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Shocking, the background of this son of God is taboo

Shocking, the background of this son of God is taboo


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Latest chapter:Chapter 1227 The final conclusion, meeting the Lord of the Avenue!

After the Battle of Pouring the Origin, the Nine Great Immortal Realms were born. Later, immeasurable calamity came inexplicably, karma of all heavens arose, darkness revived, and the world-destroying war began, and the Immortal Realm was shattered. Three thousand realms, the turning point of the times, countless powerful physiques In this life, many sons of emperors, saints, gods, and dragons were born. Countless geniuses competed for supremacy, just to prove the truth and become emperor. His name was Su Changge, the one who stirred up thousands of storms. All heavenly taboos, transcending rules! Walking on the path of the emperor, He was invincible and eventually became the eternal emperor of heaven! Later, the Tao realm changed drastically and the Immortal realm came, but everyone found...

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《Shocking, the background of this son of God is taboo》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1227 The final conclusion, meeting the Lord of the Avenue!
Chapter 1226 Sweeping and crushing all the monsters, a hopeless gap!
Chapter 1225 The final game, the arrival of the immortal soldiers, the Mother Qi Cauldron of All Things!
Chapter 1224: One man is in charge, who else but me, a figure facing darkness alone!
Chapter 1223 The ultimate battle begins, two supreme monsters are shot away with one palm!
Chapter 1222 One person can truly suppress an era!
Chapter 1221 Millions of geniuses abstain, and the uncrowned king is born!
Chapter 1220: Abandoned goddess, do you want to join my eternal heaven?
Chapter 1219: What can I do if I interfere in the family affairs of your divine family?
《Shocking, the background of this son of God is taboo》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Nine Heavens Vision, Destiny Empty Body, Innate Holy Body Dao Embryo
Chapter 2: Unprecedented in eternity, the Dao realm is alarmed, everyone opens their chips
Chapter 3 The oath of the great road, the holy body appears, and the Son of God is established
Chapter 4: The Art of Returning to Immortality from All Ways, the Sword Intent of Killing Gods
Chapter 5 Heaven’s blessing, destiny’s return, breaking through four realms
Chapter 6 The ancient sacred mountain emerges, the Immortal King comes to the nine heavens, and the terrifying background
Chapter 7 The Tenth Purple Mansion has arrived! Break the ultimate and be arbitrary for all eternity
Chapter 8 The Son of God comes out of seclusion, amazes everyone, and returns to the Yuan Dynasty to perform martial arts
Chapter 9: Breaking the Sky Fist, shaking the Holy Land, destroying the Xuanhuang Meteor Iron
Chapter 10 The Body of Taiyin, the Tool Man Comes to the Door
Chapter 11: Crush at will. Since you are the son of God, you should be proud.
Chapter 12 The great road is simple, thousands of swords roar together, and the sword energy fills the sky
Chapter 13 So terrifying, the master of logic, Wang Shengzi wants to be blackened?
Chapter 14 The sword of heaven, one sword of yin and yang, the sky is broken
Chapter 15 Accompanying the artifact, ascending to Tianji Tower
Chapter 16 Vision of the Holy Body, Breaking Through the Tianji Tower
Chapter 17 Reject shortcuts and reach the top
Chapter 18 The Tianji Monument is broken, the secret key to the Immortal Hidden
Chapter 19 Lucky Draw, Eye of Luck
Chapter 20 Luohe Sword Sect, Wuji Aotian
Chapter 21 Shocked! Not playing by the rules
Chapter 22 The collision of swords and swords, splitting the sky
Chapter 23: One sword opens the gate of heaven, but the swordsman in the world is nothing more than this
Chapter 24 Dao-killing Technique, practice to stimulate the mind
Chapter 25: Breaking through the Emperor Realm, reaching the top of the Hunyuan Tiandao Monument
Chapter 26 Giving gifts one after another and setting off for the Tianhe Realm
Chapter 27 Young Lord? Luo Yan’s displeasure
Chapter 28: Overwhelming Fengyun City, the son of luck is no better than a leek
Chapter 29 Kill with one sword, the Lord falls
Chapter 30 Follow-up opportunity, treasure hunter Luo Yan
Chapter 31 The inheritance of the two emperors, apology or immortal battle
Chapter 32 The name of the Son of God, Beiming Dao Domain is shaken
Chapter 33 The Hundred Thousand Mountains and the Tomb of the Great Emperor Emerge
Chapter 34 The saint takes action and is wiped out.
Chapter 35 Luo Yan’s cleverness, the Son of God online instigates rebellion against the daughter of destiny
Chapter 36 The saint disappears, sympathy is a taboo for predators
Chapter 37 Weird mausoleum, dark atmosphere
Chapter 38 The wolf that swallows the sky and the moon, plants the slave mark
Chapter 39 The mausoleum collapses, and the secret realm of Guixu is about to open
Chapter 40 Imperial Arms Repair, Demonic Ruins Dao Domain
Chapter 41 Fairy City, the unruly golden-winged roc
Chapter 42: Suppressed with one punch, turns out to be a little jerk
Chapter 43 Weird imagination, the arrival of the Heavenly Mirror
Chapter 44 Baptism of Divine Light, What is the Gap?
Chapter 45 The mysterious fairy light enters the secret realm of Guixu
Chapter 46 Su Changge from God’s Perspective
Chapter 47 The daughter of great luck? Empress Taohua
Chapter 48 Dragon Transformation Technique? Loach An Daan Fan Tian
Chapter 49 Suppressing the Golden Dragon, he is a miracle
Chapter 50 If there is a dragon in the world, I will kill it today!
Chapter 51 The situation is reversed and the heart is broken
Chapter 52: People say no? Don’t let the rich water go to outsiders.
Chapter 53: Rebirth and Seizing the Body, welcome to my world
Chapter 54: Refining Dragon Wasteland, the mount comes to the door
Chapter 55 Nine golden lions? Can also be suppressed with one palm
Chapter 56 Don’t fight, Son of God Changge, I’m convinced
Chapter 57 Yan Emperor template, extremely domineering
Chapter 58 The sword breaks through all means and shocks everyone everywhere
Chapter 59 Weird fog, Mu Yanxi disappeared?
Chapter 60: Borrowing your inheritance to return your long-cherished wish
Chapter 61 Before the underground palace, the geniuses gather together
Chapter 62 The Ultimate Immortal, the Source of Darkness
Chapter 63: Battle against the remnants of darkness, the sky-burning demonic fire appears
Chapter 64 Li Han’s plan, the fist battle
Chapter 65 The biggest gap, the crushing posture
Chapter 66 Why? Just because I’m cheating
Chapter 67 Killing Li Han, a storm will arise
Chapter 68 The shame of the demon clan, so shameful
Chapter 69 The ancestor comes and kills at the snap of a finger
Chapter 70: Control the power of the five elements and become the World Tree
Chapter 71 Desperate choice, the storm is coming, and the immortal war is about to begin
Chapter 72 The war drums of the heavens sound, storms rise, and the heaven and earth change
Chapter 73 The five top forces declare war, the terrifying background, will the emperor return?
Chapter 74 The Ancient Sword Formation, the tragic collision, and the fall of the quasi-emperor
Chapter 75: Activate the trump card, revive the emperor’s weapons, and use the semi-immortal weapon
Chapter 76 The support of Guiyi Sect? Empress Xuanyu, Emperor Zhan
Chapter 77 The divine phoenix shines in the sky, the sword shines coldly, and the collision of the great emperor
Chapter 78 Under the saints, I am invincible, above the fairy world
Chapter 79 Pioneer of the new era, fighting against the pride of others alone
Chapter 80 The Sword of the Gods, Shaking the Heaven and Earth, Shaking the Universe
Chapter 81 The fire of destruction, the death of the emperor, the coming of the great age
Chapter 82 The emperor fights the great emperor, fights the four emperors alone, and the emperor's power breaks the galaxy
Chapter 83 The finishing work, the beginning of the big world, a corner of the world
Chapter 84: Changqing Divine Transformation Technique, the true innate holy body and Tao embryo, the imperial clan comes to the world
Chapter 85: The First Saint Ye Lintian, Divine Fire Palm Seal, Spear Light Breaking the Sky
Chapter 86 One step at a time, one vision at a time, transcending the Eucharist and setting a precedent
Chapter 87 The light that destroys gods returns to nothingness
Chapter 88: Don’t Call Her True Name, Yaochi Holy Land, Goddess’s Appearance
Chapter 89 Tianji Island is born, clouds rise from all directions, and the Holy Mount
Chapter 90 There is only one rule in the world, my rule
Chapter 91 The road is long, don’t forget your true heart, the survivors of time
Chapter 92: One punch shatters the magic circle, the sword brings about changes in the wind and clouds, and the sword brings silence to the world
Chapter 93: One punch breaks all laws, the master of face-changing, the master of submission
Chapter 94 The sword energy stretches across thirty thousand miles, and one sword radiates cold across nineteen states
Chapter 95 I am alone, the best in the world, the best here
Chapter 96 One person is enough. When we meet for the first time, I will grant you death.
Chapter 97 The collision of light and darkness, I am the light
Chapter 98 Absolute Power, Ancient One’s Fear, The Destined Day
Chapter 99 The Young Priest of the Ancient Demon Tribe, Queen of the Biangan Flower, accepts training?
Chapter 100 A sword coming from the west frightens the immortals and prohibits the Su family
Chapter 101: Taboo secrets, if you dare to tell them, nine tribes will be destroyed
Chapter 102 The second fright, Guiyuan Immortal Sect, hug Tongtian’s thighs quickly
Chapter 103 Space Folding, Time Token, Qingqiu Fox Clan
Chapter 104 Fierce battle, Binghua and Bianhua, let’s play briefly
Chapter 105 Shock the whole audience, go all out? Just a little frost and snow
Chapter 106 Wrong choice, abyss of despair
Chapter 107: Remembering the performance of the world, the time has come, it’s time to hit the road
Chapter 108 There are billions of geniuses in the world, but they are just stepping stones.
Chapter 109 It turns out to be a big leek, the struggle of the weak, what is the real Holy Body?
Chapter 110: Looting and devouring the holy body is disrespectful and should be destroyed
Chapter 111 The person who transcends the extreme, the starting point and source, the secret place of time?
Chapter 112 Coming to Tianji Island, making an exception for the first time, those who know the current affairs
Chapter 113: The Confident Dragon Batian, the Difference Between Clouds and Mud
Chapter 114 The murderous intent of the gods, the golden age? The day of the leek harvest
Chapter 115 Of all the ways in the world, invincibility is the best, Son of God Su Changge
Chapter 116 One blow shatters Dragon Tyrant, let’s go together, Ten Thousand Dragons Evil Formation
Chapter 117: Breaking the formation, wasting the Son of God’s time, dangerous
Chapter 118: Hair tied up in white clothes, young master like jade, sword fairy in the world
Chapter 119 Those who consider themselves invincible will be defeated by me.
Chapter 120 Apocalypse Organ Sect, secrets, and the cultivation system of another world?
Chapter 121 The door to the gods is unsightly for everyone.
Chapter 122 The light that breaks the sky, the bones of immortality, and the terrible conspiracy
Chapter 123 The one who surrenders is the Emperor of Heaven who is superior to the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths
Chapter 124 I am willing to go through fire and water for you, I am the final test
Chapter 125 The ancient blood of the war sky, a thin body? Can destroy the sky, collapse the earth, and kill all enemies
Chapter 126: Suppress with one punch, under control, the plan begins
Chapter 127 Draw a big cake! Even if the dog comes, he will be slapped! Du Fuzi takes action
Chapter 128 The heart of Tao is eternal and indestructible, and the conspiracy emerges
Chapter 129: The sword points to kill the black tide, the black rain falls on the sky and the earth, and the white clothes dispel the mortal world
Chapter 130 The sky and the earth are dark, the ghost realm is coming, the waltz of blood and hope
Chapter 131: Is one of the four incredible things in the underworld, the Magic Flute of the Sea of ??Bones, what you expected?
