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Shaolin Evil Monk Journey to Other Worlds

Shaolin Evil Monk Journey to Other Worlds

author:Jiuliu Xianren

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-10 13:49

Latest chapter:Chapter 32 Contest

During the Great Tang Dynasty, the Tang Sect and the Ming Sect fought in Maple Leaf Valley. The Tang Sect was destroyed. A son was rescued by the abbot of Shaolin and named Tang Yaotian. But this son was evil by nature and got into trouble many times and was expelled from Shaolin. Later, he caused trouble in the Jianghu , committed all kinds of crimes, was arrested and executed by Shaolin: the soul crossed the Tianyuan Continent, and opened a road of cultivation and powerhouse. Readers: 101202633 (if you like this book, please join)

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《Shaolin Evil Monk Journey to Other Worlds》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 32 Contest
Chapter 31 Faith
Chapter 30: Sucking Beasts
Chapter 29 This time is really over
Chapter 28 White Glue
Chapter 27 White Liquid
Chapter 26 Choice
Chapter 25 Fairy Beast
Chapter 24 Shimen
《Shaolin Evil Monk Journey to Other Worlds》Chapter Contents
Chapter 0 Tang Yaotian
Chapter 1 Tianyuan Continent
Chapter 2 Rebirth
Chapter 3 Confidante
Chapter Four Eighteen Earthquake Pearls
Chapter 5 Shaolin Yi Jin Jing
Chapter 6 Meishan Village
Chapter 7 Bullying
Chapter VIII Decisions
Chapter 9 The Realm of Cultivation
Chapter 10 The Soup Behind Closed Doors
Chapter 11 The Real Assessment
Chapter 12 The first level
Chapter 13 Bet
Chapter 14 Teaching
Chapter 15 Surprise
Chapter 16 Encountered Elimination
Chapter 17 The title is the answer
Chapter 18 Ling Yunzong
Chapter 19 What is the Tao
Chapter 20 On the Tao
Chapter 21 I don't know
Chapter 22 Wonderful Flower
Chapter 23 Blood Dog
Chapter 24 Incredible
Chapter 25 The Eleventh Person
Chapter 26 Flight
Chapter 27: Change Aura
Chapter 28 Heavenly Spirit Falls
Chapter 29 The Way to Wake Up
Chapter Thirty Day After Day
Chapter Thirty-One
Chapter 32 The Heart of the Strong
Chapter 33 Heart Tribulation
Chapter 34 Cynical sarcasm
Chapter 35 Proud
Chapter 36 Lingyun's Secret Room
Chapter 37 The Great Sun Tathagata Seal
Chapter 38 Crazy Demon Cultivation
Chapter 39 Breakthrough
Chapter 40: Show mercy
Chapter 41 The Realm of Cultivating Demons
Chapter 42: Yaotian's Exit
Chapter 43 Degraded
Chapter 44: That's it
Chapter 45: Cultivation Newcomer Conference
Chapter 46 Ghost Ideas
Chapter 47 Late at night
Chapter 48: Go to Snow Mountain School
Chapter 49: The Three Sects
Chapter 50: Kindness and Vengeance
Chapter Fifty-One
Chapter 52 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 53 Fighting against the sky
Chapter 54: Tang Yaotian's Explanation
Chapter fifty-fifth life experience
Chapter 56 Xanadu
Chapter fifty-seven tit for tat
Chapter fifty-eight draw lots
Chapter 59 The Golden Head of the Bluestone Sect
Chapter 60 The Tournament Begins
Chapter 61 Victory without a fight
Chapter 62 Reaching the top sixteen
Chapter 63: The Provocation of the God Palace
Chapter 64 The Water of the Holy Spring
Chapter 65 Conspiracy
Chapter sixty six
Chapter 67 The handyman takes the stage
Chapter 68 The Scale of Victory
Chapter 69 Sensation
Chapter 70 One Foot
Chapter 71 Against Dragon Daozong
Chapter 72 The Tournament Begins
Chapter 73 The real battle
Chapter 74 The Bull
Chapter 75 The confrontation of the flesh
Chapter 76 Bloodthirsty Axe
Chapter 77 Shocking Showdown
Chapter 78 Nine days
Chapter 79 Thunder Sword
Chapter 80 The Eve of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 81 Outbreak
Chapter 82 The Star Array
Chapter 83 Breaking the Array
Chapter 84 The Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 85 Lion's Roar
Chapter 86 Unfathomable
Chapter 87 The power of the chicken
Chapter 88 The real winner
Chapter 89 Poison
Chapter 90: Generous
Chapter 91 Interrogation
Chapter 92 Return to Misty Peak
Chapter 93 Break and then stand
Chapter 94: Lingyunzong's shock change
Chapter 95 Deception
Chapter 96 Eighteen Shocking Seals
Chapter 97 Jinpeng
Chapter 98 The Great Thousand World
Chapter 99: The Destruction of Lingyunzong
Chapter 100 Planet
Chapter 101 Breakthrough again
Chapter 102 Master's Gift
Chapter 103 Surprised Feather
Chapter 104 Trapped
Chapter 105 fierce battle
Chapter 106 escape
Chapter 107 Searching for Immortal Order
Chapter 108 The Oriole is Behind
Chapter 109: To save or not to save
Chapter 110 The visitor is the guest
Chapter 111 The scourge left a thousand years
Chapter 112 The tiger enters the sheep's den
Chapter 113 Jiadi people visit
Chapter 114 Han Tian
Chapter 115 Taking advantage of the fire
Chapter 116: Enemy Road is Narrow
Chapter 117: God's Art of Returning to Sect Swordsmanship
Chapter 118 Adversity
Chapter One Hundred and Nineteenth Demonstration
