Chapter 495 Demon Hunting Team

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Things were just as Zheng Qiu predicted.

After the first batch of crab eaters tasted the sweetness, the "Bitcoin Computing Supermarket"'s degree of success was no weaker than that of Baiyeji's other products.

Those who play Bitcoin are the younger generation who are at the forefront of the world's Internet. In terms of adventurous spirit and sensitivity to industry information, they are far superior to the general population.

Therefore, less than a month after this product was put on the shelves, there was a trend of revenue blowout.

From the revenue of more than 3 million yuan on the first day to the highest daily income of more than 16 million yuan, it can be said that money is being made every day. It is gradually replacing the welfare bag and becoming the largest financing channel of Baiyeji...

Although the country issued relevant documents in September 2017, officially banning Bitcoin platform transactions, it has not yet banned Bitcoin mining.

It is estimated that up to 70% of the world's Bitcoin mining computing power is currently located in China.

Even if you are not a person in the currency circle, you can frequently hear hot news in the past two years that a certain big man has gone to remote areas such as Inner Mongolia to invest in a certain large mining farm.

It can be said that capital gold diggers all over the world are looking for high-quality "mines" in the vast land of China.

The biggest cost of Bitcoin mining is energy costs.

According to statistics, Bitcoin mining around the world consumes about 133 terawatt hours of electricity every year (1 terawatt hour is 1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity).

This amount is equivalent to the annual consumption of a medium-sized European country, surpassing Sweden and ranking 27th in the world in terms of electricity consumption.

Therefore, mine owners all over the world are looking for areas with lower energy costs to open “mines”.

Under this trend, China's Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and Guizhou and other areas with low energy prices have been favored by capital.

It not only stimulates foreign investment in backward areas, but also allows local consumption of already excess water, wind, and photovoltaic energy. This kind of investment was even welcomed by the country in the early days.

However, everything has its pros and cons. With the price of Bitcoin soaring, the demand for global mining computing power has expanded sharply. Mines are expanding like wildfire and have even become a potential threat to the national energy strategic security.

It also directly affects the price of graphics cards in the market, increases basic computing power costs in disguise, and has a negative impact on Internet companies such as data centers.

Coupled with the financial control risks faced by virtual currency speculation, the country has intentionally imposed restrictions in this field.

Banning platform transactions is just the first step to prevent risks.

According to the original trajectory, no surprise, the country will soon introduce relevant policies to limit the brutal growth of Bitcoin mines and market chaos.

However, Bai Yeji’s “Bitcoin Computing Power Supermarket” has brought a little change to this historical process...

"Boss, this is a new batch of data center computing power rental contracts, as well as the next batch of second-hand mining machine purchase budget approval..."

The secretary handed a document to Hu Yifei.

Hu Yifei took it and took a rough look at it. When he saw the final budget price column, he couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

800 million...

Not long ago, I was just a small startup owner who was proud of his annual revenue of millions.

Unexpectedly, it has only been so long that the purchase contracts I sign every day already cost hundreds of millions per unit?

Life is full of ups and exciting!

Originally, according to Meng Lang's plan, he planned to build Bai Yeji's own data center step by step through expansion.

However, the product line has developed too rapidly, and the business growth rate has completely exceeded the expansion rate of the data center.

Hu Yifei had no choice but to temporarily rent computing power from data centers across the country while expanding.

The period is not long, only half a year.

After all, according to the timetable, Hujian's optical chip project will enter large-scale mass production in about half a year.

Bai Yeji, who has the right of first refusal, will then acquire a batch of computing equipment with significantly reduced energy consumption, thereby reducing the operating costs of the data center to a greater extent...

At the same time, Bai Yeji, who was frantically expanding its computing power, placed several huge orders, almost single-handedly stabilizing the second-hand market prices of graphics cards and mining machines across the country, and some mines that were on the verge of bankruptcy were completely packed up.


Before the wailing players could realize what was happening, they discovered that the equipment they thought would be smashed into their hands actually had a tendency to stop falling and rebound...

With the support of a steady stream of entry funds from mining players, Baiyeji's computing power pool is also expanding rapidly.

Zero also has more powerful computing power support!

"Shua shua shua" signed the document, and Hu Yifei asked about the revenue growth of the "computing power supermarket".

After listening to the report from his subordinates, Hu Yifei was excited and nervous at the same time.

