Chapter 354: Guard you for fifty years

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"Master Xing! Master Xing, you can't do this!"

"You can't kill us! I didn't steal your iron Buddha!"

I panicked when I heard that the old man was going to kill us all and bury us under the pear tree to accompany Wang Xiaoqin.

The old man took out another cigarette and lit it, took two puffs himself, and then put the lit cigarette into my mouth.

I chewed the cigarette and dared not move.

"Smoke, take a sip."

"We are considered friends, don't make it difficult for me."

I chirped, chirped, and took a sip.

Suddenly a sharp pain came.

He suddenly pulled out the knife from my thigh.

Excruciating pain

I was in so much pain that I couldn't hold my cigarette in my mouth, and the lit cigarette fell to the ground.

Mr. Xing wiped the bloody knife on his coat and took out my cell phone from my back pocket.

"Call, call now, call your accomplice and tell him where the iron Buddha is found. Ask your accomplice to come over at 11 o'clock tonight. The location is in the abandoned warehouse."

"Hit!" he shouted loudly.

He wants me to betray my accomplices!

If this spreads out in the public, my reputation will be ruined... I wanted to delay the time to say something else, but suddenly I heard Brother Yu next to me say:

"Dial, Tian Sanjiu."

"Let me tell you."

The old man immediately dialed the number and put the phone in front of Brother Yu.



"It's me, I found something."

Brother Yu's voice sounds normal and calm.

"What news?" Tian Sanjiu asked.

Brother Yu said: "When we were applying cement, we found that the northwest corner of the warehouse had been touched before. It was inconvenient to have workers working nearby during the day. Let's drive the hammer drill here tonight. I suspect there is something underground under the cement."

"Got it." After a short conversation, the phone was hung up.

Mr. Xing nodded with satisfaction, "You are a good big guy. You talk less and do things well. Don't worry. I will make it easier for you in the end."

"How many of your accomplices do you have? Tell me what they look like."

Brother Yu said truthfully: "Two."

"One man is in his forties, with short hair, and the other man is in his 20s, about the same height as me, with a crew cut, very strong, and his brain reaction is a bit slow."


"I know even if you don't tell me, so you are very cooperative."

Mr. Xing picked up the lantern, turned to me and said, "I'm not a madman.
Let’s get acquainted and let you talk to each other. I’m not far from here, if you dare to shout.”

"Don't shout! Don't worry! We will never shout!"

"Haha. Don't be afraid to shout. No one can hear you if you shout here."

Leaving behind a word, he held the lantern and opened the door.

There was a sound of locking the door, and the small house fell into darkness again, and it was eerily quiet.

"Brother Fish? Brother Fish?" I shouted softly.

"What's wrong?"

"You called Tian Sanjiu just now. Did you give him any code?"

"There is no secret code, there is a fart secret code."

I was anxious and didn't dare to shout loudly.

I said Brother Yu, please think of a way quickly, use the corner of the table, broken glass or something to grind the rope off.

Brother Yu's voice came.

"Yunfeng, have you watched too many movies? I am tied up like this. Where can I find broken glass on the corner of the table for you? You can find it for me and I will grind it. How are your legs?"

I said I was going to die, I was going to bleed to death.

"Don't be afraid. It's okay. You can't die. I've been following him for several weeks. Do you think Tian Sanjiu is the kind of person who is easy to mess with?"

"This guy named Tian doesn't care about anyone else except Luojia Mountain."

"I've thought about it."

"The old man wants to kill Tian Sanjiu at night. He must ambush us. He will definitely take us there."

Brother Yu's voice gradually became deeper.

"As long as the rope is untied, I can bring him down in less than five seconds."

"Yunfeng, don't talk or yell now. Save your strength until night. Tian Sanjiu won't show up until he sees us, so we're fine now. You listen to me, press your thighs hard, and take a few deep breaths."

"Are you feeling better? See if your legs are still bleeding?"

I shook my head and said it was too dark for Brother Yu to see.

The room was dark, and I didn’t know what time it was. Brother Yu had been resting with his eyes closed. It felt like a long time had passed before the sound of the door opening came.

Mr. Xing came in carrying a lantern and a sack.

Brother Yu winked at me calmly, and I immediately understood what he meant.

According to what Brother Yu said, as long as Mr. Xing dares to untie the rope, we will take action.

"Big man," Mr. Xing suddenly said, "Do you want to

It’s okay to try, I’m afraid you’re too slow.”

As he spoke, he took something out of the sack.

It's a homemade crossbow.

