Chapter 587 Similar but different situations

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Because Li Ke had a lot of fun playing version 7. Although there was no core orange in the beginning, it was very frustrating, but after the version became more enjoyable and he got orange equipment, Li Ke decided that version 7 was the most enjoyable he had ever played.


Therefore, Li Ke also has the deepest memory of version 7 of World of Warcraft.

That is to say, he knew that the plot in the Dark Night Fortress was the one he remembered most deeply.

And Elisande's words also prove that she has indeed seen the future.

A future besieged by the Burning Legion.

The plot of Nightborne of Suramar is very simple. In the future, the Burning Legion wants to use the incarnation of Sargeras that Aegwynn buried in the Tomb of Sargeras next to Suramar, which was the one who was previously killed by Li Ke in Dalaran.

The trumpet clone of Sargeras that was raised in the front invaded Suramar and talked to Elisande, telling them that they must either surrender to the Legion or die.

As a result, Elisande began to meditate continuously, and found no way to survive without joining the Burning Legion, so he decided to join.

Then the magister named Thalyssra, who is now Elisande's favorite, rebelled against Elisande and even wanted to assassinate Elisande to allow the Nightborne to return to the Azeroth camp.

.In the end, he replaced Elisande and her followers and became the leader of the Nightborne.

From a player's point of view, Elisande doesn't understand the sky, but Thalyssra understands the general picture. Elisande has an army of players coming in front of him, and he says that there is no way to survive if he doesn't join the Burning Legion. He deserves to be there.


Well, it's not the list of gods, it's the list of mount drops.

But now it seems that it is not that Elisande did not see that joining the players' camp, in the plot, the alliance and the tribe's camp can win, but because the cost is too high, it is better to die on his own.

Anyway, for magicians of their level, the distinction between death and immortality does not need to be so detailed.

The body is indispensable for weak mages, but for top mages, that is not necessarily the case.

Even in Dalaran, there are many evil ways to maintain youth.

Dalaran has researched on things like absorbing other people's life force to maintain one's own youth, taking other people's bodies, and forcefully entering a pregnant woman's body to be reborn, and all of them are feasible.

It's just that for Dalaran and the guardians, these are all "abuse of magic", and most of them have no results, or they are destroyed when they do.

After all, the top archmages can more or less travel in the star realm and are not limited to their own bodies.

Even in the original plot, even when Elisande faced the players, she was still divining a way to keep the Nightborne alive without relying on the Burning Legion, and after being killed by the players, she clearly

Elisande, who was so dead that he might even have his head chopped off by players who were proficient in last-hitting, still pretended to be dead, and gave himself to the players who were attacking Gul'dan, or the warriors.

Strength to help.

So if you want to say that she willingly surrendered to the Burning Legion, it would be an injustice.

But for the current Li Ke, he understood Elisande's thoughts after thinking about it for a while.

"So, in the original history, you were worried that you would directly reject the Burning Legion. The Legion would attack Suramar first. Then Suramar would be destroyed before the Alliance and Horde arrived, and you would have to ally with the Burning Legion. And then you surrendered.

After the Burning Legion, you knew very well that you could no longer be clean, so you simply let Thalyssra carry out the resistance work, while you took over the work of annihilating them from the Burning Legion...

But at this time, you already know that the Alliance and the Horde have arrived, and it is impossible for you to destroy Thalyssra and the others. It is better to take the former management of the Children of Night to die together to solve the uneven distribution and upper management of the Children of Night.

Is there a problem with too much architectural prosperity?”

Li Ke's words made Elisande smile bitterly, and Li Ke also said all the things that she didn't dare to say.

"That's right. After all, they are all meritorious ministers who are loyal to me, and they all have reasonable reasons, so it is impossible for me to take action."

Her admission made Thalyssra even more confused. She had never performed a prophecy spell, so she didn't know what Elisande saw, but she knew that the colleagues around her looked at her with something wrong.

Moreover, the atmosphere now has become more subtle, and the conversation between Elisande and Li Ke revealed too many things.

