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beautiful lady, here I come

beautiful lady, here I come

author:get in the tide

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-25 15:41

Latest chapter:Chapter 772 The Effect of the Blood Buddha

Chu Yun was born with a pure yang body, and he will not live to be thirty years old. He must have seven senior sisters to help him survive this calamity. Chu Yun went down the mountain to save his life. There is only one sentence: I am invincible, you can do whatever you want.

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《beautiful lady, here I come》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 772 The Effect of the Blood Buddha
Chapter 771 Breakthrough Congealing Pill
Chapter 770 I want to retreat
Chapter 769 Lord of Kunlun
Chapter 768 Ji Wuhen's Strength
Chapter 767 Half Step Golden Elixir
Chapter 766
Chapter 765: Headmaster Falls
Chapter 764 Fierce Battle
《beautiful lady, here I come》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Go down the mountain to find your sister
Chapter 2 I'm Invincible
Chapter 3 I'm Not Marrying
Chapter 4 You Are Such a Junior Brother
Chapter 5 What Can You Do?
Chapter 6 The Truth
Chapter 7 Is he a genius doctor?
Chapter 8 Treatment
Chapter 9 Boys Beware Outside
Chapter 10 Women are a curse
Chapter 11 Martial Arts Master
Chapter 12 You Are Brave
Chapter 13 Bragging first place
Chapter 14 You and Chu Yun's Room
Chapter 15 You Actually Pushed My Face
Chapter 16 Killer
Chapter 17 It hurts
Chapter 18
Chapter 19 Meng Family Dinner
Chapter 20 Healing
Chapter 21 Men's Doubles
Chapter 22 Neuropathy
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25 Conference
Chapter 26 Give You a Chance to Exhale
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 The Wolf Killer Organization
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Pheasant Killer
Chapter 31 The Angry Beautiful CEO
Chapter 32
Chapter 33 Be My Flower Messenger
Chapter 34 Another Trouble
Chapter 35 What do you want to explain?
Chapter 36 Big Sister's Welfare
Chapter 37 The company has an accident
Chapter 38 It's time to use my method
Chapter 39 Kill the Turtle Son
Chapter 40 The tough Yan Ruoting
Chapter 41 Lost 30 million
Chapter 42 I Want To Be Chu Yun's Girlfriend
Chapter 43 Jiang's Invitation
Chapter 44 Is there a thief?
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 I'm Going to Jiang's House to Help
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 49 Sleep on my leg
Chapter 50 The Tang Gate in Shuzhong
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 You're going to be popular soon
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 Really a Grandmaster
Chapter 55 I Want To Be Your Boyfriend
Chapter 56 Taking this medicine to prolong life by ten years
Chapter 57 Who are you calling a dog
Chapter 58 Begging the Doctor Chu
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Live Streaming
Chapter 61 Surprise or not
Chapter 62 Mosquitoes are still meat no matter how small they are
Chapter 63 Yan Ruoting's Brain Supplement
Chapter 64 The bloody case caused by secret photography
Chapter 65
Chapter 66 The Master of Mantis Sect
Chapter 67 Big Sister Has A Secret Love
Chapter 68 The King of Ducks
Chapter 69 Happiness Comes Too Suddenly
Chapter 70 The Pikachu I'm Wearing Today
Chapter 71 Master, Don't Be Too Heavy
Chapter 72 How to Save Little Junior Brother
Chapter 73 Control the whereabouts
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 It's Really Burning
Chapter 76: Good Wife Chen Mo
Chapter 77 The most expensive villa
Chapter 78
Chapter 79 The Grandmaster Can't Be Humiliated
Chapter 80 Let go of the master and come to me
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 The storage ring is in hand
Chapter 83 Charity Gala
Chapter 84 Auction Storm
Chapter 85 Ding Wenting's Special Physique
Chapter 86 I am ugly but I am gentle
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 Finding fault in the mantis door
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Wretched Ji Shidao
Chapter 91 Who Is Important Between Me and Chen Mo
Chapter 92 Wansheng's Trouble
Chapter 93 I will meet you
Chapter 94
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97 Tang Sect's Stratagem
Chapter 98 The Three Elders Who Died Sadly
Chapter 99 The pain of not being a man
Chapter 100 This is a courtesy exchange
Chapter 101: Loud Chen Mo
Chapter 102 Apologize? He deserves it too!
