Chapter 913 Extremely rich!

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Looking at the zombies dispersing like a tide, Li Yu relaxed his brows.

It seems that this method is quite effective.

The zombies retreated, and the pressure on Ju Tianrui and others dropped.

After all, the height of the temple walls is only more than four meters, so once the zombies are piled up, the pressure on them will be very great.

The spear stained with zombie mucus in Ju Tianrui's hand was washed clean in the rain.

Li Yu walked out of the RV and climbed onto the car beside the wall to look at the backs of the zombies outside.


Since it is very difficult to control the helicopter at low altitude, Lao Yi must concentrate on the operation.

In addition, Li Tie was holding a zombie attracting potion. To ensure that the potion would not be spilled, Lao Yi needed to fly the helicopter more safely.

In the heavy rain, these zombies moved extremely fast, almost reaching the speed of an adult man running.

Under Lao Yi's operation, the helicopter flew smoothly.

As time went by, half an hour later.

Li Yu received a message from his third uncle, telling them that they would be able to reach the temple in ten minutes.

The third uncle put down the military radio headset and looked at the heavy rain outside the helicopter.

The rain is getting heavier and heavier.

Since it was close to the temple, they lowered the helicopter.

However, the fuel displayed on the fuel tank instrument panel also reached a warning level.

Ten minutes later.

Li Yu stood in the pagoda and saw a helicopter flying in the sky.

"Uncle San is back." Li Yu thought to himself.

He ran over in a hurry.

Buzz buzz——

The helicopter parked steadily in that open space.

Jackal looked at the fuel tank dashboard and let out a long sigh of relief.

What the hell!

Almost ran out of fuel!

It's so thrilling.


The third uncle got out of the helicopter and saw Li Yu in the rain.

"Uncle San!" Li Yu shouted excitedly.

"Let's go to a place where it doesn't rain." The third uncle said.

Everyone returned to the pagoda.

"Is there another helicopter? Why didn't I see it just now?" Uncle San asked with some confusion.

"I asked Lao Yi to drive out, and Xiaotie helped lure away the zombies with attractant potions. The height of the fence here is too low, and it is difficult to block the zombies in the heavy rain." Li Yu replied.

Then he asked: "How is it? Is it going well?"

The third uncle said slowly: "Do your best and obey fate. Anyway, we have already put the medicine into the fraud park. In order to ensure that we have enough fuel when we come back, we did not stop there."

Li Yu heard this and said: "Just throw it in. When the rain stops, we will go over and have a look. It is finally almost over."

Li Yu's last words expressed everyone's feelings.

The short period of more than half a month seems like half a year has passed.

The latitude here is relatively low and it is already hot. It rained heavily at this time, and the air gave people a depressing feeling.

The third uncle asked again: "How long have Xiaotie and the others been out?"

Li Yu lowered his head and looked at his watch and said, "About twenty minutes have passed, and it may be two and a half hours before they can come back."

After all, we need to lure those zombies as far away as possible and leave enough fuel to return. Calculating the flight time of the helicopter, it is only about three or four hours.

The third uncle nodded and said nothing.

It was raining heavily outside, and the water in the temple flowed out from the gaps under the vehicles.

Two and a half hours passed.

Lao Yi and the others finally came back. When the helicopter docked and stabilized, he touched his numb neck, then opened the door and came down.

Li Tie put the resealed zombie potion back into the leather case, and then put it into the silver box.

Carrying the zombie attracting potion, I got off the helicopter.

"Brother, we succeeded." Li Tie said as he handed the silver safe in his hand to Li Yu.

Li Yu took it and opened it to check the potion inside.

It was still intact, and then said to Li Tie: "Thank you, your father and the others are also back. They are now in the pagoda. You can go and have a look."

"Okay." Li Tie nodded and walked towards the pagoda.

It rained all the time.

It rained all day and all night.

During this period, Li Yu took the medicine and flew a helicopter with Ant and the others several times to lure the returning zombies away again.

In this way, they were able to lure the zombies away without spending too much energy. For them, this was the best way.

The only thing consumed is aviation kerosene.

But for them at the moment, they are not that nervous.

It was two o'clock in the morning this day.

The rain gradually became lighter.

After two hours, the rain stopped.

Two more hours later, it was six o'clock in the morning.

Its daybreak.

They can even see the sun in the sky from the temple.

The sky washed by the rain is extremely blue.

Pure and beautiful.

They had already led the zombie wave dozens of kilometers away, so there was no need to wait for the zombies to recede.

So Li Yu asked his third uncle and the others to fly a helicopter over to explore the situation in the Myanmar park.

See if the zombie attracting potion is effective enough.

The third uncle did not hesitate, took over the task, and set off with Lao Qin and the others.

After they left, Li Yu began to figure out how to receive supplies from Myanmar and Laos.

At least, I have survived in the apocalypse for so long, and I have accumulated some useful supplies.

