Chapter 494: Master’s Mission

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While Meng Lang was running for his life-long event, Professor Zheng Qiu and Zheng Da, who was also at Shuimu University in the capital, also ushered in an important moment in his life...

"Let me go, Lao Zheng, this... this... this thing's mining efficiency is going to explode!"

In the laboratory of the Department of Computer Science, Yu Hua, a fat man wearing big pants, was pointing excitedly at the backend data of the "Bitcoin Computing Power Supermarket" on his computer, his face flushed with excitement.

Zheng Qiu, his doctoral supervisor, was still smoking with a calm expression.

"What's there to be excited about? Isn't this what I expected?"

"I'm talking to Lao Zheng, when you say this, can you steady your excited heart and trembling hands? The cigarette ashes have fallen off your body!"

Zheng Qiu stopped pretending, put the cigarette into the ashtray, and rubbed his hands with a smile.

"How's it going? Your teacher is also a top professor in the field of computer mathematics at Shuimu University. How can he be so poor in vision?

If you follow your teacher, will you get some meat this time?"

"That's right, teacher, you have a sharp eye, and your disciples' admiration for you is endless...

If you had already focused on making money, why would your chief disciple still be struggling for a small two-bedroom apartment outside the Eighth Ring Road?

I just regret that I didn’t listen to you and put down all my wife’s books! It’s too late to regret now!” Yu Hua beat his chest and stamped his feet.

Ever since he learned that Zheng Qiu had even invested his daughter's dowry into this so-called "Bitcoin computing power supermarket", Yu Hua couldn't resist Zheng Qiu's instigation and invested the 200,000 he had saved for many years of being single into it.

Although my teacher is a bit unreliable in terms of personality, his theoretical level is unparalleled and he is definitely one of the top few in the country.

In addition, he himself is also studying the Bitcoin algorithm, so a product that allows him to give up the plan at hand and directly "succumb to the enemy" shouldn't be too bad.

The result is just as Zheng Qiu calculated. Calculating the income growth in the past few days, deducting the computing power rent and capital costs, their annual investment return is at least 30%!

According to the half-year computing power rental period, their total investment of 2 million would be a profit of nearly 300,000!

It’s almost equal to Zheng Qiu’s entire year’s income.

It's not like you can get rich instantly with this income, but it is definitely a stable happiness...

"Okay, okay! We'll do the flattery later. Taking advantage of the good market these two days, we'll sell the Bitcoins we have on hand and continue to rent some more computing power to snowball."

The rule of this "computing power supermarket" is that users can choose to withdraw the Bitcoins obtained from mining directly, or they can choose to sell them with one click according to the Bitcoin price and exchange rate of the day.

The proceeds can be directly converted into RMB and transferred to UnionPay or Zhifu Pay.

Of course, you can also continue to rent computing power and expand the computing power pool.

From Meng Lang's point of view, he definitely hopes that the majority of users will "make money in the supermarket and spend it in the supermarket, but don't take a penny home."

Zheng Qiu opened the backend sales interface and chose to sell the Bitcoins mined in the past two days with one click.

Bai Yeji's "Bitcoin computing power supermarket" can be said to be a fool's operation.

How much did you invest, how much floating-point computing power did you rent, and how much did you earn on that day...

Each item is simple and clear, giving consumers the full right to know.

Even novice players who have never invested in Bitcoin can easily get started.

Swipe your card, pay, and leave. It's as convenient as going to a supermarket.

"Ding dong~" Soon, the mining income of nearly 10,000 these days came almost instantly, and then in the blink of an eye, Zheng Qiu invested it in renting computing power.

The spherical computing power pool on the interface has expanded a little bit visible to the naked eye, and the real-time mining income has also increased...

Upon seeing this, classmate Yu Hua, who was a wealthy man, couldn't help but speak.

"I said, Lao Zheng, we have to continue investing. This is our entire property. Aren't you afraid that this is a pig-killing plot and we will lose everything in the end?"