Chapter 103 One wrong step, one wrong step
Chapter 104 I Only Need One Needle
Chapter 105 Ding Wenting's Life Experience
Chapter 106 Healing Yuan Wenting
Chapter 107 Kidnapped
Chapter 108 Countdown to Zero
Chapter 109 Killer Organization Destroyed
Chapter 110 Sandwich Biscuits
Chapter 111 The Jade Pendant
Chapter 112 The head of Emei does not accept gifts
Chapter 113 Entering the Emei School
Chapter 114 This is my place
Chapter 115 Killed in one palm
Chapter 116 Kneeling, sliding and hugging the thigh
Chapter 117 Breakthrough Grandmaster
Chapter 118 Little Women's Doubles Ten Years
Chapter 119 The decisive Feng Siyan
Chapter 120 Brother is too serious
Chapter 121 Golden Needle Acupoints
Chapter 122 How are you?
Chapter 123
Chapter 124 You are too weak
Chapter 125 You dare to kill me!
Chapter 126 The Dilemma of the Third Senior Sister
Chapter 127 Tan Shengrui's Conditions
Chapter 128 Severing Relationships
Chapter 129 Calling all your people
Chapter 130 The so-called master
Chapter 131 Direct Rolling
Chapter 132 This is a fairy
Chapter 133 Big Car Accident
Chapter 134: Help or Take Advantage
Chapter 135 The Professor's Invitation
Chapter 136
Chapter 137 Opening the altar
Chapter 138 You are all going to die
Chapter 139 Slaughter of Thousand Faces
Chapter 140
Chapter 141 I want to cultivate myself too
Chapter 142 The Third Senior Sister Is Too Bad
Chapter 143 Wu Deshun's Invitation
Chapter 144: Identifying the Magical Tool
Chapter 145
Chapter 146
Chapter 147 Same name and last name?
Chapter 148 Entering the Liu Family
Chapter 149 Instant kill!
Chapter 150: Kowtow and beg for mercy
Chapter 151 Yunhu Villa
Chapter 152: Do You Change Your Name?
Chapter 153
Chapter 154 You Are the Second Senior Sister
Chapter 155
Chapter 156
Chapter 157 I Am Chu Xinghe
Chapter 158 Are you willing to kowtow?
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 Wu Deshun's Acquaintance
Chapter 161 Monthly salary of five million
Chapter 162 Checking the ticket into the valley?
Chapter 163 Horror Monster
Chapter 164 It's too scary
Chapter 165 I'll Kill It!
Chapter 166 Immortal Sword Slaying Dragon
Chapter 167 Huge harvest
Chapter 168 Beauty Plan?
Chapter 169: Do You Want Pills?
Chapter 170 One-handed rescue, one-handed murder
Chapter 171 Gu Changgeng's Request
Chapter 172 Ji Sidao's Situation
Chapter 173 You will return the quota to me
Chapter 174 Body Scanner
Chapter 175 Master Thank You
Chapter 176 He is my teacher
Chapter 177 The Genius of the Provinces
Chapter 178 Shut up your stinky mouth
Chapter 179
Chapter 180 I will let you go first
Chapter 181 The second round of competition
Chapter 182
Chapter 183 The second contestant
Chapter 184 Too Crazy
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 The best life for a spoiled woman
Chapter 187 I Just Said He Was Pretending
Chapter 188 They all kissed my face
Chapter 189 The Domineering Queen of Jiangnan
Chapter 190 Direct Explosion
Chapter 191: Leading Jiangbei
Chapter 192: Meeting an Acquaintance
Chapter 193 Big Star
Chapter 193 Big Star
Chapter 194
Chapter 194
Chapter 195
Chapter 196 I'm talking about this burning
Chapter 197
Chapter 198 Corpse Ghost Sect
Chapter 199 Business is not very good
Chapter 200 Making Health Pills
Chapter 201 Trading Conference
Chapter 202 I have a pill
Chapter 203 Trading Conditions
Chapter 204
