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Lord of the Arcane

Lord of the Arcane

author:People from Xianqin, Gusu

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 10:37

Latest chapter:Chapter 3282 Alliance News Asset Collection

At some point, the author [Shado] traveled through time - came to the Netheril Empire in the world of Faerûn, and found that the legendary Arcane Empire was nothing more than that - the floating city that covered the sky and the sun did not even have a shadow, and the Great Arcane Empire The legend of the division's destruction of the world is just a legend. There is invisible suppression by powerful elves outside, and there is a wilderness that is difficult to open up inside. On the eve of the invention of the Mysel nuclear power, what will Sha Duo's arrival change?... This is a mystery. The story of the rise of a magician, your 'Survival Guide to Another World'! Xia Duo: God is not my end! (The protagonist prefers order and rationality) Book club group: 966022519

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《Lord of the Arcane》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 3282 Alliance News Asset Collection
Chapter 3281 User Discipline and Authority Transfer
Chapter 3280 The Last Afterglow Preparations for Casting
Chapter 3279 New Progress in Mysterious Locks: Lifespan for Achievements
Chapter 3278 The Great Purge in Yeerlan
Chapter 3277 Want to be a lighthouse
Chapter 3276 The fiery journey to another dimension
Chapter 3275 Open the tavern to the sky
Chapter 3274 Sharing Power and Tracking the Yueying Family
《Lord of the Arcane》Chapter Contents
career setting
Character Cachado (to chapter 412)
Chapter 1 Visitors from Earth
Chapter 2 tricks, determination
Chapter 3 Temptation
Chapter 4 Spirit Impressions
Chapter 5 Trolls
Chapter 6 Karatu People's Wood Rock
Chapter 7 Illusions, Dwarves
Chapter 8 Free Holy Water, Malice
Chapter 9 All Property
Chapter 10 Escape
Chapter 11 Brightness
Chapter 12 The Differences Between Different Spellcasters
Chapter 13 Enlightenment, Performance Skills
Chapter 14 Magic Tricks
Chapter 15 Ancestral Blessing Ceremony
Chapter 16 Leonard Mage
Chapter 17 Towering, Registration
Chapter 18 Apprentice Dean, Single Dormitory
Chapter 19 Order of the Mage Tower
Chapter 20 Transactions
Chapter 21 The Holy Proverbs of the Lord of Radiance
Chapter 22 Struggle, sorting out the dictionary
Chapter 23 Assigning Work
Chapter 24 Arcane Garden
Chapter 25 The first class, the legendary story
Chapter 26 Questions and Notes
Chapter 27 Trading again
Chapter 28 Edrich
Chapter 29 The Three Elements of Spellcasting
Chapter 30 Reading Magic
Chapter 31 New Cooperation
Chapter 32 Middleman, focus on the front
Chapter 33 Spell Practice
Chapter 34 Paying for the penalty with gold
Chapter 35 The Mystery of Learning Scrolls
Chapter 36 Practice [Brightening Technique]
Chapter 37 The Heart, Two Months Later
Chapter 38 Orcs attack, 【Communication】
Chapter 39 Messaging, Tactics
Chapter 40 Transcription and training
Chapter 41 [Communication] get
Chapter 42 Standardization, Archmage
Chapter 43 Pre-War Meeting
Chapter 44 Physical Training, Production Increase Program
Chapter 45 New Spells, Level 0 Mastery
Chapter 46 Unforgettable Scroll Instructions
Chapter 47 Joint Invitation
Chapter 48 Buying Poison
Chapter 49 Six-man team, high mood
Chapter 50 Two Fronts
Chapter 51 Selecting the Task Area
Chapter 52 Captain Gibb
Chapter 53 Getting equipment and leaving the camp
Chapter 54 Reminder, Adamantine Dagger
Chapter 55 The secret mark, the constant magic
Chapter 56 Aiwa's Strength
Chapter 57 Poisoning, Negotiation
Chapter 58 Niya, preparation for actual combat
Chapter 59 Wolves
Chapter 60 Changes in Mindset, Clearing Goblins
Chapter 61 Negative Energy
Chapter 62 Orc Trail
Chapter 63 Rescue, Assassination
Chapter 64 Surrounding Orcs, Returning
Chapter 65 Assassination
Chapter 66 Undead, Foreign Mage
Chapter 67 Reporting and Transmission
Chapter 68 Coming of War, Creating Spells
Chapter 69 Seeds of Hatred
Chapter 70 Departure
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
Chapter 73 Wonders, Raids
Chapter 74 Killing
Chapter 75 Crimson Vortex
Chapter 76 Chasing, Dodging
Chapter 77 Tragedy, Repair
Chapter 78 Night Attack
Chapter 79 The snow is coming
Chapter 80 Elf Ruins
Chapter 81 Dreamland
Chapter 82 Elite Orcs
Chapter 83 Flash Technique
Chapter 84 Spell Slots
Chapter 85 The Elf Lost
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Killing
Chapter 88 Pikachu
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Revenge
Chapter 91
Chapter 92 Mysterious Wood Carving
Chapter 93
Chapter 94
Chapter 95 Wolves
Chapter 96 Orc Shaman
Chapter 97
Chapter 98 Reward Ceremony
Chapter 99 Ceremony scene
Chapter 100: Land Sealing Bounty
Chapter 101 Siore Mage
Chapter 102 Warlock Shado
103 Study Group
Chapter 104 The Bloodline Theory with Broad Concepts
Chapter 105 Adrian
Chapter 106 Identification Technique
Chapter 107 Encounter with Mage Siore again
Chapter 108 Invitation
Chapter 109 Study Group Established
Chapter 110 Evocation Mage
Chapter 111 Arcane Road
Chapter 112 Donald
Chapter 113 Business Wizards?
Chapter 114 Living Signboard
Chapter 115
Chapter 116 Princess
Chapter 117
Chapter 118 Elf Dance
Chapter 119 Adventurer's Bar
Chapter 120 Half-elf
Chapter 121 Legendary Mage
Chapter 122 Stealing teachers, blocking the way
Chapter 123 Suspected Treasure Map (Happy New Year's Day
Chapter 124 Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 125 Level 1 Warlock
Chapter 126 Creation Spells, Devine's Abnormalities
Chapter 127 Invisible Organization
Chapter 128 Two Development Directions
Chapter 129 Territorial Mission
Chapter 130 Sam, an acquaintance
Chapter 131 Summoning Mounts
Chapter 132 Suspected of a black hand
Chapter 133 Phantom Tiger Roar
Chapter 134 Wisdom Goblin
Chapter 135 Magic Web Abnormal
Chapter 136 Dispelling Magic
Chapter 137 Warren Mage
Chapter 138 Progress 20/1000
Chapter 139 Magic Book
Chapter 140 Quick brush task?
Chapter 141 Mrs. Patty
Chapter 142 Positive Energy Baptism
Chapter 143 Mage Kaili
Chapter 144 [Angiography]
Chapter 144 Invitation again
Chapter 145 Death Mystery
Chapter 147 Mysterious Letter
Chapter 148 Liardon Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 149 Summoning the Devil?
Chapter 150 Search the whole town
Chapter 151 Arcanist Alberk
Chapter 152 Framed
Chapter 153 Fate Revelation
Chapter 154 Privilege Escalation
Chapter 155 Beauty Instructor
Chapter 156 Niya
Chapter 157 Arranging the funeral
Chapter 158 Arcane Geometry
Chapter 159 The Origin of the Scroll
Chapter 160 Genuine Spirit Wine
Chapter 161 The Core Competitiveness of Mage
Chapter 162 Spell Experiment
Chapter 163 Short-Term Planning
Chapter 164 The Upcoming Arcane Competition
Chapter 165: Be Consistent
Chapter 166 Private Mage Advisor
Chapter 167 Arresting, meeting
Chapter 168
Chapter 169 Spellcasting Level Certification
Chapter 170 Round up, elves
Chapter 171 Stardew Scepter
Chapter 172 Proposed Apprenticeship Competition
Chapter 173 Magic Scroll Making
Chapter 174
Chapter 175 Master Jose
Chapter 176 Spell Detection Report
Chapter 177 Spell Showdown
Chapter 178 Shortcomings, Inviting Guests
Chapter 179 Puppet
Chapter 180 Consciousness, Curse
Chapter 181 Magic Seed
Chapter 182 Indestructible Magic
Chapter 183 Transfiguration
Chapter 184 [Joyful Blessing]
Chapter 185 Questioning
Chapter 186 Suppression
Chapter 187: Unifying Thoughts
Chapter 188 Invitation
Chapter 189 Settlement of old accounts
Chapter 190 Mind Magic
Chapter 191 Dao and Virtue
Chapter 192 Flowers are blooming
Chapter 193 Alien Mage
Chapter 194 Niya, who is late
Chapter 195: Secret Flame Baptism
Chapter 196 Use me in the first battle
Chapter 197 Navik
Chapter 198 Quasi-level 3 Mage
Chapter 199 The Ring of Concentration
Chapter 200 Pioneer
Chapter 201 Inheritance
Chapter 202 Trading
Chapter 203 The guest of the curtain
Chapter 204 Treasure, Awakening
Chapter 205: The Ball of Pure Water
Chapter 206
Chapter 207 Collective Wisdom
Chapter 208 Madam Invitation
Chapter 209 Cooperation
Chapter 210
Chapter 211 Imprisoning the Orb
Chapter 212 Black Hand
Chapter 213 Mosquito Legs
Chapter 214 The first batch of staff
Chapter 215: The Arrival of Fenovita
Chapter 216 Faithful Leiden
Chapter 217 Drafting laws, debts
Chapter 218 Probing
Chapter 219 Countdown
Chapter 220 Lucky Owen
Chapter 221 Arrival
Chapter 222 Goblin Bear
Chapter 223 Easy Killing
Chapter 224 Strange Bone Stick
Chapter 225 Found anomalies
Chapter 226: Back in Time
Chapter 227 The Troll Attacks
Chapter 228: Asphyxiating Dafa is Good
Chapter 229 Burning, Rescue
Chapter 230 Appointment, Destruction
Chapter 231 Entering the Ruins
Chapter 232 Mysterious Lock
Chapter 233 Sapphire, Mithril Flower
Chapter 234 Slaves, the altar
Chapter 235: The Great Return?
Chapter 236 Answering Questions, Inviting
Chapter 237 Consecration and display
Chapter 238 Holy water, lack of food
Chapter 239 Meat, Enwei
Chapter 240 Magic Arrow
Chapter 241 Artisans, Waters Casting
Chapter 242 New Project
Chapter 243 Cook
Chapter 244 Projection Plane
Chapter 245 Crimson Robe of Asylum
Chapter 246 Astral Projection
Chapter 247 Elf Athos
Chapter 248 Master (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 249 Elf Nightlife, Examining Oneself
Chapter 250 Mysterious space (seeking the moon
Chapter 251 Unicorn
Chapter 252
Chapter 253 Silver Thread
Chapter 254: The Blade of Denial
Chapter 255 Level 5 Mage
Chapter 256 Returning to the Territory
Chapter 257 Patrol the territory and make paper
Chapter 258 Two [Flying Techniques]
Chapter 259 Accurate Prophecy
Chapter 260 Water Element Road
Chapter 261 Bad harvest
Chapter 262 Langas Hound
Chapter 263 Winter Branch
Chapter 264 A series of spells in the same blood
Chapter 265 Advanced Failure
Chapter 266 I Can Fly
Chapter 267
Chapter 268 Plane Crystallization
Chapter 269
Chapter 270 Questions and Answers onboard
Chapter 271 Exploring the Mystery Locks Again
Chapter 272 Confident Epps
Chapter 273
Chapter 274
Chapter 275
Chapter 276 The Gibb Family
Chapter 277 Aiwa's Past
Chapter 278 Apprenticeship Lost
Chapter 279 Mysterious Lock Collapse
Chapter 280 Wisdom Gem
Chapter 281 Balance Field
Chapter 282: Last resort
Chapter 283 Eternal stagnation
Chapter 284 High Mage Loren
Chapter 285 Time and Space Beacon
Chapter 286 Downgrade Procedure
Chapter 287 Light Quality Elf
Chapter 288 Upgrade Program
Chapter 289 The Curse Attacks
Chapter 290 Prepare for the funeral
Chapter 291 Lord Nya
Chapter 292 Holy Tide, Marriage
Chapter 293
Chapter 294 Getting married on the spot
Chapter 295 The Holy Marriage Covenant
Chapter 296 Welfare is here
Chapter 297 The Secret Hand
Chapter 298 Divine Grace
Chapter 299 Garden Supervisor
Chapter 300 Half planes, organization status
Chapter 301: New and restructured
Chapter 302 New badge, concern
Chapter 303 Repair, outside the tower
Chapter 304 Flirting, Aether Plane
Chapter 305 Help, Awaken
Chapter 306 Gasification, Murder
Chapter 307 Incarnate water flow and control the airspace
Chapter 308 Whipping to death (seeking the moon at the end of the month
Chapter 309 Goodbye Aiwa
Chapter 310 Legendary Revenge
Chapter 311 Secret, Rescue
Chapter 312 The first follower
Chapter 313
Chapter 314 Aquiline
Chapter 315 Urgency, Conspiracy
Chapter 316 Gas, Rebuke
Chapter 317 Firmness, Delay
Chapter 318 Acting Tower Master
Chapter 319 Proxy Authority
Chapter 320 Mithril Quota
Chapter 321 Millions of Maintenance Fees
Chapter 322 Invisibility
Chapter 323 Spell Pool
Chapter 324 Law Enforcement, Omniscience
Chapter 325 Ether, Shadow
Chapter 326: Exchange Meeting, Project Application
Chapter 327 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 328 Shadow Portal
Chapter 329 Shadow Creatures
Chapter 330 Raid (1)
Chapter 331 Raid (2)
Chapter 332
Chapter 333 Future Enemy
Chapter 334 Big Era, Advanced Plan
Chapter 335 Great Arcanist Byron
Chapter 336
Chapter 337 Half, Mysterious Council
Chapter 338 The Hand of Alchemy
Chapter 339: Simple Magic Items
Chapter 340
Chapter 341 Accidents
Chapter 342 Returning to Daxia
Chapter 343 The Sprout of the Lawbreaker
Chapter 344 Focus on training, timing magic
Chapter 345: Status Quo of the Territory, Reappearance of Trolls
Chapter 346 Easy killing, troll lair
Chapter 347 Mysterious clay tablet
Chapter 348 Introducing the Undead
Chapter 349
Chapter 350: Mysterious Fate
Chapter 351 Astral Mage, Plane Scholar
Chapter 352 Search Efficiency
Chapter 353 Impatient
Chapter 354: Projection Again, Tragic Situation
Chapter 355 Memory, Flying Sword
Chapter 356 Escape, leave temporarily
Chapter 357: Face and Heart Discord
Chapter 358: The Beast Tide Is Coming
Chapter 359 Kingship has no eternity
Chapter 360 Knowledge and Time
Chapter 361 Rebellious Gathering
Chapter 362 Brotherhood of Light
Chapter 363
Chapter 364 Volunteers
Chapter 365 Holy Light Partner
Chapter 366 First Kill
Chapter 367 The Blade of Holy Light
Chapter 368 The Holy Light's Guidance
Chapter 369
Chapter 370 Flesh Carpet
Chapter 371 The Mage's Battle Concept
Chapter 372 Return to the main plane
Chapter 373 Level 7 in 20 Seconds!
Chapter 374 Mott is in place, special research
Chapter 375 New Spells, Ideals
Chapter 376 Earth Elements, Spell Lifting
Chapter 377
Chapter 377 Graveyard, Novice
Chapter 378 Sublation, Meri
Chapter 379
Chapter 380 Awakening Ceremony
Chapter 381 Barbie, Teleportation Experiment
Chapter 382 Private Research and Guidance
Chapter 383 Six Dimension, Traver
Chapter 384 Encouraging Innovation
Chapter 385: Turning Mud into Stone, An Accident Happened
Chapter 386 Permanent Landscape
Chapter 387 Gem Mine
Chapter 388 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 389 [Self Redemption]
Chapter 390 Passive
Chapter 391 Adjustment, trouble
Chapter 392
Chapter 393 Liberation of Productivity
Chapter 394 Magic Mirror
Chapter 395: Cycles, Charts
Chapter 396 Trend, detection
Chapter 397 Shadow, Silver Light City
Chapter 398
Chapter 399 Elf Papermaking
Chapter 400 Return to the main plane
Chapter 401 Spell Patent
Chapter 402 Fifteen Changs, Embrace Progress
Chapter 403 Change the initial, the southern patrol response
Chapter 404 Demonstration, Concept
Chapter 405 'Daxia Collar Standard Development Manual'
Chapter 406 [Prosperity and blooming], meaning
Chapter 407 The Princess Arrives
Chapter 408
Chapter 409 Correctness, Advancement, Inevitability
Chapter 410 The main contradiction, appreciation
Chapter 411 Silver Ring Badge
Chapter 412 Requisition of Ships
character caschado
Chapter 413: The New Territories Are Coming
Chapter 414 Magic does not love talent
Chapter 415 Astral Spirit
Chapter 416: Orientation Cultivation Experiment
Chapter 417: Si and Rong
Chapter 418
Chapter 419 Sacrificial Ceremony
Chapter 420 Mooncake Family
Chapter 421: Signs of New Communication
Chapter 422 Chef Offa
Chapter 423 The new wind starts at the end
Chapter 424: Kabunt, Faith
Chapter 425 The arrival of the new citizens
Chapter 426: Spiritually Penetrating Substances
Chapter 427 Atwood
Chapter 428: The Banished Druid
Chapter 429: Discovering the Sub-plane
Chapter 430: Planar Synchronization
Chapter 431: Surreal Sense
Chapter 432: Worship and Betrayal
Chapter 433 Blocking, Flying Back
Chapter 434
Chapter 435: Wonderful Scenery, Positioning Method
Chapter 436 True Magic Mirror, Industrialization
Chapter 437 Attract, win over
Chapter 438: Sending the Mark, Preparing for the Bachelor of Agriculture
Chapter 439 Five teleportation points
Chapter 440 The Mage's Fighting Style
Chapter 441: New Discovery of Blue Crystal
Chapter 442 Arcane Spellcasting, Murloc Tribe
Chapter 443 The Secret of Projection and Elemental Summoning
Chapter 444 Floating Island? Creation?
Chapter 445 Severnton Council
Chapter 446 Elf Ambassador
Chapter 447 Seat Requirements
Chapter 448 Reconsideration, Threat
Chapter 449 Arcane Empire
Chapter 450 Number of resurrection divisions and mages
Chapter 451: Inheritance of the Sages
Chapter 452 Spell catalog, entry spells
Chapter 453 Fallen, Osk
Chapter 454 Promotion, Demon Belief
Chapter 455: Test
Chapter 456
Chapter 457 Judgment, Shortcut
Chapter 458 Wings, Spell Reversal
Chapter 459 Preparation, Infiltration
Chapter 460 Stealing, Killing
461 Accident
Chapter 462
Chapter 463: Re-entering the Library
Chapter 464 Matryoshka, Meditation
Chapter 465 Victory, Shadow
Chapter 466 Extraordinary, prediction
Chapter 467: Subconscious, Copywriter
Chapter 468 Spellcasting Cluster, Transfer
Chapter 469: The End of the Empire
Chapter 470 Vigilance, Transmission Delay
Chapter 471 Necessary Spells for Home Travel
Chapter 472 Communication Spell Dispute
Chapter 473 Weak spellcasting state, meditation time
Chapter 474
Chapter 475: Finally Seeing the Scroll
Chapter 476 Intelligent electronic paper, looking at mountains is not a mountain
Chapter 477
Chapter 478 Papermaking, Accidents
Chapter 479 The Great Arcanist's Visit
Chapter 480 Reminder, Gift
Chapter 481 Oracle
Chapter 482
Chapter 483
Chapter 484 Communication Array
Chapter 485 Encryption Spell, Twin Mark
Chapter 486: Micro Communication Instrument
Chapter 487 Testing, Global Broadcasting
Chapter 488 Limit Test
Chapter 489 Encapsulation, Elemental Foundation
Chapter 490 Elf Culture, Reincarnation Magic
Chapter 491 New Snow Melting Competition, Supreme Inheritance
Chapter 492 Correct coping strategies
Chapter 493 Arcane Mystery, Magnificent Illusion
Chapter 494 Illusionist, Elf Court
Chapter 495 Omniscient mental model, light
Chapter 496
Chapter 497 Stuart, the Art of War
Chapter 498 Surprise, Longevity
Chapter 499 Class, Farewell
Chapter 500 New Territories, Rehearsal
Chapter 501: Creating Arcane Fire
Chapter 502: Arcane Fire Generation
Chapter 503 Perception of the soul, indescribable
Chapter 504 Arcanist Xado
Chapter 505 Arcane Spellcasting
Chapter 506 Dark Vision, Queued Teleportation
Chapter 507 Il Faran, the Holy Hammer Warrior
Chapter 508 Missing Elf, Arcane Transformation
Chapter 509: Making Crystals, The Strongest Thighs
Chapter 510: Expanding Space and Realizing Prospects
Chapter 511 Krypton Gold Recharge, Technological Progress
Chapter 512 Adventurer, Spell Book
Chapter 513 Bloodline Curse
Chapter 514 Eorem
Chapter 515 Brothers, The Competition Begins
Chapter 516
Chapter 517 [Curse of Decay], fake fight
Chapter 518 Targeting, Omen of War?