Chapter 132 The Dragon Elephant Sky-Shattering Fist shows its power and destroys the immortal faith with one blow
Chapter 133: Bone Sea Vortex, Third Generation Tung Coffin Fragments, Judgment Tianji Island
Chapter 134 Ancestor Jianxin, when you think about immortality, you are afraid that others will try to reach you
Chapter 135 Dark erosion, the ups and downs of light and darkness, the continuation of immortals and demons
Chapter 136: Great Nirvana, Demonic Light of Nothingness, Ancient Immortal World
Chapter 137: Appearances one after another, the ancient world of immortality opens, and the careful thoughts of all forces
Chapter 138 The leader of another world is reborn
Chapter 139 People from outside the world are like gods descending
Chapter 140 Playing with people's hearts, going to the Beast God Forest, stupid imagination
Chapter 141 The descendant of Tianluo Continent’s top force? Suppressed by hands
Chapter 142: Mercy will not be a principle, it is taboo in the heavens, and it will bite back and die
Chapter 143: Sacrifice of strange beasts, strong ones? Should be suppressed with thunder
Chapter 144: Something unexpected happened, the Blood Dragon? Is it worthy of becoming a transportation tool?
Chapter 145 Concentrate the sword domain freely and freely, and be extremely domineering in a matter of life and death
Chapter 146 The style of that sword, the art of cutting the way, combining the way, cutting
Chapter 147 The conspiracy of ancient geniuses and the murderous intention of Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 148 The storm in the palm of your hand, the symphony of rain and storm at night
Chapter 149 Kunlun Mountain, the Bronze Temple, the Dao Domain Wind is Rising, and Grand Events Are About to Begin
Chapter 150 The sacred mountain descends and leads the Immortal Ancient, a secret that makes one’s scalp numb.
Chapter 151 The four holy bodies gathered together and were willing to go through fire and water for the Son of God. Was the goddess taken advantage of during her night visit?
Chapter 152 The ancient tree of reincarnation, the terrible truth, the reversed reality, and death is coming
Chapter 153: A power far beyond cognition, a mantis' arm like a chariot, unable to escape from the palm of his hand, a taboo-like figure
Chapter 154 The plan to destroy the Soviet Union begins, the bell of destruction, and the hunting banquet
Chapter 155 The interception of the four geniuses, Thunder shot, no harm was done
Chapter 156: Fighting alone, easily crushed, it’s time to end
Chapter 157 The vision of Cang Tian Hegemony? Fleeing in defeat, Yin Tianzi falls
Chapter 158 The resurrected Ghost Seven swallows the sky hegemony
Chapter 159 Death of hatred, the terrible truth, the chosen sacrifice
Chapter 160 The Peak of Kunlun, the Sainthood Platform, and the Arrival of the Heavenly Demon Mountain
Chapter 161 Delaying the Son of God’s time, Su Changge battles Xiong Qi, ultimate physical strength
Chapter 162 Climb the highest peak and become the most ruthless son of God
Chapter 163: One sword shatters the thunder sea, everyone, see you on the top of Kunlun
Chapter 164 Illusion, world-destroying war, history of failure, let me make up for it
Chapter 165 Is repeated reincarnation destroyed or repeated? The light of destroying gods
Chapter 166 The end of the road to Kunlun, fighting against the young Qing Emperor
Chapter 167 The army of saints encircles and suppresses, and a sword initiates a blood sacrifice
Chapter 168 One person and one sword kill the saint, nothing more than a sacrifice and a guinea pig
Chapter 169 Wan Jian returns to the clan, I hope you will have a good pregnancy in your next life
Chapter 170 The curtain of the killing feast is another miracle or the end of a hero?
Chapter 171 I, Su Changge, am the destiny, stimulating the exhausted innate energy
Chapter 172 The world-destroying thunderbolt shocked everyone and directly swallowed the heavenly supervisor
Chapter 173 The existence that breaks the rules, the heavens are my enemies? Then hunt the heavens
Chapter 174 You all have to die here. A random sword blow is beyond your understanding.
Chapter 175 Thousands of saints take action together, and I will crush everything that is left
Chapter 176: Fierce battle, sweeping across all directions, it’s time to break the whetstone
Chapter 177 The Great Nirvana, the Light of Nothingness, the God-Destroying Sword
Chapter 178 The Bronze Temple opens, see Empress Hua Qianyue again, save Su Changge?
Chapter 179 The method of killing three corpses and becoming a saint, the golden age? The age of immortality
Chapter 180 One of the Three Corpse Saints, the Good Corpse Saint? A longer battle
Chapter 181 The Supreme Immortal Sutra Corroded by Darkness, the Tricks of the Good Corpse Saint
Chapter 182 Su Changge versus the Good Corpse Saint, ominous atmosphere, darkness manifested
Chapter 183 The shadow of the distant ancestors, Kunlun Mountain is closed, and the war is about to begin
Chapter 184 The resurgence of the storm, ancient murals, and hidden legends
Chapter 185 The source of darkness awakens, the reincarnated people walking through the years
Chapter 186 The world has no intention, the sun and the moon shine brightly, this move will lead to the death of gods and demons
Chapter 187 Mu Yanxi’s memory, the hug she has been waiting for for many years
Chapter 188 The war drums of the heavens sound for the second time, and the emperor comes
Chapter 189 The Immortal War breaks out, causing chaos in the Nine Heavens and the Universe, and the two emperors appear
Chapter 190 The battle in the starry sky, the imperial power sways the starry sky, each shows his power
Chapter 191 Clouds surge on the battlefield, and the Luck Emperor’s soldiers appear
Chapter 192 Please, Heaven-Suppressing Monument, Four Ancient Characters Suppress Ten Thousand Daos
Chapter 193 Shattering the Four Emperors of Luck, the Great Emperor of Hundred Wars Erupts, and the Emperor is Destroyed
Chapter 194 The figure of the immortal, above the immortal realm, the battle of breaking the source
Chapter 195 The test of inheritance, sword intention and piano intention
Chapter 196 The final test, the arrival of the demon emperor
Chapter 197: The Dao-Destroying Demon Palace buried all these guests who came from afar
Chapter 198 After passing the test, who is calling me?
Chapter 199 I am invincible, you can do whatever you want
Chapter 200 Another ancient battlefield, the Demonic Abyss
Chapter 201: King Mold is jealous of the Emperor, a unique imperial method
Chapter 202: I present the formation-breaking song to you all, and the war begins
Chapter 203 The dying struggle, the ancient emperor of the four major forces,
Chapter 204 Kill with one sword, the ancient emperor falls
Chapter 205 A real sword cultivator can be crushed directly
Chapter 206 Anyone who violates my Guiyuan Holy Land must be killed
Chapter 207 This sword will kill the sky when it is unsheathed
Chapter 208 The evil force turns out to be myself
Chapter 209 People fishing in the flow of time and space
Chapter 210 The Heavenly Demon Mountain reappears, and the Son of God is in poor health?
Chapter 211 After the aftermath, the storm subsides, but it’s still a new beginning
Chapter 212 After the destruction, a new rise
Chapter 213 The major forces’ conspiracy again, the eyes of ghosts and gods
Chapter 214 The Supreme Immortal Sutra, Canggu Star, Huge Backlash
Chapter 215 The secret book of Wuji Aotian, setting off to the underworld
Chapter 216 The five places of underworld, the familiar atmosphere?
Chapter 217 Next, Tianshan Divine Sword Sect, Su Wei
Chapter 218 Is he a fool, or is he absolutely confident?
Chapter 219 The ultimate physical body, unilateral crushing
Chapter 220 The movie king is buried without a god, is he more afraid of Su Changge than his ancestor?
Chapter 221 Unexpected reversal, ancestral kindness and grandson filial piety
Chapter 222 The Charming Girl Arrives, Higher Acting Skills
Chapter 223 Heading to the Nine Burial City, Shanzhen Tower, and Qudaohui
Chapter 224 Su Changge, the Strongest Relationship Member
Chapter 225 Qin Zhu Lingyun, you and me in the future
Chapter 226 Ten Thousand Times of Palm, Plum Blossoms and Birds
Chapter 227 What’s the point of a world without you, Secrets of the Nine Burials, Ghost Sword Immortal
Chapter 228 Titan Ghost Snake, Goodbye Apocalypse Organ Sect
Chapter 229 Flower of Samsara, a created thing
Chapter 230 The confusing and increasingly weird Nine Burial Sword Mountain
Chapter 231 The sound of the piano is causing all the ghosts, why don’t you come out and see it?
Chapter 232 Killing Gui Wuya, Undercurrent Surges
Chapter 233 Finally meeting each other, a story that only one person knows
Chapter 234: The place of the sword grave, the fox’s tail is exposed
Chapter 235 Something unexpected happened again, bronze coffin
Chapter 236 The Old Man Carrying a Sword, Ancient Sword Storm, Sword Swing
Chapter 237 The sword flower blooms, the memory of the old man carrying the sword, and the storm rises again
Chapter 238 I am a mayfly and the sword is Tianhong
Chapter 239 Two swords determine the outcome, and the army is destroyed
Chapter 240 What does that have to do with me, Su Changge?
Chapter 241 The Nine Burial Sword Box arrives, and the five major Burial forces gather together
Chapter 242 If the situation changes again, the person coming will be evil
Chapter 243: The past of Huangquan, be my apprentice and lead you to show off
Chapter 244 Are you ready to start showing off?
Chapter 245: Tens of thousands of years of vertical and horizontal swordsmanship, dominating the underworld as the best immortal
Chapter 246 Frost, fierce marks, wind blowing, thunder howling
Chapter 247: Using the Emperor as a teaching tool, this sword has a very irritating name: Moonlight Corona
Chapter 248 The fall of the Soul-Destroying Emperor, a greater crisis
Chapter 249 The body of an ant is also comparable to the gods
Chapter 250: Receiving hair? Immortal method: Ten Thousand Lotuses Regenerate
Chapter 251 The soul returns, the sword extinguishes, the same legend
Chapter 252 How can one understand the feelings of the people in the play?
Chapter 253 The Land of the Dead Sea, the City of Bones, and the Unknown Myth
Chapter 254 Bone Auction House, the boss is actually by my side?
Chapter 255: Going to the private room, attracting the whole audience
Chapter 256 Don’t use your bottom line to challenge my pocket money
Chapter 257 Weird Bronze Box, Ancestral Flower Seeds
Chapter 258 Hell God Palace? Can you afford my face?
Chapter 259: The Seven-turn Divine Pill is very precious? The Nine-turn Divine Pill is just a jelly bean
Chapter 260 The auction is over, it’s time for the big fish to take the bait
Chapter 261 The blood lotus with new attributes is unlocked, and the storm is about to begin
Chapter 262 Handing over the ancient method? Power beyond cognition
Chapter 263 The battle between the two emperors, Huangyun and Huohe Jianjiang
Chapter 264 Forbidden Technique? Still can’t change the result, the emperor falls
Chapter 265 The Palace of Hell God collapsed, please comment from the senior sister, Kill the Fairy Goddess
Chapter 266 The first sight of the endless sea of ??bones, the Netherworld chicken, and the immortal phoenix?
Chapter 267: Huang Quan’s companion mythical beast, something unexpected happened again, the Blood Fiend Heaven-binding Formation
Chapter 268 It becomes more and more confusing, the weirdness of the Six Immortals era, where have they gone?
Chapter 269 The arrival of Demon God Abyss? It’s just a big deal
Chapter 270 The combination of reincarnation and the Holy Body, the banishment of reincarnation
Chapter 271 Surrender or die, the sword is born from the heart, everything is a sword
Chapter 272 The secret of the Samsara River, the four sons of heaven are about to be born
Chapter 273 The Four Sons of Heaven Awaken
Chapter 274 The incarnation of the heavens changes the future time and space again
Chapter 275 The resurrected demon was discovered?
Chapter 276 The Demonic Thunder Sect disappeared in the battle, and the fists collided and were directly destroyed.
