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The Elemental God of Fighting Break

The Elemental God of Fighting Break

author:go with the wind

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-12 22:00

Latest chapter:take a leave

This is the world of vindictiveness, this is the paradise of the strong. Lu Yunxiao walked out of nothingness, with the spirit gold in his left hand, and the fire in his right hand, the holy water rolled down under him, and the endless thunder thundered behind him. , in this turbulent world, he is doomed to rise and fall!

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《The Elemental God of Fighting Break》The latest nine chapters
take a leave
Chapter 1780 Joining forces? Lu Yunxiao Appears
Chapter 1779 Maha Ban, Liu Rulie, Green Pine Nuts
Chapter 1778 Entering the Tower
Chapter 1777 Eternal Tower
Chapter 1776 Mahatian's fear, Lu Yunxiao's killing intent
Chapter 1775 Mahatian's Panic
Chapter 1774 Check-in task, Eternal City
take a leave
《The Elemental God of Fighting Break》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Gu Xun'er's little brother
Chapter 2 Yin-Yang Mysterious Heart Pendant
Chapter 3 The Origin of Gu Xiao
Chapter 4 Uninvited Guest Soul Emperor
Chapter 5 The battle of the peak is imminent
Chapter 6 The Battle of the Nine Stars Fighting Saints
Chapter 7 The Ancient Clan's Traitor, the Soul Clan's Means
Chapter 8 The defense of Yin Pei, Gu Xiao leaves
Chapter 9 Strange Old Man
Chapter 10 Xun'er goes to Xiao's house
Chapter 11 Eight years in a blink of an eye
Chapter 12 Ice Emperor Haibodong
Chapter 13 Breakthrough Fighter, Achievement Rewards
Chapter 14 Preliminary Unblocking of Physique, Innate Gold Elements
Chapter 15 The Book of Elements
Chapter 16 Three Ways to Unlock the Seal
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Desert Corpse Ant Colony
Chapter 19 First-Order Warcraft Red-tailed Flame Sand Snake
Chapter 20
Chapter 21 Mistakenly Entering the Muddy Sand Spider Group
Chapter 22 Tsing Yi Figure
Chapter 23 The first encounter with Yun Yun
Chapter 24: Just Call Me Yunzhi
Chapter 25: Pure Lotus Demon Fire Remnant Picture
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 The Rules of Canaan Academy
Chapter 28 Fighting with Lao Sheng
Chapter 29 Ruo Lin's Instructor
Chapter 30 The Enchanting Beyond S-Class
Chapter 31 Lu Yunxiao's Charm
Chapter 32 Flying Team
Chapter 33 Going to Canaan College
Chapter 34 Canaan College Guard
Chapter 35
Chapter 36: Late Night Ambush
Chapter 37 Demon Flame Valley Conspiracy
Chapter 38 Flying Immortal Slasher
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 The Power of the Great Fighter
Chapter 41 Peace Town
Chapter 42 Finally, Canaan Academy
Chapter 43 Blood Sword Wu Hao
Chapter 44 'Casual thoughts on Dan Dao'
Chapter 45 The First Class
Chapter 46 Zhang Yun's excitement
Chapter 47 Xiao Yu
Chapter 48 The beginning of the class
Chapter 49 Ruo Lin's Instructor's Matchmaking
Chapter 50 Zhang Yun was beaten
Chapter 51 It's you who are courting death
Chapter 52
Chapter 53 Let's Go Together
Chapter 54 Repel Zhang Shuang
Chapter 55: Refining the Sword into Silk
Chapter 56
Chapter 57 Lu Yunxiao's Hole Card: Sword Stance
Chapter 58 Conversation with Instructor Ruolin
Chapter 59 Fighting Skill Pavilion
Chapter 60 The Invitation of the Little Demon Girl
Chapter 61 Hu Qian's Confidence
Chapter 62 Rejection, Rejection
Chapter 63 Hu Jia's Nature
Chapter 64
Chapter 65: Going to the Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 66 Sign up for the Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 Wu Hao's Challenge
Chapter 69 Victory over Wu Hao
Chapter 70 First Law Enforcement
Chapter 71: Violent Murder
Chapter 72 Blood Builds the Sword Base
Chapter 73 Breakthrough Fighter
Chapter 74 Hu Jia's Challenge
Chapter 75 Showdown with Hu Jia
Chapter 76 Hu Jia's Earth Rank Fighting Skills
Chapter 77 Punish Hu Jia
Chapter 78 Analysis and Stubbornness
Chapter 79 Hu Qian's reaction
Chapter 80
Chapter 81 Wu Hao Comes to the Door
Chapter 82 Remote Valley
Chapter 83 Killing the Jade Python
Chapter 84: The Bottom of the Clear Water Pond
Chapter 85 Star Spirit Gold
Chapter 86 Defeat the Fifth-Order Star Flood Dragon
Chapter 87 Refining Star Spirit Gold
Chapter 88 Successful refining
Chapter 89 Returning to the Academy, Exchange of the Academy
Chapter 90 Start, Inner Court Trials
Chapter 91 The Battle Begins
Chapter 92
Chapter 93
Chapter 94 With one enemy and four, the battle ended
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97 Fire Energy Hunting Competition
Chapter 98 Entering the Inner Court
Chapter 99 Sky Burning Gas Tower
Chapter 100 Han Yue
Chapter 101 Little Lolita in White
Chapter 102 Herbs Wine
Chapter 103 Great Elder Su Qian
Chapter 104 Treasure Hunting
Chapter 105 Snow Demon Ape
Chapter 106 The New Spirit Pet, Snow Demon Ape
Chapter 107 Unraveling the knot
Chapter 108 Earth Core Tempering Body Milk
Chapter 109 Want to leave
Chapter 110 Returning to the Outer Court
Chapter 111 Gift of Spiritual Wine
Chapter 112 Return to Jama
Chapter 113 Hai Bodong's Test
Chapter 114 Gift of fighting skills
Chapter 115 Break the seal, the return of the Ice Emperor
Chapter 116 Looking for a different fire
Chapter 117 The girl's green scales
Chapter 118 Desert Iron Mercenary Group
Chapter 119 Conversation
Chapter 120: Jade Snake and Three Flower Eyes
Chapter 121
Chapter 122 Warning
Chapter 123 Discovery and Figure
Chapter 124 Two-Headed Fire Snake
Chapter 125 Qinglian Earth Heart Fire
Chapter 126 Emergence, Queen Medusa
Chapter 127 Medusa's Power
Chapter 128 The Queen's departure, Lu Yunxiao's means
Chapter 129 Return to Desert City
Chapter 130 Sign In Task
Chapter 131 First Arrival at Wutan City
Chapter 132 The First Meeting of Xiao Yan
Chapter 133 Goodbye Gu Xun'er
Chapter 134 Instructor Ruo Lin's Thoughts
Chapter 135 The battle is about to start
Chapter 136 How did you get the eight extreme collapse?
Chapter 137 Lu Yunxiao's Terrifying Talent
Chapter 138 Gu Xun'er's Invitation
Chapter 139 Reunion, Recognition
Chapter 140 Lu Yunxiao's Request
Chapter 141 Staying in the Xiao Family
Chapter 142 Elemental True Eyes
Chapter 143 Removing hidden dangers
Chapter 144 Xiaojiafang City
Chapter 145 Mittel's Auction
Chapter 146 The First Meeting of Ya Fei
Chapter 147 The Spiritualist
Chapter 148 Gu Xun'er's Snack Taste
Chapter 149 The auction ends
Chapter 150 Negotiation
Chapter 151 Ancient Jade
Chapter 152 First Kiss
Chapter 153 Qingshan Town
Chapter 154 The First Meeting of the Little Doctor Immortal
Chapter 155
Chapter 156 Night Walk
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 Mu Li
Chapter 161 Killing Mu Li
Chapter 162 The demise of the wolf head mercenary group
Chapter 163 Breaking through the Great Fighter, Sword Master
Chapter 164 You are finally here
Chapter 165 Goodbye Yunyun
Chapter 166 Cave Healing
Chapter 167 Yun Yun's Moving Face
Chapter 168 Fish Soup
Chapter 169 Yun Yun's Charming
Chapter 170 Unexpected Kiss
Chapter 171 Yun Yun's Struggle
Chapter 172 Yun Yun's Escape
Chapter 173 Purple Spirit Crystal
Chapter 174 Release the seal, joint action
Chapter 175 Little Amethyst Winged Lion King
Chapter 176 Associated Amethyst Source
Chapter 177 Yun Yun leaves
Chapter 178 Gu Xun'er with a dark face
Chapter 179 Goodbye Little Doctor Immortal
Chapter 181 Sneak attack on the little doctor fairy (on the shelf)
Chapter 182 The complacency of the boss of Wanyaozhai
Chapter 183 Staying in Wanyaozhai
Chapter 184
Chapter 185 Preparation
Chapter 186: Experience the Mountains of Warcraft
Chapter 187 Embrace again (seventh more
Chapter 188 Want to go to the Izumo Empire (eighth more
Chapter 189 The First Arrival of the Izumo Empire (Ninth Edition)
Chapter 190 Entering the City of Hundred Poisons
Chapter 191 Little Doctor Immortal's Worries
Chapter 192 Sleeping Together
Chapter 193 Buying Poisons
Chapter 194: Hundred Poisons Auction
Chapter 195: Heavenly Illusory Poisonous Weed
Chapter 196 Han Sheng's Confidence
Chapter 197 Success and Han Sheng's Anger
Chapter 198 Interception
Chapter 199
Chapter 200: A Showdown Between Two People
Chapter 201 Qin An Appears
Chapter 202 Ling Yingxian, sweeping the audience
Chapter 203 Killing Han Sheng
Chapter 204 Destroy the Sect
Chapter 205 Tianning Village
Chapter 206 Settling in Tianning Village
Chapter 207 Progress Again
Chapter 208 Lu Yunxiao's ulterior motives
Chapter 209 Lu Yunxiao's Confession
Chapter 210 Soul Magic Poison
Chapter 211 The pain of the little doctor fairy
Chapter 212: The Method of Poison Pill
Chapter 213 News of Medusa
Chapter 214 Little Doctor Immortal Breaking Fighter
Chapter 215 Ruthless Lu Yunxiao
Chapter 216 Inform the Little Doctor Immortal
Chapter 217
Chapter 218 Yun Lanzong
Chapter 219 Nalan Yanran
Chapter 220 Tagor Desert
Chapter 221 Charming Snake Tribe
Chapter 222 The first encounter with Yuemei
Chapter 223 Yuemei's Slave
Chapter 224
Chapter 225 The Queen Arrives
Chapter 226 Hello, Her Majesty the Queen
Chapter 227 The Queen's Pursuit
Chapter 228: Showdown with Hua Snake
Chapter 229 The sneak attack from Medusa
Chapter 230 Negotiating Medusa
Chapter 231 Reaching a Consensus with the Queen
Chapter 232 The Queen's Conditions
Chapter 233 Snake Man King City
Chapter 234 Serving Medusa
Chapter 235 The Queen's shame and anger
Chapter 236 The Queen's Bedroom
Chapter 237 'Seven Swords to Cut the Sky - Cut the Road and See Me'
Chapter 238 The Queen's Inquiry
Chapter 239 Wonderful Misunderstanding
Chapter 240 Bet with the Queen
Chapter 241: About to Evolve
Chapter 242 The arrival of the ancient river
Chapter 243 Prepare to evolve
Chapter 244 Colorful swallowing python
Chapter 245 The Sword Splits the Ancient River
Chapter 246 Goodbye Yunyun
Chapter 247 Yunzhi, hold back
Chapter 248 You call me apprentice, I call you Yuner
Chapter 249 Now, who is courting death?
