Chapter 582: A piece of loose sand

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This thing is really wonderful for Illidan. As long as he can see Li Ke defeated, he doesn't mind taking some small risks of being killed by Li Ke.

But for Tyrande, she wanted to unite other people a little bit in this matter.

Because this matter is not just her matter, but the matter of the entire empire.

Li Ke's departure is an inevitable loss for the entire empire.

Therefore, without Li Ke's knowledge, the Empire's Garden Council began again.

Sylvanas, who walked into the garden, was very unconcerned and impatient with the meeting that Tyrande held that was not a meeting, because this was not a meeting started by Li Ke, but Tyrande relying on her own reputation.

She didn't want to cause any strange troubles when starting a meeting with influence.

So, as soon as she sat down with a stack of documents in her arms, she opened the document and made corrections while speaking.

"What's going on this time? If it's not something important, then hurry up. I have three more meetings to hold in a moment."

The document she was reading now was about centaurs. Because of her carelessness, those poor, weak and helpless tauren were almost exterminated by her, so she was very careful during this period.

But judging from the information passed by the night elves' intelligence agents, the Centaur side is honestly not very suitable for modernization.

It's not that there are no good people among them, but their cultural level and living habits are still the living habits of slavery a long time ago. Moreover, they are large in number and have very violent personalities. If they cannot station the army for a long time, things will be very serious.


The empire's military strength has been expanded to the limit, and the first baby boom is about to arrive. In addition, there are a lot of illegitimate children, plus the problem of military marriages being destroyed. She has been busy preparing documents these days.

We are preparing to propose corresponding laws to protect soldiers at the next general meeting.

After all, you can't let the marriage and property of a person who sheds blood and tears for you not be protected, right? Otherwise, it would be ridiculous.

She used to think that this should be a kind of morality rather than being restricted by law. But now that she is in her current position, she has found that legal restrictions are the most effective, so she is planning to coordinate various departments and allocate new personnel.

Form a department, or add new functions to a department, as well as a series of issues.

In addition to Li Ke's request to increase the production of 'mobile phones', plus the construction of base stations, a series of arrangements for base station construction, and the coordination of surrounding houses, these tasks all fell into her hands at once, as well as a number of issues that had not been solved before.

A series of problems, all in all a lot of trouble.

This means she doesn't need to think too much about diplomacy, otherwise she will feel like she is really going crazy.

"Everyone is very busy, Sylvanas, but the topic this time will not be simple, and don't forget which race the civil servants you can trust most are from."

Azshara spoke. She had the worst sense about Sylvanas, because the other party was actually the emperor of the empire, and recently she didn't even consider whether she had the manpower and ability to do it. She just knew what the fuck.

Important people, important people, important people, she never asked for so many people when she was queen!

"I know it's you night elves, but aren't we all citizens of the empire now?"

Sylvanas retorted back without raising her head. Because of her job, she often met Azshara, so she didn't like Azshara.

"Well... let's listen to what Ms. Tyrande wants to say."

Jaina was trying to be a peacemaker, while Aegwynn, who was watching on the other side, couldn't help but want to sigh.

She really likes Gianna, but the problem is that her pure and kind character is really unbearable. Innocence and kindness are really not a good thing in the political arena.

Thinking that the other party in the original world line was also vaguely used by the alliance countries to the point of ruining their families, I couldn't help but shake my head.

Regardless of Theramore's position or the alliance's strategy, Theramore has no intention of relaxing with the Horde. Basically, as long as the Horde wants to take action, Theramore is the strongest nail in the Horde's body, able to defeat the Horde.

Restricting the vital points of the tribe during the battle is unbearable for any king or military leader. In the original history, Jaina was able to be deceived by Thrall into giving up revenge on the tribe. It was simply

It's so kind that it's so useful.

Following Jaina's voice, the two imperial ladies who had originally planned to quarrel gave up their quarrel like women buying groceries on the street.

Because everyone is very busy.

Sylvanas is naturally very busy, but Azshara is not much better. Every time Sylvanas transfers personnel, she has to be very busy. There are still a few natives.

Naga felt that it was more in line with Naga's honor to keep Naga's body, but after working for three days, the scales and skin were worn away, and she had to go to the transformation circle to transform back into a night elf and walk on two legs.

So Azshara, who came to the meeting, also had a lot of documents in front of her.

Jaina and Aegwynn were not much better off. Both of them also had ongoing experiments in their laboratories, but they could just ask their students and assistants to record the data and then carry out the experiments when they returned.

Therefore, two people can still chat.

"I have seen the design drawing of your base station, and I suggest you ask for more space when submitting the design drawing, because there is obviously room for upgrade of these base stations, but the current factory equipment and some raw materials are not enough.


Aegwynn looked at the design drawings that Jaina brought and began to comment on it, and pointed out some designs that could be optimized. Jaina listened carefully, and after seeing some deliberate changes, she gave

Aegwin explains why it is designed this way.

After all, not everyone has such superb magical abilities. If the base station is designed to be too powerful, it will be difficult for ordinary workers to diagnose and repair it.

However, she also has her own plans for the design of the base station.

"Well, I think so too. Do you remember what Mr. Li Ke said about underground network cables and optical cables?"

"Oh? That idea that would drive Sylvanas and the road construction department crazy?"

Aegwin remembers that, which is to bury all the wire pipes underground to effectively prevent damage and make it more beautiful.

"In this case, emergency lines will have to be set up for earthquakes and other situations, and the production of rubber and wires will also need to increase."

Listening to the mutterings of the two people, Azshara and Sylvanas both felt their scalps go numb.