Chapter 277: Suppressing the Great Demon, What is in the Deepness of the Endless Sea of ??Bones?
Chapter 278 One battle determines the outcome, the full strength of Young Master Blood Lotus
Chapter 279: Leaving a strong mark in your memory means leaving no regrets
Chapter 280 The magic flute of the bone sea plays and the bone sailboat
Chapter 281 Guardian of the Bone Sea Vortex, Bone Dragon King
Chapter 282 Student Su Changge asks the teacher to be a saint! The Dragon King falls
Chapter 283 The mythical strong man turns himself into a world? Bone sea vortex, white black hole
Chapter 284 White Bone Jade Coffin, send you to the underworld for a trip
Chapter 285: Use the bones to make soup, open the jade coffin of bones, and see the Princess of the Bone Sea
Chapter 286 On the other side of the sea? Return to the Holy Land of Guiyuan
Chapter 287 There are only two realms in the world?
Chapter 288 Nine Nether Trials, Enlightenment Pond
Chapter 289 Countless divine objects, transformation of holy body and bloodline, figure above the avenue
Chapter 290: Is the ancient ancestor an angry little old man? I am a mere son of a god, but I, Guiyuan Holy Land, can afford to support him
Chapter 291 Kill all those who stand in the way and seize Jiuyou’s opportunity
Chapter 292 The Nine Netherworlds are about to open. Under the calm water, murderous intent is gathering.
Chapter 293 Su Changge fooled the goddess online and accidentally knocked her unconscious?
Chapter 294 The portal to the Nine Netherworld, strange creatures attack
Chapter 295 The sixth Luohe Sword Sect? Su Changge’s plan
Chapter 296 The sword energy is extinguished, like an immortal descending
Chapter 297 Don’t be afraid of not being able to defeat the Tyrant Demonic Dragon, because I will take action
Chapter 298: Killing the dragon with one sword, shocking everyone and trembling in the soul
Chapter 299 Attack at the same time, have a crush on Su Changge’s things?
Chapter 300 Where are everyone in my Guiyuan Holy Land?
Chapter 301 A strong threat that no one dares to speak out. An old friend is here?
Chapter 302: People from all walks of life arrive, an undercurrent begins, and the sixth child is beaten?
Chapter 303 Weird World, Blood Shura, Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 304: Have you heard of the secret bandits?
Chapter 305 The Son of God has the final say whether Jiuyou is in chaos or not.
Chapter 306 Snow Peak, Four Keys, The Man of Destiny is Here
Chapter 307: Win or lose with the piano, frost and snow for thousands of years
Chapter 308 The world is not only lonely, but also wonderful
Chapter 309 Disappeared in the snow, the music that was played
Chapter 310 Su Changge takes action, two choices, hand over the key or hand over the key?
Chapter 311 The power of heaven awakens and the two women take action. Do you have any last words?
Chapter 312: All worlds are swallowed up, another son of heaven falls
Chapter 313 Jiuyou changes again, the storm is about to rise, hunting monsters
Chapter 314 The battle of top sword cultivators, the collision of sword energy worlds
Chapter 315 The teacher said, break the opponent’s bones
Chapter 316 Broken Invincible, this is his sword
Chapter 317 He should go home
Chapter 318 The plan begins, the decisive battle with the Nine Nether Demon Clan
Chapter 319 The demon clan’s little trick, counterattack with thunderous means
Chapter 320 Blood Shura appears, the vision of the ancient holy body, the green lotus seed of chaos
Chapter 321 The despairing gap, kill them all
Chapter 322 A strong man comparable to the Great Emperor, I am enough to deal with you all
Chapter 323 One punch! Too weak, next batch
Chapter 324 A sword of frost, wiped out into ashes
Chapter 325 I shouldn’t have allowed you to live until now
Chapter 326 The war breaks out, terrifying strength
Chapter 327 Su Changge was suppressed and killed? Or am I overestimating it?
Chapter 328 The final madness, the Heaven-Slaying Evil Formation, dragged him to be buried with him
Chapter 329 The Seven Great Ghost Commanders, the Nine Great Yamas, and the Storms of All Sides
Chapter 330 The Lost Seal of the Demon God, Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Clan
Chapter 331: Strong showdown, each showing his power
Chapter 332 The end of the legend? It remains the same!
Chapter 333: Destroy the Dragon Ancestor with one word, don’t provoke Su Changge!
Chapter 334: Extremely domineering, this is my explanation!
Chapter 335 Score twice? Don’t go to the secret realm with Changge Shenzi in the future!
Chapter 336: The Fairy Killer Queen wakes up, the buried secret?
Chapter 337 Thousands of strange objects, qualified vessels?
Chapter 338 The core of Jiuyou, the River of Reincarnation, and the relics of the other side of the immortal!
Chapter 339: Reincarnation of floating corpses, one after another? One person smashes them!
Chapter 340 Was the great emperor very brave during his lifetime?
Chapter 341 The defense is broken! Like an ant!
Chapter 342 The eternal sword prison, imprisoned in the world!
Chapter 343 Breakthrough to the Holy Lord, the Nine Nether Divine Dynasty
Chapter 344: The remnant soul of the immortal on the other side, killing three birds with one stone
Chapter 345 Ancient secrets, the broken body of Naihe Bridge, and the awakening of the will of heaven
Chapter 346 Sacrifice yourself and break through the cultivation level again
Chapter 347: Su reluctantly accepted the opportunity you gave me.
Chapter 348 The fall of Emperor Sicang, the more ancient power of heaven!
Chapter 349: The emperor’s soldiers revive, heaven protects them, and the heavens restart?
Chapter 350 The imperial soldiers are disliked! Everyone is so upset!
Chapter 351 It was agreed to protect him, and the fragments of heaven awakened!
Chapter 352 The collision of heaven and destiny, the Emperor's soldiers of luck!
Chapter 353 The Sword of Annihilation, the changes in the world!
Chapter 354 If it can be stronger, all the major forces will take the opportunity to attack!
Chapter 355: The six ancient figures all want to explore the background of Guiyuan Holy Land?
Chapter 356: Why do I need to explain to you the work of the Son of God in the Holy Land of Guiyuan!?
Chapter 357 Shocked everyone, six ancient figures were blackmailed!
Chapter 358 The imperial road is about to open, the banquet begins, and everyone goes to the appointment
Chapter 359 The Secret of the Emperor’s Road, Discussing the Tao with the Piano
Chapter 360: Goddess Luo wants to kill her seven emotions and six desires?
Chapter 361 The Imperial Pass arrives and the Imperial Dao Pool reappears!
Chapter 362 The extremely domineering Guiyuan Holy Land, all parties are conspiring!
Chapter 363 Two ghosts and immortals are coming!
Chapter 364 The decree of transforming the world, coming to fight with the emperor!
Chapter 365 The Imperial War Begins, Learn the Imperial Way!
Chapter 366 Everyone comes to preach, the attack between the top emperors!
Chapter 367 The emperor fell, blood rained from the sky, and the sky was filled with cries.
Chapter 368 Immortals cannot be humiliated? Then die!
Chapter 369 The immortal has disappeared, and the water in Guiyuan Holy Land is too deep!
Chapter 370 The ancient emperor kowtowed and proclaimed himself the gate of the mountain for a million years!
Chapter 371 Just like him back then, the shadow of the Nine Tribulations Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 372: Past events in the Immortal Realm, the threshold of the Imperial Realm!
Chapter 373 In the era of decline, become the first ray of light
Chapter 374 The Imperial Road is opened, shocked! The Son of God, who has condensed forty-nine rays of Imperial Will, feels weak
Chapter 375 Move forward boldly and confidently, I will return to the Holy Land in everything!
Chapter 376 Farewell and set off on the imperial road!
Chapter 377: Star Fragments, so unlucky! Encountered the Emperor’s leader!
Chapter 378 The Imperial Road! The bloody road, the road to the fall of kings!
Chapter 379 I advise you to stay where you are, otherwise, you will die
Chapter 380: Destroy the Deep Sea Tribe with one sword, fight!
Chapter 381 They long for enlightenment and immortality, they long for freedom and happiness
Chapter 382 The Nine Heavens of the Imperial Pass, I will enter the great avenue and eventually become an immortal
Chapter 383: Killing Countless Prodigies, Master Qi Xuan
Chapter 384 Breaking the shackles of the Imperial Road and liberating all the imprisoned spirits?
Chapter 385 The geniuses meet and all parties collide
Chapter 386 A fierce battle between the arrogant people, surpassing the extreme, in this one room!
Chapter 387 The Eternal Sword Prison, the Heavenly Gate Appears, and the Six Emperors Fall!
Chapter 388: The Ultimate Fight: Signs of the Second Human-Monster War
Chapter 389 Remains of the Way of Heaven, Different Ways of Faith, Rebirth after Destruction
Chapter 390: Huang Liang has a dream and must eventually wake up. He has no roots and no ends and returns to dust.
Chapter 391 Tragic scene, the fall of the pride!
Chapter 392 Xingxiuguan, Canggu Star, Emperor’s Road List!
Chapter 393 Ranked first and was exposed on the Emperor’s Road List!
Chapter 394 The wind blows the flag of the Ancestral Star, the Cang Clan and the Celestial Clan
Chapter 395 Shocking, in broad daylight, the two major clans are constantly quarreling out of thin air!
Chapter 396 The third mission option, the real murderer is someone else!
Chapter 397 The three tribes moved, and the storm came to Canggu Star
Chapter 398: The power of one punch, want to compete with God!?
Chapter 399: A large army is approaching? Su alone can sweep it all!
Chapter 400: One man is in charge, but ten thousand men cannot stop him!
Chapter 401: Destroy hundreds of thousands of troops of the Desolate Tribe, and send you all on a journey to the underworld!
Chapter 402: Write it off? Negotiate terms with Su? You are not worthy!
Chapter 403: Choose to kill yourself, or choose me to help you on your way?
Chapter 404 The horrifying truth, invincibility, Tianlong Wushen who fled in panic
Chapter 405 Destiny is insubstantial! Ignore the cause and effect of the heavens and the fate of heaven and earth!
Chapter 406: The Wine Sword Immortal kills the Dragon Ancestor! He calls himself the sect for 100,000 years!
Chapter 407: For the sake of eternal immortality, we will survive all the calamities. The brothers are here, and they will forget their grudges with a smile when they meet.
Chapter 408 Complete Awakening, New Canggu Legend, Fifth Level of Imperial Road, Great Wall of Sword Qi
Chapter 409 The battle between the two parties, the secret of the Sword Qi Great Wall
Chapter 410 The storm is surging, and they are descending on the Sword Qi Great Wall!
Chapter 411 Since the sky has already grown songs, why should we forget our love in this world!
Chapter 412 The Great Wall of Sword Qi mutates, the dark shadow beast!
Chapter 413 The giant divine stone gate, the sealed era!
Chapter 414: The Longworm Alliance also attempts to define the fate of Shenlong?
Chapter 415 Brother Su! Born in such a prosperous age, you and I should be Dapeng!
Chapter 416: Stop pretending, I’ll show my cards, the four holy body overlord breaths!
Chapter 417 The final madness, no one in heaven can let Su die!
Chapter 418 The four demons have fallen. If I am strong, all the heavens will be used by me.
Chapter 419 Don’t hit me! I’ll tell you a secret! The Heavenly Demon Mountain is furious, and a storm is coming!
Chapter 420 The Seal of the Demon God is revived, the war is about to begin, and we vow to restore the glory of the Demon Clan!
Chapter 421 The Imperial Road Lingguan has been cut off here, and the heavens are forbidden to travel!
Chapter 422: A fierce battle between powerful forces, but it’s just an incarnation!?
Chapter 423 The hidden secret, the true imperial path
Chapter 424 The ancient demon kings went to the Heavenly Demon Mountain to reorganize the ancient demon court!
Chapter 425 Time flies, the legend disappears, and its cultivation is the highest in the contemporary era!
Chapter 426 The power that does not exist in the world, the power of nothingness!
