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You just care about strategy

You just care about strategy

author:Must sleep at 9am

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 263 How can there be so many coincidences?

'Have you ever played galgame?' Shiina Kiri looked at the blue subtitles that appeared in her sight. 'No.' 'You just care about strategy.' 'baffling.' This book is also called 'About me wanting to lock up a brand new shared bicycle so that I can ride it only for myself', 'About me tricking my voice actor girlfriend into doing cs for me'...

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《You just care about strategy》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 263 How can there be so many coincidences?
Chapter 262 That was the scene he missed
Chapter 261 'Silly and sweet heroine'
Chapter 260 Monday Morning
Chapter 259 I heard that beauty traps are more than just about bringing down the country and the city.
Chapter 258 Sword Competition
Chapter 257 I’ll eat you to death!
Chapter 256 Happy
Chapter 255 No more
《You just care about strategy》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Have you ever played galgame?
Chapter 2 There is no shortage of malice
Chapter 3 Voice Actor?
Chapter 4 Do you want to raise a kitten?
Chapter 5 Subjective or objective questions
Chapter 6 I am very clean
Chapter 7 About I Want to Make a Brand New
Chapter 8 Disgusting
Chapter 9 You smell good
Chapter 10 A gray-toned world must have some color
Chapter 11 Applying for a Scholarship for You
Chapter 12 What kind of class should I take?
Chapter 13 Does it smell good?
Chapter 14 Is there still a sister?
Chapter 15 These stockings?
Chapter 16
Chapter 17 Momotani Miyuki
Chapter 18 Going to meet my husband
Chapter 19 You are quite nice
Chapter 20 Peach
Chapter 21 'Xiao Wu'
Chapter 22 Do you think no one will want me?
Chapter 23 Just because I like it
Chapter 24 Don’t even think about kissing me again!!
Chapter 25 There is a treasure in the blind box
Chapter 26 A story that a young man cannot know
Chapter 27 Brother Cheng is still a scholar
Chapter 28 Momotani Miyuki Completion Level: 20
Chapter 29 The bad idea of ??a middle school boy
Chapter 30 You feel sorry for my money, right?
Chapter 31 Cafe
Chapter 32 Call Master, listen
Chapter 33 Let her be with me
Chapter 34 Ichiki-chan
Chapter 35 Do you want this?
Chapter 36 It’s my sister again
Chapter 37 The people behind you shouldn’t come
Chapter 38 Not yet
Chapter 39 Photos
Chapter 40 I am seven and you are three?
Chapter 41 She is the most indispensable death for the male protagonist to successfully conquer the female protagonist
Chapter 42 'Side Mission'
Chapter 43 The heroine refuses but welcomes her
Chapter 44 She’s not trying to please others
Chapter 45 Yuansheng-san, what do you want to drink?
Chapter 46 There is a big shadow in her world
Chapter 47 She only has you
Chapter 48 The friendship of three people
Chapter 49 Mom’s Story
Chapter 50 The plot will always develop in a bad direction
Chapter 51 If you like someone, you will have unrealistic thoughts
Chapter 52 If I don’t like you anymore
Chapter 53 Take off your socks for me
Chapter 54 Why didn’t you call the police?
Chapter 55 Some emotions are missing
Chapter 56 You are no longer special
Chapter 57 Young man, starting to doubt that he is not the protagonist again?
Chapter 58 He didn’t agree
Chapter 59 A little salty
Chapter 60: Can you cook for me from now on?
Chapter 61 Note
Chapter 62 To assume the role
Chapter 63 Then I probably don’t like him
Chapter 64 Magic
Chapter 65 Those who came first and those who will die
Chapter 66 Send a single chapter
Chapter 67 These are just ordinary little things
Chapter 68 Taste the pain of love
69. Chapter 69 Opening Ceremony
70. Chapter 70 Qingkora Na
