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Ask about the Immortal Way

Ask about the Immortal Way

author:Rain hits bluestone

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Last Update:07-20 12:40

Latest chapter:Chapter 2100: Five Flowers Tied Up

A mortal boy mistakenly entered the immortal path due to an accident, and struggled on the road to seek immortality. The path to immortality was difficult to reach, and in the face of many dangers, his desire to seek the path remained undiminished. Looking back, the green mountains are still there, and the old bones are all dead.

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《Ask about the Immortal Way》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2100: Five Flowers Tied Up
Chapter 2100 Ancient Covenant
Chapter 2098 Six Transformations of Magical Powers
Extra Chapter 2098: Taking advantage of the chaos at the Wuxiang Immortal Sect to seize the treasure (Author: The Remnant Torch)
Chapter 2097 Dharma Prime Minister Shows His Power
Chapter 2096: Blockage
Chapter 2095 Massacre
Chapter 2094: Chaos in the Sea of Demons
Chapter 2093: Sitting on the sidelines
《Ask about the Immortal Way》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Another young boy
Chapter 2 Flying Sword
Chapter 3 Sailing on the Big River
Chapter 4 Three Witch City
Chapter 5 Immortal masters are hard to find
Chapter 6 Living Immortals
Chapter 7 The Peaceful Daoist
Chapter 8 Settled in Qingyang Temple
Chapter 9 The Netherworld Sutra
Chapter 10 Rats and Deceptions
Chapter Eleven Tea House
Chapter Twelve Herbs
Chapter Thirteen The Sutra of Tranquility
Chapter 14 Qi
Chapter 15 Medicated Bath
Chapter 16 The Dumb Tracker
Chapter 17 Half a Year
Chapter 18 The Demon and the Jade Buddha
Chapter 19 Soul Pill
Chapter 20 Aftermath
Chapter 21 Farewell
Chapter 22 The Lord of Dongyang County
Chapter 23 Reporting
Chapter 24: The Troops Divide In Two Ways
Chapter 25 Brothers
Chapter 26 Laugh
Chapter 27 Turning Back
Chapter 28 The Seal of the Immortal Crane
Chapter 29 Blood Clothes Building
Chapter Thirty One Year
Chapter 31 Little Beggar
Chapter 32 Wu Chuanzong
Chapter 33 Kill
Chapter 34 Master Yuanjue
Chapter 35 Another Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 36 Xuanji Temple
Chapter 37 Stealing Treasures
Chapter 38: Magical Instruments, Spiritual Power, Divine Consciousness, Primordial Spirit
Chapter 39 Questioning
Chapter Forty Nineteen
Chapter 41 Mutation
Chapter 42: Death to the Sun
Chapter 43 The Wizard of Guling Mountain
Chapter 44 Choice
Chapter 45 Ice Silkworm Treasure Armor
Chapter 46: Victory, Summoning, Robbery
Chapter 47: No Appointment
Chapter 48: Spiritual Roots
Chapter forty-ninth square city token
Chapter 50 Night Visit
Chapter 51 Ambition
Chapter 52 Invitation to toast a glass of wine
Chapter 53: Youshanfang City
Chapter 54 The Complete Book of Netherworld
Chapter 55 The Tan Brothers
Chapter 56 Artifact Pavilion
Chapter 57: Sword Intent
Chapter 58 Swordsmanship
Chapter 59 Five Elements Spiritual Roots
Chapter 60 Kuiyin Sect
Chapter 61 Desolation
Chapter 62 The Demon Gate
Chapter 63 The King of Hell's Backlash
Chapter 64 The sixth floor
Chapter 65: Choosing Disciples
Chapter 66 Falling Cloud Wings
Chapter 67 Qi Gathering Pill
Chapter 68 Heartworm
Chapter 69: Crossing the Moon Raft
Chapter 70 First Opportunity
Chapter 71 Ruyi Shield
Chapter 72 Blood Pack
Chapter 73 Secret Notes
Chapter 74: Senior Sister Shen Jing
Chapter 75 Cooperation and Rebellion
Chapter 76 The same door
Chapter 77 Sweet Smile
Chapter seventy-eight
Chapter 79 Middle Grade Spirit Stone
Chapter 80 Bait and Fight
Chapter 81 Destruction
Chapter 82 Zhenghe Demon
Chapter 83 Insect Poison Outbreak
Chapter 84 Xingyun Valley
Chapter 85 Common Affairs
Chapter 86 Forbearance
Chapter 87 Tianyuanfang City
Chapter 88 The Afterglow of Stone Milk
Chapter 89 One Year
Chapter 90 Cocooning oneself
Chapter 91 Coming Offender
Chapter 92 Clam Shell
Chapter 93 Mysterious Orchid
Chapter 94 Calculation
Chapter 95 Sword Qi
Chapter 96: Flying Separately
Chapter 97 Accidents and Choices
Chapter 98 Phoenix Peak of Jiuding Mountain
Chapter 99 Ruthless
Chapter 100 Asking Yuefang City (please subscribe!)
Chapter 101 Song Ying (please subscribe!)
Chapter 102 Leaving Fangshi (please subscribe!)
Chapter 103 The clouds are in the green mountains and the water is in the sky (please subscribe!)
Chapter 104: The Peach Blossoms That Year
Chapter 105 The sinkhole
Chapter 106 Breaking the Threshold
Chapter 107 Earth Demon Yin Meridian
Chapter 108 Trespassing
Chapter 109: Yama's sacrifice
Chapter 110 Ten Directions Yama Array
Chapter 111: Establishing the Foundation
Chapter 112: Fortune and Misfortune
Chapter 113 The Sword of the Sect Master
Chapter 114 Failure
Chapter 115: Ancient Yuan Kingdom
Chapter 116 Heart Demon
Chapter 117 The Cat Demon and the Devil
Chapter 118 Fishing
Chapter 119 Blood Heart Pill
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Array
Chapter 121: Jade Slip
One hundred and twenty-two spiritual eyes and transactions
Chapter 123: Escaping the Spirit
Chapter 124 Corpse Pill Secret Technique
Chapter 125 Double Repair
Chapter 126: Treasure Gourd Illusion
Chapter 127 Furnace Cauldron
Chapter 128 I do
Chapter 129 Danlong ginseng
Chapter 130 Finalization
Chapter 131: Leaning out of the Wall
Chapter 132 Paper Cranes
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three Consult the Cultivation Technique
Chapter 134 Nine Fantasy Tianlan and Duerdan
Chapter 135 Xuanming Tortoise Formation
Chapter 136: Primordial Spirit Raising the Sword
Chapter 137 Slaying the Primordial Spirit
Chapter 138 Lightning Strikes Spirit Wood
Chapter 139 Gift of Pill
Chapter 140: The Spirit Sword of Destiny
Chapter 141 Three years
Chapter 142: Yu Daiyue
Chapter 143: Senior Sister Qingting
Chapter 144 Cloud Beast
Chapter 145: Seven Heroes Pass
Chapter 146 Hunting Demon
Chapter 147: Soul Silk
Chapter 148: Exercise is a tool
Chapter 149: Refiner
Chapter 150 Xuanyin Thunder
Chapter 151 All things are sentient
Chapter 152: Fire Crow Order
Chapter 153 Tian Broken Mountain
Chapter 155 Divine Consciousness
Chapter 156 Fire Crow Array
Chapter 157 Accident
One hundred and fifty-eight chapters earth evil spirit
Chapter 159: Refining the Corpse
Chapter 160 The corpse
Chapter 161 Wu Yuesheng
Chapter 162: Encounter
Chapter 163 Heavenly Corpse Sect
Chapter 164 Instant Kill
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five strange corpse
Chapter 166: Mysterious Yellow Armor and Escape Technique
Chapter 167: Damaged Spirit Sword of Destiny
Chapter 168 Death
Chapter 169 booby-trapped
Chapter 170: The Viper in the Darkness
Chapter 171: Heavenly Yin Corpse Art
Chapter 172 Heavenly Corpse Talisman
Chapter 173 Corpse poison enters the body
Chapter 174 Entrusted
One hundred and seventieth chapters two ritual gods
Chapter 176 Five Elements Feminine
Chapter 177: Golden Core Disciple
Chapter 178: Secret Biography Point Dragon Note
Chapter 179 Black Market
Chapter 180 Grandma Jing
Chapter 181 Watching the morning glow together (Third update! Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 182 Subdued
Chapter 183 The news came
Chapter 184 Secret Talk (Third update! Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 185 Sword Demon
Chapter 186 Breaking the ban experience
Chapter 187: Sword Marks (Third update! Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 188 Follow-up exercises
Chapter 189: Refining the Corpse
Chapter 190 An unexpected surprise (Third update! Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 191: Five Elements Build the Foundation
Chapter 192: The differentiation of sword light
Chapter 193 People on the mountain, things at the bottom of the mountain (Third update! Please subscribe! Please vote!)
Chapter 194 Ancient Teleportation Array
Chapter 195 Choice
Chapter 196 Invitation (Third update! Please recommend! Please vote!)