Chapter 519 Adventure, Complete Spell Book
Chapter 520 Check, Suspected Bloodline
Chapter 521 Recovery, Recruitment
Chapter 522 Price and arrangement
Chapter 523: Lost in the Land, Sirui Elf
Chapter 524 Anglin, Arcane Cane
Chapter 525: Deciphering the Spell Book
Chapter 526 Sandbox identification, beggar-thy-neighbor
Chapter 527 Mithril Component Bridge
Chapter 528
Chapter 529 Death
Chapter 530 Impersonation, Reason
Chapter 531 Deliberation, Sovereignty
Chapter 532: Exchange Meeting, Discovery
Chapter 533 Magic Beads, Intentions
Chapter 534 Recruitment, Mission
Chapter 535 Female Mage, Coordinate Calculation
Chapter 536 The New Meaning of Divine Grace, Negotiation
Chapter 537 Projection Game
Chapter 538 5th Ring [Portal]
Chapter 539 Papers and invitations
Chapter 540 Longevity Ceremony
Chapter 541 Weird state, disguise
Chapter 542 Shiboden, Master Not Losing
Chapter 543 Development direction, energy consumption test
Chapter 544 Doraison's Invitation and Strike
Chapter 545 Submitting a plan, a little improvement
Chapter 546 Level 7 Excellent Patents, Obeying the Rules
Chapter 547: Behind the Patent Transfer and Longevity
Chapter 548 Meeting, Mysterious Organization
Chapter 549
Chapter 550: Non-My Race, Complete Victory
Chapter 551 Annihilation Plane, Sacred Residence
Chapter 552 Swap Simplification Strategies
Chapter 553 Public travel, new clues
Chapter 554: Back, Promise
Chapter 555
Chapter 556 The three become tigers and leave
Chapter 557 The road to the empire, captivity
Chapter 558 Radical, dissatisfied
Chapter 559 Gnome Player, Rhombus Crystal
Chapter 560 The floating city, the name that is hard to tell
Chapter 561 Green Dragon
Chapter 562 Rewards
Chapter 563 200,000 Gold Coins, 25 Cubes
Chapter 564 Since ancient times, murloc robbers
Chapter 565 Slaves, Education
Chapter 566 Transaction
Chapter 567 Reorganization of the return journey, the eye of the sky
Chapter 568: Printing Maps and Supplies Obstructed
Chapter 569 Larry, Fishing
Chapter 570 Mingshui Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 571: Breeding Accident
Chapter 572 Communication and expulsion spells
Chapter 573
Chapter 574 Efficient Cleaning
Chapter 575 Mysterious water plants, integrity-based
Chapter 576 Chris, is it an elves again?
Chapter 577 Waterweed Giant
Chapter 578 Add money, Pamela/Abel
Chapter 579 Vigilance Amulet, Product Deterioration
Chapter 580 Divine collar, discovering half planes
Chapter 581 Refusal to apply and inspect territory (1)
Chapter 582 Patrol the Territory (2)
Chapter 583 Scholar's Touch, Transformation Gems
Chapter 584: Hundred Times Upper Limit, Dominance
Chapter 585 Reform of Bachelor of Agriculture
Chapter 586 The arrival of the new citizens and the total number of apprentices
Chapter 587 Cost Design, Production Method
Chapter 588 Sandur, Fireball Ring
Chapter 589 Elemental Transmutation, Magical Industrial Master Machine
Chapter 590 Thucydides Trap, Opponents
Chapter 591 Sang ran, reward and punishment
Chapter 592 Old friend, small goal of transformation
Chapter 593: Unexpected, Unexpected
Chapter 594, Family
Chapter 595 Descendants, Monitoring
Chapter 596 Dedicated personnel and decompilation
Chapter 597 Synergistic resonance spell casting, oscillation difference
Chapter 598 Don't Guess, Seeds of Change
Chapter 599 Class 3 Apprenticeships and Enrollment Expansion
Chapter 600 685 Apprentices, Midsummer Eve
Chapter 601 Bonu No. 4, Ice Coke
Chapter 602 Elf Refugee
Chapter 603 Sirui Elf, Day Star Now
Chapter 604 Children of the stars, returning to the territory
Chapter 605: The Three Major Departments, The Bottom Line
Chapter 606 Exceptional, ten thousand people
Chapter 607 Mott's progress, one size fits all
Chapter 608 Undead natural disaster, new definition of nature
Chapter 609 Public opinion positions, the idea of ??burning forests
Chapter 610 [Printing], Sif Silver Leaf
Chapter 611 Delaying the time, the arrival of new citizens
Chapter 612 Dragon disaster, dragon madness?
Chapter 613 Distillation, Dragon Slaying Weapons
Chapter 614 Revisiting the Old Land, Drunk Dwarf
Chapter 615 Metal Difference, Dragon Disaster Memory
Chapter 616 Dragon Crazy Mystery Lock, Dragon Hunting Rune
Chapter 617 Assign tasks, dragon slaughter team
Chapter 618 Detec Runes, Friends and Foes
Chapter 619 The Seven Towers Argument
Chapter 620 Magic Core, Complaint Monopoly
Chapter 621 Braun, key occupation
Chapter 622 Promotion of communication, magic weapon embryo
Chapter 623 The completion of the flying sword, three major functions
Chapter 624: Breaking the Air Formation, Dragon Blood Monitor Lizard
Chapter 625 Flying Sword Attributes, Simulation Test
Chapter 626 The Arrival of the Elf
Chapter 627 Long residence, magic map
Chapter 628 Legend, Bonu Original Leaf
Chapter 629 Half-day leisure, Niya's return
Chapter 630 Brain supplement, refugees descend
Chapter 631 Guarding the barrier, the arrival of refugees
Chapter 632 Recruiting and looting
Chapter 633 Warning, Isolation
Chapter 634 Cloud printing, semi-automatic printer
Chapter 635 Overcapacity, Abandoning Projection
Chapter 636: Flexible teaching, the trend of the times
Chapter 637 grievance, bad luck
Chapter 638 Hometown, Spark
Chapter 639 Tea seed, comprador
Chapter 640 The Oriental Legend of Hospitality and Elves
Chapter 641 Collecting Tea Seeds, Hinting Opportunities
Chapter 642 Fleet Arrival, Doomsday Ticket
Chapter 643 Spirit Body Art, Historical Images
Chapter 644 Drow, breaking the law
Chapter 645 Radiation, Capture
Chapter 646 Check, Black Ball
Chapter 647 Confession, Leyline Detector
Chapter 648 Capture the soul, the world after death
Chapter 649 Whether to upgrade
Chapter 650 Downgrade + Longevity = Unlimited Upgrade
Chapter 651
Chapter 652 Going and Returning, Moisture
Chapter 653: Elf Shame, Alliance Rumors
Chapter 654: The Final Bridging Experiment
Chapter 655 Synchronization, Paralysis, Osius
Chapter 656 Mysterious Great Arcanist, redundant structural multi-level coexisting spell components
Chapter 657 Great plan?
Chapter 658 Spell book structure and tea seed
Chapter 659 Planting method, the difference between Druids
Chapter 660 Common interests, four treasures
Chapter 661 Choice, the dragon is finally here
Chapter 662 Green Dragon Might, Holy Light Armor
Chapter 663
Chapter 664
Chapter 665 Processing Materials, Dragon Heart Mixture
Chapter 666 Treasure, Return
Chapter 667 confrontation, leading
Chapter 668 New deal, dislike
Chapter 669 Northern Alliance
Chapter 670 Solicitation of opinions, historical changes
Chapter 671 Healthy Development, Magician
Chapter 672 Recruiting apprentices and observing teaching
Chapter 673 Encryption Paradox, Another Request
Chapter 674 Slow growth and playfulness
Chapter 675 Accident, Petrochemical
Chapter 676 Exploring Ruins and Statues
Chapter 677 Looking for information, Bias
Chapter 678 Stand up, magic check
Chapter 679 Chicken and duck talk, petrochemical field
Chapter 680 Removal of petrification and new use of arcane energy
Chapter 681 New Mission, Spread
Chapter 682 The power of order, Bellera's call
Chapter 683 Food waste, inspection
Chapter 684: Spell Authority System Test Experiment
Chapter 685 Lord Rodney Appeared Suddenly
Chapter 686
Chapter 687 Dragon's Prestige
Chapter 688 Out of breath, strange skin
Chapter 689 Dragon's Royal Law, Anti-Magic Field
Chapter 690 physical strength, good news
Chapter 691 Violation, Inquiry
Chapter 692 Belief Carrier, Accelerate Sanctification
Chapter 693 Careful Handling, Re-acceptance
Chapter 694 Vader, Test
Chapter 695 Bricks, qualified products of the production line
Chapter 696 Yield rate, talk about money
Chapter 697 Way Out, Obedience
Chapter 698 Explanation, Steel Body
Chapter 699 Junior Technician, Recognize the Situation
Chapter 700 Arrival of the Archmage, Political Death
Chapter 701: Invited tasks, self-improvement
Chapter 702 Deep Sleep, Spell Book Completion
Chapter 703 Plural Casting, Three-Core Spell Book
Chapter 704 Heavy Assets, Painting Plan
Chapter 705 Complaining, Fighting
Chapter 706 Plan, Invitation
Chapter 707 Mirror of luxury and reversal
Chapter 708 Departure, Purple Sky
Chapter 709 News, Promotion
Chapter 710 News of the big man, Changfeng Tower
Chapter 711 Arrival, Legend
Chapter 712 Awakening from a Dream, Being Assassinated
Chapter 713 Betrayal, Name
Chapter 714 Private life, heart
Chapter 715 Welcome ceremony, coercion
Chapter 716 Breaking the chain, reversing and fleeing
Chapter 717 Tracking and questioning
Chapter 718
Chapter 719 Hope, Painting
Chapter 720: No trace in the dark, ideological colonization
Chapter 721: List of Territories and Cakes
Chapter 722 Cook's progress, witch statue
Chapter 723 More Ruins, Mysterious Existence
Chapter 724 Flesh Transformation, Time Traveler
Chapter 725 Newly promoted to high-ranking, who is in favor and who opposes
Chapter 726 Self-interested, ideal influence
Chapter 727 New Era, Persuasion
Chapter 728: Subdivision of Posts, Consciousness
Chapter 729 Interviews, Achievements
Chapter 730 Conspiracy, deadline
Chapter 731 Casa, Magician's Office
Chapter 732 Advanced Courses, New System
Chapter 733 Mass production design, full-time servant
Chapter 734 Abnormal statues, agency business
Chapter 735 Good night, plan
Chapter 736 Two Modes, Coverage Cost
Chapter 737 Cloud Qi Conjecture, Soul Mutation
Chapter 738 Mysterious glow, new abilities
Chapter 749 Energy Crisis, Education Prospects
Chapter 740 Open Sources and Reduce Costs, Retrospective Memory
Chapter 741 Soul Exploration (1)
Chapter 742 Soul Exploration (Part 2), Schoolwork Adjustment
Chapter 743 Humanoid Brain, Achievement Verification
Chapter 744 Field Interference, Low Consumption and High Efficiency
Chapter 745 The difficulty of repairing the magic net and delivering meals
Chapter 746 Powers, Heads of Territory Departments
Chapter 747 Overview of the Territory
Chapter 748: Regular Meetings, Command Arrows, Earth Elements
Chapter 749 'Principle'
Chapter 750 Humanoid Library
Chapter 751
Chapter 752 Plane exploration, emergencies
Chapter 753 Diminishing Utility, Quantitative Data
Chapter 754: Completion within the deadline, the arrival of the northern fleet
Chapter 755 Pay attention to and regain meditation
Chapter 756 High Profits, Differentiation
Chapter 757 Negotiations are suspended and the situation has changed
Chapter 758 Persistence in ideals, housing emergency
Chapter 759 Mortal's life, mortal fights for himself
Chapter 760 Determination, Gu Mu Yansheng
Chapter 761 Compensation/gift, negotiated agency
Chapter 762 Efficiency of High-Order Mage, 0.7%
Chapter 763 Book delivery, anchoring of the demi-plane
Chapter 764 Core technology, structural lack
Chapter 765: The Principle of Plane Search and Data Arrangement
Chapter 766 Algorithms, Magic Computer Imagination
Chapter 767 Difficulties of Micro-Integrated Arrays, Collecting Data
Chapter 768 Two goals, the worst possibility
Chapter 769 Cloud Qi Growth
Chapter 770 Sponsorship, Fame
Chapter 771 Scan the book, advance again
Chapter 772 Future trends and relationship breakthroughs
Chapter 773 The search is complete, repeated defeats and repeated battles
Chapter 774 Guidance, Auction
Chapter 775 Casting conversion, basic literacy
Chapter 776 Spell Adaptation, Rebate Mode
Chapter 777 Leave a mark and send a book
Chapter 778 Choose the direction and store at a low price
Chapter 779 Production fee, new style
Chapter 780 Joint action, communication magic weapon warm-up
Chapter 781
Chapter 782 Emergency recall, three-day holiday
Chapter 783: The Beginning of the Night
Chapter 784 Three advanced and trial meanings
Chapter 785: The First Plenary Meeting of the Society
Chapter 786 Recalling the bitter and sweet, passing the program
Chapter 787 Field Casting, 5th Ring Down Effect
Chapter 788 Video Conference, New Statue
Chapter 789 Principles of Portable Space Access, Ontology Entry
Chapter 790 Active Control, Event No. 1
Chapter 791 Projection Drow, Prisoner
Chapter 792 The perverted mistress and the goddess of creation again
Chapter 793 God's Secret, Magic Web Anomaly
Chapter 794: Bubble World, Temporary Settlement
Chapter 795 Different food, arrogant
Chapter 796 The origin of physical techniques and radiation
Chapter 797 Immersive experience, whipping again
Chapter 798 God of the Future, Scout Training Camp
Chapter 799: Blind cane, testing the state of the magic net
Chapter 800 Cold flames stimulate, get reading opportunities
Chapter 801 Temporary Subordinates, Thermal Imaging
Chapter 802 The Proverbs of Creation, the Remnants of Maierita
Chapter 803 Create a new god, cover your eyes
Chapter 804 Prejudice, Night of Sacrifice
Chapter 805 We Are Companions
Chapter 806 The mission begins, the real deadline
Chapter 807 Reaching the surface, parting
Chapter 808 The only truth, Sluvender
Chapter 809 Infiltration, Golden Elf Soldiers
Chapter 810 Small Mystery Lock, Shadow Assassin
Chapter 811 Consciousness Pollution
Chapter 812 Personality upgrade, new meditation method
Chapter 813 Take down the key
Chapter 814: Mysterious Lock Advantage, Evacuation
Chapter 815 Afraid of the cause, repentance
Chapter 816 Pulling hatred, Herien
Chapter 817 Expose escape, Dragos
Chapter 818 Three captures and three verticals, trading
Chapter 819 Assassination of the envoy, hearing about human beings
Chapter 820 Tree house space, energy saving and environmental protection
Chapter 821 Deadly quests and spells
Chapter 822 Return, Realize
Chapter 823 Earth escape, infrasound detection
Chapter 824 1000 cubic meters, long-term plan
Chapter 825 Luck, Departure
Chapter 826 Summoning Order, Little Fan Brother
Chapter 827 Green field plane, Festum
Chapter 828 Resonance spell book, arms race
Chapter 829 Unity, start early
Chapter 830 Druid, Invisible War
Chapter 831 The prototype of the Internet of Things
Chapter 832 Architect, pomp and circumstance
Chapter 833 Night talk, ideological mobilization
Chapter 834 Warning, limited and unbounded
Chapter 835: Spell Batteries and Multithreaded Spellcasting
Chapter 836 Equivalent to a 9th-level spell, the final united front
Chapter 837 God's War Possibility, Respect
Chapter 838 Sanctuary Imbalance, Robot
Chapter 839: Forcibly Take Divine Power, Newcomers Arrive
Chapter 840 Residency, Grouping
Chapter 841 Three-year agreement, vague spellcasting
Chapter 842 Hundreds of high-level, time is determined
Chapter 843 Spiritual Link, The Way of Kara
Chapter 844 7 Rings, Distinguishing Between Friends and Foes
Chapter 845 The flame that cannot be seen directly, the task is given
Chapter 846 Mysterious attack and defense, joint support
Chapter 847 Druids follow, high-level confrontation
Chapter 848 Sudden battle, flying sword headshot
Chapter 849 Support, successive headshots
Chapter 850 Subsonic kinetic energy weapon
Chapter 851 Approaching the target, living target
Chapter 852 Thunder Purgatory, Retreat
Chapter 853 Human's advantages and increasing influence
Chapter 854 Convince Anglin and True Joint Action
Chapter 855 Joint Support, Lies and Delays
Chapter 856 Out of Control Spell, Merlin's Choice
Chapter 857 Link test, open mind
Chapter 858 Subconscious Commands, Forced Casting
Chapter 859: Attacked one after another, tough
Chapter 860 All Links, Absolute Center
Chapter 861 Value difference, real plane status
Chapter 862 Real-time tactical map, predictive arrangement
Chapter 863 Real-time guidance, decisive battle premonition
Chapter 864 Butterfly Effect, Liberation
Chapter 865 Extreme micro-manipulation, counter-spell
Chapter 866 Infighting, Killing
Chapter 867 High Existence, Arcane Crystallization Polymer
Chapter 868 Offensive and defensive ectopic, resistant to color locks
Chapter 869 Speed ??up the progress, intuitive hints
Chapter 870 Mage Corps, Before Retreat
Chapter 871 Super caster, close-range confrontation
Chapter 872 Ritual Spells, Looting
Chapter 873 Breaking the balance and defeating it head-on
Chapter 874 Missing, Killing and Not Killing
Chapter 875 Scalp tingling, ending
Chapter 876: The coordinates disappear and the mystery lock is completed
Chapter 877: Elf Backhand, Traceless Barrier
Chapter 878 Repair the magic net
Chapter 879 Sleeping, Ideal
Chapter 890 Return to the main plane, invite the Archmage
Chapter 881 Accidents, the opportunity to turn positive in advance
Chapter 882 Mind Barrier, Return
Chapter 883 mentality change, soul mutation
Chapter 884: Famous and Hidden
Chapter 885 True Love, Blind Spot
Chapter 886 Awakening Again, Mysterious Voice
Chapter 887 Three spells, [firm will]
Chapter 888 People are in the rivers and lakes, the opportunity for full development
Chapter 889: The Path of the Sage
Chapter 890 Mithril problem, about to explode
Chapter 891 Population factors, defrauding funds
Chapter 892 Brain holes, financial problems
Chapter 893 Loyal Steward, Embrace Progress
Chapter 894 Returning to the Territory, Nature Druid
Chapter 895 The so-called gods, the legend of Cliff
Chapter 896 Taoism is natural, and the difference between extended teachings
Chapter 897 Natural Doctrine, Link Perception
Chapter 898 Natural response, realm sublimation
Chapter 899 Justification by Faith, Re-promotion
Chapter 900 Ten-Year Agreement, Cognitive Experiment
Chapter 901 Debriefing Meeting, Physiocratic Thought
Chapter 902 Cultural expansion, great sign
Chapter 903 Northward, Education, Code
Chapter 904 Law and order, righteousness, restart
Chapter 905 The difficulty of being a writer and new spells
Chapter 906 The regret of rice, the general provisions of the code
Chapter 907 Druids will know magic and interfere with correction experiments
Chapter 908 The Secret of Natural Response
Chapter 909 Magic Weave's Intrinsic Ascension Characteristics, Important References
Chapter 910: The Arrival of Parliament Envoys and the Commentary on the Secret Hand
Chapter 911 The messenger's evaluation and a cutscene
Chapter 912 Lord's duties, demonstration of papermaking
Chapter 913 Cheap paper, soaring demand
Chapter 914 New-type dimensional bag plan, elf movement (1)
Chapter 915: Elf Reaction (2)
Chapter 916
Chapter 917 Special enchantment, flying sword to kill fish
Chapter 918: Endless Poison, Mysterious Green Light
Chapter 919 Temporary ice block, contact Mingshui
Chapter 920: A Senior Arcanist Suspected to be Mysterious and Missing
Chapter 921 Trying to cure, no consciousness
Chapter 922: Bring it back to the temple, and come again by Byron
Chapter 923 President Jenna, Common Enemy
Chapter 924 The Holy Light Is Like Water, Rejuvenation
Chapter 925 Waiting to wake up and confirm the lock
Chapter 926: Distant Friendship and Close Attack, Abnormal Time
Chapter 927 Nerve Cord Conjecture, Forced Change
Chapter 928 Wild Ways, Entering the Mystery Lock
Chapter 929 Mysterious lock restrictions, true rumors
Chapter 930 Big Data Analysis, Deep Purpose
Chapter 931 Unlocking the Difficulty, the Mystery of Mysteries
Chapter 932 DNA metaphor, macro perspective
Chapter 933 Interpretation of spells, opening the magic net
Chapter 934 The Eye of Endless Mysteries, From Micro to Macro
Chapter 935 Trojan Horse Spells, Private Attributes of Private Magic Nets
Chapter 936 Mysterious lock, a million a day
Chapter 937: Infinite Derivatives, Suddenly Stopped
Chapter 938 The Holy Deed of Resurrection, Seeing Death as Home
Chapter 939 Vision, Meteorite
Chapter 940 Mushroom Cloud, Geographical Change
Chapter 941 The master leaves and regains wisdom
Chapter 942 Banishing spells, killing will start
Chapter 943 Space Rolling, High Efficiency and Low Consumption
Chapter 944 Breaking the line of troops, the support has arrived
Chapter 945
Chapter 946 Powerful momentum, negative energy transformation
Chapter 947 Awakening the Undead, Chain Reaction
Chapter 948 Negative energy erosion effect, completed overnight
Chapter 949 The water channel is smooth and the training class
Chapter 950 Answering questions, paper production capacity
Chapter 951 Perfecting the system, provocation by elves
Chapter 952: It's been changed, there is an inner ghost
Chapter 953 Open up the hall, goodbye princess
Chapter 954: Pioneering Tradition, Amulet
Chapter 955 Political and ecological balance, half plane venue
Chapter 956 Low threshold cross plane, abnormal process of celebration
Chapter 957 Pride, Two Ceremony
Chapter 958: Fortune and misfortune lie ahead, the preview is over
Chapter 959 Soul space, strange figures
Chapter 960 Don't eat, cross again?
