Chapter 583 Kil'jaeden's Confusion

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Li Ke felt surprised for a moment, but after thinking about it, he knew it was impossible.

The possibility of Tyrande plotting to overthrow her is really low. She will speak out directly if she is dissatisfied with herself and will not make such a mess.

So Li Ke looked at Whiteman, who was now Whiteman because he was wearing sexy lingerie and the word "making trouble" in his eyes, and sighed helplessly.

"My expeditionary force general, if you want support, just continue your work."

With one hand, he pressed down the head of this woman with trouble written all over her face again.

The purpose of achieving 80% success is to launch some offensive against your only weakness, and then make yourself willing to stay and clean up the mess.

But the question is, why.

Li Ke held up his chin and looked at Bai Yueguang, who was lying on top of his head, watching Whitemane serve him with interest. His own Maria, the woman whose real name was Jenny, felt helpless in his heart.

He only found out about the fact that her soul has always been in the necklace when he and Denathius went to find trouble with the ancient god. The other party also experienced everything he experienced with him, even Jennifer

No one understands me either.

So Li Ke was quite curious about what the other person was thinking right now.

This woman knows everything about herself.

Li Ke also found out the reason why most of the monsters, ghosts and snake gods, even himself, didn't notice each other.

The reason was that he himself, his own power had blocked him, and it was only after being stimulated by the cell phone that Jaina brought back that he remembered this matter.

Just seeing the other party watching Whitemane eating with relish, and even licking the corners of his mouth, Li Ke couldn't hold himself tight.

Whitemane didn't mind because she was the one who took the most initiative when we went to bed together, and even helped him attack Bridget. It can be said that as long as you kill the undead, you can do anything to her.

But her own Bai Yueguang made her impression in her mind directly disconnected from the original Bai Yueguang...

It's really heartbreaking.

However, he still couldn't hold it back.

"Do you like watching this?"

Pointing to Whitemane who was working hard, Li Ke asked about his true wife in this world.

"Well, I quite like it. After all, I can only see when I'm in the necklace. I can't understand the political work and industrial work you do... And their expressions and looks are different, which is quite interesting... But

The most interesting thing is the one named Onyxia, her expression is super interesting, and is she mentally ill? She is obviously very weak, but why is she so arrogant every time she goes to bed with you?"

Jenny's face was filled with a narrow smile, and it seemed like she really didn't care.

Li Ke helplessly covered his face and sighed, then Jenny smiled, pinched Li Ke's hair, and pressed down Whitemane's hat so that her eyes were covered by her hat.

But even so, she is still working hard.

"What's wrong? My sighing pony."

As soon as this title came out, Li Ke felt like he was suffering from embarrassment. He liked to sigh and touch his chin as much as he was lustful, even though he didn't like it himself.

"Some people always like to throw their responsibilities onto others because of their troubles."

Thinking of the natives of Azeroth, Li Ke had a headache.

"From an ideal point of view, they should learn to walk on their own. But from a practical point of view, if I am the person who continues the empire, then I will definitely be infamous in the end, and I will not be liked by anyone, because

Every time there is an innovation in productivity and the emergence of new things, I need to deprive vested interests of their benefits.”

Li Ke let out a long sigh.

That's the thing. If you're an idealist, if he keeps taking care of Azeroth, then the people of Azeroth will never learn to be independent. But if he takes care of everything, in the absence of huge foreign enemies, he will be the leader of the entire empire.

of enemies.

This is not a matter of human will, it is inevitable.

And if he becomes that kind of man of the motherland, it goes against his original intention.

Whitemane didn't understand very well, and Jenny, who had been following Li Ke, didn't understand politics very well either. She was just an ordinary woman, but she understood Li Ke.

"It sounds like you've never considered this place a home, and based on your personality, even if I gave you a child, you wouldn't treat this place a home, right? This is the difference between you and them, right?


She always feels that Li Ke is very awkward. This problem has been like this since she met Li Ke. He is always able to solve problems from angles that others can't think of, but he always subconsciously ignores why he is so awkward.

This is Li Ke's weakness.


Li Ke actually likes strong women.

And here is the biggest problem for Li Ke and those who want Li Ke to stay.

Li Ke has never considered this place his home.

"It's my fault... If I could have escaped..."

The gentle woman hugged Li Ke and told her unwillingness. If she had not died that day, then Li Ke would not have such a lack of identification with the world, and he would not have such a heavy sense of guilt.

All problems stem from her death.

Whitemane on the side felt that she had really heard a very remarkable conversation. She was already considering whether to clean her memory. By the way, she let Li Ke know that she had recorded herself and was obsessed with Li Ke's mucus.

, I love the memory of Li Ke very much.

In this case, Li Ke will most likely not silence her.

Whitemane knew her position very well, and it was Li Ke's knife, the knife that cut the people of Lordaeron. But Li Ke was kind enough to allow her to form an expeditionary force.

Otherwise, he could have gone to Bridget.