Chapter 120 Past Events
Chapter 121 Unpredictable people
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Second
Chapter 123 Superposition of Buddha Seals
Chapter 124: Cultivation World Wanted Order
Chapter 125: The visitor is not good
Chapter 126: Wind and Remnant Clouds
Chapter 127: Escape to the Demon World
Chapter 128 Wan Yao River
Chapter 129 Tiger Demon
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Resolute
Chapter 131 The three major religions
Chapter 132: Entering the Demon World for the first time
Chapter 133 Chifeng Cave Lord
Chapter 134 Flattery
Chapter 135 Chifeng Cave that exists in name only
Chapter 136 Auspicious Seal
Chapter 137: Imposing manner
Chapter 138 Raise your eyebrows once and exhale once
Chapter 139 Li Wei
Chapter 140 The shame before the bloodbath
Chapter one hundred and forty first
Chapter 142: Take the initiative to attack
Chapter 143 Negotiation
Chapter 144: The gongs and drums are in full swing
Chapter 145 Ice Fox
Chapter 146 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 147 The Green Old Monster's Stratagem
Chapter 148 The lion opens his mouth
Chapter 149 gambling
Chapter 150 Double-headed water snake
Chapter 151 Arrogance
Chapter one hundred and fifty second menacing
Chapter 153 Double-headed water snake
Chapter 154 Moody
Chapter 155: Overturning the River and the Sea
Chapter 156 Eye of Death
Chapter 157: Snake Seven Inch
Chapter 158 Weaknesses
Chapter 159: Frightening moment
Chapter 160: Wrath of Frightened Feather
Chapter 161 Return Tang Yaotian to me
Chapter 162 Credit
Chapter 163: The visitor is not good
Chapter 164 Long time no see
Chapter 165 Threat
Chapter 166 The most domineering man
Chapter 167: Thirty-six Cave City Mansion
Chapter one hundred and sixty-eight God operator
Chapter 169 Seeking trouble
Chapter 170 Evil Mask
Chapter 171 Wild Bear
Chapter 172 The first condition
Chapter 173 Zhoutian Martial Arts Field
Chapter 175 The first person
Chapter 176 Leave the waiting to cowards
Chapter 177 The first round of battle
Chapter 178 I want you to die
Chapter 179 Cruel
Chapter 180
Chapter 181
two days sick leave
Chapter one hundred and eighty second received you
Chapter 183 The Great Commander
Chapter 184 Waiting for a person
Chapter 185: Together on the Road
Chapter 186 Flame City
Chapter 187: Fighting Beasts
Chapter 188 Four Elephants
Chapter 189 Tang Yaotian's End
Chapter 190 Beauty
Chapter 191 Send her out
Chapter 192: Expert Guidance
Chapter 193 Chess Game
Chapter 194: Snow Lotus Mountain Religion
Chapter 195
Chapter 196 mutual suspicion
Chapter 197 meet
Chapter 198: Aggressive
Chapter 199 spoiler
Chapter 200 Snow Mountain Cult Master
Chapter 201 Requirements
Chapter 202 leave
Chapter 203 Return to the world of self-cultivation
Chapter 204 Natural Vision
Chapter 205 Female master
Chapter 206 Watching the fun will also kill you
Chapter 207 Heavenly Tribulation Change
Chapter 208 Who is she
Chapter 209 Zhang Quezhi
Chapter 210 The cause of the past life, the effect of this life
Chapter 211 Death
Chapter 212 life is dying
Chapter 213 A hundred years of sleep
Chapter 214 Legal Delimitation Seal
Chapter 215 Break and then stand
Chapter 216: A hundred poisons do not invade
Chapter 217 Nine days
Chapter 218 Flight
Chapter 219 Thunderbolt
Chapter 220 Truth
Chapter 221: Founding of a faction
Chapter 222 The Road to Revenge
Chapter two hundred and twentieth
Chapter 224 No Morality
Chapter 225: Burning the God Palace
Chapter 226 Revisiting the Snow Mountain School
Chapter 227: Stealth Crisis
Chapter 228: Sneak into the boudoir
Chapter 229 Heart War
Chapter 230 Do you like to be naked. Sleep?
Chapter 231 Heartbeat
Chapter 232 Worry
The 233rd chapter hides the sky and crosses the sea
Chapter 234: Braking with static
Chapter 235 Purple Flame Poison Sac
Chapter 233 She is not Feng Xue
Chapter two hundred and thirty seventh panic
Chapter 238 fierce battle
Chapter 239 Millennium Frozen Technique
Chapter two hundred and fortieth self-inflicted
Chapter 1 Secret love?
Chapter 2 Immortal Star
Chapter 3 Earth Change
Chapter 4 Inexhaustible Complaints
Chapter 5 Strange Golden Light
Chapter 6 Suddenly
Chapter 7 Breaking the Seal
Chapter 8: Reunion after a long absence
Chapter 9 Ten Insects One Dragon
Chapter 10 Departure
Chapter 11 Jiaolong
Chapter 12 Stone Forest
Chapter 13 Robbery
Chapter 14 Fantasy Sky
Chapter 15 Ghosts and Mists
Chapter 16 The Dance of Ghosts
Chapter 17 Dust
Chapter 18 Fantasy (the last chapter is a free chapter)
Chapter 19 Ghost King
Chapter 20 Enclosed Space
Chapter 21 Entering the Immortal Mansion
Chapter 22 Gratitude
Chapter 23 Hearts in the Darkness
Chapter 24 Shimen
Chapter 25 Fairy Beast
Chapter 26 Choice
Chapter 27 White Liquid
Chapter 28 White Glue
Chapter 29 This time is really over
Chapter 30: Sucking Beasts
Chapter 31 Faith
Chapter 32 Contest