1156. Zhao Fangyuan arrives

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Hearing what Lu Chuan said, Qin Yun glanced at each other and thought, to put it bluntly, you are still in love? How can anyone be so confident in love...

But when the brothers talked for the first time, they couldn't throw cold water on it, so they had to change the direction: "Who will you look for to design your B&B then?"

Lu Chuan thought about it and found that there were no designers in his circle of friends. He gave his own ideas for the house he lived in before and worked with the decorators step by step. Of course, during this period, he also wrote a book called Rebirth to decorate and earn the first pot of gold.


But now, he won't take the pain of decoration anyway.

"We should also invite the designer Zhao and the construction team to build the house."

"Song Tan's family is full of praise for them. I think their attitude is really good. I've also asked about them, and the price is quite reasonable. The most important thing is that you don't have to worry too much."

"Okay!" Qin Yun was thinking happily about the good thing: "You clean up a few more family suites, and I will bring them later... With such a relationship, how many meals can we have together?"

Not to mention the thought of it!

My brother opened a B&B and he came to support the business. This is called brotherly love, how can it be called a casual meal?

So he also looked at Lu Chuan eagerly.

Lu Chuan walked around the greenhouse as if nothing had happened, and said, "We will return to the Imperial Capital in two days, shall we together?"

Qin Yun was stunned.

Why do you have to go back so soon?

But after careful calculation, they have been here for several days. They were originally scheduled to stay for three to five days before coming, but now they have exceeded the time limit...

Besides, they came here to have a few meals because of Lu Chuan's glory. Once Lu Chuan left, wouldn't it be appropriate for them not to leave?

Damn it...

What's more, he burst into tears: "I'm going to ask someone to pick up the radishes and cabbage I left tomorrow tomorrow... Is there anything else at Song Tan's house that can be sold?"

"Yes, yes!" Qin Yun also nodded: "Is there any tea left?"

But as soon as the words came out, I felt it was too urgent, so I quickly asked: "Let's go now. Why don't you stay here for the New Year? If you really can't, stay a little longer. How can you fall in love and end up in a different place after only a few days?"

Lu Chuan said nothing, and his face turned red strangely.

Qin Yun:......

What's more:...

Damn it! Just saying that my brother is too pure is not acceptable!

Zhao Fangyuan rushed to Yunqiao Village in the afternoon before Lu Chuan was about to return to the imperial capital.

There are two B&Bs and one house (Seventh Cousin’s cabin), and she designed them from the very beginning. I have never been so happy to take an order!

I just arrived at Lao Song's house now, and I only had time to drink a cup of tea: "Oh! This tea is still delicious!"

After speaking, he checked with Zhang Yanping and Xin Jun, looked at Lu Chuan again, and then looked at Song Tan in shock, his eyes filled with accusations:

[We are all career women, how come you can find such a good-looking one out of nowhere!]

Designer Yan Gou is full of jealousy.

Now put on your tool bag and bring your assistant - "Let's go and check out the venue. By the way, let's discuss the specific requirements and ideas."

He also said: "I'm running out of time. In fact, I already have an order in March, but with our relationship, that order has been pushed to May -"

She has been running around for more than half a year now, and she is becoming more and more considerate in what she says and does. She does not say these words in a tone of asking for credit. Instead, she is down-to-earth, and she looks more and more like a practical person.

At the very least, her wheat-colored skin shows that she really works hard at the construction site.

At this moment, I simply made a plan and asked:

"I will try to complete the design before the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and I will go to several surrounding provinces and cities to experience local B&Bs while there is still time during the New Year... Maybe I will need to communicate ideas at any time after the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. Is it convenient for you all?"

Zhang Yanping and Xin Jun couldn't get it!

Isn't there anything better than staying at home? After the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, they can say that they want to start a career/build a dormitory in school, etc., so hurry up and leave home!

However, Lu Chuan thought about it seriously: "You can call if it's urgent. If it's not urgent, I will reply as soon as I see you."

Zhao Fangyuan nodded: "Okay - well, who is doing this?"

When everyone turned around, they saw Li Fuqiang sawing a wooden board with a saw, looking very gray. Behind him was a small shed of about fifteen square meters.

Getting worse...

In Zhao Fangyuan's eyes, it was simply miserable.

"This house has no frame. If it snows heavily in winter, it will be dangerous——"

Zhang Yanping quickly told her the cause and effect in a low voice, and also ordered:

"Don't say the wrong thing. Tantan is holding back the money and won't give it to him until he repairs the house. He said he can't hold back the village."

Zhao Fangyuan raised an eyebrow: "This kind of person?"

She cleared her throat: "Look at me—Hey, Boss Zhou, I didn't expect to meet you here—oh, I'm sorry, I got the wrong person."

Li Fuqiang raised his face blankly, his face covered with sawdust and ashes. He reached out and wiped it with his hand, and said in a very bad tone, "I'm sick."

Zhang Yanping frowned and was about to roll up his sleeves, but Zhao Fangyuan didn't even move his brows:

"You can't blame me. Brother, you do look like a businessman. You have the temperament of a boss... What are you doing? Why, do you need to come to build a house in person?"

That’s what I said!

Li Fuqiang couldn't help but feel beautiful.

He thought to himself, as soon as I get the money, wouldn't I be a boss?

So Zhao Fangyuan's face was pleasing to the eye: "I'm building a house for my dad. This is what a child should do. What, is there something wrong with you?"

Zhao Fangyuan laughed.

The group of people arrived in silence all the way to Old Man Li's old house. After seeing that they were quite far away from the hut, Zhao Fangyuan took out his mobile phone and made a call:

"Hey, Master Mu...have everything at home been settled? I'm thinking that now is the time for you to use money, and I don't know if you can take on a small job..."

"Okay! Don't worry! I specifically asked an acquaintance to pick me up. I just thought it would be difficult for you after so many years... It's simple. You can do it by yourself in 10 days at most. Even in the village, you have to ride your bike back every day..."

"Okay, okay, I'll find someone to send you the materials. You can renovate and reinforce their house. Calculated as a big job, it's 400 a day!"

"Okay, okay! I'll send you the address later."

After hanging up the phone, everyone's eyes became even weirder.

Zhang Yanping couldn't help but asked: "How much does the material cost to reinforce and renovate his house?"

Zhao Fangyuan said casually: "With such a small area, how much does the material cost? It can actually be done with three to five thousand."

"I'll give him a better one, plus what's needed in the house, the upper limit is 7,000."


The cost of materials is 7,000, and the cost of workers is 4,000... You didn't even blink, and you tricked Li Fuqiang into getting 20,000!

The money came a bit fast!

This chapter has been completed!
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