Chapter 427 The background is too strong, so I have to lie down! Finally see the secret place of time
Chapter 428 This young man actually relies on three taboo forces!
Chapter 429 The sword of heavenly authority reappears in the world!
Chapter 430 If the taboo still exists in the world, what kind of trouble will it cause?
Chapter 431 Return, destroyed in one word!
Chapter 432 The demon tribe’s siege and strong intervention!
Chapter 433 If you can take this sword, I will lose.
Chapter 434 This son of God finally overturned the table! Becoming an enemy to everyone!
Chapter 435 The strong wind rises, the fate of the times, the ultimate fate!
Chapter 436 The army invades and declares war!
Chapter 437 The Returning Immortal Taoist Army is coming!
Chapter 438: The war breaks out, the strong fight against each other, the weak cannot change the strong's determination!
Chapter 439: Bei Ming is forbidden to travel, the fairyland is not allowed to enter!
Chapter 440 Three Immortal Dharmakayas, Emperor Tianxian King?
Chapter 441 The ultimate imperial path, the turning of the times, the heavens will surely restart!
Chapter 442: Green hills are everywhere in life, wherever you die, where you are buried
Chapter 443: Old enemies meet and fight powerfully
Chapter 444 Anyone who threatens him must die as an apology!
Chapter 445 It is up to us to remove those who block his path!
Chapter 446 Three thousand avenues, there is no right or wrong in the world
Chapter 447 The collision of two supreme avenue gods!
Chapter 448 There is no right or wrong in the world
Chapter 449 The end of an era, buried in the long river of time
Chapter 450 A new round of collision, the afterglow of the battle
Chapter 451 The Demonic Song of Nirvana, a helpless sacrifice
Chapter 452 The background of this Son of God is so strong that the Supreme Being calls him terrifying!
Chapter 453 Heavenly punishment? I will return to the Holy Land, which is heaven!
Chapter 454 The dark horse of the imperial road? Send him to his death with one punch!
Chapter 455: Destiny appears, Emperor Pond appears
Chapter 456 The final collision, the final road, I enter the great road, and finally become an immortal
Chapter 457 Divine Thunder Portal, geniuses gather
Chapter 458: Join forces to break through the Chaos Thunder Sea and kill Su Changge!
Chapter 459: Take action, forbidden secret method, the Four Emperors are about to come!
Chapter 460 Afterglow, destruction, rebirth, restricted area of ??life!
Chapter 461 Big crisis!? The four emperors are coming!
Chapter 462: One man fights the Four Emperors alone, gets injured, and reaches the ultimate level of improvement!
Chapter 463: With one sword, the Emperor of Heaven was born!
Chapter 464 The projection of the ancient genius and the arrival of the mark of destiny
Chapter 465 Becoming the first emperor in the world and becoming an unusual taboo!
Chapter 466: One sword is boundless. Since I am a taboo, how can I practice other people’s methods in the future!?
Chapter 467 The might of heaven, the majesty of the emperor, the existence beyond cause and effect!
Chapter 468 The most powerful emperor in history is born, meet Emperor Changge!
Chapter 469 The truth about the emperor’s path back then, the remnants of darkness!
Chapter 470 The world will be in chaos, a new starting point
Chapter 471 Welcoming the Son of God Changge back to the sect!
Chapter 472: Xia Rui descended from the sky, people visited Emperor Changge one after another, were they forced to marry?
Chapter 473 The power of destiny, the sudden change in the divine sea of ??destiny!
Chapter 474 You watch me dance in the world of mortals, and I will accompany you to the top of the mountain.
Chapter 475: City Lord Tianyi has something to ask for, darkness revives?
Chapter 476 The nameless emperor’s corpse, murderous intent from the heavens!
Chapter 477 Absolute crushing! Breathtaking strength!
Chapter 478: All I think about are the stars and rivers, but the stars and rivers are out of reach!
Chapter 479: The lineup is full and you become the leader of a new round of offensive?
Chapter 480 Changge is ordered to fight outside the territory, the world repeats itself, and there is a hidden crisis!
Chapter 481 The ten weird ancestors join forces to fight against that family in Yongye Emperor City!
Chapter 482 The Black Sea surges, foreign armies arrive, and the armies confront each other!
Chapter 483 Three Thousand Dao Domains versus the Land Outside the Domain! The collision begins!
Chapter 484 The new energy spreads to the golden watch, and the cold light shines on the iron coat!
Chapter 485 After a narrow escape from death, I will have no regrets even if I sing for a long time!
Chapter 486 All calamities have come to nothing, life and death are still easy!
Chapter 487: Murderous intent is revealed, thousands of miles of blood roar! The domineering Guiyuan Immortal Sect!
Chapter 488 Destruction is about to come, and the Void-Breaking Tree revives!
Chapter 489 Our ambition is to make Emperor Changge famous in the heavens!
Chapter 490 If you live a life of Taoism, you will die thousands of times, so why not be broken into pieces!?
Chapter 491: The sky is eternal, who can avoid suffering?
Chapter 492 The breath disappears, the rage breaks out, and the anger pours out from the sky!
Chapter 493 The overwhelming thunder and wrath, starting from this moment, will destroy the lands outside the territory and destroy the restricted area of ??life!
Chapter 494: Taboo the Su family, send troops to the Taboo Plateau!
Chapter 495 Military Immortal Seal, open! No one dares to meddle in other people’s business!
Chapter 496 The number one genius in the Immortal Realm, the reincarnation of the Immortal Dynasty! Battle post for descending from the Immortal!
Chapter 497: Guiyuan Immortal Sect, the Ten Immortal Emperors crusade against the Forbidden Plateau!
Chapter 498 Unexpected disaster! Three taboo forces join forces to come!
Chapter 499: Forbidden Plateau!? Your road is narrow!
Chapter 500 The sword light is frosty and falls on the stars, and the sword reflects the moon and condenses all the rivers!
Chapter 501: Breaking the bank, twenty immortal emperors and the fourth taboo force!
Chapter 502 The first generation of taboo forces! Destiny is nothingness, and when you think of it, all kinds of things come into being!
Chapter 503: Transform the origin into nothingness, transform the heaven and earth into annihilation, and make all the eyes of nothingness!
Chapter 504: The core of the fairy source, the central fairyland? Meet the head of the family!
Chapter 505: Xuanyuan Immortal Emperor! The divine light shines in the sky, and the legend is about to return!
Chapter 506 The Forbidden Anomaly Resurrects! Above the Immortal Realm?
Chapter 507 The legend returns, shining in the nine heavens, and we welcome the return of Emperor Changge!
Chapter 508 Continuous reversal! Fanatic Dao realm creatures!
Chapter 509: Ten Thousand Void Pupils, Three Breaths of Time, the Originator of Demon-Destroying Eyes!
Chapter 510: The eternal blue sky condenses with one thought, the ancestor surrenders, and is willing to look forward to the great Emperor Changge!
Chapter 511: Integrate extraterritorial lands and send troops to restricted areas of life!
Chapter 512 The forbidden plateau that was tricked by 'dogs'!
Chapter 513: The Age of Immortal Fall, Infinite Tribulation, Ancient Fairy Books!
Chapter 514 The storm on the battlefield, in the next life, I will take all the young men I don’t want in my hands!
Chapter 515 The Forbidden Plateau shakes people! The Taoist of Time and Space, the Immortal Emperor of Destiny!
Chapter 516 The Su family asked you to die at the third watch, who can stay until the fifth watch?
Chapter 517 Apocalypse Divine Kingdom! Queen Tianxi who is unwilling to ascend to the fairyland!
Chapter 518: The army is ready, and troops are dispatched to the restricted area of ??life! It doesn’t matter whether you are a coward or a coward!
Chapter 519 May I be honored as the Eternal Emperor of Heaven!
Chapter 520 The Forbidden Plateau is destroyed, you are the sinners of the heavens!
Chapter 521: Gui Xu Kong Jie Zhi, invincible destiny!
Chapter 522 Sixty-seven red monuments, sixty-seven heads of emperors! Sadness? Shocking murderous intent!
Chapter 523: Take the enemy's head among the three armies!
Chapter 524 The truth that makes the restricted area of ??life tremble, the strange sound!
Chapter 525: Shake hands and make peace? Are you worthy enough to fight!
Chapter 526 The Seventeen Ancient Emperors of Heaven versus the Seventeen Immortal Kings!
Chapter 527 From beginning to end, it’s just a whetstone!
Chapter 528 The origin world of darkness, the dark fairy court!
Chapter 529 The darkness surges, and the darkness becomes more and more terrifying!
Chapter 530 The clouds in the fairyland are moving, and the darkness may be revived in advance!
Chapter 531 Let him be strong and let him be strong, the bright moon will shine on the river!
Chapter 532: Evergreen Divine Transformation Technique, Divine Dharma Body!
Chapter 533 The unprecedented magical power of the great avenue merges with the phantom of the gods!
Chapter 534: One man and one sword, killing the owner of the restricted area!
Chapter 535: Gentlemen.
Please go home!
Chapter 536: Darkness breeds, the devil’s heart is buried in the sky!
Chapter 537 The hearts of heavenly gods and demons, all parties in the fairyland are coming!
Chapter 538 One of the forces of order, the Divine Court!
Chapter 539 All three thousand realms praise the name of the Eternal Heavenly Emperor!
Chapter 540 Drinking the hero’s blood generously and establishing a magnificent country
Chapter 541 The drunken empress! The contest between the two women!
Chapter 542: No Worldly Desires, Visit from Apocalypse Kingdom
Chapter 543: The identity is exposed, many ancestors are shocked, and God Emperor Tianxi arrives!
Chapter 544 You don’t have to wait for years for a hug, I’m always here
Chapter 545 Shocked! Emperor Tianxi burst into tears in public!?
Chapter 546 Bloody massacre, the horrified Emperor Devouring Heaven!
Chapter 547: Heavenly Emperor’s Secret Art, Transform Ruins!
Chapter 548 Shame! The Heaven-Eating Emperor is running around!
Chapter 549 The road to immortality is about to open, and Emperor Tianxi ascends to the immortal realm!
Chapter 550: Within the Immortal Emperor, destiny is invincible, one for the other among the Immortal Emperors!
Chapter 551 Looking up at the endless sky, looking back there is no immortality in the world
Chapter 552 I open a new path for myself!
Chapter 553 The ultimate transcendent person, the road to immortality opens!
Chapter 554 Dark Collector, Substitute Puppet!
Chapter 555 Horrible collision, Immortal Tomb!
Chapter 556 Shocked! Emperor Changge’s clothes were torn to pieces?
Chapter 557 It’s just a trivial matter, just pay attention to it in the next life!
Chapter 558 The Bones of the Broken Immortal, they are all crazy!
Chapter 559 We were once brothers with the same clothes and hats, why are we killing each other today?!
Chapter 560: Heavenly Emperor's Secret Art, Nine Elements of Breaking the Sky
Chapter 561 The Fall of the Remnant Immortal, Crushing!
Chapter 562 Jianhe, a shocking collision!
Chapter 563 Immortal source, open!
Chapter 564 The prototype of the long river of time, injured!
Chapter 565 A monster beyond imagination, fleeing in panic!
Chapter 566 Deep in the Fallen Immortal City, Tongxian Gate
Chapter 567 You should never, never should, provoke such a ruthless person!
Chapter 568: Be my teacher? Are you worthy!?
Chapter 569 Fellow Taoist, don’t fight or kill! You can sit down and talk!
Chapter 570 A unique product of the Immortal Realm, Dao Dao Tea!
Chapter 571 The Tomb of the Immortal Immortal, the Elder of the Three Immortals!
Chapter 572 A new round of crisis, the arrival of Haoyuexian!
Chapter 573 A great opportunity is in front of you? Score twice!
Chapter 574 Su Changge versus Hao Yuexian!
Chapter 575 Immortal Magic.
Great rotation of sky light!
Chapter 576 As the eternal emperor of heaven, I shall suppress all enemies in the world!
Chapter 577 Unraveling the Immortal Curse, the Immortal Realm of Mountains and Seas?
