Chapter 559: Ignorant Guys

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Upon hearing Onyxia's words, Li Ke's first reaction was that Onyxia had given him another big job.

After all, since Onyxia came to him, she has come up with some wonderful things every day. Even though Li Ke knows that this woman has a smart brain, she always performs mentally retarded operations.

Everyone can be shocked by Onyxia's amazing ability to survive.

So he asked while taking the book from Onyxia's hand.

"Did you really write it?"

Li Ke had a doubtful attitude towards this.

The moment he opened the book, Li Ke became even more sure.

Because the first sentence is something that a person with a brain like Onyxia would never think of.

"There is no power in this world that does not come without a price, but surprisingly, many times, you don't think it is a price.

Just like the power of shadow, in our society, those who pursue this power will know that this power is very dangerous. After knowing that this power represents selfishness and danger, they will still pursue this power.

The character of a powerful person is actually consistent with this kind of power.

Although there are unavoidable circumstances, in that case, your spiritual will must be in line with the power of the shadow.

The core of Shadow Power is selfishness.

This is a chaotic world. The six forces attack each other to create our world, and we must all have some of these characteristics... But these characteristics are better in the eyes of those of us with free will.

The difference between bad and bad, of course, may also be determined based on our animal nature, for example -

We are afraid of death, so we yearn for the power that can make dead things move. Although to this world, death is just another form of our matter and life, but because of our control of our own will..."

Li Ke stopped reading when he saw this. This is a completely scientific explanation of why most people who use the power of shadow are selfish.

To put it simply, the power of shadow does have a guiding role, but as long as it does not exceed a certain level, it is actually up to you to decide what you will become.

This theory is bullshit for someone like Onyxia, who has access to terrifying power. In her worldview and the things she has experienced, it is not the person with the will who determines his own power tendency, but

Strength tends to determine will.

That's why she pursues strength and power so obsessively.

Neither theory can be said to be wrong, because human will is rooted in reality, and the power of will is not infinite.

The objective world depends on objective reality.

Even if Azeroth is powerful, there is a reason that conforms to the rules of this world, and it is not unreasonably powerful.

So even though he only read a little preface, Li Ke concluded that this thing was definitely not written by Onyxia, and based on the writing style and tone, it must be a human being who is well versed in Holy Light and Shadow.

The way of high-quality human beings.

And he has rich experience, not only has a good understanding of the bottom level, but also knows a lot about the top level.

To put it simply.

Onyxia, this idiot, is stupid again.

"Benedictus won't like your ally to be so stupid, but I do think it would be a good thing for him if he can stay away from you as his ally through this matter."

Li Ke let out a long sigh and touched the head of Onyxia, who was already nervous.

"Well, Your Majesty, what did you say?"

Onyxia looked at Li Ke nervously, trying to get away with it, but Li Ke would not coddle her, but grabbed the idiot woman's hair and pushed her down.

"If you had called me honey, I would have hugged you to sleep today, but you call me Your Majesty."

Li Ke was speechless about Onyxia. He knew that Onyxia wanted to stay together because he valued Benedictus, and the two of them once had a common boss, which was N'Zoth.

, but the question is whether we can stop being so stupid.

This guy really thought Benedictus could endure such obvious plagiarism and theft of his allies' academic achievements.

Obviously, this stupid woman didn't understand what this thing meant to Benedictus at all, and she didn't know much about Benedictus. She felt that Benedictus was just seeking refuge for power and immortality.

of Enzos.

"Benedictus is a person who really wants to promote his ideas. The relationship between him and N'zoth is very complicated. It is not what you think. Onyxia, you will only do this.

Let yourself be destroyed..."

Li Ke touched Onyxia who was sensible and started to work. He was really helpless towards this woman.

"You can be careful, but you can't be too stupid."

After leaving these words, Li Ke closed his eyes.

He is thinking about something.

That was whether he should go to Stormwind City now, because if he went there he could capture Stormwind City immediately, and going there early would also prevent someone from doing something bad to Varian.

But if not, it will have the opposite effect.

So, let’s take a look at what the people in Stormwind think.

"We can only wait for the reports from Maiev and Van Cleef."


"Master, there is really nothing we can do now."

The old craftsman Thor threw down the hammer in his hand, looked at the nobles in front of him, pushed aside the two indignant apprentices in front of him, and spoke word by word.

"We can create more accurate muskets, but it is impossible for us to have the production capacity of the Wild West."

He was really helpless, because the muskets in the western wilderness were becoming more and more powerful.

Although the original musket was very powerful, for knights wearing full armor, unless it directly penetrated the helmet or eyes, it was not a problem at all.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! The steel plate with an average thickness of two centimeters is simply not something that weak lead bullets can resist, and even better leather armor is not very afraid of this thing.

That is to say, those crude chain armors and leather armors only need to worry about these. Therefore, most muskets are only effective when forming an array.

But they have upgraded!

Whether it's the high-precision barrel, the seemingly massive amount of bullets, or the improved brass bullets, they are basically two different things.

In the hands of a skilled shooter, this thing can easily shoot at people through the gaps in the helmet. If it is a shooter who has mastered arcane magic and shadow power, it can even give the bullet powerful power.

Just like the elven archers, they were terrifying enough when they used crossbows. Now when the elven archers use sniper rifles, their shooting skills are even more deadly.