Chapter 961 Exotic Travels, Weird Farmer
Chapter 962 Like a farm, the time is uncertain
Chapter 963 Miraculous Bread, Great Change of Living People
Chapter 964 Kingdom of Glory, Am I Dead?
Chapter 965 Never Ending, Difficulty in Resurrection
Chapter 966 The Power of Thought, the Shortcut of Proverbs
Chapter 967 The Kingdom of God and the Holy Light
Chapter 968 Return to the mortal world, new abilities of the soul?
Chapter 969 Heavenly Wheat, The Heart of Greed
Chapter 970 The problem of friend and foe, astral teleportation
Chapter 971 Special magic, background fluctuations
Chapter 972 Detecting the past, has begun
Chapter 973 Clouds decrease and order circulates
Chapter 974 Investment recovery, one less person
Chapter 975
Chapter 976 Cloud Qi Change Trend, Leaving the Half Plane
Chapter 977 Walking on the beach, picking up leaks at the stall
Chapter 978 Tomb Talisman, Transparent Frame
Chapter 979 Feeling at ease, difference in lifespan
Chapter 980 Mingshui Cooperation, Celebration Comes to an End
Chapter 981 The Ruins of Genis
Chapter 982 Invitation, Ceremony Begins
Chapter 983 Kill the elves, plane war badge
Chapter 984 Hiding in the crowd and suppressing the ambassador
Chapter 985: Not at the Core, Teacher-Student Dialogue
Chapter 986 The magic web is turbulent, a glimmer of light
Chapter 987 Order blessing, elves peeping
Chapter 988 The characteristics of God, the final choice
Chapter 989 Shia Aidas, the God of Pioneering and Guardianship
Chapter 990: Internal and external storms, going home
Chapter 991 Strangely calm, two new magical techniques
Chapter 992 Twelve New Priests, Statistical Efficiency
Chapter 993 Doubt, Director
Chapter 994 Brendes, Incident and Invitation
Chapter 995 Chaos, lost contact
Chapter 996 Tradition, January deadline
Chapter 997 Grilled Fish, Restoration Pause
Chapter 998 Future variables, the best choice
Chapter 999 The first perception, the wind of the astral world
Chapter 1000 Hidden boss, astral movement
Chapter 1001 The mirror of the astral world, the truest self
Chapter 1002 Deception Punishment, Discovery Features
Chapter 1003 Incarnation of an Elf
Chapter 1004 Divine Sword Trial
Chapter 1005 The speculation behind the unification
Chapter 1006 The real king appears? Not afraid of a battle
Chapter 1007 Dream Revelation, Strengthen Yourself
Chapter 1008 Dialogue with Kefim, Warning
Chapter 1009 Trial Begins, Passing Exam
Chapter 1010 Die first, the commander appears
Chapter 1009 Kefim's death, the illusion of trial
Chapter 1010 Turn-based Crown King Playing Game
Chapter 1013 Two major problems, to deal with
Chapter 1014 Comanso doubts, the second stage of the trial
Chapter 1015 Peaceful Unification, Final Trial
Chapter 1016 Divine Sword, Wisdom Gem
Chapter 1017 Four years of travel, magical intuition
Chapter 1018 Comanso was born and returned to the main plane
Chapter 1019 Senior Arcanist and Elf Advantage
Chapter 1020 Level 5 Certification, Temporary Creation
Chapter 1021 Anti-Magic Field, Level 5 Member Benefits
Chapter 1022 Dinner Invitation, Knowing the Reason
Chapter 1023
Chapter 1024
Chapter 1025 Reaching the Heavenly Realm and Entering the Kingdom of God
Chapter 1026 forbidden area, unexpected host and guest
Chapter 1027 Elf Angel, Radiant Intervention
Chapter 1028 Return to the main plane
Chapter 1029 Communication Mystery Concept, Crash Teaching
Chapter 1030 Independent Arcane Fire, Master-Apprentice Dialogue
Chapter 1031 Chess player, statement
Chapter 1032 Seven factions, twenty-five directors
Chapter 1033 Special offer by the federation, endorsement by the elderly
Chapter 1034 Advent Ceremony, Post-Ascension Era
Chapter 1035 Sweet Punishment, Ion Stone Focus
Chapter 1036 Ain Stone Spell Reversal, Luck
Chapter 1037 Gift, New Repair Method
Chapter 1038 Code Completion, Substantive Code
Chapter 1039
Chapter 1040
Chapter 1041 Princess's Gift, Wild Poem
Chapter 1042 News from Muyan, Sid's invitation
Chapter 1043 The Great Arcanist Jenna
Chapter 1044 Invitation to the Alliance, New Coins
Chapter 1045 Currency Unification Trend, Resource Reserve Plan
Chapter 1046 There is a new god? Funding art
Chapter 1047 The original plan of the ascension ceremony
Chapter 1048 Chaos God Speculation, Ascension Competition
Chapter 1049
Chapter 1050
Chapter 1051 Traveling to the sea, buying ships
#1052 ready to go
Chapter 1053 Narrow Sea Terrain, Decline of Shipping
Chapter 1054 Seasick Niya, Accident at the End
Chapter 1055 Sea Beast Fighting, Concept Conflict
Chapter 1056: Strong Suicide, Wisdom Behemoth
Chapter 1057 Bloodline Ability, Transformation Plan
Chapter 1058 Misjudgment, The Significance of Civilization
Chapter 1058 Arrive at Watch Island
Chapter 1060 Parliamentary Appropriation and Transfer of Authority
Chapter 1061 Common Mage Tower, Re-transfer of Authority
Chapter 1062 Mage Tower Plan, Separation
Chapter 1063 The fate of ordinary people, the widened river
Chapter 1064 Triple Array, Extracting Elements
Chapter 1065 Five-person team, fully prepared
Chapter 1066 Genis, Forbidden Mist
Chapter 1067 Mysterious fog and ether overlap
Chapter 1068 Missing Persons, Aether Leaving
Chapter 1069 Ether Cat, Interplanetary Vision
Chapter 1070 Change your thinking and stabilize the talisman
Chapter 1071 Consciousness is manifested and ever-changing is inseparable from its origin
Chapter 1072 Low maintenance improvement, hard work
Chapter 1073 Predicting blessings and unexpected accidents
Chapter 1074 Force Field Creatures, Projection Potential
Chapter 1075 Glare Orb, Accident Impact
Chapter 1076 No dead ends, weird fusion
Chapter 1077 Let me enjoy it alone, go there in person
Chapter 1078 Astral Teleportation, Elemental Calling
Chapter 1079 Two guesses
Chapter 1080 Half-destroyed library, mysterious tower master
Chapter 1081 Check out this tower, peel off
Chapter 1082: Four or two, a surprising discovery
Chapter 1083 Shelves first, then collects the warehouse
Chapter 1084 Receiving the manuscript again and finally meeting the ancient mage
Chapter 1085 Transforming Forms and Smuggling the Future
Chapter 1086 Evacuate and divide the spoils, it's really an elves
Chapter 1087 Half-elf Innocent, material harvest
Chapter 1088 Mithril Substitute, Prepare to Visit the Master
Chapter 1089 Sort out the different ways of harvesting and energy transmission
Chapter 1090 Maintenance of the magic circle (and upgrade), the eve of the visit
Chapter 1091 The impact of price cuts, respect the old and love the young
Chapter 1092 Daoist, still alive
Chapter 1093 Moon Horn Family, Past History
Chapter 1094 Three-party agreement, notification loopholes
Chapter 1095
Chapter 1096 Take into account the overall situation and the arrival of Eorem
Chapter 1097 Introducing the Tower of Time Mode, no longer low-key
Chapter 1098: Deep water in patents and reputation
Chapter 1099 Double circulation inside and outside, accepting apprentices
Chapter 1100 Plane Transformation Method, Rereading the Color Resistant Scroll
Chapter 1101 The fifth group of scrolls, all unlocking difficulties
Chapter 1102 Return to the South and organize memories
Chapter 1103 Near-term and short-term plans, war of ideas
Chapter 1104 Thought Remolding, Advanced Methodology
Chapter 1105 Prepare to grant fields, order monitor
Chapter 1106 Code lectures, Leiden's hesitation
Chapter 1107 Compatibility issues, pre-dinner conversation
Chapter 1108 Perfection, the new scheme of the code entity
Chapter 1109 what the king did, bypassing the craft
Chapter 1110 Compensation
Chapter 1111 The doorway and alien field scheme for magic net repair
Chapter 1112 Function call, sculpture completion
Chapter 1113 Improve scaling, land thawing
Chapter 1114 Brick Kiln Starts Construction, Territory Ecology
Character Cassiado (up to chapter 1114)
Chapter 1115 Constant problems, tricky solutions
Chapter 1116 Fake aura, start trial
Chapter 1117 The Codex Reader and the Yuanfang are here
Chapter 1118 The magic net is shaking, the grace of God is stingy
Chapter 1119 Slaughter God guessing, audit problems
Chapter 1120 The little expert of defrauding funds, the successor of miscellaneous crystal research
Chapter 1121 Goodbye Edrich, full support
Chapter 1122 Watch the battle of gods and meet Bill
Chapter 1123 Civilization Attraction, Onboard Experience
Chapter 1124 Lawrence, Clever
Chapter 1125 Leisurely feed the horses, David asks to see
Chapter 1126 The consensus of the contract, the magic in the sleeve
Chapter 1127 Strange Threads, Elemental Explosion
Chapter 1128 Beating, speculation
Chapter 1129 Prepare for Energy Restriction, Communication Mystery Lock
Chapter 1130 Sustainable development, relaxed environment
Chapter 1131 'Decision', 'Suggestion', edge tooth design
Chapter 1132 The horn of the times, the scenery of the summer
Chapter 1133 People's Power, Gifts
Chapter 1134 ID Card, Order Network
Chapter 1135 Collapse manifestation, multiple cycles
Chapter 1136 Several influencing factors and rituals of the power of order finally
Chapter 1137 Commercial soil, a new generation of happiness
Chapter 1138: Organizing Power and Going Against Ancestor's Decision
Chapter 1139 The ceremony begins, thousands of gold coins
Chapter 1140 Encourage fertility and control
Chapter 1141 Reminder, plane corpse
Chapter 1142 Transformation Difficulty, Elemental Infection
Chapter 1143 Millennium Transformation, Catalytic Acceleration
Chapter 1144 The worst plan, the spell succeeds
Chapter 1145 The secret of creation, the key to transforming the plane
Chapter 1146 Two technical difficulties of the independent arcane fire device, research on the relat
Chapter 1147 The legend of the summer, the main theme drama
Chapter 1148 Travels to the South, the fate of the bard
Chapter 1149 Ministry of Culture and Education, resumption of work and production
Chapter 1150 Nature's Wrath, Right of Interpretation
Chapter 1151 The transformation mechanism of holy power, facing the natural will
Chapter 1152 No Lord's Order, Missing Elements
Chapter 1153 Two tasks, regret
Chapter 1154 Bright Future, Principle of Principle
Chapter 1155 Comanso's accident, the experiment failed again
Chapter 1156 The God of Vengeance, Saville's Recent Development
Chapter 1157 New Village Planning, Advance Commitment
Chapter 1158 Difficulty differences, improve credibility,
Chapter 1159 The impact of dimensionality reduction analysis and transformation
Chapter 1160 Come to an end, on the eve of the trip
Chapter 1161 travel candidates, new great arcanist
Chapter 1162 Accept the mediation, the meeting starts
Chapter 1163 One will succeed in the era of Eorem
Chapter 1164 The Xado era, the troubled Doraison
Chapter 1165 fled in embarrassment, Vader was punished
Chapter 1166 Balance, Request
Chapter 1167 Meet the Thunder Mage and learn about the current situation
Chapter 1168 The continuation of hatred, the elf agent
Chapter 1169 Two-way selection, geographical advantage
Chapter 1179 Transformation of thoughts, natural semantic changes
Chapter 1171 Break the halo and live true
Chapter 1172 High and Low, Small Mystery Lock
Chapter 1173 New pattern, harmonious competition
Chapter 1174 Compromises, Suspected Drow
Chapter 1175 Self-destruction attack, matrix force field
Chapter 1176 Thunder Hammer, Summoning Demons
Chapter 1177 Alliance accelerates, forcibly constructs a channel
Chapter 1178 Dwarf request, mysterious pattern
Chapter 1179 Abyss picture, demon breath
Chapter 1180 Arrival coordinates, collective exorcism
Chapter 1181 The sinking market and the dispute over the seven towers
Chapter 1182 Use influence and prepare in advance
Chapter 1183 Energy Channeling Crystal, Extremely Cold Vacuum Field
Chapter 1184 Goodbye Gnomes, Erintar Illusion
Chapter 1185 The city on the tree, Taiweimansa, the balance lock
Chapter 1186 New relationship, liberation of gnomes
Chapter 1187 Returning to the South, the governance of murlocs
Chapter 1188 Housekeeping, making money, meeting bulletin
Chapter 1189 Coexistence of cooperation and competition, arriving in Leisen
Chapter 1190 Lei Sen got the impression, met and talked
Chapter 1191 Inquiry about secrets, negative energy impact
Chapter 1192 Visiting the mine, infrasound detection
Chapter 1193 Mithril Smelting Workshop, Pure Silver Extraction
Chapter 1194 Adamantine reaction pool, exchange of beliefs
Chapter 1195 Seeking common ground while reserving differences, impression of Cliff
Chapter 1196 Prophecy, the authority of death
Chapter 1197 Chartered Research, Beyond Faith
Chapter 1198 Dream Ruins, Prophecy Mystery
Chapter 1199 Time Cycle Plane, Return to Sevington
Chapter 1200 Staged breakthrough, Eorem's attitude
Chapter 1201 Transforming Astral Quality, Defective Products
Chapter 1202 Departure, Eternal Holy Spirit Thorne
Chapter 1203 Mirror Flowers and Moon, Star World Creation
Chapter 1204 Time Correction, Temporary Rest
Chapter 1205 Astral hunter, maneuvering dodge
Chapter 1206 Void chase, interference stimulation
Chapter 1207 entanglement, prepare to counterattack
Chapter 1208 Roller maneuvers, most of the instant extinction
Chapter 1209 Reverse side, pursuit
Chapter 1210 cavalry attack, waste utilization
Chapter 1211 The soul explodes, the mothership arrives
Chapter 1212 Death of the Great Arcanist, waiting for judgment
Chapter 1213 Inquiry, Dispute
Chapter 1214 Several possibilities and timeline issues
Chapter 1215 Negotiations, Concessions, Actions
Chapter 1216 Tower of Glory, Inheritance Farce
Chapter 1217 Inspiration amplification, Mithril model
Chapter 1218 Listen to the wind, keep silent
Chapter 1219 The enemy is in the country, the king of Danzuo
Chapter 1220 Inquiries from Hawke and Eorem at the entrance of the embassy
Chapter 1221 Destiny, Naxin
Chapter 1222 Purchase of real estate, small manor
Chapter 1223 Permit to build towers, make money with talismans
Chapter 1224 Harlan Chamber of Commerce, Crap Mage
Chapter 1125 Severton, who is doomed to decline after bargaining
Chapter 1126 Customized discounts, making war fortunes
Chapter 1127 Third-class mithril, test for purity
Chapter 1128 Elemental Extraction, Invisible Richest Man
Chapter 1129 Magna Arrives, Green Tower
Chapter 1130 Lessons from the history of elves, the arrival of the great arcanists
Chapter 1131 Suspicion, meeting
Chapter 1132 Slaughtering the Demon Arrow, desperate
Chapter 1133 The new plan and the watchtower are discussed in detail
Chapter 1134 Win-win cooperation and OEM profits
Chapter 1135 The first batch of 100,000, mass production advantages
Chapter 1136 Contract credit investigation, thinking about slaughtering demon arrows
Chapter 1137 Creation Differences, Manufacturing Limits
Chapter 1138 Announcement of survey results, gaps in past images
Chapter 1139 Mothership kills in seconds, accident is no doubt
Chapter 1140 Tower Building Power, Severnton Mystery Lock
Chapter 1141 The righteous Hawk, the seven towers who suddenly left the scene
Chapter 1142 Reminder, hidden hidden danger
Chapter 1143 The variables of the main plane, the army of demons
Chapter 1144 Everisca, Internal Discord
Chapter 1145 Aiwa Arrives, Territory Status
Chapter 1146 Battle Mage, Enlightenment Ceremony
Chapter 1147 Meditate on crystals, shock the soul
Chapter 1148 One thought casts spells and completes the core
Chapter 1249 Prepare to encapsulate and reshape the body
Chapter 1250 Inquiry of the Kingdom of God, Resurrection to Retrieve Power
Chapter 1251 Iron wood packaging, foreign trade defective products
Chapter 1252 Goodbye Cliff, pre-dinner conversation
Chapter 1253 Divine Grace Substitutes, Increases Orders
Chapter 1254 Profits, Conditions
Chapter 1255 The manor is in hand, making a big profit
Chapter 1256 Leaving the mouth, and then to the astral world
Chapter 1257 The streamer nebula, the essence of prophecy
Chapter 1258 Killing Prophecy, Arcane Empire Continued
Chapter 1259 Spell hints, ruins of the empire
Chapter 1260 Decontamination and contact with tissues
Chapter 1261 New Empire Mode, Elise
Chapter 1262 Dihua brain tonic, purification potion
Chapter 1263 Liquid Matrix, Body Recovery
Chapter 1264 Mission is coming, Mystery Lock Intrusion Technique
Chapter 1265 Entering the ruins of the empire and digging a grave for yourself
Chapter 1266 The three-school project sharing catalogue and entering the research institute
Chapter 1267 Destruction Ray, Inspector Langdon
Chapter 1268 Apply oil to the soles of the feet and be ruthless
Chapter 1269 [Summon-Seal] Array
Chapter 1270 Legal symbols, reporting information
Chapter 1271 The Great Arcanist inquires and gets away with it
#1272 [avoid detection] magic circle
Chapter 1273 Everything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng
Chapter 1274 The seal is successful, Mian Wang is confused
Chapter 1275 Take advantage of the situation to guide the cleaning, three-point reward as you choose
Chapter 1276 It is very important to mix into the research institute and stand in the team
Chapter 1277 Ross, Teleportation Management Spell Scheme
Chapter 1278 Samuel, repeating the same mistakes
Chapter 1279 Hopeless promotion, switch to Xia Duo
Chapter 1280 The laboratory is in hand, go to the library
Chapter 1281 Resurrection related, soul traction
Chapter 1282 Sequelae of Resurrection, Preparing for Project Outsourcing
Chapter 1283 Newcomers join, new projects start
Chapter 1284 Imperial interests, Elise's visit
Chapter 1285 Warning and Support
Chapter 1286 Sage prophecy, suspect object
Chapter 1287 Suspend recruitment and joint invitation
Chapter 1288 Huck's promotion and apprenticeship arrives
Chapter 1289 Education Reform, Chip Trial Production
Chapter 1290 Worth Millions, Realistic Problems
Chapter 1291 Life extension, Rhodes promotion
Chapter 1292 Observing the Advancement, Sacrifice and Inheritance
Chapter 1293 Admiration, Success
Chapter 1294 Questions and Answers, Example
Chapter 1295 The flag bearer, after October
Chapter 1296 Graduation season, bad news
Chapter 1297 Eat alone, see the dean
Chapter 1298 Dean's attention, opening new projects
Chapter 1299 Negative energy downgrade, full support
Chapter 1300 Phase III Experiment, [Negative Energy Control]
Chapter 1301 Imperial Warriors, Node Records
Chapter 1302 Meaningful sacrifice, breakthrough progress
Chapter 1303 Return to the main plane, disappearing Thorne
Chapter 1304 Resurrection repair node, omniscient ritual newcomer
Chapter 1305 New clues, fate connection
Chapter 1306 The sorrow of a small country, the arrival of Ormos
Chapter 1307 Elf shop, wandering around
Chapter 1308 Azure Manor, Protection System
Chapter 1309 Evans Seeking Meeting, Typical of Wealth Freedom
