Chapter 593 The Death of Odin

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No matter what the old blue dragon thinks, the fact is that this matter between Suramar and the blue dragon is really not something that a person of Li Ke's level should personally deal with.

Under normal circumstances, things should be handled directly by Sylvanas just like how we deal with the Tauren tribe. Li Ke only needs to make some adjustments in the direction.

So after Malygos comes, he will take charge of both sides of the matter by himself. Tarecgosa, the two little blue dragon female secretaries, will tell the blue dragon king everything truthfully, and then make a decision.

series of operations.

No need to worry about things not going well.

The strong wind howled in front of Li Ke, and Li Ke soon reached the high altitude of the Broken Islands. The boundless strong wind blew against his body, making him feel another kind of happiness.

This is a feeling of free flying that cannot be felt when using magic power to fly. Direct flying is indeed more interesting.

However, this time Li Ke came to investigate, so he did not indulge in flying for long. He performed a cobra maneuver in the air, made another spin, and flew in the direction of the Sky Fortress he saw.

The location of Sky Fortress cannot actually be regarded as being in the real dimension of Azeroth. Although it is indeed possible to reach this place from the physical level, due to the Titan's barrier, the fastest way to reach it is through the Rainbow Bridge, that is,

It's a special way of delivery.

The original Sky Fortress should be a powerful battle fortress that could continuously bring the souls of warriors into it, and then install a body made of steel to continuously deploy troops throughout Azeroth.

An organization dedicated to protecting Azeroth.

But because of Odin's unethical behavior, a lot of tricks directly forced his most proud subordinate Hela to rebel, which directly caused Hela to curse the Sky Fortress.

Mortals who have reached the standard, as well as Val'kyr who are not considered alive, can freely enter and leave the Sky Fortress, but Odin and his warriors can never leave here and can only be trapped in the Sky Fortress.

In the timeline of Legion, players helped Odin escape from the control here, and then——

Odin was at a loss. As before, he didn't care about almost anything. Except for things related to Hela, he didn't care about anything else.

Li Ke probably knows why.

Anyway, there are players and people from the tribe and alliance in front, so he can quietly accumulate strength and wait until the people from the alliance and tribe are almost exhausted before attacking.

After all, for these Titan Guardians, poor living conditions are not a problem, but for the people of the Horde and Alliance, their strength and army require a lot of logistics.

However, to Li Ke, this matter about Sky Fortress is nothing.

The wings moved, and the next moment, Li Ke's figure came to the sky above the Sky Fortress, and he saw the magnificent fortress, and Odin who was in the fortress, looking at him with disgust.

And Li Ke was not polite either. One look at Odin's appearance showed that he was not going to talk nicely, so Li Ke was not polite either and landed directly at the door of the Sky Fortress and transformed back into a human.

"Odin, why did you bring me here specifically?"

Odin, who was sitting on the throne, naturally heard Li Ke's voice. He stood up directly. A golden spear appeared in his hand, and in the next moment he transformed into thunder and lightning, and came directly in front of Li Ke, using

With his tall body, he looked down at Li Ke.

Then, when he opened his mouth, there was a sentence that made Li Ke unable to hold back.

"Dirty, deformed flesh and blood, you have defiled this holy place! You are not welcome here! Get out of my fortress immediately!"

Li Ke was stunned. He really didn't expect that he had already reached this point. There were still people in this world who dared to speak to him like this, so he subconsciously asked.

"Are you serious? Odin? Don't you know that I defeated the incarnation of Sargeras? I come with sincerity, what is your attitude?"

He was really shocked. Although Odin's vision was limited and he could only see the Broken Islands most of the time, his battle with the incarnation of Sargeras undoubtedly shocked the entire Azeroth.


Especially what happened later that was suspected to be the appearance of Azeroth, it explains everything even more.

But now Odin says this to himself?

"So what, you dirty deformed flesh and blood, if I hadn't been trapped here, I would have killed you, who is inherently evil..."

Odin looked at Li Ke with disgust. In his eyes, Li Ke was just a deformed flesh and blood from another world, a monster without its own fixed form and race. Let such a monster rule Azeroth. He is

Absolutely not willing to do so.

And what he said was not a lie. If he could have left here a long time ago instead of being trapped here, he would definitely ensure Li Ke's death with his own hands!

Such deformed flesh and blood must not stay in Azeroth! It is too dangerous!

He has been fighting this kind of beauty without any steel and deformed flesh and blood full of chaos all his life. For him to surrender to such a person is just a daydream.

Li Ke took a deep breath and decided to tolerate Odin one more time because he needed to take advantage of him.

So he interrupted Odin.

