Chapter 247 Wandering Xiaomi

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 This person is not a fool, he knows how cold it is, and he still cares if I want candy or socks to wear. There is no candy, only dry buns, and I can give a pair of red eyes if I have extra socks.

I asked Xiaomi again in confusion, "Isn't that your mobile phone he is holding in his hand? What's going on with that photo? Also, what did he say and why can you understand it?"

Hearing my question, Xiaomi's expression was obviously a little flustered. Although he wanted to hide it, I still saw it.

Xiaomi must be hiding something from me.

"Hey," Dou Yazai looked at Xiaomi up and down, and said suspiciously: "You are not a spy, are you? A spy of the Changchun Society? Or are you a spy who returns to those people? What do you want to do by lurking around us?"

Xiaomi's face turned pale, he took two steps back and gritted his teeth and said: "I am nothing, I am not a spy, I am not a spy, I don't know about the photo."

"Don't make any noise."

"Xiaomi, come here with me," I pointed to Yazai's red eyes and said, "Look at him, I'll get him something."

Seeing that Xiaomi was about to follow me, his red eyes seemed to realize something. He suddenly stood up and grabbed Xiaomi from behind! He wouldn't let him go!

"what are you doing!"

"Let go! I'll give you the stuff!"

The red eyes may still be in a trance state. I was afraid that he would hurt someone, so I pulled Xiaomi back hard.

Hongyan and I each held Xiaomi’s arm.

Pulling and pulling, Xiaomi kept shouting that it hurts, my arm hurts, please stop pulling me.

Not only did the red eyes not listen, but they even got worse!

He grabbed Xiaomi's clothes and tore them apart! The cotton-padded jacket was torn apart, revealing the tight-fitting thermal clothes underneath.


I was dumbfounded and didn't react for a long time.

I just happened to see a scene where the upper body of Xiaomi's body is not flat. Let's just describe it this way. It has a curvature.

Douyazai also saw it. He was so shocked that he couldn't close his mouth. He kept mouthing "Fuck", pointed at Xiaomi and said loudly: "You are a woman??"

There was no color on Xiaomi's face and she ran away crying.

Dou Sprout and I looked at each other with strange eyes.

How could such nonsense happen to me?

In the past, you could see women dressing up as men in movies, so how could you not see it now?

It’s not that Bean Sprouts and I are blind!

That's because Xiaomi doesn't look like a woman when she's dressed, she just looks pretty.
Point, besides, Uncle Liao told me when we first met that Xiaomi was both his apprentice and his grandson! How could his grandson be a woman?

I had a feeling before that Xiaomi might have a tendency to be glassy.

Now there is a sudden reversal.

He became "she".

Why didn't we see it? There was a reason. I ran to catch up with Xiaomi.

Before returning to the tent, just outside the camp, under my repeated questioning, Xiaomi was like a poor child, wiping her tears, and told me her life story intermittently.

I listened to her talk for more than an hour, and I could only sigh.

Maybe the ancient story of Hua Mulan joining the army is true. A woman pretended to be a man, shaved her hair short, and wore men's clothes. Maybe after a long time, it was really difficult to tell the difference between male and female, and she became a "tomboy" in the true sense.

Her real name is not Xiaomi, nor is her surname Liao, nor is she a wild child picked up by Uncle Liao from Henan.

Her original surname is Lin, and her real name is Yixiu. Lin Yixiu is a girl. Her hometown is in the rural area of ​​Shangrao Town, Raoping County, Chaoshan region, Guangdong.

I don’t know what’s going on now, but twenty years ago, in the early 2000s, the patriarchal mentality in Chaoshan was very serious. To what extent was it serious? There is data to show it.

In 2002, a total of 253 newborns were born in Shangrao Town. Among them, 177 boys and only 76 girls had their parents register for household registration with their birth certificates.

With this data ratio, you don’t need to think about it to know that there is a problem. Although the relevant departments have explicitly banned it, it is still banned repeatedly in that area.


Because in Xiaomi's hometown, male children can enter the clan ancestral hall, but female children are not welcome. Guests at home are not allowed to serve, and they can only eat in the kitchen. Her father always dreamed of having a boy, but her mother was still pregnant with her third child.

Girl, flow.

Therefore, Xiaomi, who was supposed to be the fourth child, became the third child. She still has two older sisters in her hometown.

At that time, when I went to the hospital for a pregnancy test, serious doctors would never tell people whether they were having a boy or a girl, because some families would not have the baby once they knew it was a girl.

Will drown in the urinal.

People like this should definitely be arrested, charged with intentional homicide, or shot.

If I had known that Xiaomi didn’t carry a handle when I did the B-ultrasound, I would have been 100%

100 percent of her life was gone. She was able to live thanks to a man named Dr. Ma. The clinic Dr. Ma opened in Shangrao Town had a B-ultrasound machine (illegal). Dr. Ma drank alcohol that day and turned the screen on Xiaomi

The little nose looks like that.

Dr. Ma congratulated her father on the spot and did not forget to ask for a red envelope.

