Chapter 562 Alsaces secret hand

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"Hmph, this is when these mud-legged guys become more pleasing to the eye."

The noble spat on the ground with disdain, then manipulated the spell in his hand and began to make the worker who had become a forgotten person quickly walk to the workshop, and continued to work in silence.

And in this workshop specially prepared for the forgotten people, there are already densely packed undead everywhere.

The noble's assistant looked at the people working next to the furnace with some uneasiness. He subconsciously loosened his collar and looked at the satisfied noble. He could no longer bear the smell of corpses in the air.

But what made him even more intolerable was his own doubts.

"Mr. this a little too much?"

He swallowed and spat. When he first came, he was deeply uneasy about the fact that "for workers who died suddenly during special periods, the aristocratic council would reluctantly use necromancy to ensure the normal operation of the factory."

Because according to his knowledge, what is called a special period is entirely decided by the nobles themselves.


Looking at those green-skinned dwarfs, he felt another wave of disgust in his heart.

What's more, it's still managed by these goblins.

"No, Bo Lei, this is just a necessary sacrifice. Do you think Li Ke is good to them, or are we good to them? For ungrateful people, these things are inevitable."

Little Taqiao sneered. He always felt that his companion was a little too weak, but it didn't matter. The other party was the one whose whole family was killed by Li Ke, and he was a very trustworthy person.

"But... we can't cooperate with goblins, right?"

Borei looked a little sad at the people who had died but were still enslaved to work. He could accept that these workers died due to various accidents, but he could not accept that these workers died because of their own reasons.

He fought against Li Ke because Li Ke killed his parents. Although he also hated his parents for being corrupt and perverting the law, oppressing farmers, and even thought about trying his parents, he never thought about killing them.

But Li Ke killed them without trial, and under Varian's eyes, he pretended to be an orc and attacked them.

So he joined the team against Li Ke.

But now, these people made him wonder whether it was the right thing for him to continue to stay here.

In terms of treatment, Li Ke's treatment is definitely better than that here.

I took a look at the food that could almost be used to feed pigs, as well as the broth made from a mixture of cockroach and mouse meat.

These things that he found extremely nauseating were the working meals provided by these goblins to the workers.

Their workers ate the 'broth' made by cockroaches and rats to work for them, but the nobles headed by Little Tacho still felt that they were not working hard enough and tried every means to make them become able to live and work without eating.

Resting undead!

And those goblin supervisors squeezed the labor of those workers as much as possible.

At first, this factory paid dead wages, but these goblins paid very low wages and set a lot of thresholds, so the wages became based on how many parts were produced.

However, it is not certain how many parts will cost each day. These goblins will accurately calculate the limits of these workers every day, and then prevent these workers from receiving the highest salary, or even deduct their wages if they cannot complete the task.

Moreover, they even 'smartly' divided the workers into groups, half of whom received a day's salary, and half received piece-rate wages, so that the piece-rate workers could speed up on the assembly line, resulting in those who received daily wages also having to speed up their own work.

Speed ​​of work.

Sick workers were allowed to walk off the assembly line, but this was not a sign of mercy, but because they did not want the disease to be transmitted. Then most of the workers who walked off the assembly line were able to obtain a medicine called necromancy, and in order to better preserve these people

After death, these goblins and nobles will even deceive them that the preservatives are medicines, and make these people voluntarily drink a large amount of unpleasant preservatives.

The most vicious words and the most vicious things he can see will happen here.

Evils that he could not imagine breed here. This is the future he sees brought by Li Ke.

He couldn't understand more and more why Li Ke would bring such evil things into this world.

Compared with things here, his parents' methods can be considered gentle and kind, and they can be considered generous.

Because even his parents will try their best to ensure that the serfs under them survive, instead of becoming consumables like they are now.

This is simply...

This place is simply hell.

Li Ke's side has a sound medical guarantee. Workers eat for free and are even taught how to read and write for free. Workers have no orders in the factory. As long as you study and pass the exam with full attendance, there will be no

There will be no salary.

It's simply heaven.

But Bo Lei knew that the model of this factory was copied from Li Ke's model, except that welfare benefits were eliminated in various ways.

Before Li Ke, no one would use such a model.

Therefore, this place is actually a hell brought by a demon named Li Ke.

Thinking of Li Ke's territory, he couldn't help but think. Although Li Ke's territory is considered clean now, what will happen in the future?

What happens after Li Ke dies?

Does he know what kind of devil he has unleashed?

Has he ever thought about what the world will be like after he dies?

Bo Lei didn't know, but he felt that it must be a world that made people want to go crazy.

He felt that instead of the world becoming like that, it would be better to keep it as it is now, with nobles ruling the common people and the common people farming the land with peace of mind.

If farmers are not given knowledge, do not give them the possibility of becoming masters, and let them go hungry for more than half of the year, they will not encounter such problems.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! "Only by making these bastards suffer, can we know how happy they are under our rule. This is what we work with the goblins, and

When the king investigates, it will all be a matter of execution by these goblins, and we have given them all the benefits."

Xiao Taqiao got angry when he saw these workers. Many workers from his family smuggled themselves to Li Ke's place, causing him to lose a lot of orders. This incident made him very unhappy, so he treated all of them

The workers became very upset.

But when the management company that hired goblins came over, little Taqiao couldn't help but puff up his chest. He thought this was a wonderful move!

