Chapter 350 Bell

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 It was cold at night that winter.

Nowadays, there is a commercial street across from the Second Cotton Factory. There are many people at night, but there were not at that time. It was all wasteland. As long as the factory is not working, the surrounding area is very quiet.

If Brother Yu and I were standing there without turning on the lights, no one would notice us.

Red Eyes kicked down the tombstone and dug down with a shovel.

This is what we do, dig graves for food, we only do this, we don’t know how to do anything else. .??.

I didn't take action because I knew Bai Tingli and Bai Shiqiong.

Brother Yu and Hongyan took action because they didn't know each other, it was as simple as that.

"Didi didi."

The deeper you dig, the stronger the response of the metal detector becomes, and the beeping sound becomes more rapid.

After digging down more than one meter along the tombstone, Brother Yu jumped into the pit with a flashlight in his mouth.

I carefully searched the pit and found that there were a bunch of nails buried in the soil, which were large iron nails used to nail wooden boards. The plastic bags were rotten and exposed, and there were quite a few rusty nails.

After I saw it, I said, "Brother Yu, look, what I said is right, right? It's just rotten iron waste. If the Iron Buddha was really buried here, it would definitely be discovered when the coffin was placed in the burial. It would have caused a sensation."


As soon as I finished speaking, the probe in Brother Yu's hand rang again.

Tian Sanjiu frowned and said: "Punch half a meter to the right and dig out the coffin."

Brother Yu started to take action.

In general burials, coffins are buried about one to two meters underground, with few exceeding two meters. This depth is not difficult at all for professional earthworkers who often dig more than ten meters a night, and they can dig down in dozens of minutes.

My eyelids jumped as I watched loess and gravel being thrown up one after another.

Too cruel.

If Bailash Qiong sees this, I would be surprised if she doesn't kill her.

"Slow down, I see the coffin," Brother Yu said and I also saw the exposed nanmu coffin lid.

Tian Sanjiu whispered: "Expand it and pry open the cover."

In ancient times, coffin nails were used for burials. Nowadays,
Many coffins are chute-type, just like sliding doors. I have seen many old coffins and rotten coffins. Suddenly seeing such a brand-new coffin, to be honest, I feel a little conflicted. I don't know why.

After clearing the soil, Red Eyes grabbed one end of the coffin with one hand and pushed it hard, causing most of the coffin to slide open!

Unscrew the headlight illumination.

In the coffin, Mr. Bai had his eyes closed and was wearing a blue shroud with buttons tied around his neck. The old man's face looked as white as a piece of white paper, and his eyelids and cheeks had begun to swell.

Because I had someone put on makeup when I was wearing the shroud, now the makeup on my face is like white flour, and it has accumulated around the corners of Bai Laozi's mouth.

It's like he took a big bite of marshmallow before he died, and it stained around his mouth without wiping his mouth. If it were summer, he would definitely smell bad.

Tian Sanjiu squatted on the pit. He looked at Mr. Bai lying in the coffin and said, "Brother Bai, I know you don't have the whereabouts of the Iron Buddha, but what else are you hiding from me?"

"I, Tian Sanjiu, keep my word. Since I promised you that I would find the Iron Buddha, I will definitely find it. I am helping you but I have only given up my wish."

"Go down, help the person up, and search him." Tian Sanjiu turned to look at me.

I hesitated for a moment, gritted my teeth, and jumped into the pit.

I thought silently in my heart: "I'm sorry for disturbing your rest, Mr. Bai. I will help you burn paper and cigarettes later. I will burn two good cigarettes. Don't blame me."

"Death is too heavy" means that the dead person is too heavy. If the person weighed 100 kilograms in life, he would weigh 130 kilograms after death.

I lifted the old man's body up and put his back against the coffin. In this position, the old man's head would tilt back, so that the buttons around the neck of the shroud would fall apart on their own.

Brother Yu reached into the coffin with a detector and scanned the old man's body first.

