Chapter 590: The Future of the Emperor's Children

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Li Ke therefore looked at where Tyrande was, wanting to know if Tyrande cared about something, but Tyrande was as usual, showing no objection or anger.

Obviously, just like before, Tyrande is still someone who doesn't care about these things.

"Well, it seems like this is nothing..."

Li Ke breathed a sigh of relief. The relationship between him and Tyrande was relatively subtle, so there had never been any substantial intimacy.

But it’s almost done.

Li Ke stretched out his hand and took out the night elf soul he had obtained from C'Thun from the void.

Most of the souls here fell into a state of madness because of C'Thun, which is why he did not resurrect these people immediately.

C'Thun's brainwashing is very terrifying.

This monster can control you as a phantom for a long time, so that you are willing to be eaten by it, and it will torture itself before eating, so that the power of its soul can be fully revealed and become more 'delicious'.

It’s almost like the ingredients jump into the pot by themselves.

"Speaking of which, the ancient gods are just creatures with more advanced energy conversion..."

Li Ke couldn't help but think of this. The Ancient Gods can eat anything and convert inorganic substances into organic substances. However, this is not the privilege of the Ancient Gods. The same goes for the slimes and ooze monsters on Azeroth.

They have similar abilities, but it seems that slimes and oozes also appeared on Azeroth because of the Old Gods?

Therefore, Li Ke, who was still thinking about Tyrande's political issues before, couldn't help but think of another thing.

"If all the Old Gods are cleared away, will creatures like the ooze disappear on a large scale, thus affecting the ecological cycle of Azeroth?"

Thinking of this, Li Ke had a headache and quickly wrote it down in his notebook, planning to give him a headache when he saw Fandral.

As for the souls of the night elves in his hands, he still has to find a way, or find a suitable opportunity to hand them over to Tyrande to see if the Moon God has any way to influence the deteriorated spirits of these souls.

Yes, it has gone bad.

After so many years, no matter how normal a person is, he must have gone crazy after being bullied by C'Thun for thousands of years, and he will be in a state where he cannot pass normal political review.

Allowing these people to return to night elf society is a big problem.

Li Ke thought of this and couldn't help but glance at Talisa on the side.

This great mage, who was supposed to perform very well in the future, is actually a somewhat abstract existence.

The opponent still had a lot of highlights in the 7th version, but in the 8th version, they were inexplicably unable to beat Jaina, saying that Jaina was impossible for them to fight against.

Although this scene happened when they rescued Zandalari princess Talanji who later joined the tribe, after they burned down Stormwind City, and before that, Sylvanas also asked this group of camp leaders to set off

Before rescuing Princess Talanji, these people were made to drink a delayed fatal poison to avoid being captured. However, after that, Talisa was notoriously weak. As long as she was in the realm of the mage, she would

It will definitely be shown off by all kinds of people.

Either he was exposed by Azshara, or he was pinned down and humiliated by Jaina. It can be said that he has no cards at all.

"But she should no longer be able to gain a foothold among the Children of the Night... Elisande still has her own accumulation, and Thalyssar can only rely on me."

Li Ke shook his head as he looked completely different from the strong and brave Thalyssra in the game. He was just a bitch-loving child of the night.

Different experiences will naturally produce different people, but there is no doubt that Thalyssra is a somewhat trustworthy Nightborne.

"When Elisande sends the information about the blue dragon later, come with me."

Li Ke stretched out his hand, held Talisa's sole, and played with the blue-purple striped sole, still finding it very interesting.

Some of these blue-purple stripes are innate, and some are tattoos engraved afterward, allowing people to use magic better.


"Yes, what I give you is the power of the blue dragon, but before that, I need to save the blue dragon tribe here."

Li Ke could actually find these blue dragons by relying on arcane magic, but it was not necessary. Elisande led the Sons of Night to join the empire to make his own contribution.

It was their achievement to lead the tribes of the Broken Islands to join, but when it comes to talking about it, it is just a small matter.

The Broken Isles really doesn't need much attention.

After solving the problem of the blue dragon, it's time to go to Odin and get the gold coins.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Talisa didn't know what Li Ke wanted to do. She didn't know much about the future without Elisande's prophetic ability. In fact, Elisande's prophetic ability was abnormal.

It didn't take long for Li Ke to wait for the information about the Blue Dragon sent by Elisande, and it was very detailed. The information from ancient times to the present was very detailed, and there were even members of these Blue Dragons.

The information made Li Ke very satisfied.

So, Li Ke handed the information in his hand to Tarecgosa beside him.

"Look, these are your lost kin. In their habitat, there are still many blue dragon eggs that can become giant dragons."

Li Ke's words made Tarecgosa open her eyes wide, and she accepted the information sent by Elisande in disbelief, while Matigosa beside her also looked at the information in astonishment.

The two of them had previously thought about getting the future hope of the Blue Dragon Legion from Li Ke's body. When they saw Li Ke giving Elisande so much of the Blue Dragon's power, their hearts almost hurt, because

If Li Ke gives these powers to them, they will be able to give birth to many blue dragons who can grow into giant dragons!

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"This is real?"

Terecosa stammered as she spoke, still unable to believe this.

"I said, there are benefits to being loyal to me. Not only these blue dragons, but also your relatives and friends in the future, I will not be able to give them a chance to resurrect."

Li Ke pinched Talecosa's face, admiring her beauty and the surprised expression on her face.

Matigosa's body was already trembling. She looked at Li Ke expectantly, hoping that Li Ke would let them go to their compatriots immediately, even if these compatriots were separated by ten thousand years and had never met before.


But as long as we can find them, find the dragon eggs that Li Ke said, and sleep with Li Ke in the future, the revival of the Blue Dragon Legion is really not a lie!