Chapter 205 The granddaughter changes the medicine pill
Chapter 206 Sixth Senior Sister
Chapter 207 You are not worthy
Chapter 208: Road Encounter Interception
Chapter 209
Chapter 210 The horror of Chu Yun
Chapter 211 It's a pity there is no super god
Chapter 212 Go out and relax
Chapter 213
Chapter 214 A Little Lesson
Chapter 215 Going to the Liu Family
Chapter 216 I want to beat the old man directly
Chapter 217 Ask the Ancestor to Revenge
Chapter 218 Defeating the Liu Family Patriarch
Chapter 219 Gusu Lin Family
Chapter 220 What do you want to explain
Chapter 221: Get Your Magical Powers Soon
Chapter 222 Killer Attacks
Chapter 223 The Strange Dream of Sister Flowers
Chapter 224 Card Master
Chapter 225
Chapter 226
Chapter 227 Treatment
Chapter 228: Meet Senior Sister
Chapter 229 Go to the Blood Owl Headquarters
Chapter 230 I will go meet him
Chapter 231 Superpowers
Chapter 232 Blood Owl Group Extermination
Chapter 233: Enchanted
Chapter 234 Immortal Water
Chapter 235 Someone is here to make trouble
Chapter 236 Tell the truth
Chapter 237 Thank you, I'm sorry
Chapter 238 Going to a Birthday Banquet
Chapter 239 Two Sisters Appear
Chapter 240 The Gift Is Not Acceptable
Chapter 241 Let me give you two bottles of water
Chapter 242 Worth Ten Millions
Chapter 243 News of Chi Jingzhi
Chapter 244 I'm Chu Yun's Wife
Chapter 245 Going to the Volcano
Chapter 246: Li Fen Zong's Ambition
Chapter 247 Volcano Bottom
Chapter 248
Chapter 249 Fighting for Red Lingzhi
Chapter 250 Volcanic Eruption
Chapter 251 Falling into the lava
Chapter 252 Chu Yun is dead?
Chapter 253
Chapter 254 The Inheritance of the Red Emperor
Chapter 255 Condensed Spirit Body
Chapter 256 Reborn
Chapter 257
Chapter 258 Secret Factory
Chapter 259 Kill All
Chapter 260 Refining the Resentful Spirit
Chapter 261
Chapter 262: Spiritual Consciousness
Chapter 263: Will You Drive?
Chapter 264 I Can Save Your Daughter
Chapter 265
Chapter 266: Chu Yun's Challenge
Chapter 267: Young Master Chu Didn't Die
Chapter 268 Wind Element Technique
Chapter 269 Wind and Thunder Disk
Chapter 270 Tianyan Realm
Chapter 271 The strongest state
Chapter 272 Fighting
Chapter 273 Fire Eyes and Golden Pupils
Chapter 274 Hong Qianjun Dies
Chapter 275
Chapter 276 Do you want to?
Chapter 277 Li Xin was kidnapped
Chapter 278
Chapter 279 Wolf Tooth Base
Chapter 280 I have objections to being an instructor
Chapter 281 Teaching the Body Tempering Technique
Chapter 282 Medicated bath quenching
Chapter 283 All breakthroughs
Chapter 284 Ghost Press?
Chapter 285 Is it really up to me?
Chapter 286 It's time to fulfill the promise
Chapter 287
Chapter 288 I have someone I like
Chapter 289 Evil relatives
Chapter 290 No one dares to touch you
Chapter 291 You Are Dead
Chapter 292 The Patrol Bureau is here
Chapter 293: Chu Yun's Identity
Chapter 294 Vicious Woman
Chapter 295
Chapter 296 Weren't You Crazy Just Now?
Chapter 297
Chapter 298
Chapter 299 He is here
Chapter 300 Pick me up
Chapter 301 Either die or kneel
Chapter 302 I am very kind
Chapter 303 Yang Jiang's idea
Chapter 304 You are responsible for me
Chapter 305 Special service?
Chapter 306 follow me later
Chapter 307 Going to Qin's House
Chapter 308
Chapter 309 You may not be able to marry
Chapter 310
Chapter 311
Chapter 312
Chapter 313 It's All Your Credit
Chapter 314 Specially come to smash the field?
