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Taikoo Dragon Elephant Technique

Taikoo Dragon Elephant Technique

author:Wangzai old steamed buns

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-29 20:10

Latest chapter:122 Coaxing and scaring

In the ancient times, there were strong men like clouds. There were monster giants who looked up to the sky and roared to shatter the stars outside the domain. There were people who were supremely powerful and waved their hands to smash the eternal sky. There were also ancient dragon elephants who were in charge of billions of star fields and ruled all the heavens. world. However, the once most powerful ancient forbidden divine art, the Ancient Dragon Elephant Technique, has disappeared since the end of the ancient era. Today, the Ancient Dragon Elephant Technique has been lost for hundreds of millions of years. Endless years later, Lin Feng, a down-and-out young man, became the number one in the ancient times. Forbidden magic, the Ancient Dragon Elephant Technique. When Lin Feng walked out of a remote town in the northernmost part of the world, a legend began. This is a world where strong people are like Lin, and thousands of races compete. Asking the vast land, who is in charge of ups and downs? Lin Feng relied on his The Ancient Dragon Elephant Technique, fight against the heavens and the earth, sweep through the powerful men in the world, and dominate all realms. Group number: 426393872, group number 2: 593922637

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《Taikoo Dragon Elephant Technique》The latest nine chapters
122 Coaxing and scaring
121 Psychopath
120 black moon
119 The Girl Called Dance
118 The dispute between the Su clan and the Ming clan
117 The Fate Clan
706 The terrifying mysterious woman
705 Danger
Chapter 704 The word Tao kills people
《Taikoo Dragon Elephant Technique》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Young Lin Feng
chapter 2
Chapter 3 Abolition of Dog Slave
Chapter 4 Restoring Strength
Chapter 5 Conflict Escalation
Chapter 6 Ten stars shine, genius arrives
Chapter 7 Strength Test
Chapter 8 A bell that has not sounded for eight hundred years
Chapter 9 Battle
Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Kill Bai Yifei!
Chapter 12 Qianlong comes out of the abyss, this son will be extraordinary in the future!
Chapter 13 Vigorously Fulong Dan
Chapter 14 Incomplete Swordsmanship of the Sun
Chapter 15 Senior Sister Xiao Yafei
Chapter 16 Winged Serpent
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 The blazing sun rises into the sky and kills with one sword!
Chapter 19 Soul Eater Hall
Chapter 20 Join forces to kill the enemy
Chapter 21 Yin and Yang Promise Diagram
Chapter 22 Black Ice Cold Liquid
Chapter 23 The Mantis Catches the Cicada Oriole Behind
Chapter 24 Breakthrough cultivation base
Chapter 25 Duel between Martial Arts Masters
Chapter 26 Primordial Forbidden Technique
Chapter 27 Ice Python
Chapter 28 Golden Divine Liquid
Chapter 29 Martial soul evolution! Three swallowing black holes appear!
Chapter 30 Martial Arts Showdown
Chapter 31 Rolling
Chapter 32 The Great Demon God
Chapter 33 Direct Bombing
Chapter 34 Cultivation Tower
Chapter 35 How dare a guy like you come to trouble me?
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Crush Duan Mulei
Chapter 38 The demon makes trouble
Chapter 39 Demonic Forces
Chapter 40 Blood Demon Mountain
Chapter 41 Killing the Vampire Demon Bat Leader
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Brothers
Chapter 44 Strong Counterattack
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47 Duanmutian
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 Breakthrough! Martial Artist Tenth Layer!
Chapter 50 Nine Heavens Revival Formation
Chapter 51 Stealing the Nine Emperor Charts
Chapter 52 Taikoo Dragon Elephant, the Holy Emperor bows down
Chapter 53: Shocking Sword Qi
Chapter 54 Refining the Nine Sovereigns
Chapter 55 Demon Blood Pill
Chapter 56 Xuanyuan Yu
Chapter 57 The Seventh Fire Xuanli in the Inner Court
Chapter 58 The Four Powerhouses
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Martial Artist! Done!
Chapter 61 The Great War
Chapter 62 Wind Enchanting
Chapter 63 Unexpected
Chapter 64 Robbery
Chapter 65 The call of the Nine Emperor clones
Chapter 66 The Nine Emperor clones were successfully refined
Chapter 67
Chapter 68
Chapter 69 Fist and Flying Sword
Chapter 70 Duel Xuanyuan Zhan
Chapter 71 Defeat Xuanyuan Zhan
Chapter 72 Genius, you wake up...
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Mission
Chapter 75 Slaying the Strong Enemy
Chapter 76 Mercenary Town
Chapter 77 Shangguan Fei'er's Shock
Chapter 78 Dugu Crazy Sword
Chapter 79 Transaction
Chapter 80
Chapter 81 Fire Qilin
Chapter 82 Kirin's Wrath
Chapter 83 Mysterious existence
Chapter 84 Holy King Stone
Chapter 85 Kirin Precious Blood
Chapter 86 Conflict
Chapter 87 Nalan Lingyu
Chapter 88 It only takes one move to defeat you!
Chapter 89 Return to the Family
Chapter 90 Father’s Injury
Chapter 91 Mysterious Bronze
Chapter 92 Anger
Chapter 93 Strong attack
Chapter 94 The so-called genius is vulnerable!
Chapter 95 A slap in the face
Chapter 96: Grudge
Chapter 97 Sky-Splitting Eagle
Chapter 98 Divine Sword Book 72: Black Dragon Sword!
Chapter 99 Supporting the Backbone of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 100 Nine Spirits Holy Liquid
Chapter 101 The Great Sun Split Divine Bow
Chapter 102 Killing Nalan Tianjiao
Chapter 103 Kill them all
Chapter 104 Countermeasures
Chapter 105 Three major formations
Chapter 106 War begins
Chapter 107 Qinglong Formation
Chapter 108 Fighting for Generals
Chapter 109 Killing the Bai Family Ancestor
Chapter 110 The bloody storm (Part 1)
Chapter 111 The bloody storm (Part 2)
Chapter 112 Qinglong Academy Assessment
Chapter 113 The Test That Shocked the Audience
Chapter 114 The conspiracy of the Sirius Mercenary Group
Chapter 115 Roaring the Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 116 Fight
Chapter 117 Divine Blood Kills Corpses
Chapter 118 Demon Master
Chapter 119 Beast King Qiongqi
Chapter 120 The old emperor passes away
Chapter 121 Battle for Souls
Chapter 122 A rare treasure
Chapter 123 Total Annihilation in One Battle
Chapter 124 Nangong Ningyue
Chapter 125 Snatching
Chapter 126 Killing
Chapter 127 Cultivating the Soul Sword
Chapter 128 Killing Xu Tianhao
Chapter 129 Encirclement and Suppression
Chapter 130 Beheading
Chapter 131 Laosheng
Chapter 132 Looking for a fight
Chapter 133 Take action
Chapter 134 Confrontation
Chapter 135 Zhang Zhihuang
Chapter 136 Slap in the face
Chapter 137 Tit for tat
Chapter 138 Conspiracy
Chapter 139 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 140 Enemies meet
Chapter 141 Kill them all (Part 1)
Chapter 142 Kill them all (Part 2)
Chapter 143 Golden Winged Dapeng Yuanling
Chapter 144 The powerful magic of Qiongqibao
Chapter 145 Flying to the sky and escaping to the earth
Chapter 146 Defeat and Join forces
Chapter 147 Snatching the Fire Monkey Fruit
Chapter 148 Another breakthrough
Chapter 149 Old Student Team
Chapter 150 Defeating Wei Li (Part 1)
Chapter 151 Defeating Wei Li (Part 2)
Chapter 152 Attention
Chapter 153 Long Shiyou
Chapter 154 Confrontation with Song Zhanyuan
Chapter 155 Defeat with Three Palms
Chapter 156 Sensation in Qinglong Academy
Chapter 157 The terrifying Yuwen Chenxing
Chapter 158 Lin Feng Appears
Chapter 159 Fight!
Chapter 160 A difficult victory
Chapter 161 Palace Master’s Attention
Chapter 162 The Twenty-seventh Mountain and River List
Chapter 163 Use all possible means
Chapter 164 The Terrifying Devouring Martial Spirit
Chapter 165 Freshman Assessment Ends
Chapter 166 Genius Camp
Chapter 167 Spiritual Formation Palace
Chapter 168 The mysterious old man
Chapter 169 Yellow level! Elementary level! Peak spiritual formation master!
Chapter 170 Blood Dragon Society Xu Haocang
Chapter 171 Kill!
Chapter 172 Alchemist Talent Test
Chapter 173 The Shocked Grand Elder of the Alchemist Palace
Chapter 174 Mo Wuya’s wooing
Chapter 175 Heavenly Fire, Earthly Fire, Demonic Fire
Chapter 176 The Nine-Headed Red Flame Lion, the Ancient Fierce Beast
Chapter 177 Red Blood Lotus
Chapter 178 The Second Soul
Chapter 179 Rumors of Skyfire
Chapter 180 Immortal Mountains
Chapter 181 Blood Moon Lifts into the Sky
Chapter 182 Time is the most important thing to make people grow old
Chapter 183 Corpse Falling from the Galaxy
Chapter 184 Army of the Undead
Chapter 185 Who says men don’t shed tears? It’s just that it’s not the time to feel sad.
Chapter 186 Ji Yuhan
Chapter 187 Bullying
Chapter 188 Fierce Fight
Chapter 189 Killing Generals in a Row
Chapter 190 An Unquiet Night
Chapter 191 Rock Troll
Chapter 192 The Monster Holy King Stone
Chapter 193 Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 194 Purple Flame Earth Core Fire
Chapter 195 Life and Death Fight
Chapter 196 The three levels of martial arts merge into one, and the devouring martial soul explodes!!
Chapter 197 Refining Sky Fire, breaking through three levels in a row!
Chapter 198 Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 199 Repair it hard
Chapter 200 Establishing Prestige in the School (Part 1)
Chapter 201 Establishing the Prestige of the School (Part 2)
Chapter 202 He is Lin Feng!
Chapter 203 As wise as a demon
Chapter 204 Falling Moon City and His Party
Chapter 205 Beast Tamer
Chapter 206 Bloody Battle with Orc Soldiers
Chapter 207 Chasing the Beast Tamer
Chapter 208 Summoning the Earth Demon
Chapter 209: Driving away wolves and devouring tigers
Chapter 210 A fierce battle with the blood-robed beast master
Chapter 211 Snake-hearted
Chapter 212 Black Robe Poison Master
Chapter 213 Burning the Blue-Eyed Money Snake
Chapter 214 Escape
Chapter 215 Tracking
Chapter 216 Success
Chapter 217 Destroying the Poison Master in Black Robe
Chapter 218 The general became a general!
Chapter 219 Capturing the Blue Demon Queen (Part 1)
Chapter 220 Capturing the Blue Demon Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 221 Twelve Fairies
Chapter 222 Collusion
Chapter 223 Swallowed Again
Chapter 224 Falling Moon City!
Chapter 225 City Lord
Chapter 226 Reminder
Chapter 227 Detoxification
Chapter 228 Wu Yangtian’s Test
Chapter 229 Conspiracy
Chapter 230 The spirit of chaos
Chapter 231 Invincible
Chapter 232: Severely Injuring King Wu (Part 1)
Chapter 233: Severely Injuring King Wu (Part 2)
Chapter 234 Preparations before the war!
Chapter 235 Preparations before the war (Part 2)
Chapter 236 The ultimate transformation! Intermediate yellow-level early spiritual formation master!
Chapter 237 War begins
Chapter 238 A great victory
Chapter 239 Armistice Agreement and Celebration Banquet
Chapter 240 Beginners to Refining Medicine
Chapter 241 Transparent body quenching fluid
Chapter 242: Dog eyes look down on people
Chapter 243 Initial Cooperation
Chapter 244 Jiang Yudie
Chapter 245 Beyond the physical body of gods and demons
Chapter 246 Causes a Sensation
Chapter 247 Knocked down with one punch
Chapter 248 The auction begins
Chapter 249 Body Tempering Fluid Auction
Chapter 250 Sky-high transaction
Chapter 251 Ancient Xuantian Sect Secret Code
Chapter 252 Fighting for Riches
Chapter 253 Han Zihua’s request
Chapter 254 The mob
Chapter 255 The Agreement with Han Zihua
Chapter 256 The Secret of Thunder Cave
Chapter 257 Thunder God inheritance: Overlord Thunder Technique
Chapter 258 Anger
Chapter 259 Entering the Blood Dragon Society Alone
Chapter 260 Abandoned All
Chapter 261 Crushing limbs!
Chapter 262 Longmen is established
Chapter 263 Challenge Letter
Chapter 264 Mad God Fist Technique
Chapter 265 Breakthrough in battle!
Chapter 266 The Power of Tyrannical Thunder Technique
Chapter 267 Yan Wutian’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 268 Refining medicine in seclusion
Chapter 269 Black Street
Chapter 270 Bluestone Martial Talisman
Chapter 271 The whereabouts of the second martial talisman
Chapter 272 Snake Girl Bloodline
Chapter 273 Competition
Chapter 274 Purple Yuan
Chapter 275 Kneel down and die
Chapter 276 Beheading
Chapter 277 Beasts riot.
Chapter 278 Ziyao
Chapter 279 Exchange Meeting
Chapter 280 Infinite Taoist Priest
Chapter 281 Sky-Swallowing Jar
Chapter 282 The sky-swallowing jar shows its power
Chapter 283 Invitation
Chapter 284 The Ancient Saint Queen
Chapter 285 All failed
Chapter 286 Exploding the Cauldron
Chapter 287 Refining Divine Liquid
Chapter 288 Purple Crystal
Chapter 289 Anger
Chapter 290 Slap the Martial King Realm Monk in the Face
Chapter 291 The Legend of the Little Devil
Chapter 292 Precious Medicine
Chapter 293 Fight
Chapter 294 The Secret Technique of Sirius
Chapter 295: Total Destruction in One Battle
Chapter 296 Battle with Duanmu Sirius
Chapter 297 Beast Transformation
Chapter 298 The existence of terror
Chapter 299 Blood Sacrifice to Ten Thousand Ghosts
Chapter 300 Devouring Madly
Chapter 301 Severely Injuring the Old Man in Green Robe
Chapter 302 The Little Devil and the Three-Headed Cerberus
Chapter 303 The Little Devil and the Three-Headed Cerberus (Part 2)
Chapter 304: Teaching a lesson
Chapter 305 Ancient Demon God
Chapter 306 Undead Creatures
Chapter 307 Temple of Eternal Life
Chapter 308 The Crucified Demon God
Chapter 309 The corpses of the strong are everywhere
Chapter 310 The place where the strong man falls
Chapter 311 Seven Kills
Chapter 312 Chaos Ancestral Qi
Chapter 313 Ancient Lamp of Chaos
Chapter 314 Slaying the Dragon
Chapter 315 The Second Martial Talisman
Chapter 316 The eldest grandson Wuji
Chapter 317 Blood Spirit Pill
Chapter 318 Meeting Jiang Yudie for the first time
Chapter 319 A Prescription
Chapter 320 Shangguan Feier is back
Chapter 321 Lin Feng’s gathered “power”.
Chapter 322 Kneel down together!
Chapter 323 Liu Ziyan
Chapter 324 Kill one person with one sword
Chapter 325 Yin Xuanfeng!
Chapter 326 Shen Yuyang’s Threat
Chapter 327 Jealousy
Chapter 328 Lessons
Chapter 329 Refining the Small Fortune Pill
Chapter 330 The auction that many big names are paying attention to
Chapter 331 Crazy Competition
Chapter 332 1.5 billion transaction
Chapter 333 Jiuyou Killer
Chapter 334 Killing
Chapter 335 Shangguan Feier’s shock
Chapter 336 Changing Destiny
Chapter 337 Blood Dragon
Chapter 338 Extreme hard training! Another breakthrough!
Chapter 339 Coward Lin Feng?
Chapter 340 Fighting the Blood Dragon
Chapter 341 Exploded
Chapter 342 The terrifying dark martial spirit
Chapter 343 The Ultimate Form of Lin Feng’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 344 The Devouring Martial Spirit So Powerful that It’s Almost Invincible
Chapter 345 Family Meeting
Chapter 346 Breaking in
Chapter 347 Killing Shangguan Gan
Chapter 348 The dust has settled
Chapter 349 Robbery and Killing
Chapter 350 Forced plunder
Chapter 351 Killing Twelve People in a Row
Chapter 352 Breaking through the fourth level of the general realm
Chapter 353 Anger
Chapter 354 Slap yourself in the face ten times
Chapter 355 A Dream for Eighty Thousand Years
Chapter 356 Soul Soldier
Chapter 357 Help
Chapter 358 The Yin soldiers took advantage of the passage
Chapter 359 The Terrible Old Servant
Chapter 360 Fighting King Wu
Chapter 361 Black Monster
Chapter 362 The power of the essence of the sun and moon
Chapter 363 Another breakthrough! The fifth level of the general realm!
Chapter 364 Killing the Demon
Chapter 365 Qiongqi Yuanling Appears
Chapter 366 The Overlord of the Black Mist World
Chapter 367 The terrifying ancient magic
Chapter 368 A blow from the Holy King Stone
Chapter 369 The second clone of the Ancient Holy Emperor revives!
Chapter 370 Killing Changsun Wuji
Chapter 371 Passage and Undead
Chapter 372 Headless Horseman
Chapter 373 Purple Jade Snake Grass
Chapter 374 Snatching
Chapter 375 Get the treasure and leave
Chapter 376 Breakthrough and Immortal Treasure
Chapter 377 Purgatory Demon Lord
Chapter 378 Killing Yuwen Yunfeng
Chapter 379 Dark Troll
Chapter 380 The terrifying abilities gained after devouring
Chapter 381 The Peak Sword
Chapter 382 Witch
Chapter 383 Spiritual Mountain
Chapter 384 Killed with one punch
Chapter 385 Madness
Chapter 386 The strange ancient sarcophagus
Chapter 387 Devouring and Unknown Existence
Chapter 388 Demon Wall
Chapter 389 Evil Spirit
Chapter 390 Yin Shen
Chapter 391 Xuanming Magic Book
Chapter 392 Void Teleportation Array
Chapter 393 Get rid of
Chapter 394 The Confrontation between the Magic Bead and the Xuanming Magic Book
Chapter 395 The legendary elixir of life
Chapter 396 Conflict
Chapter 397 Stepping on the genius
Chapter 398 The body is broken
Chapter 399 Threat
Chapter 400 A powerful body that is so terrifying that it makes people pale in horror
Chapter 401 Sweep
Chapter 402: Destroying the Flying Shuttle
Chapter 403 Capturing Sun Ziyue
Chapter 404 Ruthless
Chapter 405 Soldier Burial Valley
Chapter 406 Demonic Weapons and Divine Weapons
Chapter 407 The Soldier Saint Han Feizi
Chapter 408 The Hundred Saints of the Human Race
Chapter 409 The blood-stained blue sky
Chapter 410 The third bluestone talisman
Chapter 411 Life and death?
Chapter 412 Awakening! The fifth swallowing martial soul appears!
Chapter 413: Fighting deep in the battlefield of ancient gods and demons (Part 1)
Chapter 414: Fighting deep in the battlefield of ancient gods and demons (Part 2)
Chapter 415 The Evil Young Man
Chapter 416 Take action
Chapter 417 Abandoned
Chapter 418 Pursuit
Chapter 419 Rampage! Fusion of five devouring martial souls!
Chapter 420 The terrifying soul-searching method
Chapter 421 Battle for souls! A desperate blow!
Chapter 422 Epiphany
Chapter 423 Wanted Order
Chapter 424 Black and white evil spirits
Chapter 425 Difficult Killing
Chapter 426 Wuhun Palace. Yu Ji
Chapter 427 Where in life do we not meet?
Chapter 428 Zi Linger
Chapter 429 Before the Storm Comes
Chapter 430 Yu Ji is angry
Chapter 431 Crushed directly to death
Chapter 432 Favor
Chapter 433 Yu Ji’s sad past
Chapter 434 Demon Lord’s Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 435 The Yinxuan Witch
Chapter 436 The jade tube left by my father
Chapter 437 City Lord of Aotian Ancient Capital
Chapter 438 Great changes in the family
Chapter 439 Leaving with hatred
Chapter 440 Fog Magnetic Lake
Chapter 441 Attacked
Chapter 442 The Great Fierce
Chapter 443 'The Demonic Eyes' and 'The Snake Talks'.
Chapter 444 Corpse Charm
Chapter 445 Golden Flame Fruit
Chapter 446 Killing Xuancheng Taoist
Chapter 447 Trophies
Chapter 448 A ghost ship floating in the foggy lake
Chapter 449 Ghost Asura Yan
Chapter 450 Tianxing Soul Jade
Chapter 451 Extortion
Chapter 452 The Four Disciples of Longyun Sect
Chapter 453 The Second Young Master of Wucheng
Chapter 454 What is arrogance?
Chapter 455 Thunder Cloud
Chapter 456 Robbery and Killing
Chapter 457 Counterattack
Chapter 458 Northern Castle
Chapter 459 Fierce Battle
Chapter 460 Blood Spirit Ghost Faced Vine
Chapter 461 Bidding
Chapter 462 Awakening! The ancient bloodline of the Holy Ancestor!
Chapter 463 The Chaser and the Spaceship
Chapter 464 Forced
Chapter 465 Fight to the Death
Chapter 466 'Spirit'.
Chapter 467 Tragic
Chapter 468 A sword splits the mountains and rivers
Chapter 469 Killing Night
Chapter 470 Continuous Assassinations
Chapter 471 Battle at the Tenth Level of the Martial King Realm
Chapter 472 The soul villain comes out with his sword in hand
Chapter 473: A Hundred Thousand Miles Chase
Chapter 474 The Terrifying Lake of Death
Chapter 475 The old woman, the old devil, and the bone dragon
Chapter 476 Trap and Kill
Chapter 477 Shock in the wilderness
Chapter 478 Yu Fan
Chapter 479 The Terrifying Beast King
Chapter 480 Beast Chaos
Chapter 481 Wolves
Chapter 482 Killing the Wolf King (Part 1)
Chapter 483 Killing the Wolf King (Part 2)
Chapter 484 The choice between life and death
Chapter 485 Insight into everything
Chapter 486 Powerful
Chapter 487 Nebula City
Chapter 488 Yu Fan’s life experience
Chapter 489 Breakthroughs in both soul and cultivation!
Chapter 490 Slander
Chapter 491 Breaking the Dog’s Leg
Chapter 492 The power of crushing
Chapter 493: Defeat the tenth-level warrior in the King of Martial Realm!
Chapter 494 Elder Xingxuan
Chapter 495 Stargazing Map
Chapter 496 Conspiracy
Chapter 497 Killing
Chapter 498 Killing Shen Yuyang
Chapter 499 Rejected
Chapter 500 The best
Chapter 501 The gangster eats the gangster
Chapter 502: Sky Mending Technique
Chapter 503 Qingyun Sect Assessment
Chapter 504 Nine-Headed Thunder Eagle
Chapter 505 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 506 Genius
Chapter 507 Windfall
Chapter 508: Selection of Twelve Peaks (Part 1)
Chapter 509: Selection of Twelve Peaks (Part 2)
Chapter 510 Awesome
Chapter 511 Senior Brother Jing Ping
Chapter 512 Fire Qilin is coming
Chapter 513: Divide money and fix acupoints
Chapter 514 The mysterious egg
Chapter 515 'Tao'
Chapter 516 Peak Master repairs the sky
Chapter 517: Sudden realization of the word ‘annihilation’.
Chapter 518 Ninety Thousand Star Maps and Mysterious Existences
Chapter 519 The Troubles Resurface
Chapter 520 The powerful Lin Feng
Chapter 521 Xiao Bi’s previous conflict
Chapter 522 Xiaobi begins
Chapter 523 Knocked down with one punch
Chapter 524 Another punch?
Chapter 525: Soaring into the air, moon step, and leg kill.
Chapter 526 Using force to suppress others
Chapter 527 Showdown
Chapter 528 Tanaka Road’s Second Martial Spirit
Chapter 529 Five people besieged
Chapter 530 Devouring Madly
Chapter 531 Breakthrough! Breakthrough!
Chapter 532 Thunder Knife Secret Realm
Chapter 533 Wind and Thunder Valley
Chapter 534 Elder Xingxuan’s murderous intention
Chapter 535 Good-tempered people can also get angry
Chapter 536 The Thunder Knife Secret Realm full of dangers
Chapter 537 Important news from the tree demon
Chapter 538 Sweep
Chapter 539 The knife that breaks the world (Part 1)
Chapter 540 The knife that breaks the world (Part 2)
Chapter 541 The bloody thunder knife secret realm
Chapter 542 Ye Xingchen
Chapter 543 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 544 To help or not to help?
Chapter 545 The real Sun Yaer
Chapter 546 Lingshi Mountain
Chapter 547 Get Out
Chapter 548 Three top-quality spiritual stones
Chapter 549 Cruel Thunder Knife Secret Realm Survival Rules
Chapter 550 I can’t save you a second time
Chapter 551 The Art of Returning to Heaven and the Ancient Magic Ring
Chapter 552 The terrifying Lin Feng in a rampage state
Chapter 553 Scary Woman
Chapter 554 Qiu Yuhan
Chapter 555 The Immortal Body Appears
Chapter 556 Crazy Escape
Chapter 557 Qiu Yuhan’s classmate
Chapter 558: Sarcasm
Chapter 559 Conflict
Chapter 560 'Wait a minute...'
Chapter 561 Terrible Strength
Chapter 562: Exploded
Chapter 563 The Spirit of Sword Dao
Chapter 564 'I will whip you, will you accept it?'.
Chapter 565: Enlightenment of the Spirit of Sword Dao
Chapter 566 The World of Soldiers
Chapter 567: Breaking all laws together
Chapter 568 Breakthrough to King Wu!
Chapter 569 Wu Qingqing
Chapter 570 Take action
Chapter 571 Old Friend
Chapter 572: Repaying kindness with hatred?
Chapter 573 The master from five hundred years ago (Part 1)
Chapter 574 The master from five hundred years ago (Part 2)
Chapter 575 Immortal Souls of Gods and Demons
Chapter 576 Lin Feng’s Father’s Combat Power
Chapter 577 The soul breaks through the realm of creation
Chapter 578 Wu Qingqing paid a heavy price
Chapter 579 God and Demon Bones
Chapter 580 Lan Qianqian’s worries
Chapter 581 The Flame Demon Lord’s Cave
Chapter 582 The ancient cave under the magma
Chapter 583 Seeking Death
Chapter 584: Twelve Volumes of Ground Formation
Chapter 585 Being Bullied (Part 1)
Chapter 586: Being bullied (Part 2)
Chapter 587: Looking sideways at the world, swallowing all the wastes with anger!
Chapter 588 Halloween
Chapter 589 A sword energy kills the genius
Chapter 590 Palace of Eternal Life
Chapter 591 Eternal Palace
Chapter 592 Abyss, Demonic Corpse, Killer (Part 1)
Chapter 593 Abyss, Demonic Corpse, Killer (Part 2)
Chapter 594 Jungle Army Ants
Chapter 595 Siege
Chapter 596 A narrow escape from death (Part 1)
Chapter 597 A narrow escape from death (Part 2)
Chapter 598 Deserted island, ancient trees, monks in white
Chapter 599 Eternal Hurry
Chapter 600 When the Eternal God King was young
Chapter 601 The Silent World
Chapter 602 Kill the Jiuyou Killer
Chapter 603 The Thunder Knife Secret Realm Trial Ends
Chapter 604 Jing Ping’s departure
Chapter 605 The Ancestral Land of Qingyun Sect
Chapter 606 Amazing sect benefits and world rankings
Chapter 607 Ranking on the Heaven and Earth Ranking
Chapter 608 War Spirit
Chapter 609: Crush forward
Chapter 610 Entering the List
Chapter 611 Crazy rush to the rankings
Chapter 612 Sensation in the inner sect
Chapter 613 Reaching the Top 100
Chapter 614 Guo Xiao’s overtures
Chapter 615 Conflict
Chapter 616 Like a God or a Demon
Chapter 617 I told you to get out
Chapter 618 Extreme Tempering Body
Chapter 619 The First Drop of Immortal Blood
Chapter 620 The angry Tanaka Michi is scary
Chapter 621 Tanaka Road shows great power
Chapter 622 Ninety Thousand Stars Rotate
Chapter 623 The old drunkard who behaves strangely
Chapter 624 A disharmonious scene
Chapter 625 Conflict Renewed
Chapter 626 A strong dragon does not suppress a local snake
Chapter 627 It’s not that the Raptors can’t cross the river
Chapter 628 There is a knife in my heart
Chapter 629 The first battle with a strong man in the Yin and Yang realm
Chapter 630 Demon Sword Nalan Jing
Chapter 631 Do you dare to drink wine and admire the moon with me?
Chapter 632 Tao
Chapter 633 Scholar
Chapter 634: Talk of Gods and Ghosts
Chapter 635 The person in charge of the No. 5 mining area
Chapter 636 Unhappy
Chapter 637 The unbearable past
Chapter 638 Bet
Chapter 639 One punch to solve the problem
Chapter 640 Scum! Scum!
Chapter 641 A man born with “power”
Chapter 642 Emperor Shixuan! A mysterious race!
Chapter 643 Anyone who offends me will die!
Chapter 644: Will you be convinced if your legs are destroyed?
Chapter 645 Heavenly Saint Emperor
Chapter 646 A group of clowns
Chapter 647 Kill decisively, leaving no one behind!
Chapter 648 Fierce Fight
Chapter 649 Crush Yu Boyun
Chapter 650 Li Shengjian
Chapter 651 Sword Intent
Chapter 652: Enlightenment that the sword reaches the sky
Chapter 653 Yin Yang Hehuan Sect
Chapter 654 Gu Yuner’s misunderstanding
Chapter 655 Mo Chou
Chapter 656 The Terrifying Bronze Mirror
Chapter 657 Terrifying Power
Chapter 658 Lin Feng’s terrifying strength
Chapter 659 A Woman
Chapter 660 Beautiful as a fairy
Chapter 661 Burying the Ninth Life
Chapter 662 Buried Time
Chapter 663: Unparalleled elegance in an instant, gone by the wind in an instant!
Chapter 664 Besieged by Five Masters
Chapter 665: Falling into the Divine Cliff
Chapter 666 A figure
Chapter 667 Black Flame Devouring Divine Fire, Divine Eggs, Demonic Eggs!
Chapter 668 Opening the first seal of the Black Dragon Sword!
Chapter 669 Li Mingxi
Chapter 670 The terrifying power of the Black Dragon Sword
Chapter 671 The Mysterious Monarch
Chapter 672 Guardian of the Ancient Divine Covenant
Chapter 673 Lin Feng’s mother’s family
Chapter 674 Li Mingxi’s departure
Chapter 675 Danger is Coming
Chapter 676 Wu Chang
Chapter 677 The great righteousness of Confucianism and Taoism
Chapter 678 Reading can lead to spiritual enlightenment
Chapter 679 Mountain God Reading
Chapter 680 Terrifying Monster
Chapter 681 Divine Ruins
Chapter 682 Rejection
Chapter 683 Aolai meets an old friend in the country
Chapter 684 Bullying comes to your door
Chapter 685 The moonlit night and the windy night kill people
Chapter 686 Lingchi Execution
Chapter 687 Creating a Yin-Yang Realm Monk
Chapter 688 Bai Shengyi
Chapter 689 Two geniuses
Chapter 690 The Road to Apocalypse
Chapter 691 Nether Demon Shark
Chapter 692 Devouring the Island
Chapter 693 Overcoming the tribulation!
Chapter 694 Snatch!
Chapter 695 Nine drops of immortal blood
Chapter 696 The ancient memory in the magic bead
Chapter 697 The heinous pirate Dugu Yan
Chapter 698 Severely Injuring Dugu Yan
Chapter 699 The Soul of the Deep Sea Evil Dragon
Chapter 700 Four Evil Cauldrons
Chapter 701 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 702 Kill directly
Chapter 703 Taoist weapon: Zhou Tianjing!
Chapter 704 The Gathering Place of the Maritime Monks
Chapter 705 Forced purchase?
Chapter 706 Such punishment
Chapter 707 Negotiating Cooperation
Chapter 708 Kneel down at the same time!
Chapter 709 The shock of two big figures
Chapter 710 Kneeling in a row!
Chapter 711 Discussion
Chapter 712 The Great Elder of the Spiritual Array Master Union?
Chapter 713 Spiritual Formation Master Genius?
Chapter 714 The Sacred Protection of the Four Ancestors
Chapter 715 Sudden departure
Chapter 716 The beast eggs move strangely
Chapter 717 Is it going to hatch?
Chapter 718 Giant Ship
Chapter 719: Get away, didn’t you hear?
Chapter 720 Strong
Chapter 721 Someone comes looking for death again?
Chapter 722: Majesty cannot be provoked
Chapter 723 Zhan Junhua was almost scared to death
Chapter 724 Taoist Priest Shangyuan
Chapter 725 The Nine Pirate Kings
Chapter 726 Disaster
Chapter 727 Two Taoist Weapons
Chapter 728 Devouring
Chapter 729 Demon Lord
Chapter 730 'Destruction'
Chapter 731 Exchange of Secret Techniques
Chapter 732 Empress
Chapter 733 Unparalleled Elegance
Chapter 734 The Empress’ Style
Chapter 735 The strong ones gather together and the divine ruins open!
Chapter 736 Icefield Pulling the Coffin
Chapter 737 Sinner?
Chapter 738 The Coffin Puller
Chapter 739 Golden Devil Bell
Chapter 740 Palace Group
Chapter 741 The King of Poisonous Insects
Chapter 742 Conquering the Insect Swarm
Chapter 743 Breathing to Kill
Chapter 744 Epiphany: Entering the world inside the murals
Chapter 745 Xingtian’s fighting spirit!
Chapter 746 Instant Kill!
Chapter 747 The Ancient Weak Water Ancient God and the Bracelet of Doom
Chapter 748 The Origin of the Ship of the Ancient Gods
Chapter 749 Altar of Destiny
Chapter 750 Agreement with the Demon Lord
Chapter 751 Essence Fruit
Chapter 752 Crushed directly to death
Chapter 753 Horrible Killing
Chapter 754 Left hook!
Chapter 755 Fragments of the World Tree Appear
Chapter 756 Success
Chapter 757 Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough!
Chapter 758 The hunted girl
Chapter 759 It turns out that he really came to kill me!
Chapter 760 Fire Phoenix!
Chapter 761 Forbidden Demon Mountains
Chapter 762 Dragon Rabbit
Chapter 763 Sky Fire: Black Flame Burning God Fire!
Chapter 764 Devouring the Second Type of Heavenly Fire
Chapter 765: Kill instantly with one move
Chapter 766 The difference between 'secret skills' and 'supernatural powers'.
Chapter 767 Caught by Lin Feng instead
Chapter 768 Lin Feng’s punishment method
Chapter 769 Five Emperors Dragon Fist
Chapter 770 'Talk to Me'
Chapter 771 Holy Son, Holy Woman!
Chapter 772 Advance with great success!
Chapter 773 Luo Shengtian’s possessiveness towards Shi Weizhu
Chapter 774 Ru Shen Di Lin Chen
Chapter 775 Horror
Chapter 776 Rain falls
Chapter 777 Bet
Chapter 778 Mana
Chapter 779 Endless domineering! Like a demon and a god!
Chapter 780 Presumptuous!
Chapter 781 Take an oath!
Chapter 782 Establishing the 'Supreme Peak'.
Chapter 783 A small world for a moment
Chapter 784 Time flies
Chapter 785 Senior brother, save me!
Chapter 786 The Yin Spirit Body
Chapter 787 Strong
Chapter 788 Redeeming Two Legs
Chapter 789 Another breakthrough?
Chapter 790 Demon Fetus
Chapter 791 Return to Dongjun China
Chapter 792 Heaven and Earth Sword Technique
Chapter 793 Tomb of the Demon
Chapter 794 Fighting
Chapter 795 Demon!
Chapter 796 Magic Talisman
Chapter 797 Shi Ningmeng
Chapter 798: The Great Method of Disintegration of Demons
Chapter 799 Escort
Chapter 800 As cold as ice - 'Ning Hanshuang'!
Chapter 801 Just Guidance
Chapter 802 'Stone God Festival'.
Chapter 803 'Sir... I would like to send you my regards'.
Chapter 804 One axe! Create the world!
Chapter 805 Ishigami
Chapter 806 Division of Divine Realm
Chapter 807 Shattering the Sky with an Ax
Chapter 808 The battle between geniuses
Chapter 809 Side Push
Chapter 810 Killed alive
Chapter 811 Goodbye Murong Xue
Chapter 812 The Mysterious Blacksmith
Chapter 813 Descendants of Xianyue Mountain
Chapter 814 Partiality?
Chapter 815 Inspector Jiang Chao
Chapter 816 Master Lin
Chapter 817 Jiang Li’s handling method
Chapter 818 Murong Xue’s shock
Chapter 819 The murderous intention is like the sea
Chapter 820 Get out and die!
Chapter 821 Special Physique
Chapter 822 Accident
Chapter 823 Use my demon blood to dye the starry sky red!
Chapter 824 Bloody Meteor
Chapter 825 A fierce battle
Chapter 826 Dragon Egg
Chapter 827 Chase
Chapter 828 That damn fate
Chapter 829 Star Reacher
Chapter 830 Gathering the golden elixir!
Chapter 831 Fuxi’s daughter—Luo Shen!
Chapter 832 The woman imprisoned under the temple
Chapter 833 Arrogant
Chapter 834 The Invincible Dao-Slaying Body
Chapter 835: Breaking the Dao Body
Chapter 836 Eye of Death
Chapter 837 Nine Steps to Death
Chapter 838 Yu Ji takes action
Chapter 839 The opportunity to go to Kyushu Continent
Chapter 840 Valley of Fire
Chapter 841 Big shot
Chapter 842 Sun Yi’s overtures
Chapter 843 Tips
Chapter 844 Danger
Chapter 845 Fight to the death against a strong person in the creation realm!
Chapter 846 Fight to the death
Chapter 847 The heart-wrenching Shangguan Feier
Chapter 848 Killed alive!
Chapter 849 A powerful enemy is coming!
Chapter 850 The terrifying Dugu Wutian
Chapter 851 Human Emperor Formation
Chapter 852 Dadu Transformation Technique
Chapter 853 The heart is as deep as an abyss and as fierce as a snake or scorpion.
Chapter 854 Suppress Ning Hanshuang!
Chapter 855 Siege of the ancient capital of Aotian!
Chapter 856 Summoning God
Chapter 857 The demon king takes action!
Chapter 858 Hard Fight
Chapter 859: All means are used, Dugu Aotian is deposed!
Chapter 860 The fall of God! Divide the origin of God!
Chapter 861 Reward!
Chapter 862 Old friend!
Chapter 863 Cutting out an eyeball
Chapter 864 Sky Demon Snake Eyes
Chapter 865 Terrifying Ability
Chapter 866 Medicine King Insect
Chapter 867 The material for forging the ancient emperor’s weapons: Purple Fire Divine Crystal!
Chapter 868 Rules
Chapter 869 The Palm of the Holy Demon (7 updates)
Chapter 870 A sudden increase in strength!
Chapter 871 Humanoid Stone
Chapter 872 Turtle-shell Tuo Shen Diagram
Chapter 873 The Heavenly Tribulation Demon Realm!
Chapter 874 The Xiang Family in Selangor
Chapter 875 Domineering
Chapter 876 The Demon Race Dapeng King (7 updates)
Chapter 877 People can’t bite dogs
Chapter 878 Snow Dragon!
Chapter 879 A strong kill
Chapter 880 Succeed
Chapter 881 The Eve of the War
Chapter 882 Take off the head
Chapter 883 Swamp of Death
Chapter 884 A fire crow!
Chapter 885 The cursed strong man!
Chapter 886 Great Curse Technique
Chapter 887 Heavenly Tribulation!
Chapter 888 Supreme Samsara Fist
Chapter 889 Tianzhou Suiyue Cave!
Chapter 890 Imperial Soldier Years Sword
Chapter 891 Chaos!
Chapter 892 Dragon Rabbit has made great contributions!
Chapter 893 Spear of Curse
Chapter 894 The famous Tianjiao of the three thousand states: Overlord Xiangji!
Chapter 895 The best sister flower (7 more)
Chapter 896 The arrogant son!
Chapter 897
Chapter 898 Star Meteorite!
Chapter 899: Psychic Jade
Chapter 900 Treasure hairpin for beauty!
Chapter 901 Qi Lian Xun
Chapter 902 Supernatural is holy (7 more)
Chapter 903 Crazy increase in strength!
Chapter 904 Fighting Huangfu alone!
Chapter 905 Self-destructor!
Chapter 906 The Heavenly Tribulation Demon Realm has been found!
Chapter 907 Primordial Magic Liquid
Chapter 908 Soul Memory
Chapter 909 The mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind (7 more)
Chapter 910 The Law of Plunder!
Chapter 911 Great Death Technique
Chapter 912 Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 913 In addition to a thousand people, the fire magic sword that takes the head of a person!
Chapter 914
Chapter 915 Spring and Autumn Swordsmanship
Chapter 916: One Enemy Hundred (7 More)
Chapter 917 The Pagoda Town River Demon!
Chapter 918 Eight hundred million miles to the Tianhe River!
Chapter 919 The Birth of the Heavenly Demon!
Chapter 920 The Cursed Heavenly Master's Lineage!
Chapter 921 The sacred stone scriptures of the Tianshi lineage!
Chapter 922 Liu Huaxian!
Chapter 923 Shocked (7 more)
Chapter 924 Moon Palace Fairy
Chapter 925
Chapter 926 Cut stones!
Chapter 927 The waves in Liu Huaxian's heart!
Chapter 928
Chapter 929 God and Demon Fist
Chapter 930
Chapter 931 The black-bellied Liu Huaxian!
Chapter 932 Lin Feng came to visit.
Chapter 933 Overwhelm the ancestors!
Chapter 934 The identity is about to be revealed?
Chapter 935: New Conditions for Asking Lin Feng to Choose Stones
Chapter 936 Late-night meeting with beautiful ladies!
Chapter 937 Three thousand dreams of red dust! (7 more)
Chapter 938 Tigress
Chapter 939
Chapter 940 If I was the Qing Emperor in his age
Chapter 941 Domineering exposed!
Chapter 942 Tai Cang Yuntao
Chapter 943 Another martial art appears!
Chapter 944 Debate!
Chapter 945 The trunk of the tree of life!
Chapter 946 Famous Holy Stone City!
Chapter 947 The Terrible King of Stonemen under the Holy Stone City
Chapter 948 Seal the Stone Holy Spirit!
Chapter 949 Starry Sky Road!
Chapter 950 Realm of Illusion!
Chapter 951 Illusory Stone!
Chapter 952 Panic
Chapter 953 Mother and Daughter
Chapter 954 Jump without hesitation!
Chapter 955 One step away from the ancient giants!
Chapter 956 Water Spiritual Rain
Chapter 957 Wan Dao Sword Sect
Chapter 958 Two forces (7 more)
Chapter 959 Invincible!
Chapter 960 Condensing the Emperor Embryo!
Chapter 961 Trading Area
Chapter 962 Strong buy and strong sell?
Chapter 963 Unarmed Receiver!
Chapter 964 Zhuge Ye
Chapter 965 Heavenly Temple's Successor Emperor Shengtian (7 more)
Chapter 966
Chapter 967 Forty-nine thunder tribulations!
Chapter 968 Swallow them all
Chapter 969 Subdue the Black Feathered Eagle King!
Chapter 970 Shenwu Mountain
Chapter 971 The Black Dragon Sword unlocks the second seal!
Chapter 972 Divine Beast Chaos (7 updates)
Chapter 973 Confrontation!
Chapter 974: Exploiting!
Chapter 975 Broken stone statue! Obtained great suppression technique!
Chapter 976 Ancient God Taihao
Chapter 977 Divine Protection
Chapter 978 Insulting the word beast
Chapter 979 Li Yingdie (7 updates)
Chapter 980 Galaxy!
Chapter 981 Throw it down to feed the star beast
Chapter 982: Kill the Star Beast with a wave of your hand
Chapter 983 Broken Red Sleeve
Chapter 984: Slap away
Chapter 985 The terrifying Emperor Shengtian
Chapter 986 The Bottom of the Galaxy (7 updates)
Chapter 987 The Imprint of Tianshi DaoCondensing the 'Stone Scripture'
Chapter 988 The so-called loyalty
Chapter 989 Lilong Bloodline
Chapter 990: Kill with force!
Chapter 991 Reunion after a long absence
Chapter 992 Win Musen
Chapter 993 Robbery (7 updates)
Chapter 994 Cruelty
Chapter 995 Take action
Chapter 996 Killing the Eternal Giant
Chapter 997 Holy Spirit Fruit
Chapter 998 Stole an egg!
Chapter 999 Hanzhuo Gods Mansion
Chapter 1000: Essence is like the sea (7 updates)
Chapter 1001 Looking sideways at Lin Feng
Chapter 1002 The battle of geniuses begins again!
Chapter 1003: Magic immunity and bloodline collision
Chapter 1004 Bloodline ResearcherThe Mysterious Old Man Song Zongchen
Chapter 1005 Concubine Mu Lan
Chapter 1006 Besieged
Chapter 1007: Thrown into the Devil's Den (Chapter 7)
Chapter 1008 Risky pursuit!
Chapter 1009 Lone Grave
Chapter 1010 The Broken Sword and the Demon General
Chapter 1011 Sword God
Chapter 1012 Dominate the Imperial Clan!
Chapter 1013 Starry sky beast!
Chapter 1014 Original Injury
Chapter 1015 Mountain
Chapter 1016 Awakening
Chapter 1017 Follow
Chapter 1018 Bullying
Chapter 1019 Taoism
Chapter 1020 Distress
Chapter 1021 Death Jedi Immortal Evil Mountain (Chapter 7)
Chapter 1022 Movement in all directions
Chapter 1023 Black Mysterious Sect
Chapter 1024 The Powerful Bull Demon King
Chapter 1025 Trampled to death
Chapter 1026 Crushed to Death
Chapter 1027 Iron-Blooded Chariot
Chapter 1028 Kill the master in succession!
Chapter 1029 Parchment Scroll
Chapter 1030 Entering into despair
Chapter 1031 Terrible
Chapter 1032 Escape
Chapter 1033 Taishang Sword Control Technique
Chapter 1034 The four powerful men of Shangtianmens Blue Sky and White Sun!
Chapter 1035 Killed with one palm
Chapter 1036 Beibei hatches
Chapter 1037 Little Moon
Chapter 1038 Tragic
Chapter 1039 Tragic
Chapter 1040 Danger
Chapter 1041 The terrifying cold veins of earth and yin (7 updates)
Chapter 1042 The conditions of the demon king
Chapter 1043 Continuous bloody battles
Chapter 1044 Crisis situation
Chapter 1045 Demon Clan Princess Xueyao
Chapter 1046 Cold Pond
Chapter 1047 The mysterious treasure in the abyss
Chapter 1048 The Holy Fetus of the Demon Emperor in Little Moon (7 updates)
Chapter 1049 The ancient bloodline brand!
Chapter 1050 The place where the Holy Ancestor attained enlightenment
Chapter 1051 Three-Headed Cobra TribeXie Wuyu!
Chapter 1052 Void shuttle
Chapter 1053 Goodbye Long Yuxi
Chapter 1054 Dispute
Chapter 1055 Strong (7 updates)
Chapter 1056 Crush
Chapter 1057 Come to provoke
Chapter 1058 Contempt
Chapter 1059 Raise your hand to suppress!
Chapter 1060 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1061 Shock
Chapter 1062 Old Demon (7 updates)
Chapter 1063 The five demon clans
Chapter 1064 The Past of King Dapeng
Chapter 1065 Two Supreme Prodigies
Chapter 1066 Vixen
Chapter 1067 The Promise Back then
Chapter 1068 A river of blood
Chapter 1069 Attacked!
Chapter 1070 The place where demons are buried
Chapter 1071 Kill by force!
Chapter 1072 Forced Killing (Part 2)
Chapter 1073 Cave Mansion
Chapter 1074 Evil Crystal
Chapter 1075 Ancient Divine Texts
Chapter 1076: Killed alive (7 updates)
Chapter 1077 The Demon Clans Sorrow
Chapter 1078 Fall
Chapter 1079 Confrontation between Imperial Soldiers
Chapter 1080 Killing powerful enemies in succession and a precarious situation
Chapter 1081 Terrifying Strength
Chapter 1082 Bloodshed
Chapter 1083 The four powerful men in the reincarnation realm (7 updates)
Chapter 1084 God Splitting Technique
Chapter 1085 Peerless Peng King
Chapter 1086 The Holy Ice Coffin seals the Peng King!
Chapter 1087 Swire Ning Family Ning Xubai
Chapter 1088: Sky Mending Technique
Chapter 1089 Wang Zhanlong
Chapter 1090: Arrogant (7 updates)
Chapter 1091 Demonic Dragon
Chapter 1092 Evil Dragon Blade
Chapter 1093: Forcibly plundering semi-finished artifacts
Chapter 1094 The Qingyun Sect Disciple Who Regrets Him
Chapter 1095 The Way of Nature
Chapter 1096 The Sky-Shaking Stone Monument
Chapter 1097 Conspiracy (7 updates)
Chapter 1098 Human Face and Beast Heart
Chapter 1099 Its better to mess with villains than women!
Chapter 1100 The sensation caused by returning to Qinglong Academy
Chapter 1101 Shock
Chapter 1102 Huang Shilans Crisis
Chapter 1103 Cutting the spaceship apart with one knife
Chapter 1104 The Twelve Shadow Guards
Chapter 1105 Complex Feelings
Chapter 1106 The Twelve Shadow Guards fell!
Chapter 1107 Kill powerful enemies in succession!
Chapter 1108 A strong man in the quasi-reincarnation realm
Chapter 1109 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 1110 The Ghost Army
Chapter 1111 The terrifying lineage of Heavenly Masters!
Chapter 1112 Capture
Chapter 1113 The eighth level of the realm of creation!
Chapter 1114 The confrontation between the Earth Master lineage and Ning Litao
Chapter 1115 Old Friend
Chapter 1116 Zong Yuns mighty wrath!
Chapter 1117 Murong Tianshen, the most powerful person among the gods (7 updates)
Chapter 1118 Eight stone statues with their heads cut off!
Chapter 1119 Ninety-nine Stone Steps and Tianjiao Platform
Chapter 1120 Bai Yutian, the genius of the demon clan
Chapter 1121 Climbing the Stone Steps
Chapter 1122 The body can become a god
Chapter 1123 Encountering obstacles!
Chapter 1124 I am the peak at the end of the divine road (7 updates)
Chapter 1125 Stepping on God Murong!
Chapter 1126 Catastrophe Spell!
Chapter 1127 Witch Guan Guan
Chapter 1128 Extraterrestrial Tribe
Chapter 1129 Sadness
Chapter 1130 The so-called justice and evil!
Chapter 1131 The seventh prince of the Qin Empire wins over Shaokang
Chapter 1132 Destroy the Village
Chapter 1133 Chilling
Chapter 1134 Heavenly Fruit
Chapter 1135 Arrangement
Chapter 1136 Escape successfully
Chapter 1137 The Three Thousand Avenues of Perfection
Chapter 1138 Ruined temple, Bodhi tree, headless Buddha statue.
Chapter 1139 Sacrifice
Chapter 1140 When he returns, I will bury him in Nanshan!
Chapter 1141 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1142 Suppressing the head of the demon monk!
Chapter 1143 Emperor Donghua
Chapter 1144 Killing
Chapter 1145 The five masters of the Creation Sect (7 updates)
Chapter 1146 The first confrontation
Chapter 1147 Star Crocodile
Chapter 1148 Those who blaspheme God, die!
Chapter 1149 Descendants of the Earth Master Lineage
Chapter 1150 The crystal coffin is empty!
Chapter 1151 The terrifying Yin God
Chapter 1152 The Resurrection of the Divine Corpse (7 updates)
Chapter 1153 Im going to be tricked to death by the demon king
Chapter 1154 The Function of Holy Source Liquid
Chapter 1155 The ancestors of Lin Fengs mothers clan (Part 1)
Chapter 1156 The ancestors of Lin Fengs mothers clan (Part 2)
Chapter 1157 Hurricane Bead
Chapter 1158 Meeting Wu Qingqing Again
Chapter 1159 The Heartless Palace (7 updates)
Chapter 1160 Invincible
Chapter 1161 Cruel and ruthless
Chapter 1162 Heartless Fairy Girl
Chapter 1163 The 36th Heavenly Master Chu Moxiu
Chapter 1164 Supreme Pillar
Chapter 1165 Being beaten by Lin Feng until he vomited blood
Chapter 1166 Who is not worthy?
Chapter 1167 The Stone Scripture shows its power
Chapter 1168 Soul Search!
Chapter 1169 Blessings
Chapter 1170 Holy Lord Peacock takes action
Chapter 1171 The two domineering demon clan supremes
Chapter 1172 The frustrated seven powerful men in the reincarnation realm
Chapter 1173 Letter from Sikong Xinyan (7 updates)
Chapter 1174 Mrs. Qi
Chapter 1175 Meeting Jin Shengfei again
Chapter 1176 Stunning beauty in the world
Chapter 1177 Xuanyuan Wu
Chapter 1178 Mrs. Qis invitation
Chapter 1179 Divine Dharma Book
Chapter 1180 Demon
Chapter 1181 Join forces
Chapter 1182 Great Change Technique
Chapter 1183 Qiankun Cave
Chapter 1184 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 1185 Sun Yiyi
Chapter 1186 Six women of unknown origin (8 updates)
Chapter 1187 Inner Demon
Chapter 1188 The wealthy Lin Feng
Chapter 1189 Old Bastard
Chapter 1190 Blackmailing the Great Demon King of Desire!
Chapter 1191 Great Defense Technique
Chapter 1192 Jin Zongdao of Shenpeng Island
Chapter 1193 The strong one attacks!
Chapter 1194 Heavy damage to Jin Zongdao
Chapter 1195 Killing
Chapter 1196 The despairingly powerful Tianpeng King
Chapter 1197 The Alchemist and the Divine Liquid
Chapter 1198 Marriage
Chapter 1199 Four Women
Chapter 1200 Nightmare Island, Great Dream Evil Emperor
Chapter 1201 The war between geniuses begins again
Chapter 1202 Demon Lord Lanling
Chapter 1203 The weird alchemist
Chapter 1204 Descendants of Sinful Blood
Chapter 1205 Mirror of the Future
Chapter 1206 Devil Alley
Chapter 1207 Arrogant Xue Zhanxian (7 updates)
Chapter 1208 Burying the Immortal Step by Step
Chapter 1209 Gate of Hell
Chapter 1210 Pureblood Bloodline
Chapter 1211 Standing in the swallowing black hole and looking at the ancestors
Chapter 1212 Dominate the world
Chapter 1213 Stormy Ocean
Chapter 1214 The Third Prince of the Evil Dragon of the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea!
Chapter 1215 Successful Landing on the Island
Chapter 1216 Nine Yin Earth Mysterious Liquid
Chapter 1217 Stone Vine
Chapter 1218 The spirit conceived in the stone
Chapter 1219 The Unlucky Sea Clan
Chapter 1220 Imperial Art: Seal of Life and Death!
Chapter 1221 National Subjugation
Chapter 1222 Counterattack
Chapter 1223 Troubles
Chapter 1224 Frozen
Chapter 1225 Transaction
Chapter 1226 The Nine-Aperture Stone Man Holds the Heavenly Book
Chapter 1227 Past, present, future!
Chapter 1228 Trapped
Chapter 1229 Dragon
Chapter 1230 Palace in Heaven
Chapter 1231 Traveling Together
Chapter 1232 True Face
Chapter 1233 The power controlled by Mrs. Qi
Chapter 1234 From now on, whats yours is mine!
Chapter 1235 Reclamation and Nation Building
Chapter 1236 The status of the Spiritual Array Master Temple in Tianwu Continent
Chapter 1237 Lin Feng was despised
Chapter 1238 Niu Dajiang
Chapter 1239 Looking at each other
Chapter 1240 Gift of Jade Talisman
Chapter 1241 Targeting
Chapter 1242 Suppression!
Chapter 1243 The extremely domineering Lin Feng
Chapter 1244 The vicious Zhuge Jian
Chapter 1245: The Playboy of the Spiritual Array Master Temple
Chapter 1246 Liushi Castles solution
Chapter 1247 Lin Feng was despised again
Chapter 1248 The art of controlling people
Chapter 1249 Inner Shock (Part 1)
Chapter 1250 Inner Shock (Part 2)
Chapter 1251 As wise as a demon
Chapter 1252 Division of Power
Chapter 1253 Mo Lengchans threat
Chapter 1254 Lin Fengs violent temper
Chapter 1255 One Autumn and Twelve Years
Chapter 1256 Breaking through the Realm of Life and Death
Chapter 1257 Four Ancestors
Chapter 1258 Use every possible means
Chapter 1259 Fire Qilin is in danger
Chapter 1260: Knocked away with one punch
Chapter 1261 Fight to the Death
Chapter 1262 Fight to the Death (Part 2)
Chapter 1263 Fight to the Death (Part 2)
Chapter 1264 Join forces to kill
Chapter 1265 Breakthrough of Soul Power
Chapter 1266 Original Dao Fruit
Chapter 1267 Goodbye Master Dao
Chapter 1268 Shocking, Nine Demon Maps!
Chapter 1269 Imperial Soldier Ranking
Chapter 1270 The Ghost Soldier
Chapter 1271 The little man tied up with yellow paper
Chapter 1272 Void God-eating Insect
Chapter 1273 Attacked again
Chapter 1274 The Three Elders of Yin and Yang!
Chapter 1275: Stealing a Coffin
Chapter 1276 Escape
Chapter 1277 The dragons tails are connected, and the real dragon spits out pearls!
Chapter 1278: Dragon vs. Overlord Salamander
Chapter 1279 Three Lives and Three Worlds Coffin
Chapter 1280 A swamp full of dangers
Chapter 1281 Horrible and ugly human face
Chapter 1282 Human Skin
Chapter 1283 Weird Bone Creature
Chapter 1284 King Yama
Chapter 1285 A strong counterattack
Chapter 1286 Taking off the head
Chapter 1287 A thousand years of waiting, just for todays fight!
Chapter 1288 A tragic sacrifice
Chapter 1289 The Terrible Demon King of the Underworld
Chapter 1290: How many years are there today?
Chapter 1291 Killing God (Part 1)
Chapter 1292 Killing God (Part 2)
Chapter 1293 New slave?
Chapter 1294 Gong Ziyu
Chapter 1295 The terrifying mysterious old man
Chapter 1296 Collecting the Demon Palace of Samsara
Chapter 1297 The ferocious beast 'Li'!
Chapter 1298: After grabbing something and running away, its so exciting!
Chapter 1299 Breaking two levels in a row
Chapter 1300 Too domineering
Chapter 1301 Lin Fengs terrifying strength
Chapter 1302 The Holy Spirit Deep in the Flame World
Chapter 1303 A Drop of Dragon Elephant Blood Essence
Chapter 1304 Breakthrough!
Chapter 1305 Killing to establish authority
Chapter 1306 Fall
Chapter 1307 Magic Lotus
Chapter 1308 Demon
Chapter 1309 Encounter!!
Chapter 1310 Summoning the Power of the Ancient Dragon Elephant
Chapter 1311 Suppressing Demon Lord Haoxie
Chapter 1312 Great improvement in strength
Chapter 1313 Fighting Quasi-God
Chapter 1314 Chaos in Zhongzhou!
Chapter 1315 The Fall of Xue Lunfa
Chapter 1316 Killing Jiuyou Killer Continuously
Chapter 1317 The Demonic Lotus in the Small World
Chapter 1318 Accident!
Chapter 1319 Join forces to fight the devil fetus
Chapter 1320 A river of blood
Chapter 1321 The destruction of the wilderness!
Chapter 1322 Reading can lead to spiritual enlightenment, and awe-inspiring righteousness will last forever!
Chapter 1323 Recruiting Lin Feng
Chapter 1324 The ghost ship arrives at the critical moment
Chapter 1325 Corpse Burial Valley under the Mist Lake
Chapter 1326 The terrifying ancient corpse
Chapter 1327 Shipwreck
Chapter 1328 Ancient Ship Treasure House
Chapter 1329 Amazing Wealth
Chapter 1330 Pig-faced Blood Bat
Chapter 1331 Conquering the Pig-faced Bloody Bat King!
