Chapter 588: The Essence of the Children of the Night

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The black moon is like a meteorite, and it seems that it can fall down at any time, and people under the black moon also feel the wonderful reaction of gravity.

The tidal movement of the seawater began to change, and some lighter things began to float from the earth, as if a planet was about to arrive on the earth.

This is an anomaly in gravity caused by too strong a force, and it is also the most intuitive threat and warning to everyone's life.

But no matter how you look at it, this outrageous black moon represents one thing.

That is, no matter how good the relationship between Elisande and Tyrande was before, their current relationship is definitely not very harmonious.

"This should be the power of the dark side of the moon, right? Tyrande can rely on her own emotions and strength to mobilize Elune's power of the dark side of the moon. It is Elune who is more open to Tyrande's own power.

Or is it because Tyrande himself is outrageous?"

The power of Elune's Dark Side of the Moon is the power shown in the eighth version of World of Warcraft. It is completely different from the power of life that Elune usually shows. It is the power of pure destruction. Even Elune

It's also difficult to control yourself.

Most people who gain these powers will enter the process of self-destruction, but before that, the powers these people gain are simply unimaginable.

Although Tyrande's own strength has reached the limit that mortals can achieve, and has even surpassed the level of mortals, she is still far from the ranks of real gods, such as Archimonde. Although she relies on the moon

God's power is barely enough to defeat people like Archimonde, but hard power is obviously not enough.

But as long as she gets the power of the dark side of the moon, it will be different.

The power of the dark side of the moon will continuously enter Tyrande's body, making Tyrande the Moon Night War God. In the 9th version, the Moon Night War God's actual combat is too hip, but in the setting and story, and Tyrande

Judging from Rand's attitude of using the Warden's Soul-Eating Tower as a toilet, there is no doubt about the strength of the Moon Night God of War.

Because in the setting, the Moon Night God of War of some planets single-handedly broke into the lair of the ancient god on their planet, and then tore the ancient god's body with his own hands.

Although he himself was finished because of this, there is no doubt about the power of Moon Night War God.

In version 9, even the green-skinned Jesus Thrall, and later Jaina, who only shared one template and one attribute with a certain Disney fugitive queen Elsa, and Maverick, who was personally deemed worthless by the warden.

, and the new World of Warcraft Jesus Anduin, were all brought to the point of mental collapse by the Soul-Eating Tower, but Tyrande was the only one who used this place as a toilet, killing so many people that the warden almost went crazy without even mentioning it.


And now it looks like...

Feeling the power of the black moon and the anger contained in it, Li Ke's expression was a little subtle.

Rather than saying that this is the power of the black moon, it is better to say that it is the power of pure negative emotions on the life side. The degree of uncontrollability exceeds that of evil, and it also has the power of other forces.

To put it simply, it is the power of a good old man’s anger.


Why did he feel Elune's wrath?

Is it really the power and scene that you, Elune, took the initiative to bring out??

Do you love Tyrande so much??

You also play a pie-sharing game where Tyrande gets a piece, everyone else gets a piece, and Tyrande gets a piece, right?

"But this power... is it the setting of one person and two sides in World of Warcraft?"

Li Ke couldn't help but glance at Tyrande. If he just guided this power to bombard the enemy, then the problem would not be big. Tyrande would be angry at most because of the power full of negative emotions, but his body would not be affected.

any harm.

But if this power is incorporated into the body, Tyrande will die from it even with his physical strength.

However, if she does not mobilize this power frequently and on a large scale, then with Tyrande's ability, it is not impossible to control this power.

but now--

"Tylande, what do you want to do?!"

Elisande couldn't help but glance at the power in the sky that had changed the celestial phenomena. Although her voice did not tremble, she was actually frightened.

Her relationship with Tyrande is indeed not very good, because at the beginning, she was undoubtedly one of Azshara's lickers, because of Azshara's methods, Azshara's ambition and ambition, and Azshara's

She was so captivated by Azshara's beauty that she wouldn't have even left Azshara's palace if she hadn't been trusted by Azshara and needed to be sent out to collect various Titan artifacts.

But Tyrande was different. Azshara made it clear that she admired this girl, her talent and beauty. However, as a loyal follower of Azshara, she could not persuade Tyrande, who was still a country girl at the time, no matter how much she tried to persuade her.

Even Germany could not send her to Azshara's bed.

Although Azshara herself didn't care about this matter, Elisande couldn't pretend she didn't see it. Azshara didn't have to, but as a courtier, a loyal licker, and a bed partner, she couldn't help but give it.