Chapter 197 Shangyuan Qingjing Palace
Chapter 198: The Vision of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 199 Refuge
Chapter 200 Top Grade Medicine Pills
Chapter 201 Cloud Device
Chapter 202 Tianjing Secret Realm
Chapter 203 Crystal of Dry Sun
Chapter 204 Gubei Town
Chapter 205 Cave Refuge
Chapter 206 The tide of wild beasts
Chapter 207 Secret Road
Chapter 208 Spirit Insect Centipede
Chapter 209 Ghost Hand
Chapter 210 Collecting Soul
Chapter 211 Humanoid Cloud Beast
Chapter 212 Flesh and blood flying
Chapter two hundred and thirteenth sale of stolen goods
Chapter 214 Transactions and Requirements
Chapter 215 Fire Jade Centipede
Chapter 216 Accidental Encounter
Chapter 217 Yunyouzi
Chapter 218 Tracking
Chapter 219 Jiang Ying
Chapter 220 Legendary
Chapter 221 The second Dantian
Chapter 222 Reunion
Chapter 223 Spirit Bamboo Flying Boat
Chapter 224 Mission
Chapter 225 The old meet
Chapter 226 Three Flood Dragons
Chapter 227 Stone Stele
Chapter 228 Try to break the ban
Chapter 229 Breaking the ban
Chapter 230 Golden Brick Corridor
Chapter 231 Critical
Chapter 232 Magma River
Chapter 233 Fire Spirit Beast
Chapter 234 Picking up leaks
Chapter 235 Harvest
Chapter 236 Rescue
Chapter 237 Choice
Chapter 238 Flame Flying Monkey
Chapter 239 Cooperation
Chapter 240 Humanoid Ghost
Chapter 241 Centipede leads the way
Chapter 242 The Courtyard
Chapter 243: Ancient Well and Vines
Chapter two hundred and forty fourth male and female
Chapter 245 Help
Chapter 246: Thousand Illusory Divine Sounds
Chapter 247 Phantom Sound
Chapter 248 Counterattack
Chapter 249 Threat
Chapter 250 Kuiyin Zong Jindan
Chapter 251 Black Flame Camphor
Chapter 252 Hidden Moth
Chapter 253 Volley Painting Talisman
Chapter 254 Breaking the ban
Chapter 255 Little Clever
Chapter 256: See the Firebird Again
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh escape
Chapter 258 Stone Hall
Chapter 259 Fu Array
Chapter 260 Conspiracy
Chapter 261 Nine Dragons Talisman
Chapter 262 Broken Arm
Chapter 263 Guiding the way
Chapter 264 Fatal Attraction
Chapter 265 Hunyuan Concentric Ring
Chapter 266: The Secret Technique of Slaughtering Identity
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh accident
Chapter 268 meet again
Chapter 269 Ten Great Divine Trees
Chapter 270: Fire-weary Qinglian
Chapter 271 Invitation
Chapter 272 Destruction
Chapter 273 Return
Chapter two hundred and seventy fourth
Chapter 275: Invitation by Brother Yu
Chapter 276: Mysterious Pattern and Rhythm Pill
Chapter two hundred and seventy seventh Daoist Breeze
Chapter 278 Xihuang Town
Chapter 279 The sword is amazing
Chapter 280 Return to Yuan Formation
Chapter two hundred and eighty first concentric wear
Chapter two hundred and eighty second departure
Chapter 283 Qiuhongfang City
Chapter 284 Suspicion
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth wind
Chapter 286 Three worship and nine knocks
Chapter 287 Hongqiao
Chapter 288 Seduction
Chapter 289 Qi to
Chapter 290 Trap
Chapter two hundred and ninety first
Chapter 292 Pathfinder
Chapter 293 The first prohibition
Chapter 294 Both injured
Chapter 295 Luo Xingnan
Chapter 296 Hunter and Prey
Chapter 297 Idiot
Chapter 298 Guardian Spirit Beast
Chapter 299 Stupid (2)
Chapter 300 Human-headed Owl
Chapter Three Hundred and One Herbs
Chapter 302: Drive away tigers and swallow wolves
Chapter 303 Stupid (3)
Chapter 304: Flawless Pearl
Chapter 305 It's like a lifetime
Chapter 306: Separation (Additional update for alliance leader Mou Lue!)
Chapter 307 Kill
Chapter 308: Dispensing Medicine
Chapter 309 Comprehend the way of killing
Chapter 310 Booty
Chapter three hundred and eleven half
Chapter 312 Middle stage of foundation building
Chapter 313 Tianxing Alliance
Chapter 314 Yinshan Pass Auction
Chapter 315 Robbery
Chapter 316 The Nine Dragons Talisman
Chapter 317: Captured Alive
Chapter 318 Dare to ask God how to become an immortal
Chapter 319 Earth Fire Pantong
Chapter 320 Yinshan Pass
Chapter 321 The Secret City
Three hundred and twentieth chapters strong man
Three hundred and twentieth chapters heart fruit
Three hundred and twentieth chapters soul-inducing grass
Chapter 325 Transactions
Chapter 326 Sheepskin
Chapter 327 Ziwei Palace
Three hundred and twentieth eight chapters flow
Chapter 329 The Secret City Reunion
Chapter 330 Jing Shen Dan
Chapter 331 You Luoyun
Chapter 332 Tracking
Chapter 333 The truth
Chapter 334 Old friends recognize each other
Chapter 335 Past Experience
Chapter 336: Shi Hong
Chapter 337 The Living Dead
Three hundred and thirtieth eight chapters can not give up
Chapter 339 Thinking
Chapter 340 Heavenly Corpse Talisman
Chapter 341 Goodbye Yunyouzi
Chapter 342 Rules
Three hundred and fortieth chapters helpless
Chapter 344 Choice
Chapter three hundred and forty fifth weirdo
Chapter 346 Endless Valley
Chapter 347 Induction
Chapter 348 Trap
Chapter 349 Yunlei Mian
Chapter 350 San Gong
Chapter 351 Ten Directions Yama Banners (Additional updates for the leader of the alliance, Cape Wind!)
Chapter 352 Han Xianshi
Chapter 353: Explain
Chapter 354 The Legend
Chapter 355 Taishi
Chapter 356: The Situation of the Deceased
Chapter 357 Missed
Chapter 358 Longevity
Chapter 359 Taoism
Chapter three hundred and sixty six hundred years old
Chapter 361 Song Yi
Chapter three hundred and sixty second magic weapon experience
Chapter 363: Refiner
Chapter 364 Qingyang Demon Sect
Chapter three hundred and sixty fifth disguise
Chapter 366 Wizard
Chapter 367 Entering the Valley
Chapter 368 Chidan
Chapter 369 Hunting Ghosts
Chapter 370 Cold Gold Mine Mother
Chapter 371 Tracking
Chapter three hundred and seventy second ghost bee
Chapter 373 Honeycomb
Chapter 374: Ambush
Chapter 375 Anti-Ambush
Chapter 376 Kill
Chapter 377 Jiaolong
Chapter 378 Blood Rain
Chapter 379 Accident
Chapter 380 Corpses are everywhere
Chapter 381 Yuanying
Chapter 382 The Jungle and the Sea of ??Flowers
Chapter 383 Flying Horn Fish and Dragon
Chapter 384 Yaksha
Chapter 385 Destiny to meet again
Chapter 386 Thirteen Interests
Chapter 387: Hear the Tao in the morning and die in the evening
Chapter three hundred and eighty eighth congealing evil spirits
Chapter 389 Long-lost person
Chapter 390 The Price
Chapter three hundred and ninety first magic weapon
Chapter 392: The Power of the Magic Weapon
Chapter three hundred and ninety third symbol forbidden
Chapter 394 Essence and blood feeding ghosts
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters break
Chapter 396 Corpse Transformation
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh plan ahead
Chapter three hundred and ninety-eight of the magic weapon
Chapter three hundred and ninety-ninth Xuanshuang evil wind
Chapter 400 Persistence
Chapter 401 The shocking battle
Chapter 402 The Nest
Chapter 403 Ignite the Demon Fire
Chapter 404 Bloodwood
Chapter 405 Fat Chicken
Chapter 406 The bitter meat plan
Chapter 407 teach you to be good
Chapter four hundred and eight escape
Chapter 409 Good News
Four hundred and tenth chapter Dancheng
Chapter 411: Taiyin Refinement
Chapter 412: Sword Pavilion
Chapter four hundred and thirteenth penance
Chapter four hundred and fourteenth in a blink of an eye
Chapter 415 Tianyou Pass
Chapter 416 Blood Essence
Four hundred and seventeenth chapter temptation
Chapter 418 Sword Qi and Thunder Sound
Chapter 419: Bloody Divine Light
Chapter 420 Magic Flame Gate
Chapter 421: Demon Gate
Chapter 422: He Yun Dan
Chapter 423: Cultivation
Chapter four hundred and twenty fourth blind date
Four hundred and twentieth chapters Kan Li Jindan
Chapter 426 Two kinds of orders
Chapter 427 Blood-winged ghost-headed bee
Chapter 428 Fair
Chapter 429 Blood Man
Chapter 430 Forced Palace
Four hundred and thirty first chapter anger
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters run for their lives
Chapter 433 Chaos
Chapter 434 Mu Yifeng
Chapter 435 A sword
Chapter 436 Retreat
Chapter 437 refers to Tianfeng
Chapter 438 Recruitment
Four hundred and thirtieth IX light belt
Chapter 440 True Water Thousand Illusory Array
Chapter 441 Snake Woman
Chapter 442 confrontation
The four hundred and fortieth chapter three years
Chapter 444: Lives and Games
Chapter 445: Le Family Sisters
Four hundred and fortieth chapters care
Chapter 447: Selling Corpses
Chapter 448: On Refining Corpses
Chapter four hundred and forty-ninth outer alchemy
Chapter 450 Peak now
Chapter 451 A beam of light
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters wind and knife
Chapter 453 Noon
Chapter 454 Little Beichen Star Array
Chapter 455: Bai Yan? Ji Wu
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters star stone
Chapter 457 Snow Lotus and Iris
Four hundred and fiftieth eight chapters sword escape
Chapter 459: Peach Wood Carving
Chapter 460 Contrast
Chapter four hundred and sixty first turbulent world
Chapter 462 Storm
The four hundred and sixtieth chapters are not successful
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters hold stone
Chapter four hundred and sixty fifth temperament
Chapter 466 Pure Land
Chapter 467 The real purpose
Chapter 468: The Hidden Moon Map
Chapter four hundred and sixty-ninth secretly conceived
Chapter 470 Fighting
Chapter 471: Void Thunder
Chapter 472 Space Storm
Chapter 473 Immortal Mansion
Chapter 474: Self-created exercises
Chapter 475: The whereabouts of the exercises
Chapter 476 Guess
Chapter 477 Test
Chapter 478: Ambush
Chapter 479 Harvest
Chapter 480: The Praise of the Snake Woman
Chapter 481 Who is the flower
Chapter 482: Fake pill realm
Chapter four hundred and eighty third amazing speed
Chapter four hundred and eighty fourth demon pill
Chapter 485 Transaction
Chapter 486 Flying Yaksha
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh accident
Chapter 488 Killing Jiao and taking the soul
Chapter four hundred and eighty-ninth hiding place
Chapter four hundred and ninetieth gatekeeper
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters seize the house
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two magic weapon showdown
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters desperately
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters too long
Chapter four hundred and ninety fifth iron wrench
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters solution
Chapter 497: Purple Cloud Purple Fruit
Four hundred and ninetieth eight chapters serving Dan
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth impact on the pill
Chapter 500 It's like a dream
Chapter 501 Manpower is exhausted, don’t force anything
Chapter five hundred and second meal
Chapter five hundred and three dead
Chapter Five Hundred and Four World Love
Chapter five hundred and fifth I go my way
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixth Qingquan Money
Chapter five hundred and seventh eradication
Chapter five hundred and eighth false head
Chapter five hundred and ninth free writing
Chapter five hundred and ten selling corpses
Chapter 511 Transaction
Chapter five hundred and twelve finally got the news
Chapter five hundred and thirteenth self-refinement
Chapter 514 Various changes
Chapter 515 The so-called chance?
Chapter five hundred and sixteen give you a chance
Chapter five hundred and seventeenth accident
Chapter five hundred and eighteen straw
Chapter 519 Ancestral Sacred Fire
Chapter five hundred and twentieth adapt to the situation
Chapter 521 Reincarnation
Five hundred and twentieth chapters Gangsha Chongdan
Five hundred and twentieth chapters success
Chapter 524 Contact
Five hundred and twentieth chapters animal tide
Five hundred and twentieth chapters Qingyang Gangying
Chapter 527 Fire changes!
