Chapter 248 Torturing the Dog Breeder

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 Late at night, outside the camp in the Tengger Desert.

Xiaomi clenched her hands nervously, lowered her head and spoke in a low voice, as if she was afraid of being heard.

"Brother Fengfeng, do you look down on me and think I'm abnormal?"

I immediately waved my hand and said no, absolutely not. No matter you are a boy, a girl or a tomboy, you are still my friend. Don’t think too much.

Xiaomi slowly raised her head, wiped her reddish eyes and nodded.

"I'll keep it a secret for you. Let's not talk about it. Let's talk about that red eye. What do you think of that person?"

Xiaomi's expression returned to normal, and he nodded and said: "The red eyes reacted so much to the Tower Burning Festival, and he spoke in Raoping dialect. This person should be from the Chaoshan area."

The red eyes are hidden in Jin Along's brick tomb. I feel that he may be invited to Blackwater City just like me. ??

"Yes, there are powerful tomb robbers in the Chaoshan area?"

I frowned and thought about it for a long time. I only thought of a group of relatively famous tomb robbers in that area. They were from the southern sect. They only knew their surname was Huang. There were dozens of them. They were a group of tomb robbers similar to the family of tomb robbers. This group of people

All have the surname Huang.

In the past, the closer the south was to the coast, the fewer ancient tombs there were. In books, it was often described as a miasma area. However, there were fewer ancient tombs compared to the north. Fewer did not mean there were none, but there were still some, including one in the mustard. In addition,

Tomb robbers over there have another way to make a fortune, "fishing from sunken ships".

Take the Huang family I know as an example. Seven or eight generations of the Huang family have been making a living by fishing for pearls. There is a saying that goes, "One clam makes a world; collecting pearls does not startle the dragon." This kind of work is extremely risky. Since the beginning of the country,

Since the large-scale cultivation of pearl clams, professional pearl divers have gradually disappeared. The pearl divers represented by the Chaoshan Huang family have slowly transformed and become a group specializing in stealing underwater tombs and ancient sunken ships.

There were many shipwrecks in the ancient seas. In the waters off Nan'ao, Shantou, there were at least 5,000 ancient shipwrecks. The subsequent discovery of Nanhai No. 1 was just the tip of the iceberg.

At that time, the relevant departments did not pay enough attention to underwater archeology. Because of this, the pearl divers made a fortune.
There are not many people in this group, but they are all worth millions, and they have turned around.

I was eager to know if the person with red eyes had a surname of Huang. After I returned home, I picked up a pair of socks. I bought these socks in Yinchuan. I had worn them for almost twenty days. The water in the desert is very precious and I never washed them.

I've been keeping it there for a long time. His eyes are red and his feet are cold and he needs socks to wear. It's just the right thing for him.

When I arrived at the place with Xiaomi, I saw that the only one left was Dou Sprout.

"Where are the people? Where have they gone?"

Douyazai pointed to the distance and said, "Why are you panicking? No one ran away. Isn't that there?"

I took a look and saw Red Eyes squatting on the ground in the distance, with his pants pulled down more than half way, and his buttocks naked while he was having sex.

"Hey." I walked over and called him.

"Here are your socks, put them on." I reached out and handed them to him.

He reached out and took the sock, smelled it, then picked up a sock and started wiping his butt. Then he took off his shoes and put the socks on his feet, which made me stupid.


Xiaomi saw this scene from a distance and immediately started retching.

The corners of my mouth twitched and I didn't know what to say.

I don’t know if red eyes were normal before, but they are definitely not normal now. I feel that he should stay with Xie Qirong, maybe they can become friends. Xie Qirong is from the Northeast, and the red eyes are from Chaoshan.

To the south and north, there are dragons and phoenixes.

"How are you? Are your toes not cold anymore?" I asked.

The red-eyed man stood up with his pants in his pockets, extended his right hand to me, and said a few words.