Chapter 578 The Legends of the Five Creators
Chapter 579 Use this sword to break the immortal formation!
Chapter 580: Kill the Immortal here, Jian Hong’s Nine Transformations!
Chapter 581 The end of the Nine Immortals! The bereaved dog!
Chapter 582 A new era will be opened by me!
Chapter 583 The Immortal Gate is opened! The mastermind behind the scenes is coming!
Chapter 584: Demonic Dark Treasure Vase, Avenue Suppression!
Chapter 585 The power of immortals, gods, and demons descends here!
Chapter 586: The hearts of immortals, gods, and demons, transforming into immortals, transforming into gods, transforming into demons, and even transforming into heaven!
Chapter 587 Zhan Tian reappears, the sword light that penetrates the long river of time!
Chapter 588 Climbing the peak and overlooking the eternity, the blue clouds have started from the beginning!
Chapter 589 With each passing day, the fairyland is coming!
Chapter 590 Gou Zi Jing: The surname is Su and the given name is Changge. If you are suspicious, you must avoid it!
Chapter 591: Visions of the Dao Realm appear together, and the era of Dharma End is a thing of the past!
Chapter 592: Tempering the body with immortal thunder, condensing the immortal body!
Chapter 593: Finally become an immortal, enter the immortal way, the era is complete!
Chapter 594 The secret of the Dao Realm, the sealed Central Immortal Realm!
Chapter 595: There are no Jie Yinxian, but there are two batches of Jie Yin fleet!
Chapter 596 The Samsara Immortal Dynasty also wants to join in the fun! Tongxian Sect is at the end of the world!
Chapter 597 Gu Yuanxian Road has the power to break everything before the crisis comes!
Chapter 598 The first batch of true immortals from the Immortal Realm arrive! The storm begins!
Chapter 599: The wilderness in the lower realm? A strong attack!
Chapter 600 The slap in the face came too fast! The character was completely shattered!
Chapter 601 The real immortal became angry and the immortal soldiers revived!
Chapter 602 Impossible coincidence?
Chapter 603: Void Beam, what are you going to do to my brother?
Chapter 604 Anxiety from the ancient ancestors, a catastrophic disaster?
Chapter 605: The shadow of the passer-by Immortal King? Heavenly punishment from the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 606: The truth is revealed, shocking, the background of this son of God is taboo!
Chapter 607: A creature that suffered 100 million psychological critical hits scored three times!
Chapter 608: A day that was hidden and forgotten by all the worlds!
Chapter 609: The Bodhi Fruit of Creation is actually a family!
Chapter 610: Always look forward to it, all the creatures in the Dao realm will sing its praises!
Chapter 611 Farewell and departure, see you again in the fairyland
Chapter 612: First sight of the fairyland, the real stage!
Chapter 613 Forbidden Su Family, Huangji Immortal City!
Chapter 614: Announcement to the Imperial Immortal Realm, prohibiting the young master of the Su family from ascending the throne!
Chapter 615 One of the three great ancestors, the Infinite Ancestor, has arrived!
Chapter 616 Thunder in the Immortal Realm, terrifying power! An even more ancient era, the beginning of the world!
Chapter 617: Competing with the younger generation of the Su family! Su Wuxian?
Chapter 618 Time and space stagnate! The second person in the history of Immortal Realm who masters the avenue of time and space!
Chapter 619 Only used 20% of the strength!? Su Changge versus the Ten Talents!
Chapter 620: The hearts of immortals, gods and demons are opened! A horrifying world of illusions!
Chapter 621 A power beyond the records of the Immortal Realm, the Divine Court is alarmed!
Chapter 622: If the Divine Court dares to covet it? It will be settled!
Chapter 623 Heading to the Immortal Dynasty of Samsara, the Immortal Dynasty is solemn!
Chapter 624: The old emperor arrives, grandpa who ascends to the fairyland?
Chapter 625 The six emperors and prime ministers are accompanying you, just like your father back then!
Chapter 626 Mother and son finally meet each other, Chang Ge has never been resentful
Chapter 627: The Immortal Dynasty of Reincarnation announces its announcement to the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 628 Congratulations to Prince Changge, the heaven and the earth have the same longevity, and the sun and the moon have the same light!
Chapter 629 Sacrifice to the God Willow, invite the God to descend, Zhaoxian Domain, establish the Son of God!
Chapter 630: Can this spirit of the divine willow be at par with the distant ancestor of Tongtian?
Chapter 631: Yao Guang’s Magic Eyes, the Abandoned Immortal Emperor
Chapter 632 The Shenliu woman was completely exposed and scared out of the shadow of the fairyland!
Chapter 633: Completely pushed to the forefront, becoming the most targeted existence among young people in the fairyland?
Chapter 634 The twelve major forces of order, the Ancestral Demon Palace, and the Ancestral Ancestral Plain!
Chapter 635 The figure who appeared in the Kaitian era, the God of Creation Willow Woman!
Chapter 636 Origin resonance, sharing the same origin!
Chapter 637 Madam, can I be your child’s protector?
Chapter 638 The Ancient Ancestor of Immortal Destruction? Is he an old man?
Chapter 639 Jasper Heavenly Lord! Does this protector keep his integrity?
Chapter 640 The Yaoguang Immortal Sect announces the Immortal Realm, and the goddess is established!
Chapter 641 Su Changge’s lifelong event? Mother and daughter go hand in hand!
Chapter 642 God’s Blessing, the Fire of Jealousy
Chapter 643 Mother and daughter came to Yaoguang Immortal Gate, especially to see Luo Yanyu!?
Chapter 644 The true identity is exposed, shocking the Yaoguang Immortal Sect!
Chapter 645 It doesn’t matter, I can wait for him, no matter how long it takes
Chapter 646: Regret because love is not available, that is true disappointment
Chapter 647 The figure in white reappears, can you figure out your identity?
Chapter 648: Avoid repeated endings, break the shackles of self, the Tower of Nothingness!
Chapter 649 The past life of the figure in white, another Su Changge?
Chapter 650 The past, present, and future will all turn into an eternity of nothingness.
Chapter 651: Cutting the sky sword with one hand, the sword edge vibrates the sky!
Chapter 652: Taboo Secret Code, telling the secrets of the past
Chapter 653 Temple of Annihilation, the Immortal Emperor Killing Heaven!
Chapter 654 The three powerful forces and the Thirteen Immortal Emperors have arrived!
Chapter 655 The era of restarting the heavens is here!
Chapter 656: The resurrection of the fairyland, the list of avenues, and the world projection of the central fairyland!
Chapter 657 The initial plan, the final plan!
Chapter 658 The geniuses of all forces have awakened, and they are all invincible?!
Chapter 659 Unprecedented, the third list comes to the world!
Chapter 660: Don’t give in? I, Wuji Aotian, have no choice but to be the little brother of a fool!
Chapter 661: With a crushing posture, all the worlds are in silence. For this reason, Du Aoxiao is proud of his sword!
Chapter 662 The past and the future will eventually meet, the mysterious figure
Chapter 663 The truth of the world, the truth of the system?
Chapter 664: Out of seclusion! Desire to meet the opponent!
Chapter 665 The magic pen of the great avenue has arrived! A household related to the great avenue?
Chapter 666 The name of Changge Heavenly Emperor begins to spread throughout the heavens at this moment!
Chapter 667 The glorious deeds of the Emperor of Heaven are exposed! His arrogance is unparalleled!
Chapter 668 Unknown physique! Unable to carry the list?!
Chapter 669: It’s too hard to bear, not a word about that physique!?
Chapter 670 The Immortal Realm is shocked, and everyone reacts!
Chapter 671 Undercurrent is surging! Becoming more fanatical?
Chapter 672 The power of one person can change the world!
Chapter 673 Changge’s mother’s hidden treasure house! Enough to make people lie down!
Chapter 674 Tianbao Divine Bead! Farewell and set off!
Chapter 675 The mountain located in the hearts of all the geniuses of today! Changes in the dark origin world!
Chapter 676 Targeting Luo Yanyu! There is a way to kill him!
Chapter 677 Shocking! All the ancestors are hidden bosses!
Chapter 678 Just show your talent boldly! Let everything in the world be eclipsed!
Chapter 679: Heavenly Fire Blessing! The overwhelming divine fire shatters it with one punch!
Chapter 680: His skills are astonishing! Isn’t the Star Lord’s genius worthy of letting him use his full strength?
Chapter 681: Can this sword power, which makes the world change its color, be blocked?
Chapter 682 The Son of Changge is so brave! He fights against the three star masters!
Chapter 683: Wang Ming was hit hard with one punch, why don’t the three of them do it together?
Chapter 684 Fight against the Three-Star Lord alone and never fall behind!
Chapter 685 The power of time and space? I can do it too!
Chapter 686 There is more than one trump card! The Great Rotation of the Void Realm!
Chapter 687 Shocked! The son of God, who was so powerfully crushed, actually said that he was about to lose?
Chapter 688: The boiling genius of the Guiyuan Immortal Sect! A strong man that people can look up to!
Chapter 689 The ancestor of Tongtian returns! One of the twelve major forces of order, the Renzu Palace is gone?
Chapter 690 The karma of all heavens! The source of darkness!
Chapter 691 Shocked! These ancestors are so anxious to give gifts! Su Changge’s grandfather?
Chapter 692 Entering the world! A terrible secret that could have prevented the world-destroying war!
Chapter 693 The way of heaven in the fairyland! Something unexpected happened!
Chapter 694 The strange eyes! Sweep away the young geniuses, and I will eliminate the older generation for you!
Chapter 695: The ashes of the Weird Eye are thrown away! The Six Paths Divine Art in the world of mortals can reverse the universe!
Chapter 696 Reversal of time and space! Go to the source!
Chapter 697 The perfect world expected by Heaven!
Chapter 698: Erasure the Star Territory, the decree comes!
Chapter 699: The word 'annihilation' is the decree, and the star field collapses!
Chapter 700: All parties gathered! Coming to the Divine Weapon Fairy Tower!
Chapter 701 The system reappears! The long-cherished wish of the Immortal Emperor of Creation!
Chapter 702: Exploration separately! If I encounter an unsolvable crisis, I will take action!
Chapter 703: The Golden Crow Divine Dynasty blocks the road? The fist hits the sky!
Chapter 704 End the battle with one punch! A talent that shocks everyone!
Chapter 705 Divine Iron World, Apocalypse Machine Sect!?
Chapter 706 Divine Iron Burial Ground! Living Divine Iron Beast?!
Chapter 707 Fighting against the God of War Iron Behemoth with a physical body!
Chapter 708: Destroy the enemy with one sword. Is the gap really that big?
Chapter 709: Don’t give in? It makes sense to be the younger brother of the protagonist woman, right?
Chapter 710 The storm is rising! All parties gather in the Shenbing Immortal Tower!
Chapter 711 Looking forward to the future, we will meet in the clouds
Chapter 712: The long-cherished wish of the Immortal Emperor? The goddess is the wild wilderness in the lower world?
Chapter 713 If you have no choice but to live, you must seek death.
Chapter 714 The prince of Tianyuan Divine Dynasty? He already has a way to die!
Chapter 715 The person who should have died and does not exist!?
Chapter 716 He is actually Su Changge?!
Chapter 717 The origin of Huaxin Ancient City, a stage unique to Su Changge
Chapter 718 The Phantom Emperor!
Chapter 719 The whale falls into the world and feeds back all living things!
Chapter 720 Is it possible that I am the sword cultivator in white that you are chasing?
Chapter 721 Even if you curse me for eternity, why should Su be afraid?!
Chapter 722: The divine iron is inherently sentimental and has the power of heaven in the fairyland!
Chapter 723 Anyone related to A Xin will be killed without mercy!
Chapter 724: Play the long game to catch the big fish, but in the worst case, the table will be overturned!
Chapter 725 A punch breaks a punch, a sword breaks a knife!
Chapter 726: You can be proud of yourself if you can’t kill me with just one sword! Open the God-Destroying Yin-Yang Pupil!
