Chapter 349 Digging the Iron Buddha

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"Master Xing, please walk slower." When he came out of the house, I followed him and shouted with a stick.

The old man walked quickly towards the pear tree with a flashlight in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

He stopped in front of the tombstone, got closer and looked at the paper man carefully.

I walked away and shouted: "It's not the one standing up! Mr. Xing, it's the one lying on the ground! The one on your left!"

The old man was holding a flashlight. When he saw the paper man lying on the ground, he kicked it with his feet. Seeing that there was no reaction, he bent down and helped the paper man up.

"Ha ha ha ha!"

"Xing. Master Xing, why are you laughing?"

He laughed suddenly, which scared me.

The old man turned around and said, "Boy, did you buy this paper man from the Baishi shop behind Tonghui?"

"Yes, I bought it from Manager Niu of the Babaoshan chain store."

"Come over and see for yourself." The old man waved me over.

After I walked over, he stretched out his hand and tore open the back of the paper man's head. He reached out and pinched out two very thin wires, and then pulled hard. There was a small motor connected to the back of the wire, which was about the same size as the small motor installed on the four-wheel drive toy.


The old man clapped his hands and said: "The white shop owner named Niu you are talking about has been doing this kind of thing for the past two years. Last time an old lady in Weicheng died, and I almost bought his paper figurine at night.

They were frightened to death, and later the family who organized the funeral spent more than 80,000 yuan at Niu Xiaozi's store to buy a requiem tablet."

"It was later found out that it was the boy who was responsible. Qindu Police Station detained him for ten days. If he hadn't reached a settlement with the people soon after he returned the money, they would have convicted him of fraud."

I was dumbfounded.

I said what's going on!

Manager Niu has been promoting his paper figures, and later he kindly gave me two. At that time, I felt strange that the two paper figures he gave were bigger than usual! It turned out that this guy had evil intentions and wanted to mess with me.

!It really scared me just now.

I walked over angrily and trampled the paper man to pieces.

Mr. Xing said with a smile: "Look, this little motor is timed. It will turn on its own after a certain period of time. I guess Niu Xiaozi has already set it up and wants to defraud you of your money."


I sighed: "Look
It’s not easy to make some money these days. There are people out there who just want to deceive people and have no quality at all.”

"Then you go back to sleep, Master Xing. I'm leaving too. Damn it, I have to go to Baishi's shop to settle the score with him tomorrow."

The old man smiled and said: "Why are you looking for him? Beat him up? He is a habitual offender. Many people in Qindu District know that Tonghui's Baishi shop is a black shop, so they only deceive foreigners and locals like you."

Who goes to buy things from him?"

The old man took a look around the pear tree and said as he walked: "Then you go back, I'm so sleepy, I have to go back to sleep. Tomorrow the workers in the south factory will lay the water pipes, and I have to help others move the pipes."

"Then you go to bed early," I watched the old man go back to the house and lock the door.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, the lights in the cabin were turned off. At this time, I glanced at the time on my phone.

At around twelve o'clock in the evening, Tian Sanjiu will come over in about an hour.

This wasteland covers a large area. If the Iron Buddha is buried underground, it will be very difficult to find it. In this case, the Luoyang shovel will not work. The Luoyang shovel is used to dig into the ground and explore the tomb to collect soil.

The cast iron Buddha and the iron Buddhist temple pagoda disappeared in 1958. No matter who hid it, I assume that it was buried somewhere more than one meter deep underground, and now it will be deeper 50 years later.

There are no conspicuous signs on the ground. Unless a hook machine comes over and turns over all the soil in the wasteland, otherwise it will be difficult to find it in a short time.

At ten minutes past one, the call came.

"Brother Yu, where have you been?"

"Yunfeng and we drove here without turning on the lights. You wait for us under the pear tree. We will be at your place in about ten minutes."


Ten minutes later, I saw a black car slowly driving over with no lights on.

Three people got out of the car, Yu Ge who was driving, Tian Sanjiu and Huang Tianbao with red eyes.

Tian Sanjiu put on his hat, got out of the car, opened the trunk and asked me to move over.

