1161. Tian Tian and Sun Ziqiang

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As the New Year is approaching, more and more people from the village are coming back. With the heavy snowfall in the past two days, it is impossible to do any work, so everyone has to go home to go home and go home to go home.

Among them, the spacious fire room of Lao Song's family has become the center of gossip for most people.

In this regard, Wulan, who has been busy for a year, said: She loves to listen!

Not to mention her, even Song Tan took the initiative to take out a pot of dried sweet potatoes, dried chestnuts, dried rice sticks and the like for everyone to grind their teeth. He looked at the elder sisters and aunts who tilted their heads and used their big teeth to grind chestnuts or sweet potatoes with ferocious expressions.

The skin is dry and broken, and a few words of gossip are added in the middle...

Oh, I don't even have time to think about Lu Chuan anymore.

Of course, there are also some ideas from Xiao Zhu’s branch secretary.

"How grand your big villa is and how comfortable your house is, I think the villagers will have an idea of ​​it. It will be more convincing to tell you how much money you can earn by following you later."

"In this way, just think of it as your chatting and help me relieve some stress."

Otherwise, it would be quite troublesome to call every family for a meeting during the Chinese New Year to persuade them.

Only when the entire village becomes an unbreakable community of interests, can everyone work together in the direction of development.

In Tian Tian's situation, it stands to reason that she can get married. But there is no such situation in rural areas and cities, and many people just want to marry a hardworking and slow wife...

"That's bad, Reshi Ding heard his mother say that he has no partner... What about the partner? He must be a very good guy!"


Aunt Wulan sighed: "He said that this girl Song Tan is so bad now. At first, I saw that there was less pressure outside the house, but now you see that I can run by myself... Hey, I heard that you and I

Is there a helper from their family talking to you?"

The young aunt who was chatting asked very cautiously.

Aunt Wei Nan then slowly changed the subject: "Did Zhou Tianyu from the Lanhua family come back in autumn and have a blind date with Wei Nan? Is the deal broken now?"

When everyone gathered together, the current topic of conversation was naturally the single, young and beautiful Song Tan.

"Yes, yes, it's okay to make money, and we, Tantan, can earn it too."

A group of people who came here all pouted: "You have a face that can be used as food. People say that a bad man has a bad wife, but a bad guy marries a pretty girl - Ouch! He looks so bad!"

If you really work outside the factory, it will be harder to find a partner. Everyone in the family is working. If he goes to that factory, you will also go to that factory.

"Come home, I heard that people from the imperial capital are willing to come to our village...so what else are you choosing!"

The mother and the boy were full of confidence, and after eating their stomachs full of melon, the young man left the party.

"Yes, he has to discuss it with Song Tan."


"Yes, Qiao Qiao, he is really unlucky! The husband-in-law had to take care of them as his own parents!"

But he's not the kind of person who sits in an office. It's hard to say whether he will be low or high.

Speaking of that, Qiao Qiao also smiled brightly: "Yes! This guy is from Pine Tree Town. He is generally a down-to-earth person and can do a good job. He drives an excavator to earn some money, which is quite bad!"

Zhang Hong was not shy at all. Instead, she showed the photo in a small and square way: "I don't think I have a good family. I am not very good at making money. I am not good at cooking. The most important thing is that I am beautiful."

As the boys were chatting, the topic turned to Tian Tian again:

I just heard you laughing and saying: "That silly boy is still growing up! What kind of wife do you want to marry? You and my father are feeling pretty bad in health, and we can still take care of him for another seventy or eighty years."

But now!

The young man held his mobile phone and circulated it carefully, and his attitude was like "your face can be used as food". At the end, Aunt Wulan sighed:

The young man didn't look twice, but he couldn't help but move closer to the stove: "You are really a big boy, and he is not afraid of the heat at all."

Qiao Qiao thought about it, but now it's like the past. If the parents refuse, the family will be settled? Young people don't have many ideas!

Aunt Zhang Hong kept patting her thigh: "At that time, I said I would introduce someone to you, but your mother said there was no rush. You also said you had to wait until the rice was harvested in the summer and asked me to form a team for you to choose... Okay.

You Song Tan, you are trying to prevaricate me! When the rice was harvested, people from all over the country went out to work, where can I choose?"

Instead, Zhang Hong, who was full of confidence, whispered comforting words: "Don't worry, Song Tan can support the whole family by himself, can you suffer a loss there?"

Qiao Qiao instantly became vigilant: Song Tan is here today, Sun Ziruo is also there, and Zhang Hong's pickup truck is also there, just because Song Tan's family is going to Sun Ziruo's house to look after the house!

Unexpectedly, in the early morning of the second day, Brother Sun drove over to return the car, but his face was very depressed.

If the housekeeping can be successful, the marriage will basically be settled. If the old man is good, this, that, this, that!

You thought for a while and then said: "Brother Da Sun, if they want to hold the wedding slowly and have easy money, you can't lend it to them."

"What's wrong?" Wei Nan asked: Could it be that my parents are so good at doing things that the couple fell out on the spot?

When Qiao Qiao mentioned that matter in the past, she might have felt secretly sad for a while when she thought of Tian Tian's condition.

You twitched your lips: "It's you, you had a fight with your parents yesterday."

"I know how to eat and drink myself. I know how to run out of the house when it rains. I can also cook. I just need to eat when I'm hungry."

Qiao Qiao thought for a while and realized that she had actually heard Li Lanhua say it, so she shook her head: "I guess it will work."

"You know, you know!" Among the people outside the village, there is no one who is related to them from all over the country. No one in the crowd slowly said: "The people from outside the village in Songshu Town are the Sun family! You know!"

"If the kid gets married, the housekeeping fees will cost 10,000 yuan, right? The bride price will also have to be 84,000 yuan, right? I'll have to buy it with 8 gold pieces, right? If the money is already given, how can the eldest son buy a house?"

It is not like that for us rural people to drift to small cities. The local families look down upon them, and the people in the surrounding areas also want to return to the poor and remote areas.

Zhang Hong also cheered up: "What did you say? Later, I heard that I was partial to my eldest son."

Unexpectedly, as soon as those words were said, Song Tan got into the car with a weak smile from the passenger side.

"Oh! There's no favoritism here. It's obviously the whole family's plan... They know, right? My eldest son seems to have told the family, and the family seems to be collecting money to buy a house in the city!"

The young man who came over was stunned.

"He's so handsome! That's true. Don't choose him. For a guy like that, he'll start quarreling even before we get married. I don't have much hope for this day!"


Qiao Qiao instantly became worried.

"Yes, the problem is on my side."

While talking, I saw Tian Tian humming and rolling a small snowball inside, taking a shovel and sloppily giving her a slim figure, obviously wanting to make another row of snowmen.

"Where's Tian Tian? Are you going to find someone for her?"

"That's right. Old age brings bad luck, and the old man in this family is good at it."

This chapter has been completed!
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