For example, Elisande’s dissatisfaction with the nobles!

Thalyssra could probably guess why Elisande was dissatisfied with the nobles, because at this time, the Nightborne's economy was close to collapse.

The nobles can spend their days and nights squandering the magic wine that the children of the night depend on for survival, a wine mixed with the magic of the Night Well. These drinks are the daily necessities of life for all the children of the night who are affected by the night well.

Without the high-purity magic power of magic wine and night well, the children of the night will gradually wither, go crazy, and become a withered man without any mind, constantly hunting all kinds of magical things like zombies and ghosts.

During this process, the Son of the Night could clearly feel the boundless hunger and cold, and could experience the terrifying power of losing his reason and thinking ability bit by bit.

No matter how much food you eat, as long as there is not enough high-purity gentle mana, your body will become as skinny as a stick, or even become like a skeleton, and you can't even tell whether you are a boy or a girl.

Sadly, most of the Nightborne cannot even become Withered without the magic wine, because they will decline very quickly and die from various complications.

Yes, the demonic addiction of the Children of the Night is exactly the same as that of the high elves, except that one of them is mutated by the Sunwell, and the other is mutated by the Dark Nightwell, and the Dark Nightwell is far less powerful than the Sunwell.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! The economic system of the Children of the Night has long collapsed due to too many nobles, but Elisande has no way to clean up the noble system, because this noble system revolves around her

Established, even as a leader, she would not be able to kill all the benefiting nobles at once, because the income of the nobles is legal under their laws! They are all obtained through their own work and the sacrifice of their families!

Legal and reasonable, there is no unfairness at all!

Although the output of the Dark Night Well is limited, and due to the gradual depletion of the Dark Night Well, the output is getting less and less. But if there are not the nobles and wealthy businessmen who take up the majority, it is enough for the children of the night to survive.

But the problem lies in legality! Without the help of external forces and a devastating blow, Elisande is unable to disintegrate the original political and interest groups and save the Nightborne.

Because her strength and authority come from this interest and political group!

So although she didn't know the full story of the prophecy, she could still deduce what Elisande was thinking.

Elisande predicted that Suramar would be attacked by the Burning Legion in the future. There was no foreign aid at that time, so she chose to surrender and squeeze out the opposition, allowing the opposition to contact external forces, so as to use external forces to solve the problem of Su.

Suramar's original interest groups, while fighting without defeat, sacrificed a group of people in exchange for Suramar's future.

And the most important sacrifice in this future is her Elisande's head.

Everyone else, including himself, are actually replaceable pawns! Because as long as Elisande allows his nobles and officials to continue to oppress the civilians and allows the Burning Legion to bully the Suramar people, then the Suramar people will naturally

With the help of external forces, resisters appear! Even if you die, thousands of others will stand up!

Although Suramar will be caught in the flames of war, although many people in Suramar will die, the Children of the Night can continue to live on!

The prophecy allowed her and Elisande to see the future, but she was not good enough, so what use would it be if she could see the future?

Thalyssra was silent, because she also knew that she would definitely cooperate with Elisande...

Of course, there is a high probability that she will die, or she may even forget her mission and become a Withered One.

But these are necessary sacrifices.

"You are very similar to a friend of mine, both in terms of circumstances and the situation of the people. It's just that there are many differences between you and him. He has not been a chess player for a long time.

You have always been a chess player. Moreover, his magic well is much better than yours."

Li Ke spoke with a complicated mood. He could not save Kael'thas because he had not yet truly established an empire and had not received the wholehearted help of the night elves.

Moreover, Kael'thas surrendered too quickly.

But now he can, but Kael'thas can no longer appear under the name and identity of 'Kael'thas'.

"Then he and his people must live a prosperous and peaceful life."

Elisande chuckled, a little envious.

If there hadn't been something wrong with the Nightwell and it still maintained its vitality ten thousand years ago, she wouldn't have taken such desperate risks in the history she saw. She couldn't understand the next game with Thalyssra, even if she did.