Chapter 315 Master, spare your life
316 All Dead
317 Not a Sheep
Chapter 318
Chapter 319 Get to know your friend
Chapter 320 Love is like a tide
Chapter 321 Qin Luoshuang was captured
Chapter 322 Want to kill
Chapter 323 I will resurrect you
Chapter 324 The Three Elders
Chapter 325
Chapter 326
Chapter 327
Chapter 328 The strongest blow
Chapter 329 Killing the Bai Family
Chapter 330 Double Happiness
Chapter 331 Naughty Spirit Fox
Chapter 332
Chapter 333
Chapter 334 There is another one
Chapter 335 Three Foundation Establishments
Chapter 336
Chapter 337: Flying on a Tree
Chapter 338 Evil Cultivation Conference
Chapter 339
Chapter 340 Li Xin goes to battle
Chapter 341
Chapter 342 The Final Test
Chapter 343 Are you going to kill him?
Chapter 344 I'm in charge
Chapter 345 The altar master escapes
Chapter 346 Master Don't Burn Me
Chapter 347 What did you just say?
Chapter 348 Foundation Establishment Completed
Chapter 349 Senior Sister and Junior Sister
Chapter 350 Sixth Senior Sister, You Are So Beautiful
Chapter 351
Chapter 352 Siege of Chu Yun
Chapter 353
Chapter 354 How Strong Is He?
Chapter 355 Killing the Elder
Chapter 356
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 Ji Sidao was captured
Chapter 359 Good Brother
Chapter 360
Chapter 361 Who Has Bullied You
Chapter 362: Meeting Master Chu
Chapter 363 The Hua Family Apologizes
Chapter 364: Give Some Rewards
Chapter 365 I will accompany you
Chapter 366 I'm Waiting For My Boyfriend
Chapter 367 Presidential Suite
Chapter 368 Jiang Yang's Plan
Chapter 369
Chapter 370 Are you holding back?
Chapter 371 Chu Yun Gets Out
Chapter 372 Listening again is already the person in the song
Chapter 373 Troubled
Chapter 374 A group of weak chickens
Chapter 375 Challenge
Chapter 376
Chapter 377 Martial Arts Wizards
Chapter 378 Win?
Chapter 379 Jiulong Town Mountain Technique
Chapter 380: The Zhou Family Is Over
Chapter 381 Cruise Reception
Chapter 382: Meeting Dong Ruyue Again
Chapter 383 How dare he?
Chapter 384 Write off?
Chapter 385 I am your tour guide
Chapter 386
Chapter 387 Fighting Xie Changyin
Chapter 388 Xie Changyin was captured
Chapter 389 The method of resurrecting Qin Luoshuang
Chapter 390 Four times the happiness
Chapter 391 Tianshan Secret Realm
Chapter 392 Summoning Bai Qianqian
Chapter 393: On the top of the mountain
Chapter 394
Chapter 395: Did You Do It On Purpose?
Chapter 396
Chapter 397 Hao Xiuming's Dominance
Chapter 398
Chapter 399
Chapter 400 Please stay away from me
Chapter 401 Zhang Family's Request
Chapter 402 Stealing the Corpse
Chapter 403
Chapter 404
Chapter 405 Two Personalities
Chapter 406 Breakthrough
Chapter 407 Qin Luoshuang's Thoughts
Chapter 408 Take the initiative to attack
409 My Boyfriend Chu Yun
Chapter 410 Proposal
Chapter 411 The goddess is a dog licking?
Chapter 412: Kowtow and Apologize
Chapter 413 You are not asleep?
Chapter 414 Don't Force Me
Chapter 415
Chapter 416 Entering the Tianxuan Sect
Chapter 417: The Second Senior Sister Is Missing
Chapter 418 Refining
Chapter 419 Don't Kill Me
Chapter 420: Medicine King Valley's Reaction
Chapter 421
422 Confession
Chapter 423 Female Restaurant Boss
Chapter 424
Chapter 425 I'm Still a Waste
Chapter 426 Unexpected phone call
Chapter 427 Finding Meng Siqin
Chapter 428 The temptation of blood
Chapter 429 Do You Want To Save Her?
