1157. Parting is imminent

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He was able to successfully manipulate Li Fuqiang's sudden wealth mentality and forcefully take out 20,000 yuan from his hand. Everyone was in awe of Zhao Fangyuan for an instant.

Seeing her and her assistant busily calculating data, taking pictures and making videos, Zhang Yanping couldn't help but sigh: "That's awesome..."

Xin Jun also nodded, and suddenly said abruptly: "I found that since I came to work here, the girls I met are all amazing."

Zhang Yanping instantly remembered the rich Qianqian and laughed wildly: "So why did you fall in love with your ex-girlfriend?"

Xin Jun sneered: "Are you jealous of a single guy? Shall I tell my aunt about it during the Chinese New Year?"

Zhang Yanping held back his words instantly.

And here, as soon as Zhao Fangyuan fiddled with it, the drone buzzed into the sky. Zhang Yanping instantly forgot about the frustration just now and said in surprise:

"Okay, you've replaced your shotgun with a cannon!"

"That's not true!" Zhao Fangyuan said proudly: "I used to decorate a house and people were reluctant to pay for it and didn't dare to let me do it. In fact, I was quite constrained. I felt that there was no eye-catching design."

"But after Song Tan's villa was built, several big businesses came in one after another... It's all thanks to you!"

She said happily: "Don't worry, we will give you a discount on the design fee!"

"But do you have time next? You have to choose some colors and materials yourself. I will try to have XCMG coordinate the main building materials during the Chinese New Year..."

Zhang Yanping and Xin Jun naturally have no problem, but Lu Chuan thought for a while:

"I will visit again during the Chinese New Year, but I won't be here at other times. If you have to make a decision on the spot, let Song Tan come."

Zhao Fangyuan glanced at him again, looked at his clothes, and couldn't help but ask:

"Do you really listen to Song Tan?"

It seems like you two have different aesthetics.

Lu Chuan was speechless.


"It doesn't matter. If hers doesn't work, you can even listen to Qiaoqiao."

"Can you really listen to me?"

When it comes to building a house, the happiest person is probably Qiao Qiao!

At this moment, everyone was discussing around the stove after collecting data. He listened to Lu Chuan's instructions and felt a great sense of responsibility!

"Yeah!" Lu Chuan nodded seriously, not trying to fool him:

"Your tricycle is very beautiful. Let's make a small round castle at our B&B. It may be a bit childish for children, but it should be just right for adults."

Zhao Fangyuan couldn't help laughing: "I'm also going to discuss with you not to build a castle. The effect of Castle Dionys cannot be obtained at a high price, and it is a bit nondescript in the countryside. But you want to say it is round and round.

A cute castle..."

She thought for a while: "I've never seen anything like this online. It should be very interesting."

Qiao Qiao heard this half-understood, and said quickly: "Brother, don't worry, I will definitely study hard and build a beautiful house!"

"Okay!" Lu Chuan also said solemnly, "I'll leave it to you!"

Qiao Qiao suddenly remembered something and ran upstairs. After a while, she came down again holding a big pile of soft golden fields:

"Pretty brother, Da Tian can chew words now! Let him chew the house number for you when the time comes!"


This is a direction that no one expected.

Even Song Tan was puzzled: "How can it chew words? Have you taught it how to read?"

Qiao Qiao said dissatisfied:

"Sister, you are so demanding! Da Tian is just a little field mouse. It's not wrong that he can't read..."

"But it will chew according to the pattern on the cardboard!"

"The product logo and brand printed on the shoe box where it lives are all hollowed out. They are well-proportioned and standard!"

Zhao Fangyuan stared at the big vole in Qiao Qiao's palm, which was not afraid of people at all. She couldn't help but stretched out her fingers to carefully push its lips, and looked at the strong front teeth...

After a moment of silence, she clapped her hands and exclaimed:

"Okay, okay, Qiaoqiao, you are really a natural marketing expert! If you make a video and release it, it would be strange if our B&B is not popular!"

"I'm telling you, when the time comes, I will reserve a VIP position for Da Tian, ​​masturbate, take photos, etc. for a fee..."


Come on, who can resist this temptation?

Don't say whether you like mice or not, Da Tian doesn't look like a mouse now!

That soft, chubby body, and that golden aura of wealth...

She said solemnly: "Remember to promote it when the time comes, our Datian will be prosperous!"

It was obviously a lie, but the color of Da Tian's fur was so much like gold that she couldn't help but touch it first.

Song Tan couldn't help but be speechless.

"What kind of wealth are you putting here to make false propaganda?"

"What do you know?" Zhao Fangyuan said plausibly: "I'm just trying to cater to our young people's own psychology..."

Everyone was chattering and the discussion was in full swing. It was not until after dinner that it was completely dark, and Zhao Fangyuan drove to the city overnight.

And once she left, the remaining melancholy was left to Lu Jing.

Alas, they have to prepare to return to the imperial capital tomorrow morning... I really can't bear to leave!

Not to mention them, Lao Zhu and the others had been staying there for a while. Just when Lu Chuan was about to leave, Party Secretary Xiao Zhu urged them to pack up and rush back together.

Only Song Sancheng thought about it again and again, and felt a little reluctant to let go.

The old men walked around the village every day and told him about ancient times. It was actually quite interesting.

The young guys are running around in the mountains and fields, and they are always busy with their work! A neat row of bamboo fences has been woven into the flower bed at the door!

The fence was neat, as if it were made by a machine. The angles of the intersections and inclinations were exactly the same. Even the sharp corners inserted into the soil at the bottom were cut at the same angle!

Which old farmer is willing to work hard like this?

However, people still have to leave after all.

He had no choice but to take Ulan with him to move things and load the car for everyone——

"This rice pole was given to you by Tan Tan before. Come, come, come, one bag per person!"

This bag is not just a bag that you can buy for a few dollars on the street. It is a large plastic bag that can hold quilts. It is so full that it takes up more than half of the trunk.

When I was preparing it, I thought it would take up a lot of space, be delicious, and not cost any money.

But now when I give it away, I feel nothing but friendship.

"Take this dried sweet potato and cook it into porridge. It's delicious!"

"Save a space in the trunk to put the bucket tomorrow, and I'll set up some cages tomorrow morning to put some fish and shrimp for you..."

"Have you brought all the radish and cabbage? Let me put them in two sacks for you..."

They were moving here in full swing. The old man's belongings and those of a few young men were sorted into categories and neatly arranged.

It looked like Lao Zhu and the others were so elated! They didn't even dare to say any polite words of rejection, for fear that Song Sancheng would take it seriously.

And what about Song Tan?

She looked at her brand new boyfriend and pointed to several big bags by the wall:

"The fermented fertilizer you want, as well as my special nutrient solution - do you really not think about going back and packing all the flowers?"

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