Chapter 528 Borrowing a knife to kill
Chapter 529 Leap
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Outer Alchemy
Chapter 531: Sealing the Mountain
Chapter five hundred and thirty second hard break
Chapter 533: Demon Fire Mutation
Five hundred and thirtieth chapters role model
Chapter 535: The Veil of Ten Directions Yamafan
Five hundred and thirtieth chapters the impact of the mind
Chapter 537: Start all over again
Chapter 538 The relics of the Taoist dove robe
Chapter 539 High-grade spirit stone!
Chapter five hundred and fortieth solution symbol
Chapter 541: Condensing the Evil Spirit and Refining the Gang, Clearing the Clouds and Seeing the Sun!
Chapter 542 Imprisonment
Five hundred and fortieth chapters give up
The five hundred and fortieth chapters instinct hidden danger
Chapter five hundred and forty-five choose a foreigner
Chapter five hundred and forty-six strange insects, spirit insects
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh urging
Chapter 548: Spiritual Tide (Additional update for the leader of the alliance, Wang Duoyu!)
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth autumn and evening white
Chapter 550 Summoned
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty-First Old People Do Not Recognize Each Other
Chapter five hundred and fifty second sudden accident
Chapter 553 Dilemma
Chapter 554 Yuan Ying
Chapter 555 Tianduyan
Chapter 556: The time has come
Chapter 557: Yuan Ying Gathering
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth eight heroes come to the end
Chapter 559 Eight Secrets
Chapter 560 Ziwei Palace and Sin God Palace
Chapter 561: Above the Nine Heavens, the Immortal Palace Appears
Chapter 562: The Treasure of the Monster Race
Chapter five hundred and sixty third amazing discovery
Chapter 564 Mutation
Chapter five hundred and sixty fifth sin abyss
Chapter 566 Accidents occur frequently
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh fast changing
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight the devil and sound transmission
Chapter five hundred and sixty-ninth bring his body out
Chapter 570 Master
Chapter 571 Rewards
Chapter 572 Immortal Tomb
Chapter 573: Howling and the Jade Buddha
Five hundred and seventieth chapters inner hall
Chapter five hundred and seventy fifth palm print
Chapter five hundred and seventy sixth disclosure
Chapter 577 Ancient Medicine Garden
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight latecomers
Chapter five hundred and seventy ninth ambush
Chapter 580: The middle stage of the demon pill
Chapter five hundred and eighty first virtual thunder
Chapter five hundred and eighty second betrayal
Chapter 583 It turned out to be him!
Chapter five hundred and eighty fourth evildoer
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth three light jade liquid
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth fraud
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh soul search
Chapter five hundred and eighty-eight magic weapon secrets
Five hundred and eighty-ninth chapter Chinese magic weapon
Chapter 590 Bone Flute
Chapter 591: Exploring the bag to get something (Third update! Please vote!)
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters big sun
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters sword path
Chapter 594: Ancient Teleportation Array (Third update! Please vote!)
Chapter 595 Killing Talisman
Chapter 596: Gathering Temple
Chapter 597: Sendai (can it be counted as the third update?)
Five hundred and ninetieth eight chapters three light jade liquid
Chapter 599 Immortal Fire
Chapter 600 Nanming Li Huo
Chapter 601 Test
Chapter 602 Green Copper Block
Chapter 603 Tianshan
Chapter 604 Small Lake Stone Array
Chapter 605 Evil Ghost Road
Chapter 606 Black Tower
Chapter 607: The bones are exposed in the wild
Chapter 608 Breaking the Promise
Chapter 609: Magic Door Forbidden Technique
Chapter 610 Silver Needle Sealing Love and Stone Bridge Zen
Chapter 611 Never yield!
Volume 1 Summary
Chapter 612: Broken Arm Corpse
Chapter six hundred and thirteenth dumb girl
Chapter 614: Doubts (Update for alliance leader Ma Mangmeng!)
Chapter 615: Living in darkness, but looking towards the light
Chapter 616 Healing
Chapter 617: The Fate Insect Gu
Chapter 618 Witch God Continent
Chapter 619: The List of Witches and Insects (Additional update for leader Dahongzao’s mother!)
Chapter 620 Little White Face
Chapter 621: Forming Pills
Chapter six hundred and twenty second talisman
Chapter 623 Transaction
Chapter 624 Canglang Sea (Additional update for the leader Qian Yu!)
Chapter 625 Wuzu talent
Chapter 626 Choice
Chapter 627 Forbidden Talisman Fragments
Chapter 628: One spirit is not ignorant, return to reincarnation
Chapter 629: Demon Fire Weapon Refining (Additional update for alliance leader Yuesheng’s mother Jingjing!)
Chapter 630 The Holy Maiden
Chapter 631: Wing Village
Chapter 632: Courage (Additional update for Taoist Supreme Leader!)
Chapter 633 Revenge
Six hundred and thirtieth chapters do not want
Chapter 635 Getting Started
Chapter 636 Miss Xiaohanyu
Chapter 637 Black Wind Valley
Chapter 638 Subduing
Chapter 639 Poisonous Spring
Chapter 640 Thousand-hand spider fruit
Chapter 641 God's Lines Are Exhausted
Six hundred and fortieth chapters stink bug
Chapter 643: Fierce Insects Frightened
Chapter 644: The Gift of Nature
Six hundred and fortieth chapters fat silkworm
Chapter 645 Tianmu Butterfly
Chapter six hundred and forty sixth well-behaved
Chapter 647 Catching Butterfly
Chapter 649 Blood Bone Pill
Chapter 650 Shocked!
Chapter 651: The enemy is chasing you, run away quickly!
Chapter 652 Ember Liuying
Chapter 653: Li Wu Palace (Additional update for Alliance Leader Mu Han!)
Chapter 654 Implicated
Chapter 655 The ancient corpse descended from the sky
Chapter 656 Seven Killing Hall
Chapter 657 Metamorphosis and Insect Gu
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth eight strange knots
Chapter 659: Captured alive
Chapter 660 The Secret of the Seven Killing Halls
Chapter 661 Sha Yao Dan
Chapter 663 Settled
Chapter 664 Pingbo Port
Chapter 665: The Eastern Pole League
Chapter 666 Six-petaled Viola
Chapter 667 Interview
Chapter 668 try
Chapter six hundred and sixty-ninth departure
Chapter six hundred and seventieth fixed storm
Chapter 671 New Ability
Chapter 672 Anchor
Chapter 673 Duyan Island
Chapter 674 Tianwu Island
Chapter 675 But Fire Sparrow and Six-petal Viola
Chapter 676 Hongye Island and Huantian Island
Chapter 677 Arrival
Chapter 678: Refining
Chapter 679 Flood Dragon Spirit
Chapter 680 Difficulty of Shenmu
Chapter 681: Demon Hunting Squad
Chapter 682 - Hunting Flood Dragons
Chapter 683 Blue Jiao Inner Alchemy
Chapter 684: Looking for Jiaojiao
Chapter 685 On the right track
Chapter six hundred and eighty sixth four years
Chapter six hundred and eighty seventh trailing
Chapter 688 Murder
Chapter six hundred and eighty-ninth, the thunder talisman
Chapter 690 Jin Huijia
Chapter six hundred and ninety first witch chaos
Chapter six hundred and ninety second journey
Chapter 693: The Second Transformation
Chapter 694 Qiandao Sea Area
Chapter 695: Seeing the Bone Flute Again
Chapter 696 Transaction
Chapter 697 Path
Chapter 698 Fusion
Chapter 699 Yuanying Cave House
Chapter 700: Master Dongming
Chapter seven hundred and first intention
Chapter 703 Signal
Chapter 704 In the chaos
Chapter 705: Flip
Chapter 706 Insect Shadow
Chapter seven hundred and seventh scary monster
Chapter 708 Cold Flame
Chapter seven hundred and ninth escape
Chapter seven hundred and ten hunting
Chapter seven hundred and eleven chain reaction
Chapter seven hundred and twelfth take advantage of the emptiness to enter
Chapter 713 Thieves
Chapter 714 Black Flame
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen
Chapter 716 Corpse Pill
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen distraction
Chapter seven hundred and eighteen how the road ahead
Chapter 719 News
Chapter 720 Mu Lao Mo
Chapter seven hundred and twenty first sound
Chapter 722 Suppression
Chapter 723 Seal
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters ashamed
Chapter seven hundred and twenty fifth unexpected news
Chapter seven hundred and twenty sixth love robbery
Chapter 727 Thundercloud
Chapter 728 Variation
Chapter 729 Little trouble
Chapter 730: Kick the Pavilion
Chapter 731 Swordsmanship Shocks the Enemy
Chapter 732: Cut the mess with a quick knife
Chapter 733: The middle stage of forming pills
Chapter seven hundred and thirty fourth meeting
Chapter 735: Great Wuzhu
Chapter 736 Fighting the Demons
Chapter 737 Breakthrough
Chapter seven hundred and thirty eight respectively
Chapter 739: The difference between the exercises
Chapter 740 Bottleneck
Chapter seven hundred and forty first enemies meet
Chapter 742 Token
Chapter 743 Storm and Shelter
Chapter 744 Hurricane
Chapter seven hundred and forty fifth blood moon formation
Chapter seven hundred and forty sixth ghost light
Chapter 747 Muying Bee
Seven hundred and fortieth eight chapters sky tower
Chapter 749 Purple Mist Jedi
Chapter 750 Purple Star Sculpture
Chapter 751 Stone Hall
Chapter 752 Light Armor
Chapter 753 The third change
Chapter 754: Dangerous
Chapter seven hundred and fifty fifth wishful thinking
Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters lurking
Chapter 757: Split Earth Sect
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth eight trailing
Chapter 759: Ancient God Altar
Chapter 760 Completion
Chapter 761 The ninth person
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two fierce battle
Chapter 763 Induction
Chapter 764: Offensive and defensive translocation
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fifth magic symbol
Chapter 766 Excited
Chapter 767 Amethyst
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-eight tiger's mouth grabs food
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-ninth magic fire
Chapter seven hundred and seventieth ghost land
Chapter 771 Ancient Relics
Chapter 772 Alien
Chapter 773: A gentleman’s revenge is never too late in ten years
Chapter 774 Failure
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-fifth red glow
Chapter seven hundred and seventy sixth encounter
Chapter seven hundred and seventy seventh blocking the door
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-eight in the tower
Chapter 779 Sword Intent
Chapter 780: Climbing the towers one after another
Chapter seven hundred and eighty first transmission
Chapter seven hundred and eighty second pool fish
Seven hundred and eighty third chapter seventh floor
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fourth valley doubts
Chapter 785 Guidance
Chapter seven hundred and eighty sixth seed primordial demon embryo
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh trial
Chapter 788 Comprehension in battle
Chapter 789 Breakthrough
Chapter 790 Huaxian Lake
Chapter seven hundred and ninety first ambush