Her father was so happy that he gave Dr. Ma a red envelope. After returning home, he would say to everyone he met: "It's a man! It's a man! Everyone is here to eat and have a banquet! Celebrate!"

The banquet cost a lot of money to set up six or seven tables, and everyone in their village knew about it. Those who did not have a son at home were not only envious, but also secretly said that Lao Lin's fortune had changed.

1985, November 26.

Xiaomi was born, and her healthy and loud cry echoed from the delivery room.

That day, the smile on her father's face disappeared.

Her father felt embarrassed and felt that Xiaomi's mother was not living up to expectations. His father didn't know how to face the villagers in the future. After all, the banquet was held and the story spread.

When she got home that night, her father was going to throw the millet into the urinal and drown him, so that he could report to the outside world that his "son" had died in infancy.

Xiaomi's mother hugged the little Xiaomi tightly, crying heartbrokenly, and told her father, "You can hit me, because I'm not living up to expectations, the third child is a loser, let's just keep the fourth child."

Her father had a place to vent his grievances. Xiaomi's mother, who was still in confinement, was hit with a broken wrist and a broken nose. Not to mention eating fish and meat to replenish her body, and eating rice soup and pickles, Xiaomi's mother gradually lost weight.

one day.

Xiaomi's father saw that his child had opened his eyes and thought of a way.

In order not to be embarrassed in the village, he decided to raise her as a boy and named her Lin Yixiu.

Xiaomi has been standing to relieve herself since she was very young, wearing boys' crotchless pants, getting a bald head, breaking bread, setting off cannons, playing football, pushing hoops, and digging out bird's nests. When she was a child, she had done everything that boys had never done before.

Because she was a little kid at that time and didn’t understand that it was okay to pee while standing. She would wet her pants when she peed while standing, and she would be beaten when she went home. Her father didn’t let her go to school until she was almost ten years old.

Xiaomi wandered around the village all day long, and no one knew she was a girl because her name was Yixiu. Children younger than her at the time called her "Brother Yixiu."

Ikkyu is the little monk in the cartoon who is scratching his head and trying to figure out a solution.

By adolescence, Xiaomi had become sensible. She knew that she was not a boy at all, so why did she keep shaving her head? This was her rebellious period, and one day Xiaomi was beaten again.
, she couldn't bear it anymore, so she secretly hid in a fishing boat in the village and ran away from home.

She stayed in many places during those years.

Yichang, Zhangzhou, Suizhou, Yichang, Qingyuan, and later went north to Beijing, Zhengding, and Henan.

Because he is still underage and wandering all the way, one can imagine his sadness.

Carrying dishes and washing dishes, picking up bottles and cardboard boxes, handing out leaflets and sweeping the streets, they all did it. It wasn’t until she met Uncle Liao two years ago that she stabilized and stopped wandering. She changed her name to Uncle Liao, and from then on

Became Liao Xiaomi.

You can understand why Xiaomi doesn’t want to mention her past, right?

I was raised as a boy, so I gradually became a tomboy. What I said was true. If she didn't tell it herself, she wouldn't be able to tell the truth.

Later, Uncle Liao said that this matter should be settled. If you have no feelings for that family anymore, just go back and take one last look, then start a new life, and don't miss it anymore.

She hates her father, but after running away from home for several years, she still wants to see her mother.

In 2002, Liao Bo took Xiaomi back to Shangrao Town, Chaoshan.

That day was the twelfth day of the eighth lunar month, and the local area was preparing for the "Tower Burning Festival".

In addition to ancestral temple culture, there are many folk festivals in the Chaoshan area, such as the Pagoda Burning Festival, the Menglan Basin Festival, the Qingsheng Festival (Human Festival), the Chandelier Festival, the Children's Appearance Festival (Double Ninth Festival), etc."

August 14th in 2002 was the Pagoda Burning Festival. On this day, in addition to laying bricks on the tower with mud, people also had to "pull the cuffs" and "give you sesame seeds". Sesame seeds are balls made of sesame seeds and are eaten.

It was on this day that Xiaomi took this photo on her mobile phone. If she never comes back to Chaoshan again, I would like to have this photo in my hand to look at and keep in mind.

The reason Red Eyes reacted so strongly to this photo of the Pagoda Burning Festival is because he is also from Chaoshan.

The dialect he spoke that I couldn't understand, Xiaomi could understand and speak.

This dialect is a type of Min dialect in southern Fujian. The region of Min dialect is very complex and most people who are not locals cannot understand it. This dialect also includes Chaozhou dialect, Leizhou dialect, Fu Lao dialect, Xue Lao dialect and Hainan dialect.

dialect, Longdu dialect, Raoping dialect, Zhao'an dialect, Pingpo dialect, etc.

My red eyes kept saying "Oh dad, oh dad" when I heard it. This kind of language like stick language is actually a dialect, which is the Raoping dialect in the Fujian dialect.

I asked Xiaomi specifically.

"Oh dad oh dad" probably means "cold, cold, cold".

This chapter has been completed!
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