The only possibility for a knife to survive is to become beautiful and comfortable.

Yes, it looks good, not useful.

A useful knife is a consumable.

"It is not my fault."

Li Ke also hugged Jenny, and at this scene, even Whitemane, who was working hard, couldn't help but have an idea in his mind.

"My mother-in-law's two parents-in-law! What's worse, they are also my father-in-law, so they are now ruined!"

After the two made out for a while, Li Ke held Jenny's hand.

"So, are you willing to leave with me?"

He asked his question again.

"This is an issue that the head of the family needs to consider. I am just your wife..."

Speaking of this, Jenny couldn't help but glance at Whiteman, who was poking out her snow-white buttocks and having a pair of enviable big white legs, as well as the other man's chest lying there, like two big bunches of grapes, and she couldn't help but look at him.

He couldn't help but sigh.

Li Ke has too many harems, and there will only be more before Li Ke leaves. In fact, a large part of these people will never leave with Li Ke, because in their hearts, the interests of the race are more important.


Before they were Li Ke's wives, they were leaders first.

This is a kind of sadness, but fortunately she doesn't have to worry about this. She is a little person like Li Ke before, and no one cares about her.

"One of..."

She had an ill-fated fate. If she had been alive, there wouldn't have been so many things. If she had been dead, there wouldn't have been so many things.

But the situation forced Li Ke to resurrect himself. Li Ke was actually very angry because he did not dare to face himself.

This shows Li Ke's determination to let the people of Azeroth follow their own path. Jenny can see clearly that this is Li Ke's bottom line, a bottom line that he will never be able to break even if he wants to resurrect himself.

It’s just, Li Ke...

Looking at the awkward man in her arms, Jenny gently stroked his hair. She really felt that people in this world owed Li Ke too much, so she didn't want her husband to continue to dedicate himself to the world.


He is a wanderer and it is time for him to go home.

"But what are you going to tell those people?"

"Not urgent."

Li Ke was not in a hurry to solve this matter. Jenny was by his side, and he was forced to face his original despicability and cowardice, as well as his inner demons.

He is invincible now. No matter what moves Tyrande and the others use, they are all useless and will only make themselves laugh.

"Play with them."

After Li Ke finished speaking, he closed his eyes.

"You go to rest first...and Whitemane, you know what to say and what not to your job well, and I will let you chop off Alsace's head with your own hands, otherwise, I will

Bring Arthas into the Empire and make him your Emperor."

Speaking of Alsace, Li Ke felt a burst of boredom. He didn't know if Alsace could see through the shortcomings in his heart, but he would definitely see it later, which would make him irritated for a while.

Whitemane, on the other hand, felt completely horrified, and even lowered his eyebrows.

"OK, dear."

Jenny sighed and walked out, and Whitemane also finished his work. After carefully cleaning up Li Ke, he left the room, leaving Li Ke alone.

Li Ke closed his eyes and fought against the negative emotions overflowing in his heart.

But the birth of negative emotions actually made him feel uncomfortable.

Because he killed Bai Yueguang with his own hands.

He personally proved that Jenny was not perfect, and Jenny also took the initiative to do this for herself.

Is there anything more painful than breaking "perfection" with your own hands?

"It's not okay to be a young man again."

The emperor sighed again, but he soon felt lonely, so——

"So since I have nothing to do, let's go to Marton and get the Sargrith Keystone... to avoid long nights and dreams."

The Sargrith Keystone is a device that can open access to all demonic worlds, including Argus, the headquarters of the Burning Legion.

It is also a navigation device for the Burning Legion to transfer troops. It also has the ability to open portals and star maps left behind by the Burning Legion when they explored the universe.

It is a very powerful and critical prop. It can be said to be one of the most important things in the Legion invasion.

So, he recruited Grayson.

"Grayson, send me the coordinates of Marton. Forget it, send me the coordinates of the Sargrith Keystone."

Grayson: “…………”

Why don’t you let me just bring you the Sargrith Keystone?!

Grayson took a deep breath and tried his best to explain to Li Ke.

"Your Majesty, I am still Kil'jaeden's spy..."

But Li Ke just glanced at him, and Grayson gave up resistance.

"I understand, but please remember that it was Mal'Ganis who leaked it!"

"no problem."

As a result, Li Ke successfully obtained the coordinates of Marton, which is the coordinates of the planet where the Sargrith Keystone is located.

However, there are always smart people in this world who know key information late.

"Have everything been investigated clearly?"

Looking at the information sent by the eredar twins and the information he had seen before, Kil'jaeden covered his head in pain.

"So, our failure is really because of this demon called Metis? A demon without a formal establishment of the Burning Legion? Just because she was bored and killed Li Ke's first love in this world, and also used magic

Did Li Ke become a deserter and a coward?"

When Kil'jaeden confirmed this matter again, he still couldn't help feeling dizzy.

"It's time to deal with the problems of these demons who claim to be the Burning Legion..."