Chapter 1332 A white skeleton!
Chapter 1333: Severely Injuring the Evil Lord of White Bones
Chapter 1334 The mysterious mummy in the ancient ship
Chapter 1335 The terrifying ancient corpse in the Corpse Valley shows its power
Chapter 1336 Integrating Power
Chapter 1337 Flame Legion
Chapter 1338 Siege
Chapter 1339: Plunder the Nine Demon Maps!
Chapter 1340 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 1341 The bloody battle in Sun Moon City
Chapter 1342: Forcibly plundering artifacts
Chapter 1343 All Transformation
Chapter 1344 Liu Piaomiaos transformation
Chapter 1345: Sacrifice to the Nine Demons
Chapter 1346 Demon Saint Tianzun
Chapter 1347 Catastrophe!
Chapter 1348 The demon attacks
Chapter 1349 One hundred thousand monks and one hundred thousand troops, recommend Xuanyuan with my blood!
Chapter 1350 The Terrible God
Chapter 1351 Trapping the God of Killing (Part 1)
Chapter 1352: Trapping the God of Killing (Part 2)
Chapter 1353: Trapping the God of Killing (Part 2)
Chapter 1354 Return and victory!
Chapter 1355 The tenth realm of life and death!
Chapter 1356 The plan to transform the rock troll
Chapter 1357 The Cunning Rock Troll
Chapter 1358 Transforming the Rock Troll
Chapter 1359 Chance Encounter
Chapter 1360 Negotiating Cooperation
Chapter 1362 The terrifying magic lotus
Chapter 1363 A brutal battle
Chapter 1364 Buried deep in the Broken Void!
Chapter 1366 Precious Food
Chapter 1367 Survival is difficult
Chapter 1368 Demon Snake
Chapter 1369 Hunting the two-headed blood wolf
Chapter 1370 Eating meat to recover
Chapter 1371 Dagger
Chapter 1372 River
Chapter 1373 Battle against the Demonic Snake
Chapter 1374 Killing the Demonic Snake in the Cave
Chapter 1375 The Breatharian God is Immortal!
Chapter 1376 Town
Chapter 1377 Mercenary
Chapter 1378 Besieged
Chapter 1379 Nan Family!
Chapter 1380 Want to marry your daughter to Lin Feng?
Chapter 1381 Nan Maners Rejection
Chapter 1382 Blood Rain Stone
Chapter 1383 Running Mana
Chapter 1384 Black Jiao
Chapter 1385 Meeting Again
Chapter 1386 Killing the dragon and lion with a wave of his hand
Chapter 1387 The arrival of the black dragon
Chapter 1388 Angrily Killing the Black Dragon
Chapter 1389 Breaking Through the Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 1390 The Great Wilderness War Gun
Chapter 1391 Two beauties
Chapter 1392 Jealousy
Chapter 1393 Such a world
Chapter 1394 Come to find trouble
Chapter 1395 Kneel down
Chapter 1396 Dao Palace
Chapter 1397 Ancestor
Chapter 1398 Innate Creatures
Chapter 1399 Kowtow three times before the Buddha
Chapter 1400 The Demon King Chu Tianba
Chapter 1401 Lets play in the mud
Chapter 1402 Lin Fengs Personality Charm
Chapter 1403 Lin Fengs first apprentice
Chapter 1404 Nan Maners expectations
Chapter 1405 Dont understand the rules
Chapter 1406 Skyfire News
Chapter 1407 Destined not to belong to the same world
Chapter 1408: Enlightenment of the Great Cause and Effect
Chapter 1409 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind
Chapter 1410: Snatching the Divine Corpse
Chapter 1411 A fierce battle of life and death!
Chapter 1412 Self-created magical power: Burning Heavens Wrath!
Chapter 1413 Great improvement in cultivation, the treasure left by God
Chapter 1414 The original magic weapon is promoted to an artifact
Chapter 1415 News about the Demon Lotus
Chapter 1416 The Application of Great Cause and Effect Technique
Chapter 1417 Taiyin Emperor
Chapter 1418 Howling Moon Wolf King
Chapter 1419 Siege of Demon Lotus
Chapter 1420 Domineering Lin Feng
Chapter 1421 Golden Crow Sage
Chapter 1422 The flesh crushes God
Chapter 1423 Join forces to kill gods (Part 1)
Chapter 1424 Join forces to kill gods (Part 2)
Chapter 1425 Join forces to kill gods (Part 2)
Chapter 1426 The incarnation of the divine realm
Chapter 1427 Lin Feng began to boast about expanding his power.
Chapter 1428 Yun Dieyi
Chapter 1429 Crazy expansion of power
Chapter 1430 Emperor Jun Tian was injured
Chapter 1431 Temple
Chapter 1432 The Power of Faith
Chapter 1433 Dark God Tower
Chapter 1434 Poison Rose
Chapter 1435 Poison Rose (Part 2)
Chapter 1436 Chasing the Poison Rose!
Chapter 1437 Ten Thousand Poison Valley
Chapter 1438 Cave
Chapter 1439 The Ancestor of All Poisons
Chapter 1440 Encountered a weirdo
Chapter 1441 The ancestor of all poisons recognizes his master
Chapter 1442 Great Poison Technique
Chapter 1443 Archaic Ancestor Eggs
Chapter 1444 Rich and wealthy!
Chapter 1445 Life Transformation
Chapter 1446 Bidding for the Divine Fruit!
Chapter 1447 Huge wealth obtained through blackmail
Chapter 1448 A mysterious man appears
Chapter 1449 Take action
Chapter 1450 The Dark God Tower Station
Chapter 1451 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1452 Curse Technique
Chapter 1453 Summoning the Disk of Reincarnation
Chapter 1454 Taiyin Emperor Sword
Chapter 1455 Blood Induction
Chapter 1456 The wild island
Chapter 1457 Killing Mu Qianzong, the Lord of the Poison Domain (Part 1)
Chapter 1458 Killing Mu Qianzong, the Lord of the Poison Domain (Part 2)
Chapter 1459 Killing Mu Qianzong, the Lord of the Poison Domain (Part 2)
Chapter 1460 Holy Mountain
Chapter 1461 The ancient coffin is empty
Chapter 1462 Secrets of the Underworld
Chapter 1463 Agreement with the Sarcophagus Guardian
Chapter 1464 Forbidden Weapon Purple Electric Hammer
Chapter 1465 Like the God of Thunder coming to the world
Chapter 1466 Crushed to death
Chapter 1467 The fierce power shocks the world
Chapter 1468 Shooting the Golden Crow with a Big Bow
Chapter 1469 Another breakthrough
Chapter 1470 One Sect and Two Emperors
Chapter 1471 The Dark God Tower is destroyed
Chapter 1472 Ancient Map of the Starry Sky
Chapter 1473 A powerful enemy attacks
Chapter 1474 Annihilating the Three Powerful Men of the Golden Crow Tribe
Chapter 1475 Death Star Sea
Chapter 1476 They are all dead, and I am the only one left alive...
Chapter 1477 Ancient Ship Pulling the Coffin
Chapter 1478 The Great Emperor Mo Xiao
Chapter 1479 Qingxuan
Chapter 1480 The Terrifying Wasteland
Chapter 1481 Creatures from a Foreign World
Chapter 1482 The Curse of the Emperors Corpse
Chapter 1483 Ancient Lord of the Rings
Chapter 1484 The strong man from the Evil Eye Clan in a foreign world
Chapter 1485 'Domineering'
Chapter 1486 The first appearance of domineering power: the supreme purple domineering power
Chapter 1487 Star Pirates
Chapter 1488 Starry Sky Demon
Chapter 1489 Escape
Chapter 1490 Young Master Qian Cang
Chapter 1491 Showing His Power
Chapter 1492 Lan Ruoxing
Chapter 1493 Three-Eyed Golden Lion
Chapter 1494: The Invincible Fighting King Ba Shen Fist
Chapter 1496 A thousand god-level formation materials
Chapter 1497 Star Territory Trading Company
Chapter 1498 Huo Yihan
Chapter 1499 Starry Sky Ancient City
Chapter 1500 Starry Sky Ancient City (Part 2)
Chapter 1501 The body is broken (Part 1)
Chapter 1502 The body is broken (Part 2)
Chapter 1503 The giant door is closed
Chapter 1504 Human Skin Reappears
Chapter 1505 The Curse Appears
Chapter 1506 Yin soldiers kill people
Chapter 1507 Ancient House Feng Shui
Chapter 1508 Iron Box
Chapter 1509 Broken corpse
Chapter 1510 The Sky-shaking Monument Reappears
Chapter 1511 Ancient Corpse
Chapter 1512 Huangshan Soul-Suppressing Soil
Chapter 1513 Evil Corpse
Chapter 1514 So terrible that it makes people despair
Chapter 1515 Crazy Huo Yihan
Chapter 1516 Blood of Ancestors
Chapter 1517 Heartbreak
Chapter 1518 Three lives and three lives, Ill wait for you to wake up!
Chapter 1519 Sacrifice
Chapter 1520 The alien god is born
Chapter 1521 The Holy Monk Passes Away
Chapter 1522 Have you ever forgotten?
Chapter 1523 Lord of the Gods
Chapter 1524: Shock and kill the foreign gods
Chapter 1525 The Dominator Emperors Blood Resurrection
Chapter 1526 Subdue the Starry Sky Behemoth
Chapter 1527 Giant Buddha
Chapter 1528 The situation in Tianwu Continent
Chapter 1529 The extremely cunning Chiyang Xun'er
Chapter 1530 Witch
Chapter 1531 Transaction
Chapter 1532 The hidden origin
Chapter 1533 Arrogance
Chapter 1534 'You are indeed back...'
Chapter 1535 The Secret of the Scroll
Chapter 1536 Guarding the Puppet
Chapter 1537 Broken Puppet
Chapter 1538: First Hongjun, then Tian, Lord Lu Ya is still ahead!
Chapter 1539 Luya Stargazing Map!
Chapter 1540 Treasure House
Chapter 1541 Xuanyuan Starry Ancient Ship
Chapter 1542 Chaos Sword
Chapter 1543 Nine swords come together, the secret realm opens!
Chapter 1544 Tiandao Sect
Chapter 1545 An old friend comes to visit, where is Lan Ruo?
Chapter 1546 The moment he raised his hand, everything turned upside down!
Chapter 1547 The whereabouts of Ziyuan!
Chapter 1548 Goodbye Sun Xitong
Chapter 1549 Reliance
Chapter 1550 Kill with one palm
Chapter 1551 Wentian Army
Chapter 1552: Shocked and pale
Chapter 1553 Arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 1554 Kill the God with a wave of his hand
Chapter 1555 Sensation
Chapter 1556 Return to the East China Sea
Chapter 1557 Huang Lingers Injury
Chapter 1558 The ancient starry ship Xuanyuan needs a captain
Chapter 1559 Dragon Palace
Chapter 1560 The place where the true dragon fell
Chapter 1561 True Dragon Demon Fire
Chapter 1562 Breaking through the Divine Fire Realm
Chapter 1563 The mysterious iron plate
Chapter 1564 The Order of the True Dragon Emperor!
Chapter 1565 The Evil Corpses Storage Ring
Chapter 1566 Broken Mountain and River Ring
Chapter 1567: Gathering outside the territory
Chapter 1568 Tearing apart the secret realm of Yuanshi
Chapter 1569 Giant Tree
Chapter 1570 Conspiracy and calculation
Chapter 1571 Bloody Arm
Chapter 1572 The terrifying arm
Chapter 1573 The Mysterious Chaos Stone
Chapter 1574 The Ancient Kingdom of Chaosthe burial place of immortals!
Chapter 1575 Small calamity of good fortune
Chapter 1576 Becoming a God (Part 1)
Chapter 1577 Becoming a God (Part 2)
Chapter 1578 Huang Lingers letter.
Chapter 1579 Cultivation of the Mind
Chapter 1580 The source of the Arctic
Chapter 1581 Kyushu Beiming Mountain
Chapter 1582 Robbery
Chapter 1583 Naihe Bridge
Chapter 1584 The Heartless Palace Master
Chapter 1585 Obtaining the source of the North Pole! Great progress in cultivation!
Chapter 1586 The lingering Jiuyou Killer
Chapter 1587 Leng Wuxin
Chapter 1588 Nether Cave
Chapter 1589 Lord of the Netherworld
Chapter 1590 Guardian of the World Passage
Chapter 1591 Soul Forbidden Stone
Chapter 1592 Zhang Qingyuans conspiracy
Chapter 1593 Kill them all
Chapter 1594 Fighting the Lord of the Netherworld
Chapter 1595 Domineering Reappearance
Chapter 1596 Supreme Dominance
Chapter 1597 The mood is in chaos
Chapter 1598 The ten-year life and death battle begins
Chapter 1599 Pangus Heaven Opening Technique
Chapter 1600 The Kingdom of Immortals
Chapter 1601 Reincarnation Reappears
Chapter 1602 The God of Grain is immortal and is called the mysterious female!
Chapter 1603 Nine Transformation Clone Technique
Chapter 1604 True Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 1605: Heavy damage to Huangfu Qingtian
Chapter 1606 The terrifying Huangfu Qingtian
Chapter 1607 A fatal blow
Chapter 1608 The storm is settled
Chapter 1609 The Killer Temple
Chapter 1610 The woman in the sarcophagus
Chapter 1611 Picked up a wife
Chapter 1612 Feng Yaoguang
Chapter 1613 Heart-Eating Gu
Chapter 1614 Mysterious Beautiful Woman
Chapter 1615 Jade Tube
Chapter 1616 Taoism and Dharma Exchange Meeting
Chapter 1617 An Zirou
Chapter 1618 Identity a mystery
Chapter 1619 Testing An Zirou
Chapter 1620 The King of Hell will let you die at the third watch and will never leave anyone alive until the fifth watch!
Chapter 1621 The Undead Ship Reappears
Chapter 1622 Two Suns
Chapter 1623 Disaster
Chapter 1624 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1625 The black-scaled mermaid who was forced to self-destruct
Chapter 1626 Fight
Chapter 1627 Fight (Part 2)
Chapter 1628 Suppress them all
Chapter 1629 Wooden Hairpin
Chapter 1630 Dragon Meat Tonic
Chapter 1631 Snake Queen (Part 1)
Chapter 1632 Snake Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 1633 Yaju (Part 1)
Chapter 1634 Yaju (Part 2)
Chapter 1635 Terrible
Chapter 1636 Great improvement in cultivation
Chapter 1637 Mermaid
Chapter 1638 Angel
Chapter 1639 Eight-Armed Poseidon (Part 1)
Chapter 1640 Eight-Armed Poseidon (Part 2)
Chapter 1641 Something happened
Chapter 1642 'I killed him, what can you do to me?'.
Chapter 1643 The Kingdom of the Underworld
Chapter 1644 Fairy Qingxue
Chapter 1645 The Book of Mencius, the Successor of Confucianism and Taoism
Chapter 1646 The most powerful man in the world of Kyushu, Hongchen Immortal Lord
Chapter 1647 Ancient Road in the Starry Sky
Chapter 1648 Licking the soles clean!
Chapter 1649 The mysterious woman Beixianyuan!
Chapter 1650 Lin Feng is as arrogant as ever
Chapter 1651 Life and Death Challenge
Chapter 1652 The second ability to dominate the emperors blood
Chapter 1653: Kill instantly with one move
Chapter 1654 A visit from an old friend
Chapter 1655 The Queen of Snakes Attacks
Chapter 1656 The Ten Immortal Sects
Chapter 1657 The island in the underworld guarded by underworld soldiers
Chapter 1658 Martial Talisman Induction
Chapter 1659 Disciples of the Supreme Immortal Sect
Chapter 1660 Sacrifice
Chapter 1661 Demon Palace Weapon Spirit
Chapter 1662 The curse appears again
Chapter 1663 Mysterious Corpse
Chapter 1664 The snake queen recognizes her master
Chapter 1665 Ice World
Chapter 1666 Cracking Ice Valley
Chapter 1667 Snow Tribe and Ice Tribe
Chapter 1668 Escort request?
Chapter 1669 Lin Feng is still very arrogant despite being surrounded by masters
Chapter 1670: Broken arm with one move
Chapter 1671 The Immortal in the Painting of Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum (Part 1)
Chapter 1672 Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Painting Fairy (Part 2)
Chapter 1673 Extreme Penance
Chapter 1674 Sengoku
Chapter 1675 Fight Again (Part 1)
Chapter 1676 Fight Again (Part 2)
Chapter 1677 Heavenly Sensation
Chapter 1678 Xue Qianwu
Chapter 1679 Magic Tower
Chapter 1680 Seal!
Chapter 1681 Heaven and Earth are one
Chapter 1682 Hostility
Chapter 1683 Four Sacred Birds
Chapter 1684 Split Divine Grass
Chapter 1685 Thousand-eyed Demon Crocodile!
Chapter 1686 The Third Soul
Chapter 1687 The two major forces in Northern ManzhouDong Family and Chu Family!
Chapter 1688: As soon as the domineering power comes out, the whole group is instantly stunned!
Chapter 1689 Washing the Physical Body
Chapter 1690 The Empress Reappears
Chapter 1691: Underground Corpse Charm Group
Chapter 1692: Stealing the Dragon Crystal Rice!
Chapter 1693 Transformation
Chapter 1696 Robbery Duo
Chapter 1697 Tang Mings invitation
Chapter 1698 Stone Wolf!
Chapter 1699 The Second Stone Tribe
Chapter 1700 The mysterious savage
Chapter 1701 Yu Wenqi? Lin Qi?
Chapter 1702 The Call of Heavenly Fire!
Chapter 1703 Flame Corpse Turtle
Chapter 1704 Mural - The World-Destroying War!
Chapter 1705 The Earth Master LineageXu Chenshan!
Chapter 1706 Ghost Faced Spider
Chapter 1707 The Hell Fire is Born
Chapter 1708 Hard Fight
Chapter 1709 Changes
Chapter 1710 Kill the Hell Fire Spirit!
Chapter 1711 Breaking through the Divine Fire Realm (Part 1)
Chapter 1712 Breaking through the Divine Fire Realm (Part 2)
Chapter 1713 Ten Thousand Soldiers Mountain
Chapter 1714 Arrogant One Man and One Bird
Chapter 1715 Robbery together
Chapter 1716 Dungeon and Genius List
Chapter 1717 Yin Yang Hehuan Sect in Kyushu
Chapter 1718 Showing off strength (Part 1)
Chapter 1719 Pretending to be powerful (Part 2)
Chapter 1720 The Snow Tribes Counterattack
Chapter 1721 Snow Eagle City
Chapter 1722 Fragments of the Sky-Swallowing Jar
Chapter 1723 Mermaid Auction
Chapter 1724 Rich and wealthy
Chapter 1725 Two Poor Guys
Chapter 1726 Robbery-style robbery (Part 1)
Chapter 1727 Robbery-style robbery (Part 2)
Chapter 1728 Dugu Ditianone of the three great saints of the Supreme Immortal Sect!
Chapter 1729 Fairy Miaoqing (Part 1)
Chapter 1730 Fairy Miaoqing (Part 2)
Chapter 1731 Cold Autumn
Chapter 1732 The best combination of one person and one donkey
Chapter 1733 Shameless Duo
Chapter 1734 Situ Mingyue
Chapter 1735 Road to Heaven
Chapter 1736 Blowing the Conch and Ringing the Bell of Heaven and Earth (Part 1)
Chapter 1737 Blow the Dafa gong and ring the bell of heaven and earth (Part 2)
Chapter 1738 Blow the Dafa gong and ring the bell of heaven and earth (Part 2)
Chapter 1739 Blow the Dafa gong and ring the bell of heaven and earth (4)
Chapter 1740 Blow the Dafa gong and ring the bell of heaven and earth (5)
Chapter 1741 Blow the Dafa gong and ring the bell of heaven and earth (6)
Chapter 1742 Three Immortal Qi
Chapter 1743 Lord Turtle
Chapter 1744 Eighty-nine Mysterious Skills
Chapter 1745 The Cheating Eighty-Nine Mysterious Skills (Part 1)
Chapter 1746 The Cheating Eighty-nine Mysterious Skills (Part 2)
Chapter 1747 The practice of life is worse than death
Chapter 1748 Crane Boy
Chapter 1749 The random flowers are becoming more and more charming.
Chapter 1750 Young Master Huangquan
Chapter 1751 Reincarnation Does Not Extinguish Fire
Chapter 1752 Demon Whip
Chapter 1753: Treat others with their own medicine.
Chapter 1754 Goodbye Fairy Fire Dance
Chapter 1755 Monster Mo!
Chapter 1756 Nine Nether Purgatory!
Chapter 1757 The Second Generation of Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 1758 I want to return to the world!
Chapter 1759 A terrifying creature appears!
Chapter 1760 The Little Mermaid Naza (Part 1)
Chapter 1761 The Little Mermaid Naza (Part 2)
Chapter 1762 Mysterious Jade Talisman
Chapter 1763 The first 'Emperor Pattern' mastered by Lin Feng.
Chapter 1764 Li Yixu
Chapter 1765 Shui Lianyue, Hua Lingxi
Chapter 1766 The Arrogant Duo
Chapter 1767 'In my whole life, I, Lin Feng, have never been coerced by others?'!
Chapter 1768 The beauty has a date?
Chapter 1769 Fighting the Holy Ape
Chapter 1770 The masters gather together
Chapter 1771 Red Emperor
Chapter 1772 Darkness Comes to the World
Chapter 1773 Unknown Creatures
Chapter 1774 The Red Emperor Appears
Chapter 1775 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 1776 Moon God Body VS Heavenly Emperor Body
Chapter 1777 Gluttonous Day!
Chapter 1778 The master of the underworld
Chapter 1779 A drop of blood!
Chapter 1780 Ghost Spirit Grass
Chapter 1781 Nine-character Mantra
Chapter 1782 The wonderful method for all living beings, the mantra of Linzi!
Chapter 1783 A gluttonous day, a lake of corpses built with blood!
Chapter 1784 The place of great danger
Chapter 1785 The Scary Old Monk
Chapter 1786 Following the Infinite Taoist Priest
Chapter 1787 Scroll, Bronze Seal
Chapter 1788 The Stone Emperor Sutra
Chapter 1789 Forbidden Law
Chapter 1790 Tearing the Arm
Chapter 1791 Big and Small Stone Apes (Part 1)
Chapter 1792 Big and Small Stone Apes (Part 2)
Chapter 1793 The ancient map of the starry sky passed to Lin Feng by the fighting saint ape
Chapter 1794 Demon Transformation Immortal Cauldron
Chapter 1795 Bibo Immortal Mansion
Chapter 1796 Plan to cultivate ancient ancestor insects
Chapter 1797 Blood Coffin Picture
Chapter 1798 The Third Level
Chapter 1799 Emerged at the historic moment
Chapter 1800 The three geniuses!
Chapter 1801 The three geniuses (Part 2)
Chapter 1802 The enemy of the Demon Lordthe Heavenly Hell Demon Emperor!
Chapter 1803 The Original Demon Emperor!
Chapter 1804 The Nine Transformations of the Human Emperor!
Chapter 1805 Bronze Ecstasy Bell
Chapter 1806 Young Master Kong Kong and Young Master Xieyou
Chapter 1807 Hongjun Dojo
Chapter 1808 Ten Thousand Artifacts
Chapter 1809 Dragon Blood City
Chapter 1810 The location of the Demonic Mountain of Destruction
Chapter 1811 Xue Shaoqi
Chapter 1812 Get Out
Chapter 1813 Black Underworld Tree
Chapter 1814 'I want the rhizome of the Black Underworld Tree King!'
Chapter 1815: Slap to death
Chapter 1816 Anyone who offends should be killed!
Chapter 1817 Zhou Ziqians invitation
Chapter 1818 Forced plunder
Chapter 1819 Strong Kill
Chapter 1820 Destroy the Ancestor
Chapter 1821 Immortal Ancient Cemetery (Part 1)
Chapter 1822 Immortal Ancient Cemetery (Part 2)
Chapter 1823 Monster
Chapter 1824 Lord of the Gods
Chapter 1825 Penance
Chapter 1826 Giant God Realm Physical Body
Chapter 1827 Subpoena
Chapter 1828 Fighting in chaos
Chapter 1829 Success
Chapter 1830 Xiaojunyun
Chapter 1831 Scum
Chapter 1832 Xia Shiyun was so angry that he went berserk
Chapter 1833 The world will change
Chapter 1834 Knocked down with one punch!
Chapter 1835: Deal with Lin Feng together?
Chapter 1836 All were caught by Lin Feng
Chapter 1837 The name of the scum makes the sect famous!
Chapter 1838 Ring
Chapter 1839 White Jade Toad
Chapter 1840 Investigation
Chapter 1841 Testing
Chapter 1842 Lin Feng was tricked?
Chapter 1843 Hong Zheng is burning with jealousy
Chapter 1844 Rumors spread
Chapter 1845 Kill you before leaving
Chapter 1846 Battle at Sea
Chapter 1847 Baoshan Island
Chapter 1848 Killing the Decisive Woman
Chapter 1849 Old smoker
Chapter 1850: People light lamps, ghosts blow out lamps!
Chapter 1851: The way of man is the way of ghosts.
Chapter 1852 Six Paths
Chapter 1853 Ways to Counter Fate
Chapter 1854 Baixiao Pavilion
Chapter 1855 Poisonous Lady
Chapter 1856 Conspiracy and calculation
Chapter 1857 Who kills whom?
Chapter 1858 Reward Order!
Chapter 1859 The Supreme Giant
Chapter 1860 Woman at Sea
Chapter 1861 Mu Xianyue!
Chapter 1862 Wu Qiankun
Chapter 1863 Injured
Chapter 1864 Xian Yues Wife
Chapter 1865 Fairy Diewu
Chapter 1866 Lin Fengs deeds
Chapter 1867 Li Xiuyans contempt
Chapter 1868 Invitation
Chapter 1869 White Jade Toad Evolution
Chapter 1870 The bidding begins
Chapter 1871 Vientiane Golden Buddha
Chapter 1872 Black Gold Immortal Spirit Iron
Chapter 1873 Bai Shasheng
Chapter 1874 Who is the poor guy?
Chapter 1875 No one bids?
Chapter 1876 Liu Xiaohong? Liu Xiaohong?
Chapter 1877 Battle
Chapter 1878 The life and death battle begins
Chapter 1879 Total Suppression
Chapter 1880 Copying Bloodline
Chapter 1881 Strong Kill (Part 1)
Chapter 1882 Strong Kill (Part 2)
Chapter 1883 The Magic Stick
Chapter 1884 The murderous intent transformed by Bai Shasheng
Chapter 1886 Suppression
Chapter 1887 Sealing the Demon Clan
Chapter 1888 Ten Thousand Pictures Cave
Chapter 1889 The Great Onmyoji!
Chapter 1890 Another breakthrough
Chapter 1891 The terrifying black-robed monk
Chapter 1892 'It's him...'.
Chapter 1893 Yaju
Chapter 1894 Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 1895 Spirit Washing Fruit
Chapter 1896: Stealing your treasure
Chapter 1897 Tempering mana
Chapter 1898 Mingzi
Chapter 1899 The Servant of God Reappears
Chapter 1900 Thunder Rain
Chapter 1901 Big Thunder Technique
Chapter 1902 Qinglian
Chapter 1903 Strong Killing (8 updates)
Chapter 1904 Crying
Chapter 1905 Crying for you in front of the yellow mud platform
Chapter 1906 Burial Soil
Chapter 1907 Appearance
Chapter 1908 Woman in Blood Clothes
Chapter 1909 Green Lotus Fairy (Part 1)
Chapter 1910 Green Lotus Fairy (Part 2)
Chapter 1911 Fairy Wife
Chapter 1912 Iron Box
Chapter 1913 The yellow mud platform appears
Chapter 1914 Terrible
Chapter 1915 The iron box shows its power
Chapter 1916 Broken corpse
Chapter 1917 The woman in blood clothes reappears
Chapter 1918 Reward
Chapter 1919 Deep Sea Sinking Island
Chapter 1920 Human Centipede Head!
Chapter 1921 Poison Centipede
Chapter 1922 The Prehistoric Two-Winged Poisonous Centipede King
Chapter 1923 Emperor Bone
Chapter 1924 Refining bones into the body
Chapter 1925 The purple-scaled sharks! God-killing!
Chapter 1926 A group of cats and dogs
Chapter 1927 Kill the God instantly
Chapter 1928 The Imperial Bone Shows Its Power
Chapter 1929 The Red Dust Immortal Sect meets an old friend
Chapter 1930 Showing off in front of Lin Feng?
Chapter 1931 A generous move
Chapter 1932 Fairy Hongxia
Chapter 1933 Meeting Li Yingdie again
Chapter 1934 The threat of broken red sleeves and the mysterious body of disaster!
Chapter 1935 Peach Blossoms Blooming
Chapter 1936 A slight smile is charming
Chapter 1937 The Terrible Empress
Chapter 1938 Hidden Secret (Part 1)
Chapter 1939 Hidden Secret (Part 2)
Chapter 1940 Red Dust Immortal Lord
Chapter 1941 Birthday Congratulations
Chapter 1942 Lin Feng presents a gift
Chapter 1943 The Five Elders of Taishang Immortal Sect
Chapter 1944 Immortal Weapon
Chapter 1945 The Great Fate Technique
Chapter 1946: Red World Love Tribulation
Chapter 1947 Feng Yaoguangs letter
Chapter 1948 The Ancient Great Bull of the God-eating Clan in the Wilderness
Chapter 1949 Suppression
Chapter 1950 Beating
Chapter 1951 No one dares to challenge
Chapter 1952 The list is finalized
Chapter 1953 Bai Yingyou
Chapter 1954 The stone man looks at the sea of clouds and can become an immortal or a demon with just one thought!
Chapter 1955 'Guan Hai Jing'
Chapter 1956 Zhang Zilong
Chapter 1957 Abandoned
Chapter 1958 Yue Lianwei
Chapter 1959 Orc Wan Yanyang!
Chapter 1960 Too Rich
Chapter 1961 Purchasing Slaves
Chapter 1962 The Invincible Xuanyuan Starry Sky Ancient Ship
Chapter 1963 The Golden Body of the Evil Dragon
Chapter 1964 The Longmen of the Ancient Wild Sea is Established
Chapter 1965 Great improvement in cultivation
Chapter 1966 Deep Sea Demon Cave
Chapter 1967 Terrorist Battleship
Chapter 1968 The Strong
Chapter 1969 Lin Fengs terrifying strength
Chapter 1970 Surrender
Chapter 1971 Tuoshe Ancient Coins
Chapter 1972 Cursed Ship
Chapter 1973 Osho Ikkyu
Chapter 1974 The Cursed Ship Returns to Earth
Chapter 1975 Divination
Chapter 1976 Deep Sea Giant Monster
Chapter 1977 Peach Blossom Tribulation
Chapter 1978 Tuose Ancient Coins
Chapter 1979 The Red Dust Immortal Appears
Chapter 1980 The Red Dust Immortal vs. the Captain of the Cursed Ship
Chapter 1981 The Path of Destiny
Chapter 1982 The Supreme Divine Court
Chapter 1983 The pitch-black cave sensed by Tuoshes ancient coins
Chapter 1984 Wu Rens Visit
Chapter 1985 Looking down on Lin Feng
Chapter 1986 You are not allowed to show off in front of me
Chapter 1987 Jiuzhou Wanhua Tower Saint Miao Keer
Chapter 1988 Changsheng Camp, Miao Keers ruthless way
Chapter 1989 Provocation
Chapter 1990 Crush by Strength
Chapter 1991 Wuyuan Immortal Mansion
Chapter 1992 Miao Keer fell in love with me at first sight?
Chapter 1993 Arriving at Wuyuan Immortal Mansion
Chapter 1994 Makino Takemotos life story and the Sky-shaking Stone Tablet
Chapter 1995 The mysterious storage ring
Chapter 1996 Flower of the Other Shore
Chapter 1997 Terrifying Poisonous Insect
Chapter 1998 Small Reincarnation Tribulation
Chapter 1999 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2000 The True God Became!
Chapter 2001 Great increase in power
Chapter 2002 Coming Strong
Chapter 2003 Meeting Li Yingdie
Chapter 2004: Eliminating the Heart-Eating Poison
Chapter 2005 Li Yingdies departure
Chapter 2006 Sky Crystal
Chapter 2007 Two Ancestors
Chapter 2008 Powerful Formation
Chapter 2009 God of War Puppet
Chapter 2010 God of War Puppet (Part 2)
Chapter 2011 Old Scoundrel
Chapter 2012 Xue Ranqiu
Chapter 2013 Money can make the world go round
Chapter 2014 Elf in the Snow
Chapter 2015 Dragon Vein Mutation
Chapter 2016 Nine-story Magic Tower
Chapter 2017 Nine hundred and ninety-nine copper pillars
Chapter 2018 Original Demonic Cauldron
Chapter 2019 Blue Scorpion
Chapter 2020 The woman in the coffin!
Chapter 2021 The Art of Soul Seed and Soul Master Daozong
Chapter 2022 Past Events
Chapter 2023 Persuasion
Chapter 2024 Three Reasons
Chapter 2025 Gentlemans Agreement
Chapter 2026 True Immortal Makino Takemoto
Chapter 2027 True Immortal Falls
Chapter 2028 Ancient Killing Weapon
Chapter 2029 Asking for help
Chapter 2030 The whole story
Chapter 2031 Siege
Chapter 2032 Four Imperial Weapons
Chapter 2033 Cheap Father-in-law
Chapter 2034 Strong Kill
Chapter 2035 Strong Kill (Part 2)
Chapter 2036 The Black Dragon Sword unlocks the third seal!
Chapter 2037 Situation
Chapter 2038 Leave calmly
Chapter 2039 Night Talk with the Deep Sea Demon Emperor
Chapter 2040 The Cursed Undead Legion
Chapter 2041 News about Duguya
Chapter 2042 Cursed Doll
Chapter 2043 Three curse powers on Lin Feng
Chapter 2044 Three curse powers on Lin Feng (Part 2)
Chapter 2045 The Great Curse
Chapter 2046 Late Night Visitor
Chapter 2047 The Pirate King Tianyan Zhenjun in the Nanxian Sea
Chapter 2048 The Enraged Pirate King
Chapter 2049 The two ships combine to destroy your warship!
Chapter 2050 The cannon on the pirate ship of the gods!
Chapter 2051 Transformation of the Xuanyuan Starry Ancient Ship
Chapter 2052 Female Ghost King
Chapter 2053 Wuliang Taoist priest is dead?
Chapter 2054 Terrifying Underworld Creatures
Chapter 2055 Empress, descendant of Nuwa?
Chapter 2056 The six strong men in the portrait
Chapter 2057 Six Saint Pictures
Chapter 2058 The strange Xuanwu Camel Monument
Chapter 2059 Totem
Chapter 2060 Xuanwu Camel Stele Picture
Chapter 2061 The Empress left with worries
Chapter 2062: Mutation in the Deep Sea Demon Cave
Chapter 2063 Negotiating conditions
Chapter 2064 Sorting out magical powers
Chapter 2065 Dragon Elephant Arm
Chapter 2066 Collecting Evil Spirits
Chapter 2067 The Evil Saint
Chapter 2068 Defeating the Evil Saint
Chapter 2069: Transforming the Evil Saint
Chapter 2070 Surrounded?
Chapter 2071 Fierce Battle at Sea
Chapter 2072 The situation is not good
Chapter 2073 The situation is not good (Part 2)
Chapter 2074 Reinforcements
Chapter 2075 Lin Feng VS Evil Dragon
Chapter 2076 Killing the Evil Dragon
Chapter 2077 Collecting the God-Eating Banner of Ten Thousand Ghosts
Chapter 2078 Beheading
Chapter 2079 The formation is broken! Crisis!
Chapter 2080 Life and Death
Chapter 2081 Fight
Chapter 2082 Return to Ancestors
Chapter 2083 Cramping and Skinning
Chapter 2084 The Ninth Evil Dragon
Chapter 2085 Ceremony Ban Onibana Kaminaba
Chapter 2086 The stone sword appears!
Chapter 2087 Reinforcement Formation
Chapter 2088 Battle with the Ninth Evil Dragon
Chapter 2089 Trapping and Killing the Ninth Evil Dragon (Part 1)
Chapter 2090 Trapping and Killing the Ninth Evil Dragon (Part 2)
Chapter 2091 Trapping and Killing the Ninth Evil Dragon (Part 2)
Chapter 2092 The King is Born
Chapter 2093 Uproar
Chapter 2094 Eight Evil Dragons
Chapter 2095 Its so noisy
Chapter 2096 Descendants of the civil and military saint Ji Fa
Chapter 2097 Helping Lin Feng Divination
Chapter 2098 Launching the Grand Formation
Chapter 2099 Dragon Gate Formation
Chapter 2100 The Ancestral Evil Dragon
Chapter 2101 Destroy the Eighth Evil Dragon
Chapter 2102 The dust has settled
Chapter 2103 Three Friends of Suihan
Chapter 2104 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 2105 Evil Dragon Prison
Chapter 2106 Unifying the Ancient Wilderness Sea
Chapter 2107 Going deep into the tigers den!
Chapter 2108 Ancient Evil Weapon
Chapter 2109 Chaos
Chapter 2110 Charming Eyes
Chapter 2111 Lin Feng vs Dark Messenger
Chapter 2112 Black Winged Dragon and Liger
Chapter 2113 Evil God Spider with Human Head and Two Wings
Chapter 2114 Horror
Chapter 2115 Domineering Reappearance
Chapter 2116 Killing Scepter
Chapter 2117 The real eighty-nine mysterious skills
Chapter 2118 Era Domination
Chapter 2119 Overlord Bones
Chapter 2120 Escape
Chapter 2121 Bloody Eyes in the Flame
Chapter 2122 Lord of the Demon Prison
Chapter 2123 Era domineering + four times combat power
Chapter 2124 Mr. Turtle who specializes in cheating his apprentices
Chapter 2125 Mu Xianling
Chapter 2126 Matchmaking
Chapter 2127 Greetings
Chapter 2128 Wood Fairy Song
Chapter 2129 Visiting
Chapter 2130 Mu Xianling appears
Chapter 2131 The poisonous ancestor who is so angry that he will not pay for his life (14 updates)
Chapter 2132 Wu Qiankun Arrives
Chapter 2133 Prying the wall off
Chapter 2134 Broken Shoes and Bitch
Chapter 2135 Ancestor of the Mu Family
Chapter 2136 The Five Decline of Heaven and Man (Part 1)
Chapter 2137 Wood Immortal Poetry
Chapter 2138 A pitiful wooden fairy poem
Chapter 2139 Immortal Treasure
Chapter 2140 Baoshan
Chapter 2141 The Origin of Immortality
Chapter 2142 Green-haired Monster
Chapter 2143 A mountain of corpses like a sea
Chapter 2144 Red-Haired Monster
Chapter 2145 Thirty-Six Envoys of Hell
Chapter 2146 Attacks one after another
Chapter 2147 The Great Demon God
Chapter 2148 Enemies are really on a narrow road!
Chapter 2149 Identity of Gods Servant
Chapter 2150 Seed Soul
Chapter 2151 The mysterious memory deep in Lin Fengs soul
Chapter 2152 Savage takes action
Chapter 2153 The Immortal Weapon Reappears
Chapter 2154: Cheating
Chapter 2155 Divine Blood Sacrifice Immortal Weapon
Chapter 2156 Big Tomb
Chapter 2157 Mr. Diao
Chapter 2158 Savage vs. Red-Haired Monster
Chapter 2159 The Sky-Shaking Stone Monument Awakens
Chapter 2160 The terrifying sky-shaking stone tablet
Chapter 2161 Broken Immortal WeaponFive Dragon Wheels
Chapter 2162 Refining Immortal Weapons
Chapter 2163 The great demon who wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 2164 The Prehistoric Palaces
Chapter 2165 The curtain of the past
Chapter 2166 Demon Soldier
Chapter 2167 Five Fires and Seven Birds Fan
Chapter 2168 Surrounded
Chapter 2169 Being beaten by Lin Feng until he vomited blood
Chapter 2170 'He's coming...'.
Chapter 2171 Weak Water
Chapter 2172 Battle for Souls
Chapter 2173 Yuan Shaner
Chapter 2174 Ill call you Shanshan from now on
Chapter 2175 Underground City
Chapter 2176 Knocked out with one punch
Chapter 2177: Trapping people
Chapter 2178 Teasing
Chapter 2179 Captured instead
Chapter 2180 The scum shows off its power
Chapter 2181 Zhou Hu
Chapter 2182 Xiao Mengmeng
Chapter 2183 What is the Xie Yin Sect looking for?
Chapter 2184 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2185 The dragon transforms into a dragon
Chapter 2186 The Dragon Transforms into a Dragon 2
Chapter 2187 The Dragon Clan will never be a slave
Chapter 2188 Fire Dragon Inner Alchemy
Chapter 2189 Killing and Breakthrough
Chapter 2190 The woman who lost her memory
Chapter 2191 Fairy Yueling, Ghost Raising Jar
Chapter 2192 Give the ghost pot to Lin Feng
Chapter 2193 Mirage
Chapter 2194 Nine Palace Arithmetic
Chapter 2195 Breaking out of the world formed by the magnetic field
Chapter 2196 Mutation
Chapter 2197 Chi Yous Daughter
Chapter 2198 The Lord of the Burning Sun
Chapter 2199 Iron Ball
Chapter 2200 The prehistoric demon refining insect
Chapter 2201 Zhous Stone Square
Chapter 2202 Taiyin Youying
Chapter 2203 Stone Tools
Chapter 2204 Stone Turtle
Chapter 2205 True Dragon Wood
Chapter 2206 Bronze: Wolverine Mace!
Chapter 2207 Exchange for the Great Immortality Technique
Chapter 2208 Li Tang Guojiao Royal Wine
Chapter 2209 Dragon Snake Yan Sun Fire
Chapter 2210 The Heart of the Stone Demon
Chapter 2211 Copper Furnace
Chapter 2212 Demonic Blood Immortality
Chapter 2213 Demon God Furnace
Chapter 2214 Meeting Again
Chapter 2215 Decisive Killing
Chapter 2216 Male and Female Evil (Part 1)
Chapter 2217 Male and Female Evil (Part 2)
Chapter 2218 Male and Female Evil (Part 2)
Chapter 2219 Four Moves
Chapter 2220 Anti-male and female evil alliance
Chapter 2221 Selling
Chapter 2222 Yan Family
Chapter 2223 Demon Lin Feng
Chapter 2224 Demonic Blood Reappears
Chapter 2225 Hidden Identity
Chapter 2226 Nine Mysteries Secret Realm
Chapter 2227 Strong Killing
Chapter 2228 Storm
Chapter 2229 Wind Beast
Chapter 2230 The Third Level of Eighty-nine Mysterious Skills
Chapter 2231 Creatures from Another World
Chapter 2232 Half-Emperor Puppet
Chapter 2233 Old Friend
Chapter 2234 The Ghost Kings message
Chapter 2235 Unscrupulous Master
Chapter 2236 Xiao Mengmeng and the Four Fairies
Chapter 2237 Ambush
Chapter 2238 Kill one person
Chapter 2239 Earth Immortal
Chapter 2240 Fighting
Chapter 2241 Killing
Chapter 2242 Capture
Chapter 2243 The mysterious strong man in the glacier cracks
Chapter 2244 Situation
Chapter 2245 The Old Man Keeping the Tower
Chapter 2246 The Spirit of the Magic Tower
Chapter 2247 Is there an unknown relationship between the spirit of the magic tower and Lin Feng?
Chapter 2248 The Five Demons of Cangming Mountain
Chapter 2249 It turns out he escaped from the Forbidden God Realm
Chapter 2250 Snow God
Chapter 2251 Snow God Martial Talisman
Chapter 2252 Magic Tower changes
Chapter 2253 The war breaks out
Chapter 2254 The Second Magic Tower
Chapter 2255 Battle at the Magic Tower
Chapter 2256 Rebirth in Nirvana, immortality!
Chapter 2257: Stars fall from the sky, bloody light descends on the world, gods and humans decline, and monsters, ghosts, and snakes appear!
Chapter 2258 The Origin of the Magic Tower
Chapter 2259 Meeting the Little Fairy Again
Chapter 2260 Poison Immortal Sect
Chapter 2261 The terrifying black-robed monk
Chapter 2262 Insect Market
Chapter 2263 Ancient Emperor Butterfly Beast Egg
Chapter 2264 The Emperor Butterfly Egg Causes Troubles
Chapter 2265 Three precious insect materials
Chapter 2266 Demon Interception Sect
Chapter 2267 Old God
Chapter 2268: Old Master Diao
Chapter 2269 Momentum Suppression
Chapter 2270 Mr. Wuhen
Chapter 2271 Arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 2272 Instant Kill
Chapter 2273 Conquer
Chapter 2274 Accident
Chapter 2275 Lord Diao is dead?
Chapter 2276 Killing Murong Beiming
Chapter 2277 Killing Murong Beiming (Part 2)
Chapter 2278 Killing Murong Beiming (Part 2)
Chapter 2279 Despair
Chapter 2280 Kill instantly with one move
Chapter 2281 'Life is so lonely as snow!'
Chapter 2282 Sky Snake Empire
Chapter 2283 The master of cheating
Chapter 2284 Stone of Destiny
Chapter 2285 Monster Mo is not a human being
Chapter 2286 Reincarnation Does Not Extinguish Fire
Chapter 2287 The creature that controls the sky fire
Chapter 2288 Zhuqiang
Chapter 2289 Yuanxu Realm and Tianxu Realm
Chapter 2290 Hunyuan Thunder Ball
Chapter 2291 Panlong Island
Chapter 2292 The little donkey shows off his power
Chapter 2293 The origin of the six-eared macaque
Chapter 2294 The hatred between the Heavenly Demon Royal Family and the Six-eared Macaque Family
Chapter 2295 Long Muying
Chapter 2296 Psychic Stone
Chapter 2297 Stone Man Holding a Stone Knife
Chapter 2298 Stoneman Blood
Chapter 2299 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 2300 Ancestor Tianlong
Chapter 2301 Gifted by the Red Dust Immortal
Chapter 2302 Defeat
Chapter 2303 A quick glance
Chapter 2304 The geniuses gather together
Chapter 2305 Rules for the Battle for the Prodigy List
Chapter 2306 Singing
Chapter 2307 Dragon Qi
Chapter 2308 Looted
Chapter 2309 Young Master Longque
Chapter 2310 Meeting Demonic Blood Again
Chapter 2311 Fire Sun Crystal
Chapter 2312 Evolution! Quasi-Emperor Soldier!
Chapter 2313 Fox Meixian
Chapter 2314 Still a monster
Chapter 2315 Defeating the Great Demon God
Chapter 2316 Bronze Suanni
Chapter 2317 Dragon Blood Pill (7 updates)
Chapter 2318 Escape (eighth update)
Chapter 2319 Chaos
Chapter 2320 A fierce battle with blood-stained white robes
Chapter 2321 Three treasures
Chapter 2322 'Brother-in-law, help...'.
Chapter 2323 Inquiry
Chapter 2324 Biye Stone Vein
Chapter 2325 Crossing the Dragon Group
Chapter 2326 Green-haired Zombie King
Chapter 2327 Open Sky Stone
Chapter 2328 Robbery
Chapter 2329 A blockbuster
Chapter 2330 Brutal Lin Feng
Chapter 2331 Four Evils
Chapter 2332 Cat and Panda
Chapter 2333 Sending the Dead Souls
Chapter 2334 Underworld
Chapter 2335 The Yin Corpse King
Chapter 2336 The Black Hell Demon Lord, the Skeleton Evil Lord!
Chapter 2337 The terrifying creatures in the darkness
Chapter 2338 Lin Feng became the messenger of the underworld
Chapter 2339 Death Cloak
Chapter 2340 Five Kills Monument
Chapter 2341 Hell Covenant
Chapter 2342 The alien god reappears
Chapter 2343 Join forces to kill the foreign gods (Part 1)
Chapter 2344 Join forces to kill the foreign gods (Part 2)
Chapter 2345 The thirty-sixth generation of heavenly masters appears
Chapter 2346 Awakening
Chapter 2347 Nine Tianjiao Peaks
Chapter 2348 The mysterious woman in white
Chapter 2349 Guarding the Peak
Chapter 2350 Guarding the Peak (Part 2)
Chapter 2351 Defeated
Chapter 2352 Thunder
Chapter 2353 Little Sword Saint Sun Xianao
Chapter 2354 Xuanwu Camel Stele Picture
Chapter 2355 Sword Dao to Kill the Immortal
Chapter 2356 A gentle pinch
Chapter 2357 Looking sideways at the heroes, swallowing up all the wastes!
Chapter 2358 Fate
Chapter 2359 Siege
Chapter 2360 Bloodline Revival
Chapter 2361 Severely Injuring the Son of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2362 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole follows behind
Chapter 2363 Save Chu Yaxuan
Chapter 2364 Yu Wenxia
Chapter 2365 Descendants of the Expelled Person
Chapter 2366 Fight
Chapter 2367 Yuwenji, Yuwenyou
Chapter 2368 Making a grand appearance
Chapter 2369 Earth Origin Immortal Crystal
Chapter 2370 Peoples Favor
Chapter 2371 The Son of the Heavenly Demon Emperor Is Not Dead
Chapter 2372 Gong Ziyu meets the woman in white
Chapter 2373 The identity of the woman in white
Chapter 2374 The Ranking Competition for the Prodigy Ranking Begins
Chapter 2375 First Round
Chapter 2376 One Thousand
Chapter 2377 Unpopular events
Chapter 2378 Flexible Fat Man (Part 1)
Chapter 2379 Flexible Fat Man (Part 2)
Chapter 2380 True Dragon Swallows the Sun
Chapter 2381 Thirty-six Winged Angel
Chapter 2382 Giant of Light and Shadow
Chapter 2383 Ranking Competition Rules
Chapter 2384 Confrontation with Yu Wenji
Chapter 2385 There is a universe in your heart, and a world in your palm!
Chapter 2386 Summoning the Disk of Reincarnation
Chapter 2387 The soul is in disarray
Chapter 2388 Someone comes from the Demonic World
Chapter 2389 Witch
Chapter 2390 The Arctic Killing Light
Chapter 2391 Super Evil Thought Wave
Chapter 2392 Yu Wenyou vs Wu Yuanqing
Chapter 2393 Top 25
Chapter 2394 Lin Fengs opponent
Chapter 2395 The proud witch
Chapter 2396 Lessons
Chapter 2397 The surrendered witch
Chapter 2398 The Supreme Immortal Killing Way
Chapter 2399 The little donkey died?
Chapter 2400 Decide the outcome
Chapter 2401 Thirteen Strong
Chapter 2402 The duel begins
Chapter 2403 Duel with the Son of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2404 Confrontation with the Son of the Demon Emperor (Part 2)
Chapter 2405 The sixty-four hexagrams of the day after tomorrow
Chapter 2406 The Power of the Great Curse (Part 1)
Chapter 2407 The Power of the Great Curse (Part 2)
Chapter 2408 The Great Cause and Effect Technique
Chapter 2409 The final showdown
Chapter 2410 The seventh-ranked Sky Fire: the Great Sun Gold Essence Fire!
Chapter 2411 Top Ten
Chapter 2412 The Battle of the Top Four (Part 1)
Chapter 2413 The Final Four Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 2414 Petrification
Chapter 2415 Unrivaled Physical Body
Chapter 2416 Great Heavenly Technique
Chapter 2417 Stone Man Body
Chapter 2418 Incarnate into the sky
Chapter 2419 Defeat Qing Emperor
Chapter 2420 The terrifying masked woman
Chapter 2421 Lin Fengs terrifying trick
Chapter 2422 The world collapses
Chapter 2423 The identity of the masked woman
Chapter 2424 Past, present, future
Chapter 2425 Luck and Dominance
Chapter 2426 Lin Feng who wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 2427 Domineering Evolution
Chapter 2428 Big Green Bull
Chapter 2429 Demonization
Chapter 2430 The Fruit of Death
Chapter 2431 Kyushu Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 2432 Time is the most important thing to make people grow old
Chapter 2433 Paying a great price to obtain the fruit of death
Chapter 2434 One million is too long, seize the day!
Chapter 2435 The Great Reincarnation Tribulation
Chapter 2436 Finally broke through to the realm of gods
Chapter 2437 Ninety-nine Taoist Platforms
Chapter 2438 Black Dragon Pattern Stone
Chapter 2439 Ancestral Demon Essence and Blood
Chapter 2440 The mysterious shadow in the blood of the immortal god
Chapter 2441 Xiao Tiantians Dream
Chapter 2442 Siege
Chapter 2443 Zhao Lin'er
Chapter 2444 Arrogant Guy
Chapter 2445 An even more arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 2446 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 2447 Demonic Sound Insect
Chapter 2448 Killing Du Wenzong
Chapter 2449 Dragon Roar in the Island
Chapter 2450 Baby
Chapter 2451 Treasure Bones
Chapter 2452 Fierce Ghost
Chapter 2453 White Tiger Holy Beast Origin Bone
Chapter 2454 The third type of domineering: White Tiger domineering!
Chapter 2455 Refining the Original Bone of the White Tiger
Chapter 2456 Guyiya
Chapter 2457 Seal
Chapter 2458 Being targeted
Chapter 2459 Selling
Chapter 2460 Negotiation
Chapter 2461 Soul Improvement
Chapter 2462 The Avenue of Exchange
Chapter 2463 Great Immunity Technique
Chapter 2464 Nine Heavens Immortal Universe Liquid
Chapter 2465 Fierce Bidding
Chapter 2466 What does it mean to be truly wealthy?
Chapter 2467 Zhao Liners plan
Chapter 2468 The Hatching of Archaic Ancestral Insects
Chapter 2469 Banquet
Chapter 2470 Attention
Chapter 2471 Arrogance
Chapter 2472 Terrible
Chapter 2473 Zhao Xuanqing
Chapter 2474 Contempt for Lin Feng
Chapter 2475 Du Tianming
Chapter 2476 Murong Shuang
Chapter 2477 The golden hand
Chapter 2478 Giving birth to the Stone King?
Chapter 2479 The reward proposed by Lin Feng
Chapter 2480 Looking for the Stone King
Chapter 2481 The terrible hole stone
Chapter 2482 Things in the Stone
Chapter 2483 Seventy-two Changes
Chapter 2484 Five Powerful Men
Chapter 2485 Seizing food from the tigers mouth
Chapter 2486 The ferocious Xiao Tiantian
Chapter 2487 Looted
Chapter 2488 Killing the Five Masters
Chapter 2489 The terrifying flock of splitting birds
Chapter 2490: Understanding the Tao in Monkey Hair
Chapter 2491 Is that the Monkey King?
Chapter 2492 The whereabouts of the Son of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2493 The Legend of the Sky Demon Leader
Chapter 2494 The Son of the Demon Emperor Appears
Chapter 2495 Crisis
Chapter 2496 Dragon Rat
Chapter 2497 Zhu Guo
Chapter 2498: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 2499 Breaking three levels in a row
Chapter 2500 Tracking
Chapter 2501 Baby appears
Chapter 2502 Collecting treasures
Chapter 2503 Horrible creatures appear
Chapter 2504 The Great Fate Technique
Chapter 2505 Shadow of Death
Chapter 2506 Old Ghost
Chapter 2507 Pluto
Chapter 2508 A difficult kill
Chapter 2509 The terrifying creatures deep in the Dead Jedi
Chapter 2510 A thrilling departure
Chapter 2511 Blockade
Chapter 2512 The Art of Evil
Chapter 2513 Arriving hand in hand
Chapter 2514 Zhao Liner takes action
Chapter 2515 Escape
Chapter 2516 Suppressing Zhao Lin'er
Chapter 2517 The Immortal Sutra of Reincarnation is looking for Lin Feng?
Chapter 2518 Three Origins of the Sky-shaking Stone Tablet
Chapter 2519 Purpose
Chapter 2520 Blackmailing the Immortal Sutra of Reincarnation
Chapter 2521 The Fourth Floor of the Chonglou Demon Palace
Chapter 2522 The small world left behind by the mysterious demon emperor
Chapter 2523 Xiao Tiantians Origin
Chapter 2524 Feng Yaoguangs letter
Chapter 2525 Ten Thousand Races
Chapter 2526 Arrogant Silver Wing Monk
Chapter 2527: Stepping on the genius of all races
Chapter 2528 The storm is coming
Chapter 2529 Black Flame Bow
Chapter 2530 Split in half
Chapter 2531 Drawing the bow and shooting arrows
Chapter 2532 Strong Kill
Chapter 2533 Entering the Tao with Killing
Chapter 2534 The Fire Qilin Arrives
Chapter 2535 Nine Saints
Chapter 2536 Siege
Chapter 2537 Destruction (Part 1)
Chapter 2538 Devastated (Part 2)
Chapter 2539 The second sky-shaking stone tablet and the sky-shaking art
Chapter 2540 The treasure deep in the storage ring
Chapter 2541 Immortal Art: Demons Chaos the Heavens
Chapter 2542 The Emperors Infinite Way
Chapter 2543 Instant Kill
Chapter 2544 Uproar
Chapter 2545 The lingering ghost
Chapter 2546 Battle
Chapter 2547 Lord Diao comes out to act as a monster
Chapter 2548 Fighting the Deep Sea Monster (Part 1)
Chapter 2549 Fighting the Deep Sea Monster (Part 2)
Chapter 2550 The Wine Sword Immortal?
Chapter 2551 Weird Tuashe Ancient Coin
Chapter 2552 Domineering Lin Feng (Part 1)
Chapter 2553 Domineering Lin Feng (Part 2)
Chapter 2554 Strong means
Chapter 2555 Breaking News
Chapter 2556 The Saint Maidens Flowers Fall in the Rain in Wanhua Tower
Chapter 2557 Young Master Nirvana
Chapter 2558 Blood Stone
Chapter 2559 Injured
Chapter 2560 Crush
Chapter 2561 Crush (Part 2)
Chapter 2562 Beheading
Chapter 2563 An Immortal Sword
Chapter 2564 Lord Diao visits
Chapter 2565 Underworld Mission
Chapter 2566 Weird sheepskin scroll
Chapter 2567 The Parchment of the Parchment Scroll
Chapter 2568 Terrible Creatures
Chapter 2569 Creatures appear in the black mist
Chapter 2570 Deja Vu
Chapter 2571 The infinite Taoist priest released an alien creature
Chapter 2572 Battle against alien creatures (Part 1)
Chapter 2573 Battle against alien creatures (Part 2)
Chapter 2574 The Demon Lord is dead?
Chapter 2575 The Demon Lords corpse cannot be humiliated
Chapter 2576 The 'Teacher' taught by the Demon Lord to Lin Feng
Chapter 2577 The deal with the infinite Taoist priests
Chapter 2578 The Unspeakable Existence
Chapter 2579 Soul-eating Demon
Chapter 2580 Surrender
Chapter 2581 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 2582 The mummy emerging from the wooden coffin
Chapter 2583 Identity a mystery
Chapter 2584 The Ten Palaces of Hell and the Five Ghost Emperors
Chapter 2585 Plutos Bell
Chapter 2586 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, the Listening Beast
Chapter 2587 Death Knight and Dragon Knight
Chapter 2588 King Yama
Chapter 2589 The stone tablet falling from the heaven to the mortal world
Chapter 2590 Shinto Heaven
Chapter 2591 The strong man of this era
Chapter 2592 The Origin of the Dominator Imperial Clan
Chapter 2593 The originator of the Dominion Imperial Clan?
Chapter 2594 The mysterious power in Lin Fengs body
Chapter 2595 Three Prodigies
Chapter 2596 Terrifying Creatures
Chapter 2597 Tragic
Chapter 2598 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2599 Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 2600 Kill the heaven-defying genius!