71. Chapter 71 Any conditions are acceptable?
72. Chapter 72 She spoke love words to him
73. Chapter 73 She is like this
74. Chapter 74 The scumbag’s lying skills
75. Chapter 75 Let him lie
76. Chapter 76 Convenience Store
77. Chapter 77 Is it really possible?
79. Chapter 79 How to keep up with him if you don’t learn
80. Chapter 80 But hard work will pay off, right?
81. Chapter 81 I don’t need to clear the level, she is mine.
82. Chapter 82 Actually, it’s okay for my sister.
83. Chapter 83 The water should be smoother
84. Chapter 84 You are the protagonist
85. Chapter 85 “Sakai”
86. Chapter 86 Sisters (please read)
87. Chapter 87 They all have to make big concessions
88. Chapter 88 Is the result more important, or the process?
89. Chapter 89 He is also working hard
90. Chapter 90 I have someone I like
91. Chapter 91 She doesn’t want the guitar anymore
92. Chapter 92 I obviously didn’t do anything
93. Chapter 93 Kittens can lie
94. Chapter 94 It was originally meant for you
95. Chapter 95
96. Chapter 96 From now on, I can only take off your socks.
97. Chapter 97 Reluctantly
98. Chapter 98 Experience card, right?
99. Chapter 99 Self-Strategy?
100. Chapter 100 She seems to be happy all the time
101. Chapter 101 It’s okay to lie
102. Chapter 102 Just like it’s true
103. Chapter 103 Role Playing
104. Chapter 104 President of Kendo Club
105. Chapter 105 If she is pretending
106. Chapter 106 Where are the shoes?
107. Chapter 107 I don’t know either
108. Chapter 108 A little more than half
109. Chapter 109 Whatever you want
110. Chapter 110 Can I touch it?
111. Chapter 111 He may never know it in his life
112. Chapter 112 The real difficulty of this galgame
113. Chapter 113 Why do we want to be together?
114. Chapter 114 He is my darling
115. Chapter 115 When the princess stands behind the knight
116. Chapter 116 I am also your girlfriend
117. Chapter 117 If she escapes
118. Chapter 118 I just sit far away and won’t disturb you.
119. Chapter 119 I can touch it for you
121. Chapter 120 Hey, do you want to wash together?
122. Chapter 121 Don’t kiss me anymore
123. Chapter 122 Will it still be her cherry blossoms next year?
124. Chapter 123 Photos
125. Chapter 124 The boxes are filled with my sister’s treasures.
126. Chapter 125 A belated apology
127. Chapter 126 Oh, you sleep on the sofa tonight
128. Chapter 127 He couldn’t see her face clearly
129. Chapter 128 It doesn’t matter if the flowering period is short
130. Chapter 129 I can’t find the matcha cake
130. Chapter 130 It’s too stupid to use a mobile phone in person
131. Chapter 131 She means what she says
132. Chapter 132 He is just a pervert
133. Chapter 133 The moon is not round, missing three points
134. Chapter 134 But I won’t be really angry
135. Chapter 135 This is what he thinks
136. Chapter 136 He is special
137. Chapter 137 Go back with you
138. Chapter 138 It turns out this is also a dream
139. Chapter 139 Liar
140. Chapter 140 Is there another girl who likes you?
141. Chapter 141 Don’t tell her
142. Chapter 142 Be kind to her in the future.
143. Chapter 143 You are already thinking about sorry for me, right?
144. Chapter 144 Unwilling
145. Chapter 145 Girls just want to get married.
146. Chapter 146 Waiting for love
147. Chapter 147 Paradise Lost
148. Chapter 148 Because my Xiao Wu is not nervous at all.
149. Chapter 149 Candlelight Dinner
150. Chapter 150 The God of Thunder makes a little move, although not zero
151. Chapter 151 Impossible
152. Chapter 152 Is that so?
153. Chapter 153 This is my first kiss
154. Chapter 154 Eating sweets
155. Chapter 155 Do you want to drink?
156. Chapter 156 Revealing the Heart
157. Chapter 157 Got it, idiot
158. Chapter 158 Monthly test ends
159. Chapter 159 Ways to cheer up your boyfriend
160. Chapter 160 Creating Opportunities