Chapter 250 The Sword Picks the Snake Man
Chapter 251 Snake Man Fiasco
Chapter 252
Chapter 253 Refining the Different Fire
Chapter 254 The third element, fire
Chapter 255 Mission: Sign in to Yun Lanzong
Chapter 256
Chapter 257 Elders Meeting
Chapter 258 Nalan Yanran
Chapter 259 Further communication with Yunyun
Chapter 260 Seeing Nalan Yanran for the First Time
Chapter 261 Nalan Yanran's Vibration
Chapter 262: Hello, Junior Brother, My Name is Nalan Yanran
Chapter 263 The Active Nalan Yanran
Chapter 264 The Apprenticeship Ceremony is Coming
Chapter 265
Chapter 266 The Ceremony Begins
Chapter 267
Chapter 268 This Senior Brother, Dare to Fight?
Chapter 269 Brother, please enlighten me
Chapter 270 Hard, the ancient river, the ceremony ended
Chapter 271: Beginners Learning Alchemy
Chapter 272 Yun Yun's Shock
Chapter 273 Panic Xiao Yunyun
Chapter 274 Nalan's Consultation
Chapter 275 Nalan Yanran's Weakness
Chapter 276: Extreme Wind: Sunset
Chapter 277 Guiding Nalan Yanran
Chapter 278 Yun Yun's Pleading
Chapter 279 Retreat and alchemy
Chapter 280 Yun Yun: Yan Ran, you are still too young
Chapter 281 The decadent Liu Ling
Chapter 282 Furukawa's Proposal
Chapter 283 Lu Yunxiao leaves the border
Chapter 284 Yun Yun: Really Exciting
Chapter 285: Gu He Liu Ling's Roadblock
Chapter 286 Liu Ling's Challenge
Chapter 287 Lu Yunxiao's Ruthlessness
Chapter 288 Presenting the Perfect Emperor Pill
Chapter 289 Retreat to break through the fighting spirit
Chapter 290 'Indulge in the Immortal Step'
Chapter 291 Taixu Ancient Dragon
Chapter 292 Yun Yun Yanran is with you?
Chapter 293 Want to go to the imperial capital
Chapter 294
Chapter 295 Nalan Yanran's Scream
Chapter 296: First Meeting Nalan Jie
Chapter 297 Quarrel between grandparents and grandchildren
Chapter 298 Two Treatment Methods
Chapter 299 Detoxification
Chapter 300 Talking Between Father and Daughter
Chapter 301 Mittel's Auction
Chapter 302 Goodbye Ya Fei
Chapter 303 Lu Yunxiao is afraid of the inside?
Chapter 304 Hai Bodong's sneak attack
Chapter 305
Chapter 306 Ya Fei's Helplessness
Chapter 307 Ya Fei's Mind
Chapter 308 Mittel Tengshan's Plan
Chapter 309 Just call me Ya Fei
Chapter 310 Ya Fei's Fright
Chapter 311 Ya Fei's Lamentation
Chapter 312 Free Trade Zone
Chapter 313 Flame Flower?
Chapter 314 You may earn blood, but I will never lose
Chapter 315: Beast Fire Seed
Chapter 316 Hai Bodong's Anger
Chapter 317 Come on, how do you want to die?
Chapter 318 Even the old ones fight together
Chapter 319 Palm shot Leo, the curtain ended
Chapter 320: Goodbye Green Scales
Chapter 321: Beat him and it's over
Chapter 322 Buddha's Fury Fire Lotus
Chapter 323 Amethyst Lotus Heart Wine
Chapter 324 Queen Medusa wakes up
Chapter 325 The frightened Her Majesty
Chapter 326 Her Majesty's First Kiss
Chapter 327 Queen - Female Slave
Chapter 328 Medusa: This Man Is Poisonous
Chapter 329 Medusa: Warming the bed is impossible, Lu Yunxiao: Warming the bed must have
Chapter 330 Name Her Majesty the Queen
Chapter 331 Grinding Teeth Medusa
Chapter 332 The Queen's Taste
Chapter 333 Shy Queen
Chapter 334 Ya Fei VS Queen
Chapter 335: Seeing the Queen, Hai Bodong's Fright
Chapter 336 Knowing Yunyun, the Queen makes trouble again
Chapter 337 Medusa: This King Is Not Accepted
Chapter 338 Medusa: Why is Yun Yun?
Chapter 339: Alchemist Guild
Chapter 340: Seeing the Law for the First Time
Chapter 341: Alchemy in the palm of your hand
Chapter 342: The Pharmacist Exam Begins
Chapter 343: Converting Flames
Chapter 344 The three-pattern blue elixir is complete!
Chapter 345: The Invitation of Faqi
Chapter 346 Queen Medusa's Shock
Chapter 347 Ya Fei's Impatient
Chapter 348 Sister Ya Fei, You Are Really Brave
Chapter 349 Queen Ya Fei Fights Again
Chapter 350 Medusa scolds Lu Yunxiao
Chapter 351 Appease the Queen
Chapter 352 Liu Ling? Dog Ling!
Chapter 353 The Queen's Discovery, Everyone's Fright
Chapter 354
Chapter 355: Presenting Medicine Pills
Chapter 356
Chapter 357 Beating Mu Zhan Muchen
Chapter 358 Princess Yaoye
Chapter 359: Yao Ye's Invitation
Chapter 360 Either don't do it, or do it absolutely
Chapter 361: The Stunned Ya Fei
Chapter 362 The Queen's questioning, Yunxiao's plan
Chapter 363 Queen Ya Fei is in an alliance?
Chapter 364 Princess Mansion
Chapter 365: Yao Ye's Helplessness
Chapter 366: Yao Ye's Anger
Chapter 367: Yao Ye's Conditions
Chapter 368 The Sea Flood Dragon Can't Do It
Chapter 369 Haibodong VS Sentence Day
Chapter 370 Two fights one, the helplessness of adding punishment
Chapter 371 Defeat the penalty day
Chapter 372
Chapter 373 Jia Lao's advice, the queen refuses to accept
Chapter 374: Colorful Illusory Liquid
Chapter 375 Taking the spirit liquid, the queen evolves
Chapter 376 The terrifying entry of the little doctor fairy
Chapter 377 Xiao Yan's Emergence
Chapter 378 Ya Fei: What are you doing?
Chapter 379 Awakening, Queen Medusa
Chapter 380 The woman in white, the beauty of the world
Chapter 381 The relationship with Her Majesty the Queen is a matter of course
Chapter 382 The Queen's Anger, Yun Yun to the Imperial Capital (two in one chapter)
Chapter 383 Yun Yun arrives, Yun Xiao panics
Chapter 384 When the Queen sees Yun Yun, it will be triggered
Chapter 385 Yun Yun's questioning
Chapter 386 Discussion with Yunyun
Chapter 387
Chapter 388: The Pharmacist Conference
Chapter 389 Venue, Royal Plaza
Chapter 390
Chapter 391 Little Princess Yaoyue
Chapter 392 Furukawa's Wrath
Chapter 393 Xiao Yanxian, Yunxiao invites the ancient river
Chapter 394 The battle is set, everyone's opinion
Chapter 395 Xiao Yan's guess, Yao Lao's surprise
Chapter 396: The Conference Officially Begins
Chapter 397
Chapter 398 The first round of assessment
Chapter 399 Refinement
Chapter 400 The first round, the end
Chapter 401 Changes
Chapter 402 Yan Li
Chapter 403 Second round, start
Chapter 404 Xiao Yan's Mind
Chapter 405 Nalan Yanran Arrives
Chapter 406 The second round of battle
Chapter 407: Elixir is completed, wins Yanli
Chapter 408 Xiao Yan's anger
Chapter 409
Chapter 410 Banquet and closeness
Chapter 411 Xiao Yan's Interception
Chapter 412 Qing Yanjing's tyrannical strength
Chapter 413
Chapter 414 Qing Yanjing's guess
Chapter 415: Faqi's Request
Chapter 416: Tea Room Secret Talk
Chapter 417 Lu Yunxiao's Entrustment
Chapter 418 Considerations about the Cold Fire of the Bone Spirit
Chapter 419 The Attractive Ya Fei
Chapter 420 Yan Li's Provocation
Chapter 421 Finals, start
Chapter 422: Ziyuan Ding appears, everyone is shocked
Chapter 423 Dry blue water inflammation
Chapter 424 Different fires appear, all fires surrender
Chapter 425 Colored Danxiang
Chapter 426: The Dou Ling Dan comes out, Yan Li is unwilling
Chapter 427 Killing Yanli
Chapter 428 Achievement Reward: Innate Physique Pill
Chapter 429 Furukawa, get down
Chapter 430: The Competition Begins
Chapter 431
Chapter 432: Breaking Emperor Pill meets Breaking Zong Pill
Chapter 433
Chapter 434 Titled Pill Emperor, Dao Oath Stone
Chapter 435: Gu He's Death
Chapter 436 Generous Yun Yun
Chapter 437 Yun Yun's Calculation, Medusa Enters the Cloud Lanzong
Chapter 438 Returning to Yunlanzong, strange situation
Chapter 439 Yun Yunfu Pill, Yunxiao Refiner
Chapter 440: Harvest of Refiners, Green Chi Sword
Chapter 441: Innate Fengshen Body
Chapter 442
Chapter 443: The Three-Year Covenant Is Coming
Chapter 444 Xiao Yan goes up the mountain
Chapter 445 Life and death, each one's destiny?
Chapter 446 From the battle, Yanran's progress
Chapter 447
Chapter 448 Mysterious Yellow Flame, Xinghai Returns
Chapter 449 Unusable Buddha's Fury Fire Lotus
Chapter 450 Xiao Yan's defeat
Chapter 451 Xiao Yan is unwilling, Yao Lao controls himself
Chapter 452 Yao Lao rises up, Yunxiao's plan
Chapter 453 Clouds and smoke cover the sun and break, Yun Ling's message
Chapter 454 Yunshan Appears
Chapter 455 Yun Ling was hit hard, and the Jie Jie protector finally appeared
Chapter 456 What is the Soul Palace?
Chapter 457: The Powerful Xiao Yan
Chapter 458 Xiao Yan fights two with one
Chapter 459: Qing Yanjing and Medusa Qi appear
Chapter 460 The protector devours the soul, Lu Yunxiao makes a move
Chapter 461
Chapter 462
Chapter 463: Establishing Cloud Gate
Chapter 464: Conquering the Royal Family
Chapter 465 Yunshan is angry
Chapter 466: Forcing Yunshan to Swear
Chapter 467 Yun Yun's questioning
Chapter 468 Yunshan swears, Yunyun's closeness
Chapter 469 Nalan Yanran's Sadness
Chapter 470 Persuade Nalan Yanran
Chapter 471 Nalan Yanran's Rebellious Heart
Chapter 472 Yun Yun's Shock
Chapter 473 Yun Yun: What did you say to Yanran?
Chapter 474
Chapter 475 Breaking through the Dou King, unsealing the water element
Chapter 476 Dealing with Xiao Yan
Chapter 477: No Emperor Yan in the World
Chapter 478 Nine Secrets - All
Chapter 479 Lu Yunxiao's Arrangement
Chapter 480
Chapter 481 Ya Fei Arrives
Chapter 482
Chapter 483
Chapter 484 The Queen's Request
Chapter 485
Chapter 486: Purge the Cloud Gate
Chapter 487 Arrangements for Mittel Tengshan
Chapter 488 Maid Yaoyue Yaoye
Chapter 489
Chapter 490 Warning to Yaoye
Chapter 491 Nalan Yanran: She's Not Simple
Chapter 492: Sweet Wind Spirit Body
Chapter 493 Nalan Yanran's Invasion
Chapter 494 Admonish Nalan Yanran
Chapter 495 Yan Ran enters the door of life and death, closes
Chapter 496: Refining the Bone Spirit Cold Fire
Chapter 497: Crystal of the Bone Spirit
Chapter 498
Chapter 499 Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 500 The sword splits the robbery cloud, the nine-star fighting king
Chapter 501 Gift of the Divine Sword
Chapter 502: All the characters are secret, Qing Yanjing's shock
Chapter 503 Yunxiao warns, Xun'er's thoughts
Chapter 504 The first meeting of two women, gift crystals
Chapter 505
Chapter 506 Lu Yunxiao: I really have no choice
Chapter 507 Lu Yunxiao's Plan
Chapter 508 Plans for the Soul Palace
Chapter 509 Lu Yunxiao, Get Out?