"Of course it's not false. Come on, put some clothes on for me and let's go together."

Li Ke stretched out. He had been fighting these female fairies before, so he had no clothes on him.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Tarecgosa and Martigosa quickly served Li Ke to dress. Although they really wanted to use magic to dress Li Ke, they did not do so out of respect for Li Ke.

Li Ke also looked at Tyrande at this time, and Tyrande was still praying to the statue of the Moon God in the room, making Li Ke unable to understand his thoughts.

But this did not prevent him from putting his arms around the waists of the two excited blue dragon beauties after putting on their clothes, and then admiring the Night Child beauties' clothes and graceful bodies.

Then, enter the portal they opened together.

After sensing Li Ke's breath disappearing into this room filled with all kinds of lustful smells, Tyrande, who had been kneeling in front of the statue of the Moon God and praying, also opened his eyes.

"I still can't touch his heart... Maybe only a new life can make him truly care about this world."

Tyrande gently stroked his lower abdomen. Most people knew that Li Ke's body was not compatible with the bodies of people in this world, because Li Ke had never been stingy with his offspring's solution, nor had he

Stop communicating with all kinds of girls.

She felt that this was a sign of Li Ke's uneasiness. He was also eager to leave an heir so that he could have a root system and a place where he could settle down.

But they all disappointed Li Ke. No matter the night elves, blood elves, humans, children of the night, or other races, they did not get Li Ke's heirs.

Even Alexstrasza, Queen of the Red Dragon, did not get Li Ke’s heir.

To be precise, it can't be regarded as not getting it. Li Ke still gave Alexstrasza a lot of red dragon power, but Li Ke himself didn't think these dragon eggs were his heirs, so other people didn't think so.


So Tyrande really didn't feel uncomfortable because of Li Ke's excessive debauchery. She just felt uneasy and sad because Li Ke couldn't leave an heir.

"This is because the genetic code of his body and the genetic code of our world are not in the same system. It will take time for us to decipher it...and I'm afraid we need help from Azeroth."

Elune responded to Tyrande, Li Ke's body is absolutely fine, and she has also received a lot of Li Ke's essence.

But if it was so simple to get Li Ke's heir, it wouldn't be so troublesome.

Dalaran can perform simple genetic analysis and produce corresponding eggs, which is not too difficult for most gods.

The difficulty is that Li Ke's genetic information is completely superior to this world. Only the extraordinary power of Azeroth can allow the genetic information of people like Tyrande to be combined with Li Ke and withstand Li Ke's divine power.

Thus a child born to be born extraordinary is born.

To put it simply, there are only two people in this world who can make Li Ke and other women pregnant.

One is Li Ke and the other is Azeroth.

It is impossible to expect Li Ke to do research on his own. He is planning to run away, so it is naturally impossible for him to leave his own heirs.

And expecting Azeroth is even more overthinking. Tyrande and Elune discussed this matter, and they came to the unanimous conclusion that Li Ke would leave this world the moment before awakening Azeroth.

It's all in vain.

"So, Tyrande, I'm afraid we need more people's power, more... the power of the Force. Use the power of the Six Forces to bless you, so that when you combine with Li Ke, you can give birth to the most powerful child.

Strong children, but there is also a risk in this, that is, all of your children will naturally have a high affinity to the Six Forces, and will be attracted to the will of the Six Forces because of their respective personalities and growth environment... and may even

When they were young, they could not resist the attraction of the Six Forces, so they were scattered all over the world."

Elune showed Tyrande a horrific sight.

A boy who could vaguely see signs of Tyrande's face. Because of his instinctive attraction, when he was playing in front of Li Ke and Tyrande, he entered the realm of life in a trance. Even Li Ke was not as fast as him.

It's too late.

Because this is not the work of the Six Forces themselves, but the natural talent that allows their children to enter the Six Forces dimension on their own.

If it were the six original powers, it would be impossible to do such a thing. Only the children who belong to Li Ke and this world can escape the control of Li Ke's power.

But it's not absolute, because these heirs will definitely not be Li Ke's opponents, because their power comes from their father.

They are strong because of their father, but Li Ke is strong not because of his father.

But precisely because of the special characteristics of Li Ke's descendants and the care of the Will of the Force, Li Ke's descendants were able to avert danger, but they would be scattered to different planets or even different worlds.

Li Ke can sense their existence, but he may not have time to look for these children.

So by that time, their children will most likely live on various colonial planets, or even alien planets, and will only be able to receive guidance from their mothers and Emperor Li Ke in their dreams.

But fortunately, because of their own special characteristics, they will repeatedly enter the Force dimension and then leave the Force dimension in a daze.

No matter how many caregivers Li Ke hires, or even if he is present, it will be useless. Unless he can create a world without the Six Forces, or eliminate the talents of his children, this will be an unchangeable future.

"Moreover, after knowing all this, those of us who still want to give birth to his children will inevitably suffer his boundless anger."

Elune said the most critical question.

Li Ke is a very family-oriented person, and if his family and heirs are treated like this, it is not impossible for Li Ke to declare war on the Six Forces in anger.

Even constantly plundering the power and dimensions of the six original forces is not something that the angry Li Ke cannot do.

"Ok, I know."

Tyrande gently stroked her belly.

She didn't know if she would regret it, but she could feel that Li Ke was also struggling in his heart, struggling whether to regard this world, the world he had fought for, as his own home.

But you can have two homes.

Tyrande prayed.

"Let me be the first sacrifice."

Elune sighed.

"Then what name are you going to give your child?"


It means lion and warrior. Among the night elves, it also means the eldest son and a kind person.

And the most important meaning——

Roads, and homes.

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