Chapter seven hundred and ninety second revenge
Chapter seven hundred and ninety third cooperation proposal
Chapter 794: Gushan Island
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters body repair
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters star snail
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh the power of fire beads
Seven hundred and ninetieth eight chapters Jiao tribe
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters Tian Yao refining shape
Chapter 800: The Foundation of Cultivation
Chapter 801 Four Holy Mountains
Chapter 802 Demon Seed
Chapter 803 Heavenly Demon Dharma
Eight hundred and fourth chapter Qingluan
Chapter 805 Protoss Network
Chapter 806 Heavenly Demon Change
Chapter 807: Split Wind Islands
Chapter 808: Quheng Island
Eight hundred and ninth chapter enemy
Chapter 810 Timeline
Chapter 811 Tracking
Chapter 812 Fishing
Chapter 813 Lord Luo Island
Eight hundred and fourteenth chapter steward
Chapter 815 Transformation
Eight hundred and sixteenth chapter amazing ability
Chapter eight hundred and seventeen uninvited guests
Eight hundred and eighteenth chapter booby-trapped
Eight hundred and nineteenth chapter chase
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth battle spirit body
Chapter 821: The Gate of Life
Chapter 822: Demon Lord
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters incarnation outside the body
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters farewell
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters tyrant blood fruit
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters high-grade spirit stone
Chapter eight hundred and twenty seventh choice
Eight hundred and twentieth eight chapters freedom
Eight hundred and twentieth nine eighteen magic flags
Chapter eight hundred and thirtieth decision
Chapter eight hundred and thirty first incarnation
Chapter eight hundred and thirty second ambush
Eight hundred and thirty third chapter miss
Chapter eight hundred and thirty fourth forbidden symbol
Eight hundred and thirty fifth chapter animal tide
Chapter 836 Leopard Demon
Eight hundred and thirty seventh chapter siege
Chapter 838 Golden Light Array
Eight hundred and thirty ninth chapter fish demon
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth demon
Chapter eight hundred and forty first amazing discovery
Chapter eight hundred and forty second came back
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters last fight
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters Yue Xiangu
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters outlying islands
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters Lan Doumen
Chapter eight hundred and forty seventh true magic
Eight hundred and forty-eighth chapter five yin wonderful body
Eight hundred and forty-ninth chapter nine-turn yin body
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth accident
Chapter 851 West Youmeng
Chapter 852 Chase
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters ambiguity
Chapter eight hundred and fifty-four sound transmission
Chapter 855 Incarnation
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters are involved in the current situation
Chapter 857 Employers
Eight hundred and fiftieth eight chapters hunting monster
Eight hundred and fifty-ninth chapter rain desert land
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters Kuilong
Chapter 861 Dragon Hunt
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters sky cold wind fierce array
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters blood sword
Chapter 864 Uninvited guests
Eight hundred and sixty-fifth chapters mine technique
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters grudges
Eight hundred and sixty seventh chapter Xingsha
Eight hundred and sixtieth eight chapters fight
Eight hundred and sixtieth IX Beast King Banner
Chapter 890 Planning
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Lan Dou Island
Chapter eight hundred and seventy second fruitless
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters silver gun
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters apprenticeship
Chapter eight hundred and seventy fifth one
Chapter 876 Fang Ting
Chapter eight hundred and seventy seventh cloud bridge
Eight hundred and seventieth eight chapters superb acting
Eight hundred and seventieth nine chapters familiar scene
Chapter 880 Old Taoist
Chapter 881: Yin and Yang, Canglan, Bullfighting
Chapter eight hundred and eighty second happy
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third Yin and Yang plate
Eight hundred and eighty-fourth chapter gray rabbit
Chapter 885: Jade Finger Peak
Eight hundred and eighty-sixth chapter yin and yang armor
Eight hundred and eighty seventh chapter Yuanshen
Eight hundred and eighty-eighth chapter forbidden area
Eight hundred and eighty-ninth chapter Dongming Island Dharma Assembly
Chapter eight hundred and ninetieth true disciple
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters dark thunder wood
Chapter 892: Entering the Island
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters rendezvous
Chapter eight hundred and ninety fourth storm
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters sneak in
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters uncle
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters meet with the same door
Eight hundred and ninetieth eight chapters Yuan Chenlu
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters stone platform
Chapter 900 Concatenation
Chapter 901 Breaking the Array
Chapter 902 Thunder Cave
Chapter 903: Stone Platform and Scars
Chapter 904 Forced Kill
Chapter 905 Breaking the back road
Chapter 906 Dark Clouds
Chapter 907 Heaven and Earth Power
Chapter 908 Star Terrace
Chapter 909: Rotten Wing Eagle
Chapter 910 Two years
Chapter 911 Double breakthrough
Chapter 912 Shuttle
Nine hundred and thirteenth chapter water jade body
Chapter nine hundred and fourteenth subordinates
Chapter 915: The Lord of the Demon-Sacrificing Cave
Chapter nine hundred and sixteen double cultivation of law
Chapter 917 Subduing
Chapter 918 Night Shadow Insect
Chapter 919 Corpse Refinement
Chapter 920 Return
Chapter 921 Imprint
Chapter 922 Sea Toad Island
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters interception
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters sword wheel
Chapter 925: Red Yuan Yarn
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters old Zou's invitation
Nine hundred and twentieth seventh chapter two into the hall of seven killings
Chapter 928 Fang Lao Mo
Chapter 929 Lingchan Cave
Chapter 930 Transaction
Chapter nine hundred and thirty first ghost land
Chapter 932 Appeared
Chapter 933: Thousands of Ghost Claws
Chapter 934 Fighting the Three Enemies
Chapter 935 Transaction
Chapter 936 Confirmation
Chapter nine hundred and thirty seventh oath
Chapter 938 Conditions
Chapter 939 Memory
Nine hundred and fortieth chapters attracting the soul to refine the flag
Chapter nine hundred and forty first magic forbidden formation
Chapter nine hundred and forty-two flags into
Chapter nine hundred and forty third degree
Chapter 944 Chaos
Nine hundred and fortieth chapters bird mouth escape
Chapter 946 Blocking
Chapter 947: Responsibility
Chapter 948: Looking for Heavenly Corpse Sect
Chapter nine hundred and forty-ninth break again
Chapter 950: Re-trial
Chapter 951 The half-open door
Chapter 952 Green Bamboo
Nine hundred and fiftieth chapters Qingjun
Chapter 954 Jinger
Chapter 955: Pure Yangzong
Chapter 956: Immortal Forbidden Change
Chapter 957 Crisis
Chapter 958 Alien Beast
Nine hundred and fifty-ninth chapter set the road
Chapter 960: Mysterious Armor Talisman
Chapter 961 Bijiu Demon King
Chapter 962 The bottom of the lake
Chapter nine hundred and sixty third formation
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters Nine Phoenix King
Chapter 965 Wasteland
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters fall
Chapter nine hundred and sixty seventh blood ban
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-eight of the phoenix
Chapter 969 Breaking the ban
Chapter nine hundred and seventieth abandonment
Chapter 971 Jade Flute
Chapter 972 Scales
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters to live
Chapter 974: The Son of the King Jiao
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters cave house
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters combing
Chapter 977 friendship
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-eight now is not what it used to be
Chapter 979 Old Zou is alive
Chapter 980 Wanted
Chapter 981 Fei You
Chapter nine hundred and eighty second ruthless stubble
Chapter nine hundred and eighty third blue jade beads
Chapter nine hundred and eighty fourth fire curse
Chapter nine hundred and eighty fifth crisis approaching
Chapter nine hundred and eighty sixth cracking method
Chapter nine hundred and eighty seventh plan
Chapter nine hundred and eighty eighth choice
Nine hundred and eighty-ninth chapter from
Chapter nine hundred and ninetieth preaching
Chapter 991 Scales
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-two moon rhinoceros
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters ancient prohibition
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters fire curse seed
Chapter nine hundred and ninety fifth major event
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters re-refining the spirit sword
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters soul light
Nine hundred and ninetieth eight chapters later stage
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-ninth meet
Chapter 1000: A ten-year appointment
Chapter 1001 Transformation
Chapter 1002: Falling flowers are intentional, flowing water is ruthless
Chapter 1003: A goodbye for years
Chapter 104: Experience
Chapter 105: White Crane
Chapter 1006 Return
Chapter 1007: Rendezvous
Chapter 108: Birth
Chapter 109: Three Enters Seven Kills Hall
Chapter 110: Yuan Ying arrives
Chapter 111 The three major business alliances
Chapter 112 Tianling root
Chapter 1,113 Demon·Witch
Chapter 114: Wind Extreme Nails
Chapter 115 Life Talisman
Chapter 116: Soul Cleansing Liquid
Chapter 1,117 Descendants
Chapter 1,118 Puppet War
Chapter 1,119 Xuanbingyuan
Chapter 1020 Plain Girl
Chapter 1021 Meeting
Chapter 1022 True Demonic Skills
Chapter 1023 Ancient Demon
Chapter 1024 Illusion
Chapter 125 girl
Chapter 126 Transaction
Chapter 127 Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 128 Planning
Chapter 129 Earth Spirit Stone Ape
Chapter 130: Escape
Chapter 131 Baibao Pavilion
Chapter 132 Contact
Chapter 133 Smuggling
Chapter 134 seek
One thousand and thirty-five chapters fascinated cave
Chapter 137 Control
Chapter 138 Reminders and Transactions
Chapter 1,339: Snatching food from the tiger's mouth (an extra update for the leader of the alliance who kisses without shooting!)