"I came out this time to invite you to deal with Yogg-Saron in the Titan facility where Thor and Loki are located in Northrend, so I need your help..."

However, Odin also interrupted him.

"You all want to take the opportunity to devour the power of the ancient gods. Do you really think that we don't know about the fight between your kindred people? Evil! Although I will die in battle today, I will never give in!"

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But only Li Ke, only this deformed monster who can shape his own flesh and blood at will, it is impossible for him to coexist peacefully in any case!

He is the guardian of Azeroth. Even if he dies, he will never hand over Azeroth to such a monster!

So, he interrupted Li Ke's words with an angry roar.

"There is only a fight to the death between you and me! Dirty monster, as long as I am alive for a day, I will never give up killing you! I will clean up all your traces! Kill everyone who has anything to do with you!


Li Ke nodded.

Then this is just a shame.

Although he didn't understand why Odin was so confident despite being so weak, it did not prevent him from making correct judgments and choices.

"Fight to the death?"

He lowered his head, but not to express his mistake and surrender to Odin, but to look down at Odin.

"No, you are wrong, Odin. For you, it is a battle to the death, but for me, the difficulty of this battle is-"

Violent magical power is constantly gathering around Li Ke. Carrying the essence of the Sunwell with him, he can create a Sunwell for himself anytime, anywhere!

As long as he is in Azeroth, his magic is unlimited!

"How to run over an ant without killing him!"

The violent magic power directly tore apart the magic barrier of the Sky Fortress, forcefully tore it out of this dimension, and forcefully dragged it to the dimension of the real world!

In an instant, the sky over the entire Broken Islands shone with boundless golden light. The power of Li Ke and the Sky Fortress suddenly exploded in the real dimension of Azeroth. The violent energy shattered the local magic network, even the Dark Night Well.

The magic power was also disturbed and kept gathering in the direction of Li Ke.

And Li Ke's body also became extremely huge, holding the huge and incredible Sky Fortress with one hand. In the process, Hela's curse was torn apart by Li Ke, and most of the Sky Fortress

The core, whether it was Fenrir's hunting ground in another dimension or the Hall of Valor, was also forcibly pulled out by Li Ke.

Fenrir's hunting ground was instantly shattered, and Fenrir in the hunting ground was turned into a pulp by Li Ke's slap.

The huge Hall of Heroes was held in Li Ke's hand, and he smashed it directly into the face of Odin, who also quickly became taller.

Odin, who had grown bigger in a hurry, had the entire Hall of Valor smeared on his face. Li Ke's huge power instantly smashed the Hall of Valor on Odin's head to pieces. Those souls that had been transformed into Valkyries,

He was also mastered by him in an instant!

Odin's face suddenly flowed out of blood, and Li Ke also slapped Odin's face hard with the Sky Fortress that he was proud of.

The Sky Fortress also shattered suddenly in front of Odin's face. Millions of tons of earth and stone fragments directly shattered and fell towards the endless sea, constantly setting off turbulent waves.

But in front of two giants standing proudly in the mountains, these stormy waves are just small splashes.

His face was severely injured one after another, and Odin could hardly maintain his huge body. But at this moment, Li Ke pressed his hand on his body, and the huge power quickly poured into his body, and he quickly

His body stabilized, allowing him to be in such a huge body——

Accept Li Ke’s fist!

Odin's tall body was pinned directly into the sea by Li Ke, and Li Ke's fist was directly stamped hard on Odin's face.

Li Ke was originally very irritable during this period, and Odin's ignorance made him find a perfect outlet for venting!

Fist like a mountain kept hitting Odin's face, so hard that he couldn't even open his eyes.

Having experienced hundreds of battles, he was completely controlled by Li Ke, and even every time he wanted to resist, he was unable to do so!

The angry Odin couldn't even self-destruct! Because the moment Li Ke touched his body, the battle was over!

Punch after punch, Li Ke forcefully smashed Odin's head into the seabed, adding a huge undersea abyss to the sea near Suramar.

Not far away, in Suramar, facing the nobles who were dissatisfied with taking refuge in Li Ke, Elisande no longer said any words of explanation or dissuasion.

Because everything that happens at this moment is the best proof for these people to surrender.

The act of transforming into a super giant and punching the enemy is not actually a good use of energy.

But if you can become bigger than a mountain, then that's another story.

Size means strength!

However, just as Li Ke was happily venting his frustration during this period, a female roar came out.


With an aura of boundless malice and anger, a huge tall woman entangled with boundless power of death emerged from the bottom of the sea, and looked angrily at Li Ke, who was still entangled with the remaining power of the curse.