Chapter 2601 Infernal Demonic Spear and Quasi-Elixir
Chapter 2602 Gong Ziyus past
Chapter 2603 Gong Ziyus Past (Part 2)
Chapter 2604 Gong Ziyus Past (Part 2)
Chapter 2605 The Terrible Young Master Nirvana
Chapter 2606 Nine Beast Mountain
Chapter 2607 The heaven-defying genius of all races
Chapter 2608 The Arrogant Son of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2609 Mutation
Chapter 2610 Nine Sons of the True Dragon
Chapter 2611 Besieged
Chapter 2612 Crisis
Chapter 2613 Nine Three Thousand Avenues
Chapter 2614 The whereabouts of the Sky-shaking Stone Monument
Chapter 2615 Golden Holy Sword
Chapter 2616 The terrifying sky-shaking stone tablet
Chapter 2617 The Sky-shaking Stone Tablet that breaks free from its restraints
Chapter 2618 Boarding the Cursed Ship
Chapter 2619 The terrible cultivation of the captain of the cursed ship
Chapter 2620 Mysterious Man
Chapter 2621 Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 2622 Hatred (Part 1)
Chapter 2623 Hatred (Part 2)
Chapter 2624 Exposed
Chapter 2625 Arrival
Chapter 2626 Yin-Yang World Monk
Chapter 2627 Decisive Killing
Chapter 2628 Nine Heavens Mysterious Girl
Chapter 2629 The Three Stages of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Girl
Chapter 2630 Holy Fruit
Chapter 2631
Chapter 2632 Stone Flower
Chapter 2633 Weird Stone Flower
Chapter 2634 The Stone Tribe Monk in the Holy Stone World
Chapter 2635 The second stone sword appears
Chapter 2636 The Terrifying Stone Sword
Chapter 2637 Heavenly Fairy
Chapter 2638 Monster Stone Flower
Chapter 2639 Meeting Stone Sword Again
Chapter 2640 Suppression
Chapter 2641 Soul Contract! Control the Stone Sword!
Chapter 2642 Fairy World
Chapter 2643 Killing
Chapter 2644 Hua Mengdie, Nangong Yuqi
Chapter 2645 Nine-Headed Fire Dragon
Chapter 2646: An Ye Shang in the Dark World
Chapter 2647 Boundless Dominance
Chapter 2648 The Twelve Dark Knights (Part 1)
Chapter 2649 The Twelve Dark Knights (Part 2)
Chapter 2650 Crystal Palace
Chapter 2651 Wind Insect Swarm
Chapter 2652 Terrifying Demon Lizard
Chapter 2653 The bloodline of the ancient golden python is revived
Chapter 2654 The use of the great banishment technique
Chapter 2655 Got into Lin Fengs body
Chapter 2656 The mysterious and scary little bug
Chapter 2657 Taoist inheritance
Chapter 2658 The power of the stone sword
Chapter 2661 One Qi Transforms Three Purities
Chapter 2662 The Immortal Road to Heaven appears, and all the powerful ones gather together!
Chapter 2663 Too arrogant
Chapter 2664 One against three
Chapter 2665 Kill them all (Part 1)
Chapter 2666 Kill them all (Part 2)
Chapter 2667 Ying Caier
Chapter 2668 Follow
Chapter 2669 Ancient Road
Chapter 2670 Phoenix Sword
Chapter 2671 Capturing Ying Caier (Part 1)
Chapter 2672 Capturing Ying Caier (Part 2)
Chapter 2673 Things Ying Caier can never forget
Chapter 2674 Three Quasi-Beast Kings
Chapter 2675 Beast Kings Lair
Chapter 2676 Starry Sky Immortal Liquid
Chapter 2677 Fighting the Two-Winged Demonic Dragon
Chapter 2678 The Heavenly Controlling Technique
Chapter 2679 White Tiger successfully cultivated his domineering power
Chapter 2680 The Tenth Level of the Realm of Gods
Chapter 2681 Man in Taoist Robe
Chapter 2682 Fuxis inheritance?
Chapter 2683 Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram and the Great Bagua Technique
Chapter 2684 No matter how hard your fist is, you are still afraid of a kitchen knife!
Chapter 2685 Three hundred and sixty thousand guns
Chapter 2686 The great curse shows its power
Chapter 2687 Helian Yundao
Chapter 2688 Killing Helian Yundao
Chapter 2689 Two-Winged Demonic Dragon Egg
Chapter 2690 Devouring Moonlight
Chapter 2691 Bloodline Mutation
Chapter 2692 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 2693 Mysterious Existence (Part 2)
Chapter 2694 Ruthless obliteration
Chapter 2695 Robbery of mysterious creatures
Chapter 2696: The Fall of the Three Realms, the Nine Phoenix Immortal Fruit, and the Conditions of Mysterious Creatures
Chapter 2697 Fire God Zhurong Dojo
Chapter 2698 Dismemberment
Chapter 2699 Weird Palace
Chapter 2700 Stone Forest
Chapter 2701 Stone Clan Gathering
Chapter 2702 Caught
Chapter 2703 Gods title! The inheritance of monks title!
Chapter 2704 The Evil Gods Resentment
Chapter 2705 The power of the mysterious iron box
Chapter 2706 Broken Stone Statue and Blood
Chapter 2707 Qin Muyu
Chapter 2708 Picking and Killing Qin Muyu
Chapter 2709 Immortal treasure emerges from the lake?
Chapter 2710 Kui Niu
Chapter 2711 What is the Immortal Treasure?
Chapter 2712 A drop of immortal blood
Chapter 2713 Inciting Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 2714 Chaos Xuanhuang Realm Monk
Chapter 2715 Small Cause and Effect Tribulation
Chapter 2716 Breaking through the Giant God Realm (Part 1)
Chapter 2717 Breaking through the Giant God Realm (Part 2)
Chapter 2718 Breaking through the Giant God Realm (Part 2)
Chapter 2719 The Titan Became
Chapter 2720 Shura
Chapter 2721 Di Wudao carrying nine stone swords
Chapter 2722 Chaotic Kyushu
Chapter 2723 The Source of the Era
Chapter 2724 The Master of the Inextinguishable Fire of ReincarnationYin Zhuo
Chapter 2725 Refining
Chapter 2726 Deep Awakening (Part 1)
Chapter 2727 Deep Awakening (Part 2)
Chapter 2728 Thirty-Six Stone Swords
Chapter 2729 Old Friend
Chapter 2730 Strong enemies arrive hand in hand
Chapter 2731 Picking and Killing
Chapter 2732 Reincarnation World-Destroying Formation
Chapter 2733 The Evil Punishment Emperor
Chapter 2734 The terrible mortal immortal
Chapter 2735 The war breaks out
Chapter 2736 Lord Turtle Tours Kyushu
Chapter 2737 Strange Dream
Chapter 2738 The Golden Winged Man
Chapter 2739 Return to Tianwu Continent
Chapter 2740 Antarctic Immortal Source
Chapter 2741 Making a name for the human race
Chapter 2742 Arrogant and domineering Lin Feng
Chapter 2743 Arrogant and domineering Lin Feng 2
Chapter 2744 Arrogant and domineering Lin Feng 3
Chapter 2745: Destroying twelve quasi-emperors with a snap of a finger, shocking the Tianwu Continent (Part 1)
Chapter 2746: Destroying twelve quasi-emperors with a snap of a finger, shocking the Tianwu Continent (Part 2)
Chapter 2747 Holy Demon Master
Chapter 2748 Order to massacre the city
Chapter 2749 Tear in half
Chapter 2750 Three Pure Jade Ruyi
Chapter 2751 Rescue Yan Ruyu
Chapter 2752 Crisis
Chapter 2753 The arrival of the Viper Saint Kings army
Chapter 2754 Killing the Viper Saint (Part 1)
Chapter 2755 Killing the Viper Saint (Part 2)
Chapter 2756 Is he back?
Chapter 2757 Injured
Chapter 2758 The Evil God Comes to the World
Chapter 2759 The Power of the Supreme Reincarnation Fist
Chapter 2760 Three Powerful Men
Chapter 2761 Demon Emperors Small World
Chapter 2762 Kill them all
Chapter 2763 Return to the wilderness
Chapter 2764 The ancient demon soldier revives?
Chapter 2765 The mysterious existence in the galaxy world
Chapter 2766 The world constructed by ancient demon soldiers
Chapter 2767 The Ancient Demon Soldier Appears
Chapter 2768 The gods and demons take action
Chapter 2769 Earthy Yellow Jar
Chapter 2770 Another part of the corpse
Chapter 2771 Division of the Imperial Realm
Chapter 2772 Qian Jiwu
Chapter 2773 Frozen
Chapter 2774 Frozen 2
Chapter 2775 The terrifying ice scepter
Chapter 2776 Suppressing the Ice Scepter
Chapter 2777 The powerful Lin Feng
Chapter 2778 Blood Demon Territory
Chapter 2779 Huo Fengjiao and Tantai Xiyu
Chapter 2780: Domineering and terrifying!
Chapter 2781 One against two!
Chapter 2782 Kill directly
Chapter 2783 Arrival at the extraterritorial trial planet
Chapter 2784 The Master of Hanzhuoshen Mansion
Chapter 2785 The ancient map of the starry sky heading to the undead world?
Chapter 2786 Nine Dragon Cauldron
Chapter 2787 The Queens Request
Chapter 2788 Dragon Elephant Appears
Chapter 2789 Dragon Elephant Holy Bones
Chapter 2790 The Arrival of God Emperor Wuyuan
Chapter 2791 Integrating into the sacred bones of the dragon and elephant, the fifth level!
Chapter 2792: Smash the Emperor with one punch
Chapter 2793 Trapping and Killing the Emperor 1
Chapter 2794 Trapping and Killing the Emperor 2
Chapter 2795 Trapping and Killing the Emperor 3
Chapter 2796 Death Jedi Master
Chapter 2797 Never recognized each other
Chapter 2798 The war is about to break out!
Chapter 2800 Massacre
Chapter 2801 Huaguo Mountain
Chapter 2802 The terrifying creatures in Huaguo Mountain (Part 1)
Chapter 2803 The terrifying creatures in Huaguo Mountain (Part 2)
Chapter 2804 Madness
Chapter 2805 Sun Xiaosheng
Chapter 2806 Water Curtain Cave Enlightenment
Chapter 2807 Epiphany
Chapter 2808 Shocking News
Chapter 2809 Liushen City
Chapter 2810 Old Friend
Chapter 2811 The extremely arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 2813 Crush by Strength
Chapter 2814 Shocked Retreat
Chapter 2815 The Arrival of the Son of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2816 The Red Dust Immortal Master survives the Great Emperors Tribulation 1
Chapter 2817 The Red Dust Immortal Master survives the Great Emperors Tribulation 2
Chapter 2818 Great Vision Technique
Chapter 2819 Young Master Nirvana is here
Chapter 2820 Mother Phoenix
Chapter 2822 News about the Ancient Chaos Kingdom in the West Sea
Chapter 2823 The third stone sword appears!
Chapter 2824 Stone Ape
Chapter 2825 Not the Monkey King?
Chapter 2826 The old slave who served the third generation of the Demon EmperorNub!
Chapter 2827 Escape into Liushen Valley
Chapter 2828 The sound of the bell shook Kyushu
Chapter 2829 The Ancient Kingdom of Chaos
Chapter 2830 Chaos Stone Mutation
Chapter 2831 Enter
Chapter 2832 Encountered the Cursed Doll
Chapter 2833 Stone Ox, Skeleton, White Snake!
Chapter 2834 Breakthrough
Chapter 2835 Black Desert
Chapter 2836 Giant Tower
Chapter 2837 Defensive Imperial Weapons: Tianxuan Pagoda!
Chapter 2838 Saint Yuanxu
Chapter 2839 Naughty Child
Chapter 2840 Cold attack
Chapter 2841 Night falls
Chapter 2842 Red-Haired Monster
Chapter 2843 Beat the Emperor until he vomits blood
Chapter 2844 Mingzi appears
Chapter 2845 The bat monster that eats the demon lords body?
Chapter 2846 Tomb Keeper
Chapter 2847 Bones
Chapter 2848 Snatching the Ancient Bell of Chaos
Chapter 2849 Seizing food from the tigers mouth
Chapter 2850 Weapon Spirit
Chapter 2851 Pangu Secret Realm
Chapter 2852 The Ancient Map of Chaosthe secret of Pangus core inheritance!
Chapter 2853 The Demon Lords Severe Punishment!
Chapter 2854 The Demon Lord was young 1
Chapter 2855 The Demon Lord was young 2
Chapter 2856 Is it him?
Chapter 2857 Blood-robed Monk
Chapter 2858 Emperor Dugu is dead?
Chapter 2859 The alien creature that killed nine immortals was born
Chapter 2860 Arrival
Chapter 2861 The magical power of King Dapeng - Space is still
Chapter 2862 Goodbye Peacock King
Chapter 2863 Taoist Fire Crow
Chapter 2864 Killing Dugu Emperortian (Part 1)
Chapter 2865 Killing Dugu Emperor Tian (Part 2)
Chapter 2866 The Strongest Assistant (Part 1)
Chapter 2867 The Strongest Assistant (Part 2)
Chapter 2868 Join forces to kill
Chapter 2869 The mysterious black-robed monk who is extremely terrifying and secretly plots against Lin Feng
Chapter 2870 Lin Feng obtained nine growing immortal veins
Chapter 2871 Surrendering the Ghost King
Chapter 2872 Gate of Chaos
Chapter 2874 Temple Group
Chapter 2875 Blood Red Eyeballs
Chapter 2876 Eyes of Death
Chapter 2877 The heaven-defying monster from three thousand years ago
Chapter 2878 Defeating Jin Xuanzhao
Chapter 2879 The power of the seventy-two transformations
Chapter 2880 Guang Yuanzi, a lineage of earth masters
Chapter 2881 Treasure
Chapter 2882 Crocodile Ancestor?
Chapter 2883 The Origin of Wasteland
Chapter 2884 Mysterious Crystal Light Ball
Chapter 2885 Fusion of Eyes of Death
Chapter 2886 Great Encirclement and Suppression
Chapter 2887 Provocation
Chapter 2888 The mysterious old woman
Chapter 2889 The physically invincible Lin Feng
Chapter 2890 Summoning the Power of Heaven
Chapter 2891 Killing Qin Daowen
Chapter 2892 Alliance
Chapter 2893 Purple Fire Golden Lotus
Chapter 2894 The snake-hearted Yu Siman
Chapter 2895 Lin Feng was poisoned
Chapter 2896 Yu Simans father is an emperor-level powerhouse?
Chapter 2897 Want to negotiate with Lin Feng?
Chapter 2898 Breakthrough! The tenth level of the giant god realm!
Chapter 2899 Savage enters the Gate of Chaos
Chapter 2900 Vibrant building fragments
Chapter 2901 The son of Emperor Tianwen of Mingyue World
Chapter 2902 Killing the Emperors Son (Part 1)
Chapter 2903 Killing the Emperors Son (Part 2)
Chapter 2904 Tomb of the Ancestral Dragon?
Chapter 2905 Huangfu Qingtian reappears
Chapter 2906 Bought News
Chapter 2907: Does the blue sarcophagus bury the ancestral dragon?
Chapter 2908 Terrible
Chapter 2909 The methods of immeasurable Taoist priests
Chapter 2910 Ancestral Dragon Fist
Chapter 2911 The Fourth Soul
Chapter 2912 Three Thousand Wonderful Techniques to Become an Immortal
Chapter 2913 Monk
Chapter 2915 The palace and the sudden sinister laughter
Chapter 2916: Defeat the Evil Monk
Chapter 2917 The requirements of the brass furnace!
Chapter 2918 The mysterious jade talisman given by the brass furnace
Chapter 2919: Being plotted by the evil monk?
Chapter 2920 Battle with the Devil Python
Chapter 2921 The formula for controlling Plutos clock
Chapter 2922 Mysterious Scroll
Chapter 2923 The world in the scroll
Chapter 2924 Stone Turtle
Chapter 2925 Besieged
Chapter 2926 The mysterious strong man
Chapter 2927 The Terrifying Holy Scorpion Evil Lord
Chapter 2928 A Sword Qi
Chapter 2929 Meeting the Red Dust Immortal Again
Chapter 2930 Imperial War
Chapter 2931 Heavenly Skills in the World
Chapter 2932 Killing Intention
Chapter 2933 Take action
Chapter 2934 The Terrifying Evil Punishment Emperor
Chapter 2935 Fierce Battle
Chapter 2936 Black-robed monkthe Taoist Lord!
Chapter 2937 Promotion
Chapter 2938 The inheritance place of Venerable Qingluan in Heaven!
Chapter 2939 Thunder Leopard
Chapter 2940 Decisive Killing
Chapter 2941 Encircled and Suppressed
Chapter 2942 Horrible Creatures
Chapter 2943 Titan
Chapter 2944 Black Armored Knight
Chapter 2945 The terrible drum sound
Chapter 2946 Shimen
Chapter 2947 Stone of Fear
Chapter 2948 The Incomplete Stone Clan
Chapter 2949 The treasure in the copper furnace
Chapter 2950 Robbery of Light
Chapter 2951 Tiangu
Chapter 2952 Huge losses
Chapter 2953 Encounter
Chapter 2954 Duel with Shengyuan Dao
Chapter 2955 Sheng Yuandao was forced to self-destruct
Chapter 2956 Angry the Son of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2957 The war breaks out
Chapter 2958 Blue Dominance
Chapter 2959 Reviving the Bloodline
Chapter 2960 A terrible fate
Chapter 2961 The son of the Demon Emperor falls!
Chapter 2962: Suppressing the Eighth Heavenly Fire, the Black Flame Devouring God Fire
Chapter 2963 The four magic weapons left by the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2964 The treasure in the demon ring
Chapter 2965 Great Cause and Effect Tribulation
Chapter 2966 The black-robed monk who appeared in the thunder tribulation
Chapter 2967
Chapter 2968 Reborn from the ashes! Successfully overcome the tribulation!
Chapter 2969 Chasing Old Golden Crow
Chapter 2970 Destroy the Old Golden Crow!
Chapter 2971 Unexpected People
Chapter 2972 A different stone turtle
Chapter 2973 Death
Chapter 2974 Relics
Chapter 2975 The Place of Death
Chapter 2976 Immortal Treasure Reappears
Chapter 2977 Three Sacred Trees
Chapter 2978 Giant Flower
Chapter 2979 Holy Spirit Flower
Chapter 2980 Female Holy Spirit
Chapter 2981 Holy Spirit Flower Seed
Chapter 2982 See you again
Chapter 2983 The Great Emperor is Born
Chapter 2984 Picture of Demons Worshiping Gods
Chapter 2985 Three years
Chapter 2986 Kyushu Pattern
Chapter 2987 The Seven Demon Clan
Chapter 2988 Young Master Kun
Chapter 2989 Kunpeng
Chapter 2990 The Emperor takes action
Chapter 2991 Domineering Declaration
Chapter 2992 Uproar
Chapter 2993 Meeting the Old Emperor
Chapter 2994 Tempering the Body
Chapter 2995 Death at Wangxian Ridge
Chapter 2996 Stoneman King, the ancestors old friend?
Chapter 2997 The Stoneman Kings Warning
Chapter 2998 The Mutation of the Ancient Lord of the Rings
Chapter 2999 The amazing identity of Fairy Yao Ji
Chapter 3000: A member of a hidden family?
Chapter 3001 Jiang Jiutian, the old emperor of the human race
Chapter 3002 Lu Tong
Chapter 3003 The Secret of the Death Jedi
Chapter 3004 Go
Chapter 3005 Strong
Chapter 3006 Fight
Chapter 3007 Big Event
Chapter 3008 The Demon Clans War Song
Chapter 3009 Studying Music
Chapter 3010 The mysterious old man in the demon clans holy land
Chapter 3011 Temple
Chapter 3012 The giant cauldron buried by the mysterious man
Chapter 3013 Mysterious Dragon Egg
Chapter 3014 Ancestors of the Earth Master Lineage from Ancient Era
Chapter 3015 Weird Things
Chapter 3016 Who is the 'Brother Fan' that the girl calls in the dream?
Chapter 3017 Sikong Qijie
Chapter 3018 The two-headed human emperor of the Supreme Immortal Sect
Chapter 3019 Xu Qianzong, a lineage of earth masters
Chapter 3020: Flowers bloom with one thought, and rule the world!
Chapter 3021: Strongly Killing the Imperial Dao Undefeated
Chapter 3022 The identity of the successor of Tianshi lineage is exposed
Chapter 3023 Being targeted
Chapter 3024 Bloody Demonic Cloud
Chapter 3025 Yuxin
Chapter 3026 Immortal Undead Creatures
Chapter 3027 Battle against the Silver Meizu Emperor
Chapter 3028 Successfully Killed the Silver Meizu Emperor
Chapter 3029 Bamboo rafts floating out of the lake
Chapter 3030 Terror strikes
Chapter 3031 Demon Emperor Jun and Demon Emperor Taiyi
Chapter 3032 Ten Thousand Soldiers Tree (Part 1)
Chapter 3033 Ten Thousand Soldiers Tree (Part 2)
Chapter 3034 Scary Woman
Chapter 3035: Discovered
Chapter 3036 The Origin of the Three Divine Weapons of the Ten Thousand Soldiers Tree
Chapter 3037 Brother Fans mysterious identity
Chapter 3038 The storm is coming
Chapter 3039 Encountered a siege on the road
Chapter 3041 Broken God Island
Chapter 3042 Eleven Great Emperors
Chapter 3043 Lin Fengs terrifying methods
Chapter 3044 'Peacock Swallowing Buddha Technique!'
Chapter 3045 Crisis
Chapter 3046 The Mantra of Soldiers Reappears
Chapter 3047 The Thin Line of Life and Death
Chapter 3048 Tragic
Chapter 3049 The terrifying Xu Tianxing
Chapter 3050 The magical power that the Stone Man King gained after two lifetimes
Chapter 3050 The magical power that the Stone Man King gained after two lifetimes
Chapter 3051 'Every thought is immortal, and all worlds will praise you!'
Chapter 3052 Hongmeng Heritage
Chapter 3053 The Supreme Divine Court Suppresses the Holy Scorpion Evil Lord
Chapter 3054 All means are used
Chapter 3055 Fierce Battle
Chapter 3056 Advantages
Chapter 3057 Lin Feng kills the emperor
Chapter 3058: The Great Method of Disintegration of Demons
Chapter 3059 The huge dragon bone deep in Broken God Island
Chapter 3060 Huge bloody eyes
Chapter 3061 Golden Giant Cauldron
Chapter 3062 Guangyuan
Chapter 3063 Death of Guangyuan
Chapter 3064: Open the giant cauldron again in the future
Chapter 3065 Kyushu will be in chaos
Chapter 3066 Leaving
Chapter 3067 The Great Emperor of the Golden Snake Clan
Chapter 3068 Battle with the Golden Snake Clan Emperor
Chapter 3069 Strong Kill
Chapter 3070 The identity of Old Monster Mo
Chapter 3071 Kyushu Lantern (Part 1)
Chapter 3072 Kyushu Lantern (Part 2)
Chapter 3073 Mr. Turtle returns injured
Chapter 3074 The Legend of Loulan Ancient City
Chapter 3075 King Shenxiao
Chapter 3076 Leng Wuxin appears
Chapter 3077 The terrifying insect swarm
Chapter 3078 The terrifying beast tide
Chapter 3079 Golden Snake
Chapter 3080 Taking Snake Venom
Chapter 3081 Threaten the Golden Eagle King
Chapter 3082 The mummy-like old man reappears
Chapter 3083 Forbidden Land
Chapter 3084 Eyes of the Beast King
Chapter 3085 The terrifying existence in the forbidden area
Chapter 3086 Minotaur
Chapter 3087 Enter
Chapter 3089 Breaking through the Great Emperor
Chapter 3090 The existence that survived the ancient war
Chapter 3091 Setting up a trap
Chapter 3092 Seventeen Masters
Chapter 3093 The resurgence of a strong man from ancient times?
Chapter 3094 Kill one person
Chapter 3095 Accident
Chapter 3096 The Forefather of All Races
Chapter 3097 The mummy-like old man appears in times of crisis
Chapter 3098 What is the 'Book of All Saints' that the mummy-like old man is looking for?
Chapter 3099 The Phantom TribeMei Xiruo!
Chapter 3100 Suppressing Mei Xiruo (Part 1)
Chapter 3101 Suppressing Mei Xiruo (Part 2)
Chapter 3102 Extraterrestrial Human Race
Chapter 3103 The genius who emerged from the Demonic Dragon Star Territory
Chapter 3104 Monster in the Hurricane
Chapter 3105 Great Rift Valley
Chapter 3106 Fighting for Three Thousand Avenues
Chapter 3107 Silence!
Chapter 3108 Identity Exposed
Chapter 3109 Billions of sword energy are immobilized
Chapter 3110 God of the Star Sea
Chapter 3111 Suppression
Chapter 3112 Ouyang Zixues hint
Chapter 3113 The birth of the stone ball (Part 1)
Chapter 3114 The birth of the stone ball (Part 2)
Chapter 3115 Encountering a stone ball
Chapter 3116 The Eastern DragonLong Aotian!
Chapter 3117 The mysterious woman inside the magic bead
Chapter 3118 Terrible Strength
Chapter 3119 Kyushu Monk Team
Chapter 3120 Female nun wearing a fiery red dress
Chapter 3121 Nalan Qinger
Chapter 3122 Silver Moon Sirius Clan Monk Xiao Changfeng
Chapter 3123 He is Lin Feng
Chapter 3124
Chapter 3125 Holy Fruit
Chapter 3126 Deep, crisis!
Chapter 3127 Leng Han, a female cultivator from the Immortal Tribe, one of the three major divine tribes
Chapter 3128 The Variety of Divine Fists
Chapter 3129 Three Emperors
Chapter 3130 The fear in the heart of the powerful emperor Sheng Churou
Chapter 3131 Sweeping the Three Great Emperors
Chapter 3132 Holy Fruit and Dragon
Chapter 3133 BBQ Eastern Dragon
Chapter 3134 The reason why Long Aotian was suppressed
Chapter 3135 History of the Loulan Tribe
Chapter 3136 Refuse to cooperate
Chapter 3137 King Kong
Chapter 3138 Bloodshed
Chapter 3139 Collection
Chapter 3140 Dreamland
Chapter 3141 How terrifying are Xiao Lings parents?
Chapter 3142 Division of World Power
Chapter 3143 The Power of the Big World
Chapter 3144 A Taozu sleeps deep in the stars formed by the power of the big world!
Chapter 3145 The war is about to begin
Chapter 3146 The Power of Heavenly Drum
Chapter 3147 Three Saints
Chapter 3148 Dongfang Jiyues hidden methods
Chapter 3149 Lin Fengs plan
Chapter 3150 Broken Dragon Ridge
Chapter 3151 Trapping the Three Saints
Chapter 3152 The Emperors Edict
Chapter 3153 The First Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 3154 Lin Fengs Peak Combat Power
Chapter 3155 Collecting the Imperial Edict
Chapter 3156 The Great Fierce
Chapter 3157
Chapter 3158 Everyone was beheaded
Chapter 3159 Tyrant God Technique
Chapter 3160 Lin Qis son Lin Xiaobai
Chapter 3161 Lin Xiaobais Immortal Body
Chapter 3162 Resentment Transformed
Chapter 3163 Fusion
Chapter 3164 The Extraordinary Features of Tyrannical God Technique
Chapter 3165 Blackmailing the Four Major Forces
Chapter 3166 Li Jiange
Chapter 3167 The Origin of Li Jiange
Chapter 3168 The Four Emperors Arrive
Chapter 3169 The darker the description, the darker the picture
Chapter 3170 Danger
Chapter 3171 Ten Thousand Suns Fall (Part 1)
Chapter 3172 Ten Thousand Suns Fall (Part 2)
Chapter 3173 Recognition
Chapter 3174 Lies
Chapter 3175 Leng Wuxin becomes a living dead
Chapter 3176 People brought by Poison Ancestor
Chapter 3177 Kyushu Tiandao Sect
Chapter 3178 Black Armor Knight and Black Robe Dragon Knight
Chapter 3179 Ancestor of Tiandao Sect
Chapter 3180 The terrifying black-robed dragon knight
Chapter 3181 Purple Mandarin Appears
Chapter 3182 Holy Object
Chapter 3183 The top immortal weapon Nine Heavens Galaxy Jade Ruyi and the Seven Saints of the Immortal Family
Chapter 3184 Devouring Holy Objects
Chapter 3185 Its better not to see each other
Chapter 3186 Immortal Silver Gold Tears Stone
Chapter 3187 Chaos Ancient Lamp Spirit
Chapter 3188 The Ancient Lamp of Chaos Becomes an Imperial Weapon
Chapter 3189 The arrival of the black-robed dragon knight
Chapter 3190 Killing Intention
Chapter 3191 The arrogant black-robed dragon knight
Chapter 3192 Blood Qi Transforms into a Dragon
Chapter 3193 Heavy damage to the black-robed dragon knight
Chapter 3194 Lord Tai Dao appears
Chapter 3195 Turtle Master vs. Tai Dao Lord
Chapter 3196 Killing the Black Robe Dragon Knight
Chapter 3197 Two Ghost Emperors Become Emperors
Chapter 3198 New Black Armor Knights
Chapter 3199 The origin of the thirty-six stone swords
Chapter 3200 The Immortal Family wants to cooperate with Lin Feng?
Chapter 3201 Immortal Family Land
Chapter 3202 Why did Ziyuan change?
Chapter 3203 The mysterious old man in the immortal family library and the wordless books presented by the mysterious old man
Chapter 3204 The third blood baptism
Chapter 3205 Immortal Soul
Chapter 3206 Defeating all the heroes in the world
Chapter 3207 The Eighth Heaven of the Divine Emperor Realm
Chapter 3208 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 3209 Magic Hand
Chapter 3210 The Powerful Black Armor Knights
Chapter 3211: A small amount is not a gentleman, no poison, no husband
Chapter 3212 'Time and space are extinguished! Transform into a demon with one finger!'
Chapter 3213 The Demon Hands true form was divided into nine parts?
Chapter 3214 The scroll brought from the Supreme Court of God
Chapter 3215 Asking for Secrets
Chapter 3216 The Ancient Imperial Butterfly hatched successfully
Chapter 3217 Groundless accusation! The Sword Saint Immortal Sect is destroyed!
Chapter 3218 The imminent war
Chapter 3219 The war breaks out
Chapter 3220 How to crack it
Chapter 3221 No regrets despite death
Chapter 3222: Destroy the Immortal Emperor and slaughter the eight monk armies!
Chapter 3223 The 3.8 million monk army was destroyed!
Chapter 3224 Ask Old Monster Mo to take action
Chapter 3225 Confrontation
Chapter 3226 The strongest blow
Chapter 3227 Disastrous defeat and retreat
Chapter 3228 The Fall of Yazhen
Chapter 3229 Ancient Monk
Chapter 3230 The mysterious creature reappears! Lord Turtle is missing! Life or death is uncertain!
Chapter 3231 The old emperor of the demon clan
Chapter 3232 The Imperial Way to the Sky
Chapter 3233 Original Demon Clan, Taichu Demon Clan
Chapter 3234 The top forces in Kyushu
Chapter 3235 Forced
Chapter 3236 Forced to swear by Lin Feng
Chapter 3237 The power of Kyushu
Chapter 3238 The Ultimate Imperial War
Chapter 3239 Heavy losses
Chapter 3240 Killing the Two Great Emperors of the Earth Master Lineage
Chapter 3241 The second level of supreme domineering: endless domineering!
Chapter 3242 The Black Dragon Sword breaks the fourth seal
Chapter 3243 The God of Death Emerging from Hell
Chapter 3244 The terrifying black dragon sword
Chapter 3245 Lao Jinwu takes action
Chapter 3246 The old emperor of the human race appears
Chapter 3247 Four Holy Emperors
Chapter 3248 Killing the Emperors of Humanity
Chapter 3249 The old emperor of the human race kills the master of Jiuxuan Realm
Chapter 3250 Borrowing the Sword
Chapter 3251 The Red Dust Immortal Appears
Chapter 3252 The Red Dust Immortal takes action
Chapter 3253 The World of Demonic Soldiers
Chapter 3254 The world of mortals
Chapter 3255 The terrifying Holy Emperor Ji
Chapter 3256 Create your own magical powers
Chapter 3257 The Fifth Ancestor
Chapter 3258: The End of Reincarnation in the Way of Heaven
Chapter 3259 Arrival
Chapter 3260 The Red Dust Immortal is injured
Chapter 3261 Falling short of success
Chapter 3262 The strong man of Kyushu
Chapter 3263 A heavy price
Chapter 3264 The fifth ancestor of all races fell
Chapter 3265 The Mu Family Ancestors Plea
Chapter 3266 Situation
Chapter 3267 Only one step away
Chapter 3268 The Huangdao Familys Bronze Spiritual Stone Cannon Formation
Chapter 3269 Soul Search
Chapter 3270 Three Hundred and Fifty-Seven Three Thousand Avenues
Chapter 3271 The name of the demon king
Chapter 3272 Retreat and Wedding
Chapter 3273 Return to Tianwu Continent
Chapter 3274 Mysterious Beautiful Woman
Chapter 3275 Flute Sound
Chapter 3276 The dragon offers treasure
Chapter 3277 Dragon Egg Crack
Chapter 3278 Accident
Chapter 3278 Accident
Chapter 3279 Awakening
Chapter 3280 The word love
Chapter 3281 The creatures deep in the Dead Jedi
Chapter 3282 Luo Shen
Chapter 3283 Exposed
Chapter 3284 The terrible Beibei
Chapter 3285 Rescue Luo Shen
Chapter 3286 The origin of the undead world and the surname of the dominant imperial clan!
Chapter 3287 Innate Bagua inheritance!
Chapter 3288 Lan Zhaoxing
Chapter 3289 The Origin of the Battlefield of the Gods
Chapter 3290 Purpose
Chapter 3291 Stone Kingdom Ruins
Chapter 3292 The big forces in the starry sky world
Chapter 3293 The extremely arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 3294 Abandoned
Chapter 3295 Transaction
Chapter 3296 Conflict Renewed
Chapter 3297 Descendants of the Ancient God of Thunder?
Chapter 3298 Competition
Chapter 3299 Bringing humiliation to oneself
Chapter 3300 The Order of the Gods, Strike the God Stone!
Chapter 3301 Want to introduce your granddaughter to Lin Feng?
Chapter 3302: Killed instantly by the evil saint with one punch
Chapter 3303 Contempt
Chapter 3304 Completely Crushed
Chapter 3305 The powerful man hidden in the Wansha Star Territory
Chapter 3306 Xu sisters!
Chapter 3307 Stone Kingdom Ruins
Chapter 3308 Stone Buddha Beads
Chapter 3309 Yongzhen Huangquan
Chapter 3310 Shake the Stone Tablet
Chapter 3311 Wasteland Creatures
Chapter 3312 Nine-Headed Lizard
Chapter 3313 Golden Box
Chapter 3314 The Terrifying Nine-Headed Lizard Queen
Chapter 3315: Seeing true love in times of crisis
Chapter 3316 The Soldier Saint Han Feizi
Chapter 3317: Possessed by the Holy Emperor! Suppressing the wasteland creatures with crushing force!
Chapter 3318 One against two!
Chapter 3319 Han Feizis Obsession
Chapter 3320 The magical powers recorded in the Holy King Stone
Chapter 3321 Obtaining the Mantra of War!
Chapter 3322 Devouring
Chapter 3323 The evolution of the prehistoric demon refining insect
Chapter 3324 Fusion
Chapter 3325 The Holy Ancestor Arrives
Chapter 3326 Join forces
Chapter 3327 The 'big fat man' in Beibei's eyes.
Chapter 3328 Soaring strength!
Chapter 3329 The Secret of the White Tigers Holy Bones
Chapter 3330 Xie Duanhuns plan
Chapter 3331 A blockbuster
Chapter 3332 An incredible battle
Chapter 3333 God of Taiyin
Chapter 3334 Terrifying Strength
Chapter 3335 Five 'kill' words
Chapter 3336 Young monk in golden robe!
Chapter 3337 The scary old man
Chapter 3338 Humanoid Precious Medicine
Chapter 3339 Huang Yan Dao
Chapter 3340 Orange Domineering
Chapter 3341 Huang Yandaos confidence
Chapter 3341 Huang Yandaos confidence
Chapter 3342 The invincible Lin Feng
Chapter 3343 The weird purple bamboo forest
Chapter 3344 Bamboo Slips
Chapter 3345
Chapter 3346 Killing
Chapter 3347 Who is the woman?
Chapter 3348 Eagle Wolf King
Chapter 3349 Sense of Loss
Chapter 3350 Wan Xianxues strange behavior
Chapter 3351 Cruel Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 3352 Join forces
Chapter 3353 'Shi Yuncang! The great-great-grandson of the leader of the Shi Kingdom!'
Chapter 3354 Heavy damage
Chapter 3355 Sword Gift
Chapter 3356 Star Counter
Chapter 3357 Fairy Nebula
Chapter 3358 First acquaintance
Chapter 3359 Trapped Beast
Chapter 3360 The fierce ghost bites the body
Chapter 3361 Star Wars
Chapter 3362 The Invincible Xuanyuan Starry Sky Ancient Ship
Chapter 3363: betrayal and separation
Chapter 3364 Defeat
Chapter 3365 Starry Sky Bounty Order
Chapter 3366 Understanding the Way of Space
Chapter 3367 Order of the Gods, God-Eating Demon
Chapter 3368 Killed someone
Chapter 3369 God-Eating Fruit
Chapter 3370 Refining the Emperor-level God-Eating Demon Rule
Chapter 3371 The rumored Dragon Tiger Stone!
Chapter 3372 The God-Eating Demon Reappears
Chapter 3373 Great Light Technique
Chapter 3374 The fire magic talisman changes
Chapter 3375 Meeting the Witch Guan Guan Again
Chapter 3376 The inheritance place of the Starry Sky Holy Emperor
Chapter 3377 Su Aojun
Chapter 3378 The extremely arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 3379 Decisive Killing
Chapter 3380 Defeat
Chapter 3381 Magical Stars
Chapter 3382 Guan Guan leaves
Chapter 3383 Burying an Immortal
Chapter 3384 Fire Snake Star
Chapter 3385 Goodbye Ziyuan
Chapter 3386 Changes
Chapter 3387 Fragments
Chapter 3388 Scratched
Chapter 3389 Compass
Chapter 3390 Awakening
Chapter 3391 Destroy the God Emperor with one move
Chapter 3392 The mysterious heart
Chapter 3393 Resurrection
Chapter 3394 The Demonic Hand Reappears
Chapter 3395 Who is the woman who fights with the magic hand?
Chapter 3396 Horrible Creatures
Chapter 3397 The Third Power
Chapter 3398 Wu Moya
Chapter 3399 Crossing Wu Moya
Chapter 3400 Insight into everything
Chapter 3401 The Mantra of Soldiers Shows Its Power
Chapter 3402 Eight Emperor Level Rules
Chapter 3403 Sacred Scepter
Chapter 3404 Division of Eastern and Western Universes
Chapter 3405 Celestial Monk
Chapter 3406 Murals and Stone Towers
Chapter 3407 Sacrifice Stone Tower
Chapter 3408 Holy Fire Toad
Chapter 3409 Followers of Heavenly Human Race Tianwuya
Chapter 3410 Suppressing the Emperor
Chapter 3411 Liu Ruoxin
Chapter 3412 The fifth-ranked extremely yin demon fire
Chapter 3413 The Sixth Swallowing Martial Spirit
Chapter 3414 Terror strikes
Chapter 3415 Ehuang Cave Mansion
Chapter 3416 Chi Yous God-killing Technique
Chapter 3417 The real Chi You and the relationship between the demon king and Ehuang
Chapter 3418 Retort
Chapter 3419 Leave calmly
Chapter 3420 Stone Tower
Chapter 3421 White Snake
Chapter 3422 Three Treasures
Chapter 3423 The Skinny Monk
Chapter 3424 The terrifying body of all transformations
Chapter 3425 Black Energy Light Ball
Chapter 3426 Being targeted
Chapter 3427 Collection
Chapter 3428 Supreme Demonic Iron
Chapter 3429 Speculations on the Battle of Innate Creatures
Chapter 3430 The battlefield of the gods is in the demon world? News about the Monkey King?
Chapter 3431 The Emperor of Heaven is coming
Chapter 3432 Arrogance
Chapter 3433 Crush by strength
Chapter 3434 Kill
Chapter 3435 Death Scythe, Blue Bones, Mysterious Scroll
Chapter 3436 The oriole is behind
Chapter 3437 Fall
Chapter 3438 The Second Mirror of the Future
Chapter 3439 Fathers Fate
Chapter 3440 Terrifying Strength
Chapter 3441 Powerful Killing
Chapter 3442 Emperor takes action
Chapter 3443 Come to the Rescue
Chapter 3444 Destruction of the Great World Yang Kun
Chapter 3445: Cang Cang Mountains, news of the Grand Vision Technique.
Chapter 3446 Yang Laner
Chapter 3447 Crisis
Chapter 3451 Ling Xuzi
Chapter 3452 The terrifying Ling Xuzi
Chapter 3453 Shock
Chapter 3454 Mysterious Brocade
Chapter 3455 Human Emperors Brush
Chapter 3456 Dragon Soul Valley
Chapter 3458 Black Dragon
Chapter 3459 The Crisis of Creatures Across Era
Chapter 3460 I am the only one who dominates the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths
Chapter 3461 Searching for the Grand Vision Technique in Vision Mountain
Chapter 3462 Great ambition
Chapter 3463 Memories of the Suanni Divine Beast
Chapter 3464 Yu Siman News
Chapter 3465 Provocation
Chapter 3466 The extremely arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 3467 Defeat
Chapter 3468 Goodbye Yu Siman
Chapter 3469 Evergreen
Chapter 3470 Yu Simans shock
Chapter 3471 Armor of the Dominator
Chapter 3472 Killing the Emperor Sect
Chapter 3473 Weird Black Qi
Chapter 3474 An ancient book
Chapter 3475 Thirty-three Underworlds
Chapter 3476 The Book of the Dead and Yan
Chapter 3477 Evil Monk
Chapter 3478 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 3479 Encountered siege
Chapter 3480 Amazing Discovery
Chapter 3481 The Sound of Dao Bell
Chapter 3482 Cold Breath
Chapter 3483 Void Killer Spider
Chapter 3484 The Terrifying Stone of Time
Chapter 3485 Emperor Taigan
Chapter 3486 Snatching
Chapter 3487 Grabbing the Stone of Time
Chapter 3488 Understanding the Stone of Time
Chapter 3489 The fourth power in Lin Fengs body and the sealed bloodline of destiny
Chapter 3490 What happened in the past
Chapter 3491 Armor of the Dominator
Chapter 3492 Dialogue with the Armor Spirit of the Lord
Chapter 3493 Three chapters of the agreement!! Sign a contract with the Lords Armor!!
Chapter 3494 Initial Control of the Lords Armor
Chapter 3495 Duel with Emperor Zun
Chapter 3496 Killing the Emperor of All Nations
Chapter 3497 Killing the Emperors of All Nations (Part 2)
Chapter 3498 The terrifying existence behind the Emperor of All Nations
Chapter 3499 Identity Exposed
Chapter 3500: Genocide
Chapter 3501 Colorful Holy Flower
Chapter 3502 Fifty Kinds and Three Thousand Avenues
Chapter 3503 What is sealed in the fairy stone?
Chapter 3504 The Infinite World Zhang Yufeng
Chapter 3505 Dongfang Takumi
Chapter 3506 Provoking trouble
Chapter 3507 The coffin puller in the starry sky
Chapter 3508 Suppression
Chapter 3509 Conflict Renewed
Chapter 3510 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 3511 Nine-turn Resurrection Pill
Chapter 3512 Exchange and Qingshan Sword
Chapter 3513
Chapter 3514 Sun and Moon God Essence
Chapter 3515 Lone Wolf Emperor
Chapter 3516 Three Emperors
Chapter 3517 Book of the Dead, the art of summoning!
Chapter 3518 Ambush
Chapter 3518 Ambush
Chapter 3519 Holy Emperor
Chapter 3519 Holy Emperor
Chapter 3520 Killing the Holy Emperor
Chapter 3521 The Wanxing Emperor was successfully rescued
Chapter 3522 The Law of Time
Chapter 3523 Breaking News
Chapter 3524 The injured old man
Chapter 3525: Believe in me as you believe in God, and all creatures in the world will worship me!
Chapter 3526 Killing the strong men of the Star Sky Scorpion Tail Clan
Chapter 3527 The Demonic Fall Star Domain is in danger
Chapter 3528 The coffin puller in the starry sky
Chapter 3529 Gong Ziyus father Tianmoxiu
Chapter 3530 The Infinite Taoist Priest Appears
Chapter 3531 The place where the dragon fell?
Chapter 3532 Terrifying Creatures
Chapter 3533 Four different images
Chapter 3534 The contents recorded in the nine-volume Yin-Yang Feng Shui theory
Chapter 3535 True Tomb
Chapter 3536 The war in the past
Chapter 3537 Nine Demon Sealing Nails
Chapter 3538 Appearance, python totem!
Chapter 3539 Cemetery of Ten Thousand Races
Chapter 3540 Little dragon hatches
Chapter 3541 The Heaven-defying Little Dragon
Chapter 3542 Nine Starry Sky Coffin Pullers (Part 1)
Chapter 3543 Nine Starry Sky Coffin Pullers (Part 2)
Chapter 3545 Mountain Temple
Chapter 3546 Twelve Heavenly Stem Flags
Chapter 3547 Holy Son Heng
Chapter 3548 The Twelve Heavenly Stems Flag Shows Its Power
Chapter 3549 Seeing your ex again?
Chapter 3550 Scare away your ex
Chapter 3551: The Supreme Prodigy of the Ancient God Clan, the Evil God
Chapter 3552 The murderous intention of Shinto evil
Chapter 3553 The terrifying blood-red eyeballs
Chapter 3554 Starry Sky Scorpion Tail Clan Monk Xie Wuyu
Chapter 3555 The unknown terrifying existence
Chapter 3556 The existence that cannot be countered
Chapter 3557 The Secret of the Forbidden God Realm
Chapter 3558 'Forbidden God Realm! The Eight Wastelands Fall into the Immortal Abyss!'
Chapter 3559 The increasingly powerful Hongchen Immortal Lord
Chapter 3560 The treasure of the Lord of the previous era: the epoch scepter
Chapter 3561 Body Mutation
Chapter 3562 Climbing the Mountain of the Gods
Chapter 3563 Door to Eternal Life?
Chapter 3564: Understanding the Door to Eternal Life
Chapter 3565 The ending of Nuwa Empress?
Chapter 3566 The long river of destiny
Chapter 3567 Understanding the Great Destiny Technique
Chapter 3568 The use of space
Chapter 3569 The Three Major Alliances of the Heavenly Saint World (Part 1)
Chapter 3570 The three powerful human beings from the Alliance of Immortals and Gods
Chapter 3571 Stay
Chapter 3572 Treasure Offering
Chapter 3573 The Golden Box Mutation
Chapter 3574 Lin Feng has changed
Chapter 3575 Golden Saint Tmall Clan
Chapter 3576 Arrogant Jin Linye
Chapter 3577 Confined Space
Chapter 3578 No Fear of Threats
Chapter 3579 Nalan Lianyou, one of the top ten beauties in the Tiansheng World
Chapter 3580 Lord of Fate
Chapter 3581 Ghost Granny
Chapter 3582 Street of Sin
Chapter 3583 The monk whose eyes were gouged out
Chapter 3584: Granny Ghost is a Nuwa monk?
Chapter 3585 Ancient Slips
Chapter 3586 Stone Clothes to ward off evil spirits
Chapter 3587 Another change
Chapter 3588 Seven-story wooden building
Chapter 3589 Seeds and Fairy-Eating Insects
Chapter 3590 Purchase the Fairy-eating Insect Female Insect
Chapter 3591 The scroll left by my father
Chapter 3592: The disciples of Lord Tai Dao were slaughtered.
Chapter 3593 The Immortal Bell of Fate is Born
Chapter 3594 The Immortal Bell is Scary
Chapter 3595 Identity Exposed
Chapter 3596 Five Forces
Chapter 3597 Mountain Demon
Chapter 3598 Immortal Grass, Immortal Medicine
Chapter 3599 The superior Shinto evil
Chapter 3600 Three Heads and Six Arms
Chapter 3601 Physically Invincible
Chapter 3602 Cut off one of his arms
Chapter 3603 Hell Demon Bat
Chapter 3604 The magic hand reappears
Chapter 3605 Dark Erosion
Chapter 3606 Temple
Chapter 3607 The Taoist Holy Tree 'Lagerstroemia Tree'.
Chapter 3608 Arctic Ziwei Emperor
Chapter 3609 Transplanting the crape myrtle tree
Chapter 3610 Yang Jian
Chapter 3611 Branches
Chapter 3612 Eight-winged Monk
Chapter 3613 The Brutal Duo
Chapter 3614 Half golden and half black stone
Chapter 3615 Parade of Immortals
Chapter 3616 Looking for the Immortal Palace
Chapter 3617 Han Jiangxue asked about news about Jiuzhou Lantern
Chapter 3618 Weird Vine
Chapter 3619 Huangyan Mountain
Chapter 3620 Arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 3621 The Power of Great Vision
Chapter 3622 Killing Emperor Zun with force
Chapter 3623 Golden Wall
Chapter 3624 Wall of Desire
Chapter 3625 Epiphany
Chapter 3626 Death
Chapter 3627 The existence of terror
Chapter 3628 The Immortal Master Fang Wanxian of the Reincarnation Immortal Sect
Chapter 3629 The place where the Lord of Fate fell
Chapter 3630 The deep cave
Chapter 3631 The creatures deep in the Jedi
Chapter 3632 The plea of Bai Changtian, the young master of the Nine Spirits Sect in the Immortal Realm
Chapter 3633 Bai Changtians lover Qian Qiuxue
Chapter 3634 What the Lord of Fate left behind
Chapter 3635 Holy Soul Dragon Crystal
Chapter 3636: All Saints Mountain, the Holy Land of All Races
Chapter 3637: Six uses at once
Chapter 3638 Tengu Eclipses the Moon
Chapter 3639 A fierce battle
Chapter 3640 Black Stone Pixiu
Chapter 3641 The immeasurable Taoist priest is coming
Chapter 3642 The Secret Technique of Feng Shui Talks about Burial Places
Chapter 3643 Immortal Devil Bat
Chapter 3644 The Terrifying Ancient Imperial Butterfly
Chapter 3645 Breaking the formation! Entering the Immortal Tomb!
Chapter 3646 The place where supernatural powers are inherited
Chapter 3647 Battle with Immortal Spirit Body
Chapter 3648 Take full action
Chapter 3649 Use all possible means! Kill the owner of the cemetery!
Chapter 3650 Three Thousand Avenues! Gathered!
Chapter 3651 Fake Corpse
Chapter 3652 The Invincible Immortal Corpse
Chapter 3653 Imperial Tribulation
Chapter 3654 Causes a Sensation (Part 1)
Chapter 3655 Causes a Sensation (Part 2)
Chapter 3656 The last nine tribulations of the Great Immortal Tribulation
Chapter 3657: Resurrection from the dead, long river of faith!
Chapter 3658 'A single stroke determines life and death!'
Chapter 3659 The inheritance of human blood!
Chapter 3660 Summoning the River of Destiny for the First Time
Chapter 3661 Emperor Wudao and the Mirror of the Future
Chapter 3662 Corpse Tribulation
Chapter 3663 Golden Villain
Chapter 3664 The Thin Line of Life and Death
Chapter 3665 Wasteland World
Chapter 3666 The mysterious Taoist priest
Chapter 3667 Resistance of the Destiny Bloodline
Chapter 3668 The Great Emperor! Its done!
Chapter 3669 Split in half
Chapter 3670 Really cruel
Chapter 3671 Letter from the Empress
Chapter 3672 The Temple of All Races
Chapter 3673 Old Taoist
Chapter 3674 The Taoists Tips
Chapter 3675 Dragon Core
Chapter 3676: Make it clear that you are cheating
Chapter 3677 Love even if you die
Chapter 3678 Another trap
Chapter 3679 Xiao Changshang?
Chapter 3680 True Dragon Marrow
Chapter 3681 Niu Brothers
Chapter 3682 Weird
Chapter 3683 Trading Items
Chapter 3684 Promise to Zhuge Ming
Chapter 3685 Tit for tat
Chapter 3686 The rampaging Lian Yunshang
Chapter 3687 Murdering Husband
Chapter 3688 Suppression
Chapter 3689 True Identity
Chapter 3690 The arrival of a powerful enemy
Chapter 3691 The Peak Holy Emperor and the Nine Extremes!
Chapter 3692 The Old Taoist Priests Tips
Chapter 3693 Emperor-level female corpse
Chapter 3694 Blood Cloud
Chapter 3695 The existence of terror
Chapter 3696 Encountering a Cursed Doll
Chapter 3697: Worry about ghosts
Chapter 3698 The incomplete magical power that spans eras: The Immortal King breaks the Nine Heavens?
Chapter 3699 The Seventh Level of the Chonglou Demon Palace
Chapter 3700 The Jiang Family and the List of Gods
Chapter 3701 Old Monster Yan
Chapter 3702 Dreaming
Chapter 3703 Phoenix Feathers
Chapter 3704 Old Woman
Chapter 3705 Space Overlap! Shocked the whole audience!
Chapter 3706 Questioning
Chapter 3707 Ghost Old Man (Part 1)
Chapter 3708 Ghost Old Man (Part 2)
Chapter 3709 Underwater corpse
Chapter 3710 Resurrection
Chapter 3711 Attacked
Chapter 3712 Gold Foil
Chapter 3713 Strong
Chapter 3714: Fighting with the Holy Emperor
Chapter 3715 Fire Snake
Chapter 3716 Sand Clan (Part 1)
Chapter 3717 Sand Clan (Part 2)
Chapter 3718 Caught by Queen Lilicia
Chapter 3719 The Fire Phoenix Appears
Chapter 3720 Sand Clan Land
Chapter 3721 Hungry Tiger Pounces on Food
Chapter 3722 Lin Feng is still extremely arrogant after his magic power is sealed
Chapter 3723 Arihan
Chapter 3724 Holy Tower
Chapter 3725 Enter
Chapter 3726 Ancestor Skeletons
Chapter 3727 The deep awakening of the dominating emperors blood
Chapter 3728 Queen Lilicias plan
Chapter 3729 The Blade of Dominance
Chapter 3730 Mysterious Man
Chapter 3731 Kill
Chapter 3732 Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 3733 Queen Lilicias Father
Chapter 3734 The crisis encountered by Lilicias father
Chapter 3735 The terrifying existence
Chapter 3736 Purple Crystal Stone
Chapter 3737 Continuous Breakthroughs
Chapter 3738 Demon King Subaru
Chapter 3739 Dominate the Division
Chapter 3740 Black Snake, Hanhe!
Chapter 3741 Nine Saints Immortal Sect Monks
Chapter 3742 Conflict
Chapter 3743 Fairy Xueyi
Chapter 3744 Shock
Chapter 3745 New domineering?
Chapter 3746 Not just anyone
Chapter 3747 Where is the thing? Where is the thing?
Chapter 3748 Rushing into the darkness
Chapter 3749 The terrible werewolf curse
Chapter 3750 Being targeted
Chapter 3751 City Destruction
Chapter 3752 A woman of unknown origin
Chapter 3753 The Dragon Palace under the Nile River and the Immortal Stone of Enlightenment
Chapter 3754 Lin Fengs new identity Ji
Chapter 3755 Dugu Mingxuan
Chapter 3756 The Lord of the Boundless Ghost Sand
Chapter 3757: People come from the sky and can kill immortals with one sword
Chapter 3758 Meng Bingling
Chapter 3759 The terrifying man in black
Chapter 3760 The power of the Blade of Dominance
Chapter 3761 The terrifying blood-haired woman
Chapter 3762 Feeding blood to extend life
Chapter 3763: Running the Eighty-nine Mysterious Techniques
Chapter 3764 Prison Stone
Chapter 3765 The origin of the prison stone
Chapter 3766 Persuasion to Suppress the Prison Stone
Chapter 3767 Imprisonment
Chapter 3768 Lord Tai Daos apprentice slaughter appears!
Chapter 3769 The Evil Heart
Chapter 3770: Suppress all evil hearts
Chapter 3771 Remo
Chapter 3772 Killing Remo
Chapter 3773 Heavy damage
Chapter 3774 True Purple Mandarin and False Purple Mandarin Duck
Chapter 3775 Breaking through the Emperor
Chapter 3776 Extreme Yin Demonic Stone
Chapter 3777 The Mountain Temple in the Ancient Forest
Chapter 3778 Breaking the Illusion
Chapter 3779 Join forces
Chapter 3780 Earthly Immortal Spiritual Liquid
Chapter 3781 Gongsun Yis Plea
Chapter 3782 Iron Sword
Chapter 3783 Bai Qingcheng
Chapter 3784 The Nameless Iron Sword! Waiting for its owner to return!
Chapter 3785 The mysterious iron box moves
Chapter 3786 The owner of the unknown iron sword is a broken corpse?
Chapter 3787 Bai Qingqing
Chapter 3788: Hit again
Chapter 3789 Recognize the Lord
Chapter 3790 Three years of seclusion! Great improvement in cultivation!
Chapter 3791 Enemies
Chapter 3792 Emperor Ying Long
Chapter 3793: Fight against the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 3794 Killing Emperor Yinglong
Chapter 3795 The Great Dream Emperor
Chapter 3796 The Seven Emperors
Chapter 3797 Ancestor Black Turtle
Chapter 3798 Demon Emperor Taiyi and the Eastern Emperor Sutra
Chapter 3799 The Demon Kings Secret Realm
Chapter 3800 The Red Dust Immortal Lord robbed the treasure of the Era survivors
Chapter 3801 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 3802 Crystal of the World
Chapter 3803 Yunmeng Ancient Forest and Warcraft Mountains
Chapter 3804 Terrifying Mutation
Chapter 3805 Collection
Chapter 3806 The Three Purities and Bagua Diagram and the Six Kinds of Creatures Suppressed by the Three Purities and Bagua Diagrams
Chapter 3807 Enemies meet on a narrow road?
Chapter 3808 Kill them all
Chapter 3809 Transformation into Thunderbird
Chapter 3810 Mutated Thunderbird
Chapter 3811 Ninth Generation Thunder God
Chapter 3812 Thunder God Shield Fragments
Chapter 3813 Mu Liuxi
Chapter 3814 Death Mantis
Chapter 3815 The Wu Family on Tianxu Island
Chapter 3816 Secret attack
Chapter 3817 The Demon Lords Daughter
Chapter 3818 Mysterious Voice
Chapter 3819 Vulcan Tree
Chapter 3820 The terrifying cave
Chapter 3821: Ten thousand Buddhas join the body, and evil spirits cannot invade.
Chapter 3822 The Ninth Prince of Canghai Dragon Palace
Chapter 3823 Shield
Chapter 3824 Open
Chapter 3825 Weird Stone Chamber
Some thoughts
Chapter 3826 Jade Pendant and the Poems Left by Taiyuan
Chapter 3827 Changes in the Taoist Platform
Chapter 3828 Shadow Demon
Chapter 3829 Taiyuan and the Witch (Part 1)
Chapter 3830 The fourth generation of Demon Lord - the Demon Lord of Everlasting Hate!
Chapter 3831 Tragic Ending
Chapter 3832 Obtaining the Great Wilderness Sutra
Chapter 3833 Nangong Xuaner asks Lin Feng for help?
Chapter 3834 Seventy-two Gods
Chapter 3835
Chapter 3836 The survivors of the era appear
Chapter 3837 The three-headed viper shows off its evil ways
Chapter 3838 Lin Fengs enemy?
Chapter 3839 The Demon Kings Secret Realm
Chapter 3840 Tracking the three emperors
Chapter 3841 Three Great Immortals
Chapter 3842 The opportunity to transform into the Blood Bird Emperor
Chapter 3843 The Blood Bird Emperor was forced to self-destruct
Chapter 3844 The three-headed viper breaks through the emperor
Chapter 3845 Besieging the White Snake Empress
Chapter 3846 Sword Qi Transforms into Spirit
Chapter 3847 Suppressing the White Snake Empress
Chapter 3848 Peerless Sword
Chapter 3849 Transformation into the Nine-Eyed Emperor
Chapter 3850 Entering Donghuang City
Chapter 3851 Blood Moon, Sound of Piano and Woman in White
Chapter 3852 Am I beautiful?