Of course, for some people it is weakening, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

But for ordinary people, the current muskets are enough for them to deal with magicians and monsters that are not that powerful. After all, ordinary magicians are not able to activate their own defensive magic all the time. If they are not careful, they will be attacked by surprise.

And it is even more deadly for militiamen who are not fully armored and poorly trained.

As long as a team of musketeers is trained a little, they can crush the militia and most ordinary soldiers. That means the knights can fight against these musketeers.

As a result, Stormwind City's military direction suddenly changed and began to train soldiers to use muskets. After all, all the soldiers on the enemy Li Ke's side were equipped with muskets. Although there were fewer of them here, in the noble council

But it was passed unanimously.

Started a crazy expansion of the army and increased the number of muskets.

But the problem is simply in terms of output.

The combination of dwarf craftsmanship and dwarf technology, as well as a little bit of magic, and stable mechanical manufacturing, directly beat traditional gunsmiths like them to pieces.

Although with skill, experience, and time, it is not impossible for him to build more accurate firearms than them with his bare hands, and then use the bullets sold in the Westfall to exert more powerful functions, but there is also a problem.

Time takes a lot of time. It would take him a full week to make a shotgun with the same accuracy as Li Ke's factory. Although he can sell it for a high price of one thousand gold coins with the "people's own shotgun of Stormwind City", but

As a craftsman, he only received ten gold coins.

So if he is now asked to provide ten a month, he is killing him.

"Ha, it's not that you don't work hard enough! What Li Ke's craftsmen can do! Why can't you do it? It's not that you don't work hard enough!"

The nobleman, Fuld Mira, snorted coldly and looked at the craftsman in front of him with disdain.

In his opinion, if he has given enough wages and raw materials, these craftsmen should make it quickly!

As for talking about techniques and the like, it’s just perfunctory!

He could teach his skills to other people, or make a set of molds that are convenient to make. The reason why he said the construction period was not enough was because he cherished his skills and did not want his skills to be leaked.

He has seen many people like this, they are just a bunch of insects.

So he knocked on his crutch, snorted coldly, turned around and left.

"We have given you enough wages. The reason why you are unable to complete our tasks is because you do not work hard enough! You'd better complete your tasks for me, otherwise we will have to go to court!"

He gave the contract, all the funds and materials, and it was the workers' fault that they couldn't make it!

Naturally, he will seek legal action to make up for his losses.

The moment the nobleman walked away, the craftsman with the same name as Thor clenched the hammer in his hand. He really wanted to be like a god and smash the nobleman's head with the hammer in his hand, but he couldn't.

But his apprentice was much more radical and spat on the ground suddenly.

"You bastard, aren't you afraid that we will go work for Li Ke?!"

His words made Thor silent, because he really didn't dare.

It's not that he isn't impressed by Li Ke's conditions, but because he is barely considered a noble and has his own territory.

Although there is only one point, and it has long been annexed by other people, and Li Ke does not have as much hatred for these small nobles as the big nobles, but who knows what it is like?

He is not one of those landless farmers who have lost everything, or a low-level craftsman. He has a family and a business, and it is not easy to leave. When he goes to Li Ke's place, he is just an ordinary worker, and the skills he masters are all

It's impossible to compare with those dwarves and elves.

I am a leader here, but it is different when I go there.

But now...

Looking at the orders in front of him and the people behind these orders that he couldn't afford to offend, he couldn't help but sigh.

Although it is said that Li Ke does not respect talents, at least according to the rules, no one can do anything to him, but what about here?

All of them are dignitaries that I can't afford to offend, so what can I do even if I am a noble? In the eyes of those great nobles, aren't I just a commoner who eats their leftovers?

Just when he was thinking this, an apprentice spoke.

"Teacher, you should know this, right? There is news that the nobles plan to build an arsenal and gather craftsmen to make muskets and armor... And it is said that many workers there don't need to eat... Do we...


Everyone was silent. Everyone knew that this was definitely not a good job. Those nobles must send overseers to physically spur them. And with the level of corruption in Stormwind City, how much salary and benefits could they get there?

, which is also conceivable.

If they fail to fulfill these orders and make the big guys think they are useless, they will definitely be sent in.

If you want to come out by then, it probably won't be possible.

Moreover, everyone here knows who the workers who are not eating are, so what they mean is whether they should seek refuge with Li Ke now.

Sol let out a long sigh, sat on the iron felt, and wanted to think about it.

But at this moment, a glamorous businessman appeared in his shop. Just when Sol's apprentice wanted to drive this man away, this man spoke.

"You are making a 'Stormwind-made' musket, right?"

Little Toby looked at the person in front of him. He had just bribed the attendant of the nobleman who had just left with a pack of cigarettes at the gate, and got the news he wanted, so he smiled and took it from his pocket while talking.

He took out a long gun, a long gun exactly like the product here.

"I'm here to ask if you can recycle muskets here. After all, I'm a businessman. It's not very good for my guards to carry too many weapons."

His action of taking out the spear made these people stunned for a moment, but after Thor saw the spear in the opponent's hand, he thought for a while and couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"how much do you have?"

"It depends on how much you need. After all, these guns are not cheap."

Thor didn't know who the person in front of him was, but when he took the spear from the other person's hand and looked at the firearm that was much more sophisticated than his own, he couldn't help but become silent.

He is already the best gunsmith here, but this gun...

But when he thought about what would happen if he couldn't complete the order on time, he pondered for a while and pointed to his room.

"Let's go in and talk."

But he knew that he would agree to the deal no matter what.

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