Chapter 140 Retreat
Chapter 141 The blood-stained cave
Chapter 142: Capture
Chapter 143 succeeded
Chapter 144: Dharma Door
The first thousand and forty-fifth chapters ancient shrine
Chapter 146 Earth Blood Ginseng
Chapter 147: Witch Formation
One thousand and forty-eight chapters secluded valley
One thousand and forty-nine chapters real dragon bones
Chapter 150: Inducing the Dragon
Chapter 151 Death
Chapter 152: The Calamity of Nascent Soul
Chapter 153: All parties gather
Chapter 154: Outsider Yuanying
Chapter 155 teleportation
Chapter 1,556 Zhenling Realm·Yitian Peak
Chapter 157: Qionglou Yuyu
Chapter 158: The Demon King arrives
Chapter 159: Poisonous Pool
Chapter 160: Finding the Corpse
The first thousand and sixty first chapters take turns
Chapter 162 Immortal Mountain
The first thousand and sixty-three chapters of the gray gas finally appear
Chapter 164: Treasure Blessing
One thousand and sixty-five chapters release the devil
One thousand and sixty-six chapters double monument
Chapter 167: Demon Servant
Chapter 168 backhand
The first thousand and sixty-ninth chapters are pregnant with ghosts
Chapter 170 Qi Xian
Chapter 171 Ancient Forbidden Seal
Chapter one thousand and seventy-two split reading
Chapter 173 Soul Return
Chapter 174 Tracking
One thousand seventy-fifth chapter silence
Chapter 176: Escape
Chapter 177 is terrible
Chapter 178 Fusion
Chapter 179 Great Change
Chapter 180 Sword Qi
Chapter 181 Control
Chapter one thousand and eighty second fight
Chapter 183: Tinder Golden Lotus
One thousand and eighty-four chapters Yu Ling
Chapter 185 Soul Slave
Chapter 186: The Millennium Covenant
Chapter 187: Split Yuan Slaying God
Chapter 188: The witches can't live without the great witches
The first thousand eighty-ninth chapters are also afraid of death
Chapter 190 Aftermath
Chapter 191 seek the way
Chapter 192 Sword Spirit
Chapter 193 Peach Blossom
Chapter 194: Return
Chapter 195: Suzaku True Feather
Chapter 196 confrontation
Chapter 197 Corpse King
The first thousand ninety-eighth chapter corpse king fierce
One thousand ninety-ninth chapter town corpse
Chapter 1100: Dive Cultivation
Chapter 1101 Rebuild
Chapter 1102 Reunion
Chapter 1103: Binding the Magic Cable
Chapter 1104 Mei Gu
Chapter 1105 Accident
Chapter 1106 Clues
Chapter 1107 Pilgrimage Mountain
Chapter 1108 Cause and Effect
The first thousand one hundred and nine chapters old
Chapter 1110 ripening
Chapter 1111 red skirt
Chapter 1112 Senior Sister
Chapter 1113 North Sea
Chapter 1114 Mysterious Slate
Chapter 1115: Life and Death
The first thousand one hundred and sixteen chapters
Chapter 1117: A century old friend
Chapter 1118: Three years
Chapter 1119: Nascent Soul Tribulation
Chapter 1120 Double Calamity
The first thousand one hundred and twenty first chapters
Chapter 1,122 Dancheng (The leader is Xia Tian_Additional update!)
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-three chapters do not enter the reincarnation
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-four chapters learn from each other
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-five chapters vent
Chapter 1126 sword potential
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-seven chapters will be the alliance
The first thousand one hundred and twenty-eight chapters face the enemy
Chapter 1129 smooth
Chapter 1130 Star Terrace
Chapter 1131 Ancient Treasures
The first thousand one hundred and thirty-two chapters
Chapter 1133 Seven Killing Sword Formation
Chapter 1134 White Cat
Chapter 1135 Qianshan Bamboo Sea
Chapter 1136 The Spirit of the Willow
Chapter 1137 Conspiracy
Chapter 1138: Bright Moon Demon King
Chapter 1139 bluff
Chapter 1140: The Demon King's Birthday
Chapter 1141 Peer
The first thousand one hundred and forty-two chapters
Chapter 1143 Qingluan
The first thousand one hundred and forty-four chapters Lei's lead
The first thousand one hundred and forty-five chapters escape
The first thousand one hundred and forty-six chapters
The first thousand one hundred and forty-seven chapters
Chapter 1148 Thunder Butterfly? Tribulation Butterfly?
The first thousand one hundred and forty-nine chapters guarding the mountain beast
Chapter 1150 Qingluan Consciousness
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-one chapters
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-two chapters
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-three chapters
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-four chapters
Chapter 1156 Yuanying
Chapter 1157 Beast King Banner
The first thousand one hundred and fifty-eight chapters visit
Chapter 1159 turn around
Chapter 1160 Accident
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-one chapters
Chapter 1162 Portrait
Chapter 1163 Clean up the portal
Chapter 1164: Arrangement
Chapter 1165 Demon King discussing matters
Chapter 1166 Hukou Pass
Chapter 1167: Advance again
Chapter 1168 Tracking
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-ninth chapters resolve
Chapter 1170 Gambling
Chapter 1171 gap
Chapter 1172 Prototype
Chapter 1173: Heavenly Eyes Divine Light
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-five chapters
Chapter 1176 Tianxing Plateau
Chapter 1177: Sandie Pass
Chapter 1178 Jin Shenjian
The first thousand one hundred and seventy-ninth chapters
Chapter 1181 see through
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-two chapters
Chapter 1183 Seduction
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-four chapters
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-fifth chapters
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-six chapters
The first thousand one hundred and eighty-seven chapters victory
1188th chapter stalemate
Chapter 1189 Gongliangyu
Chapter 1190 Sealing the Demon Pile
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-one chapters
Chapter 1192 progress
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-three chapters near the mark mountain
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-four chapters
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-five chapters day marks
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-six chapters alone
Chapter 1197 Investigation
Chapter 1,198 Divine Patterns (6,000 words, updated today with an additional chapter due)
The first thousand one hundred and ninety-nine chapters stone house
Chapter 1200 Save me
The first thousand two hundred and one chapters sharp gold tactics
Chapter 1202 Shock
Chapter 1,203 The Demon King Appears (Additional update for leader Nanwangwangwang!)
Chapter 1204 Need for Magic Weapon
Chapter 1205 Bone Curse
Chapter 1206 Abyss Market
The first thousand two hundred and seven chapters wake up
Chapter 1208 Evil Spirit
Chapter 1209 Decision
The first thousand two hundred and tenth chapter means all out
Chapter 1211 Ye Laomo
Chapter 1212: Divine Light Reappears
Chapter 1213 escape
Chapter 1214 sleepy spirit
Chapter 1215 Blood Lake
Chapter 1216 Help
The first thousand two hundred and seventeen chapters discuss again
Chapter 1219 News of the Ancestral Sacred Fire
The first thousand two hundred and twenty chapters gather together
Chapter 1221 prototype
The first thousand two hundred and twenty-two chapters come to the door
Chapter 1223 Requirements
Chapter 1224: Negotiation (Additional update for leader Wang Duoyu!)
Chapter 1225 try
Chapter 1226 present and future
Chapter 1227 Fire Lotus Seeds
Chapter 1228 Inheritance
Chapter 1229 rest in peace
Chapter 1230: Revenge
Chapter 1231 Unblocking
Chapter 1232 villain
Chapter 1233 Purgatory
Chapter 1234 encounter
Chapter 1235 Conspiracy
Chapter 1236 Nascent Soul Talisman
Chapter 1237 Dingling Jue
Chapter 1238 Blood Shadow Evil Spirit
The first thousand two hundred and thirty-ninth chapters water moon
Chapter 1240 Taoism
The first thousand two hundred and forty-one chapters
Chapter 1242 see you at last
Chapter 1243 Upright
The first thousand two hundred and forty-four chapters trapped the enemy
Chapter 1245 Monster
The first thousand two hundred and forty-six chapters receive the puppet
Chapter 1247 Blood Soul
Chapter 1248 Traitor
The first thousand two hundred and forty-nine chapters are ruthless
The first thousand two hundred and fifty chapters lure
Chapter 1251 Black Tower Array
Chapter 1252 Surprised Feather
Chapter 1253 Prison Cell
Chapter 1254 Fishing
Chapter 1255 Corpse Flower Bloody Amber
Chapter 1256 Baptism
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-seven chapters are silent
The first thousand two hundred and fifty-eight chapters positive and negative nine palace array
Chapter 1259: Mingxiu Plank Road
The first thousand two hundred and sixty chapters secretly cross Chencang
Chapter 1261 Galaxy Catalog
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-two chapters are broken
Chapter 1263 You come and I go
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-four chapters
Chapter 1265: Jade Bone Brocade
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-six chapters alone
The first thousand two hundred and sixty seventh chapter death battle
The first thousand two hundred and sixty-eight chapters
The first thousand two hundred and seventieth chapters results
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-first chapters
Chapter 1272 Huangliang a dream
Chapter 1273 Windfall
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-four chapters thunder
Chapter 1275 Purification
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-six chapters
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-seventh chapters plan
Chapter 1278 Counterattack
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-ninth chapters on the eve of the war
Chapter 1280 Illusory Pearl
Chapter 1281: The Battle of Double Mirror Mountains
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-two chapters get carried away
Chapter 1283 enchanting
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-four chapters
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-fifth chapters
Chapter 1286 see through
Chapter 1287: Broken Camp
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-eight chapters escape
Chapter 1289 The situation changes
Chapter 1290 Opportunity
Chapter 1291 Qin Lao Yao
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-two chapters
Chapter 1293 Good News (8k)
The first thousand two hundred and ninety-four chapters wake up
Chapter 1295 Mutation
Chapter 1296 Mutiny
Chapter 1297 Yucheng
Chapter 1298 After
Chapter 1299 spies
Chapter 1300 Dry Yuandan
Chapter 1301 Coupling
Chapter 1302 The Murder of People
Chapter 1303 Bureau
Chapter 1304 Corpse Array
Chapter 1305 Dead Jade
Chapter 1306 Siege
Chapter 1307 Yuntai
Chapter 1308: Demon Hunting Battle
Chapter 1309 Guanzi
Chapter 1310 The Shadow in the Darkness
Chapter 1311 The Millennium Covenant
The first thousand three hundred and twelve chapters seven waters are lost in the sky
Chapter 1313 Arrangement
Chapter 1314 Strange Objects
The first thousand three hundred and fifteen chapters are violent!
Chapter 1316 Ethereal Sect
Chapter 1317 Fire-Eating Beast
Chapter 1318: Forbidden Land Changes
Chapter 1319 Lingbao
Chapter 1320 The Mountain in the Mountain
Chapter 1321 Spirit embryo
Chapter 1322 ten years of study
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-three chapters overseas worries
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-four chapters confirm what they have learned
Chapter 1325 Does it look good?
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-six chapters open the forum
Chapter 1327 The time is coming
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-eight chapters filthy place
Chapter 1329: Soul Infant Array
Chapter 1330 Changes
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-one chapters
Chapter 1332 Immortal Forbidden Qi now
Chapter 1333 Wonderland Recovery
Chapter 1334: Broken Ancient Illusory Array
Chapter 1335: The Holy Beast True Feather
Chapter 1336 The Sun God Tree
Chapter 1337: The Artifact in Memory
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-eight chapters are rampant
Chapter 1339 Scarlet Altar
Chapter 1341 Blood Baby
Chapter 1342: Gathering Souls
Chapter 1343 Void Storm
Chapter 1344 is not an enemy of unity
The first thousand three hundred and forty-five chapters white entrustment
Chapter 1346: The altar has changed
Chapter 1347, please think twice
Chapter 1,348 Ye Qiudao (6k, three-in-one)
Chapter 1,349: Lifelong Pursuit of Taoism (4k, 2 additional chapters)
Chapter 1,350: Each Opportunity (Additional update for the alliance leader Yuan Shen’s Ship Raising Chapter!)
