Chapter 912 Temple Crisis

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"Throw it away!" The third uncle just glanced at the two fraudsters and said casually.

He has no good impression of the person in Myanmar who defrauded the industrial park, and even hates it deeply.

Da Pao was not surprised by the answer given by his third uncle. In fact, he thought so in his heart.

On the contrary, after hearing this, Lao Zhang looked at Cannon and Third Uncle with some fear, fearing that one of them would accidentally throw him out of the helicopter.

Da Pao seemed to see his nervousness, patted Lao Zhang on the back and said with a smile: "Don't worry, you helped this time, we treat you as one of our own."

"Not nervous, not nervous." Lao Zhang said with a smile on his face, but his trembling legs revealed his inner thoughts.

Along the way, he saw Li Yu and Cannon destroying these forces in an understatement. Although he didn't know what the thing in the thermos just dropped was, his intuition told him that this matter was not that simple.

Yesterday, I even heard and saw Lao Luo and the others bombarding the Yue Kingdom Park with heavy artillery all night. I wonder which force can withstand it?

The strength of the Da Zhangshu Base is really terrifying.

This group of people is also terrifying.

Especially DaPao. He personally accompanied DaPao in interrogating these fraudsters. He knew DaPao's methods very well.

He had never thought that such a method could be used to interrogate a person.

"Fortunately, I joined the Great Zhangshu Base instead of becoming the enemy of the Great Zhangshu Base." He said secretly in his heart.


Leaving these two fraudsters to reduce the weight of the helicopter can also save fuel consumption.

The jackal kept looking at the fuel tank. At this time, there was still half of the fuel left in the tank.

Although according to the best situation, the endurance of this helicopter can reach thousands of kilometers, but based on the actual situation, it has shrunk to a certain extent.

Jackal told the captain about the condition of the fuel tank. Uncle San estimated the return distance, which was about 435 kilometers, and the fuel was barely enough.

So let Jackal continue driving without stopping to refill fuel.

Shortly after they left, Myanmar scammed the park.

The personnel who were standing on the wall and throwing rocks at the zombies were horrified to find that the zombies seemed to have become more...excited?

There was a hint of hunger in the originally white eyeballs.

The speed of zombie stacking increases suddenly.

"Quick, quick! Go find the boss, the zombies suddenly rioted!"

"The zombies look like they've been on stimulants! What should I do?"

"Bang bang bang!"

Someone has already picked up a gun and shot at the zombies.

They are reluctant to shoot zombies with guns, because it would be a waste of bullets. In the heavy rain of zombies, zombies will keep coming, and they will not be able to kill them all.

A gun will only be used in the most critical situations when there is really no other way.

Because using a gun can only solve a temporary emergency, it cannot completely solve the problem.

Moreover, the loud sound of the gunshot will make the zombies become even more crazy and rush towards the place where the gunshot is heard.

The pile of zombies suddenly increased from a few meters high to a height of more than ten meters in just a few minutes, and was about to cross the wall.

Tap tap tap——

A large group of people ran out of the park, holding various weapons in their hands, and the entire wall was immediately filled.

However, these zombies are so crazy, and the speed at which they pile up is even more terrifying.

Finally, after the fraudster persisted in the park for ten minutes, the first zombie crawled in.


A man stabbed the climbing zombie with a knife, but the next second, three or four more zombies crawled in.

This was just his side. He looked to the side and saw the same scene. More and more zombies were crawling in.

Can't stop it, can't stop it at all!

He was a little desperate.

Tick ​​tock!

Raindrops dripped on his hair, then fell from the ends of his hair onto his shoulders.

Standing on the wall, I raised my head and looked at the two tall mountains and forests outside the wall, covered in rain and fog.

The white clouds were low and shattered by the ruthless rain.

And further down, the zombies were as far as the eye could see, crawling towards them like ants.


Just run!

It's like thousands of troops rushing forward.

Question: What if a team that doesn’t understand fear only knows how to charge, and a huge team rushes towards you?

Can you not be afraid?

He was afraid, he was desperate.

Especially when he saw the person next to him being bitten open by zombies with sharp teeth, leaving his face bloody and bloody.

He turned around and saw two zombies rushing towards him.

He quickly raised his gun to fight back, shouted in terror, and then fled towards the base.

This scene is not just an isolated case, it happened in other corners of the fence.

Total defeat!

The wall was completely occupied by zombies, and so many zombies continued to run towards the park.


As Uncle San and others left the park, the helicopter soared to an altitude of more than 2,000 meters.

The whole journey was speechless.

It's just that the storm became stronger at this time.

