Chapter 584 Fishing

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He had this question very early on, and he often had this problem after his battle with Li Ke.

Especially when it became clear that Sargeras was hiding many things from him, he became even more confused.

He was not afraid that Sargeras was hiding something from him, and he even knew that Sargeras was a madman.

But what he fears is always the harm to Eredar's interests.

Ereida's future is what he strives for.

In fact, to put it bluntly, the Eredar people lack nothing, not lacking in force value, not lacking in powerful strength, not lacking in the foundation of civilization, not lacking in life span and materials.

What do the Eredar people lack?

rising channel.

Yes, rising channel.

The Eredar live so long that they can hardly understand what death is. Their natural death will only occur when they are completely devastated, that is, after they have suffered great mental damage, causing irreparable damage to the body.


So as an Eredar person, when you graduate, the seniors in many departments may have been doing this for hundreds of years, and your time as an apprentice may even last for thousands of years.

And will the newly born population enjoy happiness without doing anything?

Therefore, the society of the Eredar people has undergone tremendous changes.

An Eredar will spend most of his or her life in the academy, but in the academy it is not all about learning, but about learning to hunt, learn to participate in various political activities, and add various kinds of knowledge to various weird societies.

Such a class.

At its peak, there were even leisure organizations such as coffee tasting parties with more than 100 levels.

Under such circumstances, only super geniuses and those who have made indescribable achievements can receive exceptional promotions and promotions.

And he, Archimonde, and Velen were all super geniuses who relied on their own knowledge and achievements to reach the position of leader of the Eredar within a hundred years.

To say that he couldn't understand Li Ke's arrangement, didn't understand Li Ke's thinking, and couldn't imagine what Li Ke was thinking was simply insulting him.

But the problem is——

If you can't do it, you can't do it.

Everyone knows the problems of eredar, and everyone knows that they must solve the serious problem of the eredar people's promotion channels being seriously blocked. A large amount of human resources and talents are wasted on boring things, and everyone is eager to be promoted and to display themselves.

of talent and learning.

But the problem is that there are only so many positions at the top of the pyramid, and in their long social evolution, even the thinking of the three leaders are synchronized and shared, memories and the like are also shared, and the mainstream thoughts of society are also

It is selflessness. If you cannot prove your selflessness, then you must prove yourself by exposing your memories and thoughts.

Under such circumstances, things like divisions and conspiracies are despised, so internal problems lead to internal divisions and wars, thereby easing the internal friction and involution of the Eredar people to liberate the position of the superstructure and break the uncirculated class structure.

The method is no longer possible.

Because as long as you do something substandard, you will be damned reported. If you cannot prove yourself, you will be asked to disclose your thoughts and memories.

And it is very simple for such a situation to occur - too many people are eyeing the top positions, too many people are eager to make progress and prove themselves.

When they became the leaders of the Eredar people, they actually thought about these things all day long: how to make the Eredar people stronger so that more people could ascend, and how to guide the Eredar people so that they could rise up.

They spend more time and energy on improving their spiritual cultivation and various hobbies to avoid the emergence of some social problems.

But even if they try their best, these problems are still serious.

Therefore, when Sargeras promised them a more splendid civilization, promised them the ability to fly freely in the star sea, and was willing to provide them with the most critical interstellar navigation technology, the Eredar people could no longer be said to be ecstatic.


Instead, he fell into a frenzy.

As long as they follow the True God and continue to launch wars to conquer and help those backward planets, each of them can become Kil'jaeden, Velen, and Archimonde, and each of them can become a leader praised by countless people.

Although it later turned out that although some Eredar people did sit in such a position, the process and results were different from what they originally thought.

But this is not a problem, because as long as we can continue to win, this vision will be completed sooner or later.

Although Velen, who was in charge of spirit and thought at the time, felt that this was against the consistent style and thinking of the Eredar people, so he left with those damn Holy Lights, but most people felt that Velen was giving up on heading towards a more glorious future.

The opportunity is that I am afraid of.

It’s right to be afraid of Velen, to be afraid that you won’t keep up with Velen’s thoughts and ideas, to be afraid…

I can't be on the same level as him again.

So he must prove that he is right, but now, now...

