0758,The soul wakes up

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 White Deer College.

Back mountain.

Li Xiaofei came to the cemetery of the sages.

In the past, when Li Xiaofei came here, he would not have noticed anything unusual if Liu Shaji had not taken the initiative to summon him.

As of now, Li Xiaofei's strength has reached the level of a black hole. Not to mention being placed on the 89876th Earth Plane, there is no longer any opponent for Li Xiaofei in the entire 100,000 Earth Planes.

When he came here again and felt the atmosphere of the sages' cemetery, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Because this time, he still found nothing.

its not right.

Obviously, there are so many souls of sages sleeping in the cemetery. I thought that I would be able to feel the difference this time, but why are they still ordinary?

Is my strength still not enough?

Li Xiaofei came to Liu Shaji's grave.

As if sensing Li Xiaofei's arrival, Liu Shaji's tombstone made a whoosh sound and was about to retract toward the soil.

Li Xiaofei grabbed it.

He took out the wine he brought from Chongque City, knocked on the tombstone, and said, "Brother, come out and drink."


It looks like green smoke is coming out.

Liu Shaji's soul appeared.

"Good wine, good wine."

He raised his nose with a greedy look on his face and said, "I have never smelled such good wine since I died. Come on, pour some on my grave and let me have a taste."

Li Xiaofei did as he was told.

"Ah, it's so refreshing, a taste I haven't seen in a long time."

Liu Shaji's face was full of intoxication.

He was originally an alcoholic.

I first met Ye Qingyu because of drinking.

After so many years, the soul has been buried here, and the earth's ordinary wine cannot enter his eyes. Although the wine from Chongque City is mediocre in his eyes, it can at least satisfy his craving.
After being intoxicated for a long time, his eyes fell on Li Xiaofei, nodded, and said, "Well, there is progress. It seems that you have another chance and are qualified to enter the starry sky battlefield."

Liu Shaji was not very surprised by Li Xiaofei's sudden increase in strength.

Because he knew that this man was the chosen one.

It seems that such people, such as Ye Qingyu, Li Mu, Ding Hao, etc., are all loved by Zhong Tiandi. Whether it is luck, chance, or mental perseverance, they are not comparable to ordinary geniuses.

Even becoming a saint overnight is not impossible.

"I came here just to ask you some advice from the seniors."

Li Xiaofei got straight to the point and said, "The matter in Chongque City has been decided. The former city lord Song Jinglun has been beheaded. I am now the acting city lord. I am the former chief minister stationed in Chongque City. I intend to go to find the lost heaven..."

He told the story roughly.

The reason why he didn't go to Li Lan and other "people" immediately was because after several contacts, Li Xiaofei clearly felt that Li Lan had a higher status and more dignity. He should have been a "leader" during his lifetime.

Before her attitude, it would be safer to find a 'reckless guy' like Liu Shaji.

"Is Heaven really lost?"

Liu Shaji looked up at the sky and murmured to himself, as if he remembered something. His expression changed continuously in a short period of time, ranging from anger to worry, and his mood fluctuated greatly.

When Li Xiaofei heard this, he immediately realized that Liu Shaji must know something.

"This matter is no small matter and needs to be discussed with Li Lanmian and others."

Liu Shaji collected his thoughts and quickly made a decision.

His face no longer had the laughter he had when he was greedy for wine, but became extremely serious.

A touch of energy came from his fingertips


Soon, the entire sages' cemetery changed.

The milky white thick fog, which came from no one knows where, floated up to the fingertips and enveloped the entire cemetery, making this small, gloomy and solemn world suddenly become mysterious and terrifying.

The mist blocked out all prying eyes from outside.

At the same time, something seemed to be reviving rapidly in the cemetery.

Countless tombstones rustled.

The soil under the tombstone rolled like water waves.

Immediately afterwards, it seemed as if some seal was opened.

Soul bodies floated out from the tomb one after another.

Each of these souls exudes terrifying coercion, as if an immortal has descended into the mortal world.

If it weren't for the mysterious milky white fog that shrouded the entire cemetery and isolated this terrifying coercive power, the entire earth would be unable to withstand this power and would instantly collapse and shatter.

Li Xiaofei was extremely shocked.

Facing these soul bodies, he felt his own insignificance.

It's like being a speck of dust and suddenly seeing stars.

It turns out that when the souls of Li Lan and Liu Shaji appeared before, they had restrained their power.

Li Xiaofei suddenly had a realization in his heart.

Soul bodies gathered together one after another.

The leaders were surprisingly two women.

One of them is Li Lan.

And the other one has a graceful figure, graceful posture, and peerless youthfulness. Her steps are as if the goddess from the nine heavens has descended. She has an indescribable grace and splendor, as if any woman in the world is as good as her.

Compared to, both are far inferior.

The moment Li Xiaofei saw this woman, he couldn't help but think of a poem in his mind -

'The clouds think of clothes, the flowers think of face, the spring breeze blows the threshold and the dew is thick.'
Even Li Lan is not as good as this woman in terms of body shape and appearance.

Could it be that he is the owner of the tombstone named ‘Hua Xiangrong’?

The other souls were different, some were male and some were female, but all of them looked like an immortal king. Li Xiaofei just took a glance at him and felt respect in his heart. The people he had seen in the past, even giants such as Song Jinglun and the Chancellor,

It is difficult to compare with any one of the souls in front of me.

"Junior Li Xiaofei, pay my respects to all seniors."

Li Xiaofei was very polite and respectful.

In addition to the super strength of these people, there is another reason why he guessed that these people, like Liu Shaji, also died fighting for the human race. They are true sages and deserve any degree and form of respect.

Li Lan nodded slightly.

The eyes of all the souls were focused on Li Xiaofei.

Liu Shaji said, "Everyone, the time has come."

Li Lan nodded and said, "The chosen one has reached the Yin-Yang realm, and it's time for us to begin to recover and return."

There was a slight noise among the souls and bodies.

Li Xiaofei could clearly feel their excitement and excitement.

It was like a group of veterans who had retired from the battlefield to recuperate. When they learned that they could return to the front line, they couldn't help but exude excitement and anticipation from the inside out.

But what is going on in the Yin and Yang realm?

Does it refer to black hole-level cosmic life forms?

He had a vague guess.

Liu Shaji said, "Little brother, tell everyone about the situation outside."

Li Xiaofei nodded and told what happened in Chongque City.

"That being said, the time has indeed come."

A student-looking soul said excitedly.

Another slender woman with a sword hanging from her waist and yellowish hair also said, "It's time to go back, it's time to set out and kill the enemy."

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