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 Ryusaki Factory.

Li Xiaofei is practicing.

The practice of Xiantian Kung Fu and Zhenwu Fist requires a lot of energy.

After refining the potential power of the severed tail in his body, Li Xiaofei clearly felt that his cultivation speed had slowed down.

That's because energy replenishment is insufficient.

Simply relying on the art of breathing guidance to absorb energy from heaven and earth is far inferior to taking drugs.

However, now only star power reagents with eighth-generation purity can meet his cultivation needs.

This kind of purity is almost unavailable on the market.

One drop is as valuable as ten thousand gold.

"We have to think of something."

Li Xiaofei dialed Yuehua Ren's optical phone.

expressed his demands.

"I'll send someone over soon."

Yue Hua Ren would never say no to Li Xiaofei.

An hour later.

Ten bottles of eighth-generation purity Xingli reagent were sent to Longsaki Factory.

Also sent along was a piece of information.

There is a criminal on the black list who is wanted by the Jie Peng royal family, codenamed Poison Wolf. He escaped to Urawa City three days ago and is hiding in the city.

This person is suspected to be from Daxia.

When Li Xiaofei saw this information, his heart moved.

Yue Hua Ren knew his official status in Daxia and also knew his position all along, so he informed him.

There shouldn't be any traps in this.

So the question is, what kind of Daxia warrior would be wanted by the Jiepeng royal family with a huge reward?

Expatriate underground workers in Daxia?

If this is really the case, then you must find a way to contact me.

After thinking about it, Li Xiaofei sent an encrypted message to Yue Hua Ren's private optical computer, asking her to get detailed information about Poison Wolf as soon as possible.

After all, he was alone and alone. It would be too difficult to find someone in such a big city.

After doing all this, he took a bottle of eight-generation pure star power test
Take the dose and then continue practicing.

I have to say that using the resources of the Jie Peng people to practice the martial arts of Daxia, and then killing the Jie Peng people...

This feeling is really refreshing.

Urawa Base City.

South area.

The famous Nan'an Mountain is within this area.

The vegetation coverage on the mountain is good.

It is rare to see a few thousand-year-old springs. The spring water is so clear that you can drink it directly. It is occupied by Urawa Dojo, one of the three top gangs in the base city, and is supplied to the outside world in limited quantities.

On the dark side of Nan'an Mountain, there is a steep and complex stone forest.

The stone forest is filled with all kinds of medical and surgical waste.

There are also various maze-like caves.

The sun is rarely seen all year round.

This is a slave camp.

There lived Jepeng slaves who had completely lost their dignity and freedom.

Poisonous Wolf was lying on a stone bed, covered in sweat, breathing heavily, his expression distorted by the severe pain.

"Finally they were all taken out."

Makoto Ito, the Sanmu doctor who had just finished the operation, was also soaked with sweat and almost collapsed beside him.

All the micro-nano robot bugs were taken out of Poison Wolf's body and gathered together using a special magnetic device to form a metal ball the size of a three-year-old child's thumb.

"What a monster."

Makoto Ito gasped and sighed, "It can accommodate so many micro-nano robot bugs in the body for such a long time."

Poisonous Wolf slowly sat up and pulled out the various intubations on his body.

"It's just tolerable."

After putting on his clothes, Poison Wolf took the wet towel and wiped his face. The continuous fighting and the intrusion of surgery had left his body in a state of extreme fatigue.


Even those who are in the Hedao realm cannot withstand such a high-intensity battle.

The famous Poison Wolf, on the surface, looks about twenty-one or twelve years old. He has a delicate face and a medium build. He looks like a college student.

"Lao Cheng, can the information in the robot bug still be read out?"

He turned to ask Ito Makoto.

Makoto Ito is the doctor's Jie Peng name.

His Daxia name is Cheng Tengyi.

He is one of the secret spies of the Daxia Dragon Group who infiltrated the Jie Peng Empire.

Doctor is his code name.

Now operating in the Urawa base city of the Jepeng Empire, his apparent identity is that of a low-level legal practitioner who lives in a slave camp and relies on treating slaves to survive.

There are too many professionals like this among the lower-level groups in the Jie Peng Empire.

But in fact, Cheng Tengyi's medical skills are very good.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to take out all the micro-nano robot bugs from Poison Wolf's body and complete the combined collection in less than an hour.

The poisonous wolf who was received by the doctor in such a risky manner was obviously also a member of the Daxialong group.

After playing with the medical equipment for a while, Cheng Teng said, "The combination of robot bugs will take at least two hours, and the data reading will be even slower. It will probably take until tomorrow afternoon to translate all the information... Old Wolf, this time you will perform the mission alone."


Poison Wolf said nothing.

Cheng Tengyi clearly felt something was wrong.

He raised his head suddenly, his throat was a little dry, and asked, "Chongchong her?"


Poisonous Wolf whispered.

Cheng Teng was greatly shocked.

Chongchong is Poison Wolf's partner.

She is also his lover.

The Daxia Dragon Team in Tokyo was responsible for stealing the secret of the Jie Peng Empire's artifact to control the star beasts this time. The process was not smooth. The Dragon Team sacrificed dozens of members before they got some confidential information and worked hard to pass it on.
r> It is the duo Poisonous Wolf who are responsible for transmitting information.


For the members of the Daxia Dragon Team, these three words mean the worst possible outcome.

"Be captured, or die in battle?"

Cheng Tengyi asked.


Poisonous Wolf smiled bitterly, "But what's the difference? In this situation, we have no way to organize any effective rescue."

Cheng Teng was silent.

As the two countries severed diplomatic relations and the Cave Beast Passage was closed, the members of the Daxia Dragon Group within the Jie Peng Empire dropped rapidly.

Recently, the Tracking Mirror of the Star Council Inquisition has also joined in the hunt for members of the Great Xia Dragon Group in Jipeng.

It is extremely difficult to barely complete the task.

How can I still have the ability to rescue people from prisons heavily guarded by Jie Peng people?

The strength of the organization can no longer withstand such consumption.

Cheng Teng patted Poison Wolf on the shoulder, but there was no comfort.

He could very well understand Poison Wolf's mood at this moment.

I don't even dare to think about what Chongchong will go through under the torture of the Jie Peng people.

In the simple operating room, there was only the sound of machines ticking to read data.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.

Poisonous Wolf immediately became vigilant.

The doctor looked up.

The surveillance screen suddenly went black.


His heart skipped a beat, and he immediately realized something was wrong.

The Jie Peng people followed the trail and came to pursue him.

"You stay here. No matter what, you must complete the combined reading of the nanobugs. I will go out and lure them away."

Poisonous Wolf said without hesitation.

The doctor shook his head, "It's too late."

The voice fell.

The door to the simple operating room was violently broken open with a bang.

This chapter has been completed!
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