"Can I still tell myself now that the Burning Legion is invincible?"

Looking at his new body that had been severely mutated by evil energy, although it was exactly the same as the original body, he knew very well that no matter how powerful it was, it was useless. The Burning Legion completely failed in Azeroth this time.

Li Ke used the destructive power erupted from that planet to severely damage even Sargeras, causing his arrival in Azeroth to be delayed again.

But what if he can reach Azeroth? Li Ke was seriously injured, but his injury was not serious. Although Sargeras was the same, when Sargeras arrived in Azeroth next time,

Can Li Ke not break out again?

Even further, it is not impossible to kill Sargeras directly.

This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! "Am I wrong?"

Kil'jaeden was filled with confusion, but soon his eyes became firm.

"I am right."

Even if he had not chosen Sargeras and chosen the Burning Legion, the eredar's social problems had reached the point where they had to explode.

Although Sargeras Su was deceiving them, they were also willing to be fooled. And if they did not accept Sargeras' solicitation, then there would be other races similar to them who would accept the solicitation, and then the Eredar would

Instead, it will become a party that will be enslaved and destroyed.

Rather than letting the eredar fall into division and then kill each other, or be killed by others, killing and conquering people from other worlds is cruel, but acceptable.

Because they are not Eredar.

But as the leader of the Eredar, the eternal death of every Eredar, as well as their depravity and corruption, would make him heartbroken.

Evil energy can affect a person's will and make a person become extreme and crazy, but it cannot change their original intention.

Because in chaos and pain, you can shed all pretense and things imposed on you by others, and clearly understand what you really want.

And he...

I don’t want Velen to look down on me, and I don’t want Eredar to decline.

"It's just that something has to change after all."

Sighing, he looked at his list. There were indeed many people among the eredar who did not want to fight in the Burning Legion. They missed their previous life even more, and the reason why those ridiculous things could exist on Argus.

The Resistance Army is also because of this.

Back then, they needed some beggars who lived extremely miserable lives to illustrate the legitimacy of their choice, so they left behind those poor people who were abandoned by Velen to illustrate the correctness of their choice. Even if they surrendered, they would be tortured.

Then kill.

These are necessary sacrifices and a way of unity.

Therefore, those who are fishing are cautious not to expose themselves, for fear of revealing that they don't like the Burning Legion's mentality.

But what if these Eredar defected and defected to Velen, and then after reconciling with Velen, they followed Velen and defected to Li Ke?

Can they show the qualities of a true eredar and continue to reproduce?

With their will.

Thinking of this, his hands couldn't help but tremble.

Because this is undoubtedly betraying Sargeras, but the most important thing is that such behavior is undoubtedly saying to Velen, "I was wrong."

This is something he absolutely cannot allow, but at the same time, he is also a commander, a leader, and a leader who must be responsible for his own race.

"I'm not wrong...this is just espionage, yes, this is spy..."

Taking a deep breath, she suppressed the uneasiness in her heart. The Eredar clan had gone far enough, and most of them could no longer look back. The success of Saloras and Oleses in clearing their names was entirely due to timing.

It's special, and because Li Ke originally wanted enough power and manpower, it's impossible to replicate it again.

So it must be cut.

If Li Ke wins, then those Eredar who have taken refuge in Li Ke have truly surrendered. If Li Ke loses, then these people will naturally be lurking spies and heroes of the Burning Legion, and those who do not sincerely rely on the Burning Legion will also

Being able to get merit doesn't seem so dazzling.

They always leave some seeds.

"I hope Li Ke can understand and cooperate with me."

He hesitated for a moment, and then signed his transfer order. He was not worried that Li Ke would not be able to understand this matter. Even if those fear devils would quickly send the 'spy' transfer order he signed to Li Ke, he would not

It does not matter.

Because Li Ke can understand.

Kil'jaeden would not doubt whether Sargeras could understand it, but Sargeras would not care.

And although some of Li Ke's operations seemed outrageous, stupid, and unprecedentedly lazy in his eyes, and even crazier than him, Kil'jaeden understood that Li Ke could understand.

He is a qualified political creature, has sufficient political literacy, and never sticks to one pattern in his way of looking at things.