Chapter 510 Miss Zi Yan arrives
Chapter 511 Medusa: what a lovely creature
Chapter 512 Zi Yan's Abnormality
Chapter 513
Chapter 514 Gu Xun'er: Brother Yunxiao, you want to go to heaven
Chapter 515: All Women Fight Lu Yunxiao
Chapter 516 The ancient jade storm, the strength of the soul clan
Chapter 517 The surname is Lu, what secrets are you hiding?
Chapter 518
Chapter 519 The origin of Zi Yan
Chapter 520 Lu Yunxiao: Zi Yan, I have a request
Chapter 521 High five with Zi Yan for an oath
Chapter 522 Ya Fei's Wisdom
Chapter 523 Gu Xun'er's sense of crisis
Chapter 524 The heart-to-heart talk with Gu Xun'er
Chapter 525 Zi Yan is drunk
Chapter 526 Guarding Zi Yan
Chapter 527 Xun'er Will Leave?
Chapter 528 'Emperor's Seal'
Chapter 529 Gu Xun'er's questioning, Lu Yunxiao who blamed himself
Chapter 530 On Burning Judgment, Gu Xun'er's Shock
Chapter 531 The identity of the ancient emperor Tuoshe
Chapter 532 Origin Emperor Qi
Chapter 533
Chapter 534
Chapter 535 The Power of the Scarlet Phoenix Spear
Chapter 536 Embarrassed Zi Yan
Chapter 537 Lovely Zi Yan
Chapter 538: Go to the Little Doctor Immortal in advance?
Chapter 539 Xun'er, are you free at night?
Chapter 540 Furious Her Majesty
Chapter 541
Chapter 542 Lu Yunxiao's Means
Chapter 543 Punishment for Yun Yun?
Chapter 544 Gu Xun'er's Shyness
Chapter 545
Chapter 546 Go to the Tagor Desert
Chapter 547: The Tsundere Queen
Chapter 548: Re-entering the Holy City of Snake People
Chapter 549 The Shocked Flower Snake
Chapter 550 The Elder of the Snake People
Chapter 551: The Request of the Great Elder of the Snake People
Chapter 552 Lu Yunxiao's Concerns
Chapter 553 Zi Yan's astonishment
Chapter 554: Change Your Face Instantly, Little Ziyan
Chapter 555 Familiar Amethyst Bed
Chapter 556 Eight Commanders
Chapter 557
Chapter 558 The Fury of Queen Medusa
Chapter 559: The Violent Lu Yunxiao
Chapter 560 Commanders bow their heads
Chapter 561 Refining Dou Zong Dan
Chapter 562: The Capture Operation is On
Chapter 563: Pushing the Ten Thousand Scorpions Sect, Scorpion Bi Yan Appears
Chapter 564 The Iron Guardian Appears
Chapter 565
Chapter 566 Goodbye Little Doctor Immortal
Chapter 567 Xian'er, long time no see
Chapter 568: Little Doctor Immortal's Surprise
Chapter 569
Chapter 570: The Adventures of the Little Doctor Immortal, Venerable Netherworld
Chapter 571 Yun Yun's Secret
Chapter 572 Unblocking the poison element, the surprise of the little medical fairy
Chapter 573 Fairy, Yuner
Chapter 574 Little Doctor Immortal Disbands Poison Sect and Returns to Cloud Gate
Chapter 575
Chapter 576
Chapter 577 Residual picture, 'Three Thousand Thunders'
Chapter 578 The Queen's Attack
Chapter 579 Beheading Fan Tuo
Chapter 580
Chapter 581: A Sudden Scream
Chapter 582 Goodbye Xiao Yu
Chapter 583: Re-entering Canaan
Chapter 584 The Queen snorted coldly, Lu Yunxiao's warning
Chapter 585
Chapter 586: The sensible Xiao Yu, the speechless Lu Yunxiao
Chapter 587 Little Doctor Immortal: Their relationship is really good
Chapter 588 Entering the inner courtyard, a rare figure
Chapter 589 The oppressed freshman
Chapter 590 Long time no see, Hu Jia
Chapter 591 Hu Jia: Lu Yunxiao, you scumbag
Chapter 592 Lu League Leader?
Chapter 593
Chapter 594 Bai Cheng's insults offended the public
Chapter 595 Wu Hao wants to work hard, Lu Yunxiao plays
Chapter 596
Chapter 597
Chapter 598 Victory, shocking crowd
Chapter 599: Liu Qing's Challenge
Chapter 600 Promise, Strong List Competition
Chapter 601 Returning to the Lumeng, wanting to concoct pills
Chapter 602 Give away the medicine pill
Chapter 603 Su Qian's teasing
Chapter 604 Teaching Zi Yan
Chapter 604 Teaching Zi Yan
Chapter 605 Zi Yan retreats, the strong list competition is coming
Chapter 606: The Strong List Competition Begins
Chapter 607 Lu Yunxiao is infatuated?
Chapter 608 Lu Yunxiao's Death Gaze
Chapter 609: Everyone Qi pits the forest and repairs the cliff, entering the stage
Chapter 610 Draw lots, opponent Baishan?
Chapter 611 The first scene, Wu Hao versus Bai Cheng
Chapter 612 Wu Hao VS Bai Cheng, fierce duel
Chapter 613 Wu Hao wins, Hu Jia asks for guidance
Chapter 614 Lu Yunxiao Appears
Chapter 615 The second round of the competition
Chapter 616 Draw lots, opponent Liu Qing
Chapter 617 Liu Qing's Fighting Intent
Chapter 618 Fight against Liu Qing
Chapter 619 Fallen Heart Flame Rebellion
Chapter 620 The fallen heart flame broke out of the tower, and the thousand layers sealed the formation
Chapter 621 The heart is burning fiercely, and the outer court rushes to help
Chapter 622 Seal the heart inflammation, Han Feng arrives
Chapter 623 Angry Han Yue
Chapter 624
Chapter 625 The battle begins, Lu Yunxiao takes action
Chapter 626 The strange fire appeared, everyone was shocked
Chapter 627 Yaochen asks me to ask you something
Chapter 628: The Wolf-Hearted Han Feng
Chapter 626 Han Feng's Secret Technique
Chapter 627
Chapter 628
Chapter 629
Chapter 630 Kill Han Feng, get Hai Xinyan
Chapter 631 Collecting the ring, breaking the bondage of the heart
Chapter 632
Chapter 633 Searching for the Origin of Heart Inflammation
Chapter 634 Fighting Heart Flames, Clouds Entering the Tower, Seal Completed
Chapter 635: The Underground World, Devouring Different Fires
Chapter 636 Refining Heart Flame, Half a Year
Chapter 637 Successful refining, breaking through Dou Huang
Chapter 638 Suppressing Demon Sword, the pinnacle of the four-star Douhuang
Chapter 639 Magma creatures, space enchantment
Chapter 640 The young body fell to the heart flame, Venerable Tianhuo
Chapter 641
Chapter 642 Little Doctor Immortal Zi Yan forcibly breaks into the tower
Chapter 643 Little Doctor Immortal vs. Hu Gan
Chapter 644 Lu Yunxiao broke out of the tower
Chapter 645 Su Qian's Amazement
Chapter 646 Hu Qian apologizes, secret talk in the tower
Chapter 647 Su Qian is ecstatic
Chapter 648 Su Qian's Gratitude, Yunxiao's Request
Chapter 649 Back to the Lumeng, everyone gathers
Chapter 650 Seeing Xiao Yu, Yun Xiao's Thoughts
Chapter 651: Restoring the Soul, Taking Yunling Fruit
Chapter 652 The soul of the spiritual realm, Zi Yan speaks amazingly
Chapter 653 Angrily little Ziyan
Chapter 654 The experience was intercepted, and Lu Yunxiao came out
Chapter 655 Battle breaks out
Chapter 656 Lu Yunxiao came to help, Wu Hao was seriously injured
Chapter 657: At the moment of crisis, Lu Yunxiao arrives
Chapter 658: The Demon Suppressing Sword Came Out, Opening Up the Mountains
Chapter 659 Returning to the Academy
Chapter 660 Lu Yunxiao's Proposal
Chapter 661 Queen Medusa's Killing Intent
Chapter 662 Su Qian's Anger
Chapter 663
Chapter 664 Whereabouts of Soul Palace
Chapter 665: Assault on Magic Flame Valley
Chapter 666: Confrontation in the Devil Flame Valley
Chapter 667 The war starts, and it turns into fire
Chapter 668 Beating the old devil of the earth, the minions of the soul hall appear
Chapter 669
Chapter 670 Defeat the second protector, the old devil falls
Chapter 671 Demon Flame Valley Extermination, Treasure Hunt
Chapter 672 Enter the treasure house, Zi Yan takes the treasure box
Chapter 673 Heavenly Demon Puppet
Chapter 674: The curtain ends, and they each return
Chapter 675 Arrive at Yunzong
Chapter 676 Refining the Heavenly Demon Puppet
Chapter 677 Earth Demon Puppet
Chapter 678 The Promise With Venerable Skyfire
Chapter 679 Gifts
Chapter 680 Going to the Black Imperial City
Chapter 681 Entering the Black Imperial City
Chapter 682 Black Emperor Auction?
Chapter 683 Black Emperor Pavilion
Chapter 684 Check in, the auction is coming
Chapter 685
Chapter 686 Seventh-Order Warcraft, Lu Yunxiao's Killing Intent
Chapter 687 Mysterious Stones
Chapter 688 Ancient Dragon Things, Bid
Chapter 689: Mummy of Warcraft
Chapter 690 Tian Yaohuang, Zi Yan's disgust
Chapter 691 Auction of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix
Chapter 692 Finale Lot
Chapter 693
Chapter 694 Dou Zongdan
Chapter 695 Lu Yunxiao's Analysis
Chapter 703 Harvest, return to Yunzong
Chapter 704 Heavenly Demon Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 705: Demon Phoenix Demon Core
Chapter 706 The Heart of the Ancient Dragon
Chapter 707 Gu Long's Heart Blood
Chapter 708 Dragon and Phoenix
Chapter 709 Nine-star Douhuang Peak
Chapter 710 Dragon and Phoenix Ancient Armor
Chapter 711 Seventh-Order Star Ancient Dragon Silver-haired Girl
Chapter 712 Zi Yan's Exit
Chapter 713 Want to return to the Jama Empire
Chapter 714 College Farewell
Chapter 715 Yunxiao, you are back!
