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Li Xiaofei found a relatively conspicuous high-end booth and sat down directly.

The old speaker frowned and paid with a pained look on his face.

As soon as we sat down, a white-haired girl dressed as a bunny girl came over to sell drinks.

Li Xiaofei looked at the drink list, immediately expressed sympathy for the old speaker, and then ordered a few dozen of the most expensive ones without ceremony.

The wine in the Galaxy Battlefield area.

Must try it.

The old speaker looked at Li Xiaofei with a knife in his eyes.

Li Xiaofei was completely unaware, and then waved to the girls in the distance.

Suddenly, two young girls in different costumes gathered around. They were fair-skinned, beautiful, and had graceful figures. .??.

It has to be said that the probability of a beautiful woman coming out of a cultivator is really high. For example, the two girls in front of me have no idea of ​​their real age, but on the surface they look about eighteen or nineteen years old, and they are full of youthful charm.

"I don't need it, one is enough."

The old speaker waved his hand.

"What did you say?"

Li Xiaofei's eyes widened, "These are all ordered for me, you want to order them yourself."

Old Speaker "..."

Li Xiaofei hugged him from side to side unceremoniously, obviously very adaptable to the atmosphere here. The two girls smiled shyly, but did not have any stage fright, and giggled into Li Xiaofei's arms.

Song Yu and Lin Yi covered their eyes at the same time.

It’s simply shameless to look at it.

Luo Ge stood vigilantly next to the old speaker, looking around, looking like a loyal bodyguard. Occasionally, his eyes would pass over Li Xiaofei's body, showing a hint of confusion.

"Come on, come on, have a drink and relax tonight."

Li Xiaofei opened the wine directly and showed off a bottle himself.

Needless to say, this wine not only tastes good, but is also rich in the life energy of the universe. After drinking a glass of wine, you will immediately feel the energy in your body boiling, giving you an ecstatic sense of fullness.

Of course, it can also be intoxicating.

Li Xiaofei soon became tipsy.

Fighting with two girls next to me

In the end, we just hugged each other and went to the central dance floor to start swaying.

Song Yu began to think deeply about such a scumbag. Would he really care about the safety of his wife and daughter? Did the methods he used to threaten him not work at all?

The old speaker sat upright and glanced around, like an old dog searching for prey.

After a while.

Screams came from the dance floor, mixed with curses and cheers.

It turned out that someone was fighting.

The old speaker glanced at it casually, and then almost jumped up.

Oh shit!

It's Li Xiaofei.

This guy actually got into a fight with another group of people.

Song Yu's pretty face made her nose almost crooked with anger.

What are the identities of these people?

Sneaked in!

Black households!

What I fear most when taking risks to get news is that my identity will be exposed and someone will stare at me.

Once it attracts the attention of the military security team, it's over.

As a result, Li Xiaofei was afraid that he would not attract enough attention, so he actually started fighting with people in the bar. Is this because he was afraid that no one would notice him?

For a moment, both Song Yu and the old speaker wondered whether Li Xiaofei wanted to cause trouble and take the opportunity to escape.

But what surprised both of them was that the fight ended quickly.

It was just the security guards at the bar who maintained order and didn't cause too much trouble.

As for the winner, Li Xiaofei defeated three by himself. Surrounded by a group of beauties and men, he showed off a whole jar of 'Entropy Fish Brew' by himself, which attracted countless cheers from the audience.

When he returned to the booth, there were not two people in his arms, but four, and four more were following behind him.

"Let's drink, let's play, everyone will spend tonight, and my uncle will foot the bill."

Li Xiaofei, who smelled of alcohol, hugged the old speaker and said, "Is that right? Is that right?"

The old speaker wanted to feed shit into his mouth on the spot.

The girls screamed again.

After playing for another hour, under the urging of the old speaker and Song Yu, Li Xiaofei reluctantly blew a kiss to the girls goodbye.

Several people moved to a temporary rest room.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Song Yu couldn't help but roared.

Li Xiaofei picked up a glass of water and gargled his mouth. His face was no longer drunk, and he said, "Let's find out some information."

"Did you find out?"

Song Yu asked.

"I found it."

Li Xiaofei said calmly, "A hundred years ago, in the Nebula area, due to some unknown reason, a terrifying undercurrent broke out. It is said that there were evil soldiers passing through the area, and evil spirits descended, causing disasters to several surrounding star districts, totaling about 360,000 people."

Seventeen planets were swallowed up by the Yin Tide. Commander Xiao Kuangjun came in person. After exploring the outskirts of the nebula, he ordered that this place be marked as a forbidden area. Anyone who trespasses at their own risk."


Song Yu's expression was stifled, "How did you find out?"

Li Xiaofei said, "In the bar, what else do you think I'm doing? In order to check the accuracy of the information, I asked six bartenders, three bartenders, and five adventurers about this matter. One of them was an adventurer.

The man had a bad temper, so I beat him up on the spot. Later, they all surrendered, apologized to me, and gave me all their girls.”

Song Yu "..."

The old speaker said, "So you went to drink and fight to find out information?"

Li Xiaofei said, "What else?"

Song Yu changed the subject and asked, "What should we do next?"

Li Xiaofei shrugged and said, "The Purple Nebula has become very dangerous now.
It is dangerous. Once you enter it, life or death is uncertain, so it is up to you to decide whether to enter or not. The military only divided the area of ​​the forbidden area, but did not send troops to garrison it, nor set up any restrictions to block it. In other words, if we want to die,

If you do, no one will stop you."

Song Yu and the old speaker were silent.

Yin soldiers, evil spirits!

Even immortals would hesitate when faced with these strange things.

"You need to prepare."

After thinking deeply, the old speaker said, "There are ways to restrain evil spirits in the world. Let's make some preparations and then enter the nebula. I can be sure that the road to heaven must be there, and it will never go wrong."

Song Yu gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, if we can't find Heaven, it's better to die."

When Li Xiaofei saw it, he cursed in his heart.

These two guys are really going to die.

You still have to take him with you.

"Then you should prepare well."

Li Xiaofei said, "I was in the bar just now. I heard that there will be an auction on the 19th floor. It will start in half an hour. I have to go and see it and see the world."

Li Xiaofei wanted to have a deeper understanding of the human ecology of the Galaxy Battlefield.

Especially the living conditions of the lower class people are of great research significance to him. Now that he has encountered it, he must understand it well.

After some discussion, Li Xiaofei borrowed 40 million kilograms of fairy jade from the old speaker, and then happily went to the auction.

Song Yu stared at Li Xiaofei's back and said, "You'd better not play any tricks."

Li Xiaofei just waved his hand without looking back.

After a while.

He arrived at the nineteenth floor.

After buying a ticket, I entered smoothly.

The auction hasn't started yet and the scene is quite noisy.

Not long after Li Xiaofei sat down, his expression suddenly changed slightly.

He sensed a strange and familiar aura inside the venue.

This chapter has been completed!
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