0499, Sacrifice one's life in national disaster

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 "The little mouse turned out to be hiding here."

A white man, no more than 1.6 meters tall, walked in through the broken door and saw the two people in the operating room. A happy smile appeared on his face, "Oh, it turns out there are companions. That is really fun."

A trace of despair flashed across Poisonous Wolf's eyes.

He recognized this little white man. .??.

Nicknamed Hound, he is the inspector of the Inquisition's Tracer Mirror excavation team. He is an Igus psychic with an absolutely developed sense of smell.

The previous Dragon Team in Tokyo was dug out by this guy, and many teammates were arrested because of him.

Including his partner and lover Chong Chong.

According to rumors, hunting dogs have a super sense of smell and are said to be able to keenly capture the smell they want to search for among 30,000 kinds of smells.

The reason why Poison Wolf hid in the slave camp this time was to use the various stench of this stone forest to cover up his own smell and avoid being hunted by hunting dogs.

Even if you can't avoid it completely.

At least it can be delayed for a certain period of time.

Convenient to complete surgery and data reading.

did not expect……

More and more footsteps appeared.

The entire temporary and crude operating room was completely surrounded.

As experts who have been engaged in underground work for many years, Poison Wolf and the doctor instantly identified that there were at least fifty people, and they were all masters with amazing combat capabilities.

In addition, there is the sound of the micro-engine running in the distance.

More colonial squads are supporting the outside.

No need to doubt.

The surrounding area has been completely cleared, and a dragnet has been set up.

Realizing that they could not escape at all, Poisonous Wolf and the doctor did not panic.

The former said nothing and pounced directly on the hunting dog.

The latter directly started the self-destruction program of the micro-nano robot bug.

Even if this information is not used by oneself, it cannot be returned to the hands of the Jie Peng people.

It also contains information about the Lurking Dragon Group.

Once it falls into the hands of the Tracking Realm, it will be easy to trace back and find out more information, causing huge damage to the Daxia Dragon Group's latent organization within the Jie Peng Empire.
But the hound obviously didn't intend to fight the poisonous wolf.

He knew very well the fighting habits of people like the Great Xia Long Group.

Once they are in dire straits.

They will burst out with unparalleled fighting power.

That kind of power that transcends the scope of science due to the support of faith, coupled with the unique burning potential secret technique of the Daxia Dragon Group, the Heart of the Child, has caused many opponents to suffer heavy losses by being caught off guard.

Even the strong ones who were originally stronger than them could easily capsize in the ditch and be taken away in a wave.

"If you don't want her to die..."

The hunting dog said, and flashed back, revealing a metal machine over one meter high, with a scarred head exposed in the top translucent cover.

The head was broken at the neck level.

Various dense wiring harnesses are connected to the fracture.

Apparently only one head remained.


The poisonous wolf let out a howl of pain.

That's his partner.

Her lover Chong Chong.

During the years of lurking in a foreign country, during every sword dance mission, and on countless thrilling journeys in which he narrowly escaped death, that girl accompanied him.

And now...

Although I already knew that this scene would come one day.

But when he really saw his lover's scarred head exposed so nakedly, the poisonous wolf let out a heart-rending howl like a wounded lone wolf.

"Don't worry, she's still alive."

The hunting dog stretched out his hand to hold down the head shield, smiled cruelly, and said, "You should know very well what kind of damage the Daxia Dragon Group's Secret Heart of Heart technique will cause to the body of the caster, so we can preserve her brain.

, and keeping her consciousness intact is already a life-saving grace. As long as you are willing, she can get a perfect body, more powerful and real than before. How about it, are you interested in making this deal?"

Poisonous Wolf's chest rose and fell violently.

He stared hard at the head under the transparent shield.

There are scars on her face, half of her hair has been shaved off, her scalp is blue and white, and there are two things similar to brain-computer interfaces connected to the wiring harness.

Her eyes blinked slightly.

The doctor stood aside and said nothing.

In a situation where death is inevitable, it would be nice to delay it for a little while.

As long as the self-destruction of the micro-nano robot bugs and the crushing of information are completed, it doesn't matter if the two of them are shattered to pieces.

"If you don't speak, it means you are hesitating."

Hunting dogs are particularly good at destroying the will of people.

He observes words and expressions.

When he saw that the poisonous wolf's eyes were already filled with scarlet, a sly smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

After so many battles, he knew very well how to deal with these steel warriors of the Great Xia Dragon Group.

They are perfect warriors.

Has strong combat effectiveness.

Have loyal beliefs and a strong will.

But the weaknesses are also obvious.

He cares about the life and death of his relatives and friends.

Poisonous Wolf's eyes shed tears of blood.

He remembered the time when he did the task before.

At the last moment, Chongchong used the secret technique of "Innocent Heart", bursting out with powerful combat power, desperately intercepting the pursuing agents of the Tracking Realm, and creating a moment of time for himself to leave with the information.

If it weren't for the fact that his body was better able to withstand the storage of micro-nano robot bugs, he swore that he would be the one who stayed behind.

"Go quickly."


"Little Wolf, I fucking love you."

These are the last three sentences that Chongchong's figure said before being submerged in the storm of battle.

But now, that fierce and beautiful girl who dares to love and hate is suffering from such pain?

Poisonous Wolf's whole body was trembling.

He is not afraid of death.

Nor are you afraid of receiving information about your loved one’s sacrifice.

He is afraid that his lover will perish and suffer eternal pain.

That was his lover, even if he died ten thousand times
This is someone who needs to be protected.

But now I am so helpless.


The hunting dog continued, "Her life and death are in your mind, and I also want to tell you that once you refuse, she will still beg for life but not for death. The Inquisition has many brand-new technologies, such as stimulating the brain, producing something worse than death."

Pain that is thousands of times more terrifying, tsk tsk, the kind of torture that acts directly on the brain is tens of times more terrifying than what the human body can bear, and it can be endured millions of times without dying. It is like being immersed in an endless hell forever, without any choice.



A strange voice came from behind.

"Of course it's true..."

The hunting dog said nothing, but suddenly felt something was wrong.

The assistant I brought would never interrupt suddenly without discipline.

Moreover, this sentence is in Daxia dialect.

When he turned around to look.

But at some point, a stranger appeared at the door.

A figure with a monkey mask on his face.

"I think you're bragging."

'Monkey' retorted seriously, "The most horrific torture in the world must be my unique spell of life and death. If you don't believe me, try it."

call out!

A bit of cold light broke through the air and shot into the body of the hunting dog.

With the hunting dog's cultivation, he was unable to react at all.

The next moment.

Indescribable tearing pain came.

The hound's hand could no longer rest on the transparent shield.

Can't make any reaction.

Within 0.01 seconds, he was sweating profusely, lost control of his body, and fell to the ground, his body bent and twitching like a prawn.

But the 'monkey' looked at the doctor and Poison Wolf opposite.

He spoke.

"Sacrificing one's life to go to the national disaster, treating death as if it were a sudden return home."

One sentence.

Ten words.

The two dragon warriors on the opposite side, who had a will as strong as steel, instantly felt aggrieved and wanted to cry.

My mother-in-law’s family is finally here.

This chapter has been completed!
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