Chapter 3853 Besieged
Chapter 3854 The Skeleton of the Holy Monk
Chapter 3855 Immortal Phoenix
Chapter 3856 Collecting Yuanling
Chapter 3857 Taixiao Purple Thunder Bamboo Seedlings
Chapter 3858 Strong Kill
Chapter 3859 'Why do you want to destroy my Donghuang lineage?'.
Chapter 3860 The truth behind the genocide of the Donghuang lineage
Chapter 3861 Collecting Arrows
Chapter 3862 The mysterious young monk
Chapter 3863 The tragic end of pretending to fail
Chapter 3864 Resurrection
Chapter 3865 Huangfu Qingtian appears
Chapter 3866 Swallowed by Donghuang Bell
Chapter 3867 Ninety-nine Dragon Lagu Bell
Chapter 3868 The arrival of the Red Dust Immortal Lord
Chapter 3869 Donghuang Bell is the master
Chapter 3870 Conversation with the Red Dust Immortal Lord
Chapter 3871 Heavy damage
Chapter 3872 Chase
Chapter 3873 King of Ten Thousand Spiders
Chapter 3874 The Experience of the King of Ten Thousand Spiders
Chapter 3875 The whereabouts of the Stone Scripture
Chapter 3876 Looting the Dragon Palace!
Chapter 3877 Nangong Xuaners request
Chapter 3878 The Imperial Decree of the Human Emperor
Chapter 3879 Fighting for the Emperors Imperial Decree
Chapter 3880 The ninth generation Human Emperor is exactly the same as the Hongchen Immortal?
Chapter 3881 Tan Qiuya, a female cultivator from the immortal world
Chapter 3883 The dragon soul is immortal and its will is immortal!
Chapter 3884 The Way of Ten Thousand Dragon Souls
Chapter 3885 Killing the Nether Messenger
Chapter 3886 Netherworld Island
Chapter 3887 Blocking the Road
Chapter 3888 Deep Cave Mansion
Chapter 3889 Five Light Groups
Chapter 3890 Fierce Battle
Chapter 3891 Five treasures
Chapter 3892 The Sky-Swallowing Demon Saint
Chapter 3893 Speculations on the Tradition of the Heaven-Swallowing Demon Saint
Chapter 3894 Dragon Transformation
Chapter 3895 Divine Soul Grass
Chapter 3896 Wanshang Mountain
Chapter 3897 Thousand Poison Spiders
Chapter 3898 The terrifying female ghost
Chapter 3899 What is the origin of the female ghost?
Chapter 3900 Netherworld Spring Water
Chapter 3901 The Divine Treasure in the Nether CaveThe Door of Darkness!
Chapter 3902 Forcing Pluto to appear
Chapter 3903 Six Paths of Reincarnation Reappear
Chapter 3904 Meeting Again
Chapter 3905 Changes in the Underworld
Chapter 3906 Meeting the Female Ghost King
Chapter 3907 Purple Yao Fairy Fruit
Chapter 3908 Blackmail
Chapter 3909 Mingzi
Chapter 3910: Red Dust Immortal Lord, what do you mean by coming here?
Chapter 3911 Ming Tiansu, the Fourth Son of Pluto
Chapter 3912 Ji Bufan and Ji Zixu
Chapter 3913 Sad Death
Chapter 3914 Six Paths of Reincarnation Reappear
Chapter 3915 Ji Zixus identity
Chapter 3916 The truth behind the death of the Eighth Pluto
Chapter 3917 What Ji Zixu did with his life
Chapter 3918 The Eighth Level of the Chonglou Demon Palace
Chapter 3919 Useful
Chapter 3920 Time and space upgrade and Lin Fengs second natal magic weapon!
Chapter 3921 Hundred Swords Sect
Chapter 3922 Invite yourself in
Chapter 3923 Wanjian Mountain
Chapter 3924 The Fourth Stone Sword
Chapter 3925 Changes in the Hundred Sword Sect
Chapter 3926 Arriving in time
Chapter 3927 Take action
Chapter 3928 Not telling the truth
Chapter 3929 Someone from the Undead Realm
Chapter 3930 Mysterious Baby
Chapter 3931 Burning Legion Order
Chapter 3932 Meeting Again
Chapter 3933 Divine Sword Sect Jintian Sect
Chapter 3934 The eldest princess Dugu Weiyang
Chapter 3935 Slaughter Appears
Chapter 3936 The war is about to begin
Chapter 3937 Death Lightning
Chapter 3938 Suppression
Chapter 3939 Suppression (Part 2)
Chapter 3940 Killing and Massacre
Chapter 3941 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 3942 Despicable means
Chapter 3943 Dark Forest
Chapter 3944 Dragon Hunting
Chapter 3945 The Origin of the Abyss
Chapter 3946 Rescue
Chapter 3947 The scary old witch
Chapter 3948 Ghost Tombs
Chapter 3949 The ghost tombs are causing trouble
Chapter 3950 Danger
Chapter 3951 The Identity of the Evil Monk
Chapter 3952 The Six-Character Mantra 'Om Mantra'.
Chapter 3953 Little Girl
Chapter 3954 The ninety-ninth ancient tomb
Chapter 3955 Savage Appears
Chapter 3956 The Agreement with the Savages
Chapter 3957 No cooperation! Transform you!
Chapter 3958 Blue Dragon Dominance! Successful cultivation!
Chapter 3959 Top Imperial Weapon
Chapter 3960 Its a trap
Chapter 3961 Another person was tricked
Chapter 3962 Photographing the Origin of the Abyss (Part 1)
Chapter 3963 Photographing the Origin of the Abyss (Part 2)
Chapter 3964 Leading thunder and tribulation to kill powerful enemies
Chapter 3965 Harvesting Life
Chapter 3966 The Resurrection of the Stone Statue
Chapter 3967 Existence in the Age of Chaos
Chapter 3968 What happened in the past
Chapter 3969 Eight-Winged Demon Lion
Chapter 3970 Day Pill
Chapter 3971 Invalid
Chapter 3972 Defeating the Great Dream Emperor
Chapter 3973 Transformation into the Great Dream Emperor
Chapter 3974 Power Expansion 1
Chapter 3975 Power Expansion 2
Chapter 3976 Power Expansion 3
Chapter 3977 Coming with a token
Chapter 3978 The Terrible Lord
Chapter 3979 The Lord is born
Chapter 3980 Encounter
Chapter 3981 Moon God
Chapter 3982 When we meet again, we can only respond with indifference!
Chapter 3983 Besieged
Chapter 3984 The Stone of Destiny Shows Its Power
Chapter 3985 Left behind by the innate human race
Chapter 3986 The second Xuandao talisman
Chapter 3987 The Devil ClanThe Thousand Transformations of Demons!
Chapter 3988 Forbidden Law
Chapter 3989 Horrible Illusion
Chapter 3990 Physically Invincible
Chapter 3991 Yongzhen
Chapter 3992 Birth
Chapter 3993 The road is boundless
Chapter 3994 Collection
Chapter 3995 The Nine Heavens of the Emperor Realm
Chapter 3996 Peace Talks
Chapter 3997 A strong move
Chapter 3998 Nangong Mu
Chapter 3999 Invite the Emperor to come
Chapter 4000 Even if the emperor comes, he must kneel
Chapter 4001 The 'Dark Bible' spread from the wasteland.
Chapter 4002 One against four
Chapter 4003 Suppress the Two People
Chapter 4004 Zhao Yunlong
Chapter 4005 I am arrogant and I am happy (Part 1)
Chapter 4006 I am arrogant and I am happy (Part 2)
Chapter 4007 Old friends meet again!
Chapter 4008 Going further
Chapter 4009 The first half of the Dark Bible
Chapter 4010 A fleeting voice
Chapter 4011 The Demon Lords Persistence
Chapter 4012 Spirit
Chapter 4013 Fusion
Chapter 4014 Recognizing the Origin of the Magic Bead
Chapter 4015 Self-immolation
Chapter 4016 Hundreds of Giant Dragons
Chapter 4017 The mysterious existence from the Forbidden God Realm
Chapter 4018 The second half of the Dark Bible
Chapter 4019 Ji Zixus Descendants
Chapter 4020 Discovered
Chapter 4021 Penetrating the Head
Chapter 4022 Reunited
Chapter 4023 Fighting
Chapter 4024 A difficult battle
Chapter 4025 That special thing
Chapter 4026 News about Kyushu Lantern
Chapter 4027 Another breakthrough! The fifth level of the Emperor Sect!
Chapter 4028 Kidnapping the Emperor
Chapter 4029 The heroes are furious
Chapter 4030 Friends turn against each other?
Chapter 4031 Looking for ancient pictures of Kyushu lanterns
Chapter 4032 The second half of the Dark Bible
Chapter 4033 Su Yuexi appears
Chapter 4034 Transition
Chapter 4035 The relationship between the Moon God and the Lord of the Gods
Chapter 4036 The wooden sword left by the Lord of the Gods
Chapter 4037 Su Yuexi - the reincarnation of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Girl!
Chapter 4038 Death Deprivation
Chapter 4039 The Moon God leaves
Chapter 4040 Sun Youdaos speculation
Chapter 4041 Fairy Yueling
Chapter 4042 The Agreement with the Immortal Yueling
Chapter 4043 The stone millstone in the ninth level of the Chonglou Demon Palace
Chapter 4044 Burying a Sky
Chapter 4045 The geniuses gather together
Chapter 4046 Showdown! Daowu Chong!
Chapter 4047 Golden Skeleton
Chapter 4048: Looting...the golden skeleton!
Chapter 4049 Immortal Grandson
Chapter 4050 The indecent methods of the immeasurable Taoist priests
Chapter 4051 Battle Dust
Chapter 4052 Seventy-two gods vs ninety-nine war spirits!
Chapter 4053 Duel with Dao Wuzong
Chapter 4054 The terrifying Dao Wuzong
Chapter 4055 Physical duel
Chapter 4056 Killing Dao Wuzong
Chapter 4057 Extremely Dangerous
Chapter 4058 The insect swarm shows its power
Chapter 4059 Cut off an arm
Chapter 4060 Entering the Temple of All Races
Chapter 4061 Space Array
Chapter 4062 Palace
Chapter 4063 The Division of True Immortals
Chapter 4064 One vs. Two
Chapter 4065 Kill two people
Chapter 4066 Three Great Magical Powers
Chapter 4067 Six Paths of Reincarnation?
Chapter 4068: Leaving seclusion! Being surrounded!
Chapter 4069: Powerful enemies are wiped out in a blink of an eye (Part 1)
Chapter 4070: Powerful enemies are wiped out in a blink of an eye (Part 2)
Chapter 4071 Genocide
Chapter 4072 Heavenly Blood Agreement
Chapter 4073 Fleet of Gods
Chapter 4074 The Invincible Fleet in the Age of Mythology
Chapter 4075 Scroll
Chapter 4076 Ancient Lamp
Chapter 4077 What happened back then
Chapter 4078 Arrangement
Chapter 4079 Six Soul Suppressing Bells
Chapter 4080 Xuanyu Xinghai
Chapter 4081 Murong Yuechan
Chapter 4082 The situation of the Ning family
Chapter 4083 The extremely domineering Lin Feng
Chapter 4084 Goodbye Foreign Creatures
Chapter 4085 Suppression
Chapter 4086 Inquiry
Chapter 4087 The four universes of 'Kunlun, Kyushu, Annihilation, and Time'
Chapter 4088 Danger
Chapter 4089 Om mantra shows its power
Chapter 4090 Terrifying Corpse Dragon
Chapter 4091 The terrifying little dragon
Chapter 4092 Corpse Dragon Space
Chapter 4093: Combat Power Against Heaven
Chapter 4094 Join forces to kill the corpse dragon
Chapter 4095 Ning Family
Chapter 4096 Lin Feng acts extremely arrogantly
Chapter 4097 Meeting the mother-in-law?
Chapter 4098 Lin Feng is too bragging?
Chapter 4099 The shock brought by Lin Fengs blow
Chapter 4100 Ning Zhongdao, the ancestor of the Ning family
Chapter 4101 Secret
Chapter 4102 Divine Stone
Chapter 4103 Door to Eternal Life
Chapter 4104 The Phantom of the Gate of Eternal Life Under the Brand
Chapter 4105 Gathering
Chapter 4106 The storm is coming
Chapter 4107 A group of extremely arrogant people
Chapter 4108 The grand formation shows its power
Chapter 4109 All transitions (Part 1)
Chapter 4110 All transitions (Part 2)
Chapter 4111 Lin Fengs plan
Chapter 4112 Great increase in power
Chapter 4113 Conquering Sun Sidao
Chapter 4114 Kill Lin Feng
Chapter 4115 Transformation into Quasi-Immortal
Chapter 4116 Unifying the Xuanyu Xinghai (Part 1)
Chapter 4117 Unifying the Xuanyu Xinghai (Part 2)
Chapter 4118 The Secret of the Xuanming Magic Book (Part 1)
Chapter 4119 The Secret of the Xuanming Magic Book (Part 2)
Chapter 4120 God of Curses
Chapter 4121 The source of the opposition between immortals and demons
Chapter 4122 Primitive Tribe
Chapter 4123 Amosun
Chapter 4124 Blue Stone Pier
Chapter 4125 Strange things happened in the past
Chapter 4126 Magic Weapon Controller
Chapter 4127 The Heavenly Emperors nephewDugu Chen!
Chapter 4128 Five Ancient Millstones
Chapter 4129 Cruel and Ruthless
Chapter 4130 Cold attack
Chapter 4131 Thirteen combined flying swords at the peak imperial weapon level!
Chapter 4132 Phantom
Chapter 4133 Unlocking the shackles of the curse
Chapter 4134 The gate of eternal life shows its power in disguise
Chapter 4135 Dugu Chens father! Dugu Tianhao!
Chapter 4136 Dirty things
Chapter 4137 Little Girl
Chapter 4138 Spider Spirit
Chapter 4139 Resurrection of Bones
Chapter 4140 The three masters of the demon clan in the undead world
Chapter 4141 Footsteps
Chapter 4142 Bloody Pool
Chapter 4143 Ji Wushi
Chapter 4144 Battle against the Rotten Corpse
Chapter 4145 Power Blessing
Chapter 4146 Difficult to kill
Chapter 4147 Sincerity leads to spiritual success!
Chapter 4148 The lineage of the Beihuang God of WarTen Thousand Immortals Sect!
Chapter 4149 Six caves and sky merge into one!
Chapter 4150 The Terrible Ten Thousand Immortals Sect
Chapter 4151 The magical power inherited from the Lord of the previous era?
Chapter 4152 Invincible in close combat
Chapter 4153 The Tenth Level of the Emperor Sect
Chapter 4154 Attack again
Chapter 4155 King of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4156 The origin of the ghost monster
Chapter 4157 Secrets of the Underworld
Chapter 4158 The Demonic Servant of the Great Demonic Heaven
Chapter 4159 The Terrifying Female Holy Spirit
Chapter 4160 Human Face
Chapter 4161 Refining
Chapter 4162 Young Master
Chapter 4163 The Secret of Daosheng Palace
Chapter 4164 Devils Vine
Chapter 4165 'The tenth-ranked Sky Fire...the Azure Dragon True Fire...'.
Chapter 4166: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 4167 The strange six-path reincarnation fist
Chapter 4168 The Yin God Appears
Chapter 4169 Little Shixian
Chapter 4170 Shi Ba Shen and Wen Wans betrayal
Chapter 4171 The Nine Immortal Transformations of the Stone Man
Chapter 4172 Changing Fate Against Heaven
Chapter 4173 The art of immortality in the wasteland and the method of getting to the wasteland
Chapter 4174 Lin Feng knows the terrifying power of the time millstone
Chapter 4175 The ancient forest containing the power of time
Chapter 4176 Dragon and Rabbit help
Chapter 4177 Da Mo Yue... Da Mo Tians sister!
Chapter 4178 Join forces to deal with the Great Demon Yue
Chapter 4179 Time Millstone
Chapter 4180 Back to the past
Chapter 4181 Exiling the Great World
Chapter 4182 Portrait
Chapter 4183 Terrible Resentment
Chapter 4184
Chapter 4185 Suppression
Chapter 4186 Important Message
Chapter 4187 Breaking through the Emperor
Chapter 4188 Lair
Chapter 4189 Transition
Chapter 4190 Subdue the Eight Immortals
Chapter 4191 The Hades Clan...the Gods of the Underworld!
Chapter 4192 Split in half
Chapter 4193 Xiao Shen
Chapter 4194 Nan Qingers Heart
Chapter 4195 Divorce Wife
Chapter 4196 Solution
Chapter 4197 Something big happened
Chapter 4198 The war breaks out
Chapter 4199 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 4200 Breaking the City
Chapter 4201: Forcibly plundering the origin of the quasi-immortal
Chapter 4202 Tian Cang Xuan Realm
Chapter 4203 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 4204 Attacking the Loose Immortal
Chapter 4205 The mysterious soul gathering device
Chapter 4206 Complete Nine-Aperture Stone Man
Chapter 4207: World Destruction Gloves and Five Gems!
Chapter 4208 Crisis
Chapter 4209 Tragic
Chapter 4210 Furious
Chapter 4211 Lin Feng takes action
Chapter 4212 Lin Feng was furious! Blood flowed like a river!
Chapter 4213 Change your fate against the will of heaven! Awaken the vitality of your body!
Chapter 4214 An Immortal
Chapter 4215 Awakening
Chapter 4216 Three things
Chapter 4217 The mysterious ancient bronze mirror
Chapter 4218 Mirror of the Present
Chapter 4219 Big Yellow Dog
Chapter 4220 The Body of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4221 Continuous transformation, the incarnation of the fairyland!
Chapter 4222 The old man selling secrets
Chapter 4223 The strange energy in the wild sea
Chapter 4224 The Sky-shaking Stone Tablet Appears
Chapter 4225 Lin Feng was demonized
Chapter 4226 Summoning Swarms of Insects
Chapter 4227 Success
Chapter 4228 One Yin and One Yang Two Sky-shaking Stone Tablets
Chapter 4229 Countermeasures
Chapter 4230 The identity of Immortal Feather Spirit
Chapter 4231 Bet
Chapter 4232 Provoking Dybala
Chapter 4233 The 'Master' wakes up from his deep sleep
Chapter 4234 The war is about to break out!
Chapter 4235 The war breaks out
Chapter 4236: One versus two, domineering!
Chapter 4237 Demon Lotus World
Chapter 4238 Kill the Underworld God!
Chapter 4239 Plasma World
Chapter 4240 Split in half with one sword
Chapter 4241 The Sea Tribe is coming to attack
Chapter 4242 Confrontation with the Loose Immortals of the Sea Clan
Chapter 4243 Refining the Demonic Lotus
Chapter 4244 Demonic Spirit
Chapter 4245 The Second Level of the Demon Lotus World Resurrects
Chapter 4246 The Golden Silkworm Masteran old friend of the Heaven-Swallowing Demon Emperor!
Chapter 4247 Things left behind by the Heaven-Swallowing Demon Emperor
Chapter 4248 Opening the Jade Card in the Sky-Swallowing Secret Realm
Chapter 4249 Insect Swarm
Chapter 4250 Emperor Juetian
Chapter 4251 Want to join forces with Lin Feng?
Chapter 4252 Demon Fox Star
Chapter 4253 Bet
Chapter 4254 Killing is coming
Chapter 4255: Heart attack strategy
Chapter 4256 Killing Emperor Juetian
Chapter 4257 Tong Liyas emotional fluctuations
Chapter 4258 Refining the Green Dragon True Fire
Chapter 4259 Exercise Beibei
Chapter 4260 Strange little beast
Chapter 4261 Holy Demon
Chapter 4262 Holy Demon 2
Chapter 4263 Completely suppressed by Lin Feng
Chapter 4264 Holy Demon Fruit
Chapter 4265 Earth Core Mutation
Chapter 4266 The stone dagger shows its power
Chapter 4267: Cut with one sword
Chapter 4268 Collecting the Golden Flying Sword
Chapter 4269 Severely Injuring the Sanxian of Taoist Saint Palace
Chapter 4270 Blood Refining World
Chapter 4271 Little Pepper
Chapter 4272 Middle-aged Monk
Chapter 4273 Meeting a middle-aged monk for the first time!
Chapter 4274 Tragic
Chapter 4275 Complete Suppression
Chapter 4276 Kill them all
Chapter 4277 Emperor Jueyi
Chapter 4278 The Terrifying Holy Demon
Chapter 4279 Lin Feng is seeking death?
Chapter 4280 Shock
Chapter 4281 Lin Fengs counterattack
Chapter 4282 One against three
Chapter 4283 Kill them all
Chapter 4284 Demon Lord Token
Chapter 4285 Meeting Again
Chapter 4286 Demon Lord Token
Chapter 4287 The Five Treasures of the Demon World
Chapter 4288 Daosheng Palace Monks
Chapter 4289 Daoyuan Immortal Palace
Chapter 4290 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 4291 Wu Yazi
Chapter 4292 The Emperor of Holy Demons
Chapter 4293 The ultimate secret
Chapter 4294 Qiankun Town Immortal Cauldron
Chapter 4295 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 4296: Suppressing the Holy Demon Emperor (Part 1)
Chapter 4297 Suppressing the Holy Demon Emperor (Part 2)
Chapter 4298 Lin Yuncang was robbed
Chapter 4299 Beitianmen
Chapter 4300 Review
Chapter 4301 The insidious nature of Heavens Infinite Map
Chapter 4302 Taoyuan elixir
Chapter 4303: Dissolving poison
Chapter 4304 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 4305 Domineering way of doing things
Chapter 4306 Arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 4307 Contempt for Lin Feng
Chapter 4308 Yu Ji
Chapter 4309 Big things are about to happen
Chapter 4310 Nangong Lingwei
Chapter 4311 How to deal with it
Chapter 4312 Find out the situation
Chapter 4313 Cruel means
Chapter 4314 Three heads and six arms
Chapter 4315 Changing fate for Lin Yuncang against the will of heaven
Chapter 4316 The Angry Heavens Endless Map
Chapter 4317 Golden Giant Ape
Chapter 4318 Counterattack
Chapter 4319 Quasi-Saint Emperor
Chapter 4320 The Enraged Emperor Jueyi
Chapter 4321 Duel with Emperor Jueyi
Chapter 4322: The Artifact Spirit of the Heartthe self-proclaimed 'Saint Sable Immortal'!
Chapter 4323 Transaction
Chapter 4324 Golden Mask
Chapter 4325 Unknown Creatures
Chapter 4326 Great Light Technique
Chapter 4327 Convergence
Chapter 4328 The World Tree shows its power
Chapter 4329 All living beings turned to stone
Chapter 4330 The Third Incomplete Sky-shaking Stone Tablet
Chapter 4331 Arrogant Emperor Jueyi
Chapter 4332 Emperor Jueyi was injured
Chapter 4333 Bloodline of the Holy Emperor
Chapter 4334 Destiny Bloodline and Great Destiny Spell
Chapter 4335 Emperor Jueyi! Fall!
Chapter 4336 Son of the Stoneman Emperor
Chapter 4337 Encounter
Chapter 4338 Immortals are in charge
Chapter 4339 The war breaks out
Chapter 4340 Killing Immortal in Seconds
Chapter 4341 Thirty-six volumes of Heavenly Law
Chapter 4342 Looted
Chapter 4343 All Evolution
Chapter 4344 Ascension Platform
Chapter 4345 Accident
Chapter 4346 Dantian is broken
Chapter 4347 Sinful Blood
Chapter 4348 Distress
Chapter 4349 The boss
Chapter 4350 Emperor Wudaos plan
Chapter 4351 Lan Yingying
Chapter 4352 The terrifying existence
Chapter 4353 White Python
Chapter 4354 The Seven Shocking Heroes (Part 1)
Chapter 4355 The Seven Shocking Heroes (Part 2)
Chapter 4356 Three Souls and Seven Soul Pills
Chapter 4357 'Boy, you sneak attack, you are despicable...'.
Chapter 4358 'Senior Master'!
Chapter 4359 Arrogant Nature
Chapter 4360 'Anyone who often distinguishes stones will damage his moral character!'
Chapter 4361 Avenue Worm
Chapter 4362 Amber God Blood
Chapter 4363 Wantong Trading Company
Chapter 4364 Meng Bingyan
Chapter 4365 Meng Bingyans invitation
Chapter 4366 Swearing without using curse words
Chapter 4367 Poor Ghost
Chapter 4368 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 4369 Investigating Lin Feng
Chapter 4370 Tutian Pavilion
Chapter 4371 Decisive Killing
Chapter 4372 The charm of that punch!
Chapter 4373 Chu Mo
Chapter 4374 The Immortal Source Stone Unearthed from the Black Sand Demon Prison
Chapter 4375 Looking for the map of Xuan Dao Martial Talisman
Chapter 4376 Flying Red Demonic Insect
Chapter 4377 Envy, Jealousy, and Hatred
Chapter 4378 Recommendation
Chapter 4379 The yellowed mysterious ancient scripture
Chapter 4380 Big Black Cat
Chapter 4381 Lin Baitian, you little brat
Chapter 4382 Death Gaze
Chapter 4383 All wake up
Chapter 4384 Saving the Holy Demon Tree
Chapter 4385 Battle with Pang Tong
Chapter 4386 Unchangeable Fate
Chapter 4387 Giving away heads
Chapter 4388 News about Poison Ancestor and others
Chapter 4389 Seven Demons
Chapter 4390 Stone Buddha
Chapter 4391 Fattys spring has a trap
Chapter 4392 The tragic story of Yue Xiaolian of Qixingmen
Chapter 4393 Corpse
Chapter 4394 The Demon Resurrects
Chapter 4395 Stone Buddha suppresses the devil
Chapter 4396 Arrogant little donkey
Chapter 4397 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 4398 Young Master Mingyue of the Eight Young Masters
Chapter 4399 Heavenly Lady Palace
Chapter 4400 The wretched fat man
Chapter 4401 Trouble rises again
Chapter 4402 As wise as a demon
Chapter 4404 Robbery
Chapter 4405 Demon King Insect
Chapter 4406 Identity Exposed
Chapter 4407 Space Overlap and the Gate of Time and Space
Chapter 4408 The Clown
Chapter 4409 Signing a Master-Servant Contract with the Demon King Insect
Chapter 4410 Lin Feng is in danger
Chapter 4411 Ogre Ant King
Chapter 4412 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4413 Old Woman
Chapter 4414 The eldest daughter of Shennong
Chapter 4415: Turning into a skeleton at a glance
Chapter 4416 A poem
Chapter 4417 Holy Spirit Clan! Mu Aoshan!
Chapter 4418 I am arrogant and I am happy!
Chapter 4419 Mu Aoshan has a crush on Lin Feng?
Chapter 4420 Mu Aoshans shock
Chapter 4421 Caught by Lin Feng
Chapter 4422: 'Golden scales are just things in the pond. They turn into dragons when encountering storms.'
Chapter 4423 Danger is coming
Chapter 4424 The danger of genocide
Chapter 4425 The background of the Holy Spirit Clan
Chapter 4426 'There is someone behind you...'.
Chapter 4427 Heavy damage to the Earth Immortal
Chapter 4428 Two Quasi-True Immortals
Chapter 4429 One-legged old man
Chapter 4430 There is a problem with the teleportation array
Chapter 4431 Destroy the Formation
Chapter 4432 Jiuyin Demon Lake Stone Turtle Island
Chapter 4433 Dark erosion in the Nine Yin Devil Lake
Chapter 4434 The Spirit of Stone Turtle
Chapter 4435 Destruction
Chapter 4436 The Eight Saints of the Turtle Tribe, Lord of Bones
Chapter 4437 The unknown strong man
Chapter 4438 The cry of Jiuyin Demon Lake
Chapter 4439 Dark erosion appears again
Chapter 4440 The map speaks
Chapter 4441 God destroys the way
Chapter 4442 Massacre
Chapter 4443 Split in half
Chapter 4444 The Nine Soul Evil Lord is born
Chapter 4445 Suppression
Chapter 4446 The Ten Directions Killing Divine Sword
Chapter 4447 Head Escape
Chapter 4448 The Eight-Eyed Demonic Scripture of Conferring Gods
Chapter 4449 The Extreme Demon Lord
Chapter 4450 Shenzongtian
Chapter 4451 Wu Tianhai
Chapter 4452 Siege
Chapter 4453: The mantra of 'Bing' shows its power
Chapter 4454 The three furious strong men
Chapter 4455 Ancestral Witch Jade Talisman
Chapter 4456 Divine Lord City
Chapter 4457 Wentian Tower
Chapter 4458 Su Yingran
Chapter 4459 News of the Holy Legion
Chapter 4460 The Holy King! Be punished!
Chapter 4461 Xiao Hanhan
Chapter 4462 Sin Blood Stone
Chapter 4463 True Dragon Sin Blood Stone
Chapter 4464 Immortal Sin Blood Stone
Chapter 4465: Secrets of the Immortal Family
Chapter 4466 Bidding
Chapter 4467 Conflict
Chapter 4468 Conflict (Part 2)
Chapter 4469 Three-day appointment
Chapter 4470 The Fourth Awakening of the Immortal Bloodline
Chapter 4471 Dominance oppresses Lin Feng?
Chapter 4472 Domineering Crush
Chapter 4473 'Crossing the Great Desolate World, Shattering the Worlds...'.
Chapter 4474 Reviving the Heavenly Bloodline
Chapter 4475 The Blade of Dominance Breaks the Heavenly Bloodline
Chapter 4476 Trapped?
Chapter 4477 The sin and blood of the human race?
Chapter 4478 Snow Girl
Chapter 4479 Snow Spirit Bone Fire
Chapter 4480 Shenzong Dao
Chapter 4481 Talking about cooperation with Snow Girl
Chapter 4482 News of Snow Spirit Bone Fire
Chapter 4483 Strategies to deal with Shenzong Dao
Chapter 4484 Heavy losses
Chapter 4485 Leading you into an urn
Chapter 4486 Who plots against whom?
Chapter 4487 Soul Search
Chapter 4488 Seeking help from the Mirror of the Future
Chapter 4489 A world in which time is reversed
Chapter 4490 The Terrifying Far North
Chapter 4491 The coffin puller reappears
Chapter 4492 Dugu Li, the nephew of the Emperor of Heaven?
Chapter 4493: Clap into pulp with one palm
Chapter 4494 Ancestor Dugu
Chapter 4495 Want to seize Lin Fengs body?
Chapter 4496 The Demon King Awakens
Chapter 4497 Nether Demon Eye
Chapter 4498 Method to rescue Ziyuan
Chapter 4499 Hou Yi Gong is about to be born?
Chapter 4500 Terrible Monster
Chapter 4501 Nangong Muli!
Chapter 4502: The Ancestral Witch Jade Talisman wants to trick Lin Feng?
Chapter 4503 Identity Exposed
Chapter 4504 The resurgence of sinful blood! Changes in the sinful domain!
Chapter 4505 All Refined
Chapter 4506 Draw the bow and shoot the immortals
Chapter 4507 Shooting the Immortal
Chapter 4508: Cursing the Quasi-True Immortal
Chapter 4509 Divine Sun Arrow
Chapter 4510 Shooting the Quasi-True Immortal
Chapter 4511 Contempt for Lin Feng
Chapter 4512 The terrifying dynasty of blood prison killers
Chapter 4513 Huge Wealth
Chapter 4514 Era Domineering Evolution
Chapter 4515 Threaten Lord Yuantian
Chapter 4516 Lin Qi, who awakened his bloodline ten times, and the eight saint ancestors of the black robe tribe
Chapter 4517 Oath and Destiny
Chapter 4518: Changing Fate Against Heaven
Chapter 4519 Ugly human face
Chapter 4520 Bloodline Manifestation
Chapter 4521 Snow Spirit Bone Fire Appears
Chapter 4522 Refining
Chapter 4523 Emperor
Chapter 4524 Ancient Cauldron
Chapter 4525 The phantom of the bloody ancient tree
Chapter 4526 Weird Pool
Chapter 4527 Blood crystal seals eyeballs
Chapter 4528 The bloody ancient tree takes root in Lin Fengs dantian
Chapter 4529 Golden Seal
Chapter 4530 Demon King
Chapter 4531 Young Master from the Far Mountains
Chapter 4532 Flower Spirit Fairy Fengxi Demon Queen.
Chapter 4533 Young Master Xueyou
Chapter 4534 Contempt for Lin Feng
Chapter 4535 Kneel on the ground and lick the blood clean
Chapter 4536 The war is about to begin
Chapter 4537 Arrow shoots Mr. Xueyou
Chapter 4538 An arrow shot through the chest
Chapter 4539 No one dares to look at Lin Feng
Chapter 4540 Entering the world of time reversal
Chapter 4541 The Four Destroyed Monsters (Part 1)
Chapter 4542 The Four Destroyed Monsters (Part 2)
Chapter 4543 Tiancan Valley
Chapter 4544 The terrifying Tiancan Valley
Chapter 4545 Mr. Yaoye
Chapter 4546 Beat to death
Chapter 4547 The Demon Lord
Chapter 4548: Severely Injuring Lord Youmo
Chapter 4549 Mr. Lin, spare your life
Chapter 4550 The reason why there are so many powerful people in the undead world
Chapter 4551 The connection between Lin Feng and the Red Dust Immortal Lord
Chapter 4552 Snow Girl is jealous
Chapter 4553 Snow Girls Sad Past (Part 1)
Chapter 4554 Snow Girls Sad Past (Part 2)
Chapter 4555 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 4556 The request of the Chonglou Demon Emperor
Chapter 4557 Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 4558 Red Dust Fairy
Chapter 4559 The arrival of nine powerful men
Chapter 4560 The terrible mortal immortal
Chapter 4561 Transformation into the Nine Quasi-True Immortals
Chapter 4562 Map, Token and Lightning Legion!
Chapter 4563 Nine-tailed White Fox
Chapter 4564 The Killer Team of the Blood Prison Killer Dynasty
Chapter 4565 The Supreme Small World
Chapter 4566 Shooting the three killers
Chapter 4567 Su Ruyan recognizes his master
Chapter 4568 Yuan Hua
Chapter 4569 Domineering Man
Chapter 4570 Shrew
Chapter 4571 Evil people need evil people to grind them down
Chapter 4572 Crying
Chapter 4573 Emperor Yao
Chapter 4574 The humanoid puppet in the statue of Emperor Yao
Chapter 4575 Death Deprivation
Chapter 4576 'I grant you death...'.
Chapter 4577 Dragon Knight Legion
Chapter 4578 Arrow Shoots Dragon Knight
Chapter 4579 Dragon Slayer Knight Legion
Chapter 4580 The Royal Blood Appears
Chapter 4581 A cloud-piercing arrow, thousands of troops come to meet you!
Chapter 4582 Descendants of Sinful Blood
Chapter 4583 War Song of the Gods
Chapter 4584 Besieging Yan Kuan
Chapter 4585 The spirits of the gods dissipate
Chapter 4586 Sin-Blood Alliance
Chapter 4587 The Undead World Shocks
Chapter 4588 The Real Lightning Legion
Chapter 4589 Life Restricted Area
Chapter 4590: Deducing the location of the Lightning Legion
Chapter 4591 The terrifying Inferi and the jet-black boulders
Chapter 4592 Xiao Hei takes action
Chapter 4593 Corpse and Divine Weapon
Chapter 4594 Mu Xiuhan
Chapter 4595 The Nine Meridians behind the scenes and the terrifying ancestor of the Celestial Master
Chapter 4596 Mu Xiuhan encountered betrayal
Chapter 4597 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 4598 Beating the Heavenly Drum
Chapter 4599 Battle to defend the city
Chapter 4600 A fierce battle
Chapter 4601 The Yin Spirit Army Appears
Chapter 4602 The Fall of the Holy King (Part 1)
Chapter 4603 The Fall of the Holy King (Part 2)
Chapter 4604 The terrifying 'Gate of the Heart'.
Chapter 4605 Cherry Blossom Forest
Chapter 4606 The Sakura Family in HeavenYing Qingxue!
Chapter 4607 The whereabouts of Fairy Xuanyin from Heaven who was angered by Lin Feng and the Gate of Heart!
Chapter 4608 The storm continues
Chapter 4609 Nine Ultimate Immortal Destroying Formation
Chapter 4610 Great increase in cultivation
Chapter 4611 Demon-Slaying Sword and Immortal-Slaying Sword!
Chapter 4612 Letter between Duguya and his father
Chapter 4613 The war is about to break out!
Chapter 4614 Poison Ancestors Strategy
Chapter 4615 Terrifying Poison
Chapter 4616 The Evil Saints Methods
Chapter 4617 The terrifying 'Six Paths of Reincarnation'.
Chapter 4618 Duguyas ancient weapon: Sun and Moon Tiangang Sword!
Chapter 4619 The situation is not good
Chapter 4620 Kill with one arrow!
Chapter 4621 The Emperor of Heaven appears!
Chapter 4622 Angry Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 4623 The combat power of the Red Dust Immortal Lord
Chapter 4624 Return to prototype
Chapter 4625 Victory begins
Chapter 4626 Contempt Lin Feng
Chapter 4627 The murderous intention of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 4628 Lin Fengs grandfather and master.
Chapter 4629 Goodbye Meng Bingyan
Chapter 4630 Three Things
Chapter 4631 The supreme world-destroying domineering power and the way of time
Chapter 4632 Black Sand Prison
Chapter 4633 Token and Unidentified Female Cultivator
Chapter 4634 Ning Xianyu Ning Xianwu!
Chapter 4635 Dual personality?
Chapter 4636 The geniuses gather together
Chapter 4637 Visiting the black market with Ning Xianwu
Chapter 4638 Shifang changes
Chapter 4639 Gathering in Shifang
Chapter 4640 He is Lin Feng
Chapter 4641 The Stone Clan Holy Spirit takes action
Chapter 4642: If a dog bites a person, the person cannot bite him back!
Chapter 4642: If a dog bites a person, the person cannot bite him back!
Chapter 4643: Guiding Old Antiques
Chapter 4644 Stone Selection
Chapter 4645 The Broken Sword of the Ghost Lord
Chapter 4646 Demonic Knife and Corpse
Chapter 4647 Resurrection
Chapter 4648: Broken arm with one arrow
Chapter 4649 Three True Immortals
Chapter 4650 Horror
Chapter 4651 Dark Stone Clan Holy Spirit
Chapter 4652 Seal the Holy Spirit of the Stone Tribe
Chapter 4653 The Stone King of the Stone Clan
Chapter 4654 The Stone Emperor is Born
Chapter 4655: Is the resurrected strong man the Sun-Destroying Demon Emperor?
Chapter 4656 Bitch Stone Emperor
Chapter 4657 Di Wudao is the son of God?
Chapter 4658 The Great Demon Yue appears
Chapter 4659 Poison Ancestors Induction
Chapter 4660 Uneasy feeling
Chapter 4661 The Palace of the Evil King
Chapter 4662: Poison Ancestors Clan
Chapter 4663 The terrifying poisonous Holy Spirit
Chapter 4664 The heaven-defying white jade toad
Chapter 4665 Poison Ancestor breaks through the Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 4666 Meeting Young Master Xuan Cang Again
Chapter 4667 Poison Ancestor vs. Young Master Xuan Cang
Chapter 4668 Everyone goes to battle! Defeat powerful enemies!
Chapter 4669 Devouring the Starry Sky
Chapter 4670 Murong Yuxuan
Chapter 4671 The terrifying treasure 'Picture of the God King'.
Chapter 4672 Chaos Sky Alliance
Chapter 4673 Demon King Insect Shows Its Might
Chapter 4674 Stone Tree
Chapter 4675 Di Wuxuan, the son of the Realm Lord
Chapter 4676 The great curse shows its power
Chapter 4677 Killing Di Wuxuan
Chapter 4678 Huge Benefits
Chapter 4679 Ancient Weapon: Six-Eyed Heaven-Destroying Sword
Chapter 4680 The Power of Ancient Weapons
Chapter 4681 Super Immortal Becomes Saint
Chapter 4682 The strange runes painted by Ning Xianwu
Chapter 4683 Prison of the Dead
Chapter 4684 Prison of the Dead 2
Chapter 4685 Induction of Dark Token
Chapter 4686 The gazes of many powerful men
Chapter 4687 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 4688 A desperate situation
Chapter 4689 Evil God Stone Statue
Chapter 4690 The Master of the Undead Prison
Chapter 4691 The Origin of the Prison of the Dead
Chapter 4692 The Terrifying Lord of the Undead Prison
Chapter 4693 Demon destroys the world
Chapter 4694 Join forces to kill the Lord of the Soul Prison
Chapter 4695: See through the identity
Chapter 4696 Taixuan Heavenly Dao True Slip
Chapter 4697 Curse
Chapter 4698 The Angry Great Demon Yue
Chapter 4699 Collecting the Evil God Stone Statue
Chapter 4700 Ning Xianyu wakes up
Chapter 4701 Mutation in the Sea of Weak Water
Chapter 4702 The Peak of Immortality
Chapter 4703 Three-wheeled Sun
Chapter 4704 The four formations of heaven and earth, black and yellow
Chapter 4705 The four black and yellow swords of heaven and earth
Chapter 4706 The four great immortals were frightened and fled.
Chapter 4707 Killing the Ancestor of Weak Waters
Chapter 4708 Holy Dragon Evil Scripture and Dark Demonic Scripture
Chapter 4710 Immortal Medicine Insect
Chapter 4711 Hero saves beauty
Chapter 4712 Arrogant Lin Feng
Chapter 4713 Kneel on the ground
Chapter 4714 Scared away the real immortal
Chapter 4715 The demon king wakes up
Chapter 4716 Body Tempering Fluid
Chapter 4717 The body becomes an immortal
Chapter 4718 Feitian Sect
Chapter 4719 The mysterious black fragment
Chapter 4720 Feitian Immortal Palace
Chapter 4721 The Dangerous Flying Temple
Chapter 4722 The terrifying power of the wooden sword
Chapter 4723 Suppression
Chapter 4724 The Evil God Stone Statue Shows Its Power
Chapter 4725 The whole story of the fall of the Feitian Saint King
Chapter 4726 The Invincible Divine Fist
Chapter 4727 A group of furious true immortals
Chapter 4728 The supreme secret of the human race in the previous era: Eternity is empty
Chapter 4729 Water Slave
Chapter 4730 Some weird immeasurable Taoist priests
Chapter 4731 Blood Storm
Chapter 4732 Dragon Bat
Chapter 4733 King of Dragon Bats
Chapter 4734 Dreaming Again
Chapter 4735 The Demonic Pet of the Infinite Taoist Priest
Chapter 4736 Cruelty
Chapter 4737 Dissecting the body of the water slave
Chapter 4738 Resurrection
Chapter 4739 The terrifying water slave
Chapter 4740 Shooting Dongfang Qi
Chapter 4741 Encountering Water Slaves
Chapter 4742 Found the Weak Water Temple
Chapter 4743 Dead Gods
Chapter 4744 Fierce Battle
Chapter 4745 Opening the Weak Water Temple
Chapter 4746 The whole story of what happened back then
Chapter 4747 The goddess of weak water turned into a cursed creature
Chapter 4748 Eternal Heavenly King
Chapter 4749 Disciple of the God of Curses
Chapter 4750 'Crystal of the Holy Sky!'
Chapter 4751 Lin Feng breaks through to the realm of Sanxian
Chapter 4752 The last owner of the mysterious iron box?
Chapter 4753: Infinite Taoist Priests Overcome the Supreme Tribulation
Chapter 4754 Immeasurable Taoist Priests Overcome the Supreme Tribulation 2
Chapter 4755 Looking for the head of Ancient God Taihao
Chapter 4756: As long as you wield your hoe well, there is no corner that cannot be dug down.
Chapter 4757 The Escaping Talents
Chapter 4758 The God King Shows His Power
Chapter 4759 Suppressing Murong Yuxuan (Part 1)
Chapter 4760 Suppressing Murong Yuxuan (Part 2)
Chapter 4761 Emperor Wudao breaks through to the True Immortal (Part 1)
Chapter 4762 Emperor Wudao breaks through to the True Immortal (Part 2)
Chapter 4763 The Furious Eternal King
Chapter 4764 Encounter
Chapter 4765 Solution
Chapter 4766 A treasure shaped like a honeycomb
Chapter 4767 The Second Evolution of the Demon King Insect
Chapter 4768 Violent Woman
Chapter 4769 Lord of All Spirits
Chapter 4770 Trap
Chapter 4771 The big hand flying from the sky
Chapter 4772 Sister, do you have any misunderstanding about the word 'gentleman'?
Chapter 4773 The Terrible Titan
Chapter 4774 The Power of the Beast King
Chapter 4775 The Furious Beast King
Chapter 4776 Beast Chaos
Chapter 4777 Strategies to seek good fortune and avoid misfortune
Chapter 4778 The Holy Evil Sect, one of the seven evil forces in the undead world
Chapter 4779 Show strength
Chapter 4780 Secret
Chapter 4781 News about the Little Beast King
Chapter 4782 Mysterious Existence
Chapter 4783 The Dark Trolls Request
Chapter 4784 Looking for the ancestor of the Holy Evil Sect
Chapter 4785: Concealing the truth
Chapter 4786 Succeed
Chapter 4787: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 4788 Immortal Spring
Chapter 4789 The sin-blooded masterYan Huntian!
Chapter 4790 Shocking the Spider Group
Chapter 4791 Stone Man Puppet
Chapter 4792 The fifth domineering spirit
Chapter 4793 Stormy Area Flower House
Chapter 4794 Emperor Wudao walks out of the palace
Chapter 4795 Mu Tianhao
Chapter 4796 Confucian leader Master Zhu
Chapter 4797 Master Zhus Past
Chapter 4798 He is Lin Feng
Chapter 4799 Master Zhus Disciple Fairy Yuechan
Chapter 4800 Couplet
Chapter 4801 The talented Lin Feng
Chapter 4802: Right to the point of vomiting blood
Chapter 4803 The garden is full of plum blossoms in full bloom
Chapter 4804 Master Zhu
Chapter 4805 True Dragon Futian Diagram and Phoenix Tianmu Diagram!
Chapter 4806 Master Zhus special and bizarre hobby
Chapter 4807 Confucian Sect Terrain
Chapter 4808: Swearing at the opponent
Chapter 4809 Amazing Discovery
Chapter 4810 Confucius and Mencius!
Chapter 4811 Nine volumes of Confucian ancient poetry
Chapter 4812 Continuous Breakthroughs
Chapter 4813 Matchmaker Madman
Chapter 4814 Mutation
Chapter 4815 Battle with the King of Foreign Creatures (Part 1)
Chapter 4816 Battle with the King of Foreign Creatures (Part 2)
Chapter 4817 Cut off the head of the king of foreign creatures
Chapter 4818 Immortal Body
Chapter 4819 Slander
Chapter 4820 Getting rich
Chapter 4821 Four mysterious people
Chapter 4822 Important News
Chapter 4823 Killer
Chapter 4824 The terrible killer
Chapter 4825 Various means of fighting
Chapter 4826 Killing Four Killers in a Row
Chapter 4827 The Quasi-Saint of the Immortal Family
Chapter 4828 Yuwen Zixuan
Chapter 4829 Succession by Heirs
Chapter 4830 The Dangerous White Mist World
Chapter 4831 Weird
Chapter 4832 White Mist Insect
Chapter 4833 Island
Chapter 4834 Prehistoric Dragon Clan
Chapter 4835 Tragic
Chapter 4836 Prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex
Chapter 4837 Crazy beating of Long Aotian
Chapter 4838 Two treasures
Chapter 4839 Chaos Ancient Lamp Advancement
Chapter 4840 Prehistoric Dragon Princes Heir
Chapter 4841 Dragon-Eating Scorpion
Chapter 4842 Purple Little Dragon
Chapter 4843 The Dragon Kings Shock
Chapter 4843 The Dragon Kings Shock
Chapter 4844 Xiaolongs relatives?
Chapter 4845 A race that spans erasthe Golden Feather Clan
Chapter 4846 Flesh and Blood Rebirth
Chapter 4847 The Dragon Clans Great Magical Power: The Dragon Kings Roar!
Chapter 4848 Long Aotians Love
Chapter 4849 The purple dragon with extremely strong willpower
Chapter 4850 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 4851 Lin Fengs counterattack
Chapter 4852 Injuring the King of Foreign Creatures
Chapter 4853 Chasing the King of Foreign Creatures
Chapter 4854 Suppression
Chapter 4855 Suppression
Chapter 4856 Annihilation of the Universe
Chapter 4857
Chapter 4858 Trap
Chapter 4859 Sacrifice
Chapter 4860 Mosasaurus shows off his evil ways
Chapter 4861 The familiar female nun
Chapter 4862 Meeting Tong Yali again
Chapter 4863 Current Situation
Chapter 4864 Conspiracy
Chapter 4865 Sleeping in each others arms
Chapter 4866: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 4867 Devouring
Chapter 4868 Liu Yues murderous intention
Chapter 4869 Immortal Yuan Fruit
Chapter 4870 Breakthroughs one after another
Chapter 4871 A feint shot
Chapter 4872 True Immortal Surrenders
Chapter 4873 Tong Yali breaks through the Sanxian
Chapter 4874 News from the ancient city
Chapter 4875 The Crucified Gods and Demons
Chapter 4876 Terrible
Chapter 4877 Dragon Soul
Chapter 4878 Dragon Island appears
Chapter 4879 Breakthrough into Immortality
Chapter 4880 Supporting female cultivators
Chapter 4881 It turns out to be Fairy Qingxue
Chapter 4882 Lin Fengs method
Chapter 4883 Injured by Lin Xiaobai?
Chapter 4884 Why should I follow my fathers path? Give me time, and I will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with my father!
Chapter 4885 Rescue
Chapter 4886 The Lord of the Bone Hall
Chapter 4887 The Experience of Ancient God Taihao
Chapter 4888 The terrifying strength of the mummy-like old man
Chapter 4889 Great increase in power
Chapter 4890 Placement of the Soul of Ancient God Taihao
Chapter 4891 Feng Yaoguangs letter
Chapter 4892 Xiaoxi Tiancheng Shui Yuexin
Chapter 4893 Yuntianyou
Chapter 4894 Holy Ancestor Buddha Stone
Chapter 4895: Dogs look down on people
Chapter 4896 I want it
Chapter 4897 Immortal treasure given to beautiful woman
Chapter 4898 Liu Xiaoqing
Chapter 4899 The evil monk passed away
Chapter 4900 'Who do you think you are? Are you worthy of me giving you face?'.
Chapter 4901 Holy Ancestor Buddha Stone
Chapter 4902 Buddha
Chapter 4903 The inheritance of Buddha: 'All the True Buddhas!'
Chapter 4904 The Shennong Cauldron left behind by the Shennong clan?
Chapter 4905 Looking for the stone tripod where the Shennong family was buried?
Chapter 4906 Shui Yuexins request
Chapter 4907 Join forces to siege
Chapter 4908 A shocking scene
Chapter 4909 Xitian Immortal Sect, Zhang Wentian!
Chapter 4910 Shui Yuexins younger brother and younger sister
Chapter 4911 Storm
Chapter 4912 Zhang Wentians Disciple
Chapter 4913 Qin Fulong
Chapter 4914 Sitting half on the bench
Chapter 4915 Zhou Chuyu accepts a disciple
Chapter 4916 Heartbreaking Su Yirou
Chapter 4917 Returning Home
Chapter 4918 Shui Moran
Chapter 4919 Violent Son-in-law
Chapter 4920 Mother and daughter talk
Chapter 4921 The original demonic realm - the Valley of Broken Love
Chapter 4922 Identity Exposed
Chapter 4923 Conflict Renewed
Chapter 4924: Broken Love Valley takes action
Chapter 4925: Old Monster with Heavenly Blood
Chapter 4926 Kill with one blow
Chapter 4927 Strong Killing
Chapter 4928 Misunderstanding
Chapter 4928 Misunderstanding
Chapter 4929 Alienation
Chapter 4930 The scheming little girl
Chapter 4931 Skeletons
Chapter 4932 The existence of terror
Chapter 4933 Ancient Picture Fusion
Chapter 4934 Weishui River by Weishui Lake!
Chapter 4935 The dark little girl is injured
Chapter 4936 Killing Twelve Armored Monks in a Row
Chapter 4937 Join forces to kill powerful enemies
Chapter 4938 Leng Zixi
Chapter 4939 The 'power' composition of the wasteland
Chapter 4940 The Fallen Master of the Taoist Empire
Chapter 4941 The situation in the wasteland
Chapter 4942 Clay Figure and Stone Statue
Chapter 4943 The Secret of the Clay Figure and Stone Statue
Chapter 4944 Communicating with clay figurines
Chapter 4945 Clay Man Technique
Chapter 4946 News about Yuntianyou
Chapter 4947 Yuntianyous strength
Chapter 4948 Liu Xiaoqings thoughts
Chapter 4949 Nine Heavens Cloud and Mist Fairy Spring
Chapter 4950: A woman is pleased with herself
Chapter 4951 Situ Tianye
Chapter 4952 A man as domineering as a god
Chapter 4953 Ancestor Mark
Chapter 4954 'The Human Emperor, educate all people!'
Chapter 4955 Wang Dong wants to make friends with Lin Feng?
Chapter 4956 Is Yuntianyou in danger?
Chapter 4957 Continuous Breakthroughs
Chapter 4958 Shocking News
Chapter 4959 Severely Injuring the Undead World Lord
Chapter 4960 Lin Feng is in danger?
Chapter 4961 Besieging Lin Feng
Chapter 4962 Coming out of seclusion
Chapter 4963 Return to Xiaoxi Tiancheng
Chapter 4964 The City Lords Mansion is ready
Chapter 4965 The City Lords Mansion has become a purgatory on earth
Chapter 4966 Feng Yaoguang enters the reincarnation channel
Chapter 4967 Plan to destroy Baji Palace
Chapter 4968 Xuanyin Ghost Old Man
Chapter 4969 The war breaks out
Chapter 4970 The background of Baji Palace
Chapter 4971 Summoning Ancient Demon Soldiers
Chapter 4972 The power of ancient demon soldiers
Chapter 4973 The Ultimate Powerhouse of Baji Palace
Chapter 4974 Leng Zixi activates the treasure of the ancient demon soldier
Chapter 4975 The Destruction of Baji Palace
Chapter 4976 Shui Yuexin is controlled by someone
Chapter 4977 The Secret Realm of Swallowing Heaven is Birthed
Chapter 4978: 'Young Master Xuanyou', a double master of a sect.
Chapter 4979 Entering the Heaven-Swallowing Secret Realm
Chapter 4980 The Magic Tower Appears
Chapter 4981 One Billion Bounty
Chapter 4982 The top treasure inherited from the Dominator Imperial Clan
Chapter 4983 Sacrifice
Chapter 4984 Refining Era War Gun
Chapter 4985 The Tao Palace that appeared after the third bloodline awakening
Chapter 4986 The Yin Soldier Army in the Evil Corpse Ring
Chapter 4987 Yin Emperor
Chapter 4988 The Holy Bones Move
Chapter 4989 The majestic energy in the holy bones
Chapter 4990 The sword comes from the sky
Chapter 4991: Made into a sizzling octopus?
Chapter 4992 The Era War Gun first shows its power
Chapter 4993 The Supreme Powerful Men of the Western Universe
Chapter 4994 The situation in the Western universe
Chapter 4995 Immortal Sky Sect
Chapter 4996 The ancestral land of the seven demon clans
Chapter 4997 News about Xiaopeng King
Chapter 4998 Ancient Demon Desert
Chapter 4999 The Request of the Holy Sable Immortal
Chapter 5000 Rescue
Chapter 5001 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 5002 The Method of the Demon King Insect
Chapter 5003 Demon King Insect vs. Insect King
Chapter 5004 The Demon King Insect that turned defeat into victory
Chapter 5005 Desert God-killing Insect Mother Insect
Chapter 5006 The Terrifying Insect Queen
Chapter 5007 The Insect Queen Surrenders
Chapter 5008 The Mosha Tribe (Part 1)
Chapter 5009: Shot through the chest with an arrow
Chapter 5010 The Mosha Tribe
Chapter 5011 Leng Zixi shows off his power
Chapter 5012 Lin Feng takes action
Chapter 5013 Speculating on Lin Fengs identity
Chapter 5014 Female Cultivator from the Magic Sand Clan
Chapter 5015 Fang Yuan
Chapter 5016 Leng Zixi Poisoned
Chapter 5017 You are all trash in front of me
Chapter 5018 Fang Yuan was angered
Chapter 5019 Six Paths of Reincarnation Fist Shows Its Power
Chapter 5020 Battle with Fang Yuan
Chapter 5021 Lure the enemy away
Chapter 5022 The powerful phantom of the Gate of Eternal Life
Chapter 5023 Capture
Chapter 5024 I was scared to tears
Chapter 5025 Fang Yuans inner world
Chapter 5026 Entering the City
Chapter 5027: Being attacked
Chapter 5028 Fang Wushus bloody mouth
Chapter 5029 The Great Elders Suggestions
Chapter 5030 Mysterious Beautiful Woman
Chapter 5031 Invitation
Chapter 5032 Amazement and Jealousy
Chapter 5033 Is Lin Feng a coward?
Chapter 5034 Group ridicule mode
Chapter 5035 Climb out
Chapter 5036 Climb out (Part 2)
Chapter 5037 Sound Transmission
Chapter 5038 Four Powerful Men
Chapter 5039 The place where the ancestor of reincarnation is seated
Chapter 5040 Agreement
Chapter 5041 Confess your heart
Chapter 5042 Attacking Lin Fengs identity as a beautiful woman
Chapter 5043 The three powerful men who are chasing after them
Chapter 5044 Lin Fengs method of dealing with the three powerful men
Chapter 5045 Killing the Great Elder
Chapter 5046 Two True Immortals Recognize Their Master
Chapter 5047 Medicine Demon
Chapter 5048 Three kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures
Chapter 5049 Demon Clan Female Cultivator
Chapter 5050 Yue Dailin
Chapter 5051 The Feather Immortal King of the Ten Heroes of the Immortal Realm
Chapter 5052 Monster Traitor
Chapter 5053 Xiaopeng Wang shows off his power
Chapter 5054 Angry Feather Fairy King
Chapter 5055 Battle with the Feather Immortal King
Chapter 5056 Flying Stars and Fire
Chapter 5057 Lin Fengs counterattack
Chapter 5058 Physical Suppression
Chapter 5059 Magical Power Competition
Chapter 5060: The Way of Curse Shows Its Power (Part 1)
Chapter 5061: The Way of Curse Shows Its Power (Part 2)
Chapter 5062 Ruthless
Chapter 5063 Years Cave
Chapter 5064 Years Cave (Part 2)
Chapter 5065 Fusion of Power
Chapter 5066 Suppressing the Flower of Time
Chapter 5067 The terrifying flower of time
Chapter 5068 The Sky-Shaking Stone Monument Shows Its Power
Chapter 5069 The four pole gates of the human body
Chapter 5070 The beginning of the human body meridian map - opening the door to the four poles
Chapter 5071 The Way of Time is Perfect
Chapter 5072 The establishment of the Anti-Fire Kirin Alliance
Chapter 5073 The mysterious stone tower
Chapter 5074 Mr. Xuanyun
Chapter 5075 Young Master Xuanyun (Part 2)
Chapter 5076 Terrifying pressure
Chapter 5077 Mr. Xuanyun who was forced to jump off the ship
Chapter 5078 The Fall of Young Master Xuanyun
Chapter 5079 The stone tower left by the evil ancestor
Chapter 5080 The evil young monk
Chapter 5081 The Son of Dao, the Evil Son
Chapter 5082 Forty-nine Floor
Chapter 5083 The terrible evil son
Chapter 5084 The Terrible Evil Son 2
Chapter 5085 The Terrible Evil Son 3
Chapter 5086 Weird Moment Lake
Chapter 5086 Weird Moment Lake
Chapter 5087 Demon God from the Ancient Era
Chapter 5088 The composition of the first ancestral land of the demon clan
Chapter 5089 Jin Zichong
Chapter 5090 Knocked out with a brick
Chapter 5091 Meeting the three demon gods
Chapter 5092 Lake of a Moment
Chapter 5093 'The world where the Magic Tower was born...who is that being at the end of the world?'.
Chapter 5094 The Gate of Time and Space Across Time
Chapter 5095 Li Dianxiangs Claws
Chapter 5096 Surrounded
Chapter 5097 The fight started
Chapter 5098 Defeating Jin Zichong (Part 1)
Chapter 5099 King Xiaopengs trump card: Yuncheng Jiuwan
Chapter 5100 We are different
Chapter 5101 124 Want to slap Lin Feng to death with one palm?