How about... let's stop when we're good and just do it for the next six months?

Anyway, the income in half a year is quite a lot..."

"Stop? Do you know what profit monopoly brought by technological monopoly is?"

As far as their technological prospects are concerned, we don’t need to worry about them making money and running away!

And according to my estimation, the profitability of this computing power supermarket cannot always be maintained at such a high level, so we don’t have much time left to harvest the wool...

If you don’t increase investment at this time, you will really regret it when the second and third batch of crab eaters come into the market!

If it were any other company, we Lao Zheng would really not dare to spend such a huge amount of money, but... this Bai Yeji is different!"

Lao Zheng took out another cigarette with a meaningful look in his eyes.

"What's the difference?"

“There are countless people researching mining algorithms around the world. Who have you seen who can improve the efficiency to such an exaggerated level all at once?

I have carefully studied the other party's computing power pool data, and the technical content here is much higher than you think!

Also, have you paid attention to the trends of the ‘Wisdom Tree’ recently?”

"Pay attention, I use it almost every day now. The effect of checking duplicates is really incredible. When I use it to check materials and papers, the efficiency is not improved at all, and it costs almost no money.

In comparison, the spider webs used in the past were simply useless, slow and expensive, and now they are so expensive that no one even cares about them.

Not only our school, but also universities across the country have launched a wave of plagiarism checks. Recently, several well-known professors were exposed on hot searches for plagiarizing their papers, thanks to it."

Why do Internet products such as "Must Die", "Renren", and "Penguin" often rely on college students to rise in their early stages?

Because the new generation of college students have a high level of education and a strong ability to accept new things, they form communities through schools and classes, and their study and life have become more deeply integrated with the Internet.

Therefore, compared with the general population, the diffusion and fission effects of products and information in this population are the most obvious.

Similarly, the substitution effect of products is also more obvious and rapid...

Of course, the Wisdom Tree project was able to create this kind of influence in a short period of time, and the Pinxixi marketing model of “introducing a new user to register and get 5 smart coins” also played a huge role.

"Haha! Behind the spider web is not as simple as you think...

Do you think this product has caused such a sensation in the academic world and even touched the cake of some people in the upper echelons, but why is it still so unnoticed until now?"

The little fat man thought thoughtfully, "Old Zheng, do you mean there is someone behind Bai Yeji?"


After all, Zheng Qiu has been involved in Shuimu for decades, and he has some understanding of some so-called "academic authorities."

That’s why we can understand how extraordinary the power behind being able to engage in “fair competition” with affiliated companies like, which monopolizes some “academic resources” and has deep roots, is.

"It's a given that you have a background, but that's not what I want to say. Are there too few people who have a background to kill pigs?"

Zheng Qiu said as he opened Bai Yeji's official website and pointed to an announcement just released.

"Look at this."

Yu Hua came over curiously.

"Well...notice about the company's immediate opening of the trading channel for 'smart coins' and its related products such as ERP services, AI products, new energy vehicles, computing power supermarkets on the site..."

He smacked his mouth in confusion, and said a little uncertainly.

"It seems that we can use that 'smart coin' to purchase Baiyeji's various services in the future?"

"That's right!"

Yu Hua gradually came to his senses and his eyes suddenly lit up!

"So, can't the smart coins in our hands also be used to rent computing power? It's another huge amount of income!"

Zheng Qiu rolled her eyes at the little fat man.

"Just money, money, money! Think about it more deeply."

The little fat man touched his chin, and his eyes lit up the next moment, "In addition to computing power, can this virtual currency also be used to open a 'Bajie' account?"

He has been coveting the AI ​​product "Bajie" for a long time, but he is too shy to buy the car that comes with it...

"It finally hit the point!" Zheng Qiu nodded slightly.

"Whether it is the knowledge sharing platform Wisdom Tree, Tianshu ERP, computing power supermarket, or the most popular 'Bajie', these products of Baiyeji can almost be said to have reached the top technical level in the industry.

