? But my setting is that of a villain! This is a step-by-step approach to a villain. The story of becoming the Great Demon King. —————————— In the age of great strife, Taoism and Dharma resound! The old man of Zhenwu Shengzong was sitting on a fishing platform by the Liu’an River when he suddenly heard dragons roaring and three thousand carps knocking. The gate of life turned into a ten thousand-foot golden dragon, soaring in the sky, as graceful as a giant dragon! Strong men measured the heaven and earth on foot, and monks sat in temples for three thousand years. Once they had a sudden enlightenment, auspicious clouds descended from the sky, and all the gods cheered. In the dark night of the blood moon, the rainbow broke. On the day. A swordsman carried a wooden sword on his back, turned around and raised his hand, breaking all the mountains and rivers thousands of miles away. A ragged beggar in the south of the city took a broken willow branch and dared to kill a Taoist holy court of the Three Emperors. Group number; Welcome to join Villain base camp, group chat number: 518601237.
Nine Domain Sword Emperor
author:Shao YuNine Domain Sword Emperor
[Absolutely cool article] Ten thousand years ago, Chu Jianbai, the number one swordsman in swordsmanship, was besieged and died by seven sects. Ten thousand years later, he came back to life, but faced an unfamiliar body. Seven sects! I I must conquer everything and become the emperor of the nine realms! Four chapters are updated steadily every day. Please give me rewards, collect them, and recommend votes. Updates will be released from time to time. QQ group 574571915
I am the vice-principal
author:eye-catchingI am the vice-principal
Reborn in the prehistoric world, open the invincible sub-leader system. Instruct Tongtian to become a holiness, become the deputy leader of the Jiejiao at the beginning, send the killing gun, and have millions of merits! Suppress thousands of prehistoric beasts, develop the Jiejiao, and worship the immortals to become the greatest force in the prehistoric !Golden Immortal? Taiyi Golden Immortal? !
Douluo: Invincible from the capture of the goddess
author:lonely bambooDouluo: Invincible from the capture of the goddess
【Killing decisively, stepping on the sky, rebelling against the gods, invincible text!】Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo, met Gu Yuena, and after millions of years of hard work, he finally became a beast god. , Awaken the twin god-level martial souls. [Warrior Soul: Emperor in the Sword, Nine Heavens Punishing Sword!] Excalibur Nine Turns, Hanging the Haotian Hammer, the No. 1 martial soul in the world. [Beast Soul: Ancestor of Dragons, Dragon God!] Power is unrivaled, crushing the world's number one beast Wuhun Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Rex. Obtaining the extraordinary goddess system, you can get rewards by punching the goddess. Master, want to accept me as a disciple? I'm sorry, you are really unworthy. Tang San , The hidden weapon is unparalleled in the world? Take my sword first and then talk. What evil-eyed white tiger? Why did you fall down before I exerted my strength. Bibi Dong: Brother Yu, the Pope is yours; A few years later, Luo Yu swept Douluo, Jun
Weird invasion
author:plow the skyWeird invasion
When the world reveals its mysterious corner, horror overflows, and weirdness becomes a daily melody. Don’t answer easily when you hear calls in your sleep, try not to look into the mirror in the dead of night, and avoid being alone when entering and exiting the elevator. Because you never know, What kind of danger will he face in the next moment? The world suddenly becomes extremely dangerous, and smart people are cautious. Jiang Yue didn't even have a dog at the beginning, but accidentally embarked on the journey of a rebel.
A different Japanese Warring States Period
author:five four four five fiveA different Japanese Warring States Period
What? Is this the Japanese war between the heroines? Lan Yan Fushui Tianbiao and his dog-licking retainers are on the road. Book group: 464978742

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