Chapter 716 Cloud Gate's Progress
Chapter 717
Chapter 718: Preparing for Marriage
Chapter 719 Entering the door of life and death
Chapter 720 The Eve of Marriage
Chapter 721 Marriage (1)
Chapter 722 Marriage (2)
Chapter 723 Marriage (3)
Chapter 724 Getting Married (4)
Chapter 725 Marriage (End)
Chapter 726: The Bridal Room (1)
Chapter 727 The wedding room (2)
Chapter 728 Wedding Room (Part 2)
Chapter 729 Advanced, the real Heavenly Demon Puppet
Chapter 730 Devouring Sea Heart Flame
Chapter 731 Samsung Douzong 'The Elements'
Chapter 732 Transforming the source power and exiting the customs
Chapter 733 The Thousand Changes Mysterious Taoist Clothes, Leaving
Chapter 734 West Cloud City, Space Wormhole
Chapter 735: Arrive in the Southern Region of Zhongzhou
Chapter 736 Guangyin City, Long Island Movement
Chapter 737 Guangyin City
Chapter 738 Tianzhen Pavilion
Chapter 739: Central Region Map
Chapter 740 The Befriending of the White Yarn Woman
Chapter 741 Four-star Dou Zong, to Bibo
Chapter 742 Nine Wonderful Crystal Bamboo, Sign In to the Mission?
Chapter 743: The Bottom of the Wood Emperor Mountain
Chapter 744 The strength of Mu Huangzong, Zi Yan's eagerness to move
Chapter 745 The coercion of the forces
Chapter 746 Persecution, the Soul Palace is now
Chapter 747 Nine Heavenly Venerates in the Soul Palace
Chapter 748 Nine Wonderful Crystal Bamboo
Chapter 749 The Lord of the Wings snatch, the battle begins
Chapter 750 The Soul Palace Besieged
Chapter 751 The backhand of the Soul Palace, the situation is reversed?
Chapter 752 Soul Palace's victory is soaring
Chapter 753 Lu Yunxiao shot, killed Hei Tianzun in seconds
Chapter 754 Fighting against the Three Heavenly Venerates
Chapter 755: Slaying the Heavens and Drawing Swords
Chapter 756 Nine Heavens Venerable's Wrath
Chapter 757 Qing Yanjing made a move to beat the Nine Heavens Venerable
Chapter 758 Kill the Nine Heavenly Venerate and leave
Chapter 759 Hei Qing Arrives
Chapter 760 Going to Gulong Island
Chapter 761 Entering Donglong Island for the first time
Chapter 762 The Great Elder's Surprise
Chapter 763: Staying in Gulong Island and Presenting Jiu Miao Bamboo Liquid
Chapter 764 Retreat, refining the world tree
Chapter 765 Nine Star Dou Zong, Create Heavenly Rank Dou Skill
Chapter 766: Harvest Qing Yanjing's Breakthrough
Chapter 767 Soul world, nothingness swallows the flame
Chapter 768 Movements in the Ancient World
Chapter 769 The Conversation between Gu Yuan and Gu Xun'er
Chapter 770 Zi Yan's Shock
Chapter 771 Small Doctor Immortal Poison Outbreak
Chapter 772 Fire Seal of Heaven, Sealing Poisonous Body
Chapter 773 Seal the poisonous body, the little medical fairy is promoted
Chapter 774 Lu Yunxiao's Plan, Prepare to Understand the Inner World
Chapter 775: Open up the inner world
Chapter 776 Half-step Dou Zun, about to leave Gulong Island
Chapter 777 Destination, Pill Domain, Falling God Stream
Chapter 778 Where is the Sky Poison Dragon Beast
Chapter 779 An accident, the Scorpion Dragon Beast has been killed
Chapter 780 Probe, Cao Family?
Chapter 781
Chapter 782 Demon Girl Cao Ying
Chapter 783 Bad News Again
Chapter 784 Cao Ying's Method
Chapter 785 Nine Hua Yanzun Dan, Cao Ying's shock
Chapter 786 Give birth to a litter?
Chapter 787 Cao Ying comes to the door and wants to go to the Holy Pill City!
Chapter 788
Chapter 789 The night sky, three thousand flames
Chapter 790 Qinglian fire, Cao Ying's envy
Chapter 791 Cao Ying's Proposal
Chapter 792 Danta Tower, Test
Chapter 793: The Test Begins
Chapter 794 The test is completed, Cao Ying's invitation to fight
Chapter 795 The badge is in hand
Chapter 796: Alchemist Fair
Chapter 797 Crystal Blood Dragon Fruit
Chapter 798
Chapter 799 Top-level trade fair
Chapter 800 Purple Mist Containing Divine Fruit
Chapter 801 Cao Ying's Touch
Chapter 802 The Secret of Black Jade Piece, 'The Secret Biography of Sky Poison'
Chapter 803 Cao Ying enters the spiritual realm, the news finally comes
Chapter 804 Cao Ying's complicated mind, Danta Headquarters
Chapter 805: Seeing Xuan Kongzi for the First Time
Chapter 806 Surprised by the Big Three of Danta
Chapter 807 Danta giant's guess, decision
Chapter 808 Zhonghuang City, chase and kill?
Chapter 809 encounter Liu Fei, take action
Chapter 810 Rescue Liu Qing
Chapter 811 Goodbye Liu Qing
Chapter 812 Tianhuang City, Liu Family
Chapter 813: The Liu Family Patriarch Recovers
Chapter 814 The hatred of the Liu family, come to the door
Chapter 815: A Gift from the Head of the Liu Family
Chapter 816 True Spirit Divine Iron, Hope to Find True Spirit Gold
Chapter 817 Lu Yunxiao's Thoughts
Chapter 818 Kill the Cheng family and prepare to set off
Chapter 819: Farewell to the Liu Family
Chapter 820 North Wu Mountain
Chapter 821
Chapter 822 Nine Dragons Thunder Gangfire, Barbarians
Chapter 823 Burning Flame Valley Tang Zhen
Chapter 824 Lu Yunxiao shot and killed the barbarians
Chapter 825 Tang Zhen's shock, killing the barbarians
Chapter 826 Fire Bodhisattva, news of the Scorpion Poison Dragon Beast Station
Chapter 827 Sky Poison Dragon Beast Station
Chapter 828 Hunting, the semi-holy scorpion dragon beast has appeared
Chapter 829 Peak Fighting Saint, Lord of Devouring
Chapter 830 Entering the Northern Continent and Controlling the Poison Body
Chapter 831 Break the seal, Bodhi son
Chapter 832: Poison Dancheng, Five-Star Dou Zun
Chapter 833 Golden Emperor Long Gangyan, fulfilling the promise
Chapter 834 The Red Phoenix Man, the Powerful Silver Dragon Man
Chapter 835 The Mysterious Holy Spring of Chifengman
Chapter 836 Infiltrate the Chifeng Man
Chapter 837 Altar, Crimson Spring
Chapter 838 Going to the lake, the world tree changes
Chapter 839 The seal was opened, exposed, and entered the altar
Chapter 840: Carrying the Black Pot? Seeing the Phoenix Bathing Spring in the Altar
Chapter 841 Peerless Fanghuafeng Bath Spring
Chapter 842 Feng Yuquan's Anger
Chapter 843
Chapter 844 Strong suppression of Feng Yuquan
Chapter 845 The ancient spirit of the phoenix, the battle begins
Chapter 846 Battle of the Nine Stars, Suppressing the Spirit of the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix
Chapter 847 Deprivation of bad memories, preparing to refine the Phoenix Bath
Chapter 848 The beginning of refining, a year and a half
Chapter 849 Three-turn Dou Zun, great changes in the world
Chapter 850: Ancient Heavenly Phoenix Skeleton
Chapter 851 ** Formation, want to resurrect Huang Zu
Chapter 852 Huangzu's resurrection, peerless youth
Chapter 853 Huang Linger, Lu Yunxiao's plan
Chapter 854: Sweeping the Northern Continent, it was secret back then
Chapter 855 Tianbei City
Chapter 856 Goodbye Hanyue (four thousand words chapter)
Chapter 857 Han Yue's Doubt
Chapter 858 Seeing Han Xue for the first time, the Han family was shocked
Chapter 859 The troubles of the Han family
Chapter 860: Venerable Lei Is Not Dead Yet?
Chapter 861 Fighting in the ring? Lu Yunxiao's thoughts
Chapter 862 Han Yue's Tsundere
Chapter 863 The Hong family's surprise, duel (four thousand words chapter)
Chapter 864 Kill Hong Chen with one finger (4000 words chapter)
Chapter 865: Punish Hong Li again
Chapter 866
Chapter 867: Destroy the Hong family and punish Shen Yun
Chapter 868 Han Yue's Gift
Chapter 869: Give the Heavenly Demon Puppet and bid farewell to the Han family for a while
Chapter 870 The Horror of Venerable Lei
Chapter 871: Ancient Ruins Born
Chapter 872 Going to the Beast Domain
Chapter 873
Chapter 874 Goodbye Zi Yan
Chapter 875 Hei Qing's Shock
Chapter 876 Zi Yan's progress, the ruins are opened
Chapter 877
Chapter 878 Entering the Ruins
Chapter 879 Ancient Forest
Chapter 880 Packing the Ancient Forest
Chapter 881 Soul Baby Fruit
Chapter 882 Heavenly Demon Phoenix Clan: Damn it?
Chapter 883 Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit
Chapter 884 Bloodline confrontation, ancient Tianhuang VS Taixu ancient dragon
Chapter 885 Promise to Huang Linger
Chapter 886 The main hall, the skeleton of the fighting saint
Chapter 887 Goodbye Tang Zhen
Chapter 888 Feng Qinger's Perception?
Chapter 889 Arrival of the Soul Palace
Chapter 890: Nine Netherland Nether Python Powerhouses
Chapter 891 The seal is broken, the competition begins
Chapter 892
Chapter 893 The scroll is in hand
Chapter 894: The Resurrection of the Dou Sheng's Skeleton
Chapter 895 The Dark-faced Demon Rock Old Ghost
Chapter 896: Duel Holy Bones
Chapter 897
Chapter 898
Chapter 899 You are the Taixu ancient dragon clan?
Chapter 900 Let's go together
Chapter 901
Chapter 902
Chapter 903 Want to go to the Nine Netherworld Nether Python Clan
Chapter 904: Donate Nine-leaf Bixuezhi and Sneak into the Nether Python Clan
Chapter 905
Chapter 906 Lu Yunxiao's enlightenment
Chapter 907
Chapter 908 The seal is broken
Chapter 909 The Yao Ming appears, the Yao Xiaotian's coveted
Chapter 910 Gu Duxing, the Supreme Being in the Sword
Chapter 911 Killing the Great Elder, the terrified Yao Xiaotian
Chapter 912 Demon's Revenge
Chapter 913
Chapter 914
Chapter 915 Dayun Divine Pill
Chapter 916: In the late stage of heaven, enter the stone tablet
Chapter 917 Fight against the Yellow Spring Demon Saint
Chapter 918 Sword of Slaying Spirit VS Huangquan Tianwu
Chapter 919
Chapter 920 Devouring blood essence
Chapter 921 Going to Gulong Island
Chapter 922 The Great Elder's Ecstasy
Chapter 923 Goodbye Xiaoxing
Chapter 924 Stripping the blood of the dragon and phoenix
Chapter 925 Void Thunder Pond
Chapter 926 Zi Yan swallows the original fruit
Chapter 927 Black Magic Lightning Tempering
Chapter 928 Sudden Great Change
Chapter 929 Melting the Dragon Phoenix Crystal Layer
Chapter 930 The crystal layer melts and Zi Yan is resurrected
Chapter 931
Chapter 932: The Bold Zi Yan
Chapter 933 Zi Yan's Stratagem
Chapter 934: Stable Strength (4000-word chapter)
Chapter 935 Lord Long Jun?