On Azeroth, these goblins are the strongest among all races in their ability to manage factories and assembly lines! They can produce the maximum output at the minimum cost, although there is a risk of explosion and people can easily die.

But they are not the ones doing the work, and when they die, they can become forgotten people who don’t need wages or rest.

It can also save a lot of management costs.

Of course, the money earned by the goblins in this process will naturally be divided into 70/30.

The best thing is that goblins can be very good scapegoats. Even if His Majesty the King finds out, it will be useless. These dirty things are all done by goblins, and they are wise, honest and honest noble officials.

There is no relationship.

As for who actually does things through the goblins?

Of course it's the clerks down there! They were the ones who enriched their own pockets, hired goblins as managers because of their greed, and harmed the people of Stormwind City.

As for necromancy and so on, they are all done by mercenary goblins! They have nothing to do with the nobles!

So, he couldn't help but comment.

"Li Ke, although he is not a good person, his ideas still have merit. As for Alsace, although he is not a good person, he can keep up with him in the use of necromancy.

My idea is slightly similar to the way I thought of it, and I am quite capable. I am worthy of being the Crown Prince of Lordaeron..."

His face was filled with a proud look, which made Bo Lei more and more certain of one thing.

That is, if he follows these nobles, he will never get revenge on Li Ke in his life.

Looking at the proud little Mr. Tacho, Bo Lei was a little silent. He always knew that this man felt that he gave these workers more than what Li Ke gave.

But then, he became furious again.

"I've fed them cockroach and mouse soup, and they're still not satisfied! They really deserve it! They actually told me that Li Ke has good broth? You ungrateful bastards!"

Yes, in Xiao Taqiao's eyes, no matter how bad the cockroach and mouse soup he gave him, it was still a gift. It was incomparable to what Li Ke gave him. The two were completely different things.

Those who eat his cockroach and mouse soup are honored, those who eat Li Ke's serious broth are traitors and trash who should die!

These workers should always be grateful to drink his cockroach and mouse soup, and then work for him forever!


Looking at the increasingly crazier little Tacho, Bo Lei became more and more silent, because he could not see any hope in these people, only a feeling of despair.

There is no way to defeat Li Ke relying on these bastards.

There is a reason why Li Ke's workers are willing to risk their lives and work desperately even if the food is not enough.

They have sufficient benefits and are working for their future, so they are naturally willing to show countless vitality and wisdom.

But what about here?

Looking at this hell-like place, Bo Lei couldn't help but rub his hair.

It feels really uncomfortable to be the enemy of truth and justice, especially when you are a sober person, and you will only feel hopeless.

But he also became more determined, because when Li Ke died and his initial supporters and followers died, he believed that the scene here would inevitably appear in Li Ke's empire.

"Human greed is endless."

He looked at the undead who worked tirelessly, and for a moment he envied these people.

These undead are just like the farmers before Li Ke came. They know nothing and understand nothing. They only know that hard work can get everything.

As a result, the entire society is stable and peaceful, and can enjoy peace.

But Li Ke came and brought hell to this world and chaos to this world.

His empire will be a disaster for thousands of years! Tens of thousands of years, until everyone in this world has shed their last drop of blood in the factory system he created!

Just when he was grieving over this, he suddenly felt that he had stepped into another world and was connected to another will, a cold and proud will.

Borei could feel that a cold will forcefully entered his mind, messing with his thoughts and memories wantonly, allowing his memories to be constantly read by the other party.

Then, the other party spoke.

"You seem to be very distressed? Are you distressed by the changes in this world? Don't know how to face this world? Come on, let me tell you how to solve this problem, the ultimate answer to this problem."

Borei wanted to refute, but in the next moment, countless thoughts and wills were transmitted to his mind.

A cold, immortal empire built by Li Ke's factory and productivity system, led by an absolutely just emperor, was unfolding before his eyes.

Physical desire and pain are just appearances. In this world, only the soul exists eternally, and only the soul has real meaning!

"Only the immortal can ensure that he does not have any greed or selfish thoughts..."

This is the absolute truth and the only solution for the world to face the hell brought by Li Ke!

This is the only way! The only hope!

A just world led by a just king!

Borei couldn't help but murmured in a low voice, and his words made little Taqiao a little confused.

"What are you talking about, Borei?"

Little Tacho didn't know that at this moment, a great will had come into contact with his assistant.

And his great vision also left a deep enough impression on the hearts of his assistants that he believed it to be the truth.

At this moment, Borei could no longer be considered one of theirs, but he didn't realize it.

"It's nothing, Mr. Tacho, I was just a little distracted. And I thought of some good ideas."

Borei chuckled lightly. He looked at the workers who were working hard. The smile on his face was a little unnatural, but when he thought of the great kingdom formed by the undead that appeared in his heart, and the kingdom he was familiar with, he just couldn't bear it.

Can't help but be excited.

"What's a good idea?"

Little Taqiao became a little excited.

"Why don't we recruit some farmers? They don't know how to assemble, but they are fully capable of making parts. The yield rate is just a little lower, but for us, the yield rate is controllable, right?


He smiled at little Tacho, and then looked at the goblin.

"Are you right? Mr. Goblin who came up with this idea?"

The goblin was stunned for a moment, then quickly reacted and nodded.

"That's right, Mr. Tacho, what do you think of my idea?"

This is what he does!

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