Chapter 594 Northrend’s Problem

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Shining with golden light and regaining her former beauty, Hela was really neither so happy nor so baffled.

She has heard of Li Ke's name, so she is very timid when facing Li Ke. The strength of her subordinates will never compete with Li Ke's.

Of course, this is also because Li Ke has not developed Northrend yet. If it is developed, it is estimated that——

She will play dead.

After all, there are so many legends like this, who can prove that Hela is real? At that time, just respond selectively to the prayers and sacrifices of your believers about Li Ke.

But, who could have imagined that Li Ke would suddenly smash Odin’s stall!

Who in the family understands?

Hela didn't know how to describe her mood.

She even suspected that she was dreaming!

Such things are as unreal as dreams to her!


"Well, Your Majesty, what do you want me to do? Although I am willing to be your weapon, the other guardians..."

Hela sealed Odin in her hand and spoke anxiously.

This time, Li Ke not only killed his enemy, but also forced himself to resign from his original company.

Although he can still contact his followers and can still use the power of Maw Abyss, no matter how he looks at it, he knows that surrendering to Li Ke is much more promising than cooperating with the warden.

After all, she and Zoval have been working together for so many years but have never been able to take revenge on Odin in a true sense. Li Ke not only tortured Odin who was beaten half to death by him on the first day, but also gave Odin's power to him.

Even if I can say goodbye to that damn Maw, I can still use Odin's power to torture Odin?

What is a good boss?

This is my fucking foster father!

Hela was sure that whenever Li Ke waved his hand, she would be willing to climb into Li Ke's bed like other women——

Li Ke really gives me the benefits!

It's just that the guardian's side is not very easy to deal with.

"A bunch of trash, there's nothing to deal with. All I need is for you to re-manage the Titan facilities in Northrend so that there won't be any more trouble. As for the trouble inside, I will solve it, and if you don't want to obey, I

It will be cleaned up naturally.”

Li Ke felt speechless when he thought about the situation in Ulduar, because this hair-shedding world really has a world reset button in Ulduar.

When the Titans found Azeroth, countless void creatures had already appeared in Azeroth. The Old Gods had almost completely corrupted Azeroth. However, with the efforts of the Titans' creations, Azeroth

The crisis in Sri Lanka has finally been resolved.

But in order to clean up these ancient gods parasitic on Azeroth, the Titans were very distressed.

It was effortless for them to kill the ancient gods. Just like the seven-headed beast Y'Shaarj, the once most powerful ancient god, was killed by the Titans like they were pinching chickens. And it

The last breath he blew before his death was the evil that had ravaged an entire version, a nightmare that would spread forever in Pandaria.

And the other Old Gods are chickens compared to Y'Shaarj.

But when the Titan directly interfered with Azeroth, it strangled Y'Shaarj to death with only one hand, but it left a permanent wound and almost killed Azeroth.

They healed the wound as much as possible, but it still left a permanent scar.

They solidified the scar and turned it into a well, the Well of Eternity, now the Maelstrom.

So when facing these ancient gods, the Titans can only continue to create powerful guardians like Odin, and then let these guardians fight against the armies of the ancient gods, and finally imprison them with their various devices.

The Old Gods - because any direct manipulation of these Old Gods by these Titans will lead to serious injury or even death in Azeroth.

They thought this was enough, so after building a barrier, they went to Sargeras, who was going crazy because the void would corrupt the Titans, saying that we had found a way to save our corrupted compatriots, and you don't have to wait for distribution.

At this time, their idea was to leave some back-ups that were basically unused. After all, they felt that they could solve Sargeras's problem quickly, and then come back to continue studying how to further save Azeroth.



These back tricks are outrageous.

Behind Ulduar is the world's reset button.

Once the boss of the guardians discovers that the Old God has broken through the cage, and they are unable to stop it, they can directly launch an extermination order.

After this button is pressed, a stargazer will come to confirm the code of the planet's development and then make a judgment.

If the point of no return is reached, he will send a string of codes.

The function of this code is also very simple, it is to shake people.

This code can teleport Titans directly from distant places to solve problems, and can also activate the Forge of Origin in Uldum, allowing the Forge of Origin to directly reset the entire Azeroth and destroy everything except Azeroth.


Then, quietly wait for life to be born again on Azeroth.

However, the Titans felt that they could not use these methods, so they left with confidence.

Then what happened next was that Sargeras activated the God's Descending Mode to make a huge jump, and guided a super fel storm that killed all the Titans for a second.

This news was noticed by Lai, the real boss of the guardians, so Lai showed it off, saying that the Creator is damn dead, and I still want to play a few games.

It's done.

Even the God of Thunder who admired him so much turned into a hater because he was too pretentious, and such a God of Thunder, who was evenly matched with the god Bai Hu, directly took out the heart of the strongest guardian Lai...

And because of Rai's failure, Odin, who had outstanding military exploits, led the guardians, and soon Odin divided the guardians' leaders into pieces.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! Although there is a reason why Yogg-Saron bewitched Loken, who is the Loki of this world, you can also read how many pitfalls Odin has.


Then there is the story of Loken deliberately trapping Ulduar of Tire to death for his sister-in-law, and helping Yogg-Saron pollute the entire love-hate relationship between Ulduar.

But with such a time bomb, Li Ke would not allow it.

Not to mention that Ulduar also has a very important function.

That is the will engine, a device that can shape the senses of Azeroth. As for this device, Li Ke plans to take a look. If it is just to help Azeroth shape the senses, then he will not affect it, but

If there are other things in it, then...

He could only dismantle the will engine.

Therefore, it is impossible for Li Ke to give up controlling Ulduar.