Chapter 430 Killing Joseph
Chapter 431 Sucking Chu Yun's Blood
Chapter 432 Thunder Cloud Weather
Chapter 433 The Loch Ness Monster
Chapter 434
Chapter 435: Welcome to Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 436
Chapter 437 My mother's name is Bai Suzhen
438 This Is Your Big Sister
Chapter 439: The Alliance of Abilities
Chapter 440: Avenging the Zhou Family
Chapter 441
Chapter 442 Luofu Five Heroes
Chapter 443 You are too weak
Chapter 444 Disciple of Xuantian Palace
Chapter 445: Going to the Mountain of Dreams
Chapter 446 The call of the voice
Chapter 447 Overcoming Difficulties
Chapter 448 Entering the forbidden area
Chapter 449 I'll Help People Interpret Dreams
Chapter 450 I don't want to kill you
Chapter 451: Entering the Stele
Chapter 452: It's the Sword Spirit
Chapter 453 Are You Also Innate?
Chapter 454 Your Dead Time Has Come
Chapter 455
Chapter 456 Will we meet again?
Chapter 457
Chapter 458
Chapter 459 I'm Grandpa
Chapter 460 Participate in the auction
Chapter 461: The Auction Begins
Chapter 462: The Refiner Material Appears
Chapter 463 My name is Su Biao
Chapter 464
Chapter 465
Chapter 466 National Mission
Chapter 467 I'm the Captain
Chapter 468 I feel like I'm playing a game
Chapter 469 The mission is stable
Chapter 470 Killing the Ability User
Chapter 471: The Remaining Country
Chapter 472
Chapter 473 The battle is heating up
Chapter 474 The Great Mage
Chapter 475
Chapter 476 Go to the top of the mountain
Chapter 477 Battle Ability
Chapter 478 Neon Sword Saint
Chapter 479
Chapter 480: Sneak Attack
Chapter 481 The Final Victory
Chapter 482: Alchemy boy?
Chapter 483 He is the Alchemist
Chapter 484
Chapter 485 Repairing the Double Swords
Chapter 486 Let's find Su Biao
Chapter 487 An accident happened to Bai Chuchu
Chapter 488
Chapter 489 Kill the old monk
Chapter 490: Don't Be Like This Next Time
Chapter 491: Cultivating the Golden Body
Chapter 492
Chapter 493
Chapter 494 You are the broom star
Chapter 495 Don't blame me for being rude
Chapter 496: Direct Suppression
Chapter 497: The Yuan Family Comes to an End
Chapter 498 Qin Luoshuang has another accident
Chapter 499
Chapter 500
Chapter 501 Who is making trouble
Chapter 502 Heavenly Gang Five Thunders
Chapter 503 My Thunder is Stronger
504 Promise me something
Chapter 505
Chapter 506 Execution
Chapter 507 Entering the Mausoleum
Chapter 508 The Millennium Corpse King
Chapter 509 Li Yuanbai's Plan
Chapter 510 Controlling the Female Corpse
Chapter 511 Killing the Corpse King
Chapter 512 Joining the Longyin Bureau
Chapter 513 Rescue Qin Luoshuang
Chapter 514: Going to the Sacred Fire Cult
Chapter 515
Chapter 516: Stepping into the Canyon
Chapter 517 Let's Go Together
Chapter 518 Killing the foundation is like killing a chicken
Chapter 519
Chapter 520 Evil Xiu Ye Fan
Chapter 521 Gu Changgeng's Matchmaking
Chapter 522 There can only be one protagonist
Chapter 523
Chapter 524
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Excited Ye Fan
Chapter 527 Assist in handling the case
Chapter 528 Tracing the Murderer
Chapter 529: Hijacking Gu Qinxue
Chapter 530 Photo Wall
Chapter 531 I am not a waste
Chapter 532 Honorary Director
Chapter 533 Daomen Exchange Meeting
Chapter 534
Chapter 535 Chu Yun is here
Chapter 536
Chapter 537
Chapter 538 Murong Yan's Plan
Chapter 539 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 540 I didn't send you
Chapter 541: A Bounty Has Been Offered
542 Found you
Chapter 543: SSS Level Ability User
Chapter 544: Dark Web Vibration
Chapter 545
Chapter 546
Chapter 547 Yan Ruoting's actual combat
Chapter 548
Chapter 549
Chapter 550 Press Conference
Chapter 551 Delicate Narcissus
Chapter 552 let you go back to the family
Chapter 553
Chapter 554: Power Word
Chapter 555: Encountered a Demon
Chapter 556 Jiang Yuchen Intervenes
557 Be My Bodyguard
Chapter 558: No Li Family Again
Chapter 559 Returning to Jiangbei
Chapter 560 Demon God Pearl
Chapter 561: The Speechless Murong Yan
Chapter 562 I want to trouble you again
Chapter 563: Different Dimension Space
Chapter 564: The Arrangement of the Country
Chapter 565: Daily Life
Chapter 566
Chapter 567 Kang Ying'er's Determination
Chapter 568 Go to Medicine King Valley
Chapter 569 Why don't I dare to come
Chapter 570 Unstoppable
Chapter 571
Chapter 572: Chu Yun is here again
Chapter 573: Taking Medicine King Valley
Chapter 574
Chapter 575 Go to the hidden door
Chapter 576
Chapter 577 Entering the Xuantian Sect
Chapter 578
Chapter 579 The Fourth Senior Sister Is Too Ruthless
Chapter 580 Are you here to save the master?
