Chapter 585 Li Ke is causing trouble again

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Li Ke is very confident in his ideas, and the work reports he has seen in the past few days also prove his ideas.

The various results on the work report reflect the seamless cooperation between various departments. Although they will definitely feel tired, as long as this efficient collaboration method can be clearly defined and slowly cultivate enough

If it's a clerk, then it won't be a big problem.

"It seems to be quite successful, but it is absolutely impossible to turn the civil service system into a black box operation like India..."

Li Ke nodded as he looked at the bodyguard in front of him and the information passed by Grayson, Watcher, and Alexstrasza.

Generally speaking, in order to please themselves, these people have done all the work they can, and are constantly recruiting people under pressure, because everyone knows that this is a protracted battle.

Immortal species such as elves are the most adaptable to this kind of ultra-long protracted battle.

So this time it was still the night elves who took the lead.

"It seems that the identity of Tyrande's Propaganda Department Minister must be confirmed soon, but do you want to join the Empire's Religious Management Office?"

Li Ke knocked on the armrest of his seat. Regarding religious management, Li Ke's experience on earth can only be used as a reference. In this world where there really is a god, saying that faith is useless is pure hypocrisy.

It's scientific.

"But it can be turned into a trade, especially with the so-called Loa gods... Oh, there are no trolls in my empire, so that's okay."

But when it comes to trolls, Li Ke's hand hits the armrest of the seat even more urgently.

To put it simply, trolls are a more disgusting thing than orcs, and not only humans have severe mental trauma and stress reactions to trolls, but any race on Azeroth,

They all have an unforgettable hatred for trolls.

The reason is really simple.

The orcs eat humans entirely because of lack of food. As long as there are things like Tabu sheep, the orcs will not eat the flesh of the draenei, but the trolls are different.

They really eat, and they evaluate the tastes of different races differently, and even perform blood sacrifices continuously. All kinds of barbaric behaviors show that the social stage of trolls is still in the most primitive state.

"The big reason why their society can be maintained and has always been like this is because blood sacrifices can legally kill those who resist the rule. In addition, with the Loa gods, they can use the power of blood sacrifices to easily

Turn the deaths and injuries of the enemy and your own people into strength...and then successfully maintain your own society and rule. After all, their blood sacrifices are really effective."

Li Ke briefly analyzed the situation of the trolls and clarified the methods to deal with the trolls and the reasons why their society has not changed.

It's because of Loa.

The trolls rose up because of the gods, but they were also abandoned by the world because of the gods.

The dark trolls of the night elves' ancestors were able to get rid of the ignorance of these trolls because of the Well of Eternity. It can basically be understood that after mastering arcana, the most powerful magic on Azeroth, the trolls

decline is inevitable.

The powerful power that can only be obtained by relying on gods is really insignificant compared to magic, a miraculous power that can be mastered with just hard work.

The priests are aloof, and they and the gods will naturally be stingy with the spread of extraordinary power. Even when the night elves are at their most depraved, civilians can still rise to the rank of nobles as long as their magic abilities are outstanding enough.

"So the decline of the trolls is not so much caused by the power of the Well of Eternity, but it can also be said that it is defeated by the advanced productivity structure... It's just that in this magical world, it is usually caused by a huge energy source.

About this matter.”

Li Ke thought for a moment and then nodded.

"But absorbing trolls will probably cause more serious problems than absorbing orcs..."

Regardless of questions or customs, trolls and other intelligent races in Azeroth are seriously unsociable. Some people have not seen their family members hacked to death by orcs, but they must have heard that someone in their own tribe was killed.

The troll ate it.

He doesn't care about bringing in such a race with a completely negative reputation, but what about other races?

"How about driving the goblins to join the trolls, and then use these dwarfs to contact them? Or send them to the orcs... But in this case, the leakage of technology is inevitable..."

Looking at the map in front of him and the map of power distribution, Li Ke began to think.

The problem of goblins has been around for a long time. We also saw their shadow when we incorporated Stormwind City this time. It is obvious that these green dwarfs are not willing to be driven out of the economic system of his empire, and in Stranglethorn Vale

The pioneering fleet was also often attacked by goblins, but the goblins' ships were not big enough, and they did not have enough cannons. Although there were many suicide squads, they could not turn the tide of the battle.