The height of cumulonimbus clouds is very low, less than 1,000 meters in altitude, so wind and rain do not have much impact on them.

It's just that the clouds were so thick that they couldn't see what was happening on the ground.

Fortunately, there are electronic star beacons, otherwise they would have to lower their altitude and fly in the storm, which would be extremely dangerous.

Watching the electronic beacon getting closer, the jackal not only did not relax, but became more focused.

The lives and safety of everyone in the helicopter depended on him.

This forced him to concentrate and concentrate on driving.

Time passed little by little.

On their way back, Li Yu and the others in the temple also encountered a wave of zombies.

Outside the temple.

The rain became heavier, and the wind carried the rain, hitting the walls and eaves.


Li Yu also picked up the telescope and looked into the distance with a rain hat on.

Although this place is located in a remote place, it is impossible to understand with common sense during the heavy rain that these zombies can come from far away.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! After several hours of running, thousands of zombies finally arrived outside the temple.


Ju Tianrui used a spear to pierce a zombie, and the zombie fell down.

"Mr. Li, if this situation continues, we may not be able to hold on for less than half an hour. The height of the fence is too low, and the efficiency of killing these zombies just by relying on our manpower is too low."

Ju Tianrui wiped the rain off his face and said helplessly.

Hearing this, Li Yu put down the telescope, turned around and walked towards the RV.

This place is no better than the Da Zhangshu Base. Four hours have passed since the heavy rain started. According to the footsteps of the zombies, if there are no other humans around, zombies within a radius of thirty kilometers are coming here.

This is the temple they chose. It is located in a sparsely populated and remote area. Thousands of zombies have already arrived. After a while, more and more zombies will come. The number of zombies is likely to increase tenfold.


It's time to use the zombie attractant potion.

Li Yu was a little lucky. Fortunately, he did not use a bottle of medicine when solving the fraudsters in the Yueguo Park. Otherwise, they would only be able to attack with weapons such as mortars and machine guns.

Moreover, there are a lot of shells and bullets. If they are used up before the rainstorm ends, they will also face death.

Fortunately, I still have a bottle of zombie attracting potion in my hand.

"Tiezi!" Li Yu shouted towards Li Tie in the distance.

At this time, Li Tie was carrying a mortar out of the car with Li Gang.

"Stop moving, take out all the drones." Li Yu shouted.

When Li Tie heard what Li Yu said, he instantly understood what Li Yu wanted to do.

Brother, this is going to be a big move, a big move specifically for zombies.

"Okay." Li Tie was happy when he heard this, and then hurriedly walked to the armored transport vehicle.

Li Yu got into the armored RV, opened the door and went straight into the small space at the back.

Then he took out the last bottle of zombie attracting potion from this small room.

He did not open the zombie attracting potion immediately, but just put the zombie attracting potion back into the silver safe.

As soon as he walked out of the small room, he saw Li Tie running over in the rain with a drone.

"Brother, should we cover it with a baffle?" Li Tiegang said to Li Yu as soon as he came in.

Li Yu glanced at the drone he was holding. This drone was somewhat familiar. He still remembered that it was the one used during the flood.

A baffle is installed on it, which can be used to block rainwater and prevent it from pouring into the zombie attracting agent.

It's just that Li Yu didn't plan to use this zombie attracting potion as he did before.

Whether it is used in the Western Alliance, or used in the old country or Myanmar, in order to maximize the ability to attract zombies, it is best to use the entire bottle.

But this time, Li Yu didn't plan to use all the bottle of potion.

However, the dosage of this bottle of medicine is only less than 100 ml. The divided doses are too small, and I don’t know if it will have such a good effect.

Forget it, just divide the potion into two parts and test the effect first.

Li Yu was about to open the potion and divide it into two parts when he looked up and saw a helicopter parked not far away.

Oh shit!

Li Yu cursed secretly, how could he forget this incident.

According to his original plan.

The reason why he wanted to divide it into several parts was because the flying distance of the drone could only reach about five kilometers.

The drone's battery life is limited and it cannot fly all the time.

Once the power runs out, you can only return to the temple.

But you can't use a drone to bring the medicine back, otherwise you'll bring the zombies with you.

In this case, when the drone's power is almost used up, the medicine will be put on the ground about five kilometers away from the temple, and then the drone will return.

But Li Yu almost forgot that they had a helicopter.

The cruising range reaches hundreds or thousands of kilometers, which can completely make the helicopter fly slower, and then carry those zombies at least dozens of kilometers, or even hundreds of kilometers away.