Chapter 727 The power of nothingness vs the power of yin and yang
Chapter 728 Shocked everyone! One punch penetrated the ancient city of Huaxin!
Chapter 729 The situation suddenly changes, the yin and yang reverse, and the sky desires Luoyou!
Chapter 730 Who is the firefly? Who is the bright moon?
Chapter 731 Mastering the prototype of the power of yin and yang, nothingness is the original interpretation of the great road
Chapter 732 He is the man who is so strong that it is unreasonable!
Chapter 733: Looking for Su Changge to pretend to be? There is a way to die!
Chapter 734 Dark City and Ming City, Brilliant Sword Qi Soaring into the Sky
Chapter 735 Various parties speculate that there is someone else!?
Chapter 736: Prodigies surge in, their long-cherished wishes, darkness suddenly emerges
Chapter 737 A huge crisis! The Great Dao Magic Bottle!
Chapter 738 The lingering shadow, Su Xuan arrives!
Chapter 739 A monster that can jump repeatedly between the True Immortal and the Immortal Emperor?
Chapter 740: Can’t afford to offend? Then hide! How far has the relationship with Chang Ge progressed?
Chapter 741 The shocking underground world, the remnants of the aura of heaven?
Chapter 742 Guardian of the Dark City, Lord Di Xuan? The bigger the storm, the more expensive the fish!
Chapter 743 A battle breaks out, gods fight, mortals suffer!
Chapter 744: Fire of Netherworld and Purgatory, Excessive Coincidence, Perfect World
Chapter 745 Yin and Yang reappear? Zhou Tianmo who came back from the dead? There is someone else!
Chapter 746 Origin analysis, finding the flaw
Chapter 747: Netherworld Hell, standing in white!
Chapter 748 Daqian Dao Sect? What kind of garbage is that?!
Chapter 749 Shocks everyone, identity exposed! Storm is coming!
Chapter 750: Explanation? Principle? Where is my Guiyuan Immortal Sect?
Chapter 751 This is the reason for my return to the Yuan Immortal Sect!
Chapter 752: Fishing and law enforcement, big fish takes the bait, Fengyun Gun Pavilion!
Chapter 753 I wonder if my Yaoguang Immortal Sect can join in the fun?
Chapter 754 The goddess who makes all things eclipse meets an old friend!
Chapter 755 Everyone is sour! Su Changge, you deserve to die!
Chapter 756 I am not targeting the three major forces, I mean.
Chapter 757 The public is outraged! Everyone wants to tear Su Changge into pieces!
Chapter 758 I thought you could give me a little surprise, but this is it?
Chapter 759 Cang Mu, don’t you really think you, a piece of trash, are my opponent?
Chapter 760: True to his word, kill with two moves, the whole audience is horrified!
Chapter 761 King and King? In my eyes, you are not worthy of being called a king!
Chapter 762: Like Su Changge? Nothingness vs vitality
Chapter 763 The vitality field has failed, Yuan Canghong is sincere!
Chapter 764 The exposure of the truth will not cause a backlash at all!
Chapter 765: The prince of the Tianyuan Dynasty? The lost dog!
Chapter 766 The shocking melee begins!
Chapter 767 Crisis under the water, it’s time to hit the road!
Chapter 768 The fall of Yuan Canghong, a higher-dimensional space world!
Chapter 769 The Refining Immortal King, the traitor of the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 770 The lackey of Heavenly Dao in the Immortal Realm, the conspiracy of Tongtian’s distant ancestor!
Chapter 771 The sky in the fairyland is about to change!
Chapter 772: 40% sure is the same as failure!
Chapter 773 Unable to be swallowed, Tianyu Luoyou takes action
Chapter 774 Are you here specifically to collect garbage?
Chapter 775: A full blow? Little Jier!
Chapter 776: Activate the trump card, the ten thousand poisonous and chaotic divine insects!
Chapter 777 Self-explosion of body, the final winner!?
Chapter 778 Ten thousand poisons take effect, a wave of severe pain!
Chapter 779 What is death? Giving life to silence
Chapter 780 Taboo: The strongest ancient ancestor of the Su family, Su Xuanyuan!
Chapter 781: Sacrifice in the Immortal Realm? The ancient characters of the origin of the avenue
Chapter 782 One of the Five Creators? The Evil God of Disaster!
Chapter 783 The supreme creator in the eyes of all living beings? He can also be killed!
Chapter 784: Control all negative energy, illusion and reality in the world
Chapter 785 The irritable Son of God cursed the two creators online!
Chapter 786 Join hands with Youyou in the dream, don’t let your years go to waste
Chapter 787 Future Crisis, Don’t Want to Leave Regrets
Chapter 788: Heavenly Craftsmanship, Dreams and Wind and Rain
Chapter 789: The extra power resonates with the Ten Thousand Void Pupils?
Chapter 790 The Immortal Emperor’s Weapon, Tianbao Five Elements Immortal Tower!
Chapter 791 The final veil, father and son want to gather together
Chapter 792 The meeting between swords is extremely dazzling
Chapter 793 The world, God, the sword rainbow rises!
Chapter 794: The powerful rival of Goddess Yan Yu.
Chapter 795 There is wind and snow, but no one is around
Chapter 796: A flawless sword cannot be an opponent
Chapter 797 The final winner, the darkness about to erupt
Chapter 798 In the real world, I miss you every day and finally meet you
Chapter 799 Shocking change! The body of the Immortal Emperor eroded by darkness!
Chapter 800 If I don’t teach you a lesson, you will really become more and more confused!
Chapter 801 Tell me, how do you want to die this time?
Chapter 802 Sword Rainbow and Darkness, the Battle of the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 803: The long-cherished wish of the years, the immortal emperor who will eventually pass away!
Chapter 804: Soul mourning, dead people have no long-cherished wishes
Chapter 805 The death of Tianzun, secretly advancing everything
Chapter 806 The intercepted secret, the deeper truth
Chapter 807 Ah Xin, I hope you have a heart that loves the world
Chapter 808 The last projection, the occasion of parting
Chapter 809: For those who can never cultivate well, let’s call you Ah Xin.
Chapter 810 Tongyuan Temple, Dark Ancestral God
Chapter 811 The three wills will eventually lead to destruction.
Chapter 812: The thief will not die, I am the leader and break the formation alone!
Chapter 813 One person breaks the formation and clears the obstacles
Chapter 814 Su Mou wants to kill everyone
Chapter 815 Is this your ultimate move? Vulnerable
Chapter 816 The storm is rising again, and the two sect masters are coming!
Chapter 817 The arrogant Son of God, the Immortal Emperor? Shameless!
Chapter 818 The two immortal emperors apologized, shocking everyone!
Chapter 819: Completely torn apart, giving the heavy hammer of blood and fire!
Chapter 820 Jasper Tianzun vs. the two Immortal Emperors, a fierce battle over the long river of time!
Chapter 821 The innate purple energy of Taichu, the Immortal Emperor’s Dharma self-destructs!
Chapter 822 If the three major forces are gone, what will the world do?
Chapter 823 Purgatory on earth, everyone will perish
Chapter 824 The game before the storm is under control
Chapter 825 Return to the Primordial God Seal and start the Immortal Immortal War
Chapter 826 The Immortal Immortal War breaks out, causing a sensation in the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 827: All forces expressed their stance, a shocking reversal!
Chapter 828 Unprecedented, a joint conquest from all sides in the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 829 The truth of the year, the killing among the immortal emperors!
Chapter 830 The fall of the immortals, the five major alliances in the immortal realm
Chapter 831 Above God, Future Body
Chapter 832: Do the gods above the clouds care about mortal beings?
Chapter 833 The Immortal Emperor falls, and the Immortal Realm weeps
Chapter 834 A river of blood and a transcendent end
Chapter 835 Yuhui Xingchen, Yuan Miexian!
Chapter 836 Above the Immortal Realm, an unknown existence takes action!
Chapter 837: Cangzu of Shenlu returns to his family with great enthusiasm.
Chapter 838 Taichu Emperor Realm, the first thirteen immortal emperors of all heavens and realms
Chapter 839 Tianmen World, Unknown Reward
Chapter 840: Heaven emits its spirit, I embody its spirit, formally refining weapons
Chapter 841 The weapon refining order shocked the family!
Chapter 842: Visions of heaven and earth, unexpected transformation!
Chapter 843 Kill the Immortal, Bury the Immortal, Forget the Immortal, Change the Second Infinite Catastrophe?
Chapter 844 Changes in the Immortal Realm, the birth of ancient monsters
Chapter 845: Seeing the figure in white again, can we know the creator of nothingness?
Chapter 846 A more ancient war, a war belonging to the creators!
Chapter 847 The Battle of Origin, Origin and End
Chapter 848 The second floor of the Void Source Tower, playing the piano in the green forest
Chapter 849 Sword and Qin, Drunken Lin Fengwan
Chapter 850 The origin of heaven and earth, the master of the world of music!
Chapter 851 Sword Shattering Music World, Yun Wufeng is defeated!
Chapter 852 Turning your back on the past and looking into the future
Chapter 853 The second level of bloodline shackles, swallowing the Tiandao ruins
Chapter 854 There are nine people and three odd numbers!
Chapter 855 Desperate time and space fragments, the future can be changed
Chapter 856 Similar flowers, same reincarnation
Chapter 857 What the world lacks is not strength, but a true leader!
Chapter 858 The heavenly calamity is coming! A family that doesn’t play by the rules!
Chapter 859: Heaven is jealous of talents? I taboo that the Su family disagrees!
Chapter 860 Shocked everyone, what the hell is there such a way to overcome the tribulation? Break through to the Immortal!
Chapter 861 The list of great avenues reappears, the first immortal in the world restarts
Chapter 862 Avenue Sequence Competition, the heroes compete!
Chapter 863: The inner scroll of cultivation in the fairyland, the decree of the ancestral gods, and the fate of killing
Chapter 864 The Heavenly Bagua Compass, deducing the strange numbers from the heavens!
Chapter 865 Resonance for the Ninth Life, Three Sources in One
Chapter 866 The era will eventually be complete, Taichu, Si Ming!
Chapter 867 Immortal Dojo, Tianxuan Immortal Emperor, second phase of plan
Chapter 868 When I return to the fairyland, I must show that guy a lesson!
Chapter 869 Ancient monster? Is he very strong? I would like to learn from him
Chapter 870: Exposed identity, clear heart!
Chapter 871 Chaos Star Beast Sea, Seeing Familiar People Again
Chapter 872 Wutian Burial Abyss, the hometown of Taichu Immortal Emperor?
Chapter 873 The remaining karma of the heavens! The sorrow of purgatory!
Chapter 874 Three Lives Cause and Effect, Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 875 The abyss of space, the ancient village outside the world, and the tall trees that reach the sky!
Chapter 876 Which family sank a fairyland?
Chapter 877: There is someone else at the turning point, the secret of opening the sky
Chapter 878 The secret and unreal world back then
Chapter 879 The cocoon of karma, the ultimate nightmare
Chapter 880: Sudden changes in karma, the sacred tree of reincarnation
Chapter 881 The girl in the cocoon of karma!
Chapter 882: Karma leaked, the Five Emperors took action
Chapter 883 Goodbye black-haired girl, inexplicable system task
Chapter 884: Abandoning a piece can shake the chess player, a lowly bloodline?
Chapter 885: Suppress four golden immortals with one blow!
Chapter 886 Big reversal! Shocked everyone
Chapter 887 The Immortal King kneels down and the Immortal Emperor bows his head!
Chapter 888: Karma recovery? Weird female voice
Chapter 889 Twin souls, the future trump card, enough to defeat the evil god?
Chapter 890 The black-haired girl wakes up and has a daughter out of thin air?
Chapter 891 The seeds that can change the future
Chapter 892: A banquet for the arrogant people, a discussion in the Immortal Tower, what is Qinghong City Lord’s little thought?
Chapter 893 Reactions from all parties, Supreme Series, meeting Young Master Changge
Chapter 894 The eight taboo forces gather together!