There was no way, the political situation of the night elves was like this back then.

In fact, there were all kinds of coercion and inducement, and sap kidnappings. In addition, there was a conflict between Tyrande's beliefs in the Temple of the Moon and her work of collecting artifacts. After a lot of back and forth, the relationship between the two people became very tense.

Feeling embarrassed.

Although the war with the Burning Legion broke out later, the relationship between them and Queen Azshara became less harmonious, and a series of problems appeared. Although she was no longer obsessed with the queen's beauty, she no longer thought

She is suitable to be a queen, but her relationship with Tyrande cannot be good.

Because Suramar was almost drowned, it was also related to Tyrande.

Although Tyrande didn't do it himself, Tyrande's lover was Malfurion at the beginning, and they didn't have any time to prepare for them. If they hadn't happened to get the Eye of Aman'Thul, otherwise they would have had to fight with them.

Their queen Azshara went to become a naga together.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! But when it came to integrating the internal forces, the Nightborne of Suramar had a very firm line against Tyrande and Malfurion.

Since Azshara is not a good person, Tyrande is not a good person either.

And now that she knew through prophecy that Azshara had restored her identity as a night elf and brought a large number of Nagas to join Li Ke's alliance, she was thinking about one thing.

Should he join Azshara or Tyrande?

Azshara is in charge of personnel affairs. Although Tyrande does not have an official position, she is still the de facto queen of the night elves, and as the most noble concubine in Li Ke's harem, she and Li Ke have never actually slept together.

However, Azshara used her status as a concubine to actually control a lot of the power and voice of Li Ke's empire.

Moreover, Li Ke's vague plans for the huge population and strength of the night elves also made Elisande unable to help but have other plans.

She neither wants to be annexed by the night elf society represented by Tyrande, nor does she want to be controlled by Azshara again.

Then it is an inevitable choice to become independent and join forces with Azshara to fight against Tyrande.


Why is the moon god so angry?

Looking at the black moon that was still growing in the sky, all Suramar officials fell silent. Even if they used up all the power of the Night Well, they could not resist such power.

Unless they can use the power of the Pillar of Creation to resist, but at such a close distance, it is impossible to sacrifice hundreds of people to perform the ceremony like before.

There is no doubt that this is the power of the True God, and it is only stronger than the power of the Earthshaking.

Because at first they only needed to ensure that they would not be submerged by the sea, but now -

"Don't be too angry, Elune, I think they should know how to treat guests."

Li Ke raised his hand. The next moment, the boundless power of Black Moon leaked from the sky to Li Ke. The endless dark power formed a black line from Black Moon's body.

He kept rushing towards Li Ke's arm, and then entered Li Ke's body with the eyes of others looking at him like a god.

Especially those who know their stuff.

Elisande, who was holding Li Ke, felt that energy enough to tear Suramar apart entered Li Ke's body every minute. She only felt a little bit of the anger contained in it and felt extremely dizzy and angry.

But the man in her arms accepted this incredible energy with a smile, and didn't look violent or out of control at all.

And soon, the anger of the Moon God disappeared, and the burden on everyone's hearts also disappeared at this moment. Wishes of white moonlight fell from the sky, shining on the entire city of Suramar.

The stars shine above the gorgeous city of Suramar, making people unable to help but think of the true meaning of the word Suramar.

City of Stars.

At the beginning, the largest building in Suramar was not the castle of arcanists like them, nor the magnificent palace, but the Temple of the Moon.

Then, Li Ke saw an extremely classic scene.

"Ah, the light of the moon goddess has finally returned to her loyal Suramar."

Elisande knelt down directly on the ground and showed his loyalty to the bright moon in the sky.

She had already figured it out. Although it was a good thing to reunite with Azshara, it was obvious that neither Luna nor Li Ke wanted Azshara to have the possibility of becoming queen again.

Although she didn't want to, if neither Li Ke nor Elune were willing, then she wouldn't be with Azshara.

Therefore, Li Ke saw Elisande's performance again.

She covered her chest with emotion and worshiped the bright moon in the sky devoutly.

"Azshara's sins are finally washed away at this moment, and the arrogance and influence she left in this city have finally become a fantasy with the arrival of your messenger. Please show your oracle and figure.

, point out the right path for us confused wanderers and your believers."

Li Ke: “…………”

He couldn't help but glance at Tyrande on the side. Tyrande's expression was not very clear under the moonlight, but he could sense through the Tears of Elune that Tyrande was working very hard now.