"At first, I wanted to ask Odin to take care of the current Loken, and then save Azeroth from being affected by the Forge of Origin, but obviously, he did not cooperate."

Li Ke waved his arm, and a door to the Frozen Throne was opened, revealing Arthas sitting on the throne.

At this time, Alsace was looking at the magic circuit board in front of him. When he turned his head, he saw a living Li Ke opening the portal to his side. His whole body froze.

In turn, it turned into an extremely complicated, but extremely hot will and fighting spirit!

"Li Ke!!!"

Arthas picked up Frostmourne in his hand without hesitation, and the boundless wind and snow and the violent power of runes quickly rushed in the direction of Li Ke. Li Ke looked at Alsace who was rushing towards him like crazy.

He frowned.

He wanted to save trouble, so he directly used the spatial coordinates he left on Alsace, but he didn't expect Alsace's reaction to be so extreme.

Isn't it just a way to borrow a way?

"Sit down! Arthas! I have other business this time!"

Li Ke guided a storm of evil energy without hesitation, instantly tearing apart the runes and ice storm organized by Alsace, revealing Alsace's frail figure.

But Li Ke suddenly looked up and saw the floating city floating above Alsace.

Li Ke couldn't help but take another look, and then found that there were many iron boxes floating around these floating cities. In these iron boxes, there were souls of the undead, who were constantly looking at the floating cities in the sky.

Undertake new repairs and renovations.

And you can tell at a glance that these iron boxes can easily transform the tools on your body and turn them into weapons, missiles and the like.

Moreover, it is no longer the human soul that is used, but a more humble soul, the soul power of animals.

Obviously, Alsace has come up with many new and useful things during this time.

"It's very well done, Alsace, this floating city is very handsome."

Li Ke walked directly into Alsace's Ice Crown Throne and looked at Alsace standing there with his sword in hand.

Arthas looked coldly at Li Ke and Hela who walked in behind Li Ke.

The power of the guardian and the aura of the undead on the other party made him feel the pressure, but when he couldn't help frowning and secretly scolding Li Ke for being a bastard who always had women around him, he discovered that Li Ke

The person behind is Hela.

After he arrived in Northrend, he discovered that Ner'zhul had made some very strange actions. After careful study, he discovered that it was a problem with Crown of Dominance and Frostmourne.

These two things had a constant impact on him, making him see the world of the dead and a place called the Abyss.

However, he just sneered at the so-called warden and ignored him completely. In addition to being harassed all day long, he didn't have any appropriateness or understanding towards that guy who didn't know what he meant.

He has also been in contact with Hela, but looking at the other party's current appearance, it is obvious that Li Ke is not unaware of Hela's problem, but it has also been solved.

"Hmph... You have some taste, and it cost you another life, Li Ke."

After saying this, he put away his Frostmourne indifferently, returned to his seat, and continued to look at his magic circuit board.

Li Ke said this, which proves that Li Ke did not come here to end the grudge between them, but for the sake of Azeroth.

So he chose to turn a blind eye to Li Ke.

Li Ke was very irritable right now, so he was not in the mood to say, "Yes, yes, I saved my life." Instead, he looked at Alsace and spoke.

"You'd better work harder, Arthas, otherwise you will be something this world no longer needs when I leave."

Li Ke's voice was quite cold at this time, making Alsace feel familiar and nostalgic.

Yes, Li Ke will always be like this to him! He is cold and distant, but it happens that the only person in this world who can understand each other is the other person!

But when he reacted, his heart that had stopped beating suddenly began to twitch.

"What are you talking about?! Li Ke! Don't insult my intelligence by saying some nonsense!"

He couldn't help but stood up again and stared at Li Ke.

He and Li Ke were fighting over routes, so when he realized that Li Ke intended to use him as a grindstone for his empire, even though he was angry, he understood and automatically cooperated.

But, but what does this dog breed say now!!


What does he think the empire is!!

"I don't know who I am talking about is you, Alsace. Kingship is not eternal. You should be very aware of this matter."

Li Ke turned around indifferently. He just came to tell Alsace to work harder.

When the time comes, he will be killed as well.

But he is not here to kill. He is the executioner like Arthas. The only people who are truly qualified to judge him are the people of Azeroth themselves.

The only people who can truly end this feud are Azeroth itself.

"You bastard! Wake up!"

Alsace, who also realized what Li Ke had planned, stood up angrily again and stretched out his hand towards the sky.

In an instant, the natural disaster level he used in order to fight Li Ke, and the strategic magic nodes engraved on most of Northrend's magic network nodes were activated by him, with enough power to tear an entire continent apart.

Si gathered into his hand.

This was a move for decisive battle and mutual destruction. It should not have been exposed to Li Ke's eyes, but he didn't care.

"Stop it, Alsace, I told you, I don't have time to pay attention to you now."

Seeing this terrifying power gathering in Alsace's hand, Li Ke frowned and spoke again.

"You're the one who's talking nonsense, right?"

Alsace's body was almost torn apart due to the violent power, and Li Ke, who saw this scene, raised his hand, and the control of the magic network node was instantly taken away from him, and the violent gathering of power

, was also guided by Li Ke with the power of the dragon, and returned to his original place in a few breaths.

The power of the guardian dragon is so easy to use.

Then, Li Ke quickly rushed in front of Alsace, and when Alsace was slashing with Frostmourne, he kicked Alsace in the chest, sending Alsace flying to his Frost Throne.

Sit on it.

But the violent force directly injured Alsace seriously, and even one of his boots flew out!

"I told you, stop making trouble, Alsace, I have no time to care about you now!"

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