Chapter 895: The Immortal Song of the Floating World, the Joy of Sameness
Chapter 896: The incomplete fairy song of the floating world was created by someone else?
Chapter 897 Everyone doubts that Young Master Changge has a great musical talent!
Chapter 898 What kind of garbage deserves my explanation?
Chapter 899 The geniuses confront each other, and the Immortal Emperor backs off!
Chapter 900 The real fairy song of the floating world, the chapter of purifying the world!
Chapter 901 Are you willing to go through fire and water for Young Master Changge? Everyone, please listen to the music of the piano!
Chapter 902 The light that illuminates the heavens is called the Purifying World!
Chapter 903: A creature that is captivated by it! The projection of Immortal Emperor Tianqin arrives
Chapter 904: Does the Immortal Emperor want to take the lead? Use retreat to advance and let him follow him sincerely.
Chapter 905: Follow willingly, the beacon of the future
Chapter 906 The unknown call, the secret realm of Taichu
Chapter 907: The Beginning of Taichu, the Return of the Universe, Did your family open the secret realm of Taichu?
Chapter 908 An increasingly similar destiny trajectory descends on the Tianmen world
Chapter 909 Tianmen Sinners! Lost outsiders!
Chapter 910: I thought I was so strong, but this is it?
Chapter 911 Devouring the sky and the earth, all roads return to ruins
Chapter 912 The mythical family saw a miracle
Chapter 913 Similar weirdness, dark turmoil
Chapter 914 Inexplicable doubts, identity exposed!
Chapter 915 Young Master’s order, the heavens will fall!
Chapter 916 Are you ready to face a huge disaster?
Chapter 917 Terrifying Cause and Effect, the Strange Source of Fairyland
Chapter 918 The black web in time and years, fluorescent light gathers, illuminating the long night
Chapter 919: Suppress the monsters with one force!
Chapter 920 Xiao Chu is powerful, the storm is coming!
Chapter 921 I follow the path of swordsmanship, come the sword!
Chapter 922 One sword storm
Chapter 923 The sword shines across the galaxy, and everyone falls
Chapter 924: An army? One person is enough to crush them!
Chapter 925: The path of immortality is ethereal, and time goes by in reverse!
Chapter 926 Today, I invite all the immortals to confer a head on you!
Chapter 927: Kill until the sky is dark and all the immortals fall!
Chapter 928 The immortals have fallen, it is difficult to rival them!
Chapter 929 Escape? If you have ten breaths of time to escape, I will lose!
Chapter 930 All the flying immortals and the Taichu Immortal Emperor will be dejected!
Chapter 931 The wind is rising, the legend has arrived, and Tianmen is restarted
Chapter 932 I have tabooed people from the Su family, how can I allow you to bully them?
Chapter 933 Explodes with one punch, Taichu Immortal Emperor’s natal immortal weapon!
Chapter 934: Strange things in the world, hope for future generations
Chapter 935 The Mother Qi Cauldron of All Things, the chess game from eternity ago
Chapter 936 Taichu Immortal Emperor? Just a sacrifice!
Chapter 937: The Dark Ancestral God’s Remnants, Deeper Darkness!
Chapter 938 Strange things in the sky, changing trajectories, prophecy of time and space
Chapter 939 Dark turmoil, life and death crisis in the future!
Chapter 940 Su Changge vs. Tianhaoxian! A duel between the top descendants
Chapter 941 The peak showdown, both rain and dew are affected!
Chapter 942 The power of immortals and gods, time domain
Chapter 943 Subvert imagination, the three cultivations of immortals, gods and demons!
Chapter 944: Unable to match him, he ran away like crazy!
Chapter 945: Fatal pursuit, turmoil in Tianmen!
Chapter 946 The desperate gap, trembling from all sides
Chapter 947: Reinforcements are coming? The terrible impact will be a river of blood!
Chapter 948 Hunting in the Abyss, Terrifying Crisis
Chapter 949: After thinking about everything with your brain, you can’t bear Su Changge’s cause and effect!
Chapter 950: Looking at the reincarnations of life indifferently, all the glitz and glamor is as light as a dream
Chapter 951 Dark stage, unknown letters, hard to guess!
Chapter 952 If something happens to Changge, just erase the rules of the avenue!
Chapter 953 As long as Su Changge is here, the sky will not fall!
Chapter 954: Desolate battlefield, completely angry!
Chapter 955 The overlap of fate, Qinglian Sword Mountain!
Chapter 956: Karmic Blood Cocoon, the Terrifying Truth!
Chapter 957 The mysterious abyss, the scarlet eye!
Chapter 958 Black Snake Tide, Dark Abyss Snake God!
Chapter 959: Boundless murderous intention, in the name of taboo, behead you!
Chapter 960 Eyes of God, miracles come to the world
Chapter 961 Shocking power! The snake god is dying!
Chapter 962: He has the blood of a true god, but he regards a mere human being as his father?
Chapter 963 What if you don’t have immortal power? As long as you can still punch, you can fight!
Chapter 964 Shocking, a sluggish body versus the ninth level of the Golden Immortal!
Chapter 965 Let me show you, this rubbish, what real karma is.
Chapter 966 Too weak! Crush with one finger!
Chapter 967: The Fifth Creator Si Ming, how can Jiang He be Wang Yang’s opponent?
Chapter 968 Destiny to destroy the heavens? Nonsense!
Chapter 969 The army of karma surrenders! Secret trap
Chapter 970 Weird Heart, Blessed by the True God!
Chapter 971 The mutinous army? The mysterious and terrifying truth!
Chapter 972 Dark Hunting, Increasing Dark Storm
Chapter 973 If you don’t surrender, you will die!
Chapter 974: The godly girl’s father? Kill it with your own hands!
Chapter 975: Instant kill with one move, crushing posture!
Chapter 976 Devouring the Incarnation of the True God and Giving Up Control
Chapter 977: Finally see the cloud restricted area, how to deal with darkness!
Chapter 978 Destruction-level turmoil, the statue of Taichu Immortal Emperor
Chapter 979 The Origin Key, darkness rises!
Chapter 980 Prelude begins, darkness falls
Chapter 981 Darkness covers the sky, bait and vitality!
Chapter 982 The final line of defense, purgatory on earth
Chapter 983 All parties gather together to face the darkness
Chapter 984 The forbidden genius? Just a dog wagging its tail to beg for mercy!
Chapter 985 The only weakness is the soul of Taichu!
Chapter 986 The Gate of Taichu is above the rules and goes against the will of heaven!
Chapter 987 The domineering Taboo Immortal Emperor, the severely beaten Gate of Taichu!
Chapter 988 He is the great-grandson of that ruthless Immortal Emperor!?
Chapter 989 Shocking reversal, that’s my brother Yuan Hong!
Chapter 990: How much is dignity? That is the benefit of the Su family!
Chapter 991: Subverting cognition, the will of the great road is subdued!
Chapter 992 Golden Immortal Blocker? A low-end version of the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 993 The Eighteenth Emperor's Path, Eternally Eclipsed!
Chapter 994 Beating up eighteen gangsters in a row without taking a breath!
Chapter 995 Time and space prophecy, insight into everything!
Chapter 996 Dark Seed, the devil is as high as one foot, and the Tao is as high as one foot!
Chapter 997 Darkness manifests, ruthless killing!
Chapter 998 In the face of absolute power, any strategy is useless!
Chapter 999 The final dark feast, the war breaks out!
Chapter 1000 A shocking collision, pride and darkness!
Chapter 1001 Absolute dark power?
Chapter 1002: It breaks out again, and blood surges to the sky!
Chapter 1003 A strong man worthy of admiration! The last resort!
Chapter 1004 The final battle! The six major physiques explode together!
Chapter 1005 The will of the great road is threatened again!
Chapter 1006 The soul is transcendent! The only weakness is completely gone!
Chapter 1007 Glory and legend will continue on their own, Twelve Doors of Darkness!
Chapter 1008 Hey, who will die first?
Chapter 1009 Arrogance is nothing to worry about!
Chapter 1010: Kill with four breaths, ridiculously strong!
Chapter 1011 Dark defeat! The Void!
Chapter 1012 Self-destruction of the body, secretly robbing the Burial God!
Chapter 1013: The soul far beyond cognition, the plan failed, crazy evacuation!
Chapter 1014 Granduncle? The four ancient ancestors have arrived!
Chapter 1015 The four ancient ancestors take action, the fairyland is shaken, and the sign of doomsday appears!
Chapter 1016 The wrath of heaven! The two dark realms collapsed!
Chapter 1017 Shocking the Origin World of Darkness, The Void One is Su Changge?!
Chapter 1018 The Law of Two Paradoxes! Found the Nothingness, but can’t afford to offend him!
Chapter 1019 Many Immortal Emperors have arrived! Meet the Jade Emperor!
Chapter 1020 Everyone is envious, the thing they were most worried about happened!
Chapter 1021 Another collision, the Nine Tribulations Immortal Emperor arrives!
Chapter 1022 You can rest assured, the four Immortal Emperors are here to stand!
Chapter 1023. Cats and dogs, consider whether they are worthy of each other!
Chapter 1024: Deterring everyone and envying everyone!
Chapter 1025 The world is in commotion, the divine court is about to be born!
Chapter 1026 The era of increasing chaos is about to reach its peak!
Chapter 1027: Da Dao Academy, the greatest opportunity in the world!
Chapter 1028: The Kingdom of God wants to declare its presence in the Immortal Realm, and the most indispensable person is the ancestor!
Chapter 1029 The four ancient ancestors gathered together, the fifth uncle!
Chapter 1030 The only way, the legacy of the great road!
Chapter 1031 The Will of the Great Way, Immortal Rebellion!
Chapter 1032: The will of all parties, time is respected and space is king!
Chapter 1033. Unprecedentedly, the will of many great avenues has weakened!
Chapter 1034: The great road brings punishment? The great road bestows treasures!
Chapter 1035: All parties are shocked! Just blink when threatened!
Chapter 1036 Uninvited, be my student!
Chapter 1037 Everyone in the Immortal Realm is sour! The final collision of all eras!
Chapter 1038: Something unexpected happened, and the power of the karma of the heavens revived?
Chapter 1039 Whoever takes a step forward will die!
Chapter 1040: The showdown turns over the table, and beheaded without mercy!
Chapter 1041 Confrontation between the Immortal Emperor and the Wheel of Life and Death
Chapter 1042 The source of karma, the mission of birth, and the fall of the heavens!
Chapter 1043 The truth is exposed, but are there still objections?!
Chapter 1044 A complete reversal, without a perfect explanation, you can’t leave alive!
Chapter 1045: I will stay with you until the end and apologize, which is embarrassing!
Chapter 1046: Panicked like a dog, helpless and furious, the turning point in this world!
Chapter 1047 The Divine Court returns to the world, and the loser will always be the loser!
Chapter 1048: Deal with it personally, the Ancestral Demon Palace is born, and has the power to subvert the world!
Chapter 1049 The Buddha Kingdom of the Three Generations, the Infinite Sect!
Chapter 1050: A grand gathering of the heavens, born to be subverted, looked up to by the heavens!
Chapter 1051: An ant peeks into the sky, how can he know the vastness of the sky? He has dug a hole for himself!
Chapter 1052 The truth is exposed, shocking the heavens, the name of the Emperor of Heaven!
Chapter 1053: Fighting together again, the Immortal Emperor preaches with great splendor!
Chapter 1054 The grand gathering of the heavens begins, and everyone who comes here wants to hug it!
Chapter 1055: The Supreme Gathering, the Immortal Palace of Gods and Demons, want to slap the forbidden Su family in the face?
Chapter 1056 Show off the sect’s heritage and blind your eyes!
Chapter 1057 The tyrannical family was envied by everyone, but was slapped in the face!
Chapter 1058: The Three Worlds of Buddhism, the Eight Tribes of Heaven and Dragons, Are They Definitely the Biggest?
Chapter 1059 The Emperor’s True Dragon Divine Boat, a whole divine army protects the treasure!