Chapter 5102 Being beaten by Lin Feng until he vomited blood
Chapter 5103 Golden Immortal
Chapter 5104 One against seven
Chapter 5105 Dapeng Demon God
Chapter 5106 Dapeng King VS Dapeng Demon God
Chapter 5107 Lin Feng knows the whereabouts of the savages
Chapter 5108 The True Immortals of the Sin Realm
Chapter 5109 Three Things in the Evil Ancestor Tower
Chapter 5110 'Purple Yao Martial Talisman!' and 'Skull Bracelet'.
Chapter 5111 Tianshui Tianjia
Chapter 5112 The Divine Fortune Teller of Jiutian Holy Way Hall
Chapter 5113 The old guy who calls himself Pei Yingjun
Chapter 5114 The terrifying Nine Heavens Thunder Mother Bead
Chapter 5115 A weird group of people
Chapter 5116 Jiutian Sheji Ding from the world of behind-the-scenes gangsters
Chapter 5117 Joining forces with Wanlingyue
Chapter 5118 Are you a female ghost?
Chapter 5119 Female Ghost Fairy
Chapter 5120 A Well
Chapter 5121 Suppressing the Female Ghost Fairy
Chapter 5122 The Past of the Female Ghost Fairy
Chapter 5123 Old Wutou appears
Chapter 5124 The powerful old Wutou
Chapter 5125 Transformation
Chapter 5126 Did the female ghost fairy betray Lin Feng?
Chapter 5127 Miss Lingyue is such a good person
Chapter 5128 Sudden changes
Chapter 5129 Female Ghost Fairy, the descendant of the seventh generation Heavenly Master!
Chapter 5130 Defeat
Chapter 5131 Great increase in cultivation
Chapter 5132 The female ghost and fairy go to heaven
Chapter 5133 The use of domineering power
Chapter 5134 One Thousand Two Hundred Nine Heavenly Thunder Mother Beads
Chapter 5135 Meeting Qin Mubai again
Chapter 5136 Qin Mubai is happy to be a father
Chapter 5137 Qin Mubais Wife
Chapter 5138 Qin Mubai wants to divorce his wife
Chapter 5139 Powerful
Chapter 5140 Qin Mubai is our ancestor
Chapter 5141 Sun Tianyue
Chapter 5142 Qin Mubais Character
Chapter 5143 Are you here for peace talks?
Chapter 5144 The plan of the three ancestors
Chapter 5145 Dust-free water purification
Chapter 5146 Full of malice
Chapter 5147 Shui Family Golden Immortal
Chapter 5148 Seriously Injured Golden Immortal
Chapter 5149 40 Cut off the head
Chapter 5150 Di Wudao appears
Chapter 5151 The reason for Di Wudaos betrayal
Chapter 5152 Duel with Emperor Wudao
Chapter 5153 Duel with Emperor Wudao 2
Chapter 5154 Escape
Chapter 5155 The end of the gods
Chapter 5156 Breaking through the Earth Immortal
Chapter 5157 A sun
Chapter 5158 Clam Girl
Chapter 5159 The deep sea crystal that stores magical powers
Chapter 5160 Big Purchasing
Chapter 5161: Fixed Water Beads.
Chapter 5162
Chapter 5163 Xianyue Stream
Chapter 5164 'Little Boy'.
Chapter 5165 Son of the Ancient Sun Emperor
Chapter 5166 Succeed
Chapter 5167 Emperor Jueyi Reappears
Chapter 5168 The whole story of Leng Zixis poisoning
Chapter 5169 The sun rises into the sky
Chapter 5170 Battle with Emperor Jueyi
Chapter 5171 Seriously injured and escaped
Chapter 5172 Pet culture solution
Chapter 5173 Pet Qualification Pill
Chapter 5174 Entering the God King Picture and sealing Murong Yuxuan!
Chapter 5175 Fairy Spirit Festival
Chapter 5176 Haenyeo
Chapter 5177 Woman at Sea
Chapter 5178 Dont leave!
Chapter 5179 Repel
Chapter 5180 Devil's Stream
Chapter 5181 Enter
Chapter 5182 In the ninth mountain peak
Chapter 5183 Mysterious Light Group
Chapter 5184 Haenyeo Corpse
Chapter 5185 Begins to deceive the leader of the skeleton creatures
Chapter 5186 The formation was successfully deployed
Chapter 5187 Immortal Body
Chapter 5188 Deprived of divine power!
Chapter 5189 Danger
Chapter 5190 The lonely traveler... 'My name is Ji'.
Chapter 5191 Turquoise Crystal
Chapter 5192 Clues
Chapter 5193 Master Xiezithe 'Destroying Lord' of the wasteland.
Chapter 5194 Division of Poseidon Sea Territory Powers
Chapter 5195 The whereabouts of Poseidon Ancient City
Chapter 5196 Little Suns body changes
Chapter 5197 The sun conceived at the end of the 88th era
Chapter 5198 The location of the ancient deep sea city
Chapter 5199 Vice President of Panlong Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 5200 Long Yuetong
Chapter 5201 Crooked Poetry
Chapter 5202 It is difficult for the poor to raise children
Chapter 5203 Long Zifei
Chapter 5204 Shock
Chapter 5205 Cursing Long Yansen
Chapter 5206 Defeating the Quasi-Golden Immortal
Chapter 5207 The head of the Long family was shocked
Chapter 5208 Lin Baitians self-created Kung Fu: The Great Heaven and Freedom Magic Kung Fu
Chapter 5209 Winning over Lin Feng
Chapter 5210 The dead man in black
Chapter 5211 Cursed Doll vs. Blood-Clothed Guard
Chapter 5212 The mysterious golden key
Chapter 5213 Annihilation Pirate Group
Chapter 5214 Arrow Shoots Ancient Lamp
Chapter 5215 Mermaid Tribe
Chapter 5216 I will bring you here!
Chapter 5217 Mermaid Empire
Chapter 5218 Princess Huanxue
Chapter 5219 Sealed Gate
Chapter 5220 News from Poseidon Ancient City
Chapter 5221 The whereabouts of the three golden keys
Chapter 5222 The undercurrent of the mermaid empire
Chapter 5223 Secret Talk
Chapter 5224 Mermaid Empire with internal and external troubles
Chapter 5225 Sealed Gate
Chapter 5226 Accident
Chapter 5227 Xuanwu
Chapter 5228 Crystal of Defense
Chapter 5229 The Eight Tribes of the Era (Part 1)
Chapter 5230 The Eight Tribes of the Era (Part 2)
Chapter 5231 Extraterrestrial Crystal
Chapter 5232 The Xuanwu Tribes Supreme Kung FuTurtle Breathing Technique!
Chapter 5233 How to help the Xuanwu Holy Beast escape from trouble
Chapter 5234 Breakthrough into the True Immortal
Chapter 5235 The high-speed Pluto clock
Chapter 5236 Are you going to take action?
Chapter 5237 One against four! Complete victory!
Chapter 5238 The Ancestor of the Mermaid Empire
Chapter 5239 Star-studded Island
Chapter 5240 Looking for the ancient city of Poseidon
Chapter 5241 Entering the Ancient City of Poseidon
Chapter 5242 Crying deep in the palace
Chapter 5243 Lost Love
Chapter 5244 Death
Chapter 5245 Great Mother
Chapter 5246 Lord of the Curse
Chapter 5247 Poseidon
Chapter 5248 Abnormal
Chapter 5249 Battle with Poseidon
Chapter 5250 Cut off the head of Poseidon
Chapter 5251 The terrifying cursed creature
Chapter 5252 Fierce Fight
Chapter 5253 The Power of the Human Emperor
Chapter 5254: The Book of the Earth Emperor and the Phantom of the Human Emperors Pen
Chapter 5255 Super awesome and cool little beast
Chapter 5256: Pulling the Lord
Chapter 5257 Encounter
Chapter 5258 Danger is coming
Chapter 5259 The terrible poison of the sea demon swordfish
Chapter 5260 Dragon Valley
Chapter 5261 Stone Bridge
Chapter 5262 The Bridge of Desire
Chapter 5263 The terrifying inner demon
Chapter 5264: Refining the inner demon to death
Chapter 5265 Refining the Bridge of Desire
Chapter 5266 The Ancestral Land of Reincarnation
Chapter 5267 The Holy Demonic Pill of Reincarnation with incredible effects
Chapter 5268 Magical Spirit
Chapter 5269 Nine Dragon Demon Emperor
Chapter 5270 Activate the Gate of Reincarnation
Chapter 5271 Killing the Nine Dragon Demon Emperor
Chapter 5272 The Gods of the Gate of Reincarnation
Chapter 5273 Reincarnation Channel
Chapter 5274 The Ten Evil Demon Kingsthe demon king who guards the entrance to the passage of reincarnation!
Chapter 5275 Fierce Battle
Chapter 5276 167 kills
Chapter 5277 Ancient Tree
Chapter 5278 Grandma Yanyang
Chapter 5279 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 5280 A situation of ten deaths and no life
Chapter 5281 The strength of the ten evil demon kings
Chapter 5282 Lord
Chapter 5283 The Terrifying Ten Evil Demons
Chapter 5284 The Responsibilities of the Ten Evil Lords
Chapter 5285 The unknown existence in the reincarnation channel
Chapter 5286: Catching up, the war breaks out!
Chapter 5287 Luo Shenqiu
Chapter 5288 A miserable life
Chapter 5289 Ten Jue Thunder Explosive Beads
Chapter 5290 Thirty-Six Bamboo Swords
Chapter 5291 Integrating into the spirit of the magic weapon
Chapter 5292 The plan to send two ghost immortals into the reincarnation passage
Chapter 5293 Appearance
Chapter 5294 The turmoil deep in the reincarnation channel
Chapter 5295 Pretending to be a ghost
Chapter 5296 Repairing Broken Arrow
Chapter 5297 Goddess and Female Psycho
Chapter 5298 Emperor Huangtian (Part 1)
Chapter 5299 Emperor Huang Tian (Part 2)
Chapter 5300 Descendants of Emperor Huangtian
Chapter 5301 Xiaoyi
Chapter 5302 Exchange Soul Yuan Dan
Chapter 5303 Saint Immortal Level Soul Realm
Chapter 5304 Murong Yuxuan recognizes her master
Chapter 5305 The turmoil rises again
Chapter 5306 The terrible Xiaoyi
Chapter 5307 Provoking Lin Feng
Chapter 5308 Sacrifice
Chapter 5309 Defeating the Golden Immortal
Chapter 5310 201 Entering Huangtian Ridge
Chapter 5311 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 5312 Darkness Arrives
Chapter 5313 Dead Stone Man
Chapter 5314 Stone Scripture
Chapter 5315 The thirty-six demon generals in the world behind the scenes
Chapter 5316 Escape
Chapter 5317 The Resurrection of the Stone Man
Chapter 5318 Lend the stone sword to the stone man
Chapter 5319 The sound of fighting
Chapter 5320 Good Brother
Chapter 5320 Good Brother
Chapter 5321 'That's...'.
Chapter 5322 Sacred Beast
Chapter 5323 Rescue the Sacred Beast
Chapter 5324 The King of the Forbidden Zone
Chapter 5325 Lin Baitians Past
Chapter 5326 Emperor Huangtian (Part 1)
Chapter 5327 Emperor Huang Tian (Part 2)
Chapter 5328 Lin Baitian in the eyes of Emperor Huangtian
Chapter 5329 The world of time reversal
Chapter 5329 A world in which time is reversed
Chapter 5330 The past of Huangtian Emperor
Chapter 5330 The Past of Emperor Huangtian
Chapter 5331 The Great Escape
Chapter 5332 Red Moon
Chapter 5333 Five major regions
Chapter 5334 Regional War
Chapter 5335 Departure
Chapter 5336 Taotie
Chapter 5337 gluttonous (below)
Chapter 5337 Taotie (Part 2)
Chapter 5338 Saint
Chapter 5339 The first Tianhu night heart grass
Chapter 5340 Demonic Python
Chapter 5341 Weird Creatures
Chapter 5342 Giant Beast
Chapter 5343 The Blessing of the Ancient Powerful Man
Chapter 5344 Crisis
Chapter 5345 Repel
Chapter 5346 Shooting Zhou Ziqing
Chapter 5347 Important News
Chapter 5348 Xiaoyang City
Chapter 5349 The Tenth Level of Earthly Immortality
Chapter 5350 Hong Yueers Past
Chapter 5351 The relationship goes further
Chapter 5352 News about the Heaven-Swallowing Demon Emperor
Chapter 5353 Fake Medicine
Chapter 5354 Hong Yueers Ancestor
Chapter 5355 Sun Yuxue
Chapter 5356 Rich and wealthy
Chapter 5357: Deceiving the Holy Invincible
Chapter 5358 Ancient Tomb of Immortals
Chapter 5359 Blocked
Chapter 5360 Holy Temple Alliance
Chapter 5361 Captured
Chapter 5362 Leaving with complicated emotions
Chapter 5363 The terrifying ability obtained by the fifth evolution of the Immortal Bloodline
Chapter 5364 Three Thousand God Refining Techniques and Mysterious Shadows
Chapter 5365 The strong casual cultivator Sima Ziwu
Chapter 5366 The terrifying abilities gained after the third awakening of the Destiny Bloodline
Chapter 5367 Netherworld Ghost Qi
Chapter 5368 under the abyss
Chapter 5369 The seventh generation of the Lord of the Netherworld
Chapter 5370 immortal
Chapter 5371 The deity of the ghostly spirit
Chapter 5372 greedy Taoist
Chapter 5373 The greedy Taoist fights the ghostly ghost
Chapter 5374 41 was tricked
Chapter 5375 Ten Thousand Devouring Heaven
Chapter 5376 Back to the city
Chapter 5377 Inheritance of Fire
Chapter 5378 Era Spear and Era Sword
Chapter 5379 Kill Zhao Yang
Chapter 5380 Black Nightmare Mountains
Chapter 5381 Break the illusion
Chapter 5382 God Eater Demon King
Chapter 5383 50 Great Ogres
Chapter 5384 Demon Lord takes action
Chapter 5385 The power of the emperor
Chapter 5386 Broken jade
Chapter 5387 The feeling of being trusted! How good!
Chapter 5388 Battle Shadow
Chapter 5389 Terrible broken corpse
Chapter 5390 Chasing the shadow
Chapter 5391 Blackmailing the Shadow (1)
Chapter 5392 blackmailing the shadow (below)
Chapter 5394 Sandstorm City, Tianyu Building!
Chapter 5395 Holy Land Nine
Chapter 5396 News of the Red Dust Immortal Venerable
Chapter 5397 Pretty unreasonable woman
Chapter 5398 Xuanyuan Ruohan
Chapter 5399 Facing the unknown and terrifying existence
5400 Devouring
Chapter 5402 Evil Saint Demon
Chapter 5403 Six-character mantra shows its power
Chapter 5404 Xiao Zichen
Chapter 5405 Terrible Qin Yingtian
5406 Shield
Chapter 5408 hunting
Chapter 5409 Lin Feng's way of doing things
Chapter 5409 Lin Feng's way of doing things
Chapter 5410 willing to gamble and not admit defeat
Chapter 5411 I just bully you
5412 Chapter 79 Blackmail
Chapter 5413 The war will start
Chapter 5414 Surrounding Lin Feng
Chapter 5415 Life is really lonely as snow
Chapter 5416 Determined to be a big devil
Chapter 5417 Fairy Chenzi appears
Chapter 5418 One person and one shot at the Futian Cave station alone
Chapter 5419 The killing begins
Chapter 5420 Killing begins 2
Chapter 5421 The killing begins 3
5422. Chapter 5422 Fame and reputation
Chapter 5423 Duel Xianchenzi
Chapter 5424 crushing Xianchenzi
Chapter 5425 92 Phoenix Bloodline
Chapter 5426 Phoenix Shield
Chapter 5427 Suppressing all Dao
5428 Robbery
Chapter 5429 Another magic tower?
Chapter 5430 Break through the Holy Land
Important news
Identity exposure
Chapter 5433 Shadow Demon
Chapter 5434 Killing the strong in the holy realm
Chapter 5435 Peeping at the secret of the Thirty-three Lords
Chapter 5436 Fairy, it's really fate.
Chapter 5437 104 Death Punishment
Chapter 5438 Good and evil are rewarded
Chapter 5439 The third thousand and one avenues: the way of red dust!
Chapter 5440 Thirty-three Lords make another move
Chapter 5441 The world expected by the Red Dust Immortal
Chapter 5442 The body of reincarnation
Chapter 5443 Exotic creatures
5444. Chapter 5444 The fish that slipped through the net
Chapter 5445 Dao Xianjing
Chapter 5446 Breakthrough of the Supreme Way
Chapter 5447 Flame Evil Lord
Chapter 5448 The undead flame evil prince
Chapter 5449 Skyfire News
Chapter 5450 gluttonous breaks through the holy realm
Chapter 5451 Dongfang Yan
Chapter 5452 Silver creatures
5453 The stone of teleportation
Chapter 5454 Entering the tomb
Chapter 5455 Ghostly
Chapter 5456 Soul-moving Dafa
Chapter 5457 Are you going to die?
Chapter 5458 Ghost VS Savage
Chapter 5459 Three things left by Lynch
5460 Token of Holy Blood Baptism
Chapter 5461 The Lord of the Ancient Tomb of Immortals
Chapter 5462 The Lord is not easy to bully
5463 The cave of the dead
Chapter 5464 Yan
Chapter 5465 Contract
Chapter 5466 Forty Holy Land Undead
5467 Skull
Chapter 5468 Breakthrough True Immortal
Don't be a saint
5470 Liar
Chapter 5471 Demon Wu Xiuren
Chapter 5472 Inferring the identity of the stone ape
Chapter 5473 Yin Wenji
Chapter 5474 Scarlet Mountains
Chapter 5475 Lao Tzu likes gang fights
The location where Lin Feng's mother was suppressed
Chapter 5477 Existence that spans two epochs - Heiwu Clan Heavenly Destruction Protector!
Chapter 5478 The first generation of Vulcan fell to the ground
Chapter 5479 Vulcan Red Emperor
Chapter 5480 The terrible Vulcan fell to the ground
Chapter 5481 Skyfire Appears
5482. Chapter 5482 Quiet sky fire
Chapter 5483 Suppression of silence and extinguishing the fire of the sky
Chapter 5484 Four ways to solve Lin Feng's curse
Chapter 5485 The mysterious iron box is related to the monk surnamed Ye
The first robbery
Chapter 5487 combination of human and beast
Chapter 5488 Saintess of the Southern Region
Chapter 5489 The plan to arrest the southern saint
Chapter 5490 Meng Jiyao
Chapter 5491 seal
Chapter 5493 The token of entering the Supreme Court
Chapter 5494 Ice and Snow Palace
Chapter 5495 Weird
Chapter 5496 Subduing the female corpse and the yin god
Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 5498 The third generation of ice and snow goddess
5499 Headless corpse
Chapter 5500 The ice goddess who was planted by demons
Chapter 5501 The consciousness is really high
Chapter 5502 The origin of the heaven
Divide up
Chapter 5505 The change of Meng Jiyao
Shameless old man
5507--Andrew Shi Jing shows power
Chapter 5508 The combination of humans and animals can't be messed with
Chapter 5510 Supreme Court
Chapter 5511 Defeated all heroes in the world
Chapter 5512 Yu Shang and Ye Mo
Chapter 5513 Ye Mo's behind the scenes
Chapter 5514 Killing the mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 5515 only to return from the calamity
Chapter 5516 The biggest secret of the shocking stone tablet
Chapter 5517 Primordial Immortal Sutra
Chapter 5518 The sixth layer of the Immortal Temple of the Shinto
Chapter 5519 Time and Space Treasure Box Future Realm Peeking into the Future
5520 The first chapter came together
Chapter 5521 Trapped by Lin Feng's formation
Chapter 5522 capture
Chapter 5523 Demon Maid
Chapter 5524 An Zirou
Chapter 5525 Late night conversation
Chapter 5527 Huangfu Qingtian's mother
5528 Recover An Zirou
Chapter 5529 Kunlun Immortal Crystal
Chapter 5530 Genuine Saint King of Heaven
Chapter 5531 The corpse is not Ye Mo's
Chapter 5532 The Emperor Pen Appears
Chapter 5533 Terrifying Human Emperor Pen
Chapter 5534 Could the era be destroyed?
Chapter 5535 Daoxian
Chapter 5536 big murder
Chapter 5537 Pangu Mystery Realm
Chapter 5539 Weird
Masked woman
5541. Chapter 5541 Enter
Chapter 5542 Pangu Mountain
Chapter 5543 Yinglong falls to the ground
Chapter 5544 Yinglong's corpse
Inner alchemy
Strong 5546
Chapter 5547 The way of the supreme defeats the way of Pangu
5548 Defeat Huangfu Qingtian
Chapter 5549 The fall of Huangfu Qingtian
Chapter 5550 Killing Scarlet Pangu
Chapter 5551 A picture, a man with his back to the common people!
Chapter 5552 Black jade card: The place where the ancestor dragon was imprisoned!
Bai Suxin
Chapter 5554 Necronomicon
5555--Andrew Dead Island
Chapter 5556 cyan stone tablet
Chapter 5557 The ninth generation ghost master
5558 Old woman
Chapter 5559 more daughter-in-law
5560 The ancestral land
Chapter 5561 Huangfu Xian'er is missing
Chapter 5562 The news brought by Su Yingran
Chapter 5563 The destruction of the Tiannv Palace!
Chapter 5565 The whereabouts of Emperor Wudao
5566 Point kill
Chapter 5567 Eternal Devil Cave
Chapter 5568 Unknown existence in the eternal devil cave
Chapter 5569 The cursed task: send things to Daming Yu Wantian!
Return to Tiannv Palace
5571 Middle-aged woman
The past of middle-aged women
Chapter 5573 Mu Yashi's shock
Chapter 5574 surrender
The ability to foresee the future
Chapter 5576 Wisdom like a demon
Chapter 5577 Reincarnation Xianzong Sect Master
Chapter 5578 Six Paths Reincarnation Array
Chapter 5579 Reincarnation Immortal Sutra
Chapter 5580 Life and Death (Part 1)
Chapter 5581 Life and Death (Part 2)
Chapter 5582 Emperor Wudao's storage ring
Chapter 5583 Rescue the Xuanwu Holy Beast
Chapter 5584 Suppressing the Mirror of the Future
Chapter 5585 The situation of the emperor
Chapter 5586 Looking back at Tianzhai
Chapter 5587 Lord of the Eight Domains
Chapter 5588 The complex mood of Lan Yingying
Chapter 5589 Rescue the white snake
Chapter 5590 Bai Suzhen?
Chapter 5591 surrounded
Chapter 5592 Wu Tianxing, who was madly caught to death
Chapter 5593 Dream Bingyan visits
Chapter 5594 The big battle! Imminent!
Chapter 5595 Siege
Chapter 5596 Go to the sky!
Chapter 5597 I am the Emperor of Heaven, the gods surrender!
Chapter 5598 Terrifying Emperor
Chapter 5599 Demon King is now
Chapter 5600 Invincible Emperor of the Holy Land
Chapter 5602 Kill the Emperor
Chapter 5603 The new owner of the thirty-third heaven
Chapter 5604 Heaven is occupied
Chapter 5605 The frightened island owner
Chapter 5606 Lingxiao Palace
Chapter 5607 The origin and spirit of the world
The choice of 90 spirits
Chapter 5609 Jinxian
Chapter 5610 Goodbye to the Desolate Emperor
Chapter 5611 Entering the world of time reversal
Chapter 5612 Demon City
Chapter 5613 White Immortal Valley
Chapter 5614 Fuqin Fairy
Important news
Chapter 5616 hostility
Chapter 5617 Flower Fairy
Chapter 5618 fox tail
Into the valley
Chapter 5620 Weird way of dying
Chapter 5621 seal
Chapter 5622 The first generation of Celestial Masters
Chapter 5623 Has the owner of White Immortal Valley fallen?
Chapter 5624 Walked the road of trials
5625 Mad woman
Chapter 5626 Crazy Woman (Part 2)
Chapter 5627 The true identity of Baihua Fairy
Chapter 5628 Speculation on the identity of the owner of White Immortal Valley
5629 Defeated
Chapter 5630 Prisoner
5631 Waking up
Chapter 5632 The existence of infinitely close to the realm of transcendence
Chapter 5633 Yu Shang and Ye Xuan
Chapter 5634 The four universes reincarnate at the same time
Chapter 5635 Complete Starry Sky Roadmap
Chapter 5636 Chaos Meridian Diagram
Chapter 5637 Thrilling escape
5638 Devouring the planet
Chapter 5639 The combined attack of fifty-six undead
Chapter 5640 The whereabouts of son Yu
Chapter 5641 Taiyin Great World
Chapter 5642 The events of the year
Chapter 5643 Eighth Young Master of the Golden Crow
Chapter 5645 uproar
5646 The besieged people
Chapter 5647 Princess Yaoyao
Chapter 5648 Survivors of the Ancient Emperor Taiyin
Chapter 5649 was discovered
Chapter 5650 All killings!
Chapter 5651 Dangerous Taiyin Ancient Emperor Ancestral Land Cultivator
Chapter 5652 Against the Ancient Emperor Jinwu (1)
Chapter 5653 Siege of Jinwu Ancient Emperor
5655 Origin
Chapter 5656 Arranging a big formation, waiting for the formation!
Chapter 5657 two shocking stone tablets
Chapter 5658 The truth of the inborn soul war
Chapter 5659 Four shocking steles and the breakthrough before the war
Chapter 5660 Terrifying formation ban
Chapter 5661 Collection of origins
Chapter 5662 The origin of the quasi-transcendental realm powerhouse
5663 The peak of Jinxian
Chapter 5664 Encountering an old friend
Chapter 5665 Skeleton Monarch
Chapter 5666 News from father
Old blind man
Chapter 5668 Invisible Formation
Chapter 5670 Shaking the ancient ship of the starry sky
Chapter 5672 Terrifying and mysterious woman and two white skeletons
The fourth magnetic field
Insect swarm
Suppression of female insects
Chapter 5676 The master of the fourth magnetic field! The existence of transcendence!
Chapter 5677 The origin of the last era
Chapter 5678 Saint Immortal Tribulation Light
Chapter 5679 Saint Immortal
Chapter 5680 News of the Nine Heavens Mourning God's Coffin
5682 Murderer
Chapter 5683 Three quasi-transcendental alien creatures
Chapter 5684 Indignant alien creatures
Chapter 5685 see the nine-day mourning coffin
Chapter 5686 tough black mist monk
Negotiations broke down
Method 5688
Chapter 5689 war broke out
Imprisonment place
Chapter 5691 Lin Feng's strategy
Chapter 5692 mother and son meet
Chapter 5693 The nine-day mourning coffin that has been buried in the universe
Artifact Spirit
Chapter 5695 The mysterious iron box shows its power again
5696 The shock of the broken corpse
Chapter 5697 Go to the Dragon Realm
Chapter 5698 True Dragon Scroll
5699 The situation of the dragon world
Chapter 5700 Pretending to be a poor dragon female monk
Chapter 5701 True Dragon Scroll
Chapter 5702 intricate dragon world
Chapter 5703 Heavenly Demon blocking the road
Chapter 5704 Soul Search
Chapter 5705 Black Dragon Race
Chapter 5706 people's pet
Chapter 5707 Black Dragon Patriarch
Indicates identity
Chapter 5709 Subduing the Black Dragons
Rapid expansion
Chapter 5711 Princess
Chapter 5712 Ambergris
Chapter 5713 Earl
5714 The chance to get ambergris
Chapter 5715 First Prince
Chapter 5716 Ancient scroll
Chapter 5717 Immortality and Immortality
Chapter 5718 The incomplete ancient seal that spans the era
Chapter 5719 Killer organization across the era: Kyushu Pavilion!
Chapter 5720 The things in the last hall of the Shinto Immortal Hall
Chapter 5721 The old man who was planted
Chapter 5722 Can the tree of the world restrain the magic of seedlings?
Chapter 5723 The seventh generation of the god of thick soil, the ancient god of Xuanzang
Chapter 5724 The stone statue suppressed in the depths of the world behind the scenes
Chapter 5725 anger
Destroy Tianxiang Garden
Chapter 5727 open the killing ring
Chapter 5728 The seventh-generation god of thick soil who is extremely protective
Chapter 5729 Huanglong real person
Chapter 5730 Secluded magic stone shows its power
Chapter 5731 Scarlet flowers
Flower beads
Chapter 5733 The second ancestor dragon skeleton?
Chapter 5734 Space Gem
Chapter 5736 Breakthrough (2)
Chapter 5737 Encounter after many years
Chapter 5738 Long Shiyan
Chapter 5739 Long Guyue
Chapter 5740 Long Guyue's attitude
Chapter 5741 show strength
Chapter 5742 The plan to kill Lin Feng
Chapter 5743 partial tomb
Chapter 5744 The mysterious dragon monk
Chapter 5745 unknown existence
The division of quasi-transcendence realm
Chapter 5747 Killer (6 more, seek genuine
Split into two halves
Chapter 5749 True Dragon Monk
Chapter 5750 True Dragon Rune
Chapter 5751 Uninvited guests
Self-righteous person
5753. Chapter 5753 A beautiful companion
Chapter 5754 Dangerous Dragon World Seas
5755 The curse of overseas
Chapter 5756 Terrible curse
Chapter 5757 Blue Silver Grass
Chapter 5758 Tianxiang Zhenjun!
Chapter 5759 The Dragon Elephant Supreme has fallen?
Chapter 5760 encounter evil son
Chapter 5761 The end of the history of grievances
Chapter 5762 Entering the real dragon realm
Chapter 5763 Underworld token?
Chapter 5764 Mutation
Self-proclaimed white bone creature
The sound of heart beating
5767 The request of the white bone creature
Chapter 5768 Hongjun fairy scriptures and the opportunity to break through the holy realm
Chapter 5769 Fire Heavenly General
Chapter 5770 War Fire Heavenly General
5771. Chapter 5771 Execution of the flaming general (1)
5772. Chapter 5772 Execution of the fire general (below)
Chapter 5773 resurrected corpse
Collection failed
Reciting the Tao Te Ching
5776. Chapter 5776 Hongjun Immortal Sutra
Chapter 5777 Fighting the two heavenly generals
Destroy the Thunder Hammer
Chapter 5779 Kill the Thunder General
Chapter 5780 Encountering the cursed doll
Chapter 5781 The power of the stone sword
Chapter 5782 What the curse doll is looking for (1)
Chapter 5783 what the curse doll is looking for (below)
Chapter 5784 Enter the area shrouded in broken time and space
Chapter 5785 Remnant Soul
Chapter 5786 Materials spanning the era
Chapter 5787 King of the Broken Area
Chapter 5788 turned out to be an old acquaintance
Chapter 5789 Water of Destiny
Chapter 5790 The tree of building wood shows its prestige
5791 Response
Chapter 5792 King of Broken Time and Space
Chapter 5793 An axe splits in half
Chapter 5794 Take action against the king of broken time and space
Chapter 5795 Heavy damage to the king of broken time and space
Backhand and coping methods
Chapter 5797 Kill the King of Broken Time and Space
Chapter 5798 Prehistoric Chaos
Chapter 5799 Create the fourth natal magic weapon
Chapter 5799 Create the fourth natal magic weapon
Chapter 5800 Surprise
Indicates identity
5802 The requirements of prehistoric chaos
Chapter 5803 The identity of the girl is a mystery
Chapter 5804 Shi Weizhu's life experience
Chapter 5805 Mysterious black iron piece
The man behind the scenes
Chapter 5808 The legend of the Lord of Darkness and the City of Darkness in the last era
Chapter 5809 Arrive at Tianxiang Shrine
Chapter 5810 Five Powerhouses
Taoism exchange meeting
Lightning strikes the wood
Chapter 5813 The mysterious rune that appeared on the tree of wood
Chapter 5814 Nine Dragons
Chapter 5815 Broken World
Chapter 5816 Scarlet swarms crawling out of the broken void
Chapter 5817 Terrifying creatures that appeared late at night
Chapter 5818 Mysterious crystal changes
Maze 5819
Chapter 5820 hanging coffin
Chapter 5821 all want a piece of the pie
Chapter 5822 Really out of the baby
Chapter 5823 Great Prison Heaven
Chapter 5824 The big prison day wants to kill everyone
5825. Chapter 5825 Being watched by the big prison day
The world inside the wall
Chapter 5827 Nine-fold Taikoo Dragon Elephant Art
Chapter 5828 The cultivation base increased sharply
Chapter 5829 Secret place
Chapter 5830 Precious Devil Stone
Chapter 5831 The terrifying beasts of the second layer of the world
Chapter 5832 A woman with a snake body and a human head
Pool 5833
5834--Andrew Nuwa's figure of making a man from clay
Chapter 5835 Why did the Kunlun cultivator want to capture the mother of Nuwa?
Chapter 5836 The cursed doll was eaten by the demon cat
Chapter 5837 Mysterious woman and demon cat
Chapter 5838 The daughter of the divine ruler of the wasteland
Chapter 5839 Immortal Zihan
Chapter 5840 news
Chapter 5841 Qimen Dunjia. The Art of Hidden Earth
Chapter 5842 If there is an afterlife, remember, don't mess with me.
The power of the unity of man and gun
Chapter 5844 chased
Chapter 5845 Little Saint
Chapter 5846 Chaos
Chapter 5848 The Fall of the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 5849 The first wave of attacks!
Chapter 5850 The second wave of attacks!
Chapter 5851 Completely hate Lin Feng
Chapter 5852 Little Devil (seventh more, seek genuine
Chapter 5853 Isn't there no danger?
Chapter 5854 Why ambushed again?
Chapter 5855 Chasing and Killing the Evil Dragon King
5856. Chapter 5856 Safe place
Chapter 5857 aftermath ancestral land
Chapter 5858 dream
Chapter 5859 Mysterious God Stone
Chapter 5860 The Three Great Insect Kings
Chapter 5861 to cut the dragon sword
Chapter 5862 Taiyin Wuzhi
Chapter 5863 Teeth of the Taiyin Holy Beast
Chapter 5864 Taiyin Wuzhi's request
Chapter 5865 Invisible Fleet
The first step of expansion
Chapter 5867 The arrival of the insect king
Chapter 5868 Calculated by Lin Feng
Chapter 5869 Insect King recognizes the Lord
Chapter 5870 Great increase in power
Chapter 5871 rescue the princess
Chapter 5872 Nine Black Demon Dog Genuine
Chapter 5873 The big princess with tears in her eyes
Falling into a trap
Chapter 5875 With a wave of the war gun, the millions of troops split the sky!
Chapter 5876 Who competes with each other? The peak will surpass and be punished!
Chapter 5877 The army is invincible, completely annihilating the remnants of the innocent emperor!
Chapter 5878 Discussions are everywhere! Everyone is talking about Lin Feng!
Chapter 5879 The sea of ??psychedelics! Once beautiful women become undead!
Chapter 5880 The passage to the underworld is open! The Emperor of Tianfu has come to the dragon world!
Chapter 5881 Tianfu Mingjun talks eloquently! Shocked to hear the method of living to the next era!
Chapter 5882 The cursed ship appears! Tianfu Mingjun and the cursed ship captain confront each other!
Chapter 5883 Dangerous! The broken stone man shows up!
Chapter 5884 The fate of the stone man clone! Fusion of the stone beads left by the broken stone man!
Chapter 5885 The Black Dragon Sword unlocks the seventh seal! The power reaches the level of a quasi-ancient weapon!
Chapter 5886 Meet the captain of the cursed ship again! Want to cooperate with Lin Feng again?
Chapter 5887 The messenger is coming! I was shocked after seeing Lin Feng!
Chapter 5888 The masters come to the dragon world! The wind is surging!
Chapter 5889 The three major alliances can't hold it! All must recognize Lin Feng as the main!
Chapter 5890 Despicable villain, go back on his word, Lin Feng angered the eight powerful men!
Chapter 5891 Kneel down and confess the master! All become Lin Feng's slaves!
Chapter 5892 Negotiate with the Emperor Yin! The Emperor Yin asks for the sand of hell reincarnation!
Chapter 5893 The two armies confront each other! The war broke out!
Chapter 5894 The undead army! The world is invincible!
Chapter 5895 After the sacrifice! Lin Feng is invincible!
Chapter 5896 One enemy six! Who can be the enemy?
Chapter 5897 Great power! Kill three or two people in a row!
Chapter 5898 Separate the results! The army is defeated!
Chapter 5899 Fusion of the dragon world! Lin Feng is awesome!
Chapter 5900 Powerhouses gather! Target: Earth Spirit World!
Chapter 5901 Reaching the spiritual world!
Chapter 5902 The powerhouses gather, and the spiritual world is about to open!
Chapter 5903 The spiritual world opens! Hongmeng Immortal Mansion is here!
Chapter 5904 Open the Hongmeng Immortal Mansion, and transform the innate Taoist body into a demon body!
Chapter 5905 The treasure of Hongmeng Xianfu, the mysterious chaotic beads!
Chapter 5906 The real big man! The thirteen princes of the world behind the scenes!
Chapter 5907 Life and death showdown! The terrifying trick of the thirteenth prince!
Chapter 5908 The invincible thirteen princes! Lin Feng thought of the way to break the game!
Chapter 5909 Bei Bei's great power! Successfully stole the teleportation scroll of the Thirteenth Prince!
Chapter 5910 The arrival of an old man like an officer!
Chapter 5911 Shock! The nine demons of Hongmeng were swallowed up!
Chapter 5912 Go to the dark world! Surrounded by star pirates!
Chapter 5913 The fleet is invisible!
Chapter 5914 Necronomicon! The legendary Necronomicon!
Chapter 5915 Conquering the first undead who quasi-transcendence! The Book of the Undead has changed!
Chapter 5916 An extraordinary corpse pill! The Book of the Dead devours powerful corpses!
Chapter 5917 Thirty-six battles will reappear! The Book of the Dead devours twelve holy undead!
Chapter 5918 The Book of the Undead devours the three quasi-transcendental undead! The enchanting and charming witch cultivator!
Chapter 5919 Join forces to kill the four generals!
Chapter 5920 The valley of the dead! The emperor of the dead who is about to surpass the peak of the realm!
Chapter 5921 Suppressing the Emperor of the Undead! A mysterious mural appears!
Chapter 5922 The origin of the dark evil gods! Temple dedicated to demons!
Chapter 5923 Come to the dark world! I am shocked to hear the secrets of the dark city!
Chapter 5924 God statue! Dragon vein! Demon Abyss!
Chapter 5925 The descendants of the Lord of Darkness appear! The mysterious young man in black!
Chapter 5926 The city of darkness appears! Sneak into the temple!
Chapter 5927 Collect dragon veins! Surrounded by a large number of masters! This is dangerous!
Chapter 5928 Collect ten dragon veins! Unknown powerhouse helps Lin Feng and others!
Chapter 5929 The army shows its power! The Dark Evil God Race is destroyed!
Chapter 5930 Bai Ying's master! Same family!
Chapter 5931 Awesome! Experts have turned to Lin Feng!
Chapter 5932 Collect the time gem! Misunderstanding with Su Wanning.
Chapter 5933 A woman with scheming! Bai Ying wants to interview Su Wanning!
Chapter 5934 Enter the city! The battle is about to start!
Chapter 5935 Decide on the candidates to fight! The cursed doll is on the scene!
Chapter 5936 Master rune recovery! Terrible master rune!
Chapter 5937 The second battle! The evil sage fights the abyss demon!
Chapter 5938 The evil sage is awesome! He turned defeat into victory!
Chapter 5939 The fighting style of the undead emperor is so dirty!
Chapter 5940 Jade Butterfly Explosion! Reverse the tide of battle!
Chapter 5941 The key battle! Zuo Yiming debuts!
Chapter 5942 Zuo Yiming's trick! Become an ancestor!
Chapter 5943 The last showdown! Lin Feng debuts!
Chapter 5944 Show off their magical powers! Lin Feng has a high chess move!
Chapter 5945 Wear world-destroying gloves! Sweep all powerful enemies!
Chapter 5946 The outcome has been decided! The city of darkness has a new owner!
Chapter 5947 Discuss with the gods of the city of darkness!
Chapter 5948 How to surpass? The Supreme Pavilion is established!
Chapter 5949 Thirty-five immortal scriptures!
Chapter 5950 As soon as I entered the underworld, I met the army of the underworld!
Chapter 5951 Weird magnetic field
Chapter 5952 The earth shakes and the mountains shake! The army of King Yama is here!
Chapter 5953 Pluto City established by the seventh generation of Pluto!
Chapter 5954 Shocked! The people who killed the female ghost king turned out to be Chi Ming and Yangtian!
Chapter 5955 Terrible First Order
Chapter 5956 Changes in the metal light ball left by Thor
Chapter 5957 The fusion of metal balls of light! The thunder scriptures are shocked!
Chapter 5958 Enter the sea of ??misery! See the holy monk!
Chapter 5959 The sea of ??suffering is boundless! Turn back to the shore!
Chapter 5960 I saw a group of monks in the underworld!
Chapter 5961 The war starts again! As soon as the blood fog comes out, the bones turn to the bones!
Chapter 5962 The way to fight the blood-devouring fog!
Chapter 5963 Shocking change! Chi Ming and Yangtian appeared!
Chapter 5964 The Queen of Ghosts forgives Chi Ming and Yangtian?
Chapter 5965 Change! The Queen of Ghosts is at stake!
Chapter 5966 The Queen's Lie! Chi Ming and Yangtian are about to be mad!
Chapter 5967 My nickname is Xiangxiang
Chapter 5968 Bloodline awakening! The sky-defying ability obtained by Lin Feng!
Chapter 5969 The bitter sea changed! The underwater temple group appeared!
Chapter 5970 Entering the central temple
Chapter 5971 The Buddha fell to the ground, and the immortal lotus was pregnant among the white lotuses!
Chapter 5972 Immortal lotus takes root in Dantian
Chapter 5973 A battle to turn defeat into victory!
Chapter 5974 Tianhai Mingjun was killed! The underworld shook!
Chapter 5975 Prison Alliance Army!
Chapter 5976 Prison City! The gathering of the five commanders!
Chapter 5977 Surrounded by the army!
Chapter 5978 Thoroughly tore the skin
Chapter 5979 The man who came out of the coffin! Came to the underworld!
Chapter 5980 The Fierce Prison Alliance is destroyed! Lin Feng, goodbye to the mummified old man!
Chapter 5981 Back to the underworld! Lin Feng started to pretend!
Chapter 5982 Subduing soldiers without fighting! Lin Feng who conquers people with virtue!
Chapter 5983 The underworld transcends the realm and the strong show up to pretend to force! But he is punched by the mummified old man!
Chapter 5984 Amazing discovery! The mummified old man turned out to be a human monk?
Chapter 5985 Great power! The mummified old man is really awesome!
Chapter 5986 Ksitigarbha King Bodhisattva came out to mediate! The mummified old man asked Lin Feng to help him negotiate?
Chapter 5987 Start the negotiation! Shocked to hear the secrets of the underworld!
The final negotiation result
Chapter 5989 Shocking news! Lin Feng's ancestor, Lin Qi, didn't die?
Chapter 5990 Open the seal! Wong Tai Sin is born!
Chapter 5991 Collect the undead wantonly!
Chapter 5992 Beibei cleverly breaks the illusion of Huang Daxian
Chapter 5993 Huang Daxian was miscalculated! Completely angered by Lin Feng!
Chapter 5994 Xiao Hei takes action! Defeat Huang Daxian!
Chapter 5995 Demonic tumbling! What is the terrifying existence in demonic energy?
Chapter 5996 In the illusory world, a mountain is actually called Huaguo Mountain!
Chapter 5997 Is the golden holy ape the Monkey King? Or is it the fighting holy ape?
Chapter 5998 The golden holy ape escapes and heads to Huaguo Mountain! Lin Feng cooperates with listening carefully and explores Lin Qi's life and death!
Chapter 5999 A pair of bloody vertical eyes! Actually repelled the mummified old man!
Chapter 6000 The demon king wakes up! Help Ye Xuan refine the ghost elixir!
Chapter 6001 The cultivation base has greatly improved the birth of an orderly area!
Chapter 6002 The Yin Emperor casts a magic method! The location of the sand of hell reincarnation is perceived!
Chapter 6003 To the land of reincarnation!
Chapter 6004 Collect the baby, completely anger the devil.
Chapter 6005 Wan'e demon body! Invincible physique for defense!
Chapter 6006 Threat from Lin Feng!
Chapter 6007 When the era is broken, it is the day I get out of trouble!
Chapter 6008 Mingzi got the method of condensing the first order! The five demons of the world were born!
Chapter 6009 Dreams related to the ancient Lord of the Rings!
Chapter 6010 Who is the master of this force?
Chapter 6011 The treasure of restraining the world's five demons!
Chapter 6012 Goodbye Da Moyue!
Chapter 6013 A generation of trolls, the great devil!
Chapter 6014 Forcibly crossing the border! Da Motian became Lin Feng's slave!
Chapter 6015 Alarmed many forces in the demon world!
Chapter 6016 The powerful means of destroying the world's five demons
Chapter 6017 Absolutely, smoke locks the pond willow!
Chapter 6018 Inheritance of Confucianism, 'The Analects of Confucius.'
Chapter 6019 'The Analects of Confucius. Immortal Sutra'
Chapter 6020 Major discovery! Eight Yongzhen monuments!
Chapter 6021 God of Plague
Chapter 6022 Lin Feng intends to refine the god of plague
Chapter 6023 The god of plague begs for mercy! Lin Feng is unmoved!
Chapter 6024 The incomparably ancient inheritance of the human race! The method of practicing the body for three generations!
Chapter 6025 The ancient magic ring once again let Lin Feng fall into a dream
Chapter 6026 Lin Feng breaks through the great holy realm! The army of the five world-destroying demons attacked in vain!
Chapter 6027 The military discipline of the five demon monks who destroy the world!
Chapter 6028 The awesomeness is blown up! The God of Plague is very powerful!
Chapter 6029 The war broke out! The opponent's top powerhouse is comparable to the powerful undead inside the Book of the Dead!
Chapter 6030 The battle of the peak! Lin Feng fights against the demon!
Chapter 6031 Each show of ultimate moves! The battle is fierce!
Chapter 6032 Terrible! Five runes!
Chapter 6033 Reinforcements arrive! Great victory!
Chapter 6034 Lin Feng is angry! The consequences are serious!
Chapter 6035 Show your identity! Recruit two major overlords!
Chapter 6036 Come to Cangming City! The ancient magic ring fluctuates violently!
Chapter 6037 My comfort is Cang Mingtian!
Chapter 6038 The storm is coming! Go to Cangming Mansion!
Chapter 6039 The army is surrounded! Lin Feng and others were calculated by Cang Mingtian?
Chapter 6039 The army is surrounded! Lin Feng and others were calculated by Cang Mingtian?
Chapter 6040 Tearing the skin! The war is about to break out!
Chapter 6041 Cangmingtian Fuzhu! Many legions are here!
Chapter 6042 The three powerhouses swear to surrender! The matter of Cangming City is settled!
Chapter 6043 Former Residence of Great Confucianism. Su Garden.
Chapter 6044 Collection of Poems by Taoist Iron Crown
The use of war poems
Chapter 6046 A little girl who looks like Li Mingxi shows up to test her identity!
Chapter 6047 Plum blossoms bloom in the garden!
Chapter 6048 In the plum garden, tell the story!
Chapter 6049 Lisheng Temple, the method of flesh and blood transformation!
Chapter 6050 Tell you a secret: the dew under the laurel tree smells of lovesickness!
Chapter 6051 The land of the extreme west, the intersection of the broken universe!
Chapter 6052 Goodbye for many years! Goodbye Young Master Yu!
Chapter 6053 The situation of Gongziyu! Set off for the river in the extreme west!
Chapter 6054 The innate soul corresponding to the thirty-six Tiangang stars!
Chapter 6055 From then on, there is no Yingruo in the world, only heartless!
Chapter 6056 Searching all over the mountains and rivers, creating billions of gods, waiting for millions of years, just to see him again!
Chapter 6057 Received news from the Empress! The Empress was hit by the Falling God! The situation is very bad!
Chapter 6058 The Devil Suppression Monument was born! The resentful devil swallowed all the attacks in one bite!
Chapter 6059 The god of plague shows his power again! The secret method of shooting the sun and arrows to break the resentment!
Chapter 6060 The evil sage hit the hate demon! The demon monument broke the seal and escaped!
Chapter 6061 The eight demons are coming! The battle is coming!
Chapter 6062 Double weakening the opponent's combat power! Destroy the world's five demons, and the eight demon emperors will change color!
Chapter 6063 The curse of the cursed doll is super scary after it has evolved!
Chapter 6064 Killing and killing hearts! Lin Feng's method of drawing wages from the bottom of the cauldron made the world's five demons and the eight demon emperors completely defeated!
Chapter 6065 Lin Feng used the Xiu Mu Festival to calculate the three devils, and the three devils came triumphantly, but they were surrounded!
Chapter 6066 The three demons are defeated, and the sea demons are raging!
Chapter 6067 Xia Zhiqing's invitation!
Chapter 6068 Men chase women across the mountain, women chase men across the paper!
Chapter 6069 I actually met Ye Ye!
Chapter 6070 The nameless palace in the depths of the underwater world!
Chapter 6071 The deity of the Sea Devil Emperor died tragically, and wisdom was born from the carrion!
Chapter 6072 Meet an old friend!
Chapter 6073 The old alcoholic is actually a strong man who has crossed the era?
Chapter 6074 The origin and amazing effect of the cosmic revolving stone!
Chapter 6075 The flower fairy liquid inherited from the Taixi people!
Chapter 6076 The story behind the blood-stained sword!
Chapter 6077 The request of the source of the devil and the news of Tianhuo!
Chapter 6078 A world where women are superior to men
Chapter 6079 Want to calculate Lin Feng?
Chapter 6080 The big world where the world view is completely subverted
Chapter 6081 Our Lady of Hongtian!
Chapter 6082 The strongest magical power born in the 2732nd era!
Chapter 6083 The conspiracy begins
Chapter 6084 Want to calculate Lin Feng, but suffer the consequences!
Chapter 6085 Why does this voice sound familiar?
Chapter 6086 The terrifying black warrior puppet!
Chapter 6087 The mysterious woman is resurrected, and Lin Feng breaks through the realm of the Holy King!
Chapter 6088 The origin of the Queen of Heavenly Power!
Chapter 6089 Terrible Queen of Heavenly Power
Chapter 6090 At a critical moment, the woman in white appears!
Chapter 6091 Jiang's starry sky ship!
Chapter 6092 open the killing ring
Chapter 6093 The evil young man is looking for trouble? Lin Feng let him go!
Chapter 6094 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land!
Chapter 6095 Ning Xianwu left with a letter, Lin Feng went to Hongmen banquet alone!
Chapter 6096 The Dong family is destroyed!
Chapter 6097 The forbidden area of ??life in the chaotic Xuanhuang world: 100,000 miles of sword forest!
Chapter 6098 Isn't Huang Linger dead?
Chapter 6099 The Great World - Ye Yuan!
Chapter 6100 The tomb of the Void Immortal Lord!
Chapter 6101 The zodiac and the demon cat!
Chapter 6102 Why did the demon cat lose the zodiac sign?
Chapter 6103 Lin Feng vs. Demon Cat!
Chapter 6104 Void Immortal Lord and Demon Cat (1)
Chapter 6105 Void Immortal Lord and Demon Cat (2)
Chapter 6106 The origin and past of the Void Immortal Lord
Chapter 6107 Defeat Mingzi! Transcendence exists!
Chapter 6108 Lord of the lord, ten times the combat power to slaughter the transcendent realm powerhouse
Chapter 6109 Ji Tianqing and the idea of ????dominating the cultivation speed by hundreds of times!
Chapter 6110 News of Jiang Yudie and the clansmen
Chapter 6111 Arrive in time and finally reunite with Jiang Yudie!
Chapter 6112 Waving to kill the enemy! Confess your heart!
Chapter 6113 Tianwencheng, Zhou's sister and brother!
Chapter 6114 Reach a deal and receive the first treasure!
Chapter 6115 The ancestor of the undead family - the king of the undead!
Chapter 6116 The power of the king's fist is so terrifying
Chapter 6117 Zhou Qi's request, and nine-leaf clover!
Chapter 6118 Nine Demon City, Prince Xian!
Chapter 6119 Lin Feng is very helpless and can only reluctantly agree to be the guest of the Wu sisters!
Chapter 6120 The highly poisonous golden spider! And the change of the golden palm bone!
Chapter 6121 Subduing the terrifying monster! Successfully condensed the seventh spirit!
Chapter 6122 New opponent! Qin Haotian, the ancient god king!
Chapter 6123 The Wu sisters are the reincarnation of Jiutian Xuannv?
Chapter 6123 The Wu sisters are the reincarnation of Jiutian Xuannv?
Chapter 6124 The owner of the holy demon body in hell - Luo Kun!
Chapter 6125 Five ** lotus, the devil is in the Buddha world!
Chapter 6126 Big Sun Tathagata Junior Brother - Destroy the Sky!
One punch to solve
Chapter 6128 The Hell Killer Dynasty - Leng Feng!
Chapter 6129 Entering Tianzhu City, wanted!
Chapter 6129 Entering Tianzhu City, wanted!
Chapter 6130 Destroyer Demon Monk Appears!
Chapter 6131 The story of the demon monk
Chapter 6132 Lin Feng fights the demon monk!
Chapter 6133 The female captain of the black-bearded merchant ship - Wu Lingxuan!
Chapter 6134 The origin of the Queen of Soul Demon Race and the Demon Slayer
Chapter 6135 Wu Lingxuan's wrist!
Chapter 6136 The deity of the demon monk came to the soul demon clan, and the god of plague was swallowed by the plague ancestor!
Chapter 6137 The Queen of Soul Demon was born!
Chapter 6138 The Queen of Soul Demon is here!
Chapter 6139 The king of gods fights the celestial body! The arrogant Xiao Chen provokes Lin Feng!
Chapter 6140 Tortoise shell left by the seven ancient Buddhas!
Chapter 6141 Arrived at Dayue Island! Turtle shell mutation!
Chapter 6142 Goodbye Moon God, Moon God made extremely excessive demands
Chapter 6143 Discover the spatial coordinates! Jump into the void and enter the Putuo Mountain Purple Bamboo Forest!
Chapter 6144 Terrible opponent! The terrifying ability to increase the combat power eight times!
Chapter 6145 The old monk who gave up the evolution of the stone man and broke through!
Chapter 6146 The arctic battlefield, the rumored arctic holy light!
Chapter 6147 Misunderstandings of the world! Restore the truth of what happened back then!
Chapter 6148 Heaven, the land of sin - the Great Wilderness!
Chapter 6149 Yejiazhai, Ye Shuanger!
Chapter 6150 Ye Shuanger is sad?
Chapter 6151 What are the people of Baijiazhai looking for?
Chapter 6152 The four sides are called the universe! From ancient times to the present, it is called the universe!
Chapter 6153 Explore the secrets of the cosmic stone, the ancient brand inside the jade tube!
Chapter 6154 The shocking secret hidden by the five cosmic stones!
Chapter 6155 Hearthstone Town! The whereabouts of the people behind the scenes of Baijiazhai!
Chapter 6156 The person behind the scenes arrives, and Lin Feng appears in the house!
Chapter 6157 The reason why the Great Wilderness was sealed, and the identity of the person who transformed the ninth time on the road of stone man evolution!
Chapter 6158 The four powerhouses appear together, looting the Changchun Palace of the Thirty-Three Lords!
Chapter 6159 Outside the Stone Demon City, there is a beautiful woman invited!
Chapter 6160 Song Zishu, a follower of the Devil Emperor!
Chapter 6161 The treasure left by Hongjun: the Sifang Aurora cover.
Chapter 6162 The way to unlock the seal of the Great Wilderness!
Chapter 6163 Gathering, and a series of rhetorical questions!
Chapter 6164 The coming of heaven, the shock of a punch!
Chapter 6165 The city of the Great Wilderness is about to appear, and Shi Potian presents the blood of the holy beast of the Lin Feng era!
Chapter 6166 Talk to Xia Zhiyue about the secrets of the Great Wilderness City!
Chapter 6167 Many forces gather, and the city of the Great Wilderness opens!
Chapter 6168 Weird knocks and scrolls!
Chapter 6169 Big trouble!
Chapter 6170 The curse of human skin reappears!
Chapter 6171 Behind the scenes, the world royal prince - Solomon!
Chapter 6172 The ancient city is cracked, and the devil is out!
Chapter 6173 Nine turns beyond, the mastermind behind the scenes is now!
Chapter 6174 The Swallowing Devil Emperor breaks through the Transcendence Realm!
Chapter 6175 Thirty-three Lords intercepted the Devil Emperor Swallowing Heaven (1)
Chapter 6176 Thirty-three Lords intercepted the Devil Emperor Swallowing Heaven (Part 2)
Chapter 6177 Ten elders of Cangyu, Xuanyuan!
Chapter 6178 Li Shishi, Yao Ziyi!
Chapter 6179 Get rid of Chi Ming and Yangtian, and reach the second world of the heaven!
The news of the door of eternal life
Chapter 6181 Mysterious solitary building and treasure sale!
Chapter 6182 The fifth transformation of the bloodline of fate!
Chapter 6183 Encounter with the Golden Winged Demon God Race!
Chapter 6184 Finally see the door of eternal life!
Chapter 6185 Huge opportunity, unprecedented breakthrough!
Chapter 6186 Qingluan Immortal Island, mysterious black energy!
Chapter 6187 Tianfengxianjin!
Chapter 6188 The inheritance of the Lord of the Ninth Era!
Chapter 6189 Wuzhishan!
Chapter 6190 Monkey King was born!
Chapter 6191 The fourth way to revive Lin Feng's blood!
Chapter 6192 Super shameless Lin Feng!
Chapter 6193 Meet the purple mandarin duck again.
Chapter 6194 What does death mean?
Chapter 6195 Lin Feng bribed the skeleton face!
Chapter 6196 Lu Feng, Xu Xin, Emperor Yueyang!
Chapter 6197 The key to the core inheritance of the master of the ninth era - the magic scripture of forgetfulness!
Chapter 6198 Why abandon me and my mother?
Chapter 6199 Lin Feng kills decisively! Chi Ming and Yangtian reappear!
Chapter 6200 Big trouble, surrounded!
Chapter 6201 Get out of trouble, fight back!
Chapter 6202 The great array shows its power and wipes out the powerhouses of the Black Mist!
Chapter 6203 One hundred and forty-one years until the era is broken!
Chapter 6204 Immortals, Xin Zhixian!
Chapter 6205 Xin Zhixian's calculations!
Chapter 6206 Kill Chi Ming and Yangtian Shiren clones!
Chapter 6207 Seven kinds of domineering Da Luo Demon King have been practiced!
Chapter 6208 The great freedom created by Lin Baitian.
Chapter 6209 Beyond the realm of combat power!
Chapter 6210 Suppression of the purple mandarin duck.
Chapter 6211 The mysterious and terrifying old man, Lin Feng's cultivation base has greatly increased, and the purple mandarin duck wakes up!
Chapter 6212 The dumb mother-in-law is a monk of the demon snake tribe?
Three tombs
Chapter 6214 When the wasteland powerhouses arrive, what are they asking for?
Chapter 6215 The strong enemy retreats, overseas, old friends!
Chapter 6216 Cherrie Ying, once grudges, let go!
Chapter 6217 Party, hostility!
Chapter 6218 Exposed, surrounded!
Chapter 6219 You are not even qualified to be my dog!
Chapter 6220 Reach the third-layer world of the heaven!
Chapter 6221 Bad news!
Chapter 6222 Ancient Demon Temple monk
Chapter 6223 Deduce the whereabouts of the reincarnation of Donghuang Taiyi!
Chapter 6224 Wang Wushan was born!
Chapter 6225 Young monks, treasures on the mountain!
Chapter 6226 Xia Donghuang! Who is it?
Chapter 6227 Become the master of Donghuang Taiyi!
Chapter 6228 The cry from the middle of the night, Xia Donghuang mysteriously disappeared!
Chapter 6229 Amazing figure, Fairy Red Cloud!