Chapter 581 Swordsman Valley
Chapter 582 Cockfighting tactics
Chapter 583 Kidnapped Jue
Chapter 584
Chapter 585
Chapter 586 Gao Chao was wronged
Chapter 587 Fourth Senior Sister Breakthrough
Chapter 588 Threatening Gao Chao
Chapter 589
Chapter 590 Going to the Dungeon
Chapter 591
Chapter 592 Surrounded
Chapter 593 Are you going to die?
Chapter 594
Chapter 595
Chapter 596 Hundred Flowers Valley
Chapter 597
Chapter 598: The Hidden Door Is Really Dangerous
Chapter 599
Chapter 600 Tianlong Temple was destroyed
Chapter 601: Accepting You as a Disciple
Chapter 602 You Can Let Me Go
Chapter 603: Finally Out of Hundred Flowers Valley
Chapter 604: Going to the Secret Realm of Blood Ancestors
Chapter 605 Disguise as a disciple of the Blood Shadow Sect
Chapter 606: Crossing the Five Peaks, Crossing the Sea of ??Blood
Chapter 607 Absorbing the Blood Pool
Chapter 608: Chasing and Killing
Chapter 609 Refining the Demon God Orb
Chapter 610 Yunlong Kills Instantly
Chapter 611
Chapter 612 Out of the Secret Realm
Chapter 613 Kang Ying Er goes to Neon
Chapter 614
Chapter 615 Leng Wuya's Foresight
Chapter 616 I knew you were going out
Chapter 617 War Core Disciple
Chapter 618 Killing the Peak Master
Chapter 619 Return to Jiangbei
Chapter 620 Kang Ying'er Assassination
Chapter 621 Rescue Kang Yinger
Chapter 622 Another Sword Saint
Chapter 623 So You Are Chu Yun
Chapter 624 Condolences to Muto Watanabe
Chapter 625 Neon Sword God
Chapter 626
Chapter 627: The Peak of Sword Peak
Chapter 628 The Power of the Sword God
Chapter 629
Chapter 630 Kamiya is also dead
Chapter 631 Little Junior Brother, Are You All Right?
Chapter 632 Ise Grand Shrine
Chapter 633 Illusion
Chapter 634 The Eight-Hearted Orochi
Chapter 635 Twelve Shikigami
Chapter 636 Fighting with myself
Chapter 637: Abe Dragon's Second Death
Chapter 638
Chapter 639
Chapter 640 This is a devil
Chapter 641 God of War
Chapter 642
Chapter 643: Going to the Alien Space
Chapter 644
Chapter 645 Arrive at Zhong Hai
Chapter 646 He is the Chairman
Chapter 647 Restaurant Storm
Chapter 648 Forming a Business Alliance
Chapter 649
Chapter 650 let your master come out
Chapter 651 He is Chu Yun
Chapter 652: Meeting General Chu
Chapter 653 I was wrong
Chapter 654 Banquet in the hall
Chapter 655 Hua Jianying
Chapter 656
Chapter 657
658 Kill him for me
Chapter 659 The strongest attack
Chapter 660 Don't come here
Chapter 661
662 Possibly at Bright Summit
Chapter 663 Adventure
Chapter 664 I'm the Sacred Fire Cult Master
Chapter 665
666 Too Strong
Chapter 667
Chapter 668 Breaking the Seal
Chapter 669 Entering the Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 670: Going to Lingbao School
Chapter 671 Breaking a Leg
Chapter 672 Going to Burning Sound Valley
Chapter 673 Who is Your Excellency
Chapter 674 Old Ancestor Appears
Chapter 675
Chapter 676: The Birth of the Great Enemy
Chapter 677 Hua Jianying Arrives
Chapter 678
Chapter 679 Senior Sisters Arrive
Chapter 680 Tai Chi Sword Qi
Chapter 681 The strongest battle
Chapter 682 Are there any tricks?
