0759, Ceremony Cemetery

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 Li Xiaofei felt the surging fighting spirit of the souls.

That is, even if he has been dead for hundreds of years, he still wants to return to the place where he fought to the death.

"Since Heaven is lost, it means that the battle of Nantianmen was still..." Li Lan sighed, looked at Li Xiaofei, and said, "Now that you are qualified to step into the starry sky battlefield, it is naturally your duty to search for the lost Heaven."

, we will follow you and enter the sea of ​​stars again."

Li Xiaofei was startled when he heard this: "Seniors, will you come with me?"

Li Land said, "We are sleeping here, waiting for your growth. Now that the time has come, we naturally want to join you and enter the sea of ​​stars again." ??

There is a lot of information in this sentence.

Li Xiaofei licked it carefully and felt that he seemed to be in a certain situation.

When he wanted to ask, Liu Shaji interrupted and said, "Brother, don't ask so many questions. You will know when the time comes. There are so many of us. We are not playing with you, nor will we harm you."

Li Xiaofei nodded and didn't care anymore.

He asked, "Seniors, can you leave the cemetery now?"

It seemed that these soul bodies could not leave here before.

Li Lan shook his head and said, "The cemetery is our resting place. Before resurrection, we have no way to leave here."

Li Xiaofei said in confusion, "What?"

Li Land said, "We can't leave the cemetery, but can we leave this cemetery with you?"


Li Xiaofei was even more puzzled.

But at this moment, Liu Shaji explained in detail, "This cemetery was built by Li Mumian, the great emperor of Shengwu, in the place where gods are buried deep in the starry sky. It is also a sacred weapon, it can be big or small, it can be big or small."

Accommodating stars, as small as grains of sand, you are now in the Yin-Yang realm, and have reached the stage of preliminary refining and control of this cemetery. As long as you refine this place and incorporate the Yin-Yang eyes into your body, you can take away the tomb.


Li Xiaofei understood now.

Afterwards, Hua Xiangrong personally taught the art of worshiping and refining the cemetery.
She is Li Mu's wife, so she is the most skilled in controlling this cemetery.

Hua Xiangrong's face was shrouded in mist and could not be seen clearly, but her voice was very nice, crisp and gentle, and she sounded like the image of a virtuous and virtuous beautiful woman.

Li Xiaofei studied carefully and finally mastered the technique of sacrificial training in half a day.

The other souls dispersed and returned to their own tombstones.

Li Lan stayed.

"When you succeed in refining the cemetery, you can set off to find the heaven."

Li Lan warned with a serious look, "We are all sleeping in the cemetery. If we encounter an enemy that we cannot resist, we can be summoned to fight. Remember, the energy of life in the cemetery must be full before we can be summoned. Otherwise,

The summoning will be ineffective, and even if it is forcibly summoned, the soul's combat effectiveness will be very low, and there may even be a risk of death."

"Energy of life?"

Li Xiaofei said, "What is that? How can I collect it all?"

Li Lan explained again.

Later, she also returned to the tombstone and temporarily disappeared.

Li Xiaofei thought about it in his mind for a long time, running the method of sacrificial training and refining the cemetery.

after an hour.

The sound of real lightning and thunder suddenly came from the mountain behind White Deer College.

Countless college teachers and students were looking towards the back mountain.

But in an instant, the strange and mysterious milky white fog that originally shrouded a large area of ​​​​the back mountain suddenly disappeared.

Along with it, the large green landscape in the direction of the sages’ cemetery disappeared.

"No, the cemetery has disappeared."

There was an exclamation from the distance.

Someone was the first to discover the disappearance of the sages’ cemetery.

The higher-ups of the college rushed over.

However, they saw that the location of the original cemetery had turned into a huge pit with a diameter of dozens of kilometers. There were large areas of loess and rolling stones in the pit. At first glance, it seemed that this area had been forcibly pulled away by some terrifying force.

Same thing.

"How is this going?"

"The cemetery disappeared. Did it fly away out of thin air?"

Everyone didn't understand and felt extremely shocked.

This incident was reported immediately and alarmed the Dragon Team.

But in the end, there was no investigation and nothing was done.

Outside the solar system, Chongque City.

"Is this the outer world?"

Hu Yu'er followed Li Xiaofei, looking at the streets and buildings in Zhongque City with curious eyes, and said, "It doesn't seem to be much different from cities on earth."

Li Xiaofei was patient and explained in detail, "Chongque City was originally built to imitate the Earth. You can even see the shadows of some classic Earth attractions in the city. Of course, it is also divided into modern areas and ancient areas.

, and there is also the future area, whose names are in order of A, B, C, D, etc. Area A is the core area..."

He and Principal Hu had just returned to Chongque City.

He didn't go to the city lord's mansion immediately.

Instead, I took Principal Hu to get familiar with it first, see the environment and features of Chongque City, and satisfy this vixen's curiosity.

And Li Xiaofei also wanted to see if there were any new changes in Chongque City during his absence.

In his hand, he was playing with a piece of black jade that looked like a rockery.

This black jade rockery looks to be about the size of a baby's fist, and its overall shape is extremely irregular. Under Li Xiaofei's play, the surface is slightly shiny. If you look closely, the bottom of the 'rockery' is about half a finger's width away.

It produces a rather shiny white color.
> Li Xiaofei was making calculations in his mind while chatting with Hu Yuer.

This ink jade rockery is actually the cemetery of the sages.

After the ritual training is completed, take it directly from White Deer Academy. It can be big or small, and turn it into a toy the size of a baby's fist. You can play with it in your hand. With a thought, you can also put it into the 'black hole' of the inner world.

Maintain at medium temperature.

The 'Yin-Yang Realm' that Li Lan and Liu Shaji talked about is just another name for a black hole-level life form.

Black holes are about survival from death.

The death of a star gives birth to a black hole.

Life and death are just a matter of thought.

It coincides with the way of Yin and Yang.

This title is quite normal.

After the Yin and Yang realm, there are other realms.

Li Xiaofei looked at the white layer on the ink jade rockery and understood in his heart that this was the so-called 'energy of life'.

It seems to be a natural process for the cemetery of sages to absorb the energy of life.

There is no need for Li Xiaofei to take the initiative to do anything.

When the entire 'Black Jade Rockery' turns into a crystal white color, it means that its 'energy of life' has been absorbed and the 'soul body' in the cemetery can be summoned.

As for what exactly ‘energy of life’ is, Li Xiaofei is still researching it.

after an hour.

Li Xiaofei returned to the City Lord's Mansion.

He had recently taken over Chongque City and had not yet had time to run it. The city lord's palace was a little bleak, far less prosperous than it was during Song Jinglun's time.

But Li Xiaofei liked this kind of quietness even more.

But when he returned to the city lord's mansion today, Li Xiaofei suddenly frowned slightly, feeling that the atmosphere was not right.

As soon as I sat down, the female warrior Luo Ge had already arrived.

"Something happened."

She looked at Li Xiaofei and said, "You'd better be mentally prepared first."

This chapter has been completed!
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