Chapter 6230 Fairy Hongyun, Hongjun's apprentice?
Chapter 6231 Hated by Fairy Hongyun, reaching the peak of 100,000 meters!
Chapter 6232 Get the Great Wilderness Map! The conflict resumes!
Chapter 6233 The end of provoking Lin Feng is very serious! Duguhai was punched by Lin Feng!
Chapter 6234 Invisible cloak, evil blood!
Chapter 6235 Kunlun Universe Candle Sky's request
Chapter 6236 Taishan Stone, Shui Lanxing, Taishan Mansion in charge of the order of death!
Chapter 6237 Taiyuan Shangzun Soul Chopping Technique!
Chapter 6238 White Lotus Valley, weird stone lotus!
Chapter 6239 Crystal of white lotus, fire unicorn!
Chapter 6240 One of the five heroes of White Lotus Valley, the wasteland ruler Cao Zhe!
Chapter 6241 Zhou Tian Huanyu Fire, Jiu Ji Tianhuo Slaughtering Immortal Formation, the world in the murals!
Chapter 6242 Save people, the wrathful Wuji Tiansheng Divine Monarch!
Chapter 6243 The terrifying Wuji Tiansheng Divine Monarch!
Chapter 6244 Suppress Wuji Tiansheng Divine Monarch and obtain the ancient weapon-level defense magic Liutian Cup!
Chapter 6245 The fate of the dust is broken, and Liuli takes the initiative to say hello!
Chapter 6246 White Peacock Clan, Bai Su'e!
Chapter 6247 Stone giants, ice flowers, crystal beads show their power!
Chapter 6248 God stick Lin Feng, the war broke out!
Chapter 6249 The stone man clone devours the transcendence clone!
Chapter 6250 Yu Ji's dream! Bai Su'e sighed faintly!
Chapter 6251 Arrest, interrogate, whereabouts of countless Taoist priests!
Chapter 6252 Save the immeasurable Taoist priest and learn the news of Jiuxuan Ancient Mountain!
Chapter 6253 Pseudo-god, land god statue, inquire about news!
Chapter 6254 Jiuxuan ancient mountain, statues, women playing the piano!
Chapter 6255 In the scheme, trapped, Yu Ji is in danger!
Chapter 6256 Break the formation, besiege the ancient god of Xingtai, the terrible ancient god of Xingtai!
Chapter 6257 Lin Feng wants to take over the law of transcendence of the ancient gods of Xingtai!
Chapter 6258 Concubine Yu is sleeping, the grass of immortality, the crystal of annihilation!
Chapter 6259 The first natal magic weapon has reached the level of ancient weapons, news of the Soul Eater and Fairy Xuanyin!
Chapter 6260 Dong Xiyue of the Soul Eater, crossing the bridge of nightmares!
Chapter 6261 Arrive at the Soul Eater clan, Fangjian, hostility.
Chapter 6262 Ancestor, Bu Zhoushan, can't refuse
Chapter 6263 Meet the fat man, the little donkey, Su Yuexi appears!
Chapter 6264 The words of soldiers show their power!
Chapter 6265 Duel Su Yuexi!
Chapter 6266 Fairy Xuanyin is here!
Chapter 6267 Plunder Su Yuexi's ancient weapons and get rid of Fairy Xuanyin smoothly!
Chapter 6268 The source stone of Buzhou Mountain, the monks of the emperor immortal family were destroyed!
Reference 6269 The life and death test Fang Xianzhen supernatural powers, the powerhouses who were crucified in the valley
Chapter 6270 Buzhou Mountain God!
Chapter 6271 Drawing scroll, man, eyes full of meaning!
Chapter 6272 Yu Ji wakes up, Kyushu changes!
Chapter 6273 The powerhouse of the three universes, the creation space, the prototype of the universe!
Chapter 6274 The ghost fog sea, Xuanhuangdao, the Book of the Undead devoured the evil ghosts!
Chapter 6275 Weird paper boat, a woman I've seen before.
Chapter 6276 A cold and mysterious woman, a cave in Xuanhuang Mountain.
Chapter 6277 Chaos Xuanhuang World - Chaos monks!
Chapter 6278 Chaos Sword Art! The ultimate mystery!
Chapter 6279 Sulfuric acid fairy liquid is fierce! Suppress the remnant soul of the chaotic monks!
Chapter 6280 Yu Ji stayed behind to sacrifice Xuanhuang Mountain, and Lin Feng made the mysterious woman feel familiar!
Chapter 6281 Fatty even has a sister!
Chapter 6282 Murong Xiaoxiao, temple fair, Taoist priest.
Chapter 6283 The crowd looked for him thousands of times, but the man was in the dim light!
Chapter 6284 The secret of Zhuge Xiaoxiao, the amazing treasure that appeared at the fair!
Chapter 6285 Xuanwu clone recovers, the door of the mind appears!
Chapter 6286 Huangtian Dao Lineage, Dark Night Shura Clan, Sanctuary Clan!
Chapter 6287 Lion Camel Island, mysterious woman in black, geographer Gongsun Yangyan!
Chapter 6288 The Tianjie Sakura family appeared, and the mysterious woman in black shocked the world with a sword!
Chapter 6289 The world's first swordsmanship, Taiji swordsmanship, Lin Feng stabbed Ying Sang to death with one shot!
Chapter 6289 The world's first swordsmanship, Taiji swordsmanship, Lin Feng stabbed Ying Sang to death with one shot!
Chapter 6290 Collect the door of the mind, the curse reappears!
Chapter 6291 The cursed woman, the terrifying place of lore!
Chapter 6292 I don't pretend anymore, I have a showdown, I carry a monk army with me!
Chapter 6293 The terrible door of the mind!
Chapter 6294 The ancestor of the Feng family, an ancient powerhouse at the same time as Hongmeng, Hongjun, Daoist Lu Ya, and the ancestor of the Kun Kun!
Chapter 6295 Send the bell to the ancestors of the Feng family!
Chapter 6294 The terrifying magic Yuanwu, the ancestor of the Feng family is going to be killed?
Chapter 6295 Vicious fight, a strange situation that happened suddenly!
Chapter 6296 Mysterious ancients related to Kyushu lanterns
Chapter 6297 Sanxian Cave House, ancient books without words, and the cause and effect of Kyushu lamps.
Chapter 6298 Refine the wordless ancient book and enter the creation space again!
Chapter 6299 Ancient Chinese characters, amazing news from the party, the shocking stone tablet related to the goddess Nuwa!
Chapter 6300 The powerhouse who came out of the mysterious ancient academy in the wasteland, Bixia Immortal Venerable, one of the top ten overseas cultivators.
Chapter 6301 Yin people weapon - eating fairy mosquito swarm!
Chapter 6302 The little donkey is cruel!
Chapter 6303 Changes, directly face the dark green ghost fire!
Chapter 6304 The ancient existence that was suppressed, the shocking stone tablet showed great power!
Chapter 6305 The green-eyed evil ancestor got out of trouble, and Lin Feng refined the two shocking stone tablets left by Nuwa!
Chapter 6306 Lin Feng vs Green Eyed Evil Ancestor!
Chapter 6307 What is the purpose of the Dragon King blocking the way?
Chapter 6308 Scraping the Dragon Palace, thirty-two stone holy spirits!
Chapter 6309 Past grievances, explain the purpose!
Chapter 6310 Create a cursed existence, at the same level as Taishan Fujun?
Chapter 6311 The master of the scroll, the terrible curse technique!
Chapter 6312 Creatures from the cursed family
Chapter 6313 Curse the family Yuan Mo Kun to recognize the master, Hetu Luo Shu is now!
Chapter 6314 The sixth stage of Taikoo Dragon Elephant Art is successfully cultivated!
Chapter 6315 Terrifying ability: dragon elephant crit!
Chapter 6316 The beautiful moon and horizon!
Chapter 6317 Entering the secret realm of Huangtian, terrible evil corpse.
Chapter 6318 Cannon fodder, portal of transmission.
Chapter 6319 Valley, corpse.
Chapter 6320 Heavenly corpse demon, shocked to hear that Huang Tian was buried!
Chapter 6321 Extremely arrogant and invincible
Chapter 6322 The three powerhouses are coming and entering the sky!
Chapter 6323 Terrible monsters in the sky!
Chapter 6324 Conquering the undead, Cangtian Lake, shadow!
Chapter 6325 Suspected tomb of heaven?
Chapter 6326 Heaven's practice notes, the anti-sky effect of the soul body pill!
Chapter 6327 Heaven's domineering cultivation method, Heaven's past!
Chapter 6328 The terrible remnant of the sky! The domineering of the sky reappears in the world!
Chapter 6329 Yellow sky fantasy, prehistoric crocodile!
Chapter 6330 Super giants, transcendental powerhouses in the age of congenital spirits!
Chapter 6331 Break the chess game, collect the treasure left by Huang Tian!
Chapter 6332 Behind the scenes, the world's royal family slaughtered the gods, and the mysterious powerhouse Ji Qianze!
Chapter 6333 Huangdi, the father of the Lord of the Gods?
Chapter 6334 Killing those who are beyond the realm, Ling Muhua's combat power has exploded!
Chapter 6335 Fool Ling Muhua's cooperation!
Chapter 6336 Exciting! Really discovered the transcendence law left by Huang Tian!
Chapter 6337 The high imitation of the conferred gods list, refining the law of Huangtian, Lin Feng's cultivation base has skyrocketed!
Chapter 6338 Destroy the imprint of the emperor Huang Zengtian, and the supreme reincarnation fist is fierce!
Chapter 6339 Mysterious iron box change, Bixia Xianzun met in the cave!
Chapter 6340 The terrible blood-stained stone, Lin Feng has a strong fear of the mysterious iron box!
Chapter 6341 Heize, the mysterious blood lotus in the abyss!
Chapter 6342 The devil child who gave birth to ten epochs - Yi!
Chapter 6343 The stone man clone impacts beyond the realm!
Chapter 6344 Difficult to cross the calamity, the stone man clone is lucky to break through the transcendence realm!
Chapter 6345 Unexpected harvest, reached a cooperation intention with Wuji Dongqing!
Chapter 6346 News of Ba Shi! First meeting with Marshal Tianhe!
Chapter 6347 Trade, get seven tyrants stones, the sky is domineering successfully!
Chapter 6348 The division of the power of the demons in the heavens!
Chapter 6349 The sixth natal magic weapon: the blood magic mirror!
Chapter 6350 Changes, the shocking starry sky ship!
Chapter 6351 Weird ancient ship! Mysterious sarcophagus on the rooftop!
Chapter 6352 The existence of the sky - ghost sword!
Chapter 6353 Frighten away the ghost sword and control the giant starry sky ship!
Chapter 6354 The realm of ghost sword, beyond the division of realm strength!
Chapter 6355 The strange change of the mysterious iron box, Lin Feng dreamed of Ji Luochuan!
Chapter 6356 Discuss with the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors!
Chapter 6357 Yan Zhi goes to the undead world, please come to the door!
Chapter 6358 Xia Donghuang is also very good at pretending to be B!
Chapter 6359 Creatures spanning four epochs, mother and daughter grinding disc!
Chapter 6360 The mysterious powerhouse spanning three thousand epochs!
Chapter 6361 The shocking secret hidden by the mother and son grinding disc!
Chapter 6362 Big things happening in the three universes!
Chapter 6363 Worshiping Emperor Shennong
Chapter 6364 A copy of the Emperor's Book, fallen creatures!
Chapter 6365 Conquering the fallen creatures, the Jade Demon City meets the demon Ziyi!
Chapter 6366 Special trade fair!
Chapter 6367 The shocking trade fair, the colorful fairy liquid that made Lin Feng's heart beat!
Chapter 6368 Eight Immortals crossing the sea map,
Chapter 6369 Another secret? An inexplicable dream!
Chapter 6370 Bai Yushuang, warming up with the demon Ziyi!
Chapter 6371 Lin Feng breaks through! The 15th floor of the phoenix family in the sky!
Chapter 6372 The arrogant demon dragon monk meets Fire Dance again!
Chapter 6373 The cruelty of the big family!
Chapter 6374 Blocking the road, only Xia Donghuang takes action!
Chapter 6375 Who is playing tricks?
Chapter 6376 Seeing Huo Wu's parents, they were blocked by the Phoenix people!
Chapter 6377 Strong and domineering! Lin Feng issued a warning to the Phoenix family!
Chapter 6378 Follow-up turmoil, late night visit!
Chapter 6379 The mountains and rains are coming and the wind is full of buildings!
Chapter 6382 A golden light cuts through the sky!
Chapter 6383 A conspiracy began to brew in Huo Qianyue's heart! The ancestor of the Phoenix clan, Huo Yanxi, appeared!
Chapter 6384 The Dark Moon Mountains, the forbidden area of ??life, the battle in the Dark Moon Forest!
Chapter 6385 Terrifying existence in the restricted area of ??life, a huge evil dragon with a body of tens of thousands of meters!
Chapter 6386 A sword, smashing the fetters of the curse!
Chapter 6387 The main temple and twelve altars!
Chapter 6388 Treasure and the blood of broken corpses
Chapter 6389 News from the Empress!
Chapter 6390 Weird situation, a pilgrimage to all poisons!
Chapter 6391 Terrifying little black!
Chapter 6392 The astonishing origin of Xiao Hei, the origin of the source of all poisons and the lord of the curse!
Chapter 6393 Chaos Xinghai, terrible accident!
Chapter 6394 Seven stars in a row, entering the ruins of Nuwa!
Chapter 6395 The situation of the queen, the great ape demon!
Chapter 6396 Bloody Island! Has the great ape demon friend ever been on the island?
Chapter 6397 What? Is he Lin Feng?
Chapter 6398 Entering the ancestral land of Destroying the Heavenly Clan, the poisonous ancestors showed great power!
Chapter 6399 Please ancestor!
Chapter 6400 The war breaks out, confronting the powerhouses in the realm of quasi-harmony!
Chapter 6401 Fierce battle! Please have the background!
Chapter 6402 Run the eight or nine mysterious arts! Kill the ancestors of the Tianzu!
Chapter 6403 Great opportunity to get ten ancient weapons!
Chapter 6404 Lin Feng's cultivation base has greatly increased! The queen awakens!
Chapter 6405 Open the main hall, and the treasure brought out from the Supreme Court is now in the world!
Chapter 6406 The empress returns to Kyushu, and the Lord surrounds and kills Xianzun Hongchen for thirty-three days!
Chapter 6407 Absolute God King! The world-destroying magic plate is born!
Chapter 6408 Find the Red Dust Immortal and face the Absolute God King!
Chapter 6409 Terrible annihilation mill! The idea of ??looting the annihilation mill!
Chapter 6410 Cut off the arm of the king of gods! The three gods are coming!
Chapter 6411 The holy water of life, the hope of resurrecting Huo Yihan!
Chapter 6412 The end of the world! The tree of life!
Chapter 6413 Kill the universe, the three-headed wolf god!
Chapter 6414 The condition of the three-headed wolf god! Get the holy water of life!
Chapter 6415 Arrived at the 33rd floor of the heaven, besieged by the army!
Chapter 6416 The first battle shocked the world, and I met Huo Qianyue again!
Chapter 6417 Psychedelic forest! Zhu Qiang is here!
Chapter 6418 Entering the chaotic Xuanhuang realm, the mysterious female corpse at the end of the time and space tunnel!
Chapter 6419 Mortals, milky white stones!
Chapter 6420 Qinling Stone Stele, fuzzy pattern!
Chapter 6421 The Kunlun universe, the ancient Qinling tribe, and Ye Xuan's friend Huangfu Yun sits in a place!
Chapter 6422 Blood lotus, golden pages, ancient sycamore tree!
Chapter 6423 The second golden page, find the milky white stone again!
Chapter 6424 Era Spirit Talisman and Su Wen Xianjing!
Chapter 6425 Is the person inside the bloody lotus Huangfu Yun?
Chapter 6426 Fight against Huangfu Yun, the Phoenix bird comes to help!
Chapter 6427 The things left by the Lord of the Gods!
Chapter 6428 The origin of the congenital devil, the master of the gods and the Phoenix family!
Chapter 6429 Refining the magic embryo! Mana surge!
Chapter 6430 Ancient Phoenix Emperor, the three major forces are coming together, and the crisis of life and death is coming!
Chapter 6431 With one enemy and two, fall into a hard fight!
Chapter 6432 Ancient Phoenix Emperor shot!
Chapter 6433 Thunderstorm Dzi, Cangtian Lake, the gods fall to the ground!
Chapter 6434 The powerhouse gathers, and the crisis is everywhere!
Chapter 6435 Two powerhouses, mutation, blood lake and corpse!
Chapter 6436 Death, being targeted, island!
Chapter 6437 Wonderful machine, wolves screaming at the moon!
Chapter 6438 Fifteen Golden Moon Immortal Sources, unknown and terrifying existences are coming!
Chapter 6439 The sky who wants to go against the sky and the rumored phantom air liquid!
Chapter 6440 The three major anti-sky effects of the phantom air liquid, forming an alliance with the wolf emperor!
Chapter 6441 Enter the Fantasy Mountain, the sky is coming!
Chapter 6442 Snatch the magic air! The place where the wolf emperor cultivates!
Chapter 6443 The sacrificial ceremony, the sky is going to be resurrected?
Chapter 6444 The thunderstorm dzi explodes, destroying the body of the stone man in the sky!
Chapter 6445 Blood red eyes and Lord Turtle!
Chapter 6446 Breaking through beyond the realm, killing the dragon, the news of the ancestor dragon.
Chapter 6447 Jiangning Yutian Sect, old man and girl.
Chapter 6448 Eight-armed dragon and the imperial decree of Emperor Haori.
Chapter 6449 Poison ancestors, Xia Donghuang joined forces to kill the two-winged eight-armed dragon!
Chapter 6450 Suppress the two-winged and eight-armed dragon, and meet two powerful transcendental realms!
Chapter 6451 Conquering the two-winged and eight-armed dragon, the situation of the ancestor dragon!
Chapter 6452 Joint plan, Jiang Yiyan's request
Chapter 6453 Conflict, jealousy, terrible ice power.
Chapter 6454 The law of ice and ice, the law of Zixiao thunder, the mysterious master of ice!
Chapter 6455 Betray Jiang's family, black prison desert!
Chapter 6456 The huge palace under the black sandstorm and the black prison desert!
Chapter 6457 Lord of death, death scroll!
Chapter 6458 Black Prison Inn, the strong gather!
Chapter 6459 The existence of a world boss behind the scenes: the Queen of Dimensity!
Chapter 6460 The hanging coffin inherited from the last reincarnation!
Chapter 6461 The relationship between Chu Weiwei and Lin Baitian.
Chapter 6462 Jiaojiao who was brought into the pit by Lin Feng!
Chapter 6463 The mysterious iron box changes, the bloody five-star graphics appear!
Chapter 6464 Altar, battle, golden blood!
Chapter 6465 The saddest creator powerhouse in history!
Chapter 6466 Chu Weiwei asked Lin Feng for help! The builder of the gossip altar!
Chapter 6467 The tragedy of the human race, the destruction of the wasteland and the moon and the horizon.
Chapter 6468 Repair the altar pattern, the cursed temple is now!
Chapter 6469 Terrible hanging coffin, join forces to kill Lin Feng!
Chapter 6470 The storm rises!
Chapter 6471 Killing God is considered a king!
Chapter 6472 The induction of the mysterious iron box and the hanging coffin, the hanging coffin wants to kill Lin Feng!
Chapter 6473 Sword ninety-nine!
Chapter 6474 The thunder of the era of lightning is powerful, killing the candle with a sword!
Chapter 6475 Dominate the ancestral land of the imperial family, the fairy pond where the bloodline is awakened!
Chapter 6476 Genesis!
Chapter 6477 Lin Feng, who is sighing and sighing!
Chapter 6478 Dominate the imperial family tree!
Chapter 6479 Grandpa's past, meet Lily Fairy again!
Chapter 6480 Ji Chen's news!
Chapter 6481 Purpose, underground world, faceless demons.
Chapter 6482 Indifferent killing, terrorist means!
Chapter 6483 The root of the curse, Ji Chen died of the curse of the Celestial Master!
Chapter 6484 Terrible era of corrosion, the curse is coming again?
Chapter 6485 Terrifying, the cursed eye comes!
Chapter 6486 Terrible cursed eyes!
Chapter 6487 A miracle appears, and the bloodline shows the realm of reincarnation!
Chapter 6488 Domineering! One punch smashes the cursed temple!
Chapter 6489 Ask his father, Lin Baitian, for the cultivation method of Datian's great freedom!
Chapter 6490 Cursed doll, hanging stone.
Chapter 6491 Country of Ten Thousand Immortals, Immortal Lord Shi Hao!
Chapter 6492 The history of the destruction of the kingdom of immortals!
Chapter 6493 Adhering to the luck-born sons!
Chapter 6494 The auction starts, the first goal!
Chapter 6495 Hanging stone, destiny fairy water!
Chapter 6496 Huang Luding, the terrifying existence that escaped from the wasteland Wanqi Mountain!
Chapter 6497 The sixth bloodline awakening of fate bloodline! Terrible space king!
Chapter 6498 Supernatural powers, please immortal decree!
Chapter 6499 Repel the space king and others, the princes are here!
Chapter 6500 The masters recognize the master, Xingmu Shengjun!
Chapter 6501 Su Yuexi climbed to the son of the prince of Mount Tai?
Chapter 6502 The person who injured the hanging coffin, the unknown and terrifying existence is coming!
Chapter 6503 Beibei and others showed their great power, and the dragon rabbit found the hanging coffin!
Chapter 6504 The Lord of Reincarnation who is older than the creators such as Taishan Fujun!
Chapter 6505 The holy liquid of reincarnation, the stones of the heavens, the method to break through the realm of the quasi-creator!
Chapter 6506 How to go to the moon? Lin Feng's small world has transformed into a middle world!
Chapter 6507 To collect beasts, Lin Feng was betrayed!
Chapter 6508 To kill the dead wood king, a sword of peerless terror!
Chapter 6509 Dead world, unexpected people!
Chapter 6510 Is she Huang Linger?
Chapter 6511 Shaohao, the battle of Taihao!
Chapter 6512 A double transcendence!
Chapter 6513 Alonso beat Zhou Duanhai! The son of Taihao appeared!
Chapter 6514 Jinghuaying is simply the best magical power of the Yin people, entering the treasure house of Taihao's lineage!
Chapter 6515 Black stele from the future!
Chapter 6516 Explore what happens in the future world!
Chapter 6517 One hundred thousand miles of sword forest, Lin Feng's conditions.
Chapter 6518 Female monks disguised as men, different ways of doing things!
Chapter 6519 Mysterious man appears, black iron sword!
Chapter 6520 Completely made Lin Feng speechless!
Chapter 6521 The sun in the left eye, the moon in the right eye, the recovery of power, the terrible silly white sweet!
Chapter 6522 Is the Black Dragon Sword a treasure at the quasi-creator level?
Chapter 6523 Heaven and earth black spirit, is the laurel tree still there?
Chapter 6524 Is even the laurel tree crying for the tragic fate of Li Yingruo and Li Mingxi?
Chapter 6525 The treasure mastered by Li Yingruo is a mystery, the way to go to the undead family.
Chapter 6526 Wash the blood of the seventh shocking stone tablet, refine the magic lotus lotus seeds, and Lin Feng's cultivation base has greatly increased!
Chapter 6527 Meet the female cultivator encountered in the chaotic Xuanhuang world again
Chapter 6528 Super-order fairy stone ore vein! Quaint sheepskin scroll!
Chapter 6529 The little lady named Xu Qiaoen, the disappearing misty forest!
Chapter 6530 In the central area of ??the lake, the super-order immortal stone was born!
Chapter 6531 The shocking news, the island in the center of the foggy area!
Chapter 6532 The ancient existence in the super-order immortal stone veins!
Chapter 6533 Obtaining the super-order immortal stone ore, the promise made to the Lord of Destruction.
Chapter 6534 The exercises created by Lin Feng: Six Ways of Reincarnation!
Chapter 6535 Xu Qiaoen, who doesn't talk much, the undead family Yuwen Taiyi.
Chapter 6536 The trip of the undead family in danger!
Chapter 6537 Enter the ancestral land of the undead family and meet the Lin clan!
Chapter 6538 Intense debate, Yuwen Taichang's persistence!
Chapter 6539 The four powerhouses of the younger generation of the undead family, go to the awakening pool for awakening!
Chapter 6540 Awakening pool, want to calculate Lin Feng!
Chapter 6541 Awakening, undead soul!
Chapter 6542 The bloodline turns nine, the founder of the undead family, the undead master!
Chapter 6543 Holy Blood Awakening Pool! Lin Feng began to baptize with holy blood!
Chapter 6544 With ten bloodlines, Lin Feng gets the great power of great freedom!
Chapter 6545 The plan to resurrect the undead Lord!
Chapter 6546 The Lord of Time - the apprentice of the Lord of Curses!
Chapter 6547 Alonso breaks through the transcendence and enters the cosmic battlefield!
Chapter 6548 Bet, Lin Feng hangs Yuwen and kills!
Chapter 6549 Panlong Mountains, a mysterious existence in the dark!
Chapter 6550 Yuwen, the lord of the undead, is immortal, the news of the Thunder Holy Venerable Zixiao!
Chapter 6551 The Zitian Hammer was born, and Chen Dong, the proud son of Tianlei Xuechen family, was cut off!
Chapter 6552 Lin Feng was attacked by terrifying creatures, and in the central area of ??the ancient forest, the Law of Thunder of Zixiao was discovered!
Chapter 6553 Chen Qian, who is ranked third among the top ten young masters in the wasteland, is charged with the Law of Thunder of Zixiao!
Chapter 6554 Stepping through the iron shoes, there is nowhere to find it, it takes no effort to get it!
Chapter 6555 The origin of the universe, the cultivation base has been greatly improved!
Chapter 6556 Is the magic tower related to the master of demons? Find the place where the creator inherits.
Chapter 6557 The reincarnation plate was successfully shaped!
Chapter 6558 The Lord of Time strikes! The bloodline supernatural power is in full swing!
Chapter 6559 Old friends, weep.
Chapter 6560 Li Yixu, the magic shrouded the cliff!
Chapter 6561 Exotic creatures attack, are you really the reincarnation of Brother Fan?
Chapter 6562 Refining the blood demon knife, Lin Feng's combat power level!
Chapter 6563 Two things in the hands of Li Mingxi's family!
Chapter 6564 The duty of the ruler of the forbidden area of ??life, guarding the mysterious space in the depths of the forbidden area of ??life!
Chapter 6565 What the Lord Gui asked Lin Feng to do, the refining cycle does not put out the fire!
Chapter 6566 The Mu family changed and met Mu Xianling!
Chapter 6567 The whereabouts of Mu Xianshi! The precious Daotian stone!
Chapter 6568 Thirty-six bamboo swords transformed into ancient weapons, and the fairy and demon stone statue left by the master of fairy and demon was born!
Chapter 6569 The heart of the fairy statue!
Chapter 6570 The stone ball that the master of fairy and demons turned, the wasteland dragon pool!
Chapter 6571 Break through the Lord, the sea king of the South China Sea world!
Chapter 6572 See Muxianshi!
Chapter 6573 Kill the Holy King Jialu in one move, shocking the world!
Chapter 6574 Lord of the Six Gods Valley, the arrogant and domineering Lin Feng!
Chapter 6575 The eighteenth stone sword, return to Longmen!
Chapter 6576 The ancient weapons show their power, and the shocking secrets are about to be revealed!
Chapter 6577 The terrifying Lord of Ten Thousand Paths, the Demon Saint of the Great Prison!
Chapter 6578 The origin of the gods, the treasure of the master of restraint curses!
Chapter 6579 Form the Kyushu Alliance Army.
Chapter 6580 The terrifying Wanbing Tree, Yuxin reappears!
Chapter 6581 Collect Wanbingshu, the terrifying golden destroying cauldron!
Chapter 6582 The tit-for-tat, the mysterious iron box battles the golden destroyer!
Chapter 6583 Fifty-two transcendental powerhouses and an army of 600 million monks!
Chapter 6584 The army confronts, and the battle before the war!
Chapter 6585 The silver ancestor who madly caught dead!
Chapter 6586 Killing Yinzu, fighting hard and reinforcements!
Chapter 6587 The grand wish of the Red Dust Immortal!
Chapter 6588 Lin Feng showed great power and even killed the strong beyond the realm!
Chapter 6589 Lin Feng is in danger
Chapter 6590 Behind the scenes, the world master clone was killed by Lin Feng?
Chapter 6591 Phoenix Nirvana, the octopus shakes the tree! (Repair)
Chapter 6592 The demon king takes action and kills the world master avatar behind the scenes!
Chapter 6593 Reaching the heaven, the ghost sword is the first to go!
Chapter 6594 The powerful ghost sword that makes people almost desperate!
Chapter 6595 Work together, hit the ghost sword!
Chapter 6596 Holy Dragon Immortal Liquid and the Ancestral Stone of the Town Hall!
Chapter 6597 The daughter of the emperor Huang Zengtian gets the trunk of the tree that builds trees!
Chapter 6598 On meritorious deeds, Ah Yigu recognizes the master!
Chapter 6599 Su Yuexi's reappearance, Lin Feng's cultivation base has soared!
Chapter 6600 Awakening the fourth bloodline, the mysterious purple blood (Monday
Chapter 6601 Pioneers, create a big world at will!
Chapter 6602 Li Mingxi is reincarnated, news of the black spirits of heaven and earth!
Chapter 6603 Black Wind Demon Domain, Xiao Hei's special induction!
Chapter 6604 Xiaohei's race meets Huang Linger.
Chapter 6605 Emperor Moruo, Heavenly Blood Lotus!
Chapter 6606 Arrived at Tianxue Valley! Secrets of Tianxue Valley!
Chapter 6607 Medusa, terrible blood fog.
Chapter 6608 Kill the blood spirit, Medusa is resurrected!
Chapter 6609 Battle Medusa, condense the realm of destiny!
Chapter 6610 Medusa and the Lord of Demons join forces!
Chapter 6611 The treachery of the evil emperor Luo, the threat before Lin Feng leaves!
Chapter 6612 The transformation of the Black Dragon Sword, and the chance to get the magic weapon of the Creator level!
Chapter 6613 Mysterious elixir, kill the Emperor Moruo!
Chapter 6614 Soul power surges, Lin Feng wants to sack the five demon emperors of the demon abyss!
Chapter 6615 Huge harvest! Ninety-five immortal scripture-level exercises!
Chapter 6616 The ugly face of the demon master!
Chapter 6617 Outside the starry sky tunnel, the collision of two big hands!
Chapter 6618 Find the origin of the heavens!
Chapter 6619 Cross the origin of the heaven and reach the ancient city of stars.
Chapter 6620 Blood beads, is that woman Huo Yihan?
Chapter 6621 The masked woman is injured, and the magic energy surrounds the ancient starry sky ship Xuanyuan!
Chapter 6622 Take off the mask to reveal her true face! Is the fairy godmother Huo Yihan?
Chapter 6623 Heaven-defying technique, free and easy!
Chapter 6624 Huo Yihan went to the Kunlun universe to break through the creator, and Lin Feng set off for the wasteland world!
Chapter 6625 Arriving in the wasteland, a kind nun!
Chapter 6626 The cultivation base breaks through, and the abyss emerges!
Chapter 6627 The master of yin and yang, the six reincarnations show their power!
Chapter 6628 Huge harvest, Di Ji's real thoughts.
Chapter 6629 The second primordial spirit of the Lord of Yin and Yang appears, a huge stone man!
Chapter 6630 The second primordial spirit is combined with the body of the Holy Spirit of the Stone Race!
Chapter 6631 Many forces in Qiandao Lake are destroyed, and Yaofeng City meets Su Yuexi again!
Chapter 6632 Wanhua Holy Stone, destination - Burial Emperor Yuan!
Chapter 6633 Treasure against the sky! Snatching the Xuanjin Tianguo!
Chapter 6634 Robbery, surrounded again.
Chapter 6635 Lin Feng breaks through the transcendence, Lin Feng's counterattack!
Chapter 6636 The quasi-creator-level powerhouse falls, and the Emperor Taishan is furious!
Chapter 6637 Weird Wanhua Holy Stone Crystal Coffin!
Chapter 6638 The past life and transaction of Wanhua Holy Stone
Chapter 6639 Recognizing the Lord, Resurrection, Lin Feng's tangle.
Chapter 6640 The first quasi-creator-level natal magic weapon! The secret place of Qiandao Lake!
Chapter 6641 The master of reincarnation is the transformation of the reincarnation magic butterfly?
Chapter 6642 The wonderful last reincarnation, the magic bead changes!
Chapter 6643 Breakthroughs, God punishes the evil corpse of Gu Lin!
Chapter 6644 Mysterious woman, the secrets recorded in the solitary book.
Chapter 6645 The man in white, she turned out to be a corpse?
Chapter 6646 The mysterious creator who masters the means of promoting pioneers, the terrifying man in white!
Chapter 6647 The confrontation with the monks in white, the terrifying bottomless abyss!
Chapter 6648 The magic of the curse shows its power, and cuts off the head with one sword!
Chapter 6649 Lord of life, suspected pioneer arm?
Chapter 6650 Unable to collect, mysterious iron box changes!
Chapter 6651 Battle, map.
Chapter 6652 Su Wanyu returns from calamity, God's Punishment Territory Black Prison Mountain!
Chapter 6653 Looking for the black prison fruit, meeting the monks of the fairyland!
Chapter 6654 Parallel space, Ge Hongtian's concession!
Chapter 6655 The terrifying poisonous dragon, the great prison demon saint shot, the shock in the hearts of Ge Hongtian and others!
Chapter 6656 Rogers, collect the black hell fruit tree!
Chapter 6657 Inquired about the whereabouts of the Holy Spirit of the Stone Clan, and was mistaken by Lin Feng for the woman of Liu Huaxian!
Chapter 6658 Heilou, thirty-two immortal scriptures, small trade fair!
Chapter 6659 Many treasures, life and death gems appear!
Chapter 6660 Get the gem of life and death, a special thing!
Chapter 6661 Confucianism Inkstone?, the clown jumping the beam.
Chapter 6662 Is the method of becoming a pioneer recorded in the Autumn Mountain map?
Chapter 6663 Gem fusion, tempering the magic weapon!
Chapter 6664 The strange autumn mountain map, the demon liquid of the heavens!
Chapter 6665 Take it all away, conflict? And misunderstanding?
Chapter 6666 From the beginning to the end, enter the dark castle!
Chapter 6667 The secret, Bai Ling's true face?
Chapter 6668 Daughter of the Creator, every hated person has a tragic past!
Chapter 6669 The jade carving related to the creation space, the terrifying Bai Ling!
Chapter 6670 Get the jade carving, the fiance of Bai Ling's previous life!
Chapter 6671 The cultivation base breaks through again, the secret of jade carving!
Chapter 6672 The evolution of the creation space, the Western universe Satan!
Chapter 6673 Liutian Shengjin, the ancient powerhouse of Xianliuyu!
Chapter 6674 Innate Dragon Clan, 72 Rising Dragon Pillars!
Chapter 6675 Xiaolong is the innate dragon royal family? The mysterious spirit of replacement!
Chapter 6676 Tyrant beast, a terrifying existence from the dark castle!
Chapter 6677 Conspiracy, sacrifice.
54 The battle strength of the heroes is against the sky, and the core is dominant!
Chapter 6678 Behind the scenes, the master of the world's royal family breaks through the realm of the creator!
Chapter 6679 Shady, the big prison devil's analysis of the future situation!
Chapter 6680 Lin Feng's plan, found the Holy Spirit of the Stone Clan!
Chapter 6681 The Yin Emperor's army is against the Shura Emperor's army, and Lin Feng's bloodline supernatural powers show their power again!
Chapter 6682 The realm and combat power of the stone man clone, the devastated Tianwenyu!
Chapter 6683 Li Yilan, sister Li Yixue, Cordyceps condensed by dark magic insects!
Chapter 6684 Charming Li Yilan, the monk army is coming!
Chapter 6685 Poison ancestor, Qi Xianwei, god of plague, Li sisters' guess about Lin Feng's identity!
Chapter 6686 The world behind the scenes - Wanyanlie!
Chapter 6687 New gathering area, twenty-three precious Cordyceps!
Chapter 6688 The seventh awakening of the bloodline of destiny! And the terrible ability obtained after the seventh awakening!
Chapter 6689 Identity fraud, messenger of fate!
Chapter 6690 Recently, 18,000 years of life, a life is an era!
Chapter 6691 Is the mysterious iron box terrible? Or the corpse? (1)
Chapter 6692 Is the mysterious iron box terrible? Or the corpse? (Part 2)
Chapter 6693 Finalizing the establishment of power, many power meetings.
Chapter 6694 Lin Feng's coping method!
Chapter 6695 The war against the sky!
Chapter 6696 Cross the army of millions of monks!
Chapter 6697 The establishment of new forces and the impending crisis!
Chapter 6698 The establishment of Longteng Pavilion, the arrival of Zhu Qiang!
Chapter 6699 Negotiate with Tianziyi in person!
Chapter 6700 The extremely embarrassing Queen Medusa and her party!
Chapter 6701 Work together to kill the strong!
Chapter 6702 The holy source of the universe, the weird Queen Medusa!
Chapter 6703 The first fierce beast beast tooth, the cultivation base is making great progress!
Chapter 6704 The unification of Tianwenyu!
Chapter 6705 Immortal Monument, Dragon Kunyu, Soul Fragrant Fruit!
Chapter 6706 The soul power of the tenth heaven, the terrifying existence in the dark world!
Chapter 6707 Who wiped out the content on the immortal monument?
Chapter 6708 Terrible Genesis!
Chapter 6709 Teaching the exercises, stupid Li Yixue!
Chapter 6710 Leng Zixi, token, buried years!
Chapter 6711 The super powerful, but too prudent immortal master of Donghua!
Chapter 6712 Destroy the gods, master the sects!
Chapter 6713 The very stubborn fairy master Donghua negotiates conditions with Lin Feng!
Chapter 6714 The female cultivator of the demon cat tribe, the trouble encountered by the thousand-faced demon master!
Chapter 6715 The lake of the future, steal the secret
Chapter 6716 Future: Will everything be destroyed?
8 The sky-shattering stone tablet left in the future, a terrible big hand!
9 Threat from the mysterious creator, Taishan Fujun's nephew!
Chapter 6719 Big bursts of power, big killings!
Chapter 6720 Was attacked, fell short?
Chapter 6721 The voice that sounded in time and space
Chapter 6722 An inescapable fate!
Chapter 6723 The first divine book of Taoism 'Dao Zang'.
Chapter 6724 Eternal crystal seal, why did the creator meet in private?
Chapter 6725 The Lord of Destiny has researched a way to practice the Great Heaven, Great Freedom and Divine Art without the blood of destiny
Chapter 6726 The technique of crystal sealing, the immortal master of Donghua is extremely shameless!
Chapter 6727 Infinite Taoist priest's dream and Zhou Gong's dream interpretation
Chapter 6728 The treasures stolen by countless Taoist priests!
Chapter 6729 The magic pen is in hand
Chapter 6730 Coffin and doom
The old man interprets dreams
Chapter 6732 The old man's dream interpretation (2)
Chapter 6733 Successfully entered the mysterious mountain range, sixty-four puppets.
Chapter 6734 The Emperor Yin tried to stop the puppet, Lin Feng and others saw Yu Shang's body?
Chapter 6735 Stone Emperor Sutra, Wanling Pen, Stone Sutra.
Chapter 6736 Restore the events of the past
Chapter 6737 Great robbery, stealing Yu Shang's storage ring!
Chapter 6738 Terrible Crystal Sealing Technique
Chapter 6739 Dragon Sovereign Seal, Demon Python Sword, and giant space battleships are ferocious!
Chapter 6740 The Tianshi mirror, one of the three treasures of the Tianshi lineage!
Chapter 6741 What Xian Hongxue wants!
Chapter 6742 Hualongchi, half of the body!
Chapter 6743 The showdown with the ruler of the wasteland restricted area!
Chapter 6744 The master of the restricted area, the stone of the hidden dragon!
Chapter 6745 Emperor Shi Yaoxian, the feeling of deja vu!
Chapter 6746 The old friend, the mountain.
Chapter 6747 Yunmeng City, Yunmeng Clan, Yun Family Sisters and Brothers!
Chapter 6748 Xianlong loose people, overseas fairy liquid!
Chapter 6749 Xianlong loose people, dragon soul eight must!
Chapter 6750 Sky Eye Dragon Ball, promise!
Chapter 6751 Breakthrough, news.
Chapter 6752 Lin Feng's policy of entering the mountain
Chapter 6753 Long Qianyu, trade!
Chapter 6754 Greedy Dragon Race
Chapter 6755 The son of the pioneers (two in one chapter)
Trade and banquet
Chapter 6757 Immortal Brew and Breakthrough Again!
Chapter 6758 The big snake king appeared!
Chapter 6759 The terrifying big snake king!
Chapter 6760 Difficulty wounding the big snake king!
Chapter 6761 In the deadly battle, Lin Feng has all his cards!
53 A lot of magic tricks came out, and the big snake king was severely damaged!
Chapter 6763 The shocking stone stele shows its power, a battle that loses both sides!
Chapter 6764 Dayu City, two news.
Chapter 6765 Inquire about the news of Dayu and follow Lin Feng's old beggar.
Chapter 6766 Evil wind, scale armor!
Chapter 6767 Explore the mansion again, too false god armor!
Chapter 6768 The first defense magic weapon of the heavens.
Chapter 6769 Discovery, the dark world.
Chapter 6770 The cause of Dayu's death, the treasure left by Dayu!
Chapter 6771 Eyeliner placed beside the Lord of the Damned!
Chapter 6772 The monk of the Emperor Shi family!
Chapter 6773 Allies, stalkers!
Chapter 6774 Heaven-defying things, undead
Chapter 6775 Push the back map, choose the timing of the shot!
Chapter 6776 The baby is in hand, Lin Feng's means!
Chapter 6777 The ability to defy the sky, life is on the line!
Chapter 6778 The demon king wakes up, Liu Yuxin who wants to trade with Lin Feng!
Chapter 6779 Arrive, ancestor.
Chapter 6780 The shock of the five powerhouses!
Chapter 6781 Three top supernatural powers!
Chapter 6782 Soul improvement, piano sound.
Chapter 6783 Emperor Shitao, about a battle.
Chapter 6784 Quota, the world where the mountain is located!
Chapter 6785 Amazing opportunity, breakthroughs again and again!
Chapter 6786 Devil clan, found the fire of the sky.
Chapter 6787 Past events.
Chapter 6788 In the heart, great progress has been made in the negotiation!
Chapter 6789 What are the top five skyfires?
Chapter 6790 Lotus, Scarlet Insect King.
Chapter 6791 Amethyst of the sky, enter the mountain!
Chapter 6792 Terrifying sword energy that is unimaginable!
Chapter 6793 The origin of the Taishang Sword Tomb and the Five Great Swords!
Chapter 6794 Against the odds, collect the five swords!
Chapter 6795 In the depths of the sacred mountain, mutations occur!
Chapter 6796 Lord of purple light, innate purple energy.
Chapter 6797 The role of innate purple stone!
Chapter 6798 Decompose the innate purple stone! The plan to cultivate the demon cultivator!
Chapter 6799 Palace, news.
Chapter 6801 Su Yuexi and the sons!
Chapter 6802 The legend of the undead heart.
4 Lin Feng was attacked!
Chapter 6804 A powerful concealment method, who is the monk controlled by the undead heart?
Chapter 6805 Xianlong Mountain, ancient text!
Chapter 6806 Incomplete magic formula, news of another magic hand?
Chapter 6807 The banquet begins, the baby at the banquet.
Chapter 6808 Digest the opportunity and increase the cultivation base!
Chapter 6809 Trading! Mysterious place!
11 Promise, Arrive!
Chapter 6810 Rescue, ask!
Chapter 6811 Reward, amazing treasure!
Chapter 6812 The second quasi-creator-level natal magic weapon
Chapter 6813 Terrible attack, ghost eyes!
Chapter 6814 The war, the previous life of the magic hand.
Chapter 6815 The magic hand gets out of trouble, and the brand recovers.
Chapter 6816 Fierce battle, escape from the underwater cave!
Chapter 6817 The secret mastered by the magic hand in the previous life
20 What Lin Feng asked for
Chapter 6819 The monk controlled by the undead heart reappears
Frozen mountain belly
Chapter 6821 Terrible monster
The second ancient bronze book
Chapter 6823 The contents of the ancient bronze book, the induction of the three major spiritual insects!
Chapter 6824 Broken ancient ships, terrible monsters!
Chapter 6825 Fragments of the same material as the mysterious iron box!
Chapter 6826 One of the top ten magical powers in the last reincarnation
Chapter 6827 Goodbye Su Yuexi and Zhuzi!
Chapter 6828 Lin Feng's combat power exploded, and the evil god statue recovered!
Chapter 6829 The true identity of the evil god statue!
Chapter 6830 Pioneers' evil thoughts know the mysterious iron box?
Chapter 6831 Save the danger, the pioneer's evil plan!
Chapter 6832 The earth-shattering secret!
Chapter 6833 Terrible mysterious fragments!
Chapter 6834 Back to Longteng Pavilion, Lin Feng breaks through the Primordial Realm!
Chapter 6835 Crisis, Sun Valley!
Chapter 6836 Entering the Sun Valley, the cultivation base is severely suppressed!
Chapter 6837 Agreement with the Sun Meteorite
Chapter 6838 The evil thoughts of the pioneers are coming! The war is about to break out!
Chapter 6839 The time and space are shifted, the first time to use the super-order immortal stone!
Chapter 6840 Hit the pioneers' evil thoughts!
Chapter 6841 Terrifying and desperate pioneer's evil thoughts (6,000-word chapter)
Chapter 6842 The mysterious powerhouse takes action, and the development of the war is reversed!
Chapter 6843 The source, the end of the war!
Chapter 6844 Rebuild the Longteng Pavilion, refining the origin of the pioneers' evil thoughts!
Chapter 6845 Kill the undead soul, and the cultivation base increases sharply!
Chapter 6846 Wasteland dominates Gu Wantong
Summons Gu Wantong
Chapter 6848 Thousands of gold buy horse bones, and the ancient clan surrenders!
Chapter 6849 No gods, big secret!
Chapter 6850 Reach an agreement, the Southern Barbarian Territory is in distress!
Chapter 6851 The emperor of the abyss beast, who hijacked Gu Yuexi?
Chapter 6852 Refining the existence of the Creator's Law
Chapter 6853 Get death grass, terrifying existence in the world.
Chapter 6854 The past and present of terrifying existence!
Chapter 6855 Fierce battle, get rid of it successfully!
Chapter 6856 Rescue, a few thick-skinned female nuns.
Chapter 6857 Respectively, arrive at Nanhai City.
Chapter 6858 The city that never sleeps, the breath of danger (monthly ticket for a six-thousand-word chapter).
Chapter 6859 Evil spirits in the temple
Chapter 6860 Mysterious and scary eyes!
Chapter 6861 Qi Boshan, what Gu Yuexi is looking forward to faintly!
6862 The depth of the accident
Chapter 6863 Treasure against the sky, yin and yang ghost stone!
Chapter 6864 The yin and yang ghosts appear!
Chapter 6865 The goodwill of Yin-Yang Ghost Stone
Chapter 6866 Lin Feng wants to kill the monk controlled by the undead heart!
Chapter 6867 Fierce battle, new strategy!
Chapter 6868 Win by all means, Lin Feng wants to seal the heart of immortality!
Chapter 6869 The remnants of the heart of undead, the ability to undead soars!
Chapter 6870 Seven Immortals Island, the legend of the Seven Fairies!
Chapter 6871 Ten thousand insect liquid, who is this noble man?
Chapter 6872 Meet the mysterious woman again and arrive at the Southern Demon Sea!
Chapter 6873 Look at each other, a terrible existence in the dark!
Chapter 6874 Deduction, stash, sneak attack.
Chapter 6875 Possessed, Flower Fairy.
Chapter 6876 Suppressing the Flower Fairy
Chapter 6877 Healing, secret
Chapter 6878 Huge harvest, the sea changes!
Chapter 6879 Seven immortals are coming, scheming girl!
82 Extremely Excessive Conditions
83 The Past of Nan Moxian
84 In the canyon, thirty-six terrifying beings!
85 Spirit Field, Divide!
86 Enter, change!
87 The events of the past are confusing!
88 Agreement, the way of salvation!
89 The Imprisoned Mysterious Being Gets Out, The Spirit Of The Demon Suppression Pillar
90 The cultivation base increased sharply, and the golden eagle scattered people came
Chapter 6889 Who is the person who secretly peeps?
Chapter 6890 Earth-shattering news - the birth of the pioneer's son!
Chapter 6891 Legend of the Holy Tower in the Holy State
Chapter 6892 Daughter of the Lord of the Southern Holy State
1 Terrible Storm, Desert Town!
Chapter 6894 Nangong Xiaoxiao, enter the black storm again!
Chapter 6895 The black-bellied Nangong Xiaoxiao!
Chapter 6896 Negotiation, holy page!
Chapter 6897 Fight against five unknown and terrifying existences!
Chapter 6898 Get out of danger, the holy page is extraordinary!
Chapter 6899 The secret of the holy tower, arrive at the holy tower.
Chapter 6900 The mysterious powerhouse encountered by the roadside stall
Chapter 6901 Lin Feng's speculation!
6902. Chapter 6902 The descendants of the wasteland sin and blood
Chapter 6903 Entering the Devil's Mountain, ambushed?
Chapter 6904 Demon soldiers gather and fall into danger?
Chapter 6905 Fierce battle, the situation is dangerous!
Chapter 6906 Accumulate the power of the terrifying magnetic field of endless years!
Chapter 6907 In the battle of Wentian, the reversal appeared!
Chapter 6908 The battle against the sky exploded, seriously injuring the Heavenly Demon Venerable!
Chapter 6909 Suppress Tianmozun and face Huangfu Xian'er!
Chapter 6910 Huangfu Xian'er became Lin Feng's prisoner
Chapter 6911 The Demon Lord surrenders!
Chapter 6912 Huangfu Xian'er's contacts in the wasteland world
Chapter 6913 The cultivation base has greatly increased, Nangong Xiaoxiao has something important to tell Lin Feng!
Chapter 6914 The holy king of Tianshuang is now! The terrible holy king of Tianshuang!
Chapter 6915 Reversing the combination of supernatural powers!
Chapter 6916 Meet the mysterious monk again!
Five powerhouses visit
Chapter 6918 Intention and cooperation!
6919 The identity of the four powerhouses
Chapter 6920 Duanmu Qianshi, the choice of timing!
Chapter 6921 Sneak in successfully and face Duanmu Qianshi!
30 The ancient tree within the body, the terrible Duanmu Qianshi!
Chapter 6923 Use the door of the mind to move the void!
Chapter 6924 Injuring Duanmu Qianshi!
Chapter 6925 The situation has reversed, and Duanmu Qianshi is in danger!
Chapter 6926 Get the fruit of life!
Chapter 6927 Adjustment, refining the fruit of life!
Chapter 6928 The cultivation base has increased sharply, dragons and snakes are mixed!
Chapter 6929 Three-year contract!
Chapter 6930 Climbing the holy tower by fighting the holy tower!
Chapter 6931 The Law of Thunder Road!
The temple in the holy tower
Chapter 6933 The terrifying existence in the palace appeared
Chapter 6934 Conquer, the first quasi-creator-level powerhouse in the Book of the Dead!
Chapter 6935 Ancient secrets!
Chapter 6936 Looking at the top of the holy tower.
Chapter 6937 The top of the holy tower, an unreachable place!
Chapter 6938 Join forces to suppress mysterious existence!
Chapter 6939 Kunlun universe, monks of the saints!
Chapter 6940 Bryant, reach the top of the tower!
Chapter 6941 The guardian of the stone man at the top of the holy tower!
Chapter 6942 Is the bloodline of destiny going to evolve again?
Chapter 6943 The evolution of fate and bloodline, awakening the two supernatural powers!
Chapter 6944 Meet the mysterious monk again!
Chapter 6945 The evil thoughts of the pioneers appeared!
Chapter 6946 The arrival of Beibei and others!
Chapter 6947 Lin Feng and Hongchen Immortal Venerable!
Chapter 6948 The inner world of Hongchen Xianzun
Chapter 6949 The true identity of the cultivator back to nature!
Chapter 6950 The progress of the relationship begins with the Holy Tabby fight!
Chapter 6951 The guardian of the holy tower, the first level of the holy tower battle!
Chapter 6952 Difficult first level assessment!
Chapter 6953 The mysterious golden palace!
Chapter 6954 What is in the depths of the palace?
Terrible existence
Chapter 6956 Something that shocked the guardian of the tower
Chapter 6957 Things related to pioneers and the existence of the same era as pioneers!
Chapter 6958 Inheritance against the sky!
Draw lots
Chapter 6960 Magic clan, terrible means!
Chapter 6961 Wonderful magic method!
Chapter 6962 Duel, the monk who came out of the devil's abyss!
Chapter 6963 Show your strength and amaze the four!
Chapter 6964 Battles again and again, continuous promotion.
Chapter 6965 I rely, is this okay?
Chapter 6966 Heavy draw!
Chapter 6967 The gentleman's sword Yuezishan!
Chapter 6968 Each show of magic, both are promoted!
Chapter 6969 Damn, what happened?
Chapter 6970 Intense confrontation, the top six in the upper and lower half are born!
Chapter 6971 Six-in-three lottery results!
Chapter 6972 News from Senior Savage!
Chapter 6973 Three strong draw rules and Lin Feng's opponent
Chapter 6974 The magic tree planted by the Lord of Demons!
Chapter 6975 Seal 90% of the combat power!
Chapter 6976 Depriving the magic tree, Lin Feng debuts!
Chapter 6977 Intense magic showdown!
Chapter 6978 This is too pitiful, isn't it?
Chapter 6979 Absolute strength!
Chapter 6980 This game, I abstain!
Chapter 6981 The finals are staged, and Lin Feng confronts the pioneers!
Chapter 6982 Please immortal and summon the undead master Yuanling!
Chapter 6983 The terrible magical power of the pioneers' evil thoughts
Chapter 6984 The terrible magical powers of the pioneers' evil thoughts 2
Chapter 6985 Heaven-defying unique skills
Chapter 6986 Great power, cut the head of the pioneers' evil thoughts!
Chapter 6987 The pioneers' evil thoughts show their power.
Chapter 6988 Dead?
Chapter 6989 The battle of reversal! The final champion is decided!
Chapter 6990 The Hall of Merit to receive rewards!
Chapter 6991 The incomparably precious Law of the Creator!
Chapter 6992 The pioneers' nine top supernatural powers are the pioneers and ask the fairy!
The thing that awakens the blood of the pioneers
Chapter 6994 The Law of Refining the Creator (1)
Chapter 6995 Refining the Creator's Law (2)
Chapter 6996 The real origin of the guardian of the tower
Chapter 6997 Xiaoye is afraid that he has no chance with this place?
Flower Saint
Chapter 6999 Super scary Lin Feng
Chapter 7000 Treasures and Secrets
Chapter 7001 Change of fate and seven magic mountains
Chapter 7002 Valley, ten thousand fossils.
Chapter 7003 Mysterious broken gun, stone face!
Chapter 7004 I'm afraid I'm in big trouble now!
Chapter 7005 Want to devour the mysterious iron box?
Chapter 7006 Collect the real body of the stone man!
Chapter 7007 Get it, leave the inner world of Tongtian Temple!
Chapter 7008 The source message left by the pioneers
Chapter 7009 The location of the origin of the pioneers, breaking through the undead realm!
Chapter 7010 Refining and refining the second creator law failed!
Chapter 7011 Open Heaven Clan
Chapter 7012 The purpose of the four ancient races!
Chapter 7013 Kaitian Clan Ruyi Fairy!
Chapter 7014 The whereabouts of the ancestors of Lynch
Chapter 7015 The results of the preliminary conversation with Fairy Ruyi reached the barbarian tribe.
Chapter 7016 Lynch's past
7017 Lynch's Past 2
7018 Lynch's Past 3
Chapter 7019 Where is Lynch determined!
Chapter 7020 Chili.
Chapter 7021 Fighting Chili!
Chapter 7022 Terrible Gem of Destiny
Chapter 7023 Little black shows his power!
Chapter 7024 Chili walks together
Chapter 7025 Creator space evolution!
Chapter 7026 The content of Wuzitian (1)
Chapter 7027 The content of the wordless sky (below)
Chapter 7028 The Red Dust Immortal is here!
Chapter 7029 The mysterious practice of Kaitianzu!
Chapter 7030 Cultivating the gods to open the sky!
Chapter 7031 Go to the Black Devil Valley, the forbidden area of ??life!
Chapter 7032 Enter the Netherland!
Chapter 7033 Two Legions
Chapter 7034 The guns left by the second generation of underworld gods!
Chapter 7035 The swamp queen who masters petrification!
Chapter 7036 Suppressing the Swamp Queen, the amazing secret mastered by the Swamp Queen!
Chapter 7037 Are there creator-level powerhouses in the Netherland?
Chapter 7038 Collect the undead and reach the destination!
Chapter 7039 Terrible world chessboard!
Chapter 7040 The unbreakable world chess game!
Chapter 7041 Lin Feng's last resort!
Chapter 7042 Out of the world chess game!
Chapter 7043 Move out the ancestors
Chapter 7044 Get fairy fruit.
Chapter 7045 Does the Lord of Nether know Lin Feng?
Chapter 7046 The cultivation base has greatly increased, and try to refine the second law of the Creator!
Chapter 7047 The big change, the wasteland world is completely lost!
Chapter 7048 The pre-war mobilization of the monk army behind the palace and Lin Feng!
Chapter 7049 The terrifying power of war songs of all ages
Chapter 7050 The war broke out!
Chapter 7051 Fight against the pioneers again!
Chapter 7052 The treasure of the creator level - the reincarnation axe!
Chapter 7053 The situation is not good!
Chapter 7054
Chapter 7055 A battle that shook the world!
Chapter 7056 Is it an illusion?
Chapter 7057 Dream Country
Chapter 7058 Terrible magnetic field
Chapter 7059 The solution to the threat of magnetic fields!
Chapter 7060 The deputy cabinet owner personally leads the team out
Chapter 7061 The falling place of the dream kingdom!
Chapter 7062 close to the dream country
Chapter 7063 Another extraordinary magic lotus.
Chapter 7064 What medicine are you selling in your bones?
Chapter 7065 confrontation
Chapter 7066 The plan of three terrifying existences!
Chapter 7067 Nine Yin Lotus Seeds
Chapter 7068 The cultivation base has exploded!
Chapter 7069 Fourth Underworld God!
Chapter 7070 Negotiations with Emperor Yin
7071 Strategy
Chapter 7072 miraculous effect
Chapter 7073 Join forces to defeat the Fourth Underworld God!
Chapter 7074 Cultivating the great power of great freedom!
Chapter 7075 Underworld situation
Chapter 7076 Negotiations with the Fourth Underworld God
Chapter 7078 Finalized!
Chapter 7079 Jiuyou
Chapter 7080 The Battle of the Past
Chapter 7081 Dark creatures in the land of Jiuyou!
Chapter 7082 What happened to him?
Chapter 7083 Dark general!
Chapter 7084 Find the extremely cold stone
Chapter 7085 The truth of the year
Chapter 7086 The plan of the Lord of the Night
7087 Counterattack
Chapter 7088 Transaction
Chapter 7089 The extremely important dark order!
Chapter 7090 Mysterious Creator
Chapter 7091 Terrible Creator
Chapter 7092 Female creator!
The identity of the female creator
Chapter 7094 Alliance Meeting
Induction of the black treasure seal
Chapter 7096 Amazing discovery
Chapter 7097 stone tablet
Chapter 7098 Little Black's Enemy
Chapter 7099 Five little beasts
7100 Arrival and accident
Chapter 7101 Liu Xueruo's crisis
7102 lurking here
Chapter 7103 Easy suppression!
The dark side of the world
7105 Arrival
Chapter 7106 Wasteland Alliance!
Chapter 7107 Are you Lin Feng, the master of Longteng Pavilion?
Chapter 7108 Yes, I am Lin Feng, the master of Longteng Pavilion!
Chapter 7109 Fairy Feather Palace, Fairy Jade Star!
