Chapter 355 Flesh Iron Buddha

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 Tian Sanjiu covered his wound and shouted: "Dabao!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a tall figure held up the car seat in front of him and rushed over quickly.

The crossbow was not a continuous shot, so Mr. Xing stepped back with the bow, stringing the arrows while running.


Brother Yu exerted force on his waist, sat down and smashed him backwards.

The chair was smashed into pieces. Brother Yu quickly untied my rope, pushed me and ran towards the warehouse door.

The crossbow was cocked, and looking at the red eyes rushing towards him, Mr. Xing raised his hand and shot.

The crossbow arrow hit the carriage seat and got stuck in the sponge.

Just listen to "Bang!"

It was like a tank rushing over, its red eyes pressing against the car seat, knocking the old man several meters away.

"Sit down."

Brother Yu pushed me into the passenger seat of the Tian Sanjiu car.

He stepped on the accelerator and reversed the car, knocking over a row of empty oil drums piled at the entrance of the warehouse. Brother Yu quickly turned the steering wheel and made a U-turn. With the sound of screeching tires, the car rushed out.

There was so much noise in the warehouse that many workers in the southern district noticed it. At the factory gate, a security guard stood in the middle of the road with a flashlight, waving his hands desperately to stop the car.

Brother Yu's face was solemn, and he rushed over without releasing his foot from the accelerator. The frightened security guard quickly stepped aside and his hat fell to the ground.

More than ten minutes after leaving the Second Cotton Factory, the vehicle was driving on the road at a constant speed. Brother Yu glanced at the rearview mirror from time to time.

"What's going on, Brother Yu?"

"Did you hear it? What did Tian Sanjiu say just now? Did you tease him with your head? Do you know this?"

Brother Yu looked at the road, turned to look at me, and said as he drove: "Botou and Tian Sanjiu didn't expect Wang Xinggui to be so ruthless. The boss and I agreed to talk on the phone every four hours.

I was tied up from afternoon to evening, and it was already past the agreed time, so the boss knew that something was going on with us, so he took action in advance."

Before I could respond, I heard Brother Yu say again:

"I'm sorry Yunfeng, I'm just trying to hide it from you because according to the original plan, I was the one who drove Iron Buddha and left directly after I succeeded. Now that the situation is in chaos, it seems that it won't work anymore."
> "Brother Yu, do you mean that when you agreed to do this with Tian Sanjiu, you gave up your head? Not for one million?"

Brother Yu shook his head and said, "Yes and no."

"Stop thinking about it now. You've made a mess. I'll take you to see the leader now."

Brother Yu drove for nearly two hours and finally stopped behind a three-story building on the roadside.

This is probably a self-built house, with a couple selling breakfast on the first floor, a chess and card room open all night on the second floor, and a rental place on the third floor.

The entrance to the chess and card room on the second floor is brightly lit and the sound insulation effect is not good. You can still hear the noisy mahjong playing in the room so late.

Brother Yu took me up to the third floor, walked to the end of the corridor, and knocked on the door of room 307 four times.


There was an alert voice coming from the house, and it sounded familiar to me.

"Come on, it's me."

With a creak, the door opened a crack.

Bean Sprout looked out cautiously.

"Fuck! When did you come here!" I exclaimed in shock.

Seeing it was Brother Yu and I, Dou Sprout laughed, opened the door and pulled me in.

He leaned out and glanced at the corridor, making sure no one was there before locking the door.

There is a heater in the room and it is very warm. Xiaoxuan holds the TV remote control in her hand and is watching TV while soaking her feet.


"Yunfeng, you are back," Xiaoxuan looked at me and smiled.

What did I say about this situation? When did you come here and why didn't you say anything to me? Where are you?

"No, it's out."

He opened the toilet door, put his head on his stomach and walked out with a somewhat ugly look on his face.

"Yunfeng is here, sit down quickly, don't buy the pork buns downstairs, it will be a disaster if you eat them."

I sat down and asked about the specific situation.

He put a cup of hot water on his head and put it on the table, then slowly told me the whole story.