Chapter 1060 Countless treasures, shocking all parties, horrific results!
Chapter 1061 The first generation of destiny, the elder brother of Emperor Tianxi!
Chapter 1062 Who dares to offend? The patron king of the heavens!
Chapter 1063: Countless monks were in disarray, and they all broke through the defense, reaching an unreachable height!
Chapter 1064 The misty woman, the ancestral ancestor, the lotus jade!
Chapter 1065 What happened back then cannot afford to offend the taboo Su family today!
Chapter 1066 You really can’t afford to offend him! Who made Tianzun comment like this?
Chapter 1067 I also want to join, sisters, make a fortune together and become guardians!
Chapter 1068: Xiantian Zuyuan, the leader of the Seven Tais, find a suitable ally?
Chapter 1069: Gifts from all parties, the sixth patron of the most prosperous age is about to emerge?
Chapter 1070 Want to trick people into eating and drinking? The second protector!
Chapter 1071: Bringing Dao Dao Academy to the forefront again? The details shocked all the forces!
Chapter 1072 Nine reincarnations, the return of nothingness, the final mission!
Chapter 1073 The third floor of the Void Source Tower, Fengxue Sword Song
Chapter 1074 Blind Swordsman Li Changsheng, a common pursuit?
Chapter 1075 Snow Wind Sword Tide, new guest?
Chapter 1076 The more terrifying truth? The second guardian!
Chapter 1077 The two heavenly protectors are the envy of even the Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 1078 The reincarnation of a powerful person, an impossible miracle!
Chapter 1079 No one dares to take care of it, the true sword of integrity!
Chapter 1080 The winner is decided, and the night is bright!
Chapter 1081 The trial ends, is there a terrifying existence comparable to the figure in white?
Chapter 1082 Six Paths of Immortal Bones, Four Great Sword Immortals, and Nine Great Imperial Guards!
Chapter 1083 The long river of time, the eternal years, my name is Su Changqing!
Chapter 1084 Three generations of time, superior to countless immortal emperors!
Chapter 1085 Time Storm, Time Taboo!
Chapter 1086 Unheard of, dare not punish!
Chapter 1087 The eternal taboo that is not allowed must be destroyed!
Chapter 1088 The door to the future appears and a miracle comes!
Chapter 1089 A familiar figure? What I want is the entire river of time!
Chapter 1090: I have been frustrated for a long time, don’t dare to provoke me too much!
Chapter 1091 The great cause and effect in the future, the Tribulation Thunder Dharma is coming!
Chapter 1092 Congratulations to Young Master Changge for entering the Golden Immortal!
Chapter 1093 The halo belongs to Su Changge, everyone is envious!
Chapter 1094 Be sure to come to the Kingdom of Apocalypse as a guest, you dote on your brother!
Chapter 1095 Dreams come true, we finally meet, the core points of Gou Zi Jing
Chapter 1096: If you recite its name, you can walk sideways in the fairyland!
Chapter 1097 The plans of all parties, the hopes of future generations!
Chapter 1098: Soaring to the Immortal Realm, the best gift!
Chapter 1099 The arrival of Daodao Academy and traces of the Central Fairyland
Chapter 1100 Rules are made for the weak, the Avenue List!
Chapter 1101: One after another, they are coming, and one glance will conquer all the geniuses!
Chapter 1102 The arrival of the third list shocked everyone
Chapter 1103 The top ten on the third list has arrived, or it may reach the top of the list!
Chapter 1104 Top ten on the list, the terrifying taboo Su family!
Chapter 1105 The top spot finally appears, an unexpected surprise!
Chapter 1106 Even if billions of geniuses in the world regard me as my enemy, I will stand on my own and be eternally invincible!
Chapter 1107 Beyond imagination, double top spot!
Chapter 1108 It shouldn’t stop here! Become the co-respect of everything!
Chapter 1109 The Avenue Token is placed here. Those who need it can get it themselves!
Chapter 1110: Standing alone among others, want to become his new backer?
Chapter 1111 Beyond imagination, is a half-step immortal king worthy of being an opponent?
Chapter 1112 The ancient supreme existence lets this guy pretend again!
Chapter 1113: The most ancient? A bit weak, a personal show!
Chapter 1114 Immortal Power Qi, Mother Qi Cauldron of All Things!
Chapter 1115 Continuous killings, chopping melons and vegetables!
Chapter 1116: Swordsmanship beyond the times, ruining the ancient supremacy of Fifteen Zun!
Chapter 1117: First in Eternity, the Truth Exposed
Chapter 1118: Constant slaps in the face are enough to walk sideways!
Chapter 1119: The higher immortal glory actually started a quarrel in public because of one person?
Chapter 1120 The Grandmaster, the original divine power!
Chapter 1121 Rewarding great luck, everyone is jealous!
Chapter 1122: Grand Avenue Sequence Competition, establishing the Eternal Heaven!
Chapter 1123 The major forces reacted, and the demons danced wildly!
Chapter 1124 The sun and the moon will shine through the mountains and rivers!
Chapter 1125 Beyond expectations, does not exist in cause and effect!
Chapter 1126 The embodiment of thousands of constitutions, disastrous results!
Chapter 1127 The ancient words of Origin Avenue shocked everyone, beyond cause and effect!
Chapter 1128 Shocking vision, blank plaque, future figure!
Chapter 1129 Tell the heavens that the plan is half successful!
Chapter 1130 Are all the ancient forces rushing to join the Eternal Heaven?
Chapter 1131 Are you so arrogant? Take half a step back and I lose!
Chapter 1132 Explode with all your strength? Defeat it with one finger!
Chapter 1133: Admit defeat! One punch determines the outcome!
Chapter 1134 The proud body is vulnerable
Chapter 1135 The Emperor of Heaven versus the Thirteen Kings!
Chapter 1136 Let’s take action together! The truly strong will only move towards becoming stronger!
Chapter 1137 Time and space stagnant! Thirteen punches in one second?
Chapter 1138: Beyond all Dao Dao’s expectations, far above Su Tianming!
Chapter 1139 A single thought may solidify all living beings in the world!
Chapter 1140 The power of gods and demons is exposed! Unbelievable!
Chapter 1141 Forbidden Immortal and Sealed Heaven! Something, but not much!
Chapter 1142 The power of the devil, the descending of God!
Chapter 1143: Years of grievances and crushing attitude!
Chapter 1144 The Fourteen Immortal Emperors have arrived! Divine Court, do you dare to accept it?!
Chapter 1145 Give you a chance to reorganize your language!
Chapter 1146: Extremely domineering, will the Divine Court be replaced?
Chapter 1147 How lucky it is to follow such an emperor!?
Chapter 1148 The Three Thousand Avenues Fairyland is open! Take your pick!
Chapter 1149 Challenge the Immortal Academy of Sword! The Gate of the Origin Avenue!
Chapter 1150: I learned a hard lesson! It’s better to be better than a master!
Chapter 1151 Ninety-Nine Avenues Sword Mountain, nothing can be done!
Chapter 1152: The path of swordsmanship is as boundless as the sky, and I am the peak at the top of the mountain!
Chapter 1153 Taboo blank, terrifying backlash!
Chapter 1154 The secret of that year, the box of karma
Chapter 1155 The Central Fairyland is about to appear! An impossible mission!
Chapter 1156 Taiyi Divine Sect, the core of the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 1157 The perfect era, the will of the heavens!
Chapter 1158 The time cage was shattered instantly!
Chapter 1159: Clearing the time trial, the forbidden posture!
Chapter 1160 The Monument of Time, trying to liberate the Central Immortal Realm!
Chapter 1161 Two parties are plotting, only by uniting can there be a chance of survival!
Chapter 1162: Worship the gods here! We welcome the arrival of ancestor Yuan Hong!
Chapter 1163 The greatness arrives and the final alliance is formed!
Chapter 1164 The opposite of all spirits, the enemy of the heavens!
Chapter 1165: What’s wrong with being enemies of the heavens? Kill them all!
Chapter 1166: All parties are coming, what is the responsibility of the forces of order?
Chapter 1167 Hundreds of Immortal Emperors descended, and all things became pale!
Chapter 1168: Take this line as the boundary, and anyone who crosses the line will die!
Chapter 1169 Assuming the role of savior? Testing the taboo!
Chapter 1170 God’s protection? Vulnerable!
Chapter 1171 The fall of the Immortal Emperor shocked everyone!
Chapter 1172: Dedicating yourself to the future of the heavens? Seeking death!
Chapter 1186: Corrosion and pollution, ant-like chess pieces can also bite the chess player’s flesh!
Chapter 1187 In such a glorious era, it is sad to coexist with it!
Chapter 1188 The ultimate avenue sequence, the avenue of cause and effect that creates shadows!
Chapter 1189 The great horror of fate and karma, don’t recite its true name!
Chapter 1190 Break through the Immortal Palace of Three Thousand Avenues, inform all spirits, and inform all heavens!
Chapter 1191 The heavens tremble, the truth is as illusory as a dream, the eternal kindness!
Chapter 1192: Zuyuan moves, Taoyao Tianzun wants to visit the forbidden Su family
Chapter 1193 The Gate to the Origin of the Great Way, the Pearl of the Origin of All Ways!
Chapter 1194 The secret of eternity, the five creators of the first generation!
Chapter 1195 Evergreen, the origin of the system, changing to the ultimate reward?
Chapter 1196 Breaking the eternal rules and granting him the title of Lord of the Great Way!
Chapter 1197: The ritual restarted, failed nine times, and the invisible slap in the face was the most deadly!
Chapter 1198: A scene somewhere in the future, the ultimate avenue sequence is about to begin!
Chapter 1199 The rules are changed again, the fairyland is shaken, come to visit!
Chapter 1200: The ancestor of the ancestor comes, another big supporter?
Chapter 1201 The Oracle of the Divine Court, I am willing to go before Su Changge and stand on a thorn bush to apologize!
Chapter 1202: The wrath of the sky, the Taoist heart is shaken, and if you become an enemy, you will be defeated!
Chapter 1203 All souls are distressed, breaking the defense again, real men never make choices!
Chapter 1204 Billions of divine objects are piled up, and there is no way they can be used up!
Chapter 1205: Innate peach, acquired understanding of innate, born to be dazzling
Chapter 1206 The ultimate transformation, becoming the only Immortal King in eternity!
Chapter 1207 Ten thousand ways are not ten thousand ways. They are one with me. I am the way!
Chapter 1208 The only winner becomes the new master of the avenue!
Chapter 1209 To ensure everyone’s experience, who wants to be the first to go on stage and lose?
Chapter 1210 Don’t follow martial ethics? Look for the reasons from yourself!
Chapter 1211 Kill Long Cangdao instantly, set new rules, survive for three breaths, I lose!
Chapter 1212 The God-Transcending Buddha takes action, the Eighteen Brahma Heavens Forbidden God Formation!
Chapter 1213: Defeated in one breath! Please invite the next one, the soul is transcendent
Chapter 1214 Shocking everyone, Shen Xi apologized in public!
Chapter 1215 Shen Xi vs Su Changge, the ultimate showdown between gods and demons!
Chapter 1216: Crushed with one blow, who says women are inferior to men?
Chapter 1217 One move determines the outcome, the kingdom of gods and demons! Easily defeated!
Chapter 1218 Analyze nothingness, the master of gods and demons, cultivated into a dog!
Chapter 1219: What can I do if I interfere in the family affairs of your divine family?
Chapter 1220: Abandoned goddess, do you want to join my eternal heaven?
Chapter 1221 Millions of geniuses abstain, and the uncrowned king is born!
Chapter 1222 One person can truly suppress an era!
Chapter 1223 The ultimate battle begins, two supreme monsters are shot away with one palm!
Chapter 1224: One man is in charge, who else but me, a figure facing darkness alone!
Chapter 1225 The final game, the arrival of the immortal soldiers, the Mother Qi Cauldron of All Things!
Chapter 1226 Sweeping and crushing all the monsters, a hopeless gap!
Chapter 1227 The final conclusion, meeting the Lord of the Avenue!