When Dai Lin gets tired of being in the kingdoms of Lordaeron, he will probably take the initiative to find trouble for these goblins.

Dai Lin has wanted to play the trinity of sea, land and submarine strikes for a long time. Whether it is the Naga's stealth troops, the dragons' aerial troops mixed with griffons, or the automated intelligent naval guns based on the new magic technology, Dai Lin is all

Something to play with.

It's just that there aren't enough opponents for the time being, so Dai Lin doesn't have to play.

"When the time comes to find Alsace with bad luck, let Dai Lin practice using these things."

Looking at the movements of the goblin fleets, Li Ke decided the opponent's fate.

For the goblins, it can be said to be a battle for the fate of the race, but for Li Ke, it is just a small warm-up exercise.

Li Ke took another look at the power armor report. These things are basically on the right track. The initial version of power armor can already hunt the entire army. The next step is to wait for the test in small-scale battles and then put these things

It was installed for ordinary military and police officers.

But most problems require war to test whether it is a problem or whether the problem is fatal, so you have to wait.

Fortunately, Magni is very cautious in this regard and has not laid out many production lines at once, so it is not a problem for the time being, and there will not be too much waste in the transformation.

"After all, they are all modular basically there is nothing going on here. What should I do next?"

Li Ke stretched himself. His work for the day was over. He would then go through the portal to inspect various departments, or go for a walk among the people, or ask Grayson to find some girls for him who wanted to be intimate with him.

They are all possible.

It's not impossible to even find some concubines who are having a rest today.

But when it comes to women, Li Ke can't help but think of one thing,

"Speaking of which, Maiev is also my wife, but like Tyrande, she has never slept with me... But why can't I remember it? Is it because she wears too many clothes, or is it because of her personality?

Too manly?"

Li Ke was a little confused. He had also seen Maiev's true appearance. She couldn't be said to be at the top of Azeroth's beauty list, but she could be regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

His temperament is a bit cold and harsh, but also very masculine.

Why can't he remember to drag the other person into bed?

"Is it because Maiev always has a business-like attitude, or is it because of something else?"

Li Ke couldn't help but start thinking. Every time he got along with Maiev, he subconsciously regarded Maiev as a man.

"No, this should be improved a little. After all, unlike Tyrande, I respect her like my mother, so I won't have other desires. But as for Maiev, it shouldn't be the case.


Li Ke was thinking about personal problems, but after thinking about it, he just couldn't get enough of Ma Wei, so he was a little helpless.

"Forget it, let's not think about this matter for now. It's better to think about how to improve the world next..."

Now the problem of the Old Gods is still harming Azeroth. Although most of the pollution in C'Thun has been removed, and Zera is still there to carry out a series of measures to eliminate pollution, most things are still

There is no end.

Whether it's the remains of Y'Shaarj in Pandaria, Yogg-Saron in Northrend, or Xal'atath, which was eaten and only its remains were left.

The power of these ancient gods is still polluting the world, and he must get rid of all these things as soon as possible.

Moreover, the wounds of the maelstrom must be resolved as soon as possible. These are all things that can be dealt with now.

"After taking care of these, I can deal with my injuries. But now, does Yogg-Saron need to deal with it in advance?"

Li Ke doesn't really want to contact the Titan Guardians now. These people are just loyal servants of the Titans and are not trustworthy enough. Although they are also protecting Azeroth, they actually have their own ideas.


"What does Arthas think? If he starts the battle forcefully, the empire's situation will be a little passive. I still need him to help gather people's hearts and change the social situation in ten years. But I don't want to put Yogg-Saron

If they are dealt with in advance, many problems will still arise... But if the Burning Legion is introduced, or Odin's Sky Fortress is unsealed in advance..."

Li Ke couldn't help but think of the first few times he played Odin in Azeroth.

This person boasts a lot, and he does have good combat effectiveness, but in terms of his ability to unite people, he is basically a piece of shit.