The technical content far exceeds that of similar products, and its market influence is also rising. It can be said that the future potential is endless.

If you add in the unfathomable background, it won't take long and you will soon become a unicorn in various industry segments.

You know, the market recognition brought by strong product strength can be converted into recognition of virtual currency!"

"Old Zheng, are you saying that this 'smart coin' will appreciate in value?"

Under the smoke, Zheng Qiu's eyes became deeper and deeper.

"Appreciation? It depends on what angle you look at it from...

Bitcoin can be sought after by the market. In addition to pioneering and innovation in the technical field, what is more important is scarcity and hype.

However, its biggest shortcoming is that it does not have any credit endorsement and consumes a lot of computing power and energy. Therefore, it is regarded by investors as a castle in the air and is destined to be a transitional product that will be eliminated in the era of virtual currency.

At best, it will become some kind of collectible in the future.

But this ‘smart coin’ is different…”

"what is the difference?"

“You know that our country is engaged in digital RMB recently, right? If you want to promote digital RMB, the most important thing is the endorsement of our country’s huge ‘industrial products’.

As for national credit, that's all nonsense. As long as the benefits are big enough, even if you are on the other side of the ocean, you will be bankrupted on the same day.

So...your digital RMB can be equivalent to high-quality and low-priced Chinese products all over the world. This is its greatest market competitiveness.

From this perspective, this Bai Yeji is doing the same thing."

The little fat man scratched his head. "Is it as mysterious as you said? I still have hundreds of Q coins in my pocket, which can be used to recharge games, activate super membership, activate various diamonds, QQ video VIP...

As for this, I haven’t seen Penguin make any extraordinary virtual currency for it?”

"Yes! Many Internet giants in the world want to create virtual currencies. This is an irreversible future trend.

I believe it won’t be long before the first company announces that its products accept virtual currency transactions, and it is likely to use Bitcoin, the most recognized currency in the world.

But it won’t be long before they discover that Bitcoin has too many inherent disadvantages and is doomed to fail.

Then they will want to use their own huge products and ecology to incubate a virtual currency.

The ultimate success will ultimately depend on who has the most advanced virtual currency rules, who can master the technological monopoly advantage, and who has the most irreplaceable future technology products in their hands!"

"Uh... I probably understand. Lao Zheng, what you mean is, do you think this White Night Ji can work?

But it’s still just a start-up that’s less than a year old, right?

The market value is less than a fraction of Penguin..."

"Ambition does not matter whether the market value is high or not. Have you ever seen a high-tech company that was only established for less than a year that dared to flourish in many aspects and enter so many potential future Internet fields at once? How can it make such a big fuss?" Zheng

Qiu asked back.

"Uh...not really."

"In order to explore the world's technological frontiers, I have been studying this White Night Period..."

"Wait! Are you sure it's not Qian Yan?"

"Don't interrupt, in short, I found that this company is really good at something, especially the computing power algorithm, it actually gave me an unfathomable feeling!"

"How deep?"

Zheng Qiu took a deep breath from the cigarette in his hand, "You still remember the three math questions on our school's BBS, right?"

"Of course, it's simply shameless to give you a question without giving a solution!

So far, there has not even been a follow-up update, and now the ‘Open Source Emperor Mengchangjun’ has ranked first in our list of dead eunuchs!”

"Well... that's not the point. The point is that I think some of the opponent's algorithms seem to have the shadow of some of the functions in the three difficult problems..."

"Huh?" The little fat man was stunned for a moment, and then he quickly came to his senses.

"Old Zheng, do you suspect that... this mysterious 'Open Source Emperor Mengchangjun' is in the White Night?"

"'s just a guess on my part, so..."

"Pa!" Zheng Qiu slapped Yu Hua on the shoulder with a solemn expression.

" dear, the most respected chief disciple, I have a very important sect mission now, and I have to leave it to you!

This is directly related to the financial future of our master and apprentice for the rest of their lives..."

"Wha...what mission?"

"Get into Bai Yeji!"


This chapter has been completed!
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