Chapter 1310 The adventurer who suffered the knife, returned to the south
Chapter 1311 Production line improvement plan, status of Magician
Chapter 1312 Senior mechanic model, promotion mechanism reform
Chapter 1313 The supremacy of non-individual power, the law-protecting army
Chapter 1314 40 new mage, Donald promotion
Chapter 1315 successive promotions, introduction of hometown
Chapter 1316 Develop comrades and vanguard organizations
Chapter 1317 Comanso investigator, visit in person
Chapter 1318 Moon Crown Family, Killing Intention
Chapter 1319 temptation, performance
Chapter 1320 Cooperation, conjecture
Chapter 1321 Jealous, Patrol
Chapter 1322 Public recognition, material issues
Chapter 1323 Villagers Mutual Aid Association, New Nature Druid
Chapter 1324 fear, guess
Chapter 1325 Low-key hiding to find helpers, de-elvenization strategy
Chapter 1326 The construction of spiritual civilization and the penetration of influence
Chapter 1327 The messenger of fate, buffering power
Chapter 1328 Provocation of discord, flames of revenge
Chapter 1329 Independent Arcane Fire Device Experiment
Chapter 1330 Goddess Inspiration, Going to the Mountains to the Countryside
Chapter 1331 Half plane experiment, plane overlap
Chapter 1332 Plane Root + Element Filling = Creation
Chapter 1333 Success and Failure, Transfiguration Spirit Body
Chapter 1334 The experience of the spiritual world, success and failure
Chapter 1335 Eorem is looking for and preparing to upgrade
Chapter 1336 Spell Design, The End of the Magic Web
Chapter 1337 The consummation of the arcane fire, the seeds of civilization
Chapter 1338 Delay the claim to the king and arrive at Severnton
Chapter 1339 Miser's Nuclear Design Ideas
Chapter 1340 The material projection of the magic net string to the arcane energy, the founding day
Chapter 1341 Invitation to go abroad and delivery of orders
Chapter 1342 Pursuing orders, short-term dividends
Chapter 1343 Harvest adventurers and prepare cards
Chapter 1344 Guard against conspiracy, send scepter
Chapter 1345 Use of portable space, borrowing Il Farang
Chapter 1346 Hierarchy, Ownership
Chapter 1347 Erintar's experience and talks in the courtyard of the sun
Chapter 1348 The Alliance of the Thirteen Nations in the North and the Chaos in the Four Nations in
Chapter 1349 Private Communication, Observing Mystery Locks
Chapter 1350 Arrive at Everisca, Genting Dinner
Chapter 1351 Cloud top fantasy, elves challenge
Chapter 1352 Swordsmanship Showdown, Great Victory
Chapter 1353 Demons dance wildly, leave the venue for a night tour
Chapter 1354 Sky Garden, Mystery Lock Layout
Chapter 1355 Morning Light Pool, Distributed Nodes
Chapter 1356 In-depth observation, the ceremony begins
Chapter 1357 Messengers from the Four Kingdoms, Change of Attitude
Chapter 1358 Ode to the sun, the birth of a new mystery lock
Chapter 1359 Honor Challenge, Uwei Lun Remnant
Chapter 1360 Policy Adjustment, Casting Limit
Chapter 1361 Magic Web chess game, situation reversal
Chapter 1362 Reversal and reversal, saint form
Chapter 1363 The final loss wins the loss, peeping at the lock
Chapter 1364 Floating City Planning, Psionic Cabin
Chapter 1365 Expensive Commodities, Weird Psionics
Chapter 1366 Almighty instruments, invitations and reminders
Chapter 1367 Alliance meeting, ugly eating
Chapter 1368 Open up the second battlefield, the policy of great powers
Chapter 1369 Exploiting the topic and persecuting
Chapter 1370 tacit understanding among the five countries
Chapter 1371 Reflection and Washing Powder
Chapter 1372 Coincidence, Compilation Team
Chapter 1373 A sense of belonging, an unimagined future
Chapter 1374 Preparation of Davy Strings, Elf Comes Again
Chapter 1375 Betrayer, gaffe
Chapter 1376 Check the Holy Power, Help Cover Up
Chapter 1377 Change the way of thinking, move the base station
Chapter 1378 Territory Inspection, Order Evolution
Chapter 1379 Order Network, Shine Into Reality
Chapter 1380 The possibility of refining the fake into the real, guessing the nature of the world
Chapter 1381 Trade War, Position Issues
Chapter 1382 Seven Towers Support, Farrow's Worries
Chapter 1383 Omniscient thinking, constant private life
Chapter 1384 The crisis is approaching, face-to-face rejection
Chapter 1385 Miracle Project
Chapter 1385 David String Preparation Machine
Chapter 1387 Smart Workshop Solution
Chapter 1388 Drow crisis, consider recruiting new ones
Chapter 1389 Renovation completed, age limit
Chapter 1390 Small welfare, isolation
Chapter 1391 Ask for details, northern accent
Chapter 1392 Check memory and disinfect
Chapter 1393 questioning, reminding
Chapter 1394 Conditions, Probing
Chapter 1395 Demonstration, seeing off guests
Chapter 1396 Self-developed technology
Chapter 1397 Sending Back, Awakening
Chapter 1398 Internal problems, push each other
Chapter 1399 Midsummer Celebration, Miracles Come
Chapter 1400 Educational artifacts, plane exploration layer changes
Chapter 1401 Savile's return, sudden battle
Chapter 1402 Verification Difficulties, Ask for Kieran
Chapter 1403 Exchange conditions, blood detection
Chapter 1404 Desires, re-examination
Chapter 1405 Reception, Reminder
Chapter 1406 Master and Disciple Meet, Holy Golden Dragon Empire
Chapter 1407 Big trouble, dog blood
Chapter 1408 The opposition meets, too young
Chapter 1409 No threat, continue to experiment
Chapter 1410 Aohuo's new plan and display results
Chapter 1411 Confession, early knowledge, new point of view
Chapter 1412 Prepare the principle book and interview three people
Chapter 1413 Signing a contract, temporary tasks
Chapter 1414 Embarrassment, blood trial
Chapter 1415 Ignition experiment, collecting arcane energy
Chapter 1416 Resurrection Props, Soul Amulet
Chapter 1417 Confinement test, damage spread
Chapter 1418 Chaotic circle, authentic completion
Chapter 1419 The North Wind is Coming, Reciprocity
Chapter 1420 Stick to the right, the experiment goes well
Chapter 1421 New production line, sense of urgency
Chapter 1422 The temptation to go home, the weird Comanso
Chapter 1423 Territorial Inspection, Preparatory Territory System
Chapter 1424 Layer by layer overweight, cultural and educational progress
Chapter 1425 The original source is clear, the food problem
Chapter 1426 Brainstorming, Public Security Plan
Chapter 1427 Industrial Design, Standard Equipment
Chapter 1428 Treat the symptoms and the root causes, forest hiking
Chapter 1429 Geological Exploration, Suspected Mithril Mine
Chapter 1430 Refining Mithril, Strategic Reserve
Chapter 1431 Inject the kernel and return to Severnton
Chapter 1432 Prince Pasteur's request and refusal
Chapter 1433 Variables, the seven-member group
Chapter 1434 Legendary Spell, Gravityless Half Plane
Chapter 1435 Multi-threaded work, whole machine experiment
Chapter 1436 Unexpected discovery, adjustment and improvement
Chapter 1437 Gray Eagle's knowledge, meeting in the Ancestral Hall
Chapter 1438 Face the truth and accept it calmly
Chapter 1439 Plan ahead, negotiate internally
Chapter 1440 New application, new nation
Chapter 1441 Evaluation and decision
Chapter 1442 Complete the construction, the green vine tribe
Chapter 1443 Pretentious or secretive
Chapter 1444 Never be a slave, migrate overnight
Chapter 1445 Nearly half of migration, falling from high altitude
Chapter 1446 Sudden Combat, Cause of Accident
Chapter 1447 Moon Shadow Family, Magic Free Battle
Chapter 1448 Pig teammates, win them all
Chapter 1449 Pretending to be strong, spell interrogation
Chapter 1450 More secret, long overdue
Chapter 1451 In the name of being tough, reaching an agreement
Chapter 1452 Read and agree, strange disappearance
Chapter 1453 Food and clothing, goodbye Yuva
Chapter 1454 Modify memory and erase traces
Chapter 1455 Time passes, material breakthrough
Chapter 1456 Return to the territory again and deprive the holy power
Chapter 1457 Dialogue with God, the essence of order
Chapter 1458 Fairy Court Gathering, Veranser Request
Chapter 1459 Knock, new oracle
Chapter 1460 Akola's accident and excuse
Chapter 1461 No Good Death, Candidates
Chapter 1462 The light of civilization, extremely effective longevity
Chapter 1463 Horror conjecture, longevity model
Chapter 1464 vassal treaty, star projection
Chapter 1465 Seven Pagodas, Return to the South
Chapter 1466 Magic Laser Gun and Sword Qi
Chapter 1467 Forest nemesis, efficient construction
Chapter 1468 The integration of the people, the net of destiny
Chapter 1469 Endless promenade, real-time rendering
Chapter 1470 The way to crack, sacrifice parent and child
Chapter 1471 Repentance, Threat
Chapter 1472 Temporarily return and clone the container
Chapter 1473 A drop of blood, higher interests
Chapter 1474 Premonition, Dissuasion
Chapter 1475 Introspection, acceptance conditions
Chapter 1476 Directional cloning, being your father
Chapter 1477 Abnormal performance, life extension begins
Chapter 1478 The circle is really in chaos, Elder Taria
Chapter 1479 Dragon Madness Secret Scroll, Doomsday Natural Disaster
Chapter 1480 Deciphering the Secret Scroll and the Origin of the Curse
Chapter 1481 Life extension begins, information exchange
Chapter 1482 Excited to cry, the spell is completed
Chapter 1483 Stay, Arc de Triomphe
Chapter 1484 The promise of the messenger of Comansor and the sword guard
Chapter 1485 Don't want to let go, the king of reproduction
Chapter 1486 Defensive Defense, Return
Chapter 1487 You are half me and half, mass wedding
Chapter 1488 Common goal, new life movement
Chapter 1489 New Discovery, Arcane Field
Chapter 1490 Application parallelism, identity disclosure
Chapter 1491 Appointment, Misunderstanding
Chapter 1492 Proposal, 1.0RC
Chapter 1493 Eastern Proverbs, Green Tower Alliance
Chapter 1494 Digging the root, angry Cross
Chapter 1495 Big fish eat small fish, overtaking on bends
Chapter 1496 838 Years of the Nether Calendar, the End of the Underground War
Chapter 1497 Suspend the experiment, the elves do things
Chapter 1498 Proposal to limit magic, attitude of allies
Chapter 1499 Good luck, party
Chapter 1500 He is my grandson
Chapter 1501 Show your identity and find a way out
Chapter 1502 The promotion of blood, and the world
Chapter 1503 Control the law at ease, control the thunder
Chapter 1504 Changes in the soul space, re-entering the heaven
Chapter 1505 Natural followers, nameless
Chapter 1506 The difficulty of naming, special reincarnators
Chapter 1507 Soul transition, cloud effect
Chapter 1508 Walking Ring, Nya's Abnormality
Chapter 1509 Bloodline Interference, Exercise Will
Chapter 1510 The magic talisman, out of control again
Chapter 1511 Work hard together, test your majesty
Chapter 1512 Mechanical Mind, New Consciousness Training
Chapter 1513 Learning from the subconscious mind and controlling the blood
Chapter 1514 Fusion Assimilation, Real Name Order
Chapter 1515 The dawn of the power of order, re-entering the heaven
Chapter 1516 Upheaval in the Village, Self-Building of the Kingdom of God
Chapter 1517 Find another breakthrough, celestial property
Chapter 1518 Ready to leave, goodbye Sif
Chapter 1519 Alarmism, cooperation between inside and outside
Chapter 1520 Moon Shadow rumors, grasp the proportions
Chapter 1521 Investigating the Moon Shadow and the Dead Environment
Chapter 1522 Temporary simulation, rushing to work
Chapter 1523 The first generation machine is completed, the arcane energy is like water
Chapter 1524 The Goddess' Son, Sudden Accident
Chapter 1525 Migration device, Luo Wei disappears
Chapter 1526 Questions from directors, elf making noise
Chapter 1527 Government Comparison, Elf Invaders
Chapter 1528 Denial, Support
Chapter 1529 Twisted Phantoms, Fighting Monsters and Losing Treasures
Chapter 1530 Alienation intensifies, true and false Broad
Chapter 1531 Spiritual aliens, born undefended
Chapter 1532 Change strategies and discover goals
Chapter 1533 Domain competition, time-stop ideas
Chapter 1534 flight control system, seize the opportunity
Chapter 1535 Fake action, harmony between man and nature
Chapter 1536 Calm to die, fatal blow
Chapter 1537 Rescue, strange
Chapter 1538 The origin of telepathy and tower spirit
Chapter 1539 Sense difference lock, accidental rescue
Chapter 1540 pass the message, continue to search
Chapter 1541 Special skills, multiple applications
Chapter 1542 Perception breakthrough, advance base
Chapter 1543 The arrival of the seven towers, the value of the statue
Chapter 1544 Indifferent response, calm down the magic net
Chapter 1545 Naming and testing
Chapter 1546 Choice and Intervention
Chapter 1547 Return to Azurite, Contact of the Third Kind
Chapter 1548 Number Concept, Fourth Contact
Chapter 1549 God, the north of the island
Chapter 1550 Accurate measurement and purification
Chapter 1551 Position first, Scum's careful thoughts
Chapter 1552 Self-defeating, persuasion and lessons
Chapter 1553 The ambition is cute again, the right way
Chapter 1554 Completion of Adaptation Components, Acceptance Field
Chapter 1555 Normal Field, Adaptation Component Test
Chapter 1556 Completion of installations and initiation of new projects
Chapter 1567 Monthly income of 100,000, closer to the essence
Chapter 1568 Basic training, blue crystal analysis
Chapter 1569 The three elements of suppressing backward progress and development
Chapter 1570 Comrades are rare, make up the air
Chapter 1571 Authentication magic, distribution method
Chapter 1572 Wise Design, Outline Adjustment
Chapter 1573 Moral education classes and branches are built on the territory
Chapter 1574 yearning for the future, spherical body
Chapter 1575 Drafting engineering design standards and entering the sixth collective meeting of the
Chapter 1576 Adding Nya to join the membership and the construction branch voting
Chapter 1577 Respect reality, rational part-time job
Chapter 1578
Chapter 1579 Empathy
Chapter 1580 Magic Affairs Officer
Chapter 1581 Big data teaching method, prospect of towering training
Chapter 1582 Prepare to support the Seven Pagodas and Vaccines
Chapter 1583 Special training starts and tasks are distributed
Chapter 1584 A game within the rules
Chapter 1585 Regeneration and change, addicted to brushing questions
Chapter 1586 Recruitment plan, return to blue crystal
Chapter 1587 Nissan 20,000, Designing a New Machine
Chapter 1588 Auxiliary Nodes, Avatar Casting
Chapter 1589 Complete the spell, visit the floating city
Chapter 1590 New Law on Million Capacity and Population
Chapter 1591 Quit impatience, new extractor
Chapter 1592 Accompanying students, problems
Chapter 1593 cooperation and difficulty in recruiting
Chapter 1594 Empathy, mistakes
Chapter 1595 Speeding up the progress, alarming the seven towers
Chapter 1596 Last chance, tacit understanding
Chapter 1597 Confused account, Brin's death
Chapter 1598 Moon Shadow Lost Trace, Knowledge Star Map
Chapter 1599 Equation Spell
Chapter 1600 Microscopic Edition Mystery Lock
Chapter 1601 Display, Introduction
Chapter 1602 Embarrassed, guessing
Chapter 1603 Ineffective countermeasures, hidden body
Chapter 1604 Spellcasting System, Application Prospects
Chapter 1605 Light of Inspiration
Chapter 1606 The morning of the magic affairs officer
Chapter 1607 Sending a small meeting and marching in line
Chapter 1608 Remember the mission and the original intention
Chapter 1609 Modern life, unavoidable resource issues
Chapter 1610 Revenue and Expenditure Issues, Mobile Phone Solutions
Chapter 1611 SMS Headshot
Chapter 1612 Temporary Promotion Channel
Chapter 1613 The essence of authority, profitable business
Chapter 1614 The Dust of the Magic Limiting Treaty Falls to the Ground
Chapter 1615 Treaty details, hit the gun
Chapter 1616 The meaning of the date, and then to the blue crystal
Chapter 1617 Fishmen pay tribute and shut down for maintenance
Chapter 1618 Return, second-generation mass production
Chapter 1619 Points Rewards, Currency Circulation
Chapter 1620 Precisely lock and retain bugs
Chapter 1621 Testing team, setting standards
Chapter 1622 New Agreement, Hildarana's Request
Chapter 1623 provocation, greed
Chapter 1624 Mysterious Power, Light of Inspiration
Chapter 1625 Drainage, Near Death
Chapter 1626 Adapting components, being open and honest
Chapter 1627 Return to Severnton, abnormal climate
Chapter 1628 Helion in the mist, gifts
Chapter 1629 Mysterious lock permissions, sigh
Chapter 1630 No results everywhere, preparing for the exchange meeting
Chapter 1631 Entry Registration, Secularization
Chapter 1632 Asking for money everywhere, checking account
Chapter 1633 The life of an elf commoner, observation of the lock
Chapter 1634 Exciting records, and then to the sky garden
Chapter 1635 Slight disappointment, erasing records
Chapter 1636 Storage problems, going out again
Chapter 1637 Gold roses, introduction of new equipment
Chapter 1638 The frying is too hasty, huge gap
Chapter 1639 Transaction, Return
Chapter 1640 Warm and magical
Chapter 1641 Simple test, climate strike
Chapter 1642 Simple ideas, exchange meeting ahead of schedule
Chapter 1643 Rule Map, Impulse to Change Careers
Chapter 1644 Civilization seizes houses, new theory of blood
Chapter 1645 Blood Sequencing Project
Chapter 1646 Clone, Share, Order
Chapter 1647 Hedland, the situation in the south
Chapter 1648 The key link, gifts
Chapter 1649 Fitch's trust, three-day deadline
Chapter 1650 Rich people, tentative attitude
Chapter 1651 Plagiarism, Support
Chapter 1652 The real enemy, the invitation of the elders
Chapter 1653 Master Yerevan, the appearance of the elf
Chapter 1654 The source of hatred, deep cultivation
Chapter 1655 The intention of the cooperative, the classical mage
Chapter 1656 Magic Can't Save Netheril
Chapter 1567 Automatic Synchronization, Killing Artifacts
Chapter 1568 Daxia Weights and Measures, Formal Invitation
Chapter 1659 Lei Sen's trip, tens of billions of costs
Chapter 1660 Cultivating upstream, divergent ideas
Chapter 1661 price reduction, airship
Chapter 1662 Set a contract and a functional platform
Chapter 1663 Trip to Kiran Tower, Negotiate Conditions
Chapter 1664 Sequence one authority, keep one hand
Chapter 1665 Return to the South and complete the promise
Chapter 1666 Military Purchase Mission, Attached Mage Tower
Chapter 1667 Double Interpretation, Mithril Casting
Chapter 1668 original address, reminder
Chapter 1669 Observe and celebrate
Chapter 1670 concern, visit
Chapter 1671 Expansion plan, plane inheritance
Chapter 1672 Fetters, Twin Towers
Chapter 1673 The transformation begins, the first penalty
Chapter 1674 Difficult task, pile printing