Mirage mother-in-law
7111. Chapter 7111 The shocking stone tablet breaks the mirage
Chapter 7112 Lin Feng's opponent
Insidious calculation
Chapter 7114 With the strategy of one enemy three!
7115 Absolute strength
Chapter 7116 Lin Feng's snooping
7117 The request of Fairy Yuxing
7118 Throw in the sea to feed the fish
Chapter 7119 The shock of Liu Tianshan and others!
7120 The destination
Chapter 7121 Lin Feng's means
Chapter 7122 Lin Feng's speculation
Chapter 7123 Terrible means
7124 Sit firmly on the Diaoyutai
Chapter 7125 Deploy overseas, starting from conquering more than a dozen major forces!
Chapter 7126 Unknown baby
Chapter 7127 The most difficult to endure the grace of beauty
Chapter 7128 Star Island, goodbye Fairy Jade Star!
Chapter 7131 The Lord of the Dark World - an extremely terrifying existence!
Chapter 7132 The creator-level treasure reappears in the world!
Chapter 7133 Lin Feng's terrible strength
7134 Spirit
Chapter 7135 Terrible attack
7136--Andrew Spirit's ultimate trick
Chapter 7137 Suppressing the Creator's Magic Weapon
Chapter 7138 Lin Feng, who controls everything
The method of refining
Chapter 7140 Attempt to refine
Chapter 7141 Defeat the will of the Creator!
7142 Complete destruction
7143 The four-way seal
Chapter 7144 What is the shocking secret?
Chapter 7145 The whole story
Chapter 7146 Eternal Emperor
7147. Chapter 7147
Backhand 7148
Chapter 7149 Mysterious Yuji Fairy
Chapter 7150 The soul breaks through again
7151 Calculation
Chapter 7152 Jun Tianyang
Chapter 7153 How can Lin Feng be so powerful?
7154 Proposal to mix up the monk army
Chapter 7155 Lin Feng is too domineering?
Chapter 7156 Self-disordered?
The method of brainwashing
Chapter 7158 Brainwashing is successful!
Chapter 7159 Husband battle, courage!
Chapter 7160 Strong counterattack!
Chapter 7161 The son of the pioneer who was hit hard
Chapter 7162 Defeat the son of the pioneers!
Chapter 7163 The son of the pioneer is completely defeated!
Chapter 7164 A battle to establish prestige!
Chapter 7165 Complete control of the wasteland alliance
Chapter 7166 Refining the second creator law
The inverted world in the ocean
Chapter 7168 Weird world
Special induction
Chapter 7170 Mysterious monk
Chapter 7171 The unknown existence of the inverted world
Chapter 7172 The spirit of darkness!
Chapter 7173 Weird place
Chapter 7174 Attack in the dark
Chapter 7175 Terrible little square
Chapter 7176 stone tablet
Chapter 7177 Is the black stele a shocking stele?
7178 Defeated
Chapter 7179 Suppression of the ninth shocking stone tablet (1)
Chapter 7180 Suppression of the ninth shocking stone tablet (2)
Chapter 7181 Unsung heroes of the same camp
Chapter 7182 Refining and refining the ninth shocking stone tablet
Chapter 7183 The strength of the Wasteland Alliance has greatly increased
7184 Wake up
7185 The shock of the female monk
Chapter 7186 time key
Important news
7188 Shocking the realm of the quasi-creator
Chapter 7189 Lin Feng breaks through the realm of quasi-creator (1)
Chapter 7190 Lin Feng breaks through the realm of quasi-creator (2)
Chapter 7191 The Lord of Wasteland Appears?
Chapter 7192 The super-order immortal stone vein shrouded by a magnetic field
The proportion of super fairy stone
Chapter 7194 Stone Buddha!
Chapter 7195 Weird
The secret of the stone Buddha
Chapter 7197 new discovery
Chapter 7198 Mysterious arm
Chapter 7199 Ten times the power of the arm of the dragon and elephant!
Chapter 7200 Is the Red Dust Immortal going to break through the realm of the creator?
7201 Advice from Immortal Venerable Red Dust
Chapter 7202 Lin Feng's plan
Chapter 7203 The prelude to the counterattack in the inland world kicked off
Chapter 7204 Red Dust Immortal Venerable's Induction to the Lord of Wasteland
Reach an agreement
Chapter 7206 Nine Emperors
Chapter 7207 Kill the Nine Emperors
Chapter 7208 Huge harvest
Chapter 7209 Purple wooden box
Chapter 7210 Aragon
Chapter 7211 Lin Feng's plan
Chapter 7212 Gods and demons are destroyed, and I live forever.
Chapter 7213 The technique of immortality?
Chapter 7215 Concealing the sky and crossing the sea
7216 The eve of the decisive battle
Chapter 7217 Burning Legion
7218 Cooperate again
Chapter 7219 The heart of God!
Chapter 7220 The peeping person reappears
Chapter 7221 Will there be a second stone Buddha in Haotianling?
The situation is unfavorable
Chapter 7223 Sword Army
Chapter 7224 Peak duel
Terrible attack
Power sharing
Two battlefields
Chapter 7228 Terrible Red Dust Immortal Venerable
7229 trump card
Chapter 7230 rout trend
Chapter 7231 reinforcements
The origin of the Burning Legion
Chapter 7233 Want to join the army of the sword
Before the dust settles
Chapter 7235 Unmoved Lin Feng
Chapter 7236 Terrible existence
Chapter 7237 A suspicious identity
Chapter 7238 Haotian Ridge
Chapter 7239 Ruler of the restricted area (1)
Chapter 7240 The restricted area dominates (2)
Chapter 7241 The restricted area dominates (3)
The 7242nd chapter dominated the restricted area (4)
Chapter 7243 The restricted area dominates (5)
The 7244th chapter dominated the restricted area (6)
The 7245th chapter dominated the restricted area (7)
Chapter 7246 Seamless cooperation
Chapter 7247 Deceiving too much
7248 Stone Buddha news
The second stone Buddha
Chapter 7250 Terrible Stone Buddha
Chapter 7251 Successful suppression of Stone Buddha!
Chapter 7252 people will conquer the sky
The request of the Burning Legion
The method that Lin Feng thought of
7255--Andrew Big Yellow Dog
Special induction
The method of rescue
7258 Threat before leaving
Chapter 7259 Preparations before resurrection!
Allocation of resources
Chapter 7262 Lin Feng's Yang Conspiracy
7263 Changes
Chapter 7264 joint confrontation
Chapter 7265 Shocked the Lord of the Curse
Chapter 7266 trouble
Chapter 7268 Nameless Iron Sword
Chapter 7269 Dark God will leave
Chapter 7270 Looking for the origin of the wasteland world
379 The Terrifying Five Decays of Heaven and Man
380 The Breath of the Origin of the Wasteland World
381 The Mysterious Iron Sword Changes Again
382 Ruined Stone Temple Group
383 Buddha statues
384 Charge and Crisis
385 Planting will not open, unintentionally planting willows and willows
386 Strange Buddha Statue
387 The Origin of Buddha Statues
388 Main Temple
389 The Encroaching Darkness
390 The third stone Buddha
391 Fighting
392 Seal
393 Terrible Blood Pool
394 Imprisonment
395 Last resort
396 Devour
Clues of the fourth stone Buddha
7291 Array
Chapter 7292 Terrible power
Chapter 7293 The way to change fate
Chapter 7294 Transaction with the origin of the wasteland world
7295 leave
Ninety-nine stone Buddhas
The fourth stone Buddha
Suppression (1)
Chapter 7300 Suppression (2)
Chapter 7301 Know the origin of the turtle
Back view
The so-called mission
Chapter 7304 West Sea Ning Island
Ning Keer (two-in-one chapter)
Ning's wishful thinking
Special induction
Wake up
Chapter 7309 The Door of Darkness
Chapter 7310 Corpse Sea
Chapter 7311 Reincarnation
Dangerous situation
Chapter 7313 The poisonous water that corrodes the creator powerhouse
Chapter 7314 The ghost god was beaten by a group
The news of the origin of the pioneers
Last chance
Chapter 7317 The strongest heaven group is strong again
Chapter 7318 Law: All gods die!
Chapter 7319 The pioneer rule!
The runes left by the pioneers
Chapter 7321 Desolate blood
Chapter 7322 The man in the dark
Chapter 7323 meet again
Chapter 7325 Terrible existence
Chapter 7328 is the best policy
Chapter 7329 Death Canyon
Chapter 7330 surrounded
7331 Rush to the depths
Special combination kill array
Chapter 7333 extremely terrifying existence
Chapter 7334 is under control (1)
Chapter 7335 is under the control of the other party (below)
Relying on 7336
Chapter 7337 The mutation in the depths of the mind
The terrorist power after the combination of the two sides
Chapter 7339 The spirit liquid of the fairy born when the heaven and earth were not opened
Chapter 7341 The counterattack officially begins
Chapter 7342 Invincible Sword
Chapter 7343 Is there a creator to kill Lin Feng?
Chapter 7344 Weird changes
Chapter 7345 Is it still Ning Keer?
Foreign aid
7348 The stone statue was created
Chapter 7349 Hard to argue
Chapter 7350 The origin of the strange stone statue (two-in-one chapter)
Chapter 7351 Ambush in the middle? (two-in-one chapter)
Chapter 7352 Suppression of Weird Stone Statues (1)
Chapter 7353 Suppressing the Weird Stone Statue (2)
Chapter 7354 The pioneers are about to return?
7355 The origin of the pioneers
Unable to refuse request
Chapter 7357 New transaction with Shidianling
Chapter 7358 Sheepskin Scroll and Huge Ascension (two-in-one chapter)
Chapter 7359 Changes in the sheepskin scroll
Chapter 7360 The end of the sunset (1)
Chapter 7361 The end of the sunset (2)
Chapter 7362 The end of the sunset (3)
Chapter 7363 The tenth shocking stone tablet
Chapter 7364 Terrible Square
Chapter 7365 Lin Feng's terrible strength
Chapter 7366 Suppression of the tenth shocking stone tablet
Chapter 7367 Coffin burial?
Chapter 7368 Open the coffin (two in one chapter)
A piece of clothing
Chapter 7370 Clothes God
Chapter 7371 Twelve Earthly Branches
Chapter 7372 Re-suppressing the God of Clothes
The so-called privilege
Chapter 7374 What is the spirit of the stone hall looking for?
Chapter 7375 The first stone holy spirit between heaven and earth - Shizu!
The original stone liquid
Uneasy feeling
Chapter 7378 The spiritual world almost collapsed
Chapter 7379 Terrible Lin Baitian
Chapter 7380 full harvest
Chapter 7381 ten times the savings
The news of the mummified old man
Chapter 7383 Status Quo of Kunlun Universe
Chapter 7384 The time and space tunnel from the past time and space to the present time and space
Chapter 7385 whereabouts a mystery
7386--Andrew Kyushu Universe Tianya Hai Pavilion Pavilion Master
Chapter 7387 Sikong Yu's guess!
Chapter 7388 Five paragraphs without words!
Chapter 7389 gilded holy gold
Chapter 7390 Excited Osho Ancient Emperor
Chapter 7391 Sikong Yu's task
Chapter 7392 Will of the Lord of the Curse
The specific situation of the undead inside the book of the undead
Chapter 7394 The secrets I know are enough to shock the world!
7395 Deliberation of the events of the year
Chapter 7396 The mysterious iron box came from Kunlun Mountain?
The location of the fifth stone Buddha
Chapter 7398 The misty rain fairy of the top ten beauties in the West Sea World!
7399 hydrangea
Chapter 7400 Charming bones
Night tour
Chapter 7403 Did I say let you go?
Chapter 7404 Wu Zitian
Chapter 7405 Wu Zitian's expectations
Chapter 7406 Misty Rain Fairy with a complicated heart
The fifth stone Buddha
Overdraft potential
Chapter 7409 The hidden ultimate move of the fifth stone Buddha
The terrifying strength of the strongest heaven group
Chapter 7411 Seal the fifth stone Buddha
Chapter 7412 Life Stone
Chapter 7413 Anti-sky effect
Chapter 7414 Pretty Misty Rain Fairy
Chapter 7415 The most difficult to accept the grace of beauty
Chapter 7416 Preparations before breaking through the realm of the creator!
Chapter 7417 Stone Buddha fusion!
Chapter 7418 Impact the creator realm!
Hard against thunder calamity
Chapter 7420 I am Chen.
Chapter 7421 Self-destruction
Chapter 7422 Yugong Moves Mountains
531 The Terrible Dharma Sign of the Four Elements (Chapter Two in One).
532 The Tao recorded in the jade pendant of immortality!
533 Survival in danger
534 Breakthrough Creator
535 Void Array
536 Smash the unknown evil plan!
537 Nine Things (Part 1)
538 Nine Things (Part 2)
539 The Eleventh Heavenly Fire!
540 Mysterious Man
541 The Lord of the Wasteland
542 The hidden secret of alliance?
Chapter 7435 The new natal magic weapon (1)
Chapter 7436 The new natal magic weapon (2)
Chapter 7437 The eighth natal magic weapon, the Primordial Umbrella!
Chapter 7438 Return to the West Sea World!
Plastic base liquid
Chapter 7440 Mysterious floating boat
Chapter 7441 Mysterious Bronze Jar (two-in-one chapter)
Chapter 7442 Is it a snow mountain ancestor stone?
Chapter 7443 new fragments
Chapter 7444 The dark canyon! The must-go restricted area of ??life!
7445--Andrew Cold Mountain Snow Clan
Chapter 7446 The origin of the Qiushan map!
7447 The pioneers appeared
Chapter 7448 From then on, I am called the pioneer.
Chapter 7449 hidden feelings
Chapter 7450 The death of Qiushantu (1)
Chapter 7451 The death of Qiushantu (below)
Chapter 7452 The secret of Qiushan map
7453 The owner of the floating boat
7454. Chapter 7454 Entrusted by others
Chapter 7455 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 7456 Sword of Early Thunder
Chapter 7457 Xuan Dao riding a turtle
Chapter 7458 Another ancient battlefield?
Chapter 7459 Whose body is the stone turtle?
The transaction is successful
7461 A woman's heart
7462 Confession 1
7463 Confession 2
Chapter 7464 Goodbye Misty Rain Fairy (two-in-one chapter)
Chapter 7465 Spring River Flower Moon Night
Volatility in the depths of the deep sea magic cave
Chapter 7467 The monk who revives the mysterious seed in the dantian
Chapter 7468 fight
7469 Battle 2
7470 Battle 3
Chapter 7471 Persuasion fails, the pioneer rule of desperate struggle!
Chapter 7472 Lin Feng successfully refined the pioneer rule!
Chapter 7473 new discovery
Chapter 7474 Mysterious man
Chapter 7475 Extraordinarily terrifying strength
Chapter 7476 Want to replace Lin Feng?
Chapter 7477 Since this thing is useless, burn it!
Chapter 7478 Wuchen's family was exterminated?
7479 Token
Chapter 7480 Mysterious old man
The identity of the old man
Chapter 7482 Lin Feng's speculation
Chapter 7483 means of exhibition
Chapter 7484 Each Exhibition Means 2
Chapter 7485 Each Exhibition Means 3
Chapter 7486 Various exhibition methods 4
Chapter 7487 comprehensive suppression
Chapter 7488 Lin Feng with a tough attitude
Chapter 7489 The dust-free day forced to recognize the Lord
The strange stone that nurtured the Holy Spirit of the Stone Race
Chapter 7491 Past pictures
Chapter 7492 the arrival of the moon ascension day
Chapter 7493 Moon landing (two-in-one chapters are not separated)
7494 Moon landing 2
7495 Moon Landing 3
Chapter 7496 looking for
Cooperation Agreement
Chapter 7500 Something went wrong
Chapter 7501 Wasteland Tianzun?
Chapter 7502 Zhang Tianxu has a good mentality
Chapter 7503 Is there a trap?
Passing the message
Chapter 7505 Surrounded?
Chapter 7506 Then we can try
Chapter 7507 Lin Feng, who knows everything
Chapter 7508 One person defeats a monk army!
Chapter 7509 Wasteland Tianzun also refined the pioneer law?
Chapter 7510 Blood Demon Eye
Chapter 7511 Fawo's real world
Chapter 7512 follow-up
Chapter 7513 Nine Cliffs
Chapter 7514 Induction of nine cliffs
After the rainbow
The real Devil Island
7518 The place where the bones are buried
Nine hanging coffins
Chapter 7520 open the coffin
Chapter 7521 Infinite Taoist dead?
Chapter 7522 Pregnancy Demon Sutra
Chapter 7523 Nine Demons
Chapter 7524 Thoroughly tore the skin
Chapter 7525 Pioneering era! Twelve ancestors!
7526 The situation is not good
Chapter 7527 The supernatural powers of the pioneering era
7513 The situation is not good
Chapter 7514 The mirror of fate!
7515 stalemate
Chapter 7516 Pioneering era can be called the heaven-defying holy pattern (1)
Chapter 7517 The pioneering era can be called the heaven-defying holy pattern (below)
View the future
Chapter 7534 Destined to be an enemy?
Chapter 7535 Transactions with Infinite Taoists
Important breakthrough
Chapter 7537 Bloody Storm
Chapter 7538 Nameless Monument
Chapter 7539 Potential test!
The potential of Lin Feng
Chapter 7541 The heavens shake!
Chapter 7542 lake
Chapter 7543 Qinglong
Chapter 7544 New mount target
Chapter 7545 Forced transition
Special induction
Chapter 7547 Ancient Tombs
The ninety-eighth tomb
Identity (1)
Chapter 7551 Identity (below)
Chapter 7552 Legendary Magic Treasure - Thousand Magic Map!
The respective calculations
7554 The unity of people and pictures
Chapter 7555 cut off the head
Chapter 7556 Suppressing Thousand Demons (1)
Chapter 7557 Suppressing Thousand Demons Map (2)
Chapter 7558 Refining Longyuan
Chapter 7559 Lin Feng's speculation before the god of clothing hit the creator!
Chapter 7560 Clothes God Crossing the Tribulation
Chapter 7561 Clothes God's impact on the creation mainly failed?
Chapter 7563 The ancient city of Devil's Island
Chapter 7564 Devil Stone
Chapter 7565 Liu Rouge
Chapter 7566 Refining the Thousand Magic Map!
Chapter 7567 Soul Search
Chapter 7568 Great Demon God
Chapter 7569 Release the news of the demon stone
Chapter 7570 Liu Rouge's visit
Chapter 7571 New news about grandpa
Chapter 7572 What is the relationship?
Chapter 7573 The ancient jade pendant associated with the grandfather
Chapter 7574 Liu Rouge's careful thoughts
Chapter 7575 The origin of the peerless son
Chapter 7576 The much-anticipated Devil Stone Fair
Chapter 7577 The trading method of demon stone
Trade things
Chapter 7579 The original owner of the item
Chapter 7580 Reappearance
Chapter 7581 The anti-sky effect of the Xuanling Divine Scroll!
Chapter 7582 A mere Lei family, in Lin Feng's eyes, what is it?
Chapter 7583 Sweeping the Lei Family!
Chapter 7584 The power of one person
Conditions proposed by Lin Feng
Chapter 7586 Lin Feng's attack
Five Swords Qi
7588 Recovery
Chapter 7589 Blood Lotus Demon Flower
Chapter 7590 Eye of blood!
Chapter 7591 A shocking scene!
Chapter 7592 The counterattack of the blood lotus flower
Chapter 7593 Forcibly crossing the blood lotus flower
Chapter 7594 Destroyer of Thunder!
Chapter 7595 People hidden in the dark take action!
7596 The fish that slipped through the net
Chapter 7597 Mysterious finger bones!
Chapter 7598 Past events
Chapter 7599 Five powerhouses!
Chapter 7600 Cut off three souls and seven souls
Chapter 7601 The so-called six reincarnations.
Chapter 7602 The true origin of the mysterious iron sword?
Chapter 7603 Frightened Devil Island
Chapter 7604 The origin of the Devil's Forest
Chapter 7605 The lake in the abyss
The existence under the lake
Chapter 7607 The nine-headed octopus monster in myths and legends!
Chapter 7608 Blue broken stone tablet!
Each step back
Chapter 7610 Whereabouts of the Great Demon God
Chapter 7611 Important news about the broken stone tablet!
Chapter 7612 new transaction
Chapter 7613 The enemy of the nine-headed octopus monster and the origin of the horror in the depths!
Chapter 7614 Nine-headed octopus monster out of trouble
Chapter 7615 The Lord of Devil Island is attacking
Chapter 7616 Devil's Eye
Chapter 7617 The terrifying Alcatraz Lord and the Great War have turned a corner!
Chapter 7618 Grandpa broke through the realm of the creator?
Chapter 7619 One of the future superpowers!
Chapter 7620 Awaken the memory of the past life!
Chapter 7621 Is the situation in the wasteland not good?
Chapter 7622 Mysterious Creator
Chapter 7623 true and false
Chapter 7624 Pulling Ye Yin God
The creator of deja vu
Chapter 7626 Terrible mysterious creator
Chapter 7627 Speculation on the identity of the mysterious creator!
Chapter 7628 Three worlds!
Chapter 7629 The mirror flower shadow has a miraculous effect!
Chapter 7630 The Lord of Suppression Cursed Past!
Chapter 7631 One can't escape!
Chapter 7632 Soul Search
Chapter 7633 The master of the curse is practicing in front of the gate of eternal life?
Chapter 7634 The plan to forge the second incarnation outside the body!
Chapter 7635 what Lin Feng proposed
Chapter 7636 Another part of the pioneer law and the whereabouts of the stone king!
Chapter 7637 The second incarnation of the creator realm outside the body!
Chapter 7638 One step away from the creator!
Chapter 7639 Little Chaos Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 7640 Misty Sea
Chapter 7641 Discover the chaotic Xuanhuang ancestors!
Chapter 7642 Terrible formation
Unexpected joy
Chapter 7644 Nightmare Emperor Venerable
Chapter 7645 Killing in a dream!
Chapter 7646 All dead?
Chapter 7647 Terrible Nightmare Emperor Venerable
Chapter 7648 Lin Feng's method of dealing with the Nightmare Emperor Venerable
Chapter 7649 The immortal nightmare emperor in the dream
Chapter 7650 Absolute advantage!
Chapter 7651 Looking for the Nightmare Emperor's Nest!
Chapter 7652 Pretender
Chapter 7653 The law space created by the law of the pioneering era
Get out of trouble
Chapter 7655 Charge the laws of the pioneering era!
Chapter 7656 The new world begins to evolve
Chapter 7657 Dream Ancestor Palace
Chapter 7658 Terrible means
Chapter 7659 dream ancestor
Chapter 7660 768 Crisis and Turnaround
Chapter 7661 Seal the Nightmare Emperor!
Chapter 7662 The leader of the pioneer era - Chaos God!
Chapter 7663 The specific distribution method of chaotic Xuanhuang Ancestral Qi
Chapter 7664 The ancient chaotic lamp hits the realm of the creator!
Chapter 7665 Chaos ancient lamps will also be reborn in Nirvana?
Chapter 7666 Time and space evolve at the same time as the big world
Chapter 7667 The mysterious existence born in the big world
Chapter 7668 The collective strength is advancing
Chapter 7669 Miss Zhou throws hydrangea
Chapter 7670 The poisonous ancestor is getting married
Chapter 7671 The mysterious sun and moon well!
Chapter 7672 The Supreme Being of the Sun and the Moon - the best friend of the pioneers!
Chapter 7673 A subordinate and a father
Chapter 7674 Moon and Sun
Chapter 7675 The Yin Soldiers in the Sun and Moon Well!
Chapter 7676 The terrible ability of the commander of the Sun Moon Jing Yin Army Corps!
Chapter 7677 The shock of the Yin Emperor Legion!
Chapter 7678 Negotiations with the Commander of the Sun Moon Jing Yin Army Corps (1)
Chapter 7679 Negotiations with the Commander of the Sun Moon Jing Yin Army Corps (2)
Chapter 7680 Speculation on the origin of the Sun Moon Jing Yin Army Corps!
Chapter 7681 Zhou Min disappeared
Chapter 7682 The mysterious black slate
Chapter 7683 The room suppressed by the evil stone
Chapter 7684 Things are reversed! Zhou Min turned out to be a good person?
Chapter 7685 Terrible! Almost crushing strength!
Chapter 7686 Bloodline Sensing Ancestor
The strength of the ancestors
7688 The ins and outs
Chapter 7689 Terrible sound of charm
Chapter 7690 It turned out to be a charm fairy
Chapter 7691 Charming Fairy's Past
Chapter 7692 Meixian joins Longteng Pavilion
Chapter 7693 Sun and Moon Immortal Palace
Chapter 7694 The Supreme Being of the Sun and Moon Appears
7695 true and false
Chapter 7696 got the ring
Chapter 7697 Really Yin God
Skull head
7699 Forcibly swallowed
Chapter 7700 Crazy idea
Chapter 7701 The terrifying existence under the sun and moon well
Chapter 7702 The new immortal medicine
Chapter 7703 Nine-color lotus counterattack
Three options for refining nine-color lotus
Chapter 7705 Talking about the Profound Truth
Chapter 7706 Another way to accelerate the rapid growth of immortal medicine
Chapter 7707 The rumored five elements of gold liquid!
Chapter 7708 Immortal stone beyond the super-order immortal stone
Chapter 7709 Inheritance against the sky
Chapter 7710 600,000 top treasures
Chapter 7711 The whereabouts of the Sun, Moon and Nine Heavens Pagoda!
Chapter 7712 How to find the Sun, Moon and Nine Heavens Pagoda
Chapter 7713 The second person who broke through the creator of the strongest heaven group
Chapter 7714 Internal Dispute in the Book of the Undead
The method of quelling disputes
Chapter 7716 The Land of God Falling Galaxy
Chapter 7717 With the starry sky layout, with the galaxy as the array!
Tomb of the second ancestor dragon
Chapter 7719 The mysterious powerhouse wandering between heaven and earth
Chapter 7720 Awakening billions of dragon souls
The choice of the ancestor dragon
The identity of the mysterious powerhouse
Chapter 7723 secret
Chapter 7724 Looking for the Dragon's Secret
Chapter 7725 The ban on the sky-defying formation inherited from the dragon family.
Chapter 7726 The second ancestor dragon scepter and the secret formation of the dragon family!
Supreme liquid
Chapter 7728 The worst of times, the best of times!
Chapter 7729 Lin Feng breaks through the realm of the creator
Chapter 7730 The division of the pioneer realm (1)
Chapter 7731 The division of the pioneer realm (2)
Chapter 7732 Crossing the Creator Tribulation, one death and one success!
Chapter 7733 something happened to Sauron
Bought people's hearts
The terrifying power of the Western universe
The new secret of Kyushu lights
The new secret of Kyushu lights
Chapter 7737 What did Emperor Osho say?
Chapter 7737 What did Emperor Osho say?
Chapter 7738 Exchange of cultivation experience
Chapter 7739 Related to the Lord of Demons
Light and shadow
Chapter 7741 What are you looking for?
Chapter 7742 The Demon Seeds Circulating Inside the Door of Eternal Life
Chapter 7743 Born to restrain each other
Chapter 7744 The power of mystery fragments
Chapter 7745 The Lord of Demons has taken action
Chapter 7746 Black magic cave, fragmented!
Chapter 7747 The transaction with the magic embryo
856 Nuwa City
857 Will Be Forgotten
858 The Mystery of Nuwa's Robbery
859 The Profound Truth Fragments Circulating Inside the Gate of Eternal Life
860 I am dumbfounded
861 Anomalies
862 The Change of the Night
Chapter 7755 Profound Truth Fragments
The key to breaking the formation
Chapter 7757 The power of mystery
Chapter 7758 God of Profound Truth
Chapter 7759 Sealing Profound Truth Fragments
Chapter 7760 The heart is like a rock, rejecting the reconciliation of the mystery fragments!
Chapter 7761 Fusion of Profound Truth fragments, the strength soars, and someone in the strongest celestial group has attacked the realm of the Creator!
Chapter 7762 The breakthrough is successful! The strongest group adds another creator-level powerhouse!
Chapter 7763 The strange valley, the poisonous ancestor Shouyuan was swallowed!
Voldemort Beads
Chapter 7765 Amazing woman
Chapter 7766 Thief Saint Bai Zhanfei
Chapter 7767 Go find the treasure I left behind!
Chapter 7768 Lead the snake out of the hole
Chapter 7769 Zhou Tong's daughter
Chapter 7770 The true identity of the woman
Chapter 7771 Pirates of the Holy Token
Chapter 7772 sway your heartstrings
Chapter 7773 Who is he?
Discussion on Lin Feng
Chapter 7775 Mysterious residual wood
Chapter 7776 Pirate the Holy Ship!
Chapter 7777 Who are they?
Chapter 7778 The existence out of the gate of eternal life
Chapter 7779 The terrifying area inside the gate of immortality
Chapter 7780 Immortal ancestry!
Chapter 7781 The fifth monk of the strongest heaven group breaks through the realm of the creator!
Chapter 7782 Demon body
Chapter 7783 Has the demon body refined the mystery fragments?
Chapter 7784 Suppressing the Demon Body
Chapter 7785 Past events
Chapter 7786 The treasure is the stone sword?
Chapter 7787 The suppressed stone sword is not one of the thirty-six stone swords?
Chapter 7788 Tiger's mouth grabs Lin Feng's food?
Chapter 7789 Depressed spirits of the two great towers
Chapter 7791 cheap son
Chapter 7792 A well in Cangyun Stream
Chapter 7793 Nine-tailed fox clan
Chapter 7794 Who are you fighting for?
Chapter 7795 Divine Court Beads
Eyelids jump
Chapter 7797 Wanxingyu Taibaixing
Chapter 7798 Another Lord of Darkness?
Into the tower
Chapter 7800 Sikong Yu is dead?
7801--Andrew Real Crystal
7803 The whereabouts of the mother
Chapter 7804 Lin Feng's expectations
Chapter 7805 Necronomicon Valley
7806 The place where the coffin is kept
Chapter 7807 Corpse Emperor
Chapter 7808 Collect the army of zombies
Chapter 7809 The six powerhouses of the Necronomicon
Chapter 7810 The secret of resurrection from the dead
Chapter 7811 The Tower of Resurrection in the Gate of Eternal Life!
Chapter 7811 The Tower of Resurrection in the Gate of Eternal Life!
Chapter 7812 How is she?
Chapter 7813 The crisis of water exquisite
Chapter 7814 Wu Xie Taoist
Chapter 7815 The mysterious Tianxie clan!
Chapter 7816 The creator of wasteland time and space - Daojun Quicksand
Chapter 7817 Demon Ancestor Magic Stone
Chapter 7818 The baby that caught Lin Feng's attention
The stone of reincarnation
Chapter 7820 Weird beads
Unexpected joy
Chapter 7822 The cultivation base increased sharply
Chapter 7823 Strange palace group
Chapter 7824 Enter the main hall
Chapter 7825 Lin Feng, who is trapped in a tight siege
Stone man
Chapter 7827 The sturdy Lin Feng
Chapter 7828 Lin Feng's speculation
Chapter 7829 The five demons of opening the sky!
Chapter 7831 Is it really a Kyushu lamp?
Chapter 7832 words without words
7833 The reality of Kyushu lights
Chapter 7834 Tools for polishing Kyushu lamps!
One thing overcomes one thing
Chapter 7836 The five demons who think they have favorable conditions
Chapter 7837 The five demons who are about to be scared to pee
Psychological warfare
Chapter 7839 Get the Kyushu lamp!
Black Yan
The location of Kyushu lights
Chapter 7842 Falling off the cliff again
Murderer speculation
Chapter 7844 Mysterious woman in the restricted area of ??life
Chapter 7845 Hei Yan Pavilion debuts
Chapter 7846 The master of Eternal Demon Mountain with a very tough attitude
Chapter 7847 Shocking news
Chapter 7848 What surprised Lin Feng and Yao Qianwu
The real Kyushu lamp
Chapter 7850 Yao Qianwu was swallowed by Kyushu lights
Chapter 7851 Accidentally appeared, Lin Feng was also swallowed by the Kyushu lamp!
Chapter 7852 Further contact with the secrets of the heavens
Chapter 7853 Who is the powerhouse trapped inside the Kyushu lamp?
Chapter 7854 Three conditions for charging Kyushu lights
Potential threat
Chapter 7856 Want Yao Qianwu to take the initiative to recognize the master?
The composition of Heiyan Pavilion
Chapter 7858 The shock of Yao Qianwu!
Chapter 7858 The shock of Yao Qianwu!
Chapter 7859 The passage into the world behind the scenes
Chapter 7859 The passage into the world behind the scenes
Chapter 7860 I can't imagine who the owner of that paw is.
Chapter 7861 Ancient existence, corpse ancestors are destroyed!
Chapter 7862 The second person who failed the tribulation of the strongest heaven group appeared?
Chapter 7863 The monk in the ruins
Chapter 7864 This guy turned out to be the son of luck?
Chapter 7865 Accept Dugu Jiutian as a disciple!
Chapter 7866 One-sided battle!
Chapter 7867 Wanzhang Mountain, a thousand-zhang old turtle who has crossed reincarnation!
Chapter 7868 The method of mixing into Wanzhangshan Prison
Chapter 7869 Transition
The method of rescue
Chapter 7871 Changes
Chapter 7872 The poison of immortal poisonous flowers!
Chapter 7873 Desperate?
Chapter 7874 blood-stained clothes
Vitality in the dead
Vitality in the dead
Earth Demon Liquid
Chapter 7877 The yin soldiers who drink the extremely cold liquid as water.
7878 Receive extremely cold liquid
Chapter 7879 Successfully detoxified the poison of the eternal poisonous flower!
Chapter 7880 The Holy Emperor in the Stone
Chapter 7881 Ghost Palace and Dead Sea
White Shadow
The ancient city under the sea
The ancient city under the sea
Chapter 7884 The white shadow of the injury!
Chapter 7885 The imprisoned first ancestor dragon
Chapter 7886 The plan to rescue the first ancestor dragon
Chapter 7887 The Yin soldiers face off!
Chapter 7889 Made it?
Chapter 7890 Sudden change!
Chapter 7891 Successfully rescued the first ancestor dragon!
Chapter 7892 The seeds of life comparable to the seeds of the tree that build trees!
Chapter 7893 The land of blood-stained pioneers
Chapter 7894 Chaos Stone Clock
Unknown danger
Chapter 7896 Terrible existence
Chapter 7897 Tianzu doll
Chapter 7898 Want to forcibly cross the Tianzu doll
Chapter 7899 Conquering Shi Zhongtian
Chapter 7900 Who is the mysterious man who counts for eternity?
Chapter 7901 Weird abyss
7902 The carrion of the pioneer era
Chapter 7903 Toxic
Chapter 7904 The power of light
Chapter 7905 Carrion with extremely strange means
Difficult battle
Chapter 7907 Terrible mysterious iron box
Chapter 7908 Severely injured and escape
Chapter 7909 Lin Feng, who turned his face immediately after the transaction
The way to leave
Chapter 7911 The powerful man behind the scenes in the world - A Yigu!
Ayigu's past
Pollen flying all over the sky
Chapter 7914 Secret
Chapter 7915 Our Lady of Shiji!
7916 The birth of the devil
7917 Faceless Demon
Chapter 7918 Subduing the Faceless Demon
Chapter 7919 The mysterious river that appeared in the extreme west
Chapter 7920 Red Dust Immortal Venerable Now
Chapter 7921 What is the origin of the coffin pulled by the Red Dust Immortal?
Chapter 7922 Eternal River
Sea King
The method of breaking the formation
The ancient city in the eternal river
Chapter 7926 Weird ancient city
Chapter 7927 a mouth
Chapter 7928 Lin Feng and others were also swallowed
Stone armor
Chapter 7930 The opportunity to conquer the demon city is here
Chapter 7931 Demon City recognizes the master
Chapter 7932 The fallen creator magic weapon
Chapter 7933 The ancient coffins that are rumored to be buried in nine universes!
Chapter 7934 The first floor of the nine-layer fairy coffin
Unexpected existence
Chapter 7936 Weird Nine-fold Immortal Coffin
Joint suppression
Chapter 7938 Scarlet Rune Town Yu Yue
7939 The origin of Yu Yue
Chapter 7940 Empress Shiji appeared?
Chapter 7941 The first conversation with Empress Shiji
Chapter 7942 Terrible prohibition
Chapter 7943 call
Chapter 7944 The poisonous ancestor found the shocking stone tablet?
Chapter 7945 Is it a shocking stone tablet that came up from fishing?
Chapter 7946 Encountered bone dragon
Chapter 7947 Demon City Devouring Bone Dragon
Chapter 7948 Who is fighting whom?
The background of the other party
Chapter 7950 Want to live?
Chapter 7951 Conquering the Bone Dragon (1)
Chapter 7952 Conquering the Bone Dragon (Part 2)
The conditions of the Virgin of Shiji
Undersea civilization
Chapter 7955 The number of undead legions has soared!
Chapter 7956 The second main monument of the Shocking Stone Stele appears?
Chapter 7957 The whereabouts of the main monument of another shocking stone monument!
Chapter 7958 The probability of successfully rescuing Lord Turtle is zero?
Chapter 7959 Qian Hongxue
The conspiracy theory of the poisonous ancestor
The transaction with Qian Hongxue
Rescue plan
Chapter 7964 Successfully rescued Lord Turtle
Get out of trouble
Chapter 7966 The call of Noriko's virtual remnant soul
Chapter 7967 Ji Zixu's real cause of death
Chapter 7968 Where is Ji Zixu's remnant soul?
Blind eye operator
Specific countermeasures to attack Tianshen Island
The altar of death
The confidence of Tianshen Island
Chapter 7973 The terrorist combat capability of the strongest heaven group!
Give you a chance to live
7975. Chapter 7975 Killing the behind-the-scenes mastermind of the world's royal family (1)
Chapter 7976 Killing the behind-the-scenes mastermind of the world's royal family (Part 2)
Chapter 7977 The blind eye operator deduces the whereabouts of Noriko's virtual remnant soul
Chapter 7978 The real pioneer, the land of fall?
Chapter 7979 The ancient race suppressed by the pioneers
Chapter 7980 The master of the world royal family behind the scenes wants to visit the East China Sea?
Chapter 7981 Jing Ping's soul!
Chapter 7982 Rich and easy to do
The status quo of the underworld
Chapter 7984 Dark Token
Chapter 7985 Enter the first death Jedi!
Chapter 7986 Legendary Yin Soldiers
Chapter 7987 The world made by the fragments of the mystery
Chapter 7988 Trapped Profound Truth Fragments
Chapter 7989 Refining the supreme mystery fragments
Chapter 7990 The distribution method of profound meaning fragments!
Chapter 7991 clever tricks to resolve the death magic bird crisis
7992 Swamp undead
Chapter 7993 The existence of pioneer thoughts?
Chapter 7994 Sudden change before victory
Chapter 7995 That existence is about to recover!
Chapter 7996 Commander of the Palace-level Yin Soldier Legion
Chapter 7997 Huang Tian
Chapter 7998 Qingtian is dead, Huangtian stands!
Chapter 7999 What is the relationship between the dead Qingtian and the pioneers?
Chapter 8000 The pioneer is the reincarnation of Qingtian?
Chapter 8001 The current situation of the remnant soul of Ji Zixu's ancestors
Chapter 8002 Cultivation is great progress
Chapter 8003 The world in the lake
Chapter 8004 Medicine Garden
Chapter 8005 Reviving the dead wood
Chapter 8006 The anti-sky effect of bringing back the dead wood!
Chapter 8007 After the first generation of heaven!
Chapter 8008 Lin Feng was seriously injured?
Chapter 8009 Five Powerhouses of the Cangtian Clan
Chapter 8010 An ordinary and extraordinary butterfly!
Chapter 8011 A butterfly flew out of the cocoon.
Chapter 8012 Butterfly Flying
Chapter 8013 Ji Zixu trapped
Chapter 8014 The method of saving Ji Zixu's ancestors
Chapter 8015 Spirit World and Spirit Body
Chapter 8016 Is the butterfly dead?
Chapter 8017 Ji Zixu's Spiritual Rebirth Road
Chapter 8018 Crisis, about to be swallowed by the spiritual world!
Chapter 8019 Resurrection Butterfly
Chapter 8020 Mysterious iron box vs the door of immortality
Chapter 8021 Agreement with Huang Tian
Chapter 8022 Ji Zixu enters the mysterious iron box
Chapter 8023 Terrible means, forcibly open the mysterious iron box from the inside!
Chapter 8024 Yaojun meets Ji Zixu
Chapter 8025 Ji Zixu's wife behind the scenes
Chapter 8026 The girl patriarch of the nine-tailed tribe
Chapter 8027 The girl who carries the destiny
Chapter 8028 The Destiny Stone that can help people carry the Destiny?
Chapter 8029 Lin Feng got the Destiny Stone
Chapter 8030 The simple and effective method proposed by Lin Feng
Chapter 8031 ??Nantian City, Flying Clan!
Chapter 8032 Behind the scenes, the powerful world royal family background appears
Chapter 8033 Heavenly Nets
Chapter 8034 Ji Zixu's real combat power
Chapter 8035 Mysterious Immortal Organization
Chapter 8036 The two powerhouses with ashes
Chapter 8037 successfully intercepted
Chapter 8038 Immortal Organization Immortal Nine Infants
Chapter 8039 Xian Jiuying who doesn't take Lin Feng into account
Chapter 8040 The structure of the immortal organization
Chapter 8041 The top three organizations of the top ten forces!
Chapter 8042 Who are the seven top forces of the top ten forces?
Chapter 8043 Secrets of the ten major forces
Chapter 8044 The initial idea of ??subduing the five emperors in the sky
Chapter 8045 The specific method to deal with the five emperors in the sky was initially determined
Chapter 8046 Failure to negotiate will anger the five emperors
Chapter 8047 Heaven's Five Emperors Enter Butterfly Valley
Chapter 8048 Ji Zixu's Spiritualization Technique
Chapter 8049 The five emperors of the sky, which can be called peerless and terrifying
Chapter 8050 Ultimate Showdown
Chapter 8051 The heart of the sky, reborn from the ashes!
Chapter 8052 Break through the psychological defense line of the fifth emperor of the sky
Chapter 8053 The fifth emperor of heaven joins the strongest heaven group!
Chapter 8054 The more precious spiritual heart
Chapter 8055 The strongest heaven group wants to break through the creator's two monks
Chapter 8056 Changes, the ninth robbery!
Chapter 8057 Destruction and Hope
Chapter 8058 The persistence of the ancient emperor butterfly
Chapter 8059 The method of crossing the robbery
Chapter 8060 Legend of the Thunder King
Chapter 8061 Lin Feng's transformation
Chapter 8062 Weird Palace
Chapter 8063 Thunder Cloud Drawing
Chapter 8064 Appeared
Chapter 8065 The King of Thunder
Chapter 8066 nine special thunder beads
Chapter 8067 The horror of the five elders!
Chapter 8068 The New Profound Truth of Thunder
Chapter 8069 The past of the blind eye operator
Chapter 8070 hide the sky and cross the sea
Chapter 8071 I was calculated again?
Chapter 8072 Thirty-three times the combat power, burst!
Chapter 8073 Heavy damage to the world master behind the scenes
Chapter 8074 Dangerous situation
Chapter 8075 Lin Feng formulates an action plan
Chapter 8076 Dragon Rabbit has made a contribution
Chapter 8077 A special stone
Chapter 8078 Chaos Overlord
Chapter 8079 Ask Beibei to take action
Chapter 8080 Beibei's ancestors
Chapter 8081 Chaos Ancestral Divine Beast
Chapter 8082 Chaos and domineering, beyond the 9th grade purple domineering?
Chapter 8083 The way to find Sauron
Chapter 8084 Conversation with Sauron
Chapter 8085 Two choices
Chapter 8086 Pretending to be Lin Feng
Chapter 8087 Secret location
Chapter 8088 tacit understanding
Chapter 8089 Wanting to collect magic weapons
Chapter 8090 A batch of talents
Chapter 8091 Sauron's emotion
Chapter 8092 subduing the three deputy chiefs
Chapter 8093 Lin Feng's expectations
Chapter 8094 Lin Feng's conception of two natal magic weapons
Chapter 8095 The stone of its mountain
Chapter 8096 Lin Feng, who is hard to eat
Chapter 8097 The second goal
Chapter 8098 New natal magic weapon
Specific division of labor
Chapter 8100 The power of the alliance between the ancestors of poison and the god of plague
Chapter 8101 The second secret land fell into the hands of Lin Feng
Chapter 8102 The world's first blacksmith behind the scenes
Chapter 8103 The method of defusing the ban
Chapter 8104 The idea of ????repairing the purple gold hammer
Chapter 8105 Zijin Hammer sensed the breath of the Sun Moon Nine Heavens Tower
Chapter 8106 The world of the dead
Chapter 8107 Yin Soldiers do not fight Yin Soldiers
Chapter 8108 The undead army breaks through the 100,000 mark
Chapter 8109 Eight Buddhas
Chapter 8110 The brain supplement of the Sun, Moon and Nine Heavens Tower
Chapter 8111 Who is secretly disrupting the situation?
Chapter 8112 Subduing the Sun, Moon and Nine Heavens Tower
Chapter 8113 Supreme Divine Crystal
Chapter 8114 Reached a deal with the two major Yin soldiers
Chapter 8115 Found Sikong Yu
Chapter 8116 Altar and sarcophagus
Chapter 8117 Is the existence in the sarcophagus resurrected?
Chapter 8118 confrontation
8119 Advantages
Chapter 8120 The five elders of the foundation appeared
Chapter 8121 Buddha statue hiding place
Chapter 8122 Collision of ideas and beliefs
Chapter 8123 Beibei once again showed great power
Chapter 8124 Suppression of Buddha statues
Chapter 8125 Subduing the Eight Buddhas
Chapter 8126 What is the combat power of Lin Feng who refines the eight Buddhas?
Chapter 8127 The birth of the supreme divine crystal
Chapter 8128 Four Yin Soldiers in the World of the Dead
Chapter 8129 Want to escape from the tiger's mouth
Chapter 8130 The way to deal with the sky-eating insects
Chapter 8131 Diamond-like supreme crystal
Chapter 8132 One hundred and eighty supreme crystals
Chapter 8133 Found the stone man king?
Chapter 8134 The Stone King Mountains are in peril
Chapter 8135 The terrifying ban on guarding the top of the main peak
Chapter 8136 Eternal battlefield! Trespassers die!
Chapter 8137 The Lord of the Curse is a fart
Chapter 8138 Kunlun Universe Endless Demon Jade Jin Tianyou
Chapter 8139 Who stole the top three seeds?
Chapter 8140 The identity of the mysterious powerhouse who stole the seeds has been determined
Chapter 8141 People from the past and the future
Chapter 8142 The female cultivator who penetrated the past, present and future
Chapter 8143 The mysterious iron box has changed here
Chapter 8144 Kill the son of the Lord of Life
Chapter 8145 The mysterious iron box wants to swallow the bronze villain?
Chapter 8146 The so-called secret cannot be leaked.
Chapter 8147 Everyone thinks that Lin Feng is dead now?
Chapter 8148 bloody flying demon snake
Chapter 8149 Who cut out the sword energy?
Chapter 8150 Inextinguishable Sword Master and Zhu Laodian
Chapter 8151 Lin Feng took the initiative to recruit the immortal sword master
Chapter 8152 The inextinguishable sword master is on the rise!
Chapter 8153 Sword Thirty-Three
Chapter 8154 Again and again!
Chapter 8155 The inner world of the immortal sword master has been shaken
Chapter 8156 The Lord of Life and the Tree of Life
Chapter 8157 Secret of the Lord of Life
Chapter 8158 Transaction with Mo Xiuzhu
Chapter 8159 What will happen in the future?
Chapter 8160 Lin Feng's future
Chapter 8161 Casting Spiritual Qi
Chapter 8162 Crow powerhouse?
Chapter 8163 Many magic weapons have been promoted!
Chapter 8164 Adventure hits the realm of the creator
Chapter 8165 Live together, die together?
Chapter 8166 Both breakthroughs
Chapter 8167 Suspected mysterious seeds?
Chapter 8168 Horror Stone Vine
Chapter 8169 The fourth incarnation
Chapter 8170 News of the pioneer corpse?
Chapter 8171 Lin Feng's plan
Chapter 8172 Depressing Wanhuang City
Chapter 8173 The two opposing camps in the world behind the scenes
Chapter 8174 Discover the secret
Chapter 8175 dragon-shaped boulder
Chapter 8176 Confirmed, it is the Dragon Summoning Stone!
Chapter 8177 No one will take this to become the second pioneer, right?
Chapter 8178 The realm of the gate
8179 Token
Chapter 8180 Communication Calling Dragon Stone
Chapter 8181 watching a lively
Chapter 8182 Collect Dragon Summoning Stone
Chapter 8183 The disappearing vortex reappears
Chapter 8184 The master of the world behind the passive sabotage
Chapter 8185 Is this trip life or death?
Chapter 8186 reinforcements
Chapter 8187 extreme means
Chapter 8188 for sale
Chapter 8189 The identity of the three strong
Chapter 8190 Future planning
Chapter 8191 Turtle Lord talks about Kyushu lights
Chapter 8192 Guiye's plan
Chapter 8193 The Kyushu lanterns of Eternal Demon Mountain were suppressed?
Chapter 8194 Ambitious Mrs. Qi
Chapter 8195 The first ancestor dragon began to carry the destiny
Chapter 8196 The first ancestor dragon failed to carry the destiny?
Chapter 8197 The first ancestor dragon carried the destiny successfully!
Chapter 8198 The first ancestor dragon broke through the quasi-pioneer!
Chapter 8199 Are you taking advantage of this great opportunity to carry the destiny?
Chapter 8200 Lin Feng personally presided over the matter of carrying the destiny for the first time
Chapter 8201 Mrs. Qi succeeded in carrying the destiny
Chapter 8202 What happened to Jiuyou Purgatory?
Chapter 8203 Nine ghosts
Chapter 8204 Sister Shui Linglong's cousin
Chapter 8205 Water dream butterfly visiting late at night
Chapter 8206 Sisters are deeply in love?
Chapter 8207 Terrible Nine Ghosts
Chapter 8208 Meet the first magic tower and the second magic tower again!
Chapter 8209 Coming from the past
Chapter 8210 crisis
Chapter 8211 The door of death buried hundreds of millions of souls
Chapter 8212 How to open the door of death?
Chapter 8213 What happened in the past?
Chapter 8214 Tombs inside the door of death
Chapter 8215 I do not agree
Chapter 8216 Lin Feng's speculation
Chapter 8217 How strong was this person in the past?
Chapter 8218 God's Heart
Chapter 8219 Human Ancestor
Chapter 8220 Ghostly Black Storm
Chapter 8221 The dark creatures who dare to despise Jiuyougui
Chapter 8222 The dark creature was killed by Lin Feng?
Chapter 8223 Lin Feng is in danger?
Chapter 8224 Human ancestors are now
Chapter 8225 Forcing the dark creatures to compromise
Chapter 8226 Lin Feng's bold speculation!
Chapter 8227 female ghost fairy
Chapter 8228 Summon the Nine Ghosts
Chapter 8229 The first confrontation with Jiuyougui
Chapter 8230 blood changes
Chapter 8231 Giant other side flower
Chapter 8232 The strong man in the other side of the flower
Excessive requirements
Chapter 8234 Heart of dead wood
Chapter 8235 Are you finally going to wake up billions of dragon souls?
Chapter 8236 Buried more than a hundred heavens
Chapter 8237 Burial Valley
Chapter 8238 The second ancestor dragon scepter shows its power
Chapter 8239 Bring the abilities of the Heavenly Master to the extreme
Chapter 8240 Defeat Jiuyou Purgatory elite monk army
Chapter 8241 Refined for me
Chapter 8242 Crazy female ghost fairy
Chapter 8243 Xiaoyun who has become obedient
Chapter 8244 Jiuyou tree and Jiuyou ghost grandma
Chapter 8245 Floating Mountain - Tree Man Undead Cultivator!
Chapter 8246 Jiuyoutian
Chapter 8247 The celestial phenomenon of the law deterred the undead monk of the tree
Chapter 8248 Where did the courage come from?
Chapter 8249 Conditions that cannot be refused
Chapter 8250 The real trump card of the tree people?
Chapter 8251 hit the god pile
Chapter 8252 The Secret of Immortal Mountain
Chapter 8253 Death Lake
Chapter 8254 Bring the role of the heart plate to the extreme
Chapter 8255 Generous
Chapter 8256 One hundred and eight special pillars supporting the Supreme Court
Chapter 8257 In a desperate situation?
Chapter 8258 Sending a help to the strongest heaven group
Chapter 8259 What does the dark creature have to do with Xiao Hei?
Chapter 8260 What is the true identity of the dark creature?
Chapter 8261 Dark creatures agreed to Lin Feng's request
Chapter 8262 The worry of the second ancestor keel
Chapter 8263 The Land of Gods
Chapter 8264 Breaking through the reincarnation channel and the existence of Jiuyou Purgatory
Chapter 8265 Terrible Lord of the Nether Kingdom
Chapter 8266 Encountered a sneak attack
Chapter 8267 Lin Feng's tyranny of the dead master (1)
Chapter 8269 Lin Feng tyrannizes the dead master (2)
Chapter 8270 The body of the Yin God of the Lord of Death was destroyed!
Chapter 8271 Pingtian Shangjun
Chapter 8272 Unable to hide from the powerful Lin Feng
Chapter 8273 Lin Feng's means
Chapter 8275 After all the hard work, finally suppressed the dead master!
Chapter 8276 The opportunity to plunder more than two thousand epochs
Chapter 8277 Time and space are about to undergo a new round of transformation
Chapter 8278 The mysterious iron box made another change
Chapter 8279 A bronze piece that records the technique of immortality?
Chapter 8280 Sealed Broken Scarlet Scroll
Chapter 8281 An extremely important transaction
Chapter 8282 King Wanhua's Holy Liquid
Chapter 8283 The existence behind the dead master
Chapter 8284 Overlord of the Universe
Chapter 8285 Flower of the Gods
Chapter 8286 Get the inheritance of the picture as the array
Chapter 8287 The Yin Soldier Corps on the side of the nine ghosts
Chapter 8288 Give the keel a chance to be reborn
Chapter 8289 Changes, the three major Yin soldiers attack!
Chapter 8290 What are the three Yin Soldiers in the Land of the Gods?
Chapter 8291 The situation is not good
Chapter 8292 The commander of the three major yin soldiers who was so angry that Lin Feng jumped
Chapter 8293 Triple Immortal Formation
Chapter 8294 Four powerhouses in the Land of Gods!
Chapter 8295 How strong is Lin Baitian?
Chapter 8296 The reincarnation of the six paths?
Chapter 8297 Nine secluded purgatory battle!
Chapter 8298 What is Lin Baitian planning?
Chapter 8299 Supplies
Chapter 8300 major turning point
Chapter 8301 The lion opened his mouth
Chapter 8302 Listen to the conditions of the Yin Corpse's shot
Chapter 8303 The method of listening to the corpse
Chapter 8304 Listen to the token of the corpse
Chapter 8305 Crazy brain supplement
Chapter 8306 Lin Feng was almost beaten and scattered
Chapter 8307 Terrifying Virgin of the Serpent
Chapter 8308 each show magical powers
Chapter 8309 both lose
Chapter 8310 The inner world of the eight Buddhas
Chapter 8311 Suppress the Virgin of the Demon Snake!
Chapter 8312 Subduing the Virgin of the Monster Snake
Chapter 8313 The Virgin of the Snake has a little more agile temperament
Chapter 8314 From now on, the rainy witch cuts love
Chapter 8315 Wu Yu division who was injured by crit
Chapter 8316 old grudges
Chapter 8317 The hiding place of the tree of Jiuyou
Chapter 8318 purple flowers
Chapter 8319 Inducing Thunder Tribulation to Wash Pollen
Chapter 8320 Failed to cross the robbery
Chapter 8321 Ninety-nine Zhuxian Great Array
Chapter 8322 rush out of the killing array
Chapter 8323 The hole in time and space spanning the eternal years
Chapter 8324 Destroy the cave of time and space
Chapter 8325 Confusedly agreed to Lin Feng's request
Chapter 8326 The most unforgettable thing is first love
Chapter 8327 Reach an agreement with the powerhouses in the land of the gods
Chapter 8328 The plan to kill the nine ghosts begins
Chapter 8329 Trapped in a huge passive
Chapter 8330 The decisive battle begins, confrontation with Jiuyou Ghost!
Chapter 8331 The art of fusion
Chapter 8332 Stone Sword dispatched
Chapter 8333 The trend of triple encirclement!
Chapter 8334 Continuous reversal, a huge advantage!
Chapter 8335 Will there be a reversal?
Chapter 8336 The role of the peerless powerhouse
Chapter 8337 Plan (1)
527 Plan (Part 2)
528 Special Seed Blossoms
529 Kunlun Mountain Road Bell Ringing
530 Conversation within the Immortal Organization
531 Illusory
532 Someone Helped
533 Track down the fleeing Kunlun Mountain Yin Soldiers!
534 Massacre of Kunlun Shanyin Corps
535 Completely wiped out the Kunlun Shanyin Corps
536 The origin of the nine secluded purgatory, are you transmitting the sound with me?
537 The Origin of the Nine Serenities Purgatory
538 The underground palace under the ruins of Shendu
539 The Imperial City of the Ancient God Dynasty?
540 The eighth floor of the Purple Crystal Pagoda!
541 Ranked forty-fourth, Jiujue Dominates Heavenly Fire!
542 Helper
543 Siege of the Flower of the Gods
544 Ways
545 The two powerhouses get out of trouble, and a five-on-two situation is formed!
546 Destroy the opponent's defense system
547 The Flower and Purple Crystal Pagoda Artifact
548 The Nine-Headed Crow's Ancestor Acknowledges the Lord!
549 The soul of the flower of the gods is gone!
550 Distribution of Special Pollen and Promise of the Lord of the Nether Realm!
551 Levels of the Purple Crystal Pagoda
552 How to place Jiuyou Purgatory?
553 The plan to enter the reincarnation channel
554 Regression and Resource Allocation
1 Lin Feng's retreat needs to be solved
2 My demon clan will have two more unparalleled powerhouses!
3 The harvest of Lin Feng's retreat
4 Sunshine Mercy
5 Who broke through the creator?
6 Who are you?
7 Heavenly Void Clan, Step Changyue!
8 What happened?
9 The world in the landscape map of mountains and rivers
10 Steps to Changyue's Mind
11 The secret of the destruction of the tree that builds wood!
12 Lin Feng's response
130,000 Ice Cold Spring
14 channels open
15 Purgatory on Earth
16 Heavens
17 Tragedy and Turnaround
18 The White Mist Demon Realm breeds evil spirits
19 Tactics
20 How is the quasi-pioneer realm divided?
21 The first ancestral dragon carries the ultimate lore of destiny awakening!
22 Wounded green monster
23 Spooky Palm
24 Universal Gold Inlay
25 Kunlun Tianyang Sword ranked third in the top 100 forbidden weapons!
26 Golden Flood Liquid
27 Spooky Fire Red Slate
28 Reincarnation Ferocious Beast
29 Exiled Immortal
30 Who is the exiled immortal? (Part 1)
31 Who is the exiled immortal? (Part 2)
32 Is the Lord of the Gods really dead?
34 Blood gas
35 Want to be the strongest heaven group of the oriole
36 Heavenly Prison Organization - Bai Moli
37 Reach a cooperation agreement
38 Scary Stone Crowd
39 Top banned devices show their power
40 Top Pharmacy Gardens
41 Lin Feng who made the oriole
42 The strongest heavenly group like a tiger coming out of the mountain
43 Strong response to the leader of the ancient forces
44 A Peerless Killing Game
45 Intercept the third-oldest ancestor of the world behind the scenes
46 The third ancestor of the world behind the siege
47 The Trouble That Top Defense Forbidden Weapons Brought to Lin Feng and Them
48 Lin Feng's Promise
49 Xuanzun Tianzun, who was forced to self-destruct by his own people
50 The cunning mastermind behind the world's third-oldest ancestor
51 The Heaven-defying Babe
The 52-day great opportunity is coming?