The guns they seized in Lao Guo and Yue Guo alone totaled several thousand, as well as fuel and other supplies.

Li Yu was a little worried. Transporting so many supplies back to the Zhangshu Base was also a very big project.

This is a painful and happy process.

After trying the convenience brought by helicopters, Li Yu is very eager for a large transport aircraft.

But this thing is not so easy to obtain.

In fact, he had thought about how to solve the transportation problem before him.

That is to drive a helicopter back to the Da Zhangshu base, bring some non-staff personnel, and bring people over. Anyway, after destroying several forces here, there is no shortage of fuel and transportation vehicles, but there is a shortage of reliable people.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! So after the third uncle and the others left, Li Yu asked Ju Tianrui and others to prepare and take the convoy to Myanmar.

Although there are already more than twenty vehicles, in order to save time, Li Yu plans to allocate the personnel and try to let the current people load the materials from Myanmar into the vehicles.

If there are not enough personnel, you can also use helicopters to fly back to the base to bring people over.


Ju Tianrui and the others packed up and left the temple where they had stayed for two days.

After driving for more than an hour, Li Yu received news from his third uncle.

The third uncle sat in the helicopter and looked at the situation in the Burmese park on the ground. After the zombie wave, the entire park showed a completely different scene from the day before.

The building has not changed much, but there is no trace of anyone.

The zombie swarm in the heavy rain is like a swarm of locusts. No one who walks by will survive.

"Xiaoyu, the effect of the medicine is very good. There is no one down here. Let's go down and take a look first," said the third uncle.

Li Yu quickly said: "Don't go down yet, wait until we come over before going down."

Although the rain has stopped now, the sky is bright.

But not all the zombies left, there were even many zombies hiding in the building.

Third Uncle didn't take many people there, and it would be too risky to go down now.

"Okay, then I'll find a safe place around here and wait for you to come over." The third uncle replied.

"Okay, we should be able to cross the country park in five hours." Li Yu said.

The third uncle put down the military radio headset.

He said to Lao Qin: "Old Qin, let's go, let's find a safer place nearby, add some fuel to the helicopter, and wait for Xiaoyu and the others to come over."


Five hours later.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Li Yu and the others finally arrived outside the Burmese fraud park.

Third Uncle and the others received the news and were already waiting outside for the arrival of Li Yu and the others.


The armored RV's run-flat tires rolled over the mud and then braked suddenly and came to a halt.


Li Yu walked out of the RV.

Looking at the tall wall in front of me, the central gate is still closed.

The bottom of the wall is full of traces left by zombies and mud marks.

Li Yu watched for a while, then turned to Lao Yi and others in front and said: "Lao Yi, the helicopter flies in and opens the door from the inside."

Lao Yi asked with some confusion: "Why don't you just blast it away with rapid-fire cannons?"

Li Yu said: "We can't move the materials here today. The walls of this base still seem to be very stable. If it doesn't rain, they can still provide good shelter.

Let’s clean up the zombies inside today, and let’s stay inside and rest tonight.”

After Lao Yi understood what was happening, he boarded the helicopter without saying a word.

The helicopter flew in, and soon under the operation of Lao Yi, the door inside was opened.

The door was open, but Li Yu knew that there were still many zombies in the building inside.

At this time, after the heavy rain, the sun is shining brightly, and zombies hate the sun.

Li Yu suddenly had an idea. Using their firearms to kill zombies didn't seem to be very efficient.

Test it to see if you can use a zombie attractant to draw out the zombies inside, and then close the gate to the park.

In this way, they can save a lot of time in cleaning up zombies.

After thinking about it, Li Yu did it.

So Ju Tianrui and others were asked to drive the vehicle and enter the park first.

Although Li Yu heard from his third uncle that this park was very big, he was still a little surprised when he came in now.

Such a big park!

However, the park was quiet at this time.


In a building, several zombies heard the movement of vehicles and ran out of the dark building.

When everyone saw these zombies, they didn't panic, they were just a few zombies.


Yang Tianlong and a few people used cold weapons to kill the zombies that rushed over.

Li Yu looked at the zombies rushing into the sunlight and became more confident in his plan to attract the zombies from the dark corners.

"Tie Zi, follow the way we did during heavy rains before. You take the potion and Lao Yi and the others to lure the zombies out." Li Yu said.

Hearing this, Li Tie nodded and said: "Brother, that's a good idea, but will those zombies follow? It's not raining now, and those zombies' sense of smell may not be that sensitive."

"It's okay, you go ahead and I'll find a way to shake out the zombies deep in the building." Li Yu replied.


Li Yu handed the silver box to Li Tie again, and Li Tie took it to find Lao Yi.

A few minutes later, they boarded the helicopter.

Li Yu stood on the roof of the RV and shouted to everyone: "Everyone, follow me and retreat."

Ju Tianrui and the others were a little confused, not knowing why they came in and then went out.