Chapter 936 Zi Yan's grievance
Chapter 937 Zi Yan's Confession
Chapter 938 Zi Yan got her wish
Chapter 939
Chapter 940 Crazy Northern Dragon King, Gu Duxing
Chapter 941 The curtain ends, goodbye Zi Yan
Chapter 942 The body of the Northern Dragon King, Zi Yan's obsession
Chapter 943 Return to Jama
Chapter 944 Goodbye to all the girls
Chapter 945: Seeing Nalan Yanran Again
Chapter 946 Yan Ran's Change
Chapter 947 Yun Yun's Surprise
Chapter 948 Sensational Cloud Gate
Chapter 949 Talking to Hai Bodong
Chapter 950 Yunyun's generosity
Chapter 951 The Queen's Urge
Chapter 952 Daily life with the queen
Chapter 953 Cai'er, I made a mistake
Chapter 954 Her Majesty's Wrath
Chapter 955 Closeness to Yun'er
Chapter 956 Distribution of blood essence
Chapter 957 Refining the body, reviving the medicine dust
Chapter 958 Lu Yunxiao's Plan
Chapter 959 progress
Chapter 960
Chapter 961
Chapter 962: Medicine Saint, Medicine Dust
Chapter 963
Chapter 964 Starfall Pavilion
Chapter 965 Venerable Wind, Mu Qingluan
Chapter 966: Settling the Starfall Pavilion
Chapter 967
Chapter 968 Classification
Chapter 969
Chapter 970 Gu Yuan's Doubts
Chapter 971
Chapter 972 Goodbye Cao Ying
Chapter 973 Xiao Yunlu, Lu Yunxiao?
Chapter 974 Talking about the Big Three?
Chapter 975: Goodbye Xuan Kongzi
Chapter 976 Senior Xuan Kongzi, long time no see
Chapter 977 Dan Chen, Song Qing
Chapter 978 Xuan Kongzi's orders
Chapter 979 Song Qing's Hostility
Chapter 980 Gu Xun'er is shocked
Chapter 981 Reunion
Chapter 982 Xun'er, see you at last
Chapter 983 Gu Xun'er's Shock
Chapter 984: Different Fire Has Owner?
Chapter 985 The person who restrains Lu Yunxiao the most
Chapter 986 Xun'er's Delight
Chapter 987: Elder Tongxuan's Doubts
Chapter 988
Chapter 989 The Dan meeting begins (two in one chapter)
Chapter 990 Danta Three Giants
Chapter 991
Chapter 992 Ancient Soul Cultivation Techniques
Chapter 993 Entering the level
Chapter 994 Soul Illusion
Chapter 995 Song Qing's Jealousy
996 Rejection
Chapter 997 Entering the Pill World
Chapter 998 Lu Yunxiao's Plan
Chapter 999 Wanyao Mountain Range
Chapter 1000 Yes, yes, you are right!
Chapter 1001 Cao Ying's Dislike
Chapter 1002 Chen Xianxian
Chapter 1003 The ignorant are fearless
Chapter 1004 Defeat the Enemy
Chapter 1005 Angrily scolding Song Qing
Chapter 1006 The Embarrassed Song Qing
Chapter 1007 Soul Palace now
Chapter 1008 Bloody Massacre
Chapter 1009 Killing the Old Man Mugu
Chapter 1010 Bear Fight
Chapter 1011 The violent fighting intent of the bear war
#1012 tough bear battle
Chapter 1013 Treasure House
Chapter 1014 Medicinal Materials Square
Chapter 1015 Desire to leave the Pill Realm
Chapter 1016 Leaving the Pill Realm
Chapter 1017 Dan meeting begins
Chapter 1018 Blood Demon Fireworks
Chapter 1019 Wind, Thunder and Furious Flames, Suppressed by Different Fires
Chapter 1020: The third place on the Tianding list, Ziyuanding
Chapter 1021 When the alchemy is in progress
Chapter 1022 Dan Lei frequently appear
Chapter 1023 Sealing the Tripod
Chapter 1024 Song Qing's pride
Chapter 1025 Color Dan Lei
Chapter 1026 Cao Ying's Achievements
Chapter 1027 Soul Clan Soul Capital
Chapter 1028 Eight-color Pill Thunder
Chapter 1029 Proud soul capital, the last hope
Chapter 1030 Black Magic Thunder
Chapter 1031 The Black Devil Thunder Surprised Everyone
Chapter 1032 Resisting the Black Lightning
Chapter 1033 Spirit Mist
Chapter 1034 Winning the Championship
Chapter 1035: Rank Nine Breaks the Holy Pill
Chapter 1036 Goodbye Gu Yuan, Recognize
Chapter 1037 Confronting the Soul Emperor, nothingness swallows the flames
Chapter 1038 The three clans of the beast domain, the background of Lu Yunxiao
Chapter 1039 Soul Emperor's Mind
Chapter 1040 Gu Duxing, the Supreme Being in the Sword
Chapter 1041 This seat, the Lord of Devouring
Chapter 1042 The war begins
Chapter 1043 Thunder Ancestral Talisman
Chapter 1044 Qinglong King Qingzhi
Chapter 1045 Small jacket that leaks air
Chapter 1046 Sword Intent
Chapter 1047 A single blade of grass cut off the sun, moon and stars
Chapter 1048 'Sword Art'
Chapter 1049 Danta's Wrath
1050 The advantage is in me
Chapter 1051 Huang Linger's Strength
Chapter 1052 Soul Clan's Hole Card
Chapter 1053 The door of silence, the world of death
Chapter 1054 Confident Soul Emperor
Chapter 1055 Sect leader, trouble!
Chapter 1056 Arrive, crack the world of death
Chapter 1057 Lu Yunxiao's Killing Intent
Chapter 1058: The Moon Worshiping Sect Master
Chapter 1059 The powerful moon worship leader
Chapter 1060 The crazy self-destruction of the soul clan
Chapter 1061 Soul Emperor flees
Chapter 1062 The ruthlessness of the Soul Emperor
Chapter 1063 The curtain ends
Chapter 1064 Remove the Soul Temple
Chapter 1065 Messy crowd
Chapter 1066 Talking about the Six Fingers
Chapter 1067 Little Danta Great Elder
Chapter 1068 Yaochen Appears
Chapter 1069 Surprise of the Big Three of Danta
Chapter 1070 Dragon Seal
Chapter 1071 Cao Ying's Thoughts
Chapter 1072 Star Region
Chapter 1073 Three thousand flames
Chapter 1074 Conquering the Three Thousand Flames
Chapter 1075 Breaking the Seal
Chapter 1076 The most peak five-round fire away method
Chapter 1077 Suppression of Innate Fire
Chapter 1078 The different fire is in hand
Chapter 1079 Gift Dan Qing Yanjing
Chapter 1080 Goodbye Gu Yuan
Chapter 1081 Conversation
Chapter 1082 Destined for a lifetime
Chapter 1083 Fire
Chapter 1084 Half Saint
Chapter 1085 The sword divides the universe
Chapter 1086 Arrangement
Chapter 1087 The Development of Cloud Gate
Chapter 1088 Thought Baptism
Chapter 1089 The origin of the soul (two in one chapter)
Chapter 1090 Heaven's Great Perfection
Chapter 1091 Substantial Soul Clone
#1092 ancient invitation
Chapter 1093 Lu Yunxiao's Explanation
Chapter 1094 Prepare to be beaten
Chapter 1095 Taste of Fairy
Chapter 1096 On the Great Thousand
Chapter 1097 Planning
Chapter 1098 Recreate a Supreme Power
Chapter 1099 From the Sound Valley
Chapter 1100 Sound Valley's Intention
Chapter 1101 Clues of True Spirit Gold
Chapter 1102 Unknown Land
Chapter 1103 Conjecture
Chapter 1104 Blue Scales
Chapter 1105 Going to the Ancient Clan
Chapter 1106 Ancient Heavenly Phoenix Feng Qinger
Chapter 1107 Ancient Holy City, Welcome Ceremony
Chapter 1108 Great Commander Gu Zhen
Chapter 1109 Re-entering the ancient world
Chapter 1110 determination
Chapter 1111 Goodbye Gu Xun'er
Chapter 1110 Goodbye Gu Xun'er
Chapter 1111 The Council Hall
Chapter 1112 The Presbyterian Church
Chapter 1113 Who approves and who opposes?
Chapter 1114: Dowry
Chapter 1115 Xun'er, it's mine
Chapter 1116 April, progress
The 1117th chapter adult ceremony (a)
The 1118th chapter adult ceremony (2)
The 1119th chapter adult ceremony (3)
The 1120th chapter adult ceremony (4)
The 1121st chapter adult ceremony (five)
Chapter 1112 Eighth Grade Bloodline
Chapter 1123 The Compromise of the Ancient Demon
Chapter 1124 Night Talk
Chapter 1125 Gu Xun'er's surprise
Chapter 1126 Xiao Yu's progress
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-seven chapters ancient atmosphere
Chapter 1128: Heavenly Tomb opens
Chapter 1129 Energy Crystals
Chapter 1130 The transformation of the blue scales
The first thousand one hundred and thirty-first chapters: Qingscale wins and sneak attack
Chapter 1132 The sneak attack of the medicine family
Chapter 1133 Lu Yunxiao's anger
Chapter 1134: Killing the Medicine Star Pole
The first thousand one hundred and thirty-five chapters refining nine secluded winds
Chapter 1136 Energy Storm
Chapter 1137 Rescue
Chapter 1138: Entrance to the third floor
Chapter 1139 Energy Substantiation
Chapter 1140: Ancient Insect Eater
Chapter 1141: Yan Clan
Chapter 1142 Red Lotus Karmic Fire
Chapter 1143 The third floor of the tomb of heaven (two in one chapter)
Chapter 1144: Semi-holy Dark Axe
Chapter 1145 Xiao Xuan
Chapter 1146 Xiao Xuan's surprise
Chapter 1147 Xiao Clan Bloodline
The first thousand one hundred and forty-eight chapters exchange blood
The first thousand one hundred and forty-nine chapters soul clan remnants
Chapter 1150 Talk to Xiao Xuan
Chapter 1151 Xiao Xuan's conditions
Chapter 1152 Transactions
Chapter 1153: The deal is reached, advanced semi-sacred
Chapter 1154 The theory of blood
Chapter 1155: Plan
Chapter 1156 Success
Chapter 1157 Xiao Yu wakes up, eight-star Dou Zun
Chapter 1158 Soul of the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1159: The Soul of the Heavenly Tomb is Now
Chapter 1160 Soul spontaneous combustion
Chapter 1161 Killing the Soul of the Heavenly Tomb
Chapter 1162 Resurrection Xiao Xuan
Chapter 1163 Half Emperor Xiao Xuan
Chapter 1164 Xiao Xuan's Three Different Fires
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-five chapters half-step fighting saint, refining the soul source
Chapter 1166 Mysterious Shadow
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-seven chapters
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-eight chapters, the soul of the emperor, the shocking reward
Chapter 1169: The worship of Gu Xuner
Chapter 1170 Follow-up arrangements
Chapter 1171 Tianyuan Shenshui
Chapter 1172: Soul Emperor's Plan
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-three chapters win over
Chapter 1174 War Book
Chapter 1175 The war will start
Chapter 1176 The arrival of the ancients
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-seven chapters
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-eight chapters start the war
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-ninth chapters battle broke out
Chapter 1180 Soul Emperor's trump card, two half emperors
Chapter 1181: The anger of the Lord of Devouring
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-two chapters
Chapter 1183 When the battle is underway
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-four chapters are unfavorable
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-fifth chapters change
Chapter 1186 Half Emperor Xiao Xuan
Chapter 1187 Xiao Xuanzhiwei
Chapter 1188: Soul Race Allied Forces Retreat
Chapter 1189 Negotiation
Chapter 1190 after the war
Chapter 1191 Soul Emperor's Decision
Chapter 1192 March
Chapter 1193 Danta's decision
Chapter 1194 Cooperation
Chapter 1195: Confident Soul Emperor
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-six chapters restart the war
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-seven chapters
Chapter 1198 Half Emperor Soul Emperor
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-ninth chapters
Chapter 1200 is a close call
Chapter 1201 Lu Yunxiao exits customs
The first thousand two hundred and two chapters first revealed
Chapter 1203 Diwei
Chapter 1204 Heaven's Punishment for Executing Demons
Chapter 1205 Killing the Soul Emperor
The first thousand two hundred and six chapters of the alien race
Chapter 1207 Demon Seeds Outbreak, Six Clan Bloodshed
Chapter 1208 Innate Great Five Elements Divine Light, Execution of Two Demons
The first thousand two hundred and nine chapters ended
Chapter 1210 Conditions
Chapter 1211 after the war
Chapter 1212 Return to Cloud Gate
Chapter 1213 Arrangement
The first thousand two hundred and fourteen chapters plan
Chapter 1215 The Spirit of Different Fire
Chapter 1216 Lu Yunxiao's new strength
Chapter 1217 New sign-in task
Chapter 1218 Yunyun and the Queen's Conversation
Chapter 1219 complicated work
Chapter 1220: The Ancient Bodhi Tree Presents in the World
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-one chapters gift sword red jade
Chapter 1222 Zi Yanzhi
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-three chapters want to go to the black corner
Chapter 1224 Goodbye Wu Hao Hujia
Chapter 1225 Su Qian's surprise
Chapter 1226 Su Qian's horror
Chapter 1227 The shock of Wu Hao and Hu Jia
Chapter 1228: Underground World?
