Chapter 589: Tasteless

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Many of people's ideas come from the past. Whether it's language or things, things from the world that you don't know are the best.

Even if it's some insignificant things, there are too many people who like things they don't know, and after knowing the truth, they express unacceptable emotions towards the truth.

Elisande feels this way.

When she and Talisa accompanied a certain adult, they learned Li Ke's true purpose of coming here.

Also, the Son of Night is really not a big deal in Li Ke's eyes.

"So, you are not going to supervise our joining your empire?"

Elisande carefully asked about Li Ke's situation, and Li Ke, who was sitting on the bed, played with Talisa's feet with blue and silver lines, and nodded in response to Elisande.

Although the Children of the Night have separated from the night elves, it must be said that they still have the softness of the elves. Whether it is the size of the body, the curves, or the face, they are all above the average level of humans.


Moreover, the bodies of the children of the night are very interesting. As long as they are given a little energy, they can be excited.

"Yes, in fact, if it weren't for some special reasons, I wouldn't have come to Suramar... Your population ratio is too small compared to my empire, but you are too self-sufficient in technology and various things.


The economic system of the Children of the Night is self-sufficient, and many things do not require input from outsiders.

If it were the era of the Alliance Tribes, then the Children of the Night would indeed need to choose one of the two, but in fact, in the era of Li Ke's empire, the Children of the Night could actually live well on their own.

"Even the biggest problem, the magic wine issue, is not a problem for you as long as the energy supply to the barrier is ended. At present, the empire's help to you is really limited... On the contrary, it is your automatic

Machinery can actually give the empire some help."

Li Ke pointed to the documents on the table. The Son of the Night has a highly developed automatic magic machinery discipline. Even the high elves cannot match it. If the technology of these magic automatic machines is shared, then many factories will actually

There is no need for workers anymore.

For example, a mine...

But what needs to be said is that even if he masters these technologies, he probably won't be able to iterate so quickly, because those workers need these jobs.

Maintaining employment is a necessity.

Although Li Ke can get good results by issuing orders, the problem is that it consumes the life of the empire.

"In addition, I have some other purposes for coming here this time."

Looking at Elisande's silent face, Li Ke felt helpless, but this was the fact. For a long time, the Children of the Night would not feel too many benefits brought by the empire.

Elisande was a little helpless. Her predictions about Li Ke were vague, with many branches and changes. Just like when she just communicated with Li Ke, she even saw a picture of herself ascending to the throne of the Night Elf Queen with the help of Li Ke.


But everyone knows that whoever believes in such a prophecy is stupid.

So Elisande had great thoughts about Li Ke at first, thinking that Li Ke could help him solve most of his problems.

She longs for Li Ke's help to solve the social problems of Ye Zhizi.

"But in this case, what can we gain by joining the empire?"

Elisande asked helplessly.

"It won't be destroyed, that's all... Of course, there are many other benefits, such as a more stable future, cheaper goods, etc., but it is not good news for your officials and nobles.

Because in my empire, many of them will die if they cannot change their character, temper, and formal policies."

Li Ke spoke in a calm tone.

"I cannot allow the current Nightborne to join the bureaucracy of my empire, so Elisande, you must give me a list, a list of people who can stay... and shut down those who may do something.

mouth, and in exchange, I will help you increase the power of the Night Well."

The reason why the power of Suramar's Nightwell has dropped is simply because of the changes in the Magic Network.

The source of the Night Well and the Sun Well are the same. They were both made from the water of the original Well of Eternity, and their principles are very similar.

It's just that the Dark Night Well's roots are very shallow, and the surrounding magic network has also moved over time, so the power of the Dark Night Well has been declining year after year, directly leading to a reduction in the production of magic wine.

Of course, corruption is inevitable.

"The problem with the Dark Night Well is actually not that big."

Elisande sighed. She really didn't expect that they would face such a test after joining the empire.

It's not that I didn't know that joining the empire would require a purge, but I didn't expect Li Ke to be so awesome at things.

Looking at the civil servant manual of Li Ke's empire delivered to her by the two blue dragons, she knew that most of the senior leaders of the Son of Night would be killed.

It can be said that joining Li Ke's empire will be harmful to most of the nobles of the Night.

There will be many nobles who will unite to resist Li Ke and his empire, and the methods will be very extreme.

And he is going to kill someone too.

"It looks like I'm going to be busy again... and a brutal kind of busy."

Elisande sighed. Just looking at Li Ke's strong body, Elisande couldn't help but think of one thing.

"But at least I got a strong man."

Li Ke didn't know what she was thinking, and even if he did, he wouldn't care, because the status of the Children of the Night is indeed so embarrassing. Perhaps for the night elves, Suramar's reappearance is very important, but for the empire

Speaking of which, it’s really just a bit tasteless——

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! Just the geographical location of the other party is enough to make many people scratch their heads.

Although the map of the Broken Islands in the game is very huge, in fact it is a very small city. Although it has some strategic value, the problem is that the entire world now belongs to Li Ke, and the Broken Islands are not used as aircraft carrier supplies at all.

Station is necessary, and various merchant ships and warships do not take the route of the damaged archipelago.

To put it simply, development is too difficult.

We can only wait for people at sea to see if it has any value as a transit port.

Moreover, the population of the Children of the Night is really sparse. It seems to be quite large, but it is really not enough for the empire.

Probably a few factories are enough to digest all the young adults of the Children of the Night.

"But fortunately, most of the children of the night know some magic and can become necessary magic technicians like the high elves. Most civilians will live a good life."

Li Ke said this and reached out to hold Elisande's heart.