Chapter 1675 The base is completed and tested
Chapter 1676 Special Mystery Lock, Record Screening
Chapter 1677 Adaptation to the Davy String Preparation Machine
Chapter 1678 Detailed process, enlightenment scroll
Chapter 1679 Three things, the crisis of extinction
Chapter 1680 Hey, Siri
Chapter 1681 Virtual Spirit, Test
Chapter 1682 Spiritual substance experiment, essence guess
Chapter 1683 Consciousness ghosting, copy Dafa
Chapter 1684 The Master, Erase Memories
Chapter 1685 Cracking the scroll, learning machine
Chapter 1686 Stimulate interest, test report
Chapter 1687 Self Essence
Chapter 1688 Consciousness
Chapter 1689 Repairer Spirit, Consciousness Chip
Chapter 1690 To be optimized and transformed
Chapter 1691 Acceptance and opposition
Chapter 1692 Limitations, Arcane Furnace
Chapter 1693 Temporary Mission, Three Elements of the Tower of Time
Chapter 1694 Democratic Centralization, Visitors from the North
Chapter 1695 Airships come true, endless gas cylinders
Chapter 1696 Double arrival, thank you
Chapter 1697 Simple and easy to fly, Niya gets started
Chapter 1698 Customize the airship and unwind the scroll
Chapter 1699 Taling worry-free, inspecting the construction site
Chapter 1700 Plan sorting, towering generation
Chapter 1701 Tower Ling setting, three steps
Chapter 1702 Information synchronization, suggestion technique
Chapter 1703 Brain Cost, Replacement Agreement
Chapter 1704 Acceptance preparation, change of land grant
Chapter 1705 Niya's promotion and unexpected arrival
Chapter 1706 Domineering, sinister
Chapter 1707 The principle of neutrality
Chapter 1708 Power struggle
Chapter 1709 Argument and support
Chapter 1710 Jokes, Books
Chapter 1711 Meet again, Larian
Chapter 1712 The sorrow of a small country, the alliance of internal friction
Chapter 1713 Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, Awakening
Chapter 1714 Lyleus, hostile form
Chapter 1715 Meeting with the Great Elder and making a tour
Chapter 1716 Gift, return to Severnton
Chapter 1717 Re-gaining the spiritual essence, the ceremony of raising the sun
Chapter 1718 Mutual Use, Supreme Secret Scroll
Chapter 1719 Hengchun Barrier, Future Variables
Chapter 1720 stingy, new drama
Chapter 1721 Wendy Johnson buys melons and loves it
Chapter 1722 Class Identity, Accepting New Situations
Chapter 1723 Not bad grades, guardian suit
Chapter 1724 Armed relaxation, Karma chives
Chapter 1725 The misunderstanding is resolved, the lawbreaker germinates
Chapter 1726 merit-based admission, unified process
Chapter 1727 The arrival of the small airship and the opening of the channel
Chapter 1728 Wealth Transfer, Art Lectures
Chapter 1729 Hostility, IOU
Chapter 1730 Born in the wrong era, spontaneous integration
Chapter 1731 New appointment, Lawrence's consciousness
Chapter 1732 The pride of the times, goodbye Horn
Chapter 1733 Deterrence and compassion of a small country
Chapter 1734 base knowledge, visions of the past
Chapter 1735 Starry Sky Ink, Nightmare Blood
Chapter 1736 Delicious ingredients, animal bone futures
Chapter 1737 Breeding plan, killing spirits
Chapter 1738 Natural farms, dividing the dawn
Chapter 1739 Heartbeat
Chapter 1740 Exclusion of Suspects, New Patent Law
Chapter 1741 Silent change, turning private into public
Chapter 1742 Flight control completed, more orders
Chapter 1743 Cooperative progress, big moves
Chapter 1744 Be prepared, Misera is completed
Chapter 1745 Eight thousand times, energy warehouse
Chapter 1746 Refactoring inertia, new projects
Chapter 1747 Add 30,000, Magic Chef
Chapter 1748 Rejection, Deputy
Chapter 1749 I have made a mistake and reversed for King Mian
Chapter 1750 Inheritance, advance and retreat freely
Chapter 1751 Explaining the Mystery, Intentionally Misleading
Chapter 1752 Meet Cross, the blade of spiritual closure
Chapter 1753 Whispering, calling God to guard
Chapter 1754 Jinghuashuiyue, try to kill
Chapter 1755 Divided into two, the fireball is invalid
Chapter 1756 Devil, asking for help
Chapter 1757 Faith Inspiration, the other side of brilliance
Chapter 1758 trial, misleading
Chapter 1759 The essence of the devil, continue to track
Chapter 1760 The abyss of redemption, the seal of blessing
Chapter 1761 Step into the abyss, Ted transforms
Chapter 1762 The essence of the ban
Chapter 1763 heavy gift, borrowing
Chapter 1764 Return to the main plane, reasonable doubt
Chapter 1765 comfort, regular polyhedron
Chapter 1766 Psionic conjecture, start
Chapter 1767 admit mistakes and punish, adjust the order
Chapter 1768 Gold-plated department, a little twist
Chapter 1769 Danger, Doubt
Chapter 1770 Butterfly effect, insist on defense
Chapter 1771 Seeing and Sanctions End
Chapter 1772 Accidental invitation, mysterious forces
Chapter 1773 Hint bus, brain test
Chapter 1774 Windfall, new direction
Chapter 1775 Assassination, contact again
Chapter 1776 Prelude, invitation
Chapter 1777 Ancient fortress, erasing traces
Chapter 1778 Emotional, thief news
Chapter 1779 See Eorem
Chapter 1780 politely refuse
Chapter 1781 The Seven Towers Come and Talk About Conditions
Chapter 1782 Cover up, have their own positions
Chapter 1783 Asker, the arena
Chapter 1784 Demon challenge, bad intentions
Chapter 1785 The battle of heights, photoelectric superman
Chapter 1786 Frost Field, Seven Pagodas
Chapter 1787 temptation, compromise
Chapter 1788 Establish mutual trust, special audience
Chapter 1789 Spell Contract, Kaxiu wins
Chapter 1790 Superb performance, Yeerlan crisis
Chapter 1791 go all out
Chapter 1792 Instantly Destroyed
Chapter 1793 kidnapping, manipulation
Chapter 1794 ending, biting
Chapter 1795 questioning, nervousness
Chapter 1796 Unusual, inheritance doubts
Chapter 1797 Spiritual Mentor
Chapter 1798 Running for a lifetime
Chapter 1799 Preparations for War Negotiations
Chapter 1800 Each has its own position, not a good thing
Chapter 1801 The elves are in action, man-made natural disasters
Chapter 1802
Chapter 1803 Negotiate evacuation, the weak grieve
Chapter 1804 Independent heart, struggling to survive
Chapter 1805 The king and his advisors rule the world together
Chapter 1806 Arguing, crying court
Chapter 1807 Mysterious Organization Speculation
Chapter 1808 The secret box hides the sword and negotiates
Chapter 1809 Ansai Mountains, Upper Path
Chapter 1810 King Mian Suspicion, Master Jian Yong
Chapter 1811 Aether Rush
Chapter 1812 Shadows Ambush
Chapter 1813 Infiltration, Alarm
Chapter 1814 Weird Elf
Chapter 1815 The magic of breaking the law, the temptation of Yang conspiracy
Chapter 1816 New magic system, situation reversal
Chapter 1817 Spellcasting Covariate, Resolute Strike
Chapter 1818 Devil's power, shake people
Chapter 1819 Instant gray, abyss projection
Chapter 1820 Mixed Medicine Altar, Thorough Purification
Chapter 1821 cold reception, search
Chapter 1822 Demon-born elves, the past of the North
Chapter 1823 Doubt, Conceal
Chapter 1824 progress, send back
Chapter 1825 Parallel Space-Time Replacement
Chapter 1826 Preparations for War
Chapter 1827 Projection again, Elder Sulvin
Chapter 1828 Field of Life, Pruning and Maintenance
Chapter 1829 Retrieving Strength and Blessing of Youth
Chapter 1830 Tool tree, old times
Chapter 1831 Obtain memory, incarnation of saint form
Chapter 1832 The advantage of simplicity, Everiska's knowledge
Chapter 1833 Flaws
Chapter 1834 The Legend of Uviren
Chapter 1835 The halo of the superior
Chapter 1836 Test God
Chapter 1837 The sky is three feet high
Chapter 1838 One of the goals, get!
Chapter 1839 Decomposition projects, invitations
Chapter 1840 Diplomatic Dilemma, Apology
Chapter 1841 The love is like a duck to water
Chapter 1842 time, accident
Chapter 1843 worry
Chapter 1844 Share Repurchase
Chapter 1845 Excessive Response, Covenant Crown
Chapter 1846 solidification, rules game
Chapter 1847 It's a matter of course, entering the state
Chapter 1848 New-style Mystery Lock, Benefit a lot
Chapter 1849 Dismantling problems and political considerations
Chapter 1850 The negotiation is not smooth, the mystery of Uweiren
Chapter 1851 Sort out plans and breakthrough points
Chapter 1852 Tracking, Demon-born Suspicion
Chapter 1853 investigation, doubts
Chapter 1854 excuses, self-destruction
Chapter 1855 Mixed blood taboo
Chapter 1856 perfunctory, contradictory
Chapter 1857 Brain in a Vat
Chapter 1858 Defensive and Analysis
Chapter 1859 Forbidden Demon Headband, Mrs. Mai Luwei
Chapter 1860 The so-called freedom, the origin of demons
Chapter 1861 Transformation Method, Fragments of Consciousness
Chapter 1862 The three factions of longevity, inquire about the prophecy
Chapter 1863 Sharing information
Chapter 1864 historical doubts
Chapter 1865 New World Project
Chapter 1866 Demonic Herbalist
Chapter 1867 Contrast, Probing
Chapter 1868 Evacuation, Abnormal
Chapter 1869 Variation
Chapter 1870 Handling
Chapter 1871 The behind-the-scenes sponsor, terrible guess
Chapter 1872 Dragon Madness Secret Scroll+14, Hidden War
Chapter 1873 Behind the scenes players, Arcane infection
Chapter 1874: Grand Arcanist's Advanced Imagination
Chapter 1875 Magic Infection Research, Special Mira
Chapter 1876 Consciousness recovery, the end of the negotiation
Chapter 1877 Transfer of Authority
Chapter 1878 Sudden Explosion
Chapter 1879 Longevity Scheme
Chapter 1880 Partial success, change the topic
Chapter 1881 Incarnation
Chapter 1882 Awakening
Chapter 1883 Recruitment samples, the ceremony begins
Chapter 1884 Olichar's Remnant
Chapter 1885 New Country, New Opportunity
Chapter 1886 sharpening the knife without accidentally chopping wood
Chapter 1887 Double Open, Transplant
Chapter 1888 Migration, half a year later
Chapter 1889 Northland Turmoil
Chapter 1890 Combination of work and rest
Chapter 1891 Arcane Infection Transformation Experiment
Chapter 1892 Aoneng Rabbit, the essence of the world
Chapter 1893 Verification Ideas
Chapter 1894 Soul Problem
Chapter 1895 Death row
Chapter 1896 Suppression
Chapter 1897 Attraction
Chapter 1898 Rename
Chapter 1903 Associating components and passing tests
Chapter 1904 People-oriented, the highest achievement
Chapter 1905 Inventory of the harvest, and then to the Elf Court
Chapter 1908 Invitation by King Mian
Chapter 1909 Original Transaction
Chapter 1910 Master Zhennan
Chapter 1911 Transaction
Chapter 1912 Final Experiment
Chapter 1913 Cognitive Impairment
Chapter 1914 The experiment was successful
Chapter 1915 Arcane Features, Strategic Technology
Chapter 1916 backward production relations
Chapter 1917 Idealists
Chapter 1918 The True Arcane Form
Chapter 1919 Timeliness Maintenance
Chapter 1920 The country of learned scholars
Chapter 1921 Meeting with Intervar
Chapter 1922 Sage's demeanor
Chapter 1923 The True Legend
Chapter 1924 Oriental Treasure
Chapter 1925 Wisdom is complete
Chapter 1926 The location of the fortress
Chapter 1927 Winged Elf Legend, Return
Chapter 1928 batch realization, re-entry
Chapter 1929 God's Extermination Method
Chapter 1930 full of malice
Chapter 1931 Reality in Illusion
Chapter 1932 Arcane Elf being hunted down
Chapter 1933 Follow-up Influence
Chapter 1934 Separate and Unchanged Permissions
Chapter 1935
Chapter 1936 Elven Court Resolution
Chapter 1937 Class solidification, racial oppression
Chapter 1938 Destroying superstition and developing demons
Chapter 1939 Capture and return to the main plane
Chapter 1940 Awakening, Another Possibility
Chapter 1941 Parallel Time and Space Invasion
Chapter 1942 Strategic Weapons
Chapter 1943 Take people as the basis, go home and rush to work
Chapter 1944 Dynamics of the North, a footstep
Chapter 1945 tricks, worry
Chapter 1946 Mystery lock completed, Elan accident
Chapter 1497 Two Faces
Chapter 1498 Spiritual Inheritance
Chapter 1949 Swing, hold
Chapter 1950 persuasion, decent
Chapter 1951 The visit of Brendes
Chapter 1952 Custody experience, transmission advantages
Chapter 1953 the model of governance
Chapter 1954 Magic Society
Chapter 1955 Civic Awareness, Worst Plan
Chapter 1956 Earth Law Experiment, Starter
Chapter 1957 Standard selection, first student
Chapter 1958 Change the track and start again
Chapter 1959 Instructing and making up lessons
Chapter 1960 Temporary support, Sluvender mutation
Chapter 1961 A thousand years later
Chapter 1962 No choice
Chapter 1963 Leave no handle, refugees pour in
Chapter 1964 Break the filter and pay the fine in advance
Chapter 1965 Goodbye Eorem
Chapter 1966 The legend of the legend
Chapter 1967 The prototype of the god system
Chapter 1968 Sequencing Core
Chapter 1969 Crimson Plane
Chapter 1970 The Light of Annihilation
Chapter 1971 The Light of the End Times
Chapter 1972 Restart the test
Chapter 1973 Contradictory Showdown
Chapter 1974 Heaven on Earth
Chapter 1975 creation, exploration
Chapter 1976 Observer, imminent
Chapter 1977 The floating city set sail
Chapter 1978 Topological Transformation
Chapter 1979 Spaceship, Perseverance
Chapter 1980 Rumors, protests
Chapter 1981 emergencies, free
Chapter 1982 express, precursor to war
Chapter 1983 Arrogance, Tel Anno
Chapter 1984 Meeting and Request
Chapter 1985 Counterattack
Chapter 1986 Confession
Chapter 1987 Order and Righteousness
Chapter 1988 Another possibility for Yeerlan
Chapter 1989 Classical Fight, Adolph
Chapter 1990 Each has its own position, and finally sees the fortress
Chapter 1991
Chapter 1992
Chapter 1993 The advantage is in me
Chapter 1994 Outbreak
Chapter 1995 Approaching, Sacrifice
Chapter 1996 God's Asylum, Make Up for Defects
Character Cachado - As of Chapter 1950
Chapter 1997 speculation, accusation
Chapter 1998 Identity, suicide
Chapter 1999 Summoning, Unexpected Achievement
Chapter 2000 Guiding students and changing the situation
Chapter 2001 Time limit, casualties
Chapter 2002 The struggle spreads and turns sharply
Chapter 2003 Negotiation and persecution
Chapter 2004 Exclusion, Intervention
Chapter 2005 Pay attention and insist
Chapter 2006
Chapter 2007 Formal resolution, unable to hold back
Chapter 2008 Accidents occur frequently, demons figure
Chapter 2009 No way to retreat, only chance
Chapter 2010 The real face, Xia Duo enters the field
Chapter 2011 Travel plan, high-profile appearance
Chapter 2012 The power of annihilation, strong mediation
Chapter 2013 The end of the war and the change of identity
Chapter 2014
Chapter 2015 Demon Family
Chapter 2016 Sort out the clues
Chapter 2017 Arrival of all parties, confrontation before the meeting
Chapter 2018 Sudden situation, shocking spear
Chapter 2019 Dark Assault, Past
Chapter 2020 Dragon's Back Vision, Confirmation
Chapter 2021 Dispute points, promotion meeting
Chapter 2022 Young people, dialogue and cooperation mechanism
Chapter 2023 Environmental protection and innovation
Chapter 2024 Conditions, Illuminati
Chapter 2025 Political wrestling
Chapter 2026 Elan Taiquese
Chapter 2027 Sudden accident, independent debate
Chapter 2028 The progress of the talks, the secret of the demons
Chapter 2029 Secret Palace, Cheap Tools
Chapter 2030 Raid, terrible guess
Chapter 2031 The end of the war and the beginning of the investigation
Chapter 2032 one after another, catch the big fish
Chapter 2033 Dash, acquaintance
Chapter 2034 the abyss descends
Chapter 2035 control the situation, abyss tumor
Chapter 2036 The Tao is different, the Illuminati
Chapter 2037 Destroying the body is easy, destroying the mind is difficult
Chapter 2038 Magical, come to an end
Chapter 2039 Demonic Intelligence Analysis Laboratory
Chapter 2040 Betray the world
Chapter 2041 Pessimistic future
Chapter 2042 Test the Illuminati
Chapter 2043 disappointment, deal
Chapter 2044 Great power image, goodbye Ted
Chapter 2045 Change the celestial phenomenon
Chapter 2046 The purification is complete
Chapter 2047 harmless, program
Chapter 2048 Out of nothing, favor
Chapter 2049 lobbying, rejection
Chapter 2050 Arcane camp, return to the territory
Chapter 2051 Construction Plan
Chapter 2052 travel plan
Chapter 2053 Citizenship, General Education
Chapter 2054 Adult education, legal system construction
Chapter 2055 Distorted Space
Chapter 2056 Transmission Hub Assumption
Chapter 2057 temptation
Chapter 2058 pull a hand
Chapter 2059 Two choices, two roads
Chapter 2060 New opportunities are all working hard
Chapter 2061 Long-term tasks, division of labor and cooperation
Chapter 2062 Create a half plane, the first farm
Chapter 2063 The creation of the world, the beauty of order
Chapter 2064 Plane formation, first farm
Chapter 2065 Take it from the people and use it for the people
Chapter 2066 with class, shocking news
Chapter 2067 Changes in Yeerlan
Chapter 2068 Elam Kingdom
Chapter 2069 prepare to travel
Chapter 2070 New Mine
Chapter 2071 dark sea
Chapter 2072 The end of the month
Chapter 2073 lost contact, invited again
Chapter 2074 Decline, many objections
Chapter 2075 Goodbye Vader, unexpected intersection
Chapter 2076 The ceremony begins, the spoiler
Chapter 2077 Seed Promotion Conference
Chapter 2078 Making things difficult and maintaining
Chapter 2079 Time Gem, Acceleration
Chapter 2080 Order Cycle, Faith Convergence
Chapter 2081 Super Wheat
Chapter 2082 Blessing Spell
Chapter 2083 Uninvited guests, control
Chapter 2084 eternal life in the fire
Chapter 2085 good calculation, pessimistic future
Chapter 2086 Promise an alliance and return to the territory
Chapter 2087 resentment, reality
Chapter 2088 promise, inheritance
Chapter 2089 Cultivate as soon as possible, party members first
Chapter 2090 The inheritance ends and arrives at Conifera
Take a day off, wish everyone a happy National Day and have fun
Chapter 2091 Elf Governor, talk about it alone
Chapter 2092 big business, betrayal
Chapter 2093 Northland Pass, Advantages and Competition
Chapter 2094 relying on foreign self-respect, invited by nobles
Chapter 2095 backhand, favored
Chapter 2096 The hidden threat, the mysterious Coranie
Chapter 2097 female, friendly
Chapter 2098 cat, trial
Chapter 2099 swim with the arms and return it
Chapter 2100 Theater, People's Code
Chapter 2101 five-pointed star, rabble trial
Chapter 2102 bleak corona, determination
Chapter 2103 The punishment of exile, the seal of the new moon
Chapter 2104 play, then start
Chapter 2105 play, dungeon
Chapter 2106 Dark cuisine, the legend of Muyan
Chapter 2107 fame, local feelings
Chapter 2108 precious gift, radiant redstone
Chapter 2109 Construction of the nation, Muyan's reputation
Chapter 2110 Change of position, arriving in Yeerlan
Chapter 2111 buried nails, declined
Chapter 2112 provocation, response
Chapter 2113 Entering my house, going to a banquet
Chapter 2114 Taal Ash Ceremony
Chapter 2115 Honor is not honor
