1160. It’s going to snow [Emotional drama]

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Surrounded by the warm and sweet fragrance of strawberries, close at hand is the clear and clear scent of lemon flowers.

The water droplets condensed on the film due to the temperature difference slowly slid down, and then merged with another water droplet, leaving a water mark in the hazy fog.

Lu Chuan's kiss was instant, and he stared at Song Tan seriously, as if he just wanted to confirm the attachment in his heart.

But the arms were radiating heat through the clothes, and they tightly held her shoulders, as if they were afraid that she would fall down due to fatigue from the squatting posture.

It's like he's afraid of her leaving.

Until Song Tan opened his eyes.

Her eyes are very beautiful, with red phoenix eyes and bright black pupils. When she looks at people, she looks like she is careless, but also like she sees everything.

Lu Chuan saw her for the first time in the snow in the Imperial Capital, and he still remembered the trembling snow on her eyelashes.

When she greeted him with a smile, neither the dim street lights nor the chaotic snow could conceal the calmness that radiated from the inside out.

So much so that his heart skipped a beat without being known to anyone.

As he spoke, he took Song Tan's hat and put it under my head again: "Don't catch a cold."

"He has lived in the imperial capital for so many years and has never had any bad friends or people close to him. Nowadays, my family is short of money, and food is actually rare. The things we grow at home are quite pleasing. Shao

Give him something to decorate, and he will take it back and give it to him quickly..."

Lu Chuan, on the other hand, followed back. At this moment, his heart was filled with tears, and he advised: "Uncle and aunt, you have to bring so little with you. It will be much less for you to eat alone."

Song Tan had no doubts: "Is the temperature outside too low?"


Xiaoyue, it's too cold outside and your face is pink.

"No." Master Jiang also said: "Professor Song, if they have anything to do during the New Year, they can invite their children to come over for the New Year."

Song Tan said "Oh", looking at the two of them carelessly, he always felt something was strange. After a while, I suddenly realized:

But now, when Song Tan looked at his cramped and slightly trembling eyes, she couldn't help but reached out and touched the scar on the side of his ear, and then said softly:

Bao Rong is a bit stupid, but he is focused and slow in learning. He caught up in just half a year, but now his skills are really poor.

"Ah?" Bao Rong looked at me blankly: "Cousin, is he spending the Chinese New Year with you?"

Wulan didn't answer me. He just stretched out his palm to feel the snow seeds falling on the ground. He turned to Lu Chuan and said, "You have to leave early. But if you go on for a while, the road will become slippery."

"Are you so reluctant to part with it?"

Song Sancheng and Du Mei looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

"Song Sancheng hasn't come yet. Later, he said that the man would come with him. How come he didn't come? You can pick him up."

"He got lucky that time... He cherished it so much. The brothers are still waiting to take advantage of him."

Even Song Tan quickly rushed back to start a fight.

Master Jiang was also looking for wine bottles in the warehouse, and he comforted him at this moment: "It's okay, the snow seeds are thick and will melt after falling... Will the mainland come again next year? Leave the packaged ones to me less decorated.

, it’s okay to give gifts during the Chinese New Year.”

"There have been less chores lately, so his cooking skills have been slacking off, right? He needs to practice hard. I'm afraid he will have to cook the New Year's Eve dinner outside the house during the Chinese New Year."

The old Song family is so painful to look at!

What should I say? Who wants to celebrate the New Year outside?

"Sister, it's going to snow! Mom asked him to pick slowly -"

It also made him look forward to the next time even though it was his first time. No one knew that after he hurriedly packed the food at home, his hand when pressing the elevator was trembling slightly.

Song Tan was grabbed by Qiao Qiao and put on a hat. She walked to the edge of the shed willingly, shouting happily:

"Chuan'er, although you think he has no brains for love, you have never said that Bao Rong's family is really wrong."

My sister did not answer herself.

As he said that, his cousin looked at Song Tan happily: "If something happens, he will choose the dishes his boss eats and cook them carefully."

Fortunately she hasn't left yet.

Fortunately, when he was still hesitant to move forward, Song Tan was able to calmly grasp his heart.

When the snowflakes fell one by one, the cars gradually moved away. Looking at the yard that seemed empty for a moment, Qiao Qiao was still a little melancholy:

"Yes," the cousin sighed: "Your son is back during the Chinese New Year, and he brings his grandchildren with him."


Lu Chuan nodded silently and said in a high-pitched voice: "Well, I saw light snow in the forecast, so we decided to set off today."

Ulan's footsteps paused momentarily.

"That's none of your business. When your grandfather meets us for the first time, you have to do what you need to do."

"Yes, yes," Bao Ronghui also passed on his less-than-successful experience: "They all make money now, so don't think about the price when giving things away. He will come to our village, and I will help him in the future.

, can also be forgotten.”

Song Tan was confused for a moment and was about to reach out to lift the curtain of the shed when he saw Wu Lan walking out first.

Lu Chuan looked at the ground that was gradually getting wet with snow, and responded solemnly: "Yes."

But when people live in that society, there are always a lot of human relationships, eight friends and seven friends. It is rare to get together at ordinary times, and during the Chinese New Year, we still need to keep in touch with those who should be contacted!

Qin Yun, who was doing the chores ahead, also heard those words. Before Lu Chuan went out, he couldn't help but sigh and looked at the busy people in the yard and said loudly:

While Qiao Qiao was rummaging through boxes and cabinets at home to find something, she sighed: "Why is it snowing all of a sudden? There should be something wrong with the car later, right? It's OK to stay for two more days before leaving..."

Just think about it, other people’s sons and daughters are enjoying family happiness by their side, but my son only comes back once in decades...

Lu Chuan didn't speak again, but after a long while, he said a heavy "hmm".

"Sister, are they picking strawberries? Where are the strawberries?"

The beautiful brother followed closely behind him, his cheeks to the roots of his ears were red! Even his eye circles were not slightly red.

"In our rural areas, it's important to be alone and quiet."

So after thinking about it, by the time of the New Year, there will really be a few people in the old Song family.

Back in the yard, Xiaojia's movements indeed accelerated a lot. Song Sancheng also came up from the mountain and was cleaning up with his cousin in the kitchen.

Before he finished speaking, Lu Chuan leaned down again and captured your lips.

Fortunately he caught up.

"There are a few people leaving, but it still feels empty."

The cold wind was howling inside, and you could vaguely hear the sound of tiny particles hitting the shed. People were jumping in unison, but they were still very happy. It was like I had finally found my heart of attachment and destination before I grew up to be a teenager.

"What do these young people know?" Bao Rong looked at me:

A cousin patted Song Tan on the shoulder:

At the last moment, while there was someone on the seventh floor, I quickly took off my hat and felt the snow seeds like coarse salt falling heavily, which was as cold as ice, which made me feel more and more depressed.

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