54 No one can obtain the grass of the source of the Tao?
55 Succeeded in collecting Daoyuan Grass
56 Yi Tianshan, the son of the Taixi patriarch
57 Flip
58 Moments of life and death
59 Bai Mo Li Taoist Friends
60 Devour All
61 Lin Feng's Counterattack
62 Scorpion Empress
63 Shocking Secrets About the Lord of the Gods
64 The past of the Lord of the Gods and Bai Moli
65 She feels, heartache!
66 Want to blow up Lin Feng and the others
67 The Contest Between Two Rich Women
68 Golden Monkey!
69 The Art of Gathering Yin
70 Lin Feng's Art of Breaking the Golden Petrification
71 Crushing the Golden Demon Ancestor
72 Suppress the golden demon ancestor!
73 Little Mysterious Yellow Sky
74 Mountains of Gold Containing Huge Mineral Treasures
75 Baishang Valley related to monkey creatures
76 Dark Ghost General
77 In Big Trouble
78 The Golden Monkey Makes a Great Show
79 Spooky Broken Stone Tower
80 Fusion with the Broken Stone Tower
81 The powerhouse of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect?
82 Town Immortal Stone
83 Pool of Golden Water
84 Want to suppress the immortal stone!
85 Lin Feng enters the demon city again
86 Kunlun Mirror
87 Unkind Bai Moli
88 Good men dont fight with women
89 Wind of Time
90 Darkness covers my eyes
91 Are you a pioneers apprentice?
92 The terrifying Xuan Ni Spirit Lord
93 The blood-stained stone monument reappears!
94 Unification of stele and body
95 Forced to negotiate with Xuanwu Lingzun
96 What is darkness?
97 How did the secret news come out?
98 Lin Feng is simply a rogue
99 The top attacking supernatural powers inherited by the pioneers
100 One thought becomes a god, one thought becomes a demon!
101 The blood-stained stone tablet that refused to cooperate
102 Lin Feng's soul breaks through the realm of pioneering and profound meaning!
103 A clump
104 Looking for the mist
105 Lin Feng's Strategies
106 One person against hundreds of millions of monks
107 The road the demon lord walks is a bit tragic
108 Terrifying Ivy in the Sleeping God Mountains
109 The rumored five vines
110 Mountain Village
111 Bi Aoqing Wants to Be Lin Feng's Handmaid?
112 One bright and one dark, Xiaoxuan Huangtian's symbiosis!
114 The Madman in the Village (Part 2)
115 Speculation on Xiaoxuanhuangtian Lunatic
116 The Threat of the Ivy Spirit
117 him.
118 The deal with Qingteng
120 The existence of the gate of immortality is a threat to Lin Feng!
121 Sudden change, Pioneer bloodline failed to awaken?
122 Terrible forbidden spells.
123 The Great Ascension of the Body and Soul
124 The twenty-seventh technique of immortality
125 The art of immortality has a corresponding theme
126 The Evil Spirit Stone Statue's Plan Against Lin Feng
127 Two groups of people with fighting spirit
128 One of the most heaven-defying treasures in the last reincarnation: Xuanhuang War Drum!
129 High Evil Spirit Stone Statue Deity
130 The Evil Spirit Stone Statue Slapped in the Face
131 Invincible in melee combat, the evil spirit stone statue was blown up by Lin Feng!
132 Found that location
133 Entering the secret place
134 Collecting Xuanhuang Ancestral Qi
135 Lin Feng can't die for the time being!
136 Come Out For Me!
137 Green grass along the Lishui River
138 Where is this?
139 The existence in the jungle
140 The confrontation between the flower of fire and the boundless darkness!
141 Bai Moli's Dao Slashing Technique
142 The undead spirits transformed by endless resentment in the long river of death!
143 Mountain Village
144 Murals
145 The Green Past
146 Xiaoxuan Huangtian, the last God was born!
Chapter 8512 147 Purgatory on Earth
Chapter 8513: 148 Exceeding
Chapter 8514 149 Dangerous
Chapter 8515 scroll
Chapter 8516 tacit cooperation
Chapter 8517 The location of the Xuanhuang world
Chapter 8518 153 Was taken first?
8519 Murder in person
Deprivation of Chapter 8520
Chapter 8521 Start the shocking game!
Chapter 8522 157 are all good actors
Chapter 8523 Heavy losses
Chapter 8524 159 The cliff sea area and the mysterious flute!
Chapter 8525 Where do you escape today?
161 Entering the Cliff World
162 Xiaoxuanhuang God officially leaves the customs
163 Breaking through the formation and showing strength again
164 Mysterious Yellow Rejuvenating Liquid
165 In the end
166 The turning point in the desperate situation
167 The Ultimate Battle, Show Your Magical Powers!
168 Selection of green grass
169 Xiaoxuan Huangtian Big Change
170 One after another turned against the water, Xiaoxuan Huangtian changed the king's flag!
171 Counting the Babies
172 Shape the strongest heart!
173 The Moon and the Beautiful Woman
174 Changes in Xiangu Cemetery?
175 Worrying for the Empress
176 What is the reason behind the transformation of the creatures in Xiangu Cemetery?
Chapter 8542 177 Giant tree
8543 Token
Chapter 8544 The transformation of the world tree
Chapter 8545 Weird world
181 City of the Living Dead!
182 The God of Tianpeng
183 Is it the Empress?
184 Agreement with the Madonna of the Ten Peacocks
Chapter 8550 Tianpeng is very popular
Chapter 8551 What is the intention?
Chapter 8552 187 Nian Nujiao
Chapter 8553 Determine the identity
Chapter 8554 Xiao Fengfeng, the slave family misses you!
Chapter 8555 Lord of the Living Dead
Chapter 8556 191 The two sides fight, each showing their magical powers.
192 Is it time to talk about us?
193 The theory of monk evolution
194 A mysterious pagoda appeared after the avalanche
195 The Living Dead
196 Special 50th Floor Pagoda
197 The Dark Lord, One of the Three Greatest Powers in the World of the Living Dead
198 The deity shows its power
199 Seriously Injured Dark Lord
200 Black Moon Spring
201 Bottom of Black Moon Spring
202 The sound from the black hole
203 The treasure that makes the four blood vessels move
204 play a game
205 The game of life and death under the rules of the Supreme Court
206 Salvation
207 Small and Micro
208 Lin Feng's Calculation
209 Lin Feng's Furious Soul Attack
210 Angry to Explosion
211 Entering the Land of Death and Reincarnation
212 Purple Clouds Blooming in the Mountains and Fields
Chapter 8578 213 Zhao Wutian, Zhang Zuiyue, Ziyun'er!
214 You are not human!
Chapter 8580 215 The whole story
216 Seven Immortal Soul Beads
217 The magic lotus grown from special seeds
218 Enemy
Chapter 8584 219 Methods of cultivating magic lotus
Chapter 8585 220 Done
Chapter 8586 221 Turtle Shell Deduction
Chapter 8587 Its Lin Feng, this bitch
Chapter 8588 223 Six Paths Ghost Army
224 Lin Feng with a tough attitude
Chapter 8590 225 Collect the Six Paths Ghost Army
Chapter 8591 six black holes
228 The Demon Lord's Terrifying Means
229 Negotiation
230 The Fall of the Lord of the Gods
231 Coercion of the army of millions of monks
232 Looking for the tree that builds wood
233 Giant Builder's Tree serving saplings of Builder's Tree
234 Metamorphosis of the young tree of the building tree
235 Want to let Lin Feng's bamboo basket draw water to nothing?
236 Death Crisis
237 The Black Flame Spirit Walking Out of the Gate of Eternal Life
238 The wind is small and the water is cold, and when the strong man goes, he will never return.
239 A group of trash
240 The Six Paths Ghost Army Takes Action
241 Is the Lord of the Gods a cosmic overlord?
242 Lin Feng Must Die
243 Violent bombardment
254 Brainstorm ways to deal with the crisis in Kyushu
244 This woman is amazing, but she is really smart about love.
245 The terrifying golden dragon spirit liquid
246 Mana is overwhelming
247 Magic weapon advancement
248 In order to become stronger
249 New Deputy Spirit
250 Both the Empress and the Peacock Virgin of the Ten Directions are leaving?
251 The Past of the Peacock Virgin of the Ten Directions
252 Destroy the ancestors stargazing at night, will Kyushu be in chaos?
253 The strongest members of the heavenly group who hit the realm of the Creator
254 Brainstorm ways to deal with the crisis in Kyushu
255 South China Sea World Shocking Stone Monument
257 I'm going to take care of Lin Feng
258 The monk holding the sky-shattering stone tablet
259 Lynch's grandson
260 Qilian Mountain Lord
256 The Blue Sea
257 I'm going to take care of Lin Feng
258 The monk holding the sky-shattering stone tablet
259 Lynch's grandson
260 Qilian Mountain Lord
261 Wannabe
262 Gamble
263 Ten Arrows Through the Bullseye
264 Is Sun Keqing fancying Lin Feng?
265 transactions
266 Changes in the Wordless Heavenly Book
267 Sun Keqings little thoughts
268 black vine
265 transactions
270 Sun Keqings inner shock
271 The surrendered magic vine
272 Resonance
273 Taishan Fengchan
274 The existence that almost became a pioneer
275 The Devil's Vine
276 Halloween Demon Land
278 roll
279 Sun Keqing's Breakthrough Encountered Changes
280 Old Witch
Chapter 8646 281 Vortex
Chapter 8647 282 bad
Chapter 8648 Chapter 283 God Splitting God's Power
284 The Threatened Lin Feng
285 Where did the shocking stone tablet that suppressed you go?
286 Lin Feng also wants to be the master of a famous mountain and river
287 Ye Xuan and Kunlun Mountain have hatred
288 The Shy Sun Keqing
289 Kingship Planet - Dayan Tianjun!
290 Listening to the tune but not listening to the propaganda
291 Sang Keer
292 Lynch's Past
293 The Shattered Realm
294 sisters
295 The identity of the second daughter
296 A dance for you
297 confession
298 Qianzihui
Chapter 8664 Blood Sensing
Chapter 8665 Broken World
Chapter 8666 The things that are sensed by spiritual consciousness
Chapter 8667 Thousand Demons Kill Saint
Chapter 8668 So, damn you!
Chapter 8669 Starry Sky Corpse River
Chapter 8670 305 eight-tone magic piano
Chapter 8671 baby
Chapter 8672 307 Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet
Chapter 8673 Birdman and White Snake
Chapter 8674 Black stone statue
Chapter 8675 Yin Corpse Killing God
Chapter 8676 fierce confrontation
Chapter 8677 Take advantage of his illness and kill him!
Chapter 8678 See the blood moon again
Chapter 8679 island
Chapter 8680 Great Thunder King
Chapter 8681 Entering the island
Chapter 8682 Fallen Angel Clan Female Cultivator
Chapter 8683 take off the head
Chapter 8684 The fruit of tomorrow against the sky
Chapter 8685 The identity of a woman revealed
Chapter 8686 The gate of immortality and the Supreme Court of God together, want to kill Lin Feng!
Chapter 8687 Angelina
Chapter 8688 Brother Feng
Chapter 8689 Strong is a bit outrageous
Chapter 8690 Suppressing the Ghost King
Chapter 8691 Da Luo Ghost Lord
Chapter 8692 327 Will Showdown
Chapter 8693 Qiankun Ghost Stone Fruit
Chapter 8694 The whereabouts of the eight-tone magic piano
330 Secret
331 The Demon
332 Guqin
333 Domineering Sword
334 Past
335 The Strongest in the Dark
336 The Great Thunder King
337 The Big Show
338 Siege
339 A sword pierces the head
340 Results and Distribution
341 Mysterious Powerhouse
342 That is, what happened in the past, reappears in the world!
Chapter 8708 343 Qin Xin is dead
Chapter 8709 344 A coffin
Chapter 8710 345 Want to kill Lin Feng
Chapter 8711 346 Seven Emperor Coffins
Chapter 8712 347 Blood Eyes
Chapter 8713 348 Her smile is bright and beautiful.
Chapter 8714 349 Qian Zihui's psychological distortion
Chapter 8715 350 The original blood of pioneers reappears
Chapter 8716 351 Divine Court Ruins
Chapter 8717 The Lord of Kunlun Mountain appeared?
Chapter 8718 353 Four-pole prince
Chapter 8719 354 Small conflict
Chapter 8720 355 Really rich and powerful
Chapter 8721 356 Tears of the Heart
Chapter 8722 357 The hatred in the heart of the four-pole prince
Chapter 8723 358 This world is such a reality
Chapter 8724 359 Who is hitting whose face
Chapter 8725 360 flute
Chapter 8726 361 Only routines win people's hearts
Chapter 8727 362 just got up
Chapter 8728 363 The man in white as snow
Chapter 8729 364 The identity of the man in white clothes like snow
Chapter 8730 365 Asura Hell
Chapter 8731 366 Changes in the young tree of the tree of construction
Chapter 8732 367 Domineering remarks
Chapter 8733 368 Secret existence
Chapter 8734 369 The tree of building trees and saplings help
Chapter 8735 370 The map has changed
Chapter 8736 371 The gossip formation that blocks the universe
372 The Eight Great Gods
373 Summoning the Qilian Mountains
374 Combat
375 Altar Corpse
376 Gossip Patriarch
377 Who Is Counting Who?
378 The Battle of Reversal
379 Amazing Treasure
380 King Kong's Indestructible Magical Art
381 God Tree
382 The Lord of Famous Mountains and Rivers?
383 The Lord of Time Universe
384 Tragic Fate
385 Crazy move
386 Lin Feng Plays with the Powers of the Heavens
387 Lin Feng was attacked again
388 Destiny Flint
389 Help God Tree Transform
390 Time and space complete the evolution again
391 The Beginning of God
392 The Vicious Demon Slave
393 Vicious Order
394 Skynet
395 You kneel down and beg me, I may spare them not to die!
396 Lin Feng is dead
397 The rescue was successful, but it also completely angered the four-pole prince and others!
398 Hurricane Reappears
399 days without me
400 The gossip array, show off your power!
401 The Peak Showdown
402 Strong Reinforcement
403 Killing the Lord of Jiuhua Mountain
404 The name of Lin Feng is passed down from the four universes!
405 Sansheng Stone Jade Pendant
406 The starting point of God
407 The Super Terrifying Mysterious Powerhouse Strikes Again
408 Butterfly Wings Fluttering Again
409 The Remnants of the Building Trees Shrouded by the Power of Terrible Time
410 Great chance to kill Lin Feng
411 They Have Become Fans
412 God of Kunlun
413 Release the Time Beast
414 The Heavenly Talisman
415 Sneak Attack Successfully
416 At Risk
417 Time Behemoth Takes Action
418 An altar offering special seeds
419 Go, kill Lin Jiuzhou!
420 The tree that builds wood self-destructs
421 Cleverness Is Mistaken by Cleverness
422 Time and Space Demon Ancestor
423 Ye Xuan VS Time and Space Demon Ancestor
424 Give Lin Feng Special Seeds
425 Special seeds selected by Lin Feng
426 The wrong person
427 Don't mind giving her a lesson she will never forget
428 Chiko Megumi Changed
429 Kneel down and slap in the face!
430 Lin Feng was targeted?
431 Goblin
432 The Fairy Down
433 The Tragic Fate of the Star Warriors
434 The origin stone that spans three reincarnations
435 In the past time and space, I saw the immeasurable Taoist priest!
436 Something Even Mysterious Iron Boxes Can't Sense
437 This cruel world
438 The Awakening of Life and Death
439 Shots
440 Rolling
441 Who dares to break ground on Tai Sui?
442 The Incomparably Arrogant Divine Stone
443 Suppression God Stone
444 Runes
445 The Crisis Is Coming
446 What's in the black aura that surprised Lin Feng?
447 Soul Returning Stone
448 Is Lin Xiao defeated dead?
449 Nightmare
450 The most dazzling genius in the last reincarnation - Chen Xuanpi!
451 The Land of Lost Souls
452 Qianzihui is in danger
453 Lost Soul in Distress
454 Mutual Threats
455 You Can Play
456 The altar hides a big secret?
457 Sleeping Buddha Tomb
458 The Ancient Buddha and the Evil Spirit
459 Boys and Girls
460 The Legion of the Undead has finally recovered
461 The Reclining Buddha
462 Diamond Circle
463 The Origin of the Nun's Corpse
464 What have you done to my slave girl?
465 The role of the diamond circle
466 Studying the Method of Cultivation Together
467 The existence that may surpass the pioneers
468 Dominate the Emperor's Family Tree!
469 Desolation Army
470 The Black Mist Rises
471 Emperor Zhou
472 The Emperor
473 The terrifying power of the universe boss-level existence
474 Emperor Zhou is crazy
475 Emperor Zhou Takes the Hook
476 Emperor Zhou's Shock
477 Lin Feng breaks through the formation, and the emperor appears!
478 The pioneers also fell in the wasteland?
479 The Glory of the Gods
480 Hunter and Prey
481 The woman in white
482 Terrible Stone Sword
483 Big Black Hand
484 Cang Jie
485 Lin Baitian's Body?
486 Spooky Flower
487 The Mysterious Powerhouse
488 Reappearance of the Lord of the Supreme Court
489 Cang Jie roars: Who are you?
490 Heavenly Wrath Pavilion, Bai Li!
491 Lin Feng's Magic Lotus
492 The Origin God Stone Reappears
493 Rolling the God Stone of Origin
494 What is that?
495 Who Is That Person?
496 Mysterious Monk Status
497 Injury
498 Lin Feng, I am the devil in your heart!
499 transactions
500 Is Lin Feng in Danger?
501 Reincarnation Talisman
502 What exactly happened?
503 The Peerless Goddess——Goddess Ji Yao!
504 Is Feng Yaoguang Dead?
505 Ceiling of Charm
506 Goddess Ji Yao Will Be Reborn
507 The Nine Female Emperor Zun Because of Love and Hate
508 Is one of the previous incarnations of the infinite Taoist priest the master of the reincarnation channel?
509 Terrible Devouring
510 Big Mac in the Sea
511 Confronting the Giants in the Sea
512 Neptune
513 Flood Emperor roars: Are you kidding me?.
514 Jade Bracelet
515 Tommy
516 invitation
517 Lin Feng Planning to Cooperate with the Kingdom of Demons
518 Scary Ant Colony
519 Torn A Way Out
520 Just pretend you don't know anything
521 A New Skyfire Appears?
522 Funeral Crematorium
523 Sealing the New Skyfire
524 God of Raging Flames
525 Fire Talisman
526 The nun in the dark mist area
527 temples
528 Surprising Discoveries
529 The Tragic First Battle
530 Little Stone Man
531 The Woman with a Gate of Darkness in Her Acupuncture Point
532 Sacred Tree of Reincarnation
533 Supreme Water
534 Lin Feng VS Nine Female Emperor Zun
535 The Sad Poison Ancestor
536 Shock Shackle
537 fish jump
538 Challenge the Lord of the Mountain
539 Star Monster Clan, Debt Collection!
540 Shocking Strength
8939. Chapter 8906 Demonstrates arrogance
8940. Chapter 8907 Mirror Art
8941. Chapter 8908 Land of Four Elephants
8942. Chapter 8909 Exchange with Charm
8943. Chapter 8910 Waiting for the enemy to come
8944. Chapter 8911 I will pursue the goddess Ji Yao!
8945. Chapter 8912 Lin Feng's Formation
8946. Chapter 8913 Devil's Fountain
549 Nine-Female Emperor, you can’t escape, so you should die!
Chapter 8915 Nine-Female Emperor: Stop, stop
Chapter 8916 Goddess Ji Yao heard that Lin Feng wanted to pursue her
Chapter 8917 Help her again
107 The war suddenly reversed
Chapter 8919 Arrangements for the mysterious woman
Chapter 8920 Found the secret?
Chapter 8921 Shipwreck
Chapter 8922 Huge Harvest
Chapter 8923 Big Trouble
Chapter 8924 Secret
109 The wild demon! He actually wants to self-destruct!
Chapter 8926 Important things
Chapter 8927 Book of Prophecy
Chapter 8928 Black Stick
Chapter 8929 The Divine Whip and its Master
Chapter 8930 Gengzi Demon Lord
Chapter 8931 This woman is so good at catching
Chapter 8932 The evil book of prophecy
Chapter 8933 Arrive together
Chapter 8934 Goddess Ji Yao stands up for Lin Feng?
Chapter 8935 The powerful goddess Ji Yao
Chapter 8936 The poison of time that transcends reincarnation
Chapter 8937 The King Kong Circle exerts its power
Chapter 8938 Dog bites dog
Chapter 8939 Lin Feng really did it once
117 The terrifying light group
Chapter 8941 The real oriole
Chapter 8942 Lin Feng’s counterattack
Chapter 8943 The Book of Prophecy wants to reconcile with Lin Feng
132 Another windfall
136 true identity
143 The real killer
Chapter 8947 Secret
Chapter 8948 Dragon skeleton
Chapter 8949 The destroyed stone sword
Chapter 8950 The mysterious person who cannot be told
152 Kill the strong man in succession
Chapter 8952 The mysterious iron box shows its power again
155 The fifth evolution of pioneer bloodline
Chapter 8954 Goddess Ji Yao is in danger
Chapter 8955 The furious demon
Chapter 8956 Goddess Ji Yao’s trust
Chapter 8957 The beautiful and kind-hearted Goddess Ji Yao deserves the best
Chapter 8958 The Sacred Tree of Reincarnation is about to be born
156 Spiritual Field
Chapter 8960 Despicable Prison Master
Chapter 8961 Arriving in time
Chapter 8962 Bai Qiu’s back-up plan
Chapter 8963 The sky fire is moving
159 Does Lin Feng still have a hidden killer move?
Chapter 8965 Being targeted by Qiankun Ghost Mother?
Chapter 8966: First Meeting with the Qiankun Ghost Mother (Part 1)
166 Means of counterattack
Chapter 8968 Qiankun Ghost Mother is actually the Flower Fairy?
Chapter 8969 Something is very wrong with the Qiankun Ghost Mother
Chapter 8970 The Tower of the Sacred Tree and the Sacred Tree Token
186 Working together to capture the evil dragon
Chapter 8972 A slap in the face on the spot
Chapter 8973 Successful recruitment, greatly increased strength!
204 year demon
Chapter 8975 The wonderful inner world of the Tower of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 8976 Fishing the Old Man
Chapter 8977 The Gate of Eternal Life—The Mortal Young Master!
Chapter 8978 The transforming young master with blood on his face
Chapter 8979 The Art of Separating Soul and Flesh!
Chapter 8980 Peak Soul Showdown
Chapter 8981 After the draw, Lin Feng was in a bad mood.
Chapter 8982 Wen Dou narrowly wins
Chapter 8983 Heaven-defying magical power
Chapter 8984 What is sealed in that box?
Chapter 8985 Wuji Divine Soil
Chapter 8986 Transformed into a fish
Chapter 8987 Huge Improvement
Chapter 8988 Mysterious Spiritual Liquid
Chapter 8989 The fourth evolution of pioneer bloodline
224 Defeat the Black Tiger and Leopard Beast
Chapter 8991 An unexpected harvest from the fishing old man’s promise!
Chapter 8992 The strength of the undead army has increased crazily
Chapter 8993 Reincarnation Barrier
Chapter 8994 Who is taking action?
Chapter 8995 This woman turned out to be
Chapter 8996 Mural
Chapter 8997 Bai Qingcheng assassinates Lin Feng
231 The Baimai Divine Spring was found
Chapter 8999 Evil God Empress
Chapter 9000 She is angry
Chapter 9001 Lin Feng’s special attention to Bai Qingcheng
Chapter 9002 Yuan Chen Ruins
234 Wonderful thoughts
Chapter 9004 It’s my turn to attack, bring me the dog head!
Chapter 9005 Crush the Black Prison Master
Chapter 9006 It’s coming
Chapter 9007 The terrifying tiger and leopard beast
Chapter 9008 Tiger and Leopard Beast Evolution
Chapter 9009 Deliberately angering the prison master
Chapter 9010 Controlling the Twelve Yuan Chen Stone Statues
Chapter 9011 Chen
Chapter 9012 Fighting with Wang Chen of the Twelve Earthly Branches
Chapter 9013 As long as you can live, no matter what, it is better than death
Chapter 9014 Twelve Yuan Chen Divine Method
Chapter 9015: Gaining insights into the Twelve Yuan Chen Stone Statues!
Chapter 9016 Strange Fragrance
Chapter 9017 Strange Fruit
Chapter 9018 Transformation
Chapter 9019 Amazing improvement
Chapter 9020 A different world
Chapter 9021 Fairies are powerful
Chapter 9022 Revealing the truth
Chapter 9023 Woman’s Past
Chapter 9024 Completely breaking the skin
Chapter 9025 Method
Chapter 9026 Beibei succeeds again
Chapter 9027 The Shaotian Clan in the last reincarnation
Chapter 9028 What does the Heaven-Shaking Holy Beast mean?
Chapter 9029 The terrifying stone beast
Chapter 9030 Background
Chapter 9031 The situation took a turn for the worse!
Chapter 9032 The Lost World
Chapter 9033 The five-tailed fox fairy Qingqing’s request
Chapter 9034 Sneak attack
Chapter 9035 Huo Xiu takes action
Chapter 9036 Counterattack and Tracking
Chapter 9037 Explosion with one punch
Chapter 9038 The Fire of Suppressing Guixu
Chapter 9039 Fire Ancestor
Chapter 9040 What a good plan!
Chapter 9041 Huge Improvement
Chapter 9042 Revenge does not last overnight
Chapter 9043 Designing the Transformation of Young Master
Chapter 9044 The grand formation shows its power
Chapter 9045 Instant Recovery
Chapter 9046 The heaven-defying triple immortal formation
Chapter 9047 Young Master Hua Fan is about to be beaten to tears by Lin Feng
Chapter 9048 Master Huafan was forced to burn his book
Chapter 9049 Being chased by Lin Feng, there is no way to go to heaven and enter the earth
Chapter 9050 Magic Well
Chapter 9051 What is it behind him?
Chapter 9052 Appearance
Chapter 9053 Breaking the Illusion Again
Chapter 9054 Cooperation
Chapter 9055 The woman in the purple bamboo forest
Chapter 9056 Peerless City
Chapter 9057 The Ring of Punishment
Chapter 9058 The guess that shocked Lin Feng into a cold sweat
Chapter 9059 The flower of fire burns the woman’s spiritual thoughts
Chapter 9060 Special Divine Sense
Chapter 9061 The little girl and Qi Qin
Chapter 9062 The Jinghong Immortal
Chapter 9063 It spread from that place that cannot be mentioned
Chapter 9064 The magical power spread from the unspeakable place
Chapter 9065: Practicing the Midas Touch
Chapter 9066 The Flower Fairy Appears
Chapter 9067 Hurt each other
Chapter 9068 Is this reliable?
Chapter 9069 Five Classics Calculation
Chapter 9070 Emperor of Northern Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 9071 Mysterious Taoist
Chapter 9072 Is he about to wake up?
Chapter 9073 The Spirit of the Sacred Tree of Reincarnation
Chapter 9074 Reincarnation War Spirit
Chapter 9075 High profile does not mean a bad thing
Chapter 9076 The origin of the Sacred Tree of Reincarnation is shocking!
Chapter 9077 The Secret of Wushuang City
713 The cosmic crystal of the seventh level city of Wushuang City
714 Abnormal movement
715 Extended World
716 Breaking into the world inside the Sacred Tree of Samsara
717 The strange origin of reincarnation
718 Unlucky Lin Feng
719 Collect the second source of reincarnation
720 Your good luck is coming to an end!
721 Thousand-Eyed Sword Monster
722 cocoon
723 The demon king’s methods
724 Cultivate larvae
725 Peak Battle
726 The terrifying Jiaohuang battle body
727 Qiankun Ghost Mother is going to be killed by the Sea Emperor?
728 Reincarnation Mother Essence
729 Now, even if the gods come, they may not be able to save Qiankun Ghost Mother.
730 The spirit of the Samsara Sacred Tree takes action
731 Lin Feng and Beibei duo show off their power again!
732 Qiankun Ghost Mother has ill intentions towards Lin Feng?
733 Heartbeat and excitement
734 Meng'er is such a good woman
735 The Gate of Eternal Life and the Supreme Court of God Shake
736 The Gate of Eternal Life and the Response of the Ancient from the Supreme Divine Court
737 opportunities
738 Underground Palace
739 Die together
740 The magical effect of domineering
741 Breaking the magnetic field of yin and yang
742 The greatness of life, the glory of death!
743 Weird Pictures
744 The Valley of Transformation into Gods and Demons
745 The wild demon has become stronger
746 Wuliang, you Tianzun Banban
747 Fierce battle with wild demon
748 Use all possible means to severely injure the wild demon!
749 Successfully conquered the wild demon
750 Entering the inner world of the scroll
751 Life originated in the ocean
752 Abnormal movement
753 Stone Egg
754 'Dad, I was wrong, please spare me...'.
755 Who is the person you are talking about? Whose last name is that?
756 Yang Family
757 Possible strategies for hatching stone eggs
758 Su Wanning took the initiative to talk to Lin Feng?
759 Su Wanning’s request
760 Heart-to-heart with Su Wanning
761 Weird Unparalleled City
762 Raising troops to investigate
763 Eating soft rice tastes so good
764 Siege Methods
765 Fierce Siege Battle
766 Weird Courtyard
767 bronze statue
768 Yang
769 Bronze Chest
770 Purple Phoenix Clan
771 Is it fate?
772 Strange Soldiers
773 Beauty’s thoughts
774 Orthodox Taoism
775 The method of borrowing life
776 The evil ways in the Taoist temple
777 Taoist nailed to the rock wall
778 Bad since childhood
779 Taoist identity
780 Critical situation
781 Counterattack against evil?
782 The evil master with a late hero
783 A heavy blow to the evil way
784 The evil counterattack
785 Completely kill the evil ways
786 Change destiny
787 True Lord Taiwu
788 Evil Treasure
789 Secret Fairy Dust
790 Taoist Secrets
791 Purple Weird Vegetation
792 One thing drops another thing
793 Fusion of Purple Galoran Vegetation
794 Purple Galoran revives! The situation takes a turn for the worse!
795 Great improvement in strength
796 Even a lot of treasure
797 Order of Heaven
798 Order the Taoist Gate of the World
799 Master Huafan is about to die?
800 The mortal son takes an oath
801 Female identity
802 Refined Egoist
803 News about the Crystal of the Universe
804 Dragon Rabbit takes Lin Feng and others to hunt for treasure
805 Desire Demon
806 Weird Altar
807 Girl Lust
808 Ancient Bell
809 The powerful shock of the undead army
810 Weird question
811 The Ninth Level City of Wushuang City
812 withered willow
813 High imitation Kyushu lamp shows its power
814 Crystal of Immortality
815 Super casual cultivator—Mrs. Gu Rui!
816 Secret Room
817 Amazing wealth
Is 818 the skeleton of Mrs. Gu Rui?
819 Past years
820 Fragments of the Principles of Eternal Life
821 Faith, courage, willpower!
822 Evolution of Life Levels
823 The domineering spirit of gods and demons
824 The fifth level of domineering
825 Temple
826 Weird Stone Bridge
827 Fierce Fight on Stone Bridge
828 The voice in the ear
829 A moment of extreme crisis
830 Stone statue group
831 Appear
832 Your time, my time.
833 Lin Feng’s speculation
834 Injuring Gengzi Demon Lord
835 Arrive at the area where the temple is located
836 The icon sheds tears
837 Strange Stone with Ten Apertures
838 The stone man with ten apertures who sacrificed himself
839 The Heart of Eleven Apertures
840 The duel between the two camps
841 A surprising group of stone statues
842 Lin Feng is targeted
843 Peerless horror
844 shopping
845 Run away quickly
846 The word fate
847 Is the visitor unkind?
1 shocking
2 Visit Goddess Ji Yao
3 Seven Powerful Men
4 solicitation
5 dark shadow
6 Silver Snake Empress
7 Capture the Silver Snake Empress
8 oath
9 The Immortal Jinghong appears again
10 The true strength of Fairy Jinghong
11 The combat power of the Lord of the Universe
12 Yinglong pulls the cart
13 The secret place guarded by the Kingdom of Demons for generations
14 Holy Dragon Emperor
15 Shuiyuedongtian
16 Weird Murals
17 Fairy Qianmei
18 I will burn you with heavenly fire
19 Recognize Su Wanning
20 Su Wanning’s transformation
21 Grudges
22 Stand up for the Nine-tailed Fox Clan
23 I have a treasure
24 Bowl of Luck
25 Qi Gathering Technique
26 Gift from the Seventh Prince
27 The Key to the Treasure
28 Asking about heaven and earth
29 Lin Feng’s advice
30 The cave left by the Megalodon monk
31 The idea of ??a new incarnation
32 Being calculated
33 Extremely cruel wild demon
34 There is a treasure in the storage ring
35 Bahuang
36 Destiny Gem
37 The power of the universe boss
38 The sorrow of the small clan
39 Want to kill Lin Feng?
40 Nangong Yao
41 The Dragon Bell
42 Treat Lin Feng as a soft persimmon
43 The powerful Lin Feng
44 The existence of peerless terror
45 The two demon emperors swore an oath
46 The voice calling Lin Feng
47 The Monster of the Dead Lake
48 Ancient Skeletons
49 The Story of the Skeletons (Part 1)
50 The Story of Skeletons (Part 2)
51 The Xue family in the universe of annihilation and the secrets in the abyss of demons
52 huge improvement
53 cooperation
54 Entering the creation space again
55 a woman
56 The overall combat effectiveness of the undead army increased sharply
57 Be our master’s maid
58 An important opportunity
59 Murong Qinyi
60 Powerful Wild Demon
61 Murong Qinyi’s concern for Lin Feng
62 trap
63 The wild devil plays a shocking trick
64 A shocking blow
65 The terrifying Midas touch
66 Demon Suppression Tower Shows Its Power
67 big supplement
68 Minor Three Disasters
69 Use one against two to severely damage the powerful enemy!
70 Beibei shows off his power again
71 One hundred and eight gods
72 secrets
73 black cat
74 Gather the monk army
75 The origins of the four powerful men
76 Appointment and removal of senior leaders of the Samsara Legion
77 Murong Qinyi came to see Lin Feng
78 The big pig’s hooves that have no eyesight
79 Su Yuexi appears
80 Is Feng Yaoguang really dead?
81 Want to stab Lin Feng to death with a sword
82 Is Lin Feng convinced?
83 Empress Yaoguang’s killer move
84 Chaos thunder method shows its power
85 Feng Yaoguang, where are you?
86 The perseverant Lin Feng finally found Feng Yaoguang’s soul
87 Help Feng Yaoguang devour the soul of Empress Yaoguang
88 The mysterious old woman
89 Reputation weighs a thousand pounds
90 The war is about to break out!
91 Legion of Destruction
92 The terrifying leader of the Legion of Destruction
93 You must have a tough attitude when talking about cooperation
94 The World-Destroying Ghost Emperor
95 Comparison of strength between the two sides in the war
96 The decisive battle in Kyushu has completely broken out!
97 Let’s fight!
98 A fight to the death between two powerful men!
99 Fierce battle
100 presumptuous
101 Who dares to touch my son?
102 fatal blow
103 Killing the Son of the Pioneer
104 The Immortal Sword Master Appears
105 Three versus three life and death showdown
106 Eight-Eyed Dragon vs Shadow King
107 The war suddenly reversed
108 A losing battle?
109 The wild demon! He actually wants to self-destruct!
110 Unexpected results
111 A battle that surprised everyone: Lin Feng crushed Bai Wuji!
112 Heavy damage to Bai Wuji
113 Bai Wuji fights to the death
114 The terrifying power of the Ring of Punishment
115 Breach of Trust
116 Burying the Ninth Life and the Old Farmer
117 The terrifying light group
118 The Death of the Black River Water God
119 New Miracle
120 After the old friend
121 Xu Jie
122 Gains and losses
123 Next target: Devil's Abyss!
124 What do you want from me?
125 Situation inside the Gate of Eternal Life
126 The situation of the strong people inside the Gate of Eternal Life
127 Do you think I can become the Lord of the Black River?
128 Armor of the Divine Court
129 Baili’s situation
130 Lin Feng is targeted
131 Manka Sendo
132 Another windfall
133 South China Sea Holy Water
134 Mysterious Man
135 Is this person Lin Feng’s uncle?
136 true identity
137 Classification of Sky Fire
138 The Fire of Eight Wastelands
139 Ginseng Emperor
140 Fountain of Fire
141 The monster of the underground river
142 An underground river full of evil spirits
143 The real killer
144 sounds
145 Weird
146 The terrifying mirage flower
147 Beibei attacks
148 Beibei’s methods are shocking
149 Five Demonic Skills
150 Strong Lin Feng
151 Lin Feng’s counterattack
152 Kill the strong man in succession
153 South Sea Demonic Dragon
154 The Holy Liquid of the Fountain of Fire brought a surprise
155 The fifth evolution of pioneer bloodline
156 Spiritual Field
157 Something terrible happened
158 The confidence of the Eight Wastelands Fire
159 Does Lin Feng still have a hidden killer move?
160 Entering the Eye of the Formation
161 Fierce fighting
162 Fierce confrontation
163 Defeat the Fire of Eight Wastelands
164 South Sea Demonic Dragon
165 A desperate situation
166 Means of counterattack
167 Lin Feng is unmoved
168 After I suppress you, see how I deal with you!
169 The two sisters suddenly panicked.
170 Success or failure depends on this!
171 Capture
172 Conquer
173 Siege of the Sky-eating Beast
174 The sky-eating beast is about to be suppressed
175 Completely Conquer the Sky-eating Beast
176 bad situation
177 Completely Kill the Fire Spirit of the Eight Desolations
178 Great improvement in strength and next step plan
179 Cruel Human Sacrifice
Early 180s
181 I’ll give you a break
182 Do you think you have a choice?
183 lair
184 Existence in the Dark
185 The evil dragon’s strength is extraordinary
186 Working together to capture the evil dragon
187 The Evil Dragon’s Counterattack
188 Eighty-Eight Battle Dragon
189 Lin Feng’s counterattack
190 The Sky-Shaking Stone Tablet Suppresses the Evil Dragon
191 The stubborn evil dragon
192 Secrets
193 Two strong men
194 The whole story
195 Shimen swallows blood
196 Only one thought left
197 Misjudgment?
198 bluff
199 Black Sarcophagus VS Shocking Stone Tablet
200 ultimate move
201 Loot the Black Sarcophagus
202 Blood Escape
203 If the soft one doesn’t work, then try the hard one.
204 year demon
205 Dao Ancestor Runes from the Old Era
206 Attack attributes of the mental field
207 Soul Search
208 Years of Demonic Past
209 The huge eye in the depths of the South China Sea
210 Half-blood monk
211 I can’t take my eyes away anymore
212 The bad-tempered Nian'er
213 slave
214 Wandering around the world
215 The Legend of the Giant Eye
216 Island of Nothingness
217 Daimaya
218 The forces of the East China Sea Islands
9464. Chapter 9431 Old People
9465. Chapter 9432 Formula
221 Guo Mengmeng is dying
222 Injuring the Black Tiger and Leopard Beast
223 Sneak attack on the black tiger and leopard beast
224 Defeat the Black Tiger and Leopard Beast
225 Mutation
226 Black Insect Swarm
227 escape
228 arrived
229 Baimai Lingquan
230 looking for
231 The Baimai Divine Spring was found
232 The black tiger and leopard beast is going to die
233 Dark Evolution Begins
234 Wonderful thoughts
235 The sapling of the building tree of communication
236 The location of the secret place
237 What did I see?
238 Doomed?
239 Find ways to exist in the dark
240 Horrible Collision
241 threats
242 Negotiation failed
243 Datian Tongbao
244 Ghost Clan
245 found you
246 Mahatma Tongbao shows its power
247 Lin Feng’s incredible behavior
248 Inner demons at work
249 Step by step
250 City of Light
251 Make a fortune
252 Spirit Reinforcement Liquid
253 Bloody Wooden Sculpture
254 Magical Powers and Copper Coins
255 The blood flowing through you is...
256 Descendants of Human Kings from the Old Era
257 The destruction of a family
258 The secret of copper coins
259 Holy Eye Mountains
260 Orochi King
9506. Chapter 261 Transaction
262 women
263 Uniform the female cultivator of the demonic snake tribe
264 is simply a lunatic.
9510. Chapter 265 Injuring the Great Snake King
266 Soul Sky Fruit
267 God of Nothingness
268 Ji Yuan
269 ??ancient murals
270 Eye of Eternity
271 The City of Light Appears
272 Just wait and see
273 Enemies meet on a narrow road
274 Presumptuous!
9520. Chapter 275 Wentian Pavilion Master
9521. Chapter 276 The 34th Floor of the Giant Tower
277 Even if you want to keep a low profile, you can’t
278 The temple in the desert
279 Demonic Flowers and Beings in the Dark
280 Ways to deal with Yulei-level strong men
281 Everyone is working hard
282 Terrible strength
283 Heart of the Universe
284 people's hearts
285 I see you
286 A stone man who was born as a leaping fish
287 The Demonic Flower Betrays the Water
288 The power of dizziness
289 Method of Sacrificing the Stone Man
290 Successfully collected the stone man
291 return
292 Sudden fall out
293 Situ Yi’s thoughts
294 Land of Water Mist
295 Brutal
296 Want to destroy the South China Sea Demonic Dragon Clan
297 The ferocious sky-eating beast
298 Massacre
Who is 299?
300 Want to destroy the Dragon Island Formation
9546. Chapter 301 Where is the weakness?
9547. Chapter 302 Shilong
303 Physically invincible, crushing the stone dragon!
304 Billion Dragon Souls
9550. Chapter 305 Kill two birds with one stone
306 Starlight Ball
9552. Chapter 307 This excited Shilong so much
308 Mirror Flower Shadow will bring surprise to Shilong
309 Shilong was defeated
310 The Demonic Dragon Island in the South China Sea is destroyed!
311 What is calling me?
312 Big bloody hands
313 Among the scrolls
314 The melting pot of heaven and earth
315 Old Era Pioneer Bloodline Owner
316 The five declines of heaven and man caused by the change of old and new eras
9562. Chapter 317 Looking for the “root”.
318 Unexpected circumstances
319 The big secret hidden in special seeds
320 The huge secret
321.Special place
322.Lin Feng’s plan
323. The Devil’s Abyss is in chaos
324. A heavenly cultivator who works vigorously and resolutely
325. The Lord of the Deep Sea with the most beautiful appearance in the world
326. Lin Feng is deeply suspicious of the Lord of the Deep Sea’s words.
327. The sin altar of the old era
328. Lin Feng’s speculation
329. Weird pool
330. Something terrible happened to Lin Feng
331. Conquer water with fire
332.Nine-headed beast
333. In times of crisis, Lin Feng urgently contacted the three major
9579. Chapter 334 The blood sacrifice begins
335. The powerful intimidation of the Yin Army
336.This thing is absolutely impossible!
337. Is the person being besieged Hongchen?
338 The giant beast suddenly hesitated
339 The Holy Lady Visits
340 Saint Yara
341 Mysterious Island Location
342 Does the Lord of the Deep Sea know the ancestor Lin Qi?
343 Heaven and Earth Dharma Conch
344 Lin Feng negotiates with the giant beast
345 The Dragon King of the South Sea is coming
346 Demonic Dragon King! Peerless terror!
347 Siege against the Demonic Dragon King!
348 A clever plan to defeat the Demonic Dragon King
349 The Demonic Dragon King’s Unrivaled Strike
350 The Demon Dragon King was scared away
351 The cruel demon dragon king
352 Do what the oriole does last
353 Devouring the flesh and blood of the Demonic Dragon King!
354 Special physique
355 The hunted monk
356 People from Zhu Laodian
357 Shilong shows off his power
358 Kong Yi’s shock
359 Lin Feng’s Thoughts
9605. Chapter 360 Working together to break the formation
361 The compass of the old times
362 Real World Appearance
363 Poison Ancestor Wants to Evolve
364 Super Poison Body
365 Transform into the body of a giant beast
366 Weird Black Fog
367 black crystal
368 Gold Treasure House
369 The triple attack technique in the treasure house
370 found
371 Group of stone statues forged by Kunlun Immortal Stone
9617. Chapter 372 Light, dispel darkness!
373 Weird giant painting
374 Looking for clues in the painting
375 Demonic Map of All Heavens
9621. Chapter 376 The mysterious man in the magic map
Chapter 377 Battle! The strong men of the old era!
Chapter 378 The power of blood
Chapter 379 Forced to self-destruct
Chapter 380 Ten Years Bet
Chapter 381 Time and Space Insect Demon
Chapter 382 The corpse of the beast
Chapter 383: War Time Space Insect Demon Leader
Chapter 384 The Terrifying Time and Space Insect Demon Leader
Chapter 385: Killing the leader of the space-time insect demon
Chapter 386 Lord of the Galaxy
Chapter 387 The truth back then
Chapter 388 Is Meng Xiaolou not dead?
Chapter 389 Immeasurable Taoist Priests Show Their Power
Chapter 390 Five Treasures from the Old Era
Chapter 391 Shen Yuan, one of the top ten superpowers of the old era
Chapter 392 The Lord of the Galaxy appears
Chapter 393 Siblings
Chapter 394 The Situation of the Western Universe
Chapter 395 The Origin of the Western Universe
Chapter 396 A token like a potted plant!
Chapter 397 Dark Cloud Meeting
Chapter 398 The Secret of Cultivation
Chapter 399 Red Phoenix Bamboo
Chapter 400 Take off the head
Chapter 401 Stable as Mount Tai
Chapter 402 Destroying the Black Cloud Society
Chapter 403 Delicate flowers compete for beauty
Chapter 404 Queen of Chaos
Chapter 405 Wu Shijin
Chapter 406 Suppression
Chapter 407 Spirit Transformation Bottle
Chapter 408 The wronged Wu Shijin
Chapter 409 The Unforgivable Jun Zijie
Chapter 410 Skyfire News
Chapter 411 Bone-eroding Heavenly Fire
Chapter 412 The mysterious female cultivator
Chapter 413: Sneak attack by bone-corroding sky fire
Chapter 414 Killing the Fire Spirit
Chapter 415 Lin Feng was plotted?
Chapter 416 Sneak Attack
Chapter 417 The Tribes of Heaven
Chapter 418 Zhentian Goddess
Chapter 419 Nine Death Cliff
Chapter 420 The Queen of Chaos Appears
Chapter 421 Trying to Recruit the Queen of Chaos
Chapter 422 Under the Cliff of Nine Deaths
Chapter 423 Promotion of the Undead
Chapter 424 Heir of Blood
Chapter 425 Falling into the pool
Chapter 426 The Evil Ancient Cauldron
Chapter 427 Weird Ancient Cauldron
Chapter 428 The precious blood left by the immortal demon lord of the old era
Chapter 429 The Precious Blood Shows Its Power
Chapter 430 Sudden mutation
Chapter 431 The most powerful immortal demon lord in the old era is Lin Feng
Chapter 432 Expectations for the eleventh turn of the Immortal Bloodline
Chapter 433 Breaking the realm wall and completing bloodline evolution
Chapter 434 Tomb of Soldiers
Chapter 435 The peerless killing formation traps the powerful ones
Chapter 436 Lin Feng’s Illusion
Chapter 437 The Ultimate Sword
Chapter 438: Wanting to slaughter all the monks of the Heavenly Tribe
Chapter 439 Power Projection
Chapter 440 The Galaxy Falls
Chapter 441 Lin Feng is about to make a sensation in the four universes again
Chapter 442 Twenty-seven quasi-pioneer level treasures
Chapter 443 Three Conditions for the Origin of the Western Universe
Chapter 444 The call in the dream
Chapter 445 Collective Improvement
Chapter 446 Water Demon Spirit Sea
Chapter 447 Kick away the evil dragon
Chapter 448 A shocking move
Chapter 449 The Charming Queen
Chapter 450 Giant Bull
Chapter 451 The terrifying giant bull
Chapter 452 Lin Feng’s plan
Chapter 453 The Induction of the Infinite Taoist Priest
Chapter 454 Undersea Lair
Chapter 9667 Xuanjin King Sword
Chapter 456 Giant Bull Attacks
Chapter 457 Death?
Chapter 458 The Savage Senior Appears
Chapter 459 The Secret of the Diamond Circle
Chapter 460 A friend of a friend is a friend!
Chapter 461 The war breaks out
Chapter 462 The diamond circle shows its vast power
Chapter 463 Fierce Battle
Chapter 464 The Invincible Giant Bull
Chapter 465 The giant bull’s ultimate move
Chapter 466 The Giant Bull’s Defeat
Chapter 467 The Blood Pig King on the Chopping Board
Chapter 468 Zhu Laodian got a shocking opportunity?
Chapter 469 The never-ending road
Chapter 470 Old Woman
Chapter 471 The story told by the old woman
Chapter 472 The old woman is very unusual
Chapter 473 You have to make a big fortune
Chapter 474 Bad Situation
Chapter 475 The Saint of the Water Fairy Tribe
Chapter 476 Weird Statue
Chapter 477 No, she is not the Queen of Charm, she is me
Chapter 478 Sacrifice!
Chapter 479 Shocking Three Views
Chapter 480 You don’t follow martial ethics
Chapter 481 Attack his soul
Chapter 482 Lin Feng is going to be suppressed?
Chapter 483 Vicious Woman
Chapter 484 True Appearance Appears
Chapter 485 Killing people also requires heart-breaking
Chapter 486: Shock the water spirit fairy away
Chapter 487 Detoxification
Chapter 488 Planting a seed in Yue Jiuxian’s heart
Chapter 489 Terrifying fluctuations in spiritual thoughts
Chapter 490: Suppressing the Divine Thoughts of Water Spirit Fairy
Chapter 491 The Charming Queen is coming
Chapter 492 The broken black hole formed when the universe collapsed
Chapter 493 The Consciousness of the Black Hole in the Universe
Chapter 494 The Second Personality of the Charming Queen
Chapter 495 The Charming Queen is also a pitiful person
Chapter 496 Breaking through the quasi-pioneer realm!
Chapter 497 The Charming Queen with a Hard Mouth and a Soft Heart
Chapter 498 The Change of the Charming Queen
Chapter 499 Incident on Liuli Island
Chapter 500 Seeing Through
Chapter 501 Are they alive, dead, or escaped?
Chapter 502 Glazed Gate
Chapter 503 Pay off the debt
Chapter 504 The Glazed Lotus in the Picture
Chapter 505 Yang Family
Chapter 506 Intercepting the Battleship
Chapter 507 The Master of Wentian Pavilion Appears
Chapter 508 The Incarnation of Gods and Demons
Chapter 509 Killing the Master of Wentian Pavilion
Chapter 510 The Gate of Eternal Life Twenty-six Pools of Blue Water
Chapter 511 The Ten Great Scriptures of the Old and New Era
Chapter 512 Conspiracy
Chapter 513 The Origin of the Woman
Chapter 514 The secret knowledge of the Scriptures
Chapter 515 Light Ball
Chapter 516 Suppression
Chapter 517 The owner of Fengshen Island is very discerning
Chapter 518 Island Alliance
Chapter 519 News brought by the owner of Fengshen Island
Chapter 520 Devouring the Undead
Chapter 521 Huge Gains
Chapter 522: The purified energy has amazing effects
Chapter 523 The man who steals the sky, Lord Damu!
Chapter 524 Huang Linger’s current situation is very bad?
Chapter 525 Comparison of Strengths
Chapter 526 Narcissus Zhi, the daughter of the Lord of Bibo Pond!
Chapter 527 Lin Feng’s right arm
Chapter 528 Both sides have their own methods to suppress the situation
Chapter 529 The monk army helps Lin Feng defeat Narcissus Zhi
Chapter 530 The Master of Bibo Pond is a man of character
Chapter 531 The Treasure House of Nine Demon Islands
Chapter 532 The mysterious iron box moves
Chapter 533 The mystery is gradually revealed
Chapter 534 The Demon Lord wants to persuade the old palaces to kill him
Chapter 535 Plan to deal with Lin Feng
Chapter 536 Demon Scepter, Supreme
Chapter 537 A new master will appear
Chapter 538 The huge pitch black demon temple
Chapter 539 The Devil’s Scepter was found
Chapter 540 The Demon Scepter screamed in horror
Chapter 541 Rain of Stars
Chapter 542 The Man Who Fights the Lord of the Galaxy
Chapter 543 Boundless Dominance
Chapter 544 Under the Pit
Chapter 545 Maze Massacre
Chapter 546 Five Powerful Men
Chapter 547 Taking the initiative to attack and kill the descendants of the maze
Chapter 548: Wanting to Suppress the Maze Successor
Chapter 549 Li Jianji wants to destroy his soul?
Chapter 550 Deep in the Maze
Chapter 551 The Token Sword
Chapter 552 Weird Monster
Chapter 553: Take heart
Chapter 554 Caiyu, the king of the divine formation!
Chapter 555 Li Jianji’s Induction
Chapter 556 Jade that can give birth to the power of eternal life
Chapter 557 King! Power! God! Grant!
Chapter 558 The Imperial Seal
Chapter 559 The Secret of the Imperial Seal
Chapter 560 Method
Chapter 561 The smelly treasure
Chapter 562 Lin Feng’s Dantian doubled in size
Chapter 563 You don’t follow martial ethics
Chapter 564 Who is qualified to open the coffin?
Chapter 565: Defeating the Deputy Chief of the Divine Court Organization
Chapter 566 Metallic runes break the Supreme Court of Heaven
Chapter 567: Poaching in person
Chapter 568 There is no corpse in the coffin but there is treasure
Chapter 569 The cycle of cause and effect, retribution
Chapter 570 The scroll shows its power
Chapter 571 Nine Yin Spiritual Liquid
Chapter 572 Suppressing the Demon Scepter
Chapter 573 Transforming the Demon Scepter
Chapter 574 Amazing Feedback
Chapter 575 New Technique of Immortality
Chapter 576 A blow to the head
Chapter 577 The enemy of my enemy is a friend
Chapter 578 The son-in-law of the cultivator world
Chapter 579 Fierce Fighting
Chapter 580 A blow to the head and great power!
Chapter 581 Determined to kill the devil in the abyss
Chapter 582 Huge Trouble
Chapter 583 The Lord of the Deep Sea Arrives in Time
Chapter 584: Old Taiji contacts the elders of the Hall of Elders
Chapter 585 A great existence
Chapter 586 Its better to kill fellow Taoists than to die myself
Chapter 587 The Demon Lord scolded Lin Feng, You are simply
Chapter 588 To deal with evil people, you can only use more powerful methods than the evil people.
Chapter 589 The No. 1 Soft Rice Man in History
Chapter 590 Preparing to go to the Western Universe
Chapter 591 The battle in the rift of the universe
Chapter 592 Goodbye Mr. Yan
Chapter 593 Monster in the Dark
Chapter 594 This vine is so weird!
Chapter 595 Competing with the power of vines
Chapter 596 Fujizu
Chapter 597 Myriad Divine Liquid
Chapter 598 The evolution of three special vegetation
Chapter 599 Black Key
Chapter 600 Taitian Clan
Chapter 601 Satan’s Current Situation
Chapter 602 The Six Major Forces of the Western Universe
Chapter 603 She looks a lot like the same person.
Chapter 604 The deal with Situ Mingyue, the Lord of Yishui City
Chapter 605 The shameless Situ Mingyue
Chapter 606 Taizi Ji, the proud son of the Taitian Clan!
Chapter 607 The Red and Black Demonic Leopard Clan Monk
Chapter 608 The key to breaking through the red and black demon leopard clan
Chapter 609 Eyes of the Demon King
Chapter 610 The answer to the mysterious iron box
Chapter 611 Sky Thunder Stone
Chapter 612 Situ Mingyue thinks Lin Feng is too good at boasting
Chapter 613 So, how do you want me to help you?
Chapter 614: I want to catch Lin Feng and the others in one fell swoop.
Chapter 615 Jointly Breaking the Formation
Chapter 616 The target of pursuit
Chapter 617 The terrifying mechanism technique
Chapter 618: Hit with one punch to avoid hundreds of punches
Chapter 619 The monk Jiuyun Saint Ancestor who betrayed the pioneers!
Chapter 620 Who will have the last laugh?
Chapter 621 How to kill the Emperor of Nine Yins
Chapter 622 The place where the coffin is buried
Chapter 623 The group of coffins moves abnormally
Chapter 624 The Emperor of Nine Yins Appears
Chapter 625 The Terrible Nine Yin Emperor
Chapter 626 Blood Spell
Chapter 627 Deliberately angering the Emperor of Nine Yins
Chapter 628 Fighting
Chapter 629 Confused
Chapter 630 Tearing the body apart to find the Yin Emperor Pill
Chapter 631 Waiting for work
Chapter 632 Great Improvement in Cultivation
Chapter 633 Western Legion
Chapter 634 The confident monk of Jiuyun Mountain
Chapter 635 Three Words of Tao
Chapter 636 The word 'heart' emerges
Chapter 637 The Shocked Saint Ancestor Jiuyun
Chapter 638 Saint Ancestor Jiuyun wants to plunder Lin Feng’s stone sword
Chapter 639: Trapped in a cocoon
Chapter 640 The terrifying Nine Clouds Saint Ancestor
Chapter 641 Lin Feng is going to be killed?
Chapter 642 No, you can’t kill me!
Chapter 643 Killing the Nine Cloud Saint Ancestor
Chapter 644 Dragon Lotus
Chapter 645: Sky Bow
Chapter 646 The Situation of the Ning Family’s Ancestral Land
Chapter 647 Time Universe Monk
Chapter 648 Descendants of Xia Jie
Chapter 649 Nine Heavens Thunder Liquid
Chapter 650 Baoding
Chapter 651 Xia Lei is a good person
Chapter 652 Do you regard Lin Feng and the others as big fat sheep?
Chapter 653 The situation of the Ning clan
Chapter 654 The Weakest Fish Leap
Chapter 655 One door is missing
Chapter 656 The Tadpole Prose Recorded in the Golden Page
Chapter 657 Asking the Immortal Sutra
Chapter 658 Found a missing door
Chapter 659 Guardian of Classical Culture
Chapter 660 Who is the creator of Missing One Door?
Chapter 661 The Demon-Suppressing Ancestor Appears
Chapter 662 The Immortal Sword Master attacks the universe boss
Chapter 663 Breakthroughs one after another
Chapter 664 Heart-to-heart talk
Chapter 665 The strength of the strongest heavenly group
Chapter 666 Division of Labor and Cooperation
Chapter 667 Wind Clan
Chapter 668 The Lord of the Kyushu Universe Branch of the Eternal Life Organization
Chapter 669 A duplicitous woman
Chapter 670 The powerful female monk of the Eternal Life Organization
Chapter 671 Lin Feng’s plan
Chapter 672 Appearance
Chapter 673 Showing Strength
Chapter 674 The jade tube for Di Xiao
Chapter 675 Complete Compass
Chapter 676 Dao Ancestor
Chapter 677 The Induction of the Ancient Imperial Butterfly
Chapter 678 Test
Chapter 679 The Quietest Death Jedi
Chapter 680 The Battle of Demonic Cultivators
Chapter 681 Xue Muqing, son of the Great Sage of Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 682 What Lin Qi left with the Great Sage Tiangui
Chapter 683 Fiery Red Metal Fragments
Chapter 684 Conversation with Lynch
Chapter 685 The secret of the fiery red metal fragments
Chapter 686 The Paradise of the Undead
Chapter 687 I cheated my son?
Chapter 688: Defeating the Lord of the Deathly Silence Legion
Chapter 689 Finally reached a cooperation agreement
Chapter 690 Planning before the war
Chapter 691 The Evil Dragon’s Stupid Method
Chapter 692 Battle Plan
Chapter 693 The Sound of Death
Chapter 694 The Spirit of the Demon Suppressing Tower
Chapter 695 Ancient Lotus Buddha
Chapter 696 Completely Furious
Chapter 697 The Demon-Suppressing Ancestor Breaks the Defense
Chapter 698 Taigui Holy Lord
Chapter 699 The Netherworld Ghost Appears!
Chapter 700 Lin Feng who powerfully killed the Nether Ghost Envoy
Chapter 701 Seeing through the relationship between the two
Chapter 702 Tai Yiyi
Chapter 703 Bronze round cake reveals ancient Chinese characters
Chapter 704 The word Tao kills people
705 Danger
706 The terrifying mysterious woman
117 The Fate Clan
118 The dispute between the Su clan and the Ming clan
119 The Girl Called Dance
120 black moon
121 Psychopath
122 Coaxing and scaring