Chapter 1351: Ascension (Additional updates for the leader’s temperament wandering!)
Chapter 1352 This sword travels
Chapter 1353 Beichen Upheaval
Chapter 1354: The effect of corpse flower and blood amber
Chapter 1355: Peach Blossoms Still Laugh at Spring Breeze
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-six chapters
Chapter 1357 Wan Xiu came to congratulate
Chapter 1358 Eight guests
The first thousand three hundred and fifty-nine chapters of the ceremony
Chapter 1360 Sendai preaching
Chapter 1361 King Kong Real
Chapter 1362: Retreat Breakthrough
Chapter 1363 Double Happiness
Chapter 1364 Feelings
Chapter 1365 Ghost Mother
Chapter 1366 Exposure
Chapter 1367: Fragments of Abyss Market
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-eight chapters are foreign
The first thousand three hundred and sixty-ninth chapters plan the road
The first thousand three hundred and seventieth chapters
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-first chapters chase after thousands of miles
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-two chapters wind old ghost
Chapter 1373 Crescent Moon Island
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-four chapters leave
Chapter 1375 Fengyang Mountain
Chapter 1376 Rumors
Chapter 1377: Sun, Moon, Star and Hundred Flowers Valley
Chapter 1378 Xuantian Palace
The first thousand three hundred and seventy-ninth chapters
Chapter 1380: The Covenant of the Valley of Flowers
Chapter 1381: Rainbow Rat Incarnation
Chapter 1382 Ice Festival
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-three chapters first battle
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-four chapters wither
Chapter 1385 Despair and Resolute
Chapter 1386: The Man in the Snow
The first thousand three hundred and eighty seventh chapter goddess scattered flowers
The first thousand three hundred and eighty-eight chapters
Chapter 1389 Double-edged sword
Chapter 1390: The Missing Nascent Soul
Chapter 1391 Mysterious Ice Box
Chapter 1392: Falling Phoenix Jade
Chapter 1393 Black Swamp
Chapter 1394: The Inheritance of the Valley of Flowers (4k. 2 in 1)
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-five chapters
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-six chapters
Chapter 1397 Chaos Island and Ethereal Sea
Chapter 1398 Jiujie Island
Chapter 1399 Wanling Fruit
Chapter 1400: Three Spirit Pan King Array
Chapter 1401 Ten Thousand Demons Conference
Chapter 1402 Buddhist Descendants
Chapter 1403, etc.
Chapter 1404 Vision
The first thousand four hundred and five chapters of Buddhism
The first thousand four hundred and six chapters improved life worm Gu
Chapter 1407 Jinghai Sect
Chapter 1408 Nine Rings Wrench
Chapter 1409 Red Flame Flowing Fire
Chapter 1410 Great monk
Chapter 1412 Separation
Chapter 1413 The Law of the Spirit Array
The first thousand four hundred and fourteenth chapter is finally
Chapter 1,415 ‘Swastika’ Seal
Chapter 1416 Tombstone
Chapter 1417 The will of God is hard to defy
Chapter 1418 Zhongzhou
Chapter 1419: Slave Dao Magical Powers (replenishment)
Chapter 1420: The Lord of Xuantian Palace
Chapter 1421 Planning
Chapter 1422 The change of the seal
Chapter 1423: The backhand of the great monk
Chapter 1424 The strange stone statue in the Buddhist temple
Chapter 1425 Red Luansha
The first thousand four hundred and twenty-six chapters of the battle of supernatural powers
Chapter 1427 Seventh Floor Buddha
Chapter 1428 Destruction
Chapter 1429: Subduing the Demon pestle
Chapter 1430: Wishful Jewels
Chapter 1431 Danding Club
Chapter 1432 The value of Dan Fang
The first thousand four hundred and thirty-three chapters seven Buddha seals
The first thousand four hundred and thirty-four chapters
The first thousand four hundred and thirty-five chapters Qingluan Dharma
Chapter 1436 gains and losses
Chapter 1437 The beginning of the conference
Chapter 1438 a play
Chapter 1439 The most precious treasure
Chapter 1440 Tianpeng Great Sage
Chapter 1441 Holy Artifact Induction
Chapter 1442 Shi Xue and Liuli
Chapter 1443 Top Escape
Chapter 1444 complex transactions
The first thousand four hundred and forty-five chapters floating sand escape
Chapter 1446 Miscalculation
The first thousand four hundred and forty-seven chapters
Chapter 1448: Winter Talisman
Chapter 1449 Misunderstanding
The first thousand four hundred and fifty chapters sword array trapped the enemy
Chapter 1451 Ice Soul Divine Light
Chapter 1452 Threats from all parties
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-three chapters
The first thousand four hundred and fifty-four chapters exposed
Chapter 1,455: Deception (4k. Two in one, supplementary update)
Chapter 1,456 The Heartless Man (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1,457 The Final Meeting (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1,458 Jiu Ming Returns to Yin (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1,459: One crescent moon, ten thousand stars (6k, three in one, supplementary update!)
Chapter 1,460 The conditions of the great elder (4k, two-in-one)
Chapter 1,461 The Power of the Spiritual Treasure (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1,462 King Kong is at ease (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1,463 Xiaoxiangzi (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1,464 A Proverb (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1,465 Tingxue Tower (8k, two more updates for the leader’s Temperament Wandering!)
Chapter 1466 Liuli (6k, extra update for leader Tong Lingyu!)
Chapter 1467: Incarnation (4k, 2-in-1)
Chapter 1468 Journey to the Demon Realm (4k)
Chapter 1469 Private Meeting (4k)
Chapter 1470 The power of the sun god tree (4k)
The 1471st chapter body repair (4k)
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-two chapters
The first Thousand four hundred seventy-three other people's eyes (4k)
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-four chapters wash pool (4k)
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-five chapters visit the palace master
Chapter 1476 Ascension (4k)
Brother One Four Hundred and Seventy-Seven Chapter Breakthrough (4k)
The first thousand four hundred and seventy-eight chapters wedding (8k)
Chapter 1479 Python Flag (4k)
Chapter 1480: Dacheng's Ice Soul Divine Light (replenishment)
Chapter 1481 Kill the python
Chapter 1482 After the hustle and bustle
The first thousand four hundred and eighty-three chapters
Chapter 1484 The Holy Land opens
Chapter 1485 Companion
Chapter 1486 Ganoderma Lucidum
Chapter 1487 Floating Mountain
Chapter 1,488 Aged (4k, supplementary update)
The 1480th chapter generals (4k)
The 1490th chapter imitators (4k)
Chapter 1,491 Master (6k, extra update for leader Xigua Tarangchik!)
Chapter 1492 Stone Stele (4k)
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-three chapters Slaughter Yin Blood Pool (4k)
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-four chapters of the plan of the elders (4k)
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-five chapters struggle (4k)
Chapter 1,496: Xuanjian Tower (Additional update for the leader’s favorite barbecued pork buns!)
Chapter 1497: The Shield of the Divine Bird
Chapter 1498 fear
Chapter 1499 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1500: Begging for life
The 1501st chapter sacrifice yuan surgery (4k)
Chapter 1502 Character Proverbs (4k)
Chapter 1503 Humph (4k)
Chapter 1504 Puppet Crystal (6k, extra update for the leader’s favorite barbecued pork buns!)
Chapter 1505 Stone Stele Space (4k)
Chapter 1506 Innate Yuan Qi
Chapter 1507 Deep Valley Seal
Chapter 1508 Delicate (4k)
Chapter 1509 Mountains and Rivers Pearls
Chapter 1510 Deadly Trap (4k)
Chapter 1511 Really clean (4k)
Chapter 1512 Extreme (4k)
Chapter 1513 The Fall of the Demon (4k)
Chapter 1514 The sky has changed (4k)
The 1515th chapter Buddha bone relic (4k)
The 1516th chapter of the soul mantra (4k)
Chapter 1517 Beichen Shuangsha (4k)
Chapter 1518 The body of a puppet (4k)
Chapter 1519 Refuge
The first thousand five hundred and twenty chapters read Sui
Chapter 1521 old friend
Chapter 1522: Moving the Clan (4k)
Chapter 1523: Xuantian’s Qi Capture Master (4k)
Chapter 1524 Storm (4k)
Chapter 1525: Creatures (4k)
Chapter 1526: Ferocious Beast (4k)
Chapter 1528 Return to the East China Sea (4k)
Chapter 1529 Eight Views (4k)
Chapter 1530 Jade Smoke Flying (4k)
Chapter 1531 Manna Temple (4k)
Chapter 1532 Zhongzhou (4k)
Chapter 1533: Fulphus Firefly (4k)
Chapter 1534 The Insect King (4k)
Chapter 1535 Snow Mountain (4k)
Chapter 1536 Moonlight Bodhisattva (4k)
Chapter 1537 Zhulan Temple (4k)
Chapter 1,538 Chess Pieces (4k)
Chapter 1539 Relics (4k)
Chapter 1540: Jie Dao (4k)
Chapter 1541 Black Silk (4k)
Chapter 1,542 The world is at peace and the seas and rivers are clear
Chapter 1543 Xie Family
Chapter 1544: Lu Zhang of Bu Nian Shan (4k)
Chapter 1,545 Ancestor of the Xie Family
Chapter 1546 Honor
Chapter 1547 Liuxu Mountain
Chapter 1548: Pure Illusion
Chapter 1549: Coming to the door
Chapter 1550: Stepping Heaven Technique
Chapter 1551: Chinan Island Chain
Chapter 1,552 Encountering the Demon
Chapter 1553 Patrolling Yaksha
Chapter 1554 Gu God Cult
Chapter 1555: Waiting and watching the changes
Chapter 1556 Vacuum Fairyland
Chapter 1557 Corpse Flame Moth
Chapter 1558 Gu King
Chapter 1,559 Spiritual Species
Chapter 1560 Strange Poison
Chapter 1561: The Wooden Man Monument the Day After Tomorrow
Chapter 1562 Senluo Kujing
Chapter 1563: There is an Immortal Palace in the South China Sea
Chapter 1,564 The Changes of Fat Silkworm
Chapter 1,565 Kano
Chapter 1,566 The Late Nascent Soul
Chapter 1567 Exposed
Chapter 1568 Old Man Yanshan
Chapter 1569 Cold Spirit and Snow Fox
Chapter 1571 Snow Fox’s Magical Powers
Chapter 1572 Wuxiang Immortal Sect
Chapter 1573 Ice Cave Cold Crystal
Chapter 1574 Dark Moon Seal
Chapter 1575 Array within array
Chapter 1576 Determination
Chapter 1577 Seizing the Body
Chapter 1578 Ascension
Chapter 1579 The Tomb of Suspicious Water
Chapter 1580 Qian Huan Mirror
Chapter 1581 Bon Bon Party
Chapter 1582 The Forty-nine Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1583 Crossing South in White
Chapter 1584 Central Plains
Chapter 1585 Searching for someone
Chapter 1586 The world is so big
Chapter 1587 Seeing Old Friend Again
Chapter 1588 Arrogant at the front and respectful at the back
Chapter 1589 Gu Scripture
Chapter 1590 The dream is separated
Chapter 1591 Yibaohui
Chapter 1592 Meteor Iron Divine Whip
Chapter 1594 Nine Refinements Returning to God Pill
Chapter 1595 Immortal Fat Bee Dragon
Chapter 1596 Exit
Chapter 1597 Green-haired Rat Demon
Chapter 1598 Soul-inducing Mirror
Chapter 1599 The Land of Ascension
Chapter 1600 Talent
Chapter 1601 Blood Crocodile Bone Hand
Chapter 1602 The beginning of the grand event
Chapter 1603 The old demon withered glory
Chapter 1604 Stealing treasure
Chapter 1605 Impossible!