But no one in the team dared to disobey Li Yu's order, so they all got on the bus.

Li Yu found his third uncle standing next to the helicopter and told him his plan.

When the third uncle heard this, he said with a smile: "I asked why you suddenly let Tiezi and Lao Yi get on the helicopter. It turns out you had made this plan."

"Well, Third Uncle, I still need you to use the helicopter handle to drop bombs and shake out the zombies in the park. If the zombies hiding deep in the building don't come out, the smell of the medicine may be difficult for them to smell.


Li Yu said.

"No problem, this method is good, it can save a lot of time." The third uncle then took Lao Qin and the others onto the helicopter.

ten minutes later.

Li Yu asked Da Pao to drive the RV and drive everyone a few kilometers away.

Li Yu picked up the walkie-talkie and contacted his third uncle: "Third uncle, the bombing is ready."

The third uncle had been prepared for a long time. After hearing that Li Yu and the others had left, he immediately threw the bomb in his hand at the center of the park.


A huge explosion sounded.

Ho ho ho!

Hundreds of zombies came out one after another from the buildings in the park.

This intensity was not strong enough, so the third uncle threw another pack of explosives down.


The bomb dropped this time was very effective.

The huge noise attracted many zombies from the building.

"Xiao Tie, open the lid of the potion and lure the zombies out." Li Yu immediately ordered.

"Okay." Li Tie immediately opened the lid, then placed it in the air and waited for a while.

A few minutes later.

The zombies that came out seemed to smell the smell of the medicine in the air and became a little restless.

But the most obvious thing is that more and more zombies are coming out of the building.

In order to attract more zombies, Li Tie even asked Lao Yi to lower the helicopter so that the zombies could be closer to the potion.

Obviously, the potion's allure to these zombies is fatal.


Suddenly a large number of zombies ran out of the building.


Li Tie gasped when he saw more than two thousand zombies. There were so many more.

After waiting in the air for a while, until Li Tie saw that no more zombies came out of the building, he asked Lao Yi to drive the helicopter and take these zombies out of the gate.

The vast horde of zombies walking around in the sun was quite strange. They felt like they wanted to avoid the sun, but they also longed for the bottle of potion in Li Tie's hand.

Half an hour later.

Li Yu received the news from Tie Zi, so he led the convoy back to the park, and then closed the door tightly.

Then immediately ask Li Tie and others to come back.

After receiving the news, Li Tie sealed the lid of the potion without hesitation, and then returned to the park with Lao Yi.

After they left, the zombies in the sunshine seemed to have lost their target.


They immediately dispersed and walked towards the dark surrounding areas.

The other side.

Li Yu asked Ju Tianrui and the others to sweep the buildings in the park.

Don't miss any corner, after all, this is where they will stay tonight.

Uncle San and the others drove the helicopter back to the ground.

Li Yu found his third uncle and discussed with him about transporting non-staff personnel from the base.

The three helicopters only need to carry the aviation kerosene back to the base, and they can naturally replenish it when they arrive at the Da Zhangshu base.

Calculating this, three helicopters can accommodate at least ninety people.

It’s just that the road is far away. Myanmar is the furthest park from the base, more than 2,000 kilometers away.

They flew the helicopter back, stopping at least twice to refill fuel along the way.

According to 290 kilometers per hour, including resting on the way and refueling once for 15 minutes and twice for 30 minutes, it will take more than 7 hours to return to the base.

The road is too far!

But there is nothing that can be done about it.

The third uncle understood this, so he agreed.

If it hadn't been for Uncle San and the others, this trip probably wouldn't have gone so smoothly.

Li Yu understood this deeply, so he said with some embarrassment: "Third uncle, I guess one trip is not enough. Let me fly the helicopter back and bring people over on the next trip."

"No, I need you to stay steady here. If you fly a few more times, it'll be fine." The third uncle waved his hand and said.

Just as Li Yu was about to say something, his third uncle spoke again: "You have just learned to fly a helicopter. This kind of long-distance driving requires a lot of experience."

"Uh..." Li Yu was a little embarrassed, but he had to say that what the third uncle said made sense and he couldn't refute it.

I had no choice but to agree.

At this moment, Ju Tianrui ran out of the building.

His face was excited.

Ju Tianrui has always been a calm and steady person, but he showed such a happy expression, which means that something great must be happening.

Li Yu actually had some guesses.

After all, this park is so big, and it is the only park that has not been bombed by heavy artillery. You must know that after the heavy artillery bombing, many things in the old national park were actually scrapped. For example, an oil tanker was hit by heavy artillery and burned in vain.


In the Myanmar park, zombie attracting agents were used during heavy rains, and the materials stored inside were the most complete of all forces.

"Mr. Li, we have sent it, please come with us to take a look! I really didn't expect that there are so many good things in this fraud park!"

Ju Tianrui trotted over and said to Li Yu.


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