Chapter 1229 Secret
Chapter 1230: Re-entering the magma world
Chapter 1231 Ancient Emperor Cave House
Chapter 1232 Old Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1233: Father and daughter recognize each other
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-four chapters make up
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-five chapters open the ancient emperor cave
Chapter 1236 Sign-in begins, Different Fire Plaza
Chapter 1237 Ancient Emperor Stone Statue
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-eight chapters
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-nine chapters of Candle Kun's excitement
The first thousand two hundred and forty chapters confrontation with Emperor Pinchu Dan
The first thousand two hundred and forty-one chapters of the strength of the emperor's young pill
The first thousand two hundred and forty-two chapters subdue the emperor's young pill
Chapter 1243 Sign-in Rewards
The first thousand two hundred and forty-four chapters 'the way to the sky'
The first thousand two hundred and forty-five chapters of the first killing array of heaven
The first thousand two hundred and forty-six chapters draw a card to summon
The first thousand two hundred and forty-seven chapters skyrocketing power
The first thousand two hundred and forty-eight chapters of the queen's shyness
The first thousand two hundred and forty-nine chapters go to the snake people
The first thousand two hundred and fifty chapters gift sword Tianshu
Chapter 1251 Big Dipper Seven Immortal Sword
Chapter 1252 leave
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-three chapters of the ancient wilderness
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-four chapters of reincarnation
Chapter 1255 Goodbye Cao Ying
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-six chapters of Cao Ying's fighting spirit
Chapter 1257 Yunyun wakes up
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-eight chapters of Yunyun's progress
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-nine chapters distribute Bodhi seeds
The first thousand two hundred and sixty chapters suppress the ancient Bodhi tree
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-one chapters surprised everyone
Chapter 1262 The joy of the ancient Bodhi tree
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-three chapters pure blood fire unicorn
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-four chapters appease Zi Yan
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-five chapters come to the void thunder pool again
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-six chapters nine mysterious golden thunder
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-seven chapters conquer Jiu Xuan Jin Lei
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-eight chapters
Chapter 1269 Zi Yan and Xinger
The first thousand two hundred and seventieth chapters
Chapter 1271 Stars enter the world
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-two chapters
Chapter 1273 Her Majesty wakes up
Chapter 1274 Queen's Progress
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-five chapters nine secluded yellow springs, swallowing the remains of the python
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-six chapters the queen enters Jiuyou Huangquan
Chapter 1277 Knife and Sword
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-eight chapters give the emperor a baby pill
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-ninth chapters
The first thousand two hundred and eighty chapters the great master of formation
Chapter 1281 Dantang
Chapter 1282 Medicine Spirit
Chapter 1283 Space Fair
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-four chapters nine dragons lock the sky, sweetly out of the customs
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-fifth chapters Nalan into the semi-holy
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-six chapters go to the space trade fair
Chapter 1287 Space Town
Chapter 1288 Mysterious Black Sword
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-nine chapters ethereal gold
Chapter 1290 Nine-colored rough stone
Chapter 1291 Auction
Chapter 1292 Heavenly Demon Phoenix Wings
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-three chapters of the last residual picture
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-four chapters, the residual picture is now, the battle between the two tribes of Yanyao
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-five chapters get the residual picture, the residual picture of the holy lotus demon is now
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-six chapters
Chapter 1297 Resurrection of the demon saint, refining the ethereal spirit gold
Chapter 1298 Eight Star Fighting Saint
Chapter 1299 Thunder Mountain
The first thousand three hundred chapters want to find the gold of the true spirit
Chapter 1301 Chaos Sea
Chapter 1302: Entering the Sea of ??Chaos
Chapter 1303 Nine Clouds Devil Python
Chapter 1304 Undersea Space
Chapter 1305 Heavenly Ancient Whale Emperor
Chapter 1306: Nothingness and True Spirit Hall
Chapter 1307: Entering the hall, the puppet room
The first thousand three hundred and eighth chapter nine-star fighting saint puppet
Chapter 1309: Alchemy, Pill Room
Chapter 1310 Nine-Rank Golden Core
Chapter 1311 Conquering the Nine-Rank Jindan
Chapter 1312 The main hall, the Golden Spirit Emperor
Chapter 1313 - Emperor Jin Ling's phantom
Chapter 1314 The final test
The first thousand three hundred and fifteen chapters win, and finally get the gold of true spirit
Chapter 1316 Refining the Gold of True Spirit
Chapter 1317 The Shadow
Chapter 1318 Qing Yanjing's arrangement, the anger of the shadow
The first thousand three hundred and nineteenth chapter of the foreign evil clan
Chapter 1320 Shamo Race
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-one chapters heard the shock again
Chapter 1322: Demon now, see Buried Heaven Mountain Range again
Chapter 1323 Arrangement and Zi Yan's awakening
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-four chapters to the funeral day, the blood evil bites the life formation
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-five chapters blast open the plane channel, the devil emperor comes
Chapter 1326 Yin Sha You Demon Emperor
Chapter 1327: Worship the moon and become an emperor?
Chapter 1328: The refusal to worship the moon, the battle is imminent
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-nine chapters fight the emperor and fight the devil
Chapter 1330: The disadvantage of worshiping the moon, the devil emperor shows his power
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-one chapters of the outsider golem, worship the moon and lose
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-two chapters are a close call, and the sky is rescued
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-three chapters see the killing of the evil demon king, the preliminary confrontation
Chapter 1334: The Five Elements Conquer the Demons
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-five chapters hang and beat the evil emperor
Chapter 1336: The Magic Talisman, the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1337: The Powerful Devil Emperor
Chapter 1338: The True Body of the Five Emperors
Chapter 1339: Law, Heaven and Earth
The first thousand three hundred and forty chapters are exhausted, unfavorable situation
Chapter 1341: The Talisman of Eternal Light, which isolates the world
Chapter 1342: Profound Sky Continent
Chapter 1343 Sign-in task: Ancient Tomb House
The first thousand three hundred and forty-four chapters shocked the great power
Chapter 1345 Ancient Tomb House
Chapter 1346: Lin Dong, Ling Qingzhu
The first thousand three hundred and forty-seven chapters of the little mink
The first thousand three hundred and forty-eight chapters are the second in the ancient fetish list, ancestor stone
The first thousand three hundred and forty-nine chapters repair the ancestral stone, the shock of the rock
Chapter 1350 Fu Zu
Chapter 1351 Lu Yunxiao's Rejection
Chapter 1352 Nine-layer Thunder Tribulation Body
Chapter 1353 Sign-in reward, looking for death for Wang Yan
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-four chapters kill Wang Yan
Chapter 1355 Lessons from Lin Langtian, Lu Yunxiao's domineering
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-six chapters leave the tomb
Chapter 1357: Aya Qingzhu's Kiss
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-eight chapters give Qingzhu Yang Qi
Chapter 1359: Aya Qingzhu enters the fortune
The first thousand three hundred and sixty chapters of Qingzhu's shocking first heard about the world
Chapter 1361 Qingzhu's guardian Taiyiyuan Dao Dan
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-two chapters Qingzhu sent to the door for healing
Chapter 1363 kiss Aya Qingzhu again
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-four chapters invite Qingzhu to go together
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-five chapters travel with Qingzhu
Chapter 1366 Qingzhu's contradictory thoughts
Chapter 1367 Lin Qingtan
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-eight chapters Lin Dong's road widened
Chapter 1369: Qing tea Lin Dong visits
Chapter 1370 Lin Dong's request to solve the body of the demon
Chapter 1371: Aya Qingzhu's Destiny Talisman
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-two chapters of the life of the ancestral symbol playful Lin Qingtan
Chapter 1373 Qingtan: From now on, you will be my eldest brother
Chapter 1374: The Prehistoric Talisman Cultivation Talisman System
Chapter 1375: Condensing the Ancestral Talisman
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-six chapters of the shrine realm peak mainland powerhouse shock again
Chapter 1377 Qingzhu's shyness
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-eight chapters want to go to Dahuang County to sign in the task and trigger it again
Chapter 1379: Farewell to the Lin Family
Chapter 1380: Refining the Purple Thunder Zhuntian Supreme
Chapter 1381 Daying City sends Qingzhu trinkets
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-two chapters of Qing Bamboo's taste is injustice?
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-three chapters Qingzhu shot and killed Luoshan
Chapter 1384 Jiang Xue's thanks
Chapter 1385 Jiang Xue's Wisdom Xiao Yin Yin
Chapter 1386: The Lord of Life and Death of Little Yinyin
Chapter 1387: Ling Qingzhu's resentful eyes
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-eight chapters
Chapter 1389: Lu Yunxiao's Confession
Chapter 1390 The real gift to Qingzhu
Chapter 1391 kiss Aya Qingzhu again
Chapter 1392 The last gift refining the sword
Chapter 1393 Farewell to Eagle City
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-four chapters of the ancient monument of the Great Wilderness
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-five chapters belong to the Jinling jade slip, the embarrassment of Qingzhu
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-six chapters enter the ancient monument of the Great Wilderness, and the sign-in begins
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-seven chapters
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-eight chapters
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-nine chapters fortune-telling tablet
Chapter 1400: Sect Treasure, Underground Palace
Chapter 1401 Mysterious bones awaken
Chapter 1402 Qingzhu vs. Mysterious Skeletons, Sign-in Rewards
Chapter 1403: The Primitive Dharma Body - 'Cangyu Holy Tribulation'
Chapter 1404 Is your man strong?