Because in this woman's perception, it was Li Ke who broke the curse that sealed Odin and the Sky Fortress.

Yes, she is Hela, Odin's most trusted subordinate in the past, the daughter who was forcefully forced to rebel by him, an Aize who was supposed to fly in the sky, but was eventually broken off by Odin himself and thrown into the abyss.

Guardian of Lars.

Hela waved her arms angrily, wanting to show her anger and threaten the other party.

"Who! Who dares to break my curse! I must-"

Halfway through her words, she saw Li Ke stop his fist and look at her silently.

And her biggest enemy in this life has made it impossible for her to completely leave the Maw for the rest of her life. Her enemy Odin, who has suffered endless torture since then, is now lying under him. If the other party hadn't continuously supplied energy to Odin,

So judging from Odin's injuries, which have half of his head deflated, Odin is already dead.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! Li Ke grabbed Odin's neck and looked at Hela who looked stunned.

"do you have any opinion?"

His voice was very calm, and Hela's reaction was also very quick.

"No! It's too late for me to cheer for you! I just want to ask if you are tired from the beating. If you are, I can do it for you. Of course, if you need any weapons, torture instruments, etc., I'm here

There are also many, as long as you ask, no matter what it is, I will get it to you as quickly as possible!"

Hela spoke with great respect and joy. The reason why she only cursed Odin was because she could not defeat Odin head-on, so she could only curse him.

As for her grudges with Odin, that's all over the place, and it's basically Odin's unilateral arrogance and attempt to harm her!

There were more frictions after that, and she lost count.

And the Li Ke in front of her knew that she was definitely no match. If the other party didn't go his way, it would be easy to kill her. Even if he hid in the Abyss, he might not be able to survive.

Although her current partner claims that he and Titan are on the same level, in fact they are, but judging from her knowledge, if the other party does not have the authority of the Shadow Realm, the other party may not even be able to defeat Akmon.


So she had never thought about expecting the warden to protect her.

But Li Ke was noncommittal about her answer. Hela, who was looked at by Li Ke, almost went crazy. She cursed her previous self crazily, and quickly thought about how to remedy it.

But no matter how she thought about it, Hela felt that she was dead and that she would never be able to escape the reality of being killed by Li Ke in this life.

However, facing Hela's random thoughts, Li Ke didn't have any ink and took action directly.

Li Ke stopped ravaging Odin, stretched out his hand, and under Hela's trembling eyes, he reached out and grabbed her body and pulled hard, trying to pull Hela out of the cesspit of the Maw!

What caused Odin to stab Hela in the back was because he forcibly threw Hela into the Abyss and then forcibly enslaved her, so he did the opposite!

Countless auras of the Abyss suddenly appeared on Hela's body, as well as countless chains with the power of control, but Li Ke didn't even look at them. He tore these chains to pieces with a wave of his hand and collected the aura of the Abyss on Hela.

Got up.

Finally, he looked at the hole that he had torn apart and headed for the Abyss, and at the warden who was looking at him indifferently. With a contemptuous smile, he threw back the chains and the aura of the Abyss in his hands.

He really didn't pay attention to the Yanyuan Idea King or anything like that.

Raising his hand, the violent force instantly lifted Odin. Li Ke had directly controlled his body before, so although Odin was now free from Li Ke's fist, the energy in his body was no longer under his control.


Li Ke didn't waste any time and directly tore out the guardian power from Odin's body. The golden power was very close to the power of his incarnation as the Dragon King, but it was still slightly different.

He left part of it as a sample, and the rest was stuffed into Hela's body in one go!

The golden power and the power Hela obtained in the Maw quickly collided, but after realizing what had happened, Hela did not hesitate to let go of all her defenses and restraints, and fully welcomed the people she had been away from for tens of thousands of years.

The power of the guardian of the year!

And the reason why she is so relieved is also very simple, because if Li Ke wants to harm her, he doesn't have to do anything extra!

She quickly accepted this power, and because she could not control it well, her body was forced to return to its original, beautiful appearance.

At this time, Li Ke also revealed his new plan.

"From now on, you will sit in Odin's position. You can do things that Odin can do. You can also do things that Odin can't do. You can travel both worlds, and the Emperor has granted you permission. In short, you will be the boss of the Guardians from now on.


Raising his hand and throwing Odin, who had lost all his guardian power, in front of Hela, Li Ke sneered.

"do you understand?"

Hela was so happy that she immediately grabbed the dying Odin in her hands, controlled Odin's soul, and then knelt down in front of Li Ke with sincerity.


She totally gets it!

And in her heart:

Family! Who knows! When I wake up, it’s pie in the sky!

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