The body of the crossbow is made of jujube wood, with double strands and strings. The crossbow string is relatively thick and looks like it is made of beef tendon.

The front end of the wooden pole is a sharp triangular steel head, and the crossbow string is straightened and has been slotted.

Xingye held a homemade crossbow in one hand, pointed it at Brother Yu, put his finger lightly on the trigger, and said with a cold face: "Before entering the factory, my grandfather and I fought bandits. Within a hundred meters, I could kill a cow."

It's easy, just say a word if you want to try it."

The flames of the horse lantern danced, and the slotted triangular arrow on the crossbow shone coldly.

The clenched fists behind Brother Yu's back slowly relaxed.

"Master Xing, can't we have a serious discussion? Give me a chance! I will definitely convince others to give up Iron Buddha!"


The old man raised his hand and shot!

The short arrow was nailed to the post between my legs and penetrated three points into the wood. Because of its strong force and close distance, the tail of the arrow was still trembling slightly.

If the shot had missed by a few centimeters, it would have hit the middle of my thigh.

"Stop talking. Over the years, two groups of people have come to the factory to look for the Iron Buddha. Those people later disappeared. Where do you think they went?"

My face turned pale and I didn't dare to move. This old man was too cruel.

It's around ten o'clock in the evening.


He cut the ropes around our feet with a knife, and Master Xing pointed a crossbow at Brother Yu and me from behind, and took us to the abandoned warehouse.

My hands were still tied behind my back. I wanted to run away twice on the way, but Brother Yu looked at me and shook his head.

It's past 11 o'clock.

Brother Yu and I were tied to broken chairs.

Xing Ye always held the crossbow with one hand, and the surroundings were dark and quiet.

I don’t know if he was bored, so Mr.

Mr. Xing threw four or five cigarette butts at his feet. When the lyrics on his mobile phone sang: "Mandarin ducks and butterflies fly together, the spring scenery in the garden is intoxicating. I quietly asked the holy monk if my daughter is beautiful." Suddenly, there was a voice outside the warehouse.

The sound of parking.

The singing stopped suddenly.

Mr. Xing looked up at the roof, not knowing who he was talking to. He just heard him murmuring:

"Sister, it's been 50 years, it's been 50 years. I've been guarding you for 50 years. It's time to end. Did you hear it over there? Did the Buddha give a sermon?

The warehouse door was slowly pushed open.

Master Xing instantly raised his crossbow and hid in the darkness.

I stared blankly.

A person came in outside the warehouse, it was not Tian Sanjiu, nor was it Red Eyes.

"Brother, why are you two sitting there?"

"Brother Tian asked me to drive over at 11 o'clock. When I arrived, why didn't I see anyone else?"

Shunzi turned around and looked around. This person was the thief Tian Sanjiu had found to unlock the door before.



In the blink of an eye, Shunzi fell straight back.

There was a large pool of blood on the ground, and a short crossbow arrow was inserted into the right side of Shunzi's neck.

Shunzi opened her mouth wide and couldn't speak.

He opened his mouth and vomited blood bubbles. He lay on the ground and soon became motionless.

I don’t know where the person is hiding. It’s dark all around. I just hear the old man shouting in the direction of the warehouse door:

"Cowardless bastards!"

"I want the Iron Buddha! Come in and get it!"

Two or three minutes passed.

The sound of a car igniting came from outside the warehouse, and two headlights shone in, illuminating half of the warehouse.

The figure dragged on the ground for a long time.

Tian Sanjiu stepped in.

Tian Sanjiu looked at Brother Yu and me, then looked down at Shunzi who was shot to death by a crossbow, raised one hand high, and said:

"Wang Xinggui, how about we make a deal?"

No one answered.

Tian Sanjiu turned around, looked around and said, "Give me the Iron Buddha, and I'll tell you where Tang Xin is. What do you think?"

"Tang Xin?"

"Tang Xin is already dead!"

"No, Tang Xin is not dead. You should know that Wang Xiaoqin liked him back then and he was involved in that incident. Don't you want to find him?"

As soon as he finished speaking, there was only a bang.

Tian Sanjiu frowned and lowered his head, with a crossbow arrow stuck in his belly.

Mr. Xing walked out from the corner of the warehouse holding a crossbow, talking as he walked.

"You said Tang Xin is not dead? Are you trying to lie to me?"

"he died."

"I buried it with my own hands."

Holding the wound, blood flowed out from between the fingers.

Tian Sanjiu said angrily: "Your mother did it!"

"Wang Xiansheng! You're cheating on me!"

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