Chapter 1405 Purifying the Bones
Chapter 1406: Release of the Nine Kings Palace
Chapter 1407: Devil Emperor Armor, the Arrogant Palace of Nine Kings
Chapter 1408: Armor Breaking, Killing Nine Kings Palace
Chapter 1409 Fusion of Dark Ancestral Talisman, Unsealed Dark Elements
Chapter 1410: Ling Qingzhu breaks Nirvana
Chapter 1411 Continuous Nirvana, Dual Nirvana
Chapter 1412 Gift of Sword Silk and Qingzhu (2 in 1)
Chapter 1413: Qingzhu's Wisdom
Chapter 1414: To the Great Puppet City
Chapter 1415: Big Puppet City, Three Great Influences
Chapter 1416: Lu Yunxiao's Determination
Chapter 1417 Meeting Lin Dong at the Auction
Chapter 1418 Mu Qianqian
Chapter 1419: Lu Yunxiao's Peach Blossoms
Chapter 1420: The Auction Begins
Chapter 1421: Yunshen Futon
Chapter 1422 Killing Huazong, Qingzhu's Violent Means
Chapter 1423 Futon Arrived
Chapter 1424: Universe Ancient Formation
Chapter 1425: Power of Essence
Chapter 1426 Qingzhu's initiative
Chapter 1427: Qingzhu asks, reveals the truth
Chapter 1428: The Most Yin Puppet, Desire to Get the Ancestral Talisman
Chapter 1429: Another Devouring Ancestral Talisman
Chapter 1430: The Seal Is Broken, Qing Bamboo Refining Ancestral Talismans
Chapter 1431 Qingzhu wants to return to the palace
Chapter 1432 From Nine Heavens to Taiqing Palace, Elders’ Misbehavior
Chapter 1433 Nine Heavens Taiqing Palace Master, Palace Master's Wrath
Chapter 1434 Lu Yunxiao's Rejection, Nine Heavens Taiqing Palace Master's Wrath
Chapter 1435 Stalemate, Deterrence, Nine Heavens Taiqing Palace Lord's Submission
1436th, the palace lord admits his mistake, all the elders are in awe
Chapter 1437: Qingzhu's residence, Zhuyin Palace
Chapter 1438 Sign-in Reward: Nuwa Stone, Yin-Yang Good Fortune Art
Chapter 1439 Fusion of Nuwa Stone
Chapter 1440: Colorful rays of light shake the continent
Chapter 1441 Casting Immortal Body, Longevity
Chapter 1442 To try the yin and yang fortune-telling formula, tempt Qingzhu
Chapter 1443 Yin-Yang Good Fortune, Qingzhu's Progress
Chapter 1444 Qing Zhushengxuan is in sight, the sincerity of the palace lord Qiu Qinghan
Chapter 1445: Aya Qingzhu Attacks Immortal Talisman Master
Chapter 1446: Aya Qingzhu Immortal Talisman Master, Gift of Secret Art
Chapter 1447 Gift of Jin Lingyu Slips
Chapter 1451 Leaving the Blood Rock Field Temporarily
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Chapter 1452 The Girl in Red
Chapter 1453 Daoist Ying Huanhuan
Chapter 1454 An angry Ying Huanhuan
Chapter 1455 Interception of the Yuan Gate
Chapter 1456 Qiu Qinghan's attitude lures the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1457 Qiu Qinghan causes trouble for Nine Heavens Taiqing Palace declares war on Yuanmen
Chapter 1458 Breakthrough in the Clouds
Chapter 1459 No Man's Land Should Smile
Chapter 1457 Suppression of the whole sect, Ying Xuanzi appears
Chapter 1461 Ying Huanhuan's questioning and doing whatever he wants
Chapter 1462 Huanhuan asks the purpose
Chapter 1463 Huanhuan asked the purpose of the resentment
Chapter 1464 Sign-in for the Great Desolation Monument Begins
Chapter 1465 The Mysterious Monument of the Great Desolation Monument is Demonic
Chapter 1466 Entering the Monument and Subduing the Devil
Chapter 1467 The Monument Spirit
Chapter 1468 The Ancestral Talisman Appears to the Shock of Ying Huanhuan's Father and Daughter
Chapter 1469 The 1466th Dao
Chapter 1470 Sign-in Rewards for Following the Great Desolation Monument
Chapter 1471 The Celestial Emperor's Immortal Physique 'The Wonderful Record of Immortal Sounds'
Ask for leave
Chapter 1472
Chapter 1473 The Angry Little Huanhuan
Chapter 1474 Huanhuan's Shyness
Chapter 1475 Getting Close to Huanhuan
Chapter 1476
Chapter 1477 Please Huanhuan teach me how to play the piano
Chapter 1478 Ying Xiaoxiao Visits
Chapter 1479 Talking to Ying Xiaoxiao
Chapter 1480 Ying Huanhuan: Are you bullying my sister?
Chapter 1481 Huanhuan's catkin
Chapter 1482 Daozong's shock at the result of the war
Chapter 1483 Ying Xuanzi's Thoughts Huan Huan Visited
Chapter 1484 Ying Huanhuan's Taste
Chapter 1485 Lu Yunxiao's Viewpoint
Chapter 1486 Huanhuan's embarrassment
Chapter 1487
Chapter 1488 The Yuan Gate Extinct Seven Days Later
Chapter 1489 Is Zhou Tong alive?
Chapter 1490 Give Dan Huanhuan
Chapter 1491 Yuanmen Conspiracy
Chapter 1492 Attacking Yuan Gate
Chapter 1493 Ling Qingzhu Xiao Huanhuan's Vigilance
Chapter 1494 The Third Headmaster of the Yuan Sect
Chapter 1495 The Battle Begins
Chapter 1496 Ying Xuanzi vs Zhou Tong
Chapter 1497 Zhou Tong, who was tortured by the Demon Emperor's Lock
Chapter 1498 Heartbroken Ying Xuanzi
Chapter 1499: A Strange Demon Appears Behind the Yuan Sect
Chapter 1500 Killing the Palace of the Seven Kings of Pluto
Chapter 1501 Yuanmen Destroyed Sign In Reward
Chapter 1502 Appease Ying Huanhuan Ling Qingzhu 4000 word chapter
Chapter 1503 Appease Aya Qingzhu
Chapter 1504 Zi Yan's Anger
Chapter 1505 and Zi Yan's explanation
Chapter 1503: Zi Yan's Distress
Chapter 1504 Refining Ancestral Talisman Holy Water, Seven Great Holy Waters In One - Source
Chapter 1505 Impact failure, the strongest seal—time and space
Chapter 1506 A gift for Zi Yan
Chapter 1507 Zi Yan Sees Two Women
Chapter 1508 Unwilling Huanhuan
Chapter 1509: Lu Yunxiao's Oath
Chapter 1510 Qing Zhu's Stubbornness
Chapter 1511: Gift of Seven-Color Essence
Chapter 1512: Allocation of Immortals
Chapter 1516 The gregarious Zi Yan and Huanhuan Lu Yunxiao leave
Chapter 1517 Breakthrough in retreat and impact on the Supreme Being
Chapter 1518 Crossing the Celestial Tribulation for Nine Suns
Chapter 1519 I am the Sovereign Sign in and Reward Pure Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 1517 Yun Yun Awakens
Chapter 1518 True Love Is Eternal
Chapter 1519 Yun'er's Strength, Six-Star Fighting Saint
Chapter 1523 Practice with Yun'er
Chapter 1521: The Situation, Yunyun Quntian Supreme
Chapter 1522: The mid-term peak of the Supreme Being of Heaven, the strength of Lu Yunxiao (two-in-one 4000-character chapter)
Chapter 1523 Refining the Sword, Giving Armor
Chapter 1527 Return to Profound Sky Continent
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Chapter 1528 Lu Yunxiao Returns
Chapter 1529
Chapter 1530 Lovely Lord of Life and Death
Chapter 1531
Chapter 1532 The surprise of Zi Yan and other women
Chapter 1533 Ying Huanhuan's Oath
Chapter 1534 The Decision of the Palace of Heavenly Kings
Chapter 1532: The decisive battle begins, the statue of the Demon Emperor is broken, and the seal is impacted
Chapter 1536 Ancestral Talisman Light and Shadow
Chapter 1537 The Evil Demon Emperor Comes into the World
Chapter 1538 The Arrogant Emperor of Different Demons
Chapter 1539 The Wrath of the Titled Daoist Monarch
Chapter 1540 The Monument of the Abnormal Demon Emperor Sacrifice
Chapter 1541 Emperor Flame Refining Demon Emperor
Happy New Year:
Chapter 1542 Purify the Remnants
Chapter 1540: Embryo of Planes, Lord of Planes
Chapter 1541: After the War
Chapter 1542: The Current Situation of Lin Dong
Chapter 1543: Desire to return to the mainland
Chapter 1544: Return to the Dou Qi Continent
Chapter 1545 Fighting the Devil Emperor again
Chapter 1546 Fen Ji came out, beheading the demon emperor clone
Chapter 1547 Facing the demon emperor himself, Lu Yunxiao's toughness
Chapter 1548 Returning to the star field, the girls meet
Chapter 1549: Lu Yunxiao's Order
Chapter 1550 Distributing exercises, Gu Xun'er?
Chapter 1551 Gu Xun'er Arrives
Chapter 1552: Gu Yuan's Inquiry
Chapter 1553 Alone with Gu Xun'er
Chapter 1557 Headache Lu Yunxiao
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Chapter 1558 Appease Gu Xun'er
Chapter 1559: Huang Linger, Little Star
Chapter 1560: Gift of essence and blood, dragon, phoenix, and unicorn
Chapter 1561: Qilin Treasure Art
Chapter 1562 Future Arrangements
Chapter 1563 Confess to Yao Ye
Chapter 1564 Gather God Thunder Spirit Golden Immortal Jinxuan Thunder Spirit
Chapter 1565: Changes in the Nine Nether Yellow Springs
Chapter 1566 Her Majesty the Queen's Exit
Chapter 1567 The Queen's Strength Six-Star Fighting Saint
Chapter 1566: The soul of the colorful sky-swallowing python
Chapter 1567 Returning to Cloud Gate, Queen's Rage
Chapter 1568: The Queen's Hunt
Chapter 1569: Gift to Medusa
Chapter 1570: Dividing the Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Fruit
Chapter 1571 The strength soars, all become saints
Chapter 1572: Haibodong's Sigh
Chapter 1573 Xiao Xuanjing and Lianqi break through, and the twin emperors are born
Chapter 1576 The strength of Cloud Gate prepares for the big wedding
Chapter 1577 The eve of the wedding
Chapter 1578 Cao Ying Han Yue
Chapter 1577: Marriage (1)
Chapter 1580 Big Marriage II
Chapter 1581 Talking with old friends
Chapter 1582 Han Yue's Resentment
Chapter 1581: Han Yue's Shock
Chapter 1584 Join Cloud Gate?
Chapter 1585 Meet Cao Ying
Chapter 1586 Invitation and Rejection
Chapter 1587: Ying Huanhuan Refined the Scarlet Phoenix Spear
Chapter 1588 Want to confess to Daqianhe
Chapter 1589 Refining the Scarlet Phoenix Spear
Chapter 1590 The Joy of Gu Xun'er, the Holy Grade Scarlet Phoenix Spear
Chapter 1591 Dragon Emperor's Yin Gu Xun'er Accepts Inheritance
Chapter 1592 Xun'er Enters the Stone Statue and Goes to Daqian
Chapter 1593 Entering the Great Thousand World for the First Time
Chapter 1592: Determine the location, Xiaoxi Tianjie
Chapter 1593: Luo Tianshen, Luoshen Clan at the Sign-in Location
Chapter 1594 Luo Tianshen Shocked
Chapter 1595: Luoshen City, Future Planning
Chapter 1596: Tianluo Continent, Sign In Reward, Water Spirit Orb
Chapter 1597 'Immortal Tribulation Sword Art', spiritual power conversion
Chapter 1598: Confidential Strength, Great Thousand Star Map
Chapter 1599: Purchasing a Star Map
Chapter 1600 New Trouble and the Difficulty of the Luoshen Clan
Chapter 1601 Ask Luo Tianshen
Chapter 1602: Lu Yunxiao makes a move, beheading the five earth supreme beings of the Blood God Clan
Chapter 1603 Killing the Blood Spirit
Chapter 1604: Western Sky War Emperor
Chapter 1605 Transformation
Chapter 1606: The Battle Emperor of the West Heaven Arrives
Chapter 1609 The Western Sky War Emperor
Chapter 1610 The ancient war emperor's dharma body and the five emperors' real bodies appeared to kill Xi
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Chapter 1611 Lu Yunxiao's ambition to control the Western Heaven Continent
Chapter 1612 Hidden Strength Exposed, Desire to Conquer the Western Paradise Continent
Chapter 1613 Destruction of the Western Heaven Battle Hall
Chapter 1614 God's Domain
Chapter 1615 Battle Hall Treasure
Chapter 1616 Conquering the Daqian Palace in the Western Heaven Continent
Chapter 1617 The Response of Various Forces
Chapter 1618 Half-Step Immortal Summons Zixia Fairy
Chapter 1619 Zixia: Master, do you want to draw your sword?