One is to add new department management, and to add new department functions and things that need to be approved. The other is because so many things will definitely require more manpower and more personnel transfers. The two people who are reviewing the documents can't bear it.

He couldn't help but look at the two chirping magicians, or rather scientists, with fearful eyes...

Then, they found that most people in the department were looking at these two people like this.

If these two people make an understatement, they will be involved in a lot of things such as water conservancy, electricity, roads, construction, municipal administration, etc. in the entire empire. Even factories may be added due to the plans of these two people, and production tasks will also change.

, directly leading to financial consequences.

Oh, water conservancy facilities and electric power facilities still have to go through farmland?

Naturally, the agriculture department and nature conservation department are also indispensable. If they are not kept in place, urban planning will have to be redesigned in the end.

But everyone just glanced at these two people and lowered their heads. After all, this was not the first time such a thing had happened. Any project in the empire could easily mobilize tens of thousands of people to carry out the project.

As long as you follow the rules and regulations, hold meetings to discuss and let experts conduct on-site inspections to solve the problem, then it won't be a problem.

It’s just a matter of extra time for meetings. As long as the department that should be notified is notified and the issues that should be discussed are discussed, then even if there is any special situation, there are various ways to solve it, so there is no need to worry about big troubles.

However, Malfurion watched all this without saying a word, because the organizational capabilities exceeded his imagination.

The tightness of the organization also exceeded his imagination.

"This is the Empire, an efficient machine."

He couldn't help but think of those tractors and those roaring steel behemoths in the fields of the empire. Although as a druid, watching those behemoths transform nature, his heart was a little complicated, but it had to be said that tractors were very important to civilians.

It's a big killer.

"That's why it's scary. Everyone is a part of this empire. As long as he has enough ability, he can be replaced at any time. As a department leader, he doesn't even need to have real practical ability. As long as he has the corresponding professional knowledge,

And he knows how to lead the department to complete its functions without messing around.

Every time I see a situation like this, I understand that bastard a little bit..."

Illidan responded to his brother's request.

This is impossible in their organization. It is absolutely impossible for the leader of the blacksmith to not know how to blacksmith, but Li Ke's department can. As long as the department chief knows enough knowledge, even if he can't swing the hammer himself, he can go to the bottom a little bit.

After a period of time, you can become a qualified commander.

As long as you don't do anything casually, you can even do much better than a leader who is proficient in crafting.

"Human energy has its limits, especially for these mortals. This set of mechanisms is completely created for mortals, so we night elves can enjoy it like a fish in water, like a rule breaker."

Malfurion nodded and responded to his brother——

Ever since the Tyrande incident was over, the relationship between the two of them has begun to improve visibly.

"But speaking of it, mobile phones are really convenient."

Malfurion took out a mobile phone that was only for everyone to try out for the time being. This was the first batch of mobile phones that Jaina made after getting Li Ke's approval. They were given to everyone for trial use. Although there was an Internet connection, only Gus

Only part of the city has internet access.

He looked around, then pulled his reluctant brother Illidan over and took a selfie.

The next moment, a picture of him with a smile on his face and a reluctant Illidan appeared on the crystal in his hand.

"What's the big deal? It's just a simple imaging technique to encode..."

Illidan couldn't help muttering, very unhappy with his brother's behavior, but he also had a mobile phone in his hand.

"I just think that this thing can change the world. Although it is indeed an abuse of magic, it can also become the best platform. This software called live broadcast is said to be designed by Li Ke specifically asking Gianna to design it. I plan to use it when the time comes.

It broadcasts the Druid path live and uploads some promotional videos about the Druid way. Let me tell you, the main body of the empire is still farmers, so I can greatly attract those farmers..."

Malfurion was very excited. He dreamed of spreading the Druid Way all over the world. With mobile phones, wherever there is a base station, that would be his missionary station!

"Save it. With fertilizers and production machinery, I think they prefer Holy Light."

Illidan pushed away his brother's face who was too close to him with some disgust. He looked at the videos posted by the Holy Light monks on his phone and couldn't help but shake his head.

This thing is still an internal trial operation for the time being, and those who can get it are basically civil servants of the empire, and it is only for one day, but even so, there are still a lot of strange things.

Some cooking tips, some filming Li Ke's day, preaching, scolding, blaming leaders, and asking for exam answers.

All in all, it highlights a chaotic dance of demons.

Thinking of this, Illidan raised his head and glanced at the people working overtime in front of him, then turned to look at Tyrande who was fiddling with his mobile phone and notifying the Priestesses of the Moon to prepare a video to promote the Moon God.

There is no other reason, simply because he saw the video promoted by Benedictus to promote the Holy Light. He cannot stop preaching!

"But, Tyrande, hasn't the meeting started yet? This is almost turning into an overtime meeting."

Tyrande looked up at the meeting in shock. Only then did she realize that some people had even called her secretary. So she helplessly covered her forehead and looked at Shandis Yu beside her.


"Who else isn't here?"

Shandis quickly opened the list in her hand, then quickly compared it and named the people who had not come yet.

"Whiteman and Bridget are here, but she's not here yet."


Tyrande couldn't help but frown.

And where is White Mane?

"His Majesty……"

White Mane, who knelt down in front of Li Ke, licked his tongue, savoring the taste, and then spoke in a strange voice.

"I suspect Tyrande is plotting to overthrow you! Make yourself Queen of the Empire!"

She's here to tell the truth!

Li Ke: “………”

Li Ke, who was looking through what Goba videos and pictures his subordinates had sent, was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly raised his head.

What a good thing?!

This chapter has been completed!
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