What’s exciting is that the turnover continues to surge at a rate of almost doubling every few days, which is completely eroding the mining market’s computing power market!

What's disturbing is that this time the group seems to be playing a big role...

With their mining costs and technological advantages that crush the world, mine owners all over the world, not to mention mine owners all over the country, will probably be killed by them sooner or later.

One thing that makes Internet companies different from other traditional industries is that it’s easy for “winner-takes-all” to happen!

At present, Baiyeji is the only company in the world that has this kind of technology and has made the algorithm into a black box and stored it in its own data center. In a short period of time, there is no need to worry about competing products of the same type appearing on the market.

According to this trend of swallowing up mountains and rivers, what if he takes all the work of mines around the world into his own hands...

Is it really a "mine at home", or the kind that is monopolized all over the world?

Hu Yifei can completely imagine that by then, not to mention the product line of Baiyeji, a computing power supermarket alone will be enough for them to become one of the top ten cloud computing companies in the world!

By then, they will not only quickly create a large-scale data center with light assets, but they will even be able to influence the global Bitcoin price...

This is the largest virtual currency market in the world, with an annual transaction volume of more than 2 trillion US dollars!

How much influence does that have?

Even Gao Yuan thinks that this computing power supermarket is definitely a big deal.

If you search the computing power market all over the world, you may not be able to find a subdivision that has huge computing power demand and is as lucrative as "Bitcoin mining".

Meng Lang is completely violently expanding his data center territory by eating up the profits of an entire industry at once...

Even so, he still felt that the expansion of computing power was too slow...

Hu Yifei doesn't know why the group is so anxious to expand its computing power, but since his business failed, he has gained another advantage...

That is to listen to advice.

Don’t worry about why, just follow a few big guys and that’s it!

"The purchasing department will send more people to the market to look for a batch of data centers and computing equipment. According to this expansion rate, the purchase amount will probably double next month..."

Hu Yifei ordered his deputy with emotion.

However, the deputy was in a bit of trouble.

"Well... there should be no problem in terms of funding for the time being, but it may be a little difficult to arrange manpower. The purchasing department has already sent everyone out."

"What? We don't have enough manpower? Then temporarily transfer a group of people from the marketing department."

"Um...there's no one in the marketing department either..."

Hu Yifei frowned, "How could it be possible? Didn't Director Tang help us recruit a new group of people last month?"

The deputy smiled bitterly and said, "Not enough, not enough at all. Mr. Hu, you don't know that our entire company has been seriously short of manpower recently.

Nowadays, the number of users of several of our products has been growing exponentially. The business volume has grown so rapidly that every department is short of people.

Not to mention the marketing department, even the technical department is seriously short of people.

Not to mention Idou New Energy, almost our entire autonomous driving department has been sent to Beijing to provide technical support.

There is also the AIGC project of "Flying Life" a while ago. In addition to the AI ​​R&D department, even the company's design department was not spared.

The biggest headache is the ERP project with Juchang. You said this is a big customer and you don't dare to neglect it. Our company sent a team of more than 100 people to provide on-site services.

The ones who are most idle now are probably the logistics and finance departments. The entire department has been cleared out and almost all of them have been transferred to other places for support.

Even so, we are still stretched thin, and the overtime hours have almost exceeded the system warning line."

"Then let Director Tang continue to expand recruitment!" Hu Yifei said.

"Mr. Hu, Director Tang is also under a lot of pressure. I heard that various businesses under the group are also expanding, and new companies and new projects are constantly being established.

At present, the number of employees in the entire group has expanded from a few hundred at the beginning to several thousand, but there is still a shortage of manpower.

Internet practitioners are already relatively scarce. It is said that almost all the relevant talent market in Suzhou City has been recruited by our group, leaving a short-term talent vacuum.

Director Tang has no choice but to go to other provinces to recruit people recently."

It actually created a short-term vacuum in the talent market in Su City...

Hu Yifei was a little dumbfounded.

It seems that not only Baiyeji, but also other subsidiaries of the group are developing rapidly.

However, this also reflects from the side that a huge business empire is expanding rapidly at a speed that the outside world cannot even react to...

"Okay, I understand. The problem of lack of manpower is temporary. Director Tang must be thinking of a solution. You can go out and do things first."

"Okay Mr. Hu."