Chapter 1620 Beyond fate and not subject to karma
Chapter 1621 Son of the Continent
Chapter 1622 Sutra Library
Chapter 1623 Holy Tribulation Immortal Physique Nether Divine Physique Xuancang Holy Physique
Chapter 1624 Competition is approaching
Chapter 1625 Goodbye Luo Tianshen
Chapter 1626 Talking about Luo Tianshen Lu Yunxiao's Careful Thoughts
Chapter 1627 Finger pulp for marriage?
Chapter 1628 The Battle Begins
Chapter 1629 Daoist Lu Yunxiao, the awe of all forces
Chapter 1630 The Contest Ends
Chapter 1631 Continental baptism, check-in task released
Chapter 1632 When I first heard about the Divine Beast Continent, the women were shocked
Chapter 1633 Temporarily leaving God's domain, empty space
Chapter 1634 The Origin of Divine Beasts
Chapter 1635 First Arrival at the Origin of Divine Beasts
Chapter 1636 Ancient Body Training Tower
Chapter 1637 Forehead, Forehead, All Forehead
Chapter 1638 Tomb of Ten Thousand Beasts, Registration Begins
Chapter 1639 God's Cemetery
Chapter 1640 Inner Domain of God's Cemetery, Ancient Phoenix
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Chapter 1641 Three Beasts
Chapter 1642 Emperor Flame VS Immortal Flame
Chapter 1643 The Three Beasts Appeared, Inquiring About Their Purpose (4000-Word Chapter)
Chapter 1644 Phoenix's Teasing, Lu Yunxiao's Killing Intent
Chapter 1645: The Holy Light Comes Out, The Demon Appears
Chapter 1646 Emperor Flame Refining Demons
Chapter 1647 Divine Sea, Sea of ??Essence and Blood
Chapter 1648 Persuading the Three Beasts to Belong to the Sea of ??Gods
Chapter 1649 The Appearance of the Fire Qilin, the Horror of the Three Beast Lords
Chapter 1650 Sign-in Rewards, Dharma Body Gift Package, Mastering the Five Thunders
Chapter 1651 Dharma Bodies Gathered, Divine Sea Quenches the Body
Chapter 1652 Divine Sea Quenching Body, Colorful Crystal
Chapter 1653 The holy product has become flesh, and the strength has improved
Chapter 1654 Three women break through together
Chapter 1655: Lu Yunxiao's Enlightenment
Chapter 1656 Fire Qilin, the pinnacle of spiritual products, has skyrocketed in strength
Chapter 1657 The Three Beasts Enter the Inner Heaven and Earth, Mysterious Creatures
Chapter 1658: Fire Kirin VS White Tiger, the Battle of Gods and Beasts
Chapter 1659 Yunxiao subdued the two beasts and gained a lot
Chapter 1660 The Vigilance of the Three Beast Venerables
Chapter 1661 Resurrecting the Dabao Beast, the Shock of the Three Beasts
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Chapter 1662 Leaving the Origin of Divine Beasts
Chapter 1663 Lu Yunxiao's idea, wanting to find a mandala
Chapter 1664 Destroying the Divine Pavilion, Da Luo Tianyu
Chapter 1665 Entering the Daluo Heaven and the Daluo Golden Pond
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Chapter 1666 The Bottom of the Golden Pond, the Little Girl Mandala
Chapter 1667 Conversation Mandala
Chapter 1668 Mandala's Inquiry, Lu Yunxiao's Strength
Chapter 1669 Make a deal and break the curse
Chapter 1670 Seeing the Women, Mandala's Shock
Chapter 1671 Arrange for Daluo Tianyu to arrest Lu Heng
Chapter 1672 You also deserve the surname Lu?
Chapter 1673 Abandoned Luheng, Mandala's Breakthrough
Chapter 1674 The supreme being in the upper place, sensing the ancient heavenly palace, Qing Yanjing
Chapter 1675 Futuxuan's Surprise, Entering the Void Space
Chapter 1676 Entering the Ancient Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1677 Sign-in begins, Nine Mansions and Five Halls
Chapter 1678 Tianchi baptism, five halls
Chapter 1679 The second hall, the master of the second hall who died injustice
Chapter 1680 Phoenix Insect, Tu Lingwei
Chapter 1681 First Hall, Ancient Mandala Flower
Chapter 1682 Integrate ontology, Mandala Land Supreme Dzogchen
Chapter 1683 Mandala's Thanks
Chapter 1684 Immortal Golden Body, Success!
Chapter 1685 Heaven Emperor Cemetery
Chapter 1686 Heaven Emperor Devil Emperor
Chapter 1687 Confronting the Nine Corpses Heavenly Demon Emperor, Holy Light Exorcises Demons
Chapter 1688 Thunder Emperor's Precious Technique Shows His Power, The Nine Corpse Heaven Demon Emperor's Collapse
Chapter 1689 Killing the Nine Corpses Heavenly Demon Emperor, Achievement: First Sequence Kill
Chapter 1690 The Emperor of Heaven recovers and kills Lu Heng
Chapter 1691
Chapter 1692 Qingzhu accepts the inheritance and revives the Heavenly Emperor?
Chapter 1693 Resurrection of the Emperor of Heaven, Sign-in Rewards, Supernatural Gift Pack,
Chapter 1694 The Skyrocketing Power of the Divine Realm, the Ancient Heavenly Palace Comes to the World
Chapter 1695 When Zixia came to find her, Lu Yunxiao was furious
Chapter 1696 Qing Yanjing's anger, Futuxuan's arrogance
Chapter 1697 Futu Xuan, get out
Chapter 1698 Anyone who violates my domain of God will be punished even if they are far away
Chapter 1699 Holy Futu Dharma Body, Futuxuan's Shock
Chapter 1700 Futu Xuan: Invite the Ancestral Pagoda
Chapter 1701 The Yin-Yang True Body Appears, Explodes the Spirit Formation with One Punch, and Holds the Ancestor with One Hand
Chapter 1702 Kill Futuxuan, Qing Yanjing Appears
Chapter 1703 Cleaning the Pagoda, the Great War Comes to an End
Chapter 1704 Venerable Cangxuan of Daqian Palace
Chapter 1705 Talk to Venerable Cangxuan
Chapter 1706 Sign-in Reward, The Most Powerful Xuanyuan Sword
Chapter 1707 Conflict, Qing Tian's Little Thoughts
Chapter 1708 The Strongest Defense Dharma Body—Endless Light Body
Chapter 1709 The background of the ancient Futu clan, the hostility of Mahatian
Chapter 1710 Qin Tian's admiration, trying to break the holy rank
Chapter 1711 Breakthrough Immortal Grade, 'Element Immortal Sutra'
Chapter 1712 Transferring to 'Elemental Immortal Scripture', the strength has greatly increased
Chapter 1713 Qing Xuan
Chapter 1714 Qing Yanjing's heartbreak
Chapter 1715 Returning to the Tianluo Continent, Gu Xun'er Exits
Chapter 1716 Gu Xun'er Sees All the Women
Chapter 1717 The Heavenly Emperor Belongs to the God Realm? Daqian is a sensation again
Chapter 1718 Qin Tian's Shock, God's Domain Relocation Plan
Chapter 1719 Return to the Northwest Continent, Goodbye Concubine Yun Yun
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Chapter 1720 Closeness after reunion
Chapter 1721 Heavenly Lord Spirit Tribulation Pill
Chapter 1722 Probe and Reward
Chapter 1723 Yun Yun and Gu Xun'er's Mixed Doubles
Chapter 1724 Strange Beauty
Chapter 1725 The most beautiful woman in the world - Luoshen
Chapter 1726 God's Domain Relocation
Chapter 1727: The Holy Scripture Library, Mystical Saint Cloth
Chapter 1728 Really? I don't believe it
Chapter 1729 Get Two Women, Want to Connect Two Continents
normal tomorrow
Chapter 1730 Connecting the two lower planes, the vibration of the two planes
Chapter 1731 Goodbye Qinger Qinglin
Chapter 1732 Lin Dong's Shock, Ying Xuanzi Sees the Ancient Way
Chapter 1733 Lu Yunxiao Appears, Seeing the Powerful
Chapter 1734
Chapter 1735 Gifting the Immortal Yuan Pill
Chapter 1736 About God's Domain Planning
Chapter 1737 Huang Linger's little star leaves the customs
Chapter 1738 The strength of Huang Linger and Xiaoxing
Chapter 1739 Donate the essence and blood of the phoenix
Chapter 1740 The Argument Between Yun Yun and the Queen
Chapter 1741 Saint Abyss Continent
Chapter 1742 Entering the Holy Abyss City
Chapter 1743 Demon Slayer King Qin Tian, ??Holy Heaven Demon Emperor
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Chapter 1744 Talking about the Demon Killing List
Chapter 1745 The coming of the Daoist, the shock of the Supreme Beings in many places
Chapter 1746 Daqian Palace, Shenglan Tianzun
Chapter 1747 Lu Yunxiao's Intention
Chapter 1748 Shenglan Tianzun's Shock, Exchanging Dharma Bodies
Chapter 1749 the strength of Daoist
Chapter 1750 Shy Luoshen
Chapter 1751 Storm of Time and Space, Entering the Ancient Abyss
Chapter 1752 Spirit Butterfly Cave, Stone Beast
Chapter 1753 Pill Furnace, Profound Dragon Space
Chapter 1754 Mysterious Dragon Army
Chapter 1755 Xuanlong Battle Spirit, Controlling the Xuanlong Army
Chapter 1756 Killing the Demon Emperor's Skeleton
Chapter 1757 Falling into the Abyss, the Four Holy Towers
Chapter 1758: Achievements: Demon Slayer, True Phoenix Treasure
Chapter 1759 Patriarch Buddha, Eight Buddhas
Chapter 1760 Resurrection of Patriarch Buddha
Chapter 1761 Luoshen: Tailing don't talk nonsense, I'm afraid the master will misunderstand
Chapter 1762: Ability to control the sky, sign in to the task Shamozu
Chapter 1763 Shamo Continent, defeating the Shatian Devil Emperor with one palm
Chapter 1764 The Demon Emperor of Shatian Asks for Help, Devil Emperor of Resentment
Chapter 1765 Immortal Tribulation Sword Technique Slays Demons, Sign-in Reward
Chapter 1766 The wrath of the evil race outside the territory
Chapter 1767 Return to Shengyuan City and exchange treasures
Chapter 1768 Returning to the God Realm and Distributing Dharma Bodies
Chapter 1769 God's domain background, soaring strength
Chapter 1770 Medusa is happy to comprehend the Kunlun Mirror
Chapter 1771: Space Elements Unsealed, Space Avatar
Chapter 1772 The Nourishing Secret Technique, the Killing Intent of the Holy Sky Demon Emperor
Chapter 1773 Plan to steal the house and go to the Eternal Club
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Chapter 1774 Check-in task, Eternal City
Chapter 1775 Mahatian's Panic
Chapter 1776 Mahatian's fear, Lu Yunxiao's killing intent
Chapter 1777 Eternal Tower
Chapter 1778 Entering the Tower
Chapter 1779 Maha Ban, Liu Rulie, Green Pine Nuts
Chapter 1780 Joining forces? Lu Yunxiao Appears
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