Before the helicopter runs out of fuel, seal the lid of the medicine and return the helicopter to the temple as quickly as possible.

For one thing, the medicine is not wasted and can be used again.

Secondly, the helicopter is extremely fast, and it will take at least several hours for the zombies brought far away to come back.

The most important thing is that they carry enough aviation kerosene. The thirty tons of aviation kerosene in a car is enough for them to use it many times.

Calculating this, even if it rains for a few days, they can still use this method to lure the zombies away to protect their safety.

Thinking of this, Li Yu said to Li Tie: "Xiao Tie, go and call Lao Yi and the others over."

Upon hearing this, Li Tie quickly put down the drone and ran outside in the rain.

A few minutes later.

Lao Yi ran in despite the rain.

"Mr. Li, please call me."

"What's going on with the zombies outside now?" Li Yu asked.

Lao Yi looked a little nervous when he heard this, and said: "We are not optimistic. The number of zombies has been increasing. If we don't use heavy weapons, we may not be able to hold on for long."

"Well, have you ever flown a helicopter in the rain?" Li Yu asked.

Lao Yi raised his head in confusion, wondering why Li Yu asked this question.

"I've been through it. The current level of rain is not a problem." Lao Yi replied.

Li Yu was overjoyed and immediately said: "I have something to tell you. Later you will fly a helicopter to lure those zombies away."

"It's not Mr. Li. Although the helicopter makes some noise, it can only lure away some of the zombies at most..." Lao Yi looked a little embarrassed.

Li Yu waved his hand and said: "Don't worry about this. I will let Li Tie go with you. You only need to lead the zombies as far away as possible. The farther the better. You will return immediately before the fuel is exhausted."


When Lao Yi heard what Li Yu said, he lowered his head and saw the silver box on the table.

It suddenly became clear.

Although he is just an outsider, he has spent a lot of time in the Da Zhangshu base. Although he doesn't know much about zombie attracting potions, he knows that there is a secret weapon in the base to deal with zombies.

Apart from Jackal and the others, Li Tie and the others, Bai Jie from the scientific research room, and Li Yu tried their best not to let anyone know about the zombie attracting potion.

This thing is too powerful.

"Is there any problem?" Li Yu looked at him seriously and asked.

"No problem, I promise to complete the task." Lao Yi said, his eyes filled with obligation.

"Okay, then hurry up and get ready, and set off when you're ready." Li Yu said.

"Okay." Lao Yi nodded heavily and left the RV.

Li Yu looked at Li Tie and said cautiously: "Remember what I say now.

Later, you and Yang Tianlong will board Lao Yi's helicopter together.

After getting on the helicopter, ask Lao Yi to turn the helicopter into low-altitude flight mode, and then open the bottle of medicine. Remember to hold it firmly so as not to spill it. The lid does not need to be opened too wide, so that it will not spill easily.

See if you can attract the zombies. If they don't follow, drop a drop on the ground to lure the zombies to follow.

If they follow you, ask Lao Yi to fly the helicopter far away and take away the zombies.

When the fuel is almost exhausted, ask Lao Yi to drive the helicopter back, and you can immediately seal the zombies with the agent to attract them.

Then bring the potion back.

Do you understand how to operate?"

Hearing this, Li Tie nodded and said: "I understand that it is to attract the zombies away and seduce them to leave without dropping the potion. It's just that, brother, you don't need the drone, right?"

"No need, the drone's cruising range is too short and it cannot be guided too far."



Soon, Yang Tianlong received the news and boarded the helicopter with Li Tie.

Lao Yi took off in a helicopter and flew outside the temple.

Li Tie asked Lao Yi to hover thirty meters above the ground, then clicked the ground and opened the zombie attracting potion.

However, it seemed that only a small number of zombies were chasing after them due to the sound of the helicopter, and not too many zombies were following.

"Why doesn't it work?" Li Tie was a little confused.

One minute later.

The wind carried the smell of the medicine and spread it into the air, allowing the zombies to smell it.

Ho ho ho!

The zombies that were originally outside the temple wall gave up besieging the temple and rushed towards Li Tie and the others.

"Hey! It works! Captain Yi, fly slower and attract all these zombies." Li Tie said to Lao Yi.

Lao Yi replied: "Okay, Mr. Li asked me to follow your arrangements. I will do whatever you say."

He turned back and glanced at what Li Tie was holding, then looked at the crazy zombies on the ground, and was amazed.

Such a small gadget is so effective at attracting zombies.

Just as they were slowly leading the zombies away from the temple, Uncle San and the others came back from the Burmese fraud group and were not far from the temple.


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