Just as he sent away his deputy, Hu Yifei's cell phone suddenly rang.

[Grandson! Your grandpa is calling! Grandson! Your grandpa is calling...]


The moment he heard the set ringtone, Hu Yifei's expression changed, he immediately sat up straight, and then cautiously answered the call.

"Hey! Grandpa, at this point...why do you always have time to call me?"

[Hmm! It’s nothing. I just wanted to ask how your work has been lately, you little bunny. Have you encountered any trouble? 】

"Uh..." Hu Yifei was stunned.

What is your grandfather’s identity?

On weekdays, you have so many things to do that you have no time to care about the affairs of a junior like yourself. Today, the sun is shining in the west, and you actually call specifically to care about yourself?

"Grandpa, I've been doing very well at work recently. It's going smoothly, I'm not under much pressure, and my life with my girlfriend is almost settled..."

[Who is asking you this? I am asking your company if it has encountered any trouble recently!

If you encounter any trouble, just say what you need to say. Grandpa will make the decision for you. Do you understand? 】

"Uh..." Hu Yifei was stunned.

Don’t you hate it when younger members of your family use your connections?

Even my father was dismissed by saying, "Life or death depends on fate, wealth, and honor." As a result, he is still the second-in-command.

Now he actually takes the initiative to support his grandson’s career?

Could this be "kissing a generation apart"?

I was stunned when I saw that Mr. Hu, who had not responded on the other end of the phone, spoke again.

[Also, let me ask you again, has your group encountered any enemies recently?]

"Ah?" Hu Yifei became even more confused after hearing this.

"Enemies? What enemies?"

As a regular commercial company, we do have competitors, but we can’t rise to the level of enemies, right?

[Hmm... Is that the kind of enemy that requires the use of special forces to deal with? 】


Why are you going further and further? Even the special forces have come out?

If your grandson had that kind of enemy, wouldn't he be in trouble by now?

Seeing that Hu Yifei had been thinking for a long time and couldn't squeeze out any lines at all, Mr. Hu seemed to understand that this was just a tool man who didn't know anything, and he muttered immediately.

[What a fool, after working for so long, I still haven’t gotten into the core layer...]

[Beep beep beep...]

Listening to the busy signal on the phone, Hu Yifei looked confused.

His he here to care about him, or is he here to scold him?

Beijing, a certain base.

Hanging up the phone with a look of hatred on his face, Mr. Hu sighed helplessly.

The analysis results are out, and this system is simply astonishing. Although it has not yet been put into actual combat, it is unlikely to be trusted immediately and put into large-scale promotion in the military.

But at least the military's "War Skull" project will benefit from this, and the project progress will be greatly advanced!

However, the more precious the system provided by the other party, the more Mr. Hu did not understand it.

Use this priceless system...

Just to borrow the command of a small team?

What kind of enemy is he trying to deal with?


In a secret military base, the helicopter propellers roared and strong winds blew, and members of the heavily armed dragon hunting team filed into the cockpit.

"Chief of Staff, what's going on? Why was our team suddenly transferred to the Jiangsu Province Military Region? Is there an urgent mission?"

Chu Tian buckled his seat belt and asked a middle-aged officer next to him.

"This is an order from the top of the military. The mission objectives and mission locations are kept secret. Even I don't know them.

The only instruction is for us to go to the Jiangsu Province Military Region and wait for the next order."

"Whose order?"

"have no idea?"

"Uh..." Chu Tian was a little stunned.

They have been performing tasks for so long, and this is the first time they have encountered a situation where they don't know the contents of the task at all.

"By the way, there is another request from above. You need to change the team code name for the mission you are performing this time."

"Change the code name?" Chu Tian frowned.

What kind of strange mission requirements are these?

However, Chu Tian, ​​whose bounden duty is to obey orders, still asked.

"So what's our next team's codename?"

"Demon Hunting Team!"


Upon hearing this name, Chu Tian was stunned.

The helicopter roared high into the sky, and no one noticed the shock on Chu Tian's face.

Suddenly, on that war-torn night in Damascus, the words spoken by the mysterious man echoed in my ears again...

【Should I say thank you in person? There will come a day, but not now.】

[Let’s just wait and see when you change your name to ‘Demon Hunting Team’, haha...]

It should be... a coincidence, right?

This chapter has been completed!
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