161. Chapter 161 Kill him?
162. Chapter 162: Inhale when you bump into someone
163. Chapter 163 Manager Nishigu with a sincere attitude
164. Chapter 164 Breaking up requires practice
165. Chapter 165 Inexplicably angry
166. Chapter 166 Who wins?
167. Chapter 167 Guess
168. Chapter 168 Fraud
169. Chapter 169 Massage
170. Chapter 170 Come back early in the evening
171. Chapter 171 Let’s have a glass of iced Americano
172. Chapter 172 Ginkgo Leaf
173. Chapter 173 Choice
174. Chapter 174 Candy is not sweet
175. Chapter 175 Asking for leave
176. Chapter 176 Private Courtyard
177. Chapter 177 Surprise
178.Chapter 178 Aozora
179. Chapter 179 What is that?
180. Chapter 180 Like
181. Chapter 181 Asakura, be good
182. Chapter 182 Cold
183. Chapter 183 Kitten hey hey my kitten
184. Chapter 184 I will be caught by him accidentally
185. Chapter 185 The end of May represents farewell
186. Chapter 186 The doormat
187. Chapter 187 Have you never received a love letter?
188. Chapter 188 There is no sense of superiority in bullying idiots
189. Chapter 189 Actually not stupid
190. Chapter 190 It’s impossible for them
191. Chapter 191 Think clearly before answering.
192. Chapter 192 Oh
193. Chapter 193 Reward
194. Chapter 194 She played that love game very seriously.
195. Chapter 195 Don’t cry secretly
196. Chapter 196 Sound insulation is very good
197. Chapter 197 Do you miss me, Shiina-kun (please vote for me)
198. Chapter 198 It’s the Fireworks Festival (1)
Chapter 199 It’s a Fireworks Festival (2)
Chapter 200 The End
Chapter 201 So Tired
Chapter 202: People who are too emotional cannot have a harem
Chapter 203 Who knows?
Chapter 204 Is it sweet?
Chapter 205 Sunflower?
Chapter 206 You have to make it clear
Chapter 207 One Day
Chapter 208 Why not attend the sports festival?
Chapter 209 A completely different sports festival in my impression
Chapter 210 Loss will be postponed
Chapter 211 Why don’t you understand?
Chapter 212 Sounds pretty good
Chapter 213 Target Tenmangu Palace
Chapter 214 Don’t Make Reconciliation
Chapter 215 Why are you still sneering?
Chapter 216 Angry
Chapter 217 Dinner Party
Chapter 218 Weekend
Chapter 219 Let someone who is unlikely to like him fall in love with him
Chapter 220 Want to see it?
Chapter 222 Don’t ask questions knowingly
Chapter 223 A day off
Chapter 224 Is there thunder?
Chapter 225 Disneyland
Chapter 226 Suddenly I don’t want to lick anymore
Chapter 227 French fries or
Chapter 228 Completion
Chapter 229 Weekly Mall
Chapter 230 Do you know what this means?
Chapter 231 I heard that people who play with people’s hearts will not have good results.
Chapter 232 'Brother'
Chapter 233 I really want to die
Chapter 234 'Love'?
Chapter 235 Don’t bother to think about it
Chapter 236 Give me back!
Chapter 237 The situation gets worse
Chapter 238 Oh
Chapter 239 What are you sarcastic about?
Chapter 240 Why do you think you have to do it with him?
Chapter 241 Will you eat my lunch?
Chapter 242 Was it originally done this way?
Chapter 243 Who wants to watch football?
Chapter 244 Was your tone too harsh just now?
Chapter 245 The power of love?
Chapter 246 The last day of the sports festival
Chapter 247 It’s pointless to mention it again
Chapter 248 Akigawa Valley
Chapter 249 Obviously not
Chapter 250 Will it be boring?
Chapter 251 Can give some surprises
Chapter 252 It’s special
Chapter 253 A day that doesn’t fit the love game
Chapter 254 Can I hide Jie Xia?
Chapter 255 No more
Chapter 256 Happy
Chapter 257 I’ll eat you to death!
Chapter 258 Sword Competition
Chapter 259 I heard that beauty traps are more than just about bringing down the country and the city.
Chapter 260 Monday Morning
Chapter 261 'Silly and sweet heroine'
Chapter 262 That was the scene he missed
Chapter 263 How can there be so many coincidences?