Chapter 2116 Guidance Bureau
Chapter 2117 There are no moves to win
Chapter 2118 Attacking Brain
Chapter 2119 Seeking cooperation, resource management
Chapter 2120 Private order, sowing discord
Chapter 2121 have an end in mind, get lost
Chapter 2122 Great life, go south
Chapter 2123 Arrive in Erintar
Chapter 2124 Wu Ling's grandfather
Chapter 2125 Reserve talents, invisible shelter
Chapter 2126 Sea Witnesses
Chapter 2127 Set off south, broiler +1
Chapter 2128 Armed, lost contact
Chapter 2129 Fadilla, the invitation of the emperor
Chapter 2130 Death of the Elf Prince
Chapter 2131 Interracial customs, human nature
Chapter 2132 shelter, Grand Vizier
Chapter 2133 request, signs of war
Chapter 2134 Thinking, Participating in the Investigation
Chapter 2135 Tuogu, like to mention the plane
Chapter 2136 concerns, building in the cloud
Chapter 2137 Elf envoy, ready to investigate
Chapter 2138 On-site investigation, finding clues
Chapter 2139 Master Esther, asking each other
Reference 2140 Field investigation, restore the scene
Chapter 2141 clues to the murder weapon, suspicious direction
Chapter 2142 Suspicion increases, confirmation traces
Chapter 2143 Neighboring Country Scandal
Chapter 2144 new direction
Chapter 2145 Backtracking, Analysis
Chapter 2146 Interpretation, drawing
Chapter 2147 The analysis method works, and the judgment is recognized
Chapter 2148 Continue the investigation, the real murderer emerges
written request for leave
Chapter 2149 The intention has been decided
Chapter 2150 win over, attacked
Chapter 2151 Arcane leap, illusion
Chapter 2152 Brain in a Vat, Memory
Chapter 2153 give truth
Chapter 2154 out of the illusion
Chapter 2155 Take home
Chapter 2156 start again
Chapter 2157 focus on gems
Chapter 2158 Soul Alienation
Chapter 2159 Retaliation
Chapter 2160 annihilation washes the ground
Chapter 2161 tough attitude
Chapter 2162 Toxent
Chapter 2163 Psionic Barrier
Chapter 2164 The End of Destruction
Chapter 2165 Fright, Conquer
Chapter 2166 *NPT
Chapter 2167 never dominate
Chapter 2168 Rebirth from the Ruins
Chapter 2169 consciousness upload, soul solidification
Chapter 2170 Resolving emotions and demagoguery
Chapter 2171 Peel off soul fragments
Chapter 2172 The Way of Evergreen
Chapter 2173 road choice, collective wedding
Chapter 2174 Blessing, and then to Evereska
Chapter 2175 tea party
Chapter 2176 Exploration
Chapter 2177 Three major problems, seeking common ground while reserving differences
Chapter 2178 The heart of a villain, node test
Chapter 2179 Competing for Leadership
Chapter 2180 new changes
Chapter 2181 Sea Urchin Model
Chapter 2182 Shelving the Controversy
Chapter 2183 Ally Cultivation Plan
Chapter 2184 magic is not sacred
Chapter 2185 Specter
Chapter 2186 live broadcast
Chapter 2187 Ruthless, basic operation
Chapter 2188 Variation, Objection
Chapter 2189 appealing for advice, recognizing independence
Chapter 2190
Chapter 2191 Beyond Instinct
Chapter 2192 reach a consensus
Chapter 2193 honesty, hegemony
Chapter 2194 National Self-preservation Right
Chapter 2195 reserve an excuse
Chapter 2196 new journey
Chapter 2197
Chapter 2198 correct attitude, inspiration ring
Chapter 2199 Mind Network
Chapter 2200 Artificial Consciousness
Chapter 2201 The effect is remarkable, network security
Chapter 2202 Security Measures
Chapter 2203 treaty signing, elitism
Chapter 2204 mass line, southern invitation
Chapter 2205 Goodbye Vader
Chapter 2205 Naise's New Situation
Chapter 2207 News from the Illuminati
Chapter 2208 God's Suggestion
Chapter 2209 scary price
Chapter 2210 Origin of Psionic Energy
Chapter 2211 ideal proportion
Chapter 2212 Interrogation of Mojave
Chapter 2213 The Origin of the Artifact, the Psionic Paradox
Chapter 2204 The Possibility of Awakening Psionic Energy
Chapter 2215 Two ways
Chapter 2216 Establishing Protection
Chapter 2217 Subconscious barrier, project outsourcing
Chapter 2218 Soul Amulet, No Worries
Chapter 2219 The Dawn of Automation
Chapter 2220 Consciousness Offense and Defense Training
Chapter 2221 The effect is amazing
Chapter 2222 The Laws of the Star Boundary
Chapter 2223 North-South merger, deadline
Chapter 2224 Talisman characteristics, time acceleration
Chapter 2225 Debugging, Praise
Chapter 2226 Free, training
Chapter 2227 Xia Duo, I am your wall breaker!
Chapter 2228 First experience of time acceleration
Chapter 2229 Time Conjecture
Chapter 2230 New developments in Terminos
Chapter 2231 Adaptive Virtual Time
Chapter 2232 News from Terminos
Chapter 2233 Demonic Invitation
Chapter 2234 The emergence of sympathy
Chapter 2235 Fake Passport
Chapter 2236 The Current Situation of Demons
Chapter 2237 Demon Community
Chapter 2238 Transformation Ceremony
A little bit of information
Chapter 2239 Consciously aware of him
Chapter 2240 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 2241 Mentality Change
Chapter 2242 The Birth of a Revolutionary
Chapter 2243 Arcane version of the mental world
Chapter 2244 The first civilian magic item
Chapter 2245 Jay’s good news
Chapter 2246 Revisiting the Journey to the East
Chapter 2247 Universal Launcher
Chapter 2248 The City That Never Sleeps
Chapter 2249 The way out for disadvantaged groups
Chapter 2250 The ownership of the third Mythra
Chapter 2251 Journey to Imaska ??1
Chapter 2252 Journey to Imaska ??2
Chapter 2253 Journey to Imaska ??3
Chapter 2254 Journey to Imaska ??4
Chapter 2255 Journey to Imaska ??5
Chapter 2256 Journey to Imasca 6
Chapter 2257 Journey to Imasca 7
Chapter 2258 Journey to Imaska ??8
Chapter 2259 Journey to Imasca 9
Chapter 2260 Journey to Imaska ??10
Chapter 2261 Advantages of Creation, Sudden Encounter with War
Chapter 2262 Purchasing Slaves, Creation Research
Chapter 2253 Secret of creation
Chapter 2254 Slave Account
Chapter 2255 The Prince’s Request
Chapter 2256 Attitude Change
Chapter 2257 The special features of the Mulan people
Chapter 2258 Shopping mall experience
Chapter 2259 Rebel Supporters and the Puppet Reality
Chapter 2260 Big Purchase Conspiracy
Chapter 2261 Cutting-edge technology smuggling
Chapter 2262 Mulan’s Secret
Chapter 2263 Gift, the lion opens its mouth
Chapter 2264 The Troubles of Large Transactions
Chapter 2265 Cat’s Clues
Chapter 2266 Principles of Creation
Chapter 2267 Divine disaster? God slaughter?
Chapter 2268 I have a cat!
Chapter 2269 Transaction
Chapter 2270 Asking for help
Chapter 2271 Clues to the Eastern World
Chapter 2272 Continue trading
Chapter 2273 Creation Enlightenment Secret Artifact Combination
Chapter 2274 The Essence of the Power of Creation
Chapter 2275 News from the Mulans
Chapter 2276 Continue traveling
Chapter 2277 Creation Experience Really Fully Automatic
Chapter 2278 Follow-up
Chapter 2279 Achievements Transformation Creation Mystery Lock
Chapter 2280 Those who are capable work harder
Chapter 2281 New Treasure Ectoplasm
Chapter 2282: Shall I leave then? Alas——
Chapter 2283 City Landscape Hope of Redemption
Chapter 2284 Complete the transaction
Chapter 2285 Make a fortune
Chapter 2286 Revenge Plan
Chapter 2287 Prophet Craftsman Inheritance
Chapter 2288 Transfer Plan
Chapter 2289: All-Desperate Prophet's Response
Chapter 2290 Selecting people personally
Chapter 2292 Leaving alone
Chapter 2293 Meeting the Prophet
Chapter 2294 Eastern Relics
Chapter 2296 The Edge of the World
Chapter 2297 Quality Education Public Construction
Chapter 2298 The growth rate of the main plane
Chapter 2299 Secret Weapon Manufacturing
Chapter 2300 Billions of Years of Time
Chapter 2301 Artificial Synthetic Materials
Chapter 2302 Territory Development Plan
Chapter 2303 Billion Years of Time, Livability is Rare
Chapter 2304 Territory Changes Steam Engine
Chapter 2305 Steam Engine
Chapter 2306 Motorcycle Design Competition
Chapter 2307 Competition Preparation
Chapter 2308 Mysterious Lock Progress
Chapter 2309 Depak Advances
Chapter 2310 Inspiring
Chapter 2311 Job Separation Newcomers in the Laboratory
Chapter 2312 Element Level Spell Pool
Chapter 2313 The game begins
Chapter 2314 Hero’s car
Chapter 2315 The game is in progress
Chapter 2316 Don’t create spectacles
Chapter 2317 Development Issues
Chapter 2318 Ranking Grand Prize
Chapter 2319 Melting Snow and Introducing New Knowledge Common Sense Assessment
Chapter 2320 Student Representative
Chapter 2321 Demiplane Application
Chapter 2322 Plane Exploration Center
Chapter 2323 Environmental Protection Initiative Tower of Time Promotion System
Chapter 2324 The arcane magic is difficult and the projection is looking for opportunities
Chapter 2325 Differences in Plane Exploration
Chapter 2326 Re-entering the projection plane
Chapter 2327 Opportunity Accident
Chapter 2328 Transformation into a demon
Chapter 2329 Bloodline Riot
Chapter 2330 Son of Miracle
Chapter 2331 Time Node Revealing Spells
Chapter 2332 Difficulties and Hardships Planning to Found the Nation
Chapter 2333 Struggle for peace
Chapter 2334: Cutting with the Past
Chapter 2335 Killing Two Enemies
Chapter 2336 Fundamental Problem
Chapter 2337 The Lord of ZTE
Chapter 2338 Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 2339 Spell-type advanced environment
Chapter 2340 Civilization Experiment
Chapter 2341 Teaching new magic
Chapter 2342 Portal Acceleration
Chapter 2343 Three months later
Chapter 2344 New Discovery of the Power of Order
Chapter 2345 Make arrangements for the funeral in advance
Chapter 2346 Stability promotes fertility
Chapter 2347 Bloodline Unification Route
Chapter 2348 Dissuade from planning to build a mysterious lock
Chapter 2349 Phase I Project
Chapter 2350 The Mystery Lock is Completed
Chapter 2351 The Talisman of Many Sons
Chapter 2352: Private and public
Chapter 2353 Theory of the Northern Kingdoms
Chapter 2354 Time Smuggling
Chapter 2355 The truth about traditional elf society
Chapter 2356 A sincere heart and a bright future
Chapter 2357 Tiancheng Mysterious Lock
Chapter 2358 A Thousand Years Later
Chapter 2359 Stripping Bloodline Sequence System
Chapter 2360 Three Major Camps Research Institute News
Chapter 2361 Old Classmate School Choice
Chapter 2362 Negative energy downgrade
Chapter 2363 History Textbook
Chapter 2364 Reflection and Learning
Chapter 2375 The Four Major Subjects of Magic
Chapter 2376 Interview Difficulties
Chapter 2378 Dean Lisi, professional inspection
Chapter 2379 Atmosphere, Test
Chapter 2380 Problems with the Negative Energy Research Institute
Chapter 2381 New Direction of Negative Energy Encryption
Chapter 2382 Freshmen enroll and get on the right track
Chapter 2383 The first lesson
Chapter 2384 Leadership
Chapter 2385 The development of demiplane transformation technology
Chapter 2386 Advancement of progress, one year period
Chapter 2387 Different Directions of Magic Application
Chapter 2388 Inspiration Ring
Chapter 2389 Technical Review
Chapter 2390 Clues to Dragon Madness
Chapter 2391 Alliance Competition
Chapter 2392 Genius Emerges
Chapter 2393 Native Mystery Lock
Chapter 2394 Tutuo’s research direction
Chapter 2395 Millions of Great Arcanists
Chapter 2396 Mythra’s miniaturization
Chapter 2397 The game begins
Chapter 2398 Outstanding Performance
Chapter 2399 Squeeze into the middle stream
Chapter 2400 Popularization of Lingsi Network
Chapter 2401 The joy of learning, completing professional courses
Chapter 2402 Apply for an independent project
Chapter 2403 Project Start, Artificially Synthetic Substances
Chapter 2404 The plan was scrapped and the first phase of the experiment was successful
Chapter 2405 Tutuo’s support
Chapter 2406 Adjust the plan and resubmit the project application
Chapter 2407 Remote Access, Professor Via
Chapter 2408 Project Progress
Chapter 2409 Five years later, temporary closure
Chapter 2410 Final Graduation, Advanced Permissions
Chapter 2411 Joining the Negative Energy Center
Chapter 2412 Testing original authority
Chapter 2413 The work of the negative energy center
Chapter 2414 Not very optimistic
Chapter 2415 Lingsi Network Mediator
Chapter 2416 [Element-Substance] Major Breakthrough
Chapter 2417 Project Bottleneck, Dawn
Chapter 2418 The location of the Long Kuang Mystic Lock Control Center
Chapter 2420: Not what it used to be now, get back your authority
Chapter 2421 Trip to Uvelun
Chapter 2422 Face to face with Saint Nodel
Chapter 2423 The Secret of the Eastern World
Chapter 2424 Order of Heaven, Earth and Man
Chapter 2425 The possibility of the Eastern world being around you
Chapter 2426 Transaction, Fangwai Sanren
Chapter 2427 Fate has not come yet
Chapter 2428 Database permission get
Chapter 2429 [Elemental Embryo], Alternative Resurrection
Chapter 2430 Goodbye, True Heart Alliance
Chapter 2431 Knowing one’s intentions, pilot project
Chapter 2432 Early preparation, late bloomer
Chapter 2433 Return to Severington and taste new tea
Chapter 2434 The unity of heaven and man, the proposal to return the mountain
Chapter 2435 Convincing Iolum
Chapter 2436 Sustainable Development, Invitation to Visit
Chapter 2437: The enlightenment of the ruler, God and man are irrelevant
Chapter 2438 Allies
Chapter 2439 Perceiving Timeline
Chapter 2440 Prophecy Analysis, Repeated
Chapter 2441: Visiting Jilan in person and recalling students
Chapter 2442 Horn’s shock
Chapter 2443 Show off skills, class recognition
Chapter 2444 Lawrence’s Talent
Chapter 2445 Speculation of internal strife in the Seven Towers
Chapter 2446 Puman seeks an audience
Chapter 2447 Nese people from the sweet water plane
Chapter 2448 The hero sheds tears
Chapter 2449 Trust, changing situation
Chapter 2450 Prophecy again
Chapter 2451 Possibility of Elf Intervention
Chapter 2452 The opportunity to renew the covenant
Chapter 2453 Potential Great Arcanist
Chapter 2454 New Ideas
Chapter 2455 The possibility of rebuilding the covenant
Chapter 2456 Iolum’s attitude
Chapter 2457 The system is backward and the general trend is
Chapter 2458 Goodbye Puman
Chapter 2459 Southern Characteristics
Chapter 2460 Wealth Cycle
Chapter 2461 An unforgettable journey
Chapter 2462 Daxia Characteristics
Chapter 2463 Alien Plane Population
Chapter 2464 The possibility of breaking through the blockade
Chapter 2465 Analysis of plane coordinates
Chapter 2466 The final comparison
Chapter 2467 Coordinates determined, hidden dangers
Chapter 2468 Pre-meeting communication, late
Chapter 2469 Procedural Issues, Covenant Principles
Chapter 2470 Puman arrives
Chapter 2471 Different ways
Chapter 2472 Prophecy again
Chapter 2473 The third stage
Chapter 2474 Bargaining
Chapter 2475: Get rid of privileges, legalists
Chapter 2476 Praise and Worry
Chapter 2477 Return to the Tower of Time
Chapter 2478 Newcomers Join
Chapter 2479 Amusement Park, Arcane Cat Idea
Chapter 2480 Dinner
Chapter 2481 Supporting the scene, historical materialism
Chapter 2482 New city construction begins
Chapter 2484 Small single-threaded Mythra
Chapter 2485 Mysterious closed loop
Chapter 2486 The first phase is completed
Chapter 2487 Small Mythra, full of waste waiting to be done
Chapter 2488 Variable subject, second phase completed
Chapter 2489 News from the North
Chapter 2490 Seven Towers Plan
Chapter 2491 The possibility of plane war
Chapter 2492 Draft Constitution
Chapter 2493 Nothing can be done without the authorization of the law
Chapter 2494 Difficult Advancement
Chapter 2495 Ye Erlan is here
Chapter 2496 National Consciousness
Chapter 2497 Refuting the Ambassador
Chapter 2498 Different positions
Chapter 2499 Opening three dimensions in advance
Chapter 2500 Attack, Time Barrier
Chapter 2501 Tevimansa’s will
Chapter 2502 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 2503 A fatal blow
Chapter 2504 Moment of Revenge
Chapter 2505 The soul is missing
Chapter 2506 Transferring Hatred
Chapter 2507 Spread ideas and extend order
Chapter 2508 Super Power Cheating
Chapter 2509 Investigation to no avail
Chapter 2510 No fear of the future
Chapter 2511 Historical Traces
Chapter 2512 There is a leak in the mysterious lock
Chapter 2513 Pursuing and Delaying
Chapter 2514 Xia Duo wakes up
Chapter 2515 Refusing Treatment
Chapter 2516 Expanding the right to speak
Chapter 2517 Qualitative, Transaction
Chapter 2518 Plane Connecting Ceremony
Chapter 2519 Reaching consensus and growing
Chapter 2520 Square renovation, Leiden’s return
Chapter 2521 The Eve of the Celebration
Chapter 2522 Plane Exploration Center Planning
Chapter 2523 Imaska ??Messenger
Chapter 2524 Loaded into History
Chapter 2525 I have read the above terms and promise to abide by them
Chapter 2526 The seeds of equal rights
Chapter 2527 Miracle
Chapter 2528 Signing Ceremony
Chapter 2529 Computer project started
Chapter 2530 Turing Complete
Chapter 2531 Magic Computer Paradox
Chapter 2532 The First Plenary Meeting of the New Sevington Conference
Chapter 2533 The Awakening of the Ruler
Chapter 2534 Arriving at Severington
Chapter 2535 Choice
Chapter 2536 Legal system construction, remote conference plan
Chapter 2537 Communication before the meeting
Chapter 2538 The polished commander
Chapter 2539 Cocoon of Destiny
Chapter 2540 Top Ten Permanent Institutions
Chapter 2541 Honorable Elder System
Chapter 2542 The conference is in full swing
Chapter 2543 The conference ends
Chapter 2544 Repeat the transaction
Chapter 2545 New trading method, art festival invitation
Chapter 2546 Return to the territory, Leiden’s new plan
Chapter 2547 Allow enjoyment and improve the legal system
Chapter 2548 Advanced pursuit, home appliances going to the countryside
Chapter 2549 Civilian Market Prospects
Chapter 2550 Theater Experience
Chapter 2551 People’s Art, Inviting Elves
Chapter 2552 Vision of future information encoding
Chapter 2553 Prophecy bug
Chapter 2554 Bulletin Board System
Chapter 2555 War, Depression and Peace
Chapter 2556 Future Simulator, Three Kingdoms Events
Chapter 2557 Fractal Plan
Chapter 2558 Goodbye Epps
Chapter 2559 Soul Surgery
Chapter 2560 Awakening and comatose
Chapter 2561 Fog Incident, Climate Abnormality
Chapter 2562 Temple arrangements, Arctic exploration
Chapter 2563 The structure under the ice, another exploration of the incarnation
Chapter 2564 Insights from the Shadow Plane
Chapter 2565 Elemental creatures, the snow line moves south
Chapter 2566 Sea Cliff Investigation, arranged by Epps
Chapter 2567 The third phase and the fourth phase arrangement
Chapter 2567 The third phase and the fourth phase arrangement
Chapter 2568 Communication Mystery Lock Construction
Chapter 2569 Communication Mystery Lock Completed, Node Plan
Chapter 2570 Continue to search and make a scanner
Chapter 2571 Ring Up and Down Calculator
Chapter 2572 Difficulties abound
Chapter 2573 Magic Calculator Get!
