0766,battle array

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 "Go around quickly and get out of the battlefield."

Song Yu said without hesitation.

She didn't want to get involved in this meaningless war at all.

The old speaker doesn’t want to either. ??

But Li Xiaofei had a different view.

"The troop transport ships are transporting troops crazily. This kind of battle that requires ordinary troops will definitely not be participated by strong people above the Yin and Yang realm. We are not in danger. In this case, we should lend a helping hand. We are all human beings. What should we do if we encounter this scene?

Is it okay to risk death without saving anything?"

He took part in the main battle.

"Are you...are you crazy?"

Song Yu said angrily, "Don't play with fire."

The old speaker was silent, seeming to be thinking.

Li Xiaofei said, "In that case, let's stick to the old method. The Shennong will stay behind and leave the battlefield, and I will join the battle myself. When the war is over, I will return by myself so that I won't drag you down."

In the end, Li Xiaofei left the ship alone and went to join the battle.

Xinheng Qibu stayed on the ship for the time being.

In the eyes of others, this is a little waste with little strength and not worthy of attention.

Of course, Ishihara Masami and Li Xiaofei will be included in the Secret Palace of Time and taken with them.

Li Xiaofei wore a suit of armor worn by an ordinary human soldier and sneaked close to the battlefield. He finally got mixed up under a troop carrier and parachuted onto one of the planets together with the other soldiers who landed together.

This is a Death Star.

There are no plants or water sources.

The landform is undulating, mostly loess hills.


Li Xiaofei fell to the ground and sank into the loess, submerging half of his body.

The soil is loose.

Li Xiaofei swayed and jumped out.

"Assemble, emergency assembly."

"Quick, everyone is ready. We will be assembled in one minute."

"You bastards, hurry up."

The squad commander's roar came from the public communication channel.


Soldiers wearing colonial armor gathered quickly.

Li Xiaofei was among them.

The colonial armor he wore was the latest scientific and technological achievement of Chongque City. It had properties similar to that of a 'chameleon', and its colors and graffiti became similar to that of this team.

"Report the number."

"Huh? Who are you?"

The team commander soon discovered Li Xiaofei.

But before Li Xiaofei could think of his words, he roared loudly, "Is the airborne direction wrong? Now that it's here, it's my soldiers, get in line, get in line quickly, set off, speed up, we are going to support the brothers of the Quark Brigade."


So, Li Xiaofei successfully sneaked in.

In fact, in large-scale operations like this where troops are urgently mobilized, the numbers and sources of some troops are often confused, and their sequence cannot be found.

Li Xiaofei followed the team and moved forward.

Along the way, they were blocked by reapers.

This was Li Xiaofei's first time participating in a battle on the Galaxy Battlefield, and it was also his first time seeing the Reaper troops.

To his surprise, the reaper's appearance was similar to that of a human being. It was not the beast he imagined. It was also protected by a metal exoskeleton and used firearms and ammunition...

The Reaper squad composed of twenty miscellaneous soldiers is not weak in combat effectiveness.

Li Xiaofei judged that the life energy level of these miscellaneous soldiers was probably around star level. Their firearms and weapons were very powerful and could pose a threat to neutron-star life forms after hitting them.

Of course, the equipment and weapons of human soldiers are not inferior in any way.

After a close fight, the Reaper team was wiped out.

Li Xiaofei saw a reaper whose helmet was smashed, and a rat-like face was exposed underneath, with teeth bared and a ferocious look...

Is this what the Reaper looks like?

The sound of guns and exoskeletons, troopships and soldiers, the deserted battlefield...

Li Xiaofei felt as if he had suddenly traveled into the world of Starship Troopers.

After twenty minutes of rapid marching at all costs, the team finally arrived at the designated location, which was a mountainous area. After killing some reaper scouts, they occupied the high ground.


It can be seen that humanoid troops are surrounded in the basin below and are diligently guarding a building that looks like a metal base.

The Reaper troops attacked like a tidal wave.

The human race's defense line is constantly being torn apart and shrinking.

call out!

A harsh sound broke through the air.

A red signal flare streaked across the basin.

On the high hills on all sides of the basin, the figures of the human army appeared. From a commanding position, they began to attack the Reaper troops below with full firepower.

Under the spray of energy bullets, fire snakes fired across each other.

Bang bang bang.

Weapons similar to mortars fired armor-tracing projectiles one after another, drawing strange and confusing arcs in the air. They finally landed in the group of reapers and then exploded, releasing astonishing heat, covering hundreds of meters in radius.

All objects inside are instantly vaporized.


The Reaper's counterattack was also swift.

The rapidly rotating round cake-like objects climbed up from a low place, rolled into the crowd, and suddenly exploded. The shattered energy shrapnel instantly crushed countless soldiers.

The soil on the ground surges.

A yellow-brown creature that looked like an ant magnified hundreds of times emerged from the ground without warning, roared, and its terrifying forelimbs were like sharp sickles, sweeping toward the crowd.

"It's the Earth Scorpion Beast, spread out, spread out quickly..."

The captain roared a reminder, raised the high-explosive machine gun in his hand, and fired wildly at the monster.

He knew very well how terrifying this monster was.

Facing a human team without heavy mechas, it would definitely be a sweep.

damn it.

The information is wrong.

Why did the Reapers even send out such high-level war beasts?

There was despair in his eyes.

at this time--


The sword flashed.

This ten-meter-tall earth scorpion beast suddenly stiffened, and then its head rolled down like a watermelon chopped off by a sharp blade.

The captain was surprised and happy.

It was actually the lost soldier who was included in his team before who took action.

Looking at the energy lightsaber in the soldier's hand, he said loudly, "Good skills, this brother is a sword fighter?"

It is said that within the human war department, there are close combat soldiers who use energy cold weapons to fight.

This type of soldier has extremely strong melee combat power, comparable to the high-level behemoths of the Reapers.

Unexpectedly, I encountered him today.

Li Xiaofei didn't answer, and took action continuously, killing all the earth scorpion beasts that emerged from the mountain here. Then his body turned into a stream of light, dived downwards, and directly entered the reaper battle formation.

"So strong."

When the captain saw this scene, he couldn't help but be shocked again.

This kind of physical strength is definitely not an ordinary sword fighter.

Definitely a high-level powerhouse.

"Charge, charge."

He shouted and ordered the soldiers to charge downward.

And below, in the reaper battle formation, a large area has arrived.

Wherever Li Xiaofei passed, it was like mowing grass, sweeping away countless reapers.

The battlefield situation reversed instantly.

This chapter has been completed!
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