Chapter 1606 Hearing the Tao
Chapter 1607 People
Chapter 1608 Back View
Chapter 1609: Only when one is useful can one hate the young one
Chapter 1610 God Transformation and Inheritance
Chapter 1611 Earth Prime Order
Chapter 1612 Mu Tian Xuan Formation
Chapter 1613 Abandoned Son
Chapter 1614 Sword Tomb
Chapter 1615 Yanyue Temple
Chapter 1616 Bald Words
Chapter 1617 Leaving
Chapter 1618 Who is the mantis and who is the oriole?
Chapter 1619 Yin Demon Nail
Chapter 1620 The Change of Yunlong
Chapter 1621 Five Elements Crown
Chapter 1622 Ice Instrument Divine Disk
Chapter 1623 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 1624 The Battle to Seize the Formation
Chapter 1624 The Battle to Seize the Formation
Chapter 1625: Opportunity
Chapter 1626 Langhuan Jade Pavilion
Chapter 1627 The Taoist Couple of Transformation into Gods
Chapter 1628 Qilin Shadow Wall
Chapter 1629 Boiling Snow Pill
Chapter 1630 Opportunity
Chapter 1631 The remnant treasure of Yunchi
Chapter 1632 Raising Sword Skills
Chapter 1633 Sword·Drum·Painting
Chapter 1634 Guidance
Chapter 1635 Wuxin Pavilion
Chapter 1636 Trap
Chapter 1637 The Soul-Burning Ghost Curse
Chapter 1638 Reliance
Chapter 1639 Tian Jue Danghun
Chapter 1640 Five Elements
Chapter 1641 Li Daitao is stiff
Chapter 1642 Wordless Jade Bi
Chapter 1643 Tian Linglong
Chapter 1644 Fire Rhino Island
Chapter 1645 Flowing Fire Fantasy Pond
Chapter 1646 Rosette
Chapter 1,646 Gathering
Chapter 1,647 Demonic dye
Chapter 1,648: Shifting Mountains
Chapter 1,649 Five Color Crown
Chapter 1,650 The First Battle
Chapter 1651: Yang Yan Divine Forbidden
Chapter 1,652 Sky Fire
Chapter 1653: True Yang Refining Demon
Chapter 1,654 Firefly Chain
Chapter 1,655 First Encounter
Chapter 1656 Mani Bead
Chapter 1,657 Seven Inn Fields
Chapter 1,658 Star Pavilion
Chapter 1,659 Drifting in the Sea of ??Stars
Chapter 1,660 Xin Jin Yuan Jing
Chapter 1,661 Blood stained monk’s clothes
Chapter 1,662 The Heavenly Dragon Sings
Chapter 1,663: Goodbye Spiritual Pill
Chapter 1664: Emperor's Grant
Chapter 1,665 Strange Fragrance
Chapter 1,666 A little bit of understanding
Chapter 1,667 Flying Frame over Hongqiao
Chapter 1668: Hot pursuit
Chapter 1,669 Demon
Chapter 1670 Tianhao
Chapter 1671 Lei Jun
Chapter 1,672 Returning to Position
Chapter 1,673 The world is shattered
Chapter 1,674 Nine steps to reach the top
Chapter 1,675 Fighting for Crossing
Chapter 1,676 The intersection of all directions
Chapter 1,677 Sad! Deplorable!
Chapter 1,678 Appearance
Chapter 1679: Heart Transformation Yin Escape Talisman
Chapter 1,680 The Calming Curse
Chapter 1,681 The Relic of the Transformation of Gods
Chapter 1,682 Transaction
Chapter 1,683 Gift of Pills
Chapter 1684: Heaven and Mountain
Chapter 1,685 The true spirit feeds back and the three corpses burn the spirit
Chapter 1,686 The Power of Six Birds
Chapter 1,687 Fairy Tail
Chapter 1,688 A touch of fragrance
Chapter 1689: Emperor Mountain urges the collapse
Chapter 1,690 Concentric
Chapter 1691 The thoroughfare
Chapter 1692: We are in the same boat
Chapter 1693 Meeting
Chapter 1,694 The dove takes over the magpie's nest
Chapter 1695 Summoning
Chapter 1,696 The Great Five Elements Forbidden Divine Light
Chapter 1,697 Liuying
Chapter 1,698 Preaching
Chapter 1,699 Baichuan Ruins
Chapter 1,700 Distinguished Guest
Chapter 1701: To the Buddha
Chapter 1,702 Demon
Chapter 1,703 Breakthrough
Chapter 1704: Spirit Feeding Method
Chapter 1705: Fierce Shadow
Chapter 1,706 Hunting the Murderer
Chapter 1,707 The Demon Shines on the God
Chapter 1,708 Seal Formation
Chapter 1,709 Searching the world
Chapter 1710: Fear
Chapter 1,711 Transformation into God (Part 1)
Chapter 1,712 Transformation into God (Part 2)
Chapter 1,713 The Demonic Sound of Heaven
Chapter 1,714 Road
Chapter 1,715 The Great Sage Dragon Whale
Chapter 1,716 The Battle of Monster Clan
Chapter 1717: Fellow Taoist, please stay.
Chapter 1718: First Test of Sword Formation
Chapter 1,719 Breakthrough
Chapter 1720: Call fellow Taoist
Chapter 1,721 Who goes to hell
Chapter 1,722: Enlighten a Realm
Chapter 1,723 Southbound
Chapter 1,724 Live up to it
Chapter 1,725 ??Heading West
Chapter 1,726 Yaojin Sword Cave
Chapter 1,727 Heading East
Chapter 1,728 Thunder Turtle
Chapter 1,729 Demonic Eyes
Chapter 1,730 Return to Ruins
Chapter 1,731 Old friends and past events
Chapter 1732: Changes in the world
Chapter 1,733 The Relics of Transformation into Gods
Chapter 1,734 Taiyi Xingyu
Chapter 1735 White chess
Chapter 1,736 Old Enemies
Chapter 1,737 Breaking the Door
Chapter 1,738 Tianfeng Zhenyu
Chapter 1,739 Human Field
Chapter 1,740 Vermilion Bird, Qilin, Phoenix Qingluan
Chapter 1,741 Young Spirit
Chapter 1,742 Dragon Pond
Chapter 1743 Dharma Appearance
Chapter 1,744 Bloody Sun
Chapter 1,745 The blood rainbow breaks through the sky, and the red star falls on the other side
Chapter 1,746 The world is in chaos
Chapter 1,747 Bailongjun
Chapter 1,748 Soldiers and Horses
Chapter 1,749 Prison Establishment
Chapter 1,750 Deposed
Chapter 1,751 Urn
Chapter 1,752 Demon
Chapter 1,753 Capturing the Demon
Chapter 1,754 Guifang Kingdom
Chapter 1,755 Journey to the East
Chapter 1,756 Cutting down mountains and destroying temples
Chapter 1,757 Two Demons
Chapter 1,758 Heming Mountain
Chapter 1,759 Xuanji Sect
Chapter 1,760 Sword Cultivator
Chapter 1,761 The outer urn
Chapter 1,762 Poison Curse
Chapter 1,763: Flowers of Four Seasons in Dreams
Chapter 1,764: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 1,765 Chase and Escape
Chapter 1,766 Refining the Void
Chapter 1,767: The True Talisman of the Imperial Bell
Chapter 1,768 Shiraishiji
Chapter 1,769 Beigong Nandou Cun Talisman
Chapter 1,770 Qingluan Dharma Appearance
Chapter 1,771 Gray Tribulation Thunder
Chapter 1,772 Tao Hengshan Ruan
Chapter 1,773 City in a Pot
Chapter 1,774 True Treasure
Chapter 1,775 Conferment
Chapter 1,776 Thunder Zuofu
Chapter 1,777 The Divine Sky above
Chapter 1,778 Divine Sky Thunder Seal
Chapter 1,779 Visit
Chapter 1,780: Dingzhen Pill
Chapter 1,781 Flowing Gold Fire Bell Thunder Summons
Chapter 1,782 Thunder Jade Mansion
Chapter 1,783 Nie Yuan
Chapter 1785 Woodworm
Chapter 1786 Fusion Seal
Chapter 1787 Gu Sanzhi Altar
Chapter 1788 Breakthrough
Chapter 1789 Five Transformations Magical Powers
Chapter 1790: Experience in governing the world
Chapter 1791 Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 1792 Fierce Battle
Chapter 1793 Sacrifice the world to serve oneself
Chapter 1,793: Tear apart the demon lord with your hands
Chapter 1,794 Comprehension
Chapter 1,795 Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
Chapter 1,796 The Road to Ascension
Chapter 1,797 Molecule Mountain
Chapter 1,798 Dharma Appearance and Dharma Body
Chapter 1,799 Poison Domain
Chapter 1800 Broken Drum
Chapter 1801 Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Seals
Chapter 1802: Gloves and Swords
Chapter 1803 Nine Great Seals of Light
Chapter 1804 Vajra Pagoda
Chapter 1805 Defeat
Chapter 1806: The Theory of Sword Art
Chapter 1807: Changes in Niyuan
Chapter 1808 Flower Field
Chapter 1809 Reflection in Water
Chapter 1810 Corpse Field
Chapter 1811 The White Jade Old Man
Chapter 1812 Poison God Codex
Chapter 1813 Poison Yuan
Chapter 1814 Determination
Chapter 1815: Hunter Enlightenment
Chapter 1816 Awakening
Chapter 1817 Qilin
Chapter 1818 Recovering from Injury
Chapter 1819 Qing Fei
Chapter 1820 Allies
Chapter 1821 Five Elements Crown
Chapter 1822 Half Puppet Body
Chapter 1823 Mirror
Chapter 1824 Sun and Moon Divine Deer
Chapter 1825: The sword breaks the spiritual machine
Chapter 1826 The Great Vajra Seal
Chapter 1827 Dharma Appearance
Chapter 1828 Self-destruction
Chapter 1829: Shocked Retreat
Chapter 1830 Tao
Chapter 1831 Return to the Pagoda
Chapter 1832 The Middle Stage of Divine Transformation
Chapter 1833 War Drum
Chapter 1834 Too late
Chapter 1835 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 1836: Chase
Chapter 1837: Refining the Void Heavenly Power
Chapter 1838 Sword Cry
Chapter 1839 What is God?