Chapter 2574 Anomalies appear in the Arctic
Chapter 2575 Great Power Strategy
Chapter 2576 The Arrival of Akola Artists
Chapter 2577 Space Folds
Chapter 2578 Interactive real projection
Chapter 2579 Locking Feres
Chapter 2580 Remote meeting plan passed
Chapter 2581 Plane Crystal Production Technology
Chapter 2582 Void Warehouse
Chapter 2583 The turning point of the integration process
Chapter 2584 The Seven Towers have a hand
Chapter 2585 Plane Collapse Experiment
Chapter 2586 Plane Barrier and Ethereal Interlayer
Chapter 2587 Demiplane Vehicle, New Experiment
Chapter 2588 Art Festival warm-up, the main plane rubs the face
Chapter 2589 Mass Line, Educational Development
Chapter 2590 The first face rubbing experiment
Chapter 2591 Repulsion limit, plane collapse
Chapter 2592 Plane Attraction, Exploring New Paths
Chapter 2593 Determining the location of the folding space
Chapter 2594 The dawn of the birth of an heir
Chapter 2595 Ancient Secret Land
Chapter 2596 The hidden truth
Chapter 2597 Folding Space Exploration
Chapter 2598 Trap or goodwill?
Chapter 2599 The first step to seize authority
Chapter 2600 Special Contribution Award
Chapter 2601 The purpose of monopoly
Chapter 2602 Civil Heater
Chapter 2603 Engineering starts, power transformation
Chapter 2604 Demiplane private house, secret breakthrough
Chapter 2605 Support Ramani
Chapter 2606 Potential Allies
Chapter 2607 Cooperation and Transaction
Chapter 2608 Leap Beast Industry
Chapter 2609 Cooperation on the Arcane Bloodline Project
Chapter 2610 Vader comes to learn the scriptures.
Chapter 2611 Pathfinder Stone
Chapter 2612 Shadow Art
Chapter 2613: Developing a chant and elf performance
Chapter 2614 The origins of the original, the survivors of time
Chapter 2615 The secret land revives and ancient elves appear
Chapter 2616 Dialogue with Ancient Elves, Thirty Years of Destruction
Chapter 2617 Ancient Secrets
Chapter 2618 Soul Fragments
Chapter 2619 Filtering information, artistic threshold
Chapter 2620 Consciousness exchange, awards
Chapter 2621 Summary of inheritance, recent attention
Chapter 2622 Alternative, Magical Process
Chapter 2623 Jingso Automation Route
Chapter 2624: Global Cloud Pattern Plan, New Opportunities in Void Warehouse
Chapter 2625 I will take the lead
Chapter 2626 Family dialogue, mechanic issues
Chapter 2627 Spirit Trade, Elemental Lord
Chapter 2618 Automation Research
Chapter 2619 Intervening in the Weather Chain Reaction
Chapter 2620 Tarafu’s Arrival Wind Lord’s Mount
Chapter 2621 Genting Palace, Zhufeng War
Chapter 2622 Unified Route and Soul Delivery
Chapter 2623 Tarafu’s suggestion
Chapter 2624 First Thoughts on Elemental Ranch
Chapter 2625 Conversation between Grandfather and Grandson The Final Investment
Chapter 2626 Beyond the transaction, go south to negotiate
Chapter 2627 Unshirkable Responsibility Plan Demonstration
Chapter 2628 Confirm again and action begins
Chapter 2629 Avoiding War Temporarily Strong Winds
Chapter 2630 Linshui Village Renovation Plan to Stabilize the Wind Field
Chapter 2631 Progress in Automation Prince Raed
Chapter 2632 Migration Begins and Void Warehouse Completed
Chapter 2633 Trial Experience Spatial Positioning
Chapter 2634 The origin of advertising and the foundation of leadership
Chapter 2635 Cost Calculation
Chapter 2636 Automation Completed Water Vapor Migration Progress
Chapter 2637: Vacation to find out the source of intelligence
Chapter 2638 Cultural Differences and National Integration
Chapter 2639 Linshui Town Planning Floating City Maintenance Base
Chapter 2640 Spontaneous Support of Order Winter Development Plan
Chapter 2641 Funeral Reform Death Course
Chapter 2642 Conflict of Ideas Portable Villa
Chapter 2643 Moon Exploration Plan
Chapter 2644 Resource Demiplane
Chapter 2645 Combination of Theory and Practice Lan Xuezhu
Chapter 2646 Tower of Time Oriented Training Plan
Chapter 2647 A steady stream of new mages
Chapter 2648 Batch inheritance, precursor of fog
Chapter 2649 The investigation team was attacked
Chapter 2650 Xia Duo’s suspicion and attempt to intervene
Chapter 2651 Going to Everesca in person
Chapter 2652 Mellon Market No. 18
Chapter 2653 Progress of the Chamber of Commerce Free Strategy
Chapter 2654 Send Money View Investigation Report
Chapter 2655 Field Process
Chapter 2656 Jianfeng Team
Chapter 2657 Want more
Chapter 2658 Introduction of Code
Chapter 2659 Northland Benchmark
Chapter 2660 Lost contact again
Chapter 2661 Questioning Second Investigation
Chapter 2662 Join the investigation and go straight to the scene of the incident
Chapter 2663 Joint Design of Naville Airport
Chapter 2664 Missing in the City Judgment of Authenticity
Chapter 2665 The suspected demon takes action
Chapter 2666 Abnormal City Lord
Chapter 2667 Escape Blockade
Chapter 2668 Weighing the Chief Mage
Chapter 2669 Communication means
Chapter 2670 Attack on the Silver Spire
Chapter 2671 Seizing authority
Chapter 2672 Target Secret Room
Chapter 2673 Accident
Chapter 2674 Difficulty
Chapter 2675 Misjudgment Asking for Blueprint
Chapter 2676 Suspicion Expanding the Internet
Chapter 2677 Revealing the truth and taking decisive action
Chapter 2678 Consciousness interrogation, a master of blame-shifting
Chapter 2679 Things are unpredictable
Chapter 2680 Sacrifice Ceremony Book
Chapter 2681 Collaborative Computing Network Twenty-Minute Ultimatum
Chapter 2682 Gem of Wisdom 1 Demon Appears
Chapter 2683 Countermeasures Ryan’s opportunity
Chapter 2684 Touching words, the last moment
Chapter 2685 Joint Action Mechanical Mind
Chapter 2686 Breakthroughs along the way Idealism
Chapter 2687 Controlling the Process
Chapter 2688 Communication with Paris
Chapter 2689 Class Theory The Apostle Appears
Chapter 2690 The enemy is within the alliance
Chapter 2691 Meeting with Philipfa
Chapter 2692 Conspiracy to leave
Chapter 2693 Party A and Party B Right to Education
Chapter 2694 Street Light Advertisement Visit the Site
Chapter 2695 Exporting talents to society
Chapter 2696 Going to the Alliance Headquarters for Tea
Chapter 2697 Inquiry Remuneration
Chapter 2698 The boat is difficult to turn around, bad intentions
Chapter 2699: Turning Territory, Plan to Open Middle School Courses
Chapter 2700 Elf Invitation New Industry Opportunities
Chapter 2701 Magic Version of Rubber
Chapter 2702 Transparent hoses and tires
Chapter 2703 Bet on Magic Rubber Shoes
Chapter 2704 Improving automation is stuck
Chapter 2705 Six-Link New Textbook
Chapter 2706 Farewell and Establishment of Diplomatic Relations
Chapter 2707 Porcelain Constraint Scheme
Chapter 2708 Magic Glue Production Capacity
Chapter 2709 Artificial glue mining
Chapter 2710 Acid Removal and Dehydration
Chapter 2711 Stabilizer Yellow Rubber Shoes
Chapter 2712 Secretariat Alliance News
Chapter 2713 Identity Tag Exploration Abnormal Temperature Changes
Chapter 2714 New Discovery of the Power of Order
Chapter 2715 The power of thought
Chapter 2716 Rhythmic Interface of Order Cycle
Chapter 2717 Secretary Candidate During Refining
Chapter 2718 The miraculous effect of refining is like an arm commanding
Chapter 2719 Jade Body Protection Spiritual Light
Chapter 2720 Conjecture about the origin of the application of the power of order
Chapter 2721 Star Legend The Real Three Light Divine Water
Chapter 2722 New breakthrough in magic glue material, water resistance up!up!
Chapter 2723 School of Fish Coming from the Upstream Outdated Name
Chapter 2724: Deepening Legal Popularization and Inspecting the Fountain
Chapter 2725 Jade Tablet Research
Chapter 2726 Divine Water Orb
Chapter 2727: Practicing the law can gain merit
Chapter 2728 Fish Feast: The Difficulty of Refining the Treasure Mirror
Chapter 2729 Traversal Order Plan The Meaning of Life Meeting
Chapter 2730 The third phase of inheritance begins, the turning point of Irusk’s fate
Chapter 2731 The third phase of inheritance direction is scheduled
Chapter 2732 The Disadvantages of Accepting Irus
Chapter 2733 Delay and renegotiation of the Demon Restriction Treaty
Chapter 2734 The possibility of testing, response and exchange
Chapter 2735 Research on the Power of Order
Chapter 2736: Power of Order Magic Network Interaction Example Node Magical Artifact Completed
Chapter 2737 Online dimensionality reduction attack
Chapter 2738 Order Spell Authorization
Chapter 2739 Four stages of research on the power of order
Chapter 2740 Linshui Village Reconstruction Progress Water Plant
Chapter 2741 Suggestions for territorial industry development
Chapter 2742 Interview with Architectural Designer
Chapter 2743 Pragmatic Friendship Restaurant
Chapter 2744 Miracle Forest Increased Demand
Chapter 2745 What happened at the Nase Embassy
Chapter 2746 Goodbye Hildalanna The banquet begins
Chapter 2747 The difference between elves and humans at the bottom
Chapter 2748 'Old Friends' Meeting Big Banquet
Chapter 2749 Hildalanna’s Worries
Chapter 2750 Goodbye Philifa Local Spellcasting Permissions
Chapter 2751 Political Asylum
Chapter 2752 The banquet begins
Chapter 2753 Ice Plane Secret Base
Chapter 2754: Spell Bottleneck, King Mian’s Thoughts
Chapter 2755: Time and Space Confinement, Gemstone Urgency
Chapter 2756 Another discussion on the Elemental Tower, the fog of time and space
Chapter 2757 The search for truth never ends
Chapter 2758 Midwinter Festival Collecting Data
Chapter 2759 Starry Square has distinct levels
Chapter 2760 Inside the Temple Voice from Heaven
Chapter 2761 The Elemental Tower Conspiracy is about to begin
Chapter 2762 Human Dancer Makes Public Statement
Chapter 2763 Sword Dance On-Site Identification
Chapter 2764 The Defilement of the True King Explanation
Chapter 2765: The dignity of a superior family
Chapter 2766 Leaving A Expensive Gift
Chapter 2767 Return to Everika
Chapter 2768: Pure Team, Transcendent Authority
Chapter 2769 Is an exception made?
Chapter 2770 Invitation from the Academic Affairs Office
Chapter 2771 Determining the start time of classes Bicycle experience
Chapter 2772 Speeding up construction and foreign trade exports
Chapter 2773 Mass Production of Rubber Shoes Magic Glue Cement
Chapter 2774 Candidate for Justice New Primary School
Chapter 2775: Academic System Arrangements and Retreat Arrangements
Chapter 2776: Change your mind and ask the wizard for advice
Chapter 2777 Original Power Goodbye Wizard
Chapter 2778 Life Style Fruit Business
Chapter 2779 Elemental Spirit Wizard Enlightenment
Chapter 2780 Incarnation of the Main Plane Extraordinary Perception
Chapter 2781 Fluctuation of Elements
Chapter 2782 Self-destruction
Chapter 2783 Pulling Spellcasting Transition Spellcasting System
Chapter 2784 Unoriginal Tarafu Arrives
Chapter 2785 Standard Interview Procedure
Chapter 2786 Visiting Elemental Ranch
Chapter 2787 Million Incubator
Chapter 2788 Tens of millions of years of output value
Chapter 2789 Element Promotion Ceremony
Chapter 2790 Broad Prospects Elemental Contract
Chapter 2791 Signing an Exception
Chapter 2792 The Four Secretaries The Mist Reappears
Chapter 2793 Jin Maple Manor Hidden Rules
Chapter 2794 Manor Income Designer Meets
Chapter 2795 Concept of Inclusion Cole Architecture
Chapter 2796: Stubborn Nod, Original Identity Marking Technique
Chapter 2797 On-site Investigation Timeline Deflection
Chapter 2798 Mist Regression True Perception
Chapter 2799 One percent escape rate
Chapter 2800 The first direct detection
Chapter 2801 Re-negotiation of the Demon Restriction Treaty
Chapter 2802 New opportunity to change destiny
Chapter 2803 The incarnation body advances steadily
Chapter 2804 The five saint ancestors take turns taking charge
Chapter 2805 Goodbye Aibo
Chapter 2806 Holy Power Research Experience
Chapter 2807: Two Chiefs, Mysterious Advantages
Chapter 2808 Group Function Online Address Book
Chapter 2809 Visual Exchange Interface
Chapter 2810 The Inclusiveness of a Strong Civilization
Chapter 2811 Cross-system cooperation foundation
Chapter 2812 Dispelling Clouds Standard Power of Order Spell
Chapter 2813 Granting [Body Protecting Spiritual Light]
Chapter 2814 Ease of use is perfect
Chapter 2815 Timeline Turbulence Detection
Chapter 2816 Multifunctional Construction Platform
Chapter 2817 Continue to develop the elf market
Chapter 2818 Achievements of Universal Education
Chapter 2819 Yongle Plaza
Chapter 2820 Sense of Belonging High Speed Rail
Chapter 2821 Three Steps to Exploring the Moon
Chapter 2822 The possibility of advancing arcane magic
Chapter 2823 Increase investment and detection begins
Chapter 2824 Environmental characteristics between presence and absence
Chapter 2825 Follow-up arrangements for the lunar exploration project
Chapter 2826 Mystery Lock Update New Function Experience
Chapter 2827 Information Release Platform
Chapter 2828 Functions to be opened
Chapter 2829 Male and female mages are sold out
Chapter 2830 Mingshui Gold Coin Quietly Influences
Chapter 2831 Monetary Standard Follow-up to the Three-Year Agreement
Chapter 2832 Willing to play a supporting role in the legend Exaggerated rumors
Chapter 2833 Promotion Meeting Central Development
Chapter 2834 Afternoon Tea Party Frank and Honest
Chapter 2835 Sales volume exceeds 10,000 and income reaches tens of millions
Chapter 2836 Commercial Patent Joint Enforcement
Chapter 2837 Emergency: Giant Mithril Mine
Chapter 2838 Lobbying for Preemptive Rights Associate Members of the Alliance
Chapter 2839 Temporary Meeting Handover Resistance
Chapter 2840 Looking back on the past distribution plan
Chapter 2841: Unable to avoid vulgarity, seek common ground while reserving differences
Chapter 2842 Fading away and persuading Wade
Chapter 2843 Stable and open dividends
Chapter 2844 Mathematics Problem: Opportunity for Yongle City to Appear
Chapter 2854 The Dilemma of the Seven Towers
Chapter 2855: Not enough success, more than enough failure
Chapter 2856 Meeting with Avarus
Chapter 2857 Mutual Help Information Magical Artifact
Chapter 2858 Mithril Alliance Principle Passed
Chapter 2859 Undercurrent Surges Prophecy Peeping
Chapter 2860 Progress of the Elemental Tower Mythra Taboo
Chapter 2861 Contact across time and space: past or future
Chapter 2862 Asking Candidates and Choosing the Path
Chapter 2863 Identity of the Prophet
Chapter 2864 The Essence of the Illuminati
Chapter 2865 The hard-to-reach enemy
Chapter 2866 The Worst Plan The Excalibur Family
Chapter 2867 Founding Jurisprudence Start Action
Chapter 2859 Lanchen Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2860 Sneaking into Cormanthor
Chapter 2861 The Holy Land of Fertility Determine the Order
Chapter 2862 Mark of the Divine Sword Face to face with Puffin
Chapter 2872 Social engineering methods
Chapter 2873 The extremely enthusiastic Puffin
Chapter 2865: Caught in one fell swoop and disappeared twice
Chapter 2866 Reaffirming Principles Gray Peak Conflict
Chapter 2867 The Phantom of Langas, Sha Duo’s Suggestion
Chapter 2868 Consciousness Slicing Puffin’s Secret
Chapter 2869 The inside story of the Illuminati
Chapter 2870 Friendship Tower Advances
Chapter 2871 Rebirth Plan Window Period Penetration and Expansion
Chapter 2872 Elisir’s Ambition Oracle’s Past
Chapter 2873 Everriska New City Construction Plan
Chapter 2874 Promoting reconciliation, chills down the spine
Chapter 2875 Puffin’s private demiplane
Chapter 2876 Increase investment in communication mystery locks
Chapter 2877 New Spell Realm Protection
Chapter 2878 Innocent Person: Discussion of Comprehensive Testing
Chapter 2879 Challenger of Destiny
Chapter 2880: Immortal Will, Changes in the Window Period
Chapter 2881 Competition Plan Passed
Chapter 2882 Hidden Danger of Foreign Aid Qualifications
Chapter 2883 Timeline Fluctuation Alarm
Chapter 2884 New Organization of the Northland Alliance
Chapter 2885: Block the window period and call for volunteers
Chapter 2886 Road Conflict Please ask Xia Duo to come out
Chapter 2887 Leadership Progress New Department
Chapter 2888 Efficient, fast and distracting
Chapter 2889 Temporary Commander
Chapter 2890 The idea of a public computing power pool
Chapter 2891 Huifeng Mountain Development Plan Announced
Chapter 2892 Integrating Mining Workshop and Computing Resource Pool Hot Discussion
Chapter 2893 Thorn Society
Chapter 2894 Meeting with senior management
Chapter 2895 Virtual Thinking Model
Chapter 2896 Feasibility Consultation Security Concerns
Chapter 2897 Lingsi Network Security Solution
Chapter 2898 Security Costs and Stable Financial Resources
Chapter 2899 Translation Device
Chapter 2900 Rune Magical Weapon
Chapter 2901 The action begins Ansai Mountains
Chapter 2902 Return to the old place and cheat directly
Chapter 2903 Multi-modal Fusion Perception
Chapter 2904 [Region Protection] Reappears
Chapter 2905 Reverse Plane Barrier
Chapter 2906 The lips are dead and the teeth are cold. Entering the giant screen
Chapter 2907: Seizing authority and crushing the system
Chapter 2908 The Ending Ceremony and Escape
Chapter 2909 Reminder of cultural conflict
Chapter 2910 Improving the Recruitment Mechanism Translation Device 10
Chapter 2911 Two Types of Currency Marks Mark Failure Investigation
Chapter 2912 Tracing History New Experiments
Chapter 2913 Magic Coin Composite Material
Chapter 2914 Mid-to-high-end development route Blue Gold Coin
Chapter 2915 Randall leads the charge
Chapter 2916 Xia Duo is not willing to lag behind
Chapter 2917 Dedao Duozhu Give me a step
Chapter 2927 Virtual Balance Transfer
Chapter 2919 Low threshold balance function
Chapter 2920 Four Phases of Inheritance Social Experiment
Chapter 2921: Resolving doubts about the balance and taking precautions before they happen
Chapter 2922: Heavy reward and preparation for showdown
Chapter 2923: Worms and Bad Things Chamber of Commerce Reform
Chapter 2924 Jenna’s past meeting
Chapter 2925 The saint is selfless, so he can achieve his own selfish goals
Chapter 2926 An almost eternal business model
Chapter 2927 Laboratory Accident Insurance and Airship Cargo Insurance
Chapter 2928 Entering a new stage
Chapter 2929 New Currency Guarantee Anti-Counterfeiting Measures
Chapter 2930 Alliance Lingsi Network Research Center
Chapter 2931 Propaganda Department runs a newspaper
Chapter 2932 Friendship Tower Multicultural Exchange Center is put into operation
Chapter 2933 The furious bicycle factory
Chapter 2934 Open the door! Free trade!
