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 With Li Xiaofei's strength, it is not difficult to reverse the war on a planet.

As he had expected at the beginning, there were no strong men above the Yin-Yang realm participating in this level of battle.

The reason why this battle broke out was that the Reapers suddenly opened a pollution point in the galaxy and began to explode troops on a large scale, trying to use the galaxy as a base to expand and pollute the surrounding star fields.

This galaxy is the closest to the 'Quzhe' galaxy.

The Quzhe Galaxy is one of the garrison points of the 'Xiao Kuang Legion', one of the old war groups of the human race. It has a permanent population of more than one billion. Once it is contaminated like this, it will undoubtedly have a major impact on the war situation in the entire star field.


Because the incident happened suddenly, Xiao Kuang's army could only mobilize the nearest mechanized intelligent warfare unit to carry out encirclement and suppression. It had not yet had time to mobilize real high-level experts to intervene on the battlefield.

Li Xiaofei's sudden appearance was a dimensionality-reducing blow to the reapers at the pollution point.

Soon, all the reapers on this planet were wiped out.

The human troops stationed at the base in the center of the basin finally succeeded in destroying the Reaper detonation point in the metal base and permanently closed the wormhole.

There was an overwhelming cheer on the planet.


The first team commander, when he saw Li Xiaofei again, immediately stood at attention and saluted.

If your strength reaches this level, you must be a commander.

Maybe he was a special envoy sent by the military to resolve the war.

I have heard before that there is a precedent for military envoys to intervene in wars as private soldiers.

Li Xiaofei responded with a military salute.

Then his body rose into the sky and turned into a blade of light.

Countless soldiers looked at this stream of light and saluted in unison.

At any time and in any place, brave men and heroes deserve respect.

Li Xiaofei soon arrived at another planet, and then started killing without mercy.

br> In this galaxy, there are a total of twelve planets. Reapers identified eight planets as pollution points and stationed them. It took Li Xiaofei three hours to slaughter all the Reapers on them.

All Reaper detonation points were destroyed and the wormholes were closed.

Special technicians will clean up the pollution that has been caused.

The war was won.

Li Xiaofei left quietly.

"What? Can't find it?"

The commander-in-chief of the battle was shocked when he heard the report from his subordinates: "It does not belong to any sequence. Please verify with the headquarters that there is no such person?"

Li Xiaofei's departure caused a stir.

This matter attracted the attention of Xiao Kuang's military headquarters, and a team of supervisors were dispatched to the front line to investigate. In the end, no useful conclusions were obtained. Li Xiaofei's information and battle images were eventually temporarily sealed under the code name of 'X1212 Swordsman'


Li Xiaofei successfully returned to the Shennong.

"Your behavior is very dangerous."

Song Yu immediately criticized, saying: "Once our location is exposed, our identity information will be found out soon. The major legions will not allow us to privately search for the whereabouts of Tianting."

There was one more thing she didn't say.

Once there are big figures in the major legions who know that they control a [Original God], then the search for Heaven will not be their turn at all.

[Heaven] is the highest treasure of mankind in the universe.

Anyone can be tempted.

The old speaker also spoke, saying: "Brother, searching for Heaven is a major event for the human race, with far-reaching implications. It is far more important than winning a local war. Don't lose the big for the small."

Li Xiaofei smiled and said, "I understand."

When the two of them saw what he said, they both breathed a sigh of relief.

I'm just afraid that Li Xiaofei will go his own way.

Li Xiaofei took some time off and felt quite happy. At least he had done something for the human race for the first time here.

He did not regret his choice just now.

Especially when he thought of the overwhelming cheers of those human soldiers and the military salutes, his heart became even more excited.

Those soldiers looked ordinary and had average strength.

But they are all trained and recruited from one hundred thousand base stars.

In their respective planes of earth, they are all strong men and true geniuses.

In order to protect their homeland, they came here, as ordinary soldiers, took up arms and defended their homeland. Whose master, husband, father and son are they? Each of them is worth a hundred times.


Moreover, Li Xiaofei also discovered that after this battle, the black jade rockery was almost completely white.

Absorbed the ‘energy of life’ again?

This made him happy and surprised.

In participating in the war this time, no top powerhouse left behind the true meaning of martial arts, and no one's super energy was absorbed by him. The black jade rockery turned almost completely white in less than three hours?

This made Li Xiaofei realize that his previous judgment on the 'energy of life' was wrong.

This energy should not be the remnants of the true meaning or laws of the most powerful martial arts.

Rather, it includes many aspects.

Li Xiaofei began to think and deduce secretly.

On the other side, the old speaker began to adjust the course again.

He was very serious and spent a lot of energy.
There was already suspicion in Song Yu's eyes.

Because from the beginning to now, the old speaker's route seems to be of no use. Instead, it leads the [Shen Nong] to the vicinity of the Galaxy battlefield. This makes Song Yu feel that the old speaker does not seem to be really looking for something but planning something.


But Li Xiaofei didn't care.

He actually wanted to see the Galaxy Battlefield.

[Shennong] continues to sail in the vast universe.

In the blink of an eye, another half a year has passed.

During this period, Ishihara Masami did not respond at all, and it seemed that finding the lost heaven was still far away.

What makes Song Yu even more crazy is that Li Xiaofei has not changed at all and is still determined to have his own way. As long as he encounters a war, a battle, or some planet in distress, he will not hesitate to take action.

Gradually, Xiao Kuangjun's files on "X1212 Swordsman" became more and more detailed.

In this star field, the legend of a Yin-Yang swordsman also began to spread.

The Reaper troops also began to pay close attention and set up several traps in an attempt to capture Li Xiaofei, but they all ended in failure.

And after a month, [Black Jade Rockery] finally turned completely white.

Recharge completed.

Li Xiaofei was determined.

He finally had a murderous spirit.

It was also at this time that the old speaker finally made a discovery.

"It's here, it's here, I remember this is the door to heaven."

In front of a dark purple magic nebula, the old speaker trembled with excitement and roared loudly: "It must be here, the sunset at Nantianmen, it is like this, the familiar atmosphere, yes..."

Song Yu was overjoyed.

She rushed to the porthole, but as soon as she took a look, her color changed instantly.

This chapter has been completed!
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