Chapter 1840: Shenxiao Collegiate Meeting
Chapter 1841 The rise of governance
Chapter 1842: The army presses the territory
Chapter 1843: Governance inside and outside the altar
Chapter 1844: Closing the Mountain
Chapter 1845 Yuan Fei
Chapter 1846 Ancient Tree
Chapter 1847 Rudraksha Tree
Chapter 1848: Involved
Chapter 1849 First Encounter
Chapter 1850 Demon King
Chapter 1851 Edict
Chapter 1852 Nantianmen
Chapter 1853: Traces of the Spiritual Tree
Chapter 1854 Tapir
Chapter 1855 Divine Light Reappears
Chapter 1856 Shock
Chapter 1857 Accident
Chapter 1858 Earthshaking
Chapter 1859 Swallowing Sea Clams
Chapter 1860 Water-born Wood
Chapter 1861 Acquaintance
Chapter 1862: Spreading beans and forming an army
Chapter 1863: Killing Ghosts in the Arctic
Chapter 1864 The Secret
Chapter 1865: Heaven takes its course
Chapter 1866: Sounding the Demonic Drum
Chapter 1867: Step Outline Technique
Chapter 1868 Twenty-Four Days in Hell
Chapter 1869 The Great Sage
Chapter 1870: One Scale and Half a Claw
Chapter 1871 Turmoil
Chapter 1872 King Kong
Chapter 1873 Trivia
Chapter 1874 What I wish
Chapter 1875 Sword Skills
Chapter 1876 Chongxuan Guan
Chapter 1877 Late Stage of Divine Transformation
Chapter 1878 A first look at the storm
Chapter 1879 Riding a dragon and flying to the moon
Chapter 1880 Sky Survey
Chapter 1881: Breaking the Army
Chapter 1882: Defend my Taoism!
Chapter 1883 Zhou Tianxingdou
Chapter 1884 Tai Sui God
Chapter 1885 Nine Heavenly Tower
Chapter 1886 Summoning God
Chapter 1887 Scientific Rituals
Chapter 1888 Swordsman Guarding Tianmen
Chapter 1889 Silver Thread Hanging in the Sky
Chapter 1890 Lei Zu Baogao
Chapter 1891 The God is Sitting on the Altar
Chapter 1892 Yang Shen
Chapter 1893: Driving away tigers and swallowing wolves
Chapter 1894: Refining the Void
Chapter 1895 Sword Domain
Chapter 1896 Mahayana Dojo
Chapter 1897 Nirvana
Chapter 1898 Kill yourself!
Chapter 1899: The sword points to the gate of heaven and brings the world into the universe!
Chapter 1900: One Hundred Years
Chapter 1901 Fingermarks
Chapter 1902 Yundu Mountain
Chapter 1903 Cave Mansion
Chapter 1904 Dharmakaya
Chapter 1905 Building a Mansion
Chapter 1906: Retreat
Chapter 1907 Entering the WTO
Chapter 1908 Taoist Priest Descends from the Mountain
Chapter 1909: Coming to the door
Chapter 1910: Stork Ancestor
Chapter 1911 Falling Soul Abyss
Chapter 1912: Forked Fish
Chapter 1913 Locust Plague
Chapter 1914 Shinto
Chapter 1915 City God’s Temple
Chapter 1916: Hauni appears
Chapter 1917 The Seventh Level of Talismans
Chapter 1918 Lei Xiao Conference
Chapter 1919 Thunder Altar
Chapter 1920 Altar Formation
Chapter 1921 Troubled Times
Chapter 1922 Blood Moon
Chapter 1923 Fu Ling
Chapter 1924 Taiyi
Chapter 1925: Eliminating Demons
Chapter 1926 Tao
Chapter 1927 Spiritual Erosion
Chapter 1928: Not turning into bones
Chapter 1929 Sky Green Sand
Chapter 1930 The Third Thunder Altar
Chapter 1931 Hunting
Chapter 1932 Principle
Chapter 1933 Yulang
Chapter 1934 Martial Arts
Chapter 1935 Qingyang Temple
Chapter 1936: Medical Treatment
Chapter 1937 Drawing Talisman
Chapter 1938 Calm
Chapter 1939 Storyteller
Chapter 1940 Going down the mountain
Chapter 1941 The Peerless Demon
Chapter 1942 Drunken Feast
Chapter 1943 Mahayana
Chapter 1944 Yujing Mountain
Chapter 1945: Watching Thunder in the Palm
Chapter 1946 Transformation
Chapter 1947: Martial Arts Practice
Chapter 1948 Banned Books
Chapter 1949: Repaying evil with kindness
Chapter 1950: Passed the Examination
Chapter 1951: Chase
Chapter 1952 Abyss
Chapter 1953 Chess Game
Chapter 1954 Planning
Chapter 1955 Wang Zuo
Chapter 1956: Mountain Man
Chapter 1957 Teahouse
Chapter 1958 The Number One Scholar
Chapter 1959 Bad News
Chapter 1960 No Resentment
Chapter 1961 The country is in chaos
Chapter 1962 Tianmai Sect
Chapter 1963 Revenge
Chapter 1964: Opening the Pulse
Chapter 1965 Joke
Chapter 1966 Fox Cries
Chapter 1967: Bewitched
Chapter 1968 I don’t want to
Chapter 1969: Intervene
Chapter 1970: Making a move
Chapter 1971 Appearance in front of others
Chapter 1972 Jitian Dharma Assembly
Chapter 1973 Entering the game
Chapter 1974 Panlong Tianzhu
Chapter 1975 Birth
Chapter 1976 Serving Tea
Chapter 1977: Chess Game
Chapter 1978 One-on-two
Chapter 1979 Corpses Walking Without Borders
Chapter 1980 The reverse wheel of life and death
Chapter 1981 The Human World
Chapter 1982 It’s me and not me
Chapter 1983 Epilogue
Chapter 1984 Yuedu Bay
Chapter 1985 Alliance
Chapter 1986 Trivia
Chapter 1987: Huanyang Corpse Code
Chapter 1988: Yi Gu Jue
Chapter 1989 Ji Tian Sect
Chapter 1990 Great Zhou
Chapter 1991 Tianhe Reverse Kill
Chapter 1992 Master Yue
Chapter 1993 Canjin City
Chapter 1994 One Flower, One World
Chapter 1995 Tianhai Divine Eye
Chapter 1996 Bihen Yuanjing
Chapter 1997 Dark Star
Chapter 1998: The Dharma is finally completed
Chapter 1999 Visit
Chapter 2000 Fire
Chapter 2001 Mr. Hong
Chapter 2002 Pear
Chapter 2003 On the way
Chapter 2004 The Jade Emperor
Chapter 2005 The world is pure
Chapter 2006 Fengju Yumen
Chapter 2007 Five Elements Alliance
Chapter 2008 Guest Guest
Chapter 2009 Liancheng
Chapter 2010 Yumen Pass
Chapter 2011 Looking for Manpower
Chapter 2012 Jade Sword
Chapter 2013 Saint
Chapter 2014: Turning the Tide
Chapter 2015 Broken World
Chapter 2016: Evil wind and booby traps
Chapter 2017 Qianying
Chapter 2018 A Thousand Years Late
Chapter 2019 Red Dress
Chapter 2020 Black Hole
Chapter 2021: Split the City
Chapter 2022 True Appearance
Chapter 2023 Grave
Chapter 2024 Gall Crystal
Chapter 2025: Ghost Soul
Chapter 2026 Dilemma
Chapter 2027 Xumi Mustard Seed
Chapter 2028: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 2029 Not easy
Chapter 2030: Attachment
Chapter 2031: Witchcraft
Chapter 2032: Both rain and dew are touched
Chapter 2033: Condolences
Chapter 2034 Betrayal
Chapter 2035 Sword Hilt
Chapter 2036 Back View
Chapter 2037 Qiongzhe Mountain
Chapter 2038 Hao Bo
Chapter 2039: Formation
Chapter 2040 Han Guang Sha
Chapter 2041 Empty one door
Chapter 2042 Virtual Danger
Chapter 2043: Front Station
Chapter 2044: Raising the Father
Chapter 2045: Acquired Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 2046 Foundation
Chapter 2047 Qilin moves
Chapter 2048 Yamano
Chapter 2049 Good deeds
Chapter 2050 Yuan Kong Saint Ancestor
Chapter 2051 Water and Sky Part 2
Chapter 2052 Haitang Academy
Chapter 2053 Si You
Chapter 2054: Closing the Net
Chapter 2055: Escape
Chapter 2056 Blocking the Road
Chapter 2057: The Man in the Ear
Chapter 2058: Sun Rotates in the Sky
Chapter 2059 Silu
Chapter 2060 Yuan Hai
Chapter 2061: Year of Fog
Chapter 2062 Fog Beast
Chapter 2063 Jiao Yun
Chapter 2064 Yuanqiaohai City
Chapter 2065 Zhu Yan
Chapter 2066: Chaotic Magic Stick Technique
Chapter 2067 The Dirty Land
Chapter 2068 Return!
Chapter 2069 Holy Icon
Chapter 2070 Qingling Qi
Chapter 2071: Each situation
Chapter 2072 Memorial
Chapter 2073 Treasure Tree
Chapter 2074 The Dirty Land
Chapter 2075: Middle Stage of Void Refining
Chapter 2076: Retreat
Chapter 2077 A Letter
Chapter 2078 Yuyang Divine Breast
Chapter 2079 Golden Toad King
Chapter 2080 Throwing stones into the lake
Chapter 2081 Demonic Cultivation
Chapter 2082 Inside and outside the mountain gate
Chapter 2083: Forging the Altar
Chapter 2084 Everyone is taking action
Chapter 2085: The Plan of the Three Religions
Chapter 2086 Little Brother
Chapter 2087 Yonghe
Chapter 2088 True Thunder Talisman
Chapter 2089 Big Brother
Chapter 2090: Defeat
Chapter 2091 Bad News
Chapter 2092 How can you turn a blind eye?
Chapter 2093: Sitting on the sidelines
Chapter 2094: Chaos in the Sea of Demons
Chapter 2095 Massacre
Chapter 2096: Blockage
Chapter 2097 Dharma Prime Minister Shows His Power
Extra Chapter 2098: Taking advantage of the chaos at the Wuxiang Immortal Sect to seize the treasure (Author: The Remnant Torch)
Chapter 2098 Six Transformations of Magical Powers
Chapter 2100 Ancient Covenant
Chapter 2100: Five Flowers Tied Up