He controlled himself not to draw his dagger, and stabbed to death Elisande, who was pretending to be a follower of the Moon God.

But she can't.

Seeing Li Ke looking at her, Tyrande couldn't help but speak in the communication channel with only her, Li Ke, and Luna.

"I don't like her, I always have."

"But she is a smart person and very aware of current affairs. And, although I feel bad saying this, the children of the night are indeed hardly the same race as the night elves. If you want to get rid of their addiction to magic, you must have

The power of the moon god, and the power of the druid."

"Okay, as long as you like it."

Tyrande was a little helpless, but the moon god Elune did not speak, because she indeed forced the Nightborne to join the night elves out of consideration for Tyrande and the night elves.

Of course, the most important thing is to test Li Ke's attitude towards Tyrande.

The words Li Ke used about brother and mother when he arrived had a serious impact on Tyrande and Elune.

So even if Elune didn't like asking her followers to do something, she had to worry about Tyrande.

Feeling the anxiety hidden in the two people's hearts, Li Ke roughly guessed the reason.

But he didn't grow up, and instead looked at Elisande. To be honest, he didn't like people like Elisande either, but it had to be said that Elisande's awareness of current affairs couldn't be better.

Moreover, Elisande is indeed someone who is thinking about the Children of the Night.

It's just the body structure of the Night Child, and he also had a little experience with it when he came into contact with Elisande.

Although their appearance still retains many of the night elves' appearance, they are more dependent on magic power than the high elves, and have actually become semi-magic flesh and blood creatures.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! Unless there is the injection and coordination of powerful life force, it is impossible for them to get rid of the addiction like the high elves.

Because magic is their air and blood.

The reason for this situation is very simple: Dark Night Well is too strong and too weak.

The Nightwell's arcane power is very strong, but it only has pure arcane power, which is nowhere near the Well of the Sun and the Well of Eternity.


"The Moon Goddess is also my wife, Elisande, but she is the most noble one among my wives."

Li Ke came to the kneeling Elisande. If it was just the power of the Moon God, Elisande would not care, but with his own words, Elisande would be so humble.

So, Li Ke looked into her eyes.

"So, can you and Thalyssra chat with me tonight? I'm very curious about the situation of the Nightborne... Of course, Tyrande will also pay a little visit."

Elisande nodded immediately, completely losing his previous arrogance.

Thalyssra's mood was complicated. She actually didn't want to solidify her status as a Nightborn by sleeping with a man, but——

Talisa glanced at her colleagues who wanted to slap her, and the smile on her face suddenly became charming.

Just kidding, if she fell into the hands of her colleagues, she would most likely fall into the water with dozens of arcane blasts behind her. If she didn't serve Li Ke well in bed with Elisande, let alone continue to be with Li Ke in the circle of the Children of the Night.

If you get mixed up among the forces, you won’t be able to survive this night!

So, she thought about it and sold her friend.

"I happen to know a manor where I can relax. The hostess there is very generous and enthusiastic...and charming. It is also very close to the former Temple of the Moon, and there are still many statues of the Moon God preserved."

Her words caused consternation among many Nightborne nobles, because although Suramar had not completely abolished the belief in the Moon God, it was almost there.

Of course, there was also the silent curse from a long-haired noblewoman of the night.

Because she is that charming, generous and enthusiastic hostess!

And Talisa's meaning is very simple.

She also wants to sleep with Li Ke! Continuing the glorious legend of Azshara's era!


Looking at the ridiculously bright moon in the sky, Lilith Yuejun carefully signaled to her attendants to take out the antique moon statue hidden in the basement, and walked to Talisa with a sweet smile.

By his side, he reached out and pinched the flesh of his best friend's buttocks, making Talisa's smile gradually stiffen. At the same time, he brought his breasts and Talisa's breasts together, so that the peaks of the two people could change.

Be more attractive.

Then, he showed an impeccable and charming smile to Li Ke.

"Of course, people have long been looking forward to the return of the Moon Goddess!"

The debauchery of the Nightborne nobles was completely inherited from the High Elves, so although she had not yet become a social butterfly and relied on conspiracy and power-based transactions to gain influence, she had already gained relative consciousness.

Therefore, she has made corresponding preparations.

Tyrande watched the interaction between the two people and sighed.

Because instead of saying that these groveling people are children of the night, it would be better to say——

They are the Highborne from ten thousand years ago.

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