There is no need to investigate who is the moderate among the eredar, because he and Archimonde remember the name of every eredar, so he wrote the withering order very quickly, and after writing the withering order,

Kil'jaeden couldn't help but think about another question.

"How to keep Li Ke?"

Money, food, and beautiful women are all Li Ke's three favorite things.

Power, glory, fame? Does he seem like someone who cares about these things?

Li Ke...

What does Li Ke want?

Kil'jaeden thought about it and couldn't figure it out.

"Did he reach this point without any goal?!"

Kil'jaeden forcibly suppressed his own confusion, and once again a new confusion arose.

Coincidentally, one of his fellow juniors in Azeroth also asked this question.

Looking at Li Ke, who had just used his head as a tractor steering wheel, the Draenei girl named Yrel was furious. If she didn't know that Li Ke hated that the things he launched would come back to him.

She is definitely going to use her thick thighs to crush this bastard's head!

However, she has a huge task on her shoulders, which is to find out what Li Ke really wants, what he likes most, and what he can't let go of.

Yes, although Tyrande and others' council was disbanded due to Whitemane's absence, some tasks were still issued.

And the reason why she came to inquire about this matter is because she is currently the only woman who Li Ke directly asked to come, and she quickly went to bed with Li Ke, and she has no interest relationship with anyone in Azeroth.

, but there are also people with interests.

Is the most suitable candidate.

"Me? I want Naizi."

Li Ke gave a thumbs up to Yrel. I have to say that the Draenei's butts and thighs are really important. The waist-to-hip ratio is simply outrageous, and simply looking at it from behind will make people...

There is a feeling of wanting to grab the other person's head.

But to be honest, the Eredar people are more irritating. Due to the evil energy, many of the Eredar people's bodies actually have distortions and hyperplasia, especially in various lymph nodes and soft tissues. Therefore, among the internal structures of the body,

On the surface, the internal structure of the Eredar can be said to be a cave.

And the figure will also become a bit exaggerated because of it, and the exaggerated figure contrast can only be compared to those who use the power of life.

Especially Alexstrasza, the female dragons under her can be said to have explosive figures.

Moreover, the body fluids of the Eredar people are filled with evil energy, and there will be a slight burning sensation. However, when it comes to working together for a long time, it is better to work with a normal person like Yrel. Although it is irritating, it is not that intense.

The strangeness is the kingly way.

But when it comes to the growth of the internal structure, the night elves transformed by Naga are stronger. Because of the long-term use of shadow power, the shadow power in some Nagas will cause their bodies to involuntarily deform, resulting in many people

Tiny hairs, tiny tentacles, and even things like suckers grew inside the body...

These fluff and small tentacles can move freely, and some can even be controlled by the owner of the body.

But when it comes to hunting for novelties, you still have to look at Druid. Even though he has been objecting, Xisali can always come up with some new tricks for him. Last time, he was playing mahjong well, and suddenly his lower body was broken.

He turned into a dolphin and asked him if he recruited Naga because he liked mermaids or something...

"How about you be normal! And not everyone is the same as Lord Alexstrasza! If you really want it, we can do it together next time."

Yrel clearly felt that Li Ke was distracted, so she patted Li Ke dissatisfied. But what she was thinking about was that she should call Queen Alexstrasza and Ysera next time.

Because they are the biggest!

With these two present together, you should be able to ask something.

But when she thought about having to serve Li Ke with other women, she felt shy and embarrassed for a while, but when she thought about Li Ke running away, the Draenei might be abandoned, and in the future Draenor

Being thrown aside by the native races of Azeroth during the development process, she had to make up her mind and accept these things.

And Li Ke, who holds Yrel's heart, naturally noticed the change in the heartbeat of this simple Draenei girl, and knew that the next time he played mahjong with the other party, he could go too far. On the Delaney side,

You can also squeeze more.

Yes, this is the reason why he wants to play with these people.

For a goal that is destined to be futile, these people will spare no effort to please him, whether it is in bed, or——

in politics.

After all, even if fishing is an activity that yields almost no harvest, bait must be provided first to create a nest.

It didn't matter whether he stayed or not, what he cared about the most was how hard these people worked to please him.

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