It turned out that when Tian Sanjiu gave up the cultural relics of the Binta Underground Palace, he felt something was wrong. He asked Brother Yu and me to help Tian Sanjiu. After learning that the main target was the cast iron Buddha, Tou Tou sensed that something was wrong.

I had eyesight at that time, but I couldn't reach the level of Touwa Tian Sanjiu.

Everything has value.

National treasures are priceless, this saying is for cultural relic workers, but for tomb robbers, everything has a price.

As long as you can afford it, Siyang Fangzun will still dare to sell it to you.

In Baotou's view, the cast iron Buddha was made by monks from the original Iron Buddha Temple who raised money. More than 40 were made in one batch at that time. In terms of craftsmanship, materials, scarcity, and status, they are not as good as the Xixia Lingwu Tears Buddha.

It is not as good as the Ashoka Tower and the Crystal Relic Pagoda in the Binta Underground Palace. The cultural relics of the latter are both Grade A.

Tian Sanjiu gave up on the good and turned to the bad. In addition to fear of being traced, more importantly, the cast iron Buddha may not be an ordinary cast iron Buddha. .??.

Maybe it's a Buddha in physical form.

Zhang Tou guessed that Tian Sanjiu deliberately concealed the truth and did not tell the truth. Only the Buddha in the flesh was worth his trouble.

At this time, Douyazai interjected: "Hey Fengzi, we are not idle. We went to Baishui Town, Hanzhong to see the Tiefushi Tower that has been preserved to this day. We found evidence."

"What evidence?" I asked Dou Sprout.

Douyazai said proudly: "Don't panic, do you know what a physical Buddha is?"

I shook my head and said I didn't know.

Douyazai said loudly: "It's terrible to be uneducated. Let me tell you, Fengzi, this physical Buddha is a Buddha with a physical body. Do you understand?"

Xiaoxuan had already washed her feet and put on plush slippers. She chuckled and said, "You are really a cultured person. If you say it, you haven't said it."

So what exactly is this physical Buddha that can rival Asoka Pagoda?

In Buddhism, this thing should be called the whole body relic.
Zi is a kind of sacred object, which has exceeded the category of cultural relics.

If you don’t believe it, you can go to museums all over the country and you won’t find any. Most of the relics from the whole body are enshrined in temples and caves, such as Mount Wutai.

This is how it should be done.

In the past, a certain eminent monk practiced vegetarianism and meditated all year round, resulting in very little fat and dirt in his body. The eminent monk could sense his own death time in advance. In the month before this, he usually did not eat and only drank a small amount of fresh water every day to maintain his life.


After the eminent monk passes away, he will remain in the cross-legged meditation posture.

There are two steps here, one is to take out the internal organs, and the other is to keep them as they are without moving at all.

Then the disciples carried the deceased monk's body into the vat. This vat was no ordinary water vat, but a custom-made pottery vat made of black pottery.

A layer of fine charcoal was spread at the bottom of the jar, followed by a layer of quicklime powder, separated by pine boards. Finally, the monk's body was placed in the jar and sprinkled with a special spice powder (a spice with a very mysterious formula).

Cover it with a lid and press it with stones.

Some time after death, the corpse will drip water, and the corpse water will be absorbed by the charcoal and lime.

Just don't touch him, remember the date and let it go for three years.

The tank will be opened on time after three years.

If it fails, it means that you have failed and have not become a Buddha.

If the body is intact and not rotten, it means that the master has become a Buddha.

At this time, it is taken out, and the craftsman uses a mold to make a gypsum board to wrap the entire body. Then, using the ramie method, pour copper or molten iron into it, and a Buddha with a full body of relics is ready.

Who wants this type of whole-body relic? Can it be sold? How much is it worth?

As far as I know, there are many people in the coastal areas who want it. Generally, the monks who become Buddhas have names during their lifetime.

Selling this is illegal and taboo, and you may get karmic retribution, but once sold, the price will be sky-high.

Legend has it that if an ordinary family offers a whole body of relics, they will receive great blessings, and this blessing.

It will last for hundreds of years and will be passed down to future generations.

This chapter has been completed!
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