I couldn't understand their dialect, so I asked Xiaomi what he just said.

Xiaomi said with a strange expression: "Brother Feng, he wants to shake your hand."

I look at his hands

It was black and shiny, and there seemed to be something yellow between his nails. He immediately shook his head and said that shaking hands was unnecessary. Ask him if his surname was Huang.

Xiaomi nodded and helped me ask in Raoping dialect.

After hearing this, Red Eyes kept scratching his head and then said a few words.

Xiaomi translated: "He said he forgot, it seemed, but it seemed not. He only remembered coming here with several people. His friends didn't know where they went, and he stayed here to find them."

I asked a few other questions, but couldn't get any definite answers. My head was spinning for a while, and finally I asked where the man he dragged out of the corridor that night was. I guess I should know...??.

After Xiaomi asked for me, he clapped his hands with red eyes and turned around to leave, meaning he wanted to take us there.

Douyazai Xiaomi and I followed him to a place, which was about two kilometers away from our camp. It was a sand pit dug out with our bare hands.

There is a broken wooden board at the bottom of the sandpit. On the wooden board is the Yinchuan Middle School quilt. It seems that he lived in this sandpit two days ago.

I didn’t see the person who let the dog bite me. I said where are the people? Where are they?

With red eyes, he jumped out of the sand pit slowly. He sat on the wooden board, wrapped himself in a quilt, and pointed to a corner.

I took a look.

In the corner, there was a man whose head was exposed on the ground, and his neck was completely buried in the sand. His face was covered in blood, and he was hanging his head motionless. He didn't know whether he was dead or alive.


Douyazai was shocked: "Why did he bury this man alive!"

After jumping into the sand pit, Dou Sprout looked at it and exclaimed: "There is still life, he is not dead!"

I said wake this guy up quickly, I still have questions to ask.

Dou Sprout nodded and slapped the man across the face.

This man is still unconscious and has not woken up.

Seeing that this man's face was covered in blood and his lips were dry and cracked, Xiaomi couldn't bear it and pitied him and said: "Brother Dou, this man is so miserable. Don't hit him."


Dou Sprout slapped him again, the sound was clear and loud.

"Pity him?"

"It's a pity that no one pities him!"

"How did he stab Xiaoxuan in the first place! Xiaoxuan is such a good girl, and the intestines he stabbed with a knife are exposed! How painful! There is still a scar on Xiaoxuan's belly now. I will beat him to death in a while! Give it to Xiaoxuan

Xuan takes revenge!"

Dou Sprout shouted so loudly that Xiaomi didn't dare to plead for mercy. Xiaomi looked at me with pleading eyes, which probably meant that I wanted to persuade Dou Sprout not to be so violent.

The scene of me running out of the desert with Xiaoxuan on my back is vivid in my mind.

If I hadn't met a kind-hearted female driver on the national highway, or if I hadn't been lucky enough to meet Dr. Liang for treatment, Xiaoxuan would have died. Like Dou Sprout, I have not forgotten it, so how could I have advised Dou Sprout.

The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I felt, so I walked over and lifted my leg!

Kicked him on the head! What a bastard!

"Look, look, there's a reaction!"

The man's eyes slowly opened a crack.

Douyazai squatted on the ground, grabbed the man's long hair, and slapped him several times. I also joined in the beating and kicked the man on the head several times.

This man was buried in the sand from his neck down. Even so, he still stared at us with vicious eyes.

At this moment, the red eyes who were watching suddenly dropped the quilt and came over.

Then, Xiaomi screamed and turned around quickly.

It turned out that Red Eyes took off his pants and started pouring water on this man, pouring water all over his head. In such a cold day, this man's head was constantly steaming.

At first he tried to keep his mouth shut and didn't breathe, but then he started spitting.

Seeing him so miserable.

Bean sprouts and I looked at each other.

I smiled sinisterly and began to slowly move my right hand down.

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