Although he said that the empire could not give the Children of Night anything, Li Ke was very generous to Elisande who was willing to submit to him.

"Although I can't give you anything for the time being, as the representative who surrenders the fastest, I can give you more powerful power."

When Li Ke spoke, the power of the guardian dragon floated on Li Ke's body, and blue light entered Elisande's body.

Elisande immediately felt a different feeling. The arcane energy around her was closer to her. Not to mention, she absorbed magic power faster, and her body became less dependent on magic power!

Even the ability to manipulate energy has been improved!

Moreover, her ability to perceive and manipulate magic nets has also been improved. In the past, she could only perceive the magic nets outside Suramar City, but if she wanted to mobilize the magic nets outside the city, she would need a lot of rituals, or

You can just walk over there.

But it's no longer needed now. With this kind of power in her body, she can mobilize the magic network outside the city of Suramar just sitting here!

Her eyes lit up with blue flames involuntarily, and she knew that this was the reason why she had gained immortal power.

When she sensed the power within her body, her heart began to beat crazily.

Being able to allow a magister like her to feel a significant improvement in ability, and with an understatement on her face, Elisande has a clearer understanding of Li Ke's power.

But for Li Ke, this is just creating some blue dragon power, and it is not an excessive thing for him.

So when Elisande looked at the god, he let go of his hand, and in Elisande's eyes, he gathered the power of the blue dragon into his hand, forming a crystal composed of sparkling blue flames.

long sword.

This long sword contains an entire portion of the power of the Blue Dragon King. Any creature that obtains this long sword can directly upgrade its spellcasting ability to the level of a guardian dragon that specializes in sorting out magic webs.

"I give you the power to make your compatriots go further, Elisande. I give you this sword. You can use this sword to enhance the power of your compatriots, or you can enjoy this power alone. How to do it,

It’s all up to you.”

After Li Ke finished speaking, he handed the sword to Elisande.

"In addition, I want to give you a few tasks. After mastering this power, you have to find the location of those blue dragons and tell me the information about the Pillars of Creation that you have collected over the years. Also, give me

Please let Azshara calm down, and in my name, ask her for the Tidestone."

Elisande took the long sword handed over by Li Ke. The moment she held the sword, she thought she had become a god.

The power of the entire Broken Islands' magic network is under her control!

She can mobilize the power of the entire Broken Islands anytime and anywhere. As long as she holds this sword, she is the only god of the Broken Islands!

As long as she holds this sword, she can freely activate spells comparable to natural disasters anywhere in the Broken Islands!

For example, here, she can set off a fire storm on the territory of the tauren in the High Mountains, a fire storm that sweeps across the entire High Mountains!

She can instantly transform all the local magic power into magical flames through the developed magic network! Just hold this sword!

For a moment, she was in a daze. Although she had long known that Li Ke had the power to destroy the world, she never had a true feeling. She felt that Li Ke was just stronger than herself by relying on some special power.

But now, in the field she is best at, Li Ke has shown her absolute crushing!

The other party can create countless ‘Ellisande’ at any time!

"Well, I think you still have a lot of things to do, Elisande."

Li Ke yawned, and the meaning was obvious.

If the benefits are given, then Elisande should do something.

Elisande's body trembled, but she nodded quickly.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Although Li Keming said that the Children of the Night would not get the benefits of joining the empire for a long time, but with this sword alone, Elisande felt that the Children of the Night had already received huge benefits, and

Li Ke’s most critical guarantee.

This is a terrible power!

It is also a guarantee that Li Ke will not mess around.

Elisande walked out of his palace excitedly, but the moment Elisande walked out of the palace, Li Ke saw an envoy from a nobleman.

Li Ke frowned and chose to receive the noble.

"Your Majesty! I am reporting that someone is planning to rebel! Resist your idea of ​​joining that human empire! I know where their meeting place is! I will tell you right now!"

The noble said it was a serious matter as soon as he opened his mouth. Li Ke frowned, wrote down the location and the name of the person, and planned to talk to Elisande later.

This chapter is not finished yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! But when Li Ke sent this nobleman away, a nobleman on the list mentioned by the previous nobleman also came to Li Ke.

"Your Majesty! I am reporting that someone is planning to rebel! Resist your idea of ​​joining that human empire! I know where their meeting place is! I will tell you right now!"

Li Ke felt that these words were very familiar, but he also wrote down the list given by the other party.

Then just when he was about to ride on Lilith Yuejun again, another nobleman came to visit, but this nobleman was a standard noblewoman. After the two people exchanged words, Li Ke listened.

Here comes the true purpose of this noble lady.

"Your Majesty! I am reporting that someone is planning to rebel! Resist your idea of ​​joining that human empire! I know where their meeting place is! I will tell you right now!"

Li Ke: “…………”

Seeing this lady working hard to show that her food is delicious, Li Ke was a little bit off guard.

"Are all you children of the night like this?"

Li Ke couldn't help but look at Talisa who was eating melon in the physical sense.

"Actually, Your Majesty."

Thalyssra shrugged as she nibbled on one of Suramar's specialty fruits.

"You will probably be able to see all the people who rebelled against the Parliament in a while."

Thalyssra also thought it was ridiculous, but the Children of the Night were such a race, a miserable race.

"Otherwise, why do you think Ms. Tyrande hasn't spoken yet?"

She couldn't help but look at Tyrande who was meditating next to the room. To be honest, she admired Tyrande for being able to sit still without saying a word.

"What?! Tyrande is in this room too?!"

Li Ke looked into the darkness in shock and saw Tyrande closing her eyes and praying!

Broken! Let Tyrande trigger Shadow Escape!

He also allowed her to observe all his actions!

This chapter has been completed!
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