There were two camouflage bags in the trunk of the car, as well as several disk-shaped things that looked like electronic instruments.

This is what Tian Sanjiu has been waiting for two days ago.

metal detector.

Commonly known as the treasure hunt instrument.

Nowadays, there are many people playing treasure hunter. Some office workers will drive to the suburbs and rural areas with this device on weekends to look for copper coins, cigarette pouches and pots.

Those who really do tomb robbing basically don't use this, because they can only explore the very shallow layer of the earth's surface. Even the tombs of civilians in the Qing Dynasty have to exceed that depth, so I am not too familiar with this thing, but I know its principle.

In the early 2000s, online shopping was not yet popular. There were probably three types of treasure detectors that ordinary people could buy.

One is the electromagnetic induction type, the other is the low-frequency microwave induction type, and the other is the pulse induction type. (The x-ray type needs to be combined with a geological imager, which is not available to individuals.)

The three things I mentioned are almost the same. The difference is accuracy and depth. It is impossible to distinguish between scrap iron and copper coins. As long as there is one, there will be a reaction.

Relatively speaking, pulse-type metal detectors are more sensitive. Now when you take the subway or train, the machine that beeps when you go up and down for body searches is a pulse-type metal detector.

Tian Sanjiu's detectors were the most powerful electromagnetic induction detectors at the time. They were rare in China at the time. They could scan to about three meters underground. They were all imported. The brand seemed to be "Golden Amit-P11".

All I know is that this thing was borrowed from a group of people in Shanxi who specialize in cellaring. This group of Shanxi people are still active in cellaring. Sometimes I watch the Taobao live broadcast room to sell the tubes into sacks, at least half of the money.

The supply of goods is all released from the hands of this group of Shanxi people.

Compared with tomb robbing, using treasure detectors is also illegal according to the law, but now many places are not controlled by anyone, and they can also be purchased online.

If you want to play it, you should play it early. I think this thing will be banned in two years, and no one will be allowed to sell it by then.

"How about Yunfeng? This thing is good," Brother Yu took out the thing from the trunk and said with a smile: "We have tried it. If there is metal two or three meters underground, it will make a sound. There is an iron bump as big as a cast iron Buddha.

, we should be able to find it.”

This imported product is divided into two parts. The hand-held metal probe is connected with two wires and a rectangular metal box. The metal box is placed in a cloth pocket and needs to be carried on the back.
After Brother Yu finished it, it looked like he was going to spray pesticides in the fields.

Tian Sanjiu checked the time: "It's a big place here. It starts at 1:40 and ends at 4 in the morning, which is less than three hours. Each of you three will take one, sweep according to the area, and dig out if there is any reaction."

"What if someone comes over?" I asked.

Tian Sanjiu said: "The second cotton holiday is until March, and the decoration workers live in other factory areas. It takes ten minutes to drive from the north gate to here, and the guards will not come. As long as the old man goes to sleep, we will be safe here."


I know Tian Sanjiu is talking about Mr. Xing.

I looked over at the dormitory building and saw that it was completely dark, so I must have fallen asleep.

We closed the car door gently, then put on our headlamps, divided into three areas, and started sweeping the wasteland with treasure detectors.


I took the probe rod and it rang just before I took two steps. I dug with a shovel and found that it was a can.

Science makes people progress.

Under certain circumstances, this tool is really efficient. It doesn't take much effort to dig out a lot of messy things, including rotten cigarette rods, stainless steel lighters, beer bottle caps, rotten iron wire, etc.

I walked forward slowly, and around three o'clock, I found many small holes dug in the ground.



I quickly ran to the red eye, and he was ready to dig with the shovel.

I asked: "Are you sure? There is something under here?"

Red eyes nodded.

As soon as he scanned it, the machine beeped continuously.

My face looks a little ugly.

I said, why don't we go sweep other places first, maybe we can find the iron Buddha, but there might be rotten scrap metal underneath.

He looked at me twice.

Suddenly he took two steps forward and kicked the tombstone down.

I just closed my eyes.

"Boss Bai, I didn't do this."

"Don't blame me."

This chapter has been completed!
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