It's such a big place, and the results came quickly.

The alarm sound of the detector actually came from Bai Laonao

A pillow under the bag.

There is a saying that the pillow in the dead person's coffin is called a longevity pillow. Woolen fabrics and any animal skin products cannot be used. It is said that it is for fear of being out of breath and deceiving the corpse.

In ancient times, people used porcelain pillows. Experts say that if you see a porcelain pillow with a hollow bottom and painted white flowers and little figures, it was used to cushion the heads of dead people in the past.

The kind used by living people cannot be hollowed out. These hollowed-out porcelain pillows with white flowers and soul bottles are like barns. They are tools that only serve the dead. There are no heirlooms. They are 100% dug out by tomb robbers.


I have seen several people clean the barns of the Han Dynasty and then brew wine. They didn’t know what the barns were used for. Some sellers lied and said that they were used to brew wine. This is very unlucky. This is really a scam.


The longevity pillows in the coffin are wrapped in different things in different regions. Some are wrapped with tea leaves and cassia seeds, and some are wrapped with charcoal and lime powder. The pillow used by Mr. Bai is made of cotton. Tian Sanjiu asked me to take it out.

As soon as I got it, I felt something was wrong.

Wrong portion size. .??.

It feels a little tight.

"Give it to me Yunfeng."

When Brother Yu wanted to go over, he used a sharp knife to pull it open and cut it open.

A lot of white eggs fell out of the longevity pillow, which were cotton seeds.

Brother Yu put his hand into the pillow and groped around.

I quickly found a bunch of big bells!

Hidden in the middle of the cotton seed!

The iron bell is two rings larger than the jujube. Although it is made of iron, it is completely black and its coating is oily and shiny.

This kind of patina is not plated, but is a black patina that naturally forms after being left for a long time. It is precisely because of the layer of black patina on the surface that the iron bell does not rust on a large area.

There are four bells in total, threaded together with cotton ropes, and surrounded by a layer of bas-relief Buddhist patterns, such as lotus petals and scriptures. There is a bell opening with two small characters engraved on it.


What does Linji mean?

I figured it out after a little thought.

Ming Dynasty Buddha
Teach the Central Plains Dharma!

Rinzai Sect! Iron Buddha Temple!

This bell is probably the iron bell hanging on the iron pagoda of the Iron Buddha Temple that was lost in 1958!

Why did it end up in the birthday pillow of old man Bai Tingli!

"Etc., etc."


A scene suddenly flashed through my mind. I felt like I had seen this bell somewhere before.

"What Yunfeng are you looking for?" Brother Yu asked.

I wore a cotton-padded jacket at night, with a jacket inside. I stretched my arms and groped for a while, and found the flat iron box in the pocket of the jacket.

"Brother Yu, help me take care of it."

Opening the tin box, I found the third old photo I had seen before.

The person in the old photo has been smeared above the neck, making it unclear who he is. There is an old horse lantern on the ground of the photo. This old-fashioned horse lantern has a hook for easy hanging on the wall or in the stable.

This time I saw it clearly. There was a spherical object hanging on the iron hook of the lantern. The old camera used to have low performance, poor focus, and it was difficult to see clearly in the dark.

In this comparison, the black ball hanging on the lantern hook looks like an iron bell!

"Where did you get these photos?"

Tian Sanjiu frowned and asked me after looking at them one by one.

I said I found it when I was helping the Bai family sort out their belongings.

At this moment.

Mr. Bai was still wearing his shroud and leaning on the coffin lid, with his neck tilted back, his head facing the sky.

The moon in the sky shines into the coffin, and the atmosphere is a bit scary, as if Mr. Bai is still alive and looking up to admire the moon.

I can't explain what I feel in my heart, maybe it's an accident and fear.

The person in the photo has his or her face wiped out.

Was he the young Mr. Bai at that time?

If not who would he be, if so.

Then who was it that took this photo?

This chapter has been completed!
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