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 Many people attend auctions just to pick up missing pieces.

Especially in this kind of regularly held auctions, occasionally there will be some good things. Others don't know the goods, but you just know their value, and you can make a small profit by buying them.

Of course, the above situation is basically in the storybook.

The reality is that everyone recognizes the good stuff, and it’s easy to miss something.

Occasionally, you may think you have missed something, but you may have fallen into someone else's trap.

Li Xiaofei sat on the loose sofa with his legs crossed, waiting for the auction to begin.

He just vaguely felt a familiar breath and had some guesses in his mind.

Soon, the hall, which could accommodate more than two hundred people, was filled with people.

There are all kinds of people. ??

But the largest number are soldiers.

Xinghua City was originally a large military city, and the significance of its establishment was more for strategic and military considerations.

"Everyone, tonight's auction has officially begun. There are sixty-seven items in tonight's auction, all of which are carefully selected treasures by our Xinghua Auction House..."

An old man with white eyebrows and bald head began to introduce on the stage.

His assistant is a young-legged woman in black stockings, with quite good looks.

There are many types of items on offer, including weapons, elixirs, spiritual herbs, exercises, route maps, star beast cubs, high-level star beast blood, technological inventions, and bones of high-level reapers, etc.

Li Xiaofei has a huge sum of 40 million and buys whatever he likes.

For example, something called [Periwinkle] is said to be able to keep your skin beautiful.

He took the photo without hesitation.

When it came to the twentieth lot, Li Xiaofei's eyes suddenly became sharp.

A star magnetic cage was pushed up.

The curtain is lifted.

The creature imprisoned within is revealed.

It's a dog.

A black dog.

There was an uproar in the venue.

"Everyone, please listen to me first."

The old auctioneer said loudly: "This dog looks ordinary, but in fact it is extraordinary. It is the only living dog in the past fifty years."
The creature came out alive from the Purple Nebula Forbidden Land. Because it was injured, we were able to capture it. The starting price is 10,000,000 kilograms of fairy jade."

The noise in the venue was even louder.

Being able to come out alive from the Purple Nebula Forbidden Land is definitely a miracle.

And the key is, it's a dog.

What can a dog do?

Know the way.

Can follow traces.

If you take a photo of this dog, you might be able to take a walk in the Purple Nebula forbidden area.

It is said that although there are many dangers in the forbidden area, there are also some secret areas with rich resources.

Take a risk, make money immediately, and don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life.

As a result, many people's eyes became hot when they looked at this dog.

But when it came time to actually bid, not many people chose to bid.

Because although the secret realm in the purple nebula is very desirable, except for real outlaws, who is really willing to tie their head to their belt and risk their lives for an uncertain future?

Li Xiaofei glanced at it.

There were four people in total, and the bidding was tight.

A bearded man who looks like a mercenary.

A beautiful red-haired woman wearing dark red soft leather armor.

A thin young man wearing a visor.

There was also a man with a dirty stench all over his body, his messy hair covering his face, and he looked like a man with a smokey voice who hadn't eaten or showered in more than ten days and was still begging in a smelly ditch.

Soon, Black Dog's bidding price reached 19 million catties of fairy jade.

This price is beyond reasonable range.

The man with a dirty, smelly, smoky voice is the most radical. No matter what price others offer, he will always add 100 kilograms of fairy jade to the price.

"Damn it, are you deliberately looking for trouble?"

The bearded mercenary cursed.

The man with a smoky voice doesn't speak

,like a statue.

The first to exit was the gorgeous red-haired woman.

Then the thin man with a face like purple compound eyes temporarily gave up bidding.

When the bearded mercenary's price debuted at 2,100 kilograms of fairy jade, the man with a dirty, smoky voice added another 100 kilograms, causing the former to stand up suddenly and stare at the latter with eyes like knives.

Upon seeing this, the security guards from the auction rushed over and persuaded the two of them to calm down.

Li Xiaofei smiled and slowly raised his sign: "25 million."

The whole audience was shocked.

Many people looked at Li Xiaofei as if they were looking at a fool.

When the price of 21 million jins of fairy jade was quoted, it was obviously beyond the normal range. It was a bit like a bearded mercenary fighting against a man with a cigarette voice.

Normally, this dog is worth no more than 1 million. Because he has been to the Purple Nebula Jedi, there is a 10 million premium, but now...

Even the bearded mercenary man was shocked.

The man with the smoky voice was silent for a moment and said with difficulty: "Add 100 pounds."

Li Xiaofei did not hesitate: "30 million catties."

There was a gasp from the entire audience.

The bearded man looked at Li Xiaofei as if he were looking at a real grievance.

The man with the cigarette voice also stared at Li Xiaofei.

Behind the messy and smeared hair, there was an inexplicable light in his eyes.

He can't afford it.

This has exceeded his absolute limit.

Not to mention adding another 100 pounds.

Even if he adds half a catty, he can't afford it.

"make a deal."

The old auctioneer dropped the hammer excitedly.

He never thought that a dog could become his greatest achievement tonight.

Soon, the dormant black dog was brought to Li Xiaofei.

The female assistant was smiling and reminded: "Dear guests, please be careful, it is very vicious."

Li Xiaofei picked up the black dog.
> That's right.

It's the Black Emperor.

This kid followed Brother Dog to the Galaxy battlefield to participate in the war.

But I don’t know how it ended up here, and it became someone else’s auction item.

Li Xiaofei carefully sensed that there were some injuries in Heihuang's body, but he was in good condition. He must have been injected with some kind of powerful sedative, so he was temporarily in a dormant state.

And this state is good for injury recovery.

After he handed over the money, he walked straight out with the little black dog in his arms.

Just walked out of the door.

"Friend, please stay."

A voice came from behind, it was the bearded mercenary.

Li Xiaofei looked back at him.

The bearded man squeezed out a seemingly friendly smile and said, "My friend, do you also want to explore the Purple Nebula Forbidden Land?"

Li Xiaofei said calmly: "No comment."

"Friend, to tell you the truth, our mythical mercenary group also wants to go in and explore. This black dog is very important to us..."

The bearded mercenary took a step closer.

Li Xiaofei interrupted directly: "What exactly do you want to say?"

"How about we cooperate."

The bearded mercenary said: "You have obtained the Black Dog. We can provide experts and exploration facilities, and share information about the Purple Nebula Jedi. This is a mutually beneficial good thing. I think you have no reason to refuse, right?"

Li Xiaofei thought for a moment and said, "I'll think about it and contact you later."

The bearded mercenary man left his contact information.

After that, as expected, the beautiful red-haired woman and the man with purple compound-eye mask also showed up one after another, expressed their intention to cooperate, and each left their contact information.

Li Xiaofei walked out of Yunshang Jincheng and reached the street.

I sent a message to the old speaker and Song Yu, and he planned to go back to the hotel first.

As he walked, he stopped.

"You've been following me for so long, is there something wrong?"

Li Xiaofei stood still and asked.

This chapter has been completed!
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