It's a move that can't be said. Instead, it can activate the shield and forcefully withstand the arrival of the alliance and tribal coalition forces.

In comparison, Sunwell is incredibly stable and easy to use.

"No, although their conditions are better than yours, their level of governance and skills are really average."

Li Ke shook his head. The political environment in Suramar was much better than that in Silvermoon City.

At least Elisande's position is terrifyingly stable, and she can be sure of it to a certain extent. Silvermoon City is different. From the beginning to the end, the Sunstrider Dynasty has not completely mastered the high elves.

Therefore, it is very reasonable to say that Thalyssra will join the tribe in the future. The Nightborne and the Blood Elves cannot be said to be exactly the same, but they can also be said to be completely the same.

Moreover, its own parliamentary system is also very suitable for the Nightborne to join in. The Sunwell is the superior replacement of the Dark Nightwell, and both races have experienced the torture of magic addiction symptoms. The Nightborne finally abandoned the Alliance and joined the Horde, 100% for the blood elves.

Yes, and Thalyssra's attempt to smear Tyrande was just a normal political method.

It was so painful for Qiang and Liadrin that their childhood sweethearts were separated for political purposes, but they still couldn't say anything, and even the world-famous painting "Liadrin in Silvermoon City" was born.

However, it is obvious that Thalyssra has used the technique once, and Elisande, who has seen the future, will not give up, especially compared to the future Lor'themar Seqiang, Li Ke's lust can bring

More benefits are coming.

"It seems like we really have a lot in common... Would you mind having dinner with me and discussing poetry and wine?"

Elisande directly hugged Li Ke's arm. With one hand, he grabbed Li Ke's arm and pressed it against his chest. The other hand took Li Ke's hand and moved it towards his lower abdomen.

Just tell me that you will sleep with me tonight.

Not only that, she also licked Li Ke openly.

Yes, she even stuck out her tongue and licked Li Ke's cheeks and ears, and glanced at Tyrande provocatively.

"I'm different from the 10,000-year-old maid next to you, the old guy who always smells like a virgin... I'm very open-minded. Whether it's my maid or Thalyssra, we can all chat and drink together, just

Like family..."

Her clothes were similar to a bikini, which was the price for better casting of spells, so her behavior was almost equivalent to showing the most secret parts of her body to Li Ke!

Such dissolute behavior stunned the nobles and officials behind her, because during these ten thousand years, they even regarded Elisande as a god. If Elisande had not been meditating and working, her only pastime would be drinking.

Drinking or something, otherwise they would be happy to let Elisande give birth to countless children.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! But now, their elusive goddess and leader actually said such words in front of them like a slut?!

Many brave warriors of the Son of the Night have stood up, wanting to duel Li Ke with their swords and staffs, and use their blood to restore the reputation and status of their goddess and leader!

They can attach themselves to Li Ke because of Elisande, but they will never make such a humble attachment!

Because this is not only because the things they love are trampled on, but also means that in the future, their status in Li Ke's system will not be very high!

Li Ke: “…………”

Why did he feel like he had met another Azshara?

Do all night elf strong women have this style?

And the speed of sliding and kneeling...

Li Ke was speechless when he saw Elisande with a flattering look on her face, and Thalyssra who was silently approaching him, wanting to hug him and pressing her body against him.

They are all old women who have become mature with age.

Although she does look good, but you said that Tyrande is an old maid, don't you two do the same?

Li Ke looked at Elisande and Thalyssra speechlessly. Elisande's provocation to Tyrande was just for Azshara. So if Tyrande's mood is stable, Tyrande will pretend that she didn't see it.


It's all just political manipulation, Tyrande can tolerate it.

But he didn't know if Tyrande and Elisande had any grudges in the past. After all, the two knew each other ten thousand years ago. The plot of Warcraft was not written, and Li Ke didn't ask. But if they have a good relationship,

,At least……

At noon like this, there wouldn't be a super big black moon that's still approaching in the sky of Azeroth, right?

Or is this because the relationship is too good?

This chapter has been completed!
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