Chapter 683 The Strongest Sword
Chapter 684 Invincible in this world
Chapter 685 Impersonating Geng Rong
Chapter 686 Breaking Through the Innate Peak
Chapter 687 Jiang Yuchen was killed
Chapter 688 The villain died of too much talk
Chapter 689 Lively hidden door
Chapter 690 Hua Zixin was arrested
Chapter 691 The Evil Sect's Plan
Chapter 692 Wulin Leaders Conference
Chapter 693 The battle is coming
Chapter 694 Battle of Good and Evil
Chapter 695 You will influence me to draw my sword
Chapter 696 Leng Wuya's Power
Chapter 697 The Light of the Right Path
Chapter 698 The evil cultivator is defeated
Chapter 699 Heartless Swordsmanship
Chapter 700 Gao Chao Dies
Chapter 701: The Headmaster Arrives
Chapter 702
Chapter 703 Can You Make a Comeback?
Chapter 704 Night terrors exploded
Chapter 705
Chapter 706 The real ambassador
Chapter 707 Do You Know Chu Yun?
Chapter 708 The Leader's Coronation Conference
Chapter 709 You want to threaten me
Chapter 710
Chapter 711 Breaking through Innate Consummation
Chapter 712 Going to the concert
Chapter 713 Dong Ruyue's Enthusiasm
Chapter 714 Gossip
Chapter 715: Senior Sister Meets
Chapter 716 Lingbao Mirror
Chapter 717 Gathering in Shushan
Chapter 718 You Are Dead
Chapter 719 Killing You Like Killing Chickens
Chapter 720 too fierce
Chapter 721 Fighting Zuokui
Chapter 722
Chapter 723
Chapter 724
Chapter 725 Shushan Sword Pavilion
Chapter 726 Nine Heavens Killing Formation
Chapter 727 Sword Pill
Chapter 728: The Kunlun Realm Comes Again
Chapter 729: Catastrophe is imminent
Chapter 730
Chapter 731
Chapter 732 Kill them all
Chapter 733 Going to the Kunlun Realm
Chapter 734: Encountering the Demon Cultivator
Chapter 735 The Magic Cultivator Attacks
Chapter 736 Killing the Demon Cultivator
Chapter 737
Chapter 738 Tianjiao Gathers
Chapter 739 Climbing Cloud Mountain
Chapter 740 Direct Killing
Chapter 741 Killing Tianjiao
Chapter 742 Join forces to besiege
Chapter 743 Zi Lang Ye's Shot
Chapter 744 Space Magic Ability
Chapter 745: All Defeated
Chapter 746 Get lost
Chapter 747 The Furious Kunlun Realm
Chapter 748 Regretful Land Sect Wedding Banquet
Chapter 749 Meeting the Bride
Chapter 750
Chapter 751 I Will Tell You Three Moves
Chapter 752 Bei Mingqiu makes a move
Chapter 753: Thunder Sect Tianjiao
Chapter 754 Go to Beiming Family
Chapter 755: Identity Revealed
Chapter 756: The Arrival of the Seven Great Sects
Chapter 757
Chapter 758: Zhan Li Cang
Chapter 759: Li Cang's Defeat
Chapter 760 The Covenant of Sikong War
Chapter 761 Set foot on Xianyun Palace
Chapter 762
Chapter 763
Chapter 764 Fierce Battle
Chapter 765: Headmaster Falls
Chapter 766
Chapter 767 Half Step Golden Elixir
Chapter 768 Ji Wuhen's Strength
Chapter 769 Lord of Kunlun
Chapter 770 I want to retreat
Chapter 771 Breakthrough Congealing Pill
Chapter 772 The Effect of the Blood Buddha