Chapter 2935 Four-stage testing engineering issues
Chapter 2936 The computing power pool under the trade-off between all parties New consultant
Chapter 2937 Various checks and balances, the best development window
Chapter 2938 Distribution according to work, comprehensive magic inspection is coming
Chapter 2939 Shocking differences of opinion
Chapter 2940 Cormanso’s Determination Recognize the Enemy
Chapter 2941 Different ways to extend life
Chapter 2942 God’s Competition and Progress
Chapter 2943 New breakthrough in communication mystery lock
Chapter 2944 Pseudo Arcane Fire Magic Industry
Chapter 2945 Boundary Protection Multi-Party Cooperation
Chapter 2946 The Beginning of Comprehensive Testing
Chapter 2947 Comanso’s Monetary Policy Adjustment
Chapter 2948 Comprehensive Testing Guidelines Announced
Chapter 2949 The first and second phases of public computing power pool construction are launched simultaneously
Chapter 2950 The first store of Friendship Tower opens
Chapter 2951: Questions and Answers on Dealing with Demons
Chapter 2952 Even though there are thousands of people, I will go
Chapter 2953 Comprehensive testing begins and Akola is connected to the grid
Chapter 2954 Public Computing Pool Depth Test
Chapter 2955 Time Algorithm Mind Compilation
Chapter 2956 Psychic Past is a great success
Chapter 2957 Computing Pool Equipment Supplier Qualifications
Chapter 2958 Urging Computing Power Pool Tariff Standards
Chapter 2959 Irfaran Branch Online
Chapter 2960 Blood Collection Subsidy Initial Test Results
Chapter 2961 Public Trial Preview: The decisive battle is coming
Chapter 2962 Snow Melting Competition Begins Abnormal Blood Test
Chapter 2963 New New Seventon Opening Performance
Chapter 2964 Accident and Confession
Chapter 2965 Winning Cheers Mainnet Load Pressure
Chapter 2966 The computing power pool is more suitable for the competition
Chapter 2967 New Labyrinth Treasure Hunting Project
Chapter 2968 The ecstatic Horn
Chapter 2969 The Ultimate Technology in the Bloodline Domain
Chapter 2970 Possibility of friendly exchanges
Chapter 2971 An opportunity to settle history Savile’s troubles
Chapter 2972 Insights from the Holy Golden Dragon Empire
Chapter 2973 Bloodline Magic True Equality of Races
Chapter 2974 Different Philosophies and High Pressure
Chapter 2975 Golden Dragon Fighter Local Advantage
Chapter 2976 Historical Turning Point
Chapter 2977 Discovering the demon descendant
Chapter 2978 Revealing Savile
Chapter 2979 Persistence and Concession
Chapter 2980 The third kind of contact
Chapter 2981 Dishonorable Descendants: Exploring and Pursuing
Chapter 2982 Plitatis
Chapter 2983 A friendly start and asking about the origin
Chapter 2984 Visitors from a foreign land, the way home is hard to find
Chapter 2985 Public Domain Cooperation
Chapter 2986 New Inter-dimensional Teleportation Principle
Chapter 2987 Confidence to Cooperate
Chapter 2988 Link Construction Location First
Chapter 2998 Reaching Cooperation and Returning to the Seven Towers Together
Chapter 2990 Finally obtained the key spell
Chapter 3000 Netheril’s total output value vs link construction cost
Chapter 2992 Phased Construction Short-term Goals
Chapter 3002 The signing of the agreement does not set a precedent
Chapter 2994 The wonders of the ether boundary
Chapter 2995 Differences in technical routes Basic research
Chapter 2996 Ethereal Plane Experiment Creating Boundaries
Chapter 2997 Phantom Color Blocks Four New Planes
Chapter 2998 Successive experiments and successive discoveries
Chapter 2999 Experimental Verification Feasible Solution
Chapter 3000 Material Plane Scene Galaxy-like Model
Chapter 3001 Don’t say anything that is not conducive to unity
Chapter 3002 Competition Month
Chapter 3003 Computing Power Pool Subsidy Plan
Chapter 3004 Payment Ratio Advanced Functions
Chapter 3005 Supreme Mode Hungry Marketing
Chapter 3006 Final preparations before operation
Chapter 3007 The computing power pool is officially operational. Total number of mages in the North.
Chapter 3008 Seeds of Change A good beginning
Chapter 3009: Two hundred million in ten days, turning losses into profits
Chapter 3010 The Disappearing Illuminati
Chapter 3011 Plane Projection Mechanism
Chapter 3012 Another incident occurred
Chapter 3013 Ether Cloud Beasts Verify Each Other
Chapter 3014 A treasure land that is difficult to copy
Chapter 3015 Unusual Elemental Plane
Chapter 3016 You come and I go, different divisions
Chapter 3017 The Thorn Society Visits and Gives Gifts
Chapter 3018 Everis Khaki has big ambitions
Chapter 3019 Progress of Demon Origin Detection
Chapter 3020 Anomaly found, too optimistic
Chapter 3021 Magic Examination Mark Be wary of a wave of flow
Chapter 3022 The dead are resurrected and the broiler chicken makes great contributions
Chapter 3023 Contact again and persuade to join
Chapter 3024 CPU Dafa Check the Warehouse
Chapter 3025 The spell storage function of stagnant space
Chapter 3026 Excited State Magical Artifact Renewal Date Doubts
Chapter 3027 Customer information with many doubts
Chapter 3028 The Chamber of Commerce is also suspicious. Related information
Chapter 3029 Isloda’s explanation
Chapter 3030 Destined Destiny
Chapter 3031 Person is in action
Chapter 3032 The real Elan
Chapter 3033 Active and Passive
Chapter 3034: A thought across domains makes me feel that the world is vast
Chapter 3035 The Disaster of Elam and Sha Duo’s Opportunity
Chapter 3036 Revitalization Plan Assistance Project
Chapter 3037 Advanced Taxation
Chapter 3038 The influence of the Illuminati
Chapter 3049 Reconstruction Plan, Troop Troubles
Chapter 3050 Secret Agreement, Earth-shattering
Chapter 3051 Unabated, Great Xia Kingdom
Chapter 3052 Goodbye Aaron, preparing the envoy
Chapter 3053 Return to the Kingdom of Glory
Chapter 3054 Severton Mages Guild
Chapter 3055 Covenant Memory
Chapter 3056 The Original Holy City
Chapter 3057: The Eight Diagrams of the Elf God, the Order of the Magic Network
Chapter 3058 The Illuminati in Heaven
Chapter 3059 Abyss battlefield, continue investigation
Chapter 3060 Ted’s message, the Angel of Heaven
Chapter 3061 Glory Country ID Card
Chapter 3062 An opportunity to go to other levels of the Holy City
Chapter 3063 Two Tokens, Holy City Gateway
Chapter 3064 The world moves as you wish, goodbye Kaffa
Chapter 3065 Golden Dragon Envoy, Regional Fusion
Chapter 3066 The gathering of past, present and future
Chapter 3067 Magic Fruit and Heavenly Language
Chapter 3068 The past and present of Jinlong Community
Chapter 3069 Fruit of Passion, Dragon Scale Armor
Chapter 3070 Give each other gifts and buy insurance
Chapter 3071 Go, racing and flying
Chapter 3072 Sprint and win respect
Chapter 3073 Wind sprint, ground effect flight
Chapter 3074: Beyond Self, Dragon Scale Medal
Chapter 3075 Returning to the main plane, there is a problem with the computing power pool
Chapter 3076 Launch investigation, unexpected clues
Chapter 3077 Representative Ye Erlan visits
Chapter 3078 Exchange of Interests, Elamite Consensus
Chapter 3079 Maintaining rules is more important than personal interests
Chapter 3080 The only solution for a win-win situation for all three parties
Chapter 3081 Cultivating the soil for change
Chapter 3082 Establishment of new computing power pool project
Chapter 3083 Precomputation library, the essence of wisdom
Chapter 3084 Kalish’s invitation
Chapter 3085 Larian’s invitation, the rules of plane projection
Chapter 3086 Kalish’s big plan
Chapter 3087 Planning the Artifact
Chapter 3088 Everriska’s decision
Chapter 3089 Jamdas’s Plot
Chapter 3090 Goodbye Kalish, explanation
Chapter 3091 The Evil Psychic Mage
Chapter 3092 Kalish’s real plan
Chapter 3093 Source of Heart Energy, Temporary Delay
Chapter 3094 New discoveries, many doubts
Chapter 3095 Mutual Inductance Flow Statistics
Chapter 3096 Psychic Experiment
Chapter 3097 Idealistic Quota
Chapter 3098 Revisiting Mohave Memory
Chapter 3099 Ideal Creation
Chapter 3100 The Mystery of Psychic Power
Chapter 3101 Invitation again, cross-domain shortcut
Chapter 3102 Using Zi’s Spear and Attacking Zi’s Shield
Chapter 3103 Psychic Indicator
Chapter 3104 Traces of Psychic Energy in the Gateway Magical Artifact
Chapter 3105 Idealistic Experimental Results
Chapter 3106 New plan, abnormal traffic
Chapter 3107 Double-blind experiment, Yeerlan’s conditions
Chapter 3108 Meta-Thinking Information Flow Analysis
Chapter 3109 The benefits of online real-name system
Chapter 3110 The Confrontation of Consciousness in the Computing Pool Network
Chapter 3111 Portrait of the computing power pool
Chapter 3112 Psychic Mage Oaks
Chapter 3113 Online and offline, simultaneous attacks
Chapter 3114 If you reach out, you will be caught!
Chapter 3115 Virtual Personality, Mental World Trap
Chapter 3116 Just a chess piece, caught by the tail
Chapter 3117 Doubt, Death
Chapter 3118 Thorough investigation, careful consideration
Chapter 3119 War of Attrition
Chapter 3120: Nemesis of the Psychic Master
Chapter 3121 Lock the target and prepare to enter the country
Chapter 3122 Returning to the old place, as expected
Chapter 3123 Righteousness cannot be lost
Chapter 3124 Two Corpses
Chapter 3125 Suicide and the Third Party
Chapter 3126 Oaks’ memory
Chapter 3127 New clues
Chapter 3128 Goodbye Kalish, Fusion Demonstration
Chapter 3129 Visiting the Psionics Society’s Residence
Chapter 3130 The art of making your wishes come true
Chapter 3131 Built-in Computer Cheating
Chapter 3132 The instant feedback mechanism of psychic energy
Chapter 3133 Mystic Lock Interaction Agreement get!
Chapter 3134 Rejection and Invitation
Chapter 3135 Never give in
Chapter 3136 Attitudes of various countries
Chapter 3137 Iolum’s Secret
Chapter 3138 Iolum’s research results
Chapter 3139 Entrusted to the laboratory, suggestions
Chapter 3140 Pritatis’ reminder
Chapter 3141 The fundamental conflict between the natives of the material plane and the conquerors of the astral plane
Chapter 3142 Xia Duo’s Collection That Surprised Jin Long
Chapter 3143 Silver Sword of Gith
Chapter 3144 Don’t worry if you have too much debt
Chapter 3145 The Threat of the Mind Flayer
Chapter 3146 Speculations on New Artifacts
Chapter 3147 The bet with Vader
Chapter 3148 Golden Dragon’s Psychic Protection Spell
Chapter 3149 Soul Mirror
Chapter 3150 Dragon Crystal Spell
Chapter 3151 New ideas for equation magic, rumors
Chapter 3152 Murderous Intent Revealed
Chapter 3153 Self-resurrection, expansion of psychic boundaries
Chapter 3154 New intruder, interview with representatives
Chapter 3155 Arrest in person
Chapter 3156 Ignorant Thief
Chapter 3157: Catch a nest
Chapter 3158 Attitude Change
Chapter 3159 Six Big Fish
Chapter 3160 The Intention of a Drunkard
Chapter 3161 The purpose is clear, pointing directly to the artifact plan
Chapter 3162: Ambiguous attitude, Xia Duo inquired all night
Chapter 3163 Maintaining professionalism, opportunities for small countries
Chapter 3164 The mysterious visitor of King Ye Erlan
Chapter 3165 Invitation to cooperate again
Chapter 3166 Big Fish’s Memory
Chapter 3167 Information retrieval, Kalish stealing treasure
Chapter 3168 News from the South, shrouded in mystery
Chapter 3168 hints that the Illuminati is in action
Chapter 3169 The arrival of the Jamdas mission
Chapter 3170 Consciousness Lock Online Interrogation Game
Chapter 3171 Panic Rodas Transaction
Chapter 3172 Don’t know the main course
Chapter 3173 The Secret of the Treasure
Chapter 3174 The remains of the first generation mentor
Chapter 3175 The battle for artifacts
Chapter 3176 The Seed of Awakening
Chapter 3177 Rodas’s Resistance
Chapter 3178 Rodas’ plan
Chapter 3179 Anima and Artifact Projection
Chapter 3180 The key to spiritual awakening
Chapter 3181 The first real meditation
Chapter 3182 Multiple Insurance Progressive Experiment
Chapter 3183 Meeting Kalish again at Genting Tower
Chapter 3184 Half-elf lives near the lock node
Chapter 3185 Kalish’s shock
Chapter 3186: No agreement again Larian’s hint
Chapter 3187 Envoy Jamdas asks for an audience
Chapter 3188 Formal Talks and Reconciliation
Chapter 3189: Kicking the ball and ransoming prisoners
Chapter 3190 Portrait of Ancient City
Chapter 3191 Energy Gem Export Alliance
Chapter 3192 Master Yerevan plays support
Chapter 3193 Agricultural Cooperation Kalish’s Promise
Chapter 3194 Top-down change
Chapter 3195 Regante’s past
Chapter 3196 Resurrection from the dead and fighting for it
Chapter 3197 Inevitable Inference Leading the Trend
Chapter 3198 Trying to Awaken Again
Chapter 3199 The Illuminati’s Temptation
Chapter 3200 Unexpected Intruder Cooperation
Chapter 3201 The real danger of Kalish
Chapter 3202 The first meeting with Solinkala
Chapter 3203 Ungrateful Kalish
Chapter 3204 Secret Finalized
Chapter 3205 Elam Factory Attack
Chapter 3206 Accomplice Struggle
Chapter 3207 Destruction Regret
Chapter 3208 Person’s Awakening
Chapter 3209 Notice before launch
Chapter 3210 Destruction comes and all countries are shocked
Chapter 3211 Ye Erlan’s reminder to secretly assassinate Chencang
Chapter 3212: Support from various countries to eliminate suspicion
Chapter 3213 Revealing the deadline and heading to Elam
Chapter 3214 Goodbye Philipfa Matchmaking
Chapter 3215 Inspection of Agricultural Demonstration Area Observers Arrive
Chapter 3216 Agricultural Cooperation Investigation Begins
Chapter 3217 Deadlock New Discovery
Chapter 3218 Bloodline Transformation into New Varieties
Chapter 3219 Tragic Situation in the Deep Pit
Chapter 3220 On-site Investigation Contradictory Phenomenon
Chapter 3221 Strange Blue Flame New Speculation
Chapter 3222 Magic Network Wound
Chapter 3223 Secretly assassinating Chen Cang
Chapter 3224 See the excited state magic weapon again
Chapter 3225 New Investigation Direction
Chapter 3226 Close Contact
Chapter 3227 Iolum’s speculation
Chapter 3228 Decay Field
Chapter 3220 Review Experiment
Chapter 3221 Patent Barriers Protected by Divine Power
Chapter 3222 A rare opportunity to exchange money for divine grace
Chapter 3223 The best place for students to practice homework
Chapter 3224: Harvest the future and repair the vision
Chapter 3225 Spending other people’s money to do your own things
Chapter 3226 A tacit understanding to gain divine favor
Chapter 3227 The value of the old magic weapon and the result of the first sacrifice
Chapter 3228 Quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes The quantity of divine grace
Chapter 3229 Ten million for one, the lowest cost
Chapter 3230 Alliance Conference Unanimous Resolution
Chapter 3231 Shadow Ruling Group
Chapter 3232 Person’s doubts
Chapter 3233 Not Almighty Next Attack
Chapter 3234 Joint Action Accidents Frequent
Chapter 3235 Jinshan hits the head
Chapter 3236 Smuggling clues
Chapter 3237 Digital Blue Gold Coin Plan Advances
Chapter 3238 Stage Summary Military Reorganization
Chapter 3239 Everyone is equal before the law
Chapter 3240 Digital Currency Pilot
Chapter 3241 Double Standards Law-abiding Citizens
Chapter 3242: Jasmine’s Day: Ruth Chamber of Commerce is Under Investigation
Chapter 3243 Linshui Middle School Affiliated Primary School
Chapter 3244 First experience with digital blue gold coins
Chapter 3245 East Street Shopping
Chapter 3246 Fierce fighting in the city
Chapter 3247 Traveling merchants give children freedom
Chapter 3248 The resistance of the Ruth Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 3249 The experience of the rich and powerful’s children Internationalization plan
Chapter 3250 The operation went smoothly. Capture Amedia alive.
Chapter 3251 The enemy is underground and temporary transfer of power
Chapter 3252 Bravely take action to disintegrate the conspiracy
Chapter 3253 The Limit of Artificial Spellcasting
Chapter 3254 Floating Everesca
Chapter 3255 Reconstructing Gravity and Capturing All in One Sweep
Chapter 3256: Quick interrogation, thankful but fearful
Chapter 3257 Hippocrates
Chapter 3258 The Illuminati’s Conspiracy
Chapter 3259 The entanglement of the Three Kingdoms from another perspective
Chapter 3260 Will the Destroyer also find out his conscience?
Chapter 3261 Another lurker
Chapter 3262 The Legend of the Wood Elf Seer
Chapter 3263 Clues to the Yueying Family: Decent
Chapter 3264 Alliance representatives summoned to hand over prisoners
Chapter 3265 Ri Yao Family Unbelievable
Chapter 3266 Angry Osmantus
Chapter 3267 Extradimensional Study Tour Plan
Chapter 3268 Going to the Kingdom of Glory again
Chapter 3269 Rejection of Plitatis
Chapter 3270 The Law Book God’s Suggestions
Chapter 3271 Three Holy Seals Another Coincidence
Chapter 3272 Mutual Benefit Contract Template
Chapter 3273 Speculation on the origin of the traces in the Dream Abyss
Chapter 3274 Sharing Power and Tracking the Yueying Family
Chapter 3275 Open the tavern to the sky
Chapter 3276 The fiery journey to another dimension
Chapter 3277 Want to be a lighthouse
Chapter 3278 The Great Purge in Yeerlan
Chapter 3279 New Progress in Mysterious Locks: Lifespan for Achievements
Chapter 3280 The Last Afterglow Preparations for Casting
Chapter 3281 User Discipline and Authority Transfer
Chapter 3282 Alliance News Asset Collection