The current 'cooperation' between the Burning Legion and Li Ke can only be said to be a tribute, because Li Ke is really capable of constantly harassing their Burning Legion's various strongholds and high-level demons, killing them in the twisting void.

Then return to Azeroth to repair it.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! The peace between the two sides is only temporary. Both sides know very well that when Li Ke stabilizes the empire, in less than three years, Li Ke will attack the Burning Legion.


By then, it wouldn’t be them attacking Azeroth, but why wouldn’t they be chased and killed by Li Ke in a war of attrition!

Because they can hardly enter Azeroth! But Li Ke can enter and leave them at will!

"Yes, and according to our intelligence, because of these reasons, Li Ke's mental state has been restless for a long time. Coupled with the impact of Alsace and other events, he may have no ownership of the empire he built with his own hands.

Sorry... This time Tyrande came to us for a meeting to discuss this matter... Li Ke is likely to leave the empire! Let those mortals rule."

The first thing Kil'jaeden heard was joy. As long as Li Ke left Azeroth, it would be their business how to fight.

But he reacted the next moment.

"No! Absolutely not! This is absolutely unacceptable!"

Kil'jaeden suddenly stood up when he realized what he was doing, and his body was now covered in cold sweat.

Because Li Ke will definitely develop Azeroth to the point of becoming a metal barrel before leaving, and with Li Ke here, the people of Azeroth can make full use of those unlimited energy sources! In addition, Li Ke's

Some incredible machines and destructive weapons that can be created with the ability...

A terrifying blueprint appeared in front of Kil'jaeden: without Li Ke's empire, the heir urgently needed a goal to secure Li Ke's throne, and then launched this terrifying war machine.

of all power.

Then, after being crippled by this bastard Li Ke using guerrilla tactics, they will once again face all-round strangulation...

Sargeras is definitely fine, but the eredar is not necessarily fine!

And without the eredar, the Burning Legion would naturally be doomed.

"This heir is probably Sylvanas... She will definitely launch a great purge to expel the power of demons from Azeroth. Together with the power of the eredar from other worlds, she will launch a campaign against the Burning Legion.

Counterattack is not an exaggeration, and once they master the legion's technology...the legion's technology...damn it! Damn Li Ke!"

When he thought that the legion technologies he gave to Li Ke would become props for Li Ke's successors to attack the legion, he felt a headache.

The Legion's next attack will not be until a hundred years at the earliest, and based on his understanding of Li Ke, it is not certain who will attack the human wave strategy by then.

The most important thing is that he promised a lot of things to Li Ke, and many of the things Li Ke promised him were empty promises! Although he is still the actual controller of the Burning Legion, many demons have also died because of their

Failed and ready to move.

There's no way, that's what the devil is like.

However, just when Kil'jaeden had a headache, another piece of news came through that made him almost faint.

Marton was lost. To be precise, Li Ke arrived at Marton and just blocked the Demon Spider Queen Tyranna who was holding the Sargrith Keystone.

The moment he learned the news, Kil'jaeden wanted to immediately set off to prevent Li Ke from obtaining the Sargrith Keystone, but he thought of Li Ke's combat power and the fact that Marton was full of evil energy.

environment, he took a deep breath.

It's okay, anyway, there are magic circles at each stronghold on the planet. Without the Sagrit Keystone, it is a little more troublesome and consumes more energy. By the way, it is just a matter of rewriting the star map. He is not the one to do it anyway, so trouble is just trouble.


The main reason is that I can't live with it for the sake of face.

So, he looked at the Eredar twins, and after thinking for a while, he looked at these two people and asked a soul question.

"Can you two start a rebellion in Azeroth?"

As long as there is a major rebellion, the development momentum of Li Ke's empire can be slowed down, and the time for this bastard to escape can also be delayed, so as long as Saloras and the others launch an attack, everything will be fine!

"Ah? Me? Both of us?"

Saroras pointed at herself in confusion, while Olaise felt that Kil'jaeden had finally gone crazy.

Kil'jaeden also realized that he had a severe headache. The deterrent effect of this thing in the hands of ordinary people is not the same as that in Li Ke's hands. In the hands of ordinary people, they would be seeking death.

And in Li Ke's hands.

It represents all the Burning Legion's strongholds, production factories, plus energy centers and transportation hubs. Li Ke can blow them up whenever he wants!

And he can really explode!

It's over, the worst assumptions have come true.

How on earth were Marton’s coordinates leaked?!

"You...go down..."

He waved his hand and asked the two sisters, who came out of the meeting because they had an urgent need of urination, to continue with the meeting. Kil'jaeden also gave up all work and contact, and lay down on his chair a little tired.

He has almost never sat on this seat, but now, this seat that has been vacant for tens of thousands of years finally welcomes his master's noble butt.

But the first thing Kil'jaeden thought about sitting on it was--

"Is joining the Burning Legion really the right choice?"

Kil'jaeden was confused.

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