Apart from anything else, deceiving the most important daughter in his plan, and then forcing his daughter to turn against him while her daughter serves him wholeheartedly, this ability to unite the internal forces is enough to reassure Li Ke

If you let him out, you don't have to worry about him becoming bigger.

And this guy should be able to deal with the Yogg-Saron problem. At the very least, he can control Alsace so that after he kills Yogg-Saron, he won't have to face Alsace in advance or be defeated.

I was forced to look for an opportunity to save him from behind.

Because Hela will definitely not let Odin go, the two of them will definitely fight in Northrend.

"Not only that, Elisande can also be won over. The current Elisande should not be at the point where he can't be persuaded to come back. Moreover, from the blue dragon, I can also naturally come up with something to disgust Marigo.

Si... But why do I feel that Malygos will thank me if I get rid of the blue dragon in the Broken Isles? In addition, with the help of the Pillars of Creation, I should be able to heal the wounds of the Maelstrom again.


Thinking of this, many thoughts appeared in Li Ke's mind that made Sylvanas scream and scratch.

Because once Li Ke goes to the Broken Islands, it will be another bolt from the blue for Sylvanas and Sylvanas who has just finished her business with Draenei.

Aegwynn would probably be helpless too.

She was unable to fully accept the space navigation technology tree of Delaney and Naaru, so she had to help Elisande solve a series of problems.

"But the blue dragon will probably go crazy to help this time."

Li Ke thought about this and nodded.

"Then let's do it. Come on, call Martigosa and Terecgosa over and go on a business trip with me. In addition, Tyrande will go out together for some diplomatic activities. By the way, the tauren's

Is the matter over? If it is over, send their leader over to help us conduct diplomatic activities."

Li Ke stood up. This time he did not plan to go alone.

Tyrande just happened to be able to carry out a series of diplomatic actions with Elisande. In the original timeline, Elisande was very rude to Tyrande, but this time it was not necessarily the case.

Bringing two blue dragon secretaries was not only to avoid loneliness, but also to convince the blue dragons living on the Broken Islands.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! As one of Li Ke's life assistants, Tarecgosa quickly came to Li Ke's side, and without saying a word, she hugged Li Ke's arm and plumped herself up

Her chest was pressed against Li Ke's arm, and then she looked at Li Ke expectantly.

As a female dragon, she has longed to conceive a dragon for a long time, but she has never been able to do so due to her heavy workload.

Although she and her friends are also one of Li Ke's concubines, this concubine's reputation is really bad, because as the new dragon king, and a dragon king who has no blood relationship with them at all, the female of the entire blue dragon group

She will be Li Ke's wife, so the title of concubine is really meaningless.

"Be good, I'll give you a surprise later."

Li Ke gently pinched the tip of the naughty blue dragon. After all, you can eat strawberry cake anytime.

And now Tyrande is here too.

"My dear, what do you want from me?"

"Well, I plan to explore Suramar, so I need help contacting him."


Tyrande was stunned for a moment.

"Isn't Suramar destroyed?"

Suramar was really far away from the Maelstrom. Many cities like Suramar were destroyed when they detonated the Well of Eternity, so she thought Suramar was also destroyed.

"No, I have reliable information that proves that Suramar has not been destroyed yet."

Li Ke paused and continued to talk.

"In addition, you may be able to see a lot of familiar people and familiar scenes."

Tyrande pursed her lips. Although she still didn't quite believe it, since it was what Li Ke said, she was willing to try and accept it.

After all, that is her hometown.

"Then I'm looking forward to it."

She naturally took Li Ke's arm, and then, like Tarecgosa, squeezed Li Ke's arm with her plump chest, and spoke in a calm tone.

"It just so happens that I remember that Suramar is a very suitable place for pregnant women to recuperate."

Her words instantly sent chills down Li Ke's spine and made him silent for a moment, but Li Ke didn't hold back and spoke subconsciously.

"Brother, don't be ridiculous, you are a woman who can become my mother."

If you give money, claim, and rights, who has such a good wife?

That must be the foster mother!

Tyrande: "…………"

She wants to hit someone now.

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