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The start was really bankrupt and I was kicked out of the family group

The start was really bankrupt and I was kicked out of the family group

author:Xiao Shi next door

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-07 11:04

Latest chapter:Chapter 197 Ending.

In ancient times, there were internal struggles within the royal family that resulted in bloodshed. Today, there are four heirs of the Lin Group fighting for their property. "So nicknamed, Lin Buyan, the second son of the Lin family, was kicked out of the family because his company went bankrupt early!" "Lin Buyan was kicked out of the family!" "Kicking out the Lin family, is this a loss of morality or a distortion of human nature?"...The whole world is concerned about Lin Buyan, but he is the only one who doesn't care.

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《The start was really bankrupt and I was kicked out of the family group》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 197 Ending.
Chapter 196 Wedding.
Chapter 195 Two years later.
Chapter 194 Accident
Chapter 193 Buyan Technology Co., Ltd.
Chapter 192 New Project
Chapter 191 Return to Yuncheng
Chapter 190 One billion US dollars.
Chapter 189 Follow-up
《The start was really bankrupt and I was kicked out of the family group》Chapter Contents
1 Kicked out of the family group
2 Transfer 10,000 yuan via WeChat
3 break up
4 brotherhood
5 fastest way to sell a house
6 Start the show
7 belated communication
8 Black swan market, take off directly
9 Lively comment area
10 slap
11 The mother and son who were kicked out of the house
12 It’s just a small goal to receive the bank card.
13 Big G’s first collision
14 Just donating roads
Chapter 15 The school also donates!
Chapter 16 A small goal
Chapter 17 Enthusiastic Citizens????
Chapter 18 Have you ever seen a red exclamation mark?
Chapter 19 Fate
Chapter 20 Me and my enemy boss?
Chapter 21 Win-win cooperation?
Chapter 22 Talent is a bit expensive
Chapter 23 Guarantee before departure!
Chapter 24 Ferrari SF90
Chapter 25 South China Sea
Chapter 26 South China Sea Stone Gambling Exhibition
Chapter 27 Lin Buyan Fishing
Chapter 28 1.5 billion~
Chapter 29 Thirteen Small Goals for Small Profits
Chapter 30 Hey~
Chapter 31 Bank Troubles
Chapter 32 Sorry, I really have 1.3 billion
Chapter 33 Memories
Chapter 34 Auction
Chapter 35 Fierce Bidding
Chapter 36 Behaving badly again
Chapter 37 The state raises prices for first-level athletes
Chapter 38 Ganny
Chapter 39 Old friends get together
Chapter 40 The Disappearance of the Destiny Dice
Chapter 41 The unknown secret (a sneak attack)
Chapter 42 Preparing to Harvest Huaer Street
Chapter 43 Going Home
Chapter 44 On the eve of the plan
Chapter 45 The Hunting Begins
Chapter 46 The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind
Chapter 47 Self-destruction
Chapter 48 Passing
Chapter 49 Distribution of Benefits
Chapter 50 The plan begins!
Chapter 51 A great victory!
Chapter 52 Return to the city.
Chapter 53 Make money abroad and spend money at home~
Chapter 54 Buying a house!
Chapter 55 You are not as valuable as pork
Chapter 56 Then buy one!
Chapter 57 Plus a villa
Chapter 58 Chicken Braised in Pot!
Chapter 59 Why is it so troublesome to be a boss?
Chapter 60 Catch and rape?
Chapter 61 Red Oak Food Co., Ltd. (a little sneak attack)
Chapter 62 Negotiation
Chapter 63 The boat will naturally go straight when it reaches the bridge
Chapter 64 Like to be a father?
Chapter 65 Negotiation
Chapter 66 Will there be domestic violence?
Chapter 67 The Principled Doorman
Chapter 68 Then you kneel down and conquer her?
Chapter 69 Investigated by the Paparazzi
Chapter 70 The Eve of Parting
Chapter 71 Are you Lin Buyan? Is Lin Buyan you?
Chapter 72 Opening an Account
Chapter 73 Preparation
Chapter 74 Shipping!
Chapter 75 The ten outstanding young people in Yuncheng!
Chapter 76 The threat of wages is the biggest trump card!
Chapter 77 How could it be him?
Chapter 78 Win-win cooperation?
Chapter 79 Have you seen Infernal Affairs?
Chapter 80 Happy cooperation~
Chapter 81 The plan begins!
Chapter 82 Bullshit! Bullshit!!
Chapter 83 The Eve of Counterattack
Chapter 84 Counterattack
Chapter 85 Losing his wife and losing his troops
Chapter 86 Plan completed!
Chapter 87 Let’s go!
Chapter 88 Landslide
Chapter 89 First Aid
Chapter 90 Kimura Onoro’s Ambition
Chapter 91 Heading towards the mutton skewers~
Chapter 92 Seoul
Chapter 93 Cooperation
Chapter 94 Lake Rawa
Make a digression
Chapter 95 News about Liu Ruyan
Chapter 96 Reunion after a long separation
Chapter 97 Year-end Report
Chapter 98 Liu Ruyan’s aura.
Chapter 99 Sudden news.
Chapter 100 Lin Feng is gone.
Chapter 101 Discussion.
Chapter 102 The Era of Faith
Chapter 103 Mysterious Phone Call
Chapter 104 The war begins.
Chapter 105 Decision!
Chapter 106 Zhang Qingyuan is back.
Chapter 107 Arrangement
Chapter 108 Game
Chapter 109 The message was eavesdropped
Chapter 110 Mio Clinic
Chapter 111 Take action
Chapter 112 Accident
Chapter 113 Cooperation
Chapter 114 Entering the Arena
Chapter 115 Demolition
Chapter 116 Old Classmates
Chapter 117: Duplicitous people still talk about cooperation?
Chapter 119 Business talks.
Chapter 120 The fish bites the hook
Chapter 121 Being cheated?
Chapter 122 It’s over
Chapter 123 Negotiation
Chapter 124 Everyone has their own plans?
Chapter 125 The conflict begins
Chapter 126 A good show
Chapter 127 The truth
Chapter 128 Counterattack
Chapter 129 An unknown call
Chapter 130 Life and death, destiny and wealth are in heaven
Chapter 131 Reversal
Chapter 132 Return home safely
Chapter 133 The End (This section is over.)
Chapter 134 I’m back~
Chapter 135 Calculation.
Chapter 136 Returning to the place where the dream began.
Chapter 137 Farewell
Chapter 138 Lin Jie’s cry for help.
Chapter 139 Guarantee
Chapter 140 Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet!
Chapter 141 Mysterious Jade Pendant.
Chapter 142 Build a university!
Chapter 143 Negotiation
Chapter 144 Discussion.
Chapter 145 Passionate
Chapter 146 Rescue
Chapter 147 Foundation.
Chapter 148 Barrier
Chapter 149 Threesome
Chapter 150 Threesome
Chapter 151 Personnel Appointment and Removal
Chapter 152 Is it over?
Chapter 153 Questioning.
Chapter 154 Conversation
Chapter 155 The lingering sound
Chapter 156 Threat
Chapter 157 Quarrel
Chapter 158 Showdown
Chapter 159 Behind the Foundation
Chapter 160 Communication
Chapter 161 Thunderous Means
Chapter 162 Gan Quan’s visit
Chapter 163 Choice
Chapter 164 New Industry
Chapter 165 Communication
Chapter 166 Private Visit on Weibo
Chapter 167 Angry
Chapter 168 Old things reappear
Chapter 169 There is no one better than me in deceiving people.
Chapter 170 The funding problem is solved.
Chapter 171 Project Implementation
Chapter 172 Meeting old friends
Chapter 173 Targeting
Chapter 174 Use magic to defeat magic
Chapter 175 Donate 200 million.
Chapter 176 Giving Gifts.
Chapter 177 Preparing gifts
Chapter 178 Wedding
Chapter 179 Eat Melon
Chapter 180 Are you the only one who has money?
Chapter 181 The matter is over.
Chapter 182 Special Operations.
Chapter 183 Qian Kun’s debut.
Chapter 184 Loyalty and Righteousness Are Difficult to Balance
Chapter 185 Success.
Chapter 186 News
Chapter 187 Helping others
Chapter 188 Translation
Chapter 189 Follow-up
Chapter 190 One billion US dollars.
Chapter 191 Return to Yuncheng
Chapter 192 New Project
Chapter 193 Buyan Technology Co., Ltd.
Chapter 194 Accident
